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Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is the county seat of Santa Barbara County, California, United States.

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For breakfast in Santa Barbara, Dawn Patrol on State street is the move.
One of the best places on earth to spend your days at the age of 21. Santa Barbara, California. - Brooks, City Coll…
Plan your Santa Barbara wine country trip.
LIVE OAK FESTIVAL SR154: Construction from 8am-3pm Wed 6/14 - Fri 6/16 on the Santa Barbara side of 101 so use Santa Ynez side of SR 154.
A few Riptide Teams competed in the Santa Barbara tournament yesterday! We had a great time with lots of memories m…
Santa Barbara just committed to 100% renewable energy!!! Let's hope the rest of California follows suit! ♻️👏
One of my favorites parts of was as Diana's aunt. I've been a fan since her Santa Barbara soap days
American finance analyst Ken Humbolk met in Santa Barbara following more weeks, sending US dollars in exports to its housing market.
Poor Spacey. I've seen Santa Barbara too but it's like a blur now. I remember Eden and Cruz.
Hands down best show I've been to was the CDT at the Santa Barbara bowl cause look how low the stage was! 😩 also ***
I'm going to Boston at Santa Barbara Bowl in Santa Barbara, CA - Jun 11
Jeff Moehlis: Boston at the Bowl: Classic rockers bringing Hyper Space Tour to Santa Barbara
John Legend Plays the Bowl: The singer woos and wows the audience during his Santa Barbara tour stop.
48 years ago today: Grateful Dead live at Robertson Gym (UCSB) in Santa Barbara, California -…
Rebelution and SOJA next month at the Santa Barbara bowl. Lity, I'm there.
I'm at the juice and acai bowl shop in Santa Barbara and I DONT think these middle aged couples like my HEALTHY HAPPY HUNGEE tank top
Starting Friday, will be showing at ALL 7 West Wind Drive-Ins!! El Rancho and Santa Barbara have been…
23 May 2017 Elliot Rodger killed 6 & injured 14 near the campus of University of California, Santa Barbara, before taki…
Head still exploding from the view from Santa Barbara. Yep. That's the ocean in the…
And now your 5 minute warning! Broadcasting live from Santa Barbara noon-3pm PT today!
I'm not kidding when I tell you that this is the view from KCRW Santa Barbara. We are out of the…
On the way to Santa Barbara for DJ Takeover I'll be live this w'end from our SB studio + DJ'ing Happy Hou…
After losing their beloved Lab to cancer, Capt. Crunch's family knew he was the right dog for them & drove from Santa Barbara to…
The Child Death Review Team has issued a report of child deaths in Santa Barbara County for Jan 2015 thru Dec 2016: ht…
like Santa Barbara change of scenery??
The first-ever American Riviera Classic Pickleball Tournament in Santa Barbara takes place this weekend May 19-21:
Just like before election. They upped the payout for HRC winning. Knowing people would flock to it. Always bet the opposite.
Alleged Santa Barbara shooter described as ‘involuntary celibate’
As always, appreciate the reply! If you ever spin through Santa Barbara, hit me up!
Wow Santa Barbara is extremely not my scene
Santa Barbara City College Looks at 2017-18 Spending Plan: Proposed budget would trim about $1.5 million compared…
In Santa Barbara, CA, for the 2nd annual Southwest Experimental and Behavioral Economics Workshop (SWEBE).
🙏 🌊 🌸. to this past Tuesday in Santa Barbara 🌺🌺🌺.
Santa Barbara gives out free taxi rides! Uber is winning with promo code STEVENT1811UE. Free rides. Smile promo.
why is there always traffic on the 101 in Santa Barbara no matter when you drive through?
The gangs all here, where are you?! Third Thursday bike nights at Ducati Vespa of Santa Barbara!!...
Amy Goodman and Daniel Moynihan were in Santa Barbara tonight at Casa de La Raza. Very good event, yeah!
Santa Barbara Desal Plant Prepares for Activation as Talks to Share Water with Montecito Stall: Facility that will…
Happy Birthday Jack. Can't wait to see you perform again in Santa Barbara. You inspired me to…
Docs reveal that Trump's new "top" FBI pick Joe Lieberman was behind WikiLeaks' censorship + financial blockade
The Santa Barbara botanic garden has the best sign I've ever seen.
Get me to Santa Barbara asap, I miss that place so much
Lubbock Olympic Hopeful, Brandon Birdsong, was seriously injured from a garbage truck collision in Santa Barbara, CA.
Santa Barbara's desal plant to start delivering water this month - KEYT
I will never forget driving out to Santa Barbara in 2003 to see Pearl Jam, & being totally floored to also get special guest, Chris Cornell.
Rising rents squeezing out average families in Santa Barbara - KEYT
... Angeles and Orange county landings have continued to focus on San Clemente and Santa Barbara islands…
is here! Bicyclists will take this route through San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura cou…
This might be a great fit for you: Mortgage Consultant (SAFE) - Ventura, Santa Barbara & San... -…
"In a study published in 2015, physicist Matthew Fisher of the University of California at Santa Barbara argued...
Fabulous show last night in Santa Barbara, guys. Don't miss this innovative, high-energy production!
Hey when are you coming back to Santa Barbara? I miss you💛
Santa Barbara, USA — Sat 6 May, 1-2pm. Join us for a Tree Planting in the SBCC Lifescape garden to honor &...
Willie Nelson along with Nashville singer/songwriters Maren Morris and Steve Moakler will play the Santa Barbara...
Our FAS (Food Access and Security) team brought to our attention an amazing program at UC Santa Barbara that...
Enjoying the Anacapa Island camera and wondering which way it's pointed? Is that Santa Barbara or S.Cruz Isl in the distance? TY
Along the 101 on the way to Santa Barbara...the hills are all still so green and are now covered…
Santa Barbara black cod (from green almond, fava, green garlic, ramp, morel,…
Ventura man thrown off his motorcycle in Santa Barbara broke numerous bones and injured his head, authorities said.
Only two homes remain at Phantom Trail in Santa Clarita. Both are the Santa Barbara elevation, like the one...
UC-Santa Barbara has offered 6-4 2018 Bryce Hamilton. Joe Pastornack going after HM talent right off the tip!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Santa Barbara, - Moog - Electrical Design Engineer - Our team of seasoned system mechanical and ...
Can you recommend anyone for this Mortgage Consultant (SAFE) - Ventura, Santa Barbara & San... -…
Sharing some of my favorites from the major sale, including this whole look I wore in Santa Barbara!
2019 Crespi (CA) G/F Kyle Owens has received an offer from UC Santa Barbara. (HT
We head to the bottom of the 9th. Long Beach State is 3 outs away from a series win in Santa Barbara. Mid 9: Dirtbags 5, UCSB 2.
Here are your Sunday Dirtbags starters as Long Beach State looks to win the series today in Santa Barbara! First pi…
& high school land in new league- playing Santa Barbara schools in the Channel League…
Bill is CA regarding building "low income" housing at public beaches including Pismo and Santa Barbara
Mesa Verde, you are my reason 2 come back 2 Santa Barbara.
Danae Miller, who will join CW's Sarah Bates at UC Santa Barbara, a driving bank for Poly 37-37 tie w/ Clovis West at 6:20 in 4th
Give thanks for oak and grape at the Hitching Post II in Santa Barbara wine country
While visiting the Santa Barbara group run 🏃🏾 training with Team World Vision for the Los Angeles Marathon.. So...
Palm trees and freesia...Spring is a heartbeat away! @ The Little Door - Santa Barbara
LIVE Jill Stein and David Keith Cobb at UC Santa Barbara. An intimate conversation with students
The dirty heads, slightly stoopid, and jack johnson are all coming to Santa Barbara in July!
Update your maps at Navteq
probz the Santa Barbara one but hit me up if u try out the la one, maybe I'll come thru
I'm considered in shape in Santa Barbara bc there's no Del Taco, Carl's or Burger King...
Bad bicycle crash this past weekend at the Santa Barbara road race . VC: Peter Aquino: https:…
Story, video and photo gallery from the team's regular season finale Saturday night vs UC Santa Barbara.
Jackson Hale, former meteorologist in Santa Barbara who had a physical education degree from a junior college.
Chris Shiflett - West Coast Town (Official Video) via another dreary day in Santa Barbara :)
*IMPORTANT* Flash Flood WATCH for Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties. Note the location of the burn scars, be on high alert!…
how we feel about spending our only day in Santa Barbara (which is also VBMs bday❤️🎉) in a torrential downpour 🙃
update: some man was just hitting on Whit on the streets of Santa Barbara 👑
UC Santa Barbara's Clay Fisher... What a way to start 2017!!!. 1st batter of the year. 1st hit of the year. 1st HOME RUN of th…
The first science fiction story was written in 1634 by Johannes Kepler. Next week, UC Santa Barbara engineers and...
While we turn around to watch the dam, desalination marches on in CA with second plant in Santa Barbara:
Said they were located in the security surveillance room of the Chumash Casino once, then another location on Stafecoach Road, Santa Barbara
helicopter ride, road trip to Santa Barbara, or Palm Springs and go on the gondola ride. Cook dinner together.
Kyle's Kitchen in Santa Barbara is $$$. Love restaurants that have a good cause.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Well, reportedly Steve Miller, the snot-nozed *** from Santa Barbara put it together with all his best words from…
Get thee to the Santa Barbara film festival this weekend, Richard Armitage fans
This day in 2005 Michael Jackson's trial for child molestation charges began in Santa Barbara, CA, USA.
Juvenile on way to medical center reportedly under influence of bath salts after arrest off Santa Barbara.
Oliver Kurtz, caught on the wrong side of the tracks. Sandspit, Santa Barbara. Photo: Chachi
Congrats on a great beginning 2017.Good luck in 1/4s. The conditioning with Jordan's bands in Santa Barbara must be helping!
beautiful area 😸 We cruise through Santa Paula and Ojai on our way to Santa Barbara on occasion. Sometimes we head up to Solvang.
we’re here until mid-Feb, at which point we head south to Santa Barbara, CA for a month and then loop through AZ
Only in Santa Barbara the girl on the side of the road begging for money has her nails freshly done ?!?
I miss my friends why did Indiana and Santa Barbara have to take them away
I loved Mason and Julia on Santa Barbara my all time favorite couple and soap. Next favorite was Roger and Holly on GL.
This is one of my favorite photos from my trip along the Pacific Coast Highway in 2014. While in Santa Barbara, I no… h…
Can't wait for this fun show in beautiful Santa Barbara tomorrow night with and !
These are on loan from Santa Barbara museum. Too bad we didn't get a chance to go there.
I want to visit Santa Barbara museum on the 29th. Hike up there. Wanna join me,
Even a very wealthy city like Santa Barbara offers unimpeded access by having its main waterfront public park
VIDEO: Day 3 in the books from Santa Barbara. Vallivue with a big 97-45 win over Firebaugh HS (Los Angeles). 4:30p Tip…
TRUCK LOADS OF SAND now moving from Santa Barbara to help with erosion at Goleta Beach park.…
If your in Santa Barbara you must see Ernie Brooks Photographic exhibit at the Santa Barbara maritime Museum.
.Pass on Coachella and see them at Santa Barbara. One of the most gorgeous venues anywhere.
📹 phytomaniacs: I went to the Santa Barbara zoo today and fell in love with this hillside. 🌵
Tupac was the first rapper to have college course called Tupac101 poetry class at University of Santa Barbara.
Met a wildeyed girl in Santa Barbara. I can see I can see where it all began
Holy *** dang crap! That looks so delicious. Maybe I should take a drive to Santa Monica instead of Santa Barbara.🍕
Whats with free taxis Santa Barbara? Free fares on Uber? promo code STEVENT1811UE gives twenty bucks free. Way wicked.
No more family in Santa Barbara. Sad day. Goodbye Auntie Grace and Uncle Sat's place but at least here treasures li…
The California aqueduct should be delivering all of that water to So. Cal. And EVERY reservoir. NOT for fish.
Corazon Cocina on Excellent Mexican food when your in Santa Barbara. Originally Carlitos was our favorite. N…
Santa Barbara hails a bunch of cab freebies! Taxi app Uber gives rides free with promo code STEVENT1811UE. Big save over Lyft. U got that.
You rock Dave! We can gush over La La Land up in Santa Barbara next month. 😀
If it went back to Santa Barbara, the place of beauty and romance that I've had to suffer in lonely ***
It's really beautiful. Santa Barbara is lovely, too. I long to go back there.
we're driving through that area on the way to Santa Barbara
Beautiful sunny skies here in Santa Barbara! Our Yoga Social will be in full effect in t-2…
Today, music students play and in Santa Barbara
It's raining in biblical portions in Oxnard. ..way north headed tward Santa Barbara =^.^=
Taxi ride givaway Santa Barbara! Skip uber and claim free fares on Lyft with credit code GUESTS to get promo ride credit.Strong show.
Thank you everyone for the support! Santa Barbara was tons of fun and winning 1st prize at the…
Cascading ivy and lights were suspended from the wooden rafters above tables. (Photo: Elizabeth…
Santa Barbara takes taxis free! Ull collect free rides with credit code FASTEST on the Lyft app. Its good.
I have to go back to Santa Barbara today but I have done nothing to prep 🙃
Uber giveaway in Santa Barbara! Uber strikes back at Lyft. Uber offers credit code STEVENT1811UE for $20 promo rides. Swag cash.
Brian Goebel: Save Money and the Planet by Keeping Proper Pressure in Your Car Tires
Santa Barbara scores w freebie cabs! Loving the free rides on Lyft with the GUESTS credit code. Big coupon.
Santa Barbara smells so tropical right now. Dense humidity. Drying pavement. Happy green foliage. And a distinct whiff of burning garbage
Caesar Milan lives in Santa Barbara and does internships and dog training
Overheard in Santa Barbara: "I was traveling for a while with a turtle I got in India. ... He was on a leash the Dalai Lama gave me."
Santa Barbara Debut the gorgeous and amazing, Canada's Ballet BC
Win a pair of UGGS and a trip to Santa Barbara.
Santa Barbara Towers by Pierre Realty. located in Bogota - Colombia is a place where you can get a great view of...
Santa Barbara Dance Arts Makes a Difference Through Dance: How the Veteran Studio Serves the Community in New Space…
County supervisors' swearing-in ceremony Tuesday in Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara is honestly one of California's hidden gems 😍
Free rides for taxis Santa Barbara! Credit code GUESTS on Lyft gives fifty bucks in ride credit. Much more than uber promos. Jazzy solid.
Santa Barbara says thanks Lyft! Get fifty dollars credit free on Lyft just using code FASTEST today. Crazy good.
Unexpected Rome:The Church of Santa Barbara Dei Librai.Just a few steps from us! Thanks to ht…
Flash Flood Watch in effect from 7 PM in Santa Barbara County
A massive storm moved into Santa Barbara County, bringing showers, lightning, and thunder into the region.
A perfect day in store. Charle and I are joining our friend Bill for a sailboat trip to Santa Barbara Harbor. It looks like a pirates vessel
Hittin Santa Barbara for a dope gig with the bonemaster
Waking up to sunshine in Santa Barbara this AM. However, more is on the way tonight. Read all about it here -- https…
Gorgeous colors in the Santa Barbara sky; 📸: Carol Stickney
Go out w a free taxi in Santa Barbara w the Lyft app using credit code INK. Like this promo more than uber.
Santa Barbara giving free Lyft rides! Lyft passing out free ride codes. FASTEST code gives $50 free rides. Promo code.
Promo for cabs free Santa Barbara? Use Uber code STEVENT1811UE to snag free rides with credit. Pass Lyft up. Cool cabs.
Driving for the day Santa Barbara listening to the Eagles
Santa Barbara awards free Lyft credits! Uber scoffing at Lyft bc Lyft is giving free rides away with credit code FASTEST. Promo code.
Santa Barbara has free cab month! Nail it w the STEVENT1811UE promo code on Uber to claim free rides. Beats Lyft anyday. Promo code.
Care for a taxi for free Santa Barbara? U get fifty dollars credit free on Lyft with code GUESTS. Kabosh on uber. Way wicked.
Code for free cabs Santa Barbara? Why uber when Lyft code GUESTS gives $50 credit?Amazed now.
Thank you so much to the greatest group of friends for coming out to Santa Barbara to celebrate…
I've never watched Santa Barbara, watched a 30 second clip of Eden & Cruz, an hour later still watching
I always like Cruz/Eden on Santa Barbara. Also like Julia/Mason too..
Another year with the man of my dreams. ❤🍾 @ Santa Barbara, California
What does & Margaret Sanger have in common with Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger? http:…
then we are told we are being rerouted to Las Vegas instead of a closer airport like Santa Barbara or even San Francisco?
NYU, St. Mary's, UC Santa Barbara, St. John's, Wash U of St. Louis, UoP, Xavier, and Syracuse. I go to Howard 🤗
I just saw Marshall Eriksen walking down the street in Santa Barbara no joke.
Video: Top 5 Things to Do on a Weekend in Santa Barbara, 1min: via:
Tonight's the night we take the court against Make sure to bring an unwrapped toy to donate to our Santa Barbara co…
Massage Green Spa in Santa Barbara! Better make room for me this month ;-)
When I went to the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2002,...
Santa Barbara wins big over Canoga Park! All Tournament Ben Brown of Santa Barbara
In March 2005, I was appointed to the board of the Santa Barbara met...
Normie older guys at bar in Santa Barbara comparing Trump to Andrew Jackson & Teddy Roosevelt. Glad he'll drain swamp etc.
How the *** is the straight edge scene in Santa Barbara bigger then the anti nazi scene in Santa Barbara when there's like three xxx
A guy from Santa Barbara listening to me in the afternoon sunshine & requests Wang Chung Dance Hall Days. Radio in 21st century is mad.
Getting toys for the Santa Barbara toy drive tomorrow!!! (@ Walmart Supercenter) on
born in Santa Barbara; went to Cal - then moved for employment after college. Here is Shambhala's Berkeley…
UC Santa Barbara has taken the court to warmup pregame here at the Galen Center.
So grateful for my Aunt Pat and Uncle Ken for hosting me for a month in Santa Barbara so I can…
Fantastic views from the Santa Barbara castle above Teguise today!
Sheila Lambert of Santa Barbara demonstrating the newest line of Green Pan products in William Sonoma!
Tucson, LA, San Diego, Santa Barbara, St.Augustine, and NYC all within the next two months📍
KILLER SHOW last night at the Arlington Theatre in downtown Santa Barbara... Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue...
On the road again. — traveling to Santa Barbara, California from Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)
Santa Barbara's Fess Parker Winery with Cat Cora Spending time with is always fun!
Don't miss this Polio Plus event in Santa Barbara this Friday!...
CA can slide off into the Pacific as far as I'm concerned. Well, maybe leave me San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Torrey Pines.
With Harold Meers after watching him kill it in CARMEN at The Granada Theater in Santa Barbara.…
Our set up at the Santa Barbara show in July! valley taxidermy test
Community Manager needed in sunny Santa Barbara! HUD compliance exp. is a must have! Email me. ACarrillo
Also *Just In* in our Santa Barbara store, this adorably chic Alice by Temperley leather jacket! It Retailed for...
A yoga studio in Santa Barbara is the first west coast studio to incorporate technology:
Autocamp: Located in Santa Barbara and Russian River in California, Autocamp provides a luxury experience.…
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Charles William Post committed suicide on May 9th 1914 in Santa Barbara, California due to an ongoing stomach ailment
View from our in Santa Barbara at Franceshi Park today. @ Franceschi Park
Light are going out again tonight!!. 8 o'clock pm show the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara. creation...
As a former Santa Barbara resident, I always thought the News-Press was really bad. Now, it's a tragic embarrassmen…
TONIGHT . Matomas back in Santa Barbara w/ Cheat Codes + Steve Void . Tickets avail now! -...
CODY& CALEB WALKER, brothers of the late actor & Santa Barbara resident Paul Walker will be co-Grand Marshals - Dec. 2 ***
bryan TITUS has a show on 10/16/2016 at 05:00 PM @ Goorin Bros. Hats in Santa Barbara, CA
The Hornets and Gauchos end in a 1-1 draw. First point for SAC at UC Santa Barbara since joining the Big West in 2011!
Santa Barbara, Tahoe, Oregon, San Diego. And I'm chilling like amador County what's up while secretly dying
Long lines for Selena make-up collection release in Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara! April 8th I'm coming at you with Joey Diaz and Tony Hinchcliffe! Ticket link is…
Don't miss LIVE in Santa Barbara at the Arlington Theatre on October 18! Get your tickets now before th…
What do the towns of St. Paul, Millwaukee, Oklahoma city, Roseville, Santa Barbara (a beach there), Franklin, and Jefferson share?
Don't miss Dec. 7th at in Santa Barbara, CA! Tickets->
I might go to Marc E. Bassy at Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara, CA - Dec 7
I might go to at Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA - Dec 8
Media Day tomorrow before and the crew immediately ship up to Santa Barbara for training camp.
We are SO excited to see at The Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara tomorrow night!.
Santa Barbara are you ready for and to rock the Arlington Theatre?! Get your tickets here
Santa Barbara to at the Arlington Theatre LIVE on YouTube 7pm PT / 10 PM ET
Sept 25...across America, remembering those lost to violence. Hosting at Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara htt…
Texas freshmen lead Texas soccer team to 2-1 win over UC Santa Barbara
When my Nina really wants me to go to Santa Barbara city college. When she knows I h ave my ❤️ set on Cuesta 😅
I have to go to Santa Barbara tmrw morning.I'm already crying
Any info on power outage at Santa Barbara/Nicolas along with surrounding neighborhood?
Meanwhile back at home our Santa Barbara style project details are all coming…
So I know was filmed in Canada, but watching it sure does make me want to move to Santa Barbara
Nef is gonna be in Santa Barbara oct 1st and I wanna go hella bad
this pimp daddy in Santa Barbara taught me how to give good head
Do you love to bake or make your own candies? Do you LOVE chocolate? Check out for amazing chocolates
MH370: Did a fire doom Malaysia airlines flight?: He's the man who has already made a name for himself by finding…
seeing things I swear were there but on second glance werent , so I drove up to Santa Barbara thinking I was following him, it wasnt
Idk how Im going to survive when Carlos moves to Santa Barbara
that's it I'm heading to Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara giving free Lyft rides! Uber rival Lyft is doling out free ride credit with code FASTEST. Nice coupon. Promo claim.
Santa Barbara won free taxis! Get ur free ride credit on Lyft with credit code FASTEST. Better than uber. Promo code.
Santa Barbara has free cab month! Free cab ride on Lyft the uber rival w credit code FASTEST. Big deal. Wild promo.
Santa Barbara got them free taxis! Claim ur free ride on Lyft with credit code FASTEST. U save over uber. Tasty promo.
And many congrats to the 6 UCs that made the Top 10- UCLA, Santa Barbara, Irvine, San Diego, and Davis!!!
Tomorrow night Santa Barbara friends! $8 at the door . 7pm - Conner Cherland . 8pm - Carlyle…
Dear Santa Barbara weather,. Why do you insist on torturing me?. Sincerely,. Fibromyalgia Patient
One of the many great things about Santa Barbara, California is...
Use Pot Valet for your next delivery of Mixed Marijuana Strains.
Ryder Cup 2016: Rickie Fowler wins US wildcard: Rickie Fowler may have failed to reach the final of the lucrative…
no we going to Santa Barbara Barbara of the santas
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Check out my beautiful friend Donna at the Santa Barbara shelter.
Santa Barbara is pretty during Christmas time :)
Two die after vehicle plunges 500 feet off Santa Barbara County cliff
Escaped from the valley heat in Santa Barbara😎
Saw beautiful dolphins this morning in Santa Barbara.
Farheed=coal $. How a congressional race in Santa Barbara became one of the most expensive in the country - LA Times
got rerouted to lax and am now having to drive to Santa Barbara. My 3 hour flight turned into a 10 hour journey. Not happy.
Beach camping just north of Santa Barbara this summer seems like just yesterday. Here we are…
HMU if you're interested in seeing Blink-182 in Santa Barbara next month
Carolin Chang, Vanessa Watkins go 1-2 in WSC at Santa Barbara Golf Club. Vaqueros are 27-0 overall, 12-0 in WSC:
All the way to Santa Barbara to end up on the tube 😂
Steelers thrash Redskins: Ben Roethlisberger threw for 300 yards and three touchdowns, DeAngelo Williams ran for…
Last but not least, Happy Birthday to the first Son of Santa Barbara!
Santa Barbara Centre for Aerial Dance residency day 1. A full day of experimenting,…
Ooh, we like your style! Have you ever been to our Santa Barbara location before?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Santa barbara flatbed cylinder press yet diner: psQDf
Uni student captures terrifying footage of moment he was menaced by 4m great white shark:
Things are lovely in Santa Barbara today.
Family describes man killed in Santa Barbara car crash, the story here:
Terrifying moment fisherman FIGHTS OFF monster great white shark
Here is your Akron Soccer starting XI for tonight's match vs UC Santa Barbara!
NCAA calls out NC for bigotry -- pulls championships: The NCAA is pulling seven 2016-2017 championships from North…
Any chance Berman gets confused and announces a FG as a HR that went all the way to Santa Barbara?
ZIPS WIN!. Akron beats UC Santa Barbara, 2-0, to cap off an undefeated University of Akron Tournament!
VIDEO: Swimmer fights great white shark – and WINS
Dana Hills drops a nail biter to Drake (7-8 OT) to finish 4th in Santa Barbara tourney.
Last I saw his darkroom was at his home, Santa Barbara, 1980. Nursing home at ~72. Brooks Institute grad, school closed now.
BC volleyball falls to Mira Costa 3-0 (13-25,13-25,14-25). They will take on the loser of Pierce and Santa Barbara at 6:30…
We are excited to have Cristo Rey Catholic Church, Anderson Mill Baptist Church, and Santa Barbara now on our 40...
I always say "northern Santa Barbara County, do you know where cal poly is? 30 minutes south from there."
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Police trying to track down people accused of stealing from Santa Barbara business - KSBY San Luis Obispo New...
The Fess Parker hotel is the perfect home base to explore Santa Barbara.
If Kate Mara isn't at the Santa Barbara film festival this year I'll kms
Major Lyft offer. Santa Barbara has credit code ONCE to use with the Lyft app to get fifty dollars in free rides. Lyft rocks it.
A delightful blend from Fess Parker of Santa Barbara - named after…
Morro Bay 2 people were shot and kill they're going off from Paso Robles to Santa Barbara where acting crazy up here in Santa Maria
Mapping the six major wildfires in the Santa Barbara area in the last decade.
Related to that, my husband had a hand in the remake for that movie, in Santa Barbara County, in the '90s. Golden, indeed.
600 beautiful Santa Barbara acres devoured by flames 🚒
A small town with over 50 tasting rooms. Check out this video of Tasting in Los Olivos, Santa Barbara County!
Guess who was the first to plant Pinot Noir grapes in Santa Barbara County?
Loved our driving trip to Big Sur & beautiful Central Coast See it at:
Santa Maria woman tested for possible Zika virus: What was supposed to be a beautiful honeymoon for a Santa Maria…
no 😭😭 I tried but my one friend who I go with is headed to Santa Barbara after. No one else was down. I'm home 💔
true, or drown you and leave you abandoned in Santa Barbara.
So next year I'll either be in San Diego, Santa Cruz, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, or T.O. Let's see where I end up.
Another large wildfire has broken out this afternoon north of Santa Barbara.
Reuniting with these lovelies sparks all the joy! @ Santa Barbara, California
If you filmed 'Victims' last night in Santa Barbara please post it! :)
.page for the in northwest of Santa Barbara, is here:
New fire in Santa Barbara area called the Showing a rapid growth rate that we are becoming all too familiar with…
now 500 acres. Structures threatened, according to Santa Barbara County fire.
Baby leaves Sunday to start his future in Santa Barbara ... God I need you because Ima go crazy😭
Everyone peep my story for my last for a while he's headed to Santa Barbara tm ☹️
Megan and Andrew’s wedding at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum
Amber Heard donates divorce settlement to charity
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