San Francisco & Santa Cruz

San Francisco , officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the financial, cultural, and transportation center of the San Francisco Bay Area, a region of 7.5 million people which includes San Jose and Oakland. Santa Cruz is the county seat and largest city of Santa Cruz County, California in the US. As of the 2010 U.S. 5.0/5

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Santa Cruz last week, San Francisco yesterday, Chico on Friday, and Brookings, OR on Saturday 😍🚗
Yosemite. Redwoods. San Francisco piers. Santa Cruz boardwalk. Knotts Berry Farm. Those are some good places! :)
I just left Sacramento today to San Francisco and going to see Alex tomorrow in Santa Cruz! ❤️😁😁
wanna see San Francisco, the California coast, and Santa Cruz Mountains? go watch my new video 😇
Bucca di Beppo , Santa Cruz , and San Francisco for my birthday. 😏 this weekend was lit. 🔥😂
Yesterday, we packed up 8 boxes of books from the San Francisco house and brought them down to Santa Cruz. I...
Thank you San Francisco!!! Sutter Creek tonight and Santa Cruz on Sunday!!
Great gig in San Francisco! Thanks for coming! If you missed it come out to Sutter Creek today or Santa Cruz on Sunday.
Or hittin Santana Row and valley fair..random trips to Santa Cruz or San Francisco..
I need a day trip to San Francisco or Santa Cruz so bad :///
Livermore, Santa Cruz, Gilroy, Walnut Creek, Half Moon Bay. List of city's all closer to Levi's then San Francisco is.
Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, San Francisco all about two hours (or less) from the stadium. Yosemite is a day trip.
it's by Monterey. Which is by Santa Cruz. Which is by San Jose. Which is by San Francisco. Which is why ***
Where do I live and work? I grew up in Philadelphia suburbs, live in Santa Cruz, and work for the Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco.
Do I go to Every Time I Die/Real Friends/Counterparts in Santa Cruz or Anthony Raneri/Chad Gilbert/Allison Weiss in San Francisco?
westt coast California from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, Big Basin redwood trees. Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge.
Left for a road trip to Monterey Bay for Colby's birthday. We're going to Santa Cruz & San Francisco to explore the cities. I love this boy.
today I've been in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, San Jose, and Saratoga.. ***
Need to get out of this place for a while. Road trip to Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Francisco, Chico, and Sacramento starting tommorow.
San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Cruz next week!! 😅😅 it should be fun. 😆
Best Ocean View Skydiving in California close San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz with Best Safety Record in Bay…
Santa Cruz's Casey Mcgehee set to replace Pablo Sandoval with San Francisco Giants
San Francisco + LA shows sold out, but still some tix for Santa Cruz tomorrow and Costa Mesa on Sunday. Grab em at http:…
Santa Cruz.south out San Francisco yesterday, down the peninsula and over the Santa Cruz Mnts and down good old Highway 17 and right into my favorite little city/Big town on earth. LOVE LOVE LOVE It every single time. Of course this time the weather would have to be perfect...sunshine, 70's and green green green everywhere. We spent 4 hours meander and remeandering the U.C. Santa Cruz Botanical Gardens (Go Banana Slugs!!!). Truthfully every time I visit this heaven on earth or as close as I think heaven is, the weather has been warm, sunny and green green green, so I am always hesitant to revisit each time to break the magic of such a sacred treasure to me during my tougher time in life. It lived up to the billing yesterday, dozens of hummingbirds,gentle honey and native bees busily working the flowers, the banksia, correa, strawflowers, erica, and California Lilac in bloom as well as the Yellow Flannel Shrub under the California Live Oaks that greets me at the entry each visit. We wandered the Eucalyptu ...
Makkin Mak Muwekma Wolwoolum, 'Akkoy Mak-Warep, Manne Mak Hiswi! We Are Muwekma Ohlone, Welcome To Our Land, Where We Are Born! HorŠe tuuxi! Welcome to the Official Website of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of the San Francisco Bay Area. The present-day Muwekma Ohlone Tribe is comprised of all of the known surviving American Indian lineages aboriginal to the San Francisco Bay region who trace their ancestry through the Missions Dolores, Santa Clara, and San Jose; and who were also members of the historic Federally Recognized Verona Band of Alameda County. The aboriginal homeland of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe includes the following counties: San Francisco, San Mateo, most of Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, and portions of Napa, Santa Cruz, Solano and San Joaquin. This large contiguous geographical area, which historically crosscuts aboriginal linguistic and tribal boundaries, fell under the sphere of influence of the aforementioned three missions between 1776 and 1836. The missionization policies deployed b . ...
San Francisco thanks for jamming with us tonight, always a pleasure... Last show tomorrow in Santa Cruz!
it wasn't the San Francisco earthquake, it was the Loma Prieta, centered in the Santa Cruz Mountains
Throwback ALC 2014 Day 0 82.5 Miles. June 1st, 2014. Seeing the riders off on their first leg from the Cow Palace to Santa Cruz. The cyclists ride out immediately following Opening Ceremonies. The route on Day 1 offers some of the best scenery and cycling roads that San Mateo County has to offer. The stunning coastal views from hilltops to the ocean are truly Northern California at its best! Tailwinds prevail as the cyclists pedal along scenic CA Hwy 1 on their way to camp. A very early morning with little sleep after getting back to San Francisco from a wedding in the Sacramento Delta the previous evening. Up in time for the registration and safety video presentation at 4.00am. When we arrived the place was pretty deserted but as time went on it filled to bursting and bustled with all the cyclists, roadies and volunteers awaiting Opening Ceremonies. The newly acquired T-shirts from the Traffic Team captain, Steve, were donned to see the riders out. For us Traffic Roadies those neon yellow T-shirts were t ...
One year ago I left the comfort of my fantasy world college town in Santa Cruz. I lived on a couch for 7 months. Then I moved and lived in San Francisco for 5 months. Realized it was too expensive and not really where I wanted to be. Now I'm back on that couch for a little bit until I can move into the room I was just offered in Oakland. In that time I've made so many new friends, reconnected with old ones (though, Scott, we still need to have drinks!) and had many more incredible experiences. All the while being able to act and sing on stage pretty much constantly since the beginning of the year. I only had one month off in June. And now I have a steady gig all the way until May of next year and a few shorter ones lined up along the way. It's been rough. I don't have a lot of money, my car might die soon, I've been sick for the past week, and I miss the people back in Santa Cruz (especially Nick and Janelle). I am tired...always...but I am so grateful for my life at this moment. Thanks to everyone who ha ...
So far I've been to San Jose, then Santa Cruz, then Capitola, now to San Francisco, then back Santa Cruz 😂🚙
Well after a going to Cadillac Ranch, going up New Mexico mountains, shopping in Albuquerque, visiting historical sites in Arizona, amazing Mexican food, Santa Cruz , seal watching, walking along the beach, fair rides, downtown Santa Cruz, amazing record shops, San Francisco, crazy driving, walking the Golden Gate Bridge, Palaces of fine arts, China Town, Pier 39 , Rain Forest Cafe and Sacramento I have say goodbye to one of my best friends and go to Ok. "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" A.A Milne.
Today friends are taking us to Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay!! Another beautiful sunny day in San Francisco.
Just thoughts in my head.. places I wanna personally go with my lil family.. →Virginia city, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, , six flags, Disney land, Santa Cruz, Yosemite falls and of course WA.
Taking the train to California for a spontaneous trip to Santa Cruz and San Francisco!
Have you seen my new website? Give it a look and be sure to check out the seminar page to stay up to date on where I am teaching. I will be stopping by San Francisco, Santa Cruz, & Las Vegas in June.
I've started packing for the Damned West Coast trip, starting with a couple of books: Kingdom By The Sea by Paul Theroux and The Curious Life Of Scott Walker by Paul Woods. And most important on a long flight are noise cancelling headphones of which I'm currently using Digital Silence's cheap but effective 101a earbud style offering. Also going in will be some teabags... Clipper redbush & black tea como is my current fave having reduced caffeine to cut the old tour stress levels. As opposed to Monty who guzzles Pro Plus like a demented 60s mod with a bag of blues. Only 3 dates this time unfortunately... but there will (I am told) likely be an Eastern US trip later in the year. Wednesday 04 June The Damned, Koffin Kats and Stellar Corpses Slim's, San Francisco, CA Thursday 05 June The Damned and These Pilgrims, Koffin Kats and Stellar Corpses The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA Friday 06 June – Sunday 08 June Ink-N-Iron Festival 2014 The Damned with Buzzcocks, Merle Haggard, Suicidal Tendencies, Wanda Jackson, ...
find your way to Santa Cruz or San Francisco!
Opening Night in Santa Cruz last night was a crazy hot one! Thanks to everyone that was there. Heading into San Francisco now.
I tried to trace the history of logging the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Oakland area almost clear cutting all the Redwoods. That required a lot of research, In the process I have saved this article and feel it has some historic worth knowing for Santa Clara County residents. The ferry (x3) shown here had the ability to carry rail cars and or passengers. Prior to the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridges they were the life blood for Santa Clara County. Hope its enjoyable read for you, it was for me. The South Pacific Coast Railroad (SPC) was a 3 ft (914 mm) gauge steam railroad running between Santa Cruz, California and Alameda, with a ferry connection in Alameda to San Francisco. The railroad was created as the Santa Clara Valley Railroad, founded by local strawberry growers as a way to get their crops to market in San Francisco and provide an alternative to the Southern Pacific Railroad. In 1876, James Graham Fair, a Comstock Lode silver baron, bought the line and extended it into the Santa Cruz Mountains ...
Can someone recommend good spots to camp from San Francisco to Cambria? This will be my second time down but started from Salinas last year to Cambria and over the hills to Great Western Bicycle Rally in Paso Robles. I am looking for new camp spots and bike friendly hotels in Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Monterey, and anywhere else in the region. Thanks!
"Cementing protection for one of the largest privately owned pieces of land on California's 1,100-mile coastline, a San Francisco environmental group on Monday donated to the public the Coast Dairies property -- a pastoral expanse of rolling meadows, redwood forests and panoramic ocean views north of Santa Cruz." Find out more via the San Jose Mercury News
I wanna go to San Francisco & Santa Cruz before my spring break ends! Can we go?
There are days when you are just real happy to be a part of standup paddling and today was one of those days. On the beaches of San Francisco Bay under the gaze of the Golden Gate Bridge basking in sunshine, warm Spring temps and a light bay breeze over 40 SUP competitors of all ages and experience enjoyed a fun filled and competitive day of racing. Big shout out to Brent, Mel and John of the StFYC for their great spirit and efforts, the club is amazing host and we're looking forward to race on April 26 to determine the series champions. Also, big thanks to the Alexiou family of Santa Cruz for the great racing and great photos to come as well as Steve Funk and the boys who came down from Tahoe to race and take home some hardware. Look for more photos as well from Renee Hoyer-Nielsen, Haakon's mom. SUP on!!
What an amazing weekend!! Spent all day yesterday at Santa Cruz riding the rides and soaking up the sun. Then headed to San Francisco to Ghiradelli Square. So great! So in love 💘
O'Neill is an American surfboard, surfwear and equipment brand started in 1952 in San Francisco, California, which moved down the coast to Santa Cruz by the end of the decade. The company is credited with inventing the wetsuit. Jack O'Neill founded the very first O'Neill company. In 2007, O'Neill Wetsuits Inc. sold the rights to the trademark to Logo International Inc. O'Neill products are distributed internationally by a group of authorized licensed distributors worldwide. In 1996 O'Neill set up the O'Neill Sea Odyssey, a free, ocean-based program to educate young people about the marine environment. In Europe, O'Neill is based in Warmond, Netherlands  . History In 1952  Jack O'Neill opened the first surf shop in a garage on the  Great Highway in San Francisco, a sand dune away from his favorite body surfing break. While Dale Velzy, Hobie Alter and others had shops down south, they only sold boards. There O'Neill sold his first wetsuits, a few vests he made from gluing together pieces of neoprene rubb ...
Hi guys! Is someone interested in a west coast tour? My friend and I are going to rent a car and visit Death Valley, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Santa Cruz! We're gonna start on the 20th of April in LA and come back on the 24th of April, by driving along Highway 1! We've only 2 seats left in the car and it's only going to cost you 100$ for gas and car renting. Leave a comment or send me a pm, we're looking forward to meet you :)
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Herbert Williams Mullin is a serial killer who committed 13 murders in California in the early 1970s. Childhood and youth Born on April 18, 1947, and raised in Santa Cruz, California, Mullin had a relatively normal childhood. His father, a World War II veteran, was stern but not abusive. He frequently discussed his heroic war activities and showed his son how to use a gun at an early age. Mullin had numerous friends at school and was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" by his classmates. However, shortly after graduating from high school, one of Mullin's best friends was killed in a car accident, and Mullin was devastated. He built a shrine to his deceased friend in his bedroom. Later he expressed fears that he was homosexual, even though he had a long-term girlfriend at the time. As he entered adulthood, Mullin's behavior became increasingly unstable. He broke off his relationship with his girlfriend for no apparent reason, started obsessing over impending earthquakes and began asking his sister to have sex w ...
Happily daydreaming about this year, the year of adventure! This year we've got plans for Joshua Tree, Mexico, A roadtrip to Big Sur, Santa Cruz (Seanna !), San Francisco (Lily !), Mendocino (Michelle !), Humboldt (Omar !), Mt. Shasta, Chico, and King's Canyon, then Maui (Nicholas !) and maybe even Utah!
Oh so comforting to know that the Islamic Liberation Party is nearby in San Francisco, and their buddies, Al Qaeda are sitting nearby in our lovely coastal town of Santa Cruz, along with Hamas. Good to know that their friend, Nancy Pelosi, of San Francisco, has made all this possible, along with her buddy, Barbara Boxer, and their President, Obama; keeping California the "home of Left-Wing Wacko's" has enabled their terrorist friends to move right in and "establish camps" from which to "strike" us from within. I personally want to thank you deeply, and hope to be able to show you just how much I thank you one day personally, when my opportunity arises.
Hey there California. Thought we should let you know that we have a few shows next week in Santa Cruz, LA and San Francisco! Check our tour dates for info
"So blessed to live where I do... In the middle of San Francisco and Santa Cruz
San Francisco is an hour from there.santa Cruz us awesome.LA about 5 hours.i grew up close to there.
As you select your thoughtful and useful gifts for the upcoming holidays, consider the *Experience the California Coast* guides printed by the University of California Press. Beaches and Parks from San Francisco to Monterey: Counties Included: Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Monterey Beaches and Parks in Southern California: Counties Included: Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego Beaches and Parks from Monterey to Ventura: Counties Included: Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura Experience the California Coast: A Guide to Beaches and Parks in Northern California: Counties Included: Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Sonoma, Marin
Due to circumstances beyond our control Kaki King's show 12/7 in Big Sur, California has been cancelled. Not to worry, as you can catch her (this week) in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, or Grass Valley! Events Listings -
Okay, Debbie Thornton gave me the number fifteen. I'm not sure my life's been that interesting, but here goes: 1) I am the third of four children, two boys and two girls. 2) I broke my right arm at a roller skating rink when I was 14. This past summer I broke my left arm, same kind of break. They are now both deformed. 3) I grew up with anywhere from eight to eighteen keeshonds at any given time. My mom was a professional breeder before there were puppy mills, and we went to dog shows more weekends than not. 4) I partied with Lynyrd Skynyrd in their hotel room three weeks before the plane crash that killed half the band. I partied back stage at a Grateful Dead concert at the Cow Palace in San Francisco when I was 16. 5) I lived in a commune in the Santa Cruz Mountains when I was 18. Up Lompico Canyon. 6) After I left the commune I joined the army, like Private Benjamin. I lasted 29 days before getting a medical discharge. 7) I went to one of the top ten high schools in the country at the time, Gunn High S ...
Heading to the Fillmore in San Francisco for ill-esha's sold out show with Beats Antique & SORNE!! It's also her final show of the entire tour. Then, going to Santa Cruz for some Late night fun at Euphoric Bounce with Nit Grit, AnTenNae, Amp Live, Vokab Kompany, Eliquate & more!!! Les dooo this!
Hanging low in Davis, CA tonight, gearing up for the final 6 shows of this tour. You can smell the eucalyptus in the air, which I love the smell of, but hate the fact that "Hotel California" keeps drifting in and out of my head. Take the bad with the good. Anyway, come see a show. We are just about to peak. Tues. Hotel Utah, San Francisco Weds. The Crepe Place, Santa Cruz, Thurs. The Palms Playhouse, Winters Fri. Lighthouse, Oakland, CA Sat. Crooked House Concerts, Auburn, CA Sun. McCabe's Guitar Shop, LA
Alpha Phi Omega is about LFS. It's about expanding your leadership skills, building long-lasting friendships, and giving back to the community through service. If you love Alpha Phi Omega and joined it for LFS; then what better way to appreciate it by attending the 2014 Regional Conference on January 18th and 19th! It's going to be hosted by your awesome brothers at Alpha Gamma Nu! Come see old friends and even make some new ones! Together we will host some workshops, take some workshops, dine together, dance together, cheer together, and even compete together. ^_^ From SECTION 4: We have UC Berkeley, Sacramento State, Cal State East Bay, UC Santa Cruz ( ^_^ ), San Jose State, UC Davis, San Francisco State, UOPacific, USF, and UC Merced REPRESENTING. From SECTION 1: We have UC LA, U Southern California, LA State, UC Santa Barbara, and Cal Poly SLO REPRESENTING. From Section 2: We have San Diego State, UC Irvine, Arizona State, UC SD, and even University of Las Vegas attending to represent SECTION 2! We ev ...
Americans call it The Valley. Europeans call it Silicon Valley. World calls it geeks between San Francisco and Santa Cruz.
California, We currently have opportunities in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, Oakland, and San Francisco to perform alongside Sidney Samson, Michal Menert, Kalya Scintilla, & Bird of Prey! Visit to submit music or vote on these amazing opportunities!
Booked a new 3 day tour from SF to LA..this makes up for missing Yosemite trip... (Still to be confirmed though..Will find out Friday This small-group tour is limited to 15 people, ensuring a more personalized experience. Highlights 3-day one-way California coast tour from San Francisco to Los Angeles Visit the beautiful seaside cities of Cambria, Santa Cruz, Monterey and Santa Barbara Enjoy views of the jagged Big Sur coastline and travel along 17-Mile Drive to world-famous Pebble Beach Explore the Danish town of Solvang and travel through the picturesque Santa Ynez Valley Admission to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and a guided tour of magnificent Hearst Castle are included Knowledgeable guide provides flexible itineraries, letting you explore at your own pace Small-group tour limited to 15 people ensures a more personalized experience
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THE CANADIANS ARE COMING, THE CANADIANS ARE COMING. Sterling Scott from Edmonton leaped into first place tonight at the rowdy Crow's Nest in Santa Cruz with a powerful set about growing up in the West Indies under the guidance of a single mom and advanced to the semi-finals. He'll be joined by fellow countrymen Matt Billon from Calgary and Brett Martin from Vancouver, B.C. Placing first for the week was "pretty boy" Matt Broussard from Houston. Local favorite Nato Green from San Francisco also moved into the next round. The festivities kick off Tuesday with a private, clean show at Rossmoor in Walnut Creek. The public will get its first chance to see all ten semi-finalists doing their best ten to 12 minutes at Angelica's in Redwood City on Wednesday. Then it's on to Sac State Thursday, the Washington Inn in Oakland Friday and the big show at Well Fargo Center in Santa Rosa on Saturday. Again, congratulations to our ten semi-finalists: - Matt Billon from Calgary - Matt Broussard from Houston - Samuel Comro ...
Our honeymoon is now all booked 17 nights 18 days in America (San Francisco, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, Santa Cruz, Yosemite National Park) and Honolulu, Hawaii bring on April the 2nd 2014.
There are a TON of shows you could go see this week!! Here is a list for you, pick a few, grad your friends and make some memories!!! Also, thank you again for your patience during my chaotic move, for the most part we are almost done!! I am aware that my emails and voice mails are at capacity and I am working on getting back to everyone soon ... Tuesday September 17th ** Bottom of the Hill (San Francisco) Catharsis For Cathedral, Daisy Pushers, Best Guest, Mike Huguenor all ages $8 8:30pm ** Brick and Mortar (San Francisco) So So Glos, Diarrhea Planet, Unstrung 18+ $10 8pm ** Catalyst (Santa Cruz) Agalloch, Worm Ouroboros, Gloam 21+ $15 8:30pm ** Chapel (San Francisco) Poor Old Shine all ages $12 9pm ** El Rio (San Francisco) Gremlins, Clear Black, Missing Person 21+ $5 8pm ** Great American Music Hall (San Francisco) Stars, Trails And Ways all ages $25 7pm ** Independent (San Francisco) Warpaint 21+ $20 7:30pm ** Knockout (San Francisco) Protected Left, Rush & Attack, Lucky Eejits, dj Ryan 21+ $6 8:30pm ...
Santa Cruz. Capitola. Half Moon Bay. San Francisco. It's been a long day
I wanna go to Santa Barbara , San Francisco , Santa Cruz , and Half Moon Bay really bad 😔
It is set. Harriet Nelson and I will fly to San Francisco on September 10th for a two week visit at my sister Mary's home. I get to show Harriet the S.F City, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Marin County and Napa Valley - the wine country. She will love this trip!
Leaving Portland on Monday heading south to Corvallis, Eugene, Arcata, Eureka, Garberville, Willits, Hopeland, Mendocino, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Ventura, Santa Monica, LA, San Diego. We will turn around and head north on HWY 99 visiting communities and veterans farms along the foothills. If you are in our path lets us know so we can stop and say hi.
RABBIT RABBIT everyone! Tour starts on Wednesday! And we're going to be doing a tour-only pre-order of our new Vinyl! Pre-ordering comes with and immediate download of the album, so you'll get to hear it first! I'm sure we'll throw some fun extras in there just for pre-orders... 7/3 - Cottage Grove, OR - The Axe and the Fiddle 7/5 - Santa Rosa, CA - The Last Record Store 7/6 - Davis, CA - Sophia's 7/7 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill 7/9 - San Jose, CA - Cafe Stritch 7/10 - Santa Cruz, CA - The Crepe Place 7/11 - *socal help us out! 7/12 - *socal help us out! 7/13 - Echo Park, CA - Tribal Cafe 7/14 - Long Beach, CA - 4th Street Vine 7/16 - *any tips for vegas? 7/17 - Provo, UT 7/18 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court 7/19 - Boise, ID - Cafe Crux 7/20 - Portland, OR - SoHitek Until then, here's a peak at one of the songs!!
Dirty Wars opens in 18 new theaters this weekend, starting on June 28, and continues on in other theaters nationwide. Here's the latest: NEW this weekend, we're opening at the Osio in Monterey CA; Broadway Center in Salt Lake City, Utah; Amherst Cinema in Amherst, Mass; Film Streams in Omaha; The Loft Cinema in Tucson; ShowRoom in Asbury Park NJ; The Raleigh Grande in NC; Violet Crown Cinema in Austin; Angelika Film Center - Dallas; Shea in Scottsdale AZ; The Nickleodeon in Santa Cruz; O Cinema Wynwood in Miami; SIFF Cinema at the Film Center (change from the Uptown); Main Art Theater in Detroit; Plaza Frontenac in St. Louis; Cedar Lee in Cleveland; Tivoli in Kansas City; and, Sundance Cinemas in Houston. COMING SOON to so many new cities, from Pittsburgh to San Antonio, Lubbock to Durano, and Boca Raton to Grand Rapids. LAST CHANCE: Thursday, June 26, is our last day in DC at the E Street Cinema; Lincoln Plaza Cinema in New York; Century Centre in Chicago; Embarcadero Center in San Francisco; Criterion B ...
NO man has ever "moved" me as much or in the same way that Todd has. This house will officially go on the market on July 3rd. The packers will be here August 26th-28th...the trucks will be loaded on the 29th-30th and we will embark on our next journey together. Taking a HUGE leap of faith and moving on to California! In the 23 years I have know him, we have moved a total of 11 times. Our lives have come full circle. We are going back to where we met! Right now I have mixed emotions about California (none of them good) the housing market is IMPOSSIBLE (what are we doing?) But, as our lives go...(and God willing) we wont be there for too long. Here's to looking forward to a year of no snow, Pebble Beach, Santa Cruz, Monetrey, Cambria, 17 mile drives, Golden Gate Park, Grilling on Christmas Day, San Francisco, The Redwood Forest and need I say more...NAPA!
Mom Dunn, Tina, Debbie and John will be arriving to the Bay Area from Upstate New York on a pretty sunny summer day. (They are my extended family, the ones who cared and nurture me when I first came to the US as an exchange student and later on brought me to the USA). We have plans to visit Yosemite, Carmel, Monterey and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Santa Cruz, Sonoma, Napa, Sausalito, Tiburon, and of course the whole San Francisco sights: Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park with the Japanese Garden and the Academy of Science, Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf, Ghiradelli Square, Twin Peaks, Grace Cathedral, China Town, Mission Dolores, Muir Woods, North Beach, Coit Tower, etc. etc. etc. What a gift this is for me because I love them and miss them so much and we are going to have A BLAST! I am so blessed:)
Less than 48 hours until our trip to the west coast. Zack Rosen, how psyched are you? Menlo Park, Santa Cruz, Guerneville, San Francisco, here we come! I'm looking forward to seeing all you folks!
My lovely sweetie and I flew down to Santa Cruz for the night. She's good pilot but she has fly with another pilot until November and the guy who came with us happens to live down here and flys to San Francisco everyday. So we'll fly back either tomorrow or Tuesday. Had great lunch in Sausolito after riding our bikes over the Golden Gate Bridge. Then rode to the Marin Headlands again to Rodeo beach.Zoe's in better shape then me she used to be a bike racer before becoming a lawyer. Won several races. Still does some for fun now. Now off to get some dinner then to the pier here and a walk on the beach. Zoe is such a remarkable woman and she is so accepting of my love for her and she gives back even more love to me.
Day 3: About 275 miles. We cruised Highway 1 through Big Sur this morning. The marine layer was hovering offshore, so views were beautiful and it wasn't too cold. Traffic was light and road construction was minimal, so we go to enjoy the twisties unimpeded. For lunch we headed to Gayle's Bakery in Capitola, an old haunt when I lived in Soquel. Yum. I lead my friends along West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz and watched the few surfers trying to make something out of the tiny waves. We parted company near Davenport; they continued to San Francisco while I made my way to San Jose to see family. I picked an interesting route through the Santa Cruz Mountains, including Bonny Doon Road, Empire Grade Road, Jamison Creek Road, Highway 236 through Big Basin State Park, a little bit of Highway 9, Skyline Drive southbound, and then Black Road down to Highway 17. Jamison Creek Road is a wild, tortuous little road that's better uphill than trying to control the speed down the steep grade as I was doing today. I ha ...
Headed down the most Crooked street in the World. Then Headed South 2 hr to famous Santa Cruz and Board Walk for Lunch, Taking Mountain Valley and Mountain Drive, Then Back North up Coast on Hwy 1, along the Pacifica Hwy Costal Drive till we get back to San Francisco and then across the Golden Gate Bridge. Then Headed to Muir National Park to see the Redwood Forest. Then going to San Quintin State Prison, I use to do all this when I was a teenager.
In the brief window following the Fillmore and Avalon sudden flowering upon the world, concert ballrooms sprouted of their own accord all over the West, and subsequently elsewhere. Frank Zappa’s satiric comment “Psychedelic dungeons popping up on every street” was not so far from the truth. Most of these venues are remembered for their posters, and for the nights that famous groups like The Grateful Dead played there. However, prior to the rise of Rolling Stone Magazine and FM radio, each scene was very local, as there was no “circuit”. People just saw a few pictures in the paper, bought a Jefferson Airplane album, heard the stories from people who had hitchhiked to San Francisco and started a venue of their own. Local longhairs came to see the local bands, that had usually just formed. Scott’s Valley, a Santa Cruz County town of a few thousand, 6 miles North of Santa Cruz, 30 miles Southwest of San Jose and 68 miles South of San Francisco, is now an affluent suburb, nestled in the mountai ...
Day 10 (Monday): After breaking the shower in the motel, we set off from Saint Luis Obispo towards San Francisco. Today was much better than yesterday - the sun was out and there were amazing views all the way up the coast. We passed through Morro Bay, Hearst Castle where we encountered wild zebra on the land side and Elephant Seals on the sea side. Next we entered "The Big Sur", with stunning views around every turn, then onto Carmel by the sea for a walk along the beach. We took the "17 mile drive" through the private golfing town of Pacific Grove and then had dinner in Monterey before re-joining highway 1 for the last stretch through Santa Cruz and onto San Francisco, where we dropped off the car and Checked into the hotel. San Francisco is our base now for the next 5 nights before flying back to London via Las Vegas on Saturday. Still lots of fun to look forward to, including a tour of some wineries in the Sonoma valley, A trip to Alcatraz and a day trip to the Yosemite National Park.
June 1, 2013 - We wanted to take Celine to Big Sur as the last of our "big" California sites she had to see while she was here. We've been to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Yosemite, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz. She's seen redwoods and sequoias, waterfalls and mountains, bridges and shops but she hadn't been to Big Sur which is one of the more sublime places I've visited. We took her to my favorite beach for a perfectly clear day. As always the wind was blowing but it wouldn't be Big Sur coast without wind. Afterward we checked into Asilomar and then had dinner at PassionFish in Pacific Grove.
This summer I wanna go to Monterey Bay, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Santa Cruz, Aptos, San Francisco, I wanna travel so much this summer 😳😏
Free Bradley Manning! Drop The Charges. Sunday June 1st Get out to Fort Meade action the week of June 1st at in Maryland where Bradley Manning is schedule to have his court martial on June 3rd. Join in solidarity actions beginning Saturday June 1st planned in the U.S. and around the world in San Francisco, London, Chicago, South Korea, Australia, Berlin, Seattle, Los Angeles, Tuscon, Medford, Boston, Toronto, Honolulu, Toledo, Tampa, New Jersey, Santa Cruz and more..
Here's where I'll be tomorrow :-) It promises to be a good time and the weather will be spectacular! * NAMIWalks San Francisco Bay Area 2013 - June 1st in Golden Gate Park Eight Bay Area County NAMI Affiliates Join Forces to Raise Funds Amid Drastic Cuts to State Mental Health Services to Provide FREE Services Walker dollars go to work throughout the Alameda, Alameda County South, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties underwriting NAMI’s free support and education programs including In Our Own Voice, Peer-to-Peer, Family to Family and NAMI Basics. Saturday, June 1, 2013 - 9:00 AM (On-site Registration & Check-in); 10:30 AM (Opening Ceremony); 11:00 AM (Walk Starts); (Post-Walk - 2 PM: live music, info booths, and food for purchase. Picnic lunches and dogs on leashes are okay.) WHERE: Lindley Meadow, Golden Gate Park (next to Speedway Meadow) at 30th Ave and John F Kennedy Drive, San Francisco COST: FREE to NAMIWalkers (Thanks to sponsor donations.) Register . ...
We enjoyed our last trip so much that we are going to inflict ourselves on Michelle and Brent for an extended time in November as well !! We are going to travel around for the first 10 days or so and are planning to go from San Francisco, southwards. Santa Cruz, Monterey, Joshua Tree, Death Valley are on our radar. If anyone has any suggestions of other places to visit (we are not into cities .. more natural history and industrial/social history) I would love your thoughts. Thanks in advance
Back from a terrific mini tour in California with the lovely and very talented Hilary Reyl. Such great bookstores: Vroman's in Pasadena, Capitola Book Cafe in Santa Cruz, Book Passage in San Francisco...
Back from our mini vacation in Santa Cruz, California!!! holy was a 10/10! Hiking in the Redwoods @ Nisene Marks park aka...the backyard of Randi's aunt's place, the town of Santa Cruz: awesome wharf, dog friendly town (most pop. breed: joke), great surfing but I'm not good enough to partake, awesome sea food, tons of music shops. Hiked in Point Lobos State park: most amazing coastal views I have ever seen. Kayaked with seals, sea lions and otters @ Elkhorn Slough, Cali Roots music festival in Monterey with The Expendables and Slightly Stoopid, Yes...that too...San Francisco and great great hosts with Randi's aunt, uncle and little cousin!!!
Sadly back from our hols. 2.5k miles driven in 13 days, LA, Palm Springs, Phoenix, grand canyon, Hoover Dam, Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara and back to LA. Great trip, now back to the grind...sob sob!
San FranCISCO -- A Santa Cruz sailing crew rescued a man who jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge on Monday, delivering him safely to Coast Guard officials.
I would do anything to be Santa Ana, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Berekly, Venice, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Vallejo, Marin
MAY 16, 2013 4:00 AM The IRS’s Curious Immunity It’s worse than the PATRIOT Act. By Charles C. W. Cooke Cast your minds back to the great PATRIOT Act freakout of 2001, during which Americans were reminded hourly that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” and Benjamin Franklin’s famous line about liberty and safety seemed to have been emblazoned onto every last protest sign. Back then, government overreach was distinctly uncouth. “If the events of September 11, 2001, have proven anything,” comedian Jon Stewart lamented, “it’s that the terrorists can attack us, but they can’t take away what makes us American — our freedom, our liberty, our civil rights.” He paused: “Only Attorney General John Ashcroft can do that.” Ashcroft and the PATRIOT Act were widely disparaged by critics who warned of an imminent descent into tyranny. But one detail in particular was singled out for discussion: “Library patrons in Santa Cruz are seeing a new type of sign these days: a warning that r ...
Next Friday, we are hitting the road for a California mini-run with our brothers Smalltown DJs aka Michael Mike Grimes and Pete Emes! So stoked! We start Friday King King Hollywood with The Funk Hunters, then head up the coast stopping in Santa Cruz, Sebastopol, San Francisco, and Arcata! Ready to rage with my brothers! Spread the word with the West Coast Massive!
South of San Francisco: A Guide to the San Mateo Coast, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur and Herst Castle (Co
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- Medical Assistant - OB/Gyn - Santa Cruz at Sutter Health in San Francisco, CA.
LUBAO is a 1st class municipality and is one of the 22 towns of the province of Pampanga. It is located at the southwestern part of the province. It is bounded by the municipalities of Guagua on the north, Sasmuan on the east, Floridablanca on the west and Orani, Bataan on the south. It is about 56’07” latitude, and 120ͦ 36’04” longitude. It has a total land area of 15,731.11 hectares and is politically subdivided into 44 barangays: Balantacan, Bancal Sinubli, Bancal Pugad, Baruya (San Rafael), Calangain, Concepcion, Del Carmen, Dela Paz, Don Ignacio Dimson, Lourdes (Lauc Pao), Prado Siongco, Remedios, San Agustin, San Antonio, San Francisco, San Isidro, San Jose Apunan, San Jose Gumi, San Juan, San Matias, San Miguel, San Nicolas 1st, San Nicolas 2nd, Spablo 1st, San Pablo 2nd, San Pedro Palcarangan, San Pedro Saug, San Roque Arbol, San Roque Dau, San Vicente, Santa Barbara, Santa Catalina, Santa Cruz, Santa Lucia, Santa Maria, Santa Monica, Santa Rita, Santa Teresa 1st, Santa Teresa 2nd, Santia ...
Had a tremendous time with Dad during his visit here...played golf at world renowned golf courses including Cypress Point, Spanish Bay at Pebble Beach, Bayonet and Black Horse, and others; attended a professional golf tournament, took pics with a celebrity, and spent days in Santa Cruz and San Francisco! Hope you had a good time Dad! We'll see you in Alabama soon!
After a short touring break following their massive assault with Napalm Death and Municipal Waste amidst a solid year of touring, gore metal purveyors EXHUMED will take their sonic raucousness to the streets once again this week. This time the road warriors will be systematically blasting their home state of California alongside grind cohorts Phobia; the frenzy will begin tomorrow, February 15th in Lancaster, followed by beatings in San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Fullerton, Ventura, Santa Cruz, Modesto, Lake Tahoe and San Francisco on the nine city assault.
We did see the art shows at the deYoung Gallery in Golden Gate Park. There were amazing etchings by Rembrandt, the famous painting by Vermeer of The Girl With The Pearl Earring, and works by many other Dutch painters from the 1600's. Among the other exhibits was a fabulous show of Rudolph Nureyev Ballets, history, costumes, and videos of the master before his death at 54. We were not able to see everything on exhibit but we had a lovely lunch there and went up to the viewing tower for photos and the vista of San Francisco. After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge we went to visit our friend Jeanne and her son Sam who has a T-shirt printing business in Sausalito. Many people I still know in Santa Cruz were part of a spiritual community I was involved in 35 years ago so I'm reconnecting with a few friends on this trip. Our journey then took us up to Santa Rosa to stay with Deborah and then continue on up to Harbin Hot Springs for a spa day. Harbin is otherworldly. It is a clothing optional retreat space, with ...
Who hoo, my daughter Kate just handed me a youth spring retreat from church and wants to go and I can afford this one. She wants to go, I am so happy. They will worship the Lord together and grow in Christ. Nothing in the name of Jesus will happen to keep her from going. They are going to the Embassy Suites in San Jose and fellowshipping together from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. At the board walk. Thanks to couponing stock ups and quitting smoking she will get to enjoy. Oh my goodness many blessings are coming our way. Hallelujah.
Yay! It's finally Friday! Since I cancelled my vacation/road trip with my mom, I still want to make a day trip with her. We've already been to Carmel, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, San Francisco... Trying to think of somewhere we haven't been that's not more than a couple of hours away from the South Bay. We are not drinkers, so any kind of wine country would not be that appealing. Love cute downtown areas and boutique shopping.
while our nation wallows in debt the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco pumps billions into the economy devaluing our dollars without remorse. the dollar will always have the value to convey messages, as long as we keep them circulating with messages of solidarity there will always be Occupy money! Occupy SLC; Occupy OSU (Oklahoma State University); Occupy Portland; Occupy Pittsburgh; Occupy The Hood; Occupy Santa Cruz; Occupy Denver; Occupy Houston;
Flash flood watch Sunday for North Bay, coastal areas from San Francisco south to Santa Cruz.
Wow.America F**k Yeah!!! What an amazing time so far. Started at Burning Man, then river parties in Nevada City, Lake Tahoe chillaxing and partying with my homies, climbed the half dome at Yosemite with some of my besties, celebrated Andy Ellis birthday with the crew, massive road trip down to LA and all the way up route 1 thanks to Rich Garratt stopping at all the LA beaches, Santa Barbara, Big Sur national Park where I saw the Space ship Endeavour fly overhead on top of a 747 (trippy thing to see in a national park), Monterey Aquarium, the beautiful Santa Cruz, San Francisco, all of North California on another road trip where I met some incredible people and friends for life. Now the Mexican adventure begins. Chillin in Mexico City at the moment, most of the sites done, still got the floating gardens to do and the Anthropology museum then I'm heading South in a couple of days. Sorry to all my friends and family who have felt a bit neglected, been road tripping and camping for the majority of my trip ...
Only a few more chances to catch us before the end of the year and we hit the studio for our EP! 11/28: Santa Cruz, CA //The Crepe Place 12/29: Portland, OR // Crystal Ballroom w/ Railroad Earth 12/31: San Francisco, CA //NEW YEARS EVE Bottom of the Hill
*** I had a s* Thanksgiving but had a great great great weekend went down to San Jose to see my boy them went to Santa Cruz play a game at dela veaga then to San Francisco to play Golden Gate Park checked out Little China town at some bomb food at the Empress palace and don't forget my baby can home after being gone a week.
When the 1960s ended, San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district reverted to high rent, and many hippies moved down the coast to Santa Cruz. They had children and got married, too, though in no particular sequence. But they didn't name their children Melissa or Brett. People in the mountains around Santa Cruz grew accustomed to their children playing Frisbee with little Time Warp or Spring Fever. And eventually Moonbeam, Earth, Love and Precious Promise all ended up in public school. That's when the kindergarten teachers first met Fruit Stand. Every fall, according to tradition, parents bravely apply name tags to their children, kiss them good-bye and send them off to school on the bus. So it was for Fruit Stand. The teachers thought the boy's name was odd, but they tried to make the best of it. "Would you like to play with the blocks, Fruit Stand?" they offered. And later, "Fruit Stand, how about a snack?" He accepted hesitantly. By the end of the day, his name didn't seem much odder than Heather's or Sun R ...
This morning on another long run reminds me of my hometown Cupertino, nestled on the Santa Cruz foothills in Silicon Valley, near San Francisco, California where the fog rolls in on any summer afternoon settling in whatever community it wants to lay it's cool comfortable blanket upon. Today I ran in a fog so dense it was filled with wonderful memories of running through the Santa Cruz Mountains or surfing in the awesome waves of Half Moon Bay and all that right here at home in Canton, Illinois. To make my run even better was running into Kathy McDowell and her lovely dog Kona, who was having the time of her life in probably her first experience in fog barking at the squirrels frolicking in the fog shrouded trees. Coming soon the wedding of the century, Casie Markum and Ian McDowell, the son of Kathy and Kent McDowell. We are so excited!
OK, so I took this little road trip around California. Saw some great old friends and went by some of the most beautiful country we have here in Cali. Cambria, Big Sur, Carmel, Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, San Francisco, Sacramento, Truckee, Lake Tahoe, Mono Lake, Tioga Pass, Yosemite, Beautiful Fresno, Under estimated Bakersfield, and home. 7 days, 1,400 miles = Real big smile. Enjoy the photos I will post more next week.
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November 19th: I am thankful I'm a California girl, I love Texas but some of the CA things that stay in my heart: I cruised McKennry in Modesto as a teen, I have played in tide pools, went to science camp in 6th grade near Santa Cruz and kissed a banana slug. I grew up going to Sonora, Columbia, panning for gold, the Big Red Woods, going to the seirra mountains in the winter to play in the snow and make snow ice cream. I have gone from winery to winery in Napa, been to the Jelly Belly Factory and toured Hearsheys many times. I have gotten very very lost in a Corn Maze and never missed a trip down Christmas Tree Lane in Ceres, I lost my virginity at Folsom Lake ;0, spent EVERY summer camping at Woodward Lake, camped at Camanche, Don Pedro, Modesto, Rancho Seco (nuclear power plan, yea thats safe) and many more resevoirs growing up. I have camped above Twain Hart in the SNOW! I cruzed the street of San Francisco as a teen (crazy) gone down the crookedest road, Pier 39, road a trolley, eaten clam chowder fro ...
Receiving messages, emails, and texts from people sending good thoughts and wishes for the violins coming back to my hands today! Coming from NYC, Atlantic City, Wash DC, Ft Lauderdale, orlando, Miami, Key West, Florida, Antigua, NOLA, Las Vegas, Austin and Houston TX, Arizona, Boulder, San Diego, LA, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Sacramento, CA, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Cabo San Lucas, Paris, and of course all of the Hawaiian islands!! I am SO UPLIFTED BY YOU! Hugely grateful.
I want to bring my wife & children to visit my University, and some good location which I spent time before...Lake Tahoe, Salt Lake City, Reno, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Modesto, Fresno .ONCE I hit my GOAL !
I am an Asheville man, yes, I was raised in East End, but just around the corner, over Beaucatcher Mountain and under Helen's Bridge was my other neighborhood clan, Kenilworth. But the day of my birth was in San Leandro, California, and from there to East Oakland to San Francisco in between the neighborhoods of Filmore and Hunters Point. But now for the past 17 years I have been Atlanta, growing up from a boy to a man in between the neighborhoods of Decatur and East Atlanta. I received my education: high school and college from Clarkston, but Glenwood is where I received my street knowledge. When I was younger I have always wanted to retire in Santa Cruz, California, but growing up off of Glenwood I have always been close to Santa Cruz with just a short drive up the street. Hopefully before the end of my days Santa Cruz is where I'll be spending them. Regardless if it is Santa Cruz, California, or Santa Cruz Drive, Decatur, Georgia... I'll be enjoying my very own idea heaven on earth.
Grant Farm is seeking street-teamers in these towns, please message me ASAP to hop on board and earn your way into the show by putting up some posters! San Diego (Solana Beach), Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Sebastopol, Chico, Mill Valley, Arcata, Eugene, Bend, Portland, Seattle.
I miss my Bay Area : The vta transportation, The Cal-Train Rides, Great America, In N' Out Burger, Valley Fair Mall, Moon Lite Lanes, Central Park, The Library, The small neighborhood parks, The Mexican Markets and food, The Flatness, The view of the Alum Rock Hills, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, San Jose, Mountain View, Palo Alto, the Great Mall, AMC theater, Century theater, The BBQ places to eat at, the Cosco Food Stand, The Museums, The Free wi-fi every ware you go. Oh well maybe some day I will get to visit there when ever I want to. Not to mention some friends and family too.
Just finished uploading some new photos from the concert this past Wednesday @ The Fillmore in San Francisco, CA. If you missed it, make sure you come see us tonight in Santa Cruz, CA - Collie Buddz The dark and Stormy tour with Los Rakas
Patchen ( the town) and Mountain Charley Story Patchen, in the Santa Cruz Mountains, above Lexington, an old stage station, boasts of a postoffice and a few residences. It is on the old Mountain Charley road, about two miles from the Mountain Charley ranch. In the early days grizzly bears abounded in the Santa Cruz hills and Mountain Charley (Charles McKiernan) was a great bear hunter. For a while he killed deer for the San Francisco market, making over $7,000 by the work. He kept a flock of sheep, but one night a California lion (cougar) got among them and killed seventy. After this misfortune McKiernan sold his sheep and became one of the noted bear and lion hunters of the state. Not long after he had parted with his sheep he was hunting about three miles from his home, when he discovered a large grizzly bear lying on her haunches with her head turned towards him. McKiernan approached to within ten steps of the bear, dismounted from his mule and shot the bear in the back of the head. Supposing he had k ...
What a beautiful day today. It went like this... I was in Guerneville (Sonoma County) for one night. I woke up this morning and went to an early breakfast with my best friend in Sebastopol. Met another friend for coffee and some catching-up time. Departing this small town, I drove through vineyards with a display of fall colors, orchards with barren limbs and little local shops lining the highway. I then headed down to San Francisco. Crossed over the Golden Gate Bridge with clear skies above and continued down through the city. Drove Hwy 92 to Half Moon Bay, passing pumpkin and Christmas tree farms, nurseries and ranches, horses, wildlife and the full range of autumn foliage. I then headed down Hwy 1 towards home, the beautiful Pacific Ocean to my right, strawberry, kiwi, lettuce, and other vegetation growing on my left. Red Tail Hawks passed overhead as I embraced my joy ride while listening to the best of Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks oldies. I entered the city limits of Santa Cruz, stopping ...
San Francisco for Tiger Army or Santa Cruz for Tiger Army this weekend? Need to find a nice/cheap hotel either near the catalyst or slims, any suggestions?
the EPIC WEEKEND MUSICAL ADVENTURE. I'd say this musical adventure weekend was a huge success...even though they played my songlist at the beach in Santa Cruz and I missed it...however, I made it to the Beatles Sing in Pacifica at the Chit Chat Cafe, where Jeanine and her groovy little band led us in all the songs from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club band! the entire coffee shop sang along...people of all ages...younger to older...! I brought my ukulele and played along on some friend Steve played the guitar and bass...THEN we played and sang more Beatles songs at jeanine's house..! totally random, unexpected fun...HOWEVER, I had already made plans to attend the Ukulele Love In at the Actual Cafe in Oakland, so we jammed with them as long as we could before taking off down the road again for more uke playing...and to meet up with friends. Then yesterday it was all about San Francisco and the Uke Rebellion. I took BART (and am so glad I did), brandishing one ukulele (had to choose which one, h ...
Poet Lorna Dee Cervantes needs a home to live and work! In the Fall of 2007 I resigned from my 19 year tenured position at CU Boulder as Associate Professor of English in order to return to San Francisco following the death of my father, the artist Luis Cervantes, in on order to help out with the family community arts business, Precita Eyes Muralists Center in The Mission District and found the Mission Poetry Center near where I was born and my father lived. I had divorced and we planned to sell our house. Then the economy tanked, hitting California higher education hard. Jobs for me at UC Berkeley and Santa Cruz were affected by the hiring freeze and I was soon laid off from my adjunct teaching job at SFSU in Ethnic Studies. I resigned from my position in order to cash in what I could of my retirement to buy a prefab house on a mobile home lot in Pacifica. It seemed like the ideal retirement/housing solution and the only affordable option for myself and my adolescent son in the Bay Area. In a case yet to ...
My fellow Human Beings, My good friends that help the Buffalo of Yellowstone National Park are having several events in the Bay Area this weekend and I would like to let you know about them in case you would like to come hear Good Buffalo stories and great Music. Phoenix and Goodshield are Native American friends of mine and both play awesome music. Wouldn’t it be nice to have Buffalo in the National park for future generations to come? Please forward to your friends that may be interested. See list below for events around the Bay Area. Friday, September 28, 7 PM Berkeley, CA Art House Gallery and Cultural Center. 2905 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA, 94705. (510) 472-3170. Performance by Good Shield and Phoenix Saturday, September 29, 7 PM to 10 PM San Francisco, CA John Trudell The Woman’s Building 3543 18th Street by Good Shield, Phoenix, and John Trudell Color Poster (PDF) Black & White Poster (PDF) Sunday, September 30, 3 to 6 PM Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst – Atrium Room 1011 Pacific Avenue Sampson ...
Disneyland, Vegas, Marine World, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and the Zoo. So much in such little time
Berkeley to San Francisco to Belmont. Then Belmont to Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz to Campbell. Now finally home!
I'm in Santa Cruz at cousin Jerri's. Gonna pick-up Sherri in Santa Clara and on to San Francisco to Choctaw cultural meeting. Love new pick of Caroline.
Today we are having a suite of visitors to the Sanctuary Exploration Center from near and far-- Finland, Argentina, Germany, London, San Jose, Berkeley, Fresno, Stockton, Santa Clara, Sacramento, San Francisco--- and many from right here in Santa Cruz.
Jerome, AZ to Sedona, AZ to Las Vegas, NV to some Hot Springs outside of Boulder City, NV to Big Bear, CA to Santa Barbara, CA to San Luis Obispo, CA to Santa Cruz, CA to Oakland, CA to Berkeley, CA to San Francisco, CA to Bozeman, MT to Gallatin National Forest, MT to Medicine Wheel at Big Horn, WY to Big Horn National Forest, WY to Ayres Natural Bridge, WY to Medicine Bow National Forest, WY to Roosevelt/ Arapahoe National Forest, CO to Boulder, CO to Pike National Forest, CO to Denver, Co. What a trip!!!
Leaving tomorrow for a month on the road with Los Straitjackets to promote our new record Jet Set! The amazing Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite boys will be on the bill with us for many of the shows. We end the tour with a big bash to celebrate Yep Roc Records 15th anniversary. Lots of special guests including Nick Lowe, Dave Alvin, Robyn Hitchcock and more. Best of all, Daddy-O Grande will be returning to the stage at select shows. Check out the Los Straitjackets website for all the details. Thanks and look forward to seeing you! 9/12 Belly Up Tavern - Solana Beach, CA 9/13 The Echoplex - Los Angeles, CA 9/14 Moe's Alley - Santa Cruz, CA 9/15 Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA 9/16 The Palms Playhouse - Winters, CA 9/19 The Shakedown - Bellingham, WA 9/20 The Fan Club - Vancouver, BC 9/21 Tractor Tavern - Seattle, WA 9/22 Dante's - Portland, OR 9/25 The Fine Line - Minneapolis, MN 9/26 Turner Hall Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI 9/27 Fitzgeralds - Chicago, IL 9/28 Fitzgeralds - Chicago, IL 9/29 Beachland B ...
In 1 year I've fallen in love with San Francisco, the Mission, Medium Haight, Oakland, Berkeley, Big Sur, Lake Tahoe, Marin, Sonoma, Point Reyes, Santa Cruz, California... My one true love will always be New Hampshire. Thank you friends, family, and strangers for making the past year away from home feel like the first year of my new home.
Ok. Scott Mc Kenzie. Did not want do write about him yesterday. San Francisco, Flowers, Hair you know. He sang about the Hashbury of the 60s, which already died in the 60s. Came back to life in the 90s. I was very lucky to enjoy the "Laughter, Love and Music" concert for Bill Graham with more than 300.00 people (unknown to many)- and a lot did not only look like a hippie, they did behave and smell like a hippie! That was in the early 90s. Even the cars parked in the area where authentic and you can still find them at the coastline from Eureka down to Big Sur. Since Ben&Jerry's has a shop right at Haight/Ashbury and a lot of the shops which have been established in the 80s (second wave authentic shops i would say) are gone and replaced by chains the hippie-ish scene Dead Again there but i lives strongly in the whole valley (Santa Cruz, the Hills, even Mtn View etc.) I heard Scotts song once while approaching SFO airport looking at the Bay Area city lights of Fremont, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto ... That has been ...
in 36 hours, we made it from Oceanside, to Huntington Beach skatepark, to Venice Beach skatepark, brews on the strip, Santa Barbara skatepark, Santa Cruz for a nap on the beach and 7:30am park sesh, to a dank breakfast, to San Francisco for street skating (3rd&Army for the 1st time) and happy hour on Haight, to rush hour traffic, to Ukiah skatepark, to home. most done in 36 hours EVAR award.
brewing up my end of summer day trip plans for the Bay Area. I can go as far north as San Francisco, as far west as Santa Cruz, and as east as Berkley. Any suggestions?
So our time in California is winding down . I hadn't been here since I was about 13 and that was only the LA area. LOVED everything about this trip so far. .We toured the coast on rt1 north of SF the 1st day , hiked in the Armstrong Redwoods Park in Guerneville , swam in the Russian River, and toured more of the north coast on day 2, spent day 3 in San Francisco , first driving around and then hiking around on the most VERTICAL /hilly streets BY FAR that I've ever seen , like Powell St, and Lombard St, , went to Fisherman's Wharf, Pier39 , drove around in Chinatown, etc, day 4 and 5 we went to Yosemite National Park which was spectacular and hiked up to the Vernal Falls , which for some might be ez ,but for me was the longest most vertical hike I'd ever done, and swam in the pristine clear Merced River, day 6 and 7 ,toured down the southern rt1 coast down past Big Sur and stayed in Monterey and went to the Fisherman's Wharf, Aquarium , and Cannery Row and today heading up back towards SF to Santa Cruz to ...
Loading in the Desert tomorrow, then Beverly Hills (on Wilshire Blvd!), Fresno, Santa Cruz & San Francisco over the weekend! Happy trails guys!
Living in the Bay Area is great, but sometimes there's an embarrassment of riches. This weekend, I need to choose among four major music festivals. San Francisco has Outside Lands, with Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Norah Jones and many, many more. Santa Cruz has the 50th Anniversary of the Cabrillo Music Festival, with some very interesting modern classical performances. Down in Hollister is the Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival, which is always fun. Finally just a mile away is the San Jose Jazz Festival, with Dianne Reeves, Wayne Henderson, Terence Blanchard, etc. How can I possibly decide?
Tomorrow, going to Monterey Bay Aquarium and Santa Cruz. Next Day off to San Francisco!
The trip i have been talking about for months is finally over and worth every penny of it. As some may remember I was flying Ira and her Daughter (which I treat as my daughter) down from Vancouver BC I showed them the whole city of Las Vegas from the Strip to the Dam to Red Rocks to entertainment on the strip. Then we went to LA for a few days then to Hearst Castle, then Santa Cruz then San Francisco for four days. I showed them all over the city... I will post pictures online here from the trip in a few days..
Vacation last week was very nice. Lunch with my step-sister in Salt Lake on Saturday, Breakfast with my nephew Isaiah in Davis on Sunday, Lunch with my son's family (ex's side) on Sunday on Pier 39, San Francisco, Brunch with my Aunt Adele and Grandfather in Monterey on Monday, Dinner with my friend Jennifer and her family in San Jose on Monday, Breakfast on the wharf in Santa Cruz on Tuesday and getting to my brothers in QH on Tuesday night. Attended my 30 year reunion, saw several old friends, they all looked good. I even visited one of my elementary school teachers, Sam Roach, very nice visit. I saw several old friends and numerous relatives, making for a busy week. As busy as it was, it was very nice seeing and talking to all. Thank you Debbie, Isaiah, the Blattman's, Doris, Dan, Adele, Grandpa, Jennifer & Bob and kids, Duncan & Geraldine, Sam, and all the folks at the reunion for a wonderful vacation
My CA trip has taken me from Santa Ana to Costa Mesa to Los Angeles to Rancho Cucamonga to Santa Cruz to San Francisco to Santa Rosa to San Diego: there is no denying my Spanish roots!
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It’s about time. I think that what is happening all across this country is overdue. I've been scrambling to do what I can for the Occupiers in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. I talk to these folks all the time. It's time to rise up. On September 10 of this year, I announced my candidacy for President. All the folks who occupy, along with all the folks who struggle and work each day to put food on their tables and make that next rent check, YOU are my constituency. I myself live paycheck to paycheck. I am not a rich man, like Obama or the Bushes. My Dad grew up in the little Western Pennsylvania town of Greenville, and when we would visit in the Summer when I was a kid, I used to wander the banks of the river Shenango, wading knee-deep among tiger-lilies, catching fireflies in a jar. My Grandfather came back wounded from the trenches of World War I, and worked at Greenville Steel Car, building railroad cars. During the Great Depression, he grew potatoes and tomatoes in his gardens to help feed his neighbor ...
On a stay-cation in California finally! Have friends coming in from Atlanta and plan trips to Napa, Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay and of course awesome San Francisco, Alcatraz, and the Pier! Glad to host.
Left Venice Beach and Santa Monica today and didn't want to! It is an awesome place. Headed up the coast to Big Sur and are now chillin in Santa Cruz. San Francisco tomoro! Watch this space...
In memory of Charles R. Drew and Franz Kafka. Past June 3s: 1539: Hernando De Soto claims Florida for Spain. 1833: Secretary of War Lewis Cass gives orders directly to the United States Marshal’s office to remove white settlers and trespassers from Creek lands in Alabama. (Didn't happen.) 1893: Lizzie Borden goes on trial for murdering her father and stepmother. (Found not guilty.) 1925: In Italy, Benito Mussolini granted women the right to vote. 1937: The Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson marry. 1939 San Francisco Seals’ catcher Joe Sprinz tries to catch a baseball dropped 800 feet from the Goodyear Blimp. Unfortunately, he was successful. The ball drove the mitt into his face, breakig his jaw, ripping his lips, and knocking out five teeth. 1948: Korczak Ziolkowski begins sculpture of Crazy Horse near Mt. Rushmore. 1956: Santa Cruz (California) city authorities announced a total ban on rock and roll at public gatherings, calling the music “Detrimental to both the health and morals of our youth and ...
I just calculated that I will have only slept in my own bed 4 times during May! This month, I will have spent nights sleeping in: Salzburg, Austria; Munich, Germany; Malvern, PA; Candace Anderson's front yard for her wedding; my parent's house for Kapil's wedding; Buffalo Grove, IL; Toronto, Canada; Kristen's house in La Selva Beach, CA for her cousin's wedding; Alex Yasbek's house in Santa Cruz, CA; Yosemite National Park; and San Francisco, CA for Nitin's wedding. Good month. :-)
After 4 years of keeping my head in the books, I finally did some excursions around the bay, including: Berkeley, Marin, Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Pt Reyes, and San Francisco. I highly recommend all of it. Thanks to all my travel companions!
There’s been “an increase of about 35 percent in deaths of babies under 1 year old in Boise, Seattle, Portland and the Northern California cities of Santa Cruz, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose and Berkeley,” states a June 16 Eugene Weekly report that references a story from June 10 by Dr. Janette D. Sherman and Joseph Mangano that documents the deaths after reviewing National Center for Health Statistics. Also, the baby deaths in these combined cities “average 9.25 per week in the month before the Fukushima meltdown. And, 12.5 per week in the months following the disaster.” Infant deaths along West coast due to massive leaks of radiation from Japan The infant death statistics are according to local doctors and federal agencies that monitored the Fukushima meltdown since the Japan earthquake and Tsunami from March 11. Local reaction to the recent reports that Japan’s nuke meltdown is now linked to infant deaths in both the Pacific Northwest and California, includes a statem ...
Our interview series with our Land Rover USA Tumblr photographers continues today with Jayms Ramirez. Jayms, a seasoned travel photographer, took the Range Rover Evoque through the San Francisco Bay Area capturing the breathtaking surroundings with some surprising shots of the all-glass moonroof. Read our interview with Jayms Ramirez to learn about his inspiration for the shoot and his approach to photography. Interview with Land Rover USA Photographer, Jayms Ramirez FIVE QUESTIONS WITH: JAYMS RAMIREZ Five photographers, in five cities with five Land Rover vehicles. That was the inspiration behind Land Rover North America’s innovative photography project to launch its official Tumblr site: Land Rover USA Tumblr In the second of a series of interviews with the featured photographers, we ask San Francisco native Jayms Ramirez about his photo shoot in the redwood forests of Santa Cruz with a new Range Rover Evoque. ... Continue Reading ...
At the Santa Cruz board walk, after spending all day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. San Francisco, Petaluma, Lagunitas Brewery, Clear Lake, and Ashland still ahead! :D
Hiking in Yosemite for two days then an awesome dinner on a train through Napa Valley. Woke up this morning to enjoy a Hot Air Balloon ride over wine country. Just leaving San Francisco where we had lunch and now on our way to the coast to relax in Santa Cruz. God is so good to my family!
Yesterday the Amgen Tour of California kicked off with a 116 mile stage one finishing in the beautiful town of Santa Rosa. The young gun, Peter Sagan unleashed a powerful sprint to take top honors over the thinned field. Amazingly, just 10K from the finish Sagan flatted and had to chase a fast moving pack, reconnected with 4K to go and then schooled the group at the finish! The TOC is a premier UCI event and will finish in Beverly Hills this coming Sunday. Today the race starts in San Francisco runs south along the rugged Pacific Coast and finishes 117 miles later in Santa Cruz – stay tuned for more updates.
Enjoying California with Ryan & Beth, been to salinas, Carmel Valley, Monterey, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Napa, Sonoma! Went to barbecue yesterday, going to Paso Robles's wine country, Pismo Beach today and tomorrow!
Finished with Santa Rosa, onto San Francisco for the start of stage 2 tomorrow morn. . finish in Santa Cruz. race goes down the Pacific Coast, highway 1.
hello everyone we made it to Aptos, Cali and are sittting and talking and staying with Diane and Pat Tamale :) So nice to see some familiar faces. Cannot get the playbook online to post pics but sure do have lots to post. We spent time in Fallon, NV, survived route 50, drove through Reno, Lake Tahoe, Sacremento, San Francisco and now to Santa Cruz :) GREAT DRIVING WEATHER AND MET LOTS AND LOTS OF COOL FOLKS. Met a couple in San Fran who gave us there address and phone number to stay with them when we reach Los Angeles, SURE WE WILL :) Well off for now but will post pics as soon as we can.
UC Santa Cruz has a job for someone who loves the Grateful Dead and also has organizational skills.
After leaving Australia and being back in LA for a week, I am finally coming out of the mere shock of it all. Heading out in the morning for a roadtrip to Petaluma, Novato, Santa Rosa, San Francisco and celebrate my son's graduation from Berkeley. Maybe a bit of Santa Cruz before taking Pacific Coast Highway to the rest of my life.
SF Spade w/ violent criminal history stabs Santa Cruz, CA WF to Death call Monday's stabbing of downtown Santa Cruz business owner 'unprovoked and random' Charles Edwards did not know Shannon Collins, police say SANTA CRUZ - Friends of downtown business owner Shannon Kathleen Collins mourned her loss Tuesday after police identified her as the victim of Monday's "unprovoked, random" stabbing. Shannon Collins enjoyed wearing costumes during the Halloween... Longtime friend Timerie Gordon said those who knew Collins were "very angry and sad and trying to make sense of something that will never be sensible." Collins, 38, co-owner of Camouflage on Pacific Avenue, was walking back from a hairdresser's appointment when police say she was "savagely" attacked about 11:50 a.m. on the 300 block of Broadway. Minutes later, after a number of calls to 911, police arrested 43-year-old Charles Anthony Edwards III of San Francisco on suspicion of murder. Authorities declined to say how the encounter started and what led t ...
UPDATED POSTS Jason Delane Here's what several of the YALL members from Southeastern and ULaLa went to Santa Cruz during Mardi Gras to learn from and connect with, including our wonderful driven RFO-Regional Field Organizer Matt Wyatt. Photos of friends :-), speakers, dining services, and the farms and learning programs around the AgroEcology programs of UC-Santa Cruz. It was great time meeting peers from around the South, several of which have been critically involved with the success of the Sierra Student Coalition, which helped many of us get our start here. This is going to last, it has to, food is change, food is justice. Breaking Ground 2012 - Real Food Challenge Summit While everyone in South Louisiana was acting canaille and cutting up for Shrove Tuesday (aka Mardi Gras) I was off in San Francisco then at University of California - Santa Cruz. Home of Banana Slugs and magnificent Coast Redwoods for the 1st national summit of the Real Food Challenge student driven movement to shift ...See More By: ...
all I wanna know is . . . . Who's commin with me :P WHAT IS THE PROPOSAL? On January 7, 2012, the Philadelphia General Assembly came to consensus on a proposal from the Philadelphia Committee of Correspondence to form a national working group dedicated to conceiving of, and implementing a strategy towards, a National Gathering of the Occupy Movement. This National Gathering Working Group (NGWG) has met seven times via conference call with people from across the country using the InterOccupy system to debate the merits and discuss the logistics of convening a mass convergence of the Movement in one place at one time. Participants have included Occupy activists from Sacramento, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Asheville, Missoula, Phoenix, Las Vegas, New York City, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Palo Alto, Denver, DC, Oakland, Albany, Schenectady, Delaware, Alabama, Chicago, Tampa, San Francisco, Boston, New Hampshire, and Kalamazoo, as well as Canada. After several weeks discussing several location ...
Had fun in Santa Cruz,Santa Ana,nd San Francisco meet new ppl got sum bud nd smoked out of a hookah in a smoke shop also got new tunnels
LiquidSpace Announces Partnerships and Pilot Programs with Cities of Palo Alto, Santa Cruz and San Francisco
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