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Sandie Shaw

Sandie Shaw (born 26 February 1947) is an English pop singer, who was one of the most successful British female singers of the 1960s.

Dusty Springfield Petula Clark Cilla Black Kate Bush Siouxsie Sioux Chris Andrews Marianne Faithfull Suzi Quatro Bob Dylan South Bank Show Eurovision Song Contest Marianne Faithful Selina Scott Small Faces

Here Michelle , this remind you of anyone 😃.
Paul Danquah & Rita Tushingham in A Taste of Honey.(1961) Rita also was the cover star of Sandie Shaw's Hand In Glove bac…
Love this tune. . My mum sold Sandie Shaw a hat when she worked in C&A 😂😂😂😂
par for the course, getting bullied by Scottish ClinPsy academics & others; for having an independent voice, for re…
Hi Jacqui, was never keen on Sandie Shaw (long story). Amy Winehouse just didn’t do it for…
Should you wish to know them, here are the 1969 vital statistics of Twiggy, Sandie Shaw, Lynn Redgrave and Lulu.
Simon Cowell (BMG) 😳You'll never see the likes of Manfred Mann, Dusty Springfield, Supremes, Temptations, Walker Br…
like a poppet on a string by Sandie Shaw
And in that rig out! She's no Sandie Shaw although appears to think she is,
Found the song. It was by Sandie Shaw. I knew the voice sounded familiar. Great song.
Fantom's Sandie Shaw now finally has shoes.
Sandie Shaw next leader of SF (puppet on a string) regardless whether it is Mary Lou, Martina…
Sandie Shaw via Home will always be London.
She sounds as if she's singing the old Sandie Shaw number!
to go into the night by... Trains and Boats and Planes . Sandie Shaw. via Max Zo…
Happy birthday to Petula Clark. Photo (with Cilla Black & Sandie Shaw) by Fred Mott, c.1965.
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Daniel mentioned Sensible Footwear pleading with Sandie Shaw t…
Amazing. Margaret sings in key better than Sandie Shaw. Go for Joni Mitchell!
If you enjoyed Sandie Shaw and The Smiths on tonight, why not come to our screening of The South Bank Show?
Sandie Shaw talks in more detail about Morrissey and in our free screening of the South Bank Show!
She said that we need to be bold in our presentations, just like a singer (Sandie Shaw) in because she sang barefoot and won :)
Setting the time back to 1969! Sandie Shaw's cover of Lovin' Spoolful's Coconut Grove !!
There`s Always Something to Remind Me by sandie shaw at
Kicking off the next set with Sandie Shaw -luv her - with Long Walk Home from LP Puppet On A String
Want to find somewhere in London? Ask a cabbie. This one: ✅ Sandie Shaw at 68 Wells Street, W1T 3QA
I take it you asked for a Sandie Shaw 1968?
Or; 'Puppet on a string' by Sandie Shaw.
now playing:. Sandie Shaw - How Can You Tell. from the Decades of Music.
Still remember Sandie Shaw writhing about on doing this with The Smiths. Mozza must've had the night off!…
Wasn't this one written for Sandie Shaw?
I added a video to a playlist Sandie Shaw - Puppet On A String (1967)
on : Sandie Shaw - Puppet on a String The Best Of 80's
Sandie Shaw will stop at nothing. Points for
I'm listening to I'll Stop at Nothing by Sandie Shaw on BBC Radio 2, with the Radioplayer mobile app
Er.Simon & Garfunkel, The Doors, Paul Revere and The Raiders, Gerry and his Pacemaker and Sandie Shaw
How about a bit of Sandie Shaw for your lunch break? Performed live at by the wonderful Kyle Newman from
animal cruelty IS vile, no doubt, but Scott was meandering and unstructured same as Sandie Shaw who also got stopped short.
What I learned from the C4 referendum debate: Selina Scott likes lambs and Sandie Shaw is angry about something or other I co…
You didn't miss much, although Selina Scott is still gorgeous and Sandie Shaw was not a puppet on a string.
Sandie Shaw on why she, Nick Mason (Official) and Ed O'Brien are backing the for the European...
in 1984, The Smiths were joined on stage by Sandie Shaw at The Free Trade Hall in Manchester.
this week’s picks: Sandie Shaw, Everly Brothers, The Kinks, The Shangri-Las, *** Dale and the Deltones.
Sandie Shaw made her last live appearance with us at The Shepherds Bush Empire. We accompanied her on Bolan's 'Life's A Gas'
As previously mentioned, once took a call from Bowie. Morrissey too. Sandie Shaw, Marianne Faithful, etc. Autobiog can wait me thinks...
on - Sandie Shaw and 'Mr.Dupont'..her French romeo..
The best part about Sandie Shaw's cover of Jeane is Morrissey's backing vocals.
Website Builder 728x90
Vintage photo of Sandie Shaw posing, doll in hand. -
I'll need to take my sandals off before saying is Sandie Shaw :)
Always Something There To Remind Me (There's) by Sandie Shaw, found with Listen now:
Thanks Run by Sandie Shaw phone now: 03700 100 600 (T&Cs see web)
HOT TRAXX SIXTEES is now playing Sandie Shaw - Love live love YOUR MEMORIES
I seem to have come home with Sandie Shaw, AND Debbie Harry. Now, there's a thought!!!
The barefoot princess...she won so many hearts around the world... Sandie Shaw As...
No, the other good thing he did was he once went out with Sandie Shaw. Those were the 2 good things about him.
Sandie Shaw performing live onstage with The Smiths at The Free Trade Hall, Manchester on March 13 1984.
the searchers , Procum Harlem , Sandie Shaw, Cream , Freddie and the dreamers
This double album features classic tracks by The Hollies, Dave Berry Lesley Gore, Sandie Shaw and LOADS more!
Back in 2016, I took part in Celebrity Apprentice. I was on a team with Sir Tim Rice, Sandie Shaw, Paul O’Grady, Danny Dyer and Fiona Bruce.
On the Top 40, Simon Bates expressed disappointment that Sandie Shaw had worn shoes on TOTP
Sandie Shaw and Morrissey's relationship is iconic. One of me faves
I guess no one else likes Sandie Shaw then. I'll leave, naw it's alright, I'll see maself out
Watching TOTP 1984 - Smiths and Sandie Shaw, Echo and the Bunnymen, a eurovision tune that sounds like Motown, and Janice Long.
My friend had therapy some years ago, recommended by her GP - arrived to find therapist was Sandie Shaw!
Sandie Shaw is one the You too can give an hour a year to inspire the next generation of...
I love Sandie Shaw but for Downtown it *has* to be Petula Clark
Hi -the Downton/Downtown reference yesterday was confusing.Petula Clark's version was way better known than Sandie Shaw's!
Tonight I've mainly been retwisting my dreadlocks & listening to the smiths, sandie shaw & Helen Shapiro
Great Sandie Shaw lyrics of our time:. "The rain was falling down as I flew out of town and went to Paris for the day.". Genius.
Junkie Buddha by Diane Esguerra 'An uplifting book about finding value in the painful experience of profound loss' Sandie Shaw
On AHBS: is Puppet On A String by Sandie Shaw on Wake up with Webbo
Coming up in next 2 hours Helen Shapiro Dusty Springfield Sandie Shaw more
Went to an inspiring women in music event with Sandie Shaw today. Really fantastic lady with the most amazing hair
Children talking to Sandie shaw about life on the road
I will be back, at some stage, bowls at Deal tomorrow, doing your sandie shaw impression 😉
At for event with Jo Dipple, Sandie Shaw and...
Sometimes you just have to listen to Sandie Shaw's cover of Sympathy For the Devil.
Top Sandie Shaw lyric of the day:. "You've not changed a bit my love,. You've not changed at all.".
I don't mean I walk around Sandie Shaw style. I only own trainers and boots, comfy for the small of foot but large of body.
Chatting all things Dusty so naturally my head fills with Sandie Shaw's best hits. Sand to Sand, dust to dusty.
Why did I not know that Sandie Shaw had covered Sympathy for the Devil!? -
Doing a feature on Sandie Shaw on my BBC Essex show, Stephen. Might you be interested in a phoner to chat about her vinyl stuff?
I think Morrissey was obsessed with and inspired by a broad genre and didn't get the obvious memo that Sandie Shaw > Twinkle.
If that is the case, where are Sandie Shaw, Pet Clark, & Dusty Springfield? Eh? Eh? Eh?
Reminds me of puppet on a string...Sandie Shaw...:)
Heard this on earlier, had forgot how breathtakingly good it is. Sandie Shaw, Sympathy For The Devil.
I thought I hated "Sympathy for the Devil" for years until I heard Sandie Shaw's version of it. And she's not the best singer!
♫Puppet On A String by Sandie Shaw. Brought to you by The Heartbeat of Hout Bay - Republic Radio -
Eurovision Flashback 1967: Sandie Shaw brings the UK their first victory and Vicky Leandros debuts a timeless classic
Sandie Shaw tells me about her favourite teacher in the fabulously monikered Parrott ***
following the Sandie Shaw revelations I’ve just realised that Paddington Bear is named after the station. it’s just too much.
Top of the Pops as directed by Alain Robbe-Grillet: Sandie Shaw sings Long Live Love. .
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Pop singer Sandie Shaw would love to be reunited with her best teacher. Can anybody help us find Miss Parrott?
Sandie Shaw on her best teacher: “It would be wonderful to meet Miss Parrott now” – can we reunite them?!
Sandie Shaw How to get her to have Phone Sex
Mystery Year Sandie Shaw won Eurovision with Puppet on a String, the BeeGees were no1 with MassachusettsLN 81333 01522 511219
morning . Did like Sandie Shaw though . Essex girl me thinks .
took me years to realise that Sandie Shaw , wasn't her real name !# derr
all you Sandie Shaw-heads must be so disgusted with me.
Some decent TV shows on your birthday. Sandie Shaw had to be a bit wary, though:
Sandie Shaw: "I’m a grandmother now and I’m only beginning to realise what my sexuality is all about."
‘My god Lila you looked just like Sandie Shaw,’ said Vera.
Sandie Shaw comes comes out of retirement and gets proper epic This made my week.
Sandie Shaw: "I had surgery on my feet. They were never that beautiful. But they are now."
LOL Sandie Shaw says it a puppet on a string
Good morning! We love the prominent eyewear placement on this 1960's single cover. Sandie Shaw seems…
This freaking cat of sandie's and Jon's has to go 😡
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"I’m fascinated by the ageing process. I reckon I’ve got 20 years left." Sandie Shaw talks to
UK singer/songwriter Chris Andrews is 72 today. As well as writing hits for Sandie Shaw and Cher, he scored big with his own Yesterday Man.
There's nothing to dislike about this video. Sandie Shaw, 1969, dancers, and a host that appears abruptly at 0:03:
60's celebrity line up with Cilla Black, Sandie Shaw & Petula Clark. We always have some love for a…
Sandie Shaw's head makes it. Seen this?
I like this Sandie Shaw version of "Jeane"
See also: Sandie Shaw does The Smiths better than The Smiths
Sandie Shaw,shows how much anyone knows that is the best voice i have heard and she is in the bottom two!
she's doing a Sandie Shaw I think...either that or they were nicked just before going on stage
Sandie Shaw slipped with the mascara tonight
Reading more of Katie Boyle she thinks Holland won 1963, Sandie Shaw won in Venice and Spain beat Cliff with Boom bang a bang. Close!
Sandie Shaw - Always something there to remind me
I met Sandie Shaw once. In a shoe shop of all places.
Sandie Shaw was a popular choice and puts into a clear lead.
Good morning Avids. Stand by your beds for Stones, Cat Stevens, Jimi Hendrix, Lulu, Sandie Shaw.
Sandie Shaw was with tonight in Barcelona @ Sant Jordi Club
A new favorite: Sandie Shaw speaks to Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2 about working with Davidge on Riot Pictures
Live now with talking with Sandie Shaw. Tune in!
Came across a great Bob Stanley quote: Siouxsie Sioux was not Sandie Shaw; Pil's Death Disco would not be heard on cruise ships.
ah, isn't it time Sandie Shaw and Morrissey teamed up again?
Tomorrow night sees the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. Will it be "nul points" for us, or will Molly Smitten-Downes win for the UK with 'Children of the Universe'? The UK hasn't won Eurovision since 'Love Shine a Light' by Katrina and the Waves in 1997. The roll-call of past winners also includes: bare-footed Sandie Shaw in 1967, Lulu in 1969, Brotherhood of Man in 1976, and Bucks Fizz in 1981 (remember the famous skirt-ripping routine?) Whoever you're voting for (maybe Austria's bearded lady Conchita Wurst?), we hope you have a fun night.
Starting to put the final touches to what will certainly be a night to remember! Where else will you find Lulu, Sandie Shaw, Johny Logan, Cliff Richard, Dana, Katrina & the waves, Gina G, Setab Erener, Abba, plus many more international artists all in one place? Tarkan will be performing while votes are being counted and we have some supprise local artists popping along to sing for you .We still have a 1 or 2 slots left for singers so İf you'd like to join in please let me know your song. Tickets are selling fast so make sure you have yours!
Going to see 'One Dream ... The Beryl Marsden Story' at the Epstein Theatre, Hanover St this afternoon, with friends Clare and Dot. I was 10 in 1963 and was into The Beatles, Monkees, Kinks, Sandie Shaw, Helen Shapiro for a while but can't remember Beryl Marsden at all. So I'll put my best boppin' shoes on this afternoon and join in with the 60's music!
The Twist Lincoln Drill Hall Friday 7th March The Twist is a must-see show coming to the Lincoln Drill Hall for one night only at 7.30pm on Friday 7th March. The Twist gives you the best tributes to your favourite stars of the 50s and 60s, including Buddy Holly, Sandie Shaw, Connie Francis, Elvis Presley and Dusty Springfield. Hear all the hits played by the incredible band The Twisters. The Twist will have you bopping in your seats. Featuring Chris Madin, a singer from the BBCs Strictly Come Dancing Orchestra. Join The Twist for a thoroughly entertaining evening packed full with your favourite songs. You will not be disappointed. Come and Twist the night away at Lincoln Drill Hall on Friday 7th March. Call the box office on 01522 873894. The Twist, keeping great music alive!!
Why is it that every woman on telly and films these days had got *** Wasn't like that in my day. Valerie Singleton, Dusty Springfield, Lesley Judd, Lulu, Sandie Shaw, Anna Ford, Hayley Mills, her off The Seekers and Una never saw them having *** on telly and all over the place. Disgusting, that's what it is.
Anyone interested in show business DVD biographies should check out the ones made by The have made some brilliant documentaries on the likes of Dusty Springfield, Frankie Vaughan, Billy Fury, Alma Cogan, John Lennon and Matt Monro. Pictured is the one profiling Kathy Kirby which I wrote the commentary for, and appeared in along side such names as Sir Bruce Forsyth, Sandie Shaw, Vince Hill and Ernest Maxin. And no I am not on any commission for the plug!
hey if it's good enough for Sandie Shaw ...
Most chilling lovely beautiful song discovered in 2013: Sandie Shaw's cover of "Jeane"
Even if Laurence does keep calling him Sandie Shaw!
This comes after my mum telling me she was in the audience for Ready Steady Go when Sandie Shaw performed. How cool to have "been there"!
Just learnt that colleague was in the studio for Top of the Pops in May 1965 & would have seen one of my idols, Sandie Shaw!
Recently played on Radio - Delta Goodrem, George Michael, Bob Dylan, Sandie Shaw and Dido.
I've had a certain Sandie Shaw song stuck in my head for the last few weeks and it is starting to become slightly irritating
indeed - tell me what was different about Sandie Shaw? Go find out
Only Sandie Shaw I have is: Girl don't Come, How Can You Tell, Always something there to Remind me, and
Nolan, how bout "Message Understood" (1965) by Sandie Shaw, before your off the air? Thanks!
Hello JR, it's been awhile, how have you been? Good I hope! How bout "Message Understood" (1965) by Sandie Shaw? Thanks. Patrick
Brit Girls of the Sixties: Cilla Black, Sandie Shaw & Lulu by David Bret via 50 years since they started!
I found the original Lana bae. Her name is Sandie Shaw
Turning on my Sandie Shaw station on pandora to set good vibes in my home
"Lemon Tree" is a folk song written by Will Holt in the 1960s. The song has been recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary, Chad & Jeremy, The Kingston Trio, The Seekers, Bob Marley and The Wailers, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Sandie Shaw, and Roger Whittaker. In 1965, Trini Lopez recorded the most successful version of the song which hit number twenty on the Hot 100.
Recently played on Radio - Sandie Shaw, Stereophonics, Blank Maps, Young Believers and Jasmine Thompson.
often happened in 60s music. Sandie Shaw (1.45-2.00 secs in) is lsightly below note on 'go' and 'there'
This morning. Songs by alphabetical order throws up Mott the Hoople, Bowie, Jarvis and Sandie Shaw! Great start to
It was Sandie Shaw. Please help the cause against breakfast crumbs
Meet Black Singles 300x250
did you see Sandie Shaw on Celebrity Pointless. she was THE WORST
.odd, I thought Ed Miliband would go for "Puppet on a (union) string" - Sandie Shaw
Hello my friends I got this email from Vinny and am posting on here perhaps you would like to reply to her . Hello Everyone, I stumbled across your site and was wondering whether you could help me please. I am a final year student at Manchester Metropolitan University currently completing my dissertation. My topic is 'Worshiping at the alter of fame: The displacement of the church for popular culture'. I would be absolutely grateful if any of you would write me a short statement saying why you are fans of Sandie Shaw and what drew you to them. Preferably from when you were teenagers and include any specific memories you wish to. If you could email me this and put your name, age, the time you were referring to and todays date, that would be fantastic. Thank you so much, i look forward to hearing from you :) Vinny vbirdi.dissertation
Recently played on Radio - Tiny ruins, Bianca Nicholas, Sandie Shaw, Stereophonics and Blank Maps.
I favorited a video Sandie Shaw - Always Something There to Remind Me (stereo)
Much prefer Sandie Shaw's cover of 'Jeane' to the Smiths' original. It's one of my favourite tracks, I think.
My lecturers keep on going on about Sandy Shore work. Sadly not Sandie Shaw work :(
Re-watching stuff. Feels strangely intimate to see your favourite musician's bare feet :) Sandie Shaw And The Smiths
Melissa, I think you've missed the political point being made and the Sandie Shaw/ Puppet on a String reference.
How one hat can turn one person into Sandie Shaw (me) and another into a binman ()
get off the sexist train lady, that journeys a bit worn out FYI Sandie Shaw was a sweetheart
Last night I dreamt that me and met Sandie Shaw at the bus station in edinburgh where she was doing a concert.
Sandie Shaw - Puppet On A String (1967): via In honour of the K Rudd photo opportunity revealed today.
Sandie Shaw (born 26 February 1947) is an English pop singer, who was one of the most successful British female singers of the 1960s. In 1967 she was the first British act to win the Eurovision Song Contest. She has been described as "the barefoot pop princess of the 1960s".[1] She announced her retirement from music in April 2013. Biography[edit] Early life and career[edit] Sandra Ann Goodrich was born and brought up in Dagenham, Essex, England. On leaving school, she worked at the nearby Ford Dagenham factory, and did some part-time modelling before coming second as a singer in a local talent contest. As a prize, she appeared at a charity concert in London, where her potential was spotted by singer Adam Faith. He introduced her to his manager, Eve Taylor, who won her a contract with Pye Records in 1964 and gave her the stage name of "Sandie Shaw".[3][4] Taylor teamed Shaw with songwriter Chris Andrews, who wrote her first single, "As Long as You're Happy Baby", which failed to make the charts.[4] Howeve ...
Don't miss out on our Sandie Shaw mini dress with Diamante buttons ending on Monday evening and starting at a tiny...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Jean - Sandie Shaw (+The Smiths) which song reminds you of how far you've come?
Downloaded Sandie Shaw, Bob Dylan and Sex Pistols songs. Think I might survive the first term of school now.
Sandie Shaw, honking it all the way to the bank. Nearly as fit as Salinger.
Having a whale of a time listening to Sandie Shaw.
True Matt. There is the odd, and I mean odd, Sandie Shaw fanboy but that's not a deal breaker.
This Sandie Shaw rehearsal of "Long Live Love" for TOTP has to be one of the spookiest/coolest things online.
Been ages since I last heard this. Still love it. "Sandie Shaw - Steven (you don't eat meat)" via
Thanks for the reminder! So good. Loved hearing from Clare Grogan and Sandie Shaw especially. Lovely reassessments.
Whitney Houston, The Carpenters, and Sandie Shaw i've put on, if you don't know who they are then shame on you
you got sun, sea & sand, we've got sun, shops & sandie shaw on radio, I suppose a swap is out of order.
Numerology for 01/09/13 - Back from a very inspirational Buddhist Meeting Met the singer Sandie Shaw
today I had an epiphany: I will not just get my fringe trimmed, I will get a haircut like Sandie Shaw, mid-60s
Michel polnareff and Sandie shaw (1967) Love me please love me kitsch version
Unexpected afternoon of recording vinyl on the cards. First up this banger from Sandie Shaw - Sympathy For The Devil
I saw and interviewed barefoot Sandie Shaw there many moons ago.
Sandie Shaw's favorite tpy is her Puppet On A String -
Sixties model Sandie Shaw gets her kit off
Join Sandie Shaw, in her retreat of share!
Join Sandie Shaw, in her retreat of
Sandie Shaw's Hello Angel has been reissued with extra Smithness. It's in my HMV for 6 quid. Worth a punt?
Pop star Sandie Shaw loves so much she now lives there - her tips for shops, eats, fun via
Bachararach / David song, backing vocals from Doris Troy, Dee Dee Warwick & Cissy Houston. Covered in the UK by Sandie Shaw who went to
"My Secret Life: Sandie Shaw, 66, singer If Tarantino was on I'd point him to Sandie.
is very much missed. Very funny and clever bloke. It was "always something there to remind me" by Sandie Shaw
tempted to write David Lynch asking him to make another TV show, in the style of Morrissey writing to Sandie Shaw asking her for more music.
Weird. Been talking about Sandie Shaw with a couple of peeps. Woman sat next to me has 'Sandie' written on her hand!
They are very friendly snakes. They even like Sandie Shaw.
Sandie Shaw sang about Going to Paris for the day
Congrats on winning and in the immortal words of Sandie Shaw... Long Live Love!!!
Recently played on Radio - Stars, Solar Year, Tycho, Sandie Shaw and The Weepies.
There are a couple of interesting articles in the Telegraph - just Google Sandie Shaw and they'll be near the top.
Love your blog too! (Although I'm not sure whether that flashback to Sandie Shaw was a good one or not!) :-)
George, more of a pebbly beach than a Sandie Shaw? (awful I know)
Listening to my new record - 'Reviewing The Situation' by Sandie Shaw With many bonus tracks.
Heard this hour... Sandie Shaw, Jerry Lee Lewis, J.J. Jackson, Earl and David McCallum. Hear more at
a Sandie Shaw. The tide came in and the Shaw disappeared.
Wow. Just a few days ago I probably knew about three songs by Sandie Shaw. Now I am on a mission to buy ALL of her albums. I'm in love!
"Always something there to remind me". (Sandie Shaw)
Next weeks Lets go Tripping (9 July), as trailed, will be UK/Euro girls and duets with Lulu, Elkie Brooks, Sandie Shaw (the fantastic 'Run' single) Vashti/Twice as Much, P P Arnold/Roderick the Moderick, Small Faces and the Who followed by Tony Joe White, 5 Americans, 4 Seasons, (couldn't think of anything with three in the name at the time)Lou Christie and soul from Bettye Swann, Esther Philips, Mary Wells and Primettes. The following weeks schedule (16 July) will include a full hour of folk music, seeing as how we have no folk show on Watton, followed by some early recordings by Frank Zappa, Brian Polle/Tremeloes, Beatles and Kinks and some UK Psych from July, Chimera, Chita Neogy and Jon. The following week (23 July) will be the first of the occasional album specials. First up it's Love masterful 'Forever Changes' with demo's from Bryan Maclean, live tracks by Love and one or two surprise tracks of bands influenced by Love. There'll be a review of each track and, hopefully, information and insight into ...
I am quite happy with the winner of the Eurovision ! Well done Denmark ! If I remember correctly. the last winner to wear no shoes was Sandie Shaw from the United Kingdom singing " Puppet on a String ". I could be wrong though... ! Love Paul xxx
If Led Zepplin in their prime represented the Uk we would still not win this contest - bring back Sandie Shaw i say or Mary Hopkin
     In the past few days, I've listened to about a dozen episodes of a program that originates on BBC Radio4 in London called Desert Island Discs. I discovered it by chance while reading an article in Record Collector about Sandie Shaw. The article referenced Shaw's appearance on the program and provided a link to the website. I was enthralled by the concept, and by the presenter, Kirsty Young, and soon after discovered the show's entire archive was available for download free on ITunes. There's an extraordinary guest list and among those I've listened to this week were Dustin Hoffman, Judi Dench, Hugh Laurie, Randy Newman, Julie Burchill, Charlie Watts, and Goldie Hawn. I downloaded more than 50 episodes in all so far, and expect to spend a good portion of the summer ahead listening to them.      The concept is simple. Each guest chooses 8 songs (not albums - songs) he or she would take to a desert island with them. They are also provided one luxury (with limitations, of course - Roger Waters want ...
Anyone know the easy way to tell Dusty Springfield, Petula Clark and Sandie Shaw apart?
my excuse for everything when mum questions me is "James Dean would have done it" or when I'm barefoot: "Sandie Shaw would've done it".
Sandie Shaw claims she’d need a private education to make it as a star today. Is she right, asks
NEWEST REViEW honeychain FUTURA ep Even without her Nushu partner Lisa Mychols, Hillary Burton has no problem upholding the brilliant joy, boisterous bubble, and churning power-pop perspiration of the L.A. fab femme duo’s Hula LP (2010) and last year’s Joystick covers EP. Like Joystick only self-penned, her solo FUTURA might be better titled Past; the influences of the early, when-they-were-good Bangs/Bangles, The *** Wednesday Week, and ’60s radio pop still ruled the roost, but with these kind of melodic flurries, meaty riffs, and girl-group drama lyrics, the old dog formula feels forever, not forgotten. Within the cascading voices of the closing “Than You,” there’s even a click in Burton’s voice that compares satisfactorily with Sandie Shaw and Cilla Black, an apprehensive vulnerability/hurt providing catchy contrast to the thicker guitars and crash cymbals bursting like 4th of July sparklers behind her resigned, “No one ever seems to be better for me/Than you.” And her jubilant hoo .. ...
Sinéad O'Connor is channelling Rambo and Sandie Shaw here. And being rude to The Mair.
Tony Blackburn's Pick of the Pops this week: so far we've had the Small Faces and Sandie Shaw, bliss
Sandie Shaw, Suzi Quatro and Siouxsie - Beeb 4 have my favourite musical women on all in one program. Seen it before, watching it again!
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As is Sandie Shaw’s French version. Why don’t pop singers do foreign language versions any more.
Great programme on about the Queens of British Pop. Sandie Shaw & The Smiths was such a perfect musical collaboration
Sandy Shaw? FFS, Miriam! Sandie Shaw! I even have a CD of her singing in Spanish, which is kind of awesome.
you kinda look like Sandie Shaw. Are you aware of this?
*** everyone just shouting angrily about Question Time Sandie Shaw is on BBC 4. Turn channel & calm the beans.
I just loved Sandie Shaw, love her songs xx
Sandie Shaw yes yes yes but she's a fecking crank with her cats
Bring me the head scarf of Alfredo Garcia, The house of Sandie Shaw, The millisecond the earth stood still ...
don't know if you know this...Sandie Shaw - Jeane (full length version)
Coming up real fast! Sifting through BGV's and shedding tunes of Dusty Springfield, Sandi Shaw, Cilla Black and more British artists. Work with me brain!
Listening to: (our) Sandie Shaw !! Always Something There To Remind Me. What a voice she has.
Wonder if puppet on a string by sandie shaw sounds similar to Alfie by Lilly Allen? 😖
Recommended viewing: from Marianne Faithfull and Sandie Shaw through to Kate Bush and Siouxsie Sioux, this is...
I actually like Sandie Shaw and The Smiths version of hand in glove
A doc. on BBC2 called the Queens of British Pop, with a.o. Sandie Shaw, Marianne Faithful, Siouxsie & Kate.
watching Sandie Shaw video from last night you look alike should do a 60's look
Humbled & blessed by the outpouring of love & support. God's timing is perfect.
Sandie Shaw with an undergarlanded Chris Andrews song
-better late than never,I am here watching Dusty Springfield and sandie shaw and marianne and Suzie et al...
I could truly stay up all night doing this jigsaw, listening to Sandie Shaw and drinking Cotes Du Rhone. Maybe I will!
Watching Queens of British Pop, I loved the clip of Sandie Shaw driving a Lamborghini Miura down a beach
no, same as Sandie Shaw. Never realised the whole surrounding story
Queens of British Rock on very good. Dusty, Sandie Shaw, Marianne Faithfull etc.
Makes note of Sandie Shaw's leather coat, leopard print tights and black stilettos combo.
Sandie Shaw on TOTP with The Smiths. She was 37 when she did that. Bloody ***
Sandie Shaw had/has cheekbones like geometry, as said but probably not about her.
Sandie Shaw. I met her in the 80's. I was a 'nanny', there to meet another 'nanny'. She was horrible. Her husband, Nick, was very nice...
Queens of British Pop on BBC4. How lovely was Sandie Shaw?
Suppose its coming to us all ..The years haven't been good to sandie shaw
Sandie shaw was a bit nice back in the day
The songs sandie shaw has done with morrissey are great check em out on youtube she is barefoot too!
I have no interest in Sandie Shaw get Kate Bush on
Sandie Shaw is the most surprising for me
At home now watching queens of british pop. Sandie shaw now hoorah!!
23:00 Queens of British Pop: The series looks at stars including Sandie Shaw, Suzi Quatro and Siouxsie Sioux.
Watch out if you are walking in the south-west coast area - Alison Park is out and has a knack of "stumbling across" adoptees and their forever friends!! LOL
Well how can I, forget you girl; when there is always somethin there to remind me? Name that artist and I'd be more than impressed.
Sandie Shaw doing an amazing cover of "day tripper" on BBC4. Sounds very naturally her song, wonder why it was never released?
Welcome "New Likes"! Word is spreading about DaGM50k and there are some who I don't know. So I'd like thank the following newbies, some I know some not so much, for supporting my cause: Debbie McCart, Cathi Fetherston Hewston, Seth Meyers, Monroe Morgan, Melissa Chaney, Jeffrey Hiett, Lazaro Ugalde, TinoNMichelle Julian, Christopher Horton, Pamala Parton Garta, Alice Trevino Schaefer, Lana Cherneski Sikora, Sandi Thomson Dempsey, Melissa Shaw Brown and Karina Salgado. Please introduce yourself and thanks again!
watching Cilla and Sandie Shaw on tele..refreshing to see singers sing live and not over-styled, and barefoot and tuneful
Cilla Black and Dudley Moore just murdered If I Fell on BBC4. My ears are bleeding. Sandie Shaw has arrived to save me by singing Ticket to Ride.
Sooo many people covered the beatles and their tunes were only released !! Sandie shaw. Ticket to ride !!
Not sure Sandie Shaw should have covered day tripper
I was listening to Sandie Shaw today she hates Puppet On A String, always has.
(c) again, i could buy Hello Angel by Sandie Shaw for about £2 and it'd be on that. What do you suggest i buy??
      Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. ~ George Bernard Shaw ~ Once upon a time, I didn’t think I was an artist, because people told me I wasn’t and I believed them. And I believed ...
One word to describe that drive to work this morning "We"
Sandi Shaw posted: Before you judge my life, my past, or my character. Walk in my shoes, walk the path that I have traveled, live my sorrow, my losses, my doubts, my fears, my pain and my laughter Remember; "Judge not lest he be judged." Everyone has their own story! When you have lived my life, THEN you can judge me ! If you agree, post this on your wall .
Gosh the tables nearly got blown down Canal Street, oh and speakin about blowy (as in the wind) tonight Sandi Shaw returns with her witty banter, sparkling frocks, camp toones, happy hour prices, cheap house shots, and whatshisname on the bar...aye thats right- MATT B, just for youz !
My PC blew up, thanks to Escom! Another job well done! May I ask that you send me an e-mail to sandissneed to recapture your e-mail address.thank you.
Thank you for the wake up calls I had in thes few minutes. I'm really sorry. Did not mean to offend you friends that are so near in my heart. I was overwhelmed and would never want to lose any one of your friendship. Thank you for forgiving me for ducking off fb and wanting to sit on a heap. Thank you all
My Father will be passing on soon,. .and that Puts ME at the TOP of the Family Clan ! With My BOYS the next in Line. Gotta LOVE IT !!
OMG.Amazing turn-out for Horse Shoe Tournament this afternoon. Also, a Special performance by Neil Shaw and Steve Morris with their NEW Accustic show. Everyone is outside enjoying this gorgeous day!
The fourth single taken from the brand new album "Edmund & Leo" due for release on 25th February 2012. Pre-order today at www.maxidun...
Best singers in your humble opinions. Please. Mine? Let us start with Elvis, and in no particular order, here follows my other selection. Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Tim Buckley, Robert Plant, Steve Marriott, David Bowie, Bryan Ferry, Paul AND Simon, Nat King Cole, Chet Baker, Kate Bush, Boy George, Elizabeth Davidson Fraser (Cocteaus), Eartha Kitt, Tom Jones, Dusty (naturally), Sandie Shaw, Sandy Denny (Fairport), and not me. I'm sure I have a pretty complete menu for yous all to digest, so add some names I have shamefully missed!
jools Holland - Last year it was Sandie Shaw and her legs and I can't believe Petula Clark is 80 !!!
Sandie Shaw with Essex pop stars and musicians who were number one in the 50s and 60s.
To mark 60 years of the singles chart, we have 5 specials about Essex pop stars with No.1 singles. Part 1 (50s/60s) with Sandie Shaw at 11 today.
Recently played on Radio - Sarah McLachlan, Melanie, Afterlife, Sandie Shaw and Marianne Faithfull.
Wight is Wight was a big radiohit and a hit in all of Europe on the jukeboxes also. It was Sandie Shaw's second single of the 1970's. It was released June 19...
I was in high school when she recorded this song (Sandie Shaw has also a version. I forgot the other foreign singer who inspired her.), a nice one even up to present time standard for our local performers. She's one to whom I can compare with Raquel Welch during her time. More on her -
Sandie Shaw - Those were the days 1968 Once upon a time there was a tavern Where we used to raise a glass or two Remember how we laughed away the hours And t...
Sandie Shaw - Always something there to remind me - - & 94.9 FM
Sandie Shaw - Always something there to remind me - -
not really hd, but the quality is better than the normal ;) I wonder if one day that, you'll say that, you care If you say you love me madly, I'll gladly, be...
I just got told I look like Sandie Shaw when she was young, I'm writing my essay with smug satisfaction right now
only because like me, you remember Sandie Shaw and Cathy MacGowan!
Fringe or no fringe? NO FRINGE. Fringe makes you look a bit like 1960s chicks Sandie Shaw or Cathy MacGowan
Dusty Springfield, the Andrew Sisters, Sandie Shaw... what an iTunes shuffle!! love it.
Here’s Sandie Shaw doing a reggae thing. It’s not good!
Me with the lovely sandie shaw at last nights
I would like to request Jeane The Smiths w/ Sandie Shaw Thanks Jose
if anyone knows how to get in touch with Sandie Shaw could you please contact
for James Delingpole as he collects p45 from Sandie Shaw - Puppet On A String (1967): via
. with Sandie Shaw at UK Music's celebration of 60 years of the charts
I recognise you Obvs. Sandie Shaw and DJ Smashy, who are the others?
Sandie Shaw doing reggae song in questionable 'Jamaican' accent you wouldn't get away with now (thanks to
Just Sandie Shaw to go now for the Flag but finding it difficult to contact her. Management not replying :( any ideas?
Thx for Sandie Shaw info but so far have have heard nothing back from Shavian - any more ideas??
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