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San Francisco , officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the financial, cultural, and transportation center of the San Francisco Bay Area, a region of 7.5 million people which includes San Jose and Oakland. Randy Gene Moss (born February 13, 1977) is an American professional American football Wide Receiver for the San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League. 5.0/5

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Randy Moss: This is the end of the Jim Harbaugh era for the San Francisco 49ers. via FOX Sports Live
Randy Moss left the San Francisco 49ers on good terms and is staying in shape. Might the team consider bringing him back in the wake of Michael Crabtree's Achilles tendon surgery?
With the San Francisco 49ers and Randy Moss reportedly parting ways, here are the potential landing spots for the veteran receiver via 2013 NFL Free Agency.
Randy Moss says he is a better receiver than Jerry Rice. Did Jerry Rice ever go an entire half of a Superbowl without his name being mentioned by the commentators? Self confidence is one thing but delusion is another. Oh my goodness a kickoff return for a touchdown and the Ravens lead the Niners 28-6. This is a big hill for San Francisco to climb now. I don't dislkike them but I do want the Ravens to win.
Take a shot when: 1. The cameras finally find Baltimore Ravens coach John and the San Francisco 49ers’ Coach Jim Harbaugh's parents Jack and Jackie in the stands. 2. Announcers debate Ravens' linebacker Ray Lewis' use of "deer antler spray." 3. You spot one of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's tattoos. 4. Kaepernick kisses his bicep. 5. Ravens lineman Michael Oher and The Blind Side are used in the same sentence. 6. Announcers ask whether 49ers Wide Receiver Randy Moss is really the "greatest Wide Receiver ever." 7. Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs is referred to as T-Sizzle. 8. One of your friends tries to pronounce Ravens defensive tackle's Haloti Ngata's name and gets it wrong. 9. You spot the "Art" patch on a Raven's jerseys. 10. Joe Montana and the 49ers Super Bowl history is mentioned. 11. Ray Lewis and Hall of Fame are used in the same sentence. 12. Announcers mention Ravens Senior Advisor to Player Development O.J. Brigance and his battle with ALS. 13. Announcers refer to the game as the HarBo ...
is so sick of hearing about how the Ravens are a team of destiny. The 49ers are the team of destiny! Randy Moss needs this ring more than Ray Lewis, who I no longer give two blanks about. The linebacker to watch tonight is Patrick Willis. Or Navorro Bowman. Come on San Francisco, get it!
Wow! I've been taking up for Randy Moss for years and now this. He claims to be the greatest Wide Receiver to ever play. C'mon man, you're not even the greatest Wide Receiver to play for San Francisco. Unfortunately for you, both of those distinctions go to Jerry Rice, who in case you've been living in a cave is referred to as GOAT. In case that acronym means nothing to you, it stands for GREATEST OF ALL TIME! Shut up and just play ball!!!
NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - San Francisco 49er Randy Moss boldly declared himself on Tuesday as the greatest Wide Receiver to play the game, a statement that will raise many eyebrows, including among his team's fans. Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Jerry Rice, a three-time Super Bowl champion with the 49ers ...
San Francisco 49ers Wide Receiver Randy Moss explains his reasoning behind claiming that he is the best Wide Receiver in NFL history at Super Bowl XLVII Media Day.
FOOTBALL CAN BE SO CONFUSING AT TIMES... I was watching the Falcons / 49ers game again and saw this Randy Moss receiver guy playing for San Francisco kept getting open and catching passes to keep touchdown drives alive finally demanding double coverage at times. Was just curious if he was a rookie and what school he played college football at last year... Or is this the same Randy Moss that wasn't good enough to start or play all season for the Titans ??? Sheesh, what a waste of talent Jeff Fisher and our coaching staff blew their chance at... But then again since we have the honorary police officer Kenny Britt, since he has spent so much time there at the police stations around the country since high school, I guess they could afford to bench Moss while he was here under contract...
Randy Moss was on the 1998 Minnesota Vikings who lost to the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship Game as heavy favorites. I bet you this must be sweet for him. Congratulations to the San Francisco 49ers on reaching Super Bowl XLVII! My brother, Yuly's favorite team! Too bad Brandon Jacobs was released and Mario Manningham got hurt :( It would have been sweet to have two prominent former New York Giants in the Super Bowl again, but good for the Niners anyway!
ATLANTA (AP) -- Frank Gore's 9-yard run midway through the fourth quarter gave San Francisco a 28-24 lead over the Atlanta Falcons in Sunday's NFC Championship Game. The 49ers, who trailed 17-0 in the first half, took their first lead of the game on a short 38-yard drive set up by Ted Ginn Jr.'s 20-yard punt return. Gore had a 5-yard touchdown run to cap an 82-yard drive to open the second half. The high-scoring pace of the first half continued as the 49ers were impressive to open the second half. Colin Kaepernick had passes of 21 and 17 yards to Randy Moss in the drive. The 17-yarder moved the 49ers to the Falcons 5, setting up Gore's scoring run. Matt Ryan threw three touchdown passes in the first half, including a 10-yard toss to Tony Gonzalez with 25 seconds remaining in the half. The score answered San Francisco's two straight touchdowns as Atlanta led 24-14 at halftime. Ryan also threw touchdown passes of 20 and 46 yards to Julio Jones. Ryan was hurt by two third-quarter turnovers. His pass for Rodd ...
Randy Moss has been a role player in his debut season with the San Francisco 49ers, but Coach Jim Harbaugh said Friday he'd like to have the wideout back. Would Moss want to return?
“That is a throw Colin Kaepernick makes that I just did not see Alex Smith make.” – Michael Irvin on San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s first quarter, 24-yard touchdown pass to Wide Receiver Randy Moss
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Random fact to throw out there before the Chicago-San Francisco game tonight: 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh was a starting QB against rookie Randy Moss in 1998. He now coaches Moss on the Niners.
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Randy Moss is in the San Francisco 49ers and Chad Johnson (ochocinco) is a free Agent
Big win on Monday night for the San Francisco 49ers as Alex Smith threw for three touchdowns (two to Michael Crabtree, one to Randy Moss) in their 24-3 road beatdown of the Arizona Cardinals. The Niners lead the NFC West now by two games!
Imma die hard San Francisco 49ers fan. I'm really starting to dislike our Offensive Coordinator. We got Randy Moss, Vernon Davis, Michael Crabbtree, Kyle Williams, Mario Manningham, n Ted Ginn Jr. Why in the *** we ain't straight passing and blowing teams out!!!
"it BEHOOVES my why the San Francisco 49ers don't throw the deep ball to Randy Moss!" - Deion Sanders on the NFL Network. that's not what you mean, guy.
Dear Rex Ryan and the Jets, Let's face it. Your receivers suck, especially now that Santonio Holmes and Dustin Keller are out, and Mark Sanchez is suffering. And need I remind you that Darelle Revis is out, too? You guys need to make some moves. Terrelle Owens, Chad "OchoCinco" Johnson and Plaxico Burress are all free agents. Sign them, get Randy Moss from San Francisco off of waivers, and you'd have an all star over the hill team. Sure beats what you got going now.
The Is the San Francisco 49ers. They have stars like Alex Smith,Patrick Willis,Randy Moss,Vernon Davis,and Frank Gore.
49ers-Vikings Preview By ALAN FERGUSON (STATS Writer) | The Associated Press – 1 hour 54 minutes ago The San Francisco 49ers are nearing their best start in 14 seasons partly because their defense did enough to keep a pair of the NFL's top quarterbacks from beating them. Their own signal-caller has done a pretty nice job as well. Alex Smith and the unbeaten 49ers visit the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday in a game that will also feature Randy Moss' return to the city where he became a star. San Francisco (2-0) is in position to win its first three games for the first time since 1998 after getting past Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers and Detroit's Matthew Stafford in the last two weeks. The 49ers held those offenses more than 23 points and 210 yards below their combined averages from last season, when both ranked among the league's top five - as did their quarterbacks in most categories. The Niners limited Stafford, a 5,038-yard passer in 2011, to 19 of 32 for 230 yards in a 27-19 victory last Sunday. Dashon Golds ...
The top 3 Wide Receivers of all-time: Jerry Rice (197 TD), Randy Moss (154 TD), and Terrell Owens (153 TD) Have all caught a TD for THE San Francisco 49ers. Just saying.
Well, since the Vikings and Chiefs look like they're going to stink for a long time, I have to find a third favorite team. Considering the Broncos because of Peyton Manning and I like Colorado, or Washington because I like RG3, or San Francisco, who I used to hate, but since they've been so bad for so long I've gotten over it and I like Randy Moss. Hmmm. I may pick a team after a few weeks to see who is winning the most. Lame and bandwagony, but hey it's a new team and I have no preconceived biases on any of them. I would add Cleveland to the list, but they look like they're going to continue to struggle to. I like Cleveland because I like their classic uniforms and because the Christmas Story house is in Cleveland. How's that for good reasons!?!
Sunday, the Detroit Lions go to Candlestick Park to play the San Francisco 49ers. It's an early season test for a pair of newly relevant teams. But much more importantly, it will be the first time that Calvin Johnson and Randy Moss have shared the field.
Sporting News: 49ers report: San Francisco believes Randy Moss can still get deep
On Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers marched into Lambeau Field and put a beat down on the favored Green Bay Packers 30-22. The score is not necessarily indicative of the direction of the game, as the 49ers led 23-7 in the 4th quarter. Jim Harbaugh's offense hit on all cylinders while Green ...
Randy Moss scored a touchdown in his NFL return Sunday, but one upcoming opponent said the receiver isn't the epic playmaker you remember. Six days before the San Francisco 49ers meet the Detroit Lions , cornerback Chris Houston called Moss a "possession receiver" who can't "take the top off" anymore, according to the Detroit News .i hope moss has a blow out day on sunday
the San Francisco 49ers got a dogass team. Randy Moss, Frank Gore, Brandon Jacobs & Mario Manningham
Week 1 prediction San Francisco at Green Bay: This can pretty much be the NFC Championship played in September. The 49ers beefed up in the off season with RB Brandon Jacobs and WR's Mario Manningham and the rejuvenated Randy Moss but the difference in this meeting is gonna be Alex Smith vs Aaron Rodgers need I say more. San Francisco 24 Green Bay 31.
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Darren Fletcher, BBC 5 live's NFL commentator (DF): I'm tipping the San Francisco 49ers because, as the old saying goes, defence wins championships. The 49ers have the best one in the NFL - they have retained last year's unit and I expect them to be even better this time around. Offensively, quarterback Alex Smith has added weapons in Wide Receivers Mario Manningham and Randy Moss.
Terrell Owens realesed by the Seahawks. Maybe him and Chad Johnson can go join Randy Moss in San Francisco.
Vernon Davis and Randy Moss putting in extra work after practice must be a welcome sight to the San Francisco 49ers, who struggled to get into the end zone last season
The 49ers might have five No. 1 receivers, but they’re only going to start two of them. Coach Jim Harbaugh said Michael Crabtree and Ted Ginn would start tonight against the Vikings. For Crabtree, it will be his first preseason game appearance, and it means Randy Moss will be working off the bench, according to Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle.
Terrell Owens - Seattle Seahawks Randy Moss - San Francisco 49ers In the same division. Is this a first? I am not talking same conference. That has happened before but in the same division? Who will be the better receiver, and make their team the best in the division? Thoughts anyone?
Which receiver will have the better year?? Terrell Owens of the Seattle Seahawks Chad Johnson of the Miami Dolphins Randy Moss of the San Francisco 49ners
As a kid My Team was The Cowboys because I was Born in Mc Allen,TX and as a Pre Teen The Dan Fout's Chargers who in My Mind is The Best Team of All Time to NOT WIN SUPERBOWL as a Teenager The LA Rams before They left to St Louis and then Joe Montana came along and His Abiliity or Non Ability because Joe couldn't Run, Jump or Scramble but man could He throw a Football and I became and is a 49er fan for Life! This year with Randy Moss and the 49er Team that was ONE PLAY AWAY from beating that NY Team will be there at The End if Alex Smith is Half the QB He was at Utah where they went Undefeated one year! San Francisco 2012 Superbowl Champions sounds *** Good to Me!
Sports Illustrated's Peter King believes Randy Moss still has what it takes to play brilliant football. Could Moss experience another career rebirth with the San Francisco 49ers?
San Francisco 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh's initially said Randy Moss was his "best receiver." But on Friday, Harbaugh said Moss is one of five candidates to be the 49ers' No. 1 receiver.
San Francisco 49ers are reaching the conference finals for another year! You got AJ Jenkins, Randy Moss, Mario Manningham and Alex Smith...
Here's who I got in my fantasy draft... Quarterback- Tom Brady (NE), Alex Smith (SF) Tailback- Matt Forte (CHI), Dan Herron (CIN), Donald Brown (IND) Wide Receiver- Calvin Johnson (DET), Brandon Marshall (CHI), Jordy Nelson (GB), Mario Manningham (SF), Randy Moss (SF) Tight End- Fred Davis (WAS), Kellen Winslow (SEA) Kicker- David Akers (SF) Defense- San Francisco & Baltimore This was the 1st time that I ever did a draft that was an auction, but it was fun. I loaded up on WR. Johnson was the one that I really wanted. Can't go wrong with Brady @ QB, but I expect Smith to have a breakout season (plus I got him for the low). Forte will carry the load @ TB, but Brown should produce this year & people in Cincy are excited about Boom's potential. Y'all know that I had to grab the WGH guys though, lol. Davis is a solid TE, plus he's from Toledo. I'm sure that his HS coach Rick Rios is happy about that pick, lol. I could've said more, but I prolly said too much already, lol. July is a long month for sports fans. ...
Just a few months ago, San Francisco 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh worked out with Wide Receiver Randy Moss. Less than a year into his retirement following a failed stint with the Tennessee Titans, the 35-year-old was signed by the 49ers in hopes once again becoming an explosive playmaker, giving the tea...
San Francisco 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh recently called Randy Moss the team’s “best receiver right now,” and that can mean one of three things:
Brandon Jacobs thinks Randy Moss has a chip on his shoulder: Jim Harbaugh isn’t the only one in San Francisco wh...
San Francisco head Coach Jim Harbaugh yesterday told SiriusXM NFL Radio's Rich Gannon that mercurial five-time All-Pro Randy Moss is currently the 49ers best Wide Receiver. "This offseason he's been incredible. He's our best receiver right now,” said Harbaugh, 48, the 2011 AP NFL Coach of the Ye...
The 49ers will start the season 0-2 The San Francisco 49ers have added a lot of aging talent (Randy Moss, Brandon Jacobs, et al.), making their roster resemble the cast of one of those Garry Marshall flicks ("New Year's Eve" or "Valentine's Day"), but that won't be enough to prevent San Francisco from starting 0-2 against the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions. Best-case scenario is 1-1. Let's face it, a plus-28 turnover differential will be nearly impossible to duplicate and the NFC West will be much more competitive. However, the 49ers will still win the division.
According to coach Jim Harbough, Randy Moss is showing that he is the San Francisco 49ers best receiver.
After missing the 2011 season, Randy Moss signed to play with the San Francisco 49ers for the '12 season and has impressed Coach Jim Harbaugh.
Can we like dial it down... no f dat... can we eliminate any positive Randy Moss news out of SF please??? It is literally a waste of time... "49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh told KNBR in San Francisco that Randy Moss has been "great" in offseason workouts and has picked up the 49ers' offense "fast."" - Rotoworld
Cant wait untill the NFL Season starts in August. My team the San Francisco 49ers are loaded with talent! They have one of the best defenses in the NFL, and are stacked with excellent recievers and good runningbacks in Frank Gore and Brandon Jacobs. They also signed Randy Moss- which will give Alex Smith a deep threat wide reciever. I am a die hard 49 er Fan! Thats my team. I predict we are going to the Super Bowl this year. GO 49ers!
The big news of Randy Moss signing with the San Francisco 49ers in March left us all asking the same question: What about T.O.? Terrell Owens missed all of the last NFL season due to a severe ACL injury...
If Thursday’s practice at the 49ers headquarters served as any indication of Randy Moss ’ positive influence on former No. 10 overall pick Michael Crabtree , fans of this San Francisco franchise should be thoroughly encouraged...
Randy Moss, Michael Crabtree make it look easy at San Francisco 49ers workout [The Mercury News]
Alex Smith says no rust on Randy Moss in first San Francisco 49ers workouts - ESPN -
San Francisco 49ers wrote: 49ers safety Donte Whitner knows what Randy Moss can bring to the table. BLOG:
Randy Moss debuted his new look at his first formal practice with the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday. The Wide Receiver cut his dreads and impressed his new quarterback Alex Smith with a 55-yard touchdown catch.
San Francisco 49ers have the best receiver group I've seen in awhile! Randy Moss, Michael Crabtree, AJ Jenkins, Mario Manningham, Ted Ginn
"NFL Total Access" takes a look at the 49ers' first-round draft options and the impact WR Randy Moss will have on the team.
Jacobs is joining Randy Moss and former Giants teammate Mario Manningham as offensive additions in San Francisco. The 49ers will remain a run-dominant offense, with Jacobs perhaps handling the majority of the short-yardage and goal-line work, putting a dent in Frank Gore's fantasy value. Should Gore miss time, though, the more explosive Kendall Hunter would remain the back to own. Anthony Dixon appears to be the odd man out of the backfield picture.
Ex NY GIANT Brandon Jacobs and Randy Moss with the 49ers!!! San Francisco is stocking it up heavy
Randy Moss is flying to San Francisco today to work out for the 49ers on Monday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.
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