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San Francisco , officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the financial, cultural, and transportation center of the San Francisco Bay Area, a region of 7.5 million people which includes San Jose and Oakland. The New Orleans Saints are an American professional football franchise based in New Orleans, Louisiana. 5.0/5

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Jimmy Graham speaks with reporters after the New Orleans Saints vs San Francisco 49ers game. Video by Alex Restrepo (New Orleans Saints video)
New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham talks about the negated Hail Mary touchdown at the end of regulation in the 27-24 overtime loss to the San Francisco 49ers, Nov. 9, 2014 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.
Awesome day today. San Francisco 49ers beat New Orleans Saints! 27 - 24!
Result: San Francisco 49ers edge out New Orleans Saints in overtime
San Francisco gets past New Orleans in overtime, 27-24 - The Saints lost an opportunity to seal the game off...
San Francisco 49ers def New Orleans Saints after forcing overtime with a last minute TD in regulation play. Saints QB sacked and stripped of the ball, 49ers kick a field goal and win it. Saints first loss at home in over a year.
This morning, the New Orleans Saints (4-4) will play host to the San Francisco 49ers (4-4) at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. Both teams will be looking to climb above .500 with
WooHoo way to go San Francisco 49ers beat them New Orleans Saints lol
Push-off? Flop? Mike Pereira discusses the end of regulation from San Francisco 49ers vs New Orleans Saints Presented by KFC
What a weekend. First my Ohio State Buckeyes won by beating Michigan State and then my San Francisco 49ers won by beating the New Orleans Saints and now I'm closing my weekend by watching so good night FB fam, much love to all...
Today we did a cruise on the Natchez paddlesteamer on the Mississippi River, with a bit of jazz. Then wandered around the French Quarter and watched the end of the football match on TV. New Orleans Saints in overtime just lost to San Francisco 49ers.
makes watching "San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints" more rewarding.great rewards playing along with Viggle games.
Photo: I just unlocked the NFL on FOX 2014: San Francisco 49ers vs. New Orleans Saints sticker on tvtag 389...
"San Francisco better win vs.the New Orleans Saints."
Patrick Willis was on the field to break down the San Francisco 49ers before Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints
That's start this FB Sunday off with the San Francisco @ New Orleans Saints
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Who do you guys think that which football team is better? The New Orleans Saints or 30 niners San Francisco
today football officially starts... my predictions for today New Orleans Saints over Atlanta Falcons by 14 Minnesota Vikings over Saint Louis Rams by 10 Cleveland Browns over Steleers yes a surprise by 9 Philadephia Eagles over Jaguar by 14 New York Jets over The Oakland Raiders by 7 Cincinnati Bengals over Baltimore Ravensby7 Buffalo Bills over Chicago Bears by10 Houston Texans over Washington Redskinsby 6 The Kansas City Chiefs over Tennessee Titansby 21 New England Patriots over Miami Dolphins by 14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Carolina Panthers by 9 Dallas Cowboys over San Francisco 49ers by 10 Denver Broncos over Indiana colts by 14 my packers already lost i had them winning but they lost
What time of the year is it? Yes football season. You know what that means? Football predictions from yours truly. Again some know but if not I will not make predictions on Green Bay Packers games because the thing is when I make my predictions I do not want to be biased and Green Bay I would be. Plus since its week 1 I will explain who I think will be good and who will suck. Sorry its late but here we go 1. New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons: Now remember last year first game of season was in New Orleans for these opponents and there were High hopes for both teams but as you saw last year the falcons flopped. To me Matt Ryan and the Falcons in general are a very inconsistent team. One year they may win the division and then the next in last place. I just have zero faith in them. As for the Saints they will be great. They will take NFC South. They got a great team with great qb Drew Brees and one of the best tight ends in the league Jimmy Graham signing a new deal. They will be in the pl ...
Tomorrows NFL Preseason games Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars at 6:00 Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals at 7:00 Kansas City Chiefs at Green Bay Packers at 7:00 Detroit Lions at Buffalo Bills at 7:00 New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles at 7:00 on the NFL Network St.Louis Rams at Miami Dolphins at 7:00 Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers at 7:30 New England Patriots at New York Giants at 7:30 Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 7:30 San Francisco 49ers at Houston Texans at at 8:00 Baltimore Ravens at New Orleans Saints at 8:00 Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans at 8:00 Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns at 8:00 Denver Broncos at Dallas Cowboys at 8:00 Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders at 10:00 on NFL Network Arizona Cardinals at San Diego Chargers at 10:00
I can't take credit for this, but this was awesome and so very very true. If you are going to go after 1 team name, there are others just as "racist" Next up is the Cleveland Browns, offensive to blacks. Minnesota Vikings, racist name associated with white supremacists. New Orleans Saints, offensive to those who do not support the Church. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, offensive because Buccaneers were pirates and supported the slave trade. New England Patriots, Patriots are right wing extremist terrorists. Dallas Cowboys, offensive to Indians massacred by cowboys. Kansas City Chiefs, again offensive to Indians. Oakland Raiders, again pirates who supported the slave trade. San Francisco 49ers, symbol of self made wealth from hard work, offensive to liberals. And let's not forget baseball: Atlanta Braves, offensive to Indians. Cleveland Indians, offensive to Indians. Cincinnati Reds, offensive to Indians. Kansas City Royals, offensive to supporters of democracy. Los Angeles Angels, too religious. Milwaukee Brewers ...
Ok sports fans, I have tons of charms on hand for paracord bracelets or keychains. $15 each. All profit goes to my 3-day walk. I have the following charms on hand - 2 Denver Broncos 1 Pittsburgh Steelers 1 Baltimore Ravens 4 Indianapolis Colts 1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 Detroit Lions 1 Oakland Raiders 1 Cincinnati Bengals 1 New England Patriots 1 Miami Dolphins 1 Minnesota Viking 1 Dallas Cowboys 1 San Francisco 49er's 1 New Orleans Saints 1 Kansas City Chief You can see photos of most of these in my photo album Bracelets and Keychains. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
Ok since the Redskin name is offensive lets look at some other names NY Giants: excessive capitalist that exploit the working class Dallas Cowboys: hired hands that not only attacked and killed Indians taking their lands, but also butcher innocent cows Philadelphia Eagles: exploits an endangered species which is also the symbol of our nation NY Jets: uses excessive fossil fuels giving off greenhouse emissions bad for the environment New England: burned Indian villages and owned slaves Miami Dolphins: exploited by the US Navy to retrieve torpedoes and often mistaken for tuna New Orleans Saints: lead a bloody crusade against peace loving Muslims and also the Spanish Inquisition Minnesota Vikings: brought blood lust to America slaughtering native Americans Green Packers: murders animals to satisfy their need for evil capital San Francisco 49ers: greedy rich Americans Houston Texans: bunch of right wing cow butchers Atlanta Falcons: mocking the sacred symbol of the ancient Egyptians Buffalo Bills: a majestic ...
Model Call!!! Attention parents in the Navarre, Mary Esther, Fort Walton Beach, Gulf Breeze, and Pensacola area:: Nichole Waters Photography & Julie's Little Cutie Tutus are teaming up and are looking for one little girl for each team you see below to model a tutu!! Tutu's will be provided by Julie's Little Cutie Tutus to you for participating in the photo-shoot! We are needing little girls that are 4 or 5 years old to participate only. Each little girl will have to already own a jersey to wear for the shoot. I will have more information for those who will be participating. TEAMS: NFC-NORTH *Pittsburgh Steelers - SPOT FILLED *Green Bay Packers - SPOT FILLED *Chicago Bears - SPOT FILLED *Detroit Lions - SPOT FILLED NFC-SOUTH *New Orleans Saints - SPOT FILLED *Indianapolis Colts - SPOT FILLED *Tampa Bay Buccaneer - SPOT FILLED *Houston Texans - SPOT FILLED NFC-EAST *New York Giants *Dallas Cowboys - SPOT FILLED *Washington Redskins - SPOT FILLED *Miami Dolphins - SPOT FILLED NFC-WEST *San Francisco 49ers .. ...
Image of the Day Moving Day Tuesday was a busy day across the NFL as teams began signing Free Agents as the new league year began. For some teams it was making the difficult decision to clear up cap space by cutting longtime star players. This happened in Dallas as the Cowboys cut DeMarcus Ware, while the Chicago Bears said good bye to Julius Peppers. Meanwhile the Jonathan Martin saga ended in Miami as the Dolphins traded the troubled tackle to the San Francisco 49ers. The Dolphins also made perhaps the biggest move of day one, rebuilding their tattered offensive line by signing All-Pro Tackle Branden Albert. Also landing in new cities was Safety Jarius Byrd who signed with the New Orleans Saints, while Vontae Davis stayed put signing a four year deal with the Indianapolis Colts.
49ers tiene el 4to calendario más difícil para la temporada 2014. The 49ers road back to the playoffs will be a treacherous one, yes, but it's one they have traveled before. San Francisco will advance through the fourth-hardest schedule in the NFL, based on their 2014 opponents' '13 records. This is after overcoming the fifth-hardest slate of games this past season. Jim Harbaugh and Co. will oppose teams that won their divisions this past season: the Seattle Seahawks (13-3), the Denver Broncos (13-3) and the Philadelphia Eagles (10-6). They will also face second-place squads in the Chicago Bears (8-8), the Dallas Cowboys (8-8) and New Orleans Saints (11-5) as well as the Kansas City Chiefs (11-5). Team – Opponent Winning Percentage in 2014 1. Oakland Raiders – .578 2. Denver Broncos – .570 3. St. Louis Rams – .564 4. San Diego Chargers – .563 4. San Francisco 49ers – .563 6. Seattle Seahawks – .561 7. Kansas City Chiefs – .559 8. Arizona Cardinals – .547 9. New York Jets – .520 10. N ...
New Orleans Saints fans votes San Francisco 49ers game as home contest they ...
Congratulations Seahawks for one of the best games you ever played. You came through in the clutch. A solid handshake to Denver for getting so far. Bad teams don't get that far. This has been an amazing year in football... So many teams coming out and playing incredibly in an unprecedented fashion.. Honorable mentions to Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals, San Diego Chargers, Carolina Panthers, San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints and always the New England Patriots that are at everyone's heels if not schooling them. And don't let me forget the Kansas City Chiefs. *** of a season for them out of nowhere... Great year for football, amazing games, so much overtime and so much passion.. Everyone went to war and many showed well. The last thing I'll say us that we played, and beat, the second best team in the NFL two weeks ago. 2014, BRING IT!!!
The New Orleans Saints, the San Francisco giants and now the Seattle Seahawks. C'mon mariners, lets do this and I can die happy.
2015 Super Bowl is in Glendale, AZ and 2016 Super Bowl is in San Francisco. If the New Orleans Saints make it to either, I WILL be there! I've been to a World Series Game (2007 in Denver) ... a Saints Super Bowl is next!
The 2013 Seattle Seahawks season is the franchise's 38th season in the National Football League, and the fourth under head coach Pete Carroll. For the first time in franchise history, the Seahawks recorded double digit victories in consecutive seasons. Their 13–3 regular season record is tied with the 2005 season for the best in franchise history. Seattle entered the 2013 season at 17/2 odds to win Super Bowl XLVIII, just short of the Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers at 6/1. This is despite placing second in the NFC West and dropping its divisional round game against the Atlanta Falcons the previous year. The Seahawks were, by power ranking, ranked the strongest team by an analyst before the season and by ESPN analysts after the regular season. The Seahawks clinched the NFC's No. 1 seed and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs with their 13–3 record. The Seahawks defeated the New Orleans Saints 23–15 in the Divisional round, the San Francisco 49ers 23–17 in the NFC Championshi ...
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Vines Restaurant & Bar will be showing the NFL Playoff Games this season! The games will be on all of our of bar TV's and we will be offering Happy Hour during the games! Come join the fun! This weekend’s Schedule: Saturday: 1:35pm- New Orleans Saints vs. Seattle Seahawks 5:15pm – Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots Sunday: 10:05am – San Francisco 49ers vs. Carolina Panthers 1:40pm – San Diego Chargers vs. Denver Broncos
It's almost the weekend and we have an exciting weekend of sports live on our screens! Friday 10th: Catch the Leicester City v Derby County Championship match at 7.45pm Saturday 11th: Hull City face Chelsea from noon, followed by Manchester Utd v Swansea at 5.30pm. We also have the NFL Divisional Play-Off's with New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks at 9pm, followed by Indianapolis Colts @ New England Patriots at 1am in the morning! Sunday 12th: Newcastle United v Manchester City kicks off at 2.05pm, followed by Stoke City and Liverpool at 4.10pm. Then another round of NFL Divisional Play-Off's with San Francisco 49ers @ Carolina Panthers at 5.30pm, followed by San Diego Chargers @ Denver Bronco's at 9pm!
If the San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints win this weekend, Candlestick Park would hold one more farewell.
Make your weekend plans now! Friday night Street Hassle puts their spin on Pop/Top 40 from the 70s thru today with a little bit of Motown thrown in for fun. We have all the NFL Wild Card action starting on Saturday with Kansas City Chiefs v Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles on 7 Big Screen TVs. The fun continues Saturday night with the lake debut of Goodbie Amy featuring Hopatcong's own Amy O' Grady-Paradise! Sunday our year round infamous Brunch is served from 11 am-2 pm and then the NFL Wild Card action continues with the San Diego Chargers v Cincinnati Bengals and the San Francisco 49ers v Green Bay Packers.
When the San Francisco 49ers (10-4) signed C Jonathan Goodwin to a three-year contract on August 3, 2011 no one was happier than I was. The leader of the New Orleans Saints offensive line, Goodwin would become the reliable, durable leader the 49ers had been lacking at the center position. A position...
Carolina Panthers safety Mike Mitchell had some harsh words for New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees after the star quarterback was interviewed about a hit from San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks. As fans will remember, Brees took exception… [ 297 more words. ]
Seahawks fans are ready for the Super Bowl! After destroying New Orleans Saints on Monday night, many Seattle Seahawks fans are predicting the future. The Seattle Seahawks fans are not only ready to beat San Francisco, but also win the Super Bowl! According to travel expert Steve Damishek, “People a...
Seahawks sign CB Perriah Cox The Seahawks search for needed depth at cornerback has led them to Perrish Cox, who was signed Tuesday. The 6-foot, 198-pound Cox was with the NFC West-rival San Francisco 49ers this season, as well as last season. He entered the NFL in 2010 as a fifth-round draft choice out of Oklahoma State by the Denver Broncos. The 49ers released him Nov. 12 to clear a roster spot for linebacker Nick Moody. Cox had two tackles in nine games this season, after registering 20 tackles last season. His only NFL interception came in 2010, when he started nine games for the Broncos. Cox replaces cornerback Walter Thurmond, who has been suspended for four games by the NFL. Thurmond had been starting on the right side because Brandon Browner is out with a groin injury. So Byron Maxwell is expected to step into the starting lineup. Cox also arrives as the Seahawks are preparing to face the New Orleans Saints in a "Monday Night Football" matchup at CenturyLink Field. The Saints' feature the league's ...
A day after the San Francisco 49ers lost to the New Orleans Saints, 23-20, head coach Jim Harbaugh expressed his frustration with the penalty called on outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks. The refs called a personal-foul on Brooks after he laid …… [ 569 more words. ]
Ahmad Brooks' personal-foul penalty on a Drew Brees hit was the key play in the San Francisco 49ers' loss to the New Orleans Saints. Find out why Brooks was fuming after the game.
Brees Is Bloodied, but Saints Deliver the Decisive Blow hard, Drew Brees recovered. Garrett Hartley made a stirring comeback, too, for the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. After absorbing a shot in the final minutes, Brees wiped blood off his chin and guided the host Saints to two field goals, with Hartley kicking a 31-yarder as time expired to beat the San Francisco 49ers, 23-20. The Saints trailed by 20-17 when Ahmad Brooks leveled Brees and forced a fumble that Patrick Willis pounced on for the 49ers. But Brooks was called for a 15-yard penalty because his forearm had hit Brees at the base of the neck, bending his head back awkwardly. Brees moved New Orleans into position for Hartley's tying 42-yard kick with 2 minutes 6 seconds left, then set him up for the victory. Brees completed 30 of 43 passes for 305 yards and a touchdown, a 3-yarder to the rookie tight end Josh Hill. Hartley, who had missed four field-goal attempts in the previous three games, converted on all three of his tries in the fourth quart ...
Tomorrows NFL Tips and Analysis Detroit -1.5 - $1.80 – TAB – Detroit come into this game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in control of the NFC North after last week’s victory against the Chicago Bears, 21-19. The Matthew Stafford led offence is averaging 410 yards this season due to having offensive weapons such as Calvin Johnston and Reggie Bush to target. The Pittsburgh Steelers come into this game banged up defensively and despite being at home; the Lions should get the better of them in tomorrow’s game. With the Ben Roethlisberger lead offence struggling this year, we find no reasons why the Lions can’t cover the -1.5 line with ease New Orleans -3.5 -$1.95 – TAB – With the New Orleans Saints being at home and coming off a blowout victory against Dallas last week, 49-17. With offensive weapons such as Marques Colston and Jimmy Graham for Drew Brees to pass too, the Drew Brees led offence should be too powerful for the San Francisco defence. For the San Francisco 49ers, they are hopeful th ...
ICYMI: See what Colin Kaepernick had to say about the recent criticism by former QB Trent Dilfer. Also see what Frank Gore said about getting the San Francisco 49ers offense back on track vs. the New Orleans Saints.
Week 8 NFL Power Rankings 1. Seattle Seahawks (6-1) Percy Harvin is now practiving, which will be scary once he's back on the field. 2. Kansas City Chiefs (7-0) KC is making a strong case for best defense in the NFL. 3. Denver Broncos (6-1) Broncos have NFL's worst pass defense, but also best rush defense. 4. Indianapolis Colts (5-2) Colts have now beaten San Francisco, Seattle and now Denver. But loss of Reggie Wayne is huge! 5. New Orleans Saints (5-1) Bye week, plays Buffalo at home on Sunday. 6. San Francisco 49ers (5-2) 49ers have ran the ball 59% of the time during 4 game winning streak. 7. Cincinnati Bengals (5-2) Bengals have 8 drives of 80 yards or more ending with a TD. Most in NFL. 8. New England Patriots (5-2) 2 of Brady's last 3 games he has failed to throw a TD. 9. Green Bay Packers (4-2) Eddie Lacy leads the NFL in rushing the last 3 weeks. 10. Dallas Cowboys (4-3) 1st team to hold Chip Kelly's Eagles without a TD this season. 11. San Diego Chargers (4-3) San Diego has not given up a TD s . ...
NFL Power Rankings week 3 all though there are lots of these on the net some sites having the saint or 3 i think this one is accurate in my opinion. 1. Denver Broncos (3-0): Beating Oakland isn't the greatest accomplishment, but Denver makes it look so easy. (LW: 1) 2. Seattle Seahawks (3-0): The Seahawks ran over the Jaguars, but who didn't see that coming. Seattle and Denver are essentially 1 and 1a in the rankings. (LW: 2) 3. New England Patriots (3-0): They're not overwhelming anybody, but New England is unbeaten and has room to improve. (LW: 3) 4. New Orleans Saints (3-0): Welcome to the top five, New Orleans. The Saints defense has been revived under Rob Ryan, and it's showing. (LW: 6) 5. Chicago Bears (3-0): Marc Trestman has turned the Bears into an offense-oriented club, but it's their M.O. -- defense -- that is going to help them win in the NFC North. (LW: 7) 6. Baltimore Ravens (2-1): Even without Ray Rice, Baltimore pummeled the Texans at home. (LW: 9 7. San Francisco (1-2): Colin Kaepernick . ...
First degree murder on hernandez, you can now join Rae Carruth, Carolina Panthers - murdered his pregnant girlfriend Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons - he has been implicated but not charged Hubert D. Thompson, New Orleans Saints - threw an elderly man off a balcony Barret Robbins]], Oakland Raiders - involved in a police brawl Jim Dunaway, Miami Dolphins - charged with murder and convicted of the wrongful death of his ex-wife, who had just received a massive divorce settlement against him Kane, Seattle Seahawks - beat a woman to death Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens - charged with murder in 2 shooting deaths and ended up being convicted of obstruction of justice O.J. Simpson, San Francisco 49ers - famously acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole and Ron Goldman but many people continue to think he did it I guess we will see you next season bub
The Kansas City Chiefs preseason schedule is out: at New Orleans Saints (Aug. 8-11), San Francisco 49ers (Aug. 15-19), at Pittsburgh Steelers (Aug. 22-25) and the Green Bay Packers (Aug. 29-30). The regular season schedule is on its way.
New Orleans Saints have Super Bowl talent to consider!! The good news for the Saints is that the Ravens and San Francisco 49er's has some talents they won't be able to keep them all. Because of they cap space the Ravens has 13 unrestricted Free Agents, 49er's has 10 unrestricted Free Agents. The New Orleans Saints could consider signing six players in free agency. (3) Free Agents from the Ravens: FS - Ed Reed, OLB - Paul Kruger, ILB - Dannell Ellerbe. (3) Free Agents from the 49er's: FS - Dashon Goldson, NT - Isaac Sopoaga, NT - Ricky Jean-Francois. Hopefully the Saints get these players.
The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers shared the same practice at the same time Thursday at the New Orleans Saints practice facility. According to John Clayton of, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh elected to move their team’s practice from the baseball field at Tulane University where...
Archie Manning, patriarch of the NFL's best-known quarterbacking clan, says he's glad the Super Bowl focus is on another family. Manning has practically been a fixture at the big game in recent years. Sons Peyton and Eli Manning have won three of the last six Super Bowls. The New Orleans Saints, the hometown team Manning toiled for through hard times, won a fourth during that stretch. Instead of regaling people with stories about raising two of the best quarterbacks of this era, or how he often he got booed and tackled playing for the notoriously bad ``Aints,'' Manning is getting his house ready for visitors. ``The boys and grandkids will be here later in the week, so I'm definitely looking forward to that,'' he said Monday. Going into Sunday's game, the Harbaugh family is drawing a lot of attention as the San Francisco 49ers prepare to play the Baltimore Ravens. Jim Harbaugh coaches the 49ers and brother John coaches the Ravens. Manning said he's glad this matchup isn't pulling him apart. ``That's one of ...
The Patriots and 49ers have the best early odds to win Super Bowl XLVIII, as released by LVH (Las Vegas Hotel & Casino) on Jan. 14. New England (6-1) Another offseason with a sour taste in their mouths after a playoff exit. San Francisco (8-1) Heading to the Super Bowl for first time in 18 years with a great young QB, defense. Denver Broncos (8-1) Won’t question Peyton in 2013, but Denver figures to have tougher schedule. Green Bay Packers (10-1) Loss to 49ers puts offseason focus on improving the defense. Seattle Seahawks (10-1) Ahead of most teams with their talent at QB, RB and in the secondary. Houston Texans (12-1) Have made great strides, but Patriots showed how far away Houston is. Atlanta Falcons (15-1) Like the 2012 season, Falcons not getting a ton of early respect from Vegas. Pittsburgh Steelers (15-1) Could be a much different Steelers team after disappointing 2012. New Orleans Saints (15-1) With Sean Payton back, bounty stuff over, Saints are on the upswing. Baltimore Ravens (20-1) A new Ra ...
Colin Kaepenick and 49ers to Win It All After the rookie quarterback Colin Kaepenick and the San Francisco 49ers' humiliating victory over the just-barely-edge-out-a-win, Atlanta Falcons' team, next Sunday; running roughshod over Tom Grady and his New England Patriots or Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl, is going to be nothing but a piece of cake in Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans. Watching the running and calmness of throwing while standing in the pocket, in destroying the New Orleans Saints during his second rookie start at quarterback, Colin Kaepenick demonstrated all the dynamics and characteristics of a young Joe Montana. That same day I posted the following thread on my Face Book page: "Skip Bayless, you're so right! The 49ers' coach should immediately make Colin Kaepenick the starting quarterback. On his first start, ever, on Monday Night Football, he demonstrated a presence and demeanor that only the great Joe Montana could. I see several championships in this young quarterba . ...
Yes, it is a little early to think about next season, but the NFL already has. Remember how we weren't happy about the home opponents this year? Well, for the 49ers, check this out for next year, by San Francisco 49ers Home: Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers Away: Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins
The top 10 teams in the Power Rankings for week 15 are: 1. New England Patriots (10-3) 2. Denver Broncos (10-3) 3. Houston Texans (11-2) 4. San Francisco 49ers (9-3-1) 5. Atlanta Falcons (11-2) 6. Green Bay Packers (9-4) 7. New York Giants (8-5) 8. Baltimore Ravens (9-4) 9. Indianapolis Colts (9-4) 10. Seattle Seahawks (8-5) The Washington Redskins are ranked number 12 moving up 2 spots from 14th. The biggest jump in the rankings goes to the Cleveland Browns who moved up 4 spots from 24th to 20th. The biggest drop in the rankings is a tie between the New Orleans Saints dropping 4 spots from 18th to 22nd and the Detroit Lions dropping 4 spots from 21st to 25th.
New Orleans Saints receiver Marques Colston experienced all the highs and lows that football had to offer Sunday. He quietly became the Saints' franchise touchdown leader with a 10-yard reception from quarterback Drew Brees in the second quarter of their 31-21 loss to the San Francisco 49ers.
NFL: New Orleans Saints: I have to give credit where credit is due. Last night the San Francisco 49ers out played my Saints. The 49er's offensive and defensive line dominated ours. We didn't protect Drew Brees and Interim Head Coach, Eric Spoelstra and Defensive coordinator Joe Vitt decision to play a soft defense really hurt us. WE GOTTA START BRINGING THE FIRE ON DEFENSE!!! Too little pressure was being put on this rookie QB for the 49er's and he ate us alive. Passing, running and reading our defense. We still have hope to make the playoffs, but we won't do it playing like this. The refs made some cruicial bad calls/missed calls, but they aren't the reason we lost. We were just out played and we made critical turnovers.
After Colin Kaepernick led the San Francisco 49ers to a 31-21 victory over the New Orleans Saints in Week 12, there's no doubt Jim Harbaugh's gutsy decision to start the youngster over Alex Smith was the right decision...
Bengals beat the Raiders big time. The other bay area team San Francisco 49ers beat New Orleans Saints and I bet Bob Saget AKA Danny Tanner is very happy.
In this corner, we have Aldon Smith. The San Francisco 49ers' linebacker is sporting red and gold, stands 6-foot-4 and weighs in at 258 lbs. In this corner, we have Darren Spoles. Wearing black and gold, the New Orleans Saints … Continue reading →
I went to my parents house earlier and had cheese pizza and crazy bread from Little Caesars. And we watched the San Francisco 49ers beat the New Orleans Saints.
New Orleans Saints running back Darren Sproles flips San Francisco 49ers LB Aldon Smith on his back after a catch.
Alex Smith was told that Colin Kaepernick will start at quarterback Sunday for the San Francisco 49ers against the New Orleans Saints, a source told ESPN NFL Insider Ed Werder.
These are all my NFL predication picks for week 12 of this 2012 season: *Bye weeks for all 32 teams are over* Chicago Bears over Minnesota Vikings: 24-21 Cincinnati Bengals over Oakland Raiders: 28-14 Pittsburgh Steelers over Cleveland Browns: 17-14 Indianapolis Colts over Buffalo Bills: 32-24 Denver Broncos over Kansas City Chiefs: 31-12 Seattle Seahawks over Miami Dolphins: 28-21 Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Atlanta Falcons: 35-27 Jacksonville Jaguars over Tennessee Titans: 25-22 Baltimore Ravens over San Diego Chargers: 23-19 New Orleans Saints over San Francisco 49ers: 31-23 Arizona Cardinals over St. Louis Rams: 24-21 Green Bay Packers over New York Giants: 38-31 Carolina Panthers over Philadelphia Eagles: 31-16 My record was 10-4 for week 11 of this 2012 NFL season:) If you have any questions about my NFL picks just asked and I will answer them for you:)
Not long til NFL Sunday Live on Sky Sports 2. First up the Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings followed by the San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints. Press the red button for Redzone.
Hall of Fame Museum: Former New Orleans Saints standout Wide Receiver Joe Horn will appear at the Saints Hall of Fame Museum on Sunday, November 25 from 1 PM-2:30 PM, prior to the New Orleans Saints home game against the San Francisco 49ers.
From all indications, San Francisco 49ers will go with youngster over Alex Smith at quarterback Sunday against New Orleans Saints.
Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Clifton Brown of Sporting News: Week 11 Clifton Brown (Sporting News) 1. Houston Texans -- Tough victory at Soldier Field earns Texans the No. 1 spot. 2. San Francisco 49ers -- If they have to play longer without Alex Smith, they will miss him. 3. Atlanta Falcons -- We knew they were not going undefeated, but they are still very good. 4. Denver Broncos -- The more you see, the more you realize the Broncos are dangerous. 5. Chicago Bears -- Jason Campbell must step up if the Bears have to go without Jay Cutler. 6. New England Patriots -- The defense still needs to improve, but the offense is just fine. 7. Green Bay Packers -- Having Aaron Rodgers makes their injuries easier to deal with. 8. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Big Ben's injury is a big concern. They can only go so far without him. 9. Baltimore Ravens -- Two games vs. Pittsburgh in three weeks could decide AFC North. 10. New Orleans Saints -- If defense can hold up, the offense could carry Saints to playoffs ...
Well ive always been a Cowboys fan even if they lose but not no more there is two other teams i liked even when i was a Cowboys fan and that is New Orleans Saints and New York Giants I also like Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers im turning my back on the Cowboys
I can't decide who my favorite NFL team should be. Every year I choose a different team. So I'm going to let my friends vote for me. Out of these teams who should be my favorite permanently. 1. New York Giants 2. New Orleans Saints 3. Green Bay Packers 4. Denver Broncos 5. Minnesota Vikings 6. Indianapolis Colts 7. San Francisco 49ers
Miami Dolphins or Cincinnati Bengals: Bengals Score: 14-17 Bengals will win by a Field goal Green Bay Packers or Indianapolis Colts: Packers Score: 24-10 Baltimore Ravens or Kansas City Chiefs: Ravens Score: 28-3 Blow out Cleveland Browns or New York Giants: Giants Score: 6-21 Philadelphia Eagles or Pittsburgh Steelers: Eagles Score: 35-28 It will be a tight game but the Eagles will win in the end. Atlanta Falcons or Washington Redskins: Falcons Score: 24-17 Seattle Seahawks or Carolina Panthers: Seahawks Score: 20-17 I Think it will go in overtime and the Seahawks are gonna pull it off. Chicago Bears or Jacksonville Jaguars: Bears Score: 21-14 Tennessee Titans or Minnesota Vikings: Vikings Score: 12-28 Denver Broncos or New England Patriots: Patriots Score: 13-35 Buffalo Bills or San Francisco 49ers: 49ers Score: 21-31 San Diego Chargers or New Orleans Saints: Chargers Score: 16-10 Game of the Week, Monday Night Football New York Jets or Houston Texans: Texans Score: 10-35 Player to Watch: Halfback Arian ...
The Comeback was an NFL playoff game between the Buffalo Bills and the Houston Oilers played January 3, 1993. It featured the Bills recovering from a 32-point deficit to win in overtime, and it remains the largest comeback in NFL history. (The largest comeback in a regular season game is the San Francisco 49ers comeback from a 35-7 deficit in the second quarter against the New Orleans Saints on December 7, 1980.)
A little grass roots NFL Power Rankings thing. The good news is that the real officials are back - wonder how long the honeymoon will be. After all, the real refs make bad calls, too. It's called being human. This week's rankings: 1) Atlanta Falcons- Now winning on the road - dangerous team. 2) Houston Texans - That piece of Matt Shaub's ear is a nice souvenier for one of the groundskeepers. 3) Arizona Cardinals- Don't underestimate these birds, until they start losing. 4) Baltimore Ravens - The offense carrying the load? Wow. 5) San Francisco 49ers- That loss to the Vikings will fire this team up. On the Rise: New York Giants, Cincinati Bengals, Minnesota Vikings. Falling: New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions. Stink Ahoy: Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints, Cleveland Browns. Yours?
Sunday's games were something else today, ya think?! Dallas Cowboys sent the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back to their ship with a bruised ego, winning 16-10. Jacksonville Jaguars preyed on the Indianapolis Colts eating them up for the win 22-17. Dawgs should know not to mess with animals bigger than themselves! Buffalo Bills over Cleveland Browns 24-14. New York Jets warned Miami Dolphins that they were gonna paint the beach green. They fought just hard enough to do it too! Jets 23 Dolphins 20. Kansas City Chiefs finally had enough of losing?! They made a serious comeback and surprise New Orleans Saints with a scalping win 27-24. There must not have been enough of Washington Redskins to scare off the Cinncinati Bengals to stop them from winning... 38-31. Betcha St. Louis Rams thought they were Ram Tough, huh? Chicago blew the Rams outta The Windy City, sending the Rams home and took their horns as a souvenirs 23-6. Minnesota Vikings invited the San Francisco 49ers into their home pillaged them for their gold de ...
It's week 2 of the NFL and here are my picks: Green Bay over Chicago, Buffalo over Kansas City, Oakland over Miami, New England over Arizona, Pittsburgh over NY Jets, Houston over Jacksonville, Indianapolis over Minnesota, Tennessee over San Diego, Baltimore over Philadelphia, Cincinnati over Cleveland, Seattle over Dallas, NY Giants over Tampa Bay, St. Louis to upset Washington, New Orleans over Carolina, San Francisco over Detroit, and Atlanta over Denver. The team I am calling out this week is the New Orleans Saints-I want to see production. Game of the Week-Detroit at San Francisco Basura Game of the Week-Minnesota at Indianapolis-Someone has to win this game.
5 things we learned from Week 1 of the 2012-2013 NFL season: 1) New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan's middle name should be "Timex"...he took a pretty good shot on the sidelines and I don't think his lips stopped moving for even a second. 2) The other New York team (the Giants for those less football savvy) have a LONG way to go before they even think about repeating as Super Bowl champs...3) If anyone tries to tell me that the tumultuous offseason the New Orleans Saints went through did not carry over into week 1, I'm going to call that person a liar...twice. 4) Despite the lopsided final score, Andrew Luck showed flashes of big game ability today. Mark it down, he will be a star in the NFL in a few years. 5) Once again, the San Francisco 49ers proved that they are the single best franchise in the history of professional football. GO NINERS!
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Sunday afternoon’s game at Lambeau Field has a great chance of being the most fascinating game of the weekend, even for those who don’t closely follow the Green Bay Packers or San Francisco 49ers. Much like during the NFC Divisional Game against the New Orleans Saints, this is a clash of styles on t... top five Power Rankings 5. Chicago Bears, 4. New Orleans Saints, 3. New England Patriots, 2. Green Bay Packers 1. San Francisco 49ers. A few other notables are Jacksonville as high as 21. This is ridiculous. Bears are not top five. Jacksonville quite possibly could be the worst team in the league. The top three is pretty close. I might put Baltimore or Pittsburgh up there instead of San Francisco or New England. Green Bay should be number one. I'd put Cleveland at like 26 or so. They're certainly better than Minnesota, Indianapolis and Jacksonville.
Well our little group had little to smile about in Weekof the young NFL season...only three of us were winners and two of those games were heads up battles! In the first of the two heads-up battles Margie and my Green Bay Packers got their lunch handed to them by Terry's Cleveland Browns 32-10! The second heads up game saw Kathy's Chicago Bears outlast Pam's Washington Redskins by a mere 2 point margin...33-31. Jason's Minnesota Vikings had our groups only other win stomping on Buffalo 36-14! Johnny's Miami Dolphins, Amanda's New Orleans Saints, Clayton's Kansas City Chiefs, Josh's Denver Broncos, Ronnie's and Bobby's Oakland Raiders, Randy's Dallas Cowboys, and Tristan and Bob's San Francisco 49'ers all lost! If you want to add your team to our group, do so in the comments section...You have until opening day to add a team or even to change your teams! See ya next week!
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith said Friday he has "mixed emotions" about the bounty program that targeted him during last season's NFC playoffs.Before his final game as New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams offered cash to the player who struck Smith in the head."Every single one of you, before you get off the pile, affect the head. Early, affect the head. Continue, touch and hit the head," an audio recording captured Williams saying."Never heard a speech like it before," Smith told ESPN's Ed Werder at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe. "As a QB, I expect defenses to go after me. I expect it in the confines of the rules, no question, but if a guy's got an open hit on me, I plan for them to give me everything they've got. I have mixed emotions. As a QB, I feel like every defense is out to get me. I think a lot of QBs feel the same way. We all just want to play within the rules."
Was the New Orleans Saints vs. San Francisco 49ers divisional playoff matchup the best game of 2011? Jamie Dukes provides his opinion.
There is so much to love about this information. First are the panicked New Orleans Saints fans that will read some "Brees-to-Owens" headlines somewhere. (And their fears Owens will convert Drew Brees to the dark side.) And then there is the Kyle Boller connection. Way back in 2004, the San Francisco 49ers tried to trade Owens to the Baltimore Ravens. But he helped to scuttle an agreed-upon deal with the help of an arbitrator in part because they didn't have a good starting quarterback. Their quarterback at the time: Kyle. Now Owens and Boller are working together, hoping for one last gig.
New Orleans Saints Fever shared the following link and had this to say about it: Damning audio surfaced of ex-New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams telling his unit to injure San Francisco 49ers players during the postseason. Even former stars like Kurt Warner have expressed hesitation about letting their own …See all stories on this topic » Google Alerts – New Orleans Saints... h...
Michael C Williams : Should the San Francisco 49ers Sue the New Orleans Saints and Gregg Williams? - Yahoo! Sports
The 2012 regular season schedule for the World Champion NY Giants is as follows: Week 1 - vs. Dallas Cowboys (Wed., Sept. 5) Week 2 - vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 3 - at Carolina Panthers (Thurs. Sept 20) Week 4 - at Philadelphia Eagles (Sun, Sept. 30, 8:30 p.m., NBC) Week 5 - vs. Cleveland Browns Week 6 - at San Francisco 49ers Week 7 - vs. Washington Redskins Week 8 - at Dallas Cowboys Week 9 - vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Week 10 - at Cincinnati Bengals Week 11 - BYE (Nov. 18) Week 12 - vs. Green Bay Packers Week 13 - at Washington Redskins Week 14 - vs. New Orleans Saints Week 15 - at Atlanta Falcons Week 16 - at Baltimore Ravens Week 17 - vs. Philadelphia Eagles As expected, this schedule is backloaded with tough games. Four of the final six games are against teams that made the playoffs this past season. The first few weeks are interesting, as the Giants will have a long layoff after their first and third games.
Green Bay Packers 2012 Football Schedule: Bishop's Charities Game Aug 30th Kansas City Chiefs is the preseason game for this year in Green Bay. Opener on Sunday Sept 9th San Francisco 49ers pm at Lambeau Field and another fall game against the New Orleans Saints Sun/Sept 30th
|The night before Gregg Williams final game as the New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator, the since-suspended coach gave a fiery speech to the teams defensive players during which he made specific references to inflicting physical punishment upon several San Francisco 49ers in a po…
Disgraced defensive coordinator Gregg Williams , suspended indefinitely by the NFL for his role in the New Orleans Saints ' bounty scandal, urged his players to take shots at the head, knees and ankles of specific San Francisco 49ers before a playoff game in January.
We will also play the recording of what Gregg Williams told the New Orleans defense before the San Francisco playoff game!
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