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Sandy Roberts

Sandy Roberts (born 22 February 1950) is a sports presenter and commentator.

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"Those who will attend this event (already know they must be prepared for large quantities & disparate types of
Was it the great Sandy Roberts in the early 90s that said "the monkey is off the back Billy"? That's…
Hey what is the best email to contact you on?
Yeah. It used to take Sandy Roberts 30 seconds to say “Welcome to the MCG. Today, Hawthorn plays Car…
We are praying today for Kevin and Anne Roberts as they prepare for the Leith Lyvennet benefice weekend away at Ryd…
Never been more proud of Sandy Roberts. On a side note, that's pretty cool. Congrats Sandy. Happy t…
Oh what fun it is on at alongside my awesome colleagues! . PS - Nice cameo
Evan Roberts (season ticket holder) absolutely destroyed Sandy Alderson today on air. Kudos to him
Newly Renovated House 4 Sale in Walking Distance to Innisfil Beach! Watch the virtual tour fo…
YEAR ONE (Chronicles of the One by Nora Roberts at The Reading Cafe:. 'Year One proves that Nora Robe…
It’s been almost five years since my brother was gunned down at Sandy Hook, and kids are still getting shot and killed…
Personalized reading instruction with Mrs. Roberts at Sandy Hill Elementary
So excited to have Sandy Roberts speak to the seniors today! He…
I will certainly check it out. I usually type in Eric Roberts mo…
This is Andy. He’s been missing since 9:45 AM from sandy Utah east bench. If you’ve seen him anywhere, anytime toda…
My only use for 280: Nova Scotia communities named by guy who just looked around & said "wellp". Big Pond. Beaver Dam. Be…
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We've been blocked by Malcolm Roberts and Pauline Hanson. All we wanted was to talk about Malcolm having di…
Julia Roberts spent her 50th birthday in SF!
Here's a picture of Malcolm Roberts at Ipswich Jets enjoying a meal with local far right friends Gary Duffy & Sandy…
Reminds me of how Sandy Roberts always used to say "double break point" when he actually meant t…
Wow- Sandy Roberts hosting a World Cup qualifier! No wonder we didn’t make it
He's 100% going to compare the results of this to how Obama handled Hurricane Sandy. That's all he wants out of this.
Coming up on Racing Pulse and we pay tribute to Drew Morphett w Sandy Roberts
The Verdict topics - what should b on the agenda? Join us reviewing wkend racing & special tribute to Drew Morphett w Sandy Roberts
Oh god yeah - he embraced the silliness - he and Sandy Roberts are the last of the fun ones!
Will miss the voice of the great Drew Morphett. He and Sandy Roberts were the voices of my childhood while watching #
How good is it hearing Sandy Roberts calling "Daicos" again!.
Just saw Chris Roberts and Sandy Gardiner casually stroll by ò.ò
Excellent tribute to Drew Morphett on today with Mark McClure, Sandy Roberts etc
Sandy Roberts has just called Chris Fagan 'Denis' - the influence of is strong...
Think Sandy Roberts had a Leanne *** moment, he introduced Chris Fagen as Denis Pagen
Saddened to hear that Drew Morphett has passed. The footy voice of my childhood alongside Sandy Roberts.
A week is a long time in football... but it would seem not long enough for Sandy Roberts to figure out which player is which. 😏
Sandy Roberts has called Maynard the wrong name 5 times today. Terrible commentator
Sandy Roberts is a broadcast legend but is there any danger of him actually knowing players names?
Boxing: Sandy Roberts and Tim Lane remembering their great friend and colleague Drew Morphett, who passed…
Tim Lane and Sandy Roberts sharing memories of the late Drew Morphett
Seeing Sandy Roberts & Tim Lane speaking about Drew Morphett has me welling up
and Winter. He & Sandy Roberts were the voices of AFL for decades.
One of the 4 greats of afl commentary in the 80s&90s , Sandy Roberts, Pet…
Drew, Sandy Roberts and Bruce Macavaney were my commentary team growing up. Drew was a genuine great.
A special tribute to Drew Morphett on air now with Peter Donegan, Sandy Roberts and Robert Walls in the box at the MCG
Great to hear Sandy Roberts say it will be a celebration/roast of Drew Morphett's life. He would have wanted a mad *** up with ripper yarns
LISTEN| Sandy Roberts pays tribute to Drew Morphett on Crunch Time.
Those of us who were lucky enough to have drew Morphett and Sandy Roberts growing up were blessed.. Now Ling, Darcy, Zemplis
Growing up I spent my Sundays with Drew Morphett and Sandy Roberts. So much nostalgia listening to them
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Kids these days would have no idea how good footy was 90s/ early 2000s listening to Morphett Robertson & Sandy Roberts. RIP Drew. Very sad.
Massive night here at Our team for . - Sandy Roberts. - Peter Donegan. - . -
Just don't ask Sandy Roberts to interview them at the races.
You're welcome to join us Mr Roberts 👍🏽👍🏽
2 years ago, this happened. We're gonna keep dreaming and finding ways to make it better every year. Cool?
Here's one for you Old interview by Sandy Roberts with the great man, Gary Ablett Snr. Watch till the end
Tune into the pre game for with Jack Heverin, Sandy Roberts, Adam Cooney and Benny Jones here!
Big show with Sandy Roberts, and ahead of Fagan and Goodwin to come!
Remember to tune into the best call of on with Sandy Roberts, and
Watching ess/Coll replay, feel for Healy Johnson Russell, didn't get result they were after, thank god for Sandy Roberts
Proud of the Math Academy led by Jason and Sandy Roberts. Thanks Pasadena Community Foundation & the for y…
Sweet, we'll get Bruce McAvaney and Sandy Roberts to host the next Chaser special, shall we?
His heyday a little early for me to weigh in, Drew Morphett or Sandy Roberts probably my least favourite ever.
LISTEN | Today's full show, with a number of Lou Richards tributes from Sandy Roberts, Mike Sheahan and more.
LISTEN: Bill Picken and Sandy Roberts share their memories of great Lou Richards.
NOW | "He was one of the legends of the game.". Sandy Roberts pays tribute to the late Lou Richards. 🎙…
Growing up hearing Lou and Sandy Roberts calling the game on Ch 7.
LISTEN | Sandy Roberts, Derm, Ox and Marko pay tribute to Lou Richards.
According to and caller Sandy Roberts, every player "has a problem"
I will trade you Shirvo and Noddy for BT and Sandy Roberts.
Yeah what gives? The other games haven’t even started - it’s just Sandy Roberts telling us stuff we already know!…
Sandy Roberts struggling with the fact Carlton are leading
One for the blooper reel. Sandy Roberts:. "they go down towards big Cox"
Line of the week from Sandy Roberts on . "they go down towards big Cox".
Sandy Roberts just asked for the Benny Hill theme
In other news Sandy Roberts is an absolute cancer.
Carlton collingwood at the g at 2:10 with sandy roberts calling. Terrific
Sandy Roberts clearly not caught up with score: "no team has had a goalless first tern this season".
Dennis Commetti and Sandy Roberts were the best imo. I just want to watch the game. They can all shut up. Lol
and the slow movers throw us outdated Eddie and Sandy Roberts. Laughable.
No more getting to hear Roberts laugh & bad jokes . No more hung and his lifesaver . No more Denny playing video games all the time
Tom and Sandy Roberts are coming to Nashville this weekend and the first thing she asks is if I have a girl for her to meet. Still no mom
yep, there are some really nice people on here & I honestly feel like I've known you for ages... X
oh I totally agree, but sooo many don't! As you've said previously you 'click' with some people straight away... X
good, I really like our chats, so thx for connecting on here... X
you've described it so well, I almost can Sarah... Not too bad, bit of a shock to the system going back to work, long week! X
see if sandy Roberts is doing the synchronised swimming
Gee wiz! . Liz Chekov and Sandy Roberts commentating on the gymnastics!. Seems like old times!
BRONZE for our men's 4x100 free relay of Roberts Chalmers and
Yo Channel 7, where's Sandy Roberts and Bruce McAvaney? Other than Mel McLoughlin, every other presenter has been weak.
is like to see sandy Roberts get some prime time
Tony Shaw trying to out-senile Sandy Roberts. Not as futile as it should be.
"But he's got absolutely nothing down field!". *Riewoldt turns & hits Bruce running into the goal square. . Sandy Roberts is an embarrassment
Is it me or is Sandy Roberts call about 5 seconds behind the play?
Sandy Roberts adding a nice touch of *** to his commentary these days
Nothing better than having Sandy Roberts calling the game
yep. He was great, and Sandy Roberts.
ohhh, still, the beach draws me in every time... We went to the beach on Boxing Day last year... In the UK! X
hey Sarah, hope you're well & getting some beach therapy this weekend... ☀️😎☀️ x
Sandy Roberts "at his brilliant best here today He handed Gunston a goal a moment ago and now he's kicked his 3rd.
I just went to the beach and got Sandy Roberts in my shoe
strike 1st. Great play by Jayden Hunt who goals with the drop punt. "He's an excitement machine": Sandy Roberts.
Roberts was about to mess around with Sandy Baseball! He's going for his best arm now.
The Sir Walter Miler is tonight. talks to race director Sandy Roberts, who is trying to run a 4 minute mile
Hey Sandy Roberts who's Damian Martin on his 150th his names
Malthouse on radio or Sandy Roberts on TV. Why do they hate us?
Sandy Roberts and Anthony Hudson sound like their dog died every time kick a goal.
Rex, Peter Donegan, Sandy Roberts. Arguably, 2 out of those 3 could still get the job done on FTA/Fox Footy.
First Buddy Franklin & now Andrew Gaze. The mass exodus from Melbourne to Sydney is real. Sandy Roberts & the barista at St Ali are up next.
Dennis is a hasbeen. Like Sandy Roberts. Relics. Healy has borderline dementia. Just retire!!
Source: NOTE: A reader brought to my attention this FBI site, which reports no murders...
Sandy Roberts yet to accurately name a Melbourne player today.
Sandy Roberts has lost it. Making so many mistakes these days.
Can someone at tell sandy Roberts to study the players he is calling. Constantly getting the players wrong
Sandy Roberts just got 1 out of 4 Melbourne players names right in that passage of play.
Sandy Roberts has no idea what is happening. "Name,name...ahh name...oh there's been a goal!!!"
Sandy Hook Puzzles by PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS . Photos of everyone but the supposed victims-
More recently FBI massacref 19 innocent bikers at Twin Peaks in Waco and nobody said one word, with the exception...
can Sandy Roberts say prognostication for prognosis and continually say defence? Your presenters need a style guide!
much admiration for Sandy Roberts, but so many commentary errors from him now. Time to retire mate, and thanks for many memories
has been hanging out with Sandy Roberts lately? Bulk 'No doubt about it's' from Sandy today
Sandy Hook Puzzles: Paul Craig Roberts Perhaps the most unusual feature of the Sandy Hook stor...
should I be concerned with this weather in sandy springs?
Will Sandy Roberts' mustache be at Middle School Retreat? If so, what will it have to say?
Sandy is literally the Emma Roberts of Freak Show. Why is she there.
"I had some sparkling cider at my cousin's wedding once." Me too, Sandy. Me too.
Sandy Roberts please come back, all is forgiven!!! Bruce is just plan cringeworthy at presentation ceremonies.
Not an expression, at least re Sandy Roberts, that you hear on a daily basis.
I don't look like sandy at all.. Except my shoes. Oh well I tried
Nicola Roberts flaunts her toned abs in a pink bikini in Barbados... -
"relationship goals: Mr. Roberts and Sandy." -trhs
All the rich & famous arriving in this week for Kimberley Walsh Wedding. Wonder where ? Surely Sandy...
She's starring in failed TV dramas. Her counterparts (The Sandy Bullocks and Julia Roberts) are still in film.
did Mark Nicholas call him Davey?! Our commentary teams are in a dark place - Bill Lawry still the best, Sandy Roberts too
Sandy Roberts - Theresa is coming to Erie again!! So happy about this news! Maybe we can get tickets to see Long...
can someone tell sandy Roberts novak's name is "jock avich" not "joke avich"
Sandy toes and salty kisses remind me of December holidays... This gorgeous couple's shoot will be up on the blog...
Congratulations to Sandy Roberts on his induction to the Broughton Athletic Hall of Fame.
"Is this man the best man on the ground? I ask you." Sandy Roberts asks a poignant question about Michael Long in the '93 GF.
Track has a powerful & unique potential to unite and energize a community! My dream for t via
Tonight at Carmel Temple Spiritual Center, Expand Your Light with A Course in Miracles with Graham Roberts &...
Having listened to Brockovich, I'm torn between deciding which person is dumber, Erin or Julia Roberts.
put him on Fox Footy to replace Dwayne Russell. Morphett & Sandy Roberts would make a compelling commentary duo.
In case you missed it, Sports Illustrated did a piece on the Sir Walter Miler.
How the Sir Walter Miler is key to the growth of American track (by
Sir Walter Miler provides best glimpse of future growth for American track
"It's a credit to Essendon that they can get out there and perform each week"... Sorry, what about the Crows, Sandy Roberts?
Good on sandy Roberts complimenting players on the way they've handled corruption
My girlfriend's foory insight: Sandy Roberts is a white walker. (I can't deny the possibility).
Great article by on Help our be a part of promoting track in America!
lol! I just saw it on channel 9 news - it was your Leanne *** *** moment! It would make Sandy Roberts proud 😉
Great to hear The Voice, Sandy Roberts, down at Simmonds Stadium today
- Dead set, if I hear/see that Ladbrokes ad again on ... they even had Sandy Roberts shilling for LuxBet on Saturday.
have it on VHS, old school! Sandy Roberts hosting and Ian Robertson calling, big Johnny Barker on fire too
really feel for those under 30 who don't have a full appreciation for the [Sandy Roberts] Decade that Delivered.
Tell me this kid doesn't look like Sandy 😂
Great interview on with and Sandy Roberts... Happy Birthday Sandy. One of the media's true GENTLEMEN!
Mr Sandy Roberts coming up next on .
A glass of red wine, listening to on with looking forward to the Sandy Roberts special interview.
.Personally I think Sandy trying 2 dampen expectations, we all expect challenge 4 WC or division
This is ridiculous, or as Sandy Roberts might say, ricoculous.
Sandy was awful in Bklyn.. "Found it" in LA '1960 & 4 the next 6 years no hit stuff every nite. Roberts one of my favorites too.
It's been a watershed sale for Sandy Yarndley and Charlie Roberts/Andrew Grierson from Woodlands
Sandy Roberts and sports people. I will admit to recognising George Gregan.
Sandy Roberts, President, Southeastern CA Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, and I received the "Woman of the...
Sandy Roberts and dwayne Russell commentating together would be like having a threesome with Roseanne Barr and Oprah.
ICYMI: Sport's 10 biggest commentary gaffes from BT, Eddie, Sandy Roberts, Tony Greig and more
Sandy Roberts advises the slight angle won't trouble Jack, after he kicks it and it's on target. Post-prescient
Sandy Roberts and David King make watching the football very hard
Thanks to Audrey Williams, Cyndi Owens Nelson, Kelli Kishbaugh and Sandy Roberts for all of the eggs you sent me! I am hunting know and getting a good many on my own. Thanks again!
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Thank you to all my friends and family for your thoughts, prayers, and support as I have been I'll with viral spinal meningitis. I am finally home from the hospital after a long week and on the road to recovery. I am having a very hard time reading the computer or phone screen at all! If you need me or would like to reach me contact Anthony Taylor Headland!!! Brittany Smith Murphy and Chris Murphy thank you for the beautiful flowers! They make my day!! Amy McMahan and Andrew Van Etten thank you so so much for the hospital necessities (hair ties, deodorant, toothbrush, pajamas, socks,etc) and for Olive Garden comfort food! Sandy Litaker for snacks and smoothies, Bill Roberts for a thermos of coffee every morning and fruit, Cole Litaker for keeping Harvey. Nila Clardy and Bob Clardy for keeping Tonka, Justin Litaker and Sandy Roberts for all the many many things you both did! And of course to my wonderful husband who has gone above and beyond !!! Thank you all again!
Sandy Roberts is an absolute battle axe. Awful to listen to. What the *** were you thinking adding him to your team?
stay with what's going on down on the ground. Don't cut it off for Sandy Roberts and friends.
Just saw the ad for Sandy Roberts. Can't wait til they do one for Matthew Campbell
If you're after the best call tonight for it's Peter Donegan, Sandy Roberts and Billy Brownless on of course!
twice now Sandy Roberts has said "Keith Duncan". Geez last time he said Dunstan then corrected to Duncan! Someone tell him!
Sandy Roberts at Footy Park "A full house...we expect nothing less though..." 1997. How times have changed. Crow fans used to be rabid too
You can join us by listening to through the official app! Peter Donegan, Sandy Roberts & Billy Brownless calling- gold.
Channel 7's commentary team: Brian Taylor, Luke Darcy, Matthew Richardson and Cameron Ling... all ex players, not a single professional broadcaster among them. any chance of losing the lot and resurrecting Sandy Roberts?
Just flicked over to a 2001 GF replay to hear Sandy Roberts say, "Good to see James Hird inject himself when he did."
So since my mom Sandy Roberts was creeped out by my zombie picture, I changed it to something even scarrier... me and my daughter getting along!
Martin Tyler is clearly the Sandy Roberts of European football. RMvMU
Sandy Roberts quits Channel 7 to sign on with Fox Footy | Herald Sun: Shouldv been on 's coverage from 2007:(
Sandy Roberts to quit Channel 7 and join Fox Footy.
Roberts quits to sign on with Fox: EXCLUSIVE: VETERAN footy broadcaster Sandy Roberts has walked out on Channel 7...
For many of you that have known me for a long time, some used to tell me even when I was younger that I should be a counselor when I grow up! Well I’m not a counselor but I am a Social Worker who gets the honor in having a soulful connection in what she does everyday. I want to take the time to thank family, friends both "old" and "new" and professional colleagues on all the personal support in what I have chosen to spend my life doing, thanks for the support for the YES Club program/family; Renee Lafawn Burden Lyndsey Fulton, Crystal Young Matthew Robison, Jessica Melton, Lauren Durham, Dianna Gleckler Strohl, Melody Blankenship, Kristina Nixon, Tomitha Babcock, Randa Lloyd, Clint Clary, Sandy Roberts, Hollie Hazen, Robert Lust, Melissa Stockdale, Bobby Persinger, Chase Ghiloni, Mary Helen, Linda Mossholder, Lauren Mueller, Jeremy Blake, Stacey Butler, Russell Merritt, Chris Ramsey, Jenn Pentecost, Brandon Wiczen, Jeff Gill, Jan Cassell, Brenda Butt, Russell Pettibone…AND OF COURSE PAST AND CURRENT S ...
Bruce McAvaney - you're being a pain in the proverbial YET AGAIN. where did Sandy Roberts go? He craps all over you as a commentator Bruce
I remember some years back Sam Newman saying Bruth & Thandy on the footy show Sandy Roberts
Just catching up on Gen Y sports ettiquette at the Oz Open tennis!! 1. Hoodies and earphones are not a good look for your courtside entrance... especially when the crowd are cheering and someone hands you flowers!! 2. Shreiking, panting, grunting and histrionics sound a lot louder in an echoing stadium 3. This is probably the behaviour that lets Sandy Roberts know it's Ok to describe to a world wide audience that the winner was brave, something else starting with b and probably 'buggered...' as well, great work Sandy!! 3. Channel 7 gave the worst commentary ever!! ever!! this tournament... I don't care if Redfoo or the entire cast of every 7 program are 'in the house' and once we've seen Kevin Spacey once that's enough OK... please tell Henri Leconte thanks but no, sign Layton Hewitt, send Bruce McAvaney back to AFL and Jim Courier I could take or leave...
Sandy Roberts does it again. Re Li Na: "She's battered, she's bruised and quite possibly she's buggered." Don't get ideas Sue Barker
Cornesy and Rowey are BACK ! On now - Sam Jacobs ... still to come Michael Slater, Sandy Roberts, Campbell Heath and Luke Saville
I also want to thank Adam Stearns, Jesse Werzinger, Abby Arnold, Jon Stephens, Eric Houppert, Justin Baker, John Twist, "CROSSWINDS CHOIR", Sandy Roberts, Vicky Gardner, Jessica Devericks, Michael Ennis, Elijah Merrill, Joel Colletti, Kyle Krenzer, Tim Ryan, Lee Hobart and Rick Romanowicz for your hard work on Christmas Eve. What a great team we have -- I'm pumped for the New Year and anticipating what God has in store for us as at Crosswinds.
Seven’s summer of Tennis: guide seven has revealed its schedule for its summer tennis broadcasts. beginning with the Brisbane International and ending with the Australian Open. For the first time, the Brisbane International, APIA International and AAMI Kooyong Classic will all air live on 7TWO. The Australian Open is on Seven and 7TWO Live on almost every broadcast in every city. Four new faces join Seven’s broadcast team for the Open this year, led by new host, Sunrise sport presenter Mark Beretta, and former Olympic champion Giaan Rooney who will report on all the action from out-and-about at Melbourne Park. The team will be led once again by the incomparable Bruce McAvaney, as well as former world number one and four-time Grand Slam winner Jim Courier and Australian tennis legends Lleyton Hewitt and John Newcombe. Others to feature include Todd Woodbridge, Henri Leconte, Hamish McLachlan, Roger Rasheed, Sam Smith, Rennae Stubbs, John Fitzgerald, Basil Zempilas, Sandy Roberts and a host of the bigge ...
Sandy Roberts first struggled with her weight after the birth of her son. Over the years, she tried exercise, diets, pills – anything to help her lose weight and crush those cravings for breads, sweets and fried food. Today Sandy weighs a healthy 139 pounds and is no longer diabetic.
I don't like you Bruce. Bring back Sandy Roberts or the old days of sunday footy show with Lou and Max.
Great Spirit in our Youth Group tonight! We had a couple of awesome guest worship leaders- MyKayle Jewell and Sandy Roberts, they did wonderful! April backed up the vocals, Julia beat the drums, and Cody played some mean rhythm guitar. Great lesson on Abe and Izaak... what an awesome story... ripe with foreshadowing, and if there is a greater faith than Abraham's I have never witnessed it... the faith to know that God was going to bless his offspring, even if it required sacrificing it first... just amazing faith...
We've got a few CapRun staff in some big races this weekend. Sandy Roberts is running Raleigh Relays Friday...
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