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San Pedro

San Pedro (not Spanish: ) is a port district of the city of Los Angeles, California, United States.

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Nice day at San Pedro with my loves💕👌
. Greeting from.san pedro. Following me to keep. In touch
I miss my grandma's old house in San Pedro :(
That's still in your address in San Pedro, Laguna, right?
On 8.7.14 you can see the culmination of seven months work at Gallery 741, San Pedro.I finally have all my molds.
some areas in Laguna still don't have signals. Particularly in San Pedro City.
In morgue, clues to why people leave violence-plagued Honduras VOTE
- - AFTER 128 YEARS, the Los Angeles City Fire Department FINALLY has its FIRST LATINO FIRE CHIEF - - - - - MEET RALPH TERRAZAS - - - We're proud not only to have the HIGHLY QUALIFIED AND INNOVATIVE current Assistant Chief Terrazas being promoted to Chief Engineer of the greatest FIRE DEPARTMENT in America, but he's a LOCAL BOY!! Wilmington, CA-raised and now lives in my hometown of San Pedro with his family. - - - LOCAL BOY MAKES GOOD!! - - - L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti made a great choice and Chief Terrazas will make us all proud. This department was founded in 1886 and the long Latino talent drought is finally over!!
USS Honolulu (CL-48) Brooklyn-class light cruiser. New York Navy Yard. Commissioned in June 1938. Displacement: 9,650 tons Length: 608 ft 4 in (185.42 m) Beam: 61 ft 9 in (18.82 m) Draft: 19 ft 5 in (5.92 m) Speed: 34 kn (39 mph; 63 km/h) Complement: 868 officers and enlisted Armament: 15 × Mk. 16 6 in. gun 8 × 5 in (130 mm)/25 cal guns,[1] 16 × 1.1 in (28 mm)/75 cal guns 8 × .50 in (12.70 mm) machine guns After a shakedown cruise to England, Honolulu engaged in fleet problems and exercises in the Caribbean Sea. She steamed from New York on 24 May 1939 to join the Pacific Fleet, arriving at San Pedro, California on 14 June. For the remainder of the year, she engaged in exercises along the West Coast. During the first half of 1940, Honolulu continued operations out of Long Beach, California and after an overhaul at the Puget Sound shipyard, she steamed out on 5 November for duty from Pearl Harbor. She operated there through 1941, and she was moored at the Naval Station when the Japanese launched their ...
Man Marries Crocodile In Mexico: City Mayor Joel Rojas Wed A Reptile To Boost Fish Stocks A Mexican Mayor has married a reptile in order to help fishermen in his city. According to local media in Mexico, a Mexican city mayor identified as Joel Vasquez Rojas married a crocodile in a symbolic wedding ceremony to help boost fish stocks along the Pacific coast. The wedding ceremony took place in a city hall in San Pedro Huamelula town in Southern Mexico. Local fishermen believe the crocodile is a princess and the reptilian romance will bring plenty of fish, shrimp and other seafood for them to catch along the Pacific coast. During the ceremony the groom announced: “It’s my wish to marry the young princess.” Once he made his vows, Mr Rojas held crocodile bride in his hands and danced with guests. Following the ceremony, the crocodile is referred to as the “wife” of the mayor. All members of the municipal council are required to contribute to pay for the wedding festivities. Those who don’t pay thei ...
Last I checked (few yrs ago) u can order San Pedro cactus on the web, which has mescaline in it
Open for BSN / RN! This is for FREE... Find out more only at PULSE Healthcare Davao! LOCATION: Rm 17, 2nd Floor JOCAR Complex II (Beside Holy Cross, Fronting San Pedro College) Guzman St
Some US Politicians are saying the reason for the surge of children crossing the border into the US is because of the high violence and murder rate in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. " If this is the case, there should be a steady stream from Detroit, Chicago, and Philly to Arizona.
If you see an RV driving through San Pedro it's me
Facts. Guatemala City to Reynosa Mexico, a US border town with Texas 2141 KM 24 hours driving without traffic Snata Lucia Honduras to Reynosa 2323 km 27 hours San Pedro Sula, San Salvador to Reynosa 2881 km 32 hours. These are the fastest shortest routes from these countries to the closest US border town by car according to google maps. You can’t even get from San Pedro Sula to Reynosa by train. As for walking forget about it. So I am wondering what in the *** the governments of, lets face at least three countries, are doing to stem this humanitarian crisis. I have not been able to get one story about what the Mexican government is doing let alone Guatemala, Honduras, or San Salvador. It would seem to me that these countries governments need to get involved and help to get these “children” back home where they belong.
After A ROUGH WINTER 49 Blooms have opened this afternoon on my San Pedro Cactus .It is a tower of flowers that never cease to amaze me .Looking forward to flower gazing in the moonlight!!
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Our Mission Statement: We, the members of San Pedro neighborhoods, together in unity and understanding, and, at the gate of self government, are gathering to welcome everyone: residents, homeowners, businesses, churches, renters, organizations and others to make life a satisfying experience in our...
To intensify the mood for World Cup Semifinals, we have our correspondent, surely a World Cup fan, Aira San Pedro
Bless Heaven for eternity God's hand that smote us to make us more beautiful and worthy in their eyes. San Pedro de Alcantara appeared after his death to Saint Teresa of Avila and said: "O happy penance I have so much deserved glory" No proportion, says St. Paul, between the sufferings of this world and the joy and glory with which we will be flooded in the future life; there is no proportion or duration or intensity, we add.
One more day in San Antonio tomorrow (Friday): 11 @ Pruitt Library, 2 @ Central and 4 @ San Pedro. Every show's been a ton of fun!
GRIEVOUS ANGELS has a show on 07/12/2014 at 09:00 PM @ Harold's Place in San Pedro, CA...
Alta Vista is a Neighborhood Conservation District. We are one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Antonio, bordered on the south by San Pedro Springs Park, among the oldest public parks in the United States.
Big barge in San Pedro. Pics didn't do it justice. @ San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant
Big Bridge in San Pedro. I don't like big bridges. @ Vincent Thomas Bridge
Kadayawan security measures now in place It’s all systems go for the Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival next month with all the security measures set in place. In an interview after yesterday’s flag ceremony at City Hall, Public Safety and Security Command Center (PSSCC) chief Francisco Villaroman said the possible security problems have already been identified. “We already have the security plans for the Kadayawan in place. Just like last year, we have identified all possible problems. We have done it in the past and we can do it now,” Villaroman said. He said they are now closely coordinating with the other concerned agencies and stakeholders to ensure that the celebration will be peaceful. He said the city will field around 3,000 security personnel from the Philippine National Police (PNP), Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Navy, and the PSSCC. “The authorities have hardened the target so it won’t be easy for them to penetrate the city,” he said. Villaroma ...
hashtag jump . // night hike with my two guys fredfate + randylmarshman @ San Pedro Cliffs
Holy Mass for the 50th year of St. Francis Xavier Regional Major Seminary here at San Pedro Cathedral.
Pawnshop almost loses P3.3M to ‘acetylene gang’ A pawnshop narrowly escaped losing more than P3.3 million in cash and jewelry after members of an “acetylene gang” who had already gained entry through a hole on the wall gave up opening its vault because of its numerous padlocks. The attempt was discovered at around 7:45 a.m. on Sunday by employees of Palawan Pawnshop located at the corner of Quirino and Bankerohan Streets, Davao City. The employees had just opened the pawnshop when they discovered that seven padlocks securing their safety vault had been destroyed using three acetylene torches that still on the scene. Fortunately, the burglars apparently gave up before they could open the vault due to the large number of padlocks they had to destroy. The employees said the vault contained around P3 million in jewelry and P300,000 in cash. The employees also found that the burglars had gained entry by creating a hole at the wall beside the restroom, which was connected to Marketing. Respon ...
This morning, they found the body of missing girl Andrea Abigail Argeñal Martínez, who disappeared in San Pedro Sula
On da sun deck looking over San Pedro l.a cali life
Happy Birthday to my pops 👨 🍻🎣🍤🐟 @ San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
seakarus I found the star of the show. @ San Pedro
Anti-terror teams nab pusher, robber Soldiers on the lookout for terrorists instead collared a suspected illegal drug pusher and a snatcher in separate operations which were part of the city’s security measures. Task Force (TF) Davao personnel apprehended a certain Darwin Sato Tabuno, 25, at around 4:30 a.m. on July 8 in Licanan, Barangay Lasang, Bunawan District for possessing five grams of shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) valued at around P40,000. TF Davao spokesperson Captain Mario Tena said in a flash report that TF Davao personnel discovered the shabu and shabu paraphernalia while they were conducting usual checks on all vehicles and persons on board motorcycles. Tena said Tabuno was on board his red Honda XRM bearing plate number LK2603 when he was flagged down. At around 9:50 a.m., TF Davao personnel arrested a man after allegedly trying to rob a 64-year-old vendor along Anda Street. TF Davao commander Colonel Macairog Alberto said soldiers were on foot patrol when they heard a cry for help ...
Re: profile pic, what harbor are you sailing out of and what are you sailing? I sailed out of San Pedro in a Catalina 27.
I've always loved this. I'm thinking of putting it on a wooden plaque over my book shelves. A Curse on Book Thieves For him that stealeth, or borroweth and returneth not, this book from its owner, let it change into a serpent in his hand and rend him. Let him be struck with palsy, and all his members blasted. Let him languish in pain, crying aloud for mercy, and let there be no surcease to this agony till he sing in dissolution. Let bookworms gnaw his entrails... and when at last he goeth to his last punishment, let the flames fo *** consume him for ever. From the monastery of San Pedro, Barcelona, Spain
Since 8 o'clock in the morning, today, we are besiege by telephone calls and text asking us if it is true that famous Korean Actor, LEE MIN *** will be having a shooting at the Fort. We could not confirm yet... but an official letter from a South Korean TV Station has been received by our office last Wednesday, July 9, 2014, requesting permission to shoot at the Fort San Pedro with "FAMOUS KOREAN ACTOR AND TALENTS"... No names were mentioned, unfortunately. The dates of the shooting will be from July 11 up to 15, 2014 featuring Cebu's tourists spots, sites and heritage areas... We still do not know the exact date of the actual shooting here at the Fort San Pedro. we are just waiting for the confirmation from the Director of the Korean TV Station... the next 3 days will be crucial for us, FOR SECURITY REASONS.
I just put that on my gps and you're 45 min away! I live in San Pedro. Let's hang out and talk about how I missed senior year!
YES! I love Ophelia. I think it was Midsummer back in 2008, in San Pedro.
"Mine!" "Mine!" "Mine!"--- had a guest at dinner while eating at Acapulco in San Pedro, CA with…
"when you're drunk and see someone you know Yo en San Pedro todo el rato.
Gospel reading now here at San Pedro Cathedral for
today I was working at this factory in San Pedro
'Life Ended There': I met Mirabel in 2011, four years after she had left her home in San Pedro Sula, Honduras,...
We are looking for an autism experienced doctor near San Pedro, Torrance and Long Beach, CA. How do we find one? for a 18 yr old
Give Blood for Life at the San Pedro Square Farmer's Market tomorrow from 10 am - 2 pm!
Our BayanTel units in San Pedro were converted to ABSCBN mobile and now paying 4x more because land line service not yet covered there.
omg yes! i have to go to DTSJ near san pedro around 10pm tonight to see if i can get a job tho so yeah idk up to u
So someone should go and visit at the mcdonalds on San Pedro and Menaul she's on front counter 😊
Ambergris Caye Beaches, San Pedro, - Yes, there are beaches in Belize, but not...
I came over here some where in San Pedro
Vc Football: beach at 6 tomorrow. San pedro(the spot). Lets have fun
Who knew we'd get stuck in a snowstorm in the driest in the world?
We loved but we couldn't wait 2 get out
L.A. Port hopes new promenade will help revamp San Pedro waterfront
Every Wednesday we are on Hope Row aka Skidrow feeding, clothing&encouraging the homeless/needy 540 S. San Pedro 12p-2p. We'd love ur help.
"Honduras. In the country's second-largest city, San Pedro Sula, the murder rate is 173 per 100,000 residents"
First morning in Manila after four years is spent at the church of my childhood: San Pedro Bautista Church in QC!
PHOTOS, VIDEO: Man Marries Crocodile In Traditional Ceremony: The mayor of the coastal town of San Pedro Huame...
Love Team Jennylyn Mercado and Mark Herras 8% Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla 35% Sharlene San Pedro and Nash Aguas 2% Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo 6% Vice Ganda and Karylle - your vote 49% Thank you for voting
At Point Fermin Park in San Pedro - we are getting ready to see A Midsummer Nights Dream - it's Shakespeare in...
Bill Kirchen (an original Lost Planet Airmen with Commander Cody) plays an extended version of "Hot Rod Lincoln" by Charlie Ryan at a house benefit concert in Bethesda, MD, for Doctors Without Borders Haitian relief effort. HOT ROD LINCOLN [As recorded by Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen] My pappy said, "Son, you're gonna' drive me to drinkin' If you don't stop drivin' that Hot Rod Lincoln" Have you heard this story of the Hot Rod Race When Fords and Lincolns was settin' the pace That story is true, I'm here to say I was drivin' that Model A It's got a Lincoln motor and it's really souped up That Model A body makes it look like a pup It's got eight cylinders, uses them all It's got overdrive, just won't stall With a 4-barrel carb and a dual exhaust With 4.11 gears you can really get lost It's got safety tubes, but I ain't scared The brakes are good, tires fair Pulled out of San Pedro late one night The moon and the stars was shinin' bright We was drivin' up Grapevine Hill Passing cars like they w ...
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St. Peter's Food Pantry. We give thanks to God for all the volunteers. Despensa de San Pedro. Gacias a Dios por...
See you later Jennifer V. Capistrano RN and jude reodica — traveling to San Pedro, Laguna from San Pablo City,...
Puerto Cortez and San Pedro football teams to square off on Saturday - The San Pedro Sun News via
a good day, dropping off omiyage at the anime club, driving down to San Pedro, and a huge birthday meal at
Another beautiful wedding design for an even more beautiful Bride at the US Air Force Base Fort MacArthur in San Pedro
San Pedro de Atacama - an interesting town in the driest desert of the world
Every summer I love to get out of town, out of the country & off of dry land - San Pedro, Belize has
What's with making my home town San Pedro look all sketchy??? Who am I's the truth
Korean Friendship Bell on Drive past Gaffey get through the town to coastal San Pedro and find true beauty
The Downtown Harbor and Town Square in San Pedro opens Friday night!
Attend our free orientation on June 18, 2014 @ ERC Plaza Building, National Highway, San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City.
Busy day of grass roots in Long Beach, bellflower, Compton, watts, south central, southwest LA, Boyle heights and echo park. Organizing went good in watts on 103 street, central ave and Avalon. Organizing went good in south central LA on central,gage, San Pedro, Vermont and Figueroa. organizing went good in Boyle heights on soto, alcazar,first street and Marengo. Organizing went good on temple and Beverly on echo park. Organizing in Long Beach on artesia right now.
I had to share this WORD! If this doesn't rock your boat, nothing will! AMEN Doug Addison: A New Door Has Opened - The New Is Here! A Door Opened in the Spiritual Realm I released a prophetic word in May about sudden changes coming and the Wind of Change angel. During the weekend of May 30, a new door opened in the spiritual realm that is going to usher in a new season of radical changes for the good. We had two earthquakes in Southern California and I not only felt both of them, God spoke to me during the shaking. The first one was on Friday, May 30, a 3.8 that was near San Pedro (Saint Peter, the rock). I heard the Holy Spirit say to "Prepare for something new." God is going to "rock" things and radical change is on the way. I felt compelled to "prepare" so I bought some earthquake preparedness items. On Sunday, June 1, just before 8 PM and just as I was installing earthquake straps on our new television, another earthquake rocked the Los Angeles area. These were very mild earthquakes and there was no d ...
Navy housing demolition begins in San Pedro, clearing way for Ponte Vista development
Good Morning! Seats are still available for this Saturday, June 14 in San Pedro check for more info:…
A great evening at Ace Hotel & Swim Club for Monday Night Game Night with Bingo and Trivia. Guests attended from Australia, Thailand, Chicago, Austin, TX, San Pedro, London, Denmark, Palm Springs, New York, San Francisco, Downey, Indio, Portland, Brooklyn, Japan, Vancouver, Chile, Cathedral City and beyond. The birthday of Wendy was observed and she had a family delegation from Canada. Mr. T of Indio led the group in singing to her in the Bingo room with his own special version. The birthday of Nicky was celebrated in the Trivia room with his entourage of fabulously dressed friends. Entertainer and Broadway star Sal Mistretta led the room in a great rendition of bday wishes. I was happy to welcome the incoming group from Red Bull. We celebrated and highlighted Father’s Day this weekend and the upcoming Palm Springs International Film Festival ShortFest and the Tony's, Krispy Kreme, LBJ, Paint Your Wagon, Barbara Walters, golf balls on the moon, fashion, Barbie's shape, bearded little ones, cars an ...
Good Morning Belize! We made it safe & sound. Yesterday was mostly travel and quite a wonderful adventure. Hopped on a 12 seater plane from Belize City to San Pedro. Captured a few shots from the plane. I'm so happy to be here! Thank you Missey Mueller for helping to make my 40th birthday Belizetastic! Stay tuned for more daily updates.
Idea for San Pedro street is great, but more needed: Letters - Daily Breeze
The Citizens of San Pedro, sure do hope that Mayor Eric Garcetti, and Joe Buscaino, will take a hard look at starting the "First 15 Great Streets Project" for CD15, here in San Pedro, at the Channel St Off ramp (1000 N. Gaffey St) and work their way south. This WAS a beautiful area and now is the only section of Gaffey Street without sidewalks, so Mom's with strollers find themselves having to walk in the street which has extremely fast moving traffic on it. There is no other way to get to the North part of San Pedro, where DMV, Target, Home Depot, Animal Control... and many other business's are, without have to walk way down to Pacific Ave or far up the hill to Western Ave. We just want some type of decent sidewalk/hard path, at least on ONE side!! The community really does not want to wait until there is a death (possibly of a Mom and/or baby in a stroller) do they? Hm Janice Hahn ignored my plea's so I hope that we can get the job done in conjunction of the First 15 Great Streets Project! Neighbors! .. ...
Museum Ship Veterans of World War II, Lane Victory towed to the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro on June 12, 1989.
Los Angeles – Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles mourns the passing of Yuri Kochiyama, a giant in the struggle for racial justice for all communities of color.Born Mary Yuriko Nakahara in 1921, she and her first-generation Japanese immigrant family spent her first years in San Pedro, CA…
Environment Month: Personnel of the Department of Environment and Natural Resource Antique including those from CENRO Culasi and San Jose, Barangay Officials of San Pedro and neighboring Barangays, participants from various government agencies,Municipal government of San Jose and non-government organization undertake Coastal Cleanup at Sitio Banay-banay, Barangay San Pedro, San Jose, Antique as a kick off activity of the Environment Month Celebration. The activity yields 206 kilos of garbage. The theme of this year's Environment Month celebration is "Raise your voice, not the sea level". Lakaslikasan : Nagbabago na ang Panahon, Panahon na para Magbago
Yuri Kochiyama R.I.P Below is just a brief introduction to this amazing Japanese American woman who has lived in the Bay Area for many years. . I was standing in line behind her waiting for the women's room at a performance of South Pacific. We laughed at the portrayal of life there in WWII. My father had been in Okinawa during terrible fighting and her husband fought in 442nd regiment (the most decorated in the war). We talked about "no no boys," the treatment (or lack thereof) for veterans damaged by the war (as my father who committed suicide in his early 40's). She was wonderful and as we parted we introduced each other by name-I left amazed-"OMG THAT was Yuri Kochiyama. A real model for us all. My condolences to her family: Early life[edit] Born Mary Nakahara, Yuri was born and raised in San Pedro, California. Mostly sheltered during her childhood, she grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood with a lifestyle that included sports and Sunday school. Her life changed on December 7, 1941, when the ...
graffiti on the doors of San Pedro United Methodist church at 580 w 6th st. So far we no it's 6 teenagers that's doing this around San Pedro area.
I'll be rockin the stage tonight with Arthur Babigian and Mike Crisis (aka Identity Theft) in San Pedro at Harold's Place for NOISE FEST tonight 10pm!
WHOO HOO!!! Pride Feast 2014 underway!! We'll b kicking back watching the parade on the corner of San Pedro & central by the Liberty Tax office!! Happy Pride everyone!!!
Vote for Patrick O'Donnell! Patrick O'Donnell, Teacher for California State Assembly Politics is a team tport. To be effective you have to join with others and have others join with you. Patrick O'Donnell chose to join the San Pedro Team. He has spent a lot of time here and met a lot of our people, from going to a lot of events, but also by having many candidate coffees in our homes. And San Pedrans like Joe Buscaino have joined with Patrick O'Donnell, too. San Pedro is a small part of our Assembly District, but it can mean a large margin for victory. By joining in our support for Patrick O'Donnell we can exercise the power of our votes and get the representation we need and deserve. Patrick O'Donnell is an everyday guy like you and me. He is an experienced teacher who knows what reforms will help in the classroom. He is a Councilman that won on a 3rd term write-in vote and knows what it means to represent his constituents. And he is a team player who has won the endorsements of Joe Buscaino, the Califo . ...
Southern Pacific Freight Depot, at 5th and Front streets in San Pedro, circa 1915. The dome of the Old San Pedro...
Movies playing this weekend (San Pedro) on . Friday May 30, Paradise Theater. - Details at
Woodland hills to San Pedro and back in time, hopefully, to get the girls to piano lessons. Let's do this!
we will have a beer bud !! New Orleans is great ! Off to San Pedro on fri .. Cheers Sean
Along the Amazon River with Erica Aquilina and Fr. Raymond Portelli to visit the villages of Carococchia and San Pedro
POLICE MURDER UNARMED HOMELESS MAN ON SKID ROW. Steven Rodriguez Saturday May 24, 2014. I believe today I witnessed the LAPD murder another unarmed homeless man. This event has not come out in the news at all so I wanted to share my 1st person witness account here. I live 5th and San Pedro in a 6 story building in Skid Row. This morning I woke up. Went up to my rooftop to smoke a cigarette and was shocked by this scene. A homeless man had climbed the billboard on top of the adjacent liquor store building and the police thought he was going to jump. I snapped this pic. Called my roommate up and briefly watched the scene with other folks in the building. Other people in adjacent buildings and on the street were watching and filming. I went downstairs to get ready for work. 11:00 AM. Before I left for work I went up to the rooftop to check on things. 11:30 AM. The man is climbing down from the ladder of the billboard to take a cigarette, because the police have lured him down with a pack of cigarettes. A pac ...
I want to thank all my friends and the greater community of Brownsville, Olmito, San Pedro, Rancho Viejo, and Cameron Park for their prayers, words of encouragement, and advice. I don't necessarily believe that politics changes a person. I think it brings out the true nature of a person. I can tell you that it will not change me. What you see is what you get. I never ran for the position of County Commissioner because I wanted a job or to get invited to fancy parties. I like helping people. I will do that as much as I can until the day I die. At this point in this race, things are in your hands. I ask that you encourage - even annoy - your friends to vote. There is quite a bit at stake. And then tonight, I want to invite all of you to come watch the election results with us at Venezzia The Venue. Come by around 7:30. There will be food and drink for all.
Good morning and Happy Monday! Coming up on the KTLA 5 Morning News: Wendy Burch is live in San Pedro with details about a Memorial Day ceremony aboard the Battleship IOWA and Gayle Anderson is at the Presidential Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, where admission is free for Memorial Day. Plus: Kevin Bludso of Bludso's BBQ--one of the top 101 restaurants in L.A., according to food critic Jonathan Gold-- offers up some grilling tips for the perfect summer BBQ. Joining us in the studio: Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, hosts of American Ninja Warrior; Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi of Marriage Boot Camp; and David Krumholtz from "The Big Ask." Watch live:
The shipwreck on the shore between Arrecife and Costa Teguise catches a lot of visitors by surprise when passing along the old coastal road by the port Muelle de Los Mármoles in Lanzarote. This ship was built in London in 1954. In 1969 Temple Hall was re-named Pantelis and registered in Piraeus, Greece when it was sold to Demetrios P. Margaronis who sold the ship on again a year later to Viajes Sud América in Panama, keeping the same name and flag. The Telamon was on route from San Pedro from the Ivory Coast to Thessaloniki with a cargo of logs when she sprung a leak and was forced to run aground in Arrecife, Lanzarote on the 31st October 1981. For photographers like me it is a dream to shoot...:-) Nikon D7100 Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM 10.0 mm | f/13 | 30sec | ISO 100
Well, I suppose it was going to happen sooner or later. I guess I will have to start using the wheelchair ramps on the street corners from now on. You see when I walk to Von's supermarket I usually cut across 9th street and walk through a medical office building parking lot and the San Pedro library parking lot. Well this afternoon I sauntered across the street and I guess my weak attempt to hurdle the curb did not quite enough to jump the curb and before I could think, the sidewalk surprised me and kissed my face. Well as quick as I could jump up on my now throbbing knees to see if anyone had witnessed this tragedy, only to see that my shopping cart looked like a pretzel and as I proudly continued my waltz across the parking lot the wheels on my cart/weapon were rolling just fine, but in different directions. As each day passes I think perhaps that I will soon have to think about employee an aid. I think may a 30 year old cute Latino,!
Yes as part of the RAF but my cousin lived on San Pedro so mostly there, did the Mayan ruins on the border with Guatemala
Cattle Ranch now accepting individuals who will be our sole/mother franchise holder for Area 1 : Calamba, Los Banos ans Sta. Cruz, Laguna , Area 2 : Sta Rosa, Cabuyao and San Pedro. with this business model Cattle ranch may no longer entertain or put up company owned stores/branches in the said areas.
Me Nikki and April ate a huge burrito from taco San Pedro and then a big bowl of tutti frutti in 1 hour. Faded=fat
Going to be applying at The Crown Plaza Hotel in San Pedro tomorrow for front desk. This would be a good job for me Universe!!!
beans laid to sundry on the cobblestone streets of San Pedro de Laguna
Former NFL linebacker and entrepreneur Kory Minor visited our Club to inspire our youth!
San Pedro to be Murcia's first WIFI beach
San Pedro to be Murcia's first WIFI beach via
All purpose parts banner
Different kinds of apples at Sprouts in San Pedro. @ Sprouts Farmers…
Please keep my sister Rhonda Woody and her family in prayer. Today her house caught fire due to faulty wiring in the tenant next to her. Both place are total loss and Red Cross has put them up in a hotel for the next 3 nights. No one was hurt and got out ok, thank GOD! I wanna thank all who came to their aid and helped get most of her stuff out but not sure how damaged it is until tomorrow as they go through it all. A big thank you to Jeff McCoy for coming out to help and providing a truck to help get stuff to Francine's garage. So if anyone knows of a place to rent in San Pedro or surrounding LA area for around $500-$700 a month message me. Thanks
Combo"s wedding and christianing Vain San Pedro
Today was fun though at San Pedro, *** mines, Jenny's, and Ashley's cordination was on point today xD
this place called hidden hair pin in San Pedro.. she's been doing my weave since 10th grade
Someone take me to san pedro bc bomb shrimp😋👍
They were filming it in San Pedro so I cant wait!!
ATTENTION LADIES AND GENTS .. . Hooters on San Pedro need hostess and busboys !!! GO APPLY if you're 18 and up👌😘
If you need me ill be in San Pedro housesitting this week.
I got recognized by the San Pedro pitching coach 😁
[INSTAGRAM] Sharlene San Pedro's update 2 days ago.. A selca with Dara before the concert! ♥
👑- Bro do you even girls varsity San Pedro soccer bro?
I live at Dodger Stadium. San Pedro is my vacation home
“San Pedro housing development aims to give a home
Jordan PROM 2014 — feeling happy at DoubleTree by Hilton San Pedro
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
San Pedro party this coming weekend 😀
Feeling like going to San Pedro next weekend
yeah bro we play Wednesday vs San Pedro. We barely slide in too😂
CIF D3 baseball is like this: . L.A City (San Pedro & them) vs. The Valley! .
This is just a feeler to our brothers and sisters in the Catholic Faith. Sister Kay Gates, a missionary from the USA, is likely to visit the San Pedro Calungsod House of Spirituality @ Paypay-Bakhawan, Daanbantayan, Cebu. She is tentatively scheduled to be at the house of spirituality Sunday afternoon, May 25, 2014!
Battleship USS Iowa on Just follow the yellow arrows for a tour of history!
Driving up the San Pedro bridge, screaming to Touche Amore'. No feeling like it
2005 vs 2014 T_T"awww Sharlene San Pedro and Dara... then and now T___T
Went prospecting in San Pedro NM today found a ton of collapsed mines. Gorgeous country but dry. Got the largest feldspar crystal with turquoise in it I've ever seen. Pictures of that and the ore tomorrow.. but for now...
90TH CHURCH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION... We are excited as we prepare to celebrate our 90th church anniversary on Sunday, October 19, 2014. From our humble beginnings in a little tent in 1924, Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church has become a beacon of hope and light in the San Pedro and South Bay communities. To God, we give all the glory and honor for His bountiful blessings. To commemorate this millstone celebration, we are preparing a Souvenir Journal and would like to offer you an opportunity to place a congratulatory message in our Souvenir Journal. Please click the following link, and to submit an ad. The deadline for accepting ads is July 1, 2014.
San Pedro housing development aims to give female veterans a home
My wife Anna San Pedro makes so much fun of my dancing but I was watching grease and i think i dance like Danny Zucho.
Go Pacers! continue to get your acts together and beat those spoiled brats! Right Yna San Pedro?
Had an amazing mother's day, it was worth the wait. Went to San Pedro with my husband and kids to see my father and was blessed to met my youngest grandchild, he's adorable
SGI Member's Testmonial - A Ship To Cross the Sea of Suffering by J.G (thanks to Connie for sharing) I’m a sixty-year young male who has been practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism for fifteen years. About a year ago my life began to feel stale. The things that made me happy — a beautiful sunset, a windy day on the water, a gathering of friends, the right music to complement my mood — lost their meaning for me. I also began to question my personal relationships. I was not enjoying being with friends and questioned why I continued to maintain relationships that apparently had run their course, or should have never been in the first place. My life was going from bad to worse and it seemed that nothing brought me joy. Everything I did seemed to be an effort. I went to my leaders for guidance and was encouraged to become more involved in activities. This led to more problems and more chanting. Finally, I realized that the problem was me and it always had been. I’d been completely absorbed in mysel ...
Western nails in San Pedro you suck Tiffany you do a bomb manicure but all your other girls suck I will definitely be driving to Carson from now on to get my mani and pedi because I can't find a single nail shop in Pedro that does a good job get it together San Pedro get it together
I am right now in San Pedro Sula, which is considered the most dangerous city of Honduras. I will be speaking in a few minutes in a church that is in an area where not even the locals want to come, Barrio Chamelecon. I have no doubt this is where God wants me to be right now, so I know I have His covering. But I ask you to pray for me...
At cabrilo beach in san Pedro ca.with my family
Thank you so much to everyone who came out to San Pedro's Relay for Life yesterday! I am so proud of our brave little warrior Rylee, our TEAM RYLEE and all of the other teams and participants. It was a truly inspiring today. It was also such an honor to walk with Rylee for the first ever Torch of Hope lap. Special Thank you to Misty Martinez Del Hierro and her sister Christy for making it possible and getting us involved with Relay! Thanks again to all of Rylee's supporters! It means the world to us! Be Brave!
Part of the kids' 17th of May performance during the celebration yesterday at the Sjømannskirken in San Pedro. These kids have been practicing really hard for the past few months. They all attend the Sunday Language School at the Norwegian Seamen's Church. Great work kids! And thanks to Fredrik and Marianne for being the wonderful teachers they are.
Having fun at the Belmont Shore Railroad club in San Pedro
We had hoped to eat with Ayen at The Elephant House. Since she couldn't come, Girlie and I decided to eat a light lunch at the cafe made famous by JK Rowling who wrote the early drafts of Harry Potter while sipping coffee there. When I ordered at the counter, the smiling staff asked if we were from the Philippines. "Half-Filipina ako," she said. Her name is Hanna and her mother is from San Pedro, Laguna. Another staff, Annie, showed Girlie to our table, and she is also half-Pinay. In fact, she is the daughter of the owner of the cafe, David Taylor, who chatted with us briefly.
We had a blast at san pedro my wife my son were so exvited steven wants to go back
30k rush. Fixed price. Or swap sa gadgets!! San pedro laguna meet up only.
On a boat at san pedro beach head ache after the ride I got really dizzy
Swap my honda beat 30k fixed price. To your gadgets Iphone or samsung. Do the math. Thanks. Respect. San pedro laguna meet up only.
2ng fight 1x winner one eye blind RH x Gold bullstag loss at San Pedro Coliseum 5/18/14... A sorry loss for him... Only lady luck is not on our side today... Nice fought by my feathered warriors... Heads up high for Pdbl gamefarm feathered warriors... We will take our revange next pitting!
PROGRESS REPORT. So far this has been occuring lately: 1. We agreed to take on this CITIZEN INITIATIVE of battling in many ways THE COCONUT INFESTATION: Brontispa Longissima, and now the CSI(Coconut Scale Insect); 2. new fronts are opening up, and we are hoping the Rotary Clubs and many other NGOs all over the country, nationwide!, shall take up the cudgels for all of us too. So far Rotarian Praxedes Yu Tan has indulged us, and will open a bank account for this purpose for getting finances from everyone willing. Said bank account last i heard will be given on Monday next week. 3. We are working on gathering documents, pictures and articles about these pests. Dennis Peter Kintanar Lainez is in charge of collating these, and becoming our File Master for this purpose. We are wanting photos of both the enemies and the friendlies, and we hope to do this by now: -create DIY videos to be dissseminated to as many individuals and institutions specially schools so they can replicate the propagation where they are . ...
Estefania San Pedro reviewed Prison Break Tattoos. 40 mins · ★★★★★ 5+ rating! These guys are great! Very friendly, took the time to listen to our ideas and never seemed annoyed by all our questions lol. Super clean, creative and very welcoming place! Definitely recommend it to everyone that wants to get inked up!!!
Celebrating my 31st Birthday with my pop's and stepmother in San Pedro.
Had a wonderful day at the relay for life in San Pedro this was my fourth year and even tho I cannot walk as much I found a new way to help ! LOCK'S FOR LOVE .I donated enough hair for two Lil girls. Cried while they did it and still feel a Lil sad but mine will grow back. I walk in honor of my brave sister in-law Sylvia Saucedo .in memory of my grandmother Vivian Ora ferrie .penny Gonzalez and for my friend Leslie Wilson father in his memory. For my beautiful friend Lauri Delegram her other half Stevie and for everyone struggling and for your memory. JEN LOVES YOU
Here is San Pedro Sula it is the Industrial Capital of Honduras at has the second largest stadium in Central America, "El Olimpico"
Enjoying the day with the family. South bay - san pedro.
Before WWII most of the workers would have been Nisei from the area. It is amazing that San Pedro was such a vital fishing and canning area. Now, that industry is gone.
It's been 10 years since we graduated from high school and we are celebrating the graduating classes of 2004, 2003, and 2002! Saturday, Nov 22 we will be at San Pedro Square from 6 pm to 10 pm, and then migrate to a lounge (to be determined) for more partying. This event is free, but please let us know you are going so we can print out a name tag for you (and your senior portrait). Sunday, Nov 23, we will have a lunch on the Mt. Pleasant campus with a scheduled campus tour, teachers and children invited, photo booth, food, non-alcoholic drinks, bounce house for the kids, and much more! This will be an RSVP event so we can plan accordingly. There is a fee to attend this event. More details to come soon. For now, just save the date, spread the word, and you can post pictures to this page or to Instagram with the hashtags to see you in November!
Katrina on the move San Pedro cabrilo beach camp girl scouts.
"PEDRO" UPDATE 17 May 2014: Thank you Michelle (from Melt Cafe Belize) for checking in on him. Below is today's email from Dr. Camille at the San Pedro Animal Hospital: Hello John and Anna, Michelle came by yesterday and took Pedro for a walk and said that she would stop by and see him regularly. We ran full blood work on Pedro and he is anemic at 29% (usually they should be over 35%) and has an increased total protein. We see this with dogs that are suffering from tick fever. His kidney values and liver values were all within the normal limits. He has been eating well and is taking all of his medications very well. So far his surgery site still appears to be healing without complications, we will continue checking it daily. Sincerely, Dr. Camille
Today's hours are 11a-6p - come on over and get your treats! New this weekend: Root Beer Cake, Coco Cola Cocoa Cake, and Tangerine Cookies! Located in San Pedro at the Waterfront at Crafted at the port of Los Angeles
Here are more photos of the Alfonso and Carmen Pfitz Zobel Residence at Roxas Blvd., Manila originally designed by the great Filipino architect, Andres Luna de San Pedro. This was the boyhood home of Jaime Zobel and his family before their family evacuated to Calatagan, Batangas during WWII. After the war, the property was sold after which it was occupied by the French Embassy, the Bank of Asia, and various antique shops before it was demolished to make way for a high-rise building sometime in the 1980s.
Monasterio de Santa Clara, ca. 1950 This was the convent along Aurora Boulevard in Cubao, Quezon City. The Poor Clare nuns transferred to this building following a brief sojourn after World War II at the Colegio Serafico at the San Pedro Bautista Church in Retiro, Q.C. The structure was originally a house owned by an American businessman. This building was later demolished in the 1990s to make way for the construction of the C-5 Road. In exchange, the nuns were given the property they are now staying in near the intersection of Katipunan Avenue and Aurora Boulevard.
Happy 45th wedding anniversary lolo and lola :) in sickness and in health kaau oii hehe. Still at San Pedro Hospital :
Selle Sebastian "BUSHA"water refilling station at San Pedro Laguna good job Selle
| Manager of Food & Beverage: Restaurant Manager in San Pedro - Acapulco Restaurant - San Pe.. =...
Caretakers at the Center in San Pedro are reporting another higher than average year for...
Someone had said something about the primitive artist: Rev. Johnnie S. Swearingen is widely recognized as one of the best Texas folk artists of the 20th century. He was born on August 27th, 1908 in Campground Church, an African American community near Chappell Hill, Texas. He grew up a share cropper but in his early twenties he made his way to the West coast by hopping trains and taking various temporary farming and construction jobs along the way. He settled in San Pedro, California and worked in the shipyards until 1948. He returned to the Chappell Hill, Brenham area and settled down with his bride Murray Williams and returned to his farming roots in 1949. He divided his time between cotton farming and painting, selling his paintings from his front yard as well as turning his pick up truck into a mobile gallery. He was known to nail his paintings all over the truck and park it downtown so that he could catch the passerby. Johnnie was known to use all different kind of paints from shoe polish to airplane ...
Watch me begin the demolition of the former Navy housing on Western Ave. in San Pedro today to finally make way...
Walter Brueggemann taking questions from Clergy Conference folk in San Pedro
Thursday groundbreaking set for Ponte Vista housing project in San Pedro
Fashion show, local artists, tastings from restaurants in San Pedro and Afghan food, belly dancers, music and a silent auction. Enjoy all that while supporting Toberman! Hope to see you at the 4th Fashion Extravaganza & Fundraiser at the Grand Annex tonight!
Things are moving right along today, travel show booth set up, lots of sales calls and things are set for the San Pedro River Fest. It's been a great day, best part of it was catching up with two of my favorite people Sonya & Adam! Now its time for some Camaraderie for the Globe Miami Chamber.
Happy to be on the ground in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic, but check out this view from the plane! 👌
Your boy out here by the coast in san pedro big chilln enjoying the breeze.get yours
Accident cleared in on I-35 Upper Level WB at San Pedro stop and go traffic from Brooklyn, delay of 1 min
I hope Candace and I convince eloy to take us all to San Pedro for lunch tomorrow!🙈
24 hour bus from San Pedro de Atacama to Santiago followed by the first hot shower in two weeks... I'm ready for bed now!!
I am looking for a good location (Torrance, San Pedro) to order sushi do can just pick it up.
Ty my beautiful friend Kelly At Chicago Ribs in San Pedro.
Fantastic large 4 Bedroom Penthouse for sale Beach-side in San Pedro next to Puerto Banus at a very attractive price
Soon gotta hit the waters to go to San Pedro!! Jet ski in the morning again!?? I think YES! :-D I won't get shook this time! I wah put on two life jackets jus to make sure! Hehe.
Elias Zetina to represent the Belize District at the National Spelling Bee - The San Pedro Sun News via
Getting back to Boys & Girls Club roots, our Wilmington Club hosted a ping pong tournament with our San Pedro and Port of LA Clubs attending. The winners took home trophies and prizes!
TAKE ME!!! And Baja. And Pedro's. Why do I not live in San Clemente.
My nonprofit, Social Snakes, is holding a vegan bake sale tomorrow at the San Pedro RiverFest in Winkelman! It's a bit of a drive, but if you're up that way, please stop by.
Jairus Aquino and Sharlene San Pedro, are you all in for JaiLene? - Jairus Aquino and Sharlene San Pedro...
Two Councilmen want a new 'Harbor' rail line for Wilmington, San Pedro
Councilmen Tom LaBonge and Joe Buscaino want to fast-track a light rail "Harbor Line" that runs through Wilmington and skirts San Pedro, presenting a motion urging Metro to study...
Congratulations on the video ... San Pedro de Atacama is very beautiful .. greetings from southern chile
:-( totally understandable! I'll have to come down one Thursday for the one in San Pedro! it's every week.
Hummingbird banding is scheduled at the San Pedro House every weekend this month. 4-6pm. Free.
I'm at CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles - (San Pedro, CA)
Sitting at Belize International.. Waiting for my flight to Houston. Farewell San Pedro, see you next year.
Summer Jazz Camp Director performs 5/3 with Nineteen Jazz Orchestra at Theatre on San Pedro Square :
Theatre on San Pedro Square provides an intimate, up-close and personal theatre experience for all patrons. Individual seats are reserved based on availability at the time of order. Because seating is limited, advance reservations are strongly recommended. Tickets for any remaining seats may also be…
Come by to the Alamo City Performing Arts Association's 6th Annual Art Festival Saturday May 3rd Noon to 8 pm I will be at table with our It Works come check out our wraps and products. McAllister Auditorium 1300 San Pedro Ave., San Antonio, TX, 78213 on San Antonio College campus
If you're a lovely morning person, make sure to stop by POLA in San Pedro tomorrow for USC Women's Rowing vs. UCLA.
Here it is! Now you can have San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant on your dinner table, BBQ or Tailgate!...
Come to the San Pedro farmers market!
Hungry? Everything is on the grill at San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant and Crusty Crab Fish Market and...
Community support can help Kent succeed in the Commonwealth Games - The San Pedro Sun News via
After a tough morning on the Camino del Norte... the village of Pasajes de San Juan. My post: http:…
Update: The U-21 team I coach had our game postponed last night. Championship series resumes next Thursday! Tonight the team I PLAY for (Belmopan Bandits) squares off against San Pedro at 9 at the UB Gym. Please come out and support the squad!!! Oh, and I have a big Business Law exam coming up tomorrow morning!!! Please pray for my rest and focus. Thanks!!
PIC OF THE WEEK - Everything is Better Under a Palapa in San Pedro Rojo Beach Bar). Why is that? Click on the link :D
Come by to this years first Friday Farmers Market at San Pedro Square and check us out! We're here until 1
After much waiting and speculating that there would not be another festival this year, the San Pedro Costa Maya Festival Committee met this week and has confirmed that Costa Maya Festival 2014 is good to go from August 7 to August 9.
Lots to talk about. Join us at Taco Riendo, 6624 San Pedro this Sat. morning at 10AM.
It's raining on one side of San Pedro. Lol
frontside flip. San Pedro, CA. Photo by keithoshiro. Head to site now…
your profile pic is from the Iowa in San Pedro, right?
A vibrant sets over a field just outside of San Pedro de Atacama.
I wanna chill in San Pedro the rest of the day
JOB ALERT: We're looking to hire more freelance journalists and a few more advertising sales reps for San Pedro...
Downtown's farmers market kicks off this afternoon. Head to San Pedro for lunch and veggies!
Friday Fun Fact: Did you know the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro is the only remaining location of three...
I want to hit San Pedro again and grub
PLENTY JOBS HERE: SAN PEDRO HOSPITAL OF DAVAO CITY INC. / MARIA TERESA d. MAGNO, R.N. – HUMAN RESOURCE DIRECTOR / C.GUZMAN ST.D.C/ TIN NO: 000-077-418-000 (Note: Interview every Wednesday and Friday from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm) WAREHOUSEMAN Male, at least college level, computer literate, not more than 35 yrs.old, at least one year experience TECHNICAL SUPPORT Male, not more than 35 yr. Old, graduate of 2 yr. computer technician course, knowledgeable In Microsoft operating and office systems, skilled inWritten and verbal communication analytical RESPIRATORY THERAPIST licensed respiratory therapist, not more than 45 yrs.oldcomputer Literate. JUNIOR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR Female, Not more than 35 yrs. Old, graduate of bachelor of science in compute engineering, knowledgeable In Microsoft Operating and office systems skilled and written and verbal Communication analytical. ELECTRICIAN Male, not more than 35yr.old, Vocational graduate or college level, with electrical or electronics Related course, at least on . ...
I was nervous leaving the valley but its a good thing I did.. Im finally getting the time to hangout with my brother and dad.. im loving every minute of it.. :) ps. I still love u mom. And I miss u Cris San Pedro
I would Love to congratulate my daughter Naomi Roldan for getting the full time position at H.E.B on San Pedro and Oblate. Great job ma i knew you could show and prove to them the hard worker that you are. Love you
If your in the San Pedro area.please check out Ms. Iris Green new shop GRAND OPENING WEEKEND CELEBRATION: IRIS'S PETITE BAKE SHOPPE. I always see her pics of the food she makes and it "ALL" looks so good. So I can only imagine what tasty treats she does have over there. I will be making my way that way very soon Iris, have a great opening weekend. Congrats.
Tomorrow! Meet Social Snakes in Winkelman at the San Pedro RiverFest and support by purchasing yummy baked goods!
Mr. Richard Headrick from Ramon's Village visited Mayor Daniel Guerrero at the San Pedro Town Council office to present him a plaque of recognition which reads: Ramon's Village Resort extends a sincere thank you to Mayor Danny Guerrero for his unselfish support, kindness and generosity shown to us during the reconstruction of San Pedro's enchanted village - Ramon's Village Resort. Signed, Richard & Gina Headrick. Dated, April 12, 2014.
Everybody knows Jet! LIKE if it is part of your vacation tradition to stop in at Jet's Bar in Belize City on your way to San Pedro.
fully booked as well for BLUE ROOM SPA SAN PEDRO. Maagang blessing!
TEASER for SUMMER SOLSTICE MOdel:Basilisa Borromeo LOCATION: Fort San Pedro Please visit and like also like my page:
On the way back from San Pedro to Long Beach.
Another great day. Said goodbye to the French Dudes who flew off to Portland. Jeff,Sue, and I dropped into Palos Verde peninsula and visited Lloyd Wright's Wayfarer's Chapel (absolutely stunning) and then had lunch at the Fish Market at Ports of Call in San Pedro. After lunch, we napped and then saw The Grand Budapest Hotel. Just as wonderful 3rd time around. The Freys head back to Duluth in the morning. What a lovely visit it has been. Even after 42 years they are the best friends a kid could ever have.
Hello friends. Next Saturday I am getting married at Averill park in San Pedro. If I didn't get an invitation to you, I'm sorry. You are all invited if you can make it. 11 am!
Changing of Busted Lights along San Pedro Bautista , Brgy. Damayan. in coordination with Q.C Parks.
I'll Be At El Fuerte Tonight!!! Just tell the door your with me I got you!!! 7011 San Pedro! 18+ welcome
The San Pedro Special went out today and enjoyed calm seas, warm weather, and LIMITS of ROCKFISH!! 280 of them! Happy Fishermen and Fisherwomen also caught 18 Lingcod (released 25!) The Jackpot went to Omar Castellanos of Santa Cruz for a 7lb 6oz Cabezon. we had to bring out a digital scale to determine the winner because it was so close! The San Pedro Special has a HUGE fishing deck! Come with us and check out the new boat in Morro Bay!
A 78-year-old man accused of setting fire last month to the San Pedro Elks Lodge was charged Thursday with arson and other counts stemming from a vandalism rampage.
To all San Pedro Natives, San Pedro, San Pedro, San Pedro, and near by cities. One of the Bands that I Perform in will Play at TC's Cocktail Lounge corner of 9th St. and Gaffey St. tomorrow-Friday May 2, 2014 at 8 pm. Please come and join us for a few hours of Classic Rock , enjoy the Vocal Harmonies, and quench your Thirst from the Hot Temps . No Cover Charge, can't beat that so, come beat the Heat, Air conditioned at TC's. Thank You All for Supporting me . I am San Pedro Born And Raised so who is coming out to support? Lets Go Pedro!!! See You There. Gary Hull
49ers Draft Party in San Pedro Square (Downtown San Jose). Who else is going?
Surya Musing of the Day: There has been a big surge in the last few years in using entheogenic plants such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, etc. I converse with many people undergoing such things and with those of partners of people doing this. Often people think they are undergoing the most profound experiences, that they are experiencing the Spiritual in a way that others are not. I question such thoughts... The test of whether these are Spiritual experiences, rather than just astral ones, is how it actually changes your life after. Do you become more loving and kind towards others? This is the biggest and easiest test. Are you more tolerant, better at holding space for others to have their own experiences that may differ from yours and not so quick to critically judge others? Are you more self introspective, do you realize your own issues more and stop blaming others outside you? Are you less emotionally reactive and better at communicating your feelings and emotions in a kind, loving way? Are you less ...
Join us at the Historic Warner Grand Theatre in Downtown San Pedro this weekend! This Sunday Grand Vision Foundation presents the film, SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN as part of our Reel Rockumentaries Series.
Anyone want to go with me to my exhibit in San Pedro tonight? I can get to and from Long Beach, it's just the to and from Pedro part that's difficult.
Our GBA Select teams are off to east Los Angeles this weekend to compete in the SE Warriors and San Pedro Knights AAU "Cinco de Mayo" basketball tournament.
Attention: Our family is proud to announce Chris's graduation from College. We would love for our friends and family to come and celebrate with us on Saturday May 3rd @ 12 pm. The address is 300 San Pedro Dr in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Please feel free to message me with any questions. Congratulations to my awesome brother!!
The truck will be in TONIGHT for from 5-9pm! 365 W 6th St, San Pedro
Meet & Greet with Anna & Elsa on Thursday, May 8th at The Masonic Lodge on 9th St in San Pedro 5:30pm-8:00pm. Donations all go to The fight against cancer on behalf of the Relay For Life team Leo Our Hero Bring your cameras & autograph books!!!
Singing at Mishi's Strudel they are celebrating 8 years in downtown san pedro first thursday tonight 8 p.m. 309 w, 7th street love singing here every first thursday featured in NBC s Science of Love
Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa is a place where guests from around the world come together to experience the beauty of the Altiplano and the Atacama desert in northern Chile. Located in San Pedro de Atacama, the 32-room boutique hotel was created by the Purcell family, long time owners and operators of…
Live From San Pedro on Lunch at The Barr is our American music experience show rolling down the highway's and Byways of the this great country on Show kicks off at 4:00 pm Pacific/7:00 pm Eastern/12 Midnight GMT Our show will kick off with Robert Wuagneux and his song "Here in The Grove" followed by Sam Bush, Trampled by Turtles, Cliff Wagner and Old Number 7, Folk Soul Revival, Fur Dixon and Steve Werner, Trout Fishing In America, Ben Harper, Delta Generators, Paul Metsa, Tanya Tucker, Gail Davis, Andy Hill and Renee Safier, Blame Sally, David Grisman, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, Clifton Chenier, Terrance Simien, Wyane Toups, James Preston Allen, Pete Seeger talking about Harry Bridges, Rik Palieri and George Mann, Pete Seeger, Susie Glaze and The Hilonesome Band (Who will be at Alvas in San Pedro on May 25th for a special Memorial Day show), Iris Dement, and Toulouse Engelhardt!
At long last Senator Viyegas of San Pedro commits sucide in prison
will trade beer at san pedro market for GA Floor lol
Coming home from San Pedro tonight...look out SD!
we've got a full THURSDAY! There's no excuse to not get a GRILLED CHEESE TODAY!! TODAY: Glendale Health Fair from 11-2pm at 613 E. Broadway in Glendale AND California Plaza from 11-2pm at 350 South Grand Ave in Los Angeles AND Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center from 1130-130pm at 27040 Malibu Hills Rd in Agoura Hills AND Thousand Oaks Auto Mall from 12-2pm at 3645 Auto Mall Dr in Westlake Village TONIGHT: CSUN Dines from 4-7pm at Etiwanda Ave. and Prairie St. in Northridge AND Beach Eats! from 5-9pm at 4101 Admiralty Way in Marina Del Rey AND Downtown Oxnard 1st Thursday from 530-10pm at 500 S C St in Oxnard AND San Pedro First Thursday from 6-10pm at 301 W 7th St in San Pedro AND Subaru Car Meet @ Balboa Golf Course from 9-11pm at 16821 Burbank Blvd in Encino AND Late Night Landfair from 1030-2pm at 626 Landfair Ave in Los Angeles!
TODAY'S BASEBALL INSIGHT: The 1989 Little League World Series definitely had a feminine touch. 1989 was the year that Betty Speziale became the first female umpire to ever officiate a Little League World Series game. Taking the female impact even further, it was also the year that Victoria Brucker, a member of the San Pedro, California team became the first girl to play on an American team in the Little League World Series!.visit us tomorrow for another Baseball Insight.
Family time..Off to Caye Caulker and San Pedro with Irma Matus and Roberto Pasos Dominguez.. provides the best prices on the internet for car rentals in San Pedro Sula Airport, San Pedro Sula - Honduras.
Thanks for adding me Nang Gina. See you soon San Pedro :)
We have agreed to meet to have a debrief for our 2014 May Day organizing efforts. We agreed to meet up Monday May 5th at 6:30 PM. We are meeting at the Sundowner 6101 Central Ave NE across from El Mesquite's parking lot on Central just west of San Pedro. Please come to this meeting to tell highlights, give feedback and make our next year's May Day organizing even better. All are welcome.
My name is Joseph Esquire Shin and I am the Scoutmaster of Korea Town’s official Korean American Boys Scouts, the “Heung Sa Dahn” Troop 777. We are requesting your support in helping to raise the needed $5,000 to put together a 4 day Freedom Walk that begins on July 4th, 2014. Any contribution or service is appreciated. The Freedom Walk will begin in Korea Town and end at the Friendship Bell in San Pedro. The purpose of the life changing Freedom Walk has several important goals. First, youth and/or their families will work to get corporate and personal pledges to make donations after the completion of the walk. Each youth or family will set a goal to earn $2,500 each. Each $2,500 earned will be directly used in the modern day “Underground Railroad” to save the life of one North Korean Refugee hiding in China. Second, as the youth gives up his or her 4th of July holiday to walk the long distance under the hot sun on behalf of someone else who needs help, it is our hope that this time of deep refl ...
Tomorrow the Dover Mission Team heads back to the first water house built to start stage 2 in Juan Dolio, San Pedro De Macoris, Dominican Republic. We will pour the concrete floor and prep the walls with stucco. Ready to tackle round 2! Team is doing great!
Diane Tan San Pedro Happy Birthday! Enjoy every moment of your life. May everyday bring something new and exiting for you. May this Birthday turn out to be amazing as you. Happy Birthday Diane. I promised when I come back from New York I give you suprised. Love & kisses Lina Marroquin
Greetings from Belize! Just wanted to wish you all luck for your concert tomorrow night... I'm sure it`s going to be awesome. See you all at the banquet! -Tim(ger of San Pedro)
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Today is the Feast day Of St. Joseph the Worker.Happy Fiesta Brgy. Calendola,San Pedro Laguna with Rey-Eleonor Casas Miranda Rowena Casas Enerio Drix Oirene
Enjoy the talents of Marymount’s music & performing arts department at First Thursday this Thursday in San Pedro!
SA Commute: Another Accident on WB 410 at San Pedro; also Vance Jackson on the Loop 410 access road.
[ADMIN - 01] City Government plans to Build New Buildings for SPED and ALS City Mayor Lourdes S. Cataquiz has approved the construction of 3 new school buildings, two for the Special Education ( SPED) Program and one for the Alternative Learning System ( ALS ) in the City of San Pedro. The two SPED buildings will be a two-storey structure which will be erected at Pacita I Elementary School and San Pedro Central Elementary School. The proposed ALS building, also a two-storey structure, will be constructed inside the San Pedro Central Elementary School. SPED aims to provide a flexible and individualized support system for children and youth with special needs in a regular class environment in schools nearest the students' home. The proposed building will be built for special children with Intellectual Disability, Autism, ADHD, Visual Impairment , Hearing Impairment. It implements a life-long curriculum to include early intervention and parent education, basic education and transition programs on vocation .. ...
One of the most beautiful churches i have seen... @ Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church, San Pedro, Laguna
We not only survived the Easter weekend but we managed to struggle through hosting our first sailing regatta as well.  The revival of sailing on Caye Caulker is officially underway.  It wasn’t easy planning for the regatta during the busiest weekend of the year on the island and thanks to the help of everyone involved with our club and the other clubs that were in attendance it was a success.  Thanks to the San Pedro Junior Sailing Club, Corozal Bay Sailing Club, Belize City Sailing Club and  Belize Sea Scouts; your help and patience was much appreciated.   This regatta was slightly different than other regattas because it was not a national ranking regatta so we could call our own shots.  The event actually started days before when youths from the San Pedro Junior Sailing Club and Corozal Bay Sailing Club sailed boats from San Pedro for some pre-race training.  Throughout the week leading up to Easter weekend there were daily training sessions for kids that were able to attend from any of the cl ...
Alissa Patacic and I slept in hammocks for our last night in Caye Caulker .. Next stop San Pedro @ 2pm today:)
What do Kenai, Alaska; Sandpoint, Idaho; San Pedro, Belize; Stockbridge, England; Idaho Falls, Idaho; and Park City, Utah have in common? In addition to all being darn fine places to chase …
The week prior to Easter, sailing Optimist sailing youths from Corozal, San Pedro, Belize City and Caye Caulker commenced a 5 day sailing training in advance of Caye Caulker's Regatta the following weekend.   The week was put together for a number of reasons.  Firstly, the kids need training and it was the holidays - better that they did not idle themselves and instead put their holiday to practical sailing use!  Importantly for the Caye Caulker club, resources are low - we only own two boats and have one coach to train the now 8 racers and 12 members.  This lack of boats has made it impossible for training the past 2 months to the frustration of the Comodore, Jimmy Jones.  And so help came once again from the San Pedro Junior Sailing Club.  Chairman Tammy Peterson suggested pooling the resources of their two coaches (Agustin - Advanced/ Olympic Coach and Beginner - Randy Engelsmen) - with the fleet from their club, their coaches, Jimmy Jones himself and not forgetting the importance of the Raggamuf ...
Easter weekend had all these young talented kids from Caye Caulker, San Pedro, Corozal & Belize take part in a Sailing Revival here on...
So we decided Disneyland 😔 I wanted knotts but than Santa Monica but than San Pedro 😕
DASH San Pedro is experiencing a 20 minute service delay due to mechanical issues.
Sunrise at the Cabrillo Beach fishing pier. San Pedro, CA @ Cabrillo Beach
San Pedro girl 😂😂 and no it doesn't , it's just the picture lol
The family and friends of 21-year-old Victor Moreno, of San Pedro, are asking for the public to come forward with any information about his whereabouts in the days leading up to his death. (Photo courtesy of the Moreno family)
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Traveling over to San Pedro this morning to go hiking.
"The information received from the (FCD parent session) is very useful, very interesting and brings new skills or tips to address issues with children." – Parent in San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Limited space still available for San Pedro Scripture Camp! Be sure to register your kids for an amazing week of...
has offered Jackie Davis, 6-3 point guard from San Pedro, CA, class of 2014. Watch his Mix-tape:
San Pedro Church: a jewel in the historical center of Lima!
I can fly!! In the air as a co-pilot from San Pedro to destination Trujillo. Cheers from Honduras!
happy Belated Easter !! I was with family down in San Pedro, I'm home in Big Bear now!!
Hey can check us out on San Pedro in & on De Zavala! ht…
Come, help us be a blessing every Wednesday 12pm at 540 S. San Pedro Downtown LA Skidrow.
Meet you at the end of the pier!! Happy Hump Day! Palapa Bar, Isla Bonita, San Pedro, Belize
495,000 for a villa walking distance to the beach and to the town centre of San Pedro.? bargain
Finally been to Mama Mary of Simala & San Pedro Calungsod Church today. Yey!
Beautiful picture of our new home town “Molino en San Pedro del Pinatar. (Murcia)
Irrels fountain in front of a bizarre yellow church in San Pedro
The Men who Crucified Jesus Christ. April 18, 2014. - We decided to go to San Pedro Cutud in Pampanga to...
Editing our next video: Mike Watt going kayaking in Pacific off San Pedro
::: on board on their love is on the air flight ::: @ Fort San Pedro
Does anyone in san pedro knows if an American can stamp his passport there or he has to go to Belmopan?
‘Missing’ hand of. Jesus not stolen. The secretary of the San Pedro Parish on Monday said the left hand of the...
Slinging out breakfast tacos at 281 North Financial Center on 16500 San Pedro at Thousand Oaks..Going to Weston Centre for Lunch after!
Tapic and Balse are also from JMC. Au Enriquez is from San Pedro College of Davao. Berte is from Holy Cross of Davao College.
has offered 2014 3-star guard Jackie Davis from San Pedro (CA) Rolling Hills.
Pesta San Pedro.. hurm.. I'm interested to see it as well! ^^
Drove the bff to San Pedro. 1st time on the freeway, i'm ready for Wednesday.
Thank you GGV Family for giving Sharlene San Pedro the opportunity to be one of your guest😊💖 GOD BLESS …
Devotion from DVBS Seminar, CBBC San Pedro, Laguna Theme: Christ's Object Lesson Text: Mark 9:33-37 2 things to be done in a child: 1. we should impart. a. salvation b. Word of God - how we treat a child is how we treat God. - imparting something on a child makes God impart something on you. 2. we should have an impact - be a good influence - in teaching children, no recognition, but God sees everything. your labor is not in vain. - our faithfulness in teaching them will create an impact. The 8th Rule of a Godly Lady/Teacher: ♥♥♥ LIVE FOR A CAUSE AND NOT FOR AN APPLAUSE ♥♥♥
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