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San Junipero

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These two 😍😍😍 Going to watch San Junipero for the nth time
An interview with the two stars of my fav episode ever, San Junipero
Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis from the Emmy-nominated episode, “San Junipero" Credit: Eric Charbonn…
I'm a little late but Gugu Mbatha-Raw from the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror is definitely my new love 😍
Me trying to force everybody I come across to watch the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror
Black Mirror’s incredible "San Junipero" episode nominated for two Emmys and we’re crying
Why Charlie Brooker wrote the "San Junipero" episode of to screw with his Netflix critics:
MATE I just realized that Martha Jones' sister is Kelly from San Junipero 😭😭😭
Every single frame of San Junipero always somehow manages to have the EXACT right amount of purple. . A+
Really hoping that Madonnarama tonight ends up being a San Junipero party in which I learn this life is one big dream
So when's the San Junipero movie adaption
Surely where Charlie Brooker got the idea for San Junipero...
I'm gonna watch San Junipero rn because Lexa has been dead for a year and I still can't move on.
SAN JUNIPERO. the sweetest plotwist,.or the saddest?
I'm with you on San Junipero. Didn't connect. I rather die and that's it or next life.
San Junipero is honestly such a beautiful story
Doing research on ageing and SF right now so re-watching the fantastic episode of Black Mirror "San Junipero" - care, ageing, memory, and VR
I liked a video San Junipero Soundtrack - Looped Intro
Yes ok I can go back to San Junipero for real, but just for one night
That San Junipero episode almost made me shed a real *** tear man 😢
I just watched the Black Mirror San Junipero episode for the 100th time
Black Mirrors 'San Junipero' broke me I've spent the last fifteen minutes of the episode crying my eyes out
Me in my 98th year at San Junipero after dying at the ripe old age of 142: I can't believe I'm almost done with Witcher 3 !
The San Junipero episode of Black Mirror changed my life
the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror is nothing short of ART
It's my birthday and all I want is to be a better friend, better brother, better son and better man
A nomination would be a miracle. We have no delusions about winning. I'd probably vote for "San Junipero" myself tbh
To be clear: They would not let him wrestle in the boys division and are now upset that he won the girls division they forced…
Me at 9pm: Ima go to sleep early today to fix my trash *** sleep schedule. Me at 2am:
Baby, maybe i'll see you again in San Junipero...
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"I'll text u" is the biggest lie told when ending FaceTime with someone lmao
all of hayley kiyoko's music videos are MASTERPIECES
that's basically the plot of an episode of Black Mirror. San Junipero
I would watch 5 seasons of the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror.
Black Mirror is simply incredible, and San Junipero is truly a standout episode for me. It makes for quite a passionate video. Hint Hint.
watch the san junipero one. Thats the only happy one.
finally watched san junipero, and while I enjoyed the episode..
Want great data? We have Canada's largest 4G LTE network. Someday we hope to expand to San Junipero ;) . -HH
I hope what happened in the San Junipero episode can happen in the future. That's lowkey how I imagine eternity to be
Actually I'm gonna watch San Junipero tonight, because virtual reality time travelling *** is my thing. Also heaven is a…
I don't know why I love San Junipero so much.
It took me ages to watch San Junipero but go do it immediately
Can i delete san junipero from mh brain and watch it all over again
I'm worried that people are only connecting to San Junipero as a *** text or based on its weird moralizing in the last 10%
San Junipero just blew me away. A spellbinding ode to life, death, identity, time, memory and love.
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San Junipero is probably my fave Black Mirror episode so far. 10/10 recommend 👌🏼
So was San Junipero actually a nice episode of Black Mirror? It seemed like it was. Always thankful to see Mackenzie Davis on my tele.
Stepping out of order from Black Mirror to watch the "San Junipero" episode that all the *** have been abuzz about.
San Junipero is the best episode of Black Mirror
It's like San Junipero rewritten by Steve Bannon or something.
I just realized that the music of my favorite Black Mirror episodes, San Junipero, was written by Clint Mansell
I finally watched the San Junipero episode of & now only exist in a world where Helena created that techno…
Clint Mansell's soundtrack to Black Mirrror S03E04 San Junipero is absolute stunner. His best work yet!
Finally watched San Junipero, and everyone who raved about it was right. That was pretty damned terrific.
Go watch the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror on Netflix. Just trust me.
Decided to give Black Mirror a go with the San Junipero episode. Totally loved it! Charlie Brooker is one clever man.
Listening to Clint Mansell's score for San Junipero from Black Mirror. Equally as good, if not better than Charlie Brooker's playlist.
Dammit, San Junipero. All the feels with Belinda Carlisle playing at the end there.
Can't believe I'd never seen an episode of Black Mirror until this week. Just done San Junipero, which was brilliant. I feel a binge coming.
I feel like Wilson Phillip's, Hold On, should have been in San Junipero. If so, I would have rated the episode 10.5/10 instead of 10/10
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I've already seen San Junipero and the one with Bryce Dallas Howard. Enjoyed both.
Thanks to for the idea, and to for the San Junipero recommendation. I'll go to bed thinking about it.
Black Mirror's "San Junipero" explores elements of existentialism and modern romance rarely explored in television. https…
creator explains how Season 3's sweet love story "San Junipero" came to be
San Junipero episode of Black Mirror is one of my favourite things I've watched this year. Original, surprising and so moving.
The fantastic new season of is almost upon us. Two words: San Junipero.
Father Serra is now known as Saint Junipero or San Junipero...not "Saint Serra" ;-)
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