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Sara Walsh

Sara Elizabeth Walsh (born April 12, 1978) is an American sportscaster who joined ESPN in May 2010. Walsh came to ESPN, from WUSA-TV in Washington, D.C., where she served as the station’s weekend sports anchor and Redskins beat reporter.

She forgot her flux capacitor. Planned for the worst. Also brought flint/dry tinder
Wow! Congratulations! Wishing you the best. Your in for a great adventure with your 2goodeggs!
Ha- 4 means that 56 others went with her.
The best part about this inventory list is the “4 gold necklaces”. Glad to see they’re still…
Just run it by the coach. You can stop Russell Westbrook from putting on a display. All y…
4 gold necklaces, 2 pairs of sunglasses, and a checkbook? Either she knocked off…
Thought the no iMessage signaled old school
Can hook your keys to your flip phone
Apparently since apparently Charissa doesn’t even have an iPhone...
No problem! You're clearly BFF's who trust each other 💯%. I wish I had one. 👍🏼🙌🏼
I don't think I own that many things
Oh do I miss on ESPN. Just not the same without her. 😢
"People let me tell you about my best friend"
A lovely note of thanks sent to PMD's Sara Jane Morris by valued customer, Malcolm Walsh Limited
"Apartheid didn't die, it got privatised " - Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh
I apologize for the frustration, Paul. -Sara
X FACTOR UK JUDGE'S HOUSES GUESTS REVEALED will be assistant to Louis Walsh i…
My favorite College Soccer team is the played Forward and wore Number 10.
My goodness. Your courage is immeasurable.
Hmm, think you meant “you’re a beautiful person inside and out and I enjoy followi…
We have two sets of twins, 3.5 years and 15 months. People react to us like the circus has come to town.
Our daughter was born at 29 weeks, weighed 1 pound 15 oz. We are very grateful for the incredible NICU…
They are so adorable! Best wishes for your family's health!
Great job Sara! It's nice to see how grateful people are in this crazy world we live in today!
Glad too see you're back in the 813!(or 727)!
Running outside everyday handles that for free.
Spent a few nights in NICU after our first was born. Genuinely the greatest collection of medical staff there is.
Thank you to everyone for taking care of and her babies.
Your fake tan is a bit over the top.
As an ER nurse, my hat goes off to them. I see the worst of people but I don't think I could do their job.
Took a pair of superheroes to meet a real life one- their nurse. Thank you will never be adequate.
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Great picture and you are an artist 👨‍🎤
Should ESPN rehire Sara Walsh, Jaymee Sire, and/or Jade McCarthy and/or hire Danielle Trotta?
Dear Please fire and rehire and Thanks.
Oh yeah, and possibly bring back Jaymee Sire, Sara Walsh, and Jade McCarthy too as well.
Noise canceling headphones. Bring them kiddos on!
Do what I do, tell them to relax, we were all kids once and annoyed other people. Now, it's your turn in the barrel.
LOL. From a father of twins, that is the absolute truth.
Gotta hand out treats to all passengers and say it’s from twins.
They always end it with a “oh god bless you guy”, like we have a kid with 5 heads or something too.
Have yet to try the twins on the plane yet.. it will be upcoming for us!
People love baby twins at the airport. People do not love baby twins on a plane.
Fantasy Football now was better with
who to start at flex in PPR Cohen or L. Murray?
Oh ya YOU should have been canned.. bring back
made Fantasy Football Now better. Not even worth watching now.
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you know why ratings suck? Bc you get rid of talent like and hire people like this
FFL help please! Need a 1 week QB. Who do you like from the available list??
9-5 win for Shea Ryan and Connor Walsh both great on the mound. Big games from Kailher, Schreffler, Roche,…
Bob Rose, Marcia Walsh invited everyone to meet Sara Nassr, from Syria.
For ONCE I agree with Marxist Marty Walsh,our Boston mayor , who wants to outlaw air B&B unless it's an owne…
Congrats to the newest members of Sara Walsh (and Senator
How can dad force him to be an outfielder?
Today is Election Day. Vote for Sara Walsh for House District 50. will represent ALL of her constituents…
Vandy outfielder, 2035. (Unless he's lefty, which isn't looking good.)
Which 2 do I start Hankerson, Dixon, or Hurns at my Flex in a Standard league?
With 53 percent of the vote, Republican Sara Walsh defeated Democrat Michela Skelton in the race for representative of the 50th District.
Congratulations to winners of the special election: Sandy Crawford and Sara Walsh!
Republican Sara Walsh (53 percent) defeated Democrat Michela Skelton for representative of the 50th District.
Republican Sara Walsh won the special election to fill a Missouri House seat:
Sara Walsh got the win, but it's important that Ds make Rs work hard for offices even in red areas. Good job. Chall…
Caleb Rowden announces Ashland native and republican Sara Walsh as the winner of 50th district seat
Walsh said her No. 1 priority for her first legislative session will be job and economic growth.
.& add another alum to Rep-elect Sara Walsh shows TSPA prepares grads to change the wor…
Here are the results so far from the 50th District House race between Michaela Skelton and Sara Walsh
Gratulations to my great friend Sara R. Walsh on her victory for District 50 Missouri State Representative special…
Very narrow loss for the Democrat in a Republican district. "Sara Walsh wins 50th district House seat - KMIZ"
Congratulations to our newly minted member Sara Walsh!
Republicans retain Missouri House District Sara Walsh wins special election with 52% of the vote
Congratulations to My dear friend & close confidante Sara Walsh on her big win tonight!
Another 'W' for Warmest congrats to our friend, Representative-elect on her win in HD50!. https:/…
Wow. MO-HD-50, a GOP-friendly seat carried by Romney by 22 and Trump by 21, only went to GOPer Sara Walsh by a 52-48 mar…
Sara Walsh thanked her supporters and family at the watch party.
You can still do a legal name change to reflect the "H". :-)
Fight the battle! Have fun tonight. I wish it was on again.
Katy, Kady, Kati, Katey, plus all the ones that start with C, feel your pain.
I'm Geoff and tried the losing battle of it being spelled Jeff. I feel your pain
Know the feeling. Reed with two e's and Reding with one d = double the confusion!
We feel ya. Signed, the Jon community.
funny my wife is Sarah with an H and everyone spells it without. Even my mother.
That's all that counts. People butcher my last name and I still accept it no matter how it is spelled..…
A ride is a ride. I still got in...
Stephen/Steven also fights the good fight with you both
True, but I'll bet you still accepted that intro material anyways..LOL! I can relate with a last name…
If you wrote it walsh would be walsch. You got that chang?
Barry with an A not an E because I'm not a fruit.
It's like Aron with one A and one R . Struggle
That and my last name is always wrong too... not Daily.. lol
My mom should have named me something different than Shanon as a boy. I did just get invited to a "Fema…
people need to think Stevie Nicks song; though I imagine you probably got sick of that growing up . . .
Tracy/Tracey/Traci/Tracee and a last name that gets butchered repeatedly knows the struggle
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I'm not gonna lie. That would drive me absolutely insane.
My daughter is Caitlyn with a C and a Y. Could never get personalized things at amusement parks, etc.
Kristen/Kristin stands in solidarity with both of you
I know the struggle. . Signed,. Stacy and Stacie
It looks like I'm not the only one.
Seems to be going around. We have a similar problem with Sara Walsh.
"Instead of meeting with the families of the 50th House District, Sara’s campaign visits have been with...
I couldn't agree more!! Let's celebrate others and less about ME!
Also a good one. But I may have a panic attack.
No. I have no issue with donuts. Just extreme narcissism.
Sara Walsh a weak and embarrassing excuse for a candidate for Missouri's 50th House of Representatives just blocked me.
I think the Earth would stop spinning if that happened
Thank you for saying what needs to be said!
As my favorite ESPN lady, I hope you find something wonderful.
You have to be aware of where you are and what your doing. A selfie can be a nice way t…
I agree 100%, society is now Dumb and Dumber. Do people know how stupid they truly look taking selfie?…
If I ever have the privilege of meeting you I plan to respectfully ask if we can take a picture. Meetin…
Might as well be a National Breathing Day
It's national selfie day?! We don't need a day to promote selfies. A real celebration would be the day nobody takes them.
U didnt report fact women who don't EQUALLY work as many hours/years at jobs, dont deserve earn same
Catching up with -- she'll be here hosting the Sneaker Soiree tomorrow.
Next, good friend of the show joins us! She's hosting the tomorrow night. Listen:
Jayson Stark, Jay Crawford, Sara Walsh, let go, but please lets talk about the 25 NBA players with cats ESPN ***
Congrats, Sara. So happy for your triumph. Prayers for your family and future!
You both are strong women that had gone thru different ordeals. Respect to you both for ***
TV presenter reveals she suffered miscarriage during live broadcast
Sometimes, maybe, it's better that way. If you try that hard, it means it's something you…
More people in this boat than most know... amazing & inspiring story. Brave of you to share. God bless & enjoy those twins.
My goodness. This story about ESPN's her twins, and on-air miscarriage will tug at your ❤️!
Wow what a story. So happy for you having twins
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She was laid off from ESPN while on maternity leave ... now she's sharing her heartbreaking story turned beautiful…
Now here, here is some who deserves a Presidential medal for bravery. May God be with you and your fami…
Must read. Unbelievable story, unbelievable strength and courage. I know she'll land on her feet in sports media.…
thanks for sharing. Been down that road too. It was scary but our ending was so worth it too!
ESPN anchor laid off after maternity leave explains how lucky she is:
Congratulations on happy mother's days from here on out!
glad your story turned out well and hope you had a happy Mother's Day. Best of luck.
Sportscaster Sara Walsh says she had a miscarriage on live TV:
Wow. Just wow. Incredible. Congrats and best of luck. Sorry ESPN let you go, hope you land elsewhere an…
such an incredible story of hope and faith. Wishing you and your family many more happy mother's days together!
I always respected you as a journalist, but had no idea how strong you were until I read the article about you in the
Wow Sara!! You are some kinda woman! Looks like 3 good eggs in that pic!! Congratulations!
Happy Mother's Day! Your babies are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story.
Good for you for handling it exactly as you wanted. Sorry for your struggles and congratulations on your triumph.
.is a fantastic anchor & even better person. won't be the same. She's incredibly strong & has been…
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Thx 4 sharing. Many ppl don't understand the pain of struggling 2 get PG. Thank U 4 giving me hope.❤️
I am 2 for 7. Number 5 loss was brutal at 20 weeks-I kno what u mean about not buying anything. We didn…
Sara Walsh, who was let go from ESPN this month, said that at one point she had a miscarriage while on the road.
Sara - read the story you are brave to share. best of everything to you and your little blessings
Thanks for sharing your story of and difficult journey! There are so many of us out here.
You are an inspiration to all of us suffering. Thank you for being so open now ❤️
Of all the ESPN on-air talent firings, may be their biggest mistake long-term; she's a very good interviewer, knows audience
So sorry about your misfortune. But now it's all wonderful. Enjoy those two little ones. You are a fantastic lady.
So incredibly sad Sara Walsh had to keep pregnancies, and their issues, private. Secret. Women can't talk about...
You are an amazingly strong woman Proud to look up to you & call you a friend. Thank u for being one of the g…
Former ESPN anchor Sara Walsh shares heartbreaking story of having miscarriage while on air
Wow... congratulations and best wishes for your whole family
I asked him to make me a new mixtape for my Walkman.
The mass destruction here is caused be creature far tinier than Godzilla.
Godzilla vs is the only good version
How the frick do you have time with newborns!? I want to watch TV again 😂😂
You had twins. You might want to watch so you can learn how to handle mass destruction.😅
I will not watch sportscenter until is back
embrace the seemingly nonsensical, Mrs. Walsh...there's art all across the cinematic spectrum. I think.
Uhh, sounds like a cinematic masterpiece
Get out. I'm watching Godzilla too! Need to see it before watching the new Kong movie!
Me: what're you watching?. fave movie. Me: about?. Him: Godzilla creatures taking over earth. Me: so I'll be In other room.
I wonder if that means no more Sara Walsh as I haven't seen her in months on Sportscenter to be fair I only watch it Sat & Sun.
I think you should root for because
I hope you are doing well. I look forward to seeing you on television again soon.
See the problem with is Fredo is running the family.
Needed a food and dessert laugh tonight. Delivered, Kevin my man.
It'll be interesting to see Sara Walsh do double duty for SportsCenter w/ Hannah Storm and Fantasy Foot…
Will and host Fantasy Football Now for the 2017 NFL season on ESPN2 this fall?
They've both been hitting the bottle pretty hard
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And the girl on the right left with him at a bar??
This is what being a parent is all about. Capturing those very special moments. 💖💖
Guy on the left had too many umbrella drinks.
Jacksonville has been selected as a host city for the 2019 NCAA Basketball Championship - Rounds 1 & 2.
Happy Easter to these sports bunnies
I think he should've had the bunny ears, though.
So very happy for you and the entire family!
This is how it's done in the beginning. Don't sweat it!
Dressed em in clothes that still aren't even close to fitting them. Their Outfits are gonna be great next easter.
Nothing beats calling the Hogs on national TV. Thanks
I'm shocked u even made the edit. Lol
.I see you're hanging out on Clearwater Beach this weekend. Stop by Jimmy's Crows Nest rooftop bar for…
Did your boy steal that from the couch
THE YOUNG MESSIAH movie plays a half-dozen times on HBO this Easter weekend. Watch Sara Lazzaro & Vincent Walsh portray Mary & Joseph!
When the article came out I bookmarked it everyday I get to see her smile when I login…
With my first pick in the ESPN Personalties Draft I would take
.hun... Why are you returning Bradley Walsh's calls, but not rn? 😉 h…
Thanks, Sara Walsh, for your excellent review on Google
Happy, happy birthday to one of my very best friends who may or may not have had…
Why did you leave ESPN? Loved you on Sunday fantasy football show{ Plus, you're hot! Lol!
Happy Birthday Sara. I hope you've had an awesome day.
How could you leave "Cool Runnings" off the list of Best Sports Movies?
if Troy Bolton didn't go to he could been a lottery pick.
I'm not sure what that says about me, or my late 00's TV habits.
when you're the captain of your high school musical team, you just get it. Efron by 10.
have you seen his moves? He could sink a 3 and then be the halftime show...
Hey sports movie- 61*. Also zac efron in 17 again could take you 1-on-1 Russillo.
Eric LeGrand to receive Warrior Award at Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.
Contribution checks can be mailed to: Friends of Sara Walsh, PO Box 14, Ashland, MO 65010. (New ethics laws prohibit L…
Good morning 🌞😃☀️. Are you on SportsCenter this morning today?
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I request bar scene from 'Dukes of Hazzard'
I humbly request Dukes of Hazzard with or or as Daisy Duke.
or should be Daisy Duke and and should be Bo and Luke.
I think either or would be a great Daisy Duke IMO.
Lil handsome n miss princess, they're adorable 😊
You had Twins? That's crazy, I have twins as well. Here is their 3 month picture. :)
so precious! I remember when my twins were that little
Michelle Walsh Anderson and Sara Pritzl are the lucky winners of this week's $50 Shell® Gift Card Giveaway!...
People have asked what I think of Sara Walsh running for state house. I don't trust her. She represents what is wrong with the GOP!
An honor to bring 1st UK rally driver into the French Trophy, in with
Can anyone tell me where Lindsay Czarniak and Sara Walsh are.? Do they still work for ESPN?
first chance with Buveurdair in the ok Yanworth
If anyone keeps their job at ESPN, it will be and
Sorry about your alma mater. Don't feel to bad. My BC Eagles are a trainwreck!
Walsh JC et al. "is Relevant, but We Don't Want to Do it" 🙋 Please, let's change the way we teach!
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Last summer, while working to get Sara Johnson, 9th Ward Democratic Committeewoman and Bryan Walsh, 9th Ward...
Thx for pkg If that ball wasn't signed, they'd be dribbling with it right now!
well get some rest! You do a awesome job on sportscenter.
pretty sure I wouldn't have been medically cleared to play. Thanks for kind words.
thanks. Producers were kind enough to bring some to me before show started. Sadly it didn't help enough.
My scenarios for SportsCenter Coast to Coast:. and (primary). and (secondary)
We're talking about seams with countertop expert Sara Walsh-Rooney with at our…
Waking up on Saturday morning 2 see & talking Matt threw 5 TDs en route to…
Espn needed to give Sara Walsh the day off. She's on SC w no voice.
Someone needs to send Sara Walsh home from Sportscenter & let her rest. Girl is sick
OMG what the *** are u wearing this morning on sports center
Can somebody at give a day off? She's about to give all of us the flu.
so sorry that you're under the weather. A little hot tea and honey should help. Hope you feel better real soon
Always enjoy watching you host SportsCenter Sara. Sounds like you have a cold this morning. Get to feeling better.
is the very definition of a professional today. Fell better soon.
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You sound super sick on the air this morning. Go home and get some sleep, Sara.
Ludacris lyrics personified: "...and then my voice got rassspy..." I see you this mornin',
Please send your tax returns to Matt Walsh before having sex. Do not expect a satisfying conclusion.
So, & this is how summed up Clemson's victory...
Hey Ms. Walsh here is a new video that I did and I hope you like it.
i need a flex in .5 PPR Brandin cook…
Hi. Would you be interested in a breast cancer project for ?
Love Tampa! Did you take the boys to Hyde Park?
As a Tampa kid dreaming of working for ESPN one day, it was a dream covering the champ. Thx
man you should've been in the game instead! U and Melo keep the faith
Graduating PT today:. Sara: I really hope I don't ever talk to you again unless it's because you picked Walsh. Don't hurt yourself anymore.
ha ha love your profile...explains my dreams as well! . Your second option has turned out well.
That's a wrap from Thx to for joining us on SC this am.
deserves the keys to the city. Although he probably already has them.
Shout out to Tampa's own who is doing live from Tampa.
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Les Miles' hair is not really that color. Less natural than Sara Walsh's next to him, and women can do that. Or teens.
He's hokey and a horrible recruiter so no.
absolutely. Proud to have him representing UF.
I thought McElwain's acting in the commercial with was good -- he is GREAT tonight on tube. Gator fans, agree?
Which college football team to rooting for tonight or ? 🏈
coach geared game plan to get touches for MVP to make up for last celebrity game
These 2 teams put on quite the show today at In the end, Team Clearwater, led by &
is the realist. He's now my second favorite fellow Gulf High alum next to
SportsCenter on the Road sets the stage for a pair of huge CFB matchups. in Athens & in Clemson…
A Legacy Unrivaled is studios! SportsCenter anchor was one of the 1st to read it! Get your copy
I just noticed that is in my home state of Tennessee where she worked at WKRN in Nashville back in the day.
the show is not the same without you. Hopefully you will bye back next week! Assignment?
Help! u can bench ONLY one. L. Miller, D. Johnson (def not), S. Ware, or T. West. Thx!
That's NOTHING come to Texas and see our lines for BBQ!! Some places start lining up at 7AM for a 11AM opening.
👍 or 👎 on bonuts? They are a weird combination, i couldnt decide!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I laugh at people standing at Pancake Pantry. Drive out to Loveless. Lines are for stupid people with no self control.
If only DMV lines like this ended with bonuts. (Biscuit donuts) @ Biscuit Love
I hope Smith isn't replacing you on Fantasy show
what are you doing now in Nashville?
is not the same without you I hope your enjoying time off.
I need someone to wear black tights today. Any on the following will do, or
in chicago if there is a game 7 tomorrow morning for Sportscenter or is Jay Crawford?
you're absolutely so adorable and breathtaking as always Sara.
enjoyed watching. You have a great smile.
play little boys overrated r 15 win by 2TDs
Wrigley at dawn will look far different than Wrigley tonight.
like superman/clark Kent... we're not allowed to ever be in the same Place!
go get warm looked frozen there at Wrigley with Cora!
It was cold here earlier this morning. 61 in Tampa. Probably colder in the 727.
will you be in Cleveland on Tuesday?
Southerners do NOT like cold. Go get em today!
watching on ESPN this morning, where did you get that yellow coat?! Love it!
If there's a heater, a Floridian will find it. Between commercials borrowing the dugout warmth.…
I love this crew on Saturday mornings! Great chemistry & personality! Absolutely the best!
I'm praying not. But I'm in Texas, 100 times more excited for the A&M game
hopefully close. I hate watching blowouts.
. Clinton operatives explain how to commit voter fraud on tape .
also, Sara reveals she was seeing ANOTHER man, Shane Walsh.
your smile is so beautiful and you look pretty as usual! 😊 How have you been? You going to work any games? Hope all is well
Can we play Pigskin Pickem and a good group name might be SportsCenter Weekend Warriors?
I can't "like" this pic or the one you posted on IG cause I'm a but you look good as always. Lol 🤗
ah yes very few like the ole ball coach in a press conf for sure. Comical, insightful, honest, open...classic
maybe I don't pay enough attention to women's apparel, but that seems like the most random pocket 😃 😃
How is he so lucky to get his picture taken with you ?
Yep ole ball coach & Bobby Bowden both were good for a few great 1 liners every interview "dag nab it" lol
I'm watching ESPN right now. What do you think of Kaepernick's decision on sitting down during the national anthem?.
JCap jmo liz Lana sara Is who I mainly talk about lol but I adore Kate Walsh and KaDee Strickland as well
Here's clip of on SportsCenter this morning with
When are you coming home to be an honorary captain for the
Devs great save by Sara's keeper from Walsh
Irreverent, Bold and Colourful campaign for on via
Well, Sara Walsh is on Sportscenter now. Turn the channel. 🐴
How about a reunion in Manhattan Beach?!!!
it's also strange how this kids bedrooms look far better than mine. Miss you!
God I love your pretty bare feet & toes in those heels Sara! It would be my honor to kneel before you to kiss & worship them!🌹
Join Sara baume & Joanna Walsh at this year's Kildare Readers Festival, in conversation with n Oct 15:
Good, mature discussion about Romo's injury. Glad to see it!
GR8 job anchoring Good perspective from on Out 6-10 weeks!
that lense probably just a few k. Hope it was just the outer glass.
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