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Santa Claus

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas and simply Santa , is a figure with legendary, mythical, historical and folkloric origins who, in many western cultures, is said to bring gifts to the homes of the good children during the late evening and overnight hours of Christmas Eve, December 24. The modern figure was derived from the Dutch figure of Sinterklaas, which, in turn, may have part of its basis in hagiographical tales concerning the historical figure of gift giver Saint Nicholas.

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Killer instinct is as fictional as Santa Claus
What bothers me about the Butterfly trailer is it's "introducing” Pia Zadora but her real debut was Santa Claus vs the Martians
Very little is. It's the Santa Claus world Biff Rose summed up so well 50 yrs ago. Complacent distract…
Derez uh new stery calt "Santa Claus vs. Phoenix parks and ..." n -
It's just like Santa Claus getting the stomach virus on Christmas Eve.
Who knew St. Nicolas and Santa Claus were different and that each is apparently closer to Bigfoot than each other?
The only way I can remember the molecular structure of epinephrine is to think of Santa Claus falling off of someon…
Good good. . I do like Christmas cause Santa Claus is such a mutant synacredic ball of things
Imagine your company spent $250 million on programs that assumed Santa Claus is real.
I think one of these will be in and wish lists to Santa Claus this year...
"I never believed in Santa Claus because I knew no white dude would come into my neighborhood after dark." - *** Gregory
Kris Boyd looks like one of the intermediate stages between Tim Allen and Santa Claus.
Jesus, Christianity and the idea of Santa Claus? White man giving the Panama Canal--back to Panama. Give to all others?
Trying to take Tim Allens place in Santa Claus.
Ironically, the only place that Santa Claus doesn’t visit is Christmas Island.
God put Santa Claus on earth to remind us that Christmas is ‘sposed to be a happy time. – Bil Keane.
Drinking on a school bus. There's a Santa Claus on the school bus. Totally normal Saturday night
In Canada we have the Santa Claus parade.
I wonder if he will be here for the Santa Claus parade?
My is visible through the back window. Traveling with Family this weekend heading to Santa Claus p…
Santa Claus has started his Holiday Shopping at our Sale and so should YOU
To promote the program they had a purple monster mascot named Microbe (pronounced mi-crow-bee, IIRC) in the Santa Claus parade.
Yes Rita, there is a Santa Claus. I guess Christmas in July has become a realty. Ah, the Schadenfreude!
Santa Claus in Irish is "Daidí na Nollag" which, when translated directly back to English, means "Dadd…
Christmas is coming a little early this year, as Santa Claus is coming to Cumberland! has a preview:
The traditions in Christmas like the tree, Christmas caroling and Santa Claus.
Cruz: Free Health Care Is Wonderful in 'World' of 'Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Pixie Fairies’
My fav part about AK is that we literally have the real Santa Claus and he's an elected official…
Cry over Starbucks cups and a black Santa Claus, but everybody else is a 😕
Raised that way. Never experienced anything else. Never met any black people. For all I knew they were as real as Santa Claus.
"Bro you wanna go to santa cruz?". Me: "Santa Fe, Santa Monica, Santa Claus, idc Cavs in the 6"
Josh Duhamel is slowly turning into Santa Claus.
Maybe not. Bannon said Spicy got fatter. He could be promoted from White House Easter Bunny to Santa Claus.
And I just want to know the social implications/psychology of that. B/c it's late June & I just wanna watch "The Year Without a Santa Claus"
“Fitz Swackhammer.” But my friend Dr. Snodhead, a very learned man, professor of Low Dutch and High German in the college of Santa Claus and
I'm over here like yo is that like Santa Claus lol
"It's from the Christmas Movie!". Which one?. "Ya know... the one with Santa Claus...". -
First Gucci, now Jonah hill. Who next? Santa Claus? Raymond Felton? Michelin man?
And a whole lot of folks who have their heads up their *** who do not understand how…
- Believes in an all powerful, all knowing Santa Claus-like sky fairy who guides her idiotic decisions
I am disappointed in you Sen McCain. Believed that you were one of the last real patriots Now I realize it was like…
Santa Claus with the children during Croatian War, Vukovar, 1992
T'nu artikle's done been published an calt "The bags in this Santa Claus look-alike’s...
God is just Santa Claus for adults.
Once upon a time there was Santa Claus and it drowned you.
Currently serving Santa and Mrs. Claus at work rn if u wanna see them come to Mitchell's
Sitting across from a *** Santa Claus daddy should I tell him about my web series?
Kid: Where are you from?. Me: Minnesota in the United States . Kid: Isn't that where Santa Claus lives?!?. lol yeah pretty much kiddo 🎅🏻
Yeah who can forget Philly fans throwing batteries at Santa Claus 😂
Tal cual "belief in the free market is as naive as belief in Santa Claus."
New Kids On The Block - Little Drummer Boy on Radio Santa Claus - Listen now!
We are blaming the Government for a lack of communication with the population? ODPM, Met Office and TTEC work for Sant…
You can "believe" in Santa Claus. Get some actual evidence.
Are you equating marriage to Santa Claus?
Santa Claus Glass German Antique Christmas Ornament Vintage ... - - Add your ads on:…
Next big Holiday: Santa Claus. I guess that's an upgrade from the Easter Bunny 🐰-->🎅🏼
If the mere idea of a black Jesus or a black Santa Claus triggered her that hard,…
YES Virginia, there is a SANTA CLAUS, and the Sideways sequel is on sale now at my daddy took his shotgun, went outside, and fired 6 shots in the air. He came back in and told them he killed Santa Clau…
I don't like Megyn Kelly or care what she has to say. I don't care if she's interviewing Santa Claus--who she feels very st…
Looking forward to seeing him Bennett wants kids to ‘travel’ through reading…
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“This is a person who once devoted time to arguing that Santa Claus and Jesus Christ were (are?) both white.”…
Kaji Yuki told that he ate reindeer yesterday and now he is scared that santa claus wont bring him presents. HE IS SO CUTE
The directory close to where we find unicorns and Santa Claus 😂😂
So you don't believe in Santa Claus, why?You need to do the science in the world around you're belie…
Baron Corbin wins Money in the Bank. There is no Santa Claus.
why does Lucy look like Tim Allen in Santa Claus 3
Check out 18 Mesh Wavy Beard Santa Claus with Star in Snow Handpainted Needlepoint Canvas via
Mud - Lonely This Christmas on Radio Santa Claus - Listen now!
The Christmas season has come to mean the period when the public plays Santa Claus to the merchants. - Holmes, John Andrew
To be fair, I could see Alex portraying Santa Claus, who, thanks to Kelly, we know is white as well.
Why won't Megyn Kelly have Santa Claus on her show? What is she afraid of?
I'm pretty sure I'm being tailed by a guy in a red suit. Santa Claus? *Looking over his shoulder, he slinks down a city alley* [
NBC spent $15 million so a lady who's offended at the prospect of a black Santa Claus can interview a man who thinks 20 dead…
Santa Claus is from the North Pole (Canada). nice red and white suit, eh?
The young voting for Corbyn obviously also believe in Santa Claus ! The ladder is against the wrong wall
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Shoutout to the guy on Granville St. who was playing Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Megyn Kelly: Mr. Putin, time for the question the world needs you to answer: Santa Claus is white, right. PUTIN: ...What. KELLY:…
Megyn Kelly, who previously declared Santa Claus was white, is ready to compete with 60 Minutes https:…
Get out! Andrew Lloyd Webber has, this year, Santa Claus for a gypsy!
Rumor has it that it's Santa Claus joined by Sharon and Ozzy Osborne!
David letterman is Santa Claus now and for Christmas we're all getting stupid pet tricks
T'nu artikle's done been published an calt "Don't view MPs as Santa Claus, says PSM's...
Mommy released the Quick Thought music video on Mother's Day, Queen of giving gifts, Santa Claus & Christmas is over.
Get ready Jax...the MAN is coming to town and I don't mean Santa Claus!!! Beto Perez is coming to Jax on Fri Feb...
May is Mental Health Matters Month! Operation Santa Claus is. one of many ways to because
A point to point Half Marathon that starts at the historic Santa Claus and finishes at the Channel Islands Harbor!…
I see Doug Stanhope, Trey Parker, Gilbert Grape and Santa Claus (top right, partial).
Here comes Santa Claus and his first stop is the Trump residence - when he finally gets to those supporters in...
Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett ''Had the Best Day'' During Family Outing With Snoopy and Santa Claus - E! Online
I'm Sending A Letter to Santa Claus by Vera Lynn- one Christmas CD over 3 Christmases working in retail
Breast Cancer Awareness
Maybe they're saving it for the end like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and Santa Claus?
Snort! Jesus was the first AstroTurf movement for the 1%. This is worse than the truth about Santa Claus.
What's the penalty for, say, tossing handfuls of cannabis from a Santa Claus parade float?
Santa Claus is in Karbala international stadium waiting for the arrival of the FIFA committee
Its a memorial service for thousands of Canadian soldiers, not the Santa Claus parade.
Your reminder that the MST3k telethon had Dana Gould as Dr. Zaius 'singing' Santa Claus is Coming to Town as 70s William Sh…
Waiting for the word list makes me feel like I'm 5 again and waiting for the Santa Claus parade to start.…
As far as I can remember Santa Claus been humpin around the North Pole with mrs claus until mid November thru December
also every Christmas you should play that part of Secret of Mana where you save Santa Claus by beating h…
In other news, Trump has fired Santa Claus and is considering Ebenezer Scrooge for that spot.
There's more chance of Santa Claus marrying The The Tooth Fairy than this ever happening.
. Why does Santa Claus have such a big sack?. He only comes once a year.
Did u tell your daughter Obama smoked dope? Santa Claus is a lie? Tooth Fairy? Easter Bunny? Steal the joy- make them afraid. Nice
Matt Rogers: My kid will be one of those kids who can identify a picture of Mariah Carey but not Santa Claus.
*sees raggedy old shed with random old man dressed as Santa Claus in it*. Nick:ah yes, let's go in.This is so romantic.
Protests and lawsuits to be filed by the International Fraternal Order of Elks ... and Santa Claus.
LOVE seeing Dirty Dutch back. Loved conversing with him at Holiday Havoc before dressing up as Santa Claus.
We're now in the timeline where Santa Claus is bitter and gaunt.
We have now entered the timeline where Santa Claus is mean and skinny
There's no Santa Claus and no double clutching in GTA, but Thank you!!!
I liked a video Sloan Sabbith It couldn't matter less, but Santa Claus has nine reindeer.
Santa Claus conquers the Martians. And maybe, but not if everyone is yapping.
Also no Santa Claus, no Tooth Fairy, and no Uncle Mikey, for anyone who’s keeping track 2/2
Michael Bolton just pulled a gun on Santa Claus.
remember when Alex Wolff said that TNBB was bigger than Santa Claus & there was mass hysteria of butt hurt lil girls burning their CDs
I wish a nasty Xmas 2 all my follows & pigs of the world. We must learn from Santa Claus to party on Xmas having a good b…
Guy Boucher suggests bringing in Santa Claus in net, as though Melnyk could afford to pay him Coca Cola money.
I still believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and that my sports teams don't cheat.
. And they believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.
God is dead, Santa Claus isn't real, the Tooth Fairy puts her toe in your mouth while you're sleeping
Adam Lanza & James Holmes & Dylann Roof is like Santa Claus opening presents for , excusing 8x crime.
The REAL reason Santa Claus is nice and gives presents is that he's immortal and we're all going to die one day. Xmas is our pity party. 🎄🎅
Any word on if Trump will let Santa Claus into our country for Christmas?
Megyn Kelly -- the woman who says Jesus and Santa Claus are white -- has pushed out Black anchor Tamron Hall at NBC/MSNBC. What a joke.
Soros on the Ropes | Wayne Madsen NGO "Santa Claus" now faces many closed doors... Good!
isn't WWE fake? Let Brady and those guys know that there is also no Santa Claus!! 😳😜
Sandoval finally gets his turn as Santa Claus - Gov. Brian Sandoval’s fourth and final State of the State addre...
Ring walk time for Frampton v Santa Claus: 4am. Will text Lou Dibella to confirm
"I believe in Santa Claus more than Dak Prescott." — on
Did you guess? It's Mike Duffy, Chief Underwriting Officer, disguised as Santa Claus, and the competition winner is…
I liked a video from Soulja Boy got the Draco for Santa Claus this Christmas
this Emma doll looks like Fred Astaire's narrator character in Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Christmas in Maiduguri, Borno State in 1962. District Officer Jimmy Black as Santa Claus on a camel htt…
Here comes Santa Claus: a visual history of St. Nick in pictures
Santa Claus, (usually simply Santa, alternatively known as Nick) is a jolly man who gives presents to people on Christmas Eve. He has made a
Garfield took out from his pocket a silver bullet blessed by St. Michael and Santa Claus and loaded it into his Desert…
Istanbul Reina nightclub shooting: At least 39 killed after gunman 'dressed as Santa Claus' opens fire on New Year…
Currently 400lbs 89% body fat. Want to be a Santa Claus that sits In a mall.
Gunman wearing Santa Claus garb kills at least 39 on New Year's Eve
You can say not Santa Claus but it seems Islamists can only express something via violence. Islam needs to reflect on that.
I liked a video The Purrminator vs Santa Claus
attacks nightclub in At least 35 dead. Assailant dressed as Santa Claus. . http…
Palestinian protesters on the West Bank will now stop dressing like Santa Claus, in order to avoid being associated…
According to Haberturk TV so far 2 are killed in Istanbul night club Reina by Santa Claus costume wearing attackers.
Best photo from 2016 photos. Wilson hugging his bible that Santa Claus brought him. Love this little man.
CCTV appears to show attackers dressed as Santa Claus
BREAKING | Men with Santa Claus cover enter into a night club in Many killed and injured reported. ht…
TURKEY: At least 35 killed by gunmen dressed as Santa Claus
UPDATE: Officials now say at least 39 dead after gunman opens fire at nightclub in Turkey https…
Attackers dressed in Santa Claus suits opened fire inside an Istanbul nightclub on New Year’s Day, killing dozens
Naa Santa Claus came down my chimney and woke me up. Don't worry, i told him I'm Muslim so he left
A gunman dressed as Santa Claus in Istanbul. Opened fired in a nightclub. He killed 35 people & injured 40. New year o…
An assailant believed to have been dressed in a Santa Claus costume opened fire at a crowded nightclub in...
Just as I expected, to be honest. It's sad you can't even trust people dressed as Santa Claus anymore these days... :(
Istanbul killer was dressed as Santa Claus but was shouting Allahu-Akbar. If this is not secularism I don't know what is.…
Gunman in Istanbul nightclub attack was reportedly wearing a Santa Claus costume, according to local media.
Gunman dressed as Santa Claus kills dozens in Istanbul nightclub via
BREAKING: At least 35 people shot dead and 40 more wounded at the night club in Shooters are dressed as Sa…
Gunman who launched terror attack on Istanbul nightclub was 'dressed as Santa'
BREAKING | First footage of attacker wearing Santa Claus killing many in
Holiday Magic. Jim writes a letter to Santa Claus but all he wants is his dead wife back
Richard Childress saw Mommy tickle Santa Claus, underneath his beard so snowy white
Santa Claus should from the coal industry, and give naughty kids solar panels. lol
Flagged off Christmas celebration “Buon Natale”, largest gathering of Santa Claus, at Thrissur (Kerala). It showcas…
Santa claus is theophany randomly: DxhL
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Santa tracker: NORAD and Google show Santa Claus entering US on Christmas Eve journey after stopping off in Britain at midn…
Santa Claus' muscular elf wishes us Merry Xmas!
Yalikavak is a town near Bodrum in Mugla province,surrounded by hills and beaches, on the Aegean coast…
Throwback to when Harry and the boys sang "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" with Jimmy Fallon!
Santa Claus’s home in the North Pole listed for sale
Children can't believe in Santa Claus but y'all grown & still think your zodiac sign controls your personality.
Are you aware that Santa Claus was arrested at the Standing Rock Prayer ceremony held today ,SANTA IS IN JAIL in Morton Co.
Santa Turns to Remote Operating to Boost Radio Coverage of North America:-- The word from Santa Claus World near...
If Kodak Black drops this song today then Santa Claus does exist
If Santa Claus been out here doing business with the state for over 20 years why are you still DBA in a personal ca…
Amidst ruins, the spirit rises. A student dressed as Santa Claus distributes gifts to impoverished children in
there were some fine shirtless dudes dressed as Santa Claus at Fremont Street, now I regret not taking a picture w them
.Thanks Stephen. Bill's last great joy was playing Santa Claus for the local kids. How perfect he lef…
Good riddance, Comrade HoBart. BTW, zombies are not real. Neither is Santa Claus. Putin is.
🇵🇸 Man disguises himself as Santa Claus & hands out toys 2 the Palestinian children among the debris of buildings destroyed…
Voice of Heat Miser from a year without a santa claus movie
Where’s Santa Claus? Your 2016 guide to Santa trackers from NORAD & Google
Russian horny Santa Claus Sofi Glodfinger likes a big *** in the ***
My *** is called Santa Claus because it will be coming tonight.
Hot sex on Christmas with naughty Santa Claus Milf.
You better watch out. You better not cry. Better not pout 😝 I'm telling you why 👉👈 Santa Claus is coming to town~ 🎄☃😍
Yaw don't understand, The Year Without A Santa Claus is my favorite 😔
JOKE: Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, an honest lawyer and an old drunk are walking down the street together when th…
Horny Santa Claus Tarra White takes a hard *** in the *** and *** on her perfect ***
What??? This is like finding out Santa Claus isn't real...
"Year Without a Santa Claus" is one of my faves because of him and Cold Miser
The girl with the Santa Claus earring. Too little, too late.
Trump Tower was evacuated over an unattended bag of toys. No word yet if Santa Claus is on the terrorist watchlist.
Santa Claus came in the crib tripping!!
What would Santa Claus be called if he had no hands? Canta Plaus.
Santa Claus horny wife gets deep anal sex and *** in the *** for Christmas present.
Bella Thorne Dressed Up As Sexy Santa Claus on Christmas! . Bella Thorne sips on a smoothie as she makes her way o…
George Irving, actor who voiced Heat Miser in the 1974 hit "The Year without Santa Claus" has died
him: [is a grown *** man seeing Santa Claus and then posting pictures to instagram]. me: it is my duty to protect him
I'd rather have Santa Claus as head coach that Marvin Lewis.
Also, Richard Attenborough will always be my Santa Claus.
Santa Claus: The Movie. Starring David Huddleston as Santa Claus, Dudley Moore as Patch the Elf and John Lithgow as Donal…
Check out 2004 Pewter Coca Cola Christmas Ornament with Santa Claus, Unwrap the Experience via
Santa Claus comes from St Nicholas, but Father Christmas derives from a much older pagan figure with links to Odin, who s…
A few highlights from the visit home: drinking wine at the dinner table, Santa Claus at mass, & tamales
smh should've asked Santa Claus for a copy of the master schedule for next semester because I'm stREsSINg over my classes
If you think kids are dumb for believing in Santa Claus, just remember people still believe in Obama.
105.9 SEASIDE-FM News - Santa Claus was kicked out of school Monday in Cape Breton, apparently because of the...
The Christmas spirit took a hit in one Cape Breton elementary school Monday when Santa Claus and a group of...
Santa Claus told me I was a good boy yesterday so he's given the all clear to run a muck today with some fun...
Richard Attenborough will always be my favorite Santa Claus!!
my others are Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, Holiday in Handcuffs, Muppet Family Xmas, Arthur Christmas, & The Santa Clause.
Hey, Santa Claus, you want to make me happy this year? How about a . . . "Five Pound Box Of Money" by Pearl Bailey…
tomorrow marks 2016 years since the death of Santa Claus 😳💔 he died so that our sins would be forgiven 😔🙏 RIP in piece o…
It's been two years now when my article "Wishing on Santa Claus" was published in Philippine Daily Inquirer...
Santa Claus should be in the mall the week after Christmas so kids can go back to thank him for the presents he brought…
Our Royal Canadian Air Force friends shared this image of Santa Claus under escort from their CF-18 Hornets...
First Lady Michelle Obama on NORAD duty tonight talking to children about tracking Santa Claus
Protesters dressed as Santa Claus took to the streets Saturday to march against South Korea's impeached president
Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Next up, the Steelers. Matthew Rodriguez Bill Yarbrough Dan Hennessey...
Dice mi madre que Santa Claus is coming to town.
"Watching for Santa Claus" cover illustration for Comfort, December 1907:
14 adorable letters to Santa Claus from Michigan children
Call me Santa Claus and sit on mi lap.
Ok but a live action Year Without a Santa Claus with as Heat Miser and Bill Hader as Snow Miser. Yes? Yes.
The hustle is real as Santa Claus says his Zuhr prayer. 😂
In case you missed it, Santa Claus has begun his journey around the world and RTÉ has exclusive footage from the North Pole. h…
They have Santa Claus inna deh church! "We are not dat kind of Christians," is all I ear inna mi ead!
I'm waiting for Santa Claus to come.
I don't like how Judge Reinhold doesn't believe Tim Allen is Santa Claus. No one questioned him if gremlins were real.
I doh want a light 4 Xmas deriz onli 1 thing I want Santa Claus wnt to mek mi hapi bt all I want 4 Xmas is...
London Christmases are dope but the closest thing we'll have to a white Christmas is coke boys dressing up like Santa Claus lmao
Here's 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' at The Courtyard Cafe . Happy Christmas to you all!
NEW DELHI: This Christmas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will start playing Santa Claus for people who have made ...
Jingle Bells,Jingle 🔔 ,Jingle all d way:Santa Claus is coming around driving on a sleigh..Merry Christmas🎄in advance😊
.dressed up as Santa Claus again as he and his family donated gifts to 36 families. 📰:
Now Playing on Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra~Santa Claus is Comin' to Town~Christmas Wonderland
Audrey Hepburn with the cast of a Christmas Party 1949 & with Santa Claus
He's making a list. And checking it twice. Gonna find out who's naughty & nice. Santa Claus is... in breach of the Data Prote…
Our modern image of Santa Claus was invented by Coca Cola in 1931. Before that, he was depicted as a tall thin man in elf-l…
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I can't believe he's Also Santa Claus (I rly like how u did his face in this). Also Luca is as cute as ever omg
Hey... I made a video of How to make a Santa Claus Cupcake for you!. Great last minute gift perhaps...
the holy trinity: the father, the son, and Santa Claus
The case for Santa Claus in the lives of children, by
"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" is written from the perspective of a boy watching his parent's/Santa's marriage crumble…
Merry Christmas from Santa Claus and the of 1967, as seen on "Radio City Music Hall at Christmas Time" spe…
And Santa Claus is off! His annual tour around the world begins from Finnish
when are you going to do "Hey I told my kids that Santa Claus isn't real?"
So I have just realised that Mommy was kissing Santa Claus because she was married to him. I am 54 years old.
can't wait to play Santa Claus tomorrow night.
Track the merriest icon in the history of the world w/ &
To & all yinz aht there. Santa Claus is Goin' Dahntahn: Love from where lives my heart. ♡
Reminder: Santa Claus is coming to The Dove tomorrow from 3 - 5pm; £5 per child with proceeds going to h…
eventually there is going to be a story I'm writing where Santa Claus fights Hitler. be prepared for that
Santa Claus is definitely not real. Since when do men do anything nice and expect nothing in return.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
The reason is because I've been good all year. Santa Claus said he'll get me a nice beats pill xl.
Katie Ledecky poses for a few pics with Santa Claus, Glen Echo Fire Dept volunteers, and neighborhood friends. She…
Rejoice! Just in time, the Canadian government has cleared Santa Claus to fly in our airspace
Santa Claus & Rahul Gandhi are opposite. The former is an adult surrounded by stupid kids but the latter, a kid surrounded by…
Santa Claus currently making his way around southwest Bethesda with help from Glen Echo Volunteer Fire Department.
Santa Claus is coming to town, and he wants a kebab.This Christmas Eve, instead of lea...
Santa Claus is coming to town! But first, a trip to Star Super Market.
Bill Murray is like Santa Claus for adults... Only real. via
The 1,800-year evolution of Santa Claus, from skinny medieval saint to WWII propaganda icon
The true story of Greek saint, St. Nicholas that was transformed into today's modern version of Santa Claus.
Checking the flight path for Jultomten, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Pere Noel, Weinachtsman & Santa Claus. Pe…
In a column called "Yes We Believe in Santa Claus!" in the Princeton Union of December 21, 1911, Jane Addams...
I asked Santa Claus for a movember Brent Burns, but I don't trust that *** He's always hella high talkin bout cookies.
Headed to cali to work but my kids think I'm going to the North Pole to holla at Santa Claus aha they keep me in the Chris…
You know that excitement. Waiting for Santa Claus. And it doesn't quite work out. Yeah. That.
All purpose parts banner
did just cut a promo on Kris Kringle aka Santa Claus aka Saint Nick for stealing his gimmick? bar none.
Santa Claus attributes were solely depicted in Thomas Nast's illustration and not in religious scriptures.
The depiction of Santa Claus wearing a red suit and hat with fur trim came from the illustration drawn by Thomas Nast in 1881.
Santa Claus is also known as St. Nickolas, Father Christmas, Grandfather Frost and Kris Kringle. Click below for...
*Red was a nice color to wear at this time of year, thought Madelina. Santa Claus sounded like an interesting person. Who -
Brooke(my sister)-"omg. So there's like and there's Christian Mingle as in Santa Claus.". Me-"You mean Kris Kringle?"
Kawhi Leonard dressed up as Santa Claus to give surprise gifts to San Antonio youth.
Santa Claus isn't the only Santa who brings smile to people's faces. Here in India we have Santa Singh.
this is what I want for Xmas. I wonder if it's too late to write to Santa Claus...
I hear many people who say Merry Christmas and teach their children about Santa Claus. Santa Claus is fake and...
is so inculpable she'd be blamed no sooner than Santa Claus!
was the little boy who Santa Claus forgot scarred for life?
Senor Santa Claus [s6v] - Jim Reeves. click here Merry to all our listeners
Santa Claus is coming to your city! Tell us how are you going to celebrate
I still believe in Santa Claus. ...his spirit works through us each time we give freely without expectation & each tim…
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Dear Santa:. I'm writing to let you know I slid down Mrs. Claus's chimney. . Twice!
A little cold never stopped Santa Claus from coming to town. And it…
I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was 6.Mother took me to see him in a department store & he asked for my autograp…
Festive fun at the Christmas . Great stalls, with her energetic ladies and of course the main m…
: Santa’s gift of public transport SANTA Claus is coming to town, swapping his sleigh for the station an…
Santa Claus won't make me happy with a toy on Christmas Day Cause I just want you here tonight, holding on to me so tight
This returning Marine dressed up as Santa Claus to surprise his son at school
Xmas Eve Dessert sorted!! Homemade Rasmali👍 .. if this recipe works will leave some out for Santa Claus !😃😃
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