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Sarah Bareilles

Sara Beth Bareilles (born December 7, 1979) is an American singer-songwriter and pianist. She achieved mainstream success in 2007 with the hit single Love Song , which brought her into the number one spot on the Billboard Pop 100 chart.

Carole King Stevie Wonder Love Song Paul McCartney Zac Brown Band Taylor Swift Daft Punk Pharrell Williams Ringo Starr Carol King Vanessa Carlton Willie Nelson

When Malia and I sang "Love Song" by Sarah Bareilles on the top of our lungs together, was the moment I knew we were legitimately soulmates
which Case is also uninterested in--her music is too weird, too sharp-edged, too angry--to be sold as if she's Sarah Bareilles or whatever
"my name is Will, I don't do this alot. Imagine an emo version of Sarah Bareilles"
She Used to be Mine, Everything Changes, Breathe Again - Sara Bareilles . Love for a Child - Jason Mraz…
. Gravity by Sarah Bareilles reminds me of your Greek mythology ship.
Literally any song by Sarah Bareilles is truly a work of art
Love Song by Sarah bareilles is my go to
I haven't done any song covers for the longest time. Does Sarah Bareilles have a new song?
I added a video to a playlist Sarah Bareilles - Gravity | Midzee Grassi Cover
Sarah Bareilles is the one who sang "I'm not gonna write you a Love Song, cause you asked for it." . It made 0 sense
I had a dream last night that I was on my way to Wilmington but had to stop because wanted to see Sarah Bareilles front row on ice
Sarah Bareilles is honestly is so underrated
I've been tricking my dad into listening to a musical in the car by telling him it's a Sarah Bareilles album... technically not a lie
Did you download "Breathe Again"by Sarah Bareilles.I listen mostly to Rock & Metal but I also listen Only Good Pop worth buying
"I am on the hunt for who I've not yet become.". Sarah Bareilles .
End in style: Waitress - Female writer/director & inspiration for the Sarah Bareilles music…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
same here, no Disney though. George Jones- white chapel- schoolboy q- Sarah Bareilles.
Sarah Bareilles, you know how I feel
I think Sarah's trying to turn me into a Sara bareilles fan but she thinks I'm crazy for saying ghosts are real so
You could sing She Used to be mine by sarah bareilles or stay by Sugarland or wild horses by rolling stones
Sarah Bareilles ballads might be the biggest constant in my love life.
I'm in a Sarah Bareilles kinda mood 💗
on a scale of one to how DARE you, how unnecessary is Sarah Bareilles' "Gravity"? Exactly.
Yeah, Sarah Bareilles songs sound so good coming out of Sarah Bareilles' mouth, worried I'll prefer her album.
Honestly, i'm not.😂😖😔😓 ♫ Brave by Sara Bareilles (with Novi, Sarah Tamba, and 3 others) —
Hi Rachel Platter, your my new Sarah Bareilles & Vanessa Carlton
In a bit of cognitive dissonance, Cruz campaign playing Clinton rally song "Brave" by Sarah Bareilles at Cruz Town Hall in Williamsport, PA.
Sarah Bareilles reminds me of Ally Hills...why...
I have 'Love Song' by Sarah Bareilles on my Frank Sinatra station and that's perfectly ok with me
how do you feel that Sarah bareilles was cast as ariel in the Hollywood bowls little mermaid???
cool song discovery : Gravity by Sarah Bareilles   10% Off
This Little Mermaid cast at Hollywood Bowl is so good!!! Darren Criss as Prince Eric SLAYS my life!!! YAAAS Sarah Bareilles WERK!!!
Why is Sarah Bareilles playing Ariel in the concert of the Little Mermaid. Why can't they cast real musical theatre people?!
She used to be mine, Sarah Bareilles.
but Sarah Bareilles has always been my day 1. Its jusy rly complicated OKAY
You're thinking of the one by Vanessa Carlton right? I was thinking of Sarah Bareilles song 😂
Sarah bareilles wanna see which 2f girl you're most like??
Wondering what exactly happened last night at gives you the inside scoop!
Sarah Bareilles comes out during a technical snafu and leads off with a little Disney sing along.
She used to be mine by Sarah Bareilles. So much feels. So me. 🎧😌
Impromptu Q/A with Sarah Bareilles when the Broadway show malfunctions😱
Sarah Bareilles handling the audience during a set malfunction at was EVERYTHING. Sass and Part of Your Word sing-a-long
That moment when Sarah Bareilles gets on stage to kill time during technical difficulties. It…
Sarah Bareilles sings to my heart I love her voice
Francesca Pinilla - Gravity - Sarah Bareilles Francesca Pinilla is a 15 year old 9th Grader who is amazingly talen…
Sarah Bareilles album is amazing gives me light everytime
Will always be loving Sarah Bareilles' songs. :).
Gravity by Sarah Bareilles will forever be my favorite song.
Sarah Bareilles Pandora radio station is something I never knew I needed until I got it. Too good
I like to think Sarah Bareilles would like me, if we were to meet.
Theres a category of music that I really dislike. I would call this category the Corky Sarah Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson category. I HATE IT
Can you imagine Sara Bareilles singing Angel by Sarah McLachlan? Cause I DO and in my mind it sounds perfect!
I think I just realized this but I might be a huge Sarah Bareilles fan. Ugh. Slay queen. Classic songwriting 👏🏻
"If all you have is leaving Ima need a better reason to write you, a Love Song... Today." ~ Sarah Bareilles
This one goes out to that special somebody. Zac Brown Band - Mango Tree (Feat. Sarah Bareilles)
❤️ check out the original by Sarah Bareilles. It's heaven. ❤️
🎶 Say what you wanna say. And let the words fall out. Honestly I wanna see you be brave 🎶. Brave -- Sarah Bareilles
"She is gone, but she used to be mine" Sarah Bareilles, you know how to rip out my heart😭
I used to sing that " i choose you " song by Sarah Bareilles to someone i really love 💔
Oh my goodness Sara Bareilles "she used to be mine" speaks to my soul on so many levels. so bliss.
Mango Tree by: Zac Brown Band ft. Sarah Bareilles is probably the cutest song ever 😍 LOVE it
I agree with you. I love Sarah Bareilles' music.
Mango Tree by Zac Brown Band and Sarah Bareilles is one of the greatest songs ever created
Good morning and welcome back Trish! Can i please ask for Brave by Sarah Bareilles? Tnx!
Mood this morning! Got the ukulele out to play a Sarah Bareilles favourite - Little Black Dress
As requested by here's I Choose You by Sarah Bareilles! Listen to it via :)
"You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug..." - Sarah bareilles
I wish Sarah Bareilles payed me 50 dollars to dance in an airport...
First time I heard Gravity by Sarah Bareilles was on So You Think You Can Dance...have loved it since. Loyiso sang it beautifully
Sophomore me was mean and quoted a lot of Sarah bareilles
"Every Sarah Bareilles song I've ever heard sounds like it should be played at a funeral."
very proud to have taken this cover photo for the talented, hard working, inspiring bad *** known as Sara Bareilles
New Sarah Bareilles makes me a happy girl!!
.new album, 'Waitress' musical soundtrack is coming:
In an Alanis Morissette type mood or maybe Sarah Bareilles
I'm finding every reason to be gone✈️. There's nothing left here to hold on to😣. -Sarah Bareilles🎶
Listen to the first song from upcoming album:
Sarah Bareilles and waitress and she used to mine is the best thing that could've happened to musical theatre
The first tune from album is here, and it's really, really pretty:
Best New Music Day in a while: Ed Sheeran, Sia, Sarah Bareilles and CHVRCHES
So excited to take my daughter, Sarah Bareilles' fan, to see Waitress tonight!!
A North Carolinian metal worker broke my heart for 4yrs straight and now I'm omw to Boston to see his brother in new Sarah Bareilles musical
If I had to hear one more Sarah Bareilles song on my drive today, I was taking a sharp right off the side of the road.
Sarah Bareilles @ Thank you for not giving up on your dreams. For pushing and believing in your art.
"Something always brings me back to you. It never takes too long..." . - Sarah Bareilles, Gravity
Lol when I closed the bathroom door it bounced back and sounded like the beginning drumbeat of Sarah Bareilles' Brave.
.I saw her in LA and I got to see Sarah bareilles and Cher Lloyd too!
Next cover: just a fool by Christina aguilera, gravity by Sarah bareilles, or brand new kind of me by Alicia keys!?
Baby is gunna have the best taste in music!! Queen, 1D, Carrie Underwood, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Sarah Bareilles, a-ha, Dierks Bentley
The song Gravity by Sara Bareilles is so *** beautiful
Sarah Bareilles strikes me as a chick with really hairy arms
Gravity by Sarah Bareilles is gonna be my wedding song
howie day, maroon 5, Jason mraz, Sarah bareilles, John Mayer, And Shawn mendes are my favs
I need to do a cover of gravity by sarah bareilles right now
“Today” show host Hoda Kotb, a seven-year breast cancer survivor, is preparing to unveil "Truly Brave," her musical collaboration with singers Cyndi Lauper and Sarah Bareilles.
OMG Sarah Bareilles' music video to "I Choose You" is probably the cutest thing ever.
Not to get all 'grumpy old man' but there's enough noise out there and I don't need to know your cycle soundtrack includes Sarah Bareilles.
A new favorite: King Of Anything by Sarah Bareilles ( Cover by Angkris and Neil ) by on
Love Song // Sarah Bareilles is so awesome because of the story behind it. YES SARAH! You is independent write whatever songs you want!
my mother in law sings Sarah Bareilles' "Brave", "I want to say it with grace!"
Everytime I here "Brave" by Sarah Bareilles I feel so inspired I just wanna cry... And start speakin up
Why is Sarah Bareilles' voice so perfect?
I want to watch sarah bareilles in concert o:
I did a cover to Sarah Bareilles' gravity and I must say this song is not easy to do. And I screwed a little lyric in there but who cares? Lol. Enjoy :)
i like heavier (ish) bands but there are times when I have gravity by sarah bareilles on repeat
omfg I just heard the song Gravity by Sarah bareilles and I almost cried all stelena shippers understand why. and now Stay by Rihanna ***
Been singing "Brave" by Sarah Bareilles since morning tho, I just love it ♥
Compare where you are to where you wanna be and you'll get no where. ~Sarah Bareilles
Feels like floating whenever I hear Satellite Call by Sarah Bareilles
Gravity by Sarah Bareilles so far my favorite song by her
You can be the outcast our the backlash of someone's lack of love or you can start speaking up. ~Brave, Sarah Bareilles
Stop why you're doing and go listen to "Cassiopeia" by Sarah Bareilles.
Thanks to Maddie Shipsides for the nomination, here we go... In your status list 12 albums or songs that have stayed with you over the years in some way. These don't have to be great records, or critical darlings, just ones that mean something to you personally. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER: 1. + - Ed Sheeran 2. The Self-Titled Album - Paramore 3. Keep it Together - Guster 4. Ceremonials - Florence & The Machine 5. Continuum - John Mayer 6. Battle Studies - John Mayer 7. Siberia - Lights 8. The Blessed Unrest - Sarah Bareilles 9. Save Me, San Francisco - Train 10. Sometimes - City and Colour 11. Speak Now - Taylor Swift 12. Modern Vampires of the City - Vampire Weekend Honourable mention goes out to Led Zeppelin I and II, Born and Raised - John Mayer, Songs about Jane - Maroon 5, all three One Direction albums (I know), Born to Die - Lana Del Ray, and Coexist by The xx I now nominate Madison Andrews, Daniel Steduto, Elizabeth Coulas, Desiree Levesque, Stephanie Gu, Michelle Adams, Cassandra Cotic and Madeleine ...
I wish we could get an arrangement of King of Anything by Sarah Bareilles... I think that one would be pretty fun to do!
“.Its a Sarah Bareilles kind of day today.” WORD!
truth. I've also stopped judging pop music if the content is good. E.g. Sarah Bareilles' "Brave" really liking that.
I'll prolly listen to Sarah Bareilles later xx
We just saw Sara Bareilles on TV and Rory is insistent that she is Sarah McLaughlin
Sarah Bareilles killed it tonight. Her album is the bomb! Get it, girl!
I know everyone knows this but I love Sarah Bareilles!
Can someone please buy me the new Sarah Bareilles CD?!?!?
Sarah Bareilles's performance right now is just a big 👎.
I just...really don't like Sarah Bareilles's face
How do you feel about Sarah Bareilles?
Anyone out there who is dealing with something that they are holding within them and handling Sarah Bareilles would say, be brave
Heads up: Young The Giant will be on the Late Show with David Letterman TONIGHT!. &. Sarah Bareilles will be on The Tonight Show with...
Honestly I wanna see u be brave ~ Sarah Bareilles' dedication to cancer victims... love this song!
There was a time when I would have believed them, if they told me you could not come true, just love's illusion. But then you found me and everything changed. And I believe in something again. My whole heart will be yours forever. This is a beautiful start to a lifelong love letter. Tell the world that we finally got it all right. I choose you. I will become yours and you will become mine. I choose you. I choose you. We are not perfect, we'll learn from our mistakes, and as long as it takes I will prove my love to you. I am not scared of the elements. I am under-prepared, but I am willing, and even better; I get to be the other half of you." Oh Sarah Bareilles, you got it so right, once again!
Today, I think a playlist consisting of ukulele's and Sarah Bareilles sound-alikes will do.
...Maybe there's a way out of the cage where you live... Maybe one of these days you can let the light in... And show big your brave is... --Sarah Bareilles
Albumonination, courtesy of Grace In no particular order, these are *kind of* my current loves, with my favourite track AM - Arctic Monkeys - all the songs are my favorite Suck it and See - Arctic Monkeys - love is a laserquest / reckless serenade Back to Black - Amy Winehouse - you know i'm no good Blonde - Coeur de Pirate - place de la republique Trauma - Coeur de Pirate - heartbeats accelerating If You Leave - Daughter - shallows Coexist - The XX - angels Kaleidoscope Heart - Sarah Bareilles - send me the moon Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain - comptine d'un autre ete Torches - Foster the People - pumped up kicks I Love Your Glasses - Russian Red - no past land Modern Vampires of the City - Vampire Weekend - step Don't let me down, Nik, Anthony, Niko Cheers (:
Sarah Bareilles's video for brave is one of the best videos ever
Sarah Bareilles wrote a pretty fricken cute new Love Song.
I expect a fully choreographed Sarah Bareilles song at my funeral
Listen to Cher Elysse Bayona / Gravity (Sarah Bareilles Cover) | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music...
I'm gonna learn a Sarah Bareilles song on the piano
Wait. WAIT "Glee" used Sarah Bareilles' "Brave" to show Rachel and Santana modeling? - That’s like if...
Brave- Sarah Bareilles (Guitar Cover/chords): I screwed up most of the high parts,
2NE1's Happy is a feel good song. It's Sarah Bareilles-ish
That fat guy who dances in brave by Sarah bareilles. oi! win! My feel good song.
Brave by Sarah Bareilles is like the most inspirational, uplifting song ever.
Just deducted 10 of my own man points for jammin out to Brave by Sarah Bareilles... I'd do it again tho
I am in love with Glee's version of Brave by Sarah Bareilles it's so amazing! My favourite cover of Rachel and Santana ❤
The writers were definitely inspired by Sarah Bareilles when Danny turned down the homecoming crown.
I don't get it. When I'm in my car blasting "Brave" and I sing along at the top of my lungs I sound exactly like Sarah Bareilles!!! But when I sing it as I'm walking around the house I sound like a suffering animal!?!? Hm.
Uncharted song by Sarah Bareilles I loved this song
[Recap: The Best And The Worst Of Frenemies] After several weeks on hiatus, the Glee kids return with an episode title that lets you know pretty succinctly what the theme is going to be: “Frenemies.” Over the course of an hour, old friendships crumble and new ones are forged while certain pals with complicated relationships rediscover the simplicity of just being good friends who support one another. Side note: It’s a relief to see the show return (at least this week) to the days of using songs that fit with the actual story line, rather than ones that are simply popular on the charts at the moment. And, clearly, the more recently-added characters are being phased out ahead of the series’ big move to the Big Apple in March. We open with a jaded Santana (Naya Rivera), serving a not-so-subtly racist customer who tries the limits of her patience. Venting to Rachel (Lea Michele), Santana says that she hates her job and any success she may have had in landing a national commercial spot is dampened by t ...
That brave song by Sarah bareilles is cute and all, but why is it found as the background music on every single commercial??
They're singing Sarah Bareilles on Glee. Maybe this show can be redeemed after all
The Darkness and Sarah Bareilles and Sting songs on Glee all in one night? I may start liking the show again. :-)
Sarah Bareilles is that girl who's oblivious to the fact nobody likes her
I think we can apply King of Anything by Sarah Bareilles to every highschool in America.
This last week or so I've been getting really stressed out by school and a few other things. Today, I was driving around, trying to find a stupid hook for the back of my door because mine broke the other day, just another little stress. On my drive from one store to the next however, I suddenly remembered something important. I love to drive my car with the windows down. I love to sing along to my favorite songs. I love to take deep breaths, just to enjoy the taste of the air. These are little things I forget sometimes. When I'm feeling stressed I want to remember those things. I want to go for a drive with Sarah Bareilles playing loud. I want to remember to enjoy the little things.
Yo my Women in America History class is so awesome!. Shes the girliest person ever. & she listens to Sarah Bareilles💕
Pretty sure and just made Sarah Bareilles sound like crap by comparison.
it's Brave by sarah bareilles, they're 2 separate songs lol
Then Brave by Sarah Bareilles. Shut up, Sarah Bareilles: you don't know me.
Top 40 Day 4: It's ok to speak my mind! The goal, of course, is to be assertive while staying classy. Can't say I've done that every time but I can say if I've regretted what I've said, I'm not immune to giving apologies. Bottom line...speak your mind! The song Brave by Sarah Bareilles comes to mind.
Check "Once upon another time" out by Sarah Bareilles, Live at the Variety Playhouse version.
Off to a friend boarding house. — listening to Brave by Sarah Bareilles
No one here appreciates Sarah Bareilles here...
Sarah Bareilles' version of 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' is magnificent.
Congratulations. . .We are so proud of our friend and brother Nathan! After years of making others sound fantastic as 1st-call bassist, he has a soon-to-be-released solo album coming out in March that features the likes of Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Michael McDonald, and Sarah Bareilles. I know that Carl Evans Jr. and Hollis Gentry III are smiling down from heaven as I write this post. . . Peace to all. =-)
Every time I hear a Sarah Bareilles song I think of you is that weird
Just like what Sarah Bareilles said, "I want to see you be brave." ☺
Sarah Bareilles's song Brave is officially my fave song this week.
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Are INXS still in it to win it, is Pharrell leading victory over a great big world, how is Sarah Bareilles doing after a long time comeback? Find out all this and get ready for our music news segment before the top 10. Only on 103.7 3WayFm
Good thing I had Sarah Bareilles singing "Brave" to me while I take a shower in that -1° water
yep. But I like Brave by Sarah Bareilles more.
I've had Gravity by Sarah Bareilles on repeat for the past hour 💕🎶
Jamming to Sarah Bareilles and whipping up some almond buttercream and some strawberry preserve buttercream for a strawberry heart cake I baked last night. In the mood for some decorating :)
Carole King and Sarah Bareilles' performance at Grammys was soo amazing. I just keep watching it again and again.
Well I must say my baby girl was amazing at her concert tonight.So was ,Kayla, Cosette, Shelby, Tori, and Taylor Reed's version of Gravity by Sarah Bareilles was flawless!
Sarah Bareilles is bringing me to life this evening.
Free Ringtones Download Brave by: Sarah Bareilles . Browse our free download collection of exclusive mobile ringtones and free ringtones information.
Human by Christina Perri and I Choose You Sarah Bareilles lovely to sing outloud even if people in the car beside you stare. XM Radio I love you for playing these two songs often!!!
Sarah Bareilles, the blessed unrest, makes me smile.
My "IDGAF if its a girl and I'm a guy song of the day" Brave- Sarah Bareilles
Get to know me    1. What letter does your name start with? a, b, c 2. How old are you? 16 3. What is your birthday? july 1 4. What is your zodiac sign? cancer 5. What is your favorite color? black 6. What's your lucky number? 1(?) 7. Do you have any pets? yes 8. Where are you from? south africa 9. How tall are you? 5"7 10. What shoe size are you? 8 11. How many pairs of shoes do you own? not enough 12. What was your last dream about? i dun remember 13. What talents do you have? does pissing people off count? 14. Are you psychic in any way? of course not 15. Favorite song? currently: sarah bareilles - gravity 16. Favorite movie? any fantasy or comedy movie 17. Who would be your ideal partner? emma wattson(?) 18. Do you want children? apparently, no 19. Do you want a church wedding? I don't even want a wedding u__u 20. Are you religious? nope 21. Have you ever been to the hospital? where did you think I was born?  22. Have you ever got in trouble with the law? imma good boy /nods nods/ 23. Have you ever ...
Does Microsoft use Sarah Bareilles' "Brave" in their Surface TV spots because you have to be brave to buy a Surface??
Dear Neighbors, Thank you for not calling the cops as we enter hour three of Sarah Bareilles I Wanna See You Be Brave. I assure you the only person being tortured here is me! Sincerely, The Mom Next Door Who Is Counting Down The Seconds Until The Bus Comes!
it was supposed to be Brave by Sarah Bareilles but... Nevermind. Lol
I watch hella Naruto. I read the mangas. I like Sarah Bareilles. Mean Girls is like my favorite movie. Icgaf if anyone
Watching "Just Go With It" and thinking dang, I almost had it!!! I almost got that ending spot where the credits roll. It was between my song, a Sting song and a Sarah Bareilles song, but then when the movie came out, the producers changed the song again, ahh pau!! It was a crazy roller coaster going through that!! Dang, $100,000 for 20 seconds to have my song play at that, that would've been awesome. Oh well, next one!!
Holy cow what a GREAT run! I smiled the second my foot hit the pavement! Justin Timberlake said I was bringing sexy back! Mathew Wilder told me Nothing's gonna break my stride, Sarah Bareilles encouraged me to be Brave, Nirvana even told me I smell like a teenager! -Going to take a shower cuz I'm not certain that's a compliment ;) Thanks Brandon Tan for carrying me in the house when my knee gave out at the end of my run. Lol. Not sure if I'll run tomorrow..Natasha Beddingfield reminded me that's Unwritten. But I'm going to do what Pink said and Try, because Journey told me to Don't stop believing! Great run, whoop whoop! :)
Tapus n main Hehe Things change with one mistake cryin wont fix it but realizin that it will help you learn from it :) Antok pa si marvin Between the lines By sarah bareilles
Very much done with this weekend...but not wanting to go to work. Want to spend all day in bed listening to 'Sarah Bareilles'...goodnight, for now.
Gravity by Sarah Bareilles will always be my fav
Nice quiet evening listening to "my" music: ELO, The Eagles, The Four Seasons, Cat Stevens, and a recent addition, Sarah Bareilles. Introduced to her by her appearance on Jay Leno and one on Letterman. Love her voice, kind of cross between Adele and Enya. I can actually understand the lyrics. On her t.v. appearances She made it look effortless and it looked like she really enjoyed performing and was actually having a good time. Also started reading another novel by Patricia Cornwell. Good "escapist" stuff - forensic murder mysteries.
I choose you by Sarah Bareilles is my favorite new song.
"Only thing I ever could need, only one good thing worth trying to be and it's love." -Sarah Bareilles 💙🎧
I won't go as a passenger, no waiting for the road to be laid. Uncharted - Sarah Bareilles. Suitcases packed, lets move! =]
I wish Sarah Bareilles can be more popular
Lunch packed, coffee ready, and some Sarah Bareilles for my commute. Can't wait to see my students (and team, of course!).
50 MILLION dollars worth of HOTEL TOWELS are stolen every year in the US!!! NEW music SPOTlight NEXT - featuring Sarah Bareilles!
I freaking love gravity by Sarah Bareilles. Such a great song. So beautiful and deep.
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Enjoying watching Sarah Bareilles in concert on channel 13.. She can really sing!
Thank you sarah bareilles for boosting my confidence!
nowhere to be seen. If you're not too busy writing Sarah Bareilles fan fiction how about a little help?
Sarah bareilles on cptv ... It's like a free concert in my living room!
can you put brave by:Sarah Bareilles PLZ and thank u
this Starbucks has a Sarah Bareilles playlist and it hurts.
Sarah bareilles is a such good artist
Church is a bad time to have Sweet As Whole by Sarah Bareilles stuck in my head..
Gravity by Sarah Bareilles is literally music perfection😍
I was just genuinely *** jewel's ground to a sarah bareilles song and the worker guy walked by. Im sorry.
I don't quite get that Sarah Bareilles thing of yelling one word in a completey different pitch and tone than the rest of the chorus.
Love when my iPod shuffles from Rage Against the Machine to Sarah Bareilles. Bipolar much? lol
I am so so so crazy proud of Nathan Clarkson! The song he wrote and sang (that I did the harmony on and Joel Clarkson arranged) is a top song!!! Between BBMACK and Sarah Bareilles...pretty incredible! I am so proud of my very talented fiancé.
Dear Sarah Bareilles how exactly do you show someone how big your brave is?
So I love with Sarah Bareilles right now
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Brave - Sarah Bareilles is the perfect song for a post confession celebration dance!
Best Grammy performances this year IMHO: 1. Willie Nelson (with kris, Merle, and Blake) 2. Pink 3. Casey musgraves 4. Carol King and Sarah bareilles The wedding was very cool and Mary had the prettiest dress of the night.
Gravity, Sarah Bareilles would be something special
Sara Bareilles Performs "I Choose You": via Just saw this! Sarah Bareilles songs are so mindfully TRUE!
"I don't know why the Sarah Bareilles' song is the theme of Windows 8!"-on unfiltered feelings
Yes Sarah Bareilles will be the musical guest on JK. The song Brave is such a strength song!
Brave by Sarah Bareilles just makes me feel so happy! 
So it completely passed unhip me the Microsoft Windows 8 song "Honestly, I Wanna See You Brave" is actually a Sarah Bareilles single about coming out. I heard the long version at the mall and liked it over "Roar." Its more subtle.
Justins def in the valentines day mood. I hear some t-swizzy, and sarah bareilles wait i think im hearing some buble tooo
Order your tickets now! Spencer Thurman singing Love Song from Sarah Bareilles at the Benedum! One hit wonder extravaganza! Don't miss it!
Just enjoying a night in Bowling Green with Sarah Bareilles as my background music. It feels so good…
Sarah Bareilles' Pandora station is basically the whole soundtrack to TVD lololol
So bored I'm popping my eardrums to the tune of Sarah Bareilles' "Brave."
You touch me for a while and all my fragile strength is gone ~Sarah Bareilles NP Gravity
Sarah Bareilles has some of the most beautiful music.
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Just teared up listening to Sarah Bareilles Gravity, where's when I need his company 😢
Dear Sarah Bareilles, your song "Brave" makes me want to play in traffic. That is all.
Gravity -Sarah Bareilles One of my all time fave!
OM? you have contempo/jazz pe class na??? *** - i would've taken that. try choreographing for Sarah Bareilles' Gravity :)
Feeling a little rock and roll this morning ...watching VH1 this morning . being inspired by Sarah Bareilles (Brave)
Love Song by Sarah Bareilles. Go Follow Brian Johnson for 7k. He's an
Sarah Bareilles is perfection. I love her.
Sara Bareilles-I Choose You is gonna play at my wedding party. now now sarah, how about a valentine first. noh im jumping into HUSBANDRY ***
We've been busy learning new material and can't wait to perform the songs for you.Pink, Olly Murs, Sarah Bareilles, Pharrell Williams, Rhianna...
"Honestly, I wanna see you gimme cheese!" ~Close enough to what Sarah Bareilles said
Brave by Sarah Bareilles is freaking amazing
Things I learned eavesdropping. 1. Sarah Bareilles actually wrote Love Song because her record company told her she needed a Love Song
I can’t tell Sarah Bareilles and Francesca Battistelli apart, like you look alike and your voices are to similar for comfort li…
Photo: tarotgram: Sunday Spreads are here! Named for the fabulous Sarah Bareilles song ‘Gravity’,...
Feeling the Wednesday blahs? Watch these inspiring kids in their video by Sarah Bareilles!
Babyface Toni Braxton song sound like the r&b version of Love Song by sarah bareilles lmfao
I got Sarah Bareilles to lift my mood
I could listen to Sarah Bareilles radio all day long
Try reading a story about Michael Sam while listening to "Brave" by Sarah Bareilles. Warning: Chills will follow.
listening to songs by Sarah Bareilles :)
More people need to listen to Sarah Bareilles
No, it was merely the fact that it was Sarah Bareilles! :P
hai ms.sarah..can you sing ''brave'' by sara bareilles..any time soon po s asap po..thank you po... :-).. God bless you..:)
Sarah Bareilles music is my style too :D
isn't this from that song by Sarah bareilles
That's true Brave from Sarah Bareilles barely started getting airplay in this area.
Did anyone else think that Sarah Bareilles's new song "I choose you" was gonna be about Pokemon?
Sara Bareilles...Sara.Sarah, we're basically the same person, so I should be able to sing like her right???
With only a few hours left to go until the release day of LOCKED, I'd love to post my playlist for you! Each chapter has a different song. Chapter 1: Wake Me Up by Avicii Chapter 2: Hot N Cold by Katy Perry Chapter 3: The Monster (ft Rihanna) by Eminem Chapter 4: I Am Not A Robot by Marina and the Diamonds Chapter 5: Oh No! by Marina and the Diamonds Chapter 6: Best Day of My Life by American Authors Chapter 7: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons Chapter 8: Hold On by Colbie Caillat Chapter 9: Say Something by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera Chapter 10: Burn by Ellie Goulding Chapter 11: Love Don’t Die by The Fray Chapter 12: Brave by Sarah Bareilles Chapter 13: Human by Christina Perri Chapter 14: Growing Old is Getting Old by Silversun Pickups Chapter 15: Let Her Go by Passenger
Oh Sarah Bareilles My brave is so big
That I would die to make you mine Bleed me dry almost every time But I don't mind, no I don't mind it I would come back 1000 times. 1000 Times -Sarah Bareilles 💜👍 lalala💮 Good Aftrnn guys 💘
" Nothing could be worse than the risk of losing what i don't have now.." ~Sarah Bareilles- 1000 times~
This Sunday it's all about the best variety of Love Songs. Listen live: Mitchell-Coin Laundry Jackie Deshannon-To love somebody Haddaway-What is love Alanah Miles-Love is George Harrison-Got my mind set on you Guilty about girls-Luv Said the Whale-I love you Dan Baird-I love you Period Huey Lewis and the News-The power of love (Extended mix) Hot Chocolate-You sexy thing (Extended) Donna Lewis-I love you always forever Fun Factory-I wanna be with you (original version) Samantha Fox-I only want to be with you (Extended mix) Color me bad-All for loving Christina & Andrada-Crazy little thing called love Sarah Bareilles-Love Song Polina Griffith-Just another Love Song Selina Gomez-Love you like a Love Song baby Angelo Venuto-Sweet Caroline (dance mix) Tegan and Sarah-Closer Mr. Big-To be with you Right said Fred-Kiss Mary Lou Lord with Semisonic-Sugar Sugar Abba-Take a chance on me Meatloaf-Anything for love Beevis and Butthead with Cher-I got you babe Firehouse-Look into my eyes Ne-Yo Let me love you Modern ...
Ever wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep? And there's always a different song in your head? Tonight, it's "Gravity" by Sarah Bareilles.
SAY what you WANNA say! And LET the words FALL out HONESTLY I wanna see be BRAVE -sarah Bareilles
Wow, Carole King and Sarah Bareilles singing together at the Grammys! (Yes just watching it now) amazing!
*** the high for today is 30 ashdown *** big landlord and his crew are loud outside we are gettin city water today no more well song of the day is Sarah bareilles,"brave."
Sarah Bareilles radio on Pandora never does me wrong. Like ever.
Why did my nephew just out of nowhere start singing Sarah Bareilles (Brave)
Walking home down Broadway and listening to Sarah Bareilles sing about Manhattan is pretty much the best part of any day. My life is like a dream.
Oh Sarah bareilles, ur sad white girl music has been such perfect background music today.
Here are the facts: 1. This is a song written by Sarah Bareilles it is called "I Choose You" 2. This song was requested by a very dear friend of mine to celebrate a very special and powerful love in her life. 3. I am not Ms. Bareilles and if I were I would be much richer, this song is beautiful as ...
Watching Sarah Bareilles and the drummer has only a bass, snare, high hat, one drum stick and a shakey thing. WEIRD to watch.
I am (no longer) secretly in love with Sarah Bareilles.
I watched the Grammys Sunday night: all 3 hours & 45 minutes of it. IMHO it was the best Grammys show in years. I do wish they would have more awards given out during broadcast, but the performances were, for the most part, good. My favorite: Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr. I did not make any predictions this year because I do not follow contemporary pop music all that much. I was pulling for Sarah Bareilles to win Album of the Year, but the Daft Punk album was good. Also, Lorde is overrated (the Frank Ocean of 2013) & Kasey Musgraves's win for Best Country Album (Same Trailer, Different Park) & Best Country Song ("Merry Go Round") were well deserved.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Overheard Matthew singing the words to Sarah bareilles' "Brave". So cute.
"Just yellow lines and tire marks, sun-kissed skin and handle bars, where I stood is where I long to be. No enemies to call my own, No porch light on to call me home, and where I was is beautiful, because I was free." I love Sarah Bareilles
Sarah Bareilles is gonna song on Jimmy Kimmel Live just for me. Because it's my birthday.
Thanks to those *** Verizon commercials I can say, without second thought or hesitation... "Honestly, I wanna see you be brave!" Seriously, I must, accidentally, sing that line about ten times a day. I hope that Sarah Bareilles enjoys her special spot in the fiery pits of the seventh circle of *** which, as we all know from the Bible, is reserved strictly for makers of catchy jingles that will not leave a person alone. :)
I love Sarah Bareilles, and I love what the kids did with the message of her song even more. HT, how cool would this be with our kids?!?
Carol King is a super star! Sarah Bareilles looked like she was on cloud 9!
Listen to the song by Sarah Bareilles "Brave" and pay close attention to the words. One thing you will never have to worry about with me is that I will always speak up for you. Thick or thin. I will never violate my principles. I will stand up for those who are poor, disenfranchised, cast out, shunned, and defeated. Those of various ethnic and social classes. We are all fellow human beings. I will and do "bind up the weak and broken hearted". If you believe and stand for the same things "Lead, Follow, or Get Out of My Way".
I needed a good laugh!! Go watch Sarah Bareilles music video for Brave! Hilarious... ;D
"I'm starting to believe in the power of a name, 'cause it can't be a mistake if you just call it change." - Sarah Bareilles
Sarah Bareilles got BRAVE and fired her manager over Kerfuffle with Osbournes- here Idol alum Clay Aiken considering a run for Congress? here&n
Sarah bareilles has a big nose for a singer
I'm late to the party BUT here's my quick random thoughts on the Grammies now that I caught up on them on my DVR: Beyonce is a perpetual hottie, Ringo Starr looks great for his age even if his rhythmic moves proves him to be the whitest man of the evening, "who is that aging *** at the multi colored piano?" why that's Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift just keep looking pretty but leave the head banging piano antics to Tori Amos, the much lauded Kendrick Lamar/Imagine Dragons duet was obnoxious as all *** the country legends medley may have been a bit of a mess but how classless for celebs in the audience to be laughing at these legends, Hocus Pocus Live brought to you by Katy Perry, Pink always on point but Nate Russ couldn't find the correct key if it bit him in the *** Carol King and Sarah Bareilles prove less is more with their lovely piano mashup, Chicago still in fine form and didn't need an ill-matched Robin Thicke to join in, Kacey Musgrave you are cute but who the *** are you?, LL Cool J's "hey ...
The Carole King/Sarah Bareilles moment at the Grammy's was profound not only because of the music, but also for the commentary included: King told an onlooker who complimented the blend of their voices, “Our souls blend. . . . I feel this bond with her, like I have with James Taylor. I feel like she’s my granddaughter. When we first met at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012, we had this instant connection. I feel like this is the beginning of what will be a long relationship." LOVE LOVE LOVE This quote. When that happens, whether it is art related or not, it is a rare and beautiful moment. May we be open to those moments and recognize them for their significance in our lives!
The Grammy Awards show was an amazing end to a fabulous Grammy Week in L.A. We were able to see and hear Carole King, Willie Nelson, Ringo Star, Paul McCartney, Beyonce, Pink, Zachary Richard, Terrence Simien, Trombone Shorty, Steve Martin, Chicago, David Torkanowski, Isley Brothers, Merle Haggart, Kris Kristofferson, Tye Tribbit, Robin Thick, Alicia Keys, Jay Z, Pharrell Williams, Madonna, Queen Latifa, Stevie Wonder, LL Cool Jay, Lang Lang, Metallica, Lorde, Sarah Bareilles, Bobby Rush, and so many more. We slept 10 hours last night to begin the recovery! Then it was back to reality as we were out in the cold weather at 8:30 a.m. this morning covering fruit trees and protecting subtropical and tropical plants in our yard. Both were memorable. Thanks everyone for the comments. LOL!
Just got to see the performance by Sarah Bareilles and Carole King from the Grammys.Brave is the best sing! Great!
Okay - a bit naughty, but a sneak peak into Andrea's gig on Friday; Jason Robert Brown, Joni Mitchell, Sarah Bareilles, Stephen Sondheim, Carly Simon, Bruno Mars and more!
I know I am late on this, but only because I could not watch it last night... 10 things I learned watching the Grammys 10) P!nk is from PA and is amazing. 9) Nate Ruess looks terrible with a mustache. 8) Beyoncé gave birth and still looks amazing. 7) Taylor Swift can actually look pretty...But.. Casey Musgrave is definitely the hottest girl in country. 6) Sarah Bareilles is awesome live! 5) Macklemore. 4) Madonna is now on my Celebrity Death Pool for 2014. 3) The final act, Dave & company, got screwed. 2) One will Forever be Metallica's best song(actually already knew that.) 1) 50% of the Beatles is still better than all other bands combined.
I don't get the Grammy hating. Lots of BS, the usual awkward moments and mistakes, and a few terrible songs... but also SO MUCH awesome! Moving performances from Carole King & Sarah Bareilles, Daft Punk w/Stevie Wonder getting DEEP, I even enjoyed Taylor Swift's song and John Legend's too. Metallica with a piano player? Yes! Solo piano performance tribute to Van Cliburn? MORE YES. NIN+QotSA? OMG yes. And I don't care what anyone says, that 'Same Love' tune gets me every time. Pageantry, meh... but: 'I might be different but that isn't important. No Freedom till we're equal, *** right i support it'. COME ON! Who cares if the Illuminati brought it to your screen, that's REAL right there.
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