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Sandi Toksvig

Sandra Brigitte Sandi Toksvig (born 3 May 1958) is a Danish/British comedienne, author and presenter on British radio and television.

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Sandi Toksvig is great, can't wait to see her host QI.
Just read this and totally trolled myself
thanks. I got them the Sandi Toksvig girls are best and they have enjoyed that.
Interview with founder and MC Sandi Toksvig in Good Housekeeping.
Time to celebrate, Sandi Toksvig is making TV history as the FIRST woman to host a major comedy panel show…
Everyone going,"Huh, Bros? Who?" . Well, kids, I'm old enough to remember their debut on No. 73 with Sandi Toksvig.
Was the WEP the one Sandi Toksvig buggered off from the BBC to set up?
Losing four gave me the confidence to appear on TV
Sandi Toksvig admits losing FOUR STONE gave her confidence to be on TV ahead of debut
What a wonderful way to spend an hour. I could honestly listen to Sandi Toksvig talk all night!
Thank you very much to Sandi Toksvig OBE and Gavin Esler for a fantastic and hilarious evening here
Sandi Toksvig has been speaking about the foundation of and how is the happiest country in the wor…
"Being host of QI is the best job in the world" - Sandi Toksvig
On being chancellors at universities: “I have loved it being Chancellor at - Sandi Toksvig…
Sandi Toksvig has spoken about becoming a British citizen, but holding dual nationality and feeling very European…
Gavin Esler and Sandi Toksvig have discussed Sandi being a product of the as well as satirising politics and politicians
when is new QI with sandi toksvig coming out tho
The November 2016 issue of Good Housekeeping is on sale NOW so go get yours!
Last chance to send in any questions you have for Sandi Toksvig OBE! The Chancellor will pick some to ask at tonigh…
As usual there will be a 30 min & 45 min episode every week. And it's Sandi Toksvig's first series as host and she is AMAZING
Sandi Toksvig: Losing four stone gave me the confidence to appear on TV
Sandi Toksvig tells how losing four stones gave her the confidence to go back to television: . The one time s...
Throw in Sandi Toksvig and you've got a deal.
Sandi Toksvig's QI: 'I'm not here as a mini-me for Stephen Fry'
9am Sandi Toksvig explains why the Women's Equality Party is needed - Is she right?
We're looking forward to the sold-out In Conversation with Sandi Toksvig OBE on Tuesday https:…
And she's started - Sandi Toksvig giving her 'Lacombe and Leon' lecture
I make no secret of how much I love Sandi Toksvig, but that was quite an advanced case of approximately tuned singing. Jeremy Hardy-esque.
nah they're Sandi Toksvig's vanity project
Sandi Toksvig. 15 to 1 William G Stewart if people can remember that long ago was unfriendly. Sandi is lovely.
lol thought it would be! Google no 73 and sandi toksvig and the sandwich game TV GOLD featured in NBC s Science of Love
nah. He's poked. Been found out. Best option is host of QI once Sandi Toksvig gets bored with it
Just been told wants to dress like Sandi Toksvig...
I wish we could have a general election as we could then sweep Sandi Toksvig into power!!!
Me wibbling about and Russia and my new show on Radio!
just watched on old but brilliant w Sandi Toksvig & . What happened to them? 😃
haven't you heard? M was the last series with fry as the host, he decided to quit and sandi toksvig takes over.
... And, indeed, Sandi Toksvig. I think we've still got *** Jagger though?
you can see Sandi Toksvig, Susan Calman & Sue Perkins in the new musical "Lezz Gloriosa"
Sandi Toksvig said that women weren't funny on Q1 once and my heart broke.
15 to 1 now with the majestic Sandi Toksvig
Thought Beck was brilliant, whilst simultaneously looking like a stretched out Sandi Toksvig
Nicola Sturgeon, Stephen Hawking, Sandi Toksvig and David Attenborough rumoured to be limbering up to lead a Government of National Unity...
Cannot believe this was 3 years ago! Not many people can say Sandi Toksvig gave them their degree!
just had a thought. Where Sandi Toksvig?
Guys, guys; I've just remembered the Women's Equality Party! It's going to be okay, Sandi Toksvig is going to save us all!
This Day: 2015. Sandi Toksvig hosts her final edition of ‘The News Quiz’ after nine years
Crazy idea for crazy times: new party merging non-Corbyn Labour/Lib Dems/Greens, some kind of alliance with SNP/Plaid etc. + Sandi Toksvig?
How can anybody not like No.73? Sandi Toksvig as Ethel is God like in her stature!
i actually quite like Sandi Toksvig, am i crazy
I'm addicted to you don't you know Sandi Toksvig?
I wonder if Sandi Toksvig will be ready with the Women's Equality Party?
That political giant - Sandi Toksvig - might defect from her women's Equality Party to the new pro-eu luvvies party
Where the *** is Sandi Toksvig when you need her. Hurry up and get that party going.
Sandi Toksvig will win a snap by-election and, after a quick coronation, becomes Leader of the Women's Liberal Equality Par…
is it me or is Tom Cruise turning into Sandi Toksvig? I hope so!
Mad props to the guy on my train wearing a hand-written "I ❤️ Sandi Toksvig" t-shirt
Dear Tracey Emin, Eddie Izzard, Richard Rogers, Sandi Toksvig & the other Europhile luvvies: please don't give up the d…
Idris Elba as Bond, Ruth Wilson as Bond girl, Stephen Fry as the villain, and Sandi Toksvig as M. MI6 on the set...
Emma Watson, J.K. Rowling & Sandi Toksvig have joined us to ask for a statue of a suffragette! via
Even if it's in exchange for Patrick Stewart, Dolly Parton, Tony Iommi, Sandi Toksvig & Shane Williams becoming immortal, it's not worth it.
Oops I've just mistaken Sandi Toksvig for Clare Balding! Shhh - dont tell them, not sure who'd be most offended!
Miranda Hart, Sandi Toksvig and Olivia Colman (because you must have Olivia Colman).
w Sandi Toksvig 'takes whites out of your eyes' starting a political party
Replace Jo and Claudia with Bill Bailey/Jon Richardson/Victoria Coren/Sean Lock/Sandi Toksvig and would’ve had all my favourite ppl
Sandi Toksvig on desert island discs says she'd like to bring an endless supply of the Daily Mail. "At some point I will…
Joanna Lumley, Emma Willis, Michelle Collins and Sandi Toksvig are among guests at the Sky Women in Film and TV Awards this morning
Just listened to Sandi Toksvig on desert Island Disks. She was at a friend's party but I didn't speak to her. In awe ..
Today's desert island disks was lovely, I could listen to Sandi Toksvig for hours.
Sandi Toksvig being really excellent on desert island disks!!!
Read co-founder Sandi Toksvig's blog over at on parenting, care and education.
Just watched Sandi Toksvig doing an impression of Black Jesus from Family Guy for Standard Friday night fun.
Although, Sandi Toksvig might do well in the 'straight man' host role.
Stephen Fry is leaving QI. Makes me sad. Not convinced about Sandi Toksvig replacing him. I think Jo Brand would have been more fun.
Sandi toksvig just walked past the pub we are in, cool
Only just heard Stephen Fry is leaving Bad news. Worse news is Sandi Toksvig is taking over.
volunteer Cokie van der Velde honoured at awards
The woman who helped expose the Rotherham exploitation abuses was honoured at awards
Join Sandi Toksvig in March for the Chancellor's Dinner, with guest speaker John McCarthy CBE
Searching for a Venn diagram of Corbyn supporters and people who find Sandi Toksvig funny.
I hope Sandi Toksvig isnt gets tips from this : )
Gareth Malone looks more and more like Sandi Toksvig every day.
I think might be Sandi Toksvig, practicing?
A dissection of Sandi Toksvig's Women's Equality Party and how it's a party for middle class women
Sandi Toksvig asked a question on Fifteen To One the other day and pronounced it Bio-Pic! Yay!
Kind words about the from Sandi Toksvig in Saturday's FT. "I've rarely slept better"
Pls post a selfie & share. It means a lot. Sandi Toksvig did it, too! tag:
Meanwhile, Sandi Toksvig leaves the oh-so-apolitical News Quiz to found a feminist political party, and then becomes new QI presenter!
Sandi Toksvig has the most annoying voice on television. Ruins 15 to 1
Deserved recognition for founder at ceremony
Marianne Taylor: Kezia could do worse than accepting Sandi Toksvig's invi...
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I just found out Sandi Toksvig will be the new QI host. This pleases me.
Sandi Toksvig would make a great James Bond.I'd watch that.What a twist.A Danish James Bond.
"Chappers" presenting in the style of Sandi Toksvig
I'm looking forward to Sandi Toksvig winning the coveted 'Man of the Year Award' this year.
This year's Women in Film and TV Awards will be hosted by .
Sandi Toksvig will be absolutely brilliant as host of An ideal replacement for Stephen Fry.
WAISTCOATS!! Marquess of Bath, Sandi Toksvig and me (Romford Ice Skating Rink c.1990)
Do BOTH on different nights is Sandi Ego a more egotistical Sandi Toksvig? xx
Stephen Fry quits QI after 13 seasons; new host is Sandi Toksvig -
Go to the event of a lifetime: Erica Jong, Sandi Toksvig, Meera Syal&Gemma Cairney
I miss Sandi Toksvig so much. It just doesn't sound right!
Bless you Ray for ranking Sandi Toksvig. QI will not lose a beat.
More fun for AAC-is of Evil, Stanford, John Tortorella and Sandi Toksvig. The Top 25, More Or Less.
Stephen Fry is to step down as the host of BBC Two comedy quiz show QI after 13 years, to be replaced by Sandi Toksvig.
Yes, but most are repeats now. Stephen Fry is packing it in, Sandi Toksvig is taking over.
Please don't waste valuble airtime on Sandi Toksvig's latest vanity project, The Women's Supremacy Party or whatever it's called
Following the new party? Sandi Toksvig is a founder, good enough for me! Gonna miss her in News Quiz😓
Probably because the ghastly Sandi Toksvig is a member?
Is it because one of their own, Sandi Toksvig, is one of the leaders??!
If I say I don't like Sandi Toksvig (which I don't) someone will say "oh but she's lovely". Sake.
Anything that involves Sandi Toksvig immediately gets my back up, as does any party describing itself as "not left or right".
Well done to who served on frontline in fighting in
Anti youth campaigner won an award at ceremony
Congrats to winner of viewers' award at ceremony
I dreamt I was you Adam, reading the news that the Adam and Joe show was coming back but hosted by Sandi Toksvig.
Sandi Toksvig launches comedy tour to raise funds for new political party ∞ 64: ...
Sandi Toksvig: "The 2014 biography of which cricketer was entitled KP?" Contestant: "Ian Botham" (Fifteen-to-One, Channel 4)
My one question about the Stephen Fry / Sandi Toksvig / thing is that didn't Toksvig leave the News Quiz so she could…
So, Sandi Toksvig is replacing Stephen Fry on QI? I bet they'll replace Alan Davies with Sue Perkins next and rename the show... er... QUIM!
Stephen Fry has left Qi. . Sandi Toksvig is taking over. . What next? Noel Edmunds on Later Jools?
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why do I always have the voice of either Stephen Fry or Sandi Toksvig in my head when I read English books
While Miles Jupp is a great replacement, it is going to take some getting used to without Sandi Toksvig as host.
It sounds to me as though Miles Jupp's voice has just the same tone and inflection as Sandi Toksvig's when he says "Two points to Jeremy."
My review of with panelists Alex Salmond, John McDonnell, Liz Truss, Sandi Toksvig and Tim Stanley
They should do a comedians special, Miles Jupp, Sandi Toksvig, Barry Cryer, the works. Preferably on radio wd be funnier
Sandi Toksvig: Broadcaster, writer, and representing the Women's Equality Party, David Dimbleby.
Ever approached Henning Wehn or Simon Munnary as guests? Sandi Toksvig might be good to.
Has anyone seen Clive Anderson and Sandi Toksvig in the same room at the same time, is all I'm saying.
Chelsea's new doctor - unlikely love child of Kenneth Branagh and Sandi Toksvig.
Daytime TV. Sandi Toksvig's an excellent successor to William G. on 15 To 1, but I'm not sure she's carrying off Vincent Franklin's wardrobe
I'm going to wait for Chris Evans, Terry Wogan & Steve Wright on Beats2. . And what do you think the chances of Sandi Toksvig on Beats4 are?
Sandi Toksvig is a national treasure. I’m also struck reading that article how many of our enduring cultural artefacts John Lloyd is behind.
Stephen Fry, Sandi Toksvig and Mark Goldring exploring justice, equality and freedom at the Hay Festival.
Worth watching: a discussion of equality and Magna Carta with Stephen Fry, Sandi Toksvig and Mark Goldring.
Sandi Toksvig is leaving The News Quiz after the next series, sad face. Let's hope Susan Calman takes over
Sad that Sandi Toksvig is leaving the News Quiz. Hope Susan Calman takes over.
WHY?! Sad news indeed. Sandi Toksvig to quit The News Quiz - British Comedy Guide (
BBC News - Sandi Toksvig steps down from Radio 4's News Quiz Susan Calman or Rebecca Front as the new chair please.
Really hope they resist temptation to replace Sandi Toksvig with Jeremy Hardy. He’s too good as a panellist. Susan Calman would be great tho
Sandi Toksvig fired from hosting Save the Children in 1994 because they 'didn't want Princess Anne to meet a *** http:/…
W-H-A-T: Sandi Toksvig axed as Save the Children host as 'organisers didn't want Princess Anne to meet a ***
Sandi Toksvig and Kate Adie are leading the way in our ticket sales for WhitLit Plenty of other fab speake…
Sandi Toksvig spends day with students | UoP News
Reviewing the new with Sandi Toksvig and co- the News Quiz
Sandi Toksvig on Clarkson & the BBC: "Where on earth are they going to find another middle-aged, middle-class white man..." 😛
Well Queen Victoria insisted there was no such thing - Sandi Toksvig: Save the Children fired me for being a *** htt…
Here tells us about her favourite section of British shoreline:
PTA quiz at 10yo's school. Sandi Toksvig is hosting. We're in 2nd at half time. Trying to rein in my rabidly competitive side. Failing.
Save the Children fired for being a *** yet gave an award! They've lost the plot! ht…
FriComedy: The News Quiz 13 Mar 15: A satirical review of the week's news, chaired by Sandi Toksvig, who is jo...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Sounds great! I'm off to a school quiz night with Sandi Toksvig as quiz master just as soon as the nippers are in bed...
Get your topical comedy fix, as Sandi Toksvig returns with another News Quiz, on Radio 4 now
18:30 The News Quiz: Sandi Toksvig and Jeremy Hardy are joined by Andy Hamilton, Sara Pascoe and Andrew Maxwell
Our Chancellor, Sandi Toksvig, cheering on the women’s football match on a recent visit to the campus.
He he he - Sandi Toksvig's joke. News Quiz presenter Sandi Toksvig tells her favourite (clean) joke.
we've already got Sandi toksvig and Kirsty allsop and that's just the panel!
. Awesome women I think you'll enjoy .
The last paragraph of this still has my favourite Queen Mother watching TV anecdote:
Gina Yashere or Reginald D Hunter would ake a good third. And Sandi Toksvig to replace the Stig.
Lizzie Woodville,The White Queen in all her glory from Heroines & Harridans written by Sandi Toksvig & pixs by me.
A while back some friends and I decided we wanted to see Top Gear fronted by Joanna Lumley, Jennifer Saunders and Sandi Toksvig
Still time to get Heroines & Harridans for Mother's Day & make her laugh. Written by Sandi Toksvig & pix by me.
Me and the team in the midst of greatness in the form of Sandi Toksvig and her bright pink jeans supporting
I met Sandi Toksvig today and she was lovely 👏
Elizabeth Woodville, beautiful go getter. Heroines & Harridans by Sandi Toksvig & me. Fab gift for Mother's Day.
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Can you spot our Chancellor Sandi Toksvig cheering on our women's football team?
Check out our Chancellor Sandi Toksvig hopping on the uni bus to support our sports teams at the Langstone pitches!
Sandi Toksvig's feminist party: Meet the dream Cabinet - superb choice of Justice Minister - if …
YES. That is the one. Except not, because this one is GREEN and untouched by Sandi Toksvig's hand alas
As someone who has no interest in Top Gear, I think Clarkson should be replaced by Sandi Toksvig with immediate effect. Make it about books.
Just spent an hour with Sandi Toksvig who was meeting our students. What a wonderful, intelligent, funny, inspiring woman.
Sandi Toksvig just sassed me during an interview. She's officially my new idol.
9.2 million reasons to vote. And Sandi Toksvig.
- I'm actually a fan , it's virtuoso Buffoonery! Sandi Toksvig is going to have a field day on the News Quiz!
Listening to Sandi Toksvig talking about her man bin and squealing with joy.
Jo Brand, Sarah Millican, Sue Perkins, Sandi Toksvig, and Lucy Porter are about as funny as typus or Jenny Eclair.
Replace Top Gear team with women: Angela Rippon, Sandi Toksvig and Germaine Greer.
Sandi Toksvig stealing the show at the - pure class.
Thought that was Sandi Toksvig at a glance.
Sandi Toksvig's Rescue Party dream team. They'd get my vote.
Read about Sandi Toksvig's feminist party: Meet the dream Cabinet via
This Wednesday get to Langstone to support our Sports teams alongside Chancellor Sandi Toksvig. University of...
A book about Great Women for a Great Woman. 'Heroines & Harridans' by Sandi Toksvig & me, for Mothers Day. On Amazon http:/…
Alan Millburn new Lancaster Chancellor - wouldn't be my choice. Sandi Toksvig & Shami Chakrabarti are good choices elsewhere.
Sandi Toksvig, then? ;) Already has the current affairs News Quiz chops as well.
22:00 QI XL: Jeremy Clarkson, Sandi Toksvig and Danny Baker take a look at luck and loss.
QI XL is on at 10pm. Extended version of last week's show. Jeremy Clarkson, Sandi Toksvig & Danny Baker guest.
*** Vampire Killers II. Sandi Toksvig headbutts Christopher Lee 26 times before wanking over Kirsty Allsopp’s ***
Still never seen Sandi Toksvig & Clive Anderson in the same room...
If an email has Kate Adie in the header and then goes on to ask Sandi Toksvig to do something for nothing, please don't expect me to reply
Comedian Sandi Toksvig sacked as charity patron for being a *** Yet they award Tony Blair?
that is my life every weekend. Sandi Toksvig 💙💙💙
QI catch-up binge. Sandi Toksvig is a legend
"If you look like your passport photograph, you're probably not well enough to travel." -Sandi Toksvig
Sandi Toksvig was yesterday. It's like you don't even read the newsletter.
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We can't all just post pictures of Sandi Toksvig all night.
Sandi Toksvig: I was once fired because charity didn’t want Princess Anne to meet a ***
That's a shame, much loved Toksvig comes out as a raving hypocritical commie on , enjoy our wealth Sandi.
Sandi Toksvig is so smart that it scares me. I do love The News Quiz.
“Do you not think Breastfed at Claridge’s sounds like a Truman Capote novella?” - Sandi Toksvig on News Quiz just now.
Brilliant hosting by Sandi Toksvig at the "I got into the BBC when my boss sent out for coffee and a Danish"...
Did you know Sandi Toksvig is the same higher as Ronnie Corbett?
Us girls have to be grateful to Marie Stopes but she was an old bag! Heroines&Harridans by Sandi Toksvig & me.
He looks like Sandi Toksvig after a night out with a girls rugby team.
When is the second series going to be on? More Sandi Toksvig please.
Sandi Toksvig's revealed how she was banned from being a charity patron... for being ***
Reading a book by Sandi Toksvig, who I have only ever seen on QI. It's hilarious and depressing at the same time
Kent Online News: Comedian Sandi Toksvig sacked as Save the Children charity patron for being a *** Kent ...
I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue stage show touring in January. Sandi Toksvig at the helm. Start the New Year with a laugh! ht…
could never watch that show, Sandi Toksvig makes me want to commit murders
18:30 The News Quiz: Sandi Toksvig is joined by Jeremy Hardy, Fred MacAulay, Holly Walsh and Bob Mills.
And Jessica Hynes and Steve Coogan and Sandi Toksvig and loads of other great people nominated. I knew marrying above me…
Blimey. Sandi Toksvig has had a wonderful makeover! Loving the look
And has anyone ever seen Anne Robinson and Sandi Toksvig in the same room?
How did I only just discover that Sandi Toksvig has suddenly got really hot? Completely Alpha Lez.
Whatever happened to that Sandi Toksvig antique dealers gameshow? It was the best thing.
Brand new Fifteen to One with new host Sandi Toksvig when did this happen ?? Loved this game show when u was younger
Loving Sandi Toksvig's glasses on 15 to 1! Looking good luv.
Sandi Toksvig looks so different these days! (In a very, very good way though.)
What's different about Sandi Toksvig these days?
I saw Sandi Toksvig at Membury Services. We looked at each other, there was no spark.
Just found out Sandi Toksvig doesn't like chocolate. You think you know someone.
At the moment I am doing "compare and contrast" on people who say they like Sue Perkins, Sandi Toksvig and Susan Calman.
Sandi Toksvig takes the whole 'sensible shoes' thing too seriously.
15to1 when Sandi Toksvig gives the "kiss of death" to a contestant saying "nobody lost a life on that round," the next question is! ;)
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I used to love 15 to 1, but Sandi Toksvig's version is way too slow, William G Stewart used to rattle through the questions, no messing
Good to see Sandi Toksvig supporting the students' cause.
Nice to see sandi toksvig helping Gordon Strachan last night
We're with Sandi Toksvig in Gladstone's library for a hilarious after dinner speech on her maddest travel escapades..
You implied Lionel Shriver can't have a wife because she's a woman. I refer you to Sandi Toksvig and Susan Calman and their wives
I've just seen Sandi Toksvig on 15 to 1…SHE LOOKS AMAZING!?
when are we doing a cover feature on Sandi Toksvig's Fifteen to One
sandi toksvig is my radio auntie actually and i JUST LAUGHED AT Jeremy Hardy. how d'you like them apples?!
Stevie is starting to look like Sandi Toksvig with that hair right now
Oh POOR sandi toksvig, gutted for him :(
Could the costume dept. please ensure that they have removed the coathanger from Sandi Toksvig's jacket prior to transmission?
Just snide lefty "comedians", not wit and quickness. I hate Sandi Toksvig and Jeremy Hardy -in fact all of them.
I went for ages not thinking about Sandi Toksvig, but like a moth to the flame, I find myself drawn back to her.
Since she started presenting Sandi Toksvig has been slowly regenerating into William G Stewart.
Sandi Toksvig looks like she'd be a good aunt. I wish Sandi Toksvig was my aunt. Sandi Toksvig. Sandi. . Toksvig. Aunt.
Sandi Toksvig is almost an anagram of mineralsed human excrement
Ha! Tis the reason I go all Jaysus eejit begorrah. I wouldn't want to be mistook for Sandi Toksvig.
"What would you do with a fourteen ton jar with no lid?" "Biscuits. Definitely biscuits." Sandi Toksvig is on all of my pages.
Sandi Toksvig gives her first Danish interview
Square mouth has less sex appeal than Sandi Toksvig
not listened to it yet But I love Sandi Toksvig and her razor sharp wit!
Did you know Eminem and Rihanna's collaboration 'Love The Way You Lie' was written by Sandi Toksvig about Alan Coren on Call My Bluff?
Brilliant! It's also a list of names that my inner monologue generally reads in either Punt/Dennis' or Sandi Toksvig's voice!
Or as Jeremy Hardy said - we can get a man on the moon, but not on Sandi Toksvig
So HM thinks I've been listening to *** music and dressed like a *** this morning. Just call me Sandi Toksvig
is Sandi Toksvig going to be on the show soon? As i have a craving for Butterscotch. Love you.
Strange dreams of chatting to Sandi Toksvig in a Jewish bookshop/chemist in Beirut, and fighting zombies with books & cups in a uni library.
My Aunt told me that she dreamt her and Sandi Toksvig were on the glass walkway at the top of Tower Bridge. I wish i dreamt about Sandi.
ICYMI Sandi Toksvig OBE will be the guest speaker at this year's Annual Luncheon:
I am intrigued people thank Lord Sugar when they get fired. I didn't even thank Sandi Toksvig (so they cut out my goodbye!)
In this picture, 15-to-1 host Sandi Toksvig looks strangely like Adam Hills, who hosts the celebrity version:
Some lovely reviews from Saturdays Intro To Wine course on Trip Advisor. Its official I'm the Sandi Toksvig of...
the Chase earlier, currently 15 to 1. Even though Sandi Toksvig has been plasticised by the make up department.
Sandi Toksvig reminds me of a Thunderbird with those glasses.
We celebrated our campaign success with special guests including Sandi Toksvig + Greg *** - read more + see pics:
the format remains a good one. But they've somehow made it slow and clunky. I like Sandi Toksvig but she's the wrong host.
I thought it was Bob Holness hosting the new series of 15/1 on ch4 but its Sandi Toksvig in glasses with a make over!. Or is it?
TIL Sandi Toksvig (well known comedienne and presenter in the UK) at the age of 11 held the hand of Neil Armstrong'…
Contrary to popular belief, Sandi Toksvig was never a member of Manfred Mann's Earth Band.
Sandi Toksvig on the Museum of Curiosity uch, uch, uch. . No Sandi, women are not less. powerful cos the female brain doesn't get the alphabet
It's not often Sandi Toksvig makes me feel anything other than cheerful, but the neurob*ll*cks about the male / female brain makes me cross.
the little one looks like Sandi Toksvig!
No 73 was class,anything with Sandi Toksvig,Andrea Arnold & Kim Goody is good for me
I liked the old Fifteen to One. I like Sandi Toksvig. But in putting them together, Channel 4 have made both infinitely more dull.
Sandi toksvig looks more *** than ever on fifteen to one.. Equality power. But tone it down a bit.. It's a little out there!
Sandi Toksvig is a typical Radio 4 comedian: she isn't funny.
Like I want to watch Sandi Toksvig and David Mitchell, and it would list episodes they're both in.
I can confirm that Sandi Toksvig is a Metallica fan. So now you know.
What are people's thoughts on Sandi Toksvig's new look on looks a bit severe to me!
I've just set Fifteen to One to record on 4+1 to find out if Sandi Toksvig is a Metallica fan. . A new low, people.
Did Sandi Toksvig say she really liked Metallica's Creeping Death or the voices back?
is it me or is Sandi Toksvig turning into the original host of fifteen to one?
Just seen 15 to 1 with Sandi Toksvig she looks like a cross between the old host William G Stewart and Anne Robinson
What the *** has happened to Sandi Toksvig?? She looks like she's been aged cosmetically in a low budget movie to look her future self.
Which celebrity do you like? For me it's Sandi Toksvig. She's the only one I like.
I have a friend called Annie, who's the spitting image of Sandi Toksvig. Can't decide whom I love the most. Oh, the dilemma 😣
Jinks carried from the opium den from 'The Travels of Lady Bulldog Burton' by Sandi Toksvig & illustrations by me.
Watching QI and i am just amazed and utterly amused by Sandi Toksvig.
Can't wait for the return of the News Quiz next week. I heart Sandi Toksvig.
Why is it always the same old smug gang on Qi? I excuse Sue Perkins and Sandi Toksvig...
Watching The New 15 to 1, Sandi Toksvig is looking very like Mrs Doubtfire or a character from Facejacker! Whoosh, ease up on the Botox love
Also looks like Sandi Toksvig is sharing Noel Edmonds wardrobe.
Manda Scott (interviews on history of etiquette and her Desert Island Books http:/…
It came back last year. No more Billy G, though - it's Sandi Toksvig in charge. She's very nice.
Presenter Sandi Toksvig is she the twin to Mrs Doubtfire?
How much does the host (sandi toksvig) of 15 to 1 look like Mrs Doubtfire :/
is it just me or is Sandi toksvig trying to replicate the legend himself
The camera angle and podium height makes Sandi Toksvig look about 2ft tall.
'One size tights' from 'Heroines & Harridans' written by Sandi Toksvig and illustrated by me.
Is it me or is Sandi Toksvig looking a wee bit like the team America Kim Jong Il puppet?
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