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Santi Carzola

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Carzola & Banega are not on the same technical level, plus Banega would be AM & Needs to be mobile, Santi plays DM.
Don't we just love santi carzola's son enzo
wish u guys wonderful break as u enjoy Europa cup in France congrats for the work the likes of Jack Wilshere,Mesut Ozil ,santi carzola
but u miss santi carzola there o. Bad guy.
Santi Carzola, Diego Costa and Juan Mata is not on the list for EURO16. I hope the coach made a right choice. 😌
How is Torres , Costa , santi carzola and mata not in the Euro Spain squad ... 😱
Costa has been terrible every time he has played for Spain and Carzola has been injured, who does Santi come in for as well?
For me, the main surprise with the Spanish squad is that Santi Carzola's son isn't in there.
Sergi Roberto, Santi Carzola, Javi Martinez, Paco Alacer, Diego Costa and Fernando Torres have all been left out of the Spain squad. Wow
England taking a risk to bring in Wilshere. Spain don't even think twice about leaving out Santi Carzola.
No Santi Carzola or Nacho Monreal in the Spain squad 😬😤😤
Juan Mata, Diego Costa, Fernando Torres and Santi Carzola are the big names left out of Spain's provisional squad for the Euros.
Santi Carzola's son it better than a lot of people coming to
Santi Carzola's kid has better footballing qualities than Walcott😂
Arsenal lost the league to Leicester immediately they Lost Santi Carzola
Santi carzola's kid Enzo is the next big thing y'all , seems to be 2…
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I will cry when Santi Carzola leaves.Guy's better on the ball than any of our midfielders,yes including Ozil...
"Santi Cazorla's 5-year-old is better than Mathieu Flamini lol, carzola jnr
Welcome back to our legend wilshere and santi carzola.
Great to see Santi Carzola back on the pitch..
People who compare Ramsey to Carzola. Dont. Its so disrespectful to Santi.
God have mercy we have missed Santi Carzola
I think we should also sell Jack Wilshire and Santi carzola aswell
How much we've missed Santi Carzola. What could've been
Great to see both Jack Wilshere and Santi Carzola back in the Arsenal starting 11
Santi Carzola starts for the 1st team then today not the . 🎤 He's 31.He's 32.➡️ He's OAP.
Santi Carzola almost cried when he signed to Arsenal
Also links that Santi Carzola will be playing in the NBA next year ⛹
because we couldve won but Santi Carzola got hurt when we were in 1st, Wilshere, Welbeck came back late. It was just badluck
In my opinion Xhaka is a similar player to Santi, so I guess Santi Carzola is leaving Arsenal.
Santi carzola is such a joy to watch, his footwork is probably the best in prem
In other news... Carzola passes to Coquelin, to Santi, to Francis, to Santi, nicely back to Francis, to Carzola, to Coquelin... (1 of 763)
Wow Joel Campbell Santi Carzola and Francis Coquelin in U21 promotion game Arsenal desperate to win something
Bastian is a dog ft santi carzola and Alexis
I really miss watching Santi Carzola play that guy is a true marvel to watch alongside Özil and Le Coq
Ander Harerra is playing like Santi Carzola today. Good boy
Santi Carzola,Jack Wilshere,Francis Coquelin and Alexis Sanchez better come back before the Barcelona game please God
Blame that on the absence of Santi Carzola.
Oscar watched that Santi Carzola video against West Bromwich on 'How To Miss A Penalty'
You tryna say Herrera is a better midfielder than Santi Carzola ?
Woke up missing Santi Carzola ubra'wami. I will call him later..
is Santi Carzola really injured or is he helping Santa & the other elfs in the North Pole?
My money is on Santi Carzola or Olivier Giroud to win
Santi Carzola free kick last night. vs Madrid. Does the word 'nang' still exist? Lol.
O! You better watch Arsenal!. You better not cry. Better watch Out. I'm telling you why. Santi Carzola is coming to town
Shaun Bartlett just said Santi Carzola has been inconsistent this season. 👀. Nicking a living as a football pundit.
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John Obi Mikel > Santi Carzola. This is not even a debate.
Your can make you meet Santi Carzola in Person.Have a look here.
holder Santi Carzola says he is happy at Arsenal.Apply here for your
Santi Carzola would welcome potential Arsenal signing of Arturo Vidal, Gonzalo Higuain or Edinson Cavani
Santi carzola is funny . That dance 😹😹
Santi carzola has confirmed he is staying at arsenal, why did the media think we ever doubt that, why would he want to leave anyways? Kmt
check who leads the assist chart since 2012. It is Santi Carzola
Santi Carzola - Arsenal need to improve their defence next season Yes & Santi needs to improve his shooting" and scoring
Yea..Best two footed footballer in history..2nd best Santi Carzola
Santi Carzola says Arsenal need a new striker
On Xmas, Christians wait for Santa Claus. I wait for Santi Carzola.
Sticking Santi Carzola's head on someone's head has not worked
So happy to see Santi Carzola playing for Spain tonight! The guys a magician! Still don't know which is his strongest foot
Ozil will be replaced by TOTS Santi Carzola (right back is coleman)
Chelsea fans are the only ones that will tell you Sunday Mba is better than Santi Carzola,as long as he wears their blue.
Santi Carzola holds third place of the player of the season,, he had his best season at Arsenal well done Santi.
Isn't it strange that Santi carzola plays deeper in the midfield but has more assists than Özil!!!
uses bothlegs very well , I never knew santi carzola was that good tbh .
arsenal's greatest player on fifa14, 15 is santi carzola . *** can dribble ghost . scores freekicks like Is nothing .
People in my year getting engaged and having kids. Biggest decision Ive made in the past year was whether to sell TOTS Santi Carzola or not.
People talk of the Alexis and Mesuts of this world but Santi Carzola has been phenomenal for Arsenal, massively under appre…
Ozil and Santi Carzola and taking the ***
Santi Carzola is such an underrated player. Pundits do be slipping off the chair for David Silva but for me Carzola is just…
Santi Carzola in a 35k lighting round pack!!!*-*
Arsene Wenger said he does know who Santi carzola was a week before signing him. Dont believe anything he says.
Santi Carzola brilliant for Gooners yesterday. My mofm
Soccer time .. Been a while . Now they call me Santi Kazzola [Carzola]⚽
Santi Carzola, Juan Mata and Michu all started their careers there, hopefully they get back to where they belong!
I like him too, good guy. Needs to grow up, however. I love Santi. I wish can see and learn from Alexis/Carzola, on and off pitch
"Santi Carzola grabbed my camera... and this is what I found."
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also known as Jack Wilshire, teammate of Santi Carzola.
Who needs Santi Carzola when you have Juan Mata and Ander Herrera?
Santi carzola is arsenal best player no doubt
In my opinion this year Juan Mata and Santi Carzola are incomparable. Both have played different positions
outrightly deserve the MOTM award. However, was undecided between Santi Carzola & Mesut Ozil
Arsenal man of the match santi carzola he is the best fore arsenal
Santi Carzola seems like the nicest guy ever. He's the kind of man I would love to share a bottle of Rioja and a bit of tapas with I reckon
Arsenal's most influential player this season: Santi Carzola
the awkward moment when the Tots Santi Carzola card looks better and it is probably cheaper than the Motm ozil 😅
Santi Carzola was a joy to watch today. As a matter of fact, Zalalem should be given today's DVD to study, everyday...
Would be even better on Santi Carzola's
Take away the rivalry but Santi Carzola is a beautiful football player
Santi Carzola spiritual man of the match... That's how we roll
Y does Santi Carzola say no at end of every sentence lol
. Is Santi Carzola going to get a MOTM card even know he has a TOTS (F.A C.U.P)
Santi Carzola deserved the man of the Match award. Thank you now I'm going to get laid.
The amount of times santi Carzola said "no" in that interview 😂
"The way santi carzola speaks is too funny 😂". Everytime he says "no..?" I imagine him sayin "Dont it...? " 😂😂
I've always liked Santi Carzola since he won the Champions League for me a few years ago on Pro Evo.
everything I have said about Santi Carzola to you I take back He is a God. I apologise
That little man called Carzola. Just love him. .
Santi Carzola ending every sentence with the word no 😂😂😂😂
Santi Carzola after every sentence "it's good for us no?"
The way santi carzola speaks is too funny 😂
Every time Santi Carzola finishes a sentences he always says "No"… wanna hit the ***
Santi carzola looks like the sorta geeza that serves you a slap up on a Saturday morning round the cafe
Little Santi Carzola could be an Andrews. Except really really talented, like
Santi carzola easily best player on the pitch
Can't wait to see Santi Carzola and Alexis Sanchez next season.
you should pay out on sanchez man of the match ! The most biased choice on Santi carzola! Sanchez scored and made one
Alex Oxlade Chamberlain and Santi Carzola, the only positives one can draw from Arsenal!
Man of the match, Santi Carzola. Arsenal must keep him to build on next season.
He has been the Most influencial player on the pitch Santi carzola
I keep saying Santi Carzola is our best player.
Yeah santi carzola man of the match.
Just to remind you once again, Santi Carzola came to Arsenal to win trophies.
Santi Carzola man of the match. Say no more 😷😷
Santi Carzola deserved MOM , Sanchez brilliant too and great goal
Hear hear Danny Murphy ...Santi Carzola is a joy to watch
Santi Carzola with Man of the Match! Well deserved you beast!
Santi Carzola is such a magnificent player. Very intelligent and efficient at his game.
Santi Carzola is doing a great job in front of the defence👌🏼
If I could have 1 Arsenal player in our team ...Santi Carzola..class every time I see him ..makes them tick
Santi Carzola is a pure footballer, love watching him ⚽️🏆
Santi carzola is an absolute joy to watch
Santi Carzola has been rockin the for 3 years
that is why he has Santi Carzola to help him.
The team is playing well. However, I plead with Santi Carzola and Mesut Ozil to for goal with confidence and power. They can become greater.
Finally we know who Santi CARzola is. Only issue is he's never played for Arsenal.
Many thanks to Alexis Sanchez and Aaron Ramsey. You guyz are too much. Kudos to Santi Carzola and Mesut Ozil.
Santi Carzola's smile. You can tell he has a good sense of humor.
Santi Carzola was on point tonight 👏
Santi Carzola. One minute, he's having a chat with Malcolm X... the next he's bossing the Arsenal midfield
The Carzola + Coquelin pairing is magic. Santi has more influence in the game when he's playing deep.
Alexis, Giroud, Ozil, Santi Carzola and Ramsey would make a mad five a side team
Santi Carzola is far more better than all ManUtd midfield players. For munwa
Santi Carzola could probably find the missing Malaysian airlines plane with those passes
but that pass from santi carzola to ramsey was GOLD
Can only admire Arsenal. They are too quick, direct and incisive for Hull. Santi Carzola is a joy. Midfield as a whole perfectly balanced.
I'd bet my house Santi Carzola's left or right boot could find Madeline McCann
On his day, there aren't many better midfielders than santi carzola
Love the way santi Carzola finding the passes to create chances
Santi Carzola, one of Arsenals must underrated players!
Santi Carzola is the most underrated player in the world.
That pass from santi carzola then was sex
Santi carzola's vision: world class
How Santi Carzola didn't get in the team of the year I'll never know
The importance of Santi Carzola to this Arsenal team can't be over emphasized.
You won't find a better passer of the ball than Santi Carzola!
Santi Carzola let's be respectful here please..
Santi Carzola doesn't get anywhere near as much credit as he deserves! Amazing player
Sebi na you, if GEJ fixed only Iyana Ipaja bridge in 4 yrs wetin u go talk,top class perf?"Santi Carzola is nothing but TOP CLASS."
Santi Carzola hails his partnership with Danny Welbeck after the two combine to win Arsenal's game at West Bromwich Albion. Read more here::
Morning paper talk Last Updated: 09:48 31/07/14 The top headlines and transfer rumours from the back pages of Wednesday's newspapers. THE TIMES Tottenham are set to go back to Southampton with an improved offer for midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin, with a bid of £22m expected by the end of the week. Wilfried Zaha has accepted that he will need to adapt to a striker’s role if he is to make it at Manchester United. Sunderland boss Gus Poyet wants to sign four new players before the start of the season to add greater strength in depth to his squad. Atletico Madrid are hopeful of signing Manchester United and Mexcio striker Javier Hernandez, while Arsenal midfielder Santi Carzola and Chelsea striker Fernando Torres – a former Atletico player – are also on his list of potential signings. Arsenal full-back Carl Jenkinson is expected to sign for West Ham on a one-year loan deal. Hull City are keen on former Fulham centre-back Brede Hangeland. The 33-year-old is a free agent after being released by the Cotta ...
Next time a Man Utd Fan asks you how many Champions League trophies you have.ask him how many World Cup winners he has. With Evra gone...the answer is none. Arsenal has FOUR - Ozil, Podolski, Mertesacker and Khedira, who is about to be signed today. Go back in time and Man Utd has only ever produced 4 World Cup winners - Players who were playing with Man Utd prior to winning the World Cup. Arsenal has produced several: Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry and Emmanuel Petit (France 1998) Cesc Fabregas and Santi Carzola (Spain 2010) Mesut Ozil, Per Mertesacker and Lukas Podolski (Germany 2014) Don't be surprised if national team coaches start sending players to Arsenal for training...We produce World Champions.
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Spain would never win any game without,Santi Carzola,Juan Mata,Cesc Fabrigas,Jesus Navas,FernandoTorres and m0st of all Xavi Hernandez.
Pressure on Arsene Wenger to buy back Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona and the french tactician ponder where he will fit in because of availability of Jack Wilshere, Mesut Ozil, Santi Carzola and wonder boy Aaron Ramsey in the attack.
Today i am Aaron Ramsey with the Stamina, Mesut Ozil on the through balls, Santi Carzola on the Dribbles, and Lukas Podolski on the Goals.. i promise not to miss you like Oliver Giroud bt to always reach u like Mikel Arteta's passes. Laurent Koscienly on the man marking and Per Mertesacker on the clearances. now come on you Gunners
Arsenal's Title push is always as real as the promises of Politicians in Nigeria; just like a Mirrage. Thanks to Mikel Arteta, Olivier Giroud, Thomas Vermaelen, Santi Carzola and Nacho Monreal, My day has been spoilt a day prior to My Exams commencement. The other time I suggested Alex Song's return to Arsenal, a fellow Arsenalist barked at Me. I believe You have seen what Flamini-Arteta combo could build for us? Anyways...
Note: this article is written in Pidgin English for a Nigerian audience * Gunners don reload * - Beta news don shele for gunnas fans as tori don comot say three sabi playas for de club don sign tear runna kontrak wit de club. Tori wey show for de club website ( bin yarn say Aaron Ramsey, Santi Carzola and dia smallie for dia Gedion Zelalem don sign add for de club. Ramsey don hama beta £85 000 pa week wey don carri am become one of de big boys for de club from de £60 000 wey hin dey carri go house bifor. De sabi playa, wey ball wella dis seasin for de gunnas bifor injuri come stop hin waka go feel say de gunnas sef dey hail am for de beta form wey hin show dis seasin come gif am de kontrak. De Wales midfielder kontrak go dey till 2018 as Carzola sef don sign join wey go carri am reach 2018 and hin sef go kollect £80 000. Small pikin Gedion Zelalem, win bin jus sign hin fes professional kontrak wit de club. De 17 years playa don alreadi tap ball for Arsenal fes team and all mean dey luk ...
Yesterday's UEFA Champions League Match involving Bayern Munïch and Arsenal ended 2-0 but the commentators made a statement that: "Arsenal must be feeling undone by the scoreline and their season might end in an 'If' again" Then I ask myself 1. 'WHAT IF' Mesut Ozil had scored the 6th Minute Penalty? 2. 'WHAT IF' the woodwork had not denied David Alaba? 3. WHAT IF Podolski had started rather than Yaya Sanogo? 4. 'WHAT IF' Wolzjech Scezeny had not been sent off? 5. 'WHAT IF' the scoreline had remained 1-0 after 90 minutes ? 6.'WHAT IF' Thomas Muller had not added gloss to the tie? 7. 'WHAT IF' Santi Carzola and Oxlade Chamberlain were not substituted rather flops Ozil and Yaya Sanogo? 8. 'WHAT IF' Arsene Wenger doesn't lift a trophy? 9. 'WHAT IF' Bayern Munïch lifts the UEFA Champions League / Treble again? 10.'WHAT IF' Arsenal goes trophyless again? IF.?? IF.IF..??
Latest developments ahead of the CHAMPION'S LEAGUE match between and Arteta will not play because of a suspension.The starting team for Arsenal will be::-) .Lucas Fabiansky, Kierran Gibbs, Per Mertasacker, Carl Jekinson, Bacary Sagna, Tomas Rosicky, Jack Wilshere, Santi Carzola, Alex Ox-lade Chamberlain, Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud. Arsenal will miss the services of Theo Walcott, Abou Diaby and Kim Kallstrom who are suffering injuries.
David Moyes needs to seal this Mata transfer! Needs to let him know that Santi Carzola is gonna take his World Cup spot
Tottenham suffer a first defeat under Tim Sherwood as goals from Santi Carzola and Tomas Rosicky see Arsenal progress.
Transfer news! Mphela on his way to naturena & chiefs are still busy talking to May Mahlangu. Safa had a early meeting regarding Chiefs players who went awol on thursday. Arsenal want a swop deal Santi Carzola £20 for Diego Costa.
Happy birthday Santi Carzola.. Wish you all the very best in life, my esteem regards to your beautiful family..
Santi Carzola completed more passes in the final third of the pitch against Hull (48) than any other player has in a PL match this season"
I wud say santi carzola was d man of the match even tho he has not yet at his best performance.
No *** but I swear I love santi carzola what a joy to watch
hopefully he can even be better than last year OH Santi carzola
The way Santi Carzola just drop dat man
Santi carzola's little legs when sprinting are hilarious!
Santi carzola shooting rel off this season
Jesus Carzola"He is "Santi is playing like he's in Ozils shadow""
The only negative from this arsenal performance is Santi Carzola 's hair. Why has he dyed it red/brown?
Name; musty from' Nigeria favourite player: Santi Carzola
STREAM ONLINE NOW! It's my birthday so expect ya'll to be there! :P Santi Carzola Giveaway today!
We will now be selling players for a good price through trade offers these include Benzema, Santi Carzola, Jesús Navas, Lewandowski and many more!!
Some guy played Santi Carzola up front and Giroud in mid
El Shaarawy given away tonight - Tomorrow will be the man himself Santi Carzola! Happy birthday to me and talk to ya'll tomorrow!!
Should Walcott earn his place back in starting eleven ahead of Santi carzola in mid-week game against Hull City?
I tot I was d only one worried☹"where is Santi Carzola's shooting boots? . Worried"
where is Santi Carzola's shooting boots? . Worried
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Going to be doing price fixes follow me and giveaway at 75 followers will giveaway santi carzola plz RT
A just want to pick Santi Carzola up and put him in my pocket
Santi Carzola must turn up already, still 8 Arsenal games in the next 5 weeks till 4th January. Rotation in mid is key to keep team fit
With Mesut Ozil having played almost the full 90 minutes again yesterday, it would have been nice to be able to rest the German against Hull City on Wednesday, but until Cazorla starts to shine again, I don't think Arsene Wenger will be able to risk it. Arsenal will be facing the decisive last Champions League game at Napoli, as well as Premier League games against Hull City, Everton, Man City and Chelsea before Christmas, Santi Carzola needs to get going now and bring some early presents for the Arsenal fans. We have been very good and patient boys and girls after all. Am I worrying too much or is there a real problem with Cazorla?
What's so heartening is we can afford to have Santi Carzola to have an off day and still win convincingly
Santi carzola out flamini in datz wat i'm talkin about time to defend
Please what's wrong with Santi Carzola ? Why is he so tame these days ?
Santi Carzola not been on the pitch 4 me, we playing with 10men. Step up ur game Santi, cos I don't see the use of you just losing the ball
Santi, carzola and ozil not playing great at the minute
Santi Carzola. Due a big game. And a goal.
Carzola ba!“I almost broke my screen with this sugar cane😂😂😂.. Santi tinz 😂😂”
I knw im short but Lionel Messi, Santi Carzola and Shaqhiri are shorter than me. No objections.
Arsenal must offer contracts and Keep hold of Rosicky and Sagna!! The British core have all signed up, with 5 young gun Brits of Jenkinson, Gibbs, Wilshere, Ramsey and the Ox all signing up to new long term contracts. Theo Walcott also signed a new deal, whilst more recently Wojciech Szczesny has also joined the party. Per Martesacker should be given a new contract even without a second thought! Santi Carzola is also soon hitting the big 30! What about Arsenal’s older players? Bacary Sagna, Tomas Rosicky and Mikel Arteta are all in the latter stages of their career and all offer both experience and quality on and off the pitch and they are therefore great leaders and models to have within a squad that needs experience to drive them to the title. All their respective contracts will soon be coming to a close, most notably Sagna who has been one of the longest current serving players at Arsenal. Surely all of them deserve to be offered a contract longer than a single year because such a short contract give ...
Arsenals Santi Carzola says Pellegrini is the best Manager his played under.. Slight on Arsene Wenger?
Did you know : In a Fifa Confederations Cup 2009 match, between host nation South Africa and - later to be crowned champions - Spain, the then unknown star Santi Carzola was brought on as a substitute for former Liverpool player Albert Riera. -
It's a surety that Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny are Arsenal's spine, Bacary Sagna and Kieran Gibbs their right and left arms respectively; Arsene Wenger their brain, Mathieu Flamini their eyes, Aaron Ramsey their heart; Santi Carzola and Mesut Ozil their left and right limbs respectively and Manchester United their head - Manchester United Are Better Than Arsenal!
Brethren, if u were absent from today's service, u really missed. Bishop Mmesoma Ozioma Ozichukwu aka Mesut Ozil, Bishop Santus Caddarius aka Santi Carzola, Most Rev. Aaron Romanus aka Aaron Ramsey, Bishop Oliver Geraldinus aka Olivier Giroud and Rev. Jackson Wilberforce aka Jack Wilshere were all on fire, as they ministered to us in a new dimension. Infact, Bishops Santus Caddarius, Oliver Geraldinus and Rev. Jackson Wilberforce all combined to render one of the greatest special numbers we have ever seen and heard in Arsenal Pentecostal Fruitful Church. Bishop Mmesoma Ozioma rendered two messages. It was really great brethren.
It's amazing how many people call him Santi 'Carzola'. Even Chris Hughton gets it wrong..
Mesut Ozil,Jack Wilshere,Oliver Giroud,Santi Carzola hey ths is too bad
Özil u r d best...tnx 2 santi carzola,ramsey,jack,and giroud
With mezut ozil, Jack Wilshere, thomas rosicky and Aaron Ramsey on fire, arsenal is the team to watch. And wait a minute; santi carzola is back and Podolski is returning soon.
When we're at a point where our least impactful player is Santi Carzola!? And only because he's regaining fitness: glory days are here again
Santi carzola nw knows he needs to fight for his place from ramsey
Mesut Ozil equals no one,am glad we gat Santi Carzola,...gud work Giroud
ITS Freaking delight to Watch Santi Carzola and Ozill starting!
Santi Carzola is back today as well, woi
Santi Carzola! The only man making me happy ryt now 😍
Santi Carzola"Your favorite player in your football club is ?
Santi carzola is the only player i can recognise at arsenal.
Mesut Özil and Santi Carzola starting together today, a very promising combo in the Midfield
Santi Carzola is one of my favourite players love his playing style.
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Arsenal vs Norwich underway. Great to see Santi and Jack back in the squad. Go gunners
Santi Carzola the Lickle magician is back!!!
Santi Carzola and Mesut Ozil in the same line-up. Wow!
Jst seen santi carzola n tears filled my eyes
This is one sexy line up for arsenal!! Welcome back Santi Carzola!! But we will miss !!
Mesut Ozil and Santi Carzola's first start together!! :)
SANTI CARZOLA & Mesut Ozil together for the first time
Santi Carzola, Mesut Ozil and Wilshere. Rich in midfield. Simply rich :')
Time for Arsenal. Santi Carzola & Ozil are playing together for the first time today.
Ah ah ah I even forgot Arsenal have Santi Carzola! This is a title winning squad but I know one thing about these okes and victory...
Santi Carzola and Mesut Ozil playing together.. I've been looking forward to this
Gunners of London Wil Cme Bck Santi Carzola must re bolaye Norwich
Ozil and Santi Carzola will surely destroy Norwich. Though, I am not sure if Carzola will start.
Cant wait to see Santi Carzola pair with Ozil in mildfielder...
Come now Gunners,let's stretch this lead...Ozil has been all the headlines that people forgot about our hero last season- Santi Carzola...
In more important news Mesut Ozil and Santi Carzola will be playing On the same pitch! Lord have mercy!
I cant wait to see the partnership of Mesut Ozil $ Santi Carzola at the middle of da park... juz some minutes.
Santi Carzola and Mesut Ozil in that midfield.ha ya'll gon' learn today!
Anothr assist from Mesut Ozil or Santi Carzola
he should be fit man. Nothing serious. We have Santi Carzola also fit.
No Rambo today!!! But hey, El magician is back. Santi Carzola!
The day has come to see Santi Carzola play along side Mesut Ozil
Can't wait to see Santi Carzola today bossing the stadium
i can't just wait 2 see the two king of passes play 2gather 2day Mesut Ozil ND SANTI CARZOLA
Am mssn 2 c Santi Carzola in action:
Looking forward to see santi carzola in action
Oh Santi Carzola! Oh Santi Carzola! :D Just to hear that is gonna bring a smile to my face :)
Oh santi carzola.Oh santi carzola. start him wenger! Wana see some magic on the pitch!
Today is the first match for mesu to play with santi carzola.
I cant wait to see play today and ofcourse Santi Carzola.
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Someone just opened their dirty mouth to say Oscar is tactically better than Santi Carzola. Stupidity.
A big shout out to ma incomin team playercarzola
Honestly, i cant wait to see Mesut Ozil and Santi Carzola playing together..
The coming back of santi carzola will strengthen the TeAm.
Can't wait to watch Santi Carzola and Ozil play together. Its just amazing wallahi.
Gud week for arsenal fans as santi carzola is goin to make his debut today
Good to have Santi Carzola back in d squad. Three points at d Emirates will b perfect preparation for UCL Vs Dortmund!
The best players. I got from the microsofts where santi carzola , oscar and Diego Costa
Santi Carzola is my favorite player. Sublime touches. tomorrow.
If you run away from ramsey they got mesut and if you escaped from the two you can never escape little magician SANTI CARZOLA
Santi Carzola back in training, waiting for that combination of Mezut and Carzola, catalyzing the attack, arteta and flamini doing the defensive, with explosive wingers in walcot, chamberrlain or gnabry.
Mesut Ozil nd santi carzola will feature in tomorrows game
Big football games this WEEKEND! Ones to watch... @ st james's... Newcastle v Liverpool... Come on u Geordies! @ Villa park... Aston Villa v Tottenham... My two African Worrios (Benteke n Agborlahor), say natin!!! And @ Upton Park the Hammers take on the TRAMPS of manchester... West Ham V Man City... They killed the JEWS last week (Ravel Morrison), hope they will kill the Arabs 2morro... Come on u IRONS!!! @ the Emerates its the SUPER GUNNERS taking on the CANARIES... ARSENAL v NORWICH... His name as of now on is MORZIL (MORE POWER) OZIL, he is good to play n also Sagna n Santi CARZOLA all return... COME ON BOYZ (3POINTS)... Paul Lambert I trust u n your Army... The Game that I'm more worried about is the Newcastle v Liverpool... BRING ON SATURDAY... CLUB FOOTBALL IS BACK!
Gunners team no longer easy to pick - Arsene Wenger faces selection dilema as Santi Carzola returns.
Welcome santi carzola d man u back wash out him
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On a lighter note...SANTI-CARZOLA is back in training.the santi-ozil connection.
Santi Carzola and Özil R finally gonna be active for the same game. Can't wait to see these 2 playmakers on the same Pitch
no one cares, Santi Carzola is fit, mrs Bradley has to let us watch
Breaking news:. Santi carzola ,Bacary Sagna and Mesut Ozil have all. passed a fitness test and are to play against...
Welcome Santi Carzola .love to see you back again
Santi Carzola Santi Carzola Source The Spanish international has sparkled for Arsenal since joining, particularly in the early stages of his Gunners career. He's a very clever footballer. His best abilities are his vision and passing. He's been a massive impact at Arsenal creating many goals for his team mates and also scoring himself.
Arsenal: Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil and my sweet boy Santi Carzola all fit for Norwich game tomorrow- Le Boss, Arsene Wenger
cnt wait to see Ozil playing along side Santi Carzola.
premier league resumes the saint havent beaten red devils in 25yrs bt u knw everythng is possible in the only player to have scored with both hs ryt nd left foot plus header Arsenal welcome santi carzola and Sagna
BATTLE FOR PLACE : ARSENAL my child hood team and i remained die heart to the north london base stylish,with a fantastic and entertaining underground ball, my support for the team can‘t never be measure by any measurable tools,trophless eight year will definately end this season with current form, a serious battle for place between this crop midfielders, returnee charger Mathew Flaminine,fluid stylish Thomas Rosicky, spanish star Santi Carzola, exposed marker Michel Arteta,new boy Muitzil Ozil, and new born boy Aoron Ramsey, WAHALA GO DE FOR FIELD.
Santi Carzola n Bacary Sagna are back. cant wait to watch Ozil n Carzola playing. Arsenal vs Norwich.
Santi Carzola, Mesut Ozil, Sagna, Messi, and Bale will all be available for their teams this weekend.
I like the way Sky Sports News do their breaking news. Mesut Ozil, Santi Carzola & Bacary Sagna passed fit for Arsenal Game. I think their, sky Sports news run out news.
Santi carzola, Mesut Ozil and Bacary Sagna all passed fit for norwich clash in premier league.
Arsenal are in trouble miss ozil santi carzola he replace ozil to beat norwich
GOODNEWS FOR GUNNERS;Santi Carzola and Mesut Ozil declared fit to face Norwich City this weekend.
Just got santi carzola on a FIFA 14 pack, is he any good?
Much to the disgust of Sanderson Makombe and Samaita Jikinya aka YAWN and all the fans of smaller clubs like Man United, Chelsea etc, Arsenal's nimble-footed twinkle toes midfielder, Mesut Ozil has been confirmed to be fit by Le Boss and guess what? Both Sanga and Santi Carzola are back. Be warned, Ozil-Carzola midfield is just about to be unleashed on your small club! Come on Arsenal!
Man u fear Ozil Mesut after hearing he has injury they r celebrating but Santi Carzola is back shut up.
Arsenal vs. Norwich -1.00am (AEDST) Despite the injury toll, the Gunners seem cruising on all fronts, only the draw against the Baggies before the break finally ended the 10 match winning streak in all competitions, has Arsene Wenger finally turned the corner? Not to mention his comments earlier in the week saying that the spending is not over. In what should be a standard win for the league leaders they take on a solid Norwich side without Bacary Sagna, Lukas Podolski, Alex Ox, Abu Diaby and Mesut Ozil, Santi Carzola, Walcott all in doubt, you still get the sense a win is assured here. Norwich will hope for the best in a game against the North Londoners in what is a tough run coming up in the next few weeks. Putting on a stern battle against Chelsea, Chris Houghton will be going into this game with nothing to lose and with a short injury list – it is time for the Canaries to make the most if it. Prediction: Arsenal Win Possible Score: 2-0
Together for the first time this season ozil % santi carzola The world over especially arsenal fans have a reason to smile ahead this weekend BPL clash arsenal against norwich. sincerely i have been waiting quite some time to watch the dynamic Duo of Mesut Ozil and santi carzola playing together. Two of the european premier playmakers together for the first time this season. Hala arsenal
Another three points for us when all our rivals fail to gather the desired 3points. The team is in great shape. Am impressed with Gnabry. Ramsey wow he is been phenomenal. Ozil our messi. Kolscielny was solid at the back. Girous movement has been good. Gibbs I love that boy. Just hope he will continue without being injured. Will be welcoming back santi carzola soon.
Arsenal set to be boost by the return of santi carzola, thomas rosicky and lucas podolski confirmed by werger.
HATE when people call Gnabry 'Gnarby', it's like when people used to call Santi 'Carzola'😕
Arsenal is d only club dat gives me joy.pls say noni 2 d gunners.especially my men ozil and santi carzola.
Great Game Great win,we are in Good form even with the likes of Walcott,"Little saint" Santi Carzola,Rosicky,the Ox man..etc...still on injury list.Ride on ARSENAL!
Oh and to arsenal critics this team still lacks the services of spanish magician santi carzola,the german machine lucas podosky,the cech wizard thomas rosicky,the england hope Theo Walcott and french gifted newboy striker yaya sanogo.
Oh just a reminder to arsenal critics this team still miss abou diaby,santi carzola,Theo Walcott,rosicky and lucas podosky
Still got Podolski, Oxlade Chamberlain and Santi Carzola to come.. Injuries or not, WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE
Imagine our squad with the return of Walcott, Chamberlain, Podolski, Diaby, Rosisky and Santi Carzola 👏👏👏👏
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I am just imagining this team with Santi Carzola back fit!!!
My days I can't wait for santi Carzola to come back
Santi Carzola should come back already
Santi Carzola had a total of 14 assists in his 2012/13 season for Arsenal.
Can't even start Santi carzola on FIFA 14 is arsenal that mad 😰😰😢
Looks like Podolski & Santi Carzola are firmly behind today
They may wear red,but they're backing saffron & blue 2day. Arsenal duo Lukas Podolski & Santi Carzola
They may wear red,but they're backing the saffron and blue today. Arsenal duo Lukas Podolski and Santi Carzola
Santi Carzola was the best play when he was at malaga :)
Am a gunner, Mesut Ozil, Aron Ramsey,santi carzola,jack willboat,i love u all arsenal always and till i die we can never be put assurnder by any body, i love u,they can buy all tins, bt they cant buy class, gunnerz 4life ,i no send u die ,,,
so, Mr Santi Carzola, Is not Winning a Trophy for nine years called boring? SMH
Santi Carzola had 13 assists last year for arsenal
Got santi Carzola in my first pack not too bad
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