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Sara Ramirez

Sara Ramírez (born August 31, 1975) is a Mexican/Irish-American singer/songwriter and actress. She is known for her role as Callie Torres in Grey's Anatomy (2006–present) and as the original Lady of the Lake in the 2005 Broadway musical Spamalot, for which she won the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical.

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When there's a BTS Grey's Anatomy pic posted& there's a arm showing in the back that looks a lot like Sara Ramirez. I'm getting my hopes up.
Sara Ramirez said "Diversify, Be Agile, and be Flexible" during her M.O.V.E presentation
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to all the losers and haters, i'm very tired so sunny and i are going to bed. Sleep!
could listen to Sara Ramirez's voice all day long, not a flaw
i get goose bumps every time I hear sara ramirez sing "the story" bc her voice is just so powerful and it takes me back to the ep of greys
Sara Ramirez visits Extra at The Grove on March 15, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.
watching the Spamalot Tony Awards performance and weeping about Sara Ramirez. and how being in a non-HS pit orchestra would've been TOO FUN
I remember watching Grey's anatomy w my mom when i was younger and getting so excited whenever Sara Ramirez was on
Happy Saturday. A wonderful day for all my friends. Kisses of sara ramirez for everyone. . htt…
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On this day in 1910, Mexican-American revolutionary teacher and feminist Sara Estela Ramírez died aged around 29...
Just here to remind you all that I love Callie Torres, Arizona Robbins, Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw.
Laura Prepon after working out like Pratt for a few months. or Sara Ramirez. I'd like to see a tall and strong/curvy girl
Remember when i met Sara Ramirez, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw all in one day? Cause i still can't believe that happened
goodnight I love Marlee Matlin and Kate Walsh and Lana Parrilla and Sara Ramirez and Jennifer Beals and Jessica Capshaw and all my mutuals
Stuff you learn watching kids TV: Ariel Winter, Sara Ramirez, Tim Gunn & Wayne Brady voice characters on Sofia the First. Who knew?!? 😊
PHOTOS | More photos of Sara Ramirez at the LGBT Heritage Month Celebration at LA City hall (3) | Via Aman Chaudhary h…
VIDEO | Sara Ramirez' full speech at the LA City hall celebration ( Part 1)
Mary Lambert talks about music video that will feature Sara Ramirez. ❤️. Be on the lookout. . "mid-May" 👏🏼
I'm drunk crying at Ellen Pompeo and Sara Ramirez
Good night and to my French friends for tomorrow:
I used to be obsessed with The Story by Sara Ramirez when she sang it on Grey's Anatomy 😅😍
Imagine boarding a plane and finding out you're on the same flight as Sara Ramirez. Unfortunately, can't relate
"It was lit". I bet it was. It's Sara freaking Ramirez, duh. Yes, I'm jealous.
Sara ramirez is beautiful with whatever hairstyle she uses, a haircut does not define your beauty
I love the Grey's musical episode. I could listen to Sara Ramirez sing forever!! 😍
Lmao people body shaming Sara Ramirez and comparing her to Marika as if that even matters. I didn't think you had to grow…
Ratchet city at Supporting Sara Ramirez and the film
Random: *knocks on the door* hi, we'd like to talk to you about the goddess Sara Ramirez. You:
Sara Ramirez' film is named in 2nd place among the top ten films in Tribeca Festival:
"What do you love most about Sara Ramirez?" . Me:
This is for all that hate Sara Ramirez you all are jealous because she is beautiful hot sexy with short are long hair she is a role model
I honestly did not know that Sara Ramirez has been married since 2012 to Ryan. Thank you Sara stans/fans for keeping me in the loop.
I'm waiting for my neighbor to tell me how unhealthy it is to have The Story - Sara Ramirez on repeat for the past hour and a half, nonstop.
To Random commenter: Sara Ramirez is not married and does not have a husband. OMG. Leave HeelyQueen's Instagram alo…
If Sara Ramirez ever stalked my account I wouldn't be even embarrassed about how obsessed I am with her.
Sara Ramirez at the premiere of The Death and Life Of Marsha P. ❤💪
Sara Ramirez is one of the most beautiful underrated people like ugh it kills me
Sara Ramirez film is ranked in 2nd place in the Tribeca Festival:
SARA ELENA RAMIREZ IS WORTH MORE THAN HER HAIR. She is amazing at what she's doing. She is fighting for EVERYONE who wants a chance+
PHOTO | Sara Ramirez at the The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson premiere
Sara Ramirez and Eric Dane protect these beautiful at all cost.
What if Sara Ramirez comes back to grey's next season and Shonda does a love triangle thing with Arizona & Eliza
I should talk about Sara Ramirez more.
goodnight I would take a bullet for sara ramirez
Low key wants Sara Ramirez to post a selfie on insta for reaching 1m 😜
Sara Ramirez is the Zabar's cashier in You've Got Mail!
Most relaxing 45 seconds of my life 😍
What is it going to take for people to realize this man is playing his supporters for fools?
When Sara Ramirez uses her voice for those who need one! Please continue to be true 2 U! I try daily 2 B true 2 myself!
There are just 2 days left to make a tax deductible end of year gift! Actress, artist, and activist Sara Ramirez...
can you believe Sara Ramirez invented beauty
This year has been the year of the baby boom in shondaland and also, the year in which Sara Ramirez said she was Bisexual. Wonderful!
2. Sara Ramirez came out as bisexual. Sara played the character who helped me discover my sexuality, so her coming out as well was amazing 😌
Have you ever heard "The Story"? It's featured on and sung by the beautiful Sara Ramirez. Very emotional song ❤
GA: I feel bad for wanting Sara Ramirez to stay on this dreadful show but I did. She was the one ray of light in a sea of darkness.
I'm not going to lie: I still have days when I walk by the mirror on my...
never doubt the most high aka Sara Ramirez 🙏🏾
(2/2) I'm also carrying weapons and explosives in a badass way. And then Sara Ramirez or Calliope were there and we're singing together
i guess that worked!! Found it! 😲 i'll make sure to say thank you to Sara Ramirez aka God the day i graduate
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There is a pretty version by Sara Ramirez, but dunno if I have a favorite
Sara Ramirez is so beautiful, I can't
what are some of your favorite sara ramirez accounts — Um. I really only follow And she's great.
Brandi Carlile's wonderful original version of The Story knocks the spots off Leanne Rimes's version, as does Sara Ramirez version.
"My fav is Sara Ramirez! But all the others are all on second place! Such a talented cast, unbelievable!"
Happy one year anniversary of when I met Sara Ramirez! ❤️
"So many of our youth experiencing homelessness are youth whose lives touch on many intersections, whether they...
VOTE!. to nominate Sara Ramirez for Favorite Dramatic TV Actress 2017 Write in your nomination here…
sara is amazing I love her humble and sara Ramirez
unrelated question but Have you ever met Sara Ramirez?
Oops. Got my shows fixed up. I meant Sara Ramirez.
Sara Ramirez is the most precious woman in the world. 🌈❤️ via
Thank you, Sara Ramirez for portraying the beautiful character of Callie Torres. . D... (Vine by
I'm ready to replace Sara Ramirez on Greys at anytime 💁🏽
I was too and I hadn't even realized how really great it was. And Sara Ramirez was acting to the GODS!
I'm proud for living in the same time than Sara Ramirez
I love this profile of Sara Ramirez 😍
« people have become very close and attached to these different characters » - Sara Ramirez
"Stay true to who you are. Don't let anyone else define you." - Sara Ramirez
Interviewer: so tell us a bit about Sara Ramirez. . Me:
[PHOTO] Sara Ramirez dressed as a pirate wench at one of Grey's Halloween parties | src: djmatheos
I have no words to describe how much I love sara ramirez and Jessica Capshaw.
Sara Ramirez is now 1,403 in the INQUIZIE celebrity ranking.
"Grey's Anatomy" star Sara Ramirez comes out as bisexual
Sara Ramirez is so amazing the things she said in her speech tonight.. she is so incredibly inspiring to the LGBTQ community, wow.
WATCH: 'Grey's Anatomy' star comes out as bi like it's NBD:
Sara Ramirez came out as bisexual today. Only good thing that happened this Sunday.
First Danielle Cormack now Sara Ramirez. Celebs - keep coming out, it's doing wonders for *** people .')
Sara Ramirez came out as bisexual because dreams really do come true! She's the reason I watched the show as long as I did. Hawtness 🔥🔥🔥
Sara Ramirez is so beautiful and confident 💖
'Grey's Anatomy' star comes out as bisexual.
I know a lot of things are bad, but Sara Ramirez is bisexual, and we'll always have that.
Grey's Anatomy's Sara Ramirez revealed that she's bisexual during a powerful speech at an event for
How did we get so lucky to live at the same time as Sara Ramirez
I love Sara Ramirez. I just don't like the cut. No me gusta. Congrats on coming out.
News: Grey’s Anatomy actress Sara Ramirez comes out as bisexual
Grey's Anatomy actress Sara Ramirez comes out as bisexual
ICYMI: Sara Ramirez publicly comes out as bisexual:
Someone: Sara Ramirez can't be bisexual when she's married to a man!!! That's cheating!!!. Me:
Sara Ramirez looks amazing tonight, that is all 💕
Amid the darkness and harshness of the world, Sara Ramirez coming out as bisexual was like catching a brief ray of sunshine.
'Grey's Anatomy' star Sara Ramirez comes out as bisexual via the App who cares. Stfu and do your job stfu
Sara Ramirez finally comes out as bisexual.i mean cmon we already knew lol.cmon Callie you cant fake it with us lmao
Live your life and celebrate your pride, Sara Ramirez aka Calliope Torres, Ortho.
Sara Ramirez from came out as bisexual & ***
Sara Ramirez came out as bisexual. Nice. Happy for her.
Grey’s Anatomy star Sara Ramirez came out as bisexual on Saturday:
Grey's Anatomy's Sara Ramirez came out as bisexual during a speech at the True Colors: 40 to None Summit.
Without Sara ramirez I don't think I would've accep... — That's is amazing that she can do that for you. ❤️
Grey's Anatomy's has come out as bisexual - read her speech:
‘Grey's Anatomy' star Sara Ramirez comes out as bisexual and ***
Sara Ramirez is the same person she was 48 hours ago, not more, not less. The same actress, same wife, same idol, same hum…
I think you'll find the occasional Sar-uh in the US (like actress Sara Ramirez, as far as I know) but mostly not
My dream would be Jenna Ushkowitz, Amber Riley, and Sara Ramirez as the Schuyler Sisters
that drawing i made of you for your tshirt in HS you know the one
Adoption is a global issue these days - it's certainly current - and it's encouraging for a
she moved to New York in the show but Sara Ramirez just wants time off so she's not in this season
Just finished GLAAD Awards Glam with the gorgeous Sara Ramirez!
Just finished early mornin Glam with Sara Ramirez. Check her out at noon on Access Hollywood Live. Greys Anatomy Finale…
Photo: Yesterday’s Beauty Sara Ramirez for lipstick in “LANA” one of my...
It's 5:12am and I'm still not over the Calzona split or Sara Ramirez being off the show.
Sara Ramirez is such a good person we don't deserve her
"After 11 years, calls it quits" I need a moment to appreciate this 😭
Sara Ramirez has the most beautiful voice ❤️❤️
lmaooo one time jill accidentally turned in a paper w "Shakira" in the corner where ur last name goes on every single page
Former star Sara Ramirez is showing off her new buzz cut!
just a friendly reminder that this thursday is gonna be after 10 years the first episode without "Sara Ramirez" on the credits
me: hi. sara ramirez: Calliope Iphigenia Torres is bisexual, she's attracted to both men and women always has been regardless which gender sh
Friendly reminder that Sara Ramirez invented looking effortlessly beautiful.
Sara Ramirez had many BRILLIANT moments on Grey's. I'm so sad she's gone.
This is everything. Sara Ramirez is a goddess. Regardless of how highly ridiculed the notion of a musical Grey's...
man Sara Ramirez slays the musical episode of Grey's
Every single time i watch this episode I'm blown away by Sara Ramirez's voice. She's amazing. I'm deceased.
When you get so excited telling your mom about how Sara Ramirez is Callie and how talented she is but she doesn't share your enthusiasm.
Where is Vanessa Hudgens' Emmy? Her dad died the day before this and she still performed LIVE!
idk I think Sara Ramirez is one of Shonda Rhimes Favorite Actors/Characters I just think she wanted to leave
when is Sara Ramirez coming back to Grey's?
You know ur Sara Ramirez fan when. 😂💖
I love keke palmer and normani kordei and sara ramirez so much I'm going to sleep
Sara Ramirez is the only thing that saved that musical Grey's Anatomy episode.
In honor of the Emmy's tonight, here's a list of people who should've won years ago, but are underrated:. 1. Sara Ramirez…
Sara Ramirez and performing "Isn't it a pity" from The Gershwins' Fascinating Rhythm (1999).
Ok so I'm finding all of these clips of Sara Ramirez on Broadway from like way back when and she is unreal. She deserves all of the awards.
When I first wanna draw my friend for her wedding gift but in the end I drew Sara Ramirez 😘✏🎨💃
Sara Ramirez is hilarious, she should do more commercials.
French people are so weird *** is " le chasseur de raies qui defouraille d grosses meres " means?
I still can't believe that the s13 table read is happening without Sara Ramirez I'm never not going to be sad about this
Just sat and bawled my eyes out at the fact Sara Ramirez will not be at the season 13 table read
Idk if I should catch it or apologize
"There are just certain people that just walk on stage and they've got whatever 'IT' is, and Sara Ramirez has got it i…
EMPLOYER: So, about your CV... ME: Well, SURE, it's going to be unpopular with the fact-checking brigade, but
A Trump endorsement we want to be sure everyone sees. .
I honestly really can't get over the fact that SARA RAMIREZ IS A REAL PERSON!!
The reality shows are getting worse and worse. They're out of control and have been for some ti
How does Sara Ramirez always look so gorgeous?
Fun fact: The writers did not came up with the plan of making Callie bisexual, Sara Ramirez who plays Callie Torres, volunteered.
her name is also Sara Ramirez. But it changes, Yanoo. From Sara Ramirez, to Jessica Capshaw, to Anne Dudek. 😂 whoever I feel like.
lol really that's so cute! I'll congratulate you guys in a group chat on that day 😊
@ greys fans, Sara Ramirez (Callie) is not returning for season 13, I am in literal tears, why does greys do this
Sara Elena Ramirez is a precious angel sent from heaven to bless us mortals with her greatness your opinion is invalid
Sara Ramirez has the voice of an angel I swear
It's 12:22am and I'm listening to Sara Ramirez I love life
The intention of this petition is to ask the return of our beloved actress SARA RAMIREZ to the Grey's Anatomy.
According to Sarah Drew Sara is only taking a break but no leaving the series:
What about someone like Ellen Pompeo or Sara Ramirez?
Sara Ramirez is so beautiful. She fills my heart of pride. Is a human being so amazing. I love her. ❤️
Sara Ramirez and Winona Ryder are my people
Sara Ramirez// calli from greys anatomy is Queen Miranda in Sofia the First..
I've never been very cookie cutter. If I choose something different fr...
Goodnight I love Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez and calzona will rise
If u don't like Sara Ramirez you're doing it wrong
Sara Ramirez. -she's just PERFECT. -LGBT+ activist . -played a hardcore ortho surgeon on tv. -she sounds like an angel
This made my day! 😀 Thanks What Does Grey’s Sara Ramirez Have in Common With Sofia the First?
I love you so, so much. It is like a disease. I'm infected by Sara Ramirez. ❤️
And then Sara Ramirez showed up in this movie. HA.
sara ramirez is so beautiful that every time I see a picture of her face I need to rest my eyes for a period of 5-10 minutes
it's always been Sara Ramirez for me. Dayum
but how hOw HOW! did any of us get so BLESSED to be on this planet with sara ramirez??? she's a literal goddess nobody is worthy
I don't know if Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw live there
Sara Ramirez won't be in season 13. ***
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sara ramirez . — grey's anatomy actors series . +she's such a cutie, I love her sm :) . ib:... (Vine by
Sara Ramirez is my ortho queen, grey's will never be the same without her😔😭
Sara Ramirez and Lana Parrilla make my life so much better
"You see the smile that's on my mouth. It's hiding the words that don't come out" . The Story - Sara Ramirez
Sara Ramirez is a human being so beautiful. I'm so proud to be your fan. This Latin won my heart in a way.
love Chandra Wilson and Sara Ramirez in their debut musical episode
My life would be complete if Sara Ramirez joined the cast of OITNB
Did I mention Sara Ramirez and Chyler Leigh are queens of pop
Sandra Oh will always be Cristina. Katherine Heigl will always be Izzie. Chyler Leigh will always be Lexie. Sara Ramirez will always be Callie
maddie just informed me that you don't pronounce sara (ramirez) the way it looks and everything i know is a LIE
Sara Ramirez is not leaving Grey's Anatomy!!. stop saying that
I believe there's hope as long as neither of them leave the show. Rumors better not be true about Sara ramirez
"Only, Sara Ramirez looks WAY more glamorous than me when she cries" -Stacy McKee
I bet Sara Ramirez hates this. She speaks out about LGBT rights all of the time...
Sara Ramirez has the voice of an angel💫😇
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Sara Ramirez is basically the reason I watch grey's still though so praying she doesn't leave the show
What Ellen didn't tell us it was that Sara Ramirez would rip our hearts out as well.
So, does this means Sara ramirez's going to leave greys?
wait how tall is Sara Ramirez 5'9 and Ellen Pompeo is 5'7 that isn't that much of a height difference at 2 feet then again Sara had heels on
And I still hope Callie won't go to New York. Because 1) I really don't like Penny 😡 & 2) I don't want Sara Ramirez to leave.
This beloved character may be leaving Grey's Anatomy and everyone is freaking out:
& Sue Ramirez are just so cute when they hug each other like this! 💖
I'm saying!!! I don't like her either... My coworkers told me yesterday Sara Ramirez is leaving... I haven't done my research
it's possible that Sara Ramirez wants to leave the show and they didnt want to kill her off. . And obviously she cant abandon Sofia
Taylor Swift's 'girl squad' all unfollowed Demi Lovato on Instagram for posting a photo with Hailey Baldwin. 👀 https:/…
I love sara ramirez and Jessica Capshaw so much
It was predictable, though. Does Sara Ramirez want out of Grey's?
Sara Ramirez is now 1,343 in the INQUIZIE celebrity ranking.
Someone get Sara Ramirez back on Broadway. Where she belongs.
Every time I talk to Sara Ramirez she asks me for a dollar. Every. Time. 😂
I never want to see Sara Ramirez crying again. Ever.
I feel sick bad for Callie. Sara Ramirez crying gets to me every time.
for Sara Ramirez,so wrong to take Sophia away and give to a woman who didn't want kids & who cheats, Calli should of won.
how much did Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez completely rock it tonight?? 1-10
Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez, breaking hearts since as long as you can remember. Superb acting, what a talent!!!
OMG could a woman be more attractive than Callie ? GA 12/13. Sara Ramirez & Chandra Wilson
I hope one day someone will look at me the way I look at Sara Ramirez in denim..♥️
Sara Ramirez performing in A Class Act at the 55th annual Tony Awards
I just really love Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez
Tagged by . Post 4 actresses you love:. Jennifer Morrison . Lana Parrilla . Sara Ramirez . Jessica Capshaw
both Sara Ramirez and Chandra Wilson are plus-size and have had numerous intimate scenes on the show. don't play with me.
Kate Walsh and Sara Ramirez dancing on top of the bar😂 two cuties on a bar😍
Gwen Stefani is not predicted than Sara Ramirez, Sarah Drew, Jessica Capshaw, or Kate Walsh. Sit down.
Sara Ramirez on keeping her private life private and being happy with herself - AfterEllen:
This bunny's eyeliner is 10x better than mine
I just voted for Sara Ramirez to Fifth Harmony Cast your vote:
I just voted for Sara Ramirez to win Fifth Harmony vote:
there's nothing more difficult than trying to reach that last note sara ramirez hits in "The Story".
my sister and I just had a 15 minute phone conversation discussing what a beautiful voice sara ramirez has.
Sitting at work and jamming to the version of the universe and you by Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez ❤❤❤❤ I can not get enough of it 😁😁😁
Sara Ramirez deserves all awards there are out there for all the crying she did in the past 10 seasons.
I just voted for Sara Ramirez, and now it's your turn!
📹 heely-queen: For these reasons and so many more…here’s why your vote should go to Sara Ramirez for...
I would totally be the fan to accidentally elbow Sara Elena Ramirez in the face while trying to snap a selfie with her.
Sara Ramirez looks so good in the new episode ☺️
Yep you're right. She needs something fresh and a new partner. I can't watch sara ramirez near her anymore.
Hello 911 I would like to report a serious case of sobbing fangirl the cause would be Sara Ramirez's face
I can't say what I think of Sara Ramirez now and her behaviour,
Random: So you're raising money for the unfortunate who haven't heard of Sara Ramirez? . Me:
Please just take a minute or two to vote for Sara Ramirez for the 😘
Breast Cancer Awareness
I'd realy like to hear you do a cover of The Story ☺️ Sara Ramirez's version is 👌. *Hint hint* ha! Lol
can you describe who is work whit sara ramirez??sorry my English
I love Jessica Capshaw, not only is she cute but funny as well. She's right up there with the Queen her self, Sara Ramirez.
Sara Ramirez in a ponytail is my sexuality
star talks acting and activisim in "Fresh On The Screen." Now live on
People actually don't like Sara Ramirez and that confuses me
I wish I could explain how much I love Sara Ramirez' voice but I won't because I'm too busy listening to Eye to Eye,The Story, Rollercoaster
Can't wait to see my ladies later. 💛
VERY excited that is coming on board for our film! We're lucky to have her involved!
Ellen Pompeo and Sara Ramirez will be at the GLAAD Awards April 20th! Yay!
Tony winner star of will coproduce →
i love greys anatomy and i would like to be IN the greys fandom but more importantly i love sara ramirez and want to be IN that village
still waiting for Sara Ramirez to get more recognition for all the amazing work she's doing for the LGBT community
I'm not going to apologize for not loving callie 😂 Sara Ramirez is amazing and a very talented, devoted woman, I just don't love Callie.
Sara Ramirez's voice gives me chills every time.
Me: loves Jack falahee and Sara Ramirez to no end
Sara Ramirez should show her Tony award around at work just so they know that she's the one with an award and give her some credit
Petition for Sara Ramirez to sing live bc it needs to happen & bc I need it like I need air.
all sara ramirez and greys anatomy fans plz Follow me hello
i just follow the first things that pop up when you search "sara Ramirez"
Love is undeniable, unforgettable, unimaginable, and what every heart yearns for. ~ Sara Ramirez
Sara Ramirez at the TGIT event in a dress with shoes. . Styling by
calliopetorres:. Sara Ramirez attends the Celebration of ABC’s...: calliopetorres:. Sara Ramirez attend...
"I heard a pop happen above me, and it scared me..." -Sara Ramirez
Switch Cady Heron with Sara Ramirez and switch army pants and flip flops to pretty much anything and that's me
Photoset: casuallysara: Sara Ramirez meet Callie Torres, you both can fight. Discuss.
I miss Sara Ramirez, she's been MIA lately.
Bought the out of print Stephen Schwartz cd that has Sara Ramirez singing Colors of the Wind. It was signed by Stephen Schwartz...
I liked a video Sara Ramirez on Good Morning America 3/30/11
Sara Ramirez is like the prettiest person ever
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sara ramirez // behind the scenes of latina magazine (Vine by
Sara Ramirez is on Law and Order SVU I'm loving this episode already
*me as a teacher*. me: this terms paper will be about a woman who has changed millions of lives. students: oh no. me: Sara Ramirez
Why is Sara Ramirez the most magical person ever to exist
I want to send Sara Ramirez' mom a thank you note! Like on behalf of all fangirl, thank you for such a beautiful creation..
Im a crazy person and thats ok but crazy people always end up alone
I always thought Sara Ramirez's eyebrow game is all that matters in this world but then she batted those eyelashes ……
I swear I can't listen to Sara Ramirez cover The Story without crying why am I like this
Sara Ramirez would be my first choice.
Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez are the most beautiful women in the world
Sara Ramirez is barely in bloopers cuz she's so good that doesn't make any mistakes
Sara too perfect to make any mistake Ramirez
So sick of people telling me to forget about you, no thanks I'm ok
Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez are two adorkable muffins.💖
Sara Ramirez is in the bloopers of S11. THANK GOD.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
is there Sara Ramirez in the bloopers?
Christina Aguilera is posting a lot of pics today. Your turn, Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez... Just saying 😂❤️
I love the way Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez say their name. I just... 😍😵
and then later on Sara Ramirez, Jessica Capshaw, Kate Walsh for a while, Eric Dane
All I want in life is a picture of Jessica Capshaw, Sara Ramirez, Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling together
no one touch me Sara Ramirez, Jessica Capshaw, & Kate Walsh posting about marriage equality has me crying
to Kate Walsh and Sara Ramirez at the 18th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, 2007
I'm convinced Sara Ramirez's voice was crafted by angels and diamonds
Said embarrassing things to both Kevin McKidd & Sara Ramirez last night at the after party. Thanks champagne. I blame
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