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Sarah Champion

Sarah Deborah Champion (born 10 July 1969) is a British Labour politician and Member of Parliament for Rotherham in the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

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Clive Lewis, Owen Smith, Sarah Champion, Tom Watson & Emma Reynolds. Could be one of best & most popular, centrist Cabinets in years (3/3).
BBC Look North MP Sarah Champion says hundreds of child rapists still at large in Rotherham.
Angela Rayner and Sarah Champion aren't backbench MPs are they? looks like a real politician to me.
Kuwait champion sarah_alhawal. . Taken and directed by me . . Enjoy your life . .⁰⁰posted by:…
McDonald in Middlesbrough and Sarah Champion in Rotherham. The UK Independence Party achieve second place in Middlesbrough and Rot [2/3]
Sarah Champion the MP who Abandoned 1400 young white girls who were systematically raped beaten ect on Labs watch.
Defending champion Taylor Killings is preparing to run in the 60m hurdles prelims. Watch live ($$) on
Outrage as Labour MP claims £17 for a Remembrance Day poppy wreath on EXPENSES
Happy birthday to 3-time Olympic gold medal champion and American hero, Jackie Joyner-Kersee.
Sarah champion is safe in their company she's over fifteen
Rotherham MP Sarah Champion knew nothing about child rapes until Jay report on 26/8/14. this letter is from 2013
this is from 2 yrs ago. Sarah Champion in local paper talking about 600 victims. paper have made this up because Sarah kne…
Rotherham MP Sarah Champion. large man was accused in court of raping a little girl. he is a former police cadet
Our profileincourage is mama sarah Obama at 95 yrs old she still a champion for children's education
'Labour will consult over the next 12 months on bringing in an Economic Equality Bill'
Sones please also vote for taeyeon on show champion 😢
Dropping a new one called 'Champion' tonight from my new album! Get ready.
Cooking off at Sarah, Serigo, and missing champion 😂
Aussie champion in BMX showdown with Sarah Walker
🏀 State Champion, Sarah Mueller Dorrel '95, accepting her induction into the Roger Bacon Hall of Fame!
Read the inspiring story of Sarah Switzer. 'The girl born twice' is now a champion water skier - https:/…
.speech on 'A Budget that Works for Women' at | via
I liked the bit when Sarah Champion said that women ought not to go to prison. Equality my *rse!
In a lecture I reaffirmed commitment to a budget that works for women. Read my speech here: https:/…
Sarah Champion MP inspires @ LSE Dept of Econ event. 'A Budget That Works for Women.' Fighting for govt analysis of Budget…
Sarah Champion: Brexit is a crucial moment in our nation’s history so let’s use it to be ambitious on equalities -
Sounds about right that Jess Phillips and Sarah Champion would share a stage. One hates men, the other hits them
Cat Smith, Angela Rayner, Diane Abbott, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Sarah Champion are all ama…
Warm welcome back to Sarah Champion to do the job that she is best qualified to do by experience and commitment.. Others s…
Labour MP Sarah Champion today rejoined Corbyn's front bench team less than a month after joining a mass walkout..
. Well Seema mostly votes same as Jeremy so hopefully she will return as Sarah Champion did today.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jeremy Corbyn replied to Sarah Champion's email the day after it came in, but wasn't announced til today. https:…
Welcome back to Sarah Champion. Sarah resigned in the coup attempt but has today asked to rejoin the shadow cabinet.
Sarah Champion unresigns as Labour Shadow Minister in letter to Jeremy Corbyn fantastic news.
Unluckily for the children, Sarah Champion,Rotherham council & the police turned a blind eye & allowed it to happen.
no, he told Sarah Champion that her constituency was covered by West Yorkshire police area. She neglected to correct him.
Sarah smashes Ben at games (wine) night playing The Mysteries of Old Peking. Simon is the champion of the slow...
.to PA AFLCIO: 'If I'm elected, unions will always have a champion in the WH & a seat at the table.'
I've finished the Champion’s Reward quest! Are you able to fulfil the same task?
Unable to refer to Blood Orange or Dev Hayes as anything other than Lightspeed Champion
Congrats to Sarah Clear from who wins the B Grade 40-over Bowling Aggregate & Champion Player awards!
Stylist Sarah Champion matched her guests' color perfectly and gave her beautiful dimension with caramel...
Kevin Washburn honoured with the 2016 Champion for Native Children Award.
Honoured to finally be here! Sarah Kastelic is about to present Champion for Native Children Award
Aidan Shirley is our Spelling Bee champion, and Sarah Bennett is our runner-up! Congratulations to all of our...
Champion's Sarah 😊Brilliant and just so glad we done it tonight😊
Sarah Dunlap then and now, she's gonna try to do it in armwrestling!. Best wishes Sarah, you are a champion!
Sarah Dunlap, former Canadian champion, now retired but still got it 💪
Villanova's FG pct in the tournament was the highest by a national champion over the last 50 years.
THS Junior Kacia Johnson is your 19-4A District Champion in Poetry Interpretation. Freshman Sarah Paige Stanfield places 8th.
so by the transitive property, Seton Hall is the national champion???
DT Sarah Champion MP: Oh I'm fantastical about it! Genuinely life changing! I'm so happy to promot...
Shiloh is delighted to announce as their new patron.
And we've been saying the same thing to her for years & get the warm words:
MPs, Unions and steel industry have been asking for a level playing field. Here's main asks
Test your coding skills and compete for the title of World Champion in
2016 NCAA National Champion Villanova has the trophy and an interview with Jim Nantz
Met Anna Soubry today to see if Gov will commit to Here are my thoughts
Sarah Champion the pillar of morality that whines about much can not avoid get
'We need to be given confidence that the government has a long term strategy for steel' - blogs
Mike Penning agrees with Sarah Champion that the police deserve a fairer funding formula but the task is very difficult
Update your maps at Navteq
Sarah Champion MP has written to the Government demanding they take action over the planned UK “meet-ups” of RoK.
HEAD2HEAD: Huge battle tonight... & vs Who do you want to be our new champion?!
Pro rape meetings this w/e across UK when rape crime up by 41%. This can't be right, I've demanded answers from Gov
You voted for the best ad ever, and this spot wins it all
get them told Sarah they ain't got a clue . they don't call you champion for nothing cheers
Such a horrible horrible story. So pleased you are on the case Sarah, you really are Champion.
Cinderella story ... Sarah Freemark, CTV reporter, is about to become the Masters Champion
What an inspiring businesswoman, Sarah Dunning of Westmorland Ltd champion of local food/farming for motorway services.
41% increase rape yet Gov allow group campaigning for legalisation to preach in U.K. this w/e. My letter to Minister
Sarah Champion can be the New Champion against Child Abuse in the UK. Support her fight!
We are a champion side, how about you settle down there commentators. We're made of a lot more than this
Sarah Champion MP is giving a talk at on the 4th of March! Check out full details here:
prays Hon Sarah Opendi comes back to parliament to champion this cause furthermore than a mother.
Hon Sarah Opendi commits to champion the cause
Your 2015 World Champion is who secures the championship at the end!
The greatest WWE World Heavyweight Champion of all time.
You're a champion at connecting with life's subtle mysteries a... More for Scorpio
A moment of silence for Sarah G's rendition of Hello. Clap clap clap Champion
A group of the IPP Squash Team were treated to a session with 5 Time World Champion Sarah Fitz-Gerald this...
Congrats to our District champion boys soccer team! Go LD!
Sarah G will bring down the Asap stage again can't wait! clap clap champion!
All riders from New Cal champion ship are waiting between two race to see sarah in the Line up :)
defo , seen a bsb rider on ere sayin is the champion of 2015 no matter the result tomoz ?!! Hasn't won as many races
3/29/15-11/5/15. The greatest 221 days in WWE history, the greatest Champion of all time.
At girls state swimming in Marshalltown, Muscatine's Sarah Schemmel is a state champion in the 50 freestyle in 23.24 second…
I've got Diane Abbott, Frankie Boyle, Owen Jones and Sarah Champion in my collection. Now I just need George Galloway!
" White Flowers campaign and attended by MPs Simon Danczuk, John Mann, John Hemming and Sarah Champion.". 15th Feb.
Kumho Tire Ladies Open twice as nice for Champion Kim
podium with a Football world champion but unfortunately not with anymore ;)
Coach Sarah & made a mistake of not turning the chair for Kate. I see a champion in her.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Our Sarah Champion was 'netgirl2000' what was your original hotmail address / username from back in the day? Bush
Claudio Bravo's champions with win over (0-0, 4-1 pens.)
Happy Birthday to my lovely Sarah Quita .. Windsurf sister ❤️.
The needs reform and the Criminal Bar needs a champion. is the man. Vote for him, for …
New hot dog eating champion Matt Stonie is studying to be a...wait for it...a dietician.
thank you Sarah, she is an amazing champion
the ladies gold cup ladies singles champion is Fallon Sherrock well done and congratulations. Fallon wins sarah chick 4-0 . well done sarah
Hi Sarah, pop into your local store and ask to speak with the Community Champion. They will see if they can contribute :) Zak
Sarah Jane Perry National Champion pops in to motivate juniors
"flag waving" ? I'm pointing out known facts & yes,I believe Sarah Champion did know, That video shows her contradicting herself
Here's Sarah Champion, contradicting herself about when she knew what she knew.
Sarah Champion cosying up to Rotherham peaodophiles. Anything to secure the Muslim vote.
Learning from failure & taking positives EVEN in loss is how to become a champion. Otherwise everyone would give up.So…
Sarah Champion, read about the man on the right, Interesting. …. . h…
What a game of tennis! Hold your head up high An absolute future champion in the making
A junior champion in 2013, is into the 4R at for the first time with a 7-5, 7-5 win over Bethanie …
Yep, he's no better than Owen Jones or sarah Champion who block just about everybody. Cest la vie.
Marlborough Community Champion Sarah & just some of food collected
Teachers have to compete. I am champion Welly Thrower. However I shall lose my title as I am on a course.
Sarah at the BBC tonight, that girl is multi-talented. Lip sync champion.
Dilmah Real High Tea Global Challenge champion to be announced tomorrow via
Congrats to the girls AJGA Coca Cola Junior Champion, Sarah Shipley of Hastings.
Rafa Nadal, 14-time Grand Slam champion, goes out of Wimbledon to a man ranked outside the world's top 100 for the fourth t…
Newcastle's Sarah Hunter skippers England Women in defeat to New Zealand: England's world champion women's rugby…
It's and this week we honor 3x SX Champion Jeff Stanton. One of the fastest and toughest ever. http:…
Sarah Brice the UK female champion at table football challenged our Sixth Form and Staff this morning.
Simply epitome of beauty, brains, fashionable,cool, strong but well mannered, hum…
6-year-old without hair wants to go to retreat to meet others with alopecia: Sarah Champion has a disease that…
Did Sarah Champion also get onto the Back Bench Business Committe - I know she missed out on the Chair
Excited to have a champion in coming to lets get this guy signed up and get ready for a huge season! …
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Woah! Spell has been broken: Erm, current champion has been broken in the 1st game on Centre Court now!
Sarah - CM can now find another CanDo blunder to champion in C Fail - Lots there eg Seeney & Adani mine finances
being ignored is the name of the game and baby I'm champion
Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke dies after suffering brain injuries in training crash - News | FOX Sports on MSN
JESUS is My Champion!. After Calvary.He Conquered death, *** and the grave. That's CHAMPION behavior...
And more.Pic with another Pinks Gym champion Sarah Williams x
"... Labour MP Sarah Champion describes it as a 'national disaster' and is demanding a taskforce to fight the...
Sarah Champion so so excellent on Matthew Parris hilarious but unforgivable mispronunciation of Bagehot.
.Matthew Parris he stopped being an MP 30 years ago. 99% of today's MPs are like Sarah Champion-elected to serve
Hardly. I suggested to Sarah Champion that it was Labour's leadership on the council that led to the child abuse
That horrible woman of Sarah Champion has done absolutely NOTHING but sweep it under the mat. APPAULING! She needs to go
It was Sarah Champion and John Mann who organised it. Oh, and the only other MP asked to speak was labour!
The "Debate" - Rotherham Abuse Scandal, Rotherham: What's next? The Debate used the Question Time model - a panel of 4. The panel consisted of 1. Sarah Champion - Labour MP for Rotherham Central 2. Paul Lakin - Leader of RMBC's Labour Council 3. Lord Ahmed of Rotherham - a former Labour peer and chair of the South Yorkshire Labour Party from 1993 - 2000. 4. Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin - District Commander for Rotherham at South Yorkshire Police. Members of the public were invited by telephone to attend by BBC Radio Sheffield. They were asked to submit a single question to a single member of the Panel. A number of invitees declined on the basis that the one-sided nature of the panel didn't fit with the usual understanding of a "debate" and the format was too choreographed. Members of UKIP Rotherham were invited to attend. All declined making it clear they could ask more rigorous and more pointed questions in the Town Hall than the single question permitted by the "debate" organisers.
There are only 3 MPs I like (Sarah Champion, Caroline Lucas and Dennis Skinner). That's bad - 3 out of 650 isn't good. :(
Sarah Champion, John Healey Kevin Barron all voted to bomb Iraq. Shame on them.
now need. 1) Shaun Wright. 2) Joyce Thacker. 3) John Healey. 4) Sarah Champion. 5) Roger Stone. Feel free to add to list.
Rotherham MP Sarah Champion has called for South Yorkshire PCC Shaun Wright to resign over abuse inquiry: 'it happened on…
Sarah Baxter - 4 X State and 2 x National Champion will be joining us as a CIT at Idyllwild camp!
"A true test of a champion is not whether he can triumph, but whether he can overcome obstacles."
Never cried so much in my life, congratulations to my amazing cousin who just became the new All Ireland Champion...finally!😭
Ur new Horizon League champion in the 100m hurdles: Sarah Ann Blount
I'm getting old my twin nieces are 17 yes old today. Happy birthday Sarah Champion and Laura Champion. Hope y'all have a great day
Sarah Pogue is double champion in her final ECNC meet. Wins 1600 and 3200 in season-best times.
She's fighting in less then 2 weeks and we are with her every step of the way pro debut
Yay...Amir King Khan champion again .Las Vegas loves you Hero ♥
If you would've told me year ago that an Undefeated Boxing Champion would get more Street Cred for walkin out with Beiber, Id'a 😂😂😂✌
Conestoga's Sarah Morton was ECNC champion in discus with distance of 112-10. She defeated Palmyra's Jami Hillman (109-0) for title.
Sarah is the western national beam champion!!!
Congratulations to California Chrome for knocking off 20 time defending champion Sarah Jessica Parker. It was a *** of run.🐎
Girl when I'm with you feel like a champion . Every since I got with you I feel like I done won me a trophy 🏆
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
junior Sarah Sisk is the conference champion in the women's shot put with a throw of 46-2.5 at
Happy birthday to European Champion Sarah Meier! Here's Sarah's winning free skate from the 2011 European...
WOMENS TRIPLE JUMP: Tabitha Bemis of is champion at 41'10.75", Sarah Hunt of 2nd at 39'2.50".
28 chefs competed, one of them was a woman... who won?. Chef Sarah Schafer! Come celebrate our national champion... htt…
Sarah Luma is the MIAA Conference Champion in the Women's High Jump (1.57m)
Sarah Stock was crowned first ever champion! Also loved how Serena Deeb & Skylar Rose whipped up the audience tonight!
Freshman Sarah Kieran was named Reserve National Champion in the Open Flat at the 2014 IHSA National Championships htt…
In his first trip to the finals, senior AJ McFarland is the 1A boys discus state champion for
Discus champion Kayla Gutierrez is joined by teammate Sarah Hall on the podium. Hall finished second.…
Kayla Gutierrez is the Champion in the discus throw. She had a toss of 49.66 meters. Sarah Hall finishes 2nd with toss of 44.64m
Excited that Sarah Waters' new book, The Paying Guest, is set on me and Camberwell street, Champion Hill!
I was followed back for 3 days by Sarah. Jealous Christian?
Absolutely not. Some of our best presenters are women. We've got Sarah Champion, Vicki Blight, Leona Graham...
Had a fab goodbye meal for Sam Thompson and Frances Torres Thompson with Sarah Champion, Neil Cole and Jason Sabourin. gonna miss you guys!
Deniece from Five Star talks to Sarah Champion from Absolute 80s
Afternoon all! Sarah Champion with you now let's have your saturday status please! You're who what when where and why's? Who you're with? What you're up to? When you're getting the BBQ out? Where you're headed? WHY!?
Sarah Champion i love u an im sorry for bn so nsecure ur a sexy strong willed smart ndepent an intelligent woman that ne man wud b happy to have an its my honor that ur with me an i just dont wanna lose u over past mistakes i love u
Sarah Champion with Absolute 80s now, what's your favourite 80s sing along song? *ripped my throat to bits on 'livin on a prayer' last night*
Happy New Years Eve eve! Sarah Champion here, how are you spending the most overhyped night of the year? out celebrating or in avoiding the over priced drinks?
Merry christmas! Sarah Champion with you as you unwrap your presents, if you'd like a festive message on the wireless for family friends or for you let me know!
Sarah Champion with the sunday night music club now, love to hear your most treasured gig memories tonight...
Evenin! Sarah Champion with a quick question for you: if you could have a beer with any musician, past or present, who would it be and why?
'Business Secretary Vince Cable defended his party's [by-election] results, saying the government was unpopular, but was dealing with a difficult economic situation. "Both the coalition parties did very badly in the result yesterday and unfortunately that is part of the price you pay for being in government," he said. Labour candidate Sarah Champion won in Rotherham with 9,866 votes to UKIP candidate Jane Collins' 4,648. The BNP and Respect pushed the Conservatives into fifth place, while the Lib Dems lost their deposit, trailing in eighth - thought to be the worst by-election result in the party's history.' • BBC News -
New Rotherham MP: Tories need to be nervous: Newly elected Rotherham MP Sarah Champion says the Conservatives sh...
Watch Carol Decker from T'Pau and Sarah Champion chatting to The Bangles.
Sarah Champion looks back on the highlights of Hard Rock Calling Festival 2012.
Sarah Champion chats to rock legends Big Country backstage at Hard Rock Calling 2012.
Sarah Champion chats to Danni and Matt from The Dirty Youth about their favourite festival memories, ahead of their performance on the Pepsi Max Stage at Har...
Sarah Champion speaks to Mike, Tim and Andrew from Mike and the Mechanics about their love for the Isle of Wight Festival, their current line-up, touring and...
Blue Velvet is the second worst movie I have ever seen, second only to Gigli. Don't let Sarah Champion pick your movies!
Noel Gallagher sits down in the Absolute Radio campervan for a chat with Sarah Champion backstage at the Isle of Wight Festival 2012. Noel chats to Sarah abo...
Absolute Radio is live at with Pete Donaldson & Sarah Champion looking forward to after 10pm
Absolute Radio's Sarah Champion talks to Tony and Mike from Big Country before their 'Road to Hard Rock Calling' gig at the Vault at London's Hard Rock Cafe.
Last hour from me - Sarah Champion here at 6 with the Absolute Classic Rock Party. Bush
Sarah Champion's coverage of the 2011 Isle of Wight Festival for Absolute Radio has been nominated for a Arquiva Commercial Radio Award
Watching Dark Crystal, reminiscing about the '90s. Morgan Swank, Sarah Champion
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