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Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita is the third largest city in Los Angeles County, California, United States and the twenty-fourth largest city in the state of California.

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I hope Santa Clarita Diet comes back on before we get nuked by some other country.
Union . Date: Thursday 8/31. Location: Santa Clarita. Angie is looking for Men and Women who appear to be 35-50s to...
Camping Saturday, Santa Clarita Sunday night, catch my at schooners 💁🏼
I'm in class sing icebreaker dude said he from LA I'm like Fasho where he said Santa Clarita
Come to Nancy's Ranch the first Saturday in October 2017 ! Get Carving and Pie Pumpkins, Spaghetti Squash and...
Santa Clarita currently feels like what I imagine *** to feel like
"Following an investigation, sheriff's investigators searched two sites in Santa Clarita and found badg…
I live in the Santa Clarita area, if you can give me a ride to ESA hit my line, I'll pay if necessary
Very weird story. I live in Santa Clarita, it's a small town. I'm wondering why her…
Why is it 111* in Santa Clarita, but 32* in Starbucks? Is the 5 dollar coffee to pay for the cooling bill?
Have you watch the Santa Clarita Diet yet?
rewatching the Santa Clarita Diet bc i Love it
Can't remotely decide whether Santa Clarita Diet is awful or brilliant.
any clue what SLIM is? Filming in Santa Clarita, CA. Also, any idea what the Santa Clarita Diet signs would be?
It's 3am and I'm still laughing hysterically at this because I just think of Santa Clarita Diet
The show Santa Clarita Diet is way funnier than it has any right to be. Also, Master Of None is a super good fresh narrative
I added a video to a playlist One Watched Shadow of Truth, Santa Clarita Diet, Snowpiercer
You watched Santa Clarita? Was my best show this year till Ozark
I just started watching Santa Clarita Diet and I can't tell if I like it or not
You can watch friends or csi:cyber or Santa Clarita Diet or the leftovers🤔
He keeps heaping on the pressure. I recommended both Banshee and Santa Clarita which h…
West Ranch's Jacobs commits to UCLA for volleyball - Santa Clarita Valley Signal
Santa Clarita florist Steve Hanauer dies at 76 -
This reminds me..have you seen Santa Clarita Diet? Rec. By its a cracking…
Can you recommend anyone for this Santa Clarita Senior Asst Manager -
Half way through an episode of Santa Clarita Diet and still haven't finished that other half of my furniture omg
Been a beautiful end to a great week! @ Santa Clarita, California
Glad to spend my Friday evening at Logan Smith's (first campaign fundraiser for his campaign for Santa…
the crown, ozark, glow, westworld Marcos, black mirror, the Santa Clarita Diet ( love Drew Barrymore 👍) Frankie & grace
With my beautiful wife, sitting next to the douchiest customers ever. (@ Kyoto Sushi 3 in Santa Clarita, CA)
Done with Santa Clarita Diet, now I'm onto Ozark and it's brilliant, it's addictive, it's awesome!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
"Life is a series of beautiful encounters" 💜 @ Santa Clarita, California
Driving to Santa Clarita, sharing real-time road info with wazers in my area. ETA 8:24 PM using - Drive Social.
Power outage in the plum canyon area of Santa Clarita
I recommend Shameless and for laughs, Santa Clarita Diet with Drew Barrymore.
I need season 2 of Legion and Santa Clarita Diet
Have you watched Santa Clarita Diet? ❤
Anyone I know in Santa Clarita pet sit for dogs? Looking for someone to do the basics August 3-7 let me know if available. Thanks
Back to LaLa Land and back to LA traffic ;) @ Santa Clarita, California
I hate that I get no service in Santa Clarita 😑
The Santa Clarita Diet is probably the weirdest show I've ever seen, but I also really enjoy it
You're welcome. If you want something funny to watch check out Glow and Santa Clarita Diet
Santa Clarita Diet is my new favorite show. Watching Drew Barrymore eat Nathan Filion was hysterical, much funnier than it sounds :-)
The Magazine of Santa Clarita is a proud sponsor of this event. This event is on August 22, 2017 at solita Tacos...
Santa Clarita but I'm moving to NYC soon
Living in Santa Clarita consists of the constant struggle to get in & out of Santa Clarita. Vroom vroom 🚗
Sunday Siege Pokken Tournament has been renamed Conquest, and will continue running every week in Santa Clarita!. https:/…
Excited to be speaking again at The Sower next Tuesday at St. Clare in Santa Clarita! You…
I started watching The Santa Clarita Diet and I'm in love with Timothy Olyphant
You can now use Token Transit to purchase Santa Clarita Transit Beach Bus passes! Surfboards allowed and encouraged…
Ok Santa Clarita Diet is not about what I thought it was!!
If anyone is looking for a full time or part time job in Santa Clarita let me know! We are hiring!
Air Quality Advisory for tomorrow (Saturday) in Santa Clarita. Air will be unhealthy for sensitive individuals…
Looking for something to do this We've got you covered!
Santa Clarita Diet all day everyday
Binge watching Santa Clarita Diet, I'm dying right now 😂😂😂
I just finished Santa Clarita Diet I want all 5hrs of my life paid back to me in gum
Santa Clarita Diet,Queen of the south
Shameless, wentworth, Santa Clarita Diet, if you have Hulu you have to watch handmaids tale
just watched Santa Clarita Diet, got excited to see you,then disappointed,then shocked. wow. hilarious
Santa Clarita Diet!!! Drew Barrymore is such a freaking babe and it's so funny😩
Jerry, I have been to the NCIS set in Santa Clarita. Got a private tour and got to meet the cast membe…
Like the Santa Clarita Diet and The Ranch? And a whole host of shows that nobody e…
BREAKING: Wells Fargo bank robbed in Santa Clarita; investigating.
the dad in Santa Clarita Diet is a daddy
Teen Wolf,Orange os the new Black,scream,pll,the 100 e Santa Clarita Diet
I came from nothin to views and bag 💰 @ Newhall, Santa Clarita,…
it grace and Frankie hadn't been picked up already I'd be concerned. Has Santa Clarita Diet been picked up yet?
Getting word of a possible bank robbery at the Wells Fargo on Lyons Avenue at Wiley Canyon Road in Santa Clarita.
Controversial Santa Clarita Mobile Home Rent Proposal Back Up For Discussion. Learn why it's so polarizing here:…
Snap Fitness 24/7 is located on 19233 Golden Valley Road, Santa Clarita. They have some great special in The...
FREE ART DROP! @ CozyTea, Santa Clarita. Remember to take a photo, tag/@ me then post! And the art is yours❤. ✨Thank…
It's at a nice 76 degrees in Santa Clarita, Ca.😘
Do you every play music for the Sisters there in Santa Clarita?
Thanks, Leslie L., for your excellent review
C/o 2018 🇩🇪DL (6'3/270) from Santa Clarita Christian Football, CA at the Kentucky camp.
Oh ok! Santa Clarita Diet is also good, not a cartoon but it's good weird and has a great cast! It's…
I s2g if Netflix cancels Dear White People but keep that weird zombie fetish show Santa Clarita Diet...
why y'all shook that Santa Clarita is a racist dumpster fire it always has been and I doubt it'll ever change
Thanks, Nick O., for your excellent review
Happy Father's Day June 18, 2017. Find an Event, Activity, Brunch & Things to do in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles &...
This is so disheartening. I can't believe their is so much bigotry in Santa Clarita 😔
Why choosing a licensed Audiologist over "Big-Box" or "online" stores is imperative. .
Let the be your go-to for any questions you may have about in the Santa Clarita Valley.…
Now-July 4, we're recognizing Today’s is Patrick O'Brien. Thank you for your service! http…
I went 1-2 yesterday at the siege pokken tournament in santa clarita. It was a 9 member tournament. Going to come…
I liked a video Sam Silver is the Sales Agent for LA Police Santa Clarita real estate (888)3HEROES
I liked a video Sam Silver is the Number One Selling Agent in Santa Clarita helping RNs 888-3-Heroes
What an undead Drew Barrymore, her ID and taught me about
City of Santa Clarita Public Works Director Robert Newman receives Public Works Leader of the Year Award!…
petition for the city of Santa Clarita to make a drive in theater
After Castle has been very busy!. Conman. Santa Clarita Diet. Modern family. Nomis. Rick and Morty. B99. Cars 3
Hiking with Aissa before she leaves! (@ Whitney Canyon Park in Santa Clarita, CA)
Stay healthy & see the natural beauty of our city by learning about Santa Clarita Trails. Canyon Country Library, Tues. J…
On Friday, Santa Clarita Valley International celebrated the graduation of 69 students.
Realty ONE Group Success had a time volunteering as the title sponsor for the Santa Clarita Youth...
Santa Clarita? With all of its upper middle class wanna be rednecks that go to a church called "real life"…
And then there's the whole Santa Clara river up in Santa Clarita that only has water when it rains a lot... XD
Aj it's me! Your depression!! Come to the couch!!! Watch Santa Clarita Diet w Drew Barrymore!
What happened at Canyon High School after I left (Class of 2013) shoulda been the plot for Santa Clarita Diet.
Last night JCI Santa Clarita hosting the first of a series of Leadership Trainings with Dan Williams. It's was an...
The Magazine of Santa Clarita buzzed about VIBE. We are grateful for their amazing community support!. Educators...
Home for two minutes and already buried in cats @ Canyon Country, Santa Clarita, California
Blues & BBQ Festival, Sunday, May 7 at Central Park in Santa Clarita, Tommy Castro and the Painkillers, other bands…
Only two homes remain at Phantom Trail in Santa Clarita. Both are the Santa Barbara elevation, like the one...
Used my Car in a high-speed chase. thru Santa Clarita, Reseda, Pasadena.. Made…
We're proud to have assisted in providing 28 vets & their families a home in Santa Clarita, CA.
Lightning spotted in Santa Clarita as flash-flood warning issued for northern LA County
Another great day! Happy to be at TMIY! (@ Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic Church in Santa Clarita, CA)
I tried to start the Santa Clarita Diet and it was so bad I had to stop 20 mins in like it was so corny and ugly
Santa Clarita Diet tickles my dark sense of humour in all the right places.
did you like Santa Clarita? Love Drew Barrymore and Tim Olyphant but didn't feel chemistry. The daughter made it.
just came across your awesomeness in Santa Clarita Diet!! Too funny! Genius!!
Timothy Olyphant is the star of Santa Clarita Diet and the star of my dreams ✨✨✨✨✨
watched the Santa Clarita Diet anyway 😂
Already like Santa Clarita Diet as it has 2 actors from desperate housewives in!
Timothy olyphant is fantastic in Santa Clarita Diet.
Talking about Carol Burnett and Santa Clarita Diet in about five minutes on on 720
so there is a Netflix show coming out with Drew Barrymore as a cannibal. It's called Santa Clarita Diet.
Thanks drew berrymore, now everyone is going to think people from Santa Clarita are cannibals 👌🏼
is it.idk I just saw a commercial with drew berrymore for the Santa Clarita Diet and I thought it was real
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Boys down from Santa Clarita for a visit to Uncle Mike and Aunt Sandi!!amtrak both ways!!! Lucky me!!!
Woke up at 4:30am today for training in Santa Clarita & still had to go back to work & didn't get off til 6:30pm. Cant wait for this weekend
Hueneme High boys soccer improved to 9-0 and reached the finals of the Hart tournament today in Santa Clarita.
VIDEO: Santa Clarita man builds dating website for supporters -- and it's wildly popular.…
Attention Santa Clarita and the surrounding area last night my bike was stolen out of my car. If you see a black/purple…
Santa Clarita in California to get its First
I'm now the Duke of Islands Restaurant on
Santa Clarita up 5 in. of over 2015; two to close out calendar year; plus looking better.…
LASD Search/Rescue Teams from Malibu, Montrose, San Dimas, Santa Clarita in NorCal this week…
My package has been sitting in Santa Clarita, CA for almost 24 hours now and I'm getting so impatient 🙇🏻
The Magazine of Santa Clarita's January issue is NOW available online.
So long sunshine. Here comes the rain. @ City of Santa Clarita
JAMES (Santa Clarita, Ca) endorsed me: "As a first time home buyer, using the VA program
walked out of Santa Clarita store after waiting to pay. Asked employees if someone was on the register. They said no.
Worst part of living in Santa Clarita but working in the valley is that ppl slow down for no reason going up the hill & cause congestion
A little bit of Santa Clarita is good for the soul
Last chance to sign up during early bird registration for the in Santa Clarita!
Dante Acosta is a Gold Star father, Mayor pro tem of Santa Clarita & advocate for better business climate/jobs in C…
One of the highlights of last year’s Heart Walk, hosted by the American Heart Association in Santa Clarita, was...
Weird feeling going home but not going to santa clarita...not complaining tho
Want to make the world a better place today! You can!! Visit Take 5 food drive at in Santa Clarita…
Double dipping again today. Broadcasting vs Santa Clarita at 11:30 then vs at 6 PM.
Open House this Sunday 1-4pm in Santa Clarita...Don't miss it!!!
emergency alarm goes off 2 minutes before screening in Santa Clarita. Evacuating buildin…
got invited to go hiking in Santa Clarita after work but I wore the wrong shoes today 😞
When they searched the vehicle, they found the “gun,” which turned out not to be real.…
Looking for local activities in Santa Clarita? Check out nearby points of interest that is perfect for a Saturday...
Mimi's Cafe on The bacon is way too salty but since the eggs were not seasoned it balanced out.
Here at the annual Holiday Boutique! (@ Saugus High School) on
Increasing Your Productivity at a Co-Working Space : I live in two cities – here in Santa Clarita and also up in...
So in love with this beautiful maternity session at a rustic field in Santa Clarita Valley. Can't wait to...
Santa Clarita Marathon Expo. Come over and see us
Unit of Valencia Firm to Provide Digital Signs for 6 Luxury Theaters - Santa Clarita Valley Signal…
Our Wilshire Branch will be CLOSED today for an LAFD test. Burbank, Encino, Santa Clarita, and Studio City branches are open from 9a-2p.
'Take 5 to Care' Food Drive kicks off in Santa Clarita, reports
Road closure means big loss for Big Oaks Lodge - Santa Clarita Valley Signal
We will be at the following event today - November 5, 9:00am to 3:00pm in Santa Clarita, CA.
We’re at at Stater Brothers in Santa Clarita donating an Odyssey full of food. Come by, donate…
Join us today from 6 am to 8 pm Santa Clarita for Take 5 to Care Food Drive
Excited for the community first aid station for in Santa Clarita. Great event for my first station!
Long Beach today ,Santa Clarita this afternoon and LA Sunday 🙃🌚
Senior pets looking for second chance at love - Santa Clarita Valley Signal
Join us tomorrow at 9 am at 23550 Lyons Avenue, Santa Clarita Campaigning for
Explore Your World at the 10th Annual Family Literacy Festival - Santa Clarita Valley Signal
actually more like we should come to you because there is NOTHING in Santa Clarita
should I come to Santa Clarita and fight all of u at once
Tiburon Grill & Bar on Amazing free hummus/pita appetizer from a coupon we received from Jess Estates. Then…
What was the commotion? Three stolen car suspects were arrested at gunpoint in a busy Santa Clarita shopping center. https…
Large presence at 26500 block of Carl Boyer Drive in Santa Clarita. Three males detained at gunpoint. Gatherin…
Congratulations to Dr. Dianne Van Hook who was honored tonight at Zonta Santa Clarita's 2016 Tribute to Women. As...
look, I'll give you NM. Chiles are great. Maybe AZ. But CA? Mexican food here is terrible north of Santa Clarita.
Come watch me be hilarious this weekend! . Fri. & Sat. @ JR's in Santa Clarita. Sun. @ Cuban Pete's in Long Beach...
Our precious grandson David Ford received his Eagle Scout award today at Bouquet Canyon Church in Santa Clarita,...
Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner enjoys the day horseback riding in Santa Clarita .
Been in the Valley, LA, Santa Clarita, and Burbank all in two and a half days. Smh gotta be back in Hollywood tonight too.
Santa Clarita named sixth largest city in terms of tax assessments via Clarita Valley Signal
Brings joy to know the community of the Antelope Valley - Santa Clarita has really came together for Srg Owen. 🙏🏼❤️we salute a fallen hero.
From the Antelope Valley, through Santa Clarita and the San Fernando Valley, Sgt. Steve Owen is getting a hero's salute.
Seven ingredients for a better lifestyle - Santa Clarita Valley Signal
OCC's football team looks to go 2-0 on the year as they travel to Santa Clarita to play College of the Canyons tonight at 6 p…
ML-like abuses happening now. Looks like this happened only on Sept 8. Her FB says she lives in Santa Clarita, CA. http…
And so concludes my time on Santa Clarita Diet with the amazing
SCCS football shut out at Canyon High: The Santa Clarita Christian football team ran into a very good Campbel...
must have missed my invitation. ;) No worries. Had a party in the Santa Clarita Valley all day.
It's was awesome working with my blackish fam today.. @ Santa Clarita, California
Can't wait to live in Santa Clarita it's so dope and the houses are nice asf
FYI: 459 burglary suspect in a house in Santa Clarita. LASD working on A-Tac1. Working on setting up a containment
LASD 459 (burglary) suspect barricaded in a house in Santa Clarita, working on A-Tac1. Beginning a containment now
After an Antonio Brown interception Johnny Jones runs the ball in for a TD! 35-0 Vikings over Santa Clarita Christian 🏈
Hurt in a car accident? Get in touch with a Santa Clarita car accident attorney.
HandsOn Santa Clarita's Day of Service was a HUGE success! There were over 200 volunteers!!
Varsity Football - the Vikings are up 28-0 on Santa Clarita Christian at the half!! 🏈
dating Santa Clarita dating sites for *** with disabilities
Santa Clarita community hosts benefit to help firefighters who lost homes in
If you live in Santa Clarita and wanna be my friend hmu lmaoo
If you are in the Santa Clarita area tonight an wanna hangout let me know. Lets raise have a *** good time for my bday
you still in Guam? I'm in LA. Santa Clarita to be exact! Yes! I can always visit you too😜
There is no smoking dope in Santa Clarita
Parents night- leaving the kids for a few hours and enjoying some freedom (@ Hugo's Gymfitness in Santa Clarita, CA)
Totally. I only hope it wasn't arson in Lake Isabella, just like with Santa Clarita (nearby too) and Portugal.
Must-read from at FiveThirtyEight: Santa Clarita is among the most wildfire-prone cities in the US
Los Angeles County declares local state of emergency due to Sand Fire in Santa Clarita, Calif. -
Los Angeles Los Angeles County, damage so severe that it is causing the fire that destroys everything in the area of Santa Clarita.
Sand Fire has scorched 5,500 acres in Santa Clarita; still no containment.
Body found as Sand Fire swells in California
Nobody covers wildfires like Stay safe out there!
LA Times ~ Man's body found in area burned by Sand fire in Santa Clarita area
If you can take in a dog or cat affected by the Santa Clarita fire, please share it. Use social media to make a differen…
Appreciate the hundreds of firefighters trying to save homes and lives tonight! You are heroes. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Residents flee their home near Santa Clarita, southern California as flames from a wildfire close in
In the event of extreme fire behavior 45,000 homes could be threatened, mostly in the San Fernando Valley
GENTLE BARN CALIFORNIA WILL BE CLOSED TODAY! Because of the fires in Santa Clarita.
UPDATE: 17 homes burned in now at 35 square miles.
To those in my hometown of Santa Clarita... May this massive and scary fire be under control…
I actually hope there's nothing left of santa clarita after this fire tbh
Burned body found at scene of California wildfire: The body of a man was found in Santa Clarita Saturday nigh...
Officials say 1K homes threatened by but if blaze rages out of control about 45K could be in danger in SFV
Both Big Sur (just south of my hometown) and the hills outside of where I went to grad school (Santa Clarita) are on fire. So…
Awesome shot of the Santa Clarita Fire from our friend ryanmosse. Checkout his IG for more…
Big's News: Body found as CA wildfire grows - A man's body was found in a burned-out car as a wildfire tore a p... https:/…
A press conference will be held at 11am at the Golden Valley High School. 27051 Robert C. Lee PKWY Santa Clarita,…
- Fire burning in near Santa Clarita, CA [OC][5472x3648]..
I am able to take in a dog or a cat that may be affected by the Santa Clarita fire & needs a home until the owners can re…
Every yr there's a crazy wildfire in CA and ever yr I hate it - 17 Homes Burn in 35-Square Santa Clarita via
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Santa Clarita sand fire before sunrise this am
Santa Clarita used to be a peaceful city; but that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked
Body discovered in wake of Sand fire in Santa Clarita via
Wildfire near Santa Clarita CA still out of control.
I guess someone in Santa Clarita got their hands on the Bad Omens album early :/
The fire in Santa Clarita has cast an orange cloud over the city... Beauty can be misleading
Today's Sun from the smoke of the Santa Clarita fire. Looks like the "Light at the End of the…
Update: Santa Clarita area fire grows to more than 22,000 acres overnight
Santa Clarita area fire grows to more than 22000 acres - Los Angeles Times: Los Angeles TimesSanta Clar...
This is how the fire in the Santa Clarita Valley looked like from Griffith Park b4 sunrise this morning.
You know the fire is serious when Santa Clarita lets concerts in the park, the social event of the year, be canceled
Fire near Santa Clarita continues to burn out of control, explodes to more than 20,00...
The sand fire from Santa Clarita has cast my entire apartment in a pale orange glow~
El Torito says 'Adios': El Torito restaurant on The Old Road in Santa Clarita closed its doors Monday.
Santa Clara northern calif by san Francisco, Santa Clarita southern calif by Los Angeles
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Can you recommend anyone for this Public Administration Analyst - Santa Clarita, CA - CA
Born in Cali . Grew up in the Caribbean . Moved to Los Angeles . Moved to porter ranch . Moved to Santa Clarita
Over 100 job openings! Attend the Hire Fest in Santa Clarita on June 24, 2016!
I'm California chubby black teen looking to meet up with white twinks in living near LA or Santa Clarita kik teezylin10.
Biker down alert. Member reported at 9pm last night. Santa Clarita. "08 black Suzuki on Soledad canyon rd and...
Santa Clarita church requests Cardinal Mahoney not officiate confirmation.
Saturday we will be at the Santa Clarita horse race track and Sunday at Loyola Marymount university by LAX
Went from Santa Clarita to Ventura to Simi now to Santa Barbra.. Our dispatch is forsure smoking weed😂
going to Magic Mountain Six Flags , Santa Clarita , if you want to get a hold of me txt or msg me on my cell if...
Valravn is Cedar Point's 18th roller coaster. Only Six Flags Magic Mountain, in Santa Clarita, California, has ...
I Can't Drive 55 location at the Saugus Speedway in Santa Clarita, California.
Student arrested for assault of special needs student in Santa Clarita, LASD says via
2 killed, 1 critically injured after vehicle slams into pole in Santa Clarita
Another great man in the music world has died. Our thought are with your family and friends, Mr. Belli.
Santa Clarita Valley ~ I remember that area well - lived in Canyon Country back in 2002...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Click to get a free design for you (Suggest Choose) Straight Outta SANTA CLARITA - Awe
arrived USPS Facility but hours later departed in Santa Clarita again ! It is normal ?
Are you aware of the proper etiquette for wedding toasts? via Santa Clarita Wedding Professionals...
the package is still in Santa Clarita yet or is already way to Chile?
Remo was a visionary. In 1957, he invented the first successful synthetic drumhead which forever changed the...
2 Killed, 1 hospitalized when driver crashes into power pole in Santa Clarita
I just got the email! It's in Santa Clarita so it should be with me any day now! Can't wait til you're here 😁😁😁
From L.A. to Oxnard to Santa Barbara to Santa Clarita then Buellton and now back in LA 🤗
my favorite pair of shoes is somewhere in a hotel in santa clarita and i will never see it again and im really sad about it RIP
Thanks for an awesome feature about our orchestra and May 15th concert!
NEWHALL, CA - LOST DOG. we recently lost our little female chihuahua. in the newhall area (Santa Clarita Valley),...
City to have update meeting on master plan: The city of Santa Clarita is scheduled to have a meeting Thursday...
aww miss you too I'm in Santa Clarita right now
Teach your children tolerance and acceptance and they won't grow up to be bullies.
yeah it is! You should come visit me in Santa Clarita lol
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
The Master's College Chorale, directed by Dr. Plew, sang at the 31st Annual Santa Clarita Choral Festival this...
I work in Santa Clarita yeah I did the same I was getting nothing here in Palmdale
I'm at bedford park in Santa Clarita, Calif
Who wants to see how we used to do it in the empty pools of encino, Santa clarita
Can I just move into an apartment out of Santa Clarita already ?¿
The City of Santa Clarita needs your input! There will be another community meeting about the Canyon Country...
Excited to teach this combo tonight at Santa Clarita!!
Set Production Assistant in Santa Clarita, CA - (go Premium 4 instant job alert emails)
Are you looking for me? Here I am right outside the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber Office!
Not only was an innovator, he was charitable as well. His impact on drums cannot be overstated.
5Star Heating and Cooling 91321: TCWRC Air Conditioning Santa Clarita techs are set to aid you and your famil...
dude ur an amazing actor keep it up I wanna meet u some day I also live in La Santa Clarita to be exact but dude ur AMAZING
Bank of Santa Clarita's revenue declines as loans grow
Mayor Pro Tem Acosta spoke at meeting about Remo Beli, calling him “Amazing" . Read our story on the man:
grant please meet meh I tried to find ya XD not a stalker lol I live in Santa Clarita ur my best actor I love u bro keep it up!!
Account Clerk for the City of Santa Clarita. Apply today!: https:/…
Team Runners Lane takes on swimming. Thank you Santa Clarita Tri Club and Lisa putting on this…
I'm at retro game smart in Santa Clarita, Calif
This is a stunning loss to our community leadership, including the contributions he's made to help Hart District...
Drummers around the world are mourning. Remo gave me a personal tour of the REMO plant in Valencia a few years back.
If your in LA, Northridge, Santa Clarita area come and hangout tonight at it's…
Join the Art Directors Guild at the Santa Clarita on April 23-24:
Very excited for our performances April 23rd &24th at the down in Santa Clarita. Time to get our SoCal Swing going!
Get the friendly tax preparation service you deserve with Liberty Tax Service - Santa Clarita, CA. Call at...
The Master's College Chorale sang at Grace Baptist Church in Santa Clarita for two services this morning:
We had such a fun time yesterday with the staff from Real Life Church-Santa Clarita!
I biked 15.02 mi with Check out my route in Santa Clarita, CA, United States!
Hey Sean, how big is the Asian Pacific Islander community in Santa Clarita? Are they Dems?
Do you love live theater? If you do and don't want to travel outside Santa Clarita, I strongly recommend the Canyon Theatre Guild on Main St
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