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Sara Walsh

Sara Elizabeth Walsh (born April 12, 1978) is an American sportscaster who joined ESPN in May 2010. Walsh came to ESPN, from WUSA-TV in Washington, D.C., where she served as the station’s weekend sports anchor and Redskins beat reporter.

um... Did you get any crab legs for Jameis? I mean, he's in town for OTA's, right?
I love Publix chicken, especially the tenders.
That clicking you hear on you're radio is two tall guys tap dancing!
to Kate Walsh and Sara Ramirez at the 18th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, 2007
Way to continue to make Gulf High alumni proud! You do a great job!
We have on now for a quality recap of the Sneaker Soiree.
Up next, our good friend joining us to recap last night's . Listen:
I think a year later... We're a little classier, right? Great to see you guys...
Ya know... Just Kevin Cash & chatting it up during Wednesday's h…
Please could i get a follow on my official account i'm a huge fan xxx
Chesney is far more professional...Great to see you!
It was great seeing this young lady last night at the Sneaker Soirée
Same here. Maybe one day you'll actually get to meet the crew in person, who knows.
Amazing job by both & Chesney McMurphy last night. We're lucky to have them both on
It's Who's hand would you like to shake? Me: and
Can't wait to get my nat'l champs license plate frame and park my rig in your driveway
funny! I said well if the wife asked, we've got to oblige!
ha! Music was great... Made the event.
it was nice meetin you. For two bites of a sandwich. Lol. You did great btw.
Highlight of the night with of ESPN at the 2015 sneaker soiree
Congratulations defeating in on Mutual respect for both teams!
Congrats defeating in on Mutual respect between both teams!
Thank you for taking a pic with my hubby for me at ❤️ from the one with the text 😊
Good time at TBSC's Sneaker Soiree sara_walsh @ TPepin's…
Thanks, forgot about that story. Sara Walsh and him were pretty good duo
Thanks to master of ceremonies for joining us at
Tonight's host, Tampa Bay native and SportsCenter anchor
Couple minutes with who joins LIVE before the 2015 .
Sports Center is always good with Jaymee or Sara
Since you're in town for the let us know if you want to come to our practice tomorrow or Friday!
Had 1 reason to listen to this hideous show today! At some airport bar & there's nothing we can do about it! lol be safe
So, you're saying there's a chance ...
No time to turn off this hideousness.!
Check out this awesome article about a Hofstra University alumna! Thanks 😄.
I'm right down the road from you. Weather was crazy tonight. Hope you get home safely! :-).
Sara you don't wanna miss being on the radio with TKras and Ronnie tomorrow morning for anything
talk about sports, not urselves. dont care about ur hair twin, man make-up, or books u read on Christmas. 👍🏽
.we need to send some gear. Great spot on my friend.
lets hope his career doesn't end like McDreamy's did huh?
Great interview with and on An amazing story! Love seeing the progress he is making!
Great progress big guy. Keep choppin'
awesome segment! My wife is going through some adversity now and I recorded the interview for her.
I'm spinal cord injured same level as ErIc. His progress is no easy feat. Severe pain and work. Yay
Check me out on talking with coming up in a few minutes
My good pal will join us on at 12:15et to talk about his amazing progress.
Dansby Swanson, the legend continues. "He is a modern day McDreamy." -
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I watch sportscenter because of you. Said in a non creepy way.
Sara Walsh just asked Stephen A. if LeBron or Steph was going to be harder to defend
yea Tampa is so horrible thousands of Floridians flock to NY every year lol
and Scores tops the Pink Pony or Mons Venus
We used to go to Lightning games in Tampa. Now we settle for seeing them in New York. Shorter…
I wouldn't hate that. Love their fried rice.
in fairness, most people request no MSG
Funnier had he taken you to closest Chinese restaurant.
tell him it's where the Knicks play.never mind, that won't help.
Somebody hasn't been on the job too long it seems
awesome job lady's can I get a follow
bet he would know Penn Station instead. the acronym MSG probably threw him off. don't lose faith in the city. 👍
hopefully you made it for Johnsons pair o goals
lol it's 2015 Sara.. Lol anything is possible
Thought it was a food additive I suspect!!
Update your maps at Navteq
Got in NYC cab and told driver to take me to MSG. He asked me for address. This can't be possible.
I'm at msg watching hockey instead. He understood.
what you don't invite me to the the lightning game on Monday just chris
.event A Walk to Believe adds 5K for Year 5
Great job today on SportsCenter keep up the good work!!!
You are absolutely, astoundingly gorgeous!
Is the Belmont reason enough to get a new outfit?
I normally don't say these kinds of things on here,but all I can say is WOW about u.I don't need to elaborate.U know what I mean
you look FABULOUS in that skirt; the colors look great on you. Enjoy your 24
.and watching some scenes from Red Sox-Mariners, wow!
Hopping on with & in 15 minutes live from the Toyota Center before Game 7.
what's better~that Orange that splashes memories of + or & that Skirt..
... Sorry but this NPR Florida homeboy takes the and CohnHead on this one🏆
How about Riding a horse and giving an interview?! Lol
right? They always pull it off but it's harder than it looks!   10% Off
Paul Pierce another game winner. As clutch as the game has ever seen in big moments.
Is a D.C. reunion show in the works?
Rose off the glass bank shot game winning 3 as sweet as it gets to knock off Cavs in game 3..!
Sara Walsh or whatever has that same look.
Dear please have for a photoshoot for next year's swimsuit issue.
Pedro Martinez stopped by for a segment. Could've listened to his stories all day long. Producers…
Cross-disciplinary teams are key to making content decisions. Recurrent theme from Sara Walsh and
Sara Walsh demonstrates content prioritisation for content strategy at
is determining the best way to present information to your audience - defined by Sara Walsh
Next up: content prioritization with Sara Walsh from Motorola
ok somebody needs to shout it from the rooftops Sarah Walsh is
LOVED the look on today, the red and blue looks on you!!!
Happy Birthday,and May the fourth be with you!
Happy birthday to my significant other thanks to for understanding the pecking order.)
ok. I agree with others. This dress rocks! Thanks for posting it!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Yet thinks nothing of throwing footballs at unsuspecting 80 y.old women in our neighborhood.
don't listen to the haters. You could wear a burlap sack and make it look good
Ummm... what was the issue with that dress??? U look amazing!
Looked great on SC.Looks great here.
half-sleep, thought that was a necktie this morning on SC.
don't we have to wait for Kornheiser to weigh in?
Josina, cari, sage, lisa salters old *** jemele, Sara Walsh, and Michele Beadle can get it.
it's going to be a hella of game Tommorow Alabama vs auburn wow must c obviously may the best win
City Cafe in Northport... Go for Lunch. More good than can fit on a plate.
On our way..RTNice shoutout. Enjoy your visit!
The more I see Sara Walsh on Sportscenter, the more attractive she becomes...
Watching SC today and your hair looks great this morning.
nope, I'm working. And if I wasn't working, you couldn't pay me to go!
hi Sara big fan of you great job on spotrscenter happy thanksgiving enjoy be safe
hope your Thanksgiving was fun and hope you didn't work. Any black Friday shopping?
gotcha:)...enjoy the games this me root for UVA over va tech:)
I think I work it last thanksgiving, too.
I think you should see this cause it's so true 13 Reasons We Want To Hang Out With Kate Walsh All The Time
mike Evans jeremy hill or Gio Bernard at flex.
why does the best looking anchor have to steal Linda Cohn's haircut??
I need to see more of Sara Walsh from behind the desk, she is
*** Sara Walsh is looking good on ESPN
I like how your outfit matches the season ...Thanksgiving
Honest to god looks so effing good today. Can't see enough of those legs.
can you EVER show some professionalism and wear hosiery?
Waking up on Thankgiving and seeing Sara on SC priceless. Happy Holidays to everyone one at SC and ESPN.
Don't worry! You have much better legs than he does😊
19th child out of 21 children. 1st to graduate from College. Buy my book.
Sara Walsh lookin mighty fine in that burnt orange on
Very thankful is on sportSCenter right now...
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Sara Walsh really does have the best legs.
Happy Thanksgiving Sara, savvy, smart and pretty, great gams, great day of Food and Football and giving thanks forfamily/friends
one more thing. Happy Thanksgiving to the ESPN Team. Thanks for all you do during FF!
Ed you are going to be watching a great game and I'm envious.Jordan Mathews score > than 12pts?
Happy Turkey Day to you and your family
you have some nice legs too. Happy Thanksgiving!
In the fantasy playoffs who should I start C.J. Anderson or Rashad Jennings? PPR league. Help a fellow Osprey out SWOOP!
Thankful that is on sportscenter this morning.
Happy Thanksgiving to Sara and the Espn fam!
Sara Walsh is look good on sportscenter... Her legs are amazing 👀
omg u look beautiful today WOW ur legs look amazing on a UR
looking very autumnal today! Happy Thanksgiving. God bless. . .
looks absolutely phenominal right now. WOW
What is your opinion on how Stephen Curly did last night?
Happy Thanksgiving. You look very nice. Thank you for working hard everyday.
Your Active you eat anything you want without gaining a calorie
Happy Thanksgiving guys! Thanks for sacrificing yours to improve ours! 🏈
expert who should I start at te delanie walker or Donnell?
you in playoffs in the war room or did the Arian Foster injuries kill you this season??
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for quality sports programming this morning
Best thing about waking up an hour earlier is no Jay Crawford on Sportscaster. Love me some Sara Walsh.
Dear Ms Walsh,. I would give my left foot to do Hairspray. . Love,. Me and everyone else.
gets hitched AND gets moved to the adult ESPN FFB league table all in 1 NFL offseason?!? I obviously lack productivity...
The closest I'll ever get to ESPN...
a little bit of Nashville love, John Dwyer and
thanks lady! Wish we had 'em on the show that day!
i will send u the newest one. Matches your smile
Glad they got there in one piece! Actually a bunch of pieces, but still.
Hey Ricky Goodall and Sara Mc, we are building up quite the group of strong women. . I think we got quite the...
Why you didnot want to answer about your love life? I just want to know you got boyfriend or not have a boyfriend.
From guy who hurt my shoulder throwing w/him. on pitching injuries. Notes/links.
should go to and NY Times Best Selling author
who is your late round fantasy player steal? Also can I get a follow! Your my favorite anchor on and it's almost my bday!!
Wow Sara Walsh is such a beautiful women.
's legs on the SportsCenter Fantasy Football Draft Special
need more women in roles other than just anchor/host. It's time. Why no female Insiders?
Dear women can coach in can play-by-play football... so why not Fantasy Analyst.
The band is back together: 10p ET, ESPN -Fantasy Football Draft special w/ and me.
Sundays at 11AM will begin to be glorious again
I rather see Raw vs Smackdown draft lol
Set dvrs now, 10pm eastern on Espn Fantasy Football Draft. Me,
You're always gorgeous fin or no fin
Lindsay Czarniak over Sara Walsh all day everyday. Am I right? I'm pretty sure I'm right.
Prof. Samantha Jones, Northumbria University along with Ms Sara Walsh, Disaster Manager from Canada visit at 9 Bn NDRF on 11 June 2014
Spurs took Heat's best punch all second half and withstood it. Huge road win by San Antonio!!
Electronic Device Insurance
Spurs set Finals record for shooting in a half by shooting 75.8% percent through the first half...
Please vote for Mum Karen Walsh :) thanks for your support please share and ask your friends to vote for Karen Walsh TIA Mark Walsh Hayden Walsh Sara Walsh Dale Walsh Carly Walsh Robyne Harrison Kerry Foster Tracey Watts
Spurs offense was absolutely perfect in that opening quarter..!
Oh god Id feel like I was intruding!!
Im going to stick with my "Everything happens for a reason" motto here, and just hope its true !!
Thanks for making the weekends fun to watch!! Keep up the great work!!
three ESPN people I am trying to meet in my lifetime in that order
A great talk about some of the things we were discussing today Sara Mc, Frank White, Aprill Denney, Scott Walsh
What I'd do to actually do the l.c again and study for it and do a different course, too late now :P
What i would do to go back to just after the leaving cert last year and continue from there...
I cancelled HBO after The Wire ended!! Sounds like I've been missing some great shows!
Great nite last nite at Sara Walsh-Delaney Benefit Concert in Drumcondra. 750 at it. Thinking of Sara.
I couldn't sleep all night knowing Selina had the nuclear codes.
Game of Thrones is on one more week!
Best cast and funniest show on TV is
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Football is just around the corner? Visit Cincinnati and we can go to a game. fun!
The season finale of abruptly brings an end to my social life.
Oh and my girl Sara Walsh but that's it...
Nevada should.but, home cooking is tough to beat
so awkward. I've got red dress in a landslide.
Bosh with the shot of the game for the Heat to get the split on the road in a classic game!!
The question portion of the pageant is one of the greatest moments of live television. I love it.
How about a follow back from my favorite personality?
Sara you like no Landon on team, no your soccer girl,
Congrats can't wait to watch what happens in Omaha.
You better take a look andbefore you finalize that!!!
Texas Tech's Devon Conley just had a nice one as well. Nothin better than the Road to Omaha!
I think we could populate the entire top ten with just plays from Stanford/Web gems everywhere.
eh, Kim k kinda just stole your thunder there
Is my woman crush everyday. How do you feel about getting married in Paris???
Sara Walsh on upsets me ever since she butchered the champions league
I know can do a better western accent, she is reppin the west coast.of Fla.
I'm not sure I've ever used "bartering" in a sentence!! I have a secret crush on ur vocabulary - don't tell anyone.
if you ever come to San Antonio, I would love to take you out:)
the walk offs were all wins for teams in the NLwest just not all teams in the nl west won ;)
The Sunday AM with and is the best all week. Too funny.
haven't seen you in a while; thanx for making my rainy Sunday morning shine!
Have I told you lately that I am in love with Sara Walsh?
If you put the giant horse head on Sara Walsh from sportscenter, I wouldn't even notice the difference in her appearance.
Where would sportscenter be without Sara Walsh
What a way to end the season! Sara Webb, Connor Walsh, James Gotesky and the entire Houston Ballet was…
Or a direct message from Sara Walsh today and I can't respond cause she doesn't follow me :(
you sounded incredibly excited about that LA KISS highlight segment. That was classic dude. seemed a little scared
I knew it was going to be a bad Sunday when the first thing I found out this morning was that Sara Walsh is married.
Workin' hard or hardly workin'.learning from the best today!
you probably this all the time but you are beautiful! Would you follow me?
I'll take Wild oats to win in the Derby lol
also it looks like I'm not sure it's the 'sort your life out' kinda diary
Finally bough a 2014 diary in a last attempt to sort my life out.Lost it 10 minutes later. I am failing at life...
good Lord baby you look gorgeous in that kentucky wildcat blue dress for the 2nd day in a row, is that a theme? Big blue fan?
Hi Sara did you have a good time cutting down the net? You looked so amazing yesterday so cutie. Are you working today Sara?
Our is working hard ahead of 10 am SportsCenter to ensure we can Rock and Roll all night. »
love u Sara and bram. Miss both of u in dc sports talk !
a face painter??? Do the Seinfeld devil an honor bram
You don't what to know what is planning for sc at 10et. He'll be wearing far more makeup than me.
"When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that's love."
so this is my friends dog. Didn't move til 6pm. Had to check him for bedsores.
can a fellow Osprey trying to make it get a RT...trying to get followers is difficult
Looking on right now for job openings...
I know! I think I was that kid growing up. :)
domain names
That's how I was yesterday. Got another 5.2" of snow.
“Me. Everyday. RTThis is hysterical.. will ❤️ this
she was in Nashville. There's no doubt her awesomeness has multiplied since then.
Me. Everyday. RTThis is hysterical.. will ❤️ this
luv ur blue dress it looks great on u :) my day hasn't started till I see Sara n every morning on
Sara Walsh is coming in blazing hot today on SportsCenter
You have some hops!!! Dish the ally Bram, cuz Sara have the oop!!!
come on Sara, need to do that dunk in heels!
“loved the cutting of the nets.” Next time I'm in Ohio, Save the best stick in your humidor for me
you already win my vote , ex IU alum...can't compete with that!!
I get the feeling working with is like eating fresh peach cobbler and butter pecan ice cream...just great
I'm not a reliable source to confirm that RTseems extremely fun to work with/be around
I think I found an error on SC. The picture of Oscar Robertson wearing jersey He wore 14 and 1. Worth a mention on SC?
This is what happens when and host on Saturday morning
Lmao whats with wearing Smokey the bears hat lol he looked like ranger danger lol
You should have taken your shoes off and put sneakers on and taken a couple of shots on the court
Davis and Hunter did not go back to back. Kinsler made an out in between them. 9 Davis, 1 Kinsler, 2 Hunter
There were 4 casualties in round 8. See who survived. Deadline for the next round is Sat 1st at 2:00pm.
I'm starting to think that I may never fully recover from rag week
"There will be a media circus following him." . Wouldn't be nearly as bad if you weren't force feeding it down our throat!
So I kinda have a crush on on but is my favorite! 😍
I want to take you out for the night of your are the sexiest women I have ever seen.
I think they were literally made for me !
Doing a great job again this morning Sara.
I would seriously wear these bad boys to college if it was socially acceptable !
Im getting real bored of this whole being sick thing
seeing you & Jade together again, this pairing should occur more often you two work together well.
You can't say without The and Show. They're the best duo on SportsCenter today.
Sweet shoutout to and for doing a fantastic job along with the anchor combine on on a fun Saturday!!
you dont need scripts or anything and never will since you're so awesome!! Have a great weekend Sara!
Good Morning Sara it was great see you this morning you look hot today sara and i love watch
the poor PA who spent all that time getting the scripts ready...
I would contest to the judges on the "Script" ESPN Olympics loss. You got hosed by the audio guy judge?? :) Love watch center!
great job ladies this morning at the anchor combine! Yall are a great duo and keep it fun and insightful!!
I'm guessing the weigh-in and body measurements are out in this Lol
nothing better than when Sara Walsh and Jade McCarthy host SportsCenter 😍
Anchor Combine is hilarious, show'em how its done ladies!
"Sara Ramirez will blow the roof off of…everybody!" - Kate Walsh
We (Sara Ramirez and I) had such a super strong connection. -Kate Walsh . Aww **
Looking real HOT In Red this AM on ! Have a great day beautiful ! 😄
chances of being drafted first overall taking a hit with the performance at the Anchor combine RISING UP
According to stock is falling after latest round of aka
You do not want to know what was happening INSIDE that bus
is the bad. Makes sports center that much better lmao
Hey folks! Our next gig is a benefit for Sara Walsh Delaney, next Saturday in the Grand Social. Great lineup!
Looking at Jade McCarthy & Sara Walsh run from one place to the next with heels on is funny af Lol
Hey our two favorites are on right now; and Great chemistry!
That 40 time for you and was better than some lineman. But how's your shuttle cone time?
loved the anchor combine.. Great performance
nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning watching the always beautiful Sara Walsh on a fresh Sport Center!
S/O to for winning the on sorry , but at least you have pretty feet!
The ladies are in the house!! and doing their thing on this morning. Some
Wow and are looking good this morning on sportscenter. These two should cohost together more often
Espn is on point today with Sara Walsh and Jade McCarthy
Sportscenter knows what's it's doing having and anchor together 
After watching medal ceremony last night, is it just me or does USA skier Maddie Bowman look like Sara with that big smile.
So I guess it's movie night with Sara Walsh.
The Redneck Manifesto and Jape plus many, many more great music acts are performing here at this Benefit gig for the Sara Walsh Delaney Fundraiser at The Grand Social on March 1st Tickets are €35 (inc. raffle draw) and are available to buy from behind the bar here and also in Elastic Witch, Twisted Pepper It should be a good evening and for a great cause, get involved!
There's a fundraiser gig next week for our former Trinity MMT student Sara Walsh Delaney who has been in Beaumont hospital for over two years. Please consider supporting this, there's a great line up including the Redneck Manifesto:
NEWBORN CASTING CALL! I need a few newborns for sessions starting ASAP through mid March. I have some incredible deals available for anyone interested. A deposit will be required to secure your session. Please message me at Sara Walsh Photography for details! Spots will be limited!
Can I suggest pink Cheetha print LaddyeeE Luck ..ALL news I got my I HEART ears on as WELL that's WHAT I'm talking about babbyeeE..# Aces is my Bestie..What's up SArA Walsh..
Once again I'm finding myself singing the praises of my gal pals who helped me out today. THANK YOU, Melinda Ylagan, Sara Walsh Thurling, Jennifer Jennifer Wertz and Dina Madison Hafley. Yet again you all stepped up to help me in a crunch and I am so so SO grateful!!
From our web site; - Safe Environment training for new volunteers, age 18+, is Wednesday, February 12th at 6:30pm in the Lecture Hall. Please complete the Diocese of Dallas Screening Form prior to attending the class. Those needing to recertify may also attend. If you need childcare, please contact Sara Walsh to make a reservation. No children under the age of 18 will be allowed in the classroom. For more info, call Peggy Runnels at ext. 2210
Sara Walsh going on a visit to the engine room. Lush photo Sara x
Had a wonderful day filled with very special moments ! Woke up to Da da Adam Kenworthy singing Happy Birthday to Miss Anastazia , got her dressed in her pink tu tu and her birthday cape then she picked out breakfast which out of all the stuff we had all she wanted was some rice krispies and raisons like her mama likes lol i was hoping she would go for some blueberry pancakes and bacon but ok whatever birthday girl wants ! Then we had a great playdate with andy and Sara Walsh ! Then a late nap. Off to have pizza at grandma's and some awesome presents followed with a cool chocolate cake with heart sprinkles , then we went to grandpa's place to pick up presents and give a big birthday hug, then we went to her 2nd birthday party at Kay Shaw and Kevin Sullivan and saw so many friendly faces , had so much fun and ice cream cake and lots of cool presents and THEEE BEST chicken noodle soup ive ever had EVER , now a sleepover with baby kaya and Patrina Belfiglio-Kastner !!
The Redneck Manifesto are lined up to play a fundraiser for Sara Walsh Delaney, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2011 at the age of 28 after being
Hey Sara Walsh Lori Swanson and Kath McCoy Cantafio look at this little guy.
Just in case you might have missed this last week, there will be a benefit gig on 1st. March at the Grand Social in Dublin to raise funds for Sara Walsh Delaney, it will be the only Redneck Manifesto gig in 2014. It's a really great cause and I hope to see some of you there. Richie
hes just honoring disneys founder Walt Disney who is on ice
dont be surprised if calls u 4 that FF partnership 2day. Cuz there's no way he will be thawed 4 the 2014 draft!
Sara, you can model. I respect your decision. What is one of your favorite memories about Nashville?
I didn't get anything. Just looked for ideas. What was your day like?
Good evening Sara! Who let the blonde out? Who let the bulldog out? I worked, and went to barnes and noble.
I was really hoping to see a cheer off tonight at this Walsh game
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