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Sao Paolo

São Paulo (Saint Paul;), popularly known as Sampa, is the largest city in Brazil, the largest city in the southern hemisphere and Americas, and the world's seventh largest city by population.

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The amazing wearing his bespoke BB shoes in Sao Paolo during his Get Up tour! http…
I burned white sage and sao Paolo wood to rid myself of bad spirits
Hey Paolo.. send a Hello to Sao Paulo :) in 1h20 you'll be over us
It's too funny . I swear more than half of the Brazilians I meet in Long Beach are from Sao Paolo
Before social media an artist in Montreal would be totally unaware of something happening in the Minneapolis art an…
Outside of LA (13 m), Tokyo (16 m), Sao Paolo (25 m), & Mexico City (30 m), Baton Rouge (600,000) has the worst traffic in the world.
Excited to be here in Sao Paolo at Intermuseus' seminar O Potencial da Empatia.
Drinking beers at a hotel outside Sao Paolo right now so I'm growing a soft spot for Brazil too…
11-13 The Bica elevator, the old tram connecting the Sao Paolo...
11-13 The elevator, the old tram connecting the Sao Paolo...
I just watched and it is amazing... 50% of US car transportation are for less than 5 kms. 1 dead cyclis…
Pirelli are getting out of Sao Paolo asap rather than conducting a tyre test - but additional security after gun at…
Lights, Camera and Media take action in Sao Paolo, Brazil as the District Minister of the Southeastern Seaboard, B… ht…
The watches are now being worn by the thieves of Sao Paolo👍🏼 more advertisement than you expected in Brazil hey!
It’s ridiculous to compare delhi to singapore a better comparison would be to Lagos or Dhaka or Sao Paolo I feel
so sad this fabulous track with amazing race atmosphere being severely hurt by how out of control crime is in Sao Paolo.
Very pleased to have been part of a McMaster psychiatry symposium at the BPA in Sao Paolo with Gary Hasey, James Ma…
Good to know that the really rocked Sao Paolo&Rio de Janeiro!Keep going strong,Darling!
kudos to for this joint day in Sao Paolo wonderful physiology in ac…
dyk: costa got injured and went 3 months to sao paolo w/ no Soccer and came back to Madrid refusing…
Off to Brazil in the morning. Any Sao Paolo tips hit me up 🇧🇷
I met Marcello at Sam Adams Brewery tour who had come from Sao Paolo -…
In short, find it hard to believe CBF's claim. Vinicius' injury has allowed CBF to call up Sao Paolo midfielder Helinho as a replacement.
Felt the same way on the runway shuttle in Sao Paolo last night
Why ClickSitter Made the Move from Sao Paolo to Toronto - StartUp HERE Toronto
Greetings from Sao Paolo where our Marco is meeting with one of our biggest client Sky Brazil!…
They won’t win anyway. Vidal is suspended and playing in Sao Paolo
Chile won’t win anyway. Vidal suspended and playing Brazil in Sao Paolo
Today I had the pleasure of speaking at the 12'th annual congress in Sao Paolo, Brazil. A truly great even…
Driving uptempo tribal from Sao Paolo - Overbeat (Original Mix)
Street Child World Cup more than just a game for the street kids of São Paolo
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Apartment in iconic midcentury building gets sleek update.
Pedro was never on loan from another club (to my knowledge). Casemiro joine…
Not really. When he was at Castilla he was on loan from Sao Paolo.
GGWP sKnows . One more win and we are in Sao Paolo! Monster Border from
Fascinating: Sao Paolo gets 8% of NYer in your sister is in Bulgaria and you are not
Edson Baldan from Sao Paolo Police Academy shares more than 25 yrs of experience in Brazil police force and his 5 s…
Meeting some great colleagues and making some new friends at the congress in Sao Paolo, Brazil
Where are you in Brazil? Will be cumming to Sao Paolo in November on business 😘
Jet boss plots successful route from Shannon to Sao Paolo
Next month for the update gran prix brazil sao paolo
That looks even sketchier than the Corinthians stadium in Sao Paolo in 2014.
Attending the congress in Sao Paolo - more than 600 FM professionals discussing Well done t…
The amazing Mauá community in Sao Paolo face eviction from a derelict building they've transformed
He's a class player, needs games though. Was special with Sao Paolo.
They were crazy in Sao Paolo for csgo
Flying to LA to get my flight to Sao Paolo then flying back to Nashville today for my connect flight. I am a genius at organization.
Today in '60, one of the all time greats was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
- will the Brazilian national strike affect Friday night flights out of Sao Paolo?
since Michael Beale left U23s for Sao Paolo so I think u18s manager is now promoted t…
Congratulations to this year’s Honoree of the Gala São Paolo! Tonight, the Foundation for AIDS...
Just a guy named Roy sitting out on a patio in São Paolo. Incidentally, Roy *** at…
My variant cover for BATMAN My inspiration for Gotham City here was Sao Paolo, Brazil.
is now up on . This week we take over D-EDGE Festival in Sao Paolo, pure magic!…
Meet us at the Travel Week Sao Paolo stand 117!.
Check out for latest drone news and reviews. Posted on Instagram - by Sao…
I'm very much looking forward to some superb discussions in Sao Paolo this week. Full, very interesting schedule at…
One of my best friends is getting married in Sao Paolo. I'm trying to fly to Rio and trip out for a few days either side.
Sao Paolo is a city that I love too.
I love you so much!. I'm right now in Sao Paolo, love this city!
Excellent performance from the Boni Whip and Eton Satellit: Radio Bandeirantes 11925 kHz, Sao Paolo: via
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Can't believe I actually ate this Amazonian ant, just in Sao Paolo. It was actually so good! 🐜
Onyx Solar takes part in the Business Encounter Spain-Brazil in Sao Paolo, where we’ve me ...
Great photo essay of Sao Paolo's pichadores
Apparently it's so in support, went to Mr. Pretzels *** ) in Sao Paolo & had pretzels 4 breakfast... wasn't 1/2 bad :)
Hello from booth G200 at in Sao Paolo! See joining solutions for the
🇧🇷 Hello Sao Paolo ! I'll be there Saturday at Ressonancia for a very rare & special 4 hours set !
Run urban, see the world! When in Sao Paolo, let Marcio guide through the city and enjoy the ride!
If we were to die in the future, what's the point o... — Muy Brigado Sao Paolo! LOL ang hirap nito! Sigur...
The appointment is in Sao Luiz do Paraitinga - Sao Paolo State, for a second edition of the International Singers-…
Lunch/Dinner ? in Sao Paolo, Brazil, conducting a CEEDA assessment tomorrow, just orientating myself
on mind. Throwback to when I was just passing by for a day by the São Paolo See…
gavin has pretty good grab game as of Sao Paolo patch
Sao Paolo Underground> Parov Stelar> and Oysterhead> representing on the Kibby Factor with
Delinquents with more powerful arms than the Police are entering Paraguay. Are they from the PCC in São Paolo?
Scott Norton worked a WWF show on 7/6 in Sao Paolo, Brazil before 800 fans with an eight-man tournament won by Gary Goodridge.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Tomorrow, the in Sao Paolo begins! Meet us at booth G200 and see joining solutions for the
Today in São Paolo, met with Mayor to discuss clean energy and fitness. &…
Sao Paolo had the weirdest cut mons wise I've seen at an MSS+ sized event.
Sending Casemiro to the slums of Sao paolo
Should probably watch Sao Paolo vs Corinthians instead
the reach is underestimated, Katy Perry sold 35,000 tickets in Sao Paolo, I bet an avg. American coul…
Franz Kafka´s Letter to His Father rehearsal in english right here, right now. Next week I´ll perform it in Sao Paolo - Brazil.
Alessandra Ambrosio looks full of energy at Sao Paolo airport
See how a local church ministry is helping the homeless in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Watch here:
Corinthians and Sao Paolo are playing each other in Florida right now. Watch on
Glad he ain't from Sao Paolo or somewhere the same distance from Manchester.
Renewed friendship and hit it off with a lovely, intelligent and very wise Brazilian lady from Sao Paolo today;)
If you needed yet another reason to go to they make some darn good
"Save Me", an urban installation Tiago Cóstackz, invaded downtown São Paolo to demand attention for aquatic life endan…
A 12% reduction in mortality in the first 17 months of the new smoke-free law in Sao Paolo,
Barack Obama's presidency, the U.S. state of Maine is closer to the coast of Africa than it is to Sao Paolo.
there is still no response about bag. The bag should be in Lima or Sao Paolo. Pl ask local office to see to it
Floor-to-ceiling windows mean this contemporary apartment in Brazil is flooded with light.
Infants spend more time dreaming than it is to Sao Paolo.
Sao Paolo was cool, but not 1000 cool.
American baby is rescued in high-speed chase and shootout in Sao Paulo. via
I love Brazil. One of my favourite trips. Sao Paolo, Minas Gerais, Rio, Buzios...
hi. Happy to DM you details. This is on a Sao Paolo to Heathrow flight
I've worked next to Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Detroit, Paris, Sao Paolo. All showed me what u say.
it may be a little gloomy, but Rudolf & Ragnar are loving the views across São Paolo...
BECO DO BATMAN - a very modern and hip area of Sao Paolo, Brazil...
oh that's cool. Where exactly from? Rio de Janeiro? Sao Paolo? Porto Alegre? Ceará? (I mentioned the only cities I know XD
Sao Paolo is a funny city. It rained all night. I was 6 am and it was still raining. Now it's sunny and the sky is blue!
is that a city? I'll be in Sao Paolo, Rio and Campo Grande in the Pantenal, are any of them near you?
Our instameet will happen on April 24 in Port of Spain, Manila, Pune, and Sao Paolo.
Thw whole Grand Hyatt in Sao Paolo is conquered by DJs. Already bumped into and
Pato has scored on his debut for all his clubs and national team except Sao Paolo
Yeah, took him until the 20th minute of his second São Paolo appearance. Slacker.
: Protesters in Sao Paolo want Dilma Rousseff out Hundreds of people took to the streets of Sao Paolo ca…
Beautiful first concert in Sao Paolo tonight. Tomorrow we're in Rio @ Ibirapuera Parque
Next Monday I jointly give a Master Class in Sao Paolo in very good company, a real honour:
ALERT: Police in Sao Paolo make more arrests linked to the 'Operation Car Wash' money laundering probe involving state oil firm Petrobras -…
Get dancing to Bixiga 70's (third LP, III. Here's why you should check out the São Paolo collective:.
ensures infrastructure & resources from St. Petersburg to Sao Paolo! We've got your globally covered 🌍^T
Coming at you live from Sao Paolo, Brasil 👋🏼👋🏼
6 hour delay to São Paolo. DELIRIOUS but we are gonna get there, Brazilian diamonds! 💎
My gf's mom is going to try to bring me back some local cachaça the next time she flies to Sao Paolo.
I played a game called Pandemic the other day. Sao Paolo fell to disease... I am so sorry.
hotels Sao Paolo with / introduced successfully to Brazilian mkt The Tuscany & The Court
Sao Paolo ends with better results then expected Brazilian T Op after a shaky start now seeing better future
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Found out this morning I won Best Sound Design, Best Soundtrack and Best Audio Recording at an Indie film festival in Sao Paolo
thanks for writing São Paulo in the right way, not San Paolo 😂😂😂
It may be raining here and there but it's 26C in Sao Paolo.
U wl b a rare *** to be 2 cars. Go to Sao Paolo Beijing n Paris n see what they do to curb vehicle pollution
Beautiful. you do know your sister is going to Sao Paolo... right??
"Fighting Resistance, a Mayor Strives to Ease Gridlock in a Brazilian Megacity"
60 million girls out of school - that's female popn of Paris London NY and Sao Paolo
Which is the most beautiful place you've ever seen? — Sao paolo brazil
Though I don't understand why went to Sao Paolo CC and not Wigan ... I'd pick Wigan in the rain over Brazil any day! 😀
SAO PAOLO EDC. Bout to hop on this plane but we still have a few free tickets to give away. POST A DECENT PIC TO WIN AND US…
For the second year in a row our business party has fallen victim to card fraud at your Faria Lima hotel in Sao Paolo. Not happy!
New opportunity for in Brazil – we team with for in Sao Paolo, 2016- https:/…
Huge thanks to everyone that came to see Faze Action in Sao Paolo last weekend
"Greenwald produced "Birdie," set in Sao Paolo, about a homeless fruit vendor in love with his two dogs."
plays correspondent for in her Sao Paolo guide:.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
. Quotes bout half way down. The quotes were in an interview after Sao Paolo game
Professor Carl Hart the only black in packed criminal sciences congress in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
UNTV, Members Church of God International in Brazil host blood donation drive in Sao Paolo
Cordery's is in in October for the event in Sao Paolo
I heart Latrice Royale so hard - was in Sao Paolo the day after she was & I cried tears of sorrow that I didn't get to see her
Cordery's is speaking at the event in Sao Paolo in October
Last week, Dr. James attended the Rotary International Convention in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Rotary is the largest and...
looking to make arrangements in anticipation of Sao Paolo flight cancellation due to volcanic activity. Thanks for your help
I have a flight scheduled from Sao Paolo to Lisbon on 2nd of may. Will I get home?? So far NO information from TAP. Horrible...
Airport terminal musak = the new cool. Hitherto unheard of mix of Blue Monday reverberating through Sao Paolo. Bizarre
The beautiful Sala Sao Paolo, our venue for tonight's concert
Watch MBLAQ’s AWESOME Brazilian show in Sao Paolo, back in 2011 >>>
Join the Heart of America at the Rotary International' Convention in Sao Paolo as we Light up Rotary!---...
The São Paolo house of celebrated abstract artist is a huge brutalist space designed by her son, an archit...
1 year since the best day of my life. Made in sao paolo. Eu te amo 😭💖
Hamilton Collection
Checkout how the participants interacts with urban space of Sao Paolo Brazil in the RedBull 4PM
I liked a video from Raphael Saini - JADED STAR - RAINING IN SAO PAOLO
Flying to Sao Paolo tonight and then will visit Amazon. Back again in Windhoek on 6th May.
Phenomenal set by Lithuanian DJ/producer Gardens of God, played at D-EDGE Sao Paulo. Such knowledge, so many layers.
Couldn't get to my phone to get any footage but Sao Paolo was Maddness wowww
S/O 2 women who r from Japan 2 Sao Paolo & if she her fine *** we'll always follo…
Which door would you choose? Filmed in San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and Sao Paolo and the common thread...
Wanna see how climate change will affect the world? Sao Paolo runs out of water - 20 million people
Congratulations to Australia for winning the, er, Asian Cup. Reminds me of when Sao Paolo won the North American Soccer League.
Miriam Magalhaes, sharing special time with my Plat friend/client all the way from Sao Paolo, Brazil. Met her during our DWD 2012 Palm Springs, Ca.
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"TIL of a Polish man who was lost inside the Sao Paolo airport for 18 days." : on /r/todayilearned by /...
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globe – from New York to Mumbai ,London to Nairobi ,Dubai to Sao Paolo , Nassau to Hong Kong, Geneva to Sydney .However , the stumbling.
Brazil: Dozens arrested in Sao Paolo transport protest
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From Sao Paolo to Ft Wm. Roberta Lindemann on the NoS GPST Rural Track Programme. It's not just about the mountains!
opens a new contemporary boutique in the city of Sao Paolo:
Guess I won't be in Cape Town for New Year's Eve.. SOUTH AMURICA here I come! Storm Todd get ready! Argentina, Sao Paolo, punts and buenos aires!!! What is life even???!!! Excited! Back on 8th jan. X
Goodyear will return its Latin American regional headquarters to Akron after a nine-year stint in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
dongsaeng aren't you from Sao Paolo?? I'm part of this but I'm not active anymore..
Another beautiful day in sunny São Paolo!! Players are having a ball with lots of singing and dancing!!
Study Group Partner Sales Manager for Higher Education in Sao Paolo, Closing in just over 2 weeks:
A sunny Bom dia from São Paolo. Great location. Breakfast time
Yeap trainer with U23 team (I think).Found many articles that confirmed that but wikipedia says he is at Sao Paolo
Arrived in Sao Paolo safely. Off to to begin the 5th day of residency
I have a few friends who've become medical tourists. Lots of dental work done in Sao Paolo & Mazatlan. At least you get a trip.
PLEASE where is playing in Sao Paolo? Brazil!!!
From what I've understood Pele is have stomach problems and is at Albert Einstein Hospital is Sao Paolo
sao paolo win and over 2.5 goals in game? Irl 2.5
Karina Poli, visiting scholar of Sao Paolo has briefed us on Brazilian cultural policy, bringing gifts and links:
The *** with the signal from Sao Paolo. We've missed it, but it's BP for BRA
Truly a wild show in Sao Paolo. Santiago was LIVE too. Thanks Latin America
Last lap passes on street courses are always cool RE: Indycar @ Sao Paolo
One of Brazil’s most exciting artists, Zeh Palito from Sao Paolo! ht via
Fernandinho smuggles drugs into Sao Paolo prisons in his spare time.
This guy from sao paolo looks like very amaze with indonesia. "Paradise",he said. I agree - consider i live now in the south of indonesia.
So when my brother went to Brazil, he went to a Sao Paolo FC match, and he got Zico's autograph on this Brazuca.
Last night in Sao Paolo after whirlwind tour of Brazil. Today at IMS, Pinacoteca and Video Brazil. Amazing place and peop…
Three years ago, September 2011. The long flight to Sao Paolo, Brazil was worth it. Shamcey Supsup…
TRANSFER UPDATE AC Milan has reached an agreement with Chelsea for the signature of Fernando Torres.[Di Marzio] Chelsea is in talks with Loic Remy as they seek a replacement for Milan-bound Fernando Torres.[Di Marzio] Shinji Kagawa is understood to have agreed personal terms with Borussia Dortmund as he prepares to return to his former club.[Der Westen] Leicester City has completed the signing of Esteban Cambiasso from Inter Milan.[Sky Sports] Barcelona has confirmed the signing of Sao Paolo right back Douglas Pereira. AS Roma has agreed a fee with PSG for 19 year old starlet Adrien Rabiot.[L'Equipe] Arturo Vidal and William Carvalho are on the shortlist of players Louis van Gaal wants to bring in before the transfer window closes.[The Guardian] Valencia and Aston Villa has submitted bids for Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverley.[Daily Mail] Juventus and Valencia has submitted bids to Manchester United for Javier Hernandez.[The Guardian] Arsene Wenger has stated that he will remain attentive in the ...
Resident laparoscopy course. Ethicon training center for Gastrao Meeting in Sao Paolo
World Cup.. Breaking news: Live frm sao paolo... The 7 - 1 trashing of brazil in d hands of germany on their home soil earlier dz evenin has drastically lowered the price nd value of brzillian hair in d market globally... Diz is a goodnews for Nigerian ladies who sleep nd dream of brazillian hair everyday,as d prices have dropped to its lowest minimum ever N150 only... On behalf of d whole crew,am abdulUCHEdeen reportin for HIV
Press conferences done. Next up for me: 8 hour overnight bus trip to Sao Paolo for v
agreed. My buddy in Sao Paolo sent me this: "This team is a disgrace. They have let the people down. They will not be forgiven ."
All those poor people that the Brazillian Govt demolished their make-shift dwellings in shanty towns of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo because of World Cup will now sit down and have the last laugh. Brazil would have used the US$11Billion it spent in mass housing for the poor. Now they are spectators just like me while the Germans say "Wie gehts ehnen" to them as they dance into the finals.
*Breaking News* I just receive a call from the National Executive of Brazil 2014 World Cup organizers that the match you are watching now is just a friendly match. The real match is starting by 12am, make sure you stay closed to your TV. Omolola reporting for Brazil in trouble TV in SAO PAOLO.
Ut oh, rioting in Sao Paolo...not good.
There is an estimated deficit of 6.6 million housing units in Brazil, resulting in 2,500 homeless people alone in Rio de Janeiro and 10,000 on the streets in Sao Paolo to host WorldCup.. its a lesson to b learned.. those homeless people need a living too... living is not only for the rich
Is that tomorrow morning Argentina or Netherlands gonna to lose 5 up again at Sao Paolo,Brazil.
There's already been rioting in the streets of Sao Paolo, people burning effigies of Adrian Chiles...
I miss you When do you return from Sao Paolo?
I wondet how Jesus of Sao Paolo feels right now.
Messi on the pitch in Sao Paolo tomorrow but could be very messy off it with and clashing in streets. Good luck
Even Hon. Patrick has Sumtin to Say. . . .'Brazil are in a State of Ibesima Icurnadim, that made d Germans Fallocate their illminded Braconados on them wifawt thinkin bou d poor masses litterin d streets of sao paolo, horizonte. . . . Lwkm o
Sao Paolo got riots started again sia. Cesar sad la. His defence like *** No tiago he still move his defence so high. Sure die.
Hope my family is safe in Sao Paolo.
I'm long way to go home cus this is "Brazil" @ Gru Airport, Sao Paolo
Things going well in Sao Paolo tonight.
Someone pls inform HAGUE Judges Ekaterina & Esuji that a GENOCIDE has Happened in BRAZIL SAO PAOLO pitch. Watume MORENO OCAMPO to go & INVESTIGATE. 7-1? The GERMANS have jst MASSACRED BRAZILIANS on Home soil Mercilessly; the attack took 90Mins.
brazilian flags being burnt in sao paolo and rio. Passionate they r abt the game
When vamos becomes vamoose! The Brasilieros have just been taught a footballing lesson. Let's see how they bounce back for the third place play off in a couple of days. I just want to say that a lot of people are talking about danger now but almost all the talk is coming from outside the country. Here in Rio there are no reports of actual violence, the fireworks and *** are going off as usual and it seems Brasil football fans are more in shock than violent. I have seen one unconfirmed photo of a fire in Sao Paolo that has been put forward as a protest. The next few days will show Brasil's colours. Maybe the social protests (which are present and legitimate although kept distant from the football) will grow larger as some people stop paying attention to the competition but to me that would seem to lack credibility or passion. Brasilieros must realise how lucky they have been to get to the semis with a weaker team than they have had in years. For mine, Neymar and Silva would have made little difference ...
probably in the middle of the riots in Sao Paolo
Brazilian burning their national flag on sao paolo streets... I think they are taking soccer to serious.
Maidan in Sao Paolo? Sorry buddies but behind the protests in Brazil always it was the long hand of Uncle...
The love of my life ringing the good luck bell in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
There was tight security in sao paolo as brazilians agreed to join kenyans in celebrating saba saba.
before every Brazilian started to cry... 😭💙💛💚 @ Sao Paolo fan fest
"Brazil fans burn their flag in Sao Paolo 9ja would never do this!"
Riot has began in sao paolo in brazil already,disgusting.
Somewhere in Sao Paolo, is flipping tables and spillin drinks.
Anne frankly I'd be hiding in the attic if I were a Germany fan in Sao Paolo about right now
“In other (more serious) news, riots have broken out in Sao Paolo.
Brazil fans in Sao German fans knw ur route afta dis match or else u gonna gt dis too...
Mariana H. Meschiatti :-) It was so great to see you in Frankfurt earlier tonight at the Fette Henne. Thanks for stopping in to see me and Your husband and your parents and your sister were fantastic. So nice and so warm hearted. Hard to grasp: from the coop in Austin Texas to you living in Austria, me in Germany and we finally meet with your whole family at the restaurant. Amazing. (p.s. I can't believe I am so much older than you. You guys at the coop were babies. Man o man. LOL.) I will visit you in Austria very soon and take up the offer from your family to visit Sao Paolo. Take care n keep that beautiful smile charming us all!
Spare a thought for all those old Bavarian dudes who "relocated" to Sao Paolo in the mid-'40s, but kept themselves to themselves. Tomorrow is not the day to pop down the shop for a bottle of milk.
Looking for a boot sale this weekend? Lots of boots for sale in Sao Paolo I reckon.
We ar here @ sao paolo watch a basket ball match of brazil nd germany.Brazil 1 - Germany 7
Freaking game, and Sao Paolo is running riot at the moment?
Cant bliv ii watched this match on tv..''sao paolo is on fire. Lol machine really ***
War btw is over with is the winner. But another war in Sao paolo burning of houses
Brazil should pick the next batch of players from Sao paolo or Santos...these players playing in Europe are primadonnas.
I'd hate to be in Sao Paolo right now...
Now the RIOTING can begin in Sao Paolo
FIFA and Referee should invoke "Doctrine of Necessity" and bring an end to this show of shame. People go die and Riot go continue in Sao Paolo
Kaká back in Sao Paolo till he heads to the MLS and Ronaldinho to sign with Queens park rangers?... My 2nd fav player ever to the BPL?!
Manchester United hoping to hijack Alexis Sanchez move to Liverpool. Arsenal set to wave goodbye to Thomas Vermaelen and welcome Morgan Scheirdeilin. Real Madrid to go for James Rodriguez and Raheem Sterling. Van Gaal wants to bring Mats Hummels to add experience to his backline. QPR want Emmanuel Adebayor. Tom Cleverley is likely to be turning out for Everton next season. Manchester United line up Nigel De Jong as Sao Paolo reveal Kaka will play for them on loan until December before joining Orlando City in 2015.
Reds duo lose to Uruguay Manchester United strikers Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck experienced World Cup heartache on Thursday as England lost 2-1 to Uruguay in Sao Paolo, a result that seriously damages their chances of progressing from Group D. The defeat doesn't put Roy Hodgson's side out of the finals, though it does leave them needing to beat Costa Rica by a significant score if Italy win their two remaining matches. England started the match at a pace and went close to breaking the deadlock in the 10th minute as Rooney – playing through the middle – bent a delicious free-kick just over the bar from around 20 yards. Uruguay quickly hit back and Chistian Rodriguez should have done better with a wayward shot that flew high and wide from the corner of England’s penalty box. Edison Cavani wasted an excellent chance in the 27th minute when his shot from Luis Suarez’s pass was sent into the stands from a promising position inside the area. Just a few moments later, at the other end, Rooney latched ...
Nigeria arrived in Cuiaba on Thursday ahead of opponents Bosnia-Herzegovina for Saturday’s Group F game at the Arena Pantanal. While the Super Eagles trained in the evening at the Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso, the Europeans were yet to arrive the city from their camp in Guaruja in Sao Paolo state. Coach Stephen Keshi led the team through its paces after their usual opening prayer that was watched by only a handful of journalists. Showing marked improvement, defender Godfrey Oboabona was able to walk around the pitch with one of the technical staff. Alongside Goal, there were only two other Nigerian journalists and a sprinkling of Brazilian and other foreign journalists on ground to watch their first training in Cuiaba. Many of the Brazilian journalists on ground were interested in the recent bomb attacks that killed football viewing fans in Nigeria. They also were keen to learn the similarities between midfielder Victor Moses and Bosnian striker Edin Dzeko whose families have both faced war situa ...
TACTICAL ANALYSIS: Uruguay 2 - 1 England Luis Suarez returned from injury to treat the audience to a showcase of his brilliance, turning the Uruguayan campaign around and leaving England on the brink of elimination. Two goals from the Liverpool superstar earned Uruguay a 2-1 win, breaking the hearts of the English fans in Sao Paolo. The result leaves them bottom of the group with nothing to show from their campaign so far. With one game left to play, The Three Lions now hope that Italy defeat Costa Rica and Uruguay in their final two group games, and then must beat Costa Rica themselves on June 24th to have any chance of qualifying for the next round. After stumbling in their opening game against Costa Rica, the arrival of Suarez into the World Cup alone evidently gives Uruguay a solid chance of qualifying for the knockout stages. FORMATIONS Despite a 2-1 loss, England named an unchanged starting line up from the side that faced Italy in the opening game. The only tactical modification that Roy Hodgson m ...
According to ESPN's Taylor Twellman, Orlando City SC have signed Kaka. He will be loaned to Sao Paolo until 2015
Ian Darke, drinking alone in a quiet Sao Paolo pub, hangs his head...
Iker Cassilas, Xavi Alonso and Fernando Torres visited an orphanage on the outskirts of Sao Paolo today. "It was so sad looking at those sad hopeless little face's" said Rafael aged 7.
When Jennifer Lopez took the stage last night in Sao Paolo along side Pitbull and Claudia Leitte, the newly single starlet took everyone's breath away! The
Tuning in to Sao Paolo. Have to say, my sister & I found that the most threatening of the places we visited - weird & deserted & I seem to recall we found a very strange man in a bar who had a strange mannequin/hand puppet that was very disconcerting!!
World Cup 2014 gets underway in Sao Paolo with a glitzy opening ceremony, and we're bringing live coverage from the Arena Corinthians
Indian tv hosts, since the beginning of time, trying to gel in, and talk about football, is strikingly similar to Rahul Gandhi trying to speak about Politics. Every single time. They'l compare Sao Paolo to Mumbai, and bring every single thing back to Cricket. And girl, just like we don't call the IPL as Pepsi, The Cricket World Cup as ICC, same way, we don't call the Football World Cup as "Fifa".
Walk around Rio de Janiero and Sao Paolo and visit the Iguazu falls with Michael Palin at 8 on
Will also be a third player to be named. Will send out pictures later of Sao Paolo press conference facility. It's as good as it gets.
Dear Radio New Zealand, So police attack a demonstration in support of metro workers in Sao Paolo and Morning Report thinks, "who shall we interview? An expert on labour relations in Brazil maybe, or a Brazilian politician? No, I know, let's interview a football writer living in England. That will ensure our listeners get real insights into what is happening in Brazil." Unfortunately, that is not the result. Rather we get a classic "First World" view of the unrest in Brazil, complete with segue from the strike to gangs of young men armed with knives swarming around tourists and demanding their money. Brilliant! Cheers Andrew Tait
In 2012 a fire tornado has been seen in Sao Paolo, Brazil. A whirlwind of flame, spiralling several metres high, danced across burning fields, bringing traffic to a halt on a nearby highway. This unusual phenomenon is caused by a combination of wildfires and strong dry winds. Another phenomenon like this was recently seen in Southern California. On the 14th May 2014, San Marcos, CA was in the way of the "firenado". Check out the video to see how it's being formed.
2014: 22 Staggering Images Of Indigenous Tribes Taking On The Riot Police With Bows And Arrows The country has been no stranger to anti-World Cup demonstrations, from Brasilia, to Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, from activists angry at the multi-billion cost of staging the tournament in a country where the poorest 34% receive less than 1.2% of the nation's income. Brasilia's stadium will cost roughly three times the price tag first budgeted, approximately 1.9 billion reais (£500m), a report from city auditors said last week. Though smaller than the million-strong protests that rocked the South American nation during 2013, never before have demonstrations taken on this colour, as activists were joined by 300 indigenous protesters who had been staging a separate sit-in at Congress demanding land rights. The tribesmen are known for their Brasilia protests outside government buildings, but this is the first time they have joined the social change activists charge against the World Cup. One policeman was report ...
Sao Paolo state, an opposition stronghold against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff's party, is particularly under pressure from the drought.
Will be interesting to see whether or not will take part in the Q&A scheduled for tomorrow in Sao Paolo.
Interviewing Eli Alonso - Brutal. She takes part on VIVA US publication as a hybrid designer. Eli Alonso has a lot of things to explain US about her experience around the world as a graphic designer. From Madrid and then Sao Paolo, Eli Alonso is now working in London breathing the enormous creativity and the opportunities that this city offer to the designer community.
-Chelsea FC's midfielder Oscar will release a book next month that reveals how he moved up the ranks at Sao Paolo's academy and made the move to London. The book also goes in depth on the development of young soccer players in Brazil.
Common Sense Ghana’s Sports Ministry must raise GHS 8.5m (almost $2,850,000) in their bid to take 500 supporters to Brazil for the2014 World Cup, planning committee member Ben Nunoo-Mensah has revealed. “We need about GHS 8.5m to send about 500 supporters to Brazil so things are extremely tough,” Ghana’s World Cup Planning Committee member Ben Nunoo-Mensah told Metro FM. “We are falling solely on corporate sponsorship since government has decided not to commit resources to this project of taking supporters to Brazil. “But we don’t have that amount yet even though the sponsorship have been coming in gradually but the quantum is not as much as we have anticipated. “So things are quite difficult.” Above, is the plan the Ministry wants to execute to organize funds to take supporters to Brazil. My Concern: In fact, putting all sentiments aside, the Black Stars really need supporters to support them in Brazil during the FIFA World Cup if indeed we want to win it. However, I think that the Mini ...
Sonic artisan and D-Edge Sao Paolo resident Davis Genuino is LIVE on the decks at The Zoo Project for Emerging...
:Knowing the INTERLAGOS F1 circuit in SAO PAOLO.A venue that should Interest you too!
Ready to leave for Sao Paolo I will arrive in about 40 hours time.
Thanks what an amazing club!! Now on my way to Tribe Festival, Sao Paolo for the last show of today! http…
Taking off for Brazil. Concerts in Sao Paolo and Rio with the "Chris Botti never ending tour"...
Thanks Sao Paolo for ur support tonight and singing for me. Sorry we missed Muscle Museum. promise to come back next year…
From NBC Sports Talk for Android:. Drought hampering Sao Paolo ahead of World Cup.
9 hours 21 minutes away from Sao Paolo, Brazil!
Alright folks. About to board flight to Sao Paolo! Badly needing a crash course in Portuguese! Looking fwd to seeing Brazil!
I've seen many Sao Paolo Games, mainly when Lucas, Dagoberto,Rivaldo were in the team. But it'll be interesting to review Ganso
Eddiva off to Brazil for UFC fight vs Souza: Team Lakay’s Mark Eddiva flew yesterday to Sao Paolo, Brazil just in time for his featherweight fight with Brazilian Kevin Souza in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 42 undercard match.
Luis Suarez is confident that Uruguay will beat England when they meet in Sao Paolo next month.
the colorful veggie salad at The Mercado in Sao Paolo inspire me
played a bit of a sepultura song in Sao Paolo- one of our all time favorite bands growing up...
Just 1 leg away from landing in Sao Paolo! I'm really looking forward to touching down in Brazil! Whoo hoo!
Sao Paolo doesn't allow advertising but does support public art.
Dujun safely arrived at sao paolo airport brazil today.
a pie with parfume, long nails, art magazine !!! wow what a suprise for me to see our collabrative video work(gözleme workout-1 2009-istanbul) at his website, will be so nice to see my friend Marcelo Salum again this time around august at sao paolo !! :)
Gained a trip to brazil? All I ever wanted is to smoke weed at san janeiro, flirt with d ladies at sao paolo and drink beers with d dudes at corrinthians. Lastly chill with the monkeys at amazon forest
AIPS NEWS. FIFA President Sepp Blatter wants a "peace match" between Israel and Palestine if only the two Countries FA's will sign an MOU. Blatter is seeking a new term in office as Fifa President in the congress in Sao Paolo on June 10th and 11th 2014.
A DJ mix recorded at D'Edge, Sao Paolo that's currently being used by Junk Department to promote their Big Top festival at the end of May.
We have just received these photos from our colleague Bob (picture left) who attended CBC cement conference & exhibition in Sao Paolo, Brazil last week together with our agents Pragotec.
To my fellow BRAZILIANS out there or anyone else who knows... (this is not for me btw...) Do you know if it's compulsory/ recommended to get yellow fever vaccination when going to Rio and Sao Paolo? I'm reading so many diff things... Cheers for the help!
Feeling totally disoriented by Sao Paolo. The people couldn't be more friendly and thoughtful but how do you get your head around the implicit danger in the city? E.g. this morning, because I could find no cab I emailed someone to find out if it was "safe" to walk the 4 blocks to the office (turns out that during morning commute time its fine). Then I go to the shopping mall tonight and the shops and clientele feel like Rodeo Drive transplanted to Brazil. Strange.
hey informed seed saver travelling brazil ecaudor peru california and hawaii June 17 thru early October, mainly need accom for during the World Cup, will be in Fortaleza June 21-24, Recife June 25-29, Salvador June 29-July 5, then Bela Horizonte 2 days, Rio 2/3 days maybe a day in Sao Paolo, anybody have recommendations for accom or in this area let me know, assume not safe like SE-Asia or Australia/Europe to camp out much in my hammock, hope to do that in Cali, Ecuador & Peru then need be, wwoofing in hawaii, cheers Darcy.
Luis Suarez has declared himself fit to face England in the World Cup. Uruguay dangerman Suarez has been texting his Liverpool team-mates in the England camp, saying he will be ready for Brazil. That means Suarez believes he will be ready to face England in Sao Paolo in their second Group game three weeks from tomorrow on June 19. He underwent knee surgery last week and was classed as a major doubt for the finals as he was struggling to be ready. But there is no doubt he is convinced he will make it and has been upbeat with his Anfield team-mates in Roy Hodgson’s squad. That will be a major boost for Uruguay as he is the man England fear the most. But Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson knew that Suarez would never give up on playing in next month’s tournament. Henderson said: “Everybody was obviously disappointed for Luis, people that know him - maybe not us - because he is a big player for Uruguay. “I gave him a text to see if he is doing all right and wished him good luck with whatever he has ...
So it's gonna be Manila to Dubai to Sao Paolo. See you at the World Cup!
Did you know that the Brazilian government is just knocking down areas of favela (shanty town) around Rio and Sao Paolo, to prepare the cities for the World Cup finals ? It's like South Africa all over again, but worse. On the BBC documentary I'm watching there's been no mention of resettlement, even in godforsaken sink estates out of town, as in South Africa. The price of football ? Oh yeah, the residents were first subjected to waves of 'Pacification' from the local police force, who interpreted any dissent as collaboration with the drug gangs.
A few demands of World Cup Teams in Brazil: Algeria - They have requested that all rooms for players and team officials contain a Koran/Qur’an (religious text of Islam). Australia - They insist that there must be a coffee station for the players along with newspapers from all across the world. Chile - The team wants every room to have new beds and new televisions. Colombia - They would like top Brazilian Club Sao Paolo to provide them with 15 youth players for practice. Ecuador - They want each room to be stacked with bananas daily and the bananas should be imported from Ecuador. France - It is understood that bar soap is not sold in France so they have asked for liquid soap instead as players might have “trouble” using the bar soap. They also requested halal meat as many players are Muslims, which means the meat can’t be suffered. Honduras - They would like six Spanish stations to be added to their television guides including two Honduran channels. Japan - Every room should be completed with a ja ...
Update your maps at Navteq
Traffic jams cost Sao Paolo $2.3 billion a year.The city had the world's longest traffic jam on May 9, 2008 which stretched 165 miles. My word!
FIFA move Sao Paolo stadium test date to ensure a big crowd
Reading maketh the man and the woman; OMG book recommendation this week is ' The Alchemist' by 'Sao Paolo' a real insight to the inner jewel
Sao Paolo you were amazing tonight thank you for having us. Obrigado?
After a great show in Sao Paolo with Il Volo. One more to go!
Sao Paolo... 1 down.. 2 to go.. PLUS THEY'RE ALL SOLD OUT?!!? YOU ARE AMAZING... Tonight was INCREDIBLE!!!
Second leg of trip ... Miami to Sao Paolo. Here at Gate 21. Board in 50 minutes. Farewell North America!
In Buenos Aires. Sao Paolo. Manila. And of course, Rome. Devout Catholics celebrate the historic double canonization of two popes, Pope John XXIII and John Paul II. In Buenos Aires, Archbishop Mario Poli presided over a Mass to honor the two popes as they enter sainthood. (SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) BUENO…
The owner of a Sao Paolo drinking hole has turned his accidental resemblance to a certain terrorist into a catering opportunity
After working hard during the last days, I am finally able to relax - sitting at GRU Airport (Sao Paolo, Brazil), waiting for my Lufthansa flight to FRA on the Boeing 747-8!
Broadcasting to you live from sao paolo.get him down from there.
Good news. There have been some additions to Claudia's website. Most notably some upcoming public appearances. May 1, 2014 Sao Paolo, Brazil In-Edit Music Film Festival May 3, 2014 Pitzer College Orange and White Ball 8:15pm Earth Wind and Fire at 9pm May 16, 2014 Claremont Colleges Black Student Graduation 1pm May 28, 2014 Willets, California 8pm May 29, 2014 Mendocino, California Mendocino Film Festival Hope some of you on the west coast get a chance to attend some of these events and please share your experience with the rest of us. Here is Claudia's web site again :
In Sao Paolo, in Brazil there was a rally for making weed legal. Police said the demonstrators were really calm and peaceful. Not a hash man myself, but that kind of sounds like the best inducted, point driven rally ever.
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