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Sarah Beeny

Sarah Lucinda Beeny (born 9 January 1972) is an English property developer and television presenter, best known for presenting the Channel 4 property shows Property Ladder, Property Snakes and Ladders, Streets Ahead, Britain's Best Homes, Help!

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If you're thinking of selling your home these top tips from Sarah Beeny's will definitely help
Sarah Beeny: on the future of estate agents and how to succeed at business
Sarah Beeny's top tips for selling your home
Sleep is when teeny beeny is being taken care of by daddy. My little girl is asleep on me now.
Sarah Beeny's top tips for selling your home. Make first impressions count!
Interested in recreating the Scandinavian look in your home? Great suggestions from Sarah Beeny's
Sarah Beeny reveals what colour door sells a house
Sharing some inspirational women I follow. Successful businesswoman and TV star.
Sarah Beeny Bargain of the Month is a £380k house in Hull
Sarah Beeny's looks at the Swedish trend of Lagom
Bruce Forsyth says he hopes he stays alive long enough to see Sarah Beeny's estate agent business go *** up
Sarah Beeny, Kirsty Allsop & Phil Spencer reveal the home improvements that could boost your home by £95,000:…
Not missing the irony of when prior to 2007 we all bought into selling our souls to renovate on Beeny's advice?
Why do people on Property Ladder not listen to Sarah Beeny? Or you know just google stuff.
lived onboard 11 years in London now but am alarmed by the claims made by Sarah Beeny. No mention of canals act requirements!
Should've gone for that instead of How to Live Mortgage Free with Sarah Beeny.…
Oh how I would love to live mortgage free with Sarah Beeny! ;)
and live with Sarah Beeny. Not a bad gig.
How to Live Mortgage Free with Sarah Beeny - pay off your debt in just EIGHT years
Of course you can become mortgage free easily when you're making extra payments of £3000 a month 😂 Sarah Beeny lives in cloud cuckoo land.
Just watched Sarah Beeny, how to live - basically, if you have the money, you can live mortgage free.
How to Live Mortgage Free with Sarah Beeny failed to show us the tough side to shoestring living - review…
Not seen Sarah Beeny on TV for years. She's still got that weird lump on her lip.
Sarah Beeny saying Dutch barge constantly makes it sound like some scat sexual perversion
I just knew, this Sarah Beeny Be Mortgage Free thing would be either:. Sell your place & buy a barge, or. Be a builder & build your own house
You should just rename it 'how to live like a tramp with Sarah Beeny'
Had a major crush on Sarah Beeny in my youth.
"How to live Mortgage Free with Sarah Beeny" on Channel 4 has quite a bit about living on a boat. Thought you might like it.
I don't want to live mortgage free with Sarah Beeny.
Sarah beeny is a joke - live in a boat. Brilliant. So when they're 60 and can't get on and off the boat they will see that investment work
How to live mortgage free with Sarah Beeny is dead boring,not primetime viewing at all
this Sarah Beeny programme on c4 atm is good
Anyone watching our fab Max McMurdo with Sarah Beeny on Channel 4?...
Sarah Beeny is my least favourite human hands down
Every time I watch a programme presented by Sarah Beeny I want to buy her coats and build my own home.
Sarah Beeny’s jacket collection is second to none!!
During the property crash, Sarah Beeny was known as Tinned Beeny
Really enjoying Can always rely on Sarah Beeny's progs to be good & she has such a lovely way with the peeps
I'm already finding this Sarah Beeny programme super frustrating! Really not aimed at young people in averagely paid jobs.
How To Live Mortgage Free with Sarah Beeny. OK if you don't mind living with Sarah Beeny 😂😂
How To Live Mortgage Free with Sarah Beeny - all very good if you've got £70,000 put aside.
Sarah Beeny is on C4, telling me how I can live . Being elligable for a mortgage in the first place, would be a fine thing.
The only way I could live mortgage free with Sarah Beeny would be if I lived with Sarah Beeny.
Watching How to live mortgage free with sarah beeny & the fab 😀👍 channel 4!
.on How To Live Mortgage Free: 'It's about finding alternative ways of living'
There's a programme on TV tonight called 'How to live mortgage free with Sarah Beeny'. I assume we'd have to take it in turns.
UK version of "Property Ladder" was hosted by Sarah Beeny, who was famous for a couple of points.
How to Live Mortgage Free: Sarah Beeny meets unconventional home-owners in Channel 4 series
Sarah Beeny is back on Channel 4 to give tips on How to Live Mortgage Free
Does Sarah Beeny live in a mortgage free house ?
How to Live Mortgage Free with - Brand new property show starts tonight at 8pm on
Keep a look out for us in the next with Sarah Beeny! Offer inside for every reader...
Best of luck to with the start of the series "How To Live Mortgage Free with Sarah Beeny"! Watch tonig…
Another amazing episode. More next tuesday. Beautiful fanart by inesdigitalart. Posted on instagram by Sarah Wayne Callie…
Sarah Beeny featuring a barge dweller on tonight - but what does it take to live on our waterways?
I'm looking forward to learning how to live mortgage free with Sarah Beeny.
Assuming the answer is move into her place, but you would still need to pay digs.
'How To Live Mortgage Free with Sarah Beeny' can't possibly live up to the promise of its title if you misunderstand the syntax.
Does Sarah Beeny have it written into contracts that her name has to be in the title of every show. Very odd
Uks best place to live. I live around the corner from Sarah Beeny. Now her house is a massive country estate.
Just seen an advert on the telly and that Sarah Beeny weren't pregnant... Definitely photoshopped I reckon.   10% Off
What is Sarah Beeny's ill fitting leather jackets telling us? I fear the answer
you'd do whatever she says, same goes for Sarah Beeny, if she told me to stick a WC in the kitchen there'd be no questions asked.
"Sarah Beeny's Four Rooms" has a similar effect on me. Why do they have to pander to celebrity egos? Put the money into better TV...
Since when has Four Rooms been Sarah Beeny's? I don't even know who she is.
Did Sarah Beeny only agree to do Four Rooms if it was 'Sarah Beeny's Four Rooms'? It was just Four Rooms before & it was on C4 not More 4
In Channel 4, Sarah Beeny is worshipped as a Goddess! *rolls eyes*
So Four Rooms is now Sarah Beeny's Four Rooms, with ads for Sarah Beeny's estate agent bookending it. . Okay
Does Sarah Beeny ever do anything that doesn't have her name at the front of it?
Not sure Sarah Beeny is a big enough name to suddenly make Four Rooms, Sarah Beenys Four Rooms. The bloody show hasn't changed
12 top tips to help you sell you home via Sarah Beeny's Tepilo
Watching Four Rooms. Sorry - Sarah Beeny's Four Rooms. Maybe she bought the show.
Discovered Four Rooms is back. Not quite sure about the 'Sarah Beeny' prefix.
Take a look at Sarah Beeny's top tips for selling your -
I love that Leeds has its own TV channel and it only ever plays Sarah Beeny
Just seen the Tepilo advert (Sarah Beeny), she says they have helped sell hundreds of homes, Tepilo must be burning so much cash from that.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I have no internet in my flat so am having to download stuff to watch watch at the train station.. 37 hours to download Sarah Beeny 4 rooms
Add £5,000 to the asking price with this useful advice from Sarah Beeny. Read more at
Who is Sarah Beeny and why is she now the owner of Four Rooms?
After about 7 years of deliberation, I've finally decided that I would slip Sarah Beeny one
When did become Sarah Beeny's Four Rooms? Has she bought it.
Sarah Beeny's top tips on how to improve your indoor climate
These features could help your home sell much faster.
it's got to be Kirsty all sip, Sarah Beeny or davina for the new host(s) surely ?
Sarah Beeny and a clone of Sarah Beeny that C4 have in store for such situations.
Then get George Clarke and Kevin McCloud in to re-imagine the space. The gaping, empty space. And then Sarah Beeny to flog it.
I love the term make good. Sarah Beeny said you should never trust a builder that says it . 🤔
what about TV property expert Sarah Beeny??
If C4 can ruin their own show by bringing it back as 'Sarah Beeny's 4 Rooms', no prizes who they're lining up for
Already thinking about hybrid programs for Channel 4 - Grand British bake off does countdown on location & benefits, hosted by Sarah Beeny
How long before it's reduced to Sarah Beeny's Great British Bake Off? *shakes head at and
Order Miche Bag Online!
We are going to be stuck with someone like Kevin McCloud and Sarah Beeny...
Unless Mel and Sue are replaced by Sarah Beeny and Kevin McCloud I ain't watching nothing
I call Sarah Beeny and Kirsty Allsop as they do everything else!
If the originals leaves then C4 new line-up will probably be Sarah Beeny Gok Wan Kristie Allsopp Jimmy Carr.Whats Your
C4 exec: "now we've acquired GBBO we need a fresh, dynamic new presenter!". Davina, Rylan, Grimmers, Sarah Beeny
Sarah Beeny employed to help sell the Marquee, at the end of each series
Sarah Beeny on is a terrible choice. Doesn't convince and hawking her estate agency in the ad break is clunky in the extreme
Wondering if it's going to be called Sarah Beeny's Bake Off?
will possible new presenter Sarah Beeny be permanently pregnant? Will she help them do up the tent for a quick profit?
I don't often comment on ladies' hairstyles (obv) but Sarah Beeny's barnet may well be the only work of art we'll see in tonight
When did the Four Rooms get owned by Sarah Beeny?
Sarah Beeny obv only agreed to do if they put her name over the show & her company in the ad breaks.
Why is Four Rooms now called Sarah beeny's four room it's beyond pretentious just because she presents it.. 😂😂
I told you already. Stop calling it Sarah Beeny 's
I am tired. So it has to be I will ignore the fact that Sarah Beeny looks like my ex wife.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Knocking on walls to see which ones I can pull down, Thompson's gonna ban me watching Sarah Beeny programs soon.
to go to Channel 4, where it becomes Sarah Beeny's Great British Bake Off.
Does Sarah Beeny refer to herself as Sarah Beeny's Sarah Beeny?
In the last scene she'll reveal herself to be Sarah Beeny.
Living with building work by Sarah Beeny
Sarah Beeny says turnover will top £10m in 2016
Sarah Beeny's Tepilo: turnover will top £10m in 2016 These on-line agencies that spring up overnight..
Sarah Beeny says Tepilo turnover will top £10m in 2016
Watching property ladder. Sarah Beeny really knows her stuff when it comes to properties. Fashion on the other hand...
Natural materials & statement colours - offers her tips to bring the outdoors in ht…
"The words ‘Estate Agent’ had grown to have connotations of negativity & fear" See Sarah's article -
Sarah Beeny’s top tips for for making the most of the mistletoe minefield. .
If you'd like Sarah to answer your question in next week's post, send it into infowith the subject line 'Beeny Knows Best'
Living with building work by VELUX ambassador Sarah Beeny -
Be part of 'At home with Sarah Beeny' now. Contact for details!
Anything with Sarah Beeny in it is rubbish? ;-)
No evidence online estate agents are a good idea says Kirstie - so much for Sarah Beeny & Tepilo ! ?
Our WINTER EDITION is now live!!! On the cover, we feature inspirational TV presenter & property expert, Sarah Beeny
I don't think Sarah Beeny would agree
Kirstie Allsopp, Phil Spencer, Sarah Beeny and the rest can all do one. "your house is worth £." Yawn z
Put your home for sale ahead of Xmas to make the most of the festive peak, says Sarah Beeny:
See us in the At Home With Sarah Beeny Magazine just follow the link below:. .
Great to be in the At Home with Sarah Beeny Autumn Edition
"Put YOUR house up for sale before Christmas Day or miss out on MILLIONS of web-surfers" says
Who did it better - "Selling Houses". A. Sarah Beeny. B. Amanda Lamb. I think.I'm the only one who cares! 😂🏠🏡🏠
I'm going to call it: 'Being Sarah Beeny. No wonder's she's always pregnant, property renovation's a piece of *** . It really is.
Visit our page to find out if you’ve won your favourite Sarah Beeny Home handle or knob in our competition!
Video: Sarah Beeny's top 7 DIY tips as renovations boom - Telegraph
"Positive things happen to positive people." - Sarah Beeny
Hey Tony when are we going to make another show? I remember the heady days of Sarah Beeny!
Come and see what Sarah Beeny has to say about renovation in the UK :
Find out what GT did to the Butlers Pantry at for and husband Graham.
Sarah Beeny Home Hardy furniture cup hand... Reply w/ to add this via
Positive things happen to positive people. - Sarah Beeny
Check out the latest stage in Sarah Beeny’s renovations at her home, Rise Hall
Tell us the name of your favourite Sarah Beeny Home handle/knob for the chance to a pair ht…
Sara Stewart is a *** cougar indeed. Almost as good looking as Sarah Beeny ;-)
In the dmag today: 7 Top Tips from Sarah Beeny
I have no problem whatsoever with Sarah Beeny selling houses, but can't she just do it in private?
Buy, sell or let your property with Sarah Beeny's Upload your property today!
Bristol man goes head to head with TV's Sarah Beeny - Business Leader
Sarah Beeny's top 7 tips as renovations boom.
Spiral Timber Staircase attracting a lot of interest in Sarah Beeny's More pics at
Sarah Beeny's top 7 DIY tips as rennovations boom . ...
Sarah Beeny's top 7 tips as renovations boom -
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
... I'd have loved to have seen Sarah Beeny's opinion!
Been viewing Sarah Beeny's Tepilo sales/lettings site. Upfront fees and more after 6 months. No thanks! Local agents are b…
Video: Sarah Beeny's top DIY tips as the renovations market booms
Everyone loves Sarah Beeny, so here she is discussing her top 7 renovation tips!
Sarah Beeny's top 7 tips as renovations boom
- I think that this programme would work much better with Phil & Kirstie vs Sarah Beeny and another vs show with Kevin McCloud!
Video: Sarah Beeny's top DIY tips as the London renovations market booms
Houses for sale in Wales: Inside the 10-bed farmhouse where Rhys Ifans stayed and Sarah Beeny is selling
Sensible approach! George Clarke or Sarah Beeny couldn't have said it any better :)
I would like to express my hearty and sincere thanks to you all for your stated concern that myself and my countrymen remain in the United Kingdom. I was just heading back from my job (the job where I earn under eight quid an hour for working with people with learning disabilities) and passing the local food bank when I heard the news, namely, that you were so concerned that we might leave the UK that you had all deigned to write your names on a piece of paper. Dear William Dalrymple, Eddie Izzard, Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir *** Jagger, Jenny Agutter, Sir Ben Ainslie, Kriss Akabusi, Roger Allam, Kirstie Allsop, Alexander Armstrong, Sir David Attenborough, Steve Backley, Baroness Joan Bakewell, Frances Barber, Andy Barrow, John Barrowman, Mike Batt, Glen Baxter, David Aaronovitch, Helena Bonham-Carter, Stanley Baxter, Martin Bayfield, Mary Beard, Sarah Beeny, Anthony Beevor, Angelica Bell,Dickie Bird, Cilla Black, Graeme Black, Roger Black, Malorie Blackman, Ranjit Bolt, Alain de Botton, William Boyd, Trace ...
Kirstie Allsopp, Charlie Luxton, Sarah Beeny and Martin Roberts – in their own homes | Life and style | The Guardian
Eco Flooring UK carried out the stunning renovation of the parquet flooring at Rise Hall for Sarah Beeny's TV Show "Restoration Nightmare".
ER. Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb? What happened to Sarah Beeny please?
Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb, who is she and what has she done with Sarah Beeny or Kirsty Allsop? Not happy.
Birthdays: 1987 – Paolo Nutini, Scottish singer-songwriter, guitarist and is a hazelnut chocolate spread that children enjoy. 1982 – Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. The first woman in history to give birth to a child, according to some newspapers. Her sister has a bottom. 1972 – Sarah Beeny, English television host who talks about houses and that. Sometimes there are people on 'her' shows that claim they have built their home from scratch and it's taken them X amount of years of hard work. No. What you mean is you paid people to build it... they did the hard work! You went to the pub lots. 1968 – Joey Lauren Adams, American actress. Adorable woman who starred in Chasing Amy... about a *** who falls in love with a fella. It happens... I still have some of the *** equiTment to prove it. Anyway, she was ruddy good in said film. 1944 – Jimmy Page, English guitarist, songwriter, and producer from off something called Lead Zepperling (albums include, eye, two eyes, three eyes etc) and The Ba ...
I don’t pay a massive amount of attention to that sort of thing. I certainly never set out to be a sex symbol - Sarah Beeny
I think Dec must buy his jackets from the same place Sarah Beeny does! Hideous. How can they still be wearing things like that in 2013??
Sarah Beeny, Karl Pilkington, Alfie Boe, Josh Widdicombe all talking about how good Moduloft is! # Sunday Brunch
Property guru talks to for The Definite Article in this week's Daily Mail weekend:
Interesting to listen to Sarah Beeny yesterday talking about buying a second property on Sunday Brunch. Worth a quick look on catch up
Monday 2nd December on Channel 4 at 8pm : "A Great British Christmas with Sarah Beeny"
Going to a hen party in 2001 changed my life via
no! Will google it! Sarah Beeny is the queen of house tv shows you ignoramus! I am shocked you did not know.
well if i knew who sarah beeny was I may be slightly impressed. Luke in paper today for being naughty did you read..
loving Sarah Beeny's honesty about the bacon infused drink - classic
fat in a drink?! That's just mad. Loved Sarah Beeny's honest 'that's rank' reaction
I'm on my fourth cup of M&S Christmas Coffee and Sarah Beeny's bangers are on TV. Fantastic.
Sarah Beeny is on Sunday Brunch, I think she pips Ms Reid in the sultry MILF stakes
Sarah Beeny's got her coat on in the studio again, weird
only house renovation goddess Sarah Beeny!
Karl Pilkington's face while Sarah Beeny talks about kit houses in hilarious
Why does Sarah Beeny always have a coat on indoors? She won't feel the benefit
Sarah Beeny:Sunday Brunch says buy property to live in,not 2nd homes for lots if reasons:CGT-diversified portfolio every time
"Look what happened when the wind changed." - Sarah Beeny
"I bite into my bitter lemon and let the fans sweep me back" Sarah Beeny on how she creates her facial expressions in a wind tunnel.
Pretty sure that's Sarah Beeny on unsay kitchen right now and she's not pregnant?! Wonder if she will be by the end of the show.
Is it ok to have Sarah Beeny as a guilty pleasure TV crush? I mean if all else fails surely your house would be top drawer
Urgh. Sarah Beeny on Sunday Brunch. It's like a massive bruise on your apple; you can ignore it/eat round it but it's not the same.
Ha ha, Sarah Beeny's fiddling with her phone on when she thinks the camera's not on her
love Sarah Beeny's jacket...where is it from please?
Sarah Beeny is on the telly and she doesn't *seem* to be pregnant. Odd.
time!! Karl Pilkington is on the show and sarah beeny. Thats comedy/travel,home renovations and food in one hit. Swet!
Is Sarah Beeny pregnant? Every time I see her on "making money from my house coz the market went up" she seems to be
Sarah Beeny is Sunday Brunch. She is my not so secret crush.
Yay is on. Sarah beeny n Karl Pilkington. Should be funny!!
Almost ready... stevebackshall on with Josh Widdicombe, Alfie Boe, Sarah Beeny
will they ever bring back Property Ladder??? My all time favourite Sarah Beeny programme
Sarah flick my Beeny property ladder my tights
he always smells like sweet grass & sage,ably just massively pregnant last time you saw me" - Sarah Beeny
Daniel and the Dine events team were delighted to feature on Sarah Beeny's "Beeny's Restoration Nightmare" on...
Inspired by Sarah Beeny, build a house for 100k or have wads of cash 2b on Grand Designs come & see us and Let's talk design
Double your house for half the money - And get loads of free cash whilst you're at it
Sarah Beeny on how to avoid property market dirty tricks
Sarah Beeny winds me up whenever she's on the TV
A post about Sarah Beeny, one of the most annoying people on TV
I nearly had a project on Grand Designs (Kevin McCloud, Channel 4) a few years back. but at last - looks like we'll have one on Sarah Beeny (for a large domestic extension / swim school project in Bitterne). Needs to be Toms best 3D fly-through yet!
Former Doctor Who companion Karen Gillan talks about her film Not Another Happy Ending, and Sarah Beeny chats about her new property series Double Your House for Half the Money.
3 houses, 3 sneak peeks and 3 2nd chances to do up and sell on - Sarah Beeny' s Selling houses tonight 7:30PM...
Sarah Beeny's market leading private property sales and lettings. is a place where people can securely buy, sell or let their homes for free.
Channel 4 Homes ( ) has advice from the channel’s home gurus (Kevin McCloud, Phil and Kirstie, Sarah Beeny) and details of suppliers and products featured on Channel 4’s design shows.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Kevin McCloud is the new judge for Shed of the Year 2013 along with Sarah Beeny and Uncle Andrew Wilcox... Read...
Crash course in wall papering today, where's Sarah Beeny or Kevin McCloud when you need them?
Sarah Beeny is moaning she spent over 100,000 on her roof.well buy a normal house not a palace,silly cow
Tonight the Auction Hunters (7PM) see how much a stuffed stag could earn them and in Sarah Beeny's Selling Houses...
Been watching Sarah Beeny's house show for a min. question: aren't there any brown people that wanna buy or sell a houses
Can't stomach anymore and vile close ups of rancid bodies. Switching over for some Sarah Beeny action instead!
Sarah Beeny: From £57,000 flat to 97-room Rise Hall By Roz Lewis | Telegraph – Fri, Mar 1, 2013 14:08 GMT Email 3 Print RELATED CONTENT View Photo Sarah Beeny Celebrities outside the RTE studios for 'The Late Late Show' Dublin, Ireland - 16.12.11 Mandatory … The television property guru on her best business decision, a starting salary of £7,000 and a job selling vacuum cleaners. How did your childhood influence your work ethic and attitude towards money? Subliminally, I think it must have done. My parents were self-sufficient (we had a smallholding on which we grew our own vegetables, but it was a bit hit and miss), which I think encouraged my entrepreneurial side. There certainly wasn’t a lot of money around when my brother Diccon and I were small, but then as I wasn’t asking for new things, it didn’t seem to matter. I remember getting my first new outfit of clothes when I was about 10. Until then, all my clothes had come from jumble sales. Dad, who was an architect, made doll’s houses and ...
had a good day, went to Odiham castle (well what's left of it) so that's the half term homework kinda done, and saw Sarah Beeny 'off the tv' walking along side the canal with her family whilst we were eating our picnic.
Ooh! Kevin McCloud your Grand Designs rock my world. Danielle Richter thinks you should marry Sarah Beeny and hey brood of children.
Builders & Plumber at 'The Old Peoples' this morning, no sign of Kevin McCloud, Sarah Beeny & Naomi Cleaver just yet. Traffic must be bad
I adore Kevin McCloud, his Shakespearean rhetoric and the stately music! Also partial to Sarah Beeny.
My girlfriend has just given me the options of Sarah Beeny, Fearne Cotton and Kirstie Alsop. It wasn't easy.
02 Dec 2012 - Matt goes all Sarah Beeny on Joyce to no avail and Joe's voice is increasingly incomprehensible
Sian Williams has been taking fashion advice from Sarah Beeny, clearly.
The first victim of Hugh Grant's crusade against freedom of speech? Poor old Sarah Beeny, whose C4 show was jettisoned for his documentary.
Just spotted Sarah Beeny at St Pancras Station. She's currently not pregnant
Oh god, I'd love to renovate a stately home to live in like Sarah Beeny did! (Or any old property)..,
Sarah Millican and Sarah Beeny on the same telly show? Not sure my TV can handle that much breast tissue.
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