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Sarah Hyland

Sarah Jane Hyland (born November 24, 1990) is an American actress, currently starring as Haley Dunphy on the ABC comedy Modern Family.

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It has to be Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland. A threesome with those two would be amazing.
The first pics from the Abigail Breslin and Sarah Hyland “Dirty Dancing” remake are here, and they’re red hot
sharing the latest in from Sarah Hyland Responds to Haley's 'Mod...
.took to social media to talk about THAT moment.
You were both really terrific it was a good ep.Nathan nailed it.Tell Rainier Shine that I'me available lol!😅
Sarah Hyland We don't know whether to laugh or cry. Sarah Hyland's lovably clueless chara...
Wow, why does Haley date the worst guys ever? I haven't liked 1 of them yet. I sure hope this is the end of Rainer.
Hm. Haley's now single. Workaholics just ended. Do the math.
Thank god. I would even rather her be with Dylan than Ranier.
a queen supporting another queen, I love this concept
Castle and Modern Family are two of my favorite shows. I was so happy to see you both dating on screen 😍
I thought you both did a wonderful job.
If you're yourself then everything falls into place.
please can we have Haley and Andy back together they're so cute together 💕😭
So inspired by your quotes and journey You are the reason I'm the courageous Poet and Humanitarian in Jerusalem I am today
Thank you guys for great responses to tonight's ep! It was a doozy to film. 8 straight pages of dialogue and killed it!
'My dad gave me a freakin' kidney!' Modern Family's Sarah Hyland on having a transplant and her health battle -…
i'm waitting next season of modern . here season 8. in french but thank you for ...everything (YOU ). ,
I was all ready to hate that scene but Sarah was brilliant in the unraveling of her first response to the proposal. Brava!
jace's girlfriend talking with clary, I'm confused about this multiverse, and the other clary? Where is she?
Sarah Hyland is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
*** and I was just about to fly over to the US with a ring but someone got there first. Hmmm got a single sister?
here is Belgium. if i find your book .
I want Haley and Andy back together there so cute together and I don't want to see her marrying someone although she said no 😭
But seriously can we bring Andy back?
Awww Haley's full name is so pretty!
In no particular order: Sofia Black D'Elia, Hunter King, Hayley Orrantia, Sarah Hyland and Meg Donnally have made my top 10
WEST COAST: it's time! vs. starts now on Join the convo using
I had a dream that & were on Why has this not happened? Can it happen? I don't even watch DWTS but I would
Sarah Hyland - On the Set of Modern Family in Los Angeles, October 2015
WATCH: Nicole Scherzinger featured on Lip Sync Battle with > it's LIFE! 💖.
I will not kneel I will cont. to fight for equality I will spread ♥️I'll be a warrior of education &kindness I will NOT kneel
.had a trick up her sleeve for her sync of "Don't Cha" - former lead singer
you r amazing singer and personally i found you better than the OG singer
Thanks to for our nomination with for our youtube collaboration! To vote, click HERE:
Watch and tonight on at 10/9c! Just don't tell John about my new friend...
again! 🙈 Just saw her IG --> I see she IS in a happy relationship & I'm not tryna be a *** n ruin it 🚫
Sarah Hyland wore an Resort 2017 midnight cold shoulder gown to the Warner Bros./InStyle
WOW, Sarah Hyland is such a Libra! I heard they quirkily sighed a hammer...
I liked a video from Lip Sync Battle Shorties Preshow (with Sarah Hyland of "Modern
They are the cutest ever and Im so jealous of him
I think I'm kinda falling in love with you.
Sarah Hyland on the set of Modern Family in Los Angeles
Sarah hyland is like mila kunis's little sister
I'm a sarcastic person, and people don't get my humor sometimes.
and I hope you feel better soon and that it wasn't so bad that you had go back 2 the hospital.
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I hope you can do it a other time. I am thankful that thanks 2 you I started watching/reading walking dead.
As if I wasn't already obsessed with I become more and more obsessed with ever cover she created.
Sarah Hyland Writing in a Journal at the Beach in Los Angeles
Happy birthday I'm so proud to know you and be part of your life! Here's a baby…
Was counting on seeing you Sarah but understand you not feeling well. Get well soon!
Get well soon Sarah! Total shame you got sick and had to miss this fantastic opportunity to Talk Dead. :(
Get well soon! Hope to see you on a future episode!
Thanks for the well wishes guys! GUTTED I couldn't do but ya bet your *** I didn't miss tonight's ep.
What happened to Love the but isn't there's room for one more on the couch
Nothing better than watching BAE aka on a Sunday night
why couldn't Sarah make it tonight? I was looking forward to seeing her! 😩
had a very special visitor to our Modern Family
InStyle: WATCH: Sarah_Hyland covered “Closer” and even TheChainsmokers are impressed
People's Choice Award nominated Modern Family for Best Comedy, you can post the site link to vote!
I was so looking forward to seeing you on Talking Dead tonight . Feel better!
Sarah Hyland and Taylor Swift leaving KOI restaurant in New York City
Bozo The Clown and Sigmund Freud are chatting in Pigeon. Erik Estrada and Sarah Hyland just bought a toilet brush.
We adore Sarah Hyland's flower-shaped diamond & sapphire earrings! What's your favorite piece from the
Sarah Hyland pulls an Emma Watson at the black pants!
Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter Turn Up the Heat at a Pre-Emmys Party
Sarah Hyland looks like a futuristic space queen in metallic tank dress at pre-Emmys party
A little bit of score from our recent film XOXO
The video is now on Thanks + everyone who helped make it happen 🙈
Trendspotting: Celebs Show Off a Peek of Skin With Triangle Cut-Outs Sarah Hyland. Switching it up with an upside…
also sarah hyland she looks SO CUTE in the trailer omg
They're aren't many celebs I'd hang out with. But is the exception. Only because we'd eat ice cream and binge watch tv all day
Still not understanding how or why and are some of the most underrated talents of today?? Like. *** ?
you gotta see it then. Robbie Amell, Sarah Hyland, Allison Janney, Dermot Mulroney are all in it. Was back in 2012.
was so good!! And I'm obsessed with you more than anything💖💖 Ur outfit is perf. So cute.
Hot Shot for Always loved Sarah Hyland's subtle body in Modern Family (MIC)
Daniella (reminds me a little of Sarah Hyland).
Say hello to & her new fall collection for Shop now:
big fan but just wanted to say that my brother saw you in NYC with the rest of Modern Family and he was so happy
wow Sarah hyland you're awesome I love you
Sarah Hyland swears off online dating
Your outfits in XOXO were so cute! You were rocking the qozmo platforms! 😍💘
The answer to this question can be resolved in 2 different ways by 2 different people..strangely either of the 2 people is me
Ugh... unsure about entropy part. I should stop thought experiment. Sorry if weird.
Entropy = process by which stuff transitions from order to disorder.
My uneducated guess would be vacuum of space creating a reaction that sped up entropy.
Bat and ball = two somethings. They interact and..physics, but can something interact with nothing?
I'm just saying, if Andy and Haley don't get together/married in the new season of I'm going to cry 😫😫😫
If we assume it's some sort of relationship, then a physicist might be able to tackle it.
Could be represented mathematically. . 1 = one something. 0 = is nothing with cirlce around it. . Know is tricky
Only reason why XOXO was a better movie than "We are your friends" is bcus is in it 😍
Omg my heart jumped when you started talking i put the volume on the end of the video and it surprised me😂😂
Watched with yesterday. It was super adorable. Didn't hurt awesome was in it too
Highly recommend checking out 's on ! & the cast are great!😊 👍👍 https:/…
XOXO is one awesome movie! Absolutely loved it and totally buying the soundtrack now! Love you 🎶💞
loved you in XOXO you're the cutest ever! Those hair buns tho 😍🙌🏼💕
this one cause Krystal's speech is sososososo cute🐣💓✨
This is an interesting pairing, Sarah Hyland and Nicole Scherzinger
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Sarah Hyland, Dominic Sherwood and Alberto Rosende at the comedy 'Fully Committed' on Broadway
See red carpet looks from Gabrielle Union, Sarah Jessica Parker,Naomi Campbell, Sarah Hyland, Ellie Bamber & more at
NBA Hall-of-Famer Alonzo Mourning and Modern Family's Sarah Hyland have both had kidney transplants.
Lol... How's it nonsense now?? Cos it's not Sarah Hyland and Micheal Cera doing it baa?
Sarah Hyland - Halloween Party at Rockwell Table and Stage in Los Angeles, Oct. 2015
Never forget that Sarah Hyland played a young Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis on Broadway in GREY GARDENS.
Some people are alive only, because it’s illegal to kill them.
Sarah Hyland Night Out Style - at Warwick Nightclub in Hollywood - October 2015
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I don’t have an attitude problem, you have a perception problem
Only one gross here is you with that statement.
I love how Modern Family has been going on for so many years and still makes it better every week! ❤️
one of my can't miss shows. Pity that Lily can't stay the same forever. 💘 you all.
You're always amazing in this kind of scenes.
This was a great scene. Sarah looks great as usual.
I was yelling 'make out' at the tv the whole time
bit behind in the I need to mentally prepare for this
I'm not crying...there's a branch in my eye. 😅
Sarah whats with the spoilers!? England hasn't aired the new episodes yet! Dammit
- But you are still open to chasing me through an airport, right?
.. Gross. wouldn't give that guy the time of day in real life. Dylan & Haley should be another Family on
The only reason I am fat is because a tiny body couldn’t store all this personality.
People like me great. People don’t like me great. As long as I like myself that all that matters.
Love is like a Air.. We can't see it but! we can feel it..
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Sarah Hyland - On the Set of Extra in Los Angeles, April 2015
Sarah Hyland.. Anyone else remember this episode?
I liked a video from Ariel Winter, Sarah Hyland & Nolan Gould chat and kiss at Emmy
in 20 years I really hope Sarah Hyland and Dominic Sherwood are the Brangelina of today
Dominic Sherwood and Sarah Hyland are so cute
I finished my drawing of Britt Robertson, almost finished Sarah Hyland and also Lauren Cohan - productive 👍
Sarah Hyland and boyfriend Dominic Sherwood out shopping in West Hollywood today :)
Sarah Hyland's body gets put through its paces in the gym
Sarah Hyland and boyfriend Dominic Sherwood look over the moon in love as they go on shopping date in West Hollywo…
DTN UK: Sarah Hyland shows off her playful side to host Toys for Tots annual charity toy drive: Her Modern Fam...
Kylie Jenner, Sarah Hyland & Ash Benson owned the red carpet at the GQ Party last night:
Up, up and away! Sarah Hyland wears fire engine red parachute dress at Golden ... - Daily Mail: Daily MailUp, ...
needs to play Rapunzel if they make a live version of Tangled
This star has some inspiring advice for girls:
Throwing it back to the time hosted the red carpet & nailed it:
Sarah Hyland HFPA and InStyles Celebration of the 2015 Golden Globe Award Season in West Hollywood (Part II)
Looking for a charity to donate too there raising money to sent a toys to a kids with autsim
Sarah Hyland heats up the red carpet at Seth MacFarlane's Christmas bash
about: . Sarah Hyland showcases her petite frame in sexy mouse costume at amFAR Gala.
Rob Lowe, Gabrielle Union, Sarah Hyland, James Earl Jones, Madison Pettis; Disney got actual famous people to be voices for The Lion Guard.
Back in the day when Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop were in love😢
Modern Family' star Sarah Hyland takes out temporary restraining order on e
I think the Dominos commercial where Sarah Hyland & Eva Longoria argue about the best way to order pizza is what being hot it actually like?
Sarah Hyland and Cat Deeley hammed it up on the red carpet. - Here Are the 2015 Emmy Moments You Didn't See
Really liked Elizabeth Moss' hair/makeup and color on her but the dress was meh. Sarah Hyland looked nice.
Christian Siriano’s Spring 2016 collection is so perfect for Sarah Hyland
The hottest women for today's hookups: Hayden Panettiere, JoJo and Sarah Hyland! Play now!
Wow! Hayden Panettiere, JoJo and Sarah Hyland got some serious fan love today! Play now!
Hayden Panettiere, JoJo and Sarah Hyland are the hot women for today! Play now?
Our hottest babes for today were Hayden Panettiere, JoJo and Sarah Hyland! Play now!
its jared_lancaster I have posted 1 photo 170 weeks ago... . But I do check it often... You know for photos of Sarah Hyland 😝
Sarah Hyland took a page out of pal Taylor Swift's&Sunday night. The "Modern Family"&arrived at the Teen Choice
geek charming was a cute movie until Sarah Hyland and that guy started dating in real life and he was abusive my poor baby:-(
Sarah Hyland supported Jesse Tyler Ferguson at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend
OMG the actress that plays alex dunphy (Ariel Winter) is so sexy in real life 😍😍😍 i knew it! Even better than Haley (Sarah Hyland)
GALLERY UPDATE: Lucy Fry out and about in Los Angeles with Dominic Sherwood & Sarah Hyland. She was also seen at...
WORLD FASHION NEWS Amanda Pearl Clutch - On the red carpet, where does Hollywood fashionistas like Sarah Hyland, N...
Photoset: lucyfrysource: Sarah Hyland, Dominic Sherwood and Lucy Fry reunites in Los Angeles.  
Our hottest babes for today were Emmy Rossum, Sarah Hyland and Claire Holt! Play now!
Sarah Hyland leaves her cuteness behind to fully embrace her sex appeal - Hollywood Gossip | MovieHotties
If Cara Delevingne and Sarah Hyland had a baby, it would be Siena Mirabella
Sarah Hyland, Kendra Wilkinson & Johnny Weir wore the best hats for the Kentucky Derby!
and I are truly living up to our full potential
“Happy bday to one of the most influential people in my life. My tv mom
Fotoset: Sarah Hyland and Dominic Sherwood, on day two of the 2015 Coachella Music Festival on Saturday...
“Reunited with the hilarious She is always so flawless.
'Modern Family' star Sarah Hyland on being assaulted and overcoming abuse
See more & walk the red carpet in these images from last week's premiere!
Sarah Hyland looks RED HOT in Las Vegas--work it, girl! ❤️
Watching and trying very hard not to pee my pants. Love you so much lol
.shows off ABS FOR DAYS in a teeny, tiny crop top 🔥
The hottest women for today's hookups: Jennifer Lawrence, Claire Holt and Sarah Hyland! Play now!
Sarah Hyland hit the jackpot in Vegas this weekend (with her outfit, that is...)
Sarah Hyland was no wallflower at the Omnia Nightclub Opening
Good night. "The fighting can always make mistakes, which is not wrong." Kisses
New Vine Video of and . ''Vegas Plane, We are annoying''
And More! with and friends,at OMNIA Grand Opening
Wow. No WONDER everyone is talking about Sarah Hyland's outfit...
there's also a 'Reserved' sign sitting on the table n front of the couch. explain'n why no 1 else ever sat there
.tries out a new look and we LOVE IT!
And to think...they met as Moroi in Vampire Academy🎬. Dominic Sherwood + Sarah Hyland =Adorable Couple 👫❤
Sarah Hyland see you in valhalla premiere in hollywood -
Sarah Hyland premiere of see you in valhalla in hollywood -
Sarah Hyland in black orchid jeans $79
Sarah Hyland leaving a studio in Los Angeles, CA. -
Best dressed at the 2015 Nickelodeon Fifth Harmony, Sarah Hyland and more
When is Sarah Hyland going to play Mila Kunis' little sister though?
WHAT?!. I just rewatched Geek Charming last night and now I found out that Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop broke up! NOOO!!!
Camilla Belle, Sarah Hyland, Halle Berry, Busy Phillipps, Beth Behrs and more attend the 2nd Annual unite4:humanity .
Josh at the 2nd Annual Unite 4 Humanity celebration in Los Angeles with Sarah Hyland and Jesse Ferguson
Josh Hutcherson with Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Sarah Hyland during the 2nd Annual
Sarah Hyland, Shay Mitchell and more amazing looks from Vanity Fair's Young Hollywood bash:
lol the dude in Taylor's new vid was Christian in Vampire Academy! Also I read he's dating Sarah Hyland.. :p
"the *Modern Family* star (Sarah Hyland) was spotted locking lips with a mistery man" says LOL you guys are really awful...
Definitely met Sarah Hyland aka Haley Dunphy from Modern Family last night!
People's Choice Awards 2015 best dressed list: Sarah Hyland leads the way for the fashion elite
Anna Faris, Allison Janney and Sarah Hyland sparkle in the snowy colors as they hit the red carpet at the 2015…
Sarah Hyland shows off her blonde hair and petite frame at People's Choice Awards 
just saw that Sarah Hyland (Haley on Modern Family) plays Howard's daughter in Private Parts. Has that been discussed ever?
Hailee, Camila, Haim, Lorde, Taylor and Sarah Hyland after the the other night!
omg, and she was hanging out with Taylor Swift and Sarah Hyland yesterday too. omg
Happy birthday! Peyton Meyer, Sarah Hyland, and Katherine Heigl share a bday with you!
Happy birthday to the amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, actress and human called I love you, enjoy your day! 🎉🎊🎁
taking a moment to congratulate the beauty on her 24th bday...enjoy it!! Xoxo
More photos from Sarah Hyland's birthday party!
Sarah Hyland is finally speaking out about how she's overcoming her abusive relationship with ex-boyfriend Matt Prokop, and her words are inspiring.
let me rephrase. Happy birthday love🎂💙
Today is a very special day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are amazing so talented and we love you so much!
Happy Birthday u are one of the most amazing actors of all time! ILY and stay on 4ever!🎂💖
Happy birthday See pics from her star-studded party HERE:
“We still young but *** we getting old. Happy Birthday to my
☆Happy Birthday☆ to my friend, sweet Miss I'm saving a big hug for you! See you soon!
Ansel at a party in LA this weekend with Sarah Hyland, Taylor Swift and friends!
Sarah Hyland celebrates her 24th birthday today!
Happy birthday 24th birthday to the amazing Hope you have an awesome day!
Happy Birthday Sarah!! :) I hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful year? :)
Happy birthday! Celebrities Peyton Meyer, Sarah Hyland, and Katherine Heigl have the same bday as you!
Modern Family star Sarah Hyland is clearly a fan of the annual Friendsgiving tradition. Here's how she rocks it out.
A happy birthday to my cute nunus Sarah Hyland. My modern fam star who plays Halley Dunphy. 24 years. Love her
Sarah Hyland sure knows how to celebrate with the best of them! The beloved Modern Family star ga...
Sarah Hyland Is JJ's Homecoming Dance Darling . Sarah Hyland makes a stunning statement as she arrives at the Jus...
Sarah Hyland and Jessica Alba lightened up their locks for the fall. Do you like them better blonde?
Family that acts together, stays together: Julie Bowen thinks Sarah Hyland is an angel
Over 57 years after Sophia Loren was photographed shooting some serious side-eye at Jayne Mansfield at a Hollywood party, Sophia Loren has finally explained what was happening in that infamous photo. In a nod to that classic snapshot, Claire (Julie Bowen) and Gloria (Sofia Vergara) recreated the moment, and it was showcased as part of Haley's (Sarah Hyland) photo exhibit in the Season 5 episode...
Sarah Hyland photographed by Gabriel Goldberg for GLAMAHOLIC magazine 2012.
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.Sarah Hyland made her Broadway debut on this date in the 2006 production of "Grey Gardens."
Lunch today with Eric Stonestreet from now seeing Sarah Hyland in musical parody of
Sarah Hyland will be on THE MEREDITH VIEIRA SHOW on October 27!
Good Morning pretty lady. I hope you have a fantastic day. Love you.
Haley Dunphy is hands down the best character on television right now
Omf Matt Prokop at Sarah Hyland wth happened I was rooting for you
We are swooning over the wonderful wearing our 'Emilia' dress in the this month's
Enter to win the Diamond Edition DVD/Blu-Ray Pack from ENDS 10/20
me and Sarah we scared! “Behind the scenes of with We may be scared.
You are beautiful, amazing, strong. I love you so much don't forget.
So glad you were not afraid to take care of yourself in a bad relationship. A lot of women are not able to do it. Stay strong!
Sarah J Hyland warming up for Bobby Singh and friends
let me just say. Geek charming was the first movie to ever make me cry. I should've watched it sooner. Thanks. 💕
"I need the wifi to let instagram know that there is still beauty in the world!" -Modern Family oh trust me we do! (:
twin sister of Milla your awesome I'm a new fan of mf shows hilarious great job 2 u & cast mates
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Tonight I watched sing her guts out (no pun intended) in a hilarious 'Scream' muscular parody. Girl can blow.
Modern Family's as Sidney in "The Unauthorized Musical Parody of SCREAM", don't miss it!
Photo: I commented about Modern Family on tvtag “Good Lord Sarah Hyland is a midget” Join the Conversation
I love you and Sarah Hyland thank you for love on Instagram especially Sarah she liked my monet post! I love you!
This is Kinda brilliant! Come see this with the lovely you are a genius!
“Opening night of "The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Scream"!. Tonights cast: ,
Sarah Hyland as Sydney in SCREAM THE MUSICAL at Rockwell. Still waiting to get splattered with blood.
Sarah Hyland getting her makeup done celebrity
Petition for an entire episode of Gogglebox with Miranda Hart, Tom Ellis & Sarah Hyland
Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter from Modern Family. Jane Levy from Suburgatory. All 3 together having sex would be awesome.
Sarah Hyland, Christine Lakin, Missi Pyle & More to Star in SCREAM! at Rockwell Table and Stage... .
Haley Dunphy’s onscreen boyfriend problems are nothing compared to the real life restraining order “Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland got against her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Prokop, Tuesday — claiming he choked, pushed her and threatened her life.
'Modern Family' star, Sarah Hyland: my ex-boyfriend choked me & threatened my life!
Sarah Hyland got a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Matthew Prokop
Sarah Hyland is claiming that her ex Matthew Prokop choked her and called her a "c--t":
Update your maps at Navteq
Yikes! Sarah Hyland gets a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend: "I was scared and in fear for my life."
Sarah Hyland just got a temporary restraining order against her ex-BF Join the covnersation
Haley Dunphy 39s onscreen boyfriend issues are practically nothing when compared to the actual lifestyle restraining get Modern Family star Sarah Hyland acquired against her ex boyfriend professing he choked her pushed her and threatened her lifestyle. The petite actress 23 … Continue reading
JUST IN: "Modern Family" star claims she was the victim of domestic abuse
It makes me so sad that Sarah Hyland filed for a restraining order against Matt Prokop & was being threatened & abused & we didnt even know
You need to keep yourself safe and far away from him Hope your doing okay you got out of that Relationship
sorry to hear about what you had to do to your ex. Thought you and him were doing well. You'll find someone better. :)
So sad had to go through alot of Violence and abuse from her ex Matt Prokop. Seems he's pretty messed up. Glad you got out
That's so awful had a 4 yr Abusive Relationship with her ex Matt Prokop. She has to get a
Today in more awful news, Sarah Hyland, who plays Haley Dunphy on Modern Family, told a court she is in fear for her life from her ex, fellow actor Matthew Prokop.
The news about Sarah Hyland is heartbreaking, no one deserves such treatment 😥
Stay strong and good for you for standing up for yourself against domestic violence and threats. You're a great example. 💜💗
'Modern Family' star says she was the victim of domestic assault
The court orders Actress Sarah Hyland's ex-beau, Matthew Prokop, to stay 100 yards away from her.
you are an inspiration. I'm so proud of you for taking charge of your life and safety. Sending love ❤️
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Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop broke up whaaa they were supposed to get married and live happily ever after!! :'(
This whole situation with Sarah Hyland possibly being abused by her ex boyfriend Matt Prokop is really scary 😱😩
Matt Prokop and Sarah Hyland were my OTP for life I'm so upset
I dreamt that I met Sarah Hyland in college and she was seeing Nolan Gould and we all became best friends omg it was class
Sarah Hyland choked & threatened by Matt Prokop?! They broke up? But.. but.. They're one of my fav couples... I don't even.. *sigh* 😔
Sarah Hyland, I wrote to you, I hope my message is received, for yours and your sweet boyfriends sake. He and you are human and redeemable.
I liked a video from Sarah Hyland Dumps Boyfriend of Five Years
Sarah Hyland has secured a restraining order against her ex Matthew Prokop alleging domestic violence and threats:
So scary: Sarah Hyland has had to secure a restraining order against her ex.
Modern Family star Sarah Hyland secures restraining order against ex: 'I was in fear for my life'
Sarah Hyland (Actress), about 394 visitors have a crush on her, ranked on
Sarah Hyland's recent breakup was apparently far messier than anyone could have imagined, accordi...
Sarah Hyland has been granted a temporary restraining order against her ex-boyfriend after alleging he threatened her life.
Sry for the delay. There were so many! Must have missed Lizzy Caplan bc we googled & loved it! Sarah Hyland's dress was perfect
Have you seen this years Emmy Awards? If you are anything like us, then award shows gets you excited because you know that the red carpet will entertain some of the best and worst ensembles - which is always a fun topic to discuss at work!! Below you can see some of our faves from the red carpet at this years Comment and let us know your picks! * Sofia Vergara in Roberto Cavalli * Hayden Panettiere in Lorena Sarbu * Sarah Hyland in Christian Siriano * Lizzy Caplan in Donna Karan New York * Michelle Dockery in Rosie Assoulin
What is true love? Sarah Hyland and Matt broke up and Bella and Tristan, Nick Jonas and Miley, Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene
Modern Family's Sarah Hyland has the perfect splash of color
Another year, another win for Modern Family at the 2014 Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Monday (August 25) in Los Angeles. The cast — Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Nolan Gould, Rico Rodriguez, Sarah Hyland, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, and Eric Stonestreet — took the stage while the co-creator and executive producer Steven Levitan accepted the award. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ty Burrell Ty also won for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series, beating out his co-star Jesse. DO YOU THINK Modern Family deserved to take the award home for Outstanding Comedy Series? Source: Just Jared
Subscribe to Splash News: Find out the reason why Sarah Hyland wishes she was related to Sofia Vergara. Splash News is THE ...
Taylor followed Sarah Hyland and Ansel Elgort on Instagram last night!
Demi Lovato, Sarah Hyland and Tyler Posey introducing Taylor Swift at th...: via
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