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Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is a large double-jointed pier located at the foot of Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica, California and is a prominent, 100-year-old landmark.

Venice Beach Beverly Hills Los Angeles Griffith Observatory Pacific Park Pacific Ocean Third Street Promenade Clem Burke Pleasure Pier Eric Burdon Getty Villa Hollywood Blvd Debbie Harry Hollywood Bowl

The surf at Santa Monica Pier is between 0.96ft and 1.97ft high. Details at
For Santa Monica, check out 3rd Street Promenade and the pier for some carnival fun- Venice Beach is…
[Live Photos] Baby-G BGD-560DE-2 in L.A. Diary — Santa Monica That boy from LA: So, like we hung out again with the…
Sunset acro at the original Muscle Beach @ Santa Monica Pier
Is that a rip off of the Santa Monica pier or was this a thing that is all over the place?
1. Better spawns. Yes at Santa Monica Pier or the Pike or at Millennial/Bean Park there great. Why can’t…
Increased spawns... we all don't live near Santa Monica pier (or similar high spawning areas).
Every Hallmark Christmas movie takes place in LA and likely has a scene on the Santa Monica pier
A Santa Monica Pier edit from last summer~.
is HUGE. The 20 miles between your hotel and Santa Monica pier? 100% urban sprawl. You know what that means, right? 2/
Mass shooting at the Santa Monica pier in LA = a black thing. Again
Santa Monica pier? I would've liked to be where that bird was today. Do a little fish watching, pe…
becca0728 flying high above the pier @ Santa Monica Pier
Tuesday afternoon on The Santa Monica Pier. I’m getting my steps in on my Fitbit today.…
MEL, I spend a week to 10 days every single spring in Santa Monica. The wife & I stay in the mid-highr[…
Hey man. There's a spot by the santa Monica pier that makes a good cheese tamale (masa) ice cream…
*Santa Monica Twilight Concert Series Update!*. The City of Santa Monica is looking at putting the TWILIGHT CONCERT…
I visited Santa Monica Pier unaware. it was Feed Homeless in Ocean Park Day. Malibu wants…
More and more extreme weather events will cause more refugee crises. Come down to Santa Monica Pier to experience…
Go beyond the headlines of the global refugee crisis. Meet an aid worker and learn about our humanitarian work - at Santa Moni…
The Santa Monica Pier is so so beautiful. I absolutely loved being there
i hope jimin n kook can go see santa monica pier again!!! And i hope jin tries out amazing food places in dtla u_u
Haven’t been to Disney but been to all the rest - I rate Santa Monica over Venice but you could do both of…
Cool view from what used to be apartments above the world famous Santa Monica Pier carousel.
In 2016 there were 65.6 million displaced people (That's Texas and Cali combined). Come stand with people
Join Mayor Winterer at Santa Monica Pier this morning for opening of Doctors Without Borders' "Forced from Home" inter…
Chris Stein, Clem Burke, James Destri, Nigel Harrison and Debbie Harry, circa 1977 on the Santa Monica Pier by Michael Och…
AMAZiNG!!! 🚁💕 We flew over & cruised the HOLLYWOOD sign, out to the Santa Monica Pier & then directly at…
California dreaming on Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica Pier, Union Street Station and the Griffith Observatory...
Lil bait and tackle shop at the end of Santa Monica Pier has a neet collection of 💵
One last trip before school starts. Off to Santa Monica Pier and the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.
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Ik vind een leuk: Eric Burdon and the Animals singing "it's my life" at the Santa Monica Pier
A lot of Filipino dancers are in the West Coast right now and I'M SO INGGIT? Huhuhu take me back Santa Monica Pier!!!
In LA, you gotta go to Hollywood Blvd. There is also the Santa Monica Pier. You may also want to check…
Hot day on the 4th of july in Santa Monica^^ @ Santa Monica Pier
Hollywood,Beverly Hills,Venice Beach,Santa Monica Pier,Pacific - Sometimes, the best part of teaching has nothing to do…
Twilight Concerts at the Santa Monica Pier: Khalid, Eric Burdon, Miami Horror, Warpaint and more
Ah ok, well the Beach, LACMA, Santa Monica Pier, Third Street Promenade in SM/biking in SM, food lol, sn…
Mondays should always be beach days.☀️🌴 @ Santa Monica Pier
Fans watching Daniel Morris performance at Santa Monica beach pier @ Santa Monica Pier
Universal, WB, Hollywood, Rodeo Dr., Mulholland Dr. and Santa Monica Pier in one day. I'm so tired.
Khalid will be @ Santa Monica Pier for FREEE June 22nd 😊
Day 1: a tour of Pepperdine University, followed by taking on Santa Monica Pier! ❣️🌊
ryan_a_bell: Shooting with jim_malcolm under the Santa Monica Pier before with the VuzeCamera …
Shooting with under the Santa Monica Pier before with the
Fun things last night with misspoky and __brittany.ann @ Santa Monica Pier
We asked strangers if they knew about Bitcoin at the Santa Monica Pier, here are the results. http…
I want to go to Disneyland or the Santa Monica Pier or on a long car ride
if you love nature- Santa Monica Pier&Griffith Observatory! For San Francisco be sure to check out Fisherman's Wharf&Union Square
No Uber necessary—our Colorado Avenue hotel is just a five minute walk to the Santa Monica Pier.
Sunday Funday with my girls at the Getty Villa and Santa Monica Pier! lol @ Getty Villa
Hi Susana, I would go to: (1) beach/Santa Monica Pier; (2) Universal studios; and (3) Getty museum. I would avoid Downtown
Definitely missin' the beautiful weather over in California ☀️ @ Santa Monica Pier
Also theres the Santa Monica Pier, the Getty or the Getty Villa, and I always thought the science center was cool :)
neither; only Mission, HB, Santa Monica Pier, Coronado, Corona del Mar & I'm not sure the other🤔; it was near La Jolla 😍
Bazzi really wanted his photo cred so here it goes... @ Santa Monica Pier
Happy Christmas wishes from Zoltar and me @ Santa Monica Pier
Griffith Observatory, Disneyland, Santa Monica Pier, central market, in n out, not Hollywood, not Beverly Hills, science museum
Beach Bus from San Fernando Valley to Santa Monica Pier now runs year-round. via
Wasatch Mountains last night...Pacific Ocean this morning. @ Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier and the gorgeous sunset. Pacific Park where fun is had on a pier.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
As soon as I got to Santa Monica Pier, the first thing I thought was... Tony Hawk Pro Skater.
Pro/Con on the Santa Monica Pier. To legalize pot? Or not? Moderated by my pal, Alan Thicke.…
just wondering fi your gonna be at 3rd street or Santa Monica pier anytime this week? Last week in LA ✈️
Santa Monica Pier - well the car park on the way out but I still love the photo. Great day with…
dawg. I applied to a school that's 5 minute walk from the Santa Monica pier
The need a fun day tomorrow, like Santa Monica Pier, a hike in Topanga, Paradise Cove, The Hitting Zone batting cages in Agoura Hills
Is there enough time in the AM for Joe to take the team to the rides on the Santa Monica pier?
I made it to Santa Monica Pier! I'm getting on a bus to take me into LA where I'll be staying with Max! So glad…
burn it and drop the ashes off the Santa Monica pier.
I went to the santa monica pier last night and this dog was so excited that this guy had to hold him back
jackkalvan and strauchabout acrobatics at the Santa Monica pier @ Santa Monica Pier
Finally got to watch this. BEAUTIFULLY done, crying next to strangers on Santa Monica pier
Maybe she should have gone to the Santa Monica pier instead.
One of my favorite hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains!
Debating the death penalty at the Santa Monica Pier with moderator and a great local turnout…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Debate about the Death Penalty at the Santa Monica Pier.
Not the way we wanted to play, but cool to see the Pier! @ Santa Monica Pier
, Do you know about Santa Monica Theatre? Check out my good friends place down by the Pier
Considering Pokemon Go isnt out in the UK yet, i havent seen a lure until now. Im at Santa Monica Pier. ITS LIT.
surprise from the Mexican restaurant and it was totally delish @ Santa Monica Pier
Huge congrats to The Route 66 Team – who recently completed their 2448 mile journey from Chicago to Santa Monica Pier fo…
Great time with insomnia013 at santamonicapier @ Santa Monica Pier
Just now at Santa Monica, we're enjoying specular music while sitting on the pier about to eat a…
Sitting on the pier in Santa Monica trying to figure out how to get one of these homes in the…
Our children really are with us. Santa Monica Pier fun ✌🏽️ boomer.29 lacie.eve…
Come on out to the Santa Monica Pier and the 3rd street promenade today to get your crochet…
What a perfect day santamonicapier @ Santa Monica Pier
What a beautiful day santamonicapier @ Santa Monica Pier
A stop at Santa Monica pier for an unforgettable time in Los Angeles!
Tonight at the Santa Monica Pier! Our friends at host a debate on California Prop 62.
Thinking of you! Hope all is well AVA 13 & Hailey 10. Dancers Models PC Santa Monica Pier
I liked a video from DRAGONITE NEST at SANTA MONICA PIER (WORLD FAMOUS Pacific Park)
Pigeon hairstyles of the Santa Monica Pier. -- the fauxhawk. @ El Muelle de Santa Monica
I added a video to a playlist 2016-10-18 Nikolaj and Max at Santa Monica Pier
The Santa Monica pier in the way background ... never get tired of seeing the ferris wheel…
I miss being on the pier right now @ Santa Monica Pier
I hired myself on behalf of as Alan Gingrich to cover the Santa Monica Pier Concert see the full vid here…
Will you be with us when we share the gospel and sing at Santa Monica Pier during LA 2017?...
Let's get a little glitchy. Missing playing at the Santa Monica Pier silent disco!
btw here's the view from santa monica pier - here's hoping it gives you inspiration! I took this s…
The famous ferris wheel from the Santa Monica Pier is here in OKC now.
Carnival rides, including a Ferris wheel and roller coaster, at sundown on the Santa Monica Pier,…
Shannyn Sossamon can't, after her repeated arrests for loitering/roosting under Santa Monica Pier
At the Santa Monica Pier with the lovely Minnie
A view of the Santa Monica Pier at Sunset. A weekly date with myself.
Hanging with the darling little piglet @ Santa Monica Pier
I wanted to go to Santa Monica Pier to hunt Pokemons but we ended up in Redondo beach again -.-
Sunset light on Muscle Beach & the Santa Monica Pier, in Santa Monica, California.
The surf at Santa Monica Pier is between 1.51ft and 2.51ft high. Details at
The surf at Santa Monica Pier is between 4.46ft and 5.32ft high. Details at
The surf at Santa Monica Pier is between 5.29ft and 6.31ft high. Details at
The surf at Santa Monica Pier is between 3.41ft and 4.42ft high. Details at
Navy SEAL accused of beating and stabbing man to death on Santa Monica Pier
I'm going to The Psychedelic Furs at Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, CA - Jul 21
I head up to UCLA on Tuesday, and I am destined to make it to the Santa Monica Pier!
At the Santa Monica Pier which is where Hannah Montana Forever was filmed 😍
View of the Santa Monica Pier from Palisades Park. Before the steel roller coaster at Pacific…
Fun in the Sun…on Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade in including new
James Dean photographed by Sanford Roth, at the Santa Monica Pier, 1955.
Had an amazing time hanging out and listening to sing on the Santa Monica Pier last night! Thanks Clare!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
It was so nice to meet yesterday on the Santa Monica Pier! Follow him...he's an awesome scoper!😊
Sunday fun day. The quiet before the chores. @ Santa Monica Pier
In case anyone is wondering what the Santa Monica Pier is like... look no further! Welcome to my Santa Monica... https…
Lead. Follow. Or get out of the way 💯 🏆 @ Santa Monica Pier
So homesick , the Santa Monica Pier sounds so nicee rn
ok! I'll come over later around 3 and do u wanna go to Santa Monica Pier??
I used to sleep on the Santa Monica Pier, now you sleeping on me
if you would like to go to Scottsdale, the Santa Monica Pier, Florida, or Greece, hit me up plz 😛
Throwback to my "I wish I could hop on that ride" moment at the Santa Monica Pier last Christmas…
won this at the bball shooting game YEAYUH @ Santa Monica Pier
Beautiful day at Santa Monica Pier with family and friends.
Hanging out at Santa Monica Pier with and
My favorite pic from the Santa Monica Pier! So fun!
we just ate at Santa Monica Pier. We do have lots of booze leftover. Come to the Westin!!
Great day, tar pits, art museum, now dinner at Santa Monica Pier!
RUSH CALL: $100 Music Video Casting Male Talent - A music video filming in Santa Monica Pier is casting for mal...
"The Albright" it's a restaurant on the Santa Monica Pier
I live just north of LA. Hike to the set of M*A*S*H, Griffith Observatory, Getty Museum, Santa Monica Pier, LA Temple Visitrs C.
Last stop before the airport... Santa Monica Pier.
Idk if it's Santa Monica Pier or Pleasure Pier but geze 😍
An eventful day: the Hollywood Bowl, Griffith Observatory, Santa Monica Pier and
Pacific Park is an iconic amusement park located on the famous Santa Monica Pier! The most…
Weezer's whole new album is banking on the hope that you romanticize LA and actually haven't tried to park at Santa Monica Pier
imagine Bondi was more like Santa Monica Pier or Longbeach - They are really dirty beaches, The water in Venice is Brown in The Winter
Got to hang out with this dude for the past few days! @ Santa Monica Pier
ITAP of Santa Monica Pier at dusk via /r/itookapicture
LA I love you, even when the weather is bad ❤️ @ Santa Monica Pier
I wanna go on a date to the Santa Monica Pier 😍😍😍
Whether you're rocking a parka on the Magnificent Mile or board shorts on the Santa Monica Pier — or wish you...
Morning from the beach. Thanks for the video dantebrunetto @ Santa Monica Pier
Looking out to find mountains on the beach. @ Santa Monica Pier
you should have a little meet up at Santa Monica Pier.
can I hug you on the Santa Monica pier while the sun sets and I feed you churros
i went to the Santa Monica pier, the next day he goes with selener
A date to Santa Monica pier that would be cute
I miss going to the Santa Monica Pier. We would go walk around, eat churros, go in the water like :( *** I miss California
I want to see James and Chet Haze in a running montage at Santa Monica pier
I really want to go to the Santa Monica pier
Tour - Departure from Santa Monica Pier promo save and discounts
View of the Santa Monica Pier from the Pacific Park Ferris Wheel while the sun was setting. Wow.…
throwback to when I literally ran into him leaving Santa Monica pier lol
I miss the crazy LA days, the beautiful sunset while enjoying Santa Monica pier, & the excitement in West Hollywood at night 💛
I went to Venice Beach which is right by the Santa Monica pier. the beach itself is nice but the people r v interesting lol
I wanna go to Santa Monica pier again
Beach trip with Picture creds to my Hollywood sidekick @ Santa Monica Pier
He just stole a sports car and is currently running over every person walking down the Santa Monica Pier
Carlos, Brandon and me at Santa Monica pier on Wednesday 🔱
Riding the ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier.
A festive kinda day at the Santa Monica Pier. Photo captured by Sernāgraphy. 760.777.1702
Bolt Motorbikes is coming to Santa Monica for demo rides! @ Santa Monica Pier area tomorrow from 11-4pm
Tired, cold and under the weather, but this 6:45 am volleyball squad at the Santa Monica Pier cures everything.
How to Find Coupons or Discounts for Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier in California
0 miles - Beginning Route 66 on Santa Monica Pier, in heavy rain! 2,700 miles ahead over the next week
Half day hookie at the Santa Monica Pier today
Today concluded my LA trip. See you soon. @ Santa Monica Pier
No, that's actually the Santa Monica pier. lol
See & LIVE on the Santa Monica Pier Feb19, get on list & invite MANY PEOPLE!!:)
Registration is OPEN for Science Adventures Camp at our
I can't wait to be walking on Santa Monica Pier.
thanks for the follow! Heart the Santa Monica Pier. Great photo!
another day melts into the sea ... @ Santa Monica Pier Carousel
General Manager - Wyndham Santa Monica Hotel at The Pier: Located right across from the Pacific Park Ferris wh...
Check out what I saved from (Santa Monica Pier Orange Sunrise Ring | Zazzle) to
Cashew wanted to pose a little behind this sunset during our epic run tonight @ Santa Monica Pier
Could go to Santa Monica Pier, to Universal Studios City Walk, or Hollywood Blvd. Literally anything. There's something everyone can enjoy
Just received word from Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier, they want to extend an offer to Iowa fans, will …
check out The Beverly Center, Santa Monica Pier, DTLA is much improved for dining and bar ...
I love this place! 😍 (@ Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA)
My best friends for y'all! @ Santa Monica Pier
This is pretty cool. The Jordan Hangar court is now on the Santa Monica Pier for the event tomorrow. https:…
Clouds, mountains and waves.. Oh and wind.. 😂 my hair all over the place 🙄🙉 @ Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier: A Century on the Last of the Pleasure Pier by James Harris
10 days to my live performance at Santa Monica Pier! My band and I are playing new music and some WW classics. check
Paris Smith attends the Mattel Party On The Pier at Santa Monica Pier on September 27, 2015 in Santa Monica, …
On my way via Metro to work! !!! Somewhat LA late... — traveling to Beverly Hills, California from Santa Monica Pier
Read Miles Mosley and the West Coast Get Down at the Santa Monica Pier: Miles Mosley and The West Coast Get Do...
Getting set to rock my first set in a long time this evening on the West end of Santa Monica Pier...
Take me to the place I love, take me all the way. @ Santa Monica Pier
Craving an oven roasted turkey sandwich w/ Kettle style potato chips from this place at Santa Monica Pier 😓
Santa Monica Pier is the worst place.
View from the mexican place at the peir @ Santa Monica Pier
details for the meet up October 24th at Santa Monica Pier! Please rt!
I remember the day when I left Santa Monica. Love this place very much 😍 “Santa Monica Pier
Day 53 Santa Monica Pier & Venice Beach: Great day biking the boardwalk and eating super melty ice…
London England on Britain is Cumbria the Unitend Kingdom UK. California Los Angeles North Caroline for Santa Monica Pier do you conecrt Brad
Enjoying lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. on the Santa Monica Pier.
Road trip to LA was a blast. Went to Santa Monica Pier, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Boulevard and the Hard Rock Cafe.
Out here getting my David Hasselhoff on in Santa Monica @ Santa Monica Pier
Art Out today at Santa Monica Pier. My first stop, Bubba Gumps.
Welcome August for Beach and Summer Sun for club on Los Angeles California beach on Venice Beach for Santa Monica Pier on San Francisco frie
On the west coast, Santa Monica Pier is the place to go for good rides. Here's Noel Harrison.
What a beautiful way to end an awesome trip to at the Santa Monica Pier! I have met so many…
What did I do today? Oh nothing. Just me and my kids singing some Bon Jovi at the Santa Monica Pier. I'm way up I …
Omg 6flags and Santa Monica Pier on sept. 😭😭💘
Santa Monica Pier was cool. Gotta go there at night to get the best shots though.
i was playing a game @ Santa Monica Pier &i didn't win the prize so the guy let me throw another ball &i missed so he gave me prize anyways💗
this was taken on the ferris wheel from sharknado @ Pacific Park, Santa Monica Pier
Got my kicks all the way from Missouri to the Santa Monica Pier!
Santa Monica Pier at night is ecstatic 🎢🎡🎠💥
distance means so little when your sister means so much @ Santa Monica Pier
I got 99 problems but a beach ain't one. @ Santa Monica Pier
I got mooned behind a couple of palm trees! @ Santa Monica Pier
She always be tryna make me smile in pics lol I hope your happy @ Santa Monica Pier
1 cab, 1 train, 1 Uber, 1 Lyft and 1 bus, and a 6 block walk later, we have arrived at Santa Monica Pier!
Day well spent toasting our buns on the beach ☀️ @ Santa Monica Pier
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
After running some numbers, has found that Santa Monica Pier is the place to be in Los Angeles. Where do you like to kick back?
I checked in at Santa Monica Pier on
Santa Monica Pier bound. I see lots of frustrated LA drivers xD
Obviously Lucy Watson's at Santa Monica Pier just days after I leave.
Doing by day, looking cute as heck by night 🙅🏼💞 @ Santa Monica Pier/ 3rd Street Promenade
look what I found in my Timehop! 5 years ago: the Sony Animation interns at the Santa Monica Pier! 🌊
things in LA-Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Walk of Fame, la Brea Tar Pits (just because) Hollywood Bowl if something playing.
View of the beach from Santa Monica Pier taken with a
DEVELOPING: Ocean Avenue near Santa Monica Pier evacuated after report of suspicious package -
UPDATE: A woman is in custody for making a bomb threat at Del Frisco's Grille near Santa Monica Pier:
Another LA wknd get away would be great, hit Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach Boardwalk, Beverly Hills, Hollywood
the view is from the Santa Monica Pier.
perfect ending to a perfect vacation @ Santa Monica Pier
on her Lollipop Swag.. at the Santa Monica Pier in TankDress! 💕💕…
Awesome weekend! Mt. Rubidoux, Museum of Death in Hollywood, LACMA, Santa Monica Pier, Aquarium of the Pacific, Orange County Marketplace
14 years of nothing but love for this hot mama 💟💟💟 @ Santa Monica Pier
Best day shooting at Santa Monica Pier for Point Cove, a new brand to debut by Cherokee!
Things I need to do before summer ends:. Santa Monica Pier . Get Afters ice cream . Mt. Baldy hike
Beaches: Santa Monica Pier is over one of the most well-known beaches, and there's a promenade and a mall nearby.
VIP tickets to Twilight Concert Series at the Santa Monica Pier!
by carpediemblog: Sunset at Santa Monica pier! ❤️
Walking from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier. I love those beautiful sunsets followed by amusement park rides :)
Serious replies only, if Kara and I were to hold a small "meetup" by the Santa Monica pier in So Cal sometime this week, who'd want to come?
Found a pic of at the Santa Monica Pier...vacay before Hawaii show!
electric fuzz @ the crystal gallery and Chicano batman @ Santa Monica pier for free
I'm back on the Santa Monica Pier! It was great today until it started raining... Time to invest in a…
If your having a bad day it could be worse, you could go all the way down to Santa Monica pier and have them evacuating the beach 😒
The Santa Monica pier just got evacuated lol
santa monica pier concerts starting next week mean that I have a legitimate reason to start participating in Thirsty Thursday again!!
Totally blown away by these talented kids performing their hearts out on Santa Monica Pier! Look out…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
r u in LA bc i think I just saw u on the Santa Monica pier. Plz come back
LIVE on Hiii from the ocean & pier in sunny Santa Monica, California 🌴👋🌞
we weren't ready for the first one @ Santa Monica Pier
LIVE on Life reflection at the Santa Monica Pier
Today I went to Starbucks. Then I went to Santa Monica Pier, and the Pacific Ocean. I swam in the Pacific Ocean.
there are plenty of us!😀 please join us Saturday at the Santa Monica pier for out rally!!
Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier with my favorites💕
Currently on Santa Monica Pier in California where there have been countless movies filmed. Life couldn't get much better.
- I live in LA. Make sure you hit the Santa Monica Pier, Rodeo Drive/Beverly Hills, and Hollywood Walk of Fame
thanks for an amazing week in California, love you so much Aunt Laura 💕 @ Santa Monica Pier
oh the love I have for you, west coast shoreline 🌞 @ Santa Monica Pier
Kim and Ally are celebrating a Cavs victory with a twirl on the Ferris wheel @ Santa Monica Pier
Be sure to catch at the Santa Monica Pier on July 16 as part of KCRW’s Twilight Concert series:
Every party should be a silent disco party. Happy birthday hreddy08!! @ Santa Monica Pier
There's a silent disco on the end of Santa Monica Pier. Pretty amazing.
The Cube Meetup will be at the Santa Monica Pier at 3PM-5PM tomorrow so make sure to be there guys!
Both Paramount & Peter Strauss Ranches in plus the Santa Monica Pier come to mind.
Beautiful day by Santa Monica Pier! We are slinging scoops off Ocean Ave (between Arizona/Santa Monica) til the sun drops in to the Pacific.
Daylight fading over Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier as our Los Angeles journey continues
Santa Monica Pier- "until the sun goes down on Santa Monica boulevard"
killer eats, hope to have you guys back with us on the Santa Monica Pier again June 13-14
join us for our next event June 13 & 14 on the Santa Monica Pier benefiting The Chill Foundation
better get ready for the Santa Monica Pier 👏👏👏
would love to have you be part of our Grand Tasting June 12-14 Santa Monica Pier
you guys should bring some to at the Santa Monica Pier
I can see the lights of the Santa Monica Pier from here. My 1st job out of High School, b4 the Army, was operating the Ferris Wheel there.
Happy Friday! We're back with High Five With Strangers at the Santa Monica Pier
A4 Santa Monica Pier for sunset, Topanga canyon for nautre and Mulhulland drive for some views over LA
Workout while the waves crash, nothing beats that @ Santa Monica Pier
Traded the husband and the baby for the beach and a bestie! @ Santa Monica Pier
From Redondo Beach to Santa Monica Pier, I finally did it! Wo!
I want to film a music video in the same place that Fantasy was filmed. Santa Monica Pier??? Also I want a video like Honey.
I wanna go to krispy kreme, the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach
first Forest Park in New York and now Santa Monica Pier in California 😔
Taking promotions to the west coast @ Santa Monica Pier
Arms out, eyes wide and heart aflame, west coast style. @ Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier and back. Join us tomorrow at 7:30AM as we conquer the east to west route. Set your…
Santa Monica offers a blend of urban energy, beach town atmosphere, world-class oceanfront hotels and a glorious Pacific Ocean setting that make it one of National Geographic’s Top 10 Beach Cities in the World. Top attractions include the iconic Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade, as well as numerous restaurants, shopping and cultural attractions that have attracted celebrities for decades. Santa Monica’s award-winning culinary scene is renowned for fresh Farmers Market ingredients, diverse international influences and al fresco dining with ocean views. Shop for the perfect LA beach look at trendsetting boutiques and Santa Monica Place, a three level open-air shopping haven. Embrace the Santa Monica lifestyle and live like a local with beach yoga, surfing and bicycling. Book a car service to Santa Monica City with 24-7 Limo Car Service. &Process: Airport Services: Car Service To Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Car Service To Burbank Airport Car Service To Van Nuys Airport Car Service ...
UNIQLO USA is giving LA a day of FREE to thank them for the wonderful WELCOME! (In case you missed it... we now have DEC. 13th...first come first serve. • Lolli & Pops: Complimentary Candy at all UNIQLO LA Stores, including the Santa Monica Place Pop-Up Shop! • The Pacific Wheel at Santa Monica Pier: 1000 Rides Courtesy of UNIQLO. • LA Zoo – 1000 Tickets Courtesy of UNIQLO. The Zoo is home to more than 1,100 mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles representing more than 250 different species of which 29 are endangered. In addition, the Zoo’s botanical collection comprises several planted gardens and over 800 different plant species with over 7,400 individual plants. It is recommended to get to the zoo before 9am to get your ticket! (• Holiday Ice Rink at Pershing Square – Complimentary skating and skate rental during Winter Festival. Celebrating its 16th season at Pershing Square, 532 South Olive! • SoulCycle – *Complimentary classes at the Beverly Hills, Newport Beach and Santa Monica . ...
Watch to see local marine life at one of Santa Monica Pier's best-kept secrets, the
100 things to do in LA with kids Go to the Rose Parade Go to the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade Have brunch and hit the beach at Paradise Cove Sled the Venice sand berms Star-gaze at Griffith Observatory Pick your own veggies at Underwood Farms Tour the STAR Eco Station See an IMAX movie at the California Science Center Visit Kidspace Children’s Museum See a play at Topanga's Theatricum Botanicum Finagle a guest pass to kids brunch at the Magic Castle See a big Disney movie at El Capitan Ride the Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel at sunset Ride the Orange County Great Park helium balloon Go to a Native American event at the Autry National Center Camp in Malibu Creek State Park Do an LA Conservancy Family Walking Tour Go rollerblading along Venice Beach Head south to swim with the belugas or dolphins at SeaWorld Go to a Medieval Times dinner tournament See EquestFest over winter break Play at Noah’s Ark at the Skirball Build a campfire and cook dinner at Dockweiller Beach Do a Sunset Ranch Hollywood sign trail r ...
Sailboat off the shore at Santa Monica Pier
The Grand Budapest Hotel to screen tomorrow night at 8PM at Santa Monica Pier as part of Front Porch Cinema’s...
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