San Francisco & Bay Bridge

San Francisco , officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the financial, cultural, and transportation center of the San Francisco Bay Area, a region of 7.5 million people which includes San Jose and Oakland. The San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge (known locally as the Bay Bridge) is a pair of bridges spanning San Francisco Bay of California, in the United States. 5.0/5

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Heading to the airport on the Bay Bridge. @ San Francisco Bay
The roof garden view of the Bay Bridge from Gap HQ 7 floor cafe in San Francisco .
Just off the bay bridge San Francisco enjoying the evening…
San Francisco and the Bay Bridge: The view from the hills this morning.
View of the Bay Bridge from out on the San Francisco Bay itself
Golden Gate Bridge sticking out of the fog with downtown San Francisco and the Bay Bridge behind…
Midnight drive over the Bay Bridge to San Francisco
Another shot of the rising over San Francisco last night w/Bay Bridge and Coit Tower - so awesome!
From tonight in San Francisco - it's over the Bay Bridge and Coit Tower. AWESOME!
Check out this time lapse of the Supermoon over the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, CA from ! MON0432
300mm feat. the Richmond Bridge, Bay Bridge, and east side of San Francisco
San Francisco is far from my favorite city, but seeing the Bay Bridge in the morning always stops me in my tracks.
Arriving into the magical city of San Francisco via the Bay Bridge, now with a new uni-column suspension, and the...
San Francisco using equivalent of MRI to check Bay Bridge for -
This chihuahua led police in San Francisco on an adorable high speed chase across the Bay Bridge
View of San Francisco Bay Area from the Bay bridge at night! featured in NBC s Science of Love
4 hurt in drive-shooting involving party bus near Bay Bridge in San Francisco:
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a heavy traffic jam on to I-80 W / San Francisco / Bay Bridge, Oakland on - Drive Social. https:...
Beautiful views of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. Love this city 😊. @ San Francisco, California
Bay Bridge, San Francisco to Oakland...gonna be ... - ht…
Bay Bridge, San Francisco to Oakland...gonna be ... -
"I just want the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes" @ Bay Bridge, San Francisco
View of the Bay Bridge on a very cloudy day from the Ferry Building, San Francisco
over hen 'arrested' for gridlock on San Francisco's Bay Bridge
How was your Saturday night? We want on a private flight with SF Air Tours over Oakland, San Francisco, Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Sau…
A 'felonious' chicken who stopped traffic on San Francisco's Bay Bridge at the center of a five-way custody battle.
westt coast California from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, Big Basin redwood trees. Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge.
Experts subject corroded rods from San Francisco's Bay Bridge to a battery of tests.
Golden Gate, City of San Francisco, Bay Bridge, Yerba Buena Island...from the Marin side.
Ah, the good ol' Bay Bridge, linking San Francisco to Oakland. At least it's not the Dumbarton.
ESPN scenery shots for Oakland: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco trolley cars, and the old Bay Bridge.
San Francisco seen from the first street ramp of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, April 1939 b…
The rents are crap and the Bay Bridge may crumble, but it is, at least, a great time for pastries in San Francisco:
Parade should start in Oakland, cross Bay Bridge, and finish in San Francisco.
Two carjacking suspects arrested after pursuit over Bay Bridge into San Francisco - San Francisco Examiner: Ri...
5 of 5 Finishing up the Black and White challenge. The first image is of the new Bay Bridge which resembles a chandelier reflected in the calm waters of San Francisco Bay as seen from Treasure Island. The second is perhaps my favorite man made structure, the Pigeon Point Lighthouse shining brightly with the Milky Way as a backdrop. This was a tough shot to get as light from the lighthouse is so much brighter than the stars. Both shots were taken on the same evening with some good friends and fellow photographers.
We drove into San Francisco today for a Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon. Traffic was heavy, at least in part because it was Fleet Week, our annual tribute to the U.S. Navy. We saw the Blue Angels rehearsing over the Bay, as hundreds of white sailed yachts speckled the waters. As we got off the Bay Bridge, we got two good, solid views of the USS America, commissioned in San Francisco today. This is the first generation of amphibious assault ship, a specialized type of aircraft carrier that hosts Marine combat units, helicopters and VTOL aircraft, instead of fighter jets. America was decked out in red, white and blue bunting.
I'm so San Francisco, I seen, shopped and visited: Mr. (Planters) Peanut, Hills Bros. ( near Bay Bridge), Falstaff mug of beer (hospital curve), Playland with original Laughing Lotta, Fleishacker pool (near zoo), Kezar Stadium, Kezar Pavillion, White Front, Emporium, Woolworths, Newberrys, and the big water tower at the end of Army Street!
I tried to find a particular location to photograph the Bay Bridge in San Francisco when I saw two guys passing by. They asked what I was looking for and invited to follow them. I didn't expect such kindness to share their secret of a location. When we were climbing the hill which wasn't easy at all especially that I was wearing my sandals. Then we became friends and I realised they were really cool photographers I was following for a while. They showed me several other locations and even drove me around. I didn't expect such hospitality for sure. Then I met another photographer who happened to photograph celebrities.. he was wearing Google Glass. Amazing thing that all of them were so down to earth, followed my Instagram at once and promised to show me places.. We discussed my drone and they definitely made me feel better. Now I am fine.
This morning's run brought to you by the Bay Bridge and San Francisco!
Hey, life's tough in the San Francisco office! CSO Richard Ward gazes at Bay Bridge.
San FranCISCO (KRON) – The CHP says all westbound lanes on the Bay Bridge are open after a three-car accident earlier this evening.
San FranCISCO – The California Highway Patrol and other agencies are at the scene of a three-car accident with injuries on Interstate Highway 80 near the Treasure Island off ramp on the Bay Bridge, the CHP said.
Water Bar in San Francisco...really has one of the most stunning views of the Bay Bridge. It was a splendid night, indeed.
Good morning from San Francisco on My view of the Bay Bridge.
Photo: San Francisco at Night by photodim - A view of downtown San Francisco and the Bay Bridge from Yerba...
Unbelievable outdoor venue for next big US tourno in the shadow of Bay Bridge, San Francisco.
Bay Bridge light display dazzles San Francisco - It was a cold and rainy night in San...
About the best I could do on a bit of a hazy day: San Francisco and the new Bay Bridge
The new Bay Bridge in my favorite city San Francisco! What a beautiful day... Final two shows Pls join!
A prefect day for a picnic. From left to right is the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin Headlands, Alcatraz, the Bay Bridge and the city by the bay, San Francisco.
Follows a route from Alameda to Oakland and across the Bay Bridge to Downtown San Francisco using video clips from two different days.
Good morning from San Francisco! View from our room-- Ferry Building to the left, Bay Bridge to the…
San Francisco re-naming half of Bay Bridge to honor Big Govt crony-crat Willie Brown ==>
It was a very tiring and exhausting week but indeed a wonderful and memorable experience. We visited various famous tourists spots in California, Anaheim's famous Disneyland, The Universal Studios , famous Walk of Fame, the Red Carpet in Los Angeles's Hollywood district, Sta Monica's beachfront, a great tour in San Francisco's tourist spots, the famous Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, Pier 39 or the Fisherman's Wharf as they call it, and many more. And we had the chance to be reunited with our relatives. Many thanks to sister Leth Aguilar in touring us around.
On my way back from testing yesterday, I crossed the Bay Bridge. Which was, as it often is, tied up. I came to several realizations (some of which may have been fueled by all the exhaust fumes I was sucking up). **I wish I had my bike. I was jealous of the bikers splitting lanes and getting through traffic with some decent speed. **My current car is the first car I have ever owned with an automatic and if the option had been available I would have gotten a manual transmission. But in heavy traffic an automatic is a godsend. **I really like San Francisco-I prefer it to LA for the most part. But I couldn't live here if I had to go to work every day, unless I could catch transit. Because it is one thing to sit in traffic for 45 - 60 min to make what should be a short drive when you are getting paid for it. It is an entirely different proposition when it is just your daily commute. **Driving around and looking at people's driveways to see if they got newspapers is a strange way to spend a day. And I h ...
BAY BRIDGE 101 Despite what you may hear... 1) No one is attempting to name "the Bay Bridge" for the former Mayor of San Francisco. They are attempting to name *the Western span* of the Bay Bridge for him. 2) The new Eastern span of the Bay Bridge is not "The New Bay...
Oakland Bay Bridge heading into San Francisco, with heavy traffic trails at sunset.I want to visit
In the battle royale between landmark San Francisco bridges, the Golden Gate will probably always get the glory. But after seventy years, its sister span to the east is coming into its own. The Bay Bridge: A Work in Progress is an upcoming exhibition at the city's De Young Museum that chronicles the...
Oh actually that was from my bus! :) We were on the Bay Bridge going from the East Bay (where Oakland is) to San Francisco.
SeagateCreative partner Ross Ching offers up this amazing time-lapse film series called "Empty America." This first film reveals San Francisco, California. From the Golden Gate Bridge to Fisherman's Wharf to Lombard Street to Ghirardelli Square to the Bay Bridge - get a good look at some of San Francisco's most iconic landmarks (wiped empty of tourists and traffic). Ross worked with Thrash Lab to create this series of videos, aiming to show some of the most iconic cities in America — without people. It’s a series that was initially inspired by Matt Logue’s photo series “Empty LA”. Two years ago, Ross took Logue's concept and combined it with what he does best: time lapse photography. Ross' video “Running on Empty” was such a huge success that he wanted to expand upon it but didn’t have a budget to do so. Thanks to Thrash Lab's support, the series is now a reality.
Sail under the amazing Golden Gate Bridge as well as the incredible San Francisco Bay Bridge while touring San Francisco's many landmarks. Book...
3.2 "Saa-aa-aan Francisco, open those Golden Gates" Over the Bay Bridge we went and then through the city of San Francisco. We didn't stop, we just gawked at it for a moment -- we wanted to get to Santa Rosa, our El Dorado. Over the Golden Gate and through the Rainbow tunnel into Marin County. It took about an hour to get to Santa Rosa, we soaked in the scenery of the area where we'd soon be living. It was definitely suburban but it had a rural feel and a mountain setting. Santa Rosa was a clean, mid-sized California town. It had an orderly feel to it, the housing and business looked similar with an almost Mediterranean styling. We hurried to find a newspaper so we could secure Chris's dream job. Then we sat down for a coffee while Chris perused the classifieds. Programming... Computer Programming... System Programming... Nothing. But there were pages and pages of job ads for Dentists, Dental Technicians and Dental Assistants. As a matter of fact pretty much the entire classifieds were devoted to t ...
60 travel photos you wish you'd taken spectacular sunset streaks across the Texas sky. "This was the Texas countryside at its most glorious," said Marcie Naughton. A smiling woman fishes for the day's catch in northern Laos. L. Craig Smith spent four days visiting various villages of the hill tribe people, who "received us with open arms," he said. James Amerson spotted this field of sunflowers while traveling from Portofino to Florence. "I loved everything about Italy," he said. See more photos from his journey on CNN iReport. An attentive group of zebras stares into the camera as wildebeest graze in the background. "It's a bit invigorating to know that a hyena or lion could happen by at any moment," said Lynda Hanwella, who shot this photo while on safari. The San Francisco fog lifted long enough for Gej Jones to capture the Bay Bridge from Treasure Island on a summer night. A rickshaw driver relaxes while awaiting customers in this popular tourist town near Chengdu. Travelers who make the challenging w ...
Kevin just took me over the Bay Bridge on a quick tour of San Francisco. We went through Nob Hill and Haight Ashbury. Nice.
My grandmother told me last night that, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) employees, are on strike and the entire Bay Area is going crazy with hectic traffic. Now people are forced to drive, that is if they have a vehicle to do so. People travel back and forth from the city (San Francisco) to Oakland, and other areas of the Bay everyday to get to work, and now unable to get to work because of no train options. BART is losing $75mm A DAY!!! I can only imagine how crazy the toll-area of the Bay Bridge looks like everyday. BART is the train system that covers a real massive area of the Bay, and they are trying to organize more buses from other transportation systems to get riders to wherever they are trying to go. For years Atlanta was known as having the worst traffic in America, and these are one of the many reasons why I choose to stay within a comfortable distance to downtown. If anything was to happen to my vehicle, MARTA, GRTA, Cobb, Gwinnett or etc. I can ALWAYS easily find a way to get to where I am tryi ...
What happens when the train goes on strike in the Bay Area? Gridlock.over 400,000 trying to cross the Bay Bridge, over 1 hr to cross into San Francisco
How many cars could a BART Strike put on the Bay Bridge during the morning commute? BART records around 400,000 trips on a typical weekday. A trip starts when you run your card through the machine on entry and the trip ends when you exit the system. If you take BART to get back home that's a second trip. Since most of the folks who take BART to somewhere usually take BART home, 400,000 trips means about 200,000 people use BART to get somewhere during the day. Not all of those folks go from the East Bay to San Francisco and less than half travel during the peak commute. The actual number of people BART carries across the Bay into San Francisco during a weekday morning commute is about 50,000. Some mornings might see higher but 60,000 or more is rare. That's a lot of people looking to join the 9-10,000 vehicles per hour the metering lights allow across the bridge, but it's not 90-100,000 and it's certainly not the 400,000 I keep hearing on the nightly news. My thought it this: If a reporter is too ...
Just rode a San Francisco cable car by hanging on the side.So much fun. Made me feel like a kid again. The lights on the Transamerica building, Coit Tower and the Bay Bridge are so pretty at night.
Night Bicycle ride in San Francisco. Leave the compound after dark, close to 10pm. Roll down Sweeny towards San Bruno Avenue. No rain but heavy fog. I will be wet the whole ride. It will also be dark, with little traffic on the streets. Cut under the highway at Bayshore, and pick up Portrero. Pass 21st Street, where I first caught the bus to work after moving to SF. Onward to 16th, taking a left by the Safeway Plaza. Right on Bryant, down under the highway, cut over to Folsom, and cross the Street numbers on to 8th Street. Stop for a beer, a song, and onward. 7th Street up to Market, passing the sight of the old Greyhound Station. Mostly sticking to the overly large downtown sidewalks, continue down Market Street past the cable car turnaround at Powell. The skyscrapers reach up all around. Construction digs below putting in the new subway tube. Crossing the wide Embarcadero at Market's end, taking a left at the Ferry Building. Roll out over the Bay on the enchanting Pier 7, paralleling the Bay Bridge str ...
Does anyone remember the former mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown? Nicknamed Slick Willie for his corrupt ways? Well somebody in Sac just proposed naming the western half of the new Bay Bridge after him. I wonder if that's the half that had all those problems with inferior corrupt bolts made in China.
From the cottage bookshelf, novel plucks for a Friday: Ghost Town, Dogtown, Jingletown, there were large swaths of Oakland all but unknown to Julie, among them that ragged old ill-used selvage between the bay and the tangles of the 880 and 980: abandoned army bases and naval stations, depopulated blocks where everything seemed to have been flattened by some economic meteor impact, tattered wetlands ribboned with egret. And, of course, the string of loading cranes massed along the westernmost edge of town, the 1st Oakland Cavalry readying a charge on San Francisco, shipping containers stacked around their feet, like bales of hay by giant quartermasters, to fuel the final assault. The container boxes of the port of Oakland, as seen from the Bay Bridge, were a lifelong sources of fascination to Julie, monster piles of colored brick like stabs at some ambitious Lego project left unfinished, interchangeable as casino chips and yet each filled potentially with something new and surprising, soccer balls, polyur ...
Jack Dorsey climbed atop San Francisco's 526-foot Bay Bridge on Tuesday to promote the launch of Vine for Android.
Nascer do Sol atrás do Port of San Francisco, Bay Bridge e Treasure Island.
Officials to update repair work on Bay Bridge: The new eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge ha...
A great day with Dylan, Courtney and Philip in SF on my Water Water Everywhere Tour! A walk thru Sutro Heights, Sutro Bath ruins, the Coastal Trail, and the USS San Francisco Memorial. A drive thru Sea Cliff drooling over the spectacular homes and discovering a "secret" entrance to Baker Beach. Many jumping pictures. Continuing thru the Presidio and Fort Point. Onto the Palace of Fine Arts, discovering a family of swans. Off to the Lyon Street steps for a quick run halfway down and up. Dinner at Perry's on the Embarcadero. Strolling to the end of Pier 14 to admire the Bay Bridge light show. Very fun!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
When I served in the Air Force, just north of San Francisco, there were two Naval Bases near us - Treasure Island - at the base of the Bay Bridge & Alameda Naval Air Station. I once stood on the deck of the Enterprise- THAT AIRCRAFT CARRIER WAS ABOUT THE SIZE OF A CITY !!! And, one Saturday I took a 50 mile cruise on the Aircraft Carrier Oriskany. I'm curious if anyone on here served on either base or either ship ?
In case you've heard about a 5.7 earthquake in northern California last night (which I realize in no way ranks up there with the OK tornado), yes, I did feel it briefly and slightly. I was sitting in my recliner chair and noticed a slight sensation of movement as well as water in a nearby glass moving a bit and thought that it felt like an earthquake. I live about 129 miles south of the epicenter near Lassen National Park. I heard something on the late night news about 13 aftershocks, typical after an earthquake, but I only felt anything once. 5.7 is a fairly significant quake. The so-called Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989 which collapsed the Bay Bridge from San Francisco to Oakland, did a great deal of destructive damage spread over a large area. It was quite an experience to be on the fourth floor of my office building in south San Jose, much nearer to the epicenter than San Fran. That quake was 7.2 by comparison.
That was California governor Jerry Brown, a former candidate for President of the United States, responding to reports of faulty bolts and rods on the new span of the Bay Bridge linking Oakland and San Francisco. The governor didn’t get into why, exactly, all that happened, but it’s worth a look.
Look out Eiffel Tower... here comes the Bay Bridge in San Francisco!
The Bridge That leads To Eternal Life Think of how important bridges are in our everyday life. There are bridges that span great bodies of water like the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan. “The 5 mile long Mackinac Bridge (Big Mac) links Michigan's Lower and Upper peninsulas.” The San Francisco Bay bridge is the largest self-anchored suspension bridge. “The Bay Bridge has made history yet again my becoming the world’s largest self -anchored suspension bridge. Safely transporting the 280,000 automobiles that transverse its roads every day, the Bay Bridge connects San Francisco to Oakland, with a little stop at Yerba Buena Island along the way.” Then there are the bridges of our toll roads and expressways that connect us from the east coast to the west coast, from north to south. They provide a great network of highways that are very important to all of us and they are connected by many bridges. There are the bridges that surround our cities. The bigger the city the more ...
San Francisco, CA: I walked along the Embarcadero, beneath the Bay Bridge, through South Beach, on my way to AT&T Park...
San Francisco slow NB 101 from Cesar Chavez to the Bay Bridge. Traffic map:
Speaking of preppers: The Tunguska event was an explosion that occurred we believe in 1912 but wasn't found till 1917. A object of unknown size and composition exploded 5 miles in the air with the force of 15 megatons. 400 square miles of forest was leveled while another several hundred square miles was burned. Had this even happened over the center of San Francisco Bay every city from San Francisco to Alameda and Marin down to San Mateo would have been crushed instantly. very skyscraper in the SF skyline would be flattened. Both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge would also have been flattened and buried under the water. Outside the initial blast radius your home would have suffered catastrophic damage from the shockwave but not enough to cause it to collapse immediately. It would however, have been subjected to such intense heat that anything made of wood would instantly ignite. Your ammo would also explode as well as your stockpile of water since the water would instantly flash boil. No ...
I'm watching "House of Cards" (Netflix Original Series...great actors and story), which makes me wonder if politics is really like it is portrayed in this show. In the opening it shows beautiful city scenery that gives me a feeling of excitement, the same excitement I always feel driving into San Francisco, over the Bay Bridge, at night. I look at the gorgeousness of Washington DC and I wonder "How great it would be to live there, in the heart of all this beauty and excitement, how inspiring!" Then I'm reminded of the kind of evil vascularity required to put on such a sublime skin. And I imagine (Mr. Blue Sky still drowning out the ringing in my ears) what it would be like if the meek really inherited the Earth, and these places were self sustaining and filled with the activity of well intentioned, actualized, realized, authentically loving people. Ah, eutopia. (And of course I'm slim there and like to play in the park!)
Drove over 3 Bridges Today!!: Richmond Bridge to Sausalito/ Marin Headlands, Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco, Bay Bridge to Oakland. Enjoying MLK Weekend.
5 p.m. Saturday. Just finished a beautiful drive west on the 80 from Davis to San Francisco, over the Bay Bridge, then onto California 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) and down the coast to Half Moon Bay and the Oceano Hotel & Spa. The ride is just incredible compared with Florida's flat, straight highways (I still love Florida, though) and winds along the ocean, up and down, with steep banks rising to the left and growing waves to the right. The weather is fantastic, near 70 and sunny, and feels much warmer than it sounds. Lots of people already at the site, walking, biking and driving the narrow streets and checking out the shops and other attractions in the small little area on Capistrano Road. Didn't spot any surfers. Authorities have already put up no parking signs on the 1 in both directions. Not much else going on. I found the Oceano and the small, nearby airport where I'll be parking in the morning. Once I was comfortable, drove east on the 92 to San Mateo and got checked in at Best Western Plus hotel, a ...
A 752-foot oil tanker ship that was sailing in the fog hit a tower of the Bay Bridge on Monday morning, fortunately without any oil spillage but raising alarming new questions about safety of oil tankers in San Francisco Bay.   The collided oil tanker vessel, Overseas Reymar, based in the Marshall Islands, had unloaded its oil at the Shell refinery in Martinez only few hours before it grazed the "Echo Tower" of the Bay Bridge at 11:18 am, among Yerba Buena Island and San Francisco. Even though, it was carrying many thousands of gallons of bunker fuel, local authorities informed it appeared none of that spilled.   "We're still observing the situation," told US Coast Guard Petty Officer Barry Bena. "But as of right now, reports from the main pilot, the Coast Guard and local agencies show no pollution has hit the water."   The captain of the tanker vessel was identified as Guy Kleess, 61-years-old, of San Francisco, a former Exxon oil tanker captain that has been embroiled in at least 3 other ...
On the way to the city to meet an iOS developer. Right now my view is awesome - downtown San Francisco, the Bay Bridge, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Let's not forget Alcatraz and Angel Island. Love the ferry.
A tanker hit a support under the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, CA. Yikes, I think I'd take the Golden Gate for travels in that area. Yikes!
San Francisco - Bay Bridge @ End of the Pier Behind the Ferry Building
KRON 4's Will Tran is on the scene at Folsom and Essex in San Francisco where a car crashed into a fire hydrant following a police pursuit near an on-ramp to the Bay Bridge. Essex street is closed, use an alternate route to get onto the I-80 on-ramp at Harrison St.
I really had a great Thanksgiving this year. Despite slight anxiety regarding traveling on thanksgiving day, all turned out great. Travel was easy, weather more than cooperated, I met some wonderful people in Buffalo, had a great meal and a terrific trip to the Niagara Falls and Canada. Thank you Samantha Angelo for having us. Being with my Mom and Peter was great and we all got to talk to Arthur at the end of the meal. The day ended with a stunning view of Bay Bridge in San Francisco all lit against the dark sky. Wow, two iconic American sights to frame the day. Amazing!! There is so much to be thankful for...
Jay took me to San Francisco for our anniversary. We did it all. Wine country visiting four vineyards. Golden Gate Bridge from above and traveling over it. We could see the Bay Bridge from our hotel room. Ghiradelli Square. Fisherman's Wharf. Tour through the neighborhoods. Dinner in the Italian area at quaint restaurant. Ferry ride by Alcatraz and San Quentin. Hike thriough Muir Woods, last of giant redwood forest. Shopping in Union Square. Cable car ride. Dinner at two of best restaurants: House of Prime and The Slanted Door. Were able to see our Hawaiian friends, Malahini and Bones who introduced us to two local residents, Frank and Gina, and their son, Josh. It was perfect in every way. Thanks, honey!
What a day! Nine hours of class on "natural dying" versus Advanced Directive, minimal pain and suffering, dignity and choice. When I'm not there, I forget about how vital San Francisco is and am delighted to rediscover the amount of energy there. 25 minutes over the Bay Bridge, but 2 (that's TWO) hours commute home over the Golden Gate, which is really orange. Passed by the maid of Mt. Tamalpais, delighted in the wide diversity of language and culture and just felt ALIVE!! Exhausting subject however; can't absorb it all, but a good start. A treat from my Alma Mater with FREE 9 hours of CEU toward my next 36 hours of re-licensure in two years. Getting a head start this year and made good contacts with others.And I thought I had completed all my end-of-life papers.Hah! Just a beginner. Good, intimate class of 9...Watch for Dr. Terman to be presenting more on this.somewhere.
Not a bad Sunday afternoon. I'm sitting on the porch drinking coffee admiring my view. Today is clear enough outside that I can see all of San Francisco, the top part of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, the San Mateo Bridge, and the Bumbarton Bridge. Amazing!
Confession of a Giants FanAtic. A very short story. Saturday night, on the eve of Game 1 of the NLCS. My wife is wanting to "just get out of the house" for a while. We pile in the car, get on I-5 North, hit /sacramento,head west on 80, then go bobsledding past Vacaville, Fairfield, Vallejo, Pinole, Richmond, and Berkeley. I get in the right lane heading towards the Bay Bridge. As we approach the Toll plaza I put on my best quizzical deadpan face and asked the attendant, "Excuse me sir, but can you tell me how to get to San Francisco from here?" His eyes widened, he stuttered and stammered then finally responded "Just keep going this way." as he threw his thumb back towards Treasure Island. What the heck. You only live once and I'd often thought of doing that. His expression was priceless. We came over the bridge, took the first exit on the San Francisco side then went right left right to the Embarcadero. Continuing past the clock tower and the warehouse district we came along side the Koit tower which ...
Going to San Francisco from Oakland? injury crash westbound past Fremont Street exit. Major delays on Bay Bridge.
A Guide To The Denver Presidential Debate Let’s hope Jim Lehrer asks at least one of these vital questions. What would you do to prevent American tax dollars from creating jobs overseas? Do you support strong trade enforcement when other nations cheat? Do you believe that our trade deficit with China is a national security issue? What actions would you take to penalize China for its currency manipulation and would it include supporting legislation that has passed the Senate and is supported by a majority of members in the House? IN-DEPTH QUESTIONS FOR EACH CANDIDATE: [A] Buy America Preferences. The construction materials for several, recent high-profile infrastructure projects have been outsourced to China, including massive amounts of steel for the new Bay Bridge linking Oakland and San Francisco. QUESTION FOR GOVERNOR ROMNEY: Governor Romney, the decision to outsource the steel for the Bay Bridge was made by a Republican Governor to save money, though the final benefit to taxpayers has been heavily ...
Space Shuttle Endeavor flies behind the new Bay Bridge in San Francisco
Great NEWS!!! from Bill Windsor; 9-23-2012 -- 7:44 PM -- San FranCISCO, CALIFORNIA: I am safe and happy in San Francisco. I arrived at 4 pm after a meeting with Denise and Gregory Johnson outside the Sigma Chi house at San Diego State University. I picked my wife up at the airport, and I'm a happy camper. :-) We had some Tex Mex, and now we are in downtown San Francisco right next to the Bay Bridge. I haven't had any time to look at any email or postings. — with Bill Windsor at San Fraancisco!
If you are ever in San Francisco and Pier 39 you really should take this ride under the Golden Gate Bridge and then under the Bay Bridge and back. It is wonderful going around Alcatraz Island and back but take a COAT it gets cold out there even if in the summer
I love a badly edited movie chase scenes in San Francisco: from Broadway in North Beach, take left and your under the Bay Bridge. A quick right and you're racing down Lombard st. whose curves lead directly onto Fisherman's wharf. Another right turn at the end of the wharf and you are passing the Fairmont and Mark Hopkins hotels on your way up Potrero Hill.
Thanks to you all for the birthday greetings. Katie and Jer sent Charlie and I to Tahoe Joe's for dinner for my birthday. Then Sunday Charlie and I took a delayed day trip for our 27th anniversay (last June) to San Francisco--a 90 min. Bay cruise, under both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge--then clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl at Boudin's on the wharf (well actually mine was chili)--we rarely take trips so this was a nice relaxing day--we took BART to avoid the traffic and parking hassle.
Had a great day in San Francisco. Shawns birthday went well. We have both always wanted to go to Haight & Ashbury and today we checked it off our bucket list. We also checked out Golden Gate Park and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. Ate dinner in a little greek restaurant near Sausalito. Travelled back via the Bay Bridge and came home. Ah what a great day!!!
Sitting in 17 lanes (I counted them) of traffic at the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. We are fixing to go across the Golden Gate Bridge (if we ever get through this traffic).
Well, the Golden Gate Bridge was unexpectedly short, the Bay Bridge was sheer awesomeness, and San Francisco as a whole was... interesting. LOVED the skyscrapers.
Hello friends in Florida from the very cool San Francisco! Gonna have another fun day of exploring places we have never been! Thursday we went to Carson City, NV, Truckee, CA & Donner's Pass...ended the day driving around Lake Tahoe! I need to book a vaca just to Tahoe, it is amazing! Yesterday we left Reno and drove I-80 West and went by Folsom Prison, Sacramento, CA, Berkley, CA, Oakland over the Bay Bridge to San Francisco and stayed last night at Fisherman's Wharf! It is freezing here but a really cool place. I could NEVER drive in the streets, traveling the streets of San Fran at 5pm on a Friday -lost in your rental car, is an experience that I will never forget and will rival any thrill seeking ride that I have ever riden!
Ever dream of doing donuts on the Bay Bridge? Keep dreaming, but in the mean time check out Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground, San Francisco: a ten minute high-speed, high-risk ride through San Francisco from the Bay Bridge to Twin Peaks.
Ken Block does Five in San Francisco?! How did they close the Bay Bridge?
San Francisco: the ultimate urban playground for Ken Block. Love the epic drift off the Bay Bridge.
They closed down the streets of San Francisco and the Bay Bridge so Ken Block and Travis Pastrana could do this:
San Francisco crash cleared but NB 101 still slow from Cesar Chavez to Bay Bridge. Traffic map:
Silent, color footage from the Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island in San Francisco (1939/40), produced by Orville C. Goldner. Includes views of architectual exhibits, the Bay Bridge and crowds catching a ferry from the Ferry Building to the island. Also features scenes of visito...
The roving reporter is home again, safe and sound! Was so tired that I didn't even turn the computer on yesterday at all! Had a good day in San Francisco. Went across the Bay Bridge, walked through Pier 39, Sheila and I reported a shoplifter (I hope they caught her), went across the Golden Gate Bridge, something I haven't done in probably 30 years, went down Lombard Street (the crookedest street in the world), took a ton of pictures, and spent a night there in SF. Next night was at Johnny's sisters house (Wanda) and it was really good seeing them again after so many years. We drove around and I showed Jimmy a lot of the houses I used to live in, we went to a car show to see old neighbors of mine that had a car in it, and I got to see how much my old stomping grounds had changed!!! Next night was atSheila's mom's house in Elk Grove, which was close to Sacramento airport where we needed to be the next morning at 7ish for our 8:10 flight home. I will post some of the pics as I have the time to do them ...
So, when I started watching Dirty Harry, I couldn't tell what city it was in. Then they showed a vista from the rooftop (sniper perch where Harry finds the shell casing and note taped to the TV arial(Remember those)), and I thought it was likely california. It took me forever to figure out San Francisco (which I picked up when it panned over the Bay Bridge), because of the conspicuous lack of the Transamerica Tower, which was under construction at the time of filming. It makes me wonder how many young kids no will flip seeing two gigantic buildings in movies of a certain period in Manhattan. What are those, old people, I can here them ask in my mind?
Another photo from my flight home from featuring San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge Birthday Lights: The Bay Bridge, which connects San Francisco to Oakland and the East Bay has always ...
It is warm in San Francisco today. Had a great meeting to take over as lead engineer on the redevelopment of Hunters Point and Candlestick Point. Out client has some awesome views of the Bay Bridge, Ferry Bldg and Treasure Island from their offices. Now I am getting ready to stand in a hot smelly BART train home.
About The Spinnaker The Spinnaker Restaurant has panoramic views of the Sausalito waterfront, San Francisco skyline, Angel Island, Belvedere, Alcatraz, & the Bay Bridge. Floor to ceiling glass walls enable our guests the chance to enjoy the scenery from every angle in the dining room, which is built on piers directly over the water. The view is unrivaled and is the best in the San Francisco Bay Area. Located in beautiful historic Sausalito, The Spinnaker is just a short drive from the Golden Gate Bridge. The stunning view is only surpassed by our extensive menu, featuring the freshest seafood & finest ingredients. Our menu offers something for everyone, with fresh seafood, pasta, steak, chicken, & vegetarian options. Seafood highlights include the Mixed Seafood Grill, Spinnaker Paella, Pacific Mahi Sauté with Crab & Brie, Grilled Lobster Tail, & Petrale Filet with a Crouton & Macadamia nut crust. Our pasta selections include Penne with Grilled Chicken, Four-Cheese Ravioli with Walnut Alfredo or Pesto Sau ...
I want to know what newspaper Donald Trump reads, because he says it had an article that the Chinese are currently building the Bay Bridge in San was built in 1933.
Oakland Raiders wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey insists ... he didn't drive drunk on a San Francisco bridge last month -- pleading "not guilty" to DUI today in a California court. As we previously reported, Darrius was charged with DUI a couple weeks ago -- after allegedly driving while intoxicated on the Bay Bridge early in the morning on April 7th. According to police, Darrius was pulled over for speeding and weaving in his lane. Officers administered a field sobriety test ... and Darrius didn't do so well. He was cited for DUI and later released.
Modern Marvels: Great Bridge - 8 Miles [VHS]: San Francisco's Oakland Bay Bridge stands as an incredible feat of...
Wharf 49, crooked Lombard Street, China Town, Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bay Bridge...I love San Francisco. My mom was born there in 1906. And to have Josh Larson getting better every day...and attending such a beautiful wedding...what a wonderful few days it was.
On May 27, 1937, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge opened, connecting bustling San Francisco to sleepy Marin County to the north. The Oakland-Bay Bridge had opened six months earlier — but the Golden Gate was an engineering triumph. And on its first day, thousands of people walked across it.
A weekend made to fall in love with San Francisco: great friends come from your old hometown L.A. For a visit. We start with an amazing view of the city from the de Young observatory deck to an even more stunning vista from the top of Buena Vista Park (with 100 year old trees & views of the 75 year old Golden Gate), to running around with the dogs on Baker Beach, to a drive from the Golden Gate around the Tiburon peninsula to Richmond & returning home on the Oakland Bay Bridge. I didn't even mention food. Yeah...loving SF.
Finally watched the movie "Aparajita Tumi" today. Completely shot in the Bay Area. It was a good movie. Many dialogues were in English & the type of bengali that was used was the not too hard type of bengali. Heard lots of the behind the scenes stuff, especially through Aparajeeta Das & Dalia Sen. USA production of the movie was done by Sushmita Datta, Dalia Sen's name was mentioned for the USA casting, Rana Bose for the USA Production consultant, & Surajit Sengupta for the USA Creative consultant. Locations of the movie shot included the residence of Rana Bose & Nandini Pal, & Sushmita & Diptish Datta. Special thanks was mentioned to Diptish Datta & Nandini Pal. Other locations included San Jose, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, Highway 17, Highway 880, Fremont, Monterey, Salinas, Highway 1, Sea Beach at Monterey etc. There were some Bay Area people acting in that movie - Aparajeeta Das, the daughters of Debjyoti & Aparajeeta Das, Arghya Mukherjee, Barnali Mukherjee etc. Special thanks incl ...
OAKLAND -- San Francisco has stepped up its campaign to lure the Golden State Warriors, potentially complicating Oakland's effort to turn the Coliseum area into a sports and entertainment megaplex with new facilities for its three professional teams. In a Friday meeting with team owner Joe Lacob, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee presented a letter signed by city supervisors, business leaders and state representatives, pitching the San Francisco waterfront as a "spectacular opportunity for a state-of-the-art sports and entertainment facility." The Warriors, who moved from San Francisco to Oakland in 1971, had previously considered a proposed arena site near AT&T Park, but now are reported to be interested in financing an arena on piers adjacent to the Bay Bridge. A return to San Francisco would place the team closer to major Bay Area corporations that could afford high-priced luxury suites. Say hello to the: Los Angeles Raiders San Jose Atheletics San Francisco Warriors
San Francisco Bay Ferry's much-anticipated service between the East Bay and South San Francisco will launch on Monday, June 4, giving commuters a fast, stress-free alternative to the daily grind of traffic on the Bay Bridge and along Highway 101.
The bucket list took a big hit the last 2 1/2 weeks: Pikes Peak, great Salt Lake, Utah Salt Flats, San Francisco, Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Driving the California and Oregon coast, Redwood Forests, Yellowstone park, Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands of South Dakota. I know I left some things out, but that's the majority. It was awesome!
Walking to Work in San Francisco Things are changing. I'll never commute again on the old highrise leading off the Golden Gate Bridge. The twisted ruin of the Doyle Drive highrise now looks like the Oakland MacArthur maze after the ‘89 earthquake. My carpool drops me on Van Ness at 7:15 and I head east on Sacramento to Polk St. The hardest bit homeless are still shivering beneath mounds of cardboard and rags. The Toast Eatery is already open and making...toast (Note to self: must try their toast soon). The Nob Hill climb starts. Larkin St., Hyde St. Listen for the shriek of cable cars on the rails reflecting the morning brightness. The grade steepens, Leavenworth, Jones. It’s the first of the month and lots of nice pickings are on the curb from last weekends apartment migrations. Taylor. Mason. Top of Nob Hill society dogs walking their high heeled owners. A look back at Grace Cathedral in the morning sun. Memories of Montmartre in the Paris, winter sun. A look forward through the canyon walls of the ...
I had a lot of association with Jayananda dasa brahmachary beginning in 1970, so I want to take this opportunity of his disappearance day celebration to tell a story about him to help enthuse those who didn't have the great fortune of making his acquaintance and of sharing in the Jayananda legend. We used to run errands around the Bay Area a lot picking up flower and produce donations at the local markets and one day we were headed to Berkeley from San Francisco across the Bay Bridge. Just as we were headed out on the bridge, Jayananda was telling me about how Prabhupada used to say that women didn't belong in the temple. The temple was for saintly brahmacharies and sanyasis. Women were supposed to live in the community with their husbands, coming to the temple daily for classes and aratik. In India, it used to be traditional that women and men were separated in school, unlike in the West where boys and girls are together class by class all the way through 8, 12 or 16 years of education. Srila Prabhu ...
Hi All I just wanted to give you a little more detail on the Friday San Francisco trip that we will be having the day before the family reunion. We will start with a beautiful train ride from Sacramento through the Suisun Marsh, famous for its diverse birdlife, and onto Emeryville, where we will quickly change to a waiting Amtrak bus that will take us over the Bay Bridge and into San Francisco. We will get off at Union Square for some window shopping and just general gawking at this beautiful and dynamic city. Then we will get on the famous SF cable car and ride to Chinatown for a quick snack and more sightseeing. We will then hop back on the cable car and take the exciting plunge down Hyde Street to Fishermans Wharf. We will undoubtedly pass some time eating pastries, ice cream, chocolate, and/or sourdough bread while viewing the sites. Then we will have dinner and the Amtrak bus will pick us up right there on Fishermans Wharf and we will have a relaxing ride back to Sacramento. I know many of you ha ...
Tomorrow, May Day, anarchists led by Bill Ayers are planning the shut down of San Francisco including worker strikes/occupying: public transportation (buses and trains), Golden Gate and Bay Bridge, public schools (elementary to college) and at least 10 hospitals. Looking forward to watching how the SF and state government handle this situation.
Eight bolts of lightning hit the Bay Bridge during a powerful lightning storm in San Francisco on Thursday, April 12, 2012. A record number of lightning bolts struck the Bay Area during the storm.
Where is Doc Brown? - Once-in-a-lifetime picture of lightning striking San Francisco's Bay Bridge
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