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Sandra Dee

Sandra Dee (April 23, 1942 – February 20, 2005) was an American actress.

Danny Zuko Troy Donahue Hopelessly Devoted Stockard Channing Bobby Darrin

Sandra Dee will always be America's sweetheart.
So while our partner in crime DJ Sandra Dee is covering the last day of Big Country…
Comparing my answers to others in I realize I'm Sandra Dee before the leather. 😱
Breaking news-Sandra Dee Alderson just traded top pitching prospect for2cases of champagne,&3jars o…
Let's trade clint hurdle for terryble while we're in Pittsburgh-correct Sandra dee's mistake now-better late than never
Queen of Cartels: most famous female leader of Mexico's underworld speaks out
Sandra Dee O'Connor is the number of times I have listened to "Crossroads" on repeat tonight.
If I had time or motivation I'd photoshop the Sandra Dee hairdo on to your most recent "aren't I cute" selfie.
Found the soundtrack to Justin 's regime "look at me I'm San…
Happy birthday Sandra Dee 😉!! Thanks for being the best big star a girl could have & a great friend! Love ya! 💕🌟
Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee. Won't go to bed til I'm legally Wed. I can't, I'm Sandra Dee
In Stock!! :-) Roidal summer collection at Sandra Dee. :-)
Hello everyone follow me on ig sandra Nayeli. On sc Sandru Dee .
You know BLOATUS is jealous of the bromance between Macron and Trudeau. He'll probably eat a pin…
I was four when the Sixth Sense was spoiled for me. I've had to live my entire life knowing Sandra Dee was dead the whole time.
Yay! I need to lose the whole Sandra Dee image 😁😁
Lousy with virginity, won't go to bed until I'm legally wed; I can't. I'm Sandra Dee.
Senior Year: I just sang "Look at me I'm Sandra Dee" to the tune of the Harry Potter theme.
Sandra Dee Sweet, chile, you a mess!!! 🤣🤣🤣 ~mama no~
In Stock!! :-) summer collection at Sandra Dee. :-)
Look at me I'm Sandra um Donald Trump!
My life is Sandra dee and I love it ✨..
Sherin and Sandra Dee. LOL.. I just added my two cents I think
According to my mom, Sandra Dee was enrolled in her class at Baylor, but never started her freshman yr bc she married Bobby Darrin instead.
Whatever are they doing to Sandra Dee? Just flipped over.
Look at me I'm Sandra Dee Watching A Summer Place As for you Troy Donahue I know what you wanna do
tru tru tru (unless it's all of 'em making fun of Sandra Dee for being a virgin, but that's a dif story)
Harris to Carlton. But the Blue lose a star to Melbourne. And which young Dee is on her way to the dogs? http…
hey Sandra dee!! Brach for grandersuck? Jag off-show you've got a pair and can terryble
Shame-the 5 people who deserve injury are healthy-madeoff wilpons,vadge Collins, Sandra dee, and grandersuck
The 4 people who deserve to be hurt (wilpons,Lady T, and Sandra dee) are healthy-where is the justice!!!
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Lady T would have had can't miss MC turn25 in vegas if not for injuries.he almost convinced Sandra dee to trad M…
whenever I see a photo of SD I immediately hear Stockard Channing singing Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee
. Susan Wright/Sandra Dee(th) knew I was pope saving the Queen. She did not know I was the rightful heir. Er. Er + Rose (TBA). Ant. Thomas
~ Liz & Monty/ Warren & Natalie. But blondes are okay. Who d'ya like better: Sandra Dee or Connie Stevens? Troy or Tab?
Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue around the time the were filming A Summer Place, 1959 via
Look at me, I'm Sandra dee... lousy with virginityh
Me, I'm good at nothing but walking on the set with a pretty dress.
I'd be interested to learn why my brain has supplied me with nothing but "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee" for the best part of an hour
Hey thatz me, Sandra Dee...just hangin with some more artlovers tonight at the Art Walkabout! It was a great...
I could run for Congress. Why not? Good heavens, if Ronald Reagan can...
. Roland when you are done. Have Uber take you 2 Sandra Dee's BBQ in downtown sac. 10 mins from where you are.
. Roland since u are in the 916 today. Have Uber take u to Sandra Dee's BBQ. In downtown SAC.
Fri 1/13 is pajama day for all of ZN. "Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee" singalongs welcome, but please no piercing your…
"Look at me I'm Cory B. Vying for the Presidency. Won't go away until I get my way. I'm little Cory B!" ~Sung to Sa…
I woke up with a mixture of Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee and Buy You A Drank stuck in my head.
domain names
We can send you some Squeeze Inn or Sandra Dee's. Would that help?
Sandra bullock is kendall from the future don't @ me
Finally found the time to watch my new Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin DVD.💛📽🏙
no more Sandra Dee... now I will be more like Rizo 💙👌
I just want a grease remake with Kristen Stewart as Danny Zuko and Tayor Swift as Sandra Dee is that too much to ask?
I added a video to a playlist 12.Look at me, Im Sandra Dee (Reprise)
Don't know about y'all, but I am LOVING my new weather app! It's hysterical!
It is an amazing soundtrack, I would reenact various songs with my little girlfriend when I was 10. Look at me I'm S…
I added a video to a playlist Grease - Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee [1080p] [Lyrics]
I was going to say Sandra Dee but I googled her and it's Sandra Lee.
What is with you people and exclamation marks? And you people did the same thing with Obama. Don't come for me Sandra Dee.
Only wish there was an Oscars for Best Peaceful Transition of Power in a Democracy &
I too, was a victim. Sandra slapped a perm in my head at 2 years old
I love a girl that knows how to apply her makeup 💕💕
39 years ago tonight.Sandra Dee, Tab Hunter, Edie Adams and Jack Carter in "Blind Terror" on 'Police Woman' with Angie Dickinson on
Morning Sandra! Sorry you are still waiting, our team are working through our DM's and will be with you as soon as possible
If Sandra Dee dies in Grease, she dies in real life.
I'm gonna audition for grease as Sandra Dee
When people pay to see you live, they connect with you on a much dee...
I want Sandra Dee's butt pants at the end of the movie
that's Grease, hon. I was actually singing "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee" at work yesterday.
My mother fed me with a spoon until I was 6 years old.
Good afternoo. I haven't seen ya since you, Sandra Dee, and I ate Thai after the Dark Knight. Hope all is well Sir!
Only remember my therapists name Bc it's Sandra and I remember singing look at me in Sandra Dee
I added a video to a playlist GREASE - Look at me i'm sandra dee ( HD STEREO )
Victoria Justice went all Sandra Dee and she looked -->
And braid my hair. And then sing Sandra Dee.
Charlotte \wearing something from the Sandra dee collection.
I've always had a problem saying what I feel for fear of having someone...
look at me I'm Sandra Dee.something something virginity
I get terrible reviews, but there are people who like to see me in the mov...
Just zoned out recalling Sandra Dee's leather jacket had a dream I could never.
just me, or does his face looks like the bad boyfriend in a 60's Sandra Dee movie?
Congrats to my favorite Sandra Dee and Danny🎭✨
Behind-the-scenes photos from Sandra Okagbue's birthday photoshoot
Not to Self: You are not Bobby Darrin, Kevin Spacey singing Bobby Darrin, or even Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee. But Rosemary Cooney, maybe.
AGAIN, you talk as if Hillary is Sandra Dee all pure & holy like a mother Teresa, both flawed but media Hillary bias obvious
I only allow to call me Sandra Dee. For some reason it makes me laugh 😂
Wonder if Clinton will have Sandra Dee moment now it's over. Ditch the pants suits and come out sewn into skintight leather
"Who's that one food network chef? Is it Sara Lee or Sandra Dee?" -Rudy. Aka Bread or Olivia Newton John.
I don't drink . Or swear . I don't rat my hair. I get ill from one cigarette. Keep your filthy paws. Off my silky draws-Look at me I'm Sandra Dee
you will never know how much I truly love you. God bless you Sandra Dee ❤️
Really, ?? I spend so much money every year and I can't shop the VIB event because I'm Rouge?!? That's terrible service.
The White House will never be this cool again
Yea America.Ain't nobody talkin' about no killer clowns now!
Breast Cancer Awareness
My first year and a half in Hollywood, I did three films. Then in 1959, I...
I'm just going to put this right here.
Lok at me I'm Sandra Dee lousy with VIRGINITY
You don't really find Sandra Dee electrifying unless you fall to the floor in appropriate fashion
Click on What is the Broadband Cease Charge? to view why this charge is applied Sandra. ^Dee
No matter what at least I'll still have Sandra dee
The "Elvis, Elvis, let me be" line was added to the Sandra Dee song in Grease in ode to who died the day thi…
Today a man drew a stick figure of Sandra Dee and then I drew a stick guy of Danny Zuko and then he drew a goat then I drew a cow. Dream man
Do you think my *** would freak if I told him I'm into that choking life?
Thanks a lot Hurricane Sandy. Now I'll have "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee" stuck in my head all week.
Has the issues now been sorted out or do you still need help Sandra? ^Dee
It's a good looking pic. But where's the "hard to kidnap" shirt?
wasn't he the one harboring a known Van Hellsing slayer?
we could be electing uncle Bernie but he had the spot robbed from him
If only that was the worst crime we had to worry about in this election. The whole thing has been a crime.
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She was called Sandy all dolled up, and Sandra Dee when they were making fun of her.
I think the character is Sandy Dumbrowski, but they compare her to Sandra Dee(the real person).
Is Sandy and Sandra Dee the same person? I really don't know my Grease trivia very well. I might give up on this idea.
Is it weird that I'm dressing up like Sandra Dee today? I know it's weird. I'm not sure why, but I want to look like a fake greaser today.
beauty school drop out & Sandra Dee are my fav grease songs 😭
dumbassery. Tupac, Sandra Bland prominent in Colin Kaepernick's sudden shift in awareness on social media
A bit more than a 😌Always remember, someone's effort is a reflection of their…
I look like the Sandra Dee who smokes cigarettes today. Let me know if you agree when you see me.
Unpopular opinion: Greased Lightning is overrated, and doesn't live up to previous belters Hopelessly Devoted to You and Sandra Dee
Sandra Dee Lee is now a member of Maine Genealogy Network
my question is when are you gonna be Vegas bound 🤔 lol
I know the temps aren't "that" high, but *** sitting in the car rider line with the ac on full blast and I'm still sweating my *** off!
Bobby Darrin And Sandra Dee after they got married in 1960. . photo by Allan Grant
I just discovered a Lovecraft movie with Sandra Dee and Dean Stockwell from the 70s! I hope you get to check it out.
When you have a twitch in both eyes, that's real.
Interviewed by a local fabulous spa owner as part of a community spotlight So sweet:
Throwback Thursday to last sat where & I became Danny & Sandra Dee from…
As a little kid, the meaning of Sandra Dee completely flew over my head, as did Rizo's pregnancy scare
Also not standing during the national anthem:. Sandra. Tamir. Freddie. Walter. Philando...
Sorry, Sandra Dee... In high school I traded in your poodle skirt and bobby socks for a purple dress with Doc Martens.
First day of work was good :)) thanks to my big bro Dee for guiding me around lol I still got lost tho !
I can't wait until October when there's no sun outside n everything is cute colors and it's cold and there are terrible h…
I'll do better than that. Here are four:. Eric Garner. Trayvon Martin. Tamir Rice. Sandra Bland.
... I'm probably going to have to look.
LOL!!! There are other things to order that are non-food items on the website ;)
As in we'll all get stupid fat from wanting to support our friends kids via fundraisers. Dangerous future is dangerous
I feel like this is a looming thing that will become a epidemic around here at the rate of children being born.
.I think we are doing a full performance of "Grease", though I'm Sandra Dee
Cassie is participating in her 1st fundraiser for kindergarten! She is selling cookie dough for $10/2lb (1/4)
bucket. She wants to sell 100 tubs so PLEASE help her reach her goal! If you wish to help her, let me know & I (2/4)
will send you the online link to order & have the cookie dough delivered straight to your door! Cassie says (3/4)
Sandra Dee 08/29/16. Cobb County Animal Control. 6 year old female Lab/Shepherd mix. Sweet girl came to us with an...
We love this photo of Sandra Dee in 1959! We've got home and outfit envy!
She's got Sandra Dee's leather pants on & don't know how to act!
Unfortunately, I don't get to be the Bachelor...but my arms and heart are wide open, and I trust…
should just start his own bachelor of Denver show. Full of lions, Broncos , and outdoors. Can give 🦁pins instead of 🌹. Sign me up!
Does laundry while singing, Hopelessly Devoted to the closest rendition of Sandra Dee this community has heard this far.
lok at meme I'm Sandra Dee lousy with virgini-meme
When you realize that your best friend is Sandra Dee. 🙃
Sophie Dee and Sandra rios spreads her legs for a huge *** Dee and Sandra.
What's racist, is the accent you affect in your performance, Sandra Dee.
I don't drink and cigarettes make me ill. I must be Sandra Dee
Sophie Dee and Sandra looks lush getting done from behind deep: Dee and Sandra.
you still coming library with us Sandra Dee or you hitting the clubs tonight? 🙊🙊
It IS an iconic piece and a lovely movie too. As for Sandra Dee & Troy Donahue, well.we know what they wanna do! :)
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I think John Tore refers to Sandra Hutchens as "Sandra Dee" "Sandra Bernhard" & "Sandra Bullock" on his system according to John Tore's mood
Pure sheer class best of the best Deauville is on my vote the best&Colour is Devine. Sandra Dee is excellent retailer
It just seems weird. It’s like, “I want romance, but no parts touching.”. And I just got “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee” in my head.
Sandra Dee amazing vintage lot of clippings
😂😂😂 yup, been trying to be Sandra Dee since Kindergarten (I'll have to show you that picture one day...)
Heidi Cruz sort of looks like Sandra Dee.
Sophie Dee and Sandra on her knees on a desk sucking *** Dee and Sandra.
Actually call me Sandra Dee bc I'm lousy with virginity
I used to sign vouchers and sign-out sheets with 'Alexandra Dee.'...
Sandra Dee O'Connor is more guitars on this stage in a turkey suit pls
I rarely ever get to be home alone so when I am, I become the next Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys AND Sandra Dee
oh that house is from the original Gidget movie with Sandra Dee..but why a chimp and not A?
My father named me after a song, some Sandra Dee films & this doll. Thanks, Dad 🤓🙌
You got your crust I'm no object of lust I'm just plain Sandra Dee. Elvis, Elvis, let me be! Keep that pelvis far from me!
I´m not in contest with anybody, have no thoughts about immortality, don´t give a *** about it. It´s the ACTION while…
When you thought you'd never find your Sandra Dee, but then you do 😍
Sophie Dee and Sandra babe shows off her large boobies and poses: Dee and Sandra. ...
Sandra Dee was married to Bobby Darin from 1960 to 1967...
my first espresso martini last month, my first jägerbomb tonight. Wow. Look at me. I am not Sandra Dee. 😜
Sandra Dee with Jean Simmons and Joan Fontaine candid photo 1957 Until They Sail
Just in case you haven't already seen it "I'm Sandra Dee"- CRCS Grease
"Hi my name is Sandra Dee but you can call me Sandy! I am a super sweet, loving girl who will be your best...
That's a wrap on Grease!! As I say goodbye to Sandra Dee it's time to start preparing for Chicago😏 LETS GO
Sophie Dee and Sandra busty asian seduces a bartender: Dee and Sandra.
I wish I could have Sandra Dee's wardrobe in Gidget.
In the book was only 5 foot. Sandra Dee was actually a little taller, at 5'4"
Sandra Dee had already made several films before including playing the title role in The Reluctant Debutante
Sorry, but Sally Field is Gidget to me, not Sandra Dee.
. Barber: what u want. Me: give me that "look at me I'm Sandra Dee". Barber: say no more
🎼Sandy, you must start anew! Hold your head high...goodbye to Sandra Dee🎼 💃
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OOH! GOOD CALL! I've been singing 'look at me I'm Sandra Dee' in sarcastic tones since I listened!
Sophie Dee and Sandra hot amateur threesome video with: Dee and Sandra.
I'm going to miss spring break, but I'm so excited to see my gorgeous Sandra Dee when she gets home
Hey here is my tiny toy poodle puppy Miss Sandra Dee Aka Sandy. She was born 1/1/16
Next time clean up your mess ft. and Sandra Dee
Now your starting to drool. Hey fongool, I'm Sandra Dee.
this is the cutest gender reveal I've ever seen 😍
what I've seen of the show doesn't peak my curiosity and plus the main actress is too sandra dee-ish for me
Sophie Dee and Sandra loves two bang two guys at the same time: Dee and Sandra.
You and this dress is like a ray of sunshine!. Sandra Dee dress $55. Shop NEW --> …
Toured our Swedish exchange students around UPM campus. Welcome to the Philippines, Sandra and Sofia! 🎊
your bangs make you look like Sandra Dee from grease
Kane brown was amazing. Now lingering by the bar hoping to get a glimpse of him. where you at !? Please 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Sometimes you just have to create your own sunshine!. Sandra Dee dress $55. Shop NEW --> …
No problem at all. Thanks Sandra-Dee. Appreciate it. Have a good weekend.
When I hear Sandy Leon's name I think of Sandy from Grease and then I sing "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee" and I need to break this habit.
Maybe my issue is that my wardrobe is 60% Sandra Dee, and 40% "Tell me about it, STUD."
lousy with virginity.. wont go to bed till im leagally wed,. I can't!!! Im Sandra Dee!
Trooper who arrested Sandra Bland finally gets fired eight months after her death.
we watching Grease rolling weed . call me Zucco you can be my Sandra Dee
The trooper involved in the controversial arrest of has been formally fired:
Sandra Dee Cahill is the wicked witch of West Belfast
Texas state trooper who arrested Sandra Bland fired after he was indicted for perjury
out here lookin like a half black Sandra Dee smh
no I've spoke to Mark Allison and Sandra before and it's a waste of time nothing changes. I just want my boots ordered on 2/27 Dee
for some reason it's always look at me I'm Sandra Dee that gets stuck in my head
sandra dee. Hit the quan. Wobble. Superman
GREASE LIVE | "Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee" | FOX BROADCASTING via still in love with this!
For those who are Audie Murphy fans, there is a movie with Sandra Dee and him on at 11:00 am till 12:30pm Central...
was fantastic!!! was perfect as Sandra Dee and killed it as Rizzo!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I can make Sandra Dee Hopelessly Devoted to me😎😏
But I did actually have an infatuation with Sandra Dee but no one knows who that is, well people under 25 dont
Oh sad...I thought she was the cutest. Loved her
Sandra Dee story was from 2005. Sorry about that. Should have known from the source, Personal Records... Ack.
kind of glad dj did change because this off the shoulder straight leg chunky leather belt sandra dee look is WORKING
"Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee go to space, fight bugs and become Nazis." - Neumeier's pitch for STARSHIP TROOPERS.
Whether you're trying to catch a D or find your very own Sandra Dee, The Lovers Ball has got…
'70s psychedelic horror and Sandra Dee is what one runs into when one researches things
Sandra Dee - One of the popular songs of the Broadway musical and 1978 movie Grease is "Look at Me,
Sandra Dee (April 23, 1942 – February 20, 2005) was an American actress. Dee began her career as a m
Sandra Dee, who at the height of her fame was arguably the biggest female teen idol of her time, has died,...
Channeling my inner Sandra Dee in this one
Wow, Gina just informed my that Sandra Dee Passed away! What the heck...2016 is freaking deadly.
Any actor more handsome in the 1960's than James Darren? Sandra Dee - Gidget luvs Moondoggie 4ever.
I think some sites might be recycling celebrity death news(?!?) I saw Sandra Dee's obit the other day and I KNOW she died in 2005
Teen Queen Sandra Dee dies with Kidney Disease after a long battle against it.
That moment UR walking around the store&the song Hero comes on &then you immediately think of "those" 4hrs! LOL we were young!
Teen Queen Sandra Dee dies at 63 After a Long Battle with Kidney Disease
ICYMI Another one died, this time actress Sandra Dee. They are dropping like flies :(
My favorite movie stars Kim Novak,Sandra Dee & Natalie Wood. I love Jean Harlow,too.
Who's missing their Sandra Dee's? It's dinner time and we are parked to feed you!
Sandra Dee off of Grease is for sure goals !
Tbh I feel like Amy and I would of done a fantastic job on a Sandra Dee and Danny Zuko costume lol maybe next year
I immediately thought Sandra Dee, no worries
Looks like she went to Sandra Dee's Salon & left before Frenchie was finished 😂
I really wish we had multiple Halloween parties to go to because I want to go as Sandra Dee
Halloween throwback when I was Sandra I miss my long hair. 🙄💁🏼
I'm supposed to be Sandra Dee but these hoops and red lips just make me look Hispanic, so I guess I'm Latina for Halloween.
Rukky Sandra shows off her hot bikini body.
Can't wait to bring out my inner Sandra Dee tomorrow 😏
Sandra Dee got her photo shoot fresh
But for real just call me Sandra Dee...
Halloween costume party tomorrow and I got nothing. Red headed Sandra-Dee? Luciell Ball? Talk about a last minute scramble.
When she's hot. Well, *** she's hot. Electric love like Sandra Dee-. ⭐️Come on and Dance
All about Sandra Dee Quotes : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
Sandra Dee will be at the Longbeach Mall today showing you how to hoop and raising awareness and funds for...
I realized in Sandra Dee "wont go to bed til Im legally wed" didnt mean "ill stay up all night to find a husband if I have to!" way too late
Should have planned to be Sandra Dee for Halloween 😂
When Sandra calls me pretty can't nobody tell me nothing ❤️😫 she the prettiest girl in the whole school 😍
no you watch it for the musical number "Look at me I'm Sandra Dee" and that's about it lmao
Jindal predicts we'll be the next Greece. Lindsey Graham resists asking to play Sandra Dee.
Kinda wanna be Gidget for Halloween, kinda don't look like Sandra Dee
Grease - Look At Me , I'm Sandra Dee via cherry grew back, but I don't want your Filthy hand on me
Me: "I might be Sandra Dee.". Sam: "Oh that's so cute, who's gonna be your-". Kelsey: "NO ONE.". 😔😅😭 sad but true lol
Sewing some leather pants bringing Sandra Dee to life 👠
I've just posted on my Blog about: Sandra Bullock Reveals George Clooney Was Her Matchmaker
Costume ideas have been narrowed down to Valley Ghoul or Sandra Dee O'Connor. Crazy week.
lot is sandy and nobody can convince me otherwise. sandra dee is sabbath about lot this is CANON this is canon its ca
When Grease's original Sandy met the new Sandy:
Sandra Dee just popped up on my activity. Lions I can get away with...
We've had a logo makeover and now we feel like Sandra Dee when she went from this to this *smoking is bad for you
Grease Is The Word, There are worse things I could do, Hopelessly Devoted to you and Look at me I'm Sandra Dee
So I found my Halloween costume, Sandra Dee at the end of the movie. Now I need a Danny Zuko 😊
♫Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee por Stockard Channing, do with LiveLyrics ®
Feeling like a new woman, thanks to my amazing stylist Sandra Dee (@ Michael Graham Salon & Spa in Naperville, IL)
This is the only time I can't be mad for letting someone wear my shirt home after sex.
of all songs to have stuck in my head why on earth do I have 'Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee' on repeat
» Jack Dee Sandra Bullock's inner circle 'concerned' over new beau Bryan after mugshot » UPDATE » England…
Please tell me no more rain for Katy!!! We're drowning here!!
I love this video and all you guys so much 💖💖💖
Dee Gonzales isn't this baby a cutie
My beautiful baby girl on her first day of PRE-K!
Tonight we have karaoke with Sandra Dee at 9:00pm!! Be there!
Vintage photo of Sandra Dee sitting with men. -
Oh my god did Mattie just really call Laura "Gidget"? 😂😂😂😂 Sandra Dee would be so proud
Me:Liz sit still . Liz: look at me I'm A.D.D (instead of look at me I'm Sandra Dee)
Yes! Grease...word for word except substituting Sandra-Dee with Jaay-mie!
Look at me I'm Sandra dee add my snap and follow me lol
My Sandra Dee days are over baby...i'm a manizer now...that's what happens when you get your heart ripped...
this Grease Soundtrack is really hittin. i should start every morning with Danny Zuko and Sandra Dee.
tess looks amazing in that pic. Now to see the Sandra Dee version too please lol
whaaat it's when they are singing look at me I'm Sandra dee
Make sure to keep it school appropriate. Sandra will find you 😉
"A Summer Place", is a beautiful movie. Actors : Sandra Dee,Troy Dnahue.
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