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Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook is a barrier spit, approximately 6.0 miles (9.7 km) in length and varying between 0.10 and 1 miles (0.16-1.61 km) wide in Middletown Township in Monmouth County, along the Atlantic Ocean coast of eastern New Jersey in the United States.

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Former Goldman Sachs bankster Phil Murphy and NJ Dem gov candidate using Sandy Hook to push for more gun control.
So then who was behind the Boston Marathon, Pulse Shooting, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Ft Hood, and Dallas
did you like it when she had Bill&Chelsea lie about single payer, or when she tried pinning Sandy Hook on Bernie?
Are you sure you want to talk about shootings? Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Dylann Roof say hi. Is this the hill you…
Why lie? And why disrespect the Sandy Hook victims with your lie. What is the logic? plea…
Photo was taken while he talked about Sandy Hook massacre. Merry Christmas and stop letting people die in your jail. https:…
You've seen her on as CNN reporter, at Boston Bombing hoax,at Sandy Hook hoax! BARBARA STARR! Search her! CRISIS ACTOR…
‘Memorial for the Lost’ honors Sandy Hook victims in Chestnut Hill - Chestnut Hill Local Philadelphia PA
Barbara Starr! Fake reporter you've seen her also on CSPAN! She is a CRISIS ACTOR you saw her at Sandy Hook hoax, Bost…
Contaminated water in Corpus Christ, There have been over 200 school shootings since Sandy Hook
God Donald you're such a schmuck, did you say anything about the children of Sandy Hook, what about the horrors of…
Sandy Hook families put focus on stopping violence before it happens - Opinion - The Repository - Canton, OH
Today is a tough day as we reflect on the Sandy Hook tragedy with heavy hearts.
91 Americans are fatally shot every day. That's a Sandy Hook every 7 hours. More guns and fewer gun laws are not making…
4 years after Sandy Hook, Pres. Obama leaves legacy of little progress toward what he calls "common-sense gun laws."
So when are you going to act on the targeted harassment of Sandy Hook mom apricotmamiof2 by dontpanicbjtj? 1/2   10% Off
Newtown marks 4th anniversary of Sandy Hook massacre |
Would have far more success with less damage trying to help suicides than th…
On the anniversary of Sandy Hook shooting, if you can bear it. And remember: they had to bear it, and still do. Every d…
On the fourth anniversary of Sandy Hook, an Obama speechwriter explains what it was like trying to find the words to heal…
There have been over 200 school shooting incidents since the Sandy Hook tragedy via ht…
The new local sushi joint has an item called "Sandy Hook Roll" and idk how to approach them on that
One of biggest failures of the Democratic Party was not passing gun safety legislation after Sandy Hook. We need leaders u…
Today we remember the 20 children and 6 educators killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
Sandy Hook 4 years later: Remembering the victims
My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of sandy hook victims. May God be with you during this season.
The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred on December 14, 2012, in Newtown,
Honestly I've been shocked at how many Trump supporters told me Sandy Hook was a hoax today. . There are just no words
I'll never forget the day of the Sandy Hook Shooting. That day was the day where it all became real. Suddenly the idea of a school shooting
4 years & countless others have lost their lives. Meanwhile our Pres Elect is meddling with conspiracy theorists.
My last moments with my daughter, before she was killed at Sandy Hook 4 years ago via
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Remembering the lives lost to senseless violence at Sandy Hook Elementary four years ago today.
I intend to fight for commonsense gun safety because it’s the right thing to do. I have not forgotten the lives lost in S…
After Sandy Hook, we said never again. And then we let more than a thousand mass shootings happen.
Moment of silence for those affected in the Sandy Hook tragedy four years ago today.
Rest In Peace to the 26 beautiful angels who senselessly lost their lives 4 years ago today at Sandy Hook💚
4 Years After Congress has done nothing to strengthen gun safety laws to prevent further tragedies
Today is the anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre. . Remember Trump said he gets his news from Alex Jones of Infowars…
Thinking of the Sandy Hook community today ❤️
Hanover School Board members acknowledged the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting but say this vote timing is purely co…
Never forget the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary 🙏🏼
Today we choose love as we remember the 26 angels that we lost from the Sandy Hook shooting. Make sure to tell someone you l…
Today is the 4th anniversary of Trump has not acknowledged that fact. He also won't denounce Sandy Hook de…
"26 futures were stolen 4 years ago today," but won't be forgotten: reads Sandy Hook victims' names
On the 4th anniversary of the shooting, spoke with three parents whose children were killed at https:…
GOP seems to dance around Sandy Hook making it about 2nd Amend not mu…
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Today, we remember Sandy Hook Elementary School and the 26 lives that were lost. You are never forgotten.
4 years after Sandy Hook, a man who lost his son is disgusted that Trump is advised by Sandy Hook truther Alex Jones htt…
There is nothing we can do in terms of mass killings like Sandy Hook. I woul…
On this fourth anniversary of Sandy Hook, let's vow to work for a country that puts children's lives above the interests of the NRA
"Thoughts and prayers" don't solve the problems that led to one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history
Thinking of Nicole Hockley & all the Sandy Hook families. Sending peace & love to you all on this day. Learn more: https:…
Read statement on the four-year anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School:
.hasn't acknowledged Sandy Hook today, so we must ask: Why won't he denounce conspiracy theorists? http…
In honor of today's remembrance of Sandy Hook, re-watch powerful closing speech:
A Sandy Hook parent's letter to teachers:
Today marks 4 yrs since 26 people were killed at Sandy Hook. In that time, Congress hasn't passed a major piece of gun control…
⚡️ “These are the 26 kids and women who died at Sandy Hook”.
On the anniversary of Sandy Hook, let us pray to in person or in spirit.
On the fourth anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting, the Unitarian Universalist church in Brunswick is holding a v…
Guns were not allowed in the Aurora theater, Sandy Hook, Pulse nightclub, Columbine, Ft Hood, Charlie Hebdo, need I go on?
Sandy Hook denier arrested after death threats made to parent of victim - York Daily Record/Sunday News: York Daily…
Ignoring the current caption but the parents from sandy hook created this as a PSA
WATCH: who lost her son at Sandy Hook, discusses school violence warning signs parents should know.
closest parallel is with Sandy Hook truthers, and there's a massive overlap between them.
it was a PSA put together by the parents of the Sandy Hook victims. So sad
No need to bring Sandy hook kids into it just coz you don't want to give up your guns .. Just as evil as Obama & his drones bringing them up
Barack Hussein Obama cried about the kids shot at Sandy Hook, but not so much about the 200 he drone executed in ***
I'm still slightly paranoid from that sandy hook ad 😶
Alex Jones’ website is disgustingly attacking the daughter of slain Sandy Hook principal:
New PSA from shows the warning signs to prevent school shootings. WARNING: Video depicts school shooting
Still confused on why people think 9/11, Sandy Hook shooting, Columbine, and other massacres are hoax.
This chilling PSA was made by parents of Sandy Hook shooting victims
The fact that the sandy hook parents paid for this made me so much more sad 😩
Had a great time at sandy hook today with some shots taken on Saturday..
Sandy Hook Promise produced this powerful film about the issue of gun violence.
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Trump supporters love Alex Jones who denied Sandy Hook massacre happened - no wonder they deny these hate crimes: https:/…
The "Sandy Hook, Columbine High, UCC, Ohio State, etc." type of people. YOU PEOPLE has done more killing than a "Is…
And the Sandy Hook shooter was a white male, what do you suggest we do with y'all?
Ladies and Gentlemen - The man who has PEOTUS' ear is attacking the murdered Principal of Sandy Hook.
Have you ever heard of the Columbine High School massacre, Sandy Hook, and the mass shootings in Aurora, Colorado?…
*** blocked by denies Sandy Hook, bc I said I knew ppl. who went to church w/Emilie Parker's family& grew up in Ogden w/her mom
Trump admires conspiracy theorist Alex Jones who claims no one was ever injured in Sandy Hook massacre
Alex Jones is a world class moron. Same POS said Sandy Hook massacre didn't happen. In CT we know it did
President-Elect's source for voter fraud claim is a man who also says no children died in Sandy Hook school massacre ht…
The "news" site reporting the false stat about undocumented people voting also reports that the Sandy Hook massacre was staged…
One of Trump's favorite news sources believes Sandy Hook was a fake massacre with actors posing as victims' families. This…
Daughter of Newtown victim to Trump: Denounce Alex Jones, Sandy Hook denier
Banned Documentaries - Ep. 2: What really happened at Sandy Hook? via
Trump is a *** for the NRA. The blood of innocent children at Sandy Hook is on Trump and NRA's hands.
Sandy Hook school was abandoned 4 yrs before shooting occurred.
A man who believes the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, with paid actors, is also an advisor to the president-elect
You sure you're boy Bannon believes the crash happened? He doesn't believe children died at Sandy Hook!!!
I don't see u gun nuts crying over the victims of San Bernadino and Sandy Hook. Only Benghazi.
Tell that to the parents of Sandy Hook's murdered children. What a heartless jerk.
If republicans were really pro life, they would have pushed for more gun control after Sandy Hook. They aren't pro life, they're anti choice
"My heart — and my dinner table — reflect the hole in my life that will never be repaired." More in
Well, Alex Jones said the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax. How's that?
If our new President let's us know that sandy hook,9/11was a cover he would have the entire USA behind him (RE ELECT TRUMP FOR 2ND 4)
Fourth anniversary of Sandy Hook Elementary massacre to be honored with full day of classes, quiet reflection and……
with all the respect of your son please have our Pres denounce sandy hook/9/11 an the many lies total USA backing take it back!
Principal's daughter calls on Trump to denounce conspiracy theorist and Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones.
sure. After I watch the Sandy hook and 9/11 truther vids.
Does the average American know who /what Alex Jones is & that he's in Trump's inner circle? Sandy Hook was faked? https:…
“There has been a cover-up." Alex Jones gives his "final" unhinged rant defending Sandy Hook conspiracy theories:
Look at how Alex Jones listeners harassed Sandy Hook parents. When the act is this deep, sincerity of the messenger doesn't matter.
Families of Sandy Hook massacre victims disgusted by Trump's links to Alex Jones, who thinks Sandy Hook was staged: http…
Alex Jones — who has claimed that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax — says Trump will soon appear on his show
My cousin's aunt was the principal at Sandy Hook. I am so infuriated
question was answered after the Gabby Giffords Shooting and Sandy Hook
Daughter of Sandy Hook victim demands Trump disown Alex Jones, who claims Sandy Hook never happened.
'More good in the world than bad': Sandy Hook family to honor comfort dog Ruthie
Sandy Hook gun lawsuit could only succeed if the law is changed
The site shared by Trump supporters claims the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, & the govt uses secret chemical w…
Sandy Hook families focus fight for gun control on state and local action
a loophole was closed after a shooting at my college exactly 20yrs bef.Sandy Hook.What a step back.
Maybe a journalist could ask the President-elect whether he really agreed to an interview with a man who believes Sandy Hook w…
How many Americans have been killed by gun violence since Sandy Hook? 126,104.
Sandy Hook families file state Supreme Court appeal in case against gun makers.
Trump supporters share the "Sandy Hook was a hoax" guy more than anyone else. No surprise there.
.Come to Foundry 11/30 in Sandy Hook crowdrising for Sandy Hook Promise Foundation final fundraiser!
Sandy Hook mom Nicole Hockley is one of PEOPLE’s Changing the World: ‘Gun violence is preventable’
Sandy Hook families appeal court's dismissal of their lawsuit against arms manufacturer Remington:
New artwork for sale! - "Historic Lighthouse in Sandy Hook Gateway Recreation Area Mew Jersey" -
.well that's not fair he did manage to destroy the gun control legislation DEMs tried to pass after Sandy Hook
Sandy Hook was a big dem lie to try 2take away guns!! Go the start asking around. Just like pulse night club dems paid dad!
By marlenelenthang In the nearly four years since her youngest son, 6-year-old Dylan, was killed at Sandy Hook...
we have more issues with Homegrown terrorists. Or did you forget Sandy Hook, James Holmes, Virginia Tech and the many others.
Abandoned vibes at Fort Hancock in Sandy Hook, NJ during our behind-the-s…
Photographer Karen Cholula snapped this silhouette view of officers’ row at Fort Hancock, Sandy Hook, showing off...
Fort Hancock at Sandy Hook is the best.
3 weeks out the GOP nominee links to site of conspiracy theorists who think Bush did 9/11 and Sandy Hook was a hoax.
Trump is taking talking points from Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist who thinks Sandy Hook was faked, reports me
Judge dismisses lawsuit against Remington Arms Company, who was sued by the families of victims of Sandy Hook.
I'm at the Sandy Hook beach and I decided to share the sunset. It's Beautiful
Sandy Hook judge says gunmaker would have needed "actual or constructive knowledge" that "enstrustee" was incompetent…
Yet the GOP was fine with the 911 Families suing Saudi Arabia, but Sandy Hook Parents & Families…
There was no chance on this lawsuit. needs to move on, stop associating w/
this just in, ppl w/ family killed in drunk driving accidents are unable to sue car & alcohol company. Sandy Hook was…
victory: Bushmaster granted immunity in Sandy Hook case - Hot Air
Judge dismisses suit by Sandy Hook families against gunmaker
bout time - Blog: Judge drops lawsuit by Sandy Hook families against Remington
One of the Kansas militants arrested for attempted car bombing refugees was both a 9/11 *and* a Sandy Hook Truther.
What was the point of that you little killer. Practicing for a Sandy Hook massacre when you grow up?
"Hillary Clinton sets sights on gun manufacturers after judge dismisses Sandy Hook families’ lawsuit"
It's incomprehensible that our laws would protect gun makers over Sandy Hook... by via
Lawsuit filed by Sandy Hook families against gun manufacturer dismissed by via
Sandy Hook deniers have no place on this Earth.
Okay okay one last thing… those kids that “died” at Sandy Hook? They sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl 2 years later.
The beach. The bay. The city. The waves. Sandy Hook for a morning run might be the best kept…
The guy wrote a manifesto saying he wanted to be the worst school shooter in all of American history, worst than Virginia Tech, & Sandy Hook
Honored to Have a Part in the New Sandy Hook School
Uh racist lady on that movie theater was shot up by a WHITE American.Sandy Hook ditto.Gabby Giffords.di…
The deserves this. They have done so much. Consider what they did in response to the murder of children at San…
This is right up there with Will's Sandy Hook Op-Ed: "perhaps it is imprudent to nominate a venomous charlatan."
I hope they're not waiting for FEMA. Ask the Sandy Hook folks for their number. Good luck you're in our prayers
Like 9/11, 7/7 and sandy hook. By the way, why do you guys censor those thing nowadays?
SANDY HOOK WAS A FRAUD WITH SATANIC RITUALITIC IMPLICATIONS! Karma coming back around! Things like this are not ok
This is so disgusting! I remember them using the death of Sandy Hook kids to smear Bernie! UNFORGIVABLE!!!
Sandy Hook family member wants apology over gun...
it's like I'm arguing with Sandy Hook truthers or something
These are probably the same people who say Sandy Hook was a hoax... If the shooter wasn't white they wouldn't saying that...
And now it's up to the Sandy Hook truther
Sandy Hook & Charleston, to say nothing of hate and Klan groups. They profess to be christians or from religious families.
I know this might be hard to grasp...but schools typically have more than one exit. Call it logic and common sense...
I hear you. I lost my oldest romance friend after Sandy Hook. She turned out to be a gun nut. :-(
We are about to be Sandy Hook hoodwinked.
seriously...if you are a Sandy Hook Comspiracy theorist, it is time to look at where your life went wrong. Not harass parents.
Given the Oklahoma City bombing, Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and Mother Emanuel AME Church, maybe we ask if
Sandy Hook Promise . Sometimes an untreated can result in violence. Learn early warning signs here:
Jones denies it, yet I am listening to a new Infowars show. Steve Pieczenik mentioned the false flag Sandy Hook.
Hi. I'm Alex Jones of Infowars. I think Sandy Hook was faked & the government is creating fish people. Oh, and Don…
Alex Jones is cointelpro. I'm sorry if I promoted him too much. He said Sandy Hook was a false flag.
Not to mention what Sandy Hook and Aurora victims families has stated...
I'm honestly a little surprised he's not gotten to sandy hook trutherism
Place white men sensitivity above national security and you get Sandy Hook, Columbine, Charleston, Denver. Need I go on?
Christian Mingle profile Bio: I wrestled this horse out of the wild and into my friendship. Sandy Hook was a false…
My bad again. Dawn Hochsprung of Sandy Hook, and Donna Boston Marathon.
Tell me which one of the 20,000+ gun laws already on the books stopped Sandy Hook or Pulse or San Bernardino.
A peek inside the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory world, where one victim's father is trolling his stalkers
.correct that Alex Jones said Sandy Hook tragedy involved actors, no deaths. via
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Don't let the fake/staged Sandy Hook shooting manipulate U Please watch this amazing documentary movie:
Great day at Sandy Hook. The water was beautiful! @ Gunnison Beach
Die young tbh i remember it did peak at number one before sandy hook happened
Daughter of Sandy Hook victim appears in pro-Toomey ad | PhillyVoice ❤️ it when GOP surprises U & supports 🔫 Safety
the movie shooter, sandy hook, columbine, Virginia Tech, colleges in Washington state plenty of mass killing in USA
These crisis actors look the same. I think the getting paid! The Boston bombings, Sandy hook. Maybe they were related?
Says Alex, 9, as he watches sandy hook vines from his computer in North Carolina
"I'll pocket check ya son n bury his face in a text book sendin shots through his classroom door you would've thought it was sandy hook"
Trump promotes violence at all his rallies, those babies dying at Sandy Hook never had his attenti…
Something darker and more sinister than Sandy Hook and Benghazi combined…and it’s spreading like wildfire all...
Daughter of Sandy Hook principal: "Trump validates the behavior of those who harass me."
Yeah, Alex Jones media, famous for telling the "truth", like on Sandy Hook.
That sort of like the comparison.. Why build a school in white neighborhoods when Sandy Hook happens?
njdotcom: Fishing boat sinks off Sandy Hook, report says
Silly hour to start reading up about the Sandy Hook conspiracy theories🤔
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Pentagon was saying last week about Pandemics? They must be planning emergency drills again, like sandy hook boston
Fishing boat sinks off Sandy Hook, report says
Fishing boat sinks off Sandy Hook, report says: The three crew aboard the Lady Gertrude were r...
Day fifteen of is from earlier this summer at Sandy Hook @ Sandy Hook
because my son was starting school age and after Sandy Hook I could not send him to school and continue to be productive at my job. (7/21)
NOW COMPLETE - Record of all victims killed by guns in year after Sandy Hook ;
yes and columbine, sandy hook, ucla and the kkk all involve white Americans or children of white Americans???
speech on TERROR but CHARLESTON and SANDY HOOK will not be mentioned, Orlando and San Bernadino will though
Christians also kill toddlers in sandy hook why u do that?Hitler also was a white Christian not a muslim😀
Daughter of Sandy Hook principal: Trump just doesn't get it when it comes to gun violence
T-Storms Was Near Webbville to Sandy Hook to Kellacey to Scranton to Hope to Klondike Moving N At 30 MPH.
New design for Sandy Hook Elementary shows that safe & secure can also be open & accessible https…
Sunset at Sandy Hook, New Jersey. . We had this beautiful view as the htt…
u dont know LEOs. So stop pretending to sound smart by making statements like sandy hook which was not terrorism.
These are the same type of *** who claim the Sandy Hook massacre was a "flasr flag", the worst cruelty
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Sandy Hook is less than an hour from me
PROBLEM:170+ school shootings in U.S. since Sandy Hook. SOLUTION: Arm all students with guns! . Brilliant idea... if you're…
Connecticut State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance talks about the Sandy Hook school shooting.
Daughter of Sandy Hook victim: "We don't need another Charleston or San Bernardino"
Tomorrow, Anne Marie McGowan Murphy would have been 56 years old. She was a teacher's assistant at Sandy Hook...
just heard you talking about Sandy Hook next time your there stop at Hog Heaven BBQ in parking lot D
Is this the same Paul Joseph Watson who says Sandy Hook was real?
Daughter of Sandy Hook principal speaking at Democratic National Convention
There's a Sandy Hook truther all up in Anderson Cooper's mentions
Baton Rouge, Dallas, Orlando, Charleston, Sandy Hook & NRA $$$ is more important that innocent lives.
Sandy Hook shooter stole the guns. Dem senator Jon Tester said more gc wouldnt of stopped the shooting
Sandy Hook school shooting is a hoax
I didn't know that Sandy Hook was a hoax. 😕
Obama is doing whatever he can 2 take our guns. Sandy Hook was a hoax as r many other "shootings" I'm not convinced Dallas is real.
Now let's turn our attention to the fakery used in Sandy Hook:.
Update your maps at Navteq
Those are same type of *** who also think 9-11 was a hoax and Sandy Hook was faked also.
They listed Dallas police shooting with other known hoaxes like Sandy Hook. Dallas is a hoax.
cool story bruh. Show those stats to the victims parents of the Sandy Hook massacre. Or let me guess the shooting was a hoax
Why is it that whenever a tragedy happens (Holocaust, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Dallas, 9/11), people call it a hoax? EVERY TIME it happens! Why?
I confronted "embalmer" of Sandy Hook "victims". He began to scream about Italian Mafia. This WAS the hoax of our lifetimes.
I'm aware of how controversial this is, but I FIRMLY and CONFIDENTLY believe that Sandy Hook was a hoax.
as much as I hope Sandy Hook wasn't real how messed up would it be if it was a hoax
Wake up you dumb liberal; Orlando was a hoax same as Sandy Hook, San Bernadino, Boston etc. Go and get yourself educated!
I had a Trump supporter tell me that Sandy Hook was a hoax. She was outraged when I told her so was Dallas. Humans!
Alex Jones believes Sandy Hook was a hoax and Reptilian overlords are real
well Sandy Hook never happened that was a hoax..
Sandy Hook crisis actor CAUGHT in video evidence
Final call on Sandy Hook, the Cruellest Hoax of All. Why not just watch it? If you need more evidence, to decide?
The woman U just talked to mentioned Sandy Hook. It was a hoax, a fraud. No one died. So, is she lying or simply ignorant?
It has come to my attention that the entire fire department of a major city in Ct. now knows that Sandy Hook was a Hoax. Truth: it spreads.
I'm starting to think the Dallas shooting is a hoax like Sandy Hook Elementary School.
who isn't? I get what you think on this having read your Sandy Hook stuff but perhaps a little more sensitivity called for.
Didn't we say that after the elementary school kids were murdered in Sandy Hook?
They didn't even do anything when elementary school kids were killed. (Sandy Hook)
The 50 km zone in Winnipeg Beach/Sandy Hook is the sole purpose why I refuse to go there in the summer
Sandy Hook parents speak at screening of 'Newtown' in wake of Democrats' sit-in
I definitely think that rifles as the ones used at Sandy Hook, Aurora, Orlando have no place outside the military.
You mean the Sandy Hook children that were killed by a stolen gun in a gun-free zone? Anti-gun laws won't magically work now.
Wait is that kid in 2nd row, 3rd from left- is that Noah Pozner from Sandy Hook, or Huzaifa Huxaifa from Peshawar Army School?
Most mass shootings are done by White American MEN, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Aurora, church, schools, Jewish center,ect!!!
LRT: These are the same morons who wanted to arm elementary school teachers after Sandy Hook.
The AR-15 is the same weapon that killed 26 people, 20 of them children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.
Our government lied about September 11th and the Sandy Hook school shooting never really happened you mfs better wake up 🤔
Learn how mothers of Sandy Hook shooting victims are spreading knowledge about
Sandy Hook truthers make claims without proof, or manufacture fake proof, just like you're doing to Lenny.…
It's not about Sandy Hook to a Sandy Hook truther either. It's about abusing ppl who are suffering; same t…
But not as good as a Democrat. Orlando was the best thing to happen to Democrats since Sandy Hook.
lets stand CT ban on assault weapons passed after Sandy Hook massacre:
Erica is the daughter of Dawn Hochsprung, principal murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary. Her words count.
Maker of gun used in Sandy Hook challenges lawsuit:"never should have been sold to civilian"
Remington Seeks to Dismiss Lawsuit over Assault Rifle Used at Sandy Hook via
There is an aerial video of Sandy Hook showing 'crisis actors' going in one door circling the corner out the other- round & round.
Why name Sandy Hook killer today? for mass killers. You inspire copycats. Focus on victims.
I didn't read the book, read articles & watched videos on Youtube- you can find the hearings about Sandy Hook being closed-youtube
New York and Connecticut banned assault weapons after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre
“From Orlando to San Bernardino to Sandy Hook and beyond – senseless acts of violence continue to claim the lives of far too many Americans"
.trolls pivot from background checks & no-fly/no-buy, to letting club goers have guns. Same as "arm the teachers" after Sand…
If sandy hook didn't spark change in gun control laws, i'm not thankful for aubrey's death.
Blood $ Connection Murdered 49 in & the 20 Children in Sandy Hook. call Congress!
"Congress votes on gun control as Sandy Hook families head back to court":.
Yet that is exactly what Bloomberg's MAG pushed around the country at the local level after Sandy Hook
Orlando victims look to Sandy Hook case for a way to sue gunmaker
Became completely jaded on gun control after Sandy Hook and nothing happened. Would love to be wrong but.doubt it
i listen to the podcast and quick thought. Could Orlando be the same situation as sandy hook?
won't hear a constitutional challenge to a so-called "assault weapons" ban passed in the wake of Sandy Hook. h…
5 seals released back into the ocean at Sandy hook after rehab at MMSC in brigantine.
Supreme Court declines to review "assault weapons" ban enacted in the wake of Sandy Hook
Why are the families from the Sandy Hook shooting suing the gun maker!? This is the most ridiculous thing ever!! It's not Bushmaster fault!
Just can't believe it every state should be allowed to do it ⚡ Supreme Court upholds law on post-Sandy Hook gun ban .
of course they will. Remember how Sandy Hook was the mother's fault?
Do the right thing today. Do it in the name of The children of Sandy Hook. Be the Senator you once were,
1000 mass shootings since Sandy Hook. All by men. Maybe we should stop selling guns to men until we figure out what the he…
won’t hear 15-1030 & 15-8704 upholding some NY & Conn gun laws passed in the wake of the 2012 Sandy Hook Eleme…
Judge to begin weighing whether gunmaker should face trial over Sandy Hook shooting
When you can look at Orlando or Sandy Hook and only see the big bad government coming for your guns, something inside you…
News 8's is there as Sandy Hook families and their attorney discuss taking on the gun industry,.
Supreme Court declines to take up constitutional challenge to Connecticut gun law passed after Sandy Hook shooting
'How many massacres will it take?': Sandy Hook families aim to sue AR-15 rifle's maker
.I hear there is a vote coming up, would love to talk to you ahead of time about my mom who was murdered at…
School was closed due to disrepair up until the day of the Sandy Hook'shooting'-or a few days prior because they did drills before
The article said he gunned down the elementary school children at Sandy Hook with a AR15. That's a lie. Never left his trunk.
Have you seen the videos on the Sandy Hook hearings on the School being closed down at the time? Very eye opening-
News the MSM will never tell you. How many realize there were 2 fathers in front of Sandy Hook school when shooting was going on?
U.S. Supreme Ct turns away challenge to Conn. assault weapons ban, enacted after mass shooting of 26 children & staff at Sandy Hook school.
rejects challenges to an assault weapons ban in Connecticut passed after the Sandy Hook school shootings.
Spartacus, one of the Sandy Hook dogs who helped comfort the children when they went back to school, needs our help! htt…
-actor profiles are confirmed-we exposed that,When Govt ordered Sandy Hook school destroyed-they forced
My personal opinion is nobody died- just like Sandy Hook all actors involved-school was condemmed
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