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Santita Jackson

Santita Jackson is an American singer and political commentator from Chicago, Illinois. As a singer, Jackson toured with Roberta Flack and performed the National Anthem at President Clinton's Second Inauguration.

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eaction from Fox News political analyst Angela McGlowan and Fox News contributor Santita Jackson
Santita Jackson , Enjoy seeing you every time on Fox for the past 4 yrs.. You are a delite to listen to.
Santita Jackson ,Jesse Jacksons Daughter could teach Jesse, Sharpton and other black activists the meaning of civil. Santita, admired by me
Love and Prayers to Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. and Santita Jackson and family
From Windy City LIVE with Ryan Chiaverini and Santita Jackson (while Val was on vacation).
Please Tune in to the Word Network today and next Saturday at 3:30pm EST as I join Bishop Carlton Pearson, Pastor Haman Cross Jr, and Attorney Linda Bernard on the Santita Jackson Show (daughter of Jesse Jackson) as we discuss "Pastors and Suicide." Haman Cross and I will be writing blog on this topic following the show. I hope you chime in on this very important topic. Alonzo Curry Tawana Howard Mershawn Gayden Carl Lowe Ronda Collins Timothy Robert-Louis McDowell Richard A. Bass Korvette Hughes Yolanda Walton
The past two weeks have the both the worst and blessed of my entire life. I know my son is happy and in a good place because he was good person. He was good person not just because of me but of the literately hundreds of people that touch his life and help mold to be the wonderful man he was. He is and will always be my baby boy words will never express how much I love him and more then that how much his love for me help me so much. He has been the truly the wind beneath my wings. If I had not told you yet personally please accept my personal appreciation for the consideration and love you have shown me and my family during this time. You have affirmed my faith and been presences of God in times. Let me please give special acknowledgment to Revered Jesse L . Jackson, Sr. and his staff at the National RainbowPUSH Coalition include Betty Magnus, John Mitchell, Rev. Jeannette Wilson, Brenda Morgan, "The Widow" Ms Ellen, Falisha Neal, Ms.McMorris, Sandra Mckinley, and all of the members and staff that came an ...
Santita Jackson is such a freakish...and very odd character...her head bobbles and her face twitches... Child rearing in the Jackson family must have been very "special" indeed!
Santita Jackson's Favorite People... These are some of my new and longtime Friends---from Middlesex University in London, England...
Fox News: The *fact* (ouch!) is that there are many left-leaning reporters/contributors on Fox--which they would know if they watched Fox instead of just hearing the condemnatory rhetoric about it. Evan Bayh, Bob Beckel, Susan Estrich, Alan Colmes, Jehmu Greene, Ellis Henican, Tamara Holder, Santita Jackson, Sally Kohn, Dennis Kucinich, Mara Liasson, Deroy Murdock, Kirsten Powers, Ellen Ratner (author of "101 Ways to Get Your Progressive Ideas on Talk Radio"), Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams--I'm sure there are others who are less frequent players. All of these are Lefties (some left-leaning, some left, some way left, some way-way-way left) who present their positions rationally Does MSNBC have the same long of conservatives to equal the number of libs on FOX? I doubt it.
Addition of Santita Jackson, Jehmu Green & darling Megyn Kelly in prime time, seems is leaving w/o a home!
What is Roger Ailes thinking? Santita Jackson & Jehmu Greene are rude, talk over & interrupt any one they debate. becoming MSNBC?
Santita Jackson's Morning Message Good Morning FB Family! Are you ready for the weekend?! I am and I will be working through it---and I am happy to be ABLE to do so... And, I hope that you all will come out to the LIVE broadcast of the "SANTITA JACKSON SHOW" on July 6th at 2p CST at the Rainbow/PUSH Headquarters...We are going to have a grand time and great conversation! Before I go, allow me to share with you some wise words from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I pray that these words will keep you inspired and focused on all that is good and right in ourselves, in our lives and in this world and universe: "There is so much frustration in the world because we have relied on gods rather than God... "We have genuflected before the god of science only to find that has given us the atomic bomb, producing fears and anxieties that science can never mitigate... "We have worshiped the god of pleasure only to discover that thrills play out and sensations are short-lived... "We have bowed before the god of money ...
Santita Jackson' Morning Message FB Family, I pray that you are well today! I must admit: I am bone-tired this morning...It seems that I have been going non-stop for a few days and I have just about had it...Since Thursday, I have had about eight hours of sleep---none on Saturday night---and I...Well, I just need you to please pray for me! Today, I want to pass on to you some words from our Beloved Donny Hathaway's "SOMEDAY WE'LL ALL BE FREE"..."Hang on to the world as it spins around...Just don't let the spin get you down...Things are moving fast...Hold on tight and you will last...Take it from me...Someday we'll all be free..." Every day, there is some new story---some news story...In fact, today things are off and poppin'! Snowden...James Gandolfini...Paula Deen...The future of Voting Rights and Affirmative Action will be decided by SCOTUS perhaps today...George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin Trial...The transitioning of the Great Madiba---Nelson Mandela...It is all A LOT...And, the hits just keep on coming! ...
Santita Jackson: "Transparency is a legitimate request"
Fox hired many Left-wing "Contributors" in last 2 years: Santita Jackson, Beckel, Tamara Holder & now Kucinich. BAD
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Hey FB Family! I am so sorry that I have been off of the grid today...Tonight I am having a little celebration for my parents---this is the season of their 50th Wedding Anniversary...And, this is the first of our Family gatherings during this season---so I have to get things started right! LOL! I will post a few stories tonight, but I have to dash: Things are about to get started...Love you!
Is Santita Jackson aware that there is a presser going on?
Santita Jackson: "Transparency is a legitimate request": via
is a growing conservative network, You won't find the likes of Geraldo Rivera, Sally Kohn, Santita Jackson, or Alan Colmes
"The Acorn doesn't fall far from the tree";Rev. Jessie' lil girl, Santita Jackson is as half baked lib.dem.! Of course Embassy not O' falt!
Replce try Kirsten Powers, Santita Jackson, Joe Trippi. Bob is too grumpy to even make a point.
Jesse Jackson, Wright 'arranged' Obama marriage Chicago sources claim president was part of dark subculture As a young single woman, Michelle Robinson was a fixture in the home of civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, who along with Rev. Jeremiah Wright “arranged” her marriage to Barack Obama, according to sources in Chicago who know the couple. “If you want to understand Michelle Obama, you’ve got to go back to Jesse Jackson,” a woman called “Robyn” for this article told WND. Robyn, who spent several years working for Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition, explained to a WND investigator in Chicago that Michelle Obama “just about grew up in Jesse Jackson’s home.” “Jesse should have charged her rent and board for the amount of time she spent in his home instead of her own,” she said. Jackson’s daughter, Santita, is still one of Michelle’s best friends. Santita and Jesse Jr. call her “sis,” short for “sister.” Santita Jackson said in an interview just before Obama took office ...
I have seen several anti-Fox News rants online today. Math is fun. Let's play. Help me out, here. At ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, NYT, Washington Post, and Newsweek I can find a total of 5 conservatives (including center left ones like Scarborough and Brooks). At Fox News -- who sent Glenn Beck packing and canceled Sarah Palin interviews recently -- I find these liberals: Juan Williams, Alan Colmes, Kirsten Powers, Bob Beckel, Shepard Smith, Geraldo Rivera, Mara Liasson, Bill Schulz, Susan Estrich, Santita Jackson, Simon Rosenberg... and I'll still finding them. So why is Fox News so "narrow and far right" and "only *** would watch it" while these other networks are sweet and reasonable?
"I think that there's a real concern that Americans have, those who decide to study this whole election process about transparency for Republican AND Democratic candidates, and I think that that's legitimate. While I don't subscribe to the idea that the President was not born in the United States, I certainly can understand the concern that Americans have for ALL of our elected officials, and those who are ambitious to be such, that they reveal who they are. I think transparency is a legitimate request." - Santita Jackson (eldest daughter of Jessie Jackson) from the Geraldo Rivera show, August 9th, 2012 This is exactly my stance, yet I've been called a racist, conspiracy theorist, and MUCH, MUCH, worse for having said it. Somehow I don't believe the same labels would be attributed to the objective Ms. Jackson.
Santita Jackson, the daughter of Rev. Jesse Jackson, has called for Joe Biden to apologize for his remarks about black people being in chains. During a speech in Virginia before a largely African American audience, Biden said that Republicans were going to “put ya’ll back in chains,”
August 17, 2012 by Tim Brown Biden Gets Slammed By Jesse Jackson’s Daughter Over “Chains” Comments 0 Now you know you are in trouble when a liberal analyst like Santita Jackson, daughter of Jesse Jackson, says that a Democrat is “insulting” by using cadence and ...
Santita Jackson the daughter of Jesse Jackson said Biden needs to dial it back and it appeared racist! Obama OK with it and says its OK.
Santita Jackson, daughter of Rev Jesse Jackson, has no brain.
Tamara Holder and Santita Jackson? Or did Jhemu Greene make an appearance?
Hello Friends -- please watch and share my debate with Santita Jackson on The O'Reilly Factor. Thanks
Santita Jackson the dip chip sticking up for Marion Barry is classic,just great she would make him pres. if she could.
Santita Jackson just justified Marion Barry's use of crack while in office with the fact that he employed many DC youths in the summer
Fox News has hired Jesse Jackson's daughter Santita Jackson as an analyst.
The Rev. Jesse Jackson's daughter Santita Jackson ... smart and pretty lady, but really? Does it actually accomplish something to go on Fox News dressed like the Queen of Sheba at the pool? Silky, solid black, African-esque robe with this golden beaded necklace wrapped all the way up her neck with can only be described as an array of large golden discs dangling from it collar bone to collar bone down to her upper chest ... interfering with the hidden microphone so badly all you could hear was the magnified sound of cloth and metal dragging across it every time she moved a muscle ... could barely hear what anybody was saying for like 7 minutes. I mean, do we need all that, Mrs. Jackson? Would I come frolicking up to you in a little Hansel outfit from my German ancestry? Or with a four-leaf clover on a tiny green hat from the Irish in there? Wrapped in a huge British flag from the Anglo. There is value in expressing your heritage if you are a leader in a minority group that composes 13% of the total ...
and admit it, you'd miss the miserable old crank- unless it was Kirsten Powers or Santita Jackson or...
M.Obama "grew up" in Jesse Jackson's home b/c she was BFF w/Santita Jackson. Chicago politics.. incestuous clan, eh?
It just occurred 2 me, if u insist on letting Tamara Holder on ur panel, could u PLEASE pair her w/ Santita Jackson next time?
she and Santita Jackson, the daughter of the Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr., were inseparable friends Klein, Edward (2012-05-14). The Amateur
Hey FNC watchers - did you know that Santita Jackson, Fox contributor was Michelle Obama's best friend growing up? (Jesse's daughter)
Newstalk1330: Today on Hannity Show... 4:05pm EST -- Jesse Jackson's daughter Santita Jackson who is a Fox Contr...
Bill O'Reilly and Santita Jackson (Rev. Jesse Jackson's daughter) just had a really great conversation on race in America ... specifically the need for conversation about race in America. That such things are finally starting to be discussed at all is a very encouraging sign.
Santita Jackson is gorgeous and very well spoken. I can't believe Jesse Jackson is her dad. She's a big lib too but there's something I like about her.
In regards to the beating of a pair of Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk, VA) newspaper reporters by five black males, Santita Jackson, daughter of Jesse Jackson, and radio host for WVON 1690 AM ("The Talk of Chicago") says "we need to have a conversation", that "a conversation" would be a good way to cure the problem of racism in this country. Is she for real? A conversation? How 'bout we just dole out some justice to the five black men that beat this male and female reporter for no reason? And what about the crowd of approximately 30 others that surrounded the vehicle and witnessed the attack but did nothing to stop it? How about the police in Norfolk, and the newspaper that the two reporters worked for? The police report initially listed it as a hate crime, but the report was later changed to indicate that it was not. The newspaper itself didn't even think the attack was important enough to warrant coverage and waited about two weeks to even put the story in the paper, even though the two reporters had to be ou ...
Santita Jackson, Jesse's daughter was hired by Fox to appear fair & balanced.
That explains the stupidity, Santita Jackson, daughter of Jesse?
Fox News is once again moving to the left, hoping to avoid left-wing attacks on its news operations and commentators. But the move risks alienating conservative viewers. The current controversy involves new Fox News contributor Santita Jackson, who lists the notorious Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr., as b...
Santita Jackson, the longtime best friend of Michelle Obama, speaks to ET about how the first lady is adjusting to her new life in the White House. "I know she's doing well and that gives me a lot of comfort," says Santita, the eldest daughter of Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. "I know that public life has ...
"BaseLine with Chris Base" makes it's triumphant return Saturday April 7th 10am Central, 11am Eastern on The Greater Harold Lee Rush gives us "The 18 Minute Gap". Mr. Rush discusses Santita Jackson's new TV gig on Fox News, replacing bleach with hydrogen peroxide as a household cleaner, the Howard Morgan case, and the Treyvon Martin movement. My guest is Las Vegas State Farm Agent Franco Vitiello. We'll talk about Mr. Vitiello's commitment to helping people, the importance of family, and why he cares...period. Voted by the Number 1 Internet Talk Show of the Top 20 Radio Shows of 2011, "BaseLine with Chris Base" will be in the air! On
Fox News is out of control. 1st Sally Kohn, now Santita Jackson. Going to be turning the channel often.
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