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Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa McCoy Lathan (born September 19, 1971) is an American actress and voice actress. She has starred in numerous movies, including the box-office hits Love & Basketball, Alien vs.

Nia Long Omar Epps Brown Sugar Regina Hall Gabrielle Union Michael Ealy Taye Diggs French Montana Morris Chesnut Jada Pinkett Dej Loaf Angela Bassett Morris Chestnut Gabriel Union Lauren London Debbi Morgan Malinda Williams

These 90s black actresses literally do not age. Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall, Nia Long, Jada Pinkett, Sanaa Lathan, just to name a few 😍
You sure do 😍 but from Gabrielle Union to Sanaa Lathan. You definitely resemble my fav actress. πŸ˜‚
Like maybe my cards are drawn like Sanaa Lathan. Fine as wine but we haven't heard her with a man since Omar Epps 😫
Far from it. It's the πŸ’ joint. I prolly said it in jest when I saw Sanaa Lathan on my TL or something
French Montana riding around with Diddy while Sanaa Lathan sits in his lap. What am I doing wrong?
Sanaa Lathan Slayed on the pink carpet dress: shoes: clutch:…
Gabrielle has to be careful with this Justin guy on Being Mary Jane. He looks like the guy who was stalking Sanaa Lathan in that movie πŸ‘€
I appreciate Regina Hall's growth. My girl has come a long way from the Scary Movie days & doing Sanaa Lathan's hair for the dance
This the same place Michael Ealy took Sanaa Lathan in The Perfect Guy?
Something new . Will always be a πŸ”₯ movie Sanaa lathan will always be a great actress
I'd forgotten Sanaa Lathan was in this. β€” watching Blade
Looks like Sanaa Lathan with a hint of Lauren London.
Sanaa Lathan please don't waste your time with French Montana...his lyrics tell you he ain't about nothing
My movie Something New by Sanaa Lathan got deleted! 😰😰😰. My feel good movie!
Why she look like Sanaa Lathan tho πŸ‘€πŸ˜
I know Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, and Gabrielle Union is tired of y'all talking about their age
That Tyler Perry movie Sanaa Lathan played in she played that role so *** good it had me mad at her, but im like shes only acting chill lol
Sanaa Lathan, Dylan O'Brien, & Michael Keaton all in a movie together. SIGN ME UP. . American Assassin can have my coins
If they wanna see'em again bring free Sanaa Lathan and a bottle of Gin!
Sanaa Lathan and Regina Hall are such beautiful ladies ! Effortlessly beautiful at that!
Taye Diggs and Sanaa Lathan have starred in 5 movies together
Sanaa Lathan was born in 1971 so in 1988 she was a freshman in College. Kurt Angle was a Junior. The Love child is
If Kurt Angle & Sanaa Lathan had a kid it would be Jason Jordan.
Sanaa Lathan, Gabrielle Union, and Angela Basset (and more) just cannot age. It's amazing
Wow. Sanaa Lathan’s (Stan Lathan) father directed this show. Thanks for sharing, :D
Sanaa lathan just dumped chestnut cuz he didn't wanna get married after an awkward date surrounded by whites??
I want that Sanaa lathan and Regina Hall type friendship πŸ’›
Lupe bout to throw his valyrian sword and black belt away and risk it all for sanaa lathan
Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Queen Latifah, and Sanaa Lathan at the premiere of β€˜Girls Trip’
if you take Sanaa Lathan.. Lauren London and a little bit of Dreka Gates, put them in a pot.. this is what you'll have. https…
If you're coming from IG & you don't have a model, here are a few suggestions : Sanaa Lathan, Naomi Campbell, BeyoncΓ¨, & Halle BerryπŸ˜‡
My dad really didn't know that Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan were in 'The Wood'. Dude really bet me $500 trying to say otherwise.
Sanaa Lathan's so beautiful it's unreal 😍
I see people talkin bad about Hov. I see *** saying Sanaa Lathan ***
I know Sanaa Lathan's voice anywhere, kinda creepy lol.
Can we talk about how Sanaa Lathan is the epitome of "black don't crack"?!
πŸ“· Awww love this photo the beautiful Sanaa Lathan shared of her and her dad Stan Lathan for Father’s...
Love and Basketball is one of my fav Sanaa Lathan movies.
If you need a pretty lightskinned woman to furrow her brows for 120 minutes on screen, call Sanaa Lathan.
. Beautiful as ever Actress Sanaa Lathan. our Celebrities and…
The Blks need 2 calm down w/this too,when that Zoe girl had a whole Colombiana movie out yrs ago,&Sanaa Lathan was…
Bae's fav on Now You See me 2...Sanaa Lathan all because of Love and Basketball
Why Sanaa Lathan dad look like a snack back in the day tho πŸ€”
28. Something New (2006). Starring Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker. Dir. by Sanaa Hamri. -Made me like white boys tbh. -R…
Sanaa Lathan dad was a snack back in the day! πŸ˜‚
Also I've seen this movie called Something New with Sanaa Lathan. It's good. Netflix stepped up the romance movie section
Meg Ryan and Sanaa Lathan are in the same weight class re: romcoms. But:
Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps been in some classic black movies
I did not know Sanaa Lathan played in AVP
Pretty much, and even Alien v. Predator had a variation on this theme with Sanaa Lathan.
Sanaa Lathan was the star lead in an Aliens vs Predator movie about 10 years ago. And she is as Black American as can be.
Is there an LA black film support group where we get meet at Roscoe's to talk about Brown Sugar & the evolution of Sanaa Lathan? Pls advise.
Our girl Sanaa Lathan and her beautiful mom
Sanaa Lathan is always playing the girl put on the sideline cause someone can't appreciate her the first time around 😭
When Sanaa Lathan got smacked over that counter in
Really would like to star in a movie with Sanaa Lathan, Gabriel Union, Angelina Jolie, Viola Davis, Kerry Washington...
yo, i'm still confused on how Malinda Williams grew up to be Sanaa Lathan in The Wood.
Whoa, Sanaa Lathan is beautiful. And her real voice sounds pretty much like Donna Tubbs-Brown lol.
Carmen Ejogo and Sanaa Lathan favor each other.
Brand new series, Shots Fired starring Sanaa Lathan, Stephan James and Tristan Wilds premieres at 7 pm tonight on F…
Watch this show Shots Fired! Starring Sanaa Lathan and Tristan Wilds! . Everyone needs to see this!
is a perfect blend of my favorite actresses. I think they should include Sanaa Lathan in the next season though
Follow Donnie Wahlberg and Sanaa Lathan, the mercurial detectives of NCIS New York, as they track down high profile criminals.
Sanaa Lathan so bad smh not better than my wife Stacey Dash tho
Aja Naomi King, Sanaa Lathan, Angela Bassett, Roger Guenveur Smith, Courtney B. Vance all have degrees from Yale.
Girls look like Sanaa Lathan and really be out here snoring like Vince Wilfork.
Sanaa Lathan's hair in Brown Sugar is blowin me πŸ˜‚
The version of Alien vs Predator, but with bobcats and fishers (and porcupines as Sanaa Lathan).
Bruh if i'm gonna get 20k rts to take someone to an event I'm asking Sanaa Lathan. Lmao
nah it didn't need drama fam. It was perfect as is. Nia Long and SANAA Lathan booy
Also Hayley Atwell really looked like the yt Sanaa Lathan in 2x01.
No, I had not. LMAO!!! Where do I even start... "Paayoow." You been using the same seasoning for 7 yrs. "Sanaa Lathan brown."
Sanaa Lathan is the baddest woman on planet earth 😍😍😍😍
Join us for a screening of the first episode, followed by a discussion with stars Sanaa Lathan and Richard...
Just need Sanaa Lathan to follow me on insta and impact my life like so
Why does Sanaa Lathan always talk like she's outta breath lol
Didn't notice that Regina Hall plays Sanaa Lathan's sister on Love & Basketball. They literally still look so alike, they're my favvvs ✨
Sanaa Lathan in the 90s Vs Sanaa Lathan in 2016
Sanaa Lathan look fine in that skin tight dress tho
The Jazzcat and All Music Television on point at the Pan African Film Festival. Check out Sanaa Lathan and...
looks dope! I've always been a Sanaa Lathan fan! Can't wait to watch this!
Sanaa Lathan in Brown Sugar was my dream job for a longtime. That's how much I love and appreciate music and in particular Hip Hop
Sanaa Lathan posted this pic of her mom. They look like twins!
I'm still holding onto Sanaa Lathan in Alien vs Predator and Gina Torres in Serenity
Next at with an all-star cast led by Sanaa Lathan, Stephan James, Helen Hunt, Richard Dreyfuss, Stephen Moyer.
Ever since I seen Michael Ealy in that film with Sanaa Lathan & Morris Chestnut, that dude has seemed psycho to me.
I only flirt with Cari Champion, Keke Palmer, Nicki Minaj and Sanaa Lathan.
You put Alfre Woodard, Debbi Morgan, Regina Hall, Sanaa Lathan and Gabrielle Union in the same movie and I'll probably rewatch. A lot.
I used to think the Sanaa Lathan was my mommy and I knew she was always busy and that's why she didn't come around often 😭
.spills the tea on those Sanaa Lathan pregnancy rumors & new music w/ & Watch!
Lmao nah Sanaa Lathan was pretty good in the movie where she got slapped over the counter
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I watched too much Sanaa Lathan romance movies when I was younger smh that's why I'm a hopeless romantic now
I wonder what diet/workout plan Sanaa Lathan had to do to bulk up for Love & Basketball πŸ€”
I wonder if Sanaa Lathan can still ball
Sanaa Lathan is the serious version of Regina Hall
Nothing is more emotional than Sanaa Lathan playing for Omar Epps' heart in Love & Basketball
Bruh, Sanaa Lathan was 29 when Love and Basketball came out and she deadass looks 18. how? πŸ€”
miss Sanaa Lathan leading all these black movies 😩
Back then i thought Omar Epps n Sanaa Lathan was together foreal. Love & Basketball was good as ***
Awww.Sanaa Lathan never had an ugly or awkward stage in her life...Look at those cheeks 😍
I wish they would've showed how that convo went with Tara Banks and Omar Epps after that last game with Sanaa Lathan.
If I could play ball πŸ€, I would take my *** right too the wood and be on my Sanaa Lathan
Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps were almost thirty years old when 'Love & Basketball' came out.
You want a just a quick glimpse of Sanaa Lathan tomorrow night, which one you watching?
Sanaa Lathan whole life changed when Omar Epps first put that stick in herπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Sanaa Lathan at a fundraising event at Beso in Los Angeles
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Don't know if I'll be coming as Lisa Raye or Sanaa Lathan.I resemble both πŸ€”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Sanaa Lathan is one of the great romantic actresses. Comedy or drama I love to watch her fall in love like in "Some…
Baby Boy is trash. Sanaa Lathan only good movie is Love and Basketball. Paid in Full overrated, Boys in the Hood is…
Sanaa Lathan is a terrible actress.
Sanaa Lathan so fine. It makes no sense.
Sanaa Lathan has aged like the finest vintage of wine known to man
Zendaya and Keke Palmer are flossing in velvet numbers on the sidewalk catwalk. Peep their candids, plus listen...
Image: Sanaa Lathan one of the most beautiful women to ever grace GOD's ...
maybe Michael B Jordan and Sanaa lathan. Cool ryt!!!
Sanaa Lathan definitely wowed us all with this video of her singing 'Jingle Bells' on Instagram: https…
When I see Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Lathan and Nia Long is 44, 45, 46...They're older than my mom yet look half their…
Nia Long and Sanaa Lathan could be 80 and still get it 😩πŸ”₯
Between Kimberly Elise and Sanaa's a tie as my fave.
that goeZ 4 Nia Long and Sanaa Lathan as well
πŸ€” Whitney Houston and Jada Pinkett and Angela Basset and Sanaa Lathan and Queen Latifa and Alfre Woodard
I know Sanaa Lathan was cast as Kennedy but I keep picturing Chyler Leigh as her when I read :/
😷😷😷 Sanaa Lathan if not Vivica sure bet. With Taye Diggs and Tyler looking odd. Hhayi
Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps killed their roles
I hope the men & women in my generation look good as Nas, Pharrell, Nelly, Sanaa Lathan, Gabriel Union, Angela Bassett etc. when we get 40+
If there is a heaven I imagine your greeted by angels who look like J Lo, Nia Long and Sanaa Lathan.
Sanaa Lathan was great in Alien V Predator and cast was diverse + Weyland industries depth but no R rating did disservice after other films
To make a movie is very grueling at times. Long, long hours and cold weather.
I dunno 'bout you but I could watch Brown Sugar and Love & Basketball over and over again. Sanaa Lathan & Taye Diggs ❀️
My mom & I are now watching The Best Man. Two Taye Diggs & Sanaa Lathan movies in a row πŸ˜‚πŸ’–
I was working straight for nine months and I'm exhausted. I'm ready to relax for a little whil
Lmao and when Sanaa Lathan got slapped across the counter in that Tyler Perry movie but that's it
Some of us just have to work harder to stay in the game.
Classic Swirl... Kenya McQueen (Sanaa Lathan) thought she had it all: a successful career, good friends and...
new new was cute too lmao but Sanaa Lathan is wifey
Watching the Perfect guy and Sanaa Lathan still got all of the juice
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"My girlfriends jealous cause I talk about you 24/7". That's how Ima start my convo with Sanaa Lathan
My friend riding around, partying and walking to bathrooms with Sanaa Lathan like its normal lol. She made it, I'm proud ✊🏾
In that case, Sanaa Lathan is my wife
Sanaa Lathan, J.Lo, Jhene Aiko, Zoe Saldana, Mila Kunis, Aaliyah, Selena all the Celebrities I would get Married to
Sanaa Lathan needs to meet a firing squad for this movie
I really prefer the actual experience of being onstage and living the character from beginning
here are a few powerful women of color: Sanaa Lathan,Gabrielle Union, Ming-Na Wen, Viola Davis,Constance Wu just to name a few
Lmao @ Sanaa Lathan and these eavesdropping snaps
Sanaa Lathan is so pretty oh my gosh
I just want to make out with Sanaa Lathan once before I die.
When Michael Ealy put Sanaa Lathan's toothbrush in his mouth in "The Perfect Guy" and I was grossed out, a piece of me left.
Sanaa Lathan is so beautiful... I love this doggone movie πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
alien and then that Sanaa Lathan movie
Know there's nothing in the world that I can't grasp, including Sanaa Lathan's beautiful ***
In theory, I don't feel it is. Another woman could mean a celebrity. How many men haven't dreamed about Bey, or Nia Long, or Sanaa Lathan?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Love and Basketball especially cause Sanaa Lathan is and will forever be my girl
Sanaa Lathan is top five all time Idc what you say
I'd pick Sanaa Lathan and Lance Gross for mine
French did knock up sanaa lathan so I do give em props
No exaggeration but it is presently hotter than a Kelly Rowland, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Angela Bassett & Regina King group…
same thing for Regina Hall and Sanaa Lathan
Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps might as well make another movie together.
My whole life I've dreamed of Sanaa Lathan cooking in lingerie, in our home, that we purchased together. Today, I've let that dream go.
The perfect guy is such a great movie, Sanaa Lathan is a queen.
I wish that I was really 20 in the 90s. Back when real women were appreciated; when Nia Long & Sanaa Lathan were the stand…
Me when ole boy slapped the taste out of Sanaa Lathan in The Family that Preys
Sanaa Lathan played such an awesome role as foul wife in 'A Family that Preys" that I've felt some type of way bout her ever since lol
Sanaa Lathan always gets to co star with a beautiful chocolate man. . - Omar Epps. - Taye Diggs. - Morris Chesnut. Smh she's so blessed πŸ˜ͺ
is another event series. Dana Walden calls it "provocative" - Brian Grazer, Gina Prince-Blythewood are EPs. Sanaa Lathan stars.
I think I only like real grown women. Like Toni Braxton, Lisa Raye McCoy, Sanaa Lathan .
I crushed on so many girls when I was lil. Intensely infatuated w/ every older woman I found attractive, i.e., Raven Simone & Sanaa Lathan.
It was exactly like the scene in Love and Basketball with Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan
Watching Sanaa Lathan in AvP , she's so beautiful omg !! But everytime I see her now , im constantly looking at her fingers bc of my mom . πŸ˜‚
Sanaa Lathan is really truly gorgeous 😍 makes me wish my lifespan was shorter.
I don't care what anyone says. Sanaa Lathan is flat out the most beautiful woman in Hollywood.
Sidney Shaw... You know as in Sanaa Lathan in Brown Sugar . For clarity πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Came home from my lunch break and there's a white man painting Sanaa Lathan's toe nails on my tv...I'm here for it
I still laugh when at that scene in Something New when they're in bed and the white guy asks Sanaa Lathan if that's her real hairπŸ˜‚
Did y'all know Sanaa Lathan was 29 and Omar Epps was 27 when Love & Basketball was made? They looked young asl
I just may be more infatuated with Erykah Badu than Sanaa Lathan...
I have a folder on my laptop called "Sanaa Lathan's Nose". If I ever have a disfiguring accident, give it to the plastic surgeon-
versus like a Sanaa Lathan or somebody when all alot of us say is "I like her" we're not necessarily comparing
Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker together in Something New were so cute.
When Wesley Snipes took a hammer to Sanaa Lathan's piano in "disappearing acts" to this song πŸ˜–
Sanaa Lathan shuts down rumors she's pregnant with French...
I'm NOT the one that put this scar on my face at 11 years old cuz he was losing at Smash Bro's! (Sanaa Lathan voice)
Sanaa Lathan always playing in some movie where she's the victim and getting done wrong...kind of annoying
*** Sanaa Lathan is 44, never been married, and has no kids 😩
How did French Montana get Sanaa Lathan? She seems way out of his league.
No one touching Sanaa Lathan either. 12/10 easily
no make up all natural like Sanaa Lathan in the 90's 😩😍
U know u sick when u toy me for a year had me n la and I catch u with Sanaa Lathan that's the story but know u know why
NAH. Just working *** it. Once it's all done and pretty and looking like Sanaa Lathan in the face I'll announce. πŸ™πŸΎ
Everybody tells me I look like sanaa lathan πŸ™„
Sanaa Lathan made my heart melt when this track played in Love & Basketball .. All time favorite movie
Shawty look like Sanaa Lathan, but with a phat ol ***
... Serena Williams or . Sanaa Lathan maybe ? But Gal Galdot or whatever her name is did great really
When dude sped off in that whip on Sanaa Lathan after breaking up with her >>>> πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Let me be quiet i still dnt like sanaa lathan til this day in that dam Tyler perry movie oh she played a cold btch
Lmfao Sanaa Lathan going across the counter is pure comedy
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Your avi is giving me shades of Sanaa Lathan 😍
These steak fajitas so *** good, they better than sanaa lathan off hennesey😫
I forgot Sanaa Lathan was Blade's mom in the movie.
She look more like Squirtle than Sanaa Lathan
If Kyle look like Krit, I look like Sanaa Lathan
Hi Sanaa Lathan want up my name is Antwon
She say she wanna ball with me sanaa lathan.
do you get Sanaa Lathan or Kerri Washington more?
Sanaa Lathan, Halle Barry, Mariah, and Raven Baxter were my icons as a little girl
I'm really not trying to feel the same way about Paula Patton that I do about Sanaa Lathan but.
I wanna watch Disappearing Acts with Wesley Snipes & Sanaa Lathan...oh...or Asunder with Blair Underwood & Debbi Morgan.
Sanaa Lathan - Emotional Feat. Dej Loaf I don't really deal with emotional niggaz ! I agree πŸ˜‚
I wish I was born earlier. As an actress I so wanna be in the bestie crew of Sanaa Lathan, Regina Hall & Gabrielle Union. 😍😍😍
Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, and Regina Hall really the holy trinity 😍😍 lol
I just kinda want to stay in and watch something with Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts or Sanaa Lathan. Just get the feels tonight.
If y'all ever need a laugh, listen to "Emotional" by Sanaa Lathan featuring Dej Loaf.
Odd, after today, that Film4 showing Master and Commander. First saw in Prague, 2003 with Sanaa Lathan and friends. Awesome Peter Weir film.
Girls out here think they Megan Good or Sanaa Lathan but they really be Kyla Pratt 😭😭
Missing Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Jada Pinkett, Garcelle Beauvais, Tatyana Ali & more, but you get my point :)
Bruh it's like 100 Sanaa Lathan's in here. Jesus.
What was Sanaa Lathan name in the movie ? . 1,Victoria . 2,Nikki . 3,Carol . 4,Sydney .
This was like JLo's Enough, but with Sanaa Lathan lol.
Sanaa Lathan is the human form of a Sauvignon Blanc.
aye my *** You look like Sanaa Lathan in that avi. Nicely done lol.
Sanaa Lathan look like she don't like to get on top
Movie family that Preys. Sanaa Lathan character IS Katrina Pierson. When Trump agenda is fulfilled he won't need her https:…
Nia Long and Sanaa Lathan can get it any day
Some of my fave scifi female characters:. -Arwyn from . -Ripley from -Alexa from (Sanaa Lathan). -Sara Conner
My bytchs love to ball, Sanaa Lathan
I can only hope to age like Sanaa Lathan
No WAY , he killed his kids , killed Morris Chestnut and then tried to kill Sanaa Lathan ... Nah πŸ™…πŸ½ I'm straight
Lisa Raye, Sanaa Lathan and Nia Long the bombest on this planet idc idc
Sanaa Lathan makes me feel some type of way
End the day with watching Sanaa Lathan is so fine it should be a sin how beautiful she is
Sanaa Lathan lil sister can't do no wrong, smh..
To complete your contribution click here: Thank you for supporting the Sanaa Lathan Foundation.
When you are sleep & and in your dreams smashing a goddess like Sanaa Lathan, Nicole Alexander [HOOPZ] or Hally...
Yo Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Lathan and Nia Long are like in almost EVERY black romance comedy from that era
My friend told me his ex-gf felt like I was his Sanaa Lathan to her Nicole Ari Parker in Brown Sugar.
I mean, can I get Sanaa Lathan or Paula Patton, *** did Halle's genes make it to sci-fi? Nia Long? Gotta have bootys in space
Colin Salmon would need a wife too, many might go for a mixed couple, but let's use this as a chance to add a woman of color, Sanaa Lathan?
Already cringing, but good for Gina & Sanaa regardless.
Some news from the coast: The Perfect Guy Official Trailer (2015) – Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy Thriller Movie HD
This Goes to Sanaa Lathan. I look up to you as a positive roll model. Your Beauty is so natural. And you are very wise.
Sanaa Lathan played the *** outta Leah in the perfect guy, its something about her and romance
Sanaa Lathan to lead dramatic TV series on police shootings
Moving on from Khloe! Find out who French Montana is dating now:
Sanaa Lathan so fine and single for reasons i can't comprehend
My only regret was too young for Sanaa Lathan πŸ˜…
Sanaa Lathan Happiness is a CHOICE. When you focus on all the things going…
I swear, let me ever get a chance with Sanaa Lathan..
.to lead dramatic TV series on police shootings
Lol, why does Sanaa Lathan have a song.
Sanaa Lathan is 44 irl but played a 36 year old in The Perfect Guy...
Sanaa Lathan looks younger than most of the chicks in my generation
Sanaa Lathan gotta be a nutcase, annoying, or boring in the bedroom.
I can't get over Sanaa Lathan and French Montana.its been almost a month and I'm still hurting.
don’t give him a chance remember the new Sanaa Lathan movie.
you and Sanaa Lathan are my fav actresses
We can make more than romantic comedies starring Sanaa Lathan and Morris Chestnut
Sanaa Lathan needs to have my babies. Like...ain't no other options.
Didn't know Sanaa Lathan sing but I love her song with Dej Loaf😍
Sanaa Lathan drop that bomb on Michael Ealy dawg done snapped
Walking around in basketball shorts, tshirt and pony tail and Temberlee says "I finally see the Sanaa Lathan love and basketball in you" lol
She finna be the next Sanaa Lathan , don't believe me just watch πŸ˜‚
I never knew Sanaa Lathan talked for Donna on the Cleveland Show
I don't care what anyone says, Sanaa Lathan deserved some type of award for her acting in The Family That Preys, it wa…
Is it wrong for me to say that I have a big crush of Alicia Keys and Sanaa Lathan lol :-)
ICYMI: News: Sanaa Lathan to Star in New Event Series for Fox Broadcasting Company is developing an explo...
Taye Diggs and Sanaa Lathan's friendship in Brown Sugar is exactly what I cherish
look like she can go play Love and Basketball with her braided hair. Lol lookin like Sanaa Lathan
Michael Ealy plays a computer-security analyst and Sanaa Lathan the object of desire he just can’t quit in this thriller dire…
I'm talking about if Halle berry, Sanaa lathan, & Nia Long were to be combined, That's who my barista looks like😩😍
Sanaa Lathan's mom. This is almost creepy. πŸ‘€
If I followed Sanaa Lathan on a social network shed be getting unfollowed.
Sanaa Lathan can acquire it in abundance
Idc what anyone says I like Sanaa Lathan's song it's catchy
Sanaa Lathan hit the nail on the head with that interview on Sway in The Morning.
Sanaa Lathan keep ya boy in j's and tall tees
Somebody needs to be offering Sanaa Lathan some better roles than what she got in "The Perfect Guy.".
FIRST SANAA LATHAN NOW TISHA CAMPBELL?? Dreams definitely have no expiry date. *** though, never saw that coming...
Like Sanaa Lathan she plays that vindictive role good n love roles even better... I can't see her doing something outside of that
So, where was Sanaa? β€˜The Perfect Guy’ actress was seen outside Playhouse Nightclub getting freaky with β€œThe...
And then I hear that Gina , Sanaa Lathan and Edris Elba have songs out
Happy birthday to the beautiful Sanaa LathanπŸ˜»πŸŽ‰
The entertainment industry can be a cut-throat business -- but lucky for Sanaa Lathan, she says she has a trustworthy su…
Saw it. Michael Ealy. Sanaa Lathan. Morris Chestnut. Three very compelling reasons to see it for me.
Between sanaa lathan and Tisha campbell who have the better single out? A mess lol
I ain't gonna lie. I'm hating a little bit on this one.
so confused as to what is going onπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€ all these actors/actresses trying to switch to singing: Sanaa Lathan
Nia Long and Sanaa Lathan aging like fine wine. black dont crack.
So.. I've been reading that Sanaa Lathan is dating French Montana.. I sure hope not! This is like when Janet dated Jermaine Dupri.. Smh
Sanaa Lathan teams up with Dej Loaf for first single β€˜Emotional’
Sanaa Lathan is just another black queen with an unfortunate hood *** fetish
Sanaa Lathan will now be referred to as Donna Brown
Black Hollywood needs a new cast. Tae Diggs, Omar Epps, Morris Chesnut, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Gabrielle, all old now. Need some youngins
Sanaa Lathan was very milky. I wish Rutina Wesley had had more to do.
*** The reviews on The Perfect Guy are horrible. It was expected. Sanaa Lathan?. Michael Ealy?. And Morris Chesnut?. A little too perfect...
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