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San Felipe

San Felipe de Puerto Plata, often referred to as simply Puerto Plata, is the capital of the Dominican province Puerto Plata.

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I need my friend back but San Felipe has her now lol
Just checking in and looking for friends (@ La Vaquita) on
Rocking and a rollin' at the dock in San Felipe, as we get just the edges of Tropical Storm…
And now it's raining... — attending Ceviche Fest in San Felipe
Driving past these mansions on San Felipe makes me realize how poor I really am. And it's hella depressing
just sneezed real loud & every member of the San Felipe staff yelled "salud" at me and laughed their *** off ~ lovin life ~
My state fair food experience in pics. Didn't get one of the new steak taco at San Felipe.
My costudent, as fieldwork, likes to stop at Tribal casinos. . So we did at San Felipe Casino. . CIGARETTES SOLD BY…
Welcome to Hotel San Felipe Plaza. We are glad to have you here.😁
Mod Pizza on San Felipe has an employee that lost everything in Harvey. If you're in the area, please help if you c…
dude Westheimer, Richmond, and San Felipe were parking lots at 9pm last night.
I'm on my way to the Ceviche Festival :)p — traveling to San Felipe, Baja California from San Diego International...
Can only north of the bayou at San Felipe or 610 or west of Hwy 6. Think u have to go Voss to san Felipe then cut up to I-10.
Pizzarito at green mill was good. Poncho dog is the best corn dog. San Felipe modist beer marinated tacos.
NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN had scenes at the road's western end. Right by San Felipe Pueblo.
Since Buffalo/San Felipe is so close to being below top of bank, does this bode well for Briar Forest reopening?
Our San Felipe & Post Oak cafe has reopened, and delivery is once again available!
how come water at San Felipe is dropping faster than Blt8 and dairy Ashford , is there…
.will bring the bar to Fort San Felipe on September 13, 2017.
You want to know who will win? Club Deportivo Deportes Valdivia vs San Felipe in Chile Primera B Apertura
Not awake toda (at San Felipe in Puerto de la Cruz, Canary Islands)
On-Hand bags. PM me your order. Free delivery within San Felipe. . Meet-ups @ towns of Cabangan, Botolan and...
I would love to show you my at 165 San Felipe Ave
Area between Piney point &San Felipe in Memorial Area will rise a foot from releasing water from Addicks & Barker..…
what about homes near Buffalo Bayou downstream of San Felipe bridge near Woodway bridge/610? Have not flood…
The boys enjoyed San Felipe! 🌞 And we assure you you will enjoy too! 😉 Wag palalampasin yan this Sunday, Super…
How to apply for a media trip to Israel and Anchorage, Alaska
Water levels slowly falling along Buffalo Bayou from West Belt to San Felipe. No additional homes will flood
Heb at I 10 and Bunker Hill still open. HEB at San Felipe closed. Walmart at Rice and 59 still ope…
oh fun. giant man climbs Castillo de San Felipe
There are so many stray animals in Colombia. I was walking from Castillo de San Felipe de…
Loving the density on San Felipe - now we just need more bike access + sidewalks
MOD Pizza. Make your own pizza with as many toppings as you want. 5777 San Felipe St, . Houston, TX 77057
Join us celebrate w/ indigenous communities, starting w/ the Aeta​s ​in San Felipe, Zambales​.…
Eat at MOD Pizza anytime TOMORROW (Tue, 7/18)!. 5777 San Felipe St. 20% of sales wIll be donated to the TMS Band!…
[update] off of San Felipe Rd & Metcalf Rd, 8 miles NE of Morgan Hill (Santa Clara County) is now 40 acres and 40…
Engine 382 responding with County Wildland Task Force for fire in area of San Felipe Rd. and Metcalf Rd.
some old pics I hadn't posted from San Felipe 🌊🌺
San Felipe, travel...Gas in US, cross in the morning, drive at 100 miles south on Mex 5 before stopping, watc…
Absolutely no parking at San Felipe 24 not even in the back 😭 anyone wanna hit legs?
Had an awesome weekend in San Felipe with my friends! It wad my 1st time over there and i had fun. Totally down to go again 🤓
The beaches here are nothing compared to the beach in San Felipe lol
Ruggles Green W Alabama used to have the worst parking. Dish Society San Felipe is now the undisputed champion of bad parking
Was Spring Creek once called Racoon Creek, and is my house that close to San Felipe County?
Droning in the secret surf spot in San Felipe.
Starting our week off right with a visit from "San Felipe": burger, cheddar, chili, chopped onion, spicy ranch,...
Oh the things I would do to go back in time when I'd go to San Felipe and camp there for 3 days with my mom and dads family 💔
Power has been resumed at San Felipe (2:28pm 7-17-17).
The ride to San Felipe and back was lit because of you 🔥👌🏻
Sand. Beach. And the Memories. I just miss it all ❤️. @ Liwa San Felipe…
Power has been resumed at San Felipe (11:49am 7-17-17).
Here is one just north of Otowi on San Felipe. Where the arroyo crosses.
Jalapeño Cucumber Margaritas at Katy's favorite San Felipe Mexican Restaurant. Much deserved after this long day.
[22:00 GMT] San Felipe vs Union Espanola - Go to the link to find online streams of the event, enjoy.
I just requested a surprise for my mom at San Felipe. I had to ask in Spanish so she wouldn't figure out what's going on 😂
"Haaland is a member of the Laguna Pueblo tribe and a former San Felipe Pueblo tribal administrator.".
Hello & welcome to Out of Office. Nearing the end of their first week, they've been working with our San Felipe Espress…
Aye are you working this weekend? Get the days off so we can go to Mexicali & San Felipe.
my life goal is to have a nice white house with shiplap walls and an open concept kitchen in the chimney rock/san felipe area of Houston
We travel not to escape life...but for life not to escape us. 🏛🏰 @ Castillo San Felipe dEl Morro
Gonna say he essentially ran 6 races in 12 weeks, as also won the San Felipe.
📍 San Felipe Neri Church (one of the most special place in our heart)
You are the way, the truth, and the light. . San Felipe Neri Church
Went droning and surfing yesterday with my officemates, at San Felipe, Zambales. .
A beautiful day on vacation last year, visiting Castillo San Felipe dEl Morro
Post Oak & San Felipe back open after weekend roadwork
Distribution of anti-criminality leaflets and dialogue with the residence/home owner of Brgy. Sto Niño, San Felipe,…
Wishing I was back on the beach in beautiful San Felipe! @ San…
Learn more about exciting developments underway at San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site:
San Felipe, home of San Felipe State Historic Site, burned this week in Texas history.
me neither honestly, he's beaten nobody. However, I think the San Felipe field is susceptible.
It's hard to come back to Northern California and lots of rain after sunrises like this in San Felipe.
California Chrome co-owner Perry Martin gives a cap to groom Raul Rodriguez after the San Felipe htt…
Come to San Felipe ya boy just dropped a lure module it's lit afff
Really beautiful jellyfish on the beach in San Felipe. I especially loved the crystal effect.…
Driving to San Felipe, Panamá, sharing real-time road info with wazers in my area. ETA 12:54 PM using - Drive Social.
driving almost four hours would so be worth it for some San Felipe
Never miss another great deal! Visit our Classified Ad section to buy and sell easy. No te pierdas las...
Ruinas Quirigua, Rio Dulce, & Castillo San Felipe and it's only day 2📍✔
The beautiful San Felipe de Neri Church in Old Town! lol day 9 @ San…
Brgy. Apostol to Balingcaguing, Sn Felipe to Brgy. Paite, Sn Narciso then *** to Maculcul Bridge, endpoint: Municipal proper of San Felipe.
i wanna take a trip to San bad
International Save the Vaquita Day in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico – the shores of vaquita's home waters.
Pic of the Day: San Felipe Church, the Most Beautiful Church in Antigua Guatemala
About 119 people from San Felipe, San Narciso, and San Antonio in Zambales were evacuated due to heavy rains.
A beautiful view of the San Juan Bay from San Felipe dEl Morro.
San Felipe espresso from Spiced marmalade, butter popcorn and sugary sweetness.
im dumb im sitting in my friends car n she got a sf sticker up im like what's dat mean san Felipe? she like no San Francisco giants lmao 😂
As of 12:00 nn today, has affected 50 families in the towns of San Narciso, San Antonio, and San Felipe in Zambales
First stone of the International Center of Church Planting and Church development in San Felipe, Venezuela.
We went to San Felipe de Neri and climb up the stairs for panoramic view of
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*ouch* "Bicyclist vs deer" way out on San Felipe Road, San Jose, CA.
In castillo de San Felipe . ' Keep runnig guys until your dreme will come true ' by P,K…
It's official! Baja California is the National Champion and San Felipe's Remo Team took them there!...
Exaggerator: Carried 124 in Santa Anita Derby and adds 2 for Derby and only picks up 4 from San Felipe third place finish.
We can't wait to meet all our new families at the community meeting tonight! See you at TH Rogers, 5840 San Felipe
Gen. Antonio López de SantaAnna, not wishing to be delayed by Baker's Texas men at San Felipe, led a column downriver toward Thompson'sFerry
There's nothing like the beaches in Mexico! Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, San Felipe. I need to go back!😭
I refuse to believe that tommy lee is here in San Felipe
Yes hello I am auditioning for the Real Housewives of College Park @ San Felipe de Puerto Plata
Smokey Image Works Five Furlongs for San Felipe under Victor Espinoza for his first foray in a graded race.
San Felipe probable Smokey Image this a.m. at SA. Victor Espinoza up (who leaves Mon for Dubai) - 5F 1:00.40 14/90
Smokey Image works half in 47.20 seconds under Victor Espinoza for San Felipe
and by fortresses i mean El Morro and the San Felipe castle. By lake i mean my aunt's house that is by the lake.
I did it ...found the hidden falls in San Felipe named Anghalo Falls.. We got lost. Walked…
band winning the pep rally in front of historic San Felipe de Neri in Olde Town
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I'm going to at San Felipe Casino Hollywood in San Felipe, NM - Nov 20
History is amazing!!! 1 of 2 pictures. Picture 1 is of Castillo San Felipe dEl Morro Fortress built…
was hurricane San Felipe in 1825 caused by climate change too? lol
It's a beautiful day to get married in San Felipe 😍
So blessed to have this bundle of joy in my life 😇💕 @ San Felipe De Jesus
El Morro, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico | Fort San Felipe dEl Morro - . (I know of the information at the end). YouTube
get back to San francisco in the fire light You know, you know, you know, you know we had it right
stranded at San Felipe with so could you come pick us us & also reunite with da fam 🇦🇫
Accident blocks right lane, right shoulder.. in on I-610 W Lp SB at 59 The SW Fwy, stop and go traffic back to San Felipe
sad af cause I got a nice tan in San Felipe during the summer & it's gone :( now my legs are lighter than before
Happy Birthday to one of my good friends from Barangay San Felipe Precious Agbunag Ruiz have a great one!
What was the longest car ride you’ve ever taken? — Probably the drive up to South Lake Tahoe or San Felipe from Los…
Praying my family in San Felipe are okay
Spanish colonial style castle. Located just outside of San Felipe, GTO, Mexico.
Castillo de San Felipe de Lara is a Spanish colonial fort in eastern Guatemala that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site https:/…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I swear my mom pisses me off. She talking about I can't afford to eat a San Felipe this week.But when I go out with my friends she goes then
This single family property is a feat of contemporary architecture. Come and see! >>>
Food trucks at Trotter Family Y on Augusta and San Felipe
Try One 10-inch fried flour tortilla filled with
US Poet Laureate and author Juan Felipe Herrera returns to San Antonio 11/4!
Sure that was from San Felipe hurricane 1928 (Puerto Rico).
Has anyone been to San Felipe, MX recently?
During the El Dorado Charity Golf Tournament Weekend, don't forget to visit the Malecon this Saturday to enjoy an... it San Phel-i-pay San Phil-i-pe or San Phil-i-pee? Lit no one knows how to pronounce the road San Felipe.
Praying for the good people of San Felipe.
Thank you Elders of San Felipe Pueblo for a wonderful visit yesterday.
Just saw my first Christmas lights up already on a house off Claremont at San Felipe! Come on do you think that's a little early?
daddy Allen, I saw u walking at San Felipe
Our buddy/favorite comedian/favorite foo', Felipe Esparza, is going to be in San Antonio this…
Maximum relaxation on the Sea of Cortez this spring with my little man @ San Felipe, Baja…
It is currently 70F/21C and Light Rain with Thunder for San Felipe, Costa Rica.
Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, the greatest fort ever built by Spaniards. Cartagena,
Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, Cartagena - Colombia, my City!. Enjoying my vacations //…
Thanks for your interest! Castillo de San Felipe de Lara on Rio Dulce Guatemala! http…
the truth I'm 17 years old, study at school San Felipe .
El Castillo San Felipe de Barajas in is a fortress built by the slaves during the spanish colonial...
Fish tacos, surfing, sand dunes and taking my kitten for walks on the beach. The good life in San Felipe, Baja
My sisters buying me this for San Felipe 🌅✌🏽
Explore San Felipe, a small fishing town on the east coast of Baja California,
I just wanna be in San Felipe drinking my Piña Colada 🌅
St Arnold Bishops Barrel 9 & 10 available San felipe for all you Knurds
Had an amazing day exploring an old Spanish fort in San Juan. @ Castillo San Felipe DEl Morro, Viejo…
now I lowkey wanna go to San Felipe
A Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of San Felipe Del Rio CISD will be held July 20, 2015, beginning at...
Have you seen this beautifully modern loft in Arabella? >>>
FULL-TIME, Santiago Morning was to strong for Union San Felipe. final score 6-1
Oh and he works at Iguanas on San Felipe. You're welcome my fellow thirst traps.
HALF-TIME, Santiago Morning is leading with 1-0 against Union San Felipe
What today consistent of 🐛 @ San Felipe de Jesus Catholic Church
Santiago Morning - Union San Felipe has just been started!
AC tune up - Kevin J. checked in near Corte San Felipe Winchester, CA
San Felipe has the best blue margaritas oh my 😋
San Francisco tha best doe. Bay area
I took acid in San Francisco. Stripped butt naked, caused a panic at the disco.
Stop and go traffic in on 610 W Lp NB between Beechnut and San Felipe, delay of 9 mins
Castillo San Felipe dEl Morro, one of Puerto Rico's leading attractions. In my shop
You take the feeder, then turn left at the esplanade, which should put you going the right way on San Felipe (pronounced "Fihllipee")
This margarita from san Felipe was SO yummy 😋 ugh I want one right now
They burned our alter but our faith is now stronger and with God we will rebuild via
Sad that the gym in San Felipe didn't have a lot of cardio😕😐
San Benito's power goes out more than I do.
Want a pizza with unlimited toppings?! . Come out to MOD pizza on San Felipe! And make sure to mention…
I took this pic inside of Castillo San Felipe dEl Morro. It is one of my favorites for its simplicity.
still sad that I couldn't go to San Felipe this summer with my sister 😭
400x Paul Thomas of Julian Hard Cider HERO Racing is back on the start line after an accident at San Felipe.
Today in 1836, General Sam Houston and the Texian army arrive at San Felipe de Austin en route route to San Jacinto.
March 8 2014 California Chrome trained by Art Sherman ridden by Victor Espinoza wins the San Felipe
Bob Baffert's Lord Nelson clocked 6/8 of a mile today in 1:13.00 training toward the San Felipe. Ranked 5/35.
American Pharoah likely for San Felipe at Santa Anita - Times Colonist
San Felipe United for Education Foundation. We are searching for people that is interested in helping San Felipe ki…
NOTICE: POST ONLY EVENT ACTIVITIES: upcoming events, event reviews, event photos, and other activities in San Felipe only.
My favorite San Felipe Sunrise image. I took less than 50 yards from my place.
San Felipe Direct wants to wish all a very happy new year.
Anyone heading to San Felipe in the next day or so that has a portable propane heater that they would like to donate or maybe even sell at a low price for the food bank, Volunteers without limits really needs one in the thrift shop the girls are are very very cold this week down there
I checked in at Stephen F Austin State Park on
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I checked in at San Felipe de Austin Historical Site on
This girl needs some food. Who wants to go to San Felipe 😊
the Chevron @ San Felipe just inside loop was at $3.25 the other day and people were there.
The daily Mass crew of Fr. James Fryar of the 7am at the Chapel of San Felipe FSSP Los Angeles. My first altar...
my boyfriend (a firefighter) saw your autographed picture at the pavilion in San Felipe. Huge fan😀
To sign up for the San Felipe Shootout consisting of a 5k, 10k, and a half marathon on March 28 or not to, that is the question!
*** Yeah! Just got back from San Felipe BAJA Cali. It's 1am had to give a shout out and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! To
Stopped to take a few pics while partaking in some rallycross in the desert. @ San Felipe Fabens Texas
Everyone at the Baja Mar in San Felipe watching the Bol de Azucar on ESPN Vivo is cheering for los Buckeyes. I have insisted on it.
first day of the year -1- @ San Felipe de Puerto Plata, Dominican…
with Pastor San Felipe and his wife with their new guitar and maracas!
I ran 8.20 km with Check out my route in San Felipe, 08, Costa Rica!
Very best Irish Coffee ever was that of Anna Marie Buette owner of the Old Heidelberg Restaurant on Fountain View - San Felipe
Activities at our San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site made the top 10 stories of 2014:
Hand & Stone San Felipe wishes you a happy and healthy 2015!
In the heart of San Felipe quarter, in the old part of there plenty of century old…
I'm now the Duke of Stephen F Austin State Park on
At San Felipe waiting for the first 2015 sunrise.
It is currently 72F/22C and Sunny for San Felipe, Venezuela.
None of this would have been possible without YOU - the Family. 2015 is the year of the cat!
It is currently 76F/24C and Sunny for San Felipe, Chile.
One more turn for our 3rd Rock from the Sun... @ Castillo San Felipe DEl Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico
I'm eating San Felipe tonight and if that's not a great way to ring in the new year, then idk what is.
The first commercial flight from San Diego to San Felipe through SeaPort Airlines landed today in San Felipe Baja. Service between San Diego, CA and San Felipe, Mexico starts December 15, 2014. Flights will operate every Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Southbound flights will depart SAN at 9:15am and arrive 10:35am. Return flights will leave at 11:30am and arrive at 12:50pm. Flights in both directions connect with SeaPort's nonstop San Diego-Burbank flights, as well as other destinations offered by our interline partner Alaska Airlines. Tickets are now available for purchase at December 15,2014. ARTTV / Picture by Martin Romo C.
Will do! I'll center it around a KY Derby prep at Santa Anita, so thinking around the San Felipe. We'll hang out :)
Fresh eggs our entire stay in San Felipe, Baja California. These girls give my mom 6 eggs a day like clockwork.
SOUTHERN BAJA NEEDS OUR HELP by Allen L Phillips My wife Pat and I have a time share in Cabo San Lucas, at the southern tip of Baja California, and were planning to go down for a week on October 20. The Marina Fiesta Resort, is located right on the harbor close to everything. But on Sunday night, September 14th, Hurricane Odile, scored a direct hit on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula with 125 mph winds and then went right up the mountainous spine of the peninsula before losing force and veering east south of San Felipe. [ 425 more words. ]
Saint Columban's Alumni Association USA congratulates the siblings Shyra and Teddy Feria Dela Cruz for not only passing Licensure Exam for Officer-in-Charge Engineering Watch but for being in the top 4 and 8 respectively. We are so proud of you especially to Shyra who has been our High School scholar! May you be an inspiration not only to our other scholars but to the youth of San Felipe. Good luck to your future endeavors and God Bless always. Fatima A. Farrales President SCHS Alumni Association USA Batch '77
Clint Dempsey was at San Felipe in aberdeen
Several days ago, I spoke on House floor about Del Rio, Texas, during “23 in 1” series. During series, I take viewers and listeners on one minute journey through 23rd District of Texas. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Today I’d like to continue our journey through the vast 23rd District of Texas and talk about San Felipe Del Rio, known today as Del Rio, Texas. San Felipe Del Rio was founded by the Spaniards in the 1600s. In fact, local lore talks about the Spaniards offering a mass there on St. Phillips Day in 1635 – hence the name San Felipe. When the local post office was established in 1883 the name was condensed simply to Del Rio in order to avoid confusion with San Felipe de Austin. Del Rio from its onset has been carried forward by those with innovation and entrepreneurship in their blood. From the San Felipe Agricultural, Irrigation, and Manufacturing Company, which first harnessed the clear waters of San Felipe Creek to satisfy the thirst of crops and a growing population to Julio’s Corn Chips, ...
Okay peeps; please enjoy a bit of Baja/San Felipe history with the ultimate desert rat (explorer) Bruce Bruce F. Barber. I'm off the grid for a bit. *** and Cathy are going to San Diego and the Genius Bar for Apple, so they're taking my MacBookPro. They are so cool. So, I'll be back on zee Internet mas tarde!
John B Pack and Rachel Pack of San Felipe have been doing Blues Concerts in Baja California to raise money and...
The Local Government Unit of San Felipe, Zambales joins the entire nation in the celebration of the 116th Philippine Independence Day commemorated in simple wreath laying ceremonies to the statues of Dr. Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio and Former President Ramon Magsaysay, Jr. held at the Municipal Compound and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers at the Municipal Cemetery.Mabuhay ang Kalayaan ng Pilipinas
HAPPY 116th PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE DAY San Felipe, Zambales Display of Philippine Flags along the National Highway And laying of floral wreath at the monuments of Dr. Jose Rizal, President Ramon Magsaysay and Gat Andres Bonifacio.
nice! Hey Chris are you heading south for the baja 500? You and Cam Steele did an awesome job reporting in San Felipe.
China is Looting The Philippines; Probably With The Assistance of Corrupt Philippine Officials Is Zambales province still Philippine territory, or now China’s? Zambaleños ask that, because local officials are giving away their natural resources to East Asia’s neighborhood bully. By Jarius Bondoc (The Philippine Star) | October 30, 2013 In Barangay Maloma, San Felipe town, thrives black-sand mining by Chinese. They destroyed the fields and mountains to build a seaport big enough to accommodate their poacher vessels. While berthed the ships siphon the black sand into the hold with huge hoses, then sail away. No taxes or royalties are paid — only bribes to the very officials tasked to keep them out. In China magnetite is separated from the sand, for use in steel and telecoms products. That includes weapons and surveillance systems. China deploys such materiél to invade Bajo de Masinloc (Scarborough Shoal), 123 miles from Zambales’ shore. Same with the unabated nickel mining in Masinloc and Sta. Cr ...
Hotel Palacio del Marqués de San Felipe y Santiago de Bejucal, in the very heart of old Havana. The chance to feel the beating heart of...
Wow! We are 8 members from1,000. We will be having a massive rave at the edge of the inner loop by the Jack in the Box at San Felipe tonight at midnight. (Bring Your Own Glow Sticks)
On 5/15 in Houston, Site Mgr. Bryan McAuley presents free program about updates at our San Felipe de Austin site.
Our Rowing Team from San Felipe is representing all of Baja and has won five (5) gold medals; off to Mexico City and they're going to win more!! Felicidades Baja Remo!!
Visit to classmate Maria Luisa Javier at their residence in San Felipe, Aliaga, Nueva Ecija on April 21, 2014
This Day in Texas History: April 18, 1836 Santa Anna finds out that Colonel Almonte had barely missed capturing the Texas government. The boat was within firing range but Almonte did not fire as it was not considered to be chivalrous since women were on the rowboat carrying David Burnett Santa Anna hears that the Texas Army was heading to the Trinity River through Lynchburg on the Buffalo Bayou. Santa Anna feared that Houston and the Texas Army might jump on a ship and head to Galveston like the Texas Government. To stop them Santa Anna decides to capture the Lynchburg Crossing on the 19th. Texas Army camps by Harrisburg. Mexican General Woll arrives at the Old Fort. General Gaona reaches San Felipe and heading to the Old Fort. General Urrea is along the San Bernard. Deaf Smith and Henry Karnes capture a Mexican courier who had a saddlebag marked "William Barrett Travis". The dispatches said that Santa Anna was at New Washington and by himself. From the dispatches Sam Houston also learns the size o ...
KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS, Our Lady of Prompt Succor Council Activities for the Month April 6 Choir Rendition Council Meeting April 9 Practice First Degree Eximplification Team 3PM at Segarra's Residence, Calauag, Naga City April 12 Ist degree Eximplification Officers must bring at least one recruit 2PM Segarra's Residence April 17 Way of the cross pls. come with ur family. San Felipe to Carolina 5AM assembly time MNWD Pumping Station, San Felipe, Naga City (those who can't make it at 5am humabol na lang). April 17 Vigil at OLPS 11 pm, please come with your family April 18 Good Friday Procession HOnor Guards should be in complete regalia Other members should be in vests or white uniforms April 20 Officers meeting April 26 Family Day at Pasacao 5-6 Assembly time at Land Bank Naga (Centro) 6 AM departure time. April 27 Choir Rendition OLPS 4th degree meeting.
Advance Party: Cabaruan and Anghalo Falls, San Felipe, Zambales. According to local myth, these two waterfalls are twins, foot prints of a gentle giant who inhabited the mountains not so long ago. The waterfalls are in their best from the months of June until August. The water at Cabaruan starts to dry up on the month of September while the water decreases drastically in Anghalo on the same month. This is due to denuded mountains. Ricky Montecillo, Carlo Luis Escover
The Big Boyz hanging out in San Felipe, Toledo... with App State students
I was thinking of an old friend from 7th grade, Debbie Potter. Her dad lived in an apartment down by San Felipe and her mom lived right next door to 1st Baptist Church on Crystal Springs, next door to San Bruno park. I remember some good times with her and have always wondered what happened. She was good friends with Stephanie Mennini. Did any of you know her?
From here on out if its Saturday its Ky Derby Prep Race its the Tampa Bay Derby go Conquest Titan & out west in the San Felipe go California Chrome.Time to get serious !
Post-a-Day The three villages bordering the vaquita's range are San Felipe, Puerto Penasco, and El Golfo de Santa Clara!
Robert McAlpin Williamson to Travis March 1, 1836 Translation of the letter taken by the Mexican army after the battle and sent to Secretary of War, General Don Jose Maria Tornel by General Santa Anna Gonzalez –March 1, 1836.—Sr. Colonel Travis. You cannot know my anxiety, sir. Today makes four full days that we have not received the slightest report regarding your dangerous situation, and therefore we have indulged in a thousand conjectures about it. Sixty men have set out from this municipality and in all human probability they are with you at this date. Colonel Fannin, with three hundred men and four pieces of artillery, has been on the march for Bejar for three days. Tonight we expect some three hundred reinforcements from Washington , Bastroj, Brazoria, and San Felipe, and no time will be wasted in seeking their help for you. With regards to the other letter of the same date, let it pass; today you will know what it means. If the multitude gets hold of it, let them figure it out. – I am ...
Residents file lawsuit against River Oaks tower Residents near the site of Hines’ future River Oaks tower have filed a lawsuit aiming to prevent its construction. The 167,000-square-foot project, called 2229 San Felipe, is on a 35,000-square-foot parcel between Kirby and Shepherd. It will have nine office levels, as well as eight parking levels with 400 spaces. The lawsuit, which was filed earlier this month in Harris County court, cites private nuisance and public nuisance issues in its cause of action, calling the tower “abnormal and out of place” for the neighborhood and claiming the additional traffic going to and from the tower would be a “disaster.” The plaintiffs have a petition with more than 1,000 signatures included with the lawsuit.
Day 4 To Major-General Sam Houston February 25, 1836 HEADQUARTERS, FORT OF THE ALAMO: Sir; On the 23rd of Feb., the enemy in large force entered the city of Bexar, which could not be prevented, as I had not sufficient force to occupy both positions. Col. Bartes, the Adjutant-Major of the President-General Santa Anna, demanded a surrender at discretion, calling us foreign rebels. I answered them with a cannon shot, upon which the enemy commenced a bombardment with a five inch howitzer, which together with a heavy cannonade, has been kept up incessantly ever since. I instantly sent express to Col. Fannin, at Goliad, and to the people of Gonzales and San Felipe. Today at 10 o'clock a.m. some two or three hundred Mexicans crossed the river below and came up under cover of the houses until they arrived within virtual point blank shot, when we opened a heavy discharge of grape and canister on them, together with a well directed fire from small arms which forced them to halt and take shelter in the houses about ...
Just unpacked the music equipment from "Vatos Locos" playing for "Steak in the Park". What an awesome afternoon. Over 500 dinners sold. Thank you Rotary for all you do in San Felipe. Now we're packing up for Desert Rose to play at La Vaquita Restaurant this evening. Should be fun. Come and join us.
While 'cleaning' my computer I ran into some archives people sent many, many years ago. I still find them really funny, so I'm sharing with "y'all", enjoy: "The Rules of Houston: 1. You must learn to pronounce the city name. It is "Ewe-stun", not "Huestun." Oh yea, it is pronounced "San Phil-a-pee," not "San Phil-eep" (San Felipe). 2. Forget the traffic rules you learned elsewhere. Houston has its own version of traffic rules...Hold on and pray. There is no such thing as a dangerous high-speed chase in Houston. We all drive like that. 3. All directions start with, "Go down to Loop 610". which has no beginning and no end. 4. The Chamber of Commerce calls getting through traffic... a "Scenic Drive." 5. The morning rush hour is from 6:00AM to 10:00AM. The evening rush hour is from 3:00PM to 7:00PM. Friday's rush hour starts Thursday morning. 6. If you actually stop at a yellow light, you will be rear-ended, cussed out and possibly shot. When you are the first one off the starting line, count to five when the ...
The Castillo de San Marcos is the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States (Castillo San Felipe dEl Morro in San Juan, Puerto Rico is older). Located on the shore of Matanzas Bay in the city of St. Augustine, Florida, construction began in 1672, 107 years after the city's founding by Spanish Admiral and conquistador Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, when Florida was part of the Spanish Empire. After Britain gained control of Florida in 1763 pursuant to the Treaty of Paris, St. Augustine became the capital of British East Florida, and the fort was renamed Fort St. Mark until the Peace of Paris (1783) when Florida was transferred back to Spain. In 1819 Spain signed the Adams–Onís Treaty which ceded Florida to the United States in 1821 and the fort became a United States Army base which was renamed Fort Marion, in honor of American Revolutionary War hero Francis Marion. In 1942 the original name, Castillo de San Marcos, was restored by an Act of Congress. The fort was declared a National Monument in ...
It takes a village to bring a missing loved one home, and because of that we'd like to thank everyone who helped in the search for Cleo Haston earlier this week. Thank you to the businesses at the corner of S. Voss and San Felipe - Roosters Men's Grooming Center, Kroger, CVS, Richard's Liquors, Bullrito's, & Starbuck's - who let us put up flyers in their storefronts; thank you to Cisco Systems for their speedy mobilization of employees; thank you to the search and rescue volunteers who deployed, and our fans & followers who shared and cared online; and of course a big thank you to the Houston Police Department for their hard work, dedication, and good investigative skills that directly brought Cleo home. We really are a wonderful village!
Come hang with us on feb 8th, 7pm at San Felipe casino hollywood in New Mexico!
Watch this awesome video Charlie Moore put together to help get the word out and show his support about Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and all of the incredible work we're doing in San Felipe, Mexico. "Together we can break the cycle of generational poverty, one child at a time".
The Masonic lodge in San Felipe is hardcore. It's inside of a church & you can still see marks on the walls from lanterns/candles
Need an extraordinary gift?. Tuscan extra virgin olive oil or 18-year aged balsamic vinegar from the San Felipe...
Just around the corner from the state park is the San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site.…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Whoever trynna get served in hoop , come to san felipe
accident blocks two right lanes on 610 NB at San Felipe. Stop and Go Traffic from 59 The SW Fwy, delay of 3 mins
Wow I forgot how great San Felipe is
San Felipe vive el deporte con work out
Thank you bahiaprincipe San Felipe and and my boo for this holiday. Had a fab time and…
ok!. Hit me tomorrow. Maybe we can go get tatted together. Guy in san Felipe does GREAT tats. Did my dream catcher.
it's a ski and it has shots lined up for like 6ppl nd u all take a shot together! Everyone dances on the bar at San Felipe's
and San Felipe's is where I was like "did you go to Glendale" then I got lost hahha!
lol that's the spot! Hahha we usually start at Collins get AMFs and go to maloneys then monsoons and we end at San Felipe's!
no lol wait no? Lol I'll wait till you come back hahha San Felipe's? Hahha
Off to San Felipe. Cue the Indiana Jones moving red line on a map montage.
Wouldn't mind if he then did the ITMLDAY routine, skip San Felipe, rest/grow, right into SA Derby. Tho that creates pts worry.
SkyHouse II? Galleria area residential towers about to jump Loop 610. Although 24-story tower said to be 'River...
I'm down to go to San felipe whenever if any girls are interested in this slab of ***
A cenar a San felipe as my last dinner here😭
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Shopping along the streets of San Felipe, Mexico.
Sportfishing is the name of the game in San Felipe, Mexico.
It's my last night in town so obvs San Felipe is needed.
Come to Paradise in Baja California! Quaint Fishing Village of San Felipe, right off the Aqua Blue Sea of Cortez.
Enjoy New Year 2014 with Developer Expense Paid Baja Discovery Tour! See the Beauty of San Felipe Contact Remonia (510) 384-0908 to Schedule
We've been friends since we've been babies @ San Felipe - Comas
the exact reason why you were staring at us at San Felipe
So would anyone like to go to San Felipe with me
Photoset: the beautiful walls of San Felipe dEl Morro Fort at sundown  Old San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Descenso xela - san Felipe ... 24.4 km in 01:13:07 tracked with
The Baja Good Life Club is proud to announce the 1st Annual Baja Latino Fest in San Felipe, Baja California on...
I have had the best time at San Felipe. Would want to stay longer...
A desolate stretch of road along the Sea of Cortez between Puertecitos and Bahia Gonzaga - no Auto C
Find out where the churches in San Felipe are located:
San Felipe is about to hit the spot😍
Pristine Paradise - Located right on the beach with private beach access (see/hear the water/waves o
Get ready for a fun, foodie experience at the Taste of San Felipe walking food tour event!
Get your reservations for the San Felipe 250/Carnaval now! Rent a beautiful home on the beach!
Places in San Felipe are already getting booked up for the San Felipe 250 / Carnaval mega event February 28th to...
“I want to open a place down in San Felipe. It’s on the east side of the Baja needle. It’s a tiny shrimping village surrounded by nothing but sand, abandoned uranium mines, and pelicans. I’d open up a small place for friends and eccentrics only, and for staff I’d only hire elderly Mexican women and stunningly beautiful surfer and hippie type boys and girls who have had their brains swiss-cheesed from too much dope. There’d be a bar there, where everyone staples business cards and money to the walls and the ceiling, and the only light would be from ten watt bulbs hidden behind cactus skeletons on the ceiling. We’d spend nights washing zinc salves from each other’s noses, drinking rum drinks, and telling stories. People who told good stories could stay for free. You wouldn’t be allowed to use the bathroom unless you felt-penned a funny joke on the wall. And all of the rooms would be walled in knotty pine wood, and as a souvenir, everyone would receive just a little bar of soap.” - Dougla ...
There will be an Alternative Health & Metaphysical Fair on Saturday, January 4, from 10am – 5pm at the La Quinta. Hotel– Galleria, located at 1625 W Loop, between San Felipe and Post Oak. Open to the public, free entrance. Lots to choose from -- readers, feng shui, reflexology, healing, chair massage, soul portraits, jewelry, gifts, skin care, etc. Vendors will be Sioux Storm - Visionary Artist ... Having your Spirit Totem Portrait done by Sioux Storm is an excellent way to learn about your animal spirit totems. Each portrait is unique and can help you to better understand your behavior and choices and to reveal strategies for changing energies that no longer serve you. Sioux’s Spirit Totem Portraits are captured in beautiful watercolor. You will treasure your portrait for your lifetime. Carol Culver with the Wellness Place -- offering advise and consultations for health issues; Ramona -- foot reflexology, Christin doing soul paintings, Olympia -- Reiki chair massage, Trisha Keel with Tomorrow's Key ...
Just a reminder. Please Come out to Old Town this Friday Dec. 13 2013 From 5pm to 9pm and Support The Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Walk/ Run. We will be a food vendor near San Felipe de Neri church. Come and support Martin Romero by purchasing The best Hot Chocolate, Posole, Green Chile Stew, Bake Goods and Luminaria Sale. Hope to see you. Thanks. Here's some more information. Please help Martin with this Luminaria fundraiser and as always prayers for such a wonderful young man are in need. Help him beat this ailment. Miracles do happen! We're hoping and praying for a big one this Christmas season. we will also be having a delicious bake and goodies sale along with NM favorites: Posole, green Chile stew, Hot chocolate, Coffee etc. will be near San Felipe de Neri Church on Friday Dec. 13th, 2013 from 5pm. to 9pm at the Jingle Bell walk/ Run for Arthritis. Come out and support our causes. We need to beat these wretched diseases. Looking forward to seeing you there in beautiful Old Town during this Chri ...
Photo: San Felipe de Neri Catholic Church, Old Town, Albuquerque. Built in 1793. (Parish has been there since 1706.)
Black Christ Church, Portobelo The large white church at Portobelo is the Iglesia de San Felipe, which is still in use. It dates from 1814, but its tower wasn’t completed until 1945. It’s famous as the home of the life-sized effigy of the Nazareno of Portobelo, better known as the Black Christ. The effigy, depicting Christ carrying the cross, normally resides on a podium to the left of the altar, but it is brought out to the center of the church for the Black Christ Festival, by far Portobelo’s biggest event. The handsome altar of the church is adorned with gold images depicting various emblems of the crucifixion, including nails, instruments of torture, and the dice the Roman soldiers cast for Christ’s robe. Small wooden carvings ringing the walls depict the stages of the cross. Behind this church is the recently renovated Iglesia de San Juan de Dios, home to the new Museo del Cristo *** de Portobelo, which now displays 63 of the robes donated by Panamanians for the festival, some of which are .. ...
INFOMACION: Experimental Basketball League headquarters in San Felipe and Sabana de Parra , Edo . Yaracuy , for the development and expansion of Basketball Minor and Initiation     MISSION: Basketball Bring all the latitudes and genres , giving the real importance from the point of view Socio -cultural , Recreation and Education .     COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Regional League for the Promotion and Amateur Basketball diffusion through the Didactica , Championships , Tournaments , Events and Activities Regional and National     HISTORY: The Druids National League was founded in 2011 Caracas Venezuela for training, development and inclusion Basketball Schools that make life in the associations and communities , expanding at Sabana de Parra, Yaracuy the Druids School Project Venezuela for Championships and Federated Official Tournaments and Schools , the Druids of South America Regional League in Yaracuy Championships and Leagues activities .At the same time the project is carried Latinoamerica Druids League ...
Lots of Events coming up this weekend in San Felipe! Poker Run, Art Show, Car Show, check out the calendar!
we got bio luminiscent bays, reefs, old Spanish forts (El Morro, San Felipe)
San Felipe bridge closing for reconstruction - Houston Chronicle
Yes, the reservation is well aware of this situation. The Horse Shelter office gets 3-6 calls a week on horses starving there between mile marker 249 and 251 and we have been getting these calls for about 4-5 months now. I have made many calls to San Felipe notifying them of these individual reports. Just last week I had a conversation with the Pueblo's environmental outreach director and they do have some long term plans, such as implementing PZP (horse sterilant for mares) to population control (we are talking about probably hundreds of horses, not all of them are at the fence). They also maintain that they are feeding "some of them", but that it is a very challenging problem for them. San Felipe's basic statement was that the problem didn't happen overnight and that it would take them some time to solve it. I have also spoken with one of our regional NM Livestock Board inspectors about this, who also receives many calls on these horses. San Felipe is a sovereign nation, so there is nothing that can be ...
Read this, Very interesting eh!!: WOMAN, 21, AUCTIONS OF HER VIRGINITY IN ORDER TO PAY FOR SCHOOL. YourJewishNews, 04.07.13 In a new trend that popped up recently, more young women are selling off their virginity in order to be able to pay for their school tuition. The latest woman to auction off her virginity is a 21-year-old from San Felipe, Chile. She said that she is selling her virginity to the highest bidder, and intends to use the money to pay for higher education. The woman who goes simply by the name "Tamara" published her offer on the VIP Aconcagua, a Chilean escort website, claiming she needed the money to pay off her college debt. "Hi, I'm Tamara, I am 21-years-old and I'm selling my virginity. The reason I am selling my virginity is because I have a large debt to pay and my family cannot pay for it," the advertisement reads. "I need money. If not, I would not do this," it also states. The advertisement includes six pictures of Tamara posing in seductive lingerie and guidelines for potential b ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I really wanna try & go to this... anyone interested in joining me? Guinevere DiPiazza - you performing? Jen Hyun Hee Kim? Chris Maher? Rite Chappy? Eileen San Felipe? Eileen San Felipe? Matthew Gaetano Piccolo? Kevin Nolan? Melissa Maciag Miller - wanna bring the kids in? Wow - I really do not know that many people in Hoboken anymore... :(
We have been working hard this past month. Installing 5 Grid-Tie system for customers in the San Felipe area. Here is a picture of one of the installs. 16 Kyocera 245 Watt panels. The other day these panels generated over 29Kw in one day. In a year that would be about 10,000kW in a year. It is estimated that Baja has 5kW per square meter per day falling one it. All you need is one solar panels and you can capture part of that energy. Look for more pictures! and what are you waiting for, Send us your electric bill and let us show you how we can reduce or eliminate your electric bill.
San Felipe here we come! Did not think I could swing it but thanks to my southwest rewards and Sean Sullivan I will get 3 days. However Dirk Sutton Brooke Sutton and Sam Sutton and Bella will have 8 days. It would be perfect if Amy Nicole can join us.
Teaming With Excellence  We are beginning a new tradition here at ACD where each week we take time to visit with a different team member. We're calling this our Teaming With Excellence feature. These brief chats give us the opportunity to learn unique and interesting facts about the featured employee! This week we feature Tracy Jimenez, Account Manager.  Did you know? I grew up in San Diego lived in Puerto Rico for a couple years and got to experience Hurricane Hugo. I like dirt bike riding and once rode from San Felipe in Baja Mexico to San Diego. A total of 760 miles! I have a degree in biology from San Diego State and had a teaching credential in both biology and chemistry. In my free time I enjoy gardening, hiking and camping. I have a lot of zucchinis if anyone wants some. I've been in the claims industry for over 7 years having previously worked for Mercury Insurance. And I bet you didn’t know that I used to be a brake mechanic at Sears (my first job)!
Power out in San Felipe area. You guys around the city ok?
Like I miss Santa Clarita, but I wanna be back in San Felipe man.
2013 SHOC Racing Team is welcoming two new riders to the BAJA 500 in June!: Riding with Oscar Fazz (rider of record) of Yuma, Arizona, USA; will be Augustine Augie Agustin Rojas Madueña of San Felipe, Mexico; David Troniak of Calgary Canada and Yvan Perroud of Lyon, France- We are going to ROCK the Score Baja ! Our Full 2013 Team Roster still includes: Randy Harmon, Lonnie Pearce and Derek Ball (in recovery). Pit Crew Captains include: Chad Albright, Mike Gardner, Mike McCully, Dave Lindenmeyer, Steve Schumack.
I liked a video from Monster Energy - 2013 San Felipe 250 Recap
SCORE San Felipe 250 March 9th, 2013 San Felipe, BC, MX Once a year the sleepy beach town of San Felipe is awoken by the sounds of chase crews, pre-runner vehicles and race machines tearing around the streets and nearby desert in preparation for the season opener of the SCORE Baja series. The town may be a destination for those seeking relaxation and an escape from the hustle and bustle of the American way of life, but the race itself offers nothing of the sort. The terrain is brutal. The course features more whoops than most racers would care to hit in a lifetime and embedded rocks blending in so well with the dirt that it makes racing feel a bit like a game of Russian roulette. Maintaining focus over such unreadable terrain is of the utmost importance as the slightest mistake could end your race. Couple the mental test with the physicality of the course and the speeds required to compete and it can be argued that the San Felipe 250 is one of the toughest off road races in the world. Heading to the start ...
Top Things to Do in San Juan: El Viejo San Juan (Old San Juan), El Morro (Castillo de San Felipe dEl Morro), Castillo de San Cristobal. Been here too? Add it to your map!
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