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Sandy Hook Elementary

On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza shot and killed 26 people, including 20 children and 6 staff, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the Sandy Hook village of Newtown, Connecticut, and then killed himself.

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This documentary film, Newtown, is about the 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School that were...
Great project Sandy Hook Elementary! Thank you for bringing our community together!
The film examines how the residents of Newtown dealt with the aftermath of the violence at Sandy Hook Elementary...
Hollywood should make a Sandy Hook Elementary movie.
Alex jones really the man thinks sandy hook elementary was staged by the…
My exact current thoughts!! I just watched a documentary on the Sandy Hook elementary shooting and I…
Sandy Hook Elementary. Deeply moved by the documentary NEWTOWN on 💔Incredibly hard to…
The parents of the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary are among the bravest souls on this earth. May God bless each and every one.
I highly recommend everyone watching the documentary on the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. Absolutely nothing more heartbreaking.
I am watching this PBS special on tbe Sandy Hook Elementary shootings
Tonight at 9p, ‘Independent Lens: Newtown’ explores the aftermath of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.
Please watch "Newtown" on your PBS station TONIGHT!! It is very compelling about the December, 2012 massacre at Sa…
Everyone please tune in to tonight at 9 EST for the Sandy Hook Elementary documentary "Newtown" this one hits close to home
Explore the aftermath of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary shooting on the doc TONIGHT at 8…
Please watch Newtown tonight at 9 on PBS. As a mother, and an elementary teacher Sandy Hook is near to my heart.
Watch Newtown tonight on 8 PM Channel 5. The story of the aftermath of Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Should I really say more. Joke of a company. Maybe elementary schools should charge a sandy hook tax as wel…
Sandy Hook elementary shooting was a HOAX. that never happened lol.
That is like Pakistan banning Americans from their country the day Adam Lanza went into Sandy Hook Elementary! Raci…
Don't get mad DUMB Racist you might shoot up Sandy Hook…
Sandy Hook Elementary Tribute song "Heaven" by "BABY KAELY" directed an... via
Sandy Hook Elementary shooting should have been for all Americas a "Wake Up Call" regarding stricter gun laws...
Why are you bringing up old news? This was the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.
26 children died at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT because Republicans claimed the shooter was mentally ill.…
Hear Scarlett Lewis’ story of choosing after losing Jesse at Sandy Hook Elementary shooting…
I am having a great school visit at Sandy Hook Elementary, Strasburg, Virginia. Love the artwork in the halls. https:/…
This ad showed up on my feed while viewing the mother of a Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Should be a way to stop that.
Ask the victims of the church in South Carolina or Sandy Hook Elementary or Aurora movie theater; all of those were...
Let's not forget Sandy Hook Elementary School! And many more, 140 character doesn't allow to name all
Watching the documentary on Sandy Hook Elementary School and it's honestly breaking my heart, how can people be so evil 😥💔
Remembering the lives lost to senseless violence at Sandy Hook Elementary four years ago today.
Never forget the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary 🙏🏼
Fourth anniversary of Sandy Hook Elementary massacre to be honored with full day of classes, quiet reflection and……
New design for Sandy Hook Elementary shows that safe & secure can also be open & accessible https…
Erica is the daughter of Dawn Hochsprung, principal murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary. Her words count.
U-S Supreme Court upholds gun laws passed in CT and NY in wake of 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
I today in memory of Daniel Barden, who was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary.
". the 186th shooting on a school campus in the United States since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, 2012"
I liked a video from Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut - Rest in
Would Todd UnderWood allow family members of the Sandy Hook Elementary killer to list the weapon he used to KILL THOSE CHILDREN?.
Incredible footage used e.g. videos from my elementary school (Sandy Hook).. 3.5 years later and it is still unbelievable
Seeing footage from Sandy Hook Elementary for the first time that I can recall in this documentary.
Asbestos, PCB’s and lead in Sandy Hook Elementary
You heard all those kids died at Sandy Hook Elementary School on the news so its real! Except the school was closed down prior lmao
bet all those dead kids at Sandy Hook Elementary gave him a hardon
Nine relatives of the 26 Sandy Hook Elementary School victims have filed a lawsuit against Bushmaster Firearms
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Imagine if the gun used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was put up for sale. George Zimmerman
He posted that 4 years ago just after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Since their daughter was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Jeremy Richman and Jennifer Hens…
Got $50 Million? Build the Taj Mahal of schools. To replace the bulldozed Sandy Hook Elementary. Look at these...
A lawsuit can go forward against the maker of the rifle used in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, a judge rule…
You bury a child who was attending Sandy Hook elementary & let me know who you should fear..Muslims or young white men?
Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting - One of the worst days in America in 50 years..
video : a documentary about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings : The Life Of Adam ...
My real name is Caitlin Martin. I went to Sandy Hook Elementary School as a girl scout.
After the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I shared my struggle with the world
Tell me one thing, please. Do you think the 'mass shooting' at Sandy Hook Elementary actually happened?
NEW School Guard Glass installed in Sandy Hook Elementary after mass shooting & its not just for schools!
Read MAV's moving blogs on the school shootings in Dunblane Primary School and Sandy Hook Elementary
Sandy Hook Elementary School connection with Chalk Hill Middle School in Monroe CT.
shooting is the deadliest since Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown in December 2012.
Congress doesn't give a *** what Americans want. Remember Sandy Hook Elementary?
The kids at Sandy Hook Elementary School don't agree with you.
A judge said Monday she plans to decide within 60 days whether a lawsuit filed by families of 26 people killed at Sandy Hook Elementary
Sandy Hook elementary is at 375 Fan Hill Road, Monroe, CT 06468, I believe.
Arlington Red Devils posted the Talking With Children/Students About the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting 4 days before
AR-15 gun maker seeks Newtown victim lawsuit dismissal: Families of some of the 20 kids killed at Sandy Hook Elementary say N.C.-base...
HOT TOPIC:. Family members of some of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims are suing the company that...
Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting was a hoax / fake to take ur money and rights to bear arms.
Lawyers for a gun maker and families of Sandy Hook Elementary massacre victims squared off in a Connecticut...
I understand what happens at Sandy Hook Elementary School was horrible, but why sue the gun manufacture for the killers decisions🤔
This is the bill that is being used against the Parents of the children who died at Sandy Hook Elementary!
Photos show inside Sandy Hook after the deadly 2012 shootings
Company that made rifle used in Sandy Hook Elementary shooting asking judge today to dismiss wrongful death lawsuit from victims families.
Check this out:. Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting. It wasn't until the autopsies were completed that the words long...
Co. that made rifle used to kill 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School ... via
Joshua Dubois: What the President secretly did after Sandy Hook Elementary School via
A national campaign started after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary comes to the University of Toledo.
formed after shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary endorses Hillary.
Parents of Sandy Hook Elementary teach other kids how to prevent school shootings
New photos from the Sandy Hook Elementary via newstimes
Tears roll down cheek as he remembers the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
As always, we remember the sweet lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
I just watch a video of Sandy Hook Elementary & cried for like 20 minutes. It makes me want to let my loved ones know how much I love them.
Hey, Ben Carson, do you want to tell those Sandy Hook Elementary School kids that it was all their fault too? Crawl back under your rock.
"I would say: 'Hey, Sandy Hook Elementary School kids, everybody attack him. He may shoot me, but he can't get us all.' "
President reacts as John Brennan briefs him on the details of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.
How does he explain that ridiculous idea to the bereaved parents of the kids of Sandy Hook Elementary School?
Since the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary, there has been nearly one school shooting each week.
I think it is appalling that you referred is the students at Sandy Hook Elementary as pupils and not children
"I would not just stand there and let them shoot me." . Great advice from to kindergarteners @ Sandy Hook Elementary.
What mental health issues were the children at Sandy Hook ELEMENTARY dealing with that required a full time psychologist? Roseburg
Did you go to an ELEMENTARY school that employed a full-time psychologist like Sandy Hook? Do you sense something wrong? Roseburg
This is a weapon used to kill children at Sandy Hook Elementary
unbelievable. does he think kids would be safer if elementary school teachers at Sandy Hook had been packing heat?
I have to agree. 74 School shootings since a gunman opened fire on elementary school children in Sandy Hook. Enough!
Adam Lanza purchased all his guns with background checks
Adam Lanza used his mother's guns to kill 20 kids in Sandy Hook Elementary. His mother passed the background check.
*Ben Carson walks through Sandy Hook Elementary immediately after the attack* "At least guns are still legal"
Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis, now 32, saved the lives of all 15 of her students after gunman Adam Lanza opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary
If a country doesn't wake up after shooting elementary children, it never will. Sandy Hook woke me up to that.
Gun control!Man AND Lady Vs Mommy. Written in Memory of Those Murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary via
Agree wholeheartedly!!. And, I would like to remind you of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting at this point...
Sandy Hook teacher Kaitlin Roig-Debellis talks about moving forward from the trauma: via
Listening to a teacher describe her experience at Sandy Hook elementary and knowing we have done nothing to curb guns since makes me furious
NEWTOWN, Conn. (Reuters) - The Sandy Hook Elementary School teacher who saved 15 first-grade students during one of Americ…
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Kaitlin Roig-Debellis is the first-grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School who saved her entire class of 1...
Sep 11 2001, I was in 5th grade at Sandy Hook Elementary. We didnt have school that day because a pipe broke or something
CT schools are investing in more security after the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy; $43 million has been provided
After the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting...I would've thought more would've been done about gun control in this country.
Seminar teaches Penn-Trafford staff how to confront shooters: - Since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in…
. By. . . let me guess. . . using all of the same security measures that were implemented by Sandy Hook Elementary.
You remember Sandy Hook School Elementary in Newton, CT innocent children student broken heart it cry! . (No Gun Violence)!
did you ever hearing about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting? I was the town right next to where it happened
If Adam wasn't in Elementary school, obviously he wouldn't attend Sandy Hook
Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting: - ROANOKE, Va. (AP) _ Living alone in a world of perceived slights, Vester …
RIP to all lives lost In Sandy hook elementary, the church in Charleston, all the wars, genocides, deaths from hunger, murder and suicide.
Quilts show human toll of gun violence: - She was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Her sister,…
800 mass shootings in the United States of America since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
Victoria Soto a teacher who died trying to protect students during the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary has a new school named after her.
Not even Sandy Hook Elementary where innocent little children were just going to school. No place is safe. You are right.
He had just referred to the elementary school children killed at Sandy Hook, but his brain said Gregg is bringing up abortion.
Just stopped at Sandy Hook Elementary. Such an eerie feeling.
We can never forget Sandy Hook Elementary. Especially if you kid jus started school! .
A father of Children from Sandy Hook elementary said we saw the fear on the face of Alison Parker, imagine the fear of those 20 children.
America wouldn't look at gun control after 20 kids shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. This will barely register.
Sad to say, but if they slaying of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School didn't turn the tide, nothing will.
2 Journalists killed on air. Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting did it for me regarding gun debate in America.
Same day as Sandy Hook a madman in China attacked a elementary school with a knife. No one died. Guns work better
Important and moving New Yorker article by father of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter:...
84523 gun deaths in U.S. since the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting in December 2012
I can't be the only parent reading the heart wrenching emails from the parents of the 26 children killed at Hook Elementary School.
If congress didn't change gun laws when 20 babies were shot at Sandy Hook Elementary School, they never will.
If it didn't happen after 26 people were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary...
Sad thing is, if Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting didn't change things, nothing will.
Never mind all of the senseless shootings that continue to thrive, if the Sandy Hook Elementary School murder of...
If gun control wasn't changed after the 2012 sandy hook shooting (20 elementary kids killed, 6 school staff) then it never will.
Virginia Tech, movie theaters, Sandy Hook Elementary School - all "gun-free."
I'm glad we got stricter gun laws after the sandy hook elementary shooting-- oh wait
Esp liked the NRA dude interviewed after Sandy Hook children shooting & said the answer is to arm elementary schools :(
Sadly, if 20 children gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School can't get laws changed, nothing will.
No children were shot at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Look into it.
"..cover a local creamery over the governor’s comments on gun control after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre." . What a wacko.
Today is the first day back-to-school at Sandy Hook Elementary, and the mother of a student victim has written to us.
More people in America die at the hands of Americans, James Holmes Aurora, Colorado, Adam Peter Lanza-Sandy Hook Elementary
My thoughts go out to Newtown, CT and the families of Sandy Hook Elementary affected by today's tragedy. My condolences…
Blue Colony Diner in Newton in the state of Connecticut,near Sandy Hook Elementary School a memorial sticker.
I'm for the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Why are you wearing orange?
We know this: an Assault-Rifle was used to shoot up Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Spending on school security continues to rise after Sandy Hook Elementary shooting via
Ron Baker looks like the kid that shot up Sandy Hook Elementary...
I liked a video Song dedication for Sandy Hook Elementary School
Beautiful board and activity by MSUCorps Members, Jenine and Michelle, at Sandy Hook Elementary in Elliott County. The hands were made by students K-6th as they learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. Great job!
Two Newtown families whose children were killed in Sandy Hook Elementary shooting are suing the town and the school board because they said there could have been more security at the building,
Because guns were NOT block 20 Angels got their wing at Sandy Hook Elementary.
Newtown families of Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre to get $281,000 each of $7.7 million donations
Sandy Hook Elementary School did. They have armed SROs now. Many schools nationwide do now too.
Ppl just realizing that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was Fake. Lol
Families of 9 victims sue gun manufacturer over Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
Today is the two year anniversary of the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary that ended the lives of twenty first graders and six adults. The shooter had a mental illness that was unsuccessfully treated with medication and psychological therapy. One of two important lessons that should be learned from this horrible tragedy is that the mentally ill should not have access to guns. And the second is that a lot of mental illness is due to undiagnosed and untreated Thyroid that is, instead, being diagnosed as mental disorders and patients being put on psychotropic drugs, which allows for further deterioration of thyroid function and poisons the brain with chemicals that make them even sicker. There have been almost a HUNDRED more school shootings since Sandy Hook! Please support sensible gun laws and healthcare reform, before another life is needlessly lost.
Tomorrow morning marks the tragedy and great loss at Sandy Hook Elementary. . Shameful NRA has done nothing.
In this powerful video, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy has repeatedly gone to the Senate floor to voice the stories of gun violence victims since the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Full story:
A look at developments in Newtown 2 years after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary
As her son Samuel turns 6, the age of most of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, Jennifer Coulter...
Georgia ranks state in school shootings with 12 since the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.
Wednesday, December 10, 2014 Homily at Holy Spirit Catholic Community, 3rd Sunday of Advent, Dec. 14, 2014 by Beverly Bingle, RCWP Today’s gospel puts Jesus squarely in the tradition of the prophets and at the same time foresees that he will surpass all the prophets and healers who have gone before. The question of the day is Who are you? Isaiah of Judea, who are you to be saying that? John the Baptizer, who are you to be doing that? Who are you, Jesus of Nazareth? _ Who are WE, 21st century Christians, to be saying what we say and doing what we do? It’s a dark world—war, genocide, greed, starvation, refugees, disease, human trafficking, violence on our streets and in our homes. Slavery is still here! It’s knit into the fabric of our society, and we are faced with pulling the oppressive threads out, one by one, while trying to hold the good threads of our society together. Our Congress members remind of us of the image of Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Toy guns look so real that police kill kids ...
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Do you not know what happen in Newtown at Sandy Hook Elementary School?
This month we mark the 2nd anniversary of the tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Add your voice to the thousands observing the National Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath by calling for common sense measures to prevent gun violence.
To the Editor: My wife Laura Feinstein is a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School. She was there on 12/14. We also live in Sandy Hook. My wife and some of her colleagues appeared last week in a piece that aired on CBS This Morning...
Today is Dec 9th 2014. On this date two years ago, it was a Sunday. The five of us embarked on our annual pilgrimage to a nearby Christmas tree farm to pick out “the best tree ever” for Christmas 2012. It was a cold, crisp, overcast day that had that perfect wintertime, seasonal feel to it. The sky looked like it could snow at any minute. Jackie and I slowly walked through the rows of trees, treasuring this simple moment of holiday happiness with our three beautiful children, while James, Natalie and Daniel scurried about, surveying the trees and closely inspecting any potential candidates. Selecting the best tree ever takes careful consideration….and time. At last the Evergreen that would adorn our family room for the Christmas season of 2012 was selected. As with everything he did, Daniel had to make sure that cutting this tree down was accomplished with both joyous ceremony and fair and equal partnership. James, Natalie and Daniel all rotated shifts plying the saw through the sturdy trun ...
"new term school bus for sandy hook elementary LMAOO
“new term school bus for sandy hook elementary who would ever make this... Disgusting.
Documents: Newtown Parents Intend to Sue: Many of the parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary ...
Nancy Lanza had no connection to Sandy Hook Elementary as reported on MSM.
A Sabbath Prayer for an End to Gun Violence: In Commemoration of the Second Anniversary of th… via
Our client was founded by a former principal after the tragedy Great story about
.Our client started because of the tragedy. A great story and cause!
The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut on the two year...
2 years since Sandy Hook Elementary. Are we really any safer? Or just more fearful?.
Op-Ed: Accidental child shootings are needless tragedies
The bank that took control of the Newtown home where Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza lived burned…
Honoring the lives lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting two years ago on December 14th. Join our...
Fritz Walker: Accidental child shootings are needless tragedies
CHATTER: Ahead of the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, reflecting on the need for change. |
Parents of 10 children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School are filing notices for wrongful death claims.
Accidental child shootings are needless tragedies by from
.- Watch an exclusive interview with Jeff Green, CEO of SafeDefend, which he started after
.Watch an exclusive interview featuring former elementary school principal who left job after
.Watch an exclusive video featuring former elementary school principal who left job to pursue company:
This is Emilie Parker. She was massacred at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12/14/12. We need guns in schools
Re: We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook. What does every other parking lot have that Sandy Hook. Elementary School’s...
Nearly 100 school shootings have occurred in the two years since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School,...
For all the people who remember the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary watch the video on YouTube baby Kaely Sandy Hook tribute
The heroic teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School via
As I previously mentioned... the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting occurred shortly after I sent a Text about love kids.
"every 30 minutes in America, a child or teen is killed or injured with a gun."
Meet Kelly Daly pic was plastered all over MSM as Emilie Parker at Sandy Hook Elementary. She attended Newtown HS.
In December of 2012 a shooter shot and killed 20 children and 6 staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary. This video is for their memory.
There is a serious discrepancy in the image data timeline in Google Earth for Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut
Details on the new Sandy Hook Elementary School this morning, ahead of a state bond commission meeting with Gov. Malloy.
A new Sandy Hook Elementary School revolves around security that you can't see:
The new Sandy Hook Elementary is all about invisible security
The architects for the new Sandy Hook Elementary focused on invisible safety and community outreach.
Psychiatric surveillance of U.S. public school children: Using the Sandy Hook Elementary ... via
really think so? There have been 75 school shootings since Sandy Hook Elementary. You really think there's no correlation
Sandy Hook Elementary: This could have been any school, any of our kids
there have been 87 school shootings since Sandy Hook Elementary...alright America.
The 75th school shooting in the United States since Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. God help us.
There have been 87 school shootings since Newtown/Sandy Hook Elementary in Dec 2012.
Wake up, America. Today's school shooting is the 87th since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary nearly 2 years ago.
Today's school shooting in Wash. was 87th since Dec. 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Conn. . Suffocating sadness. . Firearms madness
*** ? Friday's is the 87th shooting incident at a school since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary. via
Today was the 75th school shooting since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14th, 2012.
That's it? You got more for the new Sandy Hook Elementary School. By the way, where is the time capsule?
Chris Manfredonia is the guy who was arrested outside of Sandy Hook Elementary School on the morning of the shooting
Willard Mo Middle and High School Band tribute to Sandy Hook Elementary ...: via
Unidentified Nuns outside the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14th, 2012
Sandy Hook Elementary, school in 2012 shooting massacre that killed 27, evacuated due to bomb threat -
School officials say it's 100% safe for students to attend Sandy Hook Elementary on Thurs. after today's bomb threat
Less than 2 years after shootings, bomb threat forces evacuation at Sandy Hook Elementary
Bomb threat at Sandy Hook Elementary - site of 2012 CT mass killings - forces evacuation of temporary location.
BREAKING: reports of bomb threat at Sandy Hook Elementary in Monroe
this quote from a Sandy Hook Elementary teacher has been on my fridge since the horrible shootings!
“Sandy Hook Elementary act. her hair is parted differently. not the same.
Some reports show there have been more than 70 school-based shooting incidents since the December 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary-
Sandy Hook Elementary, Columbine High School, Mark Barton, George Hennard and you have the audacity to call African Americans animal
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Did you tell Adam Lanza to get a job before he decided to shoot up Sandy Hook Elementary School?
Today an elementary school with 800 families was bombed by Israeli terrorists. Now,let's remember the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.
Join us in support of our second annual golf outing fundraiser for the Newtown Memorial Fund, Inc., a CT Registered Charity and 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to assist those affected by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, contribute to memorial(s), and fund annual post-secondar…
Chris Christie vetoed a "trivial" bill limiting ammunition magazines to ten rounds – a change we know would have saved more lives at Sandy Hook Elementary. Add your name to our petition now!
In the year and a half since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, America has struggled to find a solution to the bloodshed. Some think that arming teachers could not be more wrongheaded. But some districts have decided that teachers are the ultimate ...
Just drove by Sandy Hook, Connecticut. 😢 RIP precious kids and teacher victims of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.
I have received the index for my book, Love and War: How Militarism Shapes Sexuality and Romance (Columbia University Press, October 2014, available for preorder now). It is fascinating to see the work of a professional indexer. Here is a random selection from the index, which gives a pretty good sense that this is an unconventional philosophy book: Sacrificial masculinity DAV and veteran health, 129 emotional disability from, 130–31 misogynistic terrorism interlinked with, 134–36 NFL example of, 127–28, 130 pro-war politics and, 130 violence in sports as, 127–28 war and violence as, 125–27 Sambia, bloodletting practices in, 63 Same-sex relationships cultural problematizing of, 1 Spartans requiring, 19 Sandy Hook Elementary, 70–71 Sarkeesian, Anita, 147 Savage, Dan, 100 Schlafly, Phyllis, 34 Schmill, Vidal, 110 Seattle Seahawks, 49 Semai, of Malaysia, 9, 18 Senate Armed Services Committee, 178 Seneca Falls Convention, 24 September 11, 163–64, 210n17 Sex dolls, 42–44, 100, 101 drive, 114 ma ...
If you think the Sandy Hook elementary shooting was real you need to do some research and educate yourself.
“Sandy Hook Elementary act. this is old we all knew that shot was fake yrs ago
"Sandy Hook Elementary act. so find this unloyal plural???
There is various media information available from several reliable officials that the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting & possibly others, WAS STAGED ! Also Wikipedia has a LONG LIST of school related shootings, from over THE PAST CENTURY ! LOOK IT UP ! So what's with the noisy " We Must Have Gun Control " POLITICAL AGENDA REALLY ABOUT ? People were put up to going on media crying, carrying on demanding gun control. Wake up people ! Buy your own guns up NOW because YOU will most likely NEED THEM ! The MEDIA is completely a Political Propaganda Tool, except for maybe Fox, just like in China, North Korea, Russia, & other country's. How much more do you all need to hear that ? IF you are even paying attention & not living like a recluse. Also, it has been seen & there is video from MANY, that UN Trucks ARE MOVING on our highways & being positioned for the use of FOREIGN UN TROOPS HERE IN AMERICA ! How much more information from average citizens do you need to see & hear that *** COMING TO YOU ? ...
*** 😔 . Uh no this is from the Sandy Hook Elementary😐
In approx. 4 minutes, the shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary shot 154 bullets, killing 20 children and 6 educators. has a decision?
The most PATHETIC PERSON in the world is an NRA WOMAN! Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Photos - ABC News
Gun owners, here is something to think about: Docs Uncomfortable Judging Patients' Competency to Carry Guns June 18, 2014 WEDNESDAY, June 18, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Some U.S. jurisdictions are now requiring a doctor's OK for people to carry a concealed gun, but a new survey suggests many doctors aren't comfortable with that role. The survey, of 222 North Carolina doctors, found that 21 percent had been asked in the past year to sign "competency permits" for patients to carry a concealed weapon. By signing, the doctor attests to the patient's mental and physical ability to safely carry a firearm. The problem, experts say, is that there are no standard definitions of physical or mental "competence," and doctors have been left to make those calls on their own. "There are no guidelines on this," said Dr. Adam Goldstein, the senior researcher on the study and a professor of family medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Laws vary, but in many U.S. states people who apply for a permit to ...
Is violence ever justified? From ancient times, violence has been widely used as a mean of punishment. As time progresses, violence is used more frequently in more occasions, as a punishment for the criminals, torture for family members or venting anger at other races and religions. With all these usage of violence, I feel that violence can never be justified given the negative impacts it brought about. Firstly, capital punishment has been used for several decades to punish people with wrongdoings. Having killed or threatened others life, canning and death penalties are seen as ways to revenge for whatever the criminals had done so that they bear the consequences of their act and thus turn over a new leaf. However, these physical punishment might not be effective. In Singapore, it was found that two inmates had gotten the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) gold award. Through this method, the criminals get to learn new skills and therefore being better adapt to the new environment when they are relea ...
What has more brains than a kindergartener? The walls of sandy hook elementary. LOL ouch
Drove by Sandy Hook Elementary coming home from my game. 😔👼
Kalamazoo Public Library generic Kalamazoo Public Library's downtown building was the site of an open-carry gun incident on June 8. (Mark Bugnaski / Gazette) Print Julie Mack | jmack1By Julie Mack | jmack1 on June 17, 2014 at 7:30 AM, updated June 19, 2014 at 10:31 AM UPDATE: Man explains why he open carries KALAMAZOO, MI -- An incident involving a man carrying a gun at the Kalamazoo Public Library's Summer Reading Party shows the need to add libraries to the list of gun-free zones in Michigan, said Ann Rohrbaugh, Kalamazoo Public Library director. But a spokesman for Michigan Open Carry Inc. says the library owes the man an apology. A similar open-carry incident in Kalamazoo's Milwood neighborhood has stirred local debate about gun rights and the limits of legal restrictions on carrying a gun in public places. The most recent incident occurred mid-afternoon Saturday, June 8, in the parking lot of the downtown Kalamazoo library during a children's event kicking off its summer reading program, according to ...
After the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School one Tennessee father and retired marine is s
she was a teacher/hero at Sandy Hook Elementary School CT. God Bless.
I clipped even more Boxtops & sent them into the Sandy Hook Elementary School! I will continue to raise $$$! =)
Sandy hook Elementary was a drill, no children were killed. Media enjoyed there fake acting and keeping a straight...
Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting officially has been confirmed that it was fake. .
"you shoot up Sandy Hook Elementary School" Bruhh lbvs
“Sandy Hook Elementary act. this is actually pathetic someone thinks this was an act
So wait. . . the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting was just a hoax? All to encourage an anti-gun movement from Obama? Interesting.
Have I asked your Sandy Hook Elementary Shootin' *** for a Handout? TKCAL
"Sandy Hook Elementary act. I'm sold the government is behind everything
“Sandy Hook Elementary act. the gov planned something a stupid mistake like th…
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Nothing will ever make as angry as people that believe that the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary was fake do. Literally. N…
Sandy Hook Elementary is enough proof for me to know there is no god.
Connecticut School Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary: Gov. WHO told the Gov to BE PREPARED for this??
I understand people pointing out the fact that there have been 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook Elementary,...
"the shooting at Reynolds High marks the 74th school shooting since the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre in 2012" ...seriously? how is this ok
Since the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in 2012, the US has had a school shooting every 7.33 days
"Sandy Hook Elementary act. they dont even look similar..
74 school shootings in the 18 months since the one @ Sandy Hook Elementary
there's been 74 school shootings (at least 1 dead in each) in the U.S. since Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. let that sink in.
If you guys haven't been keeping up. There have been 74 separate school shootings since the the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.
"For the 74th time since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, another one of our nation's schools has been...
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