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Sarah Darling

Sarah Darling (born October 4, 1982 in Des Moines, Iowa) is an American Country Music singer and songwriter.

Kansas City Kacey Musgraves Dustin Lynch Country Music

Sarah Darling, oh geeze. Check her out if you don't know of her.
. Sarah darling. I work out. Every day. I know how to do squats lol ima yeah you power clean & jerk
Sarah darling- you don't have to be lonely tonight! ♥
Thank you Sarah darling :) "Good morning safe flight ya mantemans :*"
Love's taken me across the map, all the way to *** and back ~Sarah Darling
If there's any girl out there that can sing like Sarah Darling come sing me a goodnight song
Sarah darling you look good in everything so it doesn't matter 😌💁
A new documentary on CBS tonight shows you just how hard teachers work and the challenges they’re up against.
Chris Hanson is spinning 'Little Umbrellas' by Sarah Darling in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Sarah Darling ~ With or Without You from the album With or Without You [2010]
- Managing Sarah Darling on the Country Music scene, running Black River Entertainment in Nashville.
Sarah Darling, saw Harris’ cup and dropped some change into it. While doing so, Darling accidentally parted with...
I think my Independence Day celebrations r happening tomorrow instead: Lauren Alaina, Dustin Lynch, The Henningsens, Hunter Hayes, Sarah Darling at Freedom Fest on Long Island, omg my head is gonna explode I'm so excited lol
The Charlie Daniels Band Join Fox News Radio this 4th of July for – “Country Salutes America”. Country Music and patriotism go hand in hand. Driven in large part by the American heartland – where patriotism has ALWAYS been prominent. Hosted by Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes, host of Fox News & Commentary – for “Country Salutes America” -- an in depth look into the deep connection between Country Music and patriotism - which have shared a strong bond since the outbreak of WWII. The love affair between Country Music and the U.S.A. may have started there, but the terror attacks of 9/11 greatly intensified the tie between the two, and brought both to the forefront of American society. Guests include Country Music stars CHARLIE DANIELS, (Sarah Darling, , Lee Brice, Lonestar and Lee Greenwood). Country Salutes America will be heard on the following stations on the 4th of July: WSCC Charleston, SC; WTRC South Bend, IN; WERC Birmingham, AL; WILM Wilmington, DE; WREC Memphis, TN; KCOL Fort Collins, ...
tonite Thats right Jimmy Wayne on the Sat nite Opry Check out who you'll be hearing at the Opry in the next week… Dierks Bentley, Kacey Musgraves, Ricky Skaggs, Sarah Darling, Bill Anderson, and so many more.
I'm at Grand Ole Opry House for Sarah Darling and Riders In the Sky (Nashville, TN) w/ 7 others
Live music is going on NOW on the Budlight Plaza Stage at Bridgestone Arena! Come get your weekend started with outdoor music and great performers! Artists performing today are Official Angie Johnson, Chase Rice, Rose Falcon, James Wesley, Sarah Darling, Andy Gibson, Chris Stapleton, and Frankie Ballard.
I get to play a whole bunch of Schubert with Clara Rottsolk, Sean Osborn, and Liza Zurlinden in Seattle and Port Townsend this weekend, and 17th-century Italian music with Jesse Irons, Sarah Darling, and Michael Unterman in Boston next weekend. And then I get to go on vacation in London and Paris with Tom! I like this all very much!
Tonight is the YEP Country classics show! Jarrod Nieman, James Otto, Sarah Darling, and many others! Oh and...
Ashley Monroe, Sarah Darling and Craig Campbell Join Hot Nights at the Hall: The Country Music Hall of Fame an...
SEVEN great Country acts over two days coming to Gettysburg THIS JULY! Craig Morgan, Emerson Drive, Sarah Darling, Montgomery Gentry, Brett Eldredge, Craig Campbell, and SNCS alum Brittany Opperman on ONE STAGE over TWO DAYS! Read more here, and buy tickets ON SALE TOMORROW!
Coming up at 6:45 on 96 Seconds of Country Music News, George Jones is in the hospital, Sarah Darling is engaged,...
Jason aldean, jake owen, and Thomas Rhett , Toby Keith, Luke Bryan, Kip more ,Sarah Darling ,Maggie rose and alot more!:)
Liam darling your definition of soon is different to most :P when are we going to see a YouTube vid ? Sooonnn ? ;) love you
An intersting boat ride in the rain..then a " chicken bus " ride for four hours .. Precariously around precipices at great speeds.. And sharing our food " loaves and fishes style with the panamanians... Then a school Bus trip to boquette where Sarah and I sorted out a paedophile on the bus... Phew !!!we r now going to have dinner and a well earned glass of wine !!!
awhh well I hope a sleep helps you feel better, love ya darling x
If any one needs to contact Karen Honnery she has fobe issues and is uncontactable until her fone is fixed!!
Home To Me by Sarah Darling is such a cute song
“loving commentary of this evening x” Why thank you darling
Had a brill day wit mam an sis glad u enjoyed it Cath Cooper and Sarah Elliot n kids love yas xx
The motor for my windshield wipers took a dump. Had to leave truck at the café. Who wants to come and get me for work in the morning?
Sarah. Darling. He's HAPPY. I see it, you should. ☺
Just had my scan got to wait for about a week for the results. Can't come quick enough.
Don't you dare look out your window darling everything's on fire
,Thank you my darling, Sarah says its a montage of "Hair styles" :-)
A big thank u to my three lovely neice`s Hayley Sarah and Nicola flowers and card lovely u all are always so thoughtful luv u
VIDEO: Sarah Darling performing 'Home to Me' live on Conan.
your be fine Carl your a slim jim darling. Lol. Xx
Mothers Day.looking after my precious little angel, cooking Sunday lunch for my other angel when she gets in from work.watching England thrash Italy (sorry Mrs Russell and Ms Carinci, you know I love you both) then Man Utd kick Chelsea's *** a perfect day.
And, my darling, you will always be mine.”
THANK-YOU my Darling Boys for FOLLOWING Me, a dear MOM interested in the BEST (Erin & Sarah) for You Both!
sure. then after Sarah Darling none hers Scotty was on in like 10mins afterwards and when it got dark i flipped out and he
Cant believe im having drink of champayne this early lol thank you David Smith-Brown and Sarah-lynn Smith-Brown xx
Cant wait to start the mothers day drinks bring it on
You and me darling, we have this perfect love in the making. (
thank u darling Sarah jayne made me breakfast in bed i canter believe it xoxox
Chuffed to wants me.yeah nice mothers day prezzie xx
good morning darling Xx would you please follow me? you would make me to the happiest girl! X
Update for all those asking, Troy is still in a coma, but the doctors are going to slowly wake him up at 12:30AM, and all we can do is wait and see what his reaction is. Fingers crossed
okay Sarah Darling, you've won me over in the 2 minutes I've got to know you. beautiful girl, beautiful voice
Happy Mother's Day to my darling wife. Love u Sarah
no darling, dnt worry people like u are hard to be swallowed. But take it as an advice go learn how things rly work here ;)
Sane or Insanity? As I was driving along pondering today and I had an epiphany. I was watching two Labradors playing and I wondered “do they know what they look like?”, “Do they realize the other dog is of the same breed?” Then I got thinking, does it matter for them what they look like? For their primal need is to survive. They don’t care for looks, for body odours (unless hunting), how long their nails are, how clean their coat is, how much sex they have, how “much” food they eat, all those things are irrelevant in their world. So why can’t us humans live in such a basic world? If we spent more time on living a basic yet nurturing life, for ourselves and our people, we would be so much happier as a race. We would be free from appearances, egoistic religions and attitudes, over spending, financial difficulties, many wars and conflicts, and many psychical and psychological problems. We always talk about stresses of everyday life. But aren’t we bringing it upon ourselves? When we look at ...
"Why do angels, Dance with devils? Take the truth and Mix it up with lies?" -Sarah Darling
"Home to Me" - Sarah Darling ... And I don't care who knows it. Classic.
Awh thank you darling. I love and miss you! Come home soon. But first, win.
Oh my god Sarah Brightman is darling jesus christ
Duchess: "Marie, darling. Marie, you must stop that. This is really not ladylike." Made me wonder where all the "ladies" in the world went.?
Going stir crazy not being able to play xbox. Hurry up and heal hand
“Darling don't be afraid , I've loved you for a thousand years ;”
[ ;u; I'm constantly skyping with Jazi. Sarah, darling, when are we to skype? ]
I've been trying so much :) good luck darling! Let's hope we both recover fully :P
Ok where do I begin . My life would not be complete with all of you my birthday was a life experience ill never forget . Mum Kerry Joan Howarth thank you for looking after Ava and being there for me and my wonderful birthday week, Zoran Mitrevski your my brother and I couldn't really express how much you mean to me . Richard i thank god for finally sending my angel I always wanted . Gülcan Roze Günay what can I say my beautiful wife , my sister my every thing thank you for making me complete . Abla Nurcan Gunay thank you for being the my big sister abi thank you for always making me laugh and being patience. Thank you for organizing such a wonderful birthday you guys have no idea how much that meant to me . Thank you tiny Tim for making my fantasy come true. Thank you to my COUSINS Dylan Deezee Howarth Sarah Howarth and Simon for So much some other . So much for coming it meant the world to me . So much for other family members but we won't go there . To my OG's Canterbury girls thank all for coming ...
Thinking of you too darling! Can't wait to see you in April! Big Jan might we be seeing you in CapeTown too?! Xxx
Home To Me by Sarah Darling is easily my new obsesssion
as per last night's status debate I've come to realise that my HAGS group actually is elitist. We've had shaved heads, dreadlocks, piercings, tattoos, single parents, fathers, older parents, younger parents, parents with different coloured skin but we've never had a *** parent. So I'm advertising it, please come along if you are *** and have a child on the spectrum, we don't want to be seen as homophobic!
Shawty you my angel you my darling angel!
Darling you don't wanna waste your life.
I just want somebody to call darling & sweetie.
I do thanks darling god what a day can't believe that fop came in angry! Xxx
And if ever there be a smile to melt this boy's cold heart, darling, it's yours
For this Mother's Day I recorded a cover of Mama by the Spice Girls for my darling mumsy. LOVE YOU FAGASH.
Hi all anyone want to rent my house out 2 bed with loft space. in box for more details
Needs my hair done ASAP. Please someone help!
After 2 long nights in hospital I'm home :) baby is fine. They have stopped labour for now and given me steroids to help baby's lungs. Now on bed rest until labour starts again. How long til it starts... :)
Getting ready and hitting the town with the mother woop woop x
Hi you lot! Are any of you thinking about going to virgin media? If so I can get you on a great mates rates deal. It's only for new customers though. If ya fancy it message me!!
Wearing earplugs, a sleeping mask and wrapping myself up like a cacoon in hope that I'll get some sleep tonight. I miss everything. Nothings the same and I hate it.
Need my car valeted desperately it's a mess lol but too cold to do it myself
To day I am a bit sore, the local has worn off and my leg is really tender. I had a nice strip of skin taken off just above the knee, with cancer, the same type of cancer that took Dad only a few months back. Given that and the fact the two girls have had various cancers, they took a fair margin around the spot. It means I wont be bending the leg for a couple weeks, but I believe they got it all, find out in two weeks. You should have seen the strip they took out, at least 3cm wide by 10 cm long and mostly all fat. It must have been all those 12 years in St John, but I found the whole procedure facinating.
HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my bestfriend Moana Kereopa on your beautiful baby boy. you done well darl. no doubt you are so strong and I am mega proud of you. this boy is so lucky to have u as his mother. and i look forward to watching him grow and you grow as a mother. welcome to motherhood darl, it's the best thing EVER! your going to b a great mother. love you darl. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU MY PRECIOUS NEF! :)
How many Year 11's in 1997 at Meole Brace School remember me pregnant at work?Lol. Well today, my beautiful, precious Daughter, Lauren is sweet 16, in Year 11! Happy birthday sweetheart, have a wonderful day! I know you remember Sarah Milner, ha!ha! xx
How much is 1 person meant to take before they lose it
Thanks evry1 4 ur messages im waitin 2 hav my waters broke but just a waitin game at the mo been for a walk about gonna get on that bouncy ball thing they wil come 2day!!! I hope!!
Well not radiator, not battery as that has spark to it
Dont forget the winner needs to be on all 3 pages to win
Wow this Villa is amazing. Having so much fun. Drinking next to our private pool. Love it. Bring on another 7days in Bali.
2 Clutches left!!! If you would like one, please PM me your phone number NOW. Bart from FastWays will be here in the next 15 minutes to pick up the parcels.
Does anyone know of someone who would like to take over a gym membership at zoo? It expires in October/November.
fq Q. How do you tell your child father that you are still unsure about aborting this infant and that if u kept this baby you don't wAnt to be a single parent -coco rpb sarah(:
2 tickets for Stone Roses @ Finsbury Park on 8th June... Any takers?
How do you explain to a friend that you are still their friend u just cant afford to meet or have time to meet. Really irritating me
If my tonsils get any bigger I'm going on Embarrassing Bodies!!
Was going to watch 'one born every minute' later...but now I just want to scream at them DON'T DO IT, TAKE THE CUDDLY TOY INSTEAD.bloody kids !!!
Is chillin at sarah caldwell with mish mash
Good Afternoon Folks.. Well after the trail and tribulation of the last 3 Days he's here.. Max Steven Mitchell.. 5lb 1oz.. A couple of weeks early, but he's as healthy as a horse and this is a totally unbiased comment.. But he really is such a beautiful little man.. He's had me in tears twice.. yeah as big as I am! Hopefully he'll be heading back to Mitchell Manor in a couple of days.. Two more things to add.. Firstly, Cheryl did amazingly.. Thank you for giving me this perfect gift! Plus.. No Epidurals here people! Just Gas & Air.. And Secondly.. A huge thank you too all the Midwifes Doctors and Consultants oh and Costa Coffee staff, who we've came into contact with and supported us over the duration.. JB
My strength didn't come from lifting weights... My strength came from lifting myself up the time i was knocked down...
Ok peoples i have to start selling my Antiques and collectables so anyone looking for anything or know anyone wanting let me know.Everything i have is open to offers
Where are all those perfect women its like there gone.
Anyone wanna come with me to the doctors with Kyle? It's at 4:50
HELP!!! Someone please tell me what I should do with a wild rainbow lorikeet that can't fly. My brother found him sitting in his mag wheel of his car the other day at my place when it was cold and raining so we caught him and kept him warm and fed and with water and when we went to let him go he won't fly he can walk and climb realky well but won't fly and omg he can be savage lol
Yay everything is good and we can go home... Now to wrap her up in bubble wrap yeah??
See Tyler Flowers with Sarah Darling from last night's Conan show. Well actually Sarah with Tyler. Was great guys!
is one happy camper sponsership approved heres to the next four years in oz yipe :D
If i die,,abeg make yhu nur cry 4 me
Baby delivery been brought forward once again.its getting closer!
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Eeekk!! I guess im spending my first holy week and bday in Bora! Woot! Excited!! :D
A beautiful day, coupled with the fact we know our daughter is coming on 10th April. And she's already a very healthy (quite large !) 6lbs - it's a good day
If any1wanting flowers for Mother's Day inbox me can sort u out with sum lovely flowers no probs ;) x x x
just lost my beloved dad, God gv me strength to overcome thz.
OMG all of the sudden i don't feel any air in my lungs, I was coughing and coughing as if there is no tomorrow. I was so breathless and very tired but like to thanks my young niece Sarah Tutagalevao for taking me straight to the doctor . i love you my dear wifout you i don't fink i'll make it home.i had an asthma attach @ my doc finx i have some flu virouses n he gave me some prdosonee n an inhaler to help me breathing. Gratitude to my Heavenly Father for watching over me.I do believe in miracles. gudnite families n frends.
All items are priced + postage. Postage is either $3.00, $8.00 or $12.00 depending on quantity of purchase Payment must be made within 24hrs -either paypal or bank deposit/transfer (receipt number must be sent through if paying via bank deposit/transfer) Leave your email address with your comment or contact me via email lisa Thanks :)
It's all fun and games till someone loses an eye. Light saber 1- mals eye 0
How do I stop a nose bleed my nose has just started bleeding for no reason & it's really really bad
So. I'm going to do the quarter marathon this Sunday! I wish I could do the running one instead of the walk. but considering this time two years ago I could barely waddle 100 meters let alone 10.5 km. I THINK THAT'S FRIGGEN EPIC!!! Can I get a virtual high five people? YAY! :D
Is it friday yet? Is it wine o'clock? If Jaden takes another nappy off I am seriously going to gaffa tape the nappy till the next legitimate nappy change!
Will things are looking good weight wise I'm now down to 110.7 so that's a lose of 7kg 3 more until I get my first goal of 10kg
Getting to the airport & Being told your not allowed to fly Kinda *** .. :-s
New Zealand please be good to my mummy & Jon. Show her your beautiful country and send her home safe. Enjoy Mum & Jon. Xoxo
Would anyone like to do my a hhhuuugggeee favour, to look after my little boy this weekend, struggling for childcare only 9-2pm. Xx
No need to revenge, Mal. Just sit back and wait . Those who hurt u will eventually screw up all by themselves. n if u are lucky, god will let you watch.
Just a little message to say BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has sent messages both on here and via text, so lovely and thoughtful of you all.never expected anything (Sarah Lottie & Emma Brindle, you little buggers) xxx -I am home now, hospital let me go home for good behaviour ;-) - Still not well and in a pain with my head... lumber punture didn't go very well as they struggled to get any liquid from my brain but at least the CT scan showed no bleed.. Hoping to get better real soon xxx Thanks again for all your wishes xx
Ok my dear friends. We are fundraising for my baby girl to go on her camp to Sydney and Canberra This time were selling the famous CRISPY CREME DOUGHNUTS Who would like to buy some and support such a sweet lil girl hehe
Is taking a few moments to send Birthday Love the lovely, Sarah Stone whom I met at a very cold lacrosse game several years ago, offered her the thermal shirt under my scrubs, cause she appeared freezing~that initial encounter would prove to be the beginning of a beautiful bond that has allowed me to witness a teenage girl capable of crazy love towards others. Well played, Cody Peck.
Lost 3 1/2 lbs this week and got my 1 1/2 st award thats 23 1/2lbs in total woohoo only 4 1/2lb to my 2st award ohhh and i got slimmer of the week :-) :-)
Good morning. Well the big move begins today..doors open end of the and coffee will be provided xx
I'm in one of those moods where I'm about ready to go fckn mental everyone & everything is pissing me off today. Need a night out I think
Even though I hate cloncurry I love many people here that's why it's so hard to say goodbye. For the past 5 years I have become so close to many many people and got to know my family a lot better. I've been through a lot good times and bad times here but it was all worth it. Some of the people here are so amazing and I am heart broken thinking about having to leave you guys but i need to think about my future. It's a big change for me. A new chapter. I won't forget the memories and The people from cloncurry. I'm proud to call cloncurry my home town. Words can't explain how upset I am about leaving but nothing comes easy. Leavin family behind. Leaving Victoria behind. Leaving friends behind. Leaving my man behind. It's crazy. But it's not a good bye. It's a see ya later! I will be keeping in touch with many people. Thank use for everything and the times I've had here. Use all mean so much to me. Good luck with the rest of the school year guys and the future! *thanks for making me cry* use are amazing peopl ...
Rang up today to go bankrupt just got to wait for the paper work to get here then fill it out and get it back to them so i can then tell these debt collectors to get stuffed cant wait to not be harassed all the time :)
I just got my cert 2 in hospitality im so happy and I got a job out of it :D
In exactly 4 months (to the hour) I will be on a flight to London for the trip of a lifetime ... That's terrifying in an exciting way!
I wish some things could be unseen and erased from memory :'(
I couldn't b happier that there r no "normal" walls in the new house... I HATE CLEANING WALLS!!! AARRRGH !!!
Start job hunting in Byron Bay today, wish me luck duuudes!!!
if you live in the area of hardwick or surrounding areas watch out for *** aged about 14 on the cycle path,bending down to fuss your dog and unclipping their leash,so funny you are NOT !
Things arn't looking good! My poor baby girl might be staying in to do more tests bloods scans. I can't stop crying this is to much for me. Mummy loves you so much X
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Very happy to hear my girl starts her first day at tafe tomoz good luck Katelyn :)
Contact Bec- either via message tab or on email at scarletjaefor all enquirers and orders.
Hmm what's on my mind boys beer n bbq ... come on boys lets mung on some sausage ;)
Not the best news I could post...Mum is to start high chemo amounts in 2 to 3weeks for four months once a week for four hours of the day, we can't avoid it any longer, already looking ahead to getting her an awesome wig, mum is wanting crazy colors and WHY NOT!!! Good thing in all of this is the Doc has told her she will eliminate all of her cancer by doing this, just going to be sick for quite a while! F.n Cancer!!! WE WILL BEAT THIS!
Every once in a while its good to have a reminder that life is precious & you better make the most of it. Mine was today as I sat through the service for a man I met once the day after his wife died. He then passed a year after on his wife's birthday! So to all my family & friends - be blessed and love life to the fullest!
Back at melton health with Makayla, poor kid it is never ending at the moment!
My baby brought me a car :) can't wait to pick it up tomorrow,perfect in and out and drives so good,thanks James and tracey for the great offer :)
Stressed I've squashed cake for tomorrow hopefully it can get rectified , hope Tilly enjoys her special day and everything goes according to plan
HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY to my son Te Aihe Butler - I hope this year is the beginning of you following your dreams...dream big son! - love you heaps and heaps xoxoxoxoxo
Kathleen Bolin Hocker last year at an air force banquit I met Darls doppelganger tonight I will be seeing him again and pics will be had!
well i must say i look absolutly dashing with two black eyes and a broken nose GREAT !!!
Open Tonight from 4pm... Opening Mothering Sunday at 2pm Bookings Advised Early Bird is from 4pm untill 6pm only .. You can Book your table through here or contact us on (01262) 409988...
Monkey sets being tomorrow, does anybody want one while im at it?
I have a new friend added, Sarah Lulu Beasley who's looking for sponsors...All money raised will be going to Huntingtons Disease awareness's happening in march in Honour of her Mum who sadly lost her battle 6 years ago.. So it's such a worthwhile cause... I hope you can all help, it doesn't matter how much you give, as little as a £1, would be greatly appreciated.. Cheers everyone xxx
It's that time again party for Richard Debattista And Sarah Louise Norris gonna be a great night busy busy busy :)
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Thankyou t everyone for my Birthday messages, I had a lovely day and with a few surprises along the way!! Dont normally get cards from hubby but this year came up trumps. I am very grateful for everything I have in my life, Hubby,Kids,Family,Friends. THANKYOU LOVE U ALL LOTS!
Yay i gt a nite off but wat to do thankz hubstah luf ya xox nw wat to do
Day 2 of the ride completed - 122kms from Creswick to Bendigo. Sarah Patterson, Wendy Stizza and Leigh Stizza being back in Bendigo brings back some good memories.
At home feeling sick, confused as *** and so upset at the fact that i cant tell anyone except my best friend how I feel because I'll get in trouble if i do. It's not fair and I don't get why this has to happen to me :(
Just got hit in the head twice with a nerf gun bullet. Over the rainy day already. I want sunshine so the kids can go outside, pleeeasee!
With Washington in the dumps and the news full of grim stories it's easy to lose sight of the good that is happening all around us. Today I will share a few of those stories. I hope you enjoy them and Happy Sequester Day! A salute to a Huck’s Hero who proved that honesty really does pay. Sarah Darling of Kansas City, Missouri, had a diamond engagement ring that was giving her a rash. So she put it in her coin purse. When she saw an elderly homeless man, Billy Ray Harris, she dropped her change into his cup, forgetting that her ring was with it. After two days of searching, she found Harris again. He told her he’d been holding her ring for her and returned it. She and her fiancée were so grateful, they started a fund at the charity site, hoping to raise a thousand dollars to help Billy get back on his feet. At last count, over 5,000 people around the world were so impressed by his honesty, they’ve donated more than $131,000. Billy’s reaction? He said, "I like it, but I don' ...
Wishing the very best to Carlia for her Hen's party tonight! Have the time of your life with all your close girlfriends. ❤❤❤
Lookin forward to my brunch date in morn with my ladies Sarah Stewart & Louise Anderson, coffee with the mumma in-law, nails & shopping, pamper day :-) x
God I'm so tired an fink my glands r starting again .bed time I fink seem as everybody else is asleep including the dog lol xx
Hope ya happy with ya self reducing me to tears yet again !!!
thankyou Sarah for working miracles again today you always brighten up my day :)) had to run home quick tho too much coffee intake lol.Congratulations darl told you :))) xxx
Just had an hour nap and woke up thinking my cousin Matthew Rowson is married to a Thai bird after chasing her to the airport and begging her not to go back to Thailand! Dreams are weird!
Well, today has ended an era. I have left my position as learning resources supervisor at North Lindsey College and am moving onto new challenges. Although it was the right thing for me to do, I leave behind a team of friends : Boss, Bevvers, Chezza, Kezza, Debi, Nicola, Sarah and T. I will miss you girls xxx
John Tesh This is a perfect example of doing good - and having it come back to you in spades! At the beginning of this month Billy Ray Harris was homeless, spending his nights under a bridge and his days in a square in Kansas City, asking passers-by for change. One of the people passing by was Sarah Darling, who unzipped her change purse and dumped everything into Mr. Harris' collection cup...Including her diamond engagement ring. Realizing her mistake, Sarah went back to Mr. Harris the next day, to see if he had her ring. He did - and he promptly returned it. Sarah gave him all the money she had on her at the time... But then later that night, she and her husband started a Give Forward donation page on Mr. Harris' behalf. In a few days, they've already collected over $160,000 for him - which he'll receive at the end of the 90-day collection period, along with counseling and legal advice.
Sarah Darling lost her ring on the streets of Kansas City when she it unknowingly dropped it into a cup belonging to Billy Ray Harris.
Congrats on making the top 20, Dustin Lynch and Sarah Darling
Scotty McCreery and Sarah Darling pay tribute to Garth Brooks with "The Dance"
Well-wishers from around the world are opening their wallets to a homeless man who returned a diamond engagement ring to its rightful owner, after she accidentally dropped it in his donation cup. "I actually feel like I'm especially lucky to have this ring now. I loved it before. I loved it so much, but I love it so much more now. I feel like it has such great karma," Sarah Darling told CNN's "Starting Point with Soledad O'Brien." Darling, who is from Kansas City, Missouri, said she was devastated when she realized she'd lost her ring. She almost never takes it off, but it was giving her a bit of a rash so she did, zipping it in her coin purse for safe keeping. Later, she absentmindedly emptied the contents of that purse into the collection cup of Billy Ray Harris, who is homeless and often stays under a bridge in Darling's hometown. It wasn't until the next day that she realized her ring was gone. "It was horrible. It was such a feeling of loss," Darling said. "It meant so much to me beyond just the fina ...
Goh really wen im gettin bkk up i get shut bkk down in the ditch FTFW..
Tomorrow is a big day for Saffron on the Hill Inc, we are having a fundraising BBQ at Masters in Carrum Downs. We would love to see you there to buy a yummy sausage and help raise some much needed funds for the dogs on the Hill. All proceeds go straight to the care of the fur babies and their vet bills. So come say hi, we'll be at Masters Carrum Downs on Frankston Dandenong Road! xx
Sarah Darling who opened for the one and only,,, SCOTTY MCCREERY
Ill wait for you by Sarah darling is a pretty good song
No Sarah Darling she performed on his date with Lindsey
Sarah Darling! She opens for Scotty! I nowhave a new favorite country singer!
Why are all of Sarah Darling's songs like depressing?
thank you for introducing me to Sarah Darling on The Bachelor before I saw her in concert.
Sarah Darling is like a blond Ms. Sambolt
is the only reason I know who Sarah Darling is.
I have died every day waiting for you, darling don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years
Got to go backstage and meet Sarah Darling! So ready for her and Scotty! :)
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Just chilling backstage with getting ready to meet Sarah Darling thanks to
Photo bombed a picture and got back stage meet and greet with Sarah Darling!
Sarah Lloyde is through with shutting up! Be ware! Lol
.Hi Sarah! We featured you in our music review. pls RT! :)
a first of many darling ;) I need to host a pizza night with us 5 soon!!
But darling, you are, the only exception
Well done Sarah sweetheart for getting a A* in your French exam x
Photo: Sound check at Stage AE in Pittsburgh today shared by Sarah Darling (Jamie)
Darling, look at me. I've fallen like a fool for you.
Sending all my love to my darling friends in Christchurch. Difficult memories for everyone, no matter how you were affected. Kia kaha.
Sarah darling on repeat while getting ready for work😊
I'm all good darling, yourself? I'm living the West Country dream x
Thousands raised for homeless guy who returned engagement ring via
Well today is my last day at work wow didn't realize how sad it is going to be have made some wonderful friends over the past 9 yrs so many great memories I take with me many many laughs a few tears so this not goodbye it's see u later please everyone take care of each other and stay safe and remember keep smiling luv u all xoxoxo
I have a slight obsession with Sarah Darling.
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Happy 18th birthday to the most beautiful angel, Sarah! I know youre watching over everyone, rest well darling. 👼
I'm hoping its just allergies, but I fear I'm coming down with something. Non stop runny nose and now my whole body hurts. :-(
Epic fail today - working at Grit Media racing to meet a deadline for funding application only to find that closing time was 2pm! Sorry but who closes a funding round at 2pm? So once I'd spent 2 hours writing the application I hit submit and the page just vanished and left me a message saying "this funding round is now closed". Work lost, deadline missed - I'm shattered.
Anyone fancy earning themselves £20 and taking me through to whitley bridge at about 4 n bringing me straight back? Just gotta post some signing on forms to league secretary.
Tries to give Katie pancakes for breakfast and she ops for banana and yoghurt well played
To my one and only frog, I love and care for you with all my heart x x x x x
Want to say thank you to my mates my mum and family for always being there for me when I need them most xxx
If I wanted ya to message me I'd send ya a friend request put n egg in ya shoe n beat it ya big dirty whoppa
Just would like to say a congratsulations to my sister Anne-marie Foxton and her fiance Brian Grimes on their engagement, hope you be very happy together :) x x x
How many bridesmaids do u usually have? If I had 5 n a flower girl wud it luk silly?
4 years since you have gone! I miss you more than ever and think about you everyday, big x for my beautiful mam, miss and love you!!
She makes my heart beat in a way I didn't know existed! She completes a part of my soul I didn't know I had! She makes me smile in a way I didn't know I could! She is everything that I need and everything that I want! The half that makes me whole my love, my life, my breath and my beautiful! Megan MacKay I love you
Omg im stuck 4 a tattoo ideas 2 go around my kids names on my wrist m ???
What a terrible week hope my nephew gets well soon love u little man xx
To all the Mums-need help! Reid is occasionally fussy with his bottle but today he has been taking hardly anything (10-60 mls). I am taking him to the doctor tomorrow but does anyone have any advice for me tonight? Hasn't had a wet nappy since 1pm.
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Redundancy...bugger didn't see that coming! can't find a bright side right now.
Had a lovely coffee and catch up with the lovely Miss Sarah Sinclair, this morning, was nice to see you again darl, it's been a while :)
Ok I'm lookin for a couple girls that would like to dance 2 morrow at the opening of the 3on3 VIBE Basketball comp in Bairnsdale, Medika Thorpe and Corey from the "Move it Mob Style SHow" on NITV are willing to teach us a few moves this afternoon to prepare. Let me know if you are interested any koorie girls young and old.
Has had a very productive day today! Hoovered and cleaned house..washed and dried all bedding..been to c Sarah Bycroft and my godson (might stop her moaning I never go to hers!) been to visit grandad..home and cooked tea and managed to squeeze in a quick one at the dormouse too!! Bonus! Lol
Is at the pub getin power drunk HAPPY TUESDAYS every1
Well people i,d just lk 2 say a big thank you 2 all of u who had a go on my blind cards, it was all 4 a good course my cousin David jnr. The hotstones massage was won by my Kerry&the 16,pints was won by Sarah out of sainsburys, the tattoo still asnt been drawn only need 7 2 be bought on it then i can let u,s no who as won so *** on people buy the last 1,s u,s mght be the winner of a 100.00, pound tattoo, Thank u all 1,c agen.x.x.
I just found out there are some people out there expecting and hoping I fail before I start because I know nothing about fishing. At all. So just for my peace of mind I'm making this statement: I do not know everything there is to know about fishing. I am still learning. I am learning as I go along. I know a little from sea fishing but absolutely nothing about the rest. I do however have friends and family that do and will help me if and when I need it. What I do know and love is retail and sales having worked in the UK's current biggest electrical retailers. Before I started working there, I knew nothing about TV's or computers etc. But within weeks I'd learned to sell a tv and teach customers how they work and how to improve their performance. I can sell anything I set my mind to. So anything I need to learn in the fishing tackle trade I will learn as I go along and help my customers get whatever they need for their fishing experience whatever discipline they are following. If anyone wants to criticize ...
Just played at Ocean Bar One Scarborough the place was packed great crowd lots of good feedback and told to come back anytime ! With Patrick McGinty u rock !
Is SO chuffed for my theatre 4 roomy Sarah O'Loughlin! Well done chicken! xxx
Hariap 3wks na my darl is coming back 4rom her break workim na 2pla nite we'e u ..cannot sleep..first time in my life..blady clough nuigini..:-(
Yes! I passed all my exams !!! Just shows you - no matter what life throws at you , the best always shine through !! On top of he world :D x
Bf just messaged me were over he has a fiancee n child fully gutted I didnt see it comming sitting here with tears welling up :( shattered ♥ again
Time flies when your having fun. 23 years at Catland today!
Hi could Sarah Jane from sa please MSG me from here as it won't let me reply to your msg thanks Renee Macklin
That great moment when the bus driver refuses to stop to let you on, that's cool ill just sit in the sun with my son for the next hour while I wait for the next one. Seriously? Screw you.
So nervous, waiting to go into surgery
What would you do if you accidentally gave your diamond engagement ring to a homeless person? That's what happened to Sarah Darling from Kansas City, who was heading home from work and stopped to give a homeless man some money.
RIP my amazing grandad love you so much will love you forever thankyou for everything you are a star xx
Well its D day tomoz see if my Mr Wedgewood has got some good news for me. I have got everything crossed, as I've waited long enough now. Need to get my life back on track again? Xx
We have some FREE Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Sweet's who want's one ??
Bluebell I diamond to ride today she's starting to listen to voice command rather than leg! What a darl :-) well done Emma Garratt and Sarah J Ballard
can't even put a status on here without some1 cracking a darky over it. isnt FB for freedom of speach?? every1 else is free to speak their mind, obviously my opinion doesnt count
Can't believe I got my first proper modelling gig yesterday congratulations to all the other girls too I'm so happpy :-)
Thank you Sarah for coming with me today, good news you have to put up with your old ma a bit longer, love you xx
Feels so much more real knowing what I'm having can't wait for July.
I said these once, and i'll say it again. One of the hardest decisions one can ever make in life, is choosing whether to walk away, or try harder. I believe i've tried. God knows i have! But when you try so hard and the feeling is not mutual nor reciprocated, then its time to walk away. That's just the sad and painful truth. Guess its time for me to walk away. Lord, give me the grace, wisdom,strength and most of all...just disconnect me with anything or anyone that adds no value to my life. Enough is enough! I just can't take it anymore.
Nikitta Dingo-Thorne, Deanne Dingo, Tamara Boyd & Keira Reid make sure friday night or Saturday night you are free its about time I broke my house in cocktails & drinking games will be on the agenda ;)
R.I.P Grandad you will never be forgotten. You will always be a part of my heart. The memories will never be forgotten. After being apart for so long you are now finally with Nana. Although I'd love you here with us I couldn't be happier to finally see you back with your true love. I love you so much Grandad and I miss you already.
Anyone looking for anything in particular? :)
Last week, Sarah Darling of Kansas City, Mo., left more than a little change behind when she dropped a donation in a homeless man’s cup.  The cup belonged to Billy Ray Harris, 55, who had been sitting in his regular spot on the sidewalk. He didn’t notice that Da …
Just putting it out there.I don't like to be called, "darl" "sweetie" "hun" "hunny" "love", by people that I don't even know! It pisses me off!
Goodmorning guys. hope everyone has a good week =) have no idea what to do I'm not a horrible person so please go easy...iv been with my partner for 3years now iv got a child and another one on the way he's a great guy and a great dad but I don't think I'm inlove with him anymore but I can't bring myself to end it I want him to be happy and also myself but I don't know if I would be able to deal with everything if he goes and no I'm not using him just had to get it out there!!
Really looking forward to seeing my wife and children, missed them so much xx
Well to say I'm a tad nervous would be a understatement :-S
been with my partner for nearly 2 yrs every birthday xmas Easter valentines I spend a fortune coz I want to show him how much his appreciated, thing is he doesnt even bother to buy me anything, he buys him self a playstation games movies ect an I cant even buy clothes I know he loves me but just wish he could surprise me a little more its depressing me so bad I feel like druging myself to help with the hurt :( so sad me
Anyone know where a can get a plaque from (not to sure what there called) where you get something engraved for a chair or a seat outside.??
Such sad morning my thoughts are with Danielle Marie Yare of you need anything were all here Hun xxx and Sarah Parker Hollie too both are little fighters cx
Had a fab day and night and even after a big t bone steak last night I've woke up and I could eat a horse...starving
Dear Cancer, could you kindly *** off?! I've have had enough of not getting though the day without a sleep!
Here's the photo that inspired me to get this top in stock :) xx Haley said "its comfy and hides all the bits n pieces that it needs to... Great dress!"
I swear the human race is getting uglier.
Can't belive its been over a week since I spoke to my man could do with a proper good night out been alone parent is far from easy
Goin the spiritualist in a minuet wiv our Sophie n her friend Sarah hope I get our mam dad n John :) fingers crossed x
John still not well after his collision with a bus at work, so we are going to have a lazy weekend before my lovely half term week off ;o)
I am extremely happy that a lot of Her Macarons likers came to see us today at The Dazzling Boutique Markets. Thank you all so much and Big Congratulations to Sarah for a very successful market launch. It was so busy that i wasnt even finished setting up and most of the macarons are sold already.
AbeBooks - Signed Books
Needz a real man in my life now.. 1 ta av Crazy dayz n nites with, n wants lotsa luvvin cos I gotta lot ov love ta give.. Had enuff of *** . ;) x x
Ok sarah, chin up glad rags on, smile on face, a few cheeky ones and get on it,
what age is gd to start weaning a baby onto solids? i know it wont be for a while yet as Jake is only 7 weeks.. any help appreciated :-)
Going ice skating tonight in Leeds! Not done it for over 20 years! Watch out for broken bones lol. Cheers ? Matthew for the ideal! X lol
I am so happy to say my dad is coming home today :) just waiting for his meds and the bro to pick him up yisss buzzing x
It really *** getting older, you just don't have close friends anymore :/ it's like everyone chooses when to be in and out of your life :(
Officially enrolled to study Law.. Wish me luck!! I'll need it!!
my doctor says my baby may b breach.. my God says dont worry im in control.
Im not discrimintaing against abortions cause i understand in some circumstances that ppl do what they have to do, however when ppl can go to withybush and terminate their babies for free more than once and people like me n gareth have to pay around 7 grand for ivf to bring a child into this world and give them the best life we possibly can it really makes my blood boil!! The law *** n is all wrong!!!
Right ladies who wants a raffle ticket all in a good cause the prize my lovely little bro David Blakemore can cook fajitas n ain't that bad looking away don't b shy £5 a ticket proceeds going to me mam n dad 4 t years of agony ??
Just an update: I've had my procedure done yesterday afternoon, it does hurt very much-a cut was made in my neck where an umbrella-like filter went through to the other side of my heart to stop clots breaking off. After experiencing chest pain I had CT scans which revealed I do have a clot in my right lung, luckily this isn't too big. I do feel like a miracle to be alive with that in there. Given my clot starts at my belly button and is my whole leg there was a 30% chance that the clot would break up and go to an organ... I'm lucky to be here. So thankful to my family and fiends who haven't left my side
mamaQ: " Three days ago my husband and i saw a therapist about him not wanting children and me wanting children. She said one of us would have to give in. This is something i really want and he really doesnt so when we went home my husband said divorce. The next day he filled out paper work and told his parents. I read over the paper work asked for some changes. Then the next day he changes his mind while changing the divorce paperwork. Came home and the. Decided for a divorce again. Now he wants to see his christian pastor (im pagan) because he not sure. We have a lot of other problems too. I have trust issues with him and he feels annoyed anytime i do anything. These 180s are making my head spin. Im not even sure what to think anymore."
Is anyone going to London Monday or Tuesday? If so can I catch a ride lol :/ x
All booked up for sunny Dubai , it will be a new start after such a hard sad year we have just been through , so excited ! x
***SARAH***Have a go at this – what do you think the favourite pet name for our other half is here in the North East?
If nausea , a systemic rash , breathlessness isn't enough now I have been graced with lesions on my chest and worst of all in my inner ear. Why is the cure worse than the I'm a touch over everything xxn
Right folks as you know I have user 2 week until my first ring fight in almost 3 years , we have already got the tickets and with almost 30 sold , if you would like to come and see my return fight on Efc-kickboxing North East 7 , one of the largest shows in the northeast , they is a great fight card on this show so it will be a night to remembers please drop me a message please let anyone else who might want to come tickets £25 + £10 coach
Dear Mum, today marks exactly 13 years ever since u left ths world, U left us young & helpless, yo death brought more suffering to us, yo Love left avery big scar on our hearts. We know yo watch' over us & we wish u cld *** bk & see, talk 2 us like u used to do wen u were stl alive. We miss YOU so much & we shall always live to remember YOU & we thank God 4 da time we spent wth U. All da Love fm Sarah, Ritah, Patrick, Gordon & Daphine + yo granddotas Sheeba & Ruthie. May U rest in Peace Mum & its ma birthday o'pe u stl remember. Cheers!
LADIES!! I'm now a consultant for MARY KAY skincare & makeup!! So excited about this as it is an awesome product to endorse! Please inbox if your interested in holding a showing or wanting to just purchase! I love it :) oh & guys there is sum skincare for you too :)
FQ: Im 35 weeks and my OB wants to induced. I have toxcima, protein and blood in my urine, and my blood pressure is really high and only going up. I know im not fulk term but my life and babies life is in danger. I told my doc i needed some time to see if i could kick start labor on my own.(I'd like to.avoid a medical induction but may not be able to) I had him strip my membranes and i crammed for a few but it stoped... Now im looking for other things. I don't need any bashing, im doing this for MEDICAL REASONS under doc supervision/advisory.if i don't deliver in the next few days i could possibly lose my baby/life. So moms, natural ways? Go. ~Lisa
Why do we care so much of what people think of us? Yesterday a member said to me if I wasn't really fat I'd be hot instead of being happy about how far ive come for the second day I'm crying about it: (
Housing has got me a house yay so really need to get into packing :) not really keen on havin to pack my whole house on my own but oh well I'm MOVIN outta bundy fuk yer :)
Well we didn't get the house we wanted. *sigh* back to looking I guess.
Yes its valentines day. I happen to be one of those whose valentine is a valentines day hater. What on earth is wrong with a day to stop and remember your loved ones and how happy you are with them! Its only a hallmark holiday if you let it be!
Happy bday sarah...hope you hav a gem day..say hi to mum for me darl xx
YeS I have been so busy with LAPLAKA that I'm actually forgetting the most important ppl in my life but there is no excuse! Happy 7th birthdday to our first nephew jado who brought our family much love, love u hbbi inshalllah at bal el meye.
I am so excited about David Bastin Valentine's Day surprise! He wont know what hit him tomorrow! Dont have to spend money to show someone you love them! x
Does any1 want to propose live on daybreak tv in front of our flower stall tomoro. Inbox me if ur interested and I will let foundry management know x
Back in London town after an amazing 14 days in beautiful Mexico for our honeymoon. . . loved EVERY minute!
Well I've signed up for 'Race For Life' better get joggin eh xx
183295_ALLDATAdiy - Diagnose, Repair, Research
Just when I thought it was getting a little better, it gets worse ;(
THE DESTRUCTION OF PREMARITAL SEX What you are about to read is a true story I am a 20 year old girl who grew up in a Christian home. I was always told to wait for sex until marriage and i also learnt at a Christian school, everyday being told to be Godly.. l tried my best until l met this other guy whom i thought loved me and would die for me. I really knew that kissing, sex or allowing someone to touch my body in way that arouses my sexual feelings was a sin as stated in (Ephesians 5 : 3, colosians 3:5-6) but I really loved this guy and I wanted to show him by giving myself and that was the biggest mistake of my life. I gave away my pride and joy which is my virginity, i gave away and lost my permanent gift for temporary pleasures. I regretted, I cried and I used to feel bad about it a lot as he would always cheat on me. I cried everyday and finally left him, though it was hard because I had formed a sexual soul tie with him. As the bible says in Isiah 1 : 18, I then repented and asked for forgiveness, ...
First round of Australian Open tomorrow, tee off at 7:30 :-) looking forward to the challenge :-) Clearwater Golf Club last week, Royal Canberra this we are lucky!!
Last day to do this! The competition ends at NOON today. Have you declared your love? Leave a comment below with their name tagged, and you two could be the lucky ones dining at the Tribe Hotel, Nairobi.
For those of you who followed my post the other day about "The Voice" auditions this Sunday--I've narrowed it down to 10 songs and have to choose 2. There were so many things to consider (making sure they weren't too mainstream, that they contrasted enough), most importantly that they fit well in my voice. I'd love your input! If possible, for one of the choices, I'd LOVE to mash up two of the songs (to give them something different!) so if you think any of them are mash-able together, let me know. (Apologies for the obnoxiously long post) Here are the songs: Home to me (Sarah Darling-country) Born to fly (Sara Evans-country) Jesus take the wheel (Carrie Underwood-country) Vienna (Billy Joel) Put your records on (Corinne Bailey Rae) A thousand years (Christina Perri) Love for a child (Jason Mraz) Maybe (Ingrid Michaelson) Never going back again (Fleetwood Mac) Hello (Lionel Richie) *the 3 runners up were: "Boondocks" (Little Big Town), "To Sir with Love" (Lulu), and "Taking Chances" (Celine Dion)--so holl ...
Good morning Thunder Nation!! It's Tuesday...Two days till Valentine's Day...Just sayin'...Mix of Sun and Clouds today with a high around 50. Party Marty's playin' the rockin' Country tunes on Thunder 106.3/106.5!! All this week, Party Marty and Thunder 106 want to send you to "Church" see Eric Church with Kenny Chesney on KC's No Shows Nation Tour at MetLife Stadium on Aug. 10th!! Listen to win tickets to see Scotty McCreery and Sarah Darling at the Golden Nugget in AC this Sat eve (Feb.16th)...and tickets to a special Valentine's Day exclusive invitation only luncheon this Thursday Feb. 14th with The Henningsen's following their performance on the Morning Tailgate this Thursday with Party Marty!! Listen live online!! Have a great day!!
Country star Sarah Darling chats about her appearance on 'The Bachelor,' her long-distance relationship and her upcoming album.
Kacey Musgraves, Maggie Rose, Sarah Darling and Laura Walsh live in concert tomorrow Wednesday Feb. 6th at Toby...
Not a big fan of the Bachelor . but the tv was on and me and Christian Grey was curled up on the couch of course Anastasia had to be there with us . anyways the bachelor took a girl to a concert and i had to stop and listen . and i loved the second song by Sarah Darling ... isnt she such a darlin . but fell in love with the song Bad Habit . I love Christian though, and he seems to be taking up a lot of my time. Laters Gators!
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