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If it's dark outside it too early to be at work. 😴
Can Ellis be the one to give her the pearls if I RT?
What a great couple of parties to bring in the new year! Thanks to Ben, Kris, Sara, Illy, Alberto, Ellis, Dominik! I put together a quick p…
How about signing, Sign for more 2016 …
If we grew apart as friends, there is a 100% chance I'm cheering you on from afar and that I still love you
you are the only one can do a C.I.A agent and after can do a con-men and a're awesome !!!
New Years resolutions,I couldn't have put it better myself.
KC has suffered a great loss this morning.My deepest condolences go out to the friends and family of Deshontae Ellis. You …
The longest play of the so far was a 42-yard reception by Alex Ellis in the 1st quarter
is the best show ever because is with and is in new York.anything better??
I'm such an old lady already. I'm just trying to stay up till 10 😴
Thank you so much Happy New Year for you too! 'someone we know' who?
Happy new year everyone. thanks for make me dream every day of this amazing last year.
Sara Ellis. My true love since elementary school lol
Why did I never notice that Sara Paulson played young Ellis Grey on Greys Anatomy!
when is having a 50% off EVERYTHING sale and you're 6 hours away :'( crying real tears
Hitches facial expression when Sara Milas flips out at Ellis Island.
If an important person say. or better write, i just have to agree . are awesome!!!
oh how I have waited for the day for you to know how it feels! Visiting the beauty shop more frequently!
Hil as Sara Ellis is my second fave Hil character (after my girl P Sawyer obvi)
Haven't even felt like I've had a vacation. There's never enough time y'all
I love traveling. I think I would be ok living in an RV. 🙃
Documented a large tornado in northern Ellis and southern Dallas County. Tornado has lifted but threat continues into D…
An short: 'Origin Stories' by Sara Kate Ellis. Superheroines saving the day and falling in love
No picture involved with this one, but here you go:. Mozzie: Get a room! . Sara Ellis: We are in a room! . Neal Caffrey: MY room!
Tracee Ellis Ross recreated her mom's music video to empower other women
I Have so many Sara Ellis Icons and so many desperate attempts at cropping out Neal Caffery but also not wanting to
I'm desperate all these Sara Ellis Icons and yet No Live Action threads
Sam Hunt music, sunshine and a pool all to myself is a perfect Sunday.☀️
If I could travel every weekend I would.
A man's pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit. -Proverbs 29:23
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"I have said that I am the greatest.In truth,only God is the greatest.But no matter what I had chosen to do with...
Morning! Cooler weather calls for a denim pinafore dress. Style yours like this lady's
I always get stuck taking care of the drunkies.
Sara Ellis is a perfect person everyone else can go home
At what point do you just sub in Valverde and Ellis for their respective teams. I'd watch that.
I worry so much about other people's happiness that I never even think about myself.
I would have to work with the most negative person at my job every single day. Awesome
😂 ellis this is exactly how AP will be. we'll be critiquing and say the exact same thing and high five
Register to hear the podcast.I will be offering a discount on sessions with me,only up until September 1st.
It's 1-1 after Grimsby fail to clear a corner and Ellis Harrison fires level.
The place where optimism most flourishes is the lunatic asylum. Henry Havelock Ellis
"From the sky,from the earth,from a scrap of paper,from a passing shape,from a spider's web...we must pick out...
Just a little fed up with car insurance.
She plays all her characters perfectly but I love Sara Ellis, she's my favourite.
Sara L. Ellis, U.S. District Judge for the Northern District of Illinois, learning new lessons along the way
Order Miche Bag Online!
Law Bulletin: Ellis learning new lessons along the way
Sara Ellis, aka Diva on a Wire, giving some love to the 3D Bracelet jig! Don't forget to subscribe to her...
I am listening to this while having my bullet proof coffee. In the zone!
Sara just got cussed tf out by a Chinese delivery driver 😳😂
My baby car got smashed. 😭 why do things like this always happen to me
We have the latest from John Grisham, Sara Novic, Tom Brokaw & Joseph Ellis. 30% off select new releases in store.
Hilarie as Sara Ellis | White Collar 4.07 deleted scenes. ♡. © edit by me
Good as in a lot of food, not healthy. Lol
I've been eating so good this weekend.
I will never understand why teens think that hanging with their friends is more important than family.
Happy Mother's Day Sara Ellis Shafer and Lindsay Brown Ellis ! Thanks for the wonderful fun today! I love you!...
Sara Ellis 😭 she's not even that good looking. I Think her relationship with Neal is gassing me
I don't mind waking up early on the weekend to go somewhere but during the week I am not a morning person.
This old man asked if I still had my hair available to buy. *** 😅😂
Neal Caffrey and Sara Ellis the best tv series couple ever 🙌
I want a Sara Ellis or Alex Hunter in my life.
Need to see Sara Ellis and Neal Caffrey together one more time 💚.
I don't want anything... Except you !" Neal Caffrey & Sara Ellis ..
Peter call her "Tornado in heels" :D Sara Ellis is an amazing woman, my favorite character in WC
There are so many INTERESTING events and talks happening in London lately! Please check this Sisters' Health Forum taking place On Saturday 28th June 2014 start 3pm-8pm Sister Health Forum in partnership with Conscious Vibes Magazine and Diaspora Debate Association Invites you to attend a Women and Men Debate Conference: Topic: Is it wrong to want perfect skin? Hosted by the Diaspora Debate Association We will explore Skin health implications Skin Bleaching/ Sun beds Tanning injections. Guest Speakers: Toyin Agbetu is a community educator, filmmaker and founder of LIGALI, a pan African, human rights based organisation. He has produced several films and books. His current project BEAUTY IS... consists of a feature film, anti-skin bleaching campaign and fundraiser. The film trailer and more details can be found at Sara Ellis is a certified Hypnotherapist and Eating Disorders Counsellor. She has had a successful Practice on Harley St. for 12 years and is a Practitioner with The National . ...
It has only been a few hours without my phone & I feel completely lost. Is that sad?
Photo: Newly released promotional shot of Hilarie Burton as Sara Ellis for White Collar's third season (x)
I'm covering my ears like a kid. When your words mean nothing, I go la la la.
Things get stolen and people go away, most of the time you don't get them back. -Sara Ellis
Obviously I'm really hungry right now. Lol
Can't wait to go to Olive Garden tomorrow.
Sara and Erica can lick sasquatchs feet. Ellis
Katy is touring with Kacey Musgraves along with Tegan & Sara I LOVE THEM ALL HOLY GOD
Okay this Carole King/Sara Bareilles duet is one of the best things that's happened to me.
OMG I just realized how much Sara Barallis looks like Tracy Ellis Ross!
“Lorde at 17 looks like she's 58. Pharrell at 58 looks 17. Someone explain this.”
Got flappy bird. tried to play it. shot myself.
Taking this One 2 Skl in the morning PMSL 😘😂 Sara Ellis
Arguing over text is never a good thing. Just saying. 😒
I'm just tired of everyone at this point.
SARA BERRY ELLIS. Make your dreams come true Jen!
lol idk just the whole lalala tee da thing. Why did you say WHY in all caps? Lol
When I actually have time to watch tv, nothing is ever on!
Me either! I'm gonna start counting down the days. But idk where we're going yet.
I can't wait to be completely done with college & have a career.
Sometimes I rather be burning up hot than freezing to death. I know I'm weiiird
I'm just ready for the summer time. Don't like winter. 🙅
Drew Bagnall. They gave it to him after it looked like Ellis would be staying up.
There is no security on this earth, only opportunity. -Sara Ellis, Sterling Bosch
I need a Sara Ellis to my Neal Caffrey. Any takers? No? Okay...
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I have two days off next week, what am I going to do with myself.
I had the weirdest dream ever, omg.
Something about waking up early to workout makes me feel good about myself. 😂
ha I don't know! I think they're just tryin make somebody mad!
oh I don't know they are like calamities! xx
Haven't been feeling myself lately at all.
"My work schedule keeps getting weirder and weirder" ugghh mine too!!
I have an Advocare 24 day challenger who started on Monday. She has been working out and eating healthy! She has lost 5 pounds and I am so proud of her! Way to go Sara Ellis!!
Hate to butt in but Rent at the swan with Kezza Ellis the day before my bdayyy. JUST SAYING.
aw ellis' mom: "you look can stay here and sleep while ellis is at practice if you want" 😌 don't mind if I do sweet lady
My work schedule keeps getting weirder and weirder
sorry I didn't make it last night. H has done her back in so I needed to help with bedtime. Hope it was a good evening.
Y'all can't tell me these puppies ain't the cutest thing on earth. 😍
I have a cold I can't shake off,any remedies or advice would be greatly appreciated. At this stage I willing to...
Different really..but that shoot and many others are by my best friend photographer Cheyenne Ellis. She is amazing!
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Sara Ellis and Jesse dress warm out there.
So now I have a weekly ritual with my daughter Sara. She looks forward to doing P90X3 Yoga with me every...
Sara Ellis don't you or Jesse be out any longer than you have to tomorrow. I'm sure we'll get these wind chills also.
AYYE My girl Hilarie Burton (aka Peyton Sawyer) is back in White Collar under a new name of Sara Ellis, brunette 😚
Don't forget there's still time to register for a 4 week Watercolor class with instructor Sara Ellis in our partnership with NHTI, Concord's Community College. Class starts next Wednesday at 12. Please come down to GoodLife to Register.
Never again will I buy an Apple product.
I take for granted God's blessings so much. Good thing He made a way for forgiveness!
How is there only 15 more minutes left? Not enough time.
Fantastic achievement - can't wait to see which of the fabulous photos have been chosen for the feature! Mel Wilde Amanda Samain Sara Ellis Jaimie Weston and Steve Lewis
Got a nice run in to clear my head of presentations. Thanks Sara Ellis Thompson for the excellent company!!!
Last semester girls! Stephanie Ann Roussel Sara Ellis and my boy Dylan Herman
Thank you Anouska Scott and Sara Ellis for being there today for me 💗
Sara Ellis in White Collar is perfect
Done with my White Collar marathon. Feels weird watching Hilarie Burton as Sara Ellis not Peyton Sawyer-Scott.
We want Sara Ellis back.. Bring back Hilarie Burton on White Collar
Hilarie Burton dons many hats! Sometimes it's P.Sawyer, and other times, it's Sara Ellis! Wishing the gorgeous woman a …
I bet that Sara Ellis will be back to claim her Neal's love!! What do u think?? :D
I'm always on the front line to defend Sara Ellis (Hilarie Burton) and his affair with Neal
Photoset: archivistsrock: Hilarie Burton’s appearances as Sara Ellis on White Collar (pt. 2) Requested by...
Sorry Hilarie Burton, I will not remember you as Sara Ellis, you will forever be Peyton Sawyer
Sara Ellis and Neal Caffrey are one hot couple.
Just finished watching the season finale of . Ugh. Every Neal Caffrey & Sara Ellis scene. BE-A-U-Ti-Ful. Hurry up fall season.
“The first time we met, you were chasing me. The first time we spoke, you called me a sociopath…The first time we had dinner, you asked me what I wanted from you. And the first time we kissed, I realized I don’t want anything except you. And now I’m asking if you’ll go on one more adventure with me. Sara Ellis, will you marry me?” — Neal Caffrey
Hilarie Burton was great as Peyton Sawyer. She's even better as Sara Ellis.
To the Witt Women's Lacrosse Team: Hey. I'm so thankful for all of you. You are the greatest, craziest, funniest, and comforting bunch of teammates i have. I can count on any of you to make me laugh or lift me up from a hard day. It's amazing to be on a team where we all truly care about each other. All of you make me want to push to the extremes on the field and in the classroom. This season we're going to kick conference butt, major butt. Am i allowed to say *** on here? I love you all like sisters. No matter what is thrown at us, we know how to bring our tiger strength to games and find the best in one another. Anyways, keep it real, ya look good. Nicolette Lyons, Megan Loofbourrow, Beth Hubbard, Francine Murzynski, Caroline Eldridge, Alie Marousek, Mary Ann White, Kellen Morrissey, Erin Guiliano, Sara Ellis, Lindsey Gaterman, Katie Warner, Jessica Brickner, Alex Dressman, Elyssa Silva, Mallory Skrobot, Logan Warye, Katie Reuter, Kim Loofbourrow, Katie Bondy.
Reminds me of Death from the Storyteller miniseries; Sara Ellis knows what I'm talking about:...
Watch out, Matt Bomer -- a "Twilight" hunk is headed to "White Collar."   HuffPost TV has learned exclusively that Jackson Rathbone, otherwise known to Twi-hards as Jasper Hale, has been cast in an upcoming episode of USA's "White Collar."   Rathbone will play Nate Osbourne, a volatile ex-con who will steal anything for the love of his life. Oz is one half of a Bonnie and Clyde duo who break out of jail and into the middle of an event where Neal (Bomer) and Sara (Hilarie Burton) are present. Jessica Mcnamee ("The Vow") plays Penny, Oz's better half.   Sara Ellis made her "White Collar" return in this week's episode, and even though Burton will be in and out of Season 4, Sara has a knack for showing up just when Neal needs her the most.   "She seems to crop up at really interesting times in Neal's life," Bomer told HuffPost TV on the set of "White Collar" in June. "I think there's always a bit of tension there between them, and that certainly gets tested. There's one specific episode that really tests ...
Sara Ellis finally! a good match for Neal Caffrey, beside I miss Peyton I mean Hilarie Burton :P
Neal Caffrey as Dimitri and Sara Ellis as Anastasia yes/no?
I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've seen your beautiful faces, Sara Ellis and Neal Caffrey.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Sara Ellis is cool, but Hilarie Burton will always be Peyton Sawyer.
Dr John Gray from "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" is being interviewed by Sara Ellis on UnTangled FM tomorrow 8pm UK time and 5am Oz time- for those who are up! Otherwise replays on after the event:
So I just had the biggest epiphany of my life.. Hilarie Burton aka Peyton Sawyer in Pne Tree Hill is Sara Ellis in White Collar. O_o
The bromance b/w Neal Caffrey & Agent Burke is perfection. Sara Ellis brings back OTH memories, and the overall charm is too captivating ;)
would love to see Sara Ellis aka Hilarie Burton on White Collar S4.. Sara and Neal belong together.. :))
Neal Caffrey may want to tame Sara Ellis on USA Network’s White Collar, according to star Matt Bomer, but that’s easier said than done. The smart, independent insurance investigator is ...
For those of you who can bear to hear another word about the Titanic, I will be around and about this week on TV and radio and giving talks. Here are the next few days: Monday April 9, 2012 8:10: Canada AM on CTV 9:20 CTV NEWS 1:00 Interview with Shelagh Rogers (and Sara Ellis) On The Next Chapter on CBC Radio One. Repeated on Sat. April 14 at 4:00. Tuesday, April 10th 7:00 pm Talk at Albert Campbell Library, 496 Birchmount Rd. Wednesday April 11th 7:00 am: Global Morning Show And the book is No. 6 on the Globe’s Canadian Bestseller List !
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