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San Fermin

The festival of San Fermín (or Sanfermines, ) in the city of Pamplona (Navarre, Spain), is a deeply rooted celebration held annually from 12:00, 6 July, when the opening of the fiesta is marked by setting off the pyrotechnic chupinazo, to midnight 14 July, with the singing of the Pobre de Mí.

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Rodel Bones 18, criminology student, killed by unidentified men after buying food from an eatery in Barangay San Fe…
English translation; “”The wolfpack” have asked for their pictures not to be shared online. They are being judged f…
This group of monsters (5) raped an 18-year-old girl last summer at the San Fermin party in Pamplona.
Lifelock Corp. please stop ad promotions for the brutal running of the bulls.
Now playing on WGMU: Asleep On the Train by San Fermin from Asleep On the Train
San Fermin rapists facing smaller prison sentences than Catalan ministers for calling Referendum.
Where do you see that? It looks like the picture Strubell posted saying “ Pamplona asks to free Jordi…
Five men raped a 18 years during the fiestas of San Fermin in Navarre (Spain). They recorded the "event" and took...
Join Peña Seattle in Pamplona for the Fiesta de San Fermín and the running of the bulls in July 2018,
Cool poster for Running of the Bulls from 60 years ago. Read about
My mental state at the moment is the halfway point of Parasites by San Fermin
Charge Forward filly San Fermin bolts in by 7 lengths in South Africa - another from the proven cross with Redoutes Choic…
Is San Fermin likely to sell out? I'd rather pay the door price than the advance + fees price if possible.
Just walked in the living room and Catfish is on tv and San Fermin were playing 💃🏻💃🏻
“Shut up and suck”. “For someone who’s dumb, you’re not very pretty”. Button badges on sale at this year's San Fermin…
That doesn't look like Havana but San Fermín.
Another great San Pedro photography workshop with an amazing small group. San Pedro's Fermin Park gave us a...
Felt the same. Hated the picadores. Then San Fermin. Those bulls are majestic masculine mean. I saw it I…
bulls ran the streets. Learn about the three-day celebration that is San Fermin in Nueva Orleans: https…
San Fermin exceeded my expectations & I knew they were gonna be amazing. Thx for a great start to day 2
May I also mention their occasional gang rapes, like the one in the 2016 San Fe…
Find out all about Sept. 28 show at and enter for a chance to win tickets:
San Fermin Festival in Pamplona. - Friday (7/7/2017) : – Balconies for rent for watching th…
The dynamics of the band were perfect
1. San Beda must be super glad to get that win. Beggars can't be choosers. Big confidence booster. . 2. Jesus Chris…
Want to see with Sept. 28 at Head here for a chance to win tickets:
Win a pair of free tix to see . on 9/28!!
.play Sept. 28 with Enter for a chance to win tickets and find out more:…
Amazing use of 360 photo journalism A brief moment in time... San Fermin, Pamplona.
hope you guys like the second drop as much as I do --- enjoy!
HAVE A GOOD DAY-CAF. Not in the mood for caffeine, why not try some of our San Fermin Decaf. You almost won't be abl…
Order Miche Bag Online!
Carrie says 'Asleep on the Train' is "strangely & singularly reminiscent" of late night subway rid…
Briana Marela's band opened for San Fermin tonight, and I loved her…
San Fermin in Pamplona, Spain. Rings “loud bang” and is officially opened the festival of San Fermin in Pamplona,ext…
Watching the sunset in point Fermin San Pedro🌅@ Point Fermin Light
.Actually I could probably apply a lot of San Fermin songs to taz characters but that's me being weird.
Great set by San Fermin as support for Father John Misty.
San Fermin performing "Jackrabbit" at This band is at its best when things get crazy with tempo changes and complex harmonies.
Advice to anyone doing San Fermin Bullrun 2018. DO NOT use Pamplona Man. He is a con artist. Posts fake threads to get good reviews.
A brief moment in time... San Fermin, Pamplona. (Part 2)
if you follow my spam on insta, you see how often I post about san fermin . its unhealthy but i will no apologize for what ive done
I got tickets to see San Fermin in September with IM CHEESIN.
San Fermín . the silly season in the north of Spain !
"San Fermin’s collective ardor reinvigorates familiar indie tropes:. the analog eclecticism, the lavish...
All dressed in my Sunday best. When I solve you, Love... .
This is the band being featured on | New Mix: San Fermin & More
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San Fermin goes close to Carla Bley territory then shifts to more traditional zones. Refreshing and unpredictable a…
They ripped the place to shreds. made the right call there. Poor Poi Do ... San Fermin.
San Fermin with a tough act to follow after the Shelters.
So the Chicago schedule updates into each viewers timezone. Thus are on at midnight. Others tonight San Fermin and GA.
I was a bit crestfallen when I wasn't able to make it out to see San Fermin in Chicago earlier this year, so I fel……
San fermin isnt going on til like midnight how do ppl stay awake that long
Come experience perform on Sunday, October 22nd! Buy your tickets today!
This news is all wrong. It didn't suicide, it's not an imitation of San Fermin in Pamplona, and…
Is there still a roof on the Radiss…
A parade of alive people in coffins is Spain's most impactful tradition for Americans after San Fermín and Tomatina
For exactly $0 I saw three amazing sets of music tonight:. Ron Gallo. Diane Coffee. San Fermin. . And this is just the first night!!
San Fermin with the rarely seen encore. Nice.
See San Fermin live the next opportunity you have. So good.
Ron Gallo and San Fermin are both playing the Paper Valley ballroom tonight. On Saturday, they'll play overlapping sets at
Hmm not sure how much knew stuff I have in that genre. Outside I suggest San Fermin s/t, Frankie Cosmos, Los Campesinos!
We're excited to have at Cat's Cradle on 10/26! Make sure you get tix early as they won't last long!…
San Fermin at the Festival Hall in Calgary. Great show in a small, intimate venue
I love the song Parasites by San Fermin but one of the singer's voice makes me so dysphoric I hate everything
Oh dang the san fermin lolapazoola aftershow didn't sell out I guess I'm going
Just submitted my entry !!On the edge btw. 10min before deadline San Fermin - Belong (Jacob Blac Remix)
Check out my instrumental cover of Emily by on
5 Americans hurt running with the bulls in Spain
Thank you to Julie Simpson for taking to San Fermin in New Orleans!
Welcome August by listening to August by San Fermin 🌸🌸
Ugh this band. My sexuality is just any/all members of San Fermin.
I might go to San Fermin at Bluebird Theater in Denver, CO - Sep 20
What is doing in Spain? Is he attending the famous San Fermin Festival? Watch the video to find out.
"Belong" from is the WTTS Free Download of the Week, Get it now at
Hilde's at the bar until 1700 brewing some delicious cups of San Fermin, with notes of orange sherbet,…
The WTTS Free Download of the Week is "Belong" by .
2nd day in and San Fermin from is tasting amazing as a
She's so awesome. And the reason I know Tracy K. Smith and San Fermin are in the world. 🎶
And I do adele like you do San Fermin (feel like that might be a thing for me as well lol), just got back f…
Last chance! Our beautiful Colombian coffee "San Fermin" will be leaving us soon. Grab a bag before it hits the...
About 10,000 people have been evacuated from a South African more. San Fer…
You should first come to San Fermin in July and then we can go to the warehouse 😝
San Fermin is a warm and friendly that welcomes from all over the world!
Playing September 2nd! Come see me at the Light at the Lighthouse Music Festival in San Pedro. Point Fermin Park
Sometimes it is as challenging as San Fermín running of the bull festival. :)
Enjoying a pre-run flat white with San Fermin from Colombia. TGI weekend!
The opening of 7 days of the party that is the Fiesta de San Fermin. Always midday, 6th of July. . .…
I have no idea what your taste in music is but my all time favourite band is san fermin!
Colombia San Fermin is in the hopper this morning & it's going down a treat with some
San Francisco this weekend🌉 Going to Alcatraz and probably give the Golden Gate Bridge a visit.
To know about San Fermin Festival, just visit.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
... 🤔😀. Countdown to the International Freestyle Motocross competition in Madrid on July 7th. (San Fermin…
Ask Pamplona to Ban the Running of the Bulls at San Fermín Festival Following Sexual Assaults
I added a video to a playlist San fermin - Pamplona 2009
I added a video to a playlist Pop up Bar San Fermin 2015!!!
Rae Cassidy in San Fermin, check out the second song, Sonsick. Girlll...
bar by san fermin is still THE song it actually makes me want a no strings summer fling
Running of the bulls 17 - San Fermin. Summer Camp tennis, ready to fly to…
From the run to the afterparties, San Fermin doesn’t stop. You must see Pamplona’s running with the bulls!…
Hey speaking of Riaeki and Sharzad Sonsick by San Fermin is a good song for one of the bad scenarios their relationship could turn into
Our friend Lucinda Poole named Guirri (Foreigner) of the Year for the 2017 San Fermin fiesta in Pamplona!
A "friendly" pod of orcas was spotted around Point Fermin near San Pedro for the first time in years Friday. Photos:
Hordes gather below these famous balconies during the San Fermin fiesta in Pamplona
I might go to San Fermin at Ecstatic Music Festival @ Merkin Hall...
"THE RUNNER " - (Classic San Fermin film) ♡ Why do people risk their lives running with the bulls?
loved reading this...Great list! You should also check out La Feria de Cali...o las fiestas…
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[VIDEO] When you jump from the top of the fountain in San Fermin and nobody grabs.
Run for your life...! San Fermin Festival is held in city of Pamplona, Spain start from 6 July - 14 July.
San Fermin Apartments New York wish you all a Merry Christmas!!
Tickets to our May 13th show at go on sale at noon: .
San Fernando, CamSur wife blows lid on his award
Now, Point Fermin Lighthouse in San Pedro really puts the "house" in lighthouse
Slideshow : San Fermin Festival - Pamplona: Annual 'running with the bulls' festival - The Economic Times
MADRID, July 10 (Reuters) - Two people were gored on Sunday on the fourth day of the San Fermin Festival in northern Spain,…
Revellers gathered in Pamplona with red scarves and candles to sing at the closing ceremony of the San Fermin Festival, which…
.students celebrate the festival of San Fermin in Pamplona, Spain w/ Prof. Ager Gondra. http…
The annual San Fermin Festival and its world-famous "Running of the Bulls" have been around for centuries. Late photographer Inge Morath
Celebrate the running of the bulls with vintage photos of the Festival of San Fermin.
One of the best examples of 360° video I've seen: San Fermin running of the bull festival
Selfie Torero!!. Spanish bullfighter, Juan Jose Padilla before the sixth bull runing of San Fermin at Pamplona.
These photos of packed San Fermin before the Running of the Bulls are incredible.
Women and men drench themselves in fake blood to protest Spain's bull running festival
why aren't you covering san fermin for the US with Men in Blazers?
Spain's San Fermin street bull run festival kicks off Wednesday: … town of Pamplona in northern Spain as the...
Animal Care Activists bathed themselves with the fake blood to rejected San Fermin Festival in Spain, July 5, 2016.
Girls show her *** during the rocket launch of San Fermin at the hall square. July 05,2016.
Today is the and also began San Fermin: Viva San Fermin - Gora San Fermin can wait to see the bulls.
Everyday life during the San Fermin Festival is just as captivating.
The running of the bulls festival in
The San Fermin running of the bulls festival in Pamplona
The San Fermin Festival commences tomorrow! explores the history behind the infamous running of the bulls:
City Hall Square as several thousand people celebrate the beginning of the San Fermin Festival - Jesus Diges/EPA
Good luck to all taking part in the first bull run of this years San Fermin. Stay safe, stay in the middle, stay still if you fall. Suerte!
Get your red sashes ready - Running of the Bulls returns to NOLA this Saturday!
Pamplona erupts with start of Spain
12 noon San Fermin, Pamplona Navarre Spain. A cannon is fired and the red wine starts flying -…
I added a video to a playlist San Fermin: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
Tomorrow is San Fermín, let's have fun chasing and torturing bulls :)
ALL the bulls in the face an agonising death in the ring.
Revellers gather to celebrate the opening of the 2016 San Fermin Fiesta, in Pamplona, Spain, July 6th, 2016 (AP)
These photos reveal what REALLY happens at the San Fermín "festival".
Drunken revellers at may not know how this festival ends:
Pamplona erupts with start of San Fermin Festival
I will be an encourager beginning today! @ San Fermin, Cauayan City,…
Are you a fan of ?? Then check out the new Billboard article on their lead singer, Charlene Kaye -->
Beautiful day to get out and vote at Point Fermin for my Coastal San Pedro neighborhood council reps
San Fermin is a warm and that welcomes travelers from all over the world!
My hubby, avid bullrunner going on his 9th San Fermin, called your epi "The best piece of Tv in the history of TV" Welldone
Check out the streets of San Fermin in this bts photo
We're thrilled to announce that San Fermin B&B has been selected for the 2016 Certificate of Excellence in Trip...
Pamplona Timelapse. The Local Festival San Fermin (running of the bulls) is annually celebrated in this town
San Fermin Builds Towers of Song at Velvet Jones: Composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone talks about writing for eight members.
The cruelty of the Running of San Fermin. All the bulls that run in the streets of Pamplona during the "encierros"...
🐂🐃🐂Last summer, I made a last minute decision while attending the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, Spain to Run wit…
Free! Run with the Bulls in San Fermin this Summer and use promo code “BEERME” to get Free…
Come check out and this Thursday, May 26 Tix:
conducted dialogue re concerning Peace and order to PB Pablito Valdez of Brgy San Fermin
PSINSP WILFREDO S ARIZA JR, COP conducted visitation at Brgy San Fermin this Municipality
San Fermin brings classical and so much more to via
Take a look at our best show picks for this week!
The Cure, San Fermin, Moderat and more top this week’s best Los Angeles concerts: This week in Los Angeles! T...
just listened to the woods by san fermin and BOYOHBOYOHBOY those are some creepy lyrics
SAVE THE DATE! Our Spanish Wine Dinner will be July 7! Don't miss the kickoff event to the Running of the Bulls!
have you heard San Fermin's debut album (San Fermin)? you should consider it for one of your videos
The day I find someone else who knows/appreciates San Fermin will be the day that I find true love.
Running with the bulls is a once in a lifetime deal. Here’s what goes down at San Fermin.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
(2/2) you could sense that there was a battle going on between the "old San Fermin Festival" & the new "young party scene"
Now scheming: San Fermin / Running of the Bulls and Bastille Day
Shaun Tait is like a "Bull" in San Fermin Festival in Spain. He is very hard to control ( Yuvi, Yograj Singh and )
Just bought my tix to San Fermin and Caroline Smith! — feeling excited
Yes, he’s very new to me. Another thing that ticks similar boxes is San Fermin, particularly the first album, if you know them.
I checked in at Point Fermin Park on
I will fly 'til I get you alive... Methuselah by San Fermin ♫
Rare did I think I was going to listen to San Fermin. Concert in April. ♫
"You wanted nobody around to see you feel vulnerable around me". @ Madrid San Fermin
No children were harmed in the making of this photograph 😬. Point Fermin, San Pedro @ Point Fermin
If San Fermin even covered one song off Synchronicity it would make my entire life I think
The hottest guys caught peeing at San Fermin celebrations
Tonight (Tues.): San Fermin, w/Charlene Kaye on lead vocals. Added to the bill: songwriter Matt Jones!
3. I'm going to see Sam Amidon and San Fermin tonight with and I expect a Very Good Show
San Fermin (at for San Fermin and Sam Amidon in Carrboro, NC)
Little Giant Ladders
Live review of San Fermin and Sam Amidon at Horseshoe Tavern in by Monica Freudenreich
MONDAY at the Earl! San Fermin & Sam Amidon. Tickets available here:
3rd time seeing & 1st time seeing (@ Horseshoe Tavern for San Fermin and Sam Amidon)
Fire in San Pedro. Looks large and Im at the end by Point Fermin. Any news?
San Fermin had one of my fave albums back two years ago.Jackrabbit came out early this year...most underrated...
Oh God they celebrate "San Fermín" in New Orleans, running of the bulls dressed in white and red and all the stuff *facepalm*
Someone see San Fermin with me in January
Shocking photos from reveal bloody truth about
The ART of TRAVEL. Festival in when bulls and men run together!.
Conduct of coordination re: Feeding/Gift-giving to Mrs Rowena Mercado at San Fermin Day Care.
School supplies for the Gift-giving/Feeding Prog at San Fermin Day Care Center, San Ferrmin CLU.
has a pretty cool take on The Strokes "Heart In A Cage"
San Fermin. Their newish album Jackrabbit is amazing.
Spaniards mass for San Fermin, extreme crowd surfing follows -
Watch, and then see San Fermin live in MKE on Jan. 13!
Pedro / Fermin death rescue worker lowered to help with body recovery
Have you heard who's coming to town? Get caught up here:
Well, just bowled me over. Again. Heart In A Cage (The Strokes Cover) by San Fermin via
I can be your good friend! ^_^ — feeling inspired at San Fermin, Cauayan City, Isabela
San Fermin starting things off at Oak Mountain @ Oak Mountain Amphitheatre
Spanish Tourist Board celebration of San Fermin in Dublin’s Morgan Hotel
Solidarity with greek people in the beginning of San Fermin, Iruñea, Basque Country.
The rest of the new San Fermin album I preordered is out this is the best morning of my week
Run for the hills, run, don't look back.
When I first heard of I fell in love with music.
Man Plunges To Death From San Pedro Cliff: A young man at Point Fermin Park in San Pedro...
The Horns on "Sonsick" by San Fermin... they speak to my soul.
Saw you guys in London. You were amazing. There is nothing quite like a San Fermin gig. Until next time... 🇬🇧
Pacific Sunset by edbannister ... Point Fermin is on the southern California Coast just north of San Pedro… less vi…
Man falls to his death at Point Fermin Park in Investigation underway. Story:
Man dies in fall from a cliff at Point Fermin Park in San Pedro:
Man dies after falling into surf from San Pedro cliff near Point Fermin
tragic: Young man dies after falling from cliff at Point Fermin Park in
I went on tour with & wrote about all 8 wonderful people in the band for Paste: http:…
We are one of the hotel sponsors for the Running of the Book a room today and enjoy a special rate!
Hey did you see this?. Monday, June 1, 6:30pm. San Fermin + Sō Percussion. Free at Pritzker Pavilion.
.collegiates, check out 2015 Stand for Music winner San Fermin!
I am enjoying the new San Fermin album so much, why didn't I hop on this earlier.
Learn more about the 2015 NAfME Stand for Music Award Winner
new passion pit kills. new wombats kills. new brand new kills. new san fermin kills. I love u 2015
San Fermin's national network TV debut on "CBS This Morning!" Check it!
Such a great night in Whelan's last week. Thanks
San Fermin Ellis Ludwig-Leone interview I was in a destructive place when I wrote Jackrabbit
ICYMI live, here is our performance of 'Jackrabbit' on
Saturday Sessions: San Fermin performs "Parasites": San Fermin--not the Spanish town where they run with the b...
Pamplona is the city. San Fermin is the festival held in Pamplona.
The Hangout Beach, Music and Arts Festival preview of San Fermin on CBS morning right now!...
: Band San Fermin Talks about Collaboration in the Creation of Sophomore Album Jackrabbit
"Sonic genius." Joe Madsen reports back from Photos by Colm Moore
the AU interview: Ellis Ludwig-Leone of San Fermin (Brooklyn) talks about new LP, Nico Muhly and dream music collabs
I might go to San Fermin at Casbah in San Diego, CA - May 18
If Dirty Projectors and Matt from the National went to Brooklyn for a week-long bender, it'd sound like San Fermin.
I'm at Celebrate Brooklyn!/Prospect Park Bandshell for St. Vincent and San Fermin in Brooklyn, NY
On slow songs, San Fermin vocalist Allen Tate could step in for The National's Matt Berninger and not miss a beat.
JULY 10 - Today in Food History • National Pina Colada Day • Spain: Fiesta de San Fermin - Running of the Bulls, Pamplona, Spain (July 6-15, 2014) • Canada’s National Fishing Week (July 5-13, 2014) [Canadian National Sportfishing Foundation] On this day in: 1720 Mrs. Clements invented a method of preparing mustard flour or powder, which was known for a long time as Durham Mustard. Until then, mustard was made into balls with honey and or vinegar, and then mixed with more vinegar when needed. (Some sources give the date as June 10). 1839 or 1842 Adolphus Busch was born in either 1839 or 1842 near Mainz, Germany. He founded Annheuser Busch in 1866 with his father-in-law, Eberhard Anheuser. Annheuser Busch is the world's largest brewer. 1863 Clement Clarke Moore died (born July 15, 1779). Author of classic poem, "A Visit from St. Nicholas" (now popularly known as "The Night Before Christmas"). (see also Dec 24, 1822) 1866 The indelible pencil was patented by Edson P. Clark of Northhampton, Massachuse ...
Pamplona bull run in pictures: The annual San Fermin Festival in northern Spain
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Hi All Please contact us by private message to secure your spot for San Fermin, pleople we said I am going are allready counted, but payment will be needed! I will send account details to people interested I hope you all understand San Fermin is a special day and will need to know numbers beforehand Eskerrik asko
San Fermin - Race with Bulls is coming to Hanoi. It's not only open for Spanish but also for everyone who interests in discovering new culture and have fun ! Come and challenge with "special bulls" !
San Fermin "Sonsick" Buy the single and album here: Our trailer was stolen in Portland, OR and we lost $25,000 worth of gea...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
San Fermin & Real Estate (among others) are playing the one night this wknd I'm not reviewing. So, yay!
just Boom. Just grabbed a pair. Last saw him in Pomplona '09 during Festival de San Fermin.
Enjoy music by Riccardo Crespo and dine on a meal complete with wines from Marqués de Cáceres. Get your tickets:
Not really funny, but still worth a watch. . Bull Running in Spain Every year from July 7th-14th thousands pack into Pamplona to start Spain's most famous bull-running fiesta to honour Navarre capital's patron saint, San Fermin. Spain stages more than 3,000 fiestas (festivals) each year but the 7 days of bull-running are the favourite in terms of spectacle and excitement. The supposed way to do this is to start off slowly when the bulls are quite a distance behind. Then as they get nearer start running like *** You can then go near them for a short time, as near as you are prepared to risk it, and then quickly get out of the way. Runners look for a gap in the fence to slip through or jump over, or a space against the wall of the street. When the bulls finally reach the end of the street, they go into pens and are kept until later that day they are killed in a bullfight.
Remember: Hiking in San Fermin on 12th July: Book now your tickets only through the Bank: Hiking on 29th June: Book now your tickets through the Bank or in the Club:
Hiking in San Fermin! One of the last hikes of this summer 2014 & an awesome party the day after in San Fermines - Pamplona!!
18 Days and Counting. Did you know that the San Fermin Festival is much more than the bull run. This is just...
Mr. T made it to Zubiri. Tomorrow I'll head to Pamplona, site of the San Fermin (running of the bulls).
Run with the Bulls and Catch a few Winks this Year in PamplonaPaolo Mazzara+June 16, 2014Travel Ideas, World EventsThe famous and often dangerous Running of the Bulls takes place every summer in Pamplona, Spain, as part of the San Fermin Festival. Pamplona is in the very north of the country not far…
The festival of San Fermin is one of the most famous annual celebrations in Spain. The fiesta is more commonly known in the UK as the running of the bulls – if you’re taking a Spanish language course you may already know the word for this is encierro – and it takes place in Pamplona in the Navarre r…
Sonsick by San Fermin makes so much sense to me but I couldn't explain it even if I tried and that bugs me lol 😩
This band called San Fermin that I really like.
Fans of orchestral pop music should check out San Fermin. They're pretty swell!
its not the Floridita, is Pamplona during San Fermin,
Graphic footage: Panic at the San Fermin Festival - no comment (WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE) Four people have been gored during the sixth bull run of Spain's San Fermin Festival, causing panic in the featured in NBC s Science of Love
And by the way, the band San Fermin has the best/worst PR photo ever .
Coming up in 30 days: Fiesta de San Fermin (July 6th-16th)
Looking for something fun to do this weekend?? Celebrate the longest day of the year at Solstice in the City at the Kimmel Center on Saturday, June 21 from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.! We have a stellar lineup of performances including Brooklyn indie duo Beverly, rock band Real Estate and San Fermin. DJ MR. BEST, who has an impressive background including DJ-ing for The Academy Awards, The Golden Globes, and The Emmys (really, look him up!) will be spinning in the lounge. Garces Group’s Beer Garden will also be a hit! What better way to welcome the summer?!
Listening to my iPod on shuffle is interesting because San Fermin is sandwiched between Hannah Montana and vintage Good Charlotte.
I just donated to Mariana Howard's San Fermin NOLA 2014-ARNO fund. Please check out this amazing cause right now.
I'm in San Antonio. Everyone's honking like hella. It's great.
A standing ovation for the San Antonio Starters has NEVER been more deserved. So much *** respect.
You have heard of the Running of the Bulls but did you know New Orleans also had a San Fermin Festival? New Post:...
So my flatmate decided to go to San Fermin this year…Wish I could go there again this year...Some crazy memories
San Fermin, a mix of The National and Haim. Beautiful song
The only good part about spending my summer alone in NJ is being able to listen to San Fermin and really understand Torero and Daedalus
Tell Council of Ban the Cruel Running of the Bulls
I would like to visit Pamplona during San Fermín. Me gusta ir de fiesta (y)
How to live the San Fermin Festival like a local.
When Amy confesses to Shane about her personal feelings. ♫ Oh, Darling – San Fermin
I liked a video from Sights and Sounds of San Fermin 2013 Running of the Bulls
Today's Running of the Bull in Baltimore is a good enough excuse to listen to San Fermin:
Casillas is going to be tied up to the ground during the next San Fermin Festival
Special wine dinner announced part of 2014 Running of the Bulls
Where Hemingway meets is the best thing to come out of since fitted sheets.
Mission San Luis Rey de Francia was founded by Father Fermin Lasuen.
Milwaukee Summerfest Music Festival 2014: The Head and The Heart, Phantogram, Arctic Monkeys, San Fermin, Tegan and Sarah, Bonnie Raitt, The Fatty Acids, Joan Jet, Fritz and the Tantrums, Kool and the Gang, Kopecky Family Band, Berlin, Melissa Etheridge, and wait for it. New Order. Seriously amazed.
The Boomtown Ball & Festival is only five days away in downtown New Albany, IN! Our friends in Houndmouth hand-selected each of the bands playing the FREE and ALL-AGES outdoor stage in historic New Albany on Sunday, May 25, and headlining the day long event are Brooklyn-based baroque rockers San Fermin! Check out the official video for their excellent song "Sonsick" and check out the entire lineup at:
On Tour Solstice in the City, Real Estate, and San Fermin at Verizon Hall, Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts (21 Jun ... via
San Fermin shall be performing in the head of steam tonight with support from Sam Thomas and Chris riley. Whos coming ?
Alrighty, so if I have the funds this summer I plan on seeing: Vampire Weekend in Milwaukee - June 4 ("plan" lol got my tickets, baby) Rufus Wainwright in Chicago - June 25 The Antlers in Chicago - June 29 San Fermin, Umphrey's and maybe Moon Taxi at Summerfest if none of them overlap with the Rufus or Antlers Phish in Chicago - July 18 St. Vincent and Wild Beasts at Pitchfork in Chicago - July 19 Beach Boys in Chicago - August 26 Who's down for any of these?
O.k., two things I love. San Fermin + Advent Lutheran in NYC. Always used to go to the Easter Vigil at Advent. Awes:
San Fermin was awesome at Wexner center. Totally blown away.
Spoke with Ellis from San Fermin regarding its show tonight at the Wex. Sad to miss it: … via
All I'm that if you don't catch San Fermin & Son Lux tonight at Wexner Center for the Arts, you are truly truly missing out. The fact that they are on the same bill and you can see them both in the same night is amazing. Don't.Screw.This.Up.
The plan is to play our favorite music from 2013 during the first show of 2014. However, as I've been listening to the music that made it my way this year, I'm coming across a ton of stuff I want to hear again. So tune in tonight at 9 for San Fermin, Har Mar Superstar, Cloud Cult and MOON TAXI. MI music on the way from frontier ruckus, Breathe Owl Breathe, Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers and The Outer Vibe. Streaming at and on the free app.
San Fermin "Renaissance!" Buy their debut album here: Filmed and Recorded Live at Advent Lutheran Church in Manhattan, NY. ...
In case you missed it we announced shows this week with Mission of Burma, Cibo Matto, Typhoon, David Dondero and San Fermin as well as our Manic 10 Show Holiday Pass! Tickets go on sale tomorrow at Noon... it's been a busy week!!
Good morning, New York! Today will be sunny and cold with a high of 32. Low of 24 tonight. Be careful, and watch for slick sidewalks and roads! On Brian Lehrer today, find out where our Christmas trees come from and why they cost what they do. On Leonard Lopate, Scott Adams explains how he went from hapless office worker to the creator of "Dilbert," the comic strip that portrays the lives of hapless office workers. Tonight at 9PM on Soundcheck, live music from the chamber-pop band San Fermin. (They made one of my favorite albums this year!)
Oxford Street was absolutely empty of all people apart from myself and Dave Cörding after the we had ourselves some fun just being our silly selves. Had a cracking night, San Fermin were absolutely sublime, fell in love with the horn section... This time next year it will be impossible to see them...definately going the same way as Arcade Fire and The National. Ended the night singing Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Nicks on the 3rd last tube home. I slag it off at times but I still believe that London is the best city in the world. Peace! X
FRZN Fest 2014 just announced w/ SUPERCHUNK, Diarrhea Planet, San Fermin, Caroline Smith, Weekend + more! Jan. 16 - 19 at
Thanks, Mr. Dulli. San Fermin is everything I love about The Divine Comedy. ♫ MagnoliA by Greg Dulli
10/8/13 – BEST Day of 2013 for new music? Evidence for: New albums released by Sleigh Bells, Amos Lee, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr... "New" (13-yr-old, never released) album finally released by the incomparable Patty Griffin... Full streams posted of forthcoming albums by The Head and the Heart, Lucius, and (hey, remember the 90s?) Pearl Jam... An incredible full-concert live stream from Ólafur Arnalds as he played live tonight at le poisson rouge. Not to mention a lovely week spent with new albums from CHVRCHES, The Blow, Lorde, & the peerless Johnny Flynn. (plus a month with the eponymous album from San Fermin on repeat) Evidence against: Bangerz (...with a 'z') *sigh*
I also reviewed the new albums by Bill Callahan, Summer Camp and San Fermin (and interviewed the latter). Spoiler they're all great too.
Reading up on what San Fermin is and listening to those tracks I'm already convinced that Ellis Ludwig-Leon is Jeff Mangum levels of genius.
Feast of the patron saint of the city of Pamplona, Spain today: surprise! It's not San Fermin; it's San Saturnino (St.…
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