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Sara Walsh

Sara Elizabeth Walsh (born April 12, 1978) is an American sportscaster who joined ESPN in May 2010. Walsh came to ESPN, from WUSA-TV in Washington, D.C., where she served as the station’s weekend sports anchor and Redskins beat reporter.

Erin Andrews

"When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that's love."
so this is my friends dog. Didn't move til 6pm. Had to check him for bedsores.
can a fellow Osprey trying to make it get a RT...trying to get followers is difficult
Looking on right now for job openings...
I know! I think I was that kid growing up. :)
That's how I was yesterday. Got another 5.2" of snow.
“Me. Everyday. RTThis is hysterical.. will ❤️ this
she was in Nashville. There's no doubt her awesomeness has multiplied since then.
Me. Everyday. RTThis is hysterical.. will ❤️ this
luv ur blue dress it looks great on u :) my day hasn't started till I see Sara n every morning on
Sara Walsh is coming in blazing hot today on SportsCenter
You have some hops!!! Dish the ally Bram, cuz Sara have the oop!!!
come on Sara, need to do that dunk in heels!
“loved the cutting of the nets.” Next time I'm in Ohio, Save the best stick in your humidor for me
you already win my vote , ex IU alum...can't compete with that!!
I get the feeling working with is like eating fresh peach cobbler and butter pecan ice cream...just great
I'm not a reliable source to confirm that RTseems extremely fun to work with/be around
I think I found an error on SC. The picture of Oscar Robertson wearing jersey He wore 14 and 1. Worth a mention on SC?
This is what happens when and host on Saturday morning
Lmao whats with wearing Smokey the bears hat lol he looked like ranger danger lol
You should have taken your shoes off and put sneakers on and taken a couple of shots on the court
Davis and Hunter did not go back to back. Kinsler made an out in between them. 9 Davis, 1 Kinsler, 2 Hunter
There were 4 casualties in round 8. See who survived. Deadline for the next round is Sat 1st at 2:00pm.
I'm starting to think that I may never fully recover from rag week
"There will be a media circus following him." . Wouldn't be nearly as bad if you weren't force feeding it down our throat!
So I kinda have a crush on on but is my favorite! 😍
I want to take you out for the night of your are the sexiest women I have ever seen.
I think they were literally made for me !
Doing a great job again this morning Sara.
I would seriously wear these bad boys to college if it was socially acceptable !
Im getting real bored of this whole being sick thing
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seeing you & Jade together again, this pairing should occur more often you two work together well.
You can't say without The and Show. They're the best duo on SportsCenter today.
Sweet shoutout to and for doing a fantastic job along with the anchor combine on on a fun Saturday!!
you dont need scripts or anything and never will since you're so awesome!! Have a great weekend Sara!
Good Morning Sara it was great see you this morning you look hot today sara and i love watch
the poor PA who spent all that time getting the scripts ready...
I would contest to the judges on the "Script" ESPN Olympics loss. You got hosed by the audio guy judge?? :) Love watch center!
great job ladies this morning at the anchor combine! Yall are a great duo and keep it fun and insightful!!
I'm guessing the weigh-in and body measurements are out in this Lol
nothing better than when Sara Walsh and Jade McCarthy host SportsCenter 😍
Anchor Combine is hilarious, show'em how its done ladies!
"Sara Ramirez will blow the roof off of…everybody!" - Kate Walsh
We (Sara Ramirez and I) had such a super strong connection. -Kate Walsh . Aww **
Looking real HOT In Red this AM on ! Have a great day beautiful ! 😄
chances of being drafted first overall taking a hit with the performance at the Anchor combine RISING UP
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According to stock is falling after latest round of aka
You do not want to know what was happening INSIDE that bus
is the bad. Makes sports center that much better lmao
Hey folks! Our next gig is a benefit for Sara Walsh Delaney, next Saturday in the Grand Social. Great lineup!
Looking at Jade McCarthy & Sara Walsh run from one place to the next with heels on is funny af Lol
Hey our two favorites are on right now; and Great chemistry!
That 40 time for you and was better than some lineman. But how's your shuttle cone time?
loved the anchor combine.. Great performance
nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning watching the always beautiful Sara Walsh on a fresh Sport Center!
S/O to for winning the on sorry , but at least you have pretty feet!
The ladies are in the house!! and doing their thing on this morning. Some
Wow and are looking good this morning on sportscenter. These two should cohost together more often
Espn is on point today with Sara Walsh and Jade McCarthy
Sportscenter knows what's it's doing having and anchor together 
After watching medal ceremony last night, is it just me or does USA skier Maddie Bowman look like Sara with that big smile.
So I guess it's movie night with Sara Walsh.
The Redneck Manifesto and Jape plus many, many more great music acts are performing here at this Benefit gig for the Sara Walsh Delaney Fundraiser at The Grand Social on March 1st Tickets are €35 (inc. raffle draw) and are available to buy from behind the bar here and also in Elastic Witch, Twisted Pepper It should be a good evening and for a great cause, get involved!
There's a fundraiser gig next week for our former Trinity MMT student Sara Walsh Delaney who has been in Beaumont hospital for over two years. Please consider supporting this, there's a great line up including the Redneck Manifesto:
NEWBORN CASTING CALL! I need a few newborns for sessions starting ASAP through mid March. I have some incredible deals available for anyone interested. A deposit will be required to secure your session. Please message me at Sara Walsh Photography for details! Spots will be limited!
Can I suggest pink Cheetha print LaddyeeE Luck ..ALL news I got my I HEART ears on as WELL that's WHAT I'm talking about babbyeeE..# Aces is my Bestie..What's up SArA Walsh..
Once again I'm finding myself singing the praises of my gal pals who helped me out today. THANK YOU, Melinda Ylagan, Sara Walsh Thurling, Jennifer Jennifer Wertz and Dina Madison Hafley. Yet again you all stepped up to help me in a crunch and I am so so SO grateful!!
From our web site; - Safe Environment training for new volunteers, age 18+, is Wednesday, February 12th at 6:30pm in the Lecture Hall. Please complete the Diocese of Dallas Screening Form prior to attending the class. Those needing to recertify may also attend. If you need childcare, please contact Sara Walsh to make a reservation. No children under the age of 18 will be allowed in the classroom. For more info, call Peggy Runnels at ext. 2210
Sara Walsh going on a visit to the engine room. Lush photo Sara x
Had a wonderful day filled with very special moments ! Woke up to Da da Adam Kenworthy singing Happy Birthday to Miss Anastazia , got her dressed in her pink tu tu and her birthday cape then she picked out breakfast which out of all the stuff we had all she wanted was some rice krispies and raisons like her mama likes lol i was hoping she would go for some blueberry pancakes and bacon but ok whatever birthday girl wants ! Then we had a great playdate with andy and Sara Walsh ! Then a late nap. Off to have pizza at grandma's and some awesome presents followed with a cool chocolate cake with heart sprinkles , then we went to grandpa's place to pick up presents and give a big birthday hug, then we went to her 2nd birthday party at Kay Shaw and Kevin Sullivan and saw so many friendly faces , had so much fun and ice cream cake and lots of cool presents and THEEE BEST chicken noodle soup ive ever had EVER , now a sleepover with baby kaya and Patrina Belfiglio-Kastner !!
The Redneck Manifesto are lined up to play a fundraiser for Sara Walsh Delaney, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2011 at the age of 28 after being
Hey Sara Walsh Lori Swanson and Kath McCoy Cantafio look at this little guy.
Just in case you might have missed this last week, there will be a benefit gig on 1st. March at the Grand Social in Dublin to raise funds for Sara Walsh Delaney, it will be the only Redneck Manifesto gig in 2014. It's a really great cause and I hope to see some of you there. Richie
hes just honoring disneys founder Walt Disney who is on ice
dont be surprised if calls u 4 that FF partnership 2day. Cuz there's no way he will be thawed 4 the 2014 draft!
Sara, you can model. I respect your decision. What is one of your favorite memories about Nashville?
I didn't get anything. Just looked for ideas. What was your day like?
Good evening Sara! Who let the blonde out? Who let the bulldog out? I worked, and went to barnes and noble.
I was really hoping to see a cheer off tonight at this Walsh game
and I worried that the NFL would be able to keep up with the hype that the collegiate bowls have created.
here's what I can confirm about that game- Kevin will be cold.
I believe so that was hard to beat.. Aces..I wanna be 394..follow me it'll be alright.. Sara or sArA double a game chick
You never know! That's the great thing about the NFL.
Emma just stuck her gum under the Walsh bleachers
Did this one fire up George or did he sleep thru it?
, I cannot fathom what would top this game! WoW!!!
I think we're all in for a serious ride ALL playoffs long if this is indicative of how thing's are going to be.
Try following this comeback while on a airplane
Sara and I are not fitting in at this Walsh game...
watch the Saints/Eagles game be a defensive struggle
not gonna happen. Andrew luck was beastmode
I'm still not really sure what I just saw...
Is it asking too much for the saints/eagles to top this one?
particular reason why not? You have the beauty, and you look nice and tall.
I lived in Nashville so I'd have to agree!
great job. You can pull off any color scheme apparently, impressive.
you guys need you flip your 1 and 2 wildcard moments. You know The Music City Miracle is the top moment ever.
love watching you on espn pretty and good at what you do. Ever considered modeling?
.just dropped the "so much determination" line talking about Marshawn Lynch's TD against the Saints on top ten. I approve.
Just read ur bio, ha. I don't know if I wanna compete with u on who's had more knee surgeries or who has more lack of talent :)
great job today on sports center and you look great on the NFL countdown set. You add true beauty to the set
Jus followed both of my boos & nthn lyk a beautiful woman that knows sports !
Saturday morning previews on with and my little dude asleep on my chest.
Sara walsh needs a nose job,looks like a horse with that nose and grill
the Saints have never won a playoff game on the road - s
You make watching ESPN SO much better. You are beautiful!
Joe you have ignored me so I have turned to my spouse to console me. BTW, did you ever make out with Sara Walsh?
is my dream girl. Beauty and sports smarts!
OMG...OMG. love the red high heels...OMG!
Sara Walsh. Please take back what you said at 9 am this morning about NFL Playoffs!
If I had a dollar for every time someone spelled my name wrong
thanks for all your help this past season. Really enjoyed watching your show.
That guys has to be nuts or something. He must not feel a thing. How is David and Goliath coming? I just finished Casino Royale.
What wildcard game are you looking forward to this weekend? I saw someone the other day doing yard work in shorts.
That's what we have to do in cold weather. Oh and by the way in on of George, . Who let George out.
Hello Sara! I am sick of the cold weather too. How many pairs of gloves do you own? Get up go to work, and stay warm.
- Sara what are we going to do with our Tennessee Titans ?? We need help !
.and Suzy Kolber would make a great couple. Same with Kirk Herbstreit and Sara Walsh. Call me the matchmaker
she added me...wait till she gets my drunken snaps. Also that is gold that everyone is adding her
For my bday 2day, I didn't wake up on island w sun & sand - instead I was snowed in. But getting 2 c on SC was a definite plus!
.where did u get that dress you wore on SC this morning? Wife loves it and now I have to find it lol! Thank you!
Just saw the end of Sportscenter and Sara Walsh looks like she lives in a tanning bed
It's ok beautiful theirs a night game on Sunday .. Theirs 150 people in 149 of them are max chip up players.. Aces..Why you need a scouting report faith..OH MY GOODNESS Sara Walsh or sArA wAlsh I've ALLready got my scouting done..
I have a confession. I have always wanted to see you play beach volleyball :D
At baggage claim in JAX and there is
Just got off work and come home to see this. My picture from Sara Walsh! MY DAY…
Just got in from work and come home to this! I thank you I appreciate it! I hope 2014 is your best too!
how does god feel about missing one of his angels whilst you do sports center? Your beautiful just wanted you to know that
can I be Sara Walsh from sports center, literally sounds like the perfect job👌
So happy Owens story got on Sportscenter! About time we get some good news!
Way to go & for making me pause workout to get emotional. What a story!
it's Colorado State not Colorado v Washington State in the NM Bowl
That was great when missed the triangle! You guys are great on Sportscenter.
Did Sara Walsh just ask Bram, 'How do you miss the triangle?'
- The Owen Groesser story was great. Well done.
Sara Walsh the analyst from ESPN is so bad
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where did you get your dress that your wearing today? My wife really wants it!
Hey you simplified those playoff scenarios the best way you could.
Sportcenter is a lot easier to watch when is on
Awesome segment on sports center! Rodgers is ready, let him play!...organization. ..organization. .etc... lol!
Super story on Owen!!! I am sports official in New Mexico and it brought tears to my eyes, super job
Good lord 's Sara Walsh is gorgeous
A return to normalcy. pumpkin spice coffee, 2 sausage, egg and cheese Sizzli croissants and on
great shout. That was an awesome story! Special experience for Owen and family.
kids learning the golden rule through sports. What it's all about.
you were right. Best story out there! ! Great work! !
still in tears after watching inspirational story about Owen Groessner
I like sports center even more when I can look at Sara Walsh's
Saturday morning with Why yes, I think I will. good looking out.
Watchin this special on story is incredible wasn't playin they are goin in. Footage for days
Check out Sara Walsh on SportsCenter right now! 😍
Little Giant Ladders
remember back in high school when you blew the whole lacrosse team. Talk about a score. That was classic.
This sell won't do it justice- starting at 10et w/incredible story of Owen Groesser. Guarantee best story you'll see today.
Sara, have a great day tomorrow. Jon
Which show do you like doing on ESPN the most? Can you have more of a conversation on the phone with Uncle Richard?
Hello Elizabeth. Oh wait that is your middle name. Hi Sara! Did you have fun today? Do you sleep on the plane usually?
I can't tell if that Orange or peach color jacket but you can rock that color gurl !
A fan of yours here in Orlando! You and the crew always do a great job on Sorry we left late for Hartford.
Shoutout to for replying unlike every other celebrity
I'm not as hot as Sara Walsh but I never had a mullet like Melrose. Turn off ESPN and read my blog:
Please follow these lovely ladies of the Sports world -
Last work day until the new year! Going to love the time off with my family but will miss the sweet little faces of my toddler and preschool friends. Looking forward to exciting new things when we return in 2014! Merry Christmas Sara Walsh- Turner Angela Nieforth Ashley Dickson and Holly Wilson
I wouldn't mind sitting down and talking sports with and lol I'd die a happy man
Sara, did you bring your pillow? I remember a pink pillowcase. Sara, do you like pineapple? I helped cut one up.
Sara, Hi! Are you tan? What did you do today? Did you go for a run? What about a gym? What have you been doing with your mom?
“Clearwater Beach, Florida Now I can see why this is favorite beach.
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My biggest problem is that: I give people Chance... After Chance... After Chance... After Chance... After Chance... After C…
Does anyone else stress out while watching the add with the lilly allen song that the bear will die from waking from hibernation too early ?
TO A shout out and a Sbux coffee to one my favorite ESPN FF anchors. Wishing you a happy holiday season :)
Hey Sara, how'd ya do in fantasy this year? Playoffs?
hello Sara. Trust your ready for Xmas?
very good to see Sara Paretsky called 'American's answer to P.D. James' in The Tablet. Thank you Michael Walsh!
I know I'm late but my is the beautiful . 😍😘😘
It's funny how if u get an A on a test, ur grade goes up like 2 percent, but if u get an F on a test, your grade goes do…
It makes me sick people think i am made of money. Sara, go soak up the sun. Jon
Sara are running? I hate when people want to do things with me just because I am a us senators nephew.
I saw an article Usain Bolt raced a bus. You should dress up in a Santa skirt and feed me Christmas cookies.
Aloha Sara! How was the sun today? Do you know there is an indoor surfing place in Clearwater Beach. How is your mom?
My timeline shows reppin the very well. If only she hadn't brought that cold weather with her.
oh dont you worry i did ;) Missing you !!! ps when are we going to London for the christening ??
so Will Smith was an espn anchor mocking lebron james baby powder thing he does? Lol thats awesome
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CONGRATS Anna-Marie Coomber and Sara Walsh! Please PM me the email associated with your Kindle so I can pass the info along :)
Sara Walsh from ESPN just did the worst interview with AJ McCarron I have ever seen...she was so subtle ever time she insulted him. I may just be sensitive to it, but to me it was rude!
SPAIN UPDATE So I have left Rota, Spain by plane and landed at Madrid Airport (40 min flight). Next stop Dallas Ft Worth (11:25mins). Then on to Ontario, Ca (3:10mins). Can't wait to get home to start the pack out and check out of work. I'm very excited to have the family with me there in the very near future. The look on their face when they sink teeth into the food over here will forever change them. We now have to get everything ready to go and hopefully get our passports by 29DEC2013 as that is the day I'm supposed to be here. Selling my Ford Focus to Sara Walsh and am also selling our 2012 ford Explorer. We only can take one vehicle to Spain so I thought it would be fitting to sell both cars and import my Harley-Davidson Breakout. Don't worry I am buying Venessa a new BMW when I get over there. So that is the jist of our move thus far. Passports are going to be the driver of our date. Take care and stand by for some pic's.
What an amazing classes today!!! Everybody good and hard work this evening, and some of you we need to say- Marcin Miller you are the best talented Diva ever :-) Rebecca Grimes, Kasia Miękina, Shila, Sara Walsh you are getting better and better! Ilona Jurek it is nice to see you back full of energy :-) Heli Rissanen we are so happy to having you in our studio, you are amazing, hard working girl! Paul Keenan just keep going like this! Cathal Kavanagh we need to say good job Mr!!!
T-16 days until one of my best friends Sara Walsh comes home.I cant wait to see her face :)
When our children are happy in their life, it puts us at ease, and gives us a piece of mind. It makes our life so much better, as a parent. Russell and I both are happy for our kids. I love you Michael Walsh Jr. who is with Vanessa Lyn, Andrew Walsh married to Sara Walsh, and Jessica Hughes with Anthony Pendolf. Love and miss my son Daniel everyday but he is at peace. Hope everyone has had a wonderful week and a great up coming weekend . XOXO
Oooh yeah its Game Day! Watching some ESPN an the lovely Mrs. Sara Walsh showing Manning all kinds of love :) P.S. I want her job!
Oh what a day. .whew. the move has begun and br baby its cold outside! Have I mentioned how awesome Sara Walsh is?
Hopefully ESPN is sending Sara Walsh to Indianapolis tomorrow. It would make my detail tomorrow that much better.
Happy 5th Birthday to my beautiful, wonderful granddaughter Noelle Sara Walsh. Love you to the moon and back.
Sara, I watched football,went and helped run errands and cleaned the house. Sara, have a good one. Jon
Sara, you should get out and do something on Sunday. Go to a sports bar. Take George for an afternoon walk.
At other times when the door is open he will come in. I believe that qualifies him to be a peeping Tom.
Good evening Sara! Sara, the Packers didn't lose today, yes. When I am in the bathroom, Thomas likes to lay by the door.
Good early call on Orange Julius. Delanie Walker's 9.6 pts were better than 0. Bravo!
Sara Ramirez, Kate Walsh, Naya Rivera and Nicole Scherzinger are the perfect women
*** we didn't crap :/ Totally unexpected huh? Have a good rest of your day and a good week!
hope you have a great Sunday Sara :) and let us hope Johnson plays like a beast today!
I've also got Peyton & Demaryius in those frigid temps tonight. Hoping the passing game doesn't take a big hit. WR screen!
depends on your options, I can't afford to have him not play or not be productive. I got a win streak to keep intact!
Thanks Sara, enjoy watching your insight along with everyone else on there. Very informative, looks fun too!
that settles it. If Sara has him benched, he goes to my bench w/ D. Walker as backup.
Watching TV in the If so, welcome home.
freezing temperatures, getting hit with footballs, getting run it. How do sideline reporters do it??
who would you go with at RB2, Woodheard or Rainey in a standard league? Thx Sara!
do I play Lacy or Reggie Bush? I have lost some faith in Bush lately.
Huge trooper on that live shot Mom Walsh said you deserve those extra zeroes in the check!
should I start Demarco Murray or Alfred Morris today?
Who to start in flex position; Cordarrelle Patterson or Nate burleson?
I love waking up sunday mornings having talk fantasy football to me.
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Something about Sara Walsh that makes you think she's incredible with it
in a PPR league.. Jones-drew, Chris ogbanaya or Jason Witten??
Sara Walsh and Erin Andrews naked in my bed setting my lineup with the ravens game on tv... That's real fantasy football
time to roll the dice and start mccown over Eli!! Wish me luck !?
he's on my bench 2nite. Hate doing it RTOn was pessimistic about Julius Thomas playing tonight.
Rothlesberger or keenum please help
.5 ppr Ridley vs Denver or Woodhead vs KC?
I think you have the wrong person, I'm on fantasy Fball. No baseball discussions here.
16 team ppr flex -- Ogbonnaya, Woodhead, , or Marlon Brown.
I traded Antonio brown for Demaryius Thomas, good move or no?
Start Charles Clay or should i scoop a FA Te such as T.Wright, M.Rivera, B.Bostick, or Jeff Cumberland?
do I stick with Matt Prater with the high winds tonight?
on Thursday, I expect u to be thankful that today's show isn't a remote from Met Life stadium!!
That means 3 times in a 100... lifetime??? That's not bad odds hon ~~
Sara, have a great day on set tomorrow. Jon
Sara, I was never good at algebra. Do you prefer hot chocolate or hot apple cider? Sara, be careful with George's joints.
Be very careful with your knees. Why did George need acl surgery? Is he able to support himself on his joints?
Hello Sara! Was that hot chocolate you were drinking the other day? Can I fit in that snuggie too? What did you today?
remember that time back in high school when you flashed the boys locker room. That was classic.
The 7-time-surgically-repaired left knee and the cadaver ligament in it currently are in agreement.
behind every good sports woman is a *** good husband! Good show today!
skiers like myself are. I will bring a snuggie for you cause 28 might be the high outside but the high in studio F will be 18.
Poor Stephania Bell should not stand next to Sara Walsh in this segment.
You did good for me last week need ya again, Nick foles Andy dalton or Matt Rya, Thanks sara!!!
great job on SportsCenter this morning, looked great as always.
Sara Walsh got kind of an ugly face but *** those legs..
Hey so was tellin me when he had ur shoe during the Cinderella skit that ur shoe smelled like Fritos lol
is by far my ESPN fave. Great on air personality, consistant and funny!
Happy Saturday! Looking real HOT this AM on and great work as anchor always! Have a great day beautiful! 😄
Wow looks amazing on this morning. 😝
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Sara Illinois and Connecticuts public transportion systems stink. I wish i could drive. How was Maddow this evening?
Sara, my day went well. You should carve a pumpkin that says Bulldog or George.
Sara, you didn't answer my question about what states Megan likes. Also, I want to know what you think of Seattle?
Hello Sara! What is this about Avatar? How do you like working on NFL Insiders?
That one password you use for everything and if anyone ever figured it out they could single-handedly ruin your entire life.
I see what you're Doing with that avatar. Genius.
Have a fabulous weekend! Which game are you most looking forward to seeing? (any sport)
bon jour señorita you had at a loss for words. I'd be around you too. 5-1
high fashion again this morning miss Walsh!
Sara Walsh and Erin Andrews, I will take an ESPN sandwich, come shout out Morgan freeman
I think I have a thing for Sara Walsh. she's got it.
Had 2 quality days with Insiders Top insight/info.
very cool I'll put him in my prayers & hope he gets a family. Thx for sharing it.
Saw the story tonight on the network---very moving.
WOW, what an awesome story. It takes a special kid to overcome all that he has, really hope can find the family he deserves.
This isn't about sports- It's heartbreaking, inspiring and i hope culminates in what every kid deserves- a family.
Any update on Larry Fitzgerald and his status/productivity for tonight?
isit jus me or did Jim Irsay seem n look drunk in his tv comment last nite
good or bad? I traded AP and got Sproles and DeJackson. It's PPR and I still have Forte, JCameron, Cam, Witten, and AnBrown.
they should put you on Insiders more often. I enjoyed the half of the show I watched today with you in it.(DVRed the other half)
Sara, what states would Megan move to? I saw a horse rolling on the ground. Do a great job at work tomorrow. Jon
Sara, you mentioned which states you like. If you had a job offer in those states, what would you do? Would you do Seattle?
Sara, good evening! This place seems great for live music. NFL Insiders and NFL Live, you were busy today.
hey, I plugged ffnow so we're all even!
can you tell Sara Walsh that she is an amazing actress, for me? ☺️
Had a great time on Insiders today with and Colts' owner got everyone stirred up!
is going to put on a great show tonight. Check it out if you're in the area.
Looking real beautiful on ESPN NFL INSIDER today! Great work as always! Have a great day! 😄
much better, BTW. You're doing a fine job.
Switching back and forth between you and Barbarians II on the Military History Channel. Please forgive me.
Gawd I love turning on ESPN and seeing the lovely and beautiful with those gorgeous shapely legs in those high heels!
“It's official- josh freeman will start Monday against the giants.” The giants are screwed
quote "My goal, from my very first class, was to one day work for ESPN. With UNF's help, I'm now living my dream…
That's good news for the girls at since they like marrying QB's
Loved talking w/on Espn campus today. in the house...
how do I keep a positive attitude as a Jags fan?
ok on to more important issues, should I pick up Freeman for my fantasy football team??
real winner is ESPN, because teams have a combined 1-10 record, and game now has some intrigue.
Hannah storm , Linda Cohn , Sara Walsh are so pretty
Most of the female anchors an reporters could get it. Shannon Spake, lindsay czarniak, sage Steele, Sara Walsh, Erin Andrews lord have mercy
How did I forget to tell you that we have a Jesse Spano vs Stacy Karosi matchup on DWTS?
Sara walsh is a super sexy espn analyst
Did really think was gonna be the answer to them dropping and
Sara Walsh makes sportscenter so much more enjoyable in the morning. 😍😍
Waking up and watching two beautiful ladies and giving me the news really starts my day off right
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How can I turn the channel to when I have and on ?
Good job w/Trevor always enjoy his view. How you didn't bust out laughing shows your a pro. Your not missing anything at Ashburn
I watch ESPN just so I can see Sara Walsh. 😍😍
you and buccigross. Who wins in a athletic competition?
Sara, you had a horse, that would give George someone to play with. . Sara, have a great evening. Jon
Sara, at this stage of the season. Who do you think is going to win the world series?
Sara, have you been to many college football games? I was at a Michigan State Wisconsin game in high school.
Sara, being from Florida, what do you think of alligators?
Look what Dennis Rodman is up to these days.
That team called the Bears is on too much here.
What was your favorite football game from Saturday? I was looking for a Packers bar, to watch games.
George needs his own floating chair.
Good evening Sara! Did your day go well. How are Megan and George? Did you watch all of college football Saturday?
although I have to say it was one *** of a day, was expecting a reply from Sara Walsh though.
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