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Sarah Darling

Sarah Darling (born October 4, 1982 in Des Moines, Iowa) is an American country music singer and songwriter.

Rising Star Grand Ole Opry Alan Jackson Jenn Bostic

hi It's Sarah . Darling teen wolf babe . Oh Dylan ♡ I love you
- Dracula darling, you have something stuck in your teeth. - Vhere, here?. - No... - Here?. - No, just go look in-. - GO LO…
Sarah could not resist this darling print. It looks so much like her daughters! …
Aw thank you so much Gorgeous Jilly you too darling
Hey Agent Millwall reporting, found this little darling at 26 Station Road, Orpington, postcode BR6
So pretty! I hate to ruin your designs, darling. She's turning out to be quite a little baker, isn't she? -
Most important news that got lost today is that the AbFab trailer is out and it is FABULOUS (sweetie darling)
My darling dear, Love you all the time
It had some highlights like the Sarah Darling scene when Ghostface hid amongst the costumes & how Ghostface could imitate voices 👻🔪📲
Sarah Darling ~ 'With or Without You' from the album With or Without You [2010]
Hey Female Rapper - listen up, little darling. No one has any idea what you're wigging out about in these...
let them all go to *** and u queen have a very sweet dreams 😘❤️ Good Night darling mwaaah
"darling I wish you could love yourself half as much as i love you" -
sarah, darling, and yours is an Audi
"Once there was a way to get back home. Sleep pretty darling, do not cry and I will sing a lullaby."
Spot by Sarah Cookson. Move along nothing to see here...just A DOG GIVING A HUG!. Louboutina! DS darling htt…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I really love the blog. Hannah and Sarah are just darling, and you should them right now!
privatise all the marriages! "My darling, will you form a mutual PFI with me?"
thank you darling woman, it was so lovely to see you! I've missed you! X
Flashback Friday: Saif Ali Khan with his darling daughter Sarah give us father-daughter goals. Check it out:...
With the darling owners Moali and Sarah of Wayed Chic in SoMu Mubarakiya, Kuwait City! Article coming soon..
yes darling but great match and great win too ;) win the Pakistan match also keep rocking ;)
I added a video to a playlist Songs From the Cellar: Sarah Darling Part 1 of 2
~ it was the last thing she ever did.* I'm here, darling. Just stay calm. You're safe. *her eyes are drawn ~
~ hand, bringing it to her lips for a gentle kiss.* I'm here, darling. My precious son. *her face is pale, ~
ICYMI: our chat with Australian music darling
Sarah: Since I can't bear a child, my darling husband pls I want you to sleep with my maid. . Abraham:
My new sounds: Home To Me By Antoinette Charlie ( cover Sarah Darling ) on
Sarah😭 Thank you so much, hopefully I get to see you this summer darling 💗💓💕
I added a video to a playlist Sarah Darling - "Landslide" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry
ma darling you don't know how much I love you ❤️❤️😂 nahhh you mine only I don't like sharing uk 😂😂❤️
Darling what happened?? 😢😢😢 pls take care of ur health needs ur service all the time
Hello Darling! I'm here, and so is Sarah. Both getting ready for a busy day! Hugs!
Thanks Sarah darling have a super weekend xx
omg this is my favorite Sarah Dessen, even though I haven't read it in a long time!!
Room for Sarah Darling on Wednesday and Frankie Ballard on Thursday!!!
Excited for our show with Nashville's Darling, Sarah Darling, this Sat, Jan 30 at 8pm. More info here:
Waking up to the smell of pancakes 😍😍. Sarah darling you can sleep over more
Be a darling, and support freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of dangerous faggotry.
Adorable 88 year old Irish priest keeps calling me "Sarah My Darling" and I think my heart is actually melting.
A and a meet eye-to-eye Pic of the Week winner. Here's how
editor always right so RIP darling. we'll be reunited in another essay! or i'll forget about you & move on to other cute sentences. bye baby
GOP blames Palin for their destruction But she is Christo-Nazi darling ~a religious ICON
Sarah's on darling! She's got Take That AND Rhi Rhi AND Peanut Butter Jelly. What's your to tell her??
Shot through the heart, and you're to blame. Darling, you give love a bad name.
*** and teeth, darling, *** and Teeth. (I'm not referring to you two by the way)
Update your maps at Navteq
I liked a video from Father and Son Steal Over $40,000 of Chicken Wings ft. Gina Darling
darling being ID'd at airport security does not count.
"Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May"
I guess darling Sarah is saying she doesn't pay enough taxes to the feds & wants to pay more.
I'd really like to see Lori McKenna, Shane McAnally and Sarah Darling so I'm hoping their times work out, how about you?
. Ahh, thanks Sarah. You're such a darling. X
PREACH have you made any decisions yet darling?
I am sure some of our views would be a lot more dramatic! My darling rubber lovers.xx
Sarah Darling at c2c pop ups not to be missed,don't do the main stages do pop up cost zilch and some good artists
Great pop-up stages line-up yet again from - very excited to see Sarah Darling and Jessi Alexander on there!
U2 darling safe and warm honey 💘🌹😘
The New York Time calls her "a sophisticated songwriter with a crisp, powerful voice". Come see Sarah Darling at...
And darling I'm drunk,. And everything that I have loved has turned to stone.
😂😂 I'm dying. I love you, thank you darling!
Morning darling sarah, have a great day! Xxx
Good night darling.. l miss you so much..God bless you
I'm great thank you! In my third and final year of uni, only a few months left🙈 how are you darling?😘😘
Missed out on getting Bluebird Cafe tickets for a Friday night early showing to see In The Round with Jessica Campbell, Sarah Darling, Tyle…
A week late, only because we finally celebrated yesterday. Happy 21st darling💕🍻
Had the most relaxing ride home from cstat with Sarah Darling and her magnificent playlist
-Look, darling. Here's your sister. And you have plenty of people to help you, whenever you need us to.
I want miley to roast Taylor I know that girl can roast, let it shine darling
So darling will you stay right here and the shake the frost off of my bones?
SARAH all right darling good night baby
SARAH darling so I made you feel good and better and wanted so I made you feel better
SARAH darling please forgive me for what I said about sleeping with you I'm truly sorry that I said that
SARAH Darling I want to meet you too and give you a hug
SARAH baby I'm all right now all right darling i'm watching ID Channel now
SARAH DARLING I love to see your face too what shows do you watch because I wanna watch it too
SARAH darling I'm back in my bedroom i'm gonna eat and talk you at the same time sweetheart
Happy Birthday Darling! 👸 hope your day is as beautiful as you're!
SARAH darling I know they suck but something told me to tell you to get in your bedroom and on your bed I was on mine bed
SARAH darling please lay down and breathe in through you nose and our your mouth have you ate and took you meds baby
SARAH darling because I was on my bed too
SARAH darling something inside told me to tell you to get on your bed darling are you sure that I'm not the one
SARAH darling please don't get mad but am I stalking you
SARAH darling you said that you were being stalked
SARAH darling who is stalking you is the window and the blinds shut
SARAH darling please tell me i'm here
SARAH DARLING I know I wish I was there with you hugging you and not letting go
SARAH darling no I wouldn't think nothing of it please sweetheart
SARAH darling i'm here please tell me darling please tell me what is going on please tell me
P.S.@ Sarah darling will you please tell me what is bothering you
Sarah darling I have a lot to tell you yesterday I went to the doctor and I have to start eating and they done blood work
the twins are my favorite sarah paulson characters and Jimmy Darling was a bit dry I agree
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
My darling Sarah! Happy birthday to 1 of the greatest people I've ever met. I love you dearly. Have a marvelous 17th
ya very cute and a flattering cut for sure! PS Sarah is darling & I'm so happy for you!
*Kate sets down the tray, swinging Emi up into her arms for a cuddle* Hello, my darling girl. Do you have a kiss for Aunty?
Now, now... don't cry, darling. How about I go make us some tea, and see if I can find Emi?
lol good! Same. I teared up tho when Peggy called Sarah her lil darling. And Steve's just like ❤️ His girls.
ok but clearly one Sarah is more beautiful and perfect than the rest 👀👀☺️
Happiest of birthday to my darling Let's spoil you rotten, eat cake, and drink wine! Xx
Sarah Palin is the darling of the proud to be underachievers, bigots & intellectually incurious of USA
And that is why we are no longer friends darling.😊💁🏼
Thank you, darling! Same to you. Maybe things will get figured out.
Beautiful weather for lunch with the darling sarah_gwen on her quick trip to NYC.
DARLING DUCKFACE: Behold, a logic iceburn so epic, the human brain can't hide its shame:
Just uploaded "A duet of married duos with The Portraits, My Darling Clementine and Sa..." to Tune in now!
Hope you wake up to this Happy Birthday darling may your special day be filled with Joy and booze 💋🎉🍸
Baby when you're all mine, anywhere, anyplace I go you feel like home to me, you feel like home to me. - Sarah Darling
So darling darling stand oooh stand by me oh stand stand by me stand by me
Stop whatever you're doing and get over to Java Joe's tonight at 7. Jenn Bostic, Sarah Darling and Tyler Flowers...
Now we’re turning off the headlights, darling. We're just taking it slow
and everything is alright . Now we're turning off the headlights, darling
Found out that 101.9 WDEZ Today's Great Country will be sponsoring our event with Sarah Darling, Jenn Bostic, &...
And hey darling, I hope you're good tonight 🎶
Cody is a darling senior dog who is not coping in kennels please give him a chance http:…
Jimmy Darling singing in yesterday's episode of AHS is just 😍😍😍
Cooking is her zen but exploration is her vice. Our chats with us
ha ha ha there would be nothing pleasurable about that darling. Believe me, he will need a body cast when I'm finished!
no darling,meant to be on Saturday x
Today's media darling best advise is to always smile and remain humble
Darling, I'm a nightmare dressed as a daydream.
Sarah. Please come home. I miss you and I'm so happy we are friends. love you darling 💛 thank you!
See what I see, feel what I feel, tell me darling, was any of it real?
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HAPPY BDAY BROOKIE ♥♥♥ I hope you have the greatest day sweets!! So much love for you darling
So where can I buy Jimmy Darling's cover of 'Come as you are' huh?
O! Okay Sarah. Cool. Kool. Hailey it takes wisdom and patience to learn to take to me just wait darling
Darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream
To many selfies with the caption "because darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream"
cause darling I'm night mare dressed like a day dream
coffee, coffee, and coffee. Plus you get used to it after a while, practice darling practice👍
Nice to have friends with high standards darling.
Darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream
Darling I'm a nightmare, dressed as a daydream.
Sorry no one likes your broadway music darling✌️
I voted Yes for Sarah Darling on RisingStar! Get the app vote now.
I get drunk on jealousy But you'll come back each time you leave.. Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydre…
Appearance at the Grand Ole Opry by Sarah Darling. A collection of memories from last night. Beautiful performance by Sarah and cold chills once again when hearing her sing "When I Feel Close".
A really cool thing about a 3 day Music festival - besides people watching - is being amongst the first to see hot new artists as they are about to break out... At Runaway Country, you’ve seen Parmalee, Blackjack Billy, The Lacs, J.T. Hodges, Sarah Darling and of course Colt Ford. This year we are happy to introduce to you, a young Floridian, now living in Nashville ... under the management of Reba and her husband Narvel Blackstock ... she’s a Rising Star having opened recently for Alan Jackson, Blake Shelton and the Charlie Daniels Band. Her name is Caroline Kole!...have a listen.
this is the stupidest thing I've seen. is a really good player. He's my favorite Ranger.
Rest in peace darling the world has truly lost one of its most wonderful fashionistas 👼👑💅👗
What will become of Fashion Police without darling Joan? ;'(
are you enjoying the guests darling xD !
Remember your place of inspiration, guard it and repeat it. . -Sarah Dubbeldam, Editor in Chief at Darling Magazine
"Its called Botox darling, I'd say you don't need it but I'd be Lion."
“Darling, when things go wrong in life, you lift your chin, put on a ravishing smile, mix yourself a little cocktail…”. — Sophie Kinsella
Absolutely Fabulous, sweetie darling : Sarah Waters: ‘I kind of missed the *** stuff’...
I think I saw you in my sleep, darling.
I'm headed off to bed right now darling, txt me tomorrow, ly😘 stay bootiful👍
Oh darling is the same song Sarah did for her solo at StarQuest!
Performing their "Oh Darling" routine, give it up one last time for &
Please give a round of applause for You've done INCREDIBLE things on the show darling! The sky's the l…
Revealed: Alistair Darling's No campaign calendar . (done for
Sarah is about 5ft 8 if not smaller :') or i think that ahha, i wanna meet you too darling! xx
Aah me too! My teachers are crazy!! And I don't know anyone in my class..Aah I know how you feel darling,…
I think even Sarah Smith is coming round, she gave Darling a hard time on Monday but pretty much let Alex Salmond coast.
So sorry to hear that. Best of luck, darling. Hope you get it sorted.
NGO declaring CMSS most popular is shameful bid2prove justice Baqir wrong that whom he proved architect of 14killings is "d…
ahem... . G! Goldfish!. Oh so. Loveable . Darling. Fish . I. so. Happy! . That sounds a lot better when I sing it.
and hey darling I hope you're good tonight
Just look at this darling pup! What a great dog he will make for someone who needs a lot of love in his or her life.
Darling can't you see I would do anything you want me to.
Darling look at me, I've fallen like a fool for you..
"Dreams only get you that far darling. After that you need cash"
feel better darling. And hydrate. That goes for too. Poor babies.
“Happy 21st sweets! I hope it's as fabulous as you are! 😘🍷 thank you darling!
4 people in a double bed, declaring war, Kirsty ready for the day at 4:30am, dear darling, late night walks and that w…
Eck happily joked with Sarah about catching a train to Westminster. Hard to imagine Darling joking about anything at the moment.
1887: We basked in the love of our darling baby Edwin, but Jesus called him to the other side   10% Off
Salmond looking very tired on and not just due to the tedious Sarah's interruptions (unlike last night wi' Darling)
Sarah Smith constantly interrupting FM - compare with Darling last night
This ain't love it's clear to see, but darling stay with me.
“omg happy birthday to the prettiest girl I know!!! Have a great day!! 😍💗🎉” awe thank you darling! Miss u tons
I liked a video from Sarah Darling performs flawless National Anthem at NY…
Under a spell you're hypnotized. Darling how could you be so blind?. I wanna grab both your shoulders and shake baby. Snap out of it 🎶
.thanks darling. Oh, I said so many unprintable things too.
"Nothing's gonna harm you darling, not while I'm around" as Mrs Lovett htt…
you are gorgeous and wonderful Sarah darling! your lips are so perfect and kissable! Follow?
Oh, my love, my darling. I've hungered for your touch. A long, lonely time. Time goes by so slowly. And time can do so much. Are you still mine
Darling I will be loving you till we're 70 & baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23
When I see you in person, darling that's my favorite version. ❤️👫
Darling you are just a booty call, once you have a real long lasting relationship then you can talk.
Hi Sarah. Here you go, try this link: Let me know if that doesn't work or you have any problems. :-)
your welcome darling , I love me too :)
I'll play with you darling cleav. Are you on right meow?
Alistair darling declared the winner
verdict: "Salmond started strong & was ahead at times, but Darling won debate" - htt…
The Guardian’s sentiment trackers seem to show a clear preference for Darling over Salmond.
David Cameron wouldn’t debate in person – but Mr Darling ended up just delivering the PM’s lines.
Scotland can be a successful independent country, we know it, Cameron knows it, Darling can’t admit it http:/…
Alistair Darling going on about risk - without risks there can be no development - its about weighing up risk/benefit
Salmonds first question to Darling should be asking if he knows what he's actually talking about!
Salmond: "Why can't we go back to Alistair Darling of last year who said it is logical and desirable to keep pound?".
Best line of the night so far definitely from Darling. "I didn't vote for you and I'm stuck with you"
the first question Alex Salmond should ask Darling is if he actually knows what he's on about.
Super excited the Alistair darling and Alex Salmond TV debate is about to start
Have you heard 's "Little Umbrellas" yet? Check out the Official Video here on
What a beautiful soulful man you are darling!!
We had Tate Langdon, Kit Walker, Kyle Spencer .. Now were waiting on Jimmy Darling
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
“YASSS 😍 reminds me of those chip and dale vids we saw at Sarah's tbh l…
okay for you darling in english: awnser me! Please awnser!
I'd be honored if u followed me ! I'm friends with Dave Sterling, TX_Clarebear, musicrocks0412 , Sarah Darling & a few more 😄😘👯
Pls follow me 😄😘I'm friends with Dave Sterling, Robin Flowers, Sarah Darling and many more ! Tx girl / Songwriter
Marcus. ...darling I'm not wearing any panties...
Lol, got a mention meant for Jesse but I'll gladly take it! Jk jk! 😂 thanks Sarah Darling!
Hey darling! Just physically sick, and adding the stress of uni doesn't help! Thanks for the concern though lovely x how are
"Blue and red are colors darling, they aren't flavors"
Sarah's Shiny New Thing today is those darling lads with "Hopeful"
hey Brad I wanted to say I thought it was a great thing you did with Sarah Darling were friends, good people :)
look proud of you listen Sarah Darling is a great friend of mine and she was like you booted out to less
LOL her life is SO desperate housewives. i love her bc she's so darling and COMPLETELY CRAY. i love sarah too and cos is adorbs
At home, Michael Gove is dressed as Gen. Melchett. "Fetch me my maps, Darling!" he bellows. Sarah Vine & Dom Cummings both leap up eagerly.
he calls me SARAH darling and all these sweet things and before I went on my Europe trip he said 'be safe you're amazing'
it's been a long time Sarah. We just might need to hang out soon. Thanks darling. 😏👌
At the same time I'm happy that Lisa is gone, cause I think Sarah Darling should have moved on instead of her.
I'm still mad Lisa Punch beat out Sarah Darling.Sarah is more versatile while Lisa isn't that unique.
Let's remember that she beat Sarah Darling in a duel...
Kesha, you are a dream crusher for Sarah Darling.
Oh im sure he will darling. He just feel asleep. So it should be just fine. *smirking at you*
*smiling* Oh definitely not darling but you know that is the first thing I noticed about you when we meet.
•looks at you and smiles• I don't know darling. What would you like to do with me? •winks•
sure darling what else is hot. Besides my sexy wife. *smirking*
*laughing* Oh right I heard that too. You look lile a tourist darling. It is kinda hot.
I like the sounds of that darling •looking at Tyler squirming in your arms I smile as I reach over and fix his hat•
One day we will go on the eye and see all of London from the sky darling. It will be great.
> attraction approaching I wait for the bus to stop so I can take a picture• That's wheel is huge darling
*As you lay Tyler down you bend over and I smack your *** Mmm I love that *** of yours. So *** sexy! Where to first darling?
Appalled by the news that Mike Smith has died. Far too young and devastating for darling Sarah. They were the love of e…
A night with Sarah Darling at the Grand Ole Opry 👢🎶🎻 @ Grand Ole Opry
domain names
why is Sarah Darling on "Rising Star" ? she's sang at the Opry! . I'd say she's doin' pretty well already!
Rising Star was so good last night! Sarah Darling was probs my fav performance of the night and she was definitely shooting for Brad's attention which was super sweet and Kesha is such a sweetheart and I'm so happy shes happy and that girl towards the end was absolutely amazing and she killed it and I'm so excited for more
If you're a fan of Country Singer please support her by buying her music on
normally would write a lil article about this .. but wanted you to see this about Sarah Darling...
Sarah Darling performs her new single "Little Umbrellas" live at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN. Visit for more information. © ℗ 201...
Sarah Darling - "Little Umbrellas" Live at the Grand Ole Opry she is amazing!
Just heard Sarah Darling from last nights premiere of on XM Seems unfair considering the concept of the show
Sarah Darling sang 'Merry Go Round' on Rising Star. She's from Nashville, TN. Watch the video here:
We're talking on Male Call. Did you watch? We're talking all the headlines of the weekend.
NEW! Did you see Sarah Darling on Rising Star last night?
ABC’s Rising Star is a really cool concept, but why is sweet Sarah Darling a contestant? She’s already a regular on the Opry and one of the welcome voices at the Nashville Airport! Strange.
"Sarah Darling nowww . Dame her sound was too sweet! I ♥ it!
My favs on so far: Macy Kate and Sarah Darling
Coming Up This Morning: - DJ Du's Summertime Breakfast Blend (our favorite yet!) -John King LIVE in studio to perform 'Tonight, Tonight' -Lucy Hale LIVE in studio with NEW music -Sarah Darling on the phone straight from "Rising Star" last night Say YES to a fabulous week! - Storme & Britt
I do love a good morning of Skyrim. ^_^ Looking forward to the sleepover with ma darling Sarah later ^_^ Good day ^_^ ps I love
Today we celebrate Sarah Rubombora. you such a darling.. with such a beautiful soul.. you have always amazed me. Happy birthday doll..
Watching Rising Star and waiting for Sarah Darling to perform. This could be the way forward (as long as Simon Cowell doesn't get involved!)
Rising Star Premiere Recap: Wall-Eh: That was the refrain delivered by ill-fated boy band ...
my darling Sarah, the nutters will latch onto anything to start an international internet war! :)
do you all supply samples? I would like to try to determine if its what i want before I commit to buying in bulk. Thanks!
Sarah Darling's a contestant on Rising Star? Did I read that correctly? She counts? She already has songs/album on iTunes & does concerts...
toss between Jesse, Sarah Darling & the one from the Bronx that pulled of Whitney. Wow. Such talent.
I went to church with Sarah Darling back in Iowa
The best performers of the night: Lisa Punch, Jesse Kinch, Sarah Darling, Macy Kate.
Can Sarah Darling sing one of her own songs next time or is that not allowed? We've loved her for a long time!
Impressed with the series premiere of Rising Star. All I have to say ..Sarah Darling won my attention. Congrats girly!
Sarah Darling. Linda Honey. Incredible lol she seems like she's been doing that for years! What a star 🌟
We're watching Rising Star. We were blown away by Joshua Peavy and Jesse Kinch. I liked Sarah Darling, too. I think this may be our new family show. :)
If you're watching the new show tonight, be sure to help out our good friend Sarah Darling and vote for her! Watch this clip too:
Watching Rising Star! Cant wait for Sarah Darling to perform!! ♡
Wow surprised to see Sarah Darling competing on Rising Star tonight considering she's already performed on the Grand Ole Opry about a million times.smh...
Gave Rising Star a shot/chance tonight...not impressed. And, Sarah Darling on there as a contestant? What are the rules? She's been singing country music and although she's not a top country singer, she's not an amateur. I'll stick with The Voice - much better show and much more talent!
Catching up on Rising Star. Sarah darling is on the show. She had a record deal. I don't think if you'd had a record deal before, you should be on these shows.
Sarah Darling winds up on a reality show. Last gasp to try and make it?
Sarah darling on Rising Star already opens and sings with big time stars. I looked on her FB and web. Alan Jackson, Kellie Pickler, The Band Perry and bunch more. She knew Brad Paisley. Idk what I think about her being on. She is singing at Stampede in Manhattan. Songs and GO Opry all time. She's got a name already I even recognized her. Just doesn't seem right.
Congrats to Sarah Darling for raising the wall tonight on Rising Star! As seen in COWGIRL Magazine - April/May issue, rocking some cute Durango boots : )
Go Sarah Darling on "Rising Star!" Way to represent Iowa! Met Sarah last year when our choir kids sang at Variety Telethon. She is the real deal. Extremely talented & very kind. She will go far in this competition & is one to keep your eye on!
SHE MADE IT!!! thank you for voting for Sarah Darling on Rising Star!!
I am asking all my friends who continue to watch Rising Star please vote yes for Sarah darling
Great job and CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Sarah Darling on your performance on Rising Star tonight!
I am not sure if I am going to watch Rising Star after tonight. Sarah Darling is already a country artist, I have heard her song "Home To Me" on the radio many times. Not sure how that is fair to the other performers.
Congratulations to Sarah Darling on her success this evening on ABC's Rising Star! John, you must be so proud... she nailed it.
Ok this Sarah Darling chick already has a song out lol I have it on my I pod I've had it on there for over a year lol
America you are lucky you put Sarah Darling through because we would have fought. I've been listening to her for years.
Not sure why Sarah Darling is on Rising Star cause she's already a known country singer?? Feels like home to Me sound familiar? And she was on the bachelor.
Sarah Darling is on this new TV singing contest show with Paisley and where we , the viewers , do real time votes . Now I know I have seen her videos , and on TV concerts . Why is she on this ??? And I did not vote for her since she did not respond to my post to be her drummer . Who's got the power now ??? Don't mess with Kluney ! P.S. .I don't have the voting app , I was being silly .
Sarah Darling on Rising Star and I Met Her at CMA Fest! Yes I Voted for Her
My girl, Sarah Darling, made it through on Rising Star!!
I voted Yes for Sarah Darling on Get the Rising Star app & vote now.
Sarah Darling did great on Rising Star! me and I'll follow back!
Why would Sarah Darling be on Rising Star isn't she already a star with incredibly good music
Why is Sarah Darling on Rising Star? She opened for Hunter Hayes. She doesn't need to be on a show like this.
How exciting that Iowa native Sarah Darling just made it thru the 1st round of Rising Star!
Isn't Sarah Darling already an established up n coming country star.
Sarah Darling just dominated her performance!
Sarah Darling made it on Rising Star. Can't wait to see her move on!!!
Great performance Sarah darling on tonight's Rising Star
Ok.. so why is Sarah Darling on Rising Star? She is already a known singer. Heck, I knew who she was.
Sarah Darling on the Rising Star! I remember her in Salina at Martinellis courtesy of Y93.7. Awesome performance!
Wow Sarah darling did ok and she used sense ... country and western is the way to go if you want votes from America... lisa baby wuk up pun one quick
Sarah Darling! So awesome to vote for her on Rising Star :)
I am sooo crying FOUL on Sarah Darling on ABCs Rising Star. Really?! She is a PROFESSIONAL! However, maybe I'm missing the point.
Well, we now know why Sarah Darling cancelled her Moondance Jammin Country Fest appearance last night- she is on the ABC show Rising Star right now! Tune in!
Sarah Darling is singing on Rising Star! Where have I heard that name before?
Watching Rising Star and still waiting for Sarah Darling. She really impressed me at CMA Fest. She is a sweetheart!! If you watching, please give her a yes vote!!!
Vote for Sarah Darling tonight! She's the best friend of my best friend and totally deserves to be on the show!!
This is brutal... Just waiting for Sarah Darling- c'mon Sarah! Are we just over these kind of shows?
Oh they just said "First Country Song of The Night"!!! Could it be Sarah Darling Rising Star ?!
Loving the new show Rising Star!! Waiting to see Sarah darling perform!
Waiting for Sarah Darling on Rising Star. Download the Rising Star app so you can vote for Sarah!!
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