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Sarah Connor

Sarah Lewe (Connor ) (born as Sarah Marianne Corina Lewe in June 13, 1980), better known by her stage name Sarah Connor, is a German singer, songwriter and television personality.

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Kan? But back then I was looking at Sarah Connor as a mother rather than someone who I had a crush…
Samus for me... And Sarah Harding from Jurassic Park 2, Sarah Connor, and Ellen Ripley to name just a fe…
Remember that scene from Terminator when Reese and Sarah Connor make sweet sweet love, despite being chased by...
Keeps asking me for the location of Sarah Connor
Fortunately James Cameron is writing and directing the next one and they’re bringing back Hamilton as Sarah Connor.
Then sky net would need to protect humans becoming the good guys, while sarah connor who stays single 4ever and Arnie become the bad guys..
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles offers such a superior sequel to T2 than any of the 3 subsequent movies. Ge…
The only one worth watching is Terminator 2. Really just for Sarah Connor.
I still can't get my head around the fact that Sarah Connor off is also Daenerys of
Sarah Connor is much prettier but I was really struggling with this what the *** was this film…
3. Sarah Connor from the Terminator stories. An outcast, a renegade, and an underdog with guts of…
Sarah Connor in genisys is daenerys from GoT???
They only had to make an ending to the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Why was that so hard? Someone needs to go back in t…
I’m still out shopping with my kids. New iPhone 8Plus for Connor and now h…
We're gonna need Sarah Connor or a Blade Runner in here stat.
Just today I was thinking about Josh Friedman (Sarah Connor Chronicles) and a story he told about being enthusiasti…
I can’t wait to see Connor and Sarah again. One of my favourite ships 😍
TechNoir was the name of the club in Terminator where the Terminator first attacked Sarah Connor. Someone is a sci-…
At tonight's game we'd like everyone to wear bandanas in memory of Connor Sheehan. It'd mean a lot to his family and everyon…
I'd hate to have Sarah Connor saying such things about me!
Sarah Connor . "from Sarah with love" . canzone di 15 anni fa . bellissima.
when I️ started crying about Connor proposing and then Oliver said “Im sorry”:
Connor: I have my tuition money, my father let me keep it. Annalise: white parents are weird .
Pretty cool that Sarah Connor saved mankind by raw-dogging a total stranger claiming to be a time traveller at the height…
Mary Mitchell O’Connor sounding a lot like Sarah Connor from Terminator right now.
The best bit from Hunt for the Wilderpeople except for the Sarah Connor bit.
Whenever people ask me why Im called The Vaginator I tell them about time I was a cybernetic *** robot sent back…
If a conversation presents an opportunity for me to bring up The Sarah Connor Chronicles, count on me bringing up T…
Same! She's totally badass! I also liked her in the Sarah Connor Chronicles where she played the liq…
I saw this pic a immedately thought in Sarah connor, I swear
So tell me why I feel this aching. Every time I think of you when we're apart. . Sarah Connor - Living To Love Yo…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Nov. 10th, 1984 - Sarah Connor records a message for unborn son John. She started recording them prior to Nov. 10th and has n…
Starting a rewatch of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I loved this show and hope it holds up.
Sarah Connor - i'll find you in my heart. Bosson - beautiful. Daniel Bedingfield - if you're not the one. MJ…
in 1984 - In Mexico Sarah Connor tapes a message for her unborn son John & debates whether to tell him…
The latter. As in what Sarah Connor is holding.
Sarah Connor returns: Linda Hamilton to star in Terminator 6 after 25-year absence -
The two most recent actresses to play Sarah Connor in the Terminator franchise were Game of Thrones co-stars Emilia Clar…
Had he did it that way, it would of probably struck a stronger chord in people. Sarah Connor and Ellen…
When you read a James Cameron quote and get angry - because you never actually noticed how sexualized Sarah Connor imagery…
Linda Hamilton is coming back to play Sarah Connor. Jamie Lee is reprising her role in Halloween. Where you at, Sigourney?
When Sarah Connor had died off screen I knew we were in for a slog
When I hear about robocalls, I imagine the Terminator asking if Sarah Connor is home.
Linda Hamilton is back as Sarah Connor for the first time in 26 years.
I don’t know if you understand how badly I need this to be good
The character of Sarah Connor and the wonderful and memorable actress who played her, Linda Hamilton, will be...
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Linda Hamilton is Back as Sarah Connor in 'Terminator 6'! - Bloody Disgusting
so maybe a sequel to Genisys where Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese are the saviors in the future and John never existed
Three Terminator movies are on the way and Linda Hamilton is back as Sarah Connor
She’ll be back... has confirmed that Linda Hamilton will return as Sarah Connor in the next Terminator movie.
It's why the Sarah Connor Chronicles was (a) such a good show, and (b) named that.
I really did like Lena Headey as Sarah Connor. Not quite as hard/tough as Linda Ha…
In a list of things the world doesn't need a 6th Terminator film would have to be right up there
Terminator 6: Guess which original movie star is returning with Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Hamilton, Schwarzenegger, and Cameron are back after 25 years for
Sarah Connor is simultaneously one of the best action heroines and romantic heroines of the 20th century ✌🏼
New TERMINATOR Movie Trilogy in the Works, Linda Hamilton Set to Reprise Her Role as Sarah Connor
Always nice to see actors you like return to a movie franchise! In this case, back as Sarah Connor for…
Lena Headey is a badass babe and the best Sarah connor
I'm pumped I got to write about the component that makes Terminator work for Spo…
Terminator: Woke---Where Sarah Connor lectures the Terminator over his patriarchal white privilege and Skynet is st…
Linda Hamilton to return as Sarah Connor for a new Terminator film
Hollywood is eating itself. A big burp to follow.
The next Terminator will be the first since T2 to bring back James Cameron and the original Sarah Connor
The original sarah connor, Linda Hamilton, will return to the 'terminator' franchise after 25 years
Linda Hamilton is returning to the Terminator franchise!.
Linda Hamilton will be back as Sarah Connor — never mind that she was killed off before the events of “Terminator 3”
Okay... Color me interested in James Cameron's "Terminator 6" reboot.
Linda Hamilton will return as sarah connor in terminator franchise!
Sarah Connor & Ellen Ripley have some of the best character progressions in film history
Sarah Connor is back: Linda Hamilton returning to Terminator after 25 years
"It’s going to make a huge statement to have that seasoned warrior that she’s become return". .
She’s back, Linda Hamilton will reprise her iconic role as Sarah Connor in new film!
The original Sarah Connor is returning in a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Hey check this out - - Terminator 6 Gets Linda Hamilton Back as Sarah Connor: Linda Hamilton...
The Terminator goes back in time to Kill Sarah Connor. On his way into the Old Folks Home where she lives, he...
Linda Headey is my fav sarah connor and she is the best one ever
Imagine the next film; Arnold using a walker, Sarah Connor wearing Depends and John Connor as a wino.
Linda Hamilton is ready to step back into Sarah Connor's shoes for a new James Cameron sequel:
Linda Hamilton coming back as Sarah Connor in a new Terminator is the greatest film news of 2017.
Sarah Connor is the Key to the TERMINATOR Franchise
Sarah Connor is back: Linda Hamilton to join Arnold Schwarzenegger for Terminator 6
Sarah Connor is coming back. And Arnold Schwarzenegger. 25 years after the terminator movie . They’re making a new one. Can’t wait 😊
After a 25+ year hiatus, Linda Hamilton is set to return as Sarah Connor in the new movie.
The original Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton, returns to 'Terminator' franchise after 25 years ht…
So we're all repressing the Sarah Connor Chronicles with Summer Glau as a female terminator, yes?
*faints* The one and only Sarah Connor is returning! . (Sorry Summer Glau, you are lovely, though.)
S/o to Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley, Bride in Kill Bill, Princess Leia, Furiosa...her too👇
James Cameron says objectified its star and was "a step backwards" from Sarah Connor
James Cameron: "Wonder Woman objectified it's lead & was a step backwards from Sarah Connor.". Linda Hamilton:
Exactly. There is a place where Wonder Woman, Sarah Connor, and others can co-exist.
Haters will say Sarah Connor did not exist before Cameron
Tired: Jack Dawson is a time traveler saving Rose, who is Sarah Connor's grandmother. Wired: Jack is Kenneth, Rose is Liz…
I would add to that 'Tank Girl', 'Sarah Connor', Charlie baltimore, La femme nikita, Jennifer garner in alias, Jess…
Game of Thrones now has Jean Gray, Sarah Connor, someone who is most certainly NOT Billy Mitchell and I'll sue you if you say otherwise..
What disappointed me most about Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles being cancelled was not seeing more of Lena Headey in this r…
I'm pretty sure LeBron James came from the future after the terminators took over and is currently trying to kill Sarah Connor.
It's why it's the Sarah Connor Chronicles, not the John Connor Chronicles
Sometimes movies can offer us insights " there is no fate but what we make for ourselve…
Ha ha. They must have sent Hicks back to impregnate Sarah Connor.
Sarah Connor, run for your life. There's a Terminator on your *** JC
Who is your favorite female You are welcome to leave a comment. *Cameron-The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Why does that baby Ariel girl from musically look like Sarah Connor
Aww. We still have to have a conversation about it not being Connor’s present every time we go to a party :-)
Ah. That what the question you thought of in response to reading…
giving me Sarah Connor Chronicles campaign flashbacks 💕💕
mojete mne otpravit mp3 SARAH CONNOR-SKIN on SKIN?
Ripley from Alien, Sarah Connor, Alice from Resident Evil, the Admiral from Ghost in the Shell. Lots…
Ripely and Sarah Connor were far from badass in the first films. But that al changed in the sequels
I don't think it's as good as the first 2 movies, but it's leagues ahead of T3 and Rise of the Machin…
Do you think Connor jessup and Sarah carter would be good in a superhero movie?
it would be cool if Connor jessup (Ben mason ) and Sarah carter (Maggie) were in a superhero movie together
What's annoying is, thirty years ago, we did. See: Connor, Sarah and Ripley, Ellen.
Theresa May's dogged pursuit of a Hard Brexit is increasingly reminiscent of The Terminator's determined attempt to…
Considering she was wearing pastels & just catching a movie I think Sarah Connor handles herself really well in The Terminator.
Sly has used actors in his films that then went on to do great things. Like Dolp…
This guy will not quit at following unfollowing people and hunting down Sarah Connor. He's a *** machine!
To paraphrase Sarah Connor in T2: I face the future for the first time (in years) with a sense of hope.
It's as if Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor don't even exist to these people.
Recently we caught up with one of the many industry people we work with, Melrose agronom…
Just uploaded "Ranting & Raving w/ Elissa Suckdog and Sarah Connor 16." to Listen up!
Far Cry 3 w a new skin and stupidly amazing 80s action movie story voiced by guy who protects sarah Connor in Terminator
As if my *** *** would try to come on to someone as gross as Ian Connor & no level of drunkness would change tht
Another one! And "The Bride" from Kill Bill, Sarah Connor from Terminator the list goes on. But I ❤️ Ripley
This makes me want to go watch my Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles DVDs. I loved that show.
I added a video to a playlist Sarah Connor - Son Of Preacher Man
of this century Sarah Connor Feat. Naturally 7 - Music Is The Key
Everyone starts with not many follo…
Not gonna lie, my goal aesthetic is T2 Sarah Connor but more muscular. Already got the belt and the glasses.
Yes. Voiced by the guy who protects Sarah Connor in terminator
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles -- begun at last !
The Resistance says Nah, and sends back Kyle Reese to save Sarah Connor, his mom. The machine fails and Kyle is Connors dad as it turns out.
We have a common enemy. One we cannot fight with conventional weapons or by conventional means. Shi…
Wouldn't Connor jessup be the perfect nightwing and Sarah carter be the perfect catwoman in a movie?
Connor jessup would be an amazing nightwing and Sarah carter would be an amazing catwoman
Winner of learning in practice award Sarah Penny runner up Connor
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Congrats to Luke Pryor, Connor Stevens, and Graham Brown for making All - Division 2nd Team (Gambrill).…
Sarah Connor describes what will happen if we fail to stop
Connor jessup and Sarah carter would be great in a superhero movie
& Sarah Connor Chronicles' Summer Glau is meeting fans at Ireland & Northern Ireland:
Fun - Did you know, the actress who plays the T1000 as it imitates Sarah Connor in Terminator 2 is Lind…
Nothing wrong with Linda Hamilton’s performances, but a Terminator series with Sarah Connor as a black woman would make its resonances real
He came to kill Tony on his way to get Sarah Connor
When Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke played the same role: Sarah Connor 😁😁
This is how it starts. Next thing you know the Terminator will be, well, terminating it's way to Sarah Connor.
Wait, if Sarah Connor only met Kyle Reese *because* of the mission to protect John... no, this doesn't make any sense at all.
What film are these characters from?. Sarah Connor . Kyle Reese . T-800 Model 101.
T: "You do have to give Kyle Reese props for at least him succeeding his mission of protecting Sarah Connor.". C: "Or his emission, anyway."
I want to be Kyle Reese to my past self's Sarah Connor about enjoying the first PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN.
My old neighbours was Sarah Connor don't you think she copped it I also went to school wit…
Definitely a close call. But Linda Hamilton's over all bad-assery as the kick *** Sarah Connor wins it for me.
The "Sarah Connor" with the kids on the playground is actually Linda Hamilton's identical twin sister Leslie
Why haven't we seen Sarah Connor & Arnold attack The Octagon of Evil hiding & controlling the Terminator…
Listening to Sarah Connor's Theme by Bear McCreary from Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Original Television Soundtrack.
Sarah Connor wearing a t-shirt with The Jetsons on it. . The Terminator (1984) dir. James Cameron
And next come the guys dressed like Arnold looking 4 Sarah Connor. Somehow don't think this ends well.
"Sarah Connor?". Otherwise known as innovative and forward-looking income recovery systems.
If there had been no there never would have been an Ellen Ripley or Sarah Connor
Before Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor there was Princess Leia. The beginning of modern strong female characters... RIP Carrie Fisher
But really, how do you go from female leads like Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley to what's her chops mooning after that lad on a boat? Weak.
Not directly but Fisher's strong Leia laid foundations for scifi heroines like Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor & Trinity & my love for the genre
Without Princess Leia, there would be no Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor or Kathryn Janeway; we owe Carrie Fisher so much! Thank you!
Leia Organa is a character, like Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley & Marion Ravenwood, w/o whom there's no Maureen Coughlin. Thanks
Princess Leia Organa (R.I.P.) was the Inspiration of Lady Icons, like: Sarah Connor, Daenerys, Ellen Ripley and Alice (R.E.)!.
Before Ellen Ripley, before Sarah Connor, before Xena, before Buffy and before Furiosa; there was Leia. She made a princess into a general 😢
Also only $5 on iTunes: seasons of Buffy, Dawson's Creek, Veronica Mars, Sarah Connor Chronicles and Pushing Daisies
*urge to order something for Sarah Connor - Rising.*
Read a theory today that Jack is a time traveller and Rose is the grandma of Sarah Connor.
John Connor gave Kyle Reese a photo of his mama Sarah because John knew he was his papa, except Kyle hadnt gone back in time previously...?
With the Terminator series, will we be getting a Terminator 1 Sarah Connor? Or any from Sarah Connor Chr…
I am going the Sarah Connor route myself
I'll be honest, I expected a Christmas Carol entirely about finding Sarah Connor via
Sarah Connor was right. Skynet is here.
Sarah Connor - From Sarah With Love how's that 15 years ago
"I'm a friend of Sarah Connor. I was told she was here."
Every time I get the "Location found" notification from Google I pour one out for Sarah Connor
at my kid's Xmas party yesterday I found a kid I'm certain will become a serial killer. Got the urge to pull a Sarah Connor.
okay robot movies. there is a simple way of stopping evil robots. EMP! did it. why not sarah connor?
its awful tho the main chara cant even describe anything w/out a ref like "oh my mom was just like sarah connor and Ellen Ripley" OKAY DUDE
I keep thinking it's that Lena from the Sarah Connor Chronicles but apparently not.
"I'm the king of the world"- Optimus Prime, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Cop: (to Sarah Connor) There's 30 cops here, you're totally safe. Mom: (chuckles) Not from The Terminator...
Before 2017 begins, I'm taking a Polaroid of myself like Sarah Connor did in the original "The Terminator."
Connor this isn't about you and your awful neglectable state this is about Sarah and her light
Available movie/tv posters: Pushing Daisies, Firefly, terrifying Sarah Connor Chronicles gun-toting mama. I should put them all up! Collage!
protect sarah, natalie, will and connor or I swear someone is catching these hands
So Clementine in is basically Sarah Connor but younger and arguably even more badass.
2/2. She's new type of heroine different from Sarah Connor or Repley.
However, I did find the film fun in a brainless sort of way. And this Sarah Connor was MUCH more likable than Linda Hamilton's!
K2 was truly badass. He is like a robot version of Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor from T2.
I mean, I know it's franchise sacrilege, but Lena Headey > Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor.
Travel: The 8:30 "Sarah Connor" express to Leeds will be terminated at Wakefield Westgate today.
Thanks to the new timestream, Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese are left with a new internal conflict, one not as endearing as the original.
...I am not NOT watching Kyle Reese/Sarah Connor music videos set to instrumental versions of "My Heart Will Go On."
why can't this Sarah Connor even jog at a brisk pace? Why does Kyle Reese look like a crossfit instructor?
"If your name is Sarah Connor, take cover now." Pic by Kelly Dawson Boyd
Sarah Connor was badass too. Lena Headey is amazing.
No problemo. Only a cardboard cutout sent here from the future to either kill Sarah Connor, or protect John Connor.
In a way, yes. Original inspiration started with Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley, When GOT aired we also…
yeah.. Look at how Ellen Ripley is adored by men, as is (to a slightly lesser extent) Sarah Connor
Watching Children of the Corn for the first time. Seeing Linda Hamilton in non-Sarah Connor roles is weird.
Terminated meaning fired, or Terminated meaning Arnold Schwarzenegger will go all T-800 on your Sarah Connor?
One year I'm gonna get super buff just so I can go to as Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor
You're a great actress, from Sarah Connor to GoT. You're gaze can frighten!
casting grades-. John Connor: D. Kyle Reese: D. T1000: D. Sarah Connor: A. Arnold: A+ looks just like him. sounds like him too
precisely. And then Judge Dredd threw her off a building when it was revealed she was Sarah Connor
The Terminator but Kyle Reese comes back exclusively to bang Sarah Connor and make John and is super surprised by the Terminator in his way.
THE TERMINATOR Sarah Connor: What's it like when you go through time? Kyle Reese: White light. Pain. It's like being born, m…
Trunks = John Connor, Bulma = Sarah Connor, Vegeta = Kyle Reese how did I not see this before?
A man in a bar is smoking a cigar.Sarah Connor is shown smoking a cigarette in a couple scenes.
to Emilia Clarke: what you, Sarah Connor, Daenerys and Louisa have in common?
to Emilia Clarke: if Sarah Connor and Louisa met, would they be friends?
to Emilia Clarke: if Dany, Sarah Connor and Louisa met, what would they talk about?
If u ever got the Prometheus license back could you make an Ultimate Dr Shaw, sort of like ultimate Sarah Connor?
why have one Sarah Connor when you can have 2 the lovely Linda Hamilton and
Females are never in good sci-fi movies? Then explain Aliens, Sarah Connor, Buffy, River Tam, Samus, and Uhura.
The Terminator don't have Emilia Clarke ?Call Chloë Grace Moretz to play Sarah Connor...
Sarah Connor, come with me if you want to build a snowman.
James Bay and Sarah Connor preform during the 2016 Music Awards in Berlin
I had Sarah Connor & Ripley, but they were in R rated properties. Before them just little orphan Annie, Nancy Drew, & a few princesses
Which romance did you most the most? Ethan Hunt and Isla Faust or Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor?
Is he dealing drugs or looking for Sarah Connor?
Before dating Jaden, Sarah was reportedly involved with model Ian Connor
imagine the T-800 chasing down Sarah Connor but just stumbling down the road after her while she maintains a brisk walking pace to get away
Sarah Connor is the kinda woman you need in your life. She will stand guard in front of your bed…
Great actress! Loved your roles in Serenity, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse and Arrow! Brilliant and cool!
Just found out we can record audio on iPhones??? Gonna start talking into it in public like Sarah Connor at the end of Terminator 1
Um does Sarah Connor even have $ / purchasing power? Thought she only had fighting power
the way that dogs do when she shows up for Sarah Connor
More bots following you than Sarah Connor
has any human female ever really gone by "Sandra"? I'm pretty sure even Sandra Day O'Connor is Sandy to her friends.
it's also basically the too good to last Sarah Connor Chronicles show with Skynet as the Conspyramid
Thanks everyone for all the guesses in our Easter competition ! Congratulations to our winner Sarah O'Connor -...
I just wanna wrap up melinda may, phil coulson, sarah connor, and derek reese in a ball of protection and never let anyone harm them again
SARAH CONNOR: I have shown improvement, haven't I?
I like how well the 80s is recreated. I like Arnold and Sarah Connor’s hair. The rest - nope.
SARAH CONNOR: What's it like when you go through time?
Google voice recognition in other apps. Watch this Raspberry Pi powered robot as its instructed to find Sarah Connor
Calling all - Songs for Sarah Connor is coming soon
but lena will always be Sarah Connor to me.
Flames on Spring Break: Sarah O'Connor keeping it local and Naomi Rushe taking it tropical in the Bahamas htt…
Website Builder 728x90
RIP Connor, Weimaraner (11),La Grange, IL • "I went to Heaven today. I'm glad I got to be your dog, Sarah."
save me b4 its to late I princess Sarah Connor's dad I with n
They recorded most of their vocals for the EP in a closet, and Connor produced them as well. So proud 💜
jade and Sarah don't let you bet I heard
46 days left. Sarah Connor because she saved the world.
I very long could not decide between (Sarah Connor) and (Laura)..
Definitely a Pepsi product placement review for our friends
Ironic, in that my job is to kill Sarah Connor so that her future unborn child can lead the resistance.
Since it's a graduation month. . Here's a throwback photo of Connor, Braiden and Thomas graduated from high school. https:/…
In honour of we look at six of the best female film characters. 5 of 6: Sarah Connor
not a prequel? but I hold The Sarah Connor Chronicles above any/all Terminators though it's the source material that makes it work
Heidi Cruz is the Sarah Connor of our time. She will help and end the system.
: "If there's one thing I learned in Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles it has to be that Terminators can eat." 😕😕😕
I feel like I've been robbed of a semester with Connor Lawrence, and Sarah McKinley... Frickin man ☹️
Mad Max had the most iconic female character along the lines of Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley, that is powerful.
if you're still taking requests, have you considered one of Ellen Ripley vs. Sarah Connor? That'd be AMAZING!
I am sure there is an appropriate quote for this situation in the Sarah Connor Chronicles
I have not watched Sarah Connor Chronicles since it 1st aired like 5 years ago. I remember it being good but I dont know if I'll like it now
Sarah Connor was the very first victim of cyber-bullying.
Honestly, I grew up on Ellen Ripley & Sarah Connor, so no, not really.
Completely agree about Aaron Carter. Should've been Sarah Connor instead
"I don't need saving...there's a new mission now". Sarah Connor (the dragon collecting one and not the good, Linda Hamilton shaped one)
Carrie Fisher turned down the role of Sarah Connor in The Terminator (1984), which went to Linda Hamilton.
Miles Dyson was gonna be responsible for 3 billion deaths? So there is still 4 billion people? Quit whining, Sarah Connor.
Jessica Jones was so brilliant. Sarah Connor in Terminator.
Sarah Connor. Ellen Ripley. Leia Organa. Imperator Furiosa. Katniss Everdeen. Mulan. Ellie Sattler. Feel free to continue this list.
MRW the Terminator kills all of those skeptical cops that didn't believe Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor in the interro…
And that's why Kyle Reese was sent to protect Sarah Connor
for me it's Terminator, the complex love story with Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese or maybe I'm not romantic...
Victory in today's session! John & Sarah Connor valiant heroes. Kyle Reese... did stuff, I guess.
Having dinner with a vegan is like being Miles Dyson and having dinner with Sarah Connor.
That’s incredible, but it’s Cameron Phillips, not Sarah Connor.
Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles, I love this show and I miss it.
The Terminator chasing Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor from room of the Tiki Motel on May 13, 1984.
a Sarah Connor Chronicles crossover with whatever the *** that show was called with the negrobocop.
SARAH CONNOR: I don't need saving, There's a new mission.
I have a strange feeling that if I get married my wife will end up going a-wall and end up like Sarah o'connor in terminator 2.
. 22. connor and Tyler and sarah. 23. connor, troye, tyler, isabelle, sarah, maria, lots of mutuals . 24. mom: great dad:ehh
happy birthday to you... squashed tomatos and stew you look a bit like Sarah Connor. before she did T2
//Tmw you realize the chick from the original children of the corn is Sarah Connor.
yeah I know. I mean I guess that's why I only can picture her as Sarah Connor lol
great article about your show in Basel👌😘❤
Today in 1984: James Cameron's The Terminator is released. Are you Sarah Connor?
"First world problems: when your nails are too long to put in your belly piercing"- Sarah Connor
The Three Winners of the "50% Off all Photoshoot Deals" . are : Nicole Archer , Donna Cullen , Sarah O'Connor...
A fax machine keeps calling my cell phone. Is it calling from the past? Is this a cry for help? Am I it's only hope? Maybe I'm Sarah Connor
One of my favorite films, The Terminator, came out 31 years ago today. Thank you, for the Sarah Connor action figure!
"Do I look like the mother of the future?... I can't even balance my checkbook."-Sarah Connor
When the future is ruled by the robots 👽… 📺 Watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 —
i rather liked the Sarah Connor Chronicles. seemed like it was just ramping up when they cancelled it.
Welcome home Connor & Sarah..what a great journey with you 2...pleasure was all mine
Bieber 'that should be me' и 'overboard', Nick Jonas 'Vesper's goodbye', Sarah Connor 'From Sarah with love'
made me cover my eyes the first time I watched it when Sarah and Kyle conceived John Connor
best memory from portraying Sarah Connor?
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