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Sarah Harding

Sarah Nicole Harding (born Sarah Nicole Hardman, 17 November 1981) is an English singer-songwriter, actress and model best known for being a member of the pop group Girls Aloud, formed through ITV's reality television programme Popstars: The Rivals.

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Celebrity Big Brother: The BIG clothing rule housemates like Sarah Harding and Jemma Lucy can NOT break
Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Fans think Sarah Harding will QUIT the show after rival Jemma Lucy gets saved from……
Did you spot Sarah Harding do this on last night?.
Sarah Harding calls for Jemma Lucy to be removed from
.says Jemma Lucy’s ‘obsession’ with Sarah Harding is becoming scary...
Did you spot this about Sarah Harding on Celebrity Big Brother last night?
Aisleyne says Jemma Lucy's 'obsession' with Sarah Harding is becoming 'scary' in Celebrity Big Brother
Bit my tongue for so long but I don't like Sarah Harding. Get personal, expect it right back. Cause an argument - expect it ba…
Feel like watching Sarah Harding in CBB is v similar to watching Stephanie Davis, proper melt down central. But Jemma Lucy is a fkn witch
Sarah Harding is an absolute mess. Drunk. Cheat. Dog rough. Girls Aloud must be mortified to be associated with her
Sarah Harding is the double of Daniella Westbrook
Everyone needs to open their eyes about Sarah Harding. She has an awful mean streak and is a needy, manipulative cow.
Celebrity Big Brother spoiler: Sarah Harding and Tricia Paytas devastated and tearful as they’re put up for evicti…
Sarah Harding is turning into Daniella Westbrook. They're like twins 🙊
I just turned on and seriously thought that was Daniella Westbrook not Sarah Harding
Sarah Harding is a cross between Alicia Douvall & Daniella Westbrook. She is crank.
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Sarah Harding receives support for appearance from just one Girls Aloud bandmate
Celebrity Big Brother's Sarah Harding has made a vow against this .
Sarah Harding takes swipe at Girls Aloud bandmates on Celebrity Big Brother
Shaun Williamson, Sarah Harding and Derek Acorah among stars to enter Celebrity Big Brother house as summer 2017 sef
WOAH! Sarah Harding makes a huge dig at Cheryl and Girls Aloud on and it was seriously AWKWARD!
The only people I recognise on celeb is Shaun Williamson & Sarah Harding. Not a clue who the rest are.
Certainly a very good mix, and I'm rather excited to see Sarah Harding and Amelia Lily in there!
I only know Sarah Harding, Sam Thompson and Sandi off of Gogglebox
Love seeing that Amelia Lily & Sarah Harding clearly got on while on tour together! Not sure if it would be the same with the other girls...
If Trisha Paytas, Sarah Harding and Amelia Lily don't leave this as a female supergroup then Celebrity Big Brother has fail…
From Shaun Williamson to Sarah Harding, here are your Celebrity Big Brother housemates:
So we have Sarah Harding, Shaun Williamson & Helen Lederer, then it's WHHHO???. Oh yeah & Sandi from Gogglebox
My Top 5 based off first impressions ... Sarah Harding, Chad Johnson, Sam Thompson, Helen Lederer & Sandi from Gogglebox
Quite a few celebs - Jemma Lucy, Sarah Harding, Sam Thompson... i recon it will be good one to watch!
I've changed my mind about watching Sarah Harding, Sam Thompson, Helen Lederer showed promise but nah it went downhill
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If I know Sarah Harding she will locate all the spirits in that house long before Derek Acorah.
What the *** Sam Thompson and Sarah Harding in big brother check then going all out
Barry = Barry. Sarah Harding = Not Barry. Sam Thompson = Not Barry. will keep you updated as things develop further.
The public are going to meet the real Sarah Harding who is really being played by Danniella Westbrook 😂
Why does Sarah Harding now remind me of Danniella Westbrook?
Celebrity Big Brother 2017 line-up ‘revealed’ featuring Sarah Harding and Amelia Lily
Celebrity Big Brother full line-up confirmed: Sarah Harding and Jemma Lucy set to…
Sarah Harding entering the Celebrity Big Brother house actually might be the saddest thing in 2017.
Derek Ancorah, Sarah Harding, Jordan Davies, Jemma Lucy, Tyger Drew Honey, Sandi and Sandra...I think will ALL defo…
UK has Cheryl. UK has Nicola Roberts. UK has Sarah Harding. UK has Kimberley Walsh. UK has Nadine Coyle
Sarah Harding 'having doubts after signing up for new series of
Hoping that Sarah Harding & Ian Malcolm have a "strong & healthy" relationship might be the worst discussion ever
Are there any worse choices in life than casting Sarah Harding in St Trinian's 2?
2 of the weakest from their bands. It’s like Lisa Scott Lee and Sarah Harding joining forces as “Steps Aloud”
It looks like Duncan James may be a worse actor than Sarah Harding - and I thought that was impossible
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Penny Lancaster didn't give Sarah Harding a chance to breathe on Loose Women
been to Ghost tonight, not sure what happened to Sarah Harding but the understudy for second half was exc…
has revealed to us the chronic pain she still suffers with from her injury on The Jump. .
Sarah Harding responds to claims she's on verge of "drugs and booze breakdown"
SHOWBIZ: Sarah Harding issues statement following concerns raised over her health >>
We are with you we pray that all will go well with the acl operation today. Be strong and we love you!
Sarah Harding heading for heartbreaking ‘breakdown’ days after reaching out to Girls Aloud
Sarah Harding slammed by Ghost ticket holders as she's 'pulled off stage mid-show'
Sarah Harding hits back at breakdown claims as she reveals The Jump knee injury has affected Ghost: The Musical……
Sarah Harding splits from manager ahead of Irish show as fears grow for her wellbeing
Sarah Harding has released a statement regarding her physical and mental health:
Sarah Harding says Jump injury is affecting her Ghost performances -
Sarah Harding reveals secret mental and physical anguish: The actress is performing in the touring musical
Girls Aloud star hits back at claims she's 'on the verge of a breakdown'
Sarah Harding's Jump injury damaging her career
Sarah Harding releases statement amid concerns for her mental and physical health
Sarh Harding in constant pain after Jump injury
Fears for Sarah Harding after critics savage shambolic performance ... -
Sarah Harding worries fans after pulling out of theatre performance mid show
Fears for Sarah Harding after criticism over her performance in Ghost: The Musical
Sarah Harding admits she’s turned to painkillers to cope with agonising injury: ‘I have been in - SEE MORE:
Sarah Harding exclusively breaks her silence
Fears for Sarah Harding as star is begged to take a break after she's savaged by critics Girls Aloud!!! Says it all.
hello, is Sarah harding still starring in ghost or going forward is it her under study? Would like to know before booking
Sarah Harding ‘returns to pills and drinking’ after critics slam her Ghost performance
Sarah Harding 'returns to pills and drinking' after critics slam her Ghost performance - Daily Mail
Sarah Harding splits from manager as fears grow for welfare
Sarah Harding reveals secret mental and physical anguish: 'It has taken a massive toll on my wellbeing'…
**EXCLUSIVE** Sarah Harding seen leaving the New Wimbledon Theatre in London. Published in The Sun.
Sarah Harding ‘on verge of breakdown after returning to booze and pills’
harding. Why can't the media stop with the constant intrusion speculating about her mental health this is unreal leave her alone
Sarah Harding in Ghost to an Evening with Katie Price- 5 things to see in and around Newcastle! via
So we get Sarah Harding and Andy Moss. Asia get Liam Doyle, Emily Tierney and Sam Edwards *** !!
Spotted: Sarah Harding on wearing James Lakeland exclusive to
Jurassic park the lost world Sarah Harding animal…
Sarah Harding blames erratic behaviour on grief over David Gest's death
Congratulations to Maxwell Jeffers and Sarah Harding, Daniel's recipients of the FCA Heart of a Champion Award!...
I can't believe "Indeed" didn't make it on this. I like that Felicity did though. Sarah Harding, Chelsea...
Sarah Harding on this day 19th April 2003
Victoria that ad-lib. Or go all out and pull a Sarah Harding, melt our hearts!
hey how are you how's Sarah Harding music going miss seeing her live
Oh this is a very good piece. I have always felt so sad for Tonya Harding and Lorena Bobbitt.
Press play on your and let's now with the of Sarah Harding - Too Bad on
everybody wants goldblum back but what about a Sarah Harding cameo?
How did I miss this? Sarah Harding having a Britney moment!.
How many times can you use the word "pilloried" in an article abt Anita Hill, Marcia Clark, Monica Lewinsky & Tonya Harding? 7? 12? 28,000?
Drank with a group that included George Osborne and Sarah Harding. George threw a stone at me, smashed a car's window then blamed me.
Sarah Harding is propped up by pal DJ Greg Burns after afternoon at the pub
Sarah Harding is helped out of pub by close friend, DJ Greg Burns as they continue to spend time together  
Sarah Harding propped up by pal after pub trip
Tomorrow: Game vs Briarcrest @ Harding at 4:30. Everyone come out and support!
Sarah Harding on this day 16th April 2007
Sarah Harding propped up by DJ Greg Burns as she heads home from boozy afternoon
Sarah Harding on this day 16th April 2003
They should just get Sarah Harding back for the craic as well like
Makeup for the lovely Sarah Harding for Batman vs Superman premier
"Sarah Harding has been threatening to release a solo album..." 😩😭
Sarah Harding on this day 15th April 2007
Enjoyed writing this week's issue. Got to go in two-footed on a bunch of louses while venerating Sarah Harding...
Sarah Harding: You're just mad that you're afraid of this place and I'm not. Sums up why I hate her. That's not "strong", it's stupid
.Sarah Harding, shares reasons why is the secret to shareable campaigns
You did ask for a unicorn farm for your burfday...! :)
Absolutely fab! Not quite the 'live' atmosphere, but amazing view of the gig and ACE music :)
School 3 on our tour was Dudley House School where the whole school were enthralled in Sarah's adventure http…
24 hours left for chance to Perfect Pamper Set and Diffuser from
Why the secret to shareable campaigns is out-of-home, writes Sarah Harding
I'm so glad Sarah's uncle is a wedding planner.. He said I can have as many free weddings as I want as long as I get rid …
'I'm gutted': Sarah Harding pulls out of The Jump through injury
KATCHING MY I: Sarah Harding quits The Jump after ligament injury, SIXTH star forced to pull out on medical grounds ht…
'Ally' is the Sarah Harding. Giving it TOO MUCH, always out of sync / in the wrong place etc.
Some of the worst tattoos for me... Madonnas Daughter,Sarah Harding and Mena Suvari
worst celeb tattoo has to be Cheryl's rose tattoo closely followed by Sarah Harding.
Sarah harding crashes out of the jump after sustaining a ligament injury
Is The Jump just an elaborate way to knock off C-list celebrities?
Sarah Harding QUITS The Jump on doctors' orders after painful injury leaves her needing...
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Sarah Harding is sixth celebrity to leave through :If you ski be prepared: https…
What did Robert do with the money he got from the business he ran with Sarah Harding's character? Didn't he own half of that.
Sarah was up late GOTVing in Mass. Join her and thousands like her today:
Former Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding becomes the sixth contestant to drop out of Channel 4 series The Jump because of injury.
Yikes. Sarah Harding has been force to quit The Jump due to an injury
Which celebrity would you like to meet? — Sarah Harding 💋. cheryl 💂. alesha dixon ❤. tulisa contostavlos 👑. monica …
Ok I tell u who's on it Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud Sid Owen who's
Sarah Harding has her handbag with her on the ski slope. Always on the look out for a bar!
Sarah Harding, director of show visits this week htt…
Jaz got me Lego Jurassic World for the PS3 - you can play as Sarah Harding *aaand* Dr Ian Malcolm!! :O
. pledges water play areas for Hill and
Awkward! Kimberley Walsh excludes Sarah Harding & Nadine Coyle from her wedding
Why is Sarah Harding appearing on 'The Jump'?? . Shirley she has enough money to avoid such paid humiliation?. *Looks at her nose* ... Ah.
WATCH | Girls Aloud star unveils video for debut solo single,
Finally the official video for is here! 🔥💋😜
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Well, that's the wedding venue booked. 2pm 7 October I become Mrs Sarah Harding.
I added a video to a playlist Sarah Harding - Threads
The girlfriend is lucky she wasn't shot by the "Good Guy With a Gun." Sarah Palin is the Tonya Harding of politics.
Breaking News! Sarah Palin endorsement of Donald Trump shadowed by rumors that Tonya Harding may endorse Ted Cruz!
Watching on slight delay, confused, where's Sarah Harding for best newcomer?? 😂
If LW win I will be gutted it's not Sarah Harding handing this award out
I'd love it if Ant and Dec DIDN'T win tonight. Think there's more chance of Sarah Harding winning Best Actress for Coronation Street.
Sarah Palin is to politics as Tanya Harding was to figure skating.
Sarah Palin is to politics as what Tonya Harding was to ice skating.
And I hope Sarah Harding kept the receipts for her awful plastic surgery. Unrecognizable.
That clip of Sarah Harding & Penny Lancaster that's circulating - what an utter cow!
Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington and former Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding lined up for The Jump
: Sarah Palin is the Tonya Harding of politics -IQ of a potato with opinions on everything. Family is like a Salvador Dali painting.
Sarah Palin is sort of like the Tonya Harding or Kato Kaelin of politics...
Sarah Harding has said Cheryl Fernandez-Versini will bounce back as she addressed reports that the X Factor judge…
Kimberley Walsh fails to invite former band mates Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle to her wedding
Breaking News: Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump in the GOP primary, helping him appeal to Tea Party loyalists.
she's keeping me going until I internally combust when The Jump starts with Sarah Harding.
2016's full lineup is confirmed: See all the photos, from Sarah Harding to Sid Owen via
I am actually very concerned about Sarah Harding taking part in she could barely manage the Love Machine dance ro…
Rebecca Adlington starts filming The Jump – after admitting she's never skied before: She joins Sarah Harding,...
3 Olympic medal winners and superman! Yes, is due back on screen soon...
Who's taking part in the new series of The Jump?! Check out the celebs hitting the slopes!
cheryl coles tattoo Sarah Harding labelled it ridiculous h…
Two members of Girls Aloud have reportedly NOT been invited to Kimberley Walsh's wedding
Sarah Harding gets stuck into training ahead of The Jump's launch. via
Next week, Kimberley Walsh watches The Act of Killing and Sarah Harding gives her view on a Maysles retrospective.
Please donate to birthday charity fundraising xx
Tonight's run in the rain was harsher than Sarah Harding's cheek bronzer…
what date is Sarah Harding at boom box?
Little Giant Ladders
Sarah Stock + Lee Harding author "Guide for global employers: Industrial relations" for
she looks sooo much like Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud now!
Looks even cooler on video! Check out Harding's saved PK from the first frame.
sarah harding live before MP3 FREE Downloads
hello from Colorado springs leta Harding nice to meet you guys
you messed up there Steven, long lasting on the show like Sarah Harding, they got rid of her quick, God sorry she could not act.
He so didnt mean to say Sarah Harding.
Kind of disappointed Sarah Harding, the Dame Judi Dench of the cobbles, didn't show up.
Stephen Mulhern saying Corrie worked out for Sarah Harding...and keeping a straight face. 😄
It most definitely did NOT work out for Sarah Harding!
If you fancy donating to birthday charity fundraising here's the link
I'm waiting for Sarah Harding to appear!.
Sarah Harding must feel so much jealousy whenever she sees Kylie's outfits.
Sean Ward obviously went to the Sarah Harding School of Acting.
It doesn't matter who screws up their lines tonight, nothing will be funnier than Sarah Harding's acting
They should have brought Sarah Harding back for the laugh
What are our aquaculture alumni up to? Adventures!
Please donate to birthday charity fundraising x
If the writers manage to sneak a line involving a pig's head into tonight I'm willing to forget Sarah Harding ev…
Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud attend the... News Photo
Someone is definetly under that judges desk fingering Cheryl Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini. I reckon it's Sarah Harding
"Well Shane Ward is miles better than Sarah Harding was in
Really first Sarah Harding now Shayne Ward. Who's next Michelle McManus! stop ruining the street
Sarah Harding behind the scenes of new video: Sarah Harding today releases her much anticipated debut solo sin...
Sarah Harding will return to Coronation Street and is pictured at Royal Ascot 58
My new sounds: Sarah Harding talks to Jenny Greene on 2fm on
Sarah Harding is awful and Michael Le Vell is off his tats again. Needs sorting out.
Every time I see a name on the trends, I think they've died. Tonight - Sarah Harding and Phil Mitchell. Can't be arsed looking why though.
Sarah Harding has as much acting talent as Phil Mitchell does hair
Nadine Coyle, Girls Aloud, Sarah Harding and Top Of The Pops ... and Nadine Coyle of Girls Aloud, leaving the Riverside Studios in We...
Meet Captain Alexander, Sarah Harding and Sam Williams, the main characters of Exodus Quarantine
Sarah Harding makes Keith Duffy look like Larry Olivier in the acting stakes
it's like Sarah Harding was probs one of the best girls at drama at secondary school but then stopped progressing
Sarah Harding, that nose reminds me of Daniella 'needs a good bath' Westbrook's. .
New 'Coronation Street' recruit Sarah Harding was initially set to play the *** love interest of Sophie Webster.
Sarah Harding will be appearing in which which soap >>
Spoilers: Sarah Harding makes her Coronation Street debut as Tracy Barlow meets her match
Is Sarah Harding really gonna try + have a solo career? Cheryl will bring out music within the year, you don't have a hope darling
not the famous one but his sister is called Sarah
omfg no way is Sarah Harding's half brother IAN HARDING omfg as if
Sarah Harding has revealed her new single, and it is not good... Check out our review here:...
regarding Ian harding from PLL he's got a sister called Sarah harding and everyone thinks ur his sister 😂 x
Katie read my message to Sarah about PLL and Ian Harding, loving life!
Sarah Harding's hardcore days are over as she embraces her softer side
Sarah Harding flaunts her svelte figure and toned legs in skintight gym vest and leggings a... …
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My real name is Sarah Harding as in Girld Aloud, means i can't be googled easily and i love that!
Let me know if you're going! Hope I'll have a job by then but if I'm in Glasgow it would be a fun catch up!
my goal in life is to quote that vine with Sarah Harding.
WCPSC Head of Junior Programmes Sarah Standen, together with WCPSC members Izzy Harding, George Barnes and...
Sarah Harding is in at BBC Radio 2 today... - BBC Who's in Today?
Thread is the new Sarah Harding song title & WE'RE BACK ON BRAND.
Girls Aloud reveals why she really quit her party lifestyle
Inspire Media mentor, photographer Anders Brogaard on location in Ibiza with Sarah Harding. Get the backstage stories
that Sarah Harding song made my ears bleed
ive never understood that either. We've loved and supported Sarah Harding since day 1 and no one else has or will ever come
Girls Aloud Sarah Harding on why she really quit her party lifestyle
Hardcore no more! Ex-Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding reveals...
Single Review: “Threads” by Sarah Harding: Sarah Harding, former member of Girls Aloud, has now launched her s...
When I tell my friends who go/are going to CMU that Ian Harding went there😂
anyone who had a heart sarah harding MP3
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
.previews her debut single. Take a listen here.
Kimberley Walsh is having HOW many bridesmaids?!
Minha review do single da Sarah Harding - Threads via
That's what the new Sarah Harding tune does to a person.
Sarah Harding I always end up steaming 💕🙌
I'm silencing it with Zopiclone and brandy. If it was good enough for Sarah Harding...
Girls Aloud Alum Sarah Harding debuts her new “Threads” single
Listen to Sarah Harding's debut solo single
Sarah Harding, Paddy McGuinness and Shayne Ward all coming into Corrie in the next month👀🙊
Celebrities: Celebrity Masterchef: Mica Paris, Sheree Murphy and Sarah Harding join eclectic mix for new serie...
"What bothers you is that I'm not afraid of this place and you are." -Sarah Harding, Jurassic Park: The Lost World
Pointless question. Jurassic Park has always had strong female characters such as Ellie Sattler, Lex, Sarah Harding, Claire, etc.
Julianne Moore's character in Jurassic Park 2 is called Sarah Harding
"Sarah Harding!!!". "How many Sarah's do you think are on this island?" . Best line in the Lost World Jurassic Park.
Sarah Harding is & Shane Ward are joining & I believe Paddy McGuiness has a guest role x
Shayne Ward addresses rumours of a romance with Sarah Harding's character
". HEALTH NOTES: Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding gets her teeth into new Corrie role . …
Beyonce,Nicole Scherzinger & Sarah Harding have summer style sussed:Here's how to get all the trends in your suitcase
Confession: We're a bit worried about Sarah Harding's debut
Corrie newcomer sarah harding speaks about her new role and admits mum thrilled
Sarah Harding didn’t even need to audition, but will she become full-time cast member?
Morning! Let's have a look at who's doing what and wearing what in Showbiz. From Beyonce to Sarah Harding at x
Sarah Harding's mum is thrilled by her stint on Coronation Street
Sarah Harding is hoping in that her four-episode stint in Coronation Street might become a long-term role. The ex-Girls Aloud singer,...
speaks out about her Corrie role my mum is so thrilled
Sarah Harding hopes Coronation Street role will imply she's 'Aloud' to remain for good
Sarah Harding hopes Coronation Street role will lead to long-term role *** is corrie thinking. Can't stand her silcow!
“newcomer Sarah Harding speaks about her new role.. !!.
'Welcome to Corrie' – Sarah Harding arrives on soap set and heads straight for Roy's Rolls: Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's former bandma...
Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Sarah Harding kiss and make up?
Sarah Harding set to join the cast of Coronation Street this summer: Cheryl Fernandez-Versini follows Nicola Roberts' lead in congra...
Sarah Harding hopes Coronation Street role will mean she's 'Aloud'
Sarah Harding stops for petrol as she prepares to join Coronation Street - Daily Mail
Shayne Ward, Sarah Harding and Kym Marsh in Corrie? Expect Michelle McManus and all of One True Voice in the Rovers before the year's out.
Jaime Winstone, Jo Wood, Craig Revel Horwood, Sarah Harding & Chris Evans are among VIPs at press night tomorrow
Kerry Katona, Sarah Harding, Emma Bunton, Natalie Appleton and Nicola McLean are partying in W1 tonight:
Sarah Harding, Nicola McLean, Kym Marsh, Kerry Katona and Emma Bunton are partying in West London on Thursday:
When I was younger IÂ’d get up and do a few numbers in a pub gig, but thatÂ’s very different to Wembley Arena - Sarah Harding
Just watched run for your wife it's got Danny dyer, Christopher biggins, Sarah Harding and lionel blair in it . best film EVER
Just got first look at the contestants. Sarah Harding, Andrea McLean, Amelle Berrabah & Lucy Meck all there.👍
BBC's Tumble: See Andrea McLean, Sarah Harding, more in cast picture
Just realising how many famous people live in and around Risborough and are regularly seen, Harry Enfield, Nicholas Parsons, Sarah Harding, Jay Kay, The PM, Tony Hadleigh, Rob James-Collier, David Jason Anyone got any more to add to the list?
Through the keyhole on ITV...has Sarah Harding oft some sort of illness??? She looks ill
Sarah Harding's gaff is on Through the Keyhole and it's as tacky as Sarah Harding.
Sarah Harding launches a new career as she DJ's for Carphone Warehouse - pics
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I love it at Carphone Warehouse - See as Sarah Harding launches a new career as a DJ
London, 1st May 2014. Former Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding took to the decks at Carphone Warehouse to host the first ever in-store silent disco. The event marked the launch of the brand new Sony Xperia™ Z2 which comes with digital noise cancelling headphones. Customers who had queued to be part of…
it's mentioned by Ray Arnold in Jurassic Park and by Sarah Harding in Lost World. Yup, mentioned lots more in the books. :)
We had the lovely Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud in for nails and massage today!!
Anyone who had seen Jurassic Park 2 can assume Dr. Sarah Harding was the precursor of the entire Prometheus crew.
Today I learned Sarah Harding was actually born 'Hardman' and she got it changed. Amazing.
Mariah giving Sarah Harding a run for her money as queen of the bum notes :(
Kara tointon , Kimberley Walsh and Sarah Harding are in the restaurant , Alan has no idea who they are !
Yep. Sarah Harding and Denise van Outen are the lady lovelies in question, Danny Dyer the panting lampshade in the corner.
Turned over to Jurassic Park 2 and Jeff Goldblum & Vince Vaughn were shouting "Sarah Harding" in a wood. Was there a Girls Aloud subplot?
Daughter has me watching Sweat The Small Stuff, Sarah Harding appears to be played by an actor. Thankfully I've got some lovely Chenin Blanc
I liked a video from Sarah Harding filming St Trinians at Liverpool Street Station in
Sarah Harding looks absolutely perfect with long hair
🙌“Blog Update: Sneak peek of Sarah's new photoshoot!
Are there any other Sarah Harding fan accounts???
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Sarah Harding in Sleek Hair: Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud is currently rocking our Hair Couture Honey HH Mon...
Check out sarah harding from Girls Aloud wearing our Hair Couture Honey HH Mono wig in colour 613. Doesn't she...
Hazel, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Una Healy, Pixie Lott and Tom Parker are the known ones and..
I liked a video from Sarah Harding : Interview (Alan Carr Chatty Man 2009)
Thank you for the lovely Sarah Harding for visiting Benefit, high Wycombe today. Enjoy the lingerie bag x
Trust me to take my break 2 mins early and miss Sarah Harding at work!
Can you get sarah harding back on the show?
no it's normally about Sarah Harding colour. Now it's closer to Kim sears. Sadly I don't look like Kim sears so I can't carry it off
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