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Santana Moss

Santana Terrell Moss (born June 1, 1979) is an American football wide receiver for the Washington Redskins of the National Football League (NFL).

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thought abt this earlier:. NOT EASY to find WR from last 30 yrs that. 1) entered NFL w…
Santana Moss had 34 yards as a rookie and 10,536 yards as a not-a-rookie.
Been ridin with the “U” since Sean Taylor Clinton Portis and Santana Moss went to the skins from there!…
Tyreek Hill is definitely the new Santana Moss
That’s like asking. Whoopi Goldberg or Rihanna. Earl Boykins or Kobe Bryant. Devin Booker or D’Angelo Russell. Santana…
WR Robby Anderson is seventh player in franchise history with TD catch in five straight games, and just fifth…
Jonathan Moss presumably couldn’t see that Mane clearly took a ball that was there for him to play befor…
I know, I've liked Miami since Santana Moss days, but typical Richt. Good season, can't win when it ma…
Yeah Keller was the last TE they drafted in the first round, they drafted WR Santana Moss in…
Ed Reed, Phillip Buchanon, Reggie Wayne, Santana Moss. says Miami should add some guys that have won…
Trick Daddy performed live last night next to Santana Moss, Edge James, and Clinton Portis in Charlotte. Miami by 40. https…
Ever wonder what it's like to battle Fred Smoot and Santana Moss in video games? Some of the military at the Fort M…
Michael Irvin, Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson, Santana Moss, Devin Hester..I can keep going too.
2000 game also was stacked with future pros. Andre Johnson didn't start because Santana Moss and Reggie Wayne were ahead of him.
Let’s find a park and play catch.. I always thought I was the next Santana Moss
Yup, Santana Moss was right about Head Coach Sean McVay. He should know, he once played under him. https:/…
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Santana Moss unloaded on Robert Griffin III in a radio interview, and RGIII fired back
I liked a video Skip Bayless Reacts to RG3 Firing Back At Santana Moss
Santana Moss responds to RGIII's accusation of "betrayal"
Santana Moss and RGIII are making news??? I can't be the only one that chuckled at this right?
A day later, Moss went on CSN Mid Atlantic to explain that Griffin's inability to get along …
I like Santana Moss but he didn't have to say what he did about RG3 I mean what's the point ?
Santana Moss: RG3 is out of the NFL because he can't get along with coaches.
If you had "Robert Griffin III and Santana Moss" in today's "Former NFL players inexplicably in the news" pool, you're a…
RG3 claps back at Santana Moss for saying he gloated about getting Shanahan fired
Santana moss was speaking str8 facts if u ask me
Put in an impossible situation w/ a coach who never wanted me. Made players like Santana Moss a believer through hard work, film…
Santana Moss: RG3's issues with coaches are why he's not playing anymore - NBC Sports
RGIII responded to Santana Moss' claims that he didn't handle the Mike Shanahan firing well.
📺 Former NFL WR Santana Moss looks around at some of his peers dealing with CTE and fears for his future: "I'm not ready…
ICYMI: Feud brewing b/t RG3 and Santana Moss over Mike Shanahan.. & w details in
Robert Griffin III blasts Santana Moss on comments about Mike Shanahan being fired
Robert Griffin III rips ex-Redskins WR Santana Moss for claim he gloated about Mike Shanahan firing
Robert Griffin III’s beef with Santana Moss, explained: Moss claimed that Griffin gloated about getting Mike……
Santana Moss says RG3 was gloating about Mike Shanahan getting fired: "That was the dumbest mistake you could ever make…
"God don't like ugly" Santana Moss says RGIII gloated over Mike Shanahan's firing
Santana Moss said RGIII was walking around Redskins Park like Vince McMahon after he helped get Mike Shanahan get fired
I don't even have to no context to side with Santana Moss over Bob Griffin part 3
Robert Griffin III and Santana Moss are sniping about Mike Shanahan's firing:
RG3 and Santana Moss in a feud over Mike Shanahan's departure in Washington... & fill you in…
Santana Moss criticized then-QB Robert Griffen 111 for how he handled the firing of head coach Mike Shanahan, of the Redskins.
Santana Moss: RG3 made "dumbest mistake you could ever make in this league" gloating about Mike Shanahan's firing.
what did Santana Moss say about Bob Griffin
Watching The U and remembering that Andre Johnson, Santana Moss, and Reggie Wayne on the same team and wait Jeremy Shockey at TE unstoppable
Before the deadline, Ryan Kerrigan and Santana Moss talked Kirk Cousins.
Remember when Corey Webster threw hands with Santana Moss.
Santana Moss... Actually won a game with no time left hitting Santana w X.
Random Santana Moss jersey at NBA Summer League makes an appearance on SportsCenter
X back when the skins had Santana Moss 😂😂😂
Just watched that Shawn Springs/Santana Moss video. Man, Shawn looks like he ate Santana. Wow!
Reminder: Shawn Springs and Santana Moss got FIRED UP when debating whether or not Kirk Cousins is a game manager.
Think about how annoying it was playing the Santana Moss guessing game.
Uhhh sir. Santana Moss was the Cowboy killer. This is Randy Moss, w…
Partnership w/and brings campers to meet Santana Moss and tour locker room!
Santana Moss talking to local kids about working hard for your family and playing football in the DMV!
Santana Moss's career comps. Other that Fitzgerald (justly decorated as great), this is an unreal collection of und…
Exciting VIP session where the boys got to meet and get the autographs of Brandon Marshall, Santana Moss, Sinora...
He has fewer receptions than Santana Moss!
Visit the RoadHouse at Dulles Town Center 10/14! Share your best moments w/ alums Gary Clar…
From | Santana Moss very high on Jamison Crowder in 2017
"You're going to be seeing a lot of spinning balls in the end zone.". Santana Moss studies Jamison Crowder's film:…
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Santana Moss made me a miami fan the day i seen him play.was a wrap from there
How will a young group of wide receivers fit in the system? The one and only Santana Moss weighs in.
Santana Moss knows how to thrive as an outside WR and he likes what he sees from Jamison Crowder.…
csnwashington​.com >> Former Redskin Santana Moss knows how Jamison Crowder will improve in 2017
2017 will be a year for Jamison Crowder to step up for the Washington offense, and Santana Moss knows he will.
[SB Nation: Hogs Haven] Daily Slop: What can Josh Doctson learn from Santana Moss?; QBs should want Kirk C
Come rally on June 19 & kick off 85th anniversary season with Santana Moss & Clinton Portis!. Info:…
Santana Moss? Not at all. For a second, I thought you meant Randy Moss. Close call.
Kick off the 85th anniversary with Santana Moss & Clinton Portis at the Exchange Saloon D.C. on 6/19 ➡️
Jason Campbell to Santana Moss, 59 yd TD ...These were some of my favorite years as a Redskins fan...I loved that team wh…
Born on this date: Santana Moss, Larry Centers, Jeremy Zuttah, Larry Moore... see more:
better rookie campaign than Cotchery... Quincy. Santana Moss. This (if true) is very bad.
I see *** compare Dak to Brady and Zeke to Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton yet it's a sin to compare OBJ to Moss and Rice.…
Leggett is legit. To quote my boy from the U 🙌 Santana moss. Big time players make big time plays in…
I have a size 58 Santana Moss jets jersey in my closet still.   10% Off
Bigtime players make bigtime plays in bigtime games. ---Santana Moss.
.hosted the Draft Day Dash Party with Santana Moss and Clinton Portis- new BFFs!
Santana Moss trying to catch a touchdown.outside of the end-zone! lmao
Santana Moss was pretty awful, too.
It's criminal Al Blades and Santana Moss never got ring. That 2000 team was stupid good.
.hosted the Draft Day preparty with Santana Moss and Clinton Portis and has ALL THE PICS…
yesterday I found a Santana moss jersey for $6 and I bought it
Getting ready to call the first road game of the season with Santana Moss. Watch us on
Subject: NoSubject. Anjelia with her blood cousin Santana Moss
Subject: NoSubject. My 16 year old Jada with her blood cousin Santana Moss. ...
"I'm relentless when it comes to effort. I never want to give up on a play." - Avery Moss
"It's a blessing to have this chance and get to play for the New York Giants." - Avery Moss
With the 167th pick, the select Youngstown State DE Avery Moss!
Clinton Portis and Santana Moss joins the ESPN980 Draft Show LIVE from FedEx Field
I just started crying infront of Santana Moss
Update your maps at Navteq
Everyone is out here looking for Santana Moss and Clinton Portia selfies... I got one with…
happiest ive been with a Jets pick since Santana Moss was my favorite player in college as a kid
I always sa to Art Monk and Santana Moss as role models. You now join that group. Though I'm a Skins fan, I am now a Sanu fan.
Monumental Sports Network announces Santana Moss will be the Washington Valor color commentator, working alongside PXP ma…
Don't miss out on a chance to have a meet and greet with eighttodanine SANTANA MOSS! You and 5…
Gucci Mane ... Rick Ross & Moss is the Boss; santana Moss. played Jets' they might b Good this Year. ..😁
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Boys redskins Santana Moss jersey Sz: S. via
I touch her redskin then i jet like im santana moss
there's only been 3 Big play WRs like Fuller to be true dynasty assets: DJax, Santana Moss, VJax.
Santana Moss really changed the game of football. To this day people still say "Mossed" when the receiver catches the b…
So here it is... Win a meet and greet with NFL GREAT eighttodanine Santana Moss🏈 •Text the word…
Big time players make big time plays in big time games. . -Santana Moss . Keep it going ! !
Santana Moss speaking about his friend Sean Taylor.
I remember being a kid watching Wayne Chrebet & Santana Moss go crazy 😎
Garcon joins Art Monk (5), Santana Moss (3), Ricky Sanders (2) and Bobby Mitchell (2) as only Redskins with multiple 1,0…
My step dad is about to go meet Santana Moss and Chad Dukes. That's so awesome
I keep repeating "I will not act like a groupie" in my head when thinking about meeting Santana Moss and Clinton Portis tonight
I miss when we had Chris Cooley, Sean Taylor, Santana Moss etc. 💔
Shop Talk: Joe Flacco or Kirk Cousins -- who are you taking? . Santana Moss and Shawn Springs take their picks:…
Shop Talk: Who makes the playoffs -- Ravens AND Redskins, one, or neither? . Santana Moss and Shawn Springs debate:…
Shop Talk: Does the DC-Baltimore rivalry spill over onto the field? . Santana Moss and Shawn Springs have stories:…
Trap game? . Dangerous to call it that. Santana Moss and Shawn Springs explain:
Shop Talk: Shawn Springs and Santana Moss grade DC Joe Barry so far:
Chad Johnson, Andre Johnson, Santana Moss and Antonio Brown. Look at how big Andre is and how quick he is
Michael Irvin, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson, Travis Benjamin, I can on but you get the point. No comparison.
Jordan Reed, Santana Moss, Bashaud Breeland, & Preston Smith join us tomorrow at Fanfest!
Kendall Fuller comes across as he does on the field - competitive and polished. Doctson is a quiet storm. Will remind you of Santana Moss
Ran a 5K that ended at the 50 yard line, met Santana Moss, and toured the locker rooms. Can the…
󾕎Senator in partnership with Santana Moss & The Moss Foundation present "The Choice Challenge." A free...
Santana Moss still gotta be my favorite WR ever
word you right, Sapp, Ray, Mcgahee, shockey, Santana moss. We gotta see how the OSU class turns out
2001 draft only produced Dan Morgan, Santana Moss, and Reggie Wayne.
looks like I was way off, but I'm glad we got Doctson! That kid is a burner! Reminds me of a young Santana Moss.
Santana Moss didn't loss his gear until age 34 lol... DJax just turned 30
Don't remind me. That's the draft that they should've gotten Santana Moss. (They did eventually, but still)
DAL has needed a Safety since Roy Williams got beat by Santana Moss.Take Ramsey
Legendary All-Pro Redskins Wide Receiver Santana Moss is here to thank our best customers!
on Saturday will there be a chance to meet some of the alumni? I'm a big Santana Moss & Dexter Manley fan & I never met them
right Santana moss right over the top smh
One of my favorite memories as a Jets fan is when Chad Pennington threw that rainbow bomb to Santana Moss then kissed his bicep afterwards
Santana Moss not a HOFer either sorry.
Good lord.. This guy is still being moronic in my mentions.. Apparently Santana Moss is going to the HoF 😕
I went down to Santana from Mercer and up to Goldy from Moss right before lock
Someone tell me how many times Laveranues Cole and Santana Moss were traded for each other ?
can we please get some retro teams like the 06-07 Redskins so I can play with Santana Moss, Portis & Sean Taylor ?
cooley, moss, Rak my others. But my Santana doesn't fit
Join us for the 3rd Annual Fanfest on May 7 in Chantilly. Kids games, Fan hosts, Santana Moss, Jordan Reed, & more
Santana Moss and Clinton Portis will be there, as well. All will be available for pictures and autographs, schedules permitti…
Watching the U part 2 Santana moss was dumb fast🏃🏾💨
Santana Moss had such amazing footwork
if you want a really good punt returner tryout Santana Moss's vet card it's nice for punt returning
October 2006 or game vs Jacksonville Santana moss walk off td. Scored 3 tds that game.
does the Santana Moss coming out party against the Cowboys in the last three minutes count? I dunno what time the last TD was
santana moss two long bombs writhing a couple minutes to beat Dallas at Dallas.
This the 2 TDS at dallass to Santana Moss?
Just an amazing victory for Kris Jenkins (born in - as Santana Moss would say, big time players..right
santana Moss and of course Sean Taylor
Big stage too big for some folk..In the words of Santana Moss..Big Time players step up in Big Time Games..Buddy Buckets MIA
You would know this... Is Santana Moss dead? This info is misleading. Died in '03?
*** Santana Moss has been dead for 13 years? 😱
I had another but traded it for a Santana Moss jersey.That's when my husband cut me off for a bit
Big ups and RIP to the Goat to play safety for us.
Moss, Portis and other players honor Sean Taylor on his birthday
Moss, Portis and other NFL players honor Sean Taylor on his 33rd birthday:
Butch Davis signed Ed Reed wasn't highly recruited, got Santana Moss on Track scholly, Ken Dorsey and DJ from Cali
RGIII was throwing to Garçon, Logan Paulsen, and Santana Moss. Browns receiving core can't be that bad
...Santana Moss, the entire 2010 Duke basketball team, and Deandre Jordan.
Calvin Johnson ranks 43rd on the all-time Rec list, between Santana Moss and Marques Colston. I have that as NOT a 1st-ball…
Santana Moss, Joe Gibbs, Dexter Manley, London Fletcher, all on tap to watch the Redskins take over NFCE
Brandon Marshall now has 10 TDs. First Jets WR to do that since Santana Moss in 2003
that criticism happened THE SAME GAME Robert threw Santana Moss and the team under the bus.
Santana Moss leaving left a huge hole but Crowder is filling it quickly. Similar playing style and seems like a real good person
Santana Moss is an inspirational man ✊🏼
"big time players step up in big games." -Santana moss🙏✊🏈
With respect to the great Santana Moss (did he ever put up these kind of track numbers?
😂😂😂😂 yeah. The old Miami trick they pulled with Santana Moss
Love that shady dropped the Santana Moss line make in
Santana Moss comes to mind can't believe he walked on at UM Wanted to be a 🐊
Andre Johnson, Ed Reed, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, Clinton Portis, Mike Rumph, Phillip Buchanan all on the track team...🔥🔥🔥
Crowder is a really nice add to the team. A young Santana Moss, who we miss.
I miss when Santana Moss, Clinton Portis, and Sean Taylor were all on the Skins
oh okay so he's going the Santana Moss route
you should sign josh freeman and Santana moss
90s Dallas tho. Heath Miller at TE. Julio as WR2. Santana Moss/Steve Smith in the slot.
Nah -- but I would be interested in Donnie Avery, Santana Moss or Ace Sanders.
Most days I still regret opting for the Randle El jersey over a Santana Moss jersey
Hopefully Santana Moss because I wanna see him with a great team for once. He deserves it
If the Patriots are looking to sign a free agent WR, Santana Moss, Joshua Morgan and Hakeem Nicks are available
Santana Moss once said big time players step up I'm big games. Collins and OBJ has to close that out.
Is it okay/reasonable to hope Jamison Crowder develops into a Santana Moss type? 2005 Moss a lot to ask, but a stud
Who has any of these players that I could borrow for 1 hour for dual styles? . Santana moss. Wes Saxton. Travis Frederick
Desean's gonna do his best Santana Moss and drop 150 on us.
What was Santana Moss number at the U he reminds me of him I drawing a blank
"Big players make big plays in big games" - Santana Moss good luck out there man.
Huard with the classic Santana Moss line
Unless you have a Randy Moss the corner fade is the dumbest play in football... UK doesn't have Randy Moss. Not even a Santana Moss.
College football never goin see another Santana Moss or Peter Warrick 😩
Must be two hall of fames then. He has less career recieving yards than Santana Moss.
Down 13-0, Mark Brunell threw 2 TDs to Santana Moss in the "Monday Night Miracle" to beat the Cowboys.
I worry Smith will be a replay of Santana Moss- who we got rid of because Chad couldn't get him the ball
You are forgetting Steve Smith no wait Larry Fitzgerald no wait Chad Johnson no wait Santana Moss no wait Roddy
I grew up on Steve Smith & Larry Fitzgerald. Chris Carter. Chad Johnson. & Santana Moss. Mold these guys together & you see who I wanna be
Never have like Garçon deep in his 4 years here...Santana Moss made better plays on the ball at its higher point than him
Santana moss was the dude back in the day
"Big time player step up in big time games!" -Santana Moss
Santana Moss lol I forgot Reggie, but keep going please. I'll wait
Irvin. Dre. Reggie Wayne. Santana Moss. we could keep going
So i just met santana moss's manager
You guys better be calling in the old guard. Maybe Vilma and Santana Moss can come back and help you?
Reggie Wayne Antrel Rolle Clinton Portis Santana Moss All from the U and Ohio State pros All suck😂
They got my boy Randy Moss on the direct tv commercial
"Big time players, make big time plays". ~ Santana Moss
Even though I knew Santana Moss would not be back, seeing his given to Carrier brings finality to it.
Miami Football went 5-6 in 1997 with Edgerrin James, Santana Moss, Bubba Franks, and Reggie Wayne. Ryan Clement was awful that year!
Just going to give up Santana Moss' old number like that? Boo.
oh, man, cue up the Dashboard Confessional --here come the emo Santana Moss reax.
Where is Santana Moss when u need him?!!
Lmao bruh kedric golston really out survived Santana moss and Clinton Portis
Played in the shadow of other WR in college (Sammy Watkins & Santana Moss). Timed 40s were both 4.46, both 36" verts
I think roscoe parish and santana moss was better at punt return than Devin Hester
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Dan green.. I mean Santana Moss with the catch.
When you realize the Redskins Cut Santana Moss smh
so, have we found our Santana Moss replacement in Ross? I think so! Hope he makes the final cut!
Reggie Wayne, Santana Moss, Ed Reed, Jonathan Vilma, Jeremy Shockey, Clinton Portis were all at Miami the same year 😳 that's scary
Grew up watching this man my favorite WR "Santana eighttodanine Moss"…
Forget those fools, we need to bring back Santana Moss
Why tf is Santana moss still in the nfl lmaooo
After Santana's first season with the skins. Back home in Miami chilling w/
to when Santana Moss helped the defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars! Watch tonight, 7:30PM!
Packers should sign Santana Moss since they lost Jordy Nelson
can you do the 2 4th quarter touchdowns by Santana Moss back in 05 against Dallas on Monday night?
I'm not gonna lie — I'm gonna miss those eyes-closed 60-yd leche bombs he'd throw to Santana Moss back in the day. 😢
“I been told you from Day 1: I’m a Kirk guy," says Santana Moss in defense of Kirk Cousins.
Ray Lewis, Clinton Portis, Fred Taylor, Santana Moss still seeking to recover portion of $53M in alleged losses.
[Reddit] - Where are they now? Latest on ex-Redskins like Santana Moss, Brandon Banks and Anthony Armstrong
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Nostalgia time with Catching up with former Redskins like Santana Moss, Brandon Banks, Anthony Armstrong
my trade list . 1.swisher. 2. Bourne . 3. McAllister . 4. Salazar . 5. Moss . 6. Murphy or Raburn . 7.santana. Not in that order tho
think they will take Santana, Bourn, and Swisher? God I hope so. We can even throw in Moss if they want.
Santana, Moss, Bourn, Swisher. These are the guys most responsible for the Indians sucking. Last 3 are failed acquisitions by Antonetti
You can move Murphy and Santana. Maybe even try Bourn and Moss. We can just call up Walters or Holt this season to end the year.
They never make in-game adjustments during the game. Brantley and Kipnis can't do everything. Where is Moss? Santana? Gomes?
This team can still contend next year because of these guys, get rid of Bourn, Swisher, Santana, Moss
kip urshela Brantley Murphy or raburn or bourn Gomes Santana Lindor moss
I'd trade, Murphey, Carrasco, put Moss on the market, Santana and Lonnie as well. Time to make some changes
Santana, Moss, Bourn, and Gomes are all hitting under .230. Look no further to see why the Indians are struggling.
The left handed power hitters for the royals take the ball the other way unlike Moss or Santana
That's the key part to success: Make plays when it really counts. ~ Santana Moss
But Murphy IS producing, Moss and Santana are ending rallies.
I thought Moss was going to be such a good asset to this team, but he seems more interested in padding his stats.Same as Santana
Moss, Santana and Murphy, they are paying about market value for given their production. It's the top 2 that stick out.
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I view Santana as more of a "class clown" not necessarily a leader. Moss and Bourn are probably focused on themselves tbh
I think Swish/Bourn know they're washed up. I don't think Moss likes it here. Santana is who I think is the culprit.
My assumption is that Kipnis is calling out Santana & possibly Moss for only trying for power.
I find it interesting he identifies Brantley, Gomes, & Kluber as guys leading team. Where are the vets at - Swisher, Bourn, Santana, & Moss?
Santana Moss went back to school this summer -- along with 39 other NFL players: http…
why trade Moss or Santana? Why wouldn't you just keep them both? Not costing much
Carrasco and Bourn to Toronto for ML ready prospects, buyout Swisher Bobby Bonilla style, trade one of Moss or Santana, and...
actually I believe the skins won on a freaking 50 yard TD pass to Santana moss in OT
Not sure what would bring more in a trade Moss or Santana
I'm ok with Santana. I would rather trade Moss. Gives a chance for Holt etc.. to play..
Bourn, swisher, Santana, moss are the problems . Agree with this dude
Moss and Santana and I didn't even think twice about it. No changes to their approach at all no matter the circumstance
My guess is Santana but I could be wrong. In fairness, the organization has jerked him around a ton. Moss my 2nd.
Santana and/or Moss. Or maybe one of the starting pitchers.
Santana, Bourn, Swisher, maybe Moss.just come to mind really fast
I think Santana and Moss are good fits in a lineup with a legitimate cleanup hitter. Both talented but yeah
Yes yes yes. Move Shaw and Scrabble too. Do those first, focus on maybe getting Santana and Moss out later on
Indians need a complete overhaul. Trade Santana, Moss, Murphy, and Raburn. Do whatever you can attempting to trade Swisher and Bourn
Female Friday :Santana Moss never looked as good as this hot Redskins fan
Santana and Moss are in it for themselves. They both swing for the fences every single time. No adjustments, no shortage of swings. Sad.
The fact that the indians had a team meeting after today's loss gave me a little hope. Hope Kipnis just started yelling at Moss and Santana.
BTW anybody that doesn't like what Kipnis said can until low me! This team doesn't have any fight Moss and Santana have been horrid withRISP
i don't blame Moss. I blame Bourn, Santana and anyone who can't produce with RISP which is everyone
Moss has hit some HRs but Santana is shielding the hate from him and even with the back, they need more XBHs from Brantley
It might be time to sell Santana, Moss, Murphy, Raburn and bring up Naquin and Aguilar too but it will be for pennies
So Moss at 1b and Murphy playing right?? Santana *** balls
Gomes, Santana, and Moss should improve. But Kipnis will regress, and Brantley isn't the 20-bomb guy we thought he'd become.
This team is do sad. Over priced veterans Bourn &Swisher should be released. Trade Santana, Murphy & Moss 4 kids.
which leaves Moss, Santana, Bourn & our utility guys who get put up for sale.
"Selling" for the is Bourn, Moss, Santana being traded. Brantley, Kipnis, Gomes, Kluber, Carrasco are here long term.
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Let's look in the mirror and step it up before you lose your long time fans for the season. # Bourne# Bauer#
Couple of walks (Lindor and Raburn) in the ninth but Roe retires Santana and Moss. . Coming up:. + Game 2 lineup/preview. + 7PM first pitch
Santana swings at first pitch and flies out to CF. Two on and two down in the ninth. Moss is the Indians' last hope.
Santana flies to CF. Swings at 1st pitch. 2 down and Moss up
They do for sure my one move would be deal for Ryan Braun and solidify cleanup spot. Moss/Santana are 5/6 hitters.
That moment Santana moss follows you on Instagram 😍
not really when you consider the power hitters (moss, Santana, raburn) have 25 hr combined. That's meat of order
Go Virtual Green !!! . Help keep the Internet Clean and Safe Come out to the AT&T store in Columbia Mall. FREE Giveaways & meet Santana Moss
swisher and Bourne moss santana have clearly established who they are, expecting more in nuts
With Moss and Santana, how are there regular at bats to be had?
If the Indians become sellers at the deadline you have to wonder if both Santana and Moss become available.
Moss leads team in striking out with 76. Who's next...Santana? Nope. Roberto Perez? Nope. Michael Bourn has fanned 52 X with 9 XBH
The team needs to apologize to Kluber. Santana and Moss are fine but the rest just collapses at the wrong time.
moss and Santana have the potential to be deadly. That tandem behind kip and a healthy Brantley? 😳
I have a success rate AVG of 900. I did it for Moss and I'm gonna do it for Santana 😂
Wouldn't Tribe defense be better with Raburn/Murphy in RF, Moss at 1B, and Santana as DH. Playing the field hasn't helped Santana's hitting
The one pass Chad made that impressed all. Santana Moss was special.
Need to find a gif of Chad flexing after a 40+ yd TD to Santana moss vs SD in the playoffs, after he was being ripped all wk
Favorite Santana Moss moment(s) ever: Week two 2005 down 13 to the Cowboys with 4 minutes left. Just f-ing amazing! https…
lol we have WR's Pierre Garcon, Deshawn Jackson, Santana Moss, Andre Roberts, savages
Andre Johnson, Santana Moss, Devin Hester, Michael Irvin, Reggie Wayne... I could go on... Miami is WR U
Good for Orakpo. Bad for me. My Redskins jersey collection is dwindling. Cooley(2x), Orakpo, Landry, Champ Bailey, Santana Moss and RGIII.
Remember when I said Andre Roberts was nothing more than a glorified aging Santana Moss?
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