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Sara Walsh

Sara Elizabeth Walsh (born April 12, 1978) is an American sportscaster who joined ESPN in May 2010. Walsh came to ESPN, from WUSA-TV in Washington, D.C., where she served as the stationโ€™s weekend sports anchor and Redskins beat reporter.

if Troy Bolton didn't go to he could been a lottery pick.
I'm not sure what that says about me, or my late 00's TV habits.
when you're the captain of your high school musical team, you just get it. Efron by 10.
have you seen his moves? He could sink a 3 and then be the halftime show...
Hey sports movie- 61*. Also zac efron in 17 again could take you 1-on-1 Russillo.
Eric LeGrand to receive Warrior Award at Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.
Contribution checks can be mailed to: Friends of Sara Walsh, PO Box 14, Ashland, MO 65010. (New ethics laws prohibit Lโ€ฆ
Good morning ๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ˜ƒโ˜€๏ธ. Are you on SportsCenter this morning today?
I request bar scene from 'Dukes of Hazzard'
I humbly request Dukes of Hazzard with or or as Daisy Duke.
or should be Daisy Duke and and should be Bo and Luke.
I think either or would be a great Daisy Duke IMO.
Lil handsome n miss princess, they're adorable ๐Ÿ˜Š
You had Twins? That's crazy, I have twins as well. Here is their 3 month picture. :)
so precious! I remember when my twins were that little
Michelle Walsh Anderson and Sara Pritzl are the lucky winners of this week's $50 Shellยฎ Gift Card Giveaway!...
People have asked what I think of Sara Walsh running for state house. I don't trust her. She represents what is wrong with the GOP!
An honor to bring 1st UK rally driver into the French Trophy, in with
Can anyone tell me where Lindsay Czarniak and Sara Walsh are.? Do they still work for ESPN?
first chance with Buveurdair in the ok Yanworth
If anyone keeps their job at ESPN, it will be and
Sorry about your alma mater. Don't feel to bad. My BC Eagles are a trainwreck!
Walsh JC et al. "is Relevant, but We Don't Want to Do it" ๐Ÿ™‹ Please, let's change the way we teach!
Last summer, while working to get Sara Johnson, 9th Ward Democratic Committeewoman and Bryan Walsh, 9th Ward...
Thx for pkg If that ball wasn't signed, they'd be dribbling with it right now!
well get some rest! You do a awesome job on sportscenter.
pretty sure I wouldn't have been medically cleared to play. Thanks for kind words.
thanks. Producers were kind enough to bring some to me before show started. Sadly it didn't help enough.
My scenarios for SportsCenter Coast to Coast:. and (primary). and (secondary)
We're talking about seams with countertop expert Sara Walsh-Rooney with at ourโ€ฆ
Waking up on Saturday morning 2 see & talking Matt threw 5 TDs en route toโ€ฆ
Espn needed to give Sara Walsh the day off. She's on SC w no voice.
Someone needs to send Sara Walsh home from Sportscenter & let her rest. Girl is sick
OMG what the *** are u wearing this morning on sports center
Can somebody at give a day off? She's about to give all of us the flu.
so sorry that you're under the weather. A little hot tea and honey should help. Hope you feel better real soon
Always enjoy watching you host SportsCenter Sara. Sounds like you have a cold this morning. Get to feeling better.
is the very definition of a professional today. Fell better soon.
You sound super sick on the air this morning. Go home and get some sleep, Sara.
Ludacris lyrics personified: "...and then my voice got rassspy..." I see you this mornin',
Please send your tax returns to Matt Walsh before having sex. Do not expect a satisfying conclusion.
So, & this is how summed up Clemson's victory...
Hey Ms. Walsh here is a new video that I did and I hope you like it.
i need a flex in .5 PPR Brandin cookโ€ฆ
Hi. Would you be interested in a breast cancer project for ?
Love Tampa! Did you take the boys to Hyde Park?
Order Miche Bag Online!
As a Tampa kid dreaming of working for ESPN one day, it was a dream covering the champ. Thx
man you should've been in the game instead! U and Melo keep the faith
Graduating PT today:. Sara: I really hope I don't ever talk to you again unless it's because you picked Walsh. Don't hurt yourself anymore.
ha ha love your profile...explains my dreams as well! . Your second option has turned out well.
That's a wrap from Thx to for joining us on SC this am.
deserves the keys to the city. Although he probably already has them.
Shout out to Tampa's own who is doing live from Tampa.
Les Miles' hair is not really that color. Less natural than Sara Walsh's next to him, and women can do that. Or teens.
He's hokey and a horrible recruiter so no.
absolutely. Proud to have him representing UF.
I thought McElwain's acting in the commercial with was good -- he is GREAT tonight on tube. Gator fans, agree?
Which college football team to rooting for tonight or ? ๐Ÿˆ
coach geared game plan to get touches for MVP to make up for last celebrity game
These 2 teams put on quite the show today at In the end, Team Clearwater, led by &
is the realist. He's now my second favorite fellow Gulf High alum next to
SportsCenter on the Road sets the stage for a pair of huge CFB matchups. in Athens & in Clemsonโ€ฆ
A Legacy Unrivaled is studios! SportsCenter anchor was one of the 1st to read it! Get your copy
I just noticed that is in my home state of Tennessee where she worked at WKRN in Nashville back in the day.
the show is not the same without you. Hopefully you will bye back next week! Assignment?
Help! u can bench ONLY one. L. Miller, D. Johnson (def not), S. Ware, or T. West. Thx!
That's NOTHING come to Texas and see our lines for BBQ!! Some places start lining up at 7AM for a 11AM opening.
๐Ÿ‘ or ๐Ÿ‘Ž on bonuts? They are a weird combination, i couldnt decide!
I laugh at people standing at Pancake Pantry. Drive out to Loveless. Lines are for stupid people with no self control.
If only DMV lines like this ended with bonuts. (Biscuit donuts) @ Biscuit Love
I hope Smith isn't replacing you on Fantasy show
what are you doing now in Nashville?
is not the same without you I hope your enjoying time off.
I need someone to wear black tights today. Any on the following will do, or
in chicago if there is a game 7 tomorrow morning for Sportscenter or is Jay Crawford?
you're absolutely so adorable and breathtaking as always Sara.
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enjoyed watching. You have a great smile.
play little boys overrated r 15 win by 2TDs
Wrigley at dawn will look far different than Wrigley tonight.
like superman/clark Kent... we're not allowed to ever be in the same Place!
go get warm looked frozen there at Wrigley with Cora!
It was cold here earlier this morning. 61 in Tampa. Probably colder in the 727.
will you be in Cleveland on Tuesday?
Southerners do NOT like cold. Go get em today!
watching on ESPN this morning, where did you get that yellow coat?! Love it!
If there's a heater, a Floridian will find it. Between commercials borrowing the dugout warmth.โ€ฆ
I love this crew on Saturday mornings! Great chemistry & personality! Absolutely the best!
I'm praying not. But I'm in Texas, 100 times more excited for the A&M game
hopefully close. I hate watching blowouts.
. Clinton operatives explain how to commit voter fraud on tape .
also, Sara reveals she was seeing ANOTHER man, Shane Walsh.
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your smile is so beautiful and you look pretty as usual! ๐Ÿ˜Š How have you been? You going to work any games? Hope all is well
Can we play Pigskin Pickem and a good group name might be SportsCenter Weekend Warriors?
I can't "like" this pic or the one you posted on IG cause I'm a but you look good as always. Lol ๐Ÿค—
ah yes very few like the ole ball coach in a press conf for sure. Comical, insightful, honest, open...classic
maybe I don't pay enough attention to women's apparel, but that seems like the most random pocket ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
How is he so lucky to get his picture taken with you ?
Yep ole ball coach & Bobby Bowden both were good for a few great 1 liners every interview "dag nab it" lol
I'm watching ESPN right now. What do you think of Kaepernick's decision on sitting down during the national anthem?.
JCap jmo liz Lana sara Is who I mainly talk about lol but I adore Kate Walsh and KaDee Strickland as well
Here's clip of on SportsCenter this morning with
When are you coming home to be an honorary captain for the
Devs great save by Sara's keeper from Walsh
Irreverent, Bold and Colourful campaign for on via
Well, Sara Walsh is on Sportscenter now. Turn the channel. ๐Ÿด
How about a reunion in Manhattan Beach?!!!
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it's also strange how this kids bedrooms look far better than mine. Miss you!
God I love your pretty bare feet & toes in those heels Sara! It would be my honor to kneel before you to kiss & worship them!๐ŸŒน
Join Sara baume & Joanna Walsh at this year's Kildare Readers Festival, in conversation with n Oct 15:
Good, mature discussion about Romo's injury. Glad to see it!
GR8 job anchoring Good perspective from on Out 6-10 weeks!
that lense probably just a few k. Hope it was just the outer glass.
and 20 years ago, 20 years now, and forever you're awesome Sara and you'll continue to do an awesome job! ๐Ÿ‘ Stay cool Sara ๐Ÿ˜Š
...and your a Great anchor too...thank you for what you do !!
So you started playing collegiately at 8 years old?
If it wasn't for that job of yours, I would say that you should move back down here.
Do you get to host when the season starts?
Suh wasn't one of those dolphins was he. Lol
I've always wanted to swim with dolphins!!
Nice interview with the 3 Seager boys' parents today!
if it were he'd be tryin 2 hit on Sara Walsh
Shout out to for mentioning her "Sports Information" questionnaire from her days at on .
*** Sara Walsh was in college in the 90s? She seriously looks 24 years old. Lol. Wow.
reminds me of the wonderful 'Gossip from the Forest' by Sara Maitland - a gorgeous book
Can't wait for next week's return & plus & will be on the airwaves on SC before
Sara, you always do great job on SportsCenter and I look forward to enjoying you every weekend.
Their kids are dominating, we show Mom and Dad Seager some love. They join us on SC at 11:30et.
Speaking to or with your customers? will help you design your conversation. A piece on .
Hello Sara, please checkout my girlfriends site๐Ÿ˜€.
today Sara said Keri Washington instead of Keri Walsh Jennings
Cynthia is awesome. She brings a fresh perspective to NFL Network. She's also smart and talented! Great hire!
You are ethereal beauty in the flesh, Always a joy watching you in action, Have a g๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜d day!
Happy Bday to who's making her NFL Network debut today at age 23! (Not confirmed by research)
I enjoy watching you, because you are a role model and inspire people everyday.
(AUDIO) Local GOP delegate, and Ted Cruz supporter, Sara Walsh says it's time to rally behind
Id watch "Keeping up with Sara Walsh, Linda Cohn, and Racheal Nicoles" 24/7 if visited different organizations.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I added a video to a playlist The Sexy Legs of Sara Walsh
thanks for supporting the site, Sara!
love having him in studio with us. Good info.
I totally appreciate you hosting this on my bday!
I was wondering what the crew does during "off-season" ! What about you
I just figured out why you looked so familiar while we were bs'ing at Bradley this morning. Im not too swift but I'm a fan!
everytime I fly out of there it is closed! ๐Ÿ˜ก
"IS THAT JOE WALSH" my best friend dad at the Stones concert and probably now
oh man. Don't even get me started on this airport. They're the airlines of airports
Curious as to why advertises to enroll in tsa precheck, but you can't actually use it there!?!
love birds. Just kiss in real life. Lol
It's nice to see NASCAR get some love on Sports Center. However, ya'll need to do more NASCAR coverage.
Thx to and his team for stopping by during a busy week!
Here it is. Huge thank you to Saoirse Ronan, and Dearbhla Walsh for their hard work.
Kool interview. Best of luck this speed week.
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Great interview with on this morning.
Really good interview by w/ No cookie-cutter Qs; got personal, relatable and let Junior open up and be himself.
Just watched on ESPN with Sara Walsh. Best *** interview he's ever done anywhere.
Great interview !!! Can tell you are so happy. Wish you all the best this week and thru the season.
The is in the house starting on with
Thank You got it tuned in on big screen!! ๐Ÿ‘
seriously? You think I'd miss the messiah on ??
can I come see you between show for some autographs
congrats Tkras. You're an important listen in the Walsh household.
Orange? As it the semifinal game, put your on the road!
since I'll be on south beach, I'd probably go orange.
The green Philly Eagles blazer. Sure to attract attention of some kind.
This one is a no brainer. I found my NYE attire. cc:
important stuff there.. Hope you're well lady!!
That just happened! A group of fellas discussing 's cute new hair cut.
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I've heard that before and I'll take it!
I'm in San Diego for a week, which is the best beach?
Kate Walsh and Sara Ramirez dancing on top of the bar๐Ÿ˜‚ two cuties on a bar๐Ÿ˜
I added a video to a playlist Sara Walsh ESPN Sportscenter
True leader on and off the field, He has this team following his lead
good morning, hope you have a great day. I am a big fan of yours, and it would be awesome if you could follow me back. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
so cold Sarah, but not really supposed to mix White and Red roses. Step the game up Ryen. Box of Candy works.
Please follow me and I will follow you to help me bring people to Jesus to be saved for eternal life in Heaven!!!
I was nice about the flowers Was confused why you rang the door and ran away!! Take back your lies!
Appreciate it. I've been there a couple times, it's nice. Never really noticed all the shops/eats though
good morning, happy Monday. Hope you had a good weekend, hope you have a great week. I am huge fan of you and your great work
this is twice you've burned me with Blount! Lol
any good suggestions on stuff to do while hanging out in Tampa? Lol, my will be there for a few days.
Which 3 in a standard league: Ivory, Langford, David Johnson, and Charcandrick West?
Thanks stephania for answering but does everybody else agree?
should I play David Johnson or Stewart? N for wr dez or Jenkins. Standard. Thanks!
I'm a lifetime Dolphin's fan, so for me it's always fantasy Fball.
Blount or John Brown at critical PPR flex spot??
Ware/West dilemma here too starting Buck Allen until we see what happens.
one of the KC RBs will have at least one TD/big points
Langford, Murray, Allen ppr league, I have west too.
Berry has West at 4 in flex appeal so obviously you sit him. ๐Ÿ˜
KC RB has been LEGIT RB1 all season. I hate losing it now
That might be one to watch but I have more solid options.
There is a chance I may not have a question today. I'm scared.
in a SSL need one at flex, G Bernard, M Forte, or R Hillman?
2 RB slots PPR Ivory, Hillman and L Miller which one sits out?
What is this world coming to when there is an hour on fantasy football...
Can you ask the experts who they like better? M.Jones or D.Parker in PPR?
I immediately went there when I saw the CFB show on.
Programming note- fantasy Fball on espnews for the first hour today.
Playoffs: Win and in, lose and out. Best flex play: Sammy Watkins, Brandin Cooks, or Jeremy Hill?
Rivers or Alex Smith?? Never thought I'd have to ask this!! Thx.
Everything about this picture is awkward but it's the only one we have together. We're weird
Should I give up Gronk for M.Bryant, and Greg Olsen?
Absolutely loved those blue pumps you wore on air yesterday Sara!
Could not agree more..Lets give the public a way to share information.."ELERTS SEESAY"
LOL...GREAT call on playing Langford! Proj for 9. Ended w/ 29. Goes nicely with A. Brown's 25. Makes up for Watkins' poor play.
Oh wow the Millenium Effects show with Sara Walsh and Mark Gatiss was a highlight of the for me! Sandman!
Risk starting Lynch or go with Langford
that's really close. Think I'd go yeldon
Happy football day, Dez Bryant or Hurns today? Need a win, playing my brother.
Maclin, R. Matthews, Tate, gotta start one? Thanks fantasy football staff, have a good week!.
should I start Payton manning or should I put in Andy dalton?
agreed. She was great on first take but sports center fits her well. With my wife Sara Walsh *hearteyes*
also for a flex ... Fitzgerald , Snead , Jeremy hill?
Will weather factor into the Oakland/Minnesota game
You're SO awesome! Thank you VERY much! Ro Flo just responded & thinks Hill. Lol..i had Langford, but wasn't sure.
Do I need to stack Packers or Pats today?
bortles or Palmer in standard league
Windy in OAK today. Won't that affect the value of Diggs & Cooper?
Good morning. PLEASE help me. Got Blount going. Need 1 more RB...West, Hill or Langford? NEED HELP! Thx!
HEY NEWS FLASH: NO ONE CARES WHO IS ON YOUR FANTASY TEAM. please stfu & stop making me change the channel when you talk.
Need to clarify that Lacy isn't playing today. Judging by his girth he's been inactive all yr.
any ideas for a RB? Jay Ajayi, David Johnson, Theo Riddick? I'm desperate for a 2nd back
In a strange twist, I may have no questions today. Enjoy the peace.
Man Sara Walsh is fine as all outdoors
Jeremy Maclin rank change since talib is out and Caldwell the steal of the day if sanders is out
Who do I start in my FLEX: CJ Anderson, Ronnie Hillman or Antonio Andrews. Hi Sara
Ok since you're in 1st, I'm putting it on you: B Cooks, J Hill, or Davante Adams in my flex spot? I'm counting on you!
6 fans? I think that's being a little generous
would wind conditions make you shy away from anyone in MIN/OAK game? Kickers?
if you saw our Espn standings you would think so.
Has ever made the RIGHT decision with her starting lineup?
should I start Mike Evans or Larry Fitzgerald in flex spot? PPR league.
Um no, it's at least 8, don't forget me!
Marty thanks for the veteran support. Only if all thought this way.
Shouldn't forget about things that make us smile. Great piece! I also miss you in Nascar ๐Ÿ‘Š
It's like the time last year I watched and toss to DC churns 'em out!
keep your ignorance a little more hidden. I'm sure some still don't know about it Most of us do and have for a while
ya id say so. Jeesh really were all saddened by the deaths and violence but we have to continue on
I'm not saying sport is more important than the tragedy because it isnt but it is what she gets paid to do.
Why cut ur beautiful self out this pic?
Marty, get that apartment in Clemson.
If only he could grow a sweet 'stache, too.
if u find notify us please. Been missing for years now
The Okie St mascot is easily the creepiest looking of all major colleges
Sara Walsh looks like the long face Geena Davis mask in Beetlejuice.
I'm glad you figured out the meaning...loved holding the sign. go !
Is there any way to catch a replay/ clips of the broadcast this morning?
Awesome that you guys came! Make sure you stay for the game now! And live from St Thomas next year :)
Hey I choose to leave the house like this to rep the greatest school in the nation.
yes I was the guy screaming Sara the entire time
We hear you and I can't wait for the 6am ct
Took me all am to figure out meaning. Finally got it. Thanks and for our best road show yet.
Thank you and I had a blast today on
If anyone knows who the fan in the crowd w/2 young sons wearing light up sunglasses, please send me his contact info!
Glad to see our awesome MN D3 getting some SportsCenter love !
Thanks and for a great johnnie Tommie weekend!!
where can I find my photo with Sara Walsh you took this morning?
I hope showed you a good time at Sals last night
Thanks for an unforgettable morning
Incredible scene for today, live with (pic via
Thank you for starring in a new Alumni commercial!
SOCIAL STUDIES -- SQUAD UP!!!. (and math, and art, and whatever Mr. Walsh is teaching this year too!!)
Come on out! My leprechaun suit is top notch. Ask
Great idea! Leaving that to who should have brought me along as a tour guide
that Vince Wilfork overall shorts w/cowboy boots had me non stop dying laughing for a good 5 minutes last night when I saw it!
is it cold in the studio? Noticed you have a jacket across your lap now that wasn't there at top of the show
Great watching with and crew this morning
Hello are you working today? Hope you have a wonderful day today.
Cant wait till they go to 6 teams 1 and 2 get a bye and go from there. I'm for 6 but no more.
What's up w/Toronto? the Blue Jays r on fire,B Ball Rookie of the yr Andrew Wiggins,Raptors,Drake,pop. xploding, city is on fire
Dear . Please pair and for Sunday morning edition of Ratings gold. . Thanks.
Coming soon to Saturday morning edition of SportsCenter, SC on the Road College Football w/ coming this Saturday
Coming soon to Sunday morning edition of SportsCenter, an all-female show w/ coming soon
you would sell so many houses! Barrie on the other hand.he needs some help.
Please watch tonight's episode of 9pm . Very powerful story. http:โ€ฆ
Any chance you can help me draft my players tonight for my league?
you and best dressed ladies on sports TV hands down lol
I am so ready for the to return & so as my sister's baby, that could be an touchdown!
One of my many tv crushes is on espn2 right now... ... I don't care if its creepy... YOLO...
More S/Os: who gets it about preseason NFL & who reassured me prepping for FFL drafts is a good thing.
Thank God. Thought there was something wrong with me. ๐Ÿ˜
Something new is happening to you, hope you and will take on the road every Saturday!!
It's official! 7 days from now, live from South Bend. come out and see us! 7-9et live on campus.
Is it wrong that I have spent the past 3 hrs. working on FFL draft strategies?
Kate Walsh, Sara Ramires and jessica caps haw
Hey ask how many triple crown winners since 1978 could have turned Sarasota down?
Excited to have On The Road coming to Notre Dame next weekend!.
Keep on shining with those earrings ๐Ÿ’Ž ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
I'll be there next week Mishawaka is my city
Did you have your draft yet? Are you partners again or solo this year?
you should be in Houston! Walk into your execs office & TELL him that's where you are going!
receiver Allen Hurns joins us on sportscenter in minutes.
Watching on ESPN2. Wanna return the favor and read my article? .
Coming up, and I will announce where we're headed next Saturday for week one of the CFB season & On The Road!
Enjoyed reading about you in 4 goals and 9 points, how does that work?
Winning will never look so good when you win the war room league and smack talk lol (:
could i get a shoutout from you? i'm officially 21, but stuck in my room studying this weekend. but A's are worth it in class
so Sarah what's your fav on the the menu?๐Ÿ˜ฒ
I am a member of the CRUSH in league fan club. Kick some A** Sara!
10-team, 2-QB keeper league. Mariota or Winston?
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