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Sara Palin

Sarah Louise Palin (née Heath; born February 11, 1964) is an American politician, commentator and author.

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Wow, he writes like Sara Palin talks.
FYI Naseem, you mental midget, That was Tina Fey Not Sara Palin who said that... anothe…
or whether Rick Perry or Sara Palin(2 mental giants) think it's so🤣
White privilege? Idk. It's infuriating, like Sara Palin, you feel like it's the emperor's new clothes…
Remember when the weekly standards bill kristol convinced Mccain to put sara PALIN on the ticket in…
it's like R.Perry,B.Carson or Sara Palin being there. The intelligent "others" have nothing to discuss w/them. The…
I can't believe I'm saying this, but it would have been way less humiliating for us if Putin had to go up against P…
You're a wack job Moron in the same league as Sara Palin!
Who is the Sara Palin person, and why should we care?
Sara Palin...Trash. 45..Trash. Any speech from TRASH
Hope they don't miss Sara Palin's house?
I am the Sara Palin of Canada. I can see it out my window. Don't go there much. There's a crack down a…
Like i am happy Sara Palin wasn't the first Female VP i am also happy Hilary Clinton wasn't the first female president.
Dumbest person on the planet next to Sara Palin
She is the Hilary Clinton and Sara Palin of wrestling. just the worst.
sells back to the It was cheap because they were forced to take Sara Palin.
show me your company I'll show u who u r. Sara Palin.
45: You can have Alaska. Putin: You have to keep Sara Palin. 45: Deal, plus ReXXon can drill, right? . Putin: As long as you lift the sanctions
TED CRuz runs a close race (in IQ) with Rick Perry,Sara Palin & Ben Carson, we don't look 2 them for guidance
Including Sara Palin?Let me think.naw.Not even then. But Donnie's always hawking something, esp. the 'wife' or whic…
If Sara palin said we should go on a crusade against Obama MSM would have been going nuts for weeks.
Only if Putin takes Sara Palin with it.
I actually hate this woman more than HRC & Sara Palin combined.
He's a quitter like Sara Palin. On the grift for trump. So unAmerican.
If we're going to have death panels, shouldn't Sara Palin be in charge?
I hope you win Sara Palin. CNN needs to answer for crimes against American people!🇺🇸
It's the lesser of 2 evils-or in the succession line, the lesser of 5-10. Until we get to 15th-DeV…
And you still won't do anything. Well North Korea can now hit Sara Palin's home. Thats one way to…
Aren't his lawyers working on the Sara Palin lawsuit?. Aw, who am I kidding, they can do both
But first we send Sara Palin back to keep watch on the Alaskan coast to be sure
You and Sara Palin think you dictate gas prices? Honestly, open an economics book💩America is faili…
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I heard it was Rudy Giuliani, Joe Arpiao, Sara Palin, and Dean Vernon Wormer.
Sara Palin would be a great ambassador because she can see Canada from Alaska.
Good to know that they view IW the same way we view Sara Palin
or what they HAVE done when confronted by the public, as various public figures like HRC, Warren or even (I despise saying this) Sara Palin.
Sara Palin for US Ambassador to Canada, she'll make sure the little boy will stay in the corner till election time.
If the rumors are true and Sara Palin is going to be the next I apologize to our neighbors up north. I voted for that "Nasty Woman".
The thing about Sara Palin as an ambassador is that the chances she'll do or say something really stupid is 110%.
And Sara Palin Ambassador to Canada? That was one of my escape routes. 😩😩
KellyAnne Conway is the only person that could make Sara Palin look smart!
You think your mad now, wait until Sara Palin is the ambassador! Sorry we are trying to impeach!
Sara Palin and Conway could be sisters.
WHAT? Sara Palin wants to run Canada now? does she realize ambassador is not making her Prime Minister?
Canada will have two Donald Trumps to deal with if Sarah Palin becomes ambassador: NDP MP https…
oh please who the f... U people think U are royalty? Your Father wanted Sara Palin 2B VP ok & u have a job @ fox 'cause of him
When did the news media normalize hate? Wit…
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Sara an excellent choice for Canadians. Understands northern culture. Alaskans & Canadians same type people
When did the news media normalize hate? With Sara Palin?
Warren is the Sara Palin of the Dems
Mass medias in Canada, trying to ridicule Ex-Gov. Sara Palin ,she has been appointed Ambassador to Canada
Heard that Canadians love their Loonies. I guess that explains why Sara Palin is under consideration as Ambsssador
Hey USA we just heard on the news in Canada that Trump is going to appoint Sara Palin as ambassador to Canada. It just gets better
why don't you dummy up and see the mess you have made out of Ontario. You have to be related to Sara palin.
The ten most dumbest ppl in the world. Sara Palin.
probably replaced by a random 400 lb guy in his mom's basement or Sara palin
Your father picked Sara Palin so just shut up.
If Sara Palin had said Bush instead of Trump ( Pelosi), Russia influence how about the bias, propaganda, lies covering for the left
America seeks revenge on Canada, gets it by sending sara palin as ambassador .
Canada is so lucky US is appointing their brightest Sara Palin as an ambassador to Canada YEY we are all excited the fools rule
It just got interesting how will Christia Freeland and Sara Palin get along they can discuss where to buy the worst clothes
Canada will take 100 refugees over Sara Palin. Tell me it's a joke. At least LePage would know the forest issues.
*** I think even Sara Palin would do better than this! And we know that's a low bar to jump.
John McCain been crusty since him Sara Pathetic Palin got smoked by Obummer in the election.
no just tell him that Sara Palin would not like it here
Well, according to Sara Palin, "American" is a language, but what does she know? She can't quite manage Englis…
NO SARA PALIN AS AMBASSADOR TO CANADA! Tell Trump that he is NOT welcomed in Canada.
From the Senator who gave us Sara Palin...
why was Sara Palin grilled about her vast knowledge of geography? At least she had to figure out a land mark that wasn't USA
I think she is trying to copy Sara Palin.. no chance... she is as ugly as the south end of a north bound muei
Looks like Sara Palin is going to be new ambassador in Canada for the USofA
Sara Palin is the New American Ambassador to Canada 🇨🇦 set to be announced.
Sara Palin as U.S. Ambassador to Canada would rachet it up to a new kind of crazy.
John Clease said sara was the 2nd funniest palin ;p
If we are taking Sara Palin off their hands. We can throw Rachel Notely and Kathleen Wynn too
I promise The franchise of the New York Knicks is run by Sara Palin!..
Easy question was the deranged media sexist against Sara Palin or Betsy DeVos?
Sara Palin to be the New American Ambassador to Canada 🇨🇦
Sara Palin is qualified to be Canada's ambassador for 2 reasons: 1)media punchline; 2) She can see Canada from home
Our "so-called" president makes Sara Palin look like a Rhodes scholar.
Dear Mr. Trump: Sara Palin as the US Ambassador to Canada? You do know she can't see us from her house?!
Can we make it a three way and throw ol' sara palin in the mix?
Sarah Palin touted as US ambassador to Canada? You betcha! - reason: Sara can see Canada form Alaska
HELP there are rumors they might send us Sara Palin. Want your old job back? Please say yes!
Obama was great We know that is only what ever Trump has no clue about anything Remember Sara Palin she was a HOT MESS Trump mess
Mr. President. Why isn't Sara Palin a part of your cabinet? She sure does support you faithfully.
Canadian comedians and hunting outfitters seem to be excited about the prospect of Sara Palin becoming Ambassador to
Sara Palin to be head of the Department of Carnivals. I could get behind that. ;).
and Sara Palin knows a lot about Russia, because its on the other side of the Bering sea from Alaska
When Glen Beck and Sara Palin make sense in the same year it does suggest something about reality.
see... Mr. Trump is gonna be Peter Marshall and his cabinet gonna be HOLLYWOOD SQUARES... Sara Palin to block! .
Pundit said he hopes Trump will surround himself with good people. My mind said like Mike Pence, Chris Christi, Sara Palin and Ted Nugent?
The most perfect would be if Trump got Sara Palin as vice Pres.Some call her Govenor, but she quit before her term she is a quitter
id rather let Sara Palin *** in my mouth then eat at Baja Fresh
in fairness, he does have some serious supporters as well. Dennis Rodman, Scott Baio, Sara Palin, Gary Busey.
crazy uncle trump sounds just like crazy untie sara palin. They don't know what they r talking about n r dummys on policies
Sara Palin, an arch conservative, would disagree.
ann coulter an sara palin are both *** for endoring trump. DT being a lib insider for 40 years? now a conservative?
Sara Palin says it doesn't exist, therefore it cannot...figure it out!
man you hear about Sara Palin thinking that she's smarter than Bill Nye ? What a moron lol CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL PEOPLE
I wish people would consult Donald Trump and Sara Palin before making scientific predictions.
think about this?? Why is Sara Palin enforcing Trump it that were the case. Cmon
As Sara Palin would say, is a cycle thing.
They don't care about us!! They celebrate losing. Modern day example:John McCain, Sara Palin every POTUS cycle.
No - you probably believe that Sara Palin was Tina Fey
Sara palin ran as insider McCain's VP in '08 now she can't have dinner because insiders want her to shut up.
sara Palin in her best when she is lying down in a bathroom throwing up
So you want the media to not treat Trump like they treated Sara Palin And you know how that turned out Trump
Sara Palin is an *** doesn't know who Prince is you look stupid
If I ever see Sara Palin, can I slap her for you? Please?
In case you were wondering whether to listen to or Sara Palin on
I think this parody acct thing has gone to your head. You're going to *** off the real Sara Palin.
Sara Palin vs Palin rejects idea of extrasolar life as un-American bc Drake is Canadian.
I didn't but how about that rappers wanting a train on Sara Palin for something she didn't even say ?
Last I checked Sara Palin, Michele Bachman, maybe Ann Coulter are women, so was this person:
come on republicans do us dems a Favor nominate Donald same as Sara Palin. The best Fund raiser we have we know UR in fear of HC
Trump doing better than expected. Democrats hope he will soon bring Sara Palin back to campaign for him.
Sara Palin is basically the american version of Katie Hopkins
has considered Sara Palin erotica because that would be fun
I saw her comment about hot sauce as her Sara Palin moment like saying I can see Russia from house.
Sarah Palin mocks Bill Nye over climate change Sara Palin is so ignorant we have to make a new name up
Sara Palin should watch very carefully.
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sara palin, joke against the American voters.
I don't want my vote diluted by Sara Palin types or commies trying to disrupt the process.
that is worse than the Sara Palin I can see Russia from my house comment.
I just want to thank Sen McCain for foisting this gift that is Sara Palin on America!
When Sara Palin shouting reloaded, reloaded, someone went out and shot, Gabby, you are your followers, your followers are you, sir.
If it doesn't make sense I'm not hearing it...why would I?? That's like holding a conversation with Sara Palin.
when they had had that clue about the Alaskan governor, I thought It wasn't going to be Sara Palin. It was.
Cause Sara Palin is with not 1 clue! *** have we seen SP's High School grades in Science? Did she go to college?
If Trump wins he will resign to make Sara Palin president. You heard it here first
JASVIR (Sara Palin). When she was here as Gina & Sara Palin she brought in Kris Humphries a basketball player who over time became Louie
Does Trump actually make people surrounding him dumber? . Sara Palin.
Sara Palin said REVOLT . not to be confused with a few violent *** who don't do anything PEACEFULLY!
I think voters have already decided that Sara Palin should stay out of politics.
Not using Ben Carson & other blacks as well as Sara Palin and other women to campaign for u is moronic!!!
Also Obama's fault for Sara Palin be a raging addict.I don't know what she uses, but i'm staying the fk away from it
Let's face it. Hillary is even funnier than her sister in Crime - Sara Palin.
Im shocked they didn't put Elle Varner or Sara Palin as my look alike 😂😂
and thats how she became sara Palin
This guy is about as credible as Sara Palin. The utter froth of paranoid lies that seethe through his teeth is astounding. Total con man.
Is your uncle's name Rush Limbaugh. At least Megan is fair, not like you, are you and Sara Palin sister's ?
am I the only person who realizes that Sara Palin's glasses have no prescription?
Sara Palin gives media *** for not telling the truth about her
Hilllary Clinton is the only choice, Sara Palin's loco speech about "teddies for illegals" prove's she's lost her gourd!
Semi-human Sara claims she's as much a scientist as Aerospace Engineer the science guy.
Sara Palin and Scientist is quite the oxymoron
Sarah Palin says she's more of a scientist than Bill Nye. A "MAD" Scientist for sure. Deny climate change? Oil & gas stocks in trouble Sara?
Wisconsin last week, Sara Palin was introduced to the theme music to Monty Python's Flying Circus. How incredibly appropriate!
i feel like sara palin could be the Darkest Timeline version of me. like the timeline where i become the avatar of retribution and death
Sara Palin said Bill Nye's not a real scientist. She never stops reaching new levels of stupid.
1 of 2 is a hoax! Just ask Sara Palin. It's just the government adjusting all thermometers in the world up a few degrees
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is it General Santa Anna again? Shhh after Sara Palin you lost speaking privileges
Ana nailing the Sara Palin imp! you need to get the crazy, vapid look in the eyes for authenticity
If Trump loses the Republican presidential nominee this would be Sara Palin's second lose counting Sen John McCain.
Republican's can't be trusted,, George Bush was the stupidest person in the word,,,Sara Palin , Romney who thought we needed bayonets?
NEW YORK (AP) — Fox News Channel and Sara Palin are cutting ties again. The network said Wednesday that it was...
Low IQ people that think Sara Palin is smart 😂😂😂😂 I'm not sure why she isn't blonde.
Sara Palin is to Donald Trump as Bobby Trendy was to Anna Nicole Smith.
The great irony of Tina Fey impersonating Sara Palin is that Fey is far more talented and accomplished than Palin
getting the endorsement of Sara Palin is like getting the endorsement of "Mush" from a Bronx Tale
Did you ever think we'd see people less qualified to be near the White House than Sara Palin?
Donald Trump is running exactly the kind of campaign Sara Palin wanted McCain to run She must be so jealous.
. A Sara Palin parody is the president!? . Is it any good?
I am not ready for Hillary. Carly or Sara Palin but not Hillary.
Hi my name is Sara (not Palin unfortanetly) and im a 13 yearold girl who loves America and God and the Constantution
Stay tuned folks. Sara Palin and Gerald Ford skits coming up next on
Trump on the other hand is sporting / courting Palin for VP - Melania moving out, Sara moving in!!
I thought this was a Sara Palin doll when I first saw this☠
They hung Sara Palin in effigy, made a movie about killing Bush and now this. But R's = inflammatory speech?
Good on you hockey mom, what did Sara Palin say
On with Seth Sara Palin said most Syrian refugees probably do want to come here to experience "the exceptionalism we're are all blessed with
GOP: "Trump Trump what to do? Got it! ROMNEY! Yes he lost, but this time we'll give him a black VP - Sara Palin!"
If you're running for POTUS and Sara Palin thinks you have a good idea your campaign is on trouble.
If Sara Palin can run as Prez in the Phils.I'll vote for her.Shes a genuise.But NO!
does he have a running mate? Heard Sara Palin would be a good choice. 😈
Gabriel Gifford before she was shot- was in the crosshairs of Sara Palin and the tea party prior to her being shot.…
GINA was Sara Palin who was member of US Senate for Alaska but she make it into a country thus broke up as its own country long ago
Never thought I'd say this but I miss Sara Palin at this point.
If you are a Virginia voter, vote for ANYONE other than Michael Dickson...he's the 1 that called Sara Palin's grandson…
Sarah Palin goes all in on Trump's "Muslim ban"
I'm hoping the same as well, someone surprising but not sara palin disappointing or "who is that"? not register well
$700 ? Sara Palin must be on the bongos that night
Some people want cute ornaments, some want themed ornaments, I want a Sara Palin fetus ornament.
Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Sara Palin—all forms of price anchoring to make the fascists ~in power seem reasonable: Obama, Tories, Clinton.
Well I just read a article about Sara palin that she is backing the Donald,looks like she want to be vice president 😁.
I'm wondering, was Sara Palin the index patient in our epidemic of political stupidity that has swept the nation?
Ohh yes! Now watching McCain show boat the defense dept! While echoes of Sara Palin(woman Trump) ring in my ear! Senile
Some folks are amazed how successful has been at making Sara Palin look good as a presidential contender.
remember u picked Sara Palin a total *** who got rich off other dumbasses so y should anyone listen 2 u? Please retire.
Actual late night text from dad: "Remember the good old days when Sara Palin was the only thing the republicans had to worry about"
He's afraid of Katie Couric because of what Katie did to Sara Palin...Too funny...
He's going to keep an eye on them like Sara Palin & the Russkies:
Sara Palin was the GOP gateway drug for Trump, aka Hitler 2.0
He would do like Sara Palin 😂 and QUIT MID STREAM, RUN BACK TO HIS TOWER..AND COWER!!. CRYING, " Me Scared of Glad!
Trump is as qualified as Sara Palin, add Ben Carson in this number. No resume!
Missing the days of Sara Palin being the scariest Republican candidate in history!
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My theory is that Donald Trump is just a puppet of the Dark Side. . The true Sith Lord is Sara Palin.
he won't win. When the debates happen he will be exposed like Sara Palin for his lack of knowledge..Fingers crossed
100 % in agreement with Sara on this issue.
Sara Palin jednom rece za native Americans, to go back to Nativia, or wherever they came from ;D
and Sara palin, you said you love the smell of fossil fuels, well I urge you to talk to the kids of beijing
WOW ... remember when him and Sara Palin becoming the presidential duo was the biggest issue on the block? Now he...
He makes me miss the sensible, level headed proposed policies of Sara Palin.
Trump with running mate Sara Palin. Just envision it: No more GOP!
Randi, He refuse to be interviewed by Sara Palin if she called him Hussein!
Donald Trump is inciting to riot. Just like Sara Palin before him.
I think half of America can't believe it either. As for the other half ... what happened to Sara Palin?
If Picked I want Sara Palin as Vice ! She has my Back ! We will Vacation in Cuba !
he won’t be…and he is just echoing the statements of those that have felt empowered since Sara Palin was put on a ballot. Sad…
hmm, you must be British, in the ignorant words of Sara Palin; "I'm an American, and I speak like a moron"
I want to see Carly Fiorina in a three way with Anne Coulter and Sara Palin.
Barry Soetoro help ya out. He asked Sara Palin not to call him Hussein in her interview with him. Sounds muslim
Sara Palin is no former Vice Presidential candidate. "She remains at the top of the list,..VP gop candidates." Donald J Trump.
Carla Fiorina is " NOT " Sara Palin or Michele Bachman, to Compare is OUTRAGEOUS,Omgod !
BEWARE,,Carla F. is NOT Sara Palin or Michele Bachman..OMGOD to Compare is OUTRAGEOUS !
Still raking in the donations like Sara Palin?
to us but it certainly is for Sara Palin.
SNL will kill Donald Trump ... Just as it did to Sara Palin... Can't wait .
Add him to Denis rodman,myley Cyrus,Jesse Ventura,Sara palin..didn't busey surffer some brain damage. NOW
Beck attacked Sara Palin now this. he's slowly burning down his own career.
Scott Walker is a winker like Sara Palin.Winking is sneaking.
This *** may hate their own mothersI bet his mom had big bobs and was dumb as him. But to be fair republicans have Sara Palin .
But everybody knows God speak American like Sara Palin
I'm still waiting for Sara Palin to form a coherent sentence.
I got the feeling is about to make and look like the liars they are. Beck already lied about Sara Palin.
Nicole Wallace There is nothing wrong /w 's delivery of her speech. Nicole U didn't vote 2008 b/c of Sara Palin
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[ Politics ] Open Question : Does everyone agree with TRUMP that Carly Fiorina is bone ugly?: I don't think she's as hot as Sara Palin but…
Best day to commute in NYC, i've got a tranny cop, sara palin, the joker and at least a dozen others dressed up in my subway car!
Who is Sara ? Sarah Palin spells her name with a "h" ! Thanks for playing.
I love that everything Sara Palin says sounds like an onion piece but it isn't .
might B flavor of the month get him N the General n He'll go down Faster than U can say Sara Palin
He could ask Sara Palin, She's the expert
U and Sara Palin for pres. and vice pres. We support u like the south, the 2nd amend. And our constitution God bless u
This "gun control thriller" should do about as well as the anti-Iraq War movies and the Sara Palin flick.
also any footage of same sex animals getting it on will be replaced by Sara Palin rants.
me, I am the physical embodiment of edward Cullen x Sara Palin.
Article "First, in full text of the remarks it's clear isn't talkin about Sara Palin
What’s the difference between Sara Palin’s mouth and her *** . Retarded things only come out of her *** SOME of the time. 😭😂
are you kidding. The Dolphins are such an abortion Sara Palin wont even watch.
Sara Palin refuses to watch this dolphins game because it's such an abortion.
If there is such a thing as a prolapsed politician I believe this is what Sara Palin is and she has no idea of this.
I can't believe Sara Palin is still made relevant by reporters by talking about her or quoting every single stupid word she utters!
So am I Sara Palin can see Russia from her house, I can see the moon from mine
Glenn Beck: hey, sorry about that Palin clown thing: The backlash against Glenn Beck for calling Sara...
I heard Sara Palin made it all the way to crazy town
You are an ignorant Republican with Sara Palin.Go back to school although I doubt that would help you. Fix White-on-White crime.
we will have NI version of Sara Palin/'Gatekeeper' telling us rogues and renegade to go and live in Nationaland!
Thank you also please put out that the US CAPITAL POLICE ARE NOT RACIST. Because is was Sara Palin who is the Racist for not-
What cramp to suggest is like Sara Palin. Nearest to him in US is Best of luck Bernie.
what a pile of crap to suggest is like Sara Palin.The newest to him in the US is
Capital Police because of Sara Palin Racist Tendency. When they realize who I was they tried to apologize to me-
Life for the American I Love sir. Why was I treated badly like that by Sara Palin?.
To treat them the way I was treated. Sara Palin created a RACIAL ALMOST FARE with her a inaction sir. I almost lost my-
Mr.Byron I was born in the Rep of Panama raise in Rainbow City, Canal Zone.Sara Palin assumed that I am African-American
Sara Palin is at fault because I was asking a her a question with my hand raise saying did you forget to mention my-
LEVIN stands out period. Beck is a " has been" that has been attacking people like Sara Palin.
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so sick of sara palin. How can she structure a country when she can't even raise a responsible daughter?
*puts on Sara Palin Glasses*. When did you first become a freedom-hating terrorist?
Why is Sara Palin being presented an expert? Can she see Iran from her house?.
was it a MN soccer mom or Sara Palin impression? Had to be 100% SP...nailed it. Either way, hilarious!
Glenn Beck apologizes for calling Sarah Palin a ‘clown’: Glenn Beck is apologizing to former Alaskan Gov. Sara...
Another towering intellect. Being dumb worked for George Bush but not for Sara Palin. Risky.
That's Sara Palin's answer when asked what magazine she read.
Dear Donald Trump,. Please choose Sara Palin as your running mate. Sincerely,. Comedy
ok, Crowdfire rocks... hope you're well... Chris ps did you see my interview with Gov Sara Palin?
Okay. Here's the Sara Palin interview of Donald Trump that Glenn Beck has been attacking her over. Frankly its...
Glenn Beck has been losing his mind the last 2 days now that he has to personally attack Sara Palin for...
did yall know Sara palin *** said native Americans need to go back to Nativia.. oh ok
she's as useless as Sara Palin. Both wackos
Why oh why is sara palin back in the news again? I thought we banished that youtube comment back to the shadow realm
I Wish Michelle Bachman and Sara Palin would run for Senate
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Wow the bight lights of the Christian family values crowd have moved from Sara Palin.
forget Sara Palin. Trump should ask Kelly to be his running mate ;oP
Donald Trump is talking about adding Sara Palin to his "administration" and Linda Tripp is talking about Hillary. Bad acid flas…
The tinfoil hats say that the republicans involved are Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Tom Ridge, Ted Cruz and Sara Palin among others
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