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Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita is the third largest city in Los Angeles County, California, United States and the twenty-fourth largest city in the state of California.

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Me & my older sister at our younger sisters bridal shower💍👰 @ Santa Clarita, California
Soup to go for MADI! (@ Dink's New York Deli in Santa Clarita, CA)
Santa Clarita has never been on the news for something good
When I saw and the day they shot this in Santa Clarita. "Oh! Is this where Chris always is?!!"
Search for felony suspect, Avoid: 25200 blk Vermont (at Lyons Av) Newhall Santa Clarita
Are there any plans to open a store in Santa Clarita/Castaic area?
ClubZ! In-Home Tutoring of Santa Clarita Valley is looking for people to teach part-time. Best rate
On the Beat Soccer: Hart girls shake up standings - Santa Clarita Valley Signal
A criminal chase in Santa Clarita. Helicopters advising people to stay inside
Wait wait wait. I'm moving to Santa Clarita !
I checked in at Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewing Co. on
Wilson was our highest-ranked uncommitted recruit. Arizona State cleans up in Santa Clarita getting both Brady White and now Jay Jay Wilson
The Santa Clarita Sheriffs department is the absolute worst. You have 8 people in your waiting room who have been here for an hr. Help us!
🎯 the homie the good fool 'warming up' at Santa Clarita
Check out my work at Santa Clarita Artists' Assoc, Annual Classic, Hopefully, this piece will be done in time,,,
Well if they're near Santa Clarita I might try them out
I wanna go to skyzone but I don't know anyone in Santa Clarita lol
Crazy morning- a manhunt that led to a lot of police and helicopters in my neighborhood- I got interviewed by
PLAY BALL! Teams are filling up quickly for the Youth Sports league. Register online now
Gearing up for this year's 2015 Buckaroo Book Shop to be held on the grounds of the Santa Clarita Valley...
Get ready for an amazing as we prepare for our party April 25th in Santa Clarita, CA! Limited seating!
I hate Santa Clarita it's white ppl infested and last week a baby died across from where I live and now a shooting today
Update: Driver sought after allegedly using stolen truck to try to run over deputy in Newhall
Read about Scvi Charter School's Incredible India Trip on the Santa Clarita Valley Signal website!
Several in custody following shooting in Santa Clarita that involved a deputy
Search for suspect who tried to run over deputy in Santa Clarita
Check it out! Santa Clarita was mentioned in article about the new film American Sniper
“Santa Clarita needs more exotic food places we're too white” chronic tacos
Who's in the Santa Clarita Valley and wants to hang out?
on the old road in Santa Clarita Valley before you get to are so. Ranch parkway In front of the toysRUs shopping center
ECR Girls Basketball (9-6) goes to Santa Clarita and returns victorious after defeating Golden Valley HS by a score of 61-25.
Ok Dr. Food, the best fish and chips in the San Fernando Valley or Santa Clarita area. I'm going to ease him into a convert :)
Orange County to say Santa Clarita? And including the Inland Empire and the high desert... The San Fernando Valley alone is bigger than many
You can still see decentralizing edge city forces at work in LA, e.g. Sunkist's relocation from the SF Valley to Santa Clarita.
ECR Girls Basketball (8-6) will travel to Santa Clarita once again this Friday to play Golden Valley HS, 3:00/4:30/6:00pm.
Currently @ Cheesecake Factory for Dinner in the Galleria @ Sherman Oaks before heading to Santa Clarita for the night.
lol... I'm in Woodland Hills and they're in Santa Clarita
Woodland Hills and Santa Clarita having so much fun on the bus! -Julia
IMAGE: A view from NewsChopper4 of the sunrise in the Santa Clarita area. Gallery:
Paul Walker: In 2013, Paul Walker died on this date in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California, USA.
EPA Proposes to strengthen air quality in SCV
Here is a pic of the congestion on the SB 5 in the Santa Clarita Valley. SIG ALERT south of Hasley Canyon Rd.
UPDATE: Lanes closed for injury crash investigation on SB 5 Fwy north of Santa Clarita.
Injuries Reported in Crash North of Santa Clarita: At least six people were injured Monday m...
TRAFFIC WARNING ! Traffic backed up for miles, all lanes at Santa Clarita (Magic Mountain) Helicoptor took someone, clean up here is about two hours, don't get in a hurry "Don't make it your Day of Departure" Be Patient by Henry Carrillo
This run of Charlie Blair at Santa Clarita is so dang smooth! Filmed by Terry Larue
JUST IN: Injuries reported in two-vehicle crash on SB 5 Fwy north of Santa Clarita.
News Monday: Keeping pets safe in the cold!
Proposes To Strength Air Quality Standards in Santa Clarita Valley - It has been reported that based on...
Today marks the one-year anniversary of the deadly crash that took the lives of "Fast and Furious" actor Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas, an experienced race car driver. An estimated 500 people visited the Santa Clarita crash site Sunday to pay their respects. Roger was driving the two men to an event for Paul's charity, Reach Out Worldwide, when the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT crashed. The car was traveling between 80 and 93 mph on a 45 mph road. Both men died at the scene. Read KTLA's story here:
Santa Clarita to dedicate new open space: Santa Clarita city officials are set to dedicate another 114 acres i...
On another note. completely blessed to be playing for Futbol Club Santa Clarita.
lmao oh yeah I was raise I'm Santa Clarita the most white place ever 😭
“Dodging tumbleweed on our way to Santa Clarita 😄”fuh 17 hours ago???!!! Long *** day, but well worth it🙌
Saugus' Zabilski's state title makes him standard for SCV - Santa Clarita Valley Signal
To Isabelle Chapman: It wasn't a highway in Santa Clarita. It was a street in Valencia.
Santa Clarita attorney discusses the power of attorney: (661)...
Santa Clarita lawyer discusses common objections to estate planning:
Moving to the Santa Clarita Valley might be a foreseeable reality on my horizon.
Thank you LA Weekly for finally acknowledging Santa Clarita lol
Let's go tailgate in Santa Clarita go and come back same day Chargers at niners 😁
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Job : Santa Clarita CA - Independent Driver - Who we are Drive with Uber and make money while transporting peo...
Village Christian advances to state regional VB finals. Santa Clarita Christian sees VB season end & more in roundup
I wanna go to Santa Clarita on my day off just to visit my husband again :/
All in commemoration. Santa Clarita was alive
Driving back from Santa Clarita to long beach was crazy AF with all this rain and a rwd car 👎😅
Last night in Santa Clarita and then Hawaii in a week :-)
SB 5 traffic still pretty heavy. Posting from Santa Clarita
"On the one year anniversary of Paul Walker's death, dozens of people gathered Sunday at the Santa Clarita crash...
TB when I went to Santa Clarita to pay my respects
More Californians are trading in their cars for motorcycles. So now the CHP is amping up safety and awareness.
In Chevvy pickup going to a Christmas tree farm in Santa Clarita called Frosty's Forest to cut down a 10ft tree for the loft
Thanx for the Follow on - check out our other Santa Clarita Info services at Enjoy!
Rain hasn't passed in Santa Clarita and the Hanukkah lights are a bit shaken but the covered driveway keeps them safe.
Thanx for the follow on ! Check us out on all things Santa Clarita at Happy Holiday Weekend!
This morning's It was such a pleasure to be able to play at The Rock in Santa Clarita! 🙌…
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Packing and Loading Movers Santa Clarita CA: About Us: PBTP Moving Companies Santa Clarita has stress free out...
We found a great place for my child’s birthday party in Santa Clarita: “My son had a blast…
where do you think the Sports Guy is after his comments this week? Tustin? Santa Clarita? Honolulu?
Wet to Santa Clarita for the Paul Walker cruise regret it 😴
tbh I want to go light a candle up for Paul Walker at Santa Clarita.
Fans gather at the spot where Paul Walker died in a firey car crash one year ago to day in Santa Clarita, CA.
Santa Clarita --> Santa Ynez Valley in the red Mustang convertible: best thing. @ Cigs for Sale
At Stater Bros. In Santa Clarita with & for Come out and donate http:/…
Happy 30th Day Anniversary to CUVEE!!! The Dynamic Duo & Our Professional Staff - LuV U Santa Clarita!!! 10 more Days of Grand Opening Celebrations!!! We Hope to See you this Weekend!!!
A Tale We Want to Believe Comes to Santa Clarita - “Miracle on 34th Street” Live On Stage at the Canyon Theatre ...
The City of Santa Clarita hosted a special Veterans Day Celebration in Newhall on Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014. Watch ...
For any of you in the Santa Clarita area, We Rock the Spectrum is having a ladies night out boutique. Please come out, get your shopping done and support a good cause! Let me know if you have any questions!
the Antelope Valley is amazingly cheap, even compared to Santa Clarita. KB's price/SF there is ~2x AV prices.
We are in Canyon Country near Santa Clarita that brings me a great memories that my Big Brother, Robert Sand used to live on the hill!
I'm at Edwards Canyon Country 10 - for John Wick in Santa Clarita, CA
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I'm selling dog treats to support my dog habit. I want to be able to donate money and supplies to rescues who need it, and purchase supplies for the shelter. I also frequently offer to spay/neuter dogs for people who don't have the money (don't worry, I always pay the vet directly). Most of you see the Craig's List posts of people giving puppies away for free, and those are the people I aim to help with spay/neuter. I can make biscuits and mail them to you anywhere. If you are in Santa Clarita or LA, you have the option of getting cake bars or cupcakes, with or without some healthy frosting, and you can meet me to pick them up. I'm making the following: - peanut butter and banana - mixed berries - pumpkin and carrot - pumpkin and peanut butter I make these treats for my own dogs so I know they are eating human grade ingredients with health benefits, instead of fillers and preservatives. Ingredients: berries, bananas, carrots, pumpkin, natural peanut butter, raw honey, oatmeal, coconut flour, flax seed fl ...
New Post: Valencia now hiring Servers and Dinner Cook !! (Santa Clarita, ca)
We are having a fantastic day here at the The Brittany Foundation Animal Sanctuary in Santa Clarita, CA at "A Day In Their Paws!" Thank you to all of the fans, volunteers, celebrities and musicians that came out to support these wonderful animals!! Thank you very much to Wendy Dio for all of your love and support for these beautiful dogs!!
CEO of AAREAU (Assets, Abilities & Resources Exchange of America, Unlimited) Corporation, San Marcos, CA. Broker at Ameridise Realty & Investments with offices in Palmdale, San Marcos and Santa Clarita.
Santa Clarita - The lasting image from last year’s Valencia-Saugus matchup in the CIF-Southern Section Northern Division semifinal was Viking Jay Jay Wilson standing over Centurions receiver Timmy Kahovec.
5Star Air Conditioning and Heating Contractors Santa Clarita: Z AC Repair California is America’s top HVAC com...
Someone come to Santa Clarita with me!
Now I wanna go back to the Santa Clarita Habit. I fell in love with the cashiers
If any of you are available for another ride for a great cause, the Santa Clarita Sheriff's Dept. are hosting...
just want to go to my aunts house in Santa Clarita to stay in her pool all night😭
*If there is anyone in the Santa Clarita Valley who needs help getting respite care. If you are entitled but for whatever reason... respite just doesn't show up? I will help you for FREE! I'm putting together a group of parents who are supposed to be getting these services, but are being jerked around instead! Hey, there's a reason for the Adam Lanza's of the world... *THINK HARD*!
I hate how all my new friends live so far ): west lake, Santa Clarita and panorama city 😔
I'm sending a petition to the White House to get a dunkin donuts in Santa Clarita you guys don't worry
Has anyone ridden their horse along the bridle paths along the Santa Clara river area in Santa Clarita (they go near Lowes and Burger King by Newhall Ranch and Bouquet Canyon)? I'm looking for some folks to meet up with and ride those paths. I want to get my horse used to traffic and bikes etc. He's very mellow so far but I want to expose him to everything I can. Also love the trails along Sanfrancisquito Canyon Rd - great hills for building up their booties and stifle/gaskin area.
The Santa Clarita artists assoc. The Art Classic. If you're not here you don't know what you're missing! Still time we're here until 5:00pm
Looking for someone to put up horse shaders- I have the shader part but need the legs and the people. Safety is paramount - it gets VERY windy here in Santa Clarita canyons! Anybody know any experienced, reliable and professional people? Thanks!
Let's see what Valencia has to offer by way of Cajun seafood (@ The Shrimp Haus) on
I am half way to my goal of fundraising for my Boy Scout Eagle Project! My project consists of repairing and refurbishing the Fellowship Hall sound booth in the Santa Clarita United Methodist Church to provide a safer and more professional work environment. I have spent many hours volunteering in the sound booth knowing that it needed a great deal of work. This is a great opportunity for me to help out because the booth is in a space where not only the church family comes together for special occasions, but many various groups in our community as well. Checks can be made out to Santa Clarita UMC with "Carson's Eagle Project" in the memo. Checks can be mailed to the church, placed in the offering on Sunday, or given to me to turn in for you. The church address is 26640 Bouquet Canyon Rd. Santa Clarita, CA, 91350. If you think you might have materials sitting in your garage that we could use, we welcome those too. I am excited for my team to begin work in October when fundraising is complete. Thank you ve . ...
Hanging out with my little nugget waiting for a call back and exploring the town of Santa Clarita...
Quiz spent a busy week helping to recruit puppy raisers with other pups at the Santa Clarita Bow Wows event, helping to teach a pet first aid class to teenagers and then going to spend a few days with her friends at the GDA kennel.
i need a long break from Santa Clarita
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they're school is so nice. It's near Santa Clarita. All turf everything
Are you a English expert and looking for extra money as a tutor in the Santa Clarita, CA area? - check this out:
"Dress rehearsal" (@ Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center at College of the Canyons) on
... lowering the ears (@ The Cutting Edge in Santa Clarita, CA)
Did you find a lost DJI near Saugus High and Central Park in Santa Clarita ? Reward offered for safe...
An exciting opportunity has become available for an experienced Service Advisor at Galpin Subaru/Mazda in Santa Clarita. Please contact me …
"Do you want me to get you a Gatorade or do you wanna wait until we go to Jamba Juice?" - Santa Clarita Football Bro
Click to get this lead now! It is a 3 Bedroom 8500 lbs. Local lead move from Monrovia CA, 91016 to Santa Clarita...
meet u half way in Santa Clarita lmao
From today's Santa Clarita Valley Signal. Bear eats man. Or not.
Dr. Amy Nelson teaching our Vaccination Class at the Santa Clarita Birth Center
Photo: Match for life in Santa Clarita with these characters!
Hey that storefront at the corner of Boquet Canyon and Newhall Ranch in Santa Clarita is still available.
An Awesometown shout out to Valencia High senior Hayden Rusk! Hayden picked up his camera and curiosity and...
Golden Valley Choir is having a rummage sale! Stop by and shop 27051 Robert C Lee Parkway Santa Clarita
I gotta go to Santa Clarita today on like 2 hours
I thought my *** was gunnah have to come back from Santa Clarita at 5 am 😴
"LA residents are so fortunate to have this jewel right in their backyard." The new San Gabriel Mtns Natl Monument:
I don't wanna drive all the way to Santa Clarita this early 😩😩.
there once was a lad named tyler who grew up in Santa Clarita, CA he Always wanted to be a TeenWolf
It is currently 57 F and Fair in Santa Clarita, CA.
Hmmm. My package is back in Santa Clarita now. I hope it enjoyed its trip to PA during the week. :/
Praying for great weather & turnout for Santa Clarita Valley's 2014 "WALK FOR LIFE" today! Help make a difference! TOGETHER FOR LIFE!
Hey, Santa Clarita. You've got some filming going on!
Gotta get up in a few to watch my sisters play soccer in santa clarita... I should have been asleep hours ago...
Thanks for the ad ! My band and I are looking for a second guitarist for our Djent styled band. Think ,vitalism ,adjentist ,sithu aye ,after the burial etc . We're playing seven strings in drop gDefinitely open to writing on six strings as well if the riffs are good. We're currently located in the high desert (Antelope Valley) area but myself ,our drummer and vocalist are moving to the Santa clarita area by the end of the year myself will be out there in the next month or two. Our bassist is staying up here but has reliable transportation. I have two sevens if you don't have one. You must have gigging quality amplification. You must be able to contribute musical ideas ,we're not animals as leaders so we arent asking for anything too technical . We need a second guitarist to be able to perform our orchestration of layers of guitars so we can get out there and gig. Also we are pretty well self contained we have a full recording set up and a full live sound rig and a 30+ year sound technician at our disposal ...
Hi Guys!! I'm bro Markus from Los Angeles.. Please welcome YES Santa Clarita Chapter. We are very new. 7 months old. :)) God bless you all! :)
Hubby had a gig tonight in Santa Clarita. I am home and unable to bed has been taken over by an 80 pound dog, an eight year old, a two year old and a twelve pound cat.yeah I am sitting in my recliner right now lol!
2 baseball games tomorrow morning 7am & 10am @ Santa Clarita Hart Gotta get my ZzZz Enjoy your Saturday Night, don't drink and drive.
Remeber that prom place we really wanted in Santa Clarita with the pools and huge tent? Gerardo is having his birthday there😭
Thanking GOD for this one!!. Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts
Santa Clarita has no night life. After 10 there's nothing to do but stay home
At the Urban Dog Training Class imparted by Santa Clarita Animals. DTown LA Saturdays at 10am details email...
I might move to Santa Clarita after this month. Don't ask me why. I'm just tired of the same place after a while.
show finally over...headed to Santa Clarita! I'm totally awake and pumped, so who wants to kick…
When u live in Santa Clarita but u tell ppl ur from LA
FREE exposure >> WomTown allows Food in Santa Clarita California to list for FREE.
anyways how far is Irvine from Santa Clarita?
Starbucks on I give it five stars because they have a great crew that work there and that makes the Starbucks…
So I guess we're going to Santa Clarita 😊😊
Did you know? In 1887 the popular restaurant opened for business. .
No one is ever down to drive to Santa Clarita..
And according to her, she's staying in Santa Clarita to buy her wedding dress. LOL Oh TV - you so funny.
Picking my brother up in Santa Clarita and I'm 80% sure I've been in this neighborhood before with dyl...
Yesterday's practice -perfect way to end the work week (@ Hot Yoga Haven Of SCV in Santa Clarita, CA)
COC is up 21-7 in Bakersfield at the half. Listen live on AM-1220
Driving to Santa Clarita, sharing real-time road info with wazers in my area. ETA 7:10 PM using - Drive Social.
COC leads Bakersfield 14-7 going into the 2nd Quarter, listen live on AM-1220 or on the web at
First long car ride with baby Madelyn and so far in Santa Clarita and just one stop! Now feeding and pooping!
like the people we really hang out with are gonna wanna go to Santa Clarita they need a parent permission slip
aka me next friday then we can go.. Lets go to santa clarita
Santa Clarita boys are so cute God bless
the greatest thing to ever come out the streets of Santa Clarita.
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way to represent the Santa Clarita Valley!!!
Einstein football notches first win of season - Santa Clarita Valley Signal
Mountasia Family Fun Center is super excited to be a Booster for Santa Clarita Little League! Spring season...
Any stops I should make back down from Santa Clarita?~ in a few hrs?
So happy we got in for Santa Clarita race.
Taking my grandparents around and seeing where they used to live. (@ The in Santa Clarita, CA)
Mike and Sandra get married! — at Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic Parish - Santa Clarita, California
Nice fall day in the Santa Clarita Valley
I havevt got it & if I come out there imma prolly spend the night cus I gotta get my m from Santa Clarita , but IOn kno
21 new listings in SCV, view them here.
Peter Goossens with the Belgians are Coming Beerfest and Santa Clarita Oktoberfest getting ready to…
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Don't Worry if you cant make it out to Santa Clarita, We will be in Hollywood later tonight =) Stay tuned for our...
santa clarita, ill get my moms Sequoia and we'll roll in their
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It's 99 degrees out in Santa Clarita and I'm in a hoodie.
Headed to Santa Clarita for the first time for Food Truck Saturdays. We will be there from 5-8:30pm tonight.
[Talent] Need a couple good looking ladies to work a swapmeet stall (santa clarita)
How could I not have a Thomas Jefferson Tavern Ale with lunch at Michie Tavern while just down the hill from Monticello. Also a fitting book cover from the Monticello gift shop. A bit far of field from Santa Clarita but I couldn't resist.
Public Meeting Notice Planning Commission Notice of Cancellation Notice is hereby given that the regular Planning Commission meeting scheduled for September 16, 2014 has been cancelled. The agenda for an upcoming public meeting is now available online. Watch Regular City Council Meetings LIVE on Time Warner Cable Channel 20, AT&T Uverse channel 99, or online. Be sure to catch "This Week in Santa Clarita" prior to each council meeting, or at the City's YouTube channel. Connect With Us
Some more info from tonight's STNC meeting: Per County of LA Supervisor, Fifth District Michael Antonovich's Field Deputy Jarrod DeGonia: Last month, following a request from Supervisor Antonovich, a report was published showing what the alignments look like [the maps we've seen with the yellow swatch]. While the Supervisor made the request to develop the maps of what the alignments look like, by no means has he supported the San Fernando alignment. It is not the case that he favors the San Fernando alignment, and he will not sacrifice the San Fernando Valley Residents for Santa Clarita. The Santa Clarita alignment has been studied for years, whereas this is new. Antonovich has take no position and no recommendation. The report is only a scoping to see what it would look like. Next steps & timelines: Friday, Sept. 12 = last day to submit public comments; Tuesday, Sept. 16 = High Speed Rail Authority is having their board meeting in Palmdale, and all are encouraged to attend SEPTEMBER 16, 2014 9:00 AM Palm ...
Santa Clarita versus Hamilton you pick. I'll be chilling by the pool with the kids and Louise will be chilling...
The 7th Annual 7 years of Support the Arts in the Santa Clarita Valley Over the past six years, The TPC/West Ranch Art & Wine has awarded over $500,000 in grants and scholarships to California Institute of the Arts, The Santa Clarita Ballet Company, Canyon Theatre Guild, The Master Chorale, The Sha…
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Come to the City Council meeting, Tues, Sept 9 @ 6pm. Fill out a speaker card, Tell the Council and everyone watching on TV and online why Measure S is a bad deal. Ten people can speak at the beginning of the meeting. Ten can speak at the end. First come, first served. Don't miss this free campaign messaging opportunity provided by the City of Santa Clarita. This will truly be the Peoples Forum because in this matter the Council and staff can't talk back and spread their propaganda.
Can't wait till I get this bank job and move to Santa Clarita. Just me and bb Gwen omg
Crazy to think I am one of the first kids of my high school graduating class (North County Christian High School in Atascadero, California in 2010) to have earned a college degree (Communications Degree from The Master's College in Santa Clarita, California in 2014.)
Find if Santa Clarita has some jogging places too. Maybe invite coworkers/friends out for hikes or something. That'd be fun.
A great opportunity to learn the dharma in US from Buddhist Pastor Khong Jean Ai and Pastor Loh Seng Piow of Rinpoche Foundation Unit Soledad Plaza 20655 Soledad Canyon Road Santa Clarita' California 91351,USA Pastor Khong Jean Ai teaching how 'Karma Chart' works in class at: Loh Seng Piow and Pastor Khong Jean Ai demonstrate on breathing meditation at:
Being back in Santa Clarita reminds me of two or three of my closest friends. Makes me hope they're doing well on their journeys
Lovely (NOT) my 2011 VW. JETTA. had to be towed back to town from Santa Clarita tonight. The boys & 2 friends had went to the beach & it broke down in SC. @ THE HABIT. Believe it's the clutch. I'm praying its not & hoping it's a warranty item. We've definitely had a year of awful mishaps with vehicles this year!!!
Bc in Santa Clarita you're alwaysss seeing famous ppl.. But never who I want to see
A group of friends getting/staying fit in and near Santa Clarita. All levels of fitness are welcome. Bike riding,...
oh!! but why did u go to Santa Clarita !??
Me either ): And no I didn't I was suppose to I just went to a school in Santa Clarita but I'm at highland now :-)
In Los Angeles? Come on, man, this is Santa Clarita's *one* chance to be remembered! Briefly.
I could consider Santa Clarita my town. 💞
that's right! You have your own place in Santa Clarita?
currently Santa Clarita I'm dippin to Woodland Hills tho at the end of the year
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trial for Eric Earle begins today Attys discuss
This is a great read. Written By Michelle Sathe Signal Senior Writer at The Santa Clarita Valley Signal online...
Could you see the roller coaster fire at Six Flags in Santa Clarita this afternoon?
Any suspicion of arson? We still have our house near Magic Mountain. I love the Santa Clarita Valley... miss it terribly!
Vote for one candidate several times: It could become legal in Santa Clarita elections via
Would love to see you in Santa Clarita - my town hall on & is this time tomorrow
Thrilled about this month's cover of Homes & Land of Santa Clarita! Check out the utmost in luxury homes in the
Wait, Fox is claiming there's no laws on this 5 acres in Utopia? Wonder what the authorities in Santa Clarita think of that? And the IRS?
It's a rock n roll weekend. Friday I'll be hosting the live band karaoke at schooners in Santa Clarita, Saturday...
I hate Santa Clarita because you can't simply text a person without someone else wanting to know if you and them are a thing.
honestly, this isn't all of Santa Clarita pushing this, its Sand Canyon aka Atherton Jr. Michael Hogan being the quote proves it
Santa Clarita - A morning equestrian ride in the sandy bed of the Santa Clara River turned into a nightmare for a Saugus woman after a pair of pit bulls attacked and severely bit her horse, she said Saturday.
Bringing It Home SCV is a Mobile Business Directory for the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley areas. How does this work for your...
To my CA peeps, watching America's Got Talent and dance team from Santa Clarita on. Hart Dance Team
in CA: Seasonal Retail Stock Receiving Part Time, Evening 2pm-11pm - Sa... at
We made it to Las Vegas. Yesterday we were at Zion National Park. Wow so beautiful. Today is kind of sad cause we only have about 1 week left and we are in Santa Clarita. So looking forward to seeing grandchildren and all if you. Here r some pics from Zion
Come early and wear flop flops as cement is hot when out of pool! (@ Santa Clarita Aquatics Center) on
Three months in jail for duo who pilfered parts from Paul Walker crash vehicle - Santa Clarita Valley Signal
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
So who wants to go on a road trip to visit Lone Star Ranch (which is a boarding ranch and rescue as well), The Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita, CA and then to Kindness Ranch in Hartville, WY, and then to Noahs Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, GA?? I think it would be an exciting, fun and educational way to see other rescues and organizations and how they work with the animals! Also, to lend a helping hand across the country!
These cats have to be out of the shelter now. A cold/ flu (URI) has spread through the cats at Castaic Animal Care and Control. They must exit the building ASAP or they will be euthanized. They are all beautiful, friendly and special kitties that don't deserve to die. The count down has begun and we need to find them rescuers - adopters - forever homes. Please help. Castaic Animal Care, Santa Clarita CA. 31044 North Charlie Canyon Road, Castaic, CA 91384 Monday- Thursday: 12:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Friday-Sunday: 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m
Learn more about local public transportation options and routes at this upcoming workshop at the Santa Clarita WorkSource Center. While you're at it -- go check out the WorkSource Center page and resources. They offer a wide array of services to community members for skill development, networking, and more.
Which of these would you like? The Voice tickets - yes the TV show, beach weekend getaway, Disney Park Hopper passes, gift cards to your favorite restaurants, golf packages from Robinson Ranch and TPC, or a 30" Remo lollipop drum? Those and a few more great items are up for auction or in a raffle. Join us this Sunday for the Last Sip of Summer. You have a great time, walk away with great prizes while investing in public school education in Santa Clarita.
Found another great Indian Restaurant on Santa Clarita! (@ Royal Tandoor in Santa Clarita, CA)
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Maybe I should have gone to Santa Clarita.
Paseo Club After struggling with Vertigo all week... Made it back to
I added a video to a playlist 10934 Holly Dr, Santa Clarita, CA 91350
I need to find a connect in Santa Clarita
Balling up later on at Santa Clarita who's down 🔥😏
I haven't hit Santa Clarita in a minute man lol or northridge. Def gotta go soon
Santa Clarita's very own Hart Dance Team competes tonight on America's Got Talent!! Tune in and show your...
Come here first to buy ur wedding dress!!! (@ Cruz's Bridal) on
Insurance Service Representative - Floater based out of Santa Clarita Valencia at AAA (Santa...
Children’s birthday parties at Valencia Laser Blast in Santa Clarita...
It’s in Santa Clarita! Make sure to share these with kids who ride to class:
there is a store in the Santa Clarita mall with really cute bags !!
I don't work at the one down here tho. I work at the one I. Santa Clarita
Taco Tuesday Time! Are you hungry??? We're located on Golden Valley by Sam's Club.
Pizza of the Day today is sausage and mushrooms -- at all 3, count 'em, THREE, Santa Clarita Valley locations! $13.95 for a 16-inch pie.
P.S. I'm just up the road in Santa Clarita
One of 2 murder cases in 2013 yet to see prelim hearing
Hi, my name's Josh Heath, I'm a reporter from the Santa Clarita Valley Gazette, were doing a newsstory on the SCV Purge
Come on outis underway at # food truck sat 26573 Carl boyer Santa Clarita on grubbin
California high-speed rail project considering tunnel under San Gabriel Mountains A tunnel under the San Gabriel Mountains has been added as an alternate route for the $67.6 billion San Francisco-to-Los Angeles high-speed rail train's Southern California segment connecting Palmdale to Burbank, officials said Monday. The new, more direct corridor, along with the S-shaped alignment proposed in 2007 that roughly follows the 14 Freeway through Santa Clarita, both will be discussed at seven upcoming public meetings of the California High-Speed Rail Authority in Los Angeles County beginning next week.
.Unless it's this California High-Speed Rail tunnel around Santa Clarita. No way they'll pay for this.
After a 13 year hiatus, RC Dirt Oval Racing is coming back to Southern California. I will be heading up the dirt oval program at the "World Famous Hot Rod Hobbies" in Santa Clarita, California. Building the new track will take a lot of time, blood, sweat, and tears, but I am confident that this track is just what our RC community needs. Our goal is to give everybody a chance to enjoy our sport, and we hope to draw old racers and new racers alike. The track will be built where the asphalt track used to be, however the pit area is still paved. It is very early in the development of this new track, but expect an approximate run line of 190-200 feet, and some good banking. We will need all the help we can get, and we are looking for anyone who is willing to sponsor/donate to the cause. No matter what you can bring to the table, we will gladly accept it, be it money, materials, labor, equipment, expertise, etc... The current plan is to race 2 Friday nights a month this Fall/Winter. The track surface will be we ...
Interesting fact about the Santa Clarita set, the Middle East scenes in Iron Man were shot there as well.   10% Off
SANTA CLARITA, Calif. - Four people were injured on a ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Monday and up to 30 passengers were stuck on the ride, a fire official told KTLA-TV. Los Angeles County Fire Department crews were called to the Santa Clarita
Los Angeles County Fire Department first responders were called to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Santa Clarita just before 6 p.m.
After 12-year-old Boy Scout Christopher Wilke lost his fight against cancer, ultramarathoner Roy Wiegand decided to raise money in his honor by running 80 miles across Southern California. Hours after setting out from Angels Stadium in Anaheim, Wiegand was greeted by a crowd of cheering supporters in Santa Clarita. He said he was inspired by stories of Chistopher's impact on his community, and hoped to raise $48,000 for the Michael Hoefflin Foundation for Children's Cancer. Read KTLA's story here:
An Angels fan ran 85 miles from Anaheim to Santa Clarita in respect to his son that passed away from cancer&Trout gave them a signed ball❤️
I worked on NCIS using Screen Screen with Mark Harmon. Fun day in Santa Clarita. Lost Trans on way home. lol Just a memory! life
Drove my baby to Santa Clarita. That thing goes, only used a quarter of my tank LMAO!😂👏
Tom Marinoposted toWayne Bergeron. 14 hours ago near Santa Clarita, CA. My dearest Wayne, I had to write you today.
For Immediate Release BADGER FINALLY WINS PAS SENIOR SPRINT MAIN - MORRIS ENDS WILLIAMS’ YOUNG GUN WIN STREAK! (Perris, CA, June 19, 2014) In his fourth season of trying, Santa Clarita, California’s Bill Badger finally won his first ever Perris Auto Speedway Senior Sprint Car main event last Saturday night. In the companion Young Gun Sprint Car main, Holtville’s George Morris led all 15-laps to end Trent Williams’ three race win streak. Ventura’s Bruce Douglass, seeking his fourth win in five starts in the Senior Class in 2014, put the Victor Davis owned into the lead at the start of the 20-lap main event from his pole position starting spot. Ramona’s Rich Bender was second on the start, but was quickly passed by defending champion Rick Hendrix of Palmdale as the field exited turn two. Douglass, who won the championship in 2012 and who is the current point leader, quickly built a comfortable lead. Hendrix, the 2013 champion, who put an end to Douglass three race win streak at the last race ...
 Donald Merle Lee Memorial Service July 2, 2014, 1:00 PM First Baptist Church 5026 Foothill Rd. Carpinteria, Ca. 93013 Don M. Lee, age 64, of Carpinteria, Ca. passed away in his sleep on May 12, 2014 in Kernville, Ca. Don was with his wife of 26 years, Marty Hart Lee. They enjoyed a wonderful visit with his Mom & Dad on Mother’s Day. They stayed in a Fishing Lodge next to the Kern River. They were to have breakfast with his parents before going home the following day. Don never woke up that morning. Don was born in Inglewood, Ca. He went to Hawthorne High School. Class, of ’68. Inducted in the Army-’70-’71 Vietnam 5th BT. 7th.Cav. Went to college on the G.I. Bill. He left to build fuel systems for the racing industry for 25 years. Don also worked for the Post Office in Santa Clarita for 12 years before retiring. Don leaves behind his wife Marty Hart Lee, parents, Bill and Peggy Lee of Kern River, His brother, Billy of Or. His brother Mark of TX. He also leaves behind ex-wife, Suzan of Ca, d ...
United States Postal Service External Publication for Job Posting 77764309 If this job requires qualification on an examination, the number of applicants who will be invited to take or retake the examination may be limited. Branch Sierra Coastal District Job Posting Period 06/09/2014 - 06/16/2014 This job has an exam requirement. Currently, applicants for this posting who do not yet have an exam score are being invited to take the exam. Examining will continue until capacity has been reached. Job Title CITY CARRIER ASSISTANT 1 Facility Location This posting will be used to recruit for Post Offices as follows: Agoura Hills, Burbank, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, North Hollywood, Northridge, Pacoima, Reseda, San Fernando, Santa Clarita, Tarzana, Thousand Oaks, Van Nuys, & Woodland Hills. IMPORTANT: Applicants must live within the metropolitan area or commute distance (50 miles) of the vacancy office and will be required to attend an interview and prescreen activities in the facility location, vicinity or Distric ...
With Pat Boone and Pastor Jack Hayford at Church on the Way last weekend in Santa Clarita, CA. for a memorial...
Semi crashes on California 126 at I-5 in Santa Clarita
Know of a biz in Santa Clarita Vallery that you Love? Suggest a connect!
Earth To Echo Review - The Santa Clarita community is excited for Youth Actor!
Toys R Us, Inc. is looking for: Pricing and Signage Team Member.
To our California Friends: If you know anyone interested in a home in the Santa Clarita area (a suburb of Los...
via Clay acid spilled on Newhall Ranch Road in Santa Clarita after big-rig crash
A Quick and Easy Way to Find Out What is Going On in Santa Clarita 24/7 at Z1-1′s…
Zombies in Happy Valley? Just anothr film shoot in Santa Clarita
Zombies in Happy Valley? Just another film shoot in Santa Clarita
Anyone going to be Best Buy tournament that's willing to grab me in Santa Clarita? I'll get as close as I can to your location, but I have no car. Thank you all! :)
Checking out Santa Clarita on a Tuesday night!
According to the South Coast Air Quality Management District, tomorrow’s air quality will be unhealthy for sensitive individuals in the Santa Clarita Valley. Los Angeles County Health Officer and Public Health Director, Jonathan E. Fielding, MD, MPH, advises people living or working in the Santa Clarita Valley with heart disease, asthma or other respiratory disease to minimize outdoor activities. Schools that have children with sensitive conditions, including heart disease, asthma, other chronic respiratory diseases, should not participate in PE or outdoor physical activity and should stay indoors as much as possible.
Please help us find Jasper a loving home! I personally know this dog. He was my dad's neighbor's dog. They kept him in the side yard with no shelter and a tiny bowl of water for a year and a half. All he wanted was some love! He finally escaped his 10 by 10 prison and ended up at the Apple Valley Shelter. The family refused to go get him, so we did. We are paying for his boarding and training at the K9 Coach facility in Santa Clarita. This is pretty expensive and Jasper is ready for his forever home. He loves people and kids, is good with other dogs and loves to play. He is micro chipped, neutered, healthy and knows basic obedience. He has never actually been inside a house before. his previous family didn't even let him in the main part of the backyard. He will need to learn his way around a house. Jasper would make a wonderful addition to any active family. I wish I could personally keep him, but I already have 5. So please share him! All he wants is love!
Thank you, community of Santa Clarita! Because of your donations, thousands of dollars of foods and personal care items were donated this Memorial Day weekend. Partnering with us, The Veterans Advocacy Network called in Operation Gratitude to facilitate shipping this donation to our active duty members of the armed forces. This distinguished and hard working group of young people representing Boy Scout Troop 2379 and Girl Scout Troop 4362, were kind enough to sort and re-pack this generous donation to prepare the shipment for those in service abroad. Because of all of you, our troops will have a touch of home brought to their barracks. Awesome!
Heads up if yoy are heading to Santa Clarita on the 126.
The 126 Freeway was shut down in Santa Clarita on Tuesday morning after a tanker filled with acid overturned, spilling it all over the roadway, authorities said. A tanker overturned on the 126 Freeway in Santa Clarita, spilling hazardous
Here is some helpful information and 11 tips on how to choose your Santa Clarita Realtor. Last week we received a phone call from a local resident asking, "how do I choose a Santa Clarita Realtor?" The person calling also said, "I looked online, but with so many available choices it became rather co…
Want to earn cash, new products, career opprotunities, a free Senior Session and more? 2015 Senior Model Search in Santa Clarita Ca
From Rainy peoria back to sunny Santa Clarita... Gonna miss you Peoria.
Only $100 in pledges!! Keep networking!! NO PLAN! Cute kittens (orange) and (black) are due out of the deadly San Bernardino Shelter Tues 6/10! There is no rescue plan!!! WE ARE COMPLETELY FULL AND CANNOT TAKE THEM UNLESS WE HAVE A FOSTER. They NEED pledges, rescue plan, and a foster ASAP. Please share!!! The foster can be in Los Angeles, San Bernardino-Riverside, Santa Clarita, Palmdale-Lancaster or San Fernando Valley areas.
An overturned tanker truck spilled about 50 to 75 gallons of acid on Newhall Ranch (126) Road in Santa Clarita Tuesday.
The Santa Clarita Century Ride and Expo leaves from the Westfield Valencia Town Center! There will be events for serious cyclists and families alike.
Local parents! The school is NOT affected by the HazMat situation on the 126 "at this time" according to our local sheriff's department. Both the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station and Scvi Charter are keeping an eye on the situation but as of 10:33am the kids are going about the day as normal- I know the 2/3 have an event outdoors at 1pm- not sure about the rest of the grades with recess and lunch, but as of RIGHT NOW we're not in the 'close the windows' zone. I will update if I hear anything different.
Santa Clarita peeps... Good dry cleaners in the area?
The Elephant Bar Restaurant on McBean Parkway in Valencia will be closing Thursday, after almost 13 years in the Santa Clarita Valley. It's one of several closures among the company's nationwide network of restaurants.
The SR-126 in Santa Clarita was shut down Tuesday after an overturned big rig leaked clay acid on to the roadway.
Great networking opportunity with the Santa Clarita Chamber of Commerce— join us Wednesday June 18 at The Ivy Day Spa for an evening mixer, with food, drinks and prizes. Members and Non-members welcome, tickets available at the door. Get details here:
Massive acid spill on 126 W Freeway, just after Magic Mountain, Santa Clarita road-closed
Item 5 spoke 17" rim ONE Year/Model 2006-2008 XT Price 50.00 location Santa Clarita CA Condition Good used tire is not good & Picture Attached Dirt in picture will clean up
Happy to be sharing "A Mindful Afternoon" with Boston Scientific Neuromodulation team in Santa Clarita today, and then a Mindful Evening with our Mindful Meditation course participants, Week 7! This heartfelt work of connection and presence feeds my soul- I am so fortunate.
Last fall, my good friends Actor and Artists, Terry and Rebecca Crews told me my kids had talent and to take them to the Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts. ... On the first Saturday, I met agent Ted Maier, from Mavrick Artists Agency. Jan 1st, I signed with this prestigious agency and my acting career has completely turned around. I went to SCSOPA for my KIDS and I also got blessed!!! Well..Today, is my agents birthday and also, my kids Levi and Abi-Dawn are meeting with the kids division of Mavrick at 4pm to sign. WOW!!! WHAT A TURN AROUND.. .. Words cannot express my gratitude for Scsopa Arts, and my agent Ted... Happy Birthday Ted... Thanks for believing in me and for believing in my kids! I am going to the top and so are my kids..GET READY GET READY GET READY!
Oh wow, several Elephant Bar's will be closing this Thursday -- including Simi, Burbank, & Santa Clarita.
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