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San Francisco , officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the financial, cultural, and transportation center of the San Francisco Bay Area, a region of 7.5 million people which includes San Jose and Oakland. Alexander Douglas Smith (born May 7, 1984) is a professional American football player and starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. 5.0/5

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I wonder how San Francisco has been feeling lately knowing that they got rid of Alex Smith for Colin Kaepernick
Season observations & questions of the San Francisco 49ers: What happened to Vernon Davis? how many touches is Gore getting per game? Why can't the 49ers make adjustments after the first half? Why is Kap becoming the West Coast RGIII? Is Kap sleeping in the film room during the week? What grades did Kap in school? (Yes! I'm insinuating that he is all physical ability but the brain is working part-time) Why are the 49ers so bad at clock management? Why is Kap yakking it up on the sidelines instead of checking out the tablet or pictures to see what the defenses are doing? Why does the OC keep calling the same plays? Jim Harbough talks big, but it's all air pollution! Is Jim Harbaugh too busy looking for a new home instead of making his coaches and players more accountable? I'll take Alex Smith's boring game management consistency and winning percentage over Kaps flash in the pan physical ability and lazy brain any day! There! I feel better now.
I am a fan of Alex Smith though... For odd reasons. I just wanna see him win a ring b4 San Francisco. They hoed him
Alex Smith talks 2012 QB controversy, moving on from San Francisco, and his Royals hat
Jim Harbaugh and Alex Smith agree "no rear-slapping" when the San Francisco 49ers play The Kansas City Chiefs
There are only 2 teams in the NFL that QB Alex Smith has never played. New England & San Francisco - his next 2…
Monday/Tuesday Previews: Denver Broncos @ San Francisco 49ers 6:00am Well the 49ers first home preseason game at Levi's stadium is this week and it's a preview of the Week 7 Clash of the Titans, I honestly hope that the game lives up to expectations unlike the Super Bowl last season. Anyway the Ravens were too much for the 9ers last week and I couldn't really judge much from last week because Kaepernick only threw 1 pass for 17 yards with the drive ending in a field goal. Peyton Manning on the other hand looked in mid season form completing 10/13 for 78 yards. The one thing I look forward to seeing is Levi's stadium in action because it is a pretty neat stadium. Kansas City Chiefs @ Carolina Panthers 10:00am, FREE GAME NFL MOBILE APP. After narrowly escaping the Bengals last week the Chiefs look to take down Cam Newton who will play this week and the Carolina Panthers. The Chiefs offence looked good last week on the drive that they completed and Alex Smith looks pretty sharp. Kelvin Benjamin looks like he ...
One former NFL agent says contract structure and the Chiefs’ current situation makes it unlikely for quarterback Alex Smith to get a new deal similar to what San Francisco gave Colin Kaepernick: six years and $126 million.
Andrew Brandt has written an interesting piece for MMQB about the interesting contract situations for both Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick. The story is interesting in and of itself because Kaepernick supplanted Smith as the starter for San Francisco, so… [ 678 more words. ]
Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Eli Manning and Russell Wilson – the 49ers will face four different Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks. Outside of those top passers, San Francisco will have the task of stopping well-known, Pro Bowl-caliber quarterbacks like Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, Carson Palmer, Nick Foles, Alex Smith, Robert Griffin III and Philip Rivers. The 49ers new-look secondary will surely be tested
Prev1 of 4Next Use your ← → (arrow) keys to browse February 28th 2013. On that day the Kansas City Chiefs acquired quarterback Alex Smith from the San Francisco 49ers. I was thrilled to see the national pundits across every network discuss the trade, most people giving the new Chiefs regime led by…
The rest of the top 10 most-liked players: Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, Saints quarterback Drew Brees, Cardinals wideout Larry Fitzgerald, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, Giants quarterback Eli Manning, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith and Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. Interestingly, Smith ranks ahead of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who took Smith's job in San Francisco and played in the Super Bowl a year ago but sits only 14th on the most-liked list.
Alex Smith returned to the 49ers, J.T. Snow 'rescued'' a 7-year-old girl and San Francisco 49er and Giants highlights could be heard in parts of the Del Monte Forest.
Ok I got it. The MVP of todays game goes to the San Francisco's organization for the Alex Smith thing. As I fan Im over it I support Kap, but he should have been given the rest of that year and the i said at the begining of the year. SF basically gave it to them by doing this. i guess only Cam can stop him now smh.
Seattle and Russell Wilson did what San Francisco and kap couldn't do in 3 consecutive seasons! Stay choke free and win an actual superbowl. Yeah kap went to the Superbowl in his first season, BUT half those games were due to Alex Smith. And in his first eason they chocked in the bowl vs baltimore! So all I gotta say is wuap wuap wuap!
This game is awful. I don't see how Seattle is dominating when they barely made it to the Super Bowl. They won in the last few seconds at Candlestick Park (their home field) vs San Francisco. Well, I'm pretty proud of my team now. Colin Kaepernick, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, Alex Smith & Frank Gore did pretty good against them!
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You cannot continue to give the ball back to Peyton Manning and expect to win. This game is showing why Colin Kaepernick was chosen over Alex Smith in San Francisco.
Are the Chiefs real or opportunistic? ESPN: October 29, 2013 They've gone from worst to first. Kansas City, laughingstock of 2012, is the sole undefeated remaining in 2013. But are the Chiefs for real? There is a lot to like. Kansas City leads the league in defense against points, allowing just 12.3 per game -- better than last season's leader, Seattle, which allowed 15.3 per game. The Chiefs are a league-best plus-12 for turnovers, and are first in sacks. Stretching back to his time in San Francisco, quarterback Alex Smith hasn't lost a game as the starter in more than a year. There is athletic talent aplenty, including five Chiefs elected to the 2012 Pro Bowl (and a sixth added later), and Eric Fisher, the No. 1 choice of the 2013 draft. By winning six more games than the previous season, Kansas City is already in the annals of turnarounds of teams that finished 1-15 or 2-14. The 1980 Lions won seven more games than the 1979 Lions; the 1992 Colts and 1997 Jets won eight more games than their prior years ...
I said it 2 weeks ago, Matt Cassel is going to be the guy you gonna want to start in Minnesota... Josh Freeman would've been good in Tampa if his attitude was better and if they gave him a better offense to fit him as a quarterback... I don't like him, but Matt Cassel works for the Vikings. Idk why Minnesota went for Freeman. Dumbest thing I've seen since San Francisco got rid of Alex Smith.
Thank you San Francisco for giving us Alex Smith and thank you Seahawks for Sean McGrath. Kansas City Chiefs are 4-0.
S.O.S. Time for San Francisco? How many people in the San Francisco Bay Area miss Alex Smith right about now? Hopefully not too many, but I am sure somewhere in Kansas City, Alex Smith is laughing to himself right about now. Who can blame him? His Chiefs are 3-0 and Smith has posted impressive numbers through three weeks. The 49ers are 1-2, not because of some crazy accident, but because they have had zero offensive production besides week 1 against Green Bay. Defensively, they can’t seem to make tackles to save their life, especially when it comes to stopping the run. Seattle beat the 49ers soundly, although Russell Wilson did not play the greatest game, the defense of Seattle shut down Colin Kaepernick and held him to just 127 passing yards, and intercepted him 3 times. Going into this past week’s game against the Colts, 49ers fans were looking for redemption, unfortunately, all they found was more disappointment. The Colts defense held Kaepernick to just 150 passing yards. Indianapolis picked off K ...
When the San Francisco 49ers chose Colin Kaepernick over Alex Smith last season, they opted for light-speed over slow and steady. Now they are experiencing the downside of that trade-off
AFC West Fight – KC Chiefs On The Rise? Chargers fans want to know... -- Ann Once in a while it may be interesting to check out what your (division) rivals are doing. We already recapped the Denver Broncos‘ offseason moves and we also discussed the new quarterback situation in Oakland. Now it´s time take a look at what the Kansas City Chiefs were able to do in the last few months to upgrade their roster. Without a doubt, their No. 1 priority for this offseason was to address their field general position. And they did that already days before the new league year opened; the team worked out a deal with the San Francisco 49ers which made Alex Smith a Kansas City Chief. The Chiefs gave up a second round draft pick (34th overall) this year and a conditional third round pick in 2014. Well the question is, what kind of impact will the former Niners´ signal-caller have in Kansas City? With Alex Smith, not exactly a quarterback threat is entering the AFC West in my opinion. Although he was picked No. 1 ove . ...
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is certainly the Bay Area's most exciting young passer these days. The second-year man from Nevada took over for Alex Smith last November, and took a team that seemed a great quarterback away from … Continue reading →
Colin Kaepernick was a question mark, says 49ers CEO - The San Francisco 49ers' switch from Alex Smith to Col...
San Francisco 49ers will be rooting for Alex Smith - - Contra Costa Times
I still can't believe that San Francisco turned Alex Smith into Tank Carradine and two third round picks.
This is a San Francisco 49ers friendly crowd, so we just heard, "Hey! That's Alex Smith!" when Steve Blake dribbled up the court
49ers Breakdown: By John Breech Team overview: If you don't count the first two quarters of Super Bowl XLVII or David Akers' entire season, the 49ers were almost perfect in 2012. The defense finished the season ranked third in the NFL and the offense wasn't too shabby either, ranking 11th overall -- but lets talk more about the defense. The 49ers defense had four All-Pro players, including linebackers NaVorro Bowman -- who finished second in the league in tackles -- and Aldon Smith, whose 19.5 sacks in 2012 trailed only J.J. Watts' 20.5. Offensively, Coach Jim Harbaugh's decision to start Colin Kaepernick is the gift that keeps on giving for San Francisco. First, it paid off when Kaepernick led the 49ers to the Super Bowl. Then it paid off again when the 49ers were able to send backup Alex Smith to the Chiefs for a 2013 second-round draft pick and a conditional 2014 pick. The trade will free up $9.75 million in cap space for the 49ers. Except for taking receiver A.J. Jenkins in the first round of the 2012 ...
While the New York Jets may be determined to trade Darrelle Revis, it would be a mistake to count the San Francisco 49ers as a serious suitor, according to a high-ranking team source.
Colin Kaepernick had nothing but praise for the man he replaced as the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. In an interview with the NFL Network, Kaepernick said Alex Smith will thrive no matter which team he plays for while also hailing him as a great teammate and teacher. The 49ers have agreed to trade Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs, a deal that cannot be made official until March 12. "Of course, nothing can be finalized yet. Whether Alex is with us or he's somewhere else next season, he's been a great teammate to me," Kaepernick said. "[He's] been a great friend, a great mentor. So anywhere he goes, or if he's still with us, he's gonna be successful." In just his second season out of Nevada, Kaepernick took over as the 49ers' starting quarterback after Smith went down with a concussion in Week 10. With Kaepernick possessing an explosive run/pass element to his game, Coach Jim Harbaugh opted to keep him as the starter even after Smith was cleared to return. Kaepernick said Smith, who lost ...
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The Chiefs’ quarterback situation was as murky as any in the NFL, but the issue has been solved. The team has agreed to trade for former San Francisco starter Alex Smith. The Chiefs targeted Smith, and I think it was a smart move. First, he fits the team’s West Coast system, and he is game manager who doesn’t turn the ball over. He should fit with this roster and give the Chiefs a chance to improve. Also, Smith was the best option in a bad year to pick up a quarterback. Smith is far from great, but he is more than serviceable. The Chiefs could do a lot worse. Perhaps backups Brady Quinn and Ricky Stanzi could be brought back, but there will be a new starter in Smith as Andy Reid begins his Kansas City tenure. ~ESPN
When news broke that the San Francisco 49ers had agreed to trade Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs, Colin Kaepernick was left standing alone atop the quarterback depth chart. The only problem now is figuring out what happens at the No. 2 spot. As of right now, that role goes to Scott Tolzien, an…
SC interview with San Francisco's Vernon Davis about the Alex Smith trade - "I know he's going to go to Kansas and do his thing."
Alex Smith’s trade to the Kansas City Chiefs could impact the future of New England Patriots backup quarterback, Ryan Mallett. With the San Francisco 49ers dealing Smith away to Kansas City, the market has been set for quarterbacks. The Chiefs agreed to acquire Smith in exchange for their 2013 seco...
Colin Kaepernick filled in for an injured Alex Smith and the rest is history. He led the San Francisco 49ers all the way to the Super Bowl, which they eventually lost to the Baltimore Ravens, and Coach Jim Harbaugh never looked back at Alex Smith holding that clip board. The 49ers were originally in...
Rapoport cautions not to rule out the  Vikings as competition for Cassel's services. Although Head Coach Leslie  Frazier has maintained that Christian Ponder is his quarterback,the Vikings discount cheap jerseys are on the  lookout for a veteran to "teach" and "push" the young  starter.   As Around The League's Gregg Rosenthal  points out, one potential hang-up to a Flynn trade is his salary of $5.25  million. Will a team be willing to give up a draft pick and big money for a  player who might not even start? Flynn's most recent game film is from a  disappointing preseason while Alex Smith's 2012 tape sold offensive guru Andy  Reid in Kansas City.   Wednesday brought conflicting national  reports on a potential Darrelle Revis trade to the San Francisco 49ers cheap nfl jerseys, who suddenly find  themselves lush with 15 picks in April's NFL draft.   "I promise you that nobody could  compete with Phil Robertson as an outdoorsman," former teammate Bob Brunet  said. "He was the best, maybe the ...
49ers To Send Smith To KC by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS February 27, 2013 6:00 PM San FranCISCO (AP) — Alex Smith quietly stayed behind the scenes after losing his job and watched from the sideline as San Francisco returned to the Super Bowl for the first time in 18 years. Yet the No. 1 overall draft pick from 2005 did make one thing known: The veteran quarterback still considers himself a starter. And he hoped to get that chance again. Now, he appears to have it. The Kansas City Chiefs have agreed to acquire Smith from the 49ers in the first major acquisition since Andy Reid took over as the team's new coach in early January, a person with knowledge of the trade told The Associated Press on Wednesday. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the deal cannot become official until March 12, when the NFL's new business year begins. Another person familiar with the swap said the 49ers will get a second-round pick in April's draft, No. 34 overall, and a conditional pick in the 2014 draft. After spending ...
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick discusses Kaepernicking with the First Lady and his relationship with Alex Smith.
San Francisco 49ers TE Vernon Davis said it will be difficult seeing QB Alex Smith play for another team in 2013 after being traded to the Kansas City Chiefs. "It was tough for me because I really care about Alex," Davis said. "I love the guy. It's hard to see him leave, but I know the business. I understand it. It's the nature of the business." Davis added Smith handled his role well after he was relegated to backup status following the emergence of QB Colin Kaepernick. "He's a classy guy. You saw what happened to him this year. He remained a 49er and he didn't complain. He didn't go to coach saying, 'Coach I should be the starter. I had a concussion and you took me out.' He didn't do none of those things."
ESPN Video: Herm Edwards and Tedy Bruschi discuss San Francisco agreeing to trade QB Alex Smith to Kansas City.
Elliot Harrison of on the Alex Smith trade Kansas City's paying way too steep a price I think the Chiefs are making a mistake. The price is too high (especially if the conditional pick ends up being another second-rounder, as some initial reports have stated). We have a catalogue on Alex Smith, and it's not impressive. Sure, he had a nice completion percentage (70.2) in 2012. You'll hear that stat touted, as well as his 104.1 Passer Rating last season. He did well with Jim Harbaugh in San Francisco. Nonetheless, Smith's career numbers are far less gaudy -- as in, not gaudy at all. He's a career sub-60 percent passer who, even with last season's 100-plus figure, owns a career Passer Rating south of 80. His best years (by far) came under Harbaugh. But guess who won't be going to Kansas City with him? When the Chicago Bears sent two picks (third rounders) to the Miami Dolphins for Brandon Marshall, it made sense, not only because the Bears needed him, but also because of the catalogue we had on Marsh ...
The expected trade of Alex Smith to Kansas City means the 49ers now have a staggering 15 picks -- including expected compensatory selections -- in this year's draft. But it means something else, too: They have the ammunition to make a move on New York Jets' cornerback Darrelle Revis. Revis is under contract and isn't going anywhere ... unless someone knocks out the Jets with an attractive offer, and after hearing what coach RexRyan and general manager John Idzik tap-dance around the subject at the NFL Scouting Combine I'd say they're interested in listening. Well, then, listen to what San Francisco has to say. By acquiring Kansas City's second-round choice, the 34th overall, the 49ers have five of the top 93 picks, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that that gives them flexibility -- which is just what you need if you go hunting for Revis.
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith (11) at a press conference at the Marriott New Orleans in advance of Super Bowl XLVII against the Baltimore Ravens. Smith has been traded to the Kansas City Chiefs.
More details regarding the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers trade for Alex Smith are coming in. A new report sheds light on the conditional pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.
I'd like to report a robbery, the San Francisco 49ers reportedly traded Alex Smith for a 2nd round pick this year, and a conditional 2nd rounder next year... John Harbaugh needs to be put in handcuffs for what he's doin to Andy Reid
Thank you Clark Hunt for our now quarterback Alex Smith... from San Francisco and for Andy Reid
Alex Smith has been traded from the San Francisco 49ers to the Kansas City Chiefs. Terrible move for him but he needs the playing time.
Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs? Adam Schein says acquiring the San Francisco 49ers' former starting QB is exactly what Andy Reid and the new Chiefs regime need to do to turn things around.
The Kansas City Chiefs have reportedly agreed to a trade that would net them San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Alex Smith . Ian Rapoport of NFL Network confirmed the news on Wednesday, citing a source with knowledge of the situation...
The Kansas City Chiefs big trade is in. Alex Smith is heading to the Chiefs after the San Francisco 49ers agreed to trade him, according to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports. A new report has details on what the Chiefs will give up in the trade.
49ers in talks to trade Alex Smith via Feed App
Mr. ESPN here again: the San Francisco 49ers are in trade talks about trading 28yo & number one overall pick in 2005 draft QB Alex Smith to either thé Kansas City Chiefs or Arizona Cardinals...
Alex Smith may be Kansas City's best option if they are looking to add a veteran quarterback. The biggest story in the AFC West heading into the new league year will be to see where the Kansas City Chiefs find their new starting quarterback. We may have an answer soon. Quarterbacks have worked out at the NFL combine and the NFL league season starts March 12. The Chiefs can either then trade for a veteran or sign one. Let’s look at the options as the Andy Reid era in Kansas City begins with a big decision: CURRENT NFL PLAYERS I am listing these players first because even though the Chiefs have the No. 1 pick, I think they are leaning toward pursuing a veteran. Most Likely Alex Smith, San Francisco: Why he fits: Several recent reports have identified the Chiefs as Smith’s greatest pursuer. Getting the former 49ers’ starter will probably require a trade instead of waiting for him to be cut. I think it may be worth it since he may be the best fit of all of the available quarterbacks this year. He is not ...
According to CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora, a deal to trade the San Francisco 49ers' coveted backup quarterback Alex Smith is "effectively complete," with deals only becoming official once the new NFL year begins on March 12.
Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell said that his team does not have a deal in place with the San Francisco 49ers to trade for QB Alex Smith. However the Cleveland Browns are not the undisclosed team with a deal in place for Alex Smith. via Cleveland Plain Dealer Mary Kay Cabot
Reports: Trade that will take Alex Smith out of San Francisco is ‘all but done’ | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the San Francisco 49ers have expressed that a deal to trade quarterback Alex Smith is already done and will be finalized once free agency begins. There has
So things went from hypothetically to actual quick. Looks like Alex Smith is going to be a Chief. First Joe Montana, and now Alex Smith. My only hope is that some kid out there is a San Francisco fan and will follow Alex Smith and be a Chiefs fan...that's what happened to me with Joe Montana. Only 7 more months until the season starts.
Alex Smith of the San Francisco 49ers answers questions from the media during Super Bowl XLVII Media Day ahead of Super Bowl XLVII at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on January 29, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The San Francisco 49ers will take on the Baltimore Ravens on February 3, 2013 at the Me...
49er's anti done screwing with Alex Smith Yet! 5. Alex Smith’s last supper in San Francisco? Not necessarily Shortly after Super Bowl XLVII, San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke took Alex Smith and his wife Liz out to dinner. After handling his midseason demotion with class and grace, it’s now time to look towards Smith’s NFL future. "We're going to look at all options available," Baalke said Thursday. "Are you going to trade him for sure? No, that hasn't been decided." Colin Kaepernick, the 36th overall pick in 2011, is set to make just north of $800,000 in 2012, but due to the Collective Bargaining Agreement signed two summers ago — he can not renegotiate his deal. The 49ers also have 14 draft picks this year. It sounds crazy, but in a quarterback-starved league, the 49ers don’t have much incentive to get rid of Smith. As he heads into his ninth season, the 49ers backup is due $8.5 million in 2013, including $6.5 million guaranteed if he remains on San Francisco's roster after Apri ...
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San Francisco 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh says quarterback Alex Smith will either stay with the team or be traded, but he doesn’t mention releasing Smith as an option
It's hard to imagine Alex Smith being a member of the San Francisco 49ers next season. That said, Jim Harbaugh is doing his best not to show the team's hand. The 49ers coach said Friday at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis that the team is "unlikely" to release Smith, who lost his starting quarterback job to Colin Kaepernick this past season. "(He's) an excellent football player," Harbaugh said at the combine, via The Plain Dealer. "He's really playing the best football of his career the last two years. We think we've got the best quarterback situation in the National Football League. (We) feel strongly about that. So what will happen with Alex Smith?
Candidates for release Alex Smith and David Akers, San Francisco 49ers: Akers is an easy cut because he's paid...
Should the 49ers ship Alex Smith to the AFC? Matt Maiocco argues San Francisco shouldn't hesitate to deal him within the NFC West.
The space-age material was at first hailed as a great leap forward, allowing football to be played in the comfort of climate-controlled indoor stadiums. But less than two decades later, the plastic turf is maligned for causing severe player injuries and for representing the apex of artifice in the shallow 1970s.. He serves as the pastor of Stonegate Church in Edmond, Oklahoma where he also conducts Serenity Groups. Degree in Philosophy from The University of Oklahoma and his Master of Divinity Degree from Princeton Theological Seminary.. For withdrawals, there are choices like credit cards authentic nfl jerseys for cash outs up to £2000 per day. And above that, it pays via Money Order or Cheque. Frank Gore was the main weapon for the 49ers as the veteran running back gained 131 yards on 16 carries and led San Francisco in receiving with five catches for 51 yards. The lone touchdown came in the third quarterback when 49ers quarterback Alex Smith connected with backup Tight End Delanie Walker..      A b ...
According to ESPN’s Chris Moretnson, the Kansas City Chiefs may not be as interested in pursuing San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith as some have originally though. Appearing on NFA Live Wednesday, Mort said the trade market for Smith is not as robust as some might think. From Roto World: Specifically...
Alex Smith, 49ers big winners with Vick off table By Dan Hanzus Published: February 11, 2013 at 10:36 PM With Michael Vick off the table for teams in search of a new quarterback, Alex Smith is the new belle of the ball. It will be interesting to see how that changes the dynamic surrounding the San Francisco 49ers' erstwhile starter.'s Ian Rapoport said Monday on "NFL Total Access" that the 49ers plan to release Smith "fairly early" if they're unable to find a trading partner. The Vick news could increase the chance a deal gets done. Smith earned serious respect in the 49ers' locker room with how he handled his demotion, and we've heard how the Niners now want to do right by him. It's a nice thought, but why exactly should San Francisco be so quick to part ways with Smith, who can be a substantial trade chip? And let's be clear: When you have the player considered to be the most coveted quarterback on the market, you have a substantial trade chip. Smith is due $7.5 million next season to go with a ...
Welcome to the 378th Edition of my long-running series.  Unfortunately, the 49ers came up short last week.  However, at least they made it that far and I think have a great future ahead, especially Colin Kaepernick who started only his 10th game and helped the get them that far which is something that Alex Smith may not have been able to do.  The weather has remained pretty fair here but I know up north, people got some bad weather so I hope those reading have survived this weather.  I will now get to my selections for the week.   Dream for an Insomniac (1996):  This is my independent romantic comedy for the week which was written and directed by Tiffanie DeBartolo.  Ione Skye stars as Frankie who lives in San Francisco and is an actress looking to get to Los Angeles.  She works for a family run coffee shop and is quite the insomniac.  She longs for a man but has very high standards but soon a man named David, played by Mackenzie Astin, walks in for a job and they hit it off right a ...
Michael Vick will be on the eagles roster until march 12th since that is when free agency start after march 12th he will no longer be with the Philadelphia Eagles the quarterbacks who might be on the eagles radar form Pittsburgh Steelers and ravens quarterback Dennis Dixon and former San Francisco 49ers Alex Smith or university of Syracuse quarterback .Vick and foles will not be on the eagles roster come next season
San Francisco 49ers head Coach Jim Harbaugh said Tuesday, Feb. 5, that he has great respect for QB Alex Smith, but indicated that the team owes him no special favors when it comes to where he's playing next season. Smith wants to return to a starting role, and the team could give him a fresh start by trading or releasing him; however, Harbaugh said that would be a business decision, not a personal one. "I don't think any player has those wishes granted when they're under contract," Harbaugh said when asked whether Smith had earned additional consideration. "And everything's different and every scenario is unique. Certainly something that we're not going to delve into and get into specifics at this point."
Just read today that they are planning on demolishing Candlestick Park following the close of the NFL season next year. Gotta say, it's going to be sad to see it go. I went to my first baseball game there in 1989 vs. the Cincinnati Reds and attended one of the last baseball games played there in 1999 vs. the New York Mets before the Giants moved to Pac Bell (now AT&T) Park. Candlestick Park hosted the 1962 and 1989 World Series, with the '89 series interrupted by the Loma Prieta Earthquake just prior to the start of Game 3. It also hosted the 1961 and 1984 All-Star Games, and served host to numerous greats from Willie Mays, to Willie McCovey, to Orlando Cepeda, to Will Clark, to Matt Williams, to Barry Bonds, among others. Also the home to the San Francisco 49ers, Candlestick Park hosted 8 NFC Championship Games, including "The Catch" in 1982 (Joe Montana to Dwight Clark), "The Catch II" in 1998 (Steve Young to Terrell Owens), and "The Catch III" in 2012 (Alex Smith to Vernon Davis). Jerry Rice caugh ...
Colin Kaepernick knows how to make the news. From opinion pieces on his many tattoos, to Super Bowl coverage, the 25-year-old NFL quarterback attracts major media attention. Kaepernick ascended to the coveted Super Bowl position when San Francisco 49’ers regular QB, Alex Smith, was injured mid-seaso...
Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is as conservative as a blue blazer, gray slacks and black wing tips. It's time for a change. Garrett should try wearing Robert Graham shirt -- the more colorful the cuffs, the better --- and a pair of designer jeans from a consignment shop in the Bishop Arts district. For Garrett to keep his job as coach of the Dallas Cowboys for more than one more season, he must leave his comfort zone and the conservative approach he's used with the Cowboys and be bold next season. Understand, this ain't about trick plays. Or going for it on fourth down. It's about a mindset that shows his team winning is all that matters. Garrett must have the self-confidence and courage to make a bold move when the opportunity presents itself. That's the only way Garrett can remove this once-proud franchise from the muck of mediocrity. Garrett can look to each Super Bowl team for example. San Francisco Coach Jim Harbaugh benched Alex Smith, then the NFL's top-rated passer, for Colin Kaepernick, who ...
"Alex Smith was honored with Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his disturbing and gut-wrenching portrayal of San Francisco backup qb" lmao
The Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII against the San Francisco 49ers. Joe Flacco = Ray Lewis, Trent Dilfer, and Joe Montana. Colin Kaepernick = Alex Smith via playing in a game in which there was a power outage/blackout. Candlestick Park in 2011 = Mercedes-Benz Superdome in 2013. Apparently, the lights went out in Georgia, at Candlestick Park, and at Mercedes-Benz Superdome.
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I think the Colin Kaepernick tips the scales in tonight's Super Bowl. I've got the San Francisco 49ers over the Baltimore Ravens. Who ya got?
Nothing against Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens but I gotta root for the 49ners...Can't stand to listen to another sermon-like speech from the guy...There's so many great players that retired without ever winning a superbowl; the likes of Erik Dickerson, *** Butkus, Barry Sanders, Dan Marino and so on. Ray Lewis is a superbowl champion, Ed Reed isn't retiring yet so he can always stay with the ravens or go to another team. I'm down with the QUEST FOR SIX, If Alex Smith is done in San Fran I'd love him to get that ring... San Francisco 49ers
Here's my full interview with the man who is the indirect cause of "Kaepernicking" below: Sporting News columnist David Whitley condemned former Nevada and current San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's tattoos, indirectly causing a national trend — *kisses bicep" Reno Gazette-Journal’s freelance sportswriter Eric Lee Castillo caught up with Whitley in December. Castillo: In your article you implied that it’s okay for Miami Heat Lebron James to have tattoos but not Kaepernick — saying, ‘I’m cool with James looking like an Etch-A-Sketch.’ Why is that? Whitley: “It’s more because of the position. The NFL quarterback was always the spot where nobody had a tattoo. There are always exceptions, like Michael Vick, and there are some other guys who have them, like Ben Roethlisberger has one and Alex Smith has one.” “But to me, by and large one, quarterback is the one position that’s gone tattoo free.” “To me, I compare it to the business world where you see the worker guys ...
His name doesn't carry the same gravitas as peers like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but Joe Flacco is on pace for one of the greatest postseason statistical performances in NFL history. He has thrown eight touchdowns with no interceptions during the playoffs. The only quarterbacks to finish the postseason with at least nine touchdowns and no interceptions are 49ers greats who are now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Joe Montata (11 TDs in 1989) and Steve Young (nine TDs in 1994). The further emergence of Flacco as the league's best deep passer puts him in line for a massive offseason contract extension. Grade: 8.5. San Francisco: A little more than two months ago, Colin Kaepernick was making his second career NFL start in New Orleans replacing the injured Alex Smith (concussion). Kaepernick is now returning to the Louisiana Superdome on the verge of leading his team to a championship. Kaepernick's running skills and strong arm have provided elements to San Francisco's offense that were lacking under Smit ...
When the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers take the field for Super Bowl XLVII, the Lombardi Trophy won't be the only thing on the line: LEGACIES will be as well. Winning a championship has a way of changing the perception of an athlete, and for these players and these Coaching brothers, the stakes have never been higher. Frank Gore has been so underappreciated throughout his career that it's criminal. He's the leading rusher in 49ers history, but fans speak more fondly of former San Francisco backs Roger Craig, Ricky Watters and even Tom Rathman. Why? Because those players have Super Bowl rings. When you play for an organization as rife with success and championships as the 49ers, you're measured by how much you win, and to be fair, Gore's 49ers haven't been much of a winner since he was drafted in 2005. Now, is that Gore's fault? Certainly not. It wasn't Gore who decided that the immortal J.T. O'Sullivan should start in 2008. It wasn't Gore who selected Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers in the 2005 d ...
How good my 49ers are: - When scoring 20-plus points, Jim Harbaugh's San Francisco 49ers are 22-0-1 in their last 23 games. Including playoff games, the 49ers have only lost one game in the Harbaugh era when scoring 20 or more points - Michael Vick has had three rushes of 50-plus yards in his 10-year NFL career. Colin Kaepernick has three rushes of 50 or more yards since Week 13 - Colin Kaepernick had the NFL's best rating on passing attempts of 21-plus yards through the air (minimum of 10 attempts). He was the only player with at least 10 attempts to complete more than 50 percent of his passes that far downfield. Alex Smith had the NFL's next best completion percentage on throws of 21-plus yards (47.1 percent). - Defense has allowed opposing offenses to score only 14.3 ppg in the playoffs. Offense is perfect in the redzone.. in the playoffs.
Super Bowl Sunday! Here is NFC champion San Francisco 49ers. Yes, QB was still Alex Smith when they came to NY Jets 9/30/12. I don’t have Baltimore photos... I do have “Ray Rice” photo when he was at Rutgers. I have to look for my DVD to bring up... (so not gonna happen this weekend for sure :P ) Enjoy Super Bowl weekend!
According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk , quarterback Alex Smith is expected to ask for his release prior to free agency this offseason, and it will be interesting to see just how the San Francisco 49ers handle this situation...
Alex Smith will not be with the San Francisco 49ers next season. So where might he land? the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs as teams that have shown early interest. For new Chiefs coach Andy Reid, it's apparently not the first time he's shown interest in Smith. Where will he end up?
Super Bowl 2013: Jed York says Alex Smith's salary is not a problem for San Francisco 49ers
Who am I picking in the Super Bowl ? Here is what I think , I know a lot of you will disagree , but W.G.A.S. ? Baltimore : Yeah , okay , Ray Lewis is retiring . SO ??? Ed Reed and Matt Birk (c) may be playing their last game in a Ravens uniform as well . how far can the "Win it for the Gipper " crap really go on for ??? Flacco has been very good in the playoffs so far this year , but does anybody here really believe he was that great against Denver ? While we are on the Denver game , how about the fact that Peyton Manning TORE THEIR "GREAT D " UP ? The Ravens won that game because Denver CHOKED , LONG AND HARD ! They played better than the Patriots , but San Francisco blew out the Pats a little over a month ago . San Francisco : Colin Kaepernick ??? Don't get me wrong , I think he is a great QB ,and I 100% believe that he makes the team BETTER , especially the WRs . he can actually get the ball to them ! BUT Alex Smith was 2 fumbled punts away from having this team in the Super Bowl LAST YEAR . The "pass ...
As much as I'd enjoy watching Joe Flacco finally get the monkey off his back by winning a Superbowl and as much as I'd enjoy Colin Kaepernick completing his season with a Superbowl win, the most entertaining outcome to this game would be to have Colin Kaepernick go down on the first drive and Alex Smith win the MVP. Talk about an interesting situation in San Francisco. Just imagine a team trying to trade or release a present year Superbowl MVP!
2011 San Francisco @ Baltimore 2011 Part 2: In the third David Akers tied the game at 6 with a 52 yd FG. In the 4th Dennis Pitta caught an 8 yd pass from Joe Flacco and Cundiff converted the PAT to give Baltimore a 13-6 lead. Cundiff finished the scoring the way he started it with a 39 yd FG, and Baltimore won the Harbaugh battle 16-6. This gave Baltimore an 8-3 record and a 3-1 series record. Leaders for the game. Joe Flacco of Baltimore threw for 161 yards. The Ravens Ray Rice lead in rushing with 59 yards and the Ravens Anquan Blodin caught passes for 63 yards. Finally Baltimore's Ladarious Thomas picked off Alex Smith once. The one main difference with that game played just 14 months ago and the one this Sunday, the 49ers have a different QB Colin Kaepernick replaces Alex Smith.
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith spoke with Tracy Wolfson regarding how he's helping Colin Kaepernick get ready for the Super Bowl as well as addre...
After being usurped as the 49ers starting quarterback by Colin Kaepernick this season, rumors have swirled that Alex Smith wants out of San Francisco. It appears the Niners will grant him that wish...
Colin Kaepernick is the new face of the San Francisco 49ers. Alex Smith is in the process of being phased out.
Who had a bigger impact on their team this year? When Jim Caldwell replaced the very popular Cam Cameron for the Baltimore Ravens, or when Colin Kaepernick replaced the injured Alex Smith for the San Francisco 49ers?
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith will ask for his release from the team before the start of free agency, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio reported Monday. The 49ers have been …
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith will reportedly ask to be released following Super Bowl XLVII, according to NBC's Pro Football Talk.
There are couple teams interested in trading for Darrelle Revis. These teams are the Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, Green Bay Pakcers, and your very own NFC West teams, The Seattle Seahawks, and the San Francisco 49ers. I see both NFC West teams who have they best chance of acquiring him, as both have QBs to trade (Matt Flynn & Alex Smith) and picks maybe. But realistically, the 49ers may have the best chance of getting Revis. As I'm sure they would be more aggresive in pursuing Revis than the Hawks, cause the Hawks have the better secondary and really wouldn't want him as much. Plus the 49ers have plenty of picks to spare. what do you guys think? Who gets Revis? -Angelo
2000's Part 2: 2003 brought change to San Francisco. Steve Mariucci was let go and Dennis Erickson was brought in as Head Coach. San Fran went 7-9 but problems were were occurring. 2004 saw much change, Terrell Owens was traded, Jeff Garcia was gone. Tim Rattay was now the QB. The 49ers had the worst record in the NFL at 2-14 which enabled them the draft pick in 2005, Passing on Local hero Aaron Rodgers, San Francisco picked Heisman runner up Alex Smith. Dennis Ereickson had been fired and Mike Nolan, son of former San Fran Head Coach *** Nolan was now the head man. The niners did improve to 4-12. In 2006 the 49ers brought in Norv Turner to run thier offense and improved to a record of 7-9. The hopes were high in San Francisco.
If the San Francisco 49ers never made the switch to Colin Kaepernick, would they still be going to the Super Bowl? Kurt Warner weighs in on Alex Smith and Kaepernick.
Just for you Mike lol! It came as little surprise that Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was honored as the NFL's 2011 MVP after leading his team to a league-best 15-1 record, throwing 45 TD passes and setting a record for Passer Rating (122.5). CAPTIONBy Morry Gash, AP But his acceptance speech at the inaugural NFL Honors in Indianapolis had a priceless nugget. HONORED: Rodgers leads list of 2011 NFL award winners Rodgers, who grew up in Northern California, acknowledged childhood heroes Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Steve Young of the 49ers before saying this with a sly grin: "Big Niners fan as a kid -- thanks for drafting me." Rodgers was a candidate to be the No. 1 pick of the 2005 draft to quarterback-needy San Francisco, but the 49ers selected Alex Smith instead. Ironically, current Packers HC Mike McCarthy served on that San Francisco coaching staff. Rodgers plummeted to 24th before Green Bay grabbed him. Rodgers' MVP award was presented by four-time winner and local hero Peyton Manning, whose future with th ...
Colin Kaepernick -- Parties with Alex Smith at 49ers NFC Victory Bash: Hours after the San Francisco 49ers destr...
Earlier in the year, I questioned the wisdom of keeping Colin Kaepernick as starter for San Francisco. I felt that it would eventually catch up with us and catch us out. I also felt terrible for Alex Smith, who had by no means played badly. I wish him the best in whatever he does next. I also now believe that Jim Harbaugh knew what he was doing in keeping Colin in at quarterback. I was wrong; even if fate is against us and our sixth Super Bowl, I believe that we have our future settled at the QB position. whilst I can't help but worry about a quarterback who will be playing in what, his 9th game as a starter, I also think he has the smarts to play a great game for us. If he does and we win, Harbaugh is clearly a genius, and really does do what is best for the team. Let's go and win it!
Jim Harbaugh rolled the dice with Colin Kaepernick and it looks like the young man has done what Alex Smith couldn't do.. San Francisco is going to the Superbowl and Jim Harbaugh has Papa Harbaugh smiling I'm sure we will see if Johnny boy can make it a Harbaugh Duel in the Bayou
Kudos to San Francisco, the 2012-13 NFC Champs. But even more impressive is that they did it with a rookie at QB. This Kapernick kid is the truth. I guess the decision to bench Alex Smith was a good one. Jim Harbaugh, I will never doubt you again. And Alex Smith, there's always room for you on the Jets (IJS). Good riddance Sanchez.
Alex Smith: What Does the Future Hold for the San Francisco 49ers Quarterback? | Bleacher Report
49ers, Ravens win NFL playoff games Kaepernick delivers, 49ers beat Packers 45-31 San FranCISCO (AP) — Colin Kaepernick ran for a quarterback playoff record 181 yards and two touchdowns and threw two scoring passes to Michael Crabtree in leading the San Francisco 49ers back to the NFC Championship Game with a 45-31 victory against the Green Bay Packers on Saturday night. Playoff first-timer Kaepernick outshined reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers, who never got in sync for the Packers (12-6) in finishing 26 of 39 for 257 yards with two touchdowns. Kaepernick ran for scores of 20 and 56 yards on the way to topping the rushing mark of 119 yards set by Michael Vick in 2005 against St. Louis. Crabtree caught TD passes of 12 and 20 yards in the second quarter and wound up with nine receptions and 119 yards for the Niners (12-4-1) in the NFC divisional matchup. San Francisco had 579 total yards, 323 on the ground. Kaepernick, the second-year pro out of Nevada who supplanted Alex Smith at quarterback in a much-deba ...
Think about how good Alex Smith had to be to keep Colin Kaepernick on the bench that long. Colin Kaepernick led the San Francisco 49ers to a 45-31 rout of the Green Bay Packers, and showed all his...
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so it looks like San Francisco 49ers are giving up Alex Smith wow that's not cool so i'm taking it that Colin Kaepernick will be are 1st stream quarterback either way we got a really good quarterback.whoohooo I LOVE THE NINERS! I SO HOPE WE WIN OJ SATURDAY NIGHT! ONE WAY OR THEY OTHER I'M JUST HAPPY WE MADE IT THIS FAR! 49ersfan4life:)
Lot of folks and media picking Green Bay over the 49ers in San Francisco this weekend saying Colin Kapernick in unproven,first playoff game and all - probably the same folks and media that were saying the Saints would beat the Niners in last year's playoffs and that Alex Smith was unproven,being his first playoff game and all. Niner D about to ground that offense.
Okay, the NFL playoffs are really interesting this year, but here are my picks. Btw, its going to be REEEALLY long, but im analyzing it just like the media would (ill try to stay a unbiased as possible) Green Bay 34 - San Francisco 21 Collin Kapernicks inexperience in the playoffs will cost a talented San Fran team a shot at the SB. This might sound crazy, but if im the 9ers, I start Alex Smith in the playoffs for 2 reasons. 1.) Hes been there and done that, he outdueled Drew Brees to comeback and win in the playoffs last year. 2.) Alex Smith felt that he shouldn't have been benched by the 49ers (and he shouldn't have), he'll want to prove that he IS that teams quarterback. Denver 27 - Baltimore 17 (Sorry Dylan Henze) I would love to see Baltimore win for Ray Lewis after he announced his retirement, but it just isnt realistic. The Ravens have a lot of issues on defense and there offense is wildly inconsistent. These teams met in Denver late in the season and the Broncos walked to an easy win. I think that ...
Baltimore Ravens @ Denver Broncos   Denver has won something like it's last nine games, but they haven't played a lot of good teams in that time.  Both teams have a solid defense, so this will be a close one.  Flacco is going to have to come out big for the Ravens to have a chance.  Flacco is certainly capable of such a game, but Manning is more reliable.  Plus, if the game is close going into the fourth quarter, you can bet Manning will put together a desperate drive to get the win at home.   Broncos 16, Ravens 10   Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers   Green Bay is going to be rolling after a big win over the Vikings, and will be hot coming into Candlestick.  The 49ers defense needs to slow down Aaron Rodgers early to give their young QB time to adjust to a playoff game after a week off.  If Alex Smith had been playing all year, I'd like the 49ers chances a whole lot better in this game.  Still, the Packers have enough injuries that the 49ers should be in it, but I expect Rodgers to come ...
So it's official... The Vikings need a quarterback, obviously Christian Ponder isn't the answer and Joe Webb definitely isn't the answer... In looking around the league and who might be available I have narrowed it down to the best option: Alex Smith... He is no longer needed in San Francisco with Colin Kaepernick looking to be their option moving forward... We don't need to draft and try to build up another rookie... We need to use our draft picks on a big play receiver, cornerbacks, safeties and much needed help on the O-line
Reflecting on the NFL season. The Broncos went from a disappointment to an AFC powerhouse. Adrian Peterson and Calvin Johnson went absolute beast mode. The Lions and Eagles were major major dissapointments. San Francisco decided to screw Alex Smith in the depths of the regular season, while their rival Seahawks found an un expected, the possibly, and franchise QB in Russell Wilson. On the other side of the country rookie sensations helped the Redskins surge into a position to make the playoffs runs, while Andrew Luck brought life back to Indy. Tebowtime (finally) disappeared (expect maybe not on ESPN). The NFL is one *** of a league.
FUN FACT: -"San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick threw four touchdown passes in his teams 41-34 win over the New England Patriots in Week 14. That four-touchdown game came in Kaepernick's fifth career NFL start; in 75 career starts, Alex Smith never threw for four touchdowns in a game."
“That is a throw Colin Kaepernick makes that I just did not see Alex Smith make.” – Michael Irvin on San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s first quarter, 24-yard touchdown pass to Wide Receiver Randy Moss
The NFC West is going to be one competitive division next year. San Francisco is one of the best teams in the NFL, if not, the best. (They're my Super Bowl pick). They have a scary defense, and some major offensive weapons. Russell Wilson is a BEAST. High powered offense, and one scary defense, and Tony Kornheiser called them, "a border line great team." Which I totally agree. The Cardinals aren't going anywhere. If they make some good draft picks and acquisitions (offensive line) still without discounting the idea of Alex Smith and Kolb on the same team, we've got some good offensive weapons too, and a defense with a ton of talent. And I LOVE the direction the Rams have gone in. Jeff Fisher has really put a heart into that team, and Sam Bradford is only going to get better. They have a pretty underrated defense. If they beef up their offensive game, they're gonna be right in the mix of things (heck, they are now).-Brandon
Has anyone thought about where Michael Vick might end up tossing the pigskin around in 2013? There are some teams out there who could still benefit from his services, despite his tendencies to get injured. The 33-year old QB may end up playing: 1. Oakland Raiders. Palmer is NOT the main problem of the team, but he can always use some help. 2. New York Jets. ANYONE besides Sanchez is an improvement at this point. Tebow probably will not be there next season, and McElroy is likely to be a back-up once again. Vick could add some depth to an area that needs it. 3. San Francisco. Ok...don't laugh. Kaepernick is probably gonna be the starter next year. He will need a back-up. Vick can be that guy. Let's face it. Alex Smith is done in SF. 4. Philadelphia Eagles. Yes, it is possible he could stay put. I think Reid will be fired at the end of the season. With a new coach in place (depending on WHO that coach is), he may be able to stay.
There is no rule, written or unwritten, that says a player can't lose his starting job in the NFL because of injury. It is a nice concept -- fair and honorable and just, given the demands of the job and the inherent risk of injury -- but it simply isn't true, no matter what any coach claims. Starting jobs are won and lost every week because this is a results-oriented business. Coaches don't typically keep their jobs for long. They must win now. So they always go with the players they think give them the best opportunity to win that week. They aren't in this for charity. San Francisco Coach Jim Harbaugh made his choice. It was tough and complex and, to some, unfair. Alex Smith had been performing at a high level. Colin Kaepernick simply played better. For the third straight game and the second straight since Smith was medically cleared to play after suffering a concussion, Kaepernick will be the 49ers' starting quarterback against St. Louis. Smith will be the backup. Harbaugh's decision was based on merit ...
Despite the success experienced by the San Francisco 49ers and their backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick over the last two weeks, star Tight End Vernon Davis still believes that veteran Alex Smith is the team's No...
Question of the day with Matt Bush, Jared Thomson, and Chris Williams?? Since their is no good QB in the draft and it appears Alex Smith is the odd man out in San Francisco, Do the Chiefs make a trade for Alex Smith next year? Considering that the Chiefs have done this numerous time before ie Bono and Grbac it seem highly likely. What do you guys think...LOL
Alex Smith was told that Colin Kaepernick will start at quarterback Sunday for the San Francisco 49ers against the New Orleans Saints, a source told ESPN NFL Insider Ed Werder.
Now that everybody is rushing to "confirm" the report from's Jim Trotter that Colin Kaepernick will start for the San Francisco 49ers in favor of Alex Smith -- a decision that isn't based on Smith's heath as much as … Continue reading →
Jim Harbaugh’s not saying who will start at quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday in New Orleans. He’s also not saying if he’s even informed Alex Smith or Colin Kaepernick of the decision. What the 49ers coach is saying is that his veteran quarterback is close to being cleared to return to action. Smith passed his final contact test on Friday and will be officially cleared for contact by the team’s Medical Director, Dr. Dan Garza, if he shows no symptoms on Saturday. Harbaugh also said Smith has felt no concussion symptoms since Tuesday. Smith suffered the concussion on Nov. 11 vs. St. Louis. “That’s a real positive,” Harbaugh went on to say. As for naming Smith or Kaepernick as Sunday’s starter, Harbaugh felt there was no benefit to releasing the information in the days leading up to a big NFC matchup.
From all indications, San Francisco 49ers will go with youngster over Alex Smith at quarterback Sunday against New Orleans Saints.
Since the season is now over, here is my 2013 Jets wish list: 1. Trade Sanchez and picks to San Francisco for Alex Smith since they want Kaepernick instead 2. Sign Rashard Mendenhall or another decent back to compliment Powell 3. Draft an offensive lineman who can freakin do his job and block! Not like Slauson! 4. Actually get a pass rusher that can, ya know, rush the passer! 5. If 1-4 have not been met, fire Mike Tannenbaum on the spot (None of this includes Tebow)
What is making Jim Harbaugh talk about Thanksgiving one month early? Take a listen to the San Francisco 49ers coach's hilarious response to a question about QB Alex Smith.
Click Here! Hector 'Macho' Camacho near death after being shot Suspect in deadly San Jose crime spree arraigned, does not enter plea It's turkeys vs. people in Bay Area 'burbs Apple's planned 'spaceship' headquarters hits delays San Jose Earthquakes stars on mend after surgeries Mechanics Bank CEO retires from bank's top job after eight years Twinkies and other brands will live on, but Hostess is done, lawyers say Berkeley: Police asking public's help to find serial cigarette burglar Oakland: Man's body found at bottom of quarry after five-hour search San Mateo's SolarCity, backed by Elon Musk, expected to IPO this year Israel, Hamas implement cease-fire in Gaza Pedestrian killed in reported hit-and-run at San Jose intersection San Jose man pleads guilty to burglarizing home of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs Governor names new judges Santa Clara, Alameda counties Cal basketball: Allen Crabbe battles inconsistency Alex Smith interview on San Francisco 49ers' quarterback dilemma Jim Harbaugh has no timeli ...
Steve Young knows a thing or two about 49ers quarterback controversies and he saw another one brewing in San Francisco after Colin Kaepernick impressed in a 32-7 win over the Chicago Bears. Starting in place of Alex Smith, who missed the "Monday Night Football" tilt with a concussion, Kaepernick pla...
Jim Harbaugh still uncertain about San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback: Alex Smith likely to get cle...
The quarterback controversy is underway in San Francisco after quarterback Colin Kaepernick's superb performance last night against Chicago, one that brought praise even from Bears All-Pro linebacker Brian Urlacher. It was Kaepernick's first career start, serving in the place of Alex Smith who
Apparently, Jim Harbaugh has created a bit of a quarterback controversy in San Francisco. Actually, Colin Kaepernick kind of created it. Gotta stick with Alex Smith, but it's nice to see that when Alex is ineffective, the niners have a viable option at quarterback. This is the best niners team I've seen since Joe Montana and Bill Walsh.
San Francisco 49ers head Coach Jim Harbaugh explains why QB Colin Kaepernick has a chance to take over QB Alex Smith's job and discusses the impressive night by his defense.
The 49ers DESTROY the Chicago Bears 32 - 7 at The Stick, Colin Kaepernick had a break out performance with his first career start in sub for Alex Smith, the Defense of the San Francisco Smith Brothers (Justin and Aldon) OWNED all night; Aldon leads the NFL with 14.5 sacks, and Navarro Bowman also did his own handy work on defense. Brian Urlacher was asked, " who was the best LB in the NFL ? " and he said w/o a doubt, Navarro Bowman. Good job to Niners tonight, Jim's great coaching, and the D work and O work.
Colin Kaepernick should be the San Francisco 49ers starting Quarterback! He is picking a part the Bears Defense and its his 1st NFL start. Look out Alex Smith!
Playing some pool and drinking some $4 Margaritas and $4 Bacardi Mojitos waiting for Alshon Jeffery and the Chicago Bears take on Alex Smith and the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football with many others and
Ok, this goes out to my Chicago Bears & San Francisco 49er's friends. I have MANY of you both on my page. What does it say about our Quarterbacks that BOTH suffered concussions in games last week, but ONLY 1 is scheduled to start this Monday Night. What does it say about Cutler, who won't be starting and will have Jason Campbell in his place. On the other side we have Alex Smith, who seems to be doing everything in his power to make the start. Does Jay Cutler run away from the big games, sorta like he did 2 seasons ago in the playoffs vs Green Bay while happily sitting on the bench? One interesting way to look at it also might be that some 49ers fans actually WISH that their starting QB sit out and let the back up ( Kaepernick ) start, who from what I heard looked pretty good vs. St. Louis last week. Jason Campbell isn't the worst backup in the league, but still a backup for obvious reasons. Niner / Bears fans... let's hear it...
Smith is no Trent Dilfer and the Niners are no 2000 Baltimore Ravens,Imo,Alex Smith and the 2012 San Francisco 49ers are like more than the 1990 N.Y.Giants when they won the Superbowl on a missed FG by Scott Norwood against the Buffalo Bills.That's right,I compare Alex Smith to Jeff Hostetler after he took over the starting job ,Frank Gore is like Otis Anderson and our Defense is like what the N.Y.Giants were back in 1990.Jeff Hostetler was just a game manager like Alex Smith and their running game was the key to their offense just like our 49ers and of course their Defense was their strength,Just like ours.Honestly that is how i see our San Francisco team this year,With that said The Gmen won a Superbowl with that team,I feel and believe we can do the same with our team this season.Let's Go Niners.
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Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Clifton Brown of Sporting News: Week 11 Clifton Brown (Sporting News) 1. Houston Texans -- Tough victory at Soldier Field earns Texans the No. 1 spot. 2. San Francisco 49ers -- If they have to play longer without Alex Smith, they will miss him. 3. Atlanta Falcons -- We knew they were not going undefeated, but they are still very good. 4. Denver Broncos -- The more you see, the more you realize the Broncos are dangerous. 5. Chicago Bears -- Jason Campbell must step up if the Bears have to go without Jay Cutler. 6. New England Patriots -- The defense still needs to improve, but the offense is just fine. 7. Green Bay Packers -- Having Aaron Rodgers makes their injuries easier to deal with. 8. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Big Ben's injury is a big concern. They can only go so far without him. 9. Baltimore Ravens -- Two games vs. Pittsburgh in three weeks could decide AFC North. 10. New Orleans Saints -- If defense can hold up, the offense could carry Saints to playoffs ...
The big "Monday Night Football" showcase next week could feature a quarterback matchup of journeyman Jason Campbell of the Bears vs. untested Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers. Not exactly the creme de la creme of the NFC. Why? Concussions, of course. Twenty-five percent of NFL games Sunday saw a starting QB leave with a concussion. Two were Chicago's Jay Cutler and San Francisco's Alex Smith, whose teams play each other next Monday. Both stayed in the games Sunday for several plays after what appeared to be head-rattling hits. Smith even threw a touchdown pass while playing with blurred vision before he departed, according to Coach Jim Harbaugh. The NFL looked into the Cutler and Smith cases — and Philadelphia's Michael Vick, the third quarterback who got a concussion this weekend — and came away satisfied that the proper protocol was followed. Another noteworthy player, Bills running back Fred Jackson, took a late hit to the head in a loss at the New England Patriots. He was examined Monday — a day af ...
The road to a playoff bye is rarely a smooth one. The top teams in the NFC were reminded of that in Week 10. The Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers, and New York Giants all failed to come away with wins on Sunday. (The 49ers kissed their division sisters.) Concussions suffered by quarterbacks Jay Cutler and Alex Smith loom especially large. We could see a matchup of backups Colin Kaepernick and Jason Campbell on "Monday Night Football" next week. With their easy schedule and great play at home, the Falcons can survive their slip-up in New Orleans. The 49ers remain two up in the loss column on Seattle in the NFC West and don't rely on their quarterback play that much. They can live without Smith. The Giants are used to second-half drama. It's what they do. The Bears are the team to worry about most here. They have the Packers coming fast in the rearview mirror and a brutal schedule coming up, with five straight games against winning teams. Chicago relies on Cutler's big arm to overcome ina ...
The Rams play at San Francisco this afternoon.The 49ers are the class of the NFC West,and I doubt seriously that the Rams can pull off an upset.Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree have settled into the Jim Harbaugh system,and the ground game featuring Frank Gore from the U,and Oklahoma State's Kendall Hunter is one of the best in the NFL. Two Mizzou boys,Aldon Smith and Justin Smith,anchor a very good defense.
Well as baseball fades into tomorrow ... or Spring Trainiing 13, let me offer two final SF Giant cool moments. One, SS Brandon Crawford has been a Giant since a young child. There is a photo of him in Candlestick at age 5. Now he is the starting Shortstop (and former Richmond Flying Squirrel) for the World Champion Giants! Also, his Mom & Dad have been season ticket holders for years. The next cool point, today (10/31) there was a victors' parade in San Francisco. The Giants were chauffeured individually by Forty-Niners like Alex Smith (QB) driving Matt Cain (starting pitcher). Way cool!
Aw *** yea!!! Alex Smith driving Matt Cain AND Jim Harbaugh driving Brandon Belt!!! I think we all know its the San Francisco 49ers turn!!! WO!!!
Jim Harbaugh says San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith should have the NFL record for highest completion percentage in a game, and the team has asked Elias Sports Bureau to review the play where Michael Crabtree was credited with a rushing attempt
Well my niners win again. Beating arizona monday night Alex Smith set an NFL single-game record for completion percentage (94.7) when throwing at least 15 pass attempts. Smith finished 18 of 19 for 232 yards and three touchdowns. whose 19 wins since the start of 2011 are tied with Aaron Rodgers for the most in the NFL. The 49ers are 42-25 all-time in Monday Night Football contests and their 42 wins trail just Dallas (43) in the program’s history. San Francisco is also 16-4 against the NFC West since the 2009 season, which is tied with New England for the most divisional wins in that span. Crabtree now has a catch in all 50 games of his NFL career, while long snapper Brian Jennings played in his 200th career game on Monday night. Jennings’ streak is second in franchise history only to Len Rohde’s mark of 208, which was set from 1960-74. David Akers extended his franchise record to 24 straight games with a made field goal on his 43-yard conversion in the second quarter. With 2.0 sacks on the day, Ald ...
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith had the best game of his eight-year career Monday night against the Arizona Cardinals. Smith was nearly perfect as he completed 18 of 19 passes for 232 yards, three touchdowns and no interception in the 49ers 24-3 dismantling of their division-rival. 49ers ...
Big win on Monday night for the San Francisco 49ers as Alex Smith threw for three touchdowns (two to Michael Crabtree, one to Randy Moss) in their 24-3 road beatdown of the Arizona Cardinals. The Niners lead the NFC West now by two games!
Sports thought: With the career revivals by Alex Smith for the Niners, and now Barry Zito and Ryan Vogelsong for the Giants (as well as Posey winning the official award for it) San Francisco is now officially Comeback City.
San Francisco 49ers Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree films the end of quarterback Alex Smith's media session with his phone.
It is time for the good, the bad and the ugly. The good: Aaron Rodgers threw 6 touchdowns to give Green Bay Packers 42-24 win over the Houston Texans. The bad: The New York Giants destroyed the San Francisco 49ers 26-3. Alex Smith is not an elite quarterback. The ugly: Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb of the Baltimore Ravens are out for the season due to injuries. They can kiss their trip to the Super Bowl this year goodbye. Have a great day everybody!
*** !! They won the gaqme anf they're whining... The 49ers won on Thursday night, but that doesn’t mean they were happy with the officiating. Specifically, the 49ers want to know why the Seahawks weren’t called for pass interference, illegal contact or defensive holding — which the 49ers think they should have been. Coach Jim Harbaugh confirmed today that he has contacted the officiating department at the league office to ask about it. “We’ll take that up with the officials and get their view of it,” Harbaugh said, via “I think it’s just important thing to address. What is this all being defined as? Is it physical play within the rules? That’s the biggest question. Is it within the rules what’s happening? We have to ask that question. We have to know what the interpretation is.” San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith said he thinks Seahawks cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner should have been called for illegal contact “several times,” and that he notice ...
Alex Smith threw a 12-yard touchdown pass to Delanie Walker late in the third quarter and San Francisco held off the Seattle Seahawks 13-6 on Thursday night as the 49ers won their long-awaited division opener. Frank Gore ran for 116 yards and the 49ers (5-2) took over sole possession of first place in the NFC West by making just enough plays to win this defense-first game, featuring two teams allowing fewer than 16 points per game. Walker's score was San Francisco's first touchdown in seven quarters after an embarrassing 26-3 loss to the New York Giants on Sunday in a lopsided rematch of the NFC Championship Game. Smith went 14 of 23 for 140 yards in another subpar performance. NFC rushing leader Marshawn Lynch finished with 103 yards for Seattle (4-3).
New York Giants free safety Antrel Rolle, left, celebrates with cornerback P... San FranCISCO (AP) — Antrel Rolle and the New York Giants studied Alex Smith so much they practically knew what was coming. On one play in the third quarter, even running back Ahmad Bradshaw screamed from the sideline: ``Trail. He's watching you.'' Rolle responded, pretended he was playing the deep ball and then sliced in front of Kyle Williams on a short hook. ``He threw the ball right to me,'' Rolle said. After a slow start this season, New York's defense saved its best for the 49ers yet again. Rolle intercepted two passes by Smith, Prince Amukamara picked off another and the Giants shut down San Francisco in a 26-3 victory Sunday in a rematch of last season's NFC Championship Game. ``I think this is our most complete game all year long,'' Rolle said. After outscoring the Bills and Jets by a combined 79-3 the last two weeks, the 49ers (4-2) met their match again. No overtime needed this time, and not much of Eli Manning, e ...
Alright these are my Top 7 NFL teams regardless of tonights results 1. San Francisco 49ers (They have all the tools but, I'm not an Alex Smith believer) 2. New York Giants (They're still the Champs) 3. New England (Tom Brady Nuff Said) 4. Green Bay Packers (Better for them to lose early in the season rather than late) 5. Houston Texans (Not a believer yet but they have earned my respect) 6. Atlanta Falcons ( Don't see them winning it all) 7. Washington Redskins (As a Redskin Hater, I love everything about them this year :\)
San Francisco 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh has frequently had his players' backs in public. Harbaugh has strongly praised Alex Smith when others doubted
Alex Smith was behind something Joe Montana and Steve Young weren't ever a part of for the San Francisco 49ers, helping orchestrate the team's greatest offensive output.
Jamie Dukes joins "Around the League" to discuss the maturation of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith. Is Dukes ready to call Smith a Pro Bowl quarterback?
Buffalo against San Francisco this week I know it was Jim Kelly and Steve Young back in 92 where there was no punts in the game. Don't think Alex Smith or Ryan Fitzpatrick can make that happen again!
Alex Smith's $7.5 base salary for 2013 becomes guaranteed if he's on the 49ers' roster by April 1. He's also due a $1 million roster bonus in March. Although Yahoo's Jason Cole predicts Colin Kaepernick's rocket arm and electric running ability will instigate a "serious quarterback controversy in San Francisco pretty soon," it's hard to envision the 49ers cutting ties with Smith as long as he directs the team to the playoffs. The salaries of the two QBs combined is far less than the total devoted to the position by most NFL teams. Smith's winning percentage (77) is behind only Aaron Rodgers and Matt Schaub since Jim Harbaugh took over as Head Coach.
Next Monday October 8th, Michael and Spearhead will perform at The Obama Victory Fund 2012 in San Francisco! They will be joined by John Legend, The Dave Matthews Band's Boyd Tinsley, and 49ers quarterback Alex Smith. Full details and tickets here:
The Is the San Francisco 49ers. They have stars like Alex Smith,Patrick Willis,Randy Moss,Vernon Davis,and Frank Gore.
Just wanna thank the Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons for making my day not miserable yesterday. Shout out to the New England Patriots for the cover... and to the San Francisco 49ers.. I hope you miss the playoffs or even better.. get there and have Alex Smith ruin it for you. Thats all.
I'm a little upset but not disappointed in my San Francisco 49ers. This loss was early in our season and we will take it in stride, learn from it and move on. I don't think the niners were awake till the second quarter of the game. It happens and I still give Alex Smith credit he played a good game. Even with his intercepted pass he still set the franchise record of 249 throws completed without an interception! We will be going hard in week 4 against the Jets, I think we have that one in the bag. Michael Vick is a wash out, and our defense will stomp all over them boys!
I love how Bruce Bochy wore a Niners had during his interview today to show support for Alex Smith being fined for wearing a Giants hat. San Francisco pride!
My 49ers are the top-rated team in the NFL! Quarterback Alex Smith is one of the main reasons... What you may not know: Alex Smith has defeated Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford in three of his past four games. He was a Kyle Williams fumble away from potentially adding Eli Manning to that list. Smith has gone 216 straight passes without a pick, a franchise record in San Francisco. You might recall that Joe Montana and Steve Young played for the Niners. GO 9ERS
It's no secret the San Francisco 49ers have a dominant defense. But don't you dare discredit Alex Smith, warns Adam Schein, who lauds the quarterback and picks three upsets for Week 3.
just for my friend danny Peyton Manning made an enormous mistake not signing with the 49ers. It’s obvious Manning needs help. Jim Harbaugh can hide a quarterback with a weak arm. Alex Smith is exhibit A. Plus, the San Francisco defense, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree give a weak-armed QB more places to hide.
San Francisco's stingy defense denied Matthew Stafford another milestone, Vernon Davis caught touchdown passes of 21 and 23 yards from Alex Smith, and the 49ers beat the Detroit Lions 27-19 on Sunday night in a September showdown of NFC powers.
What about them San Francisco 49ers? "Who got it better than us"? NOBODY!Detroit Lions are going back to Detroit to work at Hardcore Pawn! So Pumped , yeah! 2-0 Alex Smith is the man!
Yup the San Francisco 49ers are for real and beat my packers division rivals The Detroit Lions. Have to admit that I like Coach Harbaugh and what he is doing with this team. Crabtree is awesome and man Justin Smith what a monster. And unlike Prettyboy Tom Brady, Alex Smith didnt need no Guess Cologne bandage on his mug when he got his face smashed in. I love THE NFL!
Almost Game time @ 5:20. Detroit (1-0) at San Francisco (1-0). The 49ers held off Detroit 25-19 last season as Alex Smith threw a go-ahead fourth-down TD pass with 1:51 remaining. The postgame handshake turned into a minor scuffle between coaches Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz after Harbaugh's exuberant approach at midfield. San Francisco RB Frank Gore ran for 141 yards in the victory.
Alex Smith and San Francisco 49ers Must Figure out How to Finish Games - Bleacher Report
Picks pt 2. Houston at Jacksonville: Jacksonville is the worst team in the league with quite possibly the worst starting quarterback. Houston gets an easy win. Washington at St. Louis: The Rams played the Lions tough last week, but I think RG3 and Alfred Morris along with a very good Redskins defense will come away with the win. Dallas at Seattle: Seattle gets the upset. Why? Simply because Mike Greenburg picked Dallas. And he's always wrong... New York Jets at Pittsburgh: The Jets offense is not for real, Sanchez is not a good quarterback, Rex Ryan would have been fired already on any other team, even Tim Tebow can't deliver a miracle in this locker room. Steelers blow out the Jets and put them back in their place. Tennessee at San Dieg: Chris Johnson gets shut down again, Titans struggle, Rivers has big game and the Chargers get the W. Detroit at San Francisco: The 49ers are for real. Alex Smith, not so much. The Lions want revenge for "The Handshake." The 49ers defense will eat you. And still be hungry ...
After week 1 of the NFL season, this is my take...Super Bowl...San Francisco against Baltimore...dark horses are Chicago and Washington in NFC, Denver and Jets in AFC...Rookie of the Year RGIII, MVP is Alex Smith...first coach to be fired will be Pat my opinion he and Mike Holmgren should both already be gone for annointing a 28 year old rookie as the future and snubbing a 26 year old Colt Mccoy, who is talented and enthusiastic and shows much promise...McCoy has preformed very well in his two years, especially given the limited offensive tools he has to work with...just sayin...
Before the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers faced each other at Lambeau Field last Sunday, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made a little wager with the group Boyz II Men. Rodgers wanted the Boyz to sing the National Anthem … Continue reading →
San Francisco looked like they are picking up right where they left off last season. Frank Gore is still a force to be respected but the 2nd and 3rd RB's were also great. The Niners have one of the best offensive lines in the game and Alex Smith and his receivers were on point too. The Niners defense was spectacular too, Patrick Willis has to be the top Linebacker in football. The Niners are dangerous because they are very balanced when it come to offense and defense. If you have been following me u know I also like Denver and I think Denver is the better team but if they were to play each other this week I think that San Francisco would beat Denver but give Peyton Manning more time and they win in the Superbowl.
San Francisco 49ers wrote: Alex Smith led the 49ers to victory and broke a franchise record held by Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young in the process. Smith Press Pass:
The first Sunday of the season is done. Here's a couple of things we learned in week 1. Was Peyton Manning only out for 20 months? Didn't look like it tonight as the Broncos beat the Steelers 31-19. His arm strength ain't 100%, but his brain is as sharp as ever. The Jets in the preseason averaged only 7 points a game. Today, they scored 48 as they thump division rival Buffalo. Mark Sanchez and company shut up the critiques (for now) For the first time since 1990, the San Francisco 49ers win a game at Lambeau Field, beating the Packers 30-22 while Alex Smith outplayed the reigning NFL MVP. Is this the team to beat in the NFC?
I am a very happy San Francisco 49er fan! Alex Smith outplayed Aaron Rogers in Green Bay. First time we have beat Green Bay at home since 1990. Wow.
Q4 9:06. Alex Smith pass to Frank Gore to the San Francisco 29 for 1 yard. 4th & 1.
Did anyone else see the Aaron Rodgers bet. Aaron Rodgers could be wearing a San Francisco 49ers jersey next week. Before Green Bay Packers fans choke on their pre-kickoff bratwurst, let's clarify Rodgers is going nowhere. But according to a report by TMZ, Rodgers has agreed to wear an Alex Smith jersey for a week if the Packers lose their season opener to the Niners on Sunday. Apparently -- and this is where the story really gets weird -- Rodgers is friends with the guys from seminal R&B group Boyz II Men. He asked them to perform the national anthem at Lambeau on Sunday, to which the group agreed on the stipulation involving the Smith jersey. A few things here: 1) Rodgers is clearly confident about the Packers ' chances to agree to these terms. 2) If the Packers lost, Rodgers almost assuredly has to welch on the bet. It's unclear if Mike McCarthy displays tangible human emotion, but Rodgers wearing red and gold in a team meeting won't sit well. 3) Wait ... Aaron Rodgers is friends with Boyz II Men? What ...
Week 1 prediction San Francisco at Green Bay: This can pretty much be the NFC Championship played in September. The 49ers beefed up in the off season with RB Brandon Jacobs and WR's Mario Manningham and the rejuvenated Randy Moss but the difference in this meeting is gonna be Alex Smith vs Aaron Rodgers need I say more. San Francisco 24 Green Bay 31.
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Justin Smith, Alex Smith to join Frank Gore and Patrick Willis as San ...: San Francisco 4...
Darren Fletcher, BBC 5 live's NFL commentator (DF): I'm tipping the San Francisco 49ers because, as the old saying goes, defence wins championships. The 49ers have the best one in the NFL - they have retained last year's unit and I expect them to be even better this time around. Offensively, quarterback Alex Smith has added weapons in Wide Receivers Mario Manningham and Randy Moss.
Gotta show them one more time bc this team totally rocks man So here is the 2012 Skull Crushers fantasy Football Team roster by position QB Ben Roethlisberger-pit,Alex Smith-sf RB Michael Turner-atl,Frank Gore-sf,Pierre Thomas-no WR Mike Wallace-pit,Victor Cruz-nyg,Eric Decker-Den TE Jermichael Finley-gb,Owen Daniels-hou w/r Devery Henderson-no K Garret Hartley-no,Matt Bryant-atl DEF San Francisco,New England Not a bad squad at all,we are coming to dominate this league!
San Francisco 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh calls Alex Smith an 'expert' in team's offensive sy
As a kid My Team was The Cowboys because I was Born in Mc Allen,TX and as a Pre Teen The Dan Fout's Chargers who in My Mind is The Best Team of All Time to NOT WIN SUPERBOWL as a Teenager The LA Rams before They left to St Louis and then Joe Montana came along and His Abiliity or Non Ability because Joe couldn't Run, Jump or Scramble but man could He throw a Football and I became and is a 49er fan for Life! This year with Randy Moss and the 49er Team that was ONE PLAY AWAY from beating that NY Team will be there at The End if Alex Smith is Half the QB He was at Utah where they went Undefeated one year! San Francisco 2012 Superbowl Champions sounds *** Good to Me!
Luv the sweep San Francisco,even if its against the Rockies,but watching this documentary on Jerry Rice called catching history got me ready for sum football.dude was a frickin beast & I wish we had a cloned receiving coor made up of just him.seriously,only Michael Crabtree had 1 reception in the NFC championship & that was at the end of the game.I know VD will burn u everytime,and by VD I mean Vernon Davis,but him & Gore cant do it all.especially wit Alex Smith at quarterback.I know its just preseason,but the NINERS Super Bowl run starts Friday.
Wearing flip flops, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith appears for jury duty in Santa Clara County courthouse, but gets a postponement as team is in training camp for start of season
San Francisco 49ers are reaching the conference finals for another year! You got AJ Jenkins, Randy Moss, Mario Manningham and Alex Smith...
Alex Smith to be tested as San Francisco 49ers' leader: With Randy Moss, Mario Manningham and A.J. Jenkins in th...
Here's who I got in my fantasy draft... Quarterback- Tom Brady (NE), Alex Smith (SF) Tailback- Matt Forte (CHI), Dan Herron (CIN), Donald Brown (IND) Wide Receiver- Calvin Johnson (DET), Brandon Marshall (CHI), Jordy Nelson (GB), Mario Manningham (SF), Randy Moss (SF) Tight End- Fred Davis (WAS), Kellen Winslow (SEA) Kicker- David Akers (SF) Defense- San Francisco & Baltimore This was the 1st time that I ever did a draft that was an auction, but it was fun. I loaded up on WR. Johnson was the one that I really wanted. Can't go wrong with Brady @ QB, but I expect Smith to have a breakout season (plus I got him for the low). Forte will carry the load @ TB, but Brown should produce this year & people in Cincy are excited about Boom's potential. Y'all know that I had to grab the WGH guys though, lol. Davis is a solid TE, plus he's from Toledo. I'm sure that his HS coach Rick Rios is happy about that pick, lol. I could've said more, but I prolly said too much already, lol. July is a long month for sports fans. ...
For those of you with insider info, that's my "boy", Vernon Davis! ;) Congrats to the San Francisco 49ers for winning an ESPY! Thanks for the great season! Extra special props (do people still give those out) to Alex Smith and Mr. Davis for that amazing play at the end of the NFC Championship!
Ohio State coach Urban Meyer and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith can’t agree on who will win their celebrity golfing showdown later this month in the 23rd annual American Century Championship at Lake Tahoe. But the former Utah football coach and Utah quarterback are on the same page when ...
Why will the San Francisco 49ers Will Win the Super Bowl in 2012? It's never too late to project greatness, especially in San Francisco. Especially when the 49ers have been virtually irrelevant for the past decade. They are no longer that "almost-there team," but in fact a team that's ready to go for a legit run and win it all in 2012. In other words: last year was not a fluke. It was a blasting white light at the end of what was a long, ugly, tunnel of Shawshank Redemption-like proportions. Sure, there is really no way of knowing what can and will happen, but there are too many intangible factors to ignore when it comes to the Scarlet and Gold. There are just too many good signs and too many good things going on in San Francisco for next year to be a disappointment. There is an oblong checklist of historical precedents that must be met in order to realistically win a Super Bowl. The 49ers have most of them checked off with only one major area of concern remaining: Alex Smith. Other than that, all star ...
Clocking in at 16 in Ron Jaworski's 2012 QB Countdown is the San Francisco 49ers, Alex Smith.
We already knew the San Francisco 49ers' Alex Smith would stand as Ron Jaworski's highest-ranked quarterback from the NFC West. We did not know how h
A year ago, when the San Francisco 49ers were approaching training camp, ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer told me he suspected Alex Smith would be the best q
NFL notes: San Francisco Coach Jim Harbaugh pledges allegiance to QB Alex Smith - see
Well on a serious note.San Francisco 49rs may now be loaded up personnel wise, in really being the NFC contender for the next Super Bowl. They have made some acquisitions in this off season to make them strong & deep for starters & coming off the bench. (Smith a 2005 draft pick, for the 1st time in his professional career, does not need to learn a whole new offensive scheme prior to game day. Jim Harbaugh who I like, and of course former HC Mike Singletary, allows me to now root for a team I've always despised.
San Francisco 49ers: What Are the Realistic Predictions for Alex Smith in 2012? | Bleacher Report via
Santa Clara, Calif. (AP) San Francisco Coach Jim Harbaugh insists the 49ers planned to have Alex Smith as their quarterback even while they examined the possibility of signing then-free agent Peyton Manning.
Alex Smith certainly knows how to start a firestorm for the Carolina Panthers. The San Francisco 49ers number one pick from 2005 had plenty to say about Cam Newton's rookie year and I really don't have a problem with that as a fan. It is clear to me that his motivations are fragile, but his message ...
Alex Smith: Crabtree is early star of OTAs - Michael Crabtree (WR) San Francisco 49ers
Alex Smith is ignorant fool who thinks he's good because of one good year with an incredible defense and great coach. Has no room to disrespect Cam like this... He should be praising him for performing his rookie year. Smith put his first good year together after 6 season. Not to mention, his comments are inaccurate, the Panthers led in 14 of 16 games last season. May 23, 2012 6:46 p.m. - by Kyle Bonagura QB Alex Smith doesn't care about his passing yards per game. "That is a totally overblown stat because if you're losing games in the second half, guess what? You're like the Carolina Panthers and you're going no-huddle the entire second half," Smith said. "Yeah, Cam Newton threw for a lot of 300-yard games, that's great. You're not winning though." San Francisco 49ers RapidReports | All National Football League RapidReports
Alex Smith says no rust on Randy Moss in first San Francisco 49ers workouts - ESPN -
Randy Moss debuted his new look at his first formal practice with the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday. The Wide Receiver cut his dreads and impressed his new quarterback Alex Smith with a 55-yard touchdown catch.
The San Francisco 49ers will enter training camp with a roster bursting with talent. Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh have not only addressed the 49ers weaknesses, but, in addition, they have added depth in areas of strength...
Monte Poole: 49ers QB Alex Smith already is hard at work (Mercury News)
I would like to extend congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks for having the good sense to get a franchise quarteback and winning the N.F.C. West in 2012. Looks like Harbaugh is gonna be a one hit wonder and Alex Smith is going to be the root of Harbaughs demise. Good job San Francisco you just took a step backwards. Say good bye forever no more playoff appearances for us.
San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith is in Morgan Hill helping for the search of . Check for the story later on
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