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San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the United States and second-largest city in California. Orange County is a county in the U.S. state of California. Its county seat is Santa Ana. As of the 2010 census, its population was 3,010,232, making it the third most populous county in California, behind Los Angeles County and San Diego County It is the sixth most populous county in the United States as of 2009 while at the same time is the smallest area-wise county in Southern California, being roughly half the size of the next smallest county, Ventura. 5.0/5

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We’re on fire here in Southern California. I’m in Orange County and so far we have no fires. But our neighbors LA/…
SoCal: Join our newest HashiCorp User Group! This chapter will rotate between San Diego, Orange County, and LA.…
Driving between San Diego and Orange County on I-5, is Camp Pendleton, which is how the region looked befor…
Some people question me about my sports teams. My philosophy is San Diego > Orange County (Ahaheim) > Los Angeles. But I like SoCal playoffs
Any SoCal teams except the Dodgers and Kings during the season. I cheer for San Diego > Orange County > L…
Join the LNB squad as we head from Orange County to Palm Springs and onwards to San Diego. Register ->…
Smh... that's not LA. That's Orange County. Might as well call it "north San Diego"! 😒
Today's guests from Seattle, San Diego, SF Bay Area and Orange County on the Old & New Downtown LA tour!
Can you imagine crossing an entire ocean on a paddle board? I cant imagine going from San Diego to Orange County!…
Does anyone know any psychics around Riverside, Orange County, or San Diego that specialize in reading into past lives
If you're in San Diego or Orange County & drive a VW, consider using my family's business, Support small & local businesses! 🙌🏼❤
Orange County and San Diego physicians invited to join
My bf has tickets from San Diego to Long Beach to Orange County 😂
Legal fight over the 405 expansion in Orange County moves to San Diego
5 Reasons to Visit Rockin' Jump in Orange County, San Dimas or San Diego via
Orange County people are actually a lot nicer than San Diego people in general tbh
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Understand: San Diego (and really, even Orange County, which separates them) takes pride in not being LA.
Abbott proudly serves and owners in San Diego, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange County!
Semi-truck collision on I-5 in south Orange County at Christianitos has two lanes closed & traffic may back into San Diego.
Opening Day turnouts for California. Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. Painted the morning RED in CA!
Surf City, USA. Conveniently located between LA and San Diego, the beach towns of Orange County bring any Californi…
From the NAAAP Southern California Chapter Family (Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego) and our Board of...
Bye bye Orange County.. It was real.. Time to head back to San Diego and get an Ice Cold Beer.
Now that San Diego & Los Angeles may share 1 stadium & 1 owner 4 our newspapers, should we adopt Orange County next?
Get ready San Diego! We are airing on Cox4 starting today at 10pm! Come along and DISCOVER Orange County!...
I'm in San Diego! Leila is in Orange County up north an hour or so. Same area 🙆
I will be in the following city's this February -. ☆Palm SpringsInland Empire ☆ San Diego ☆ Orange County ☆. ☆ Los Angeles ☆SFV☆ Temecula ☆
Snow in the palm trees Orange County and San Diego. But still the left seeks to crucify civilization in a carbon cross
Couldn't believe I'll be celebrating in Christmas in California again for the first time since Christmas 1992 when my parents drove our family from Chicago, my home at the time, crossing the Midwest and the Southwest parts of the US to Southern California arriving San Diego and later Disneyland in Orange County but this time will be my first Christmas in the Bay Area.
Hi Gina! Right now our closest race to Orange County is in San Diego on March 22nd.
Join us in celebrating the greatest achievements of four leaders in the Asian-American community, as well as the entire San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles chapters of NAAAP. On Saturday, January 24, 2015 your year will begin with a foray of color and culture like never before in an evening. Co…
Junk Studz Junk Removal is proud to haul customers junk removal in Aliso Viejo and all Orange County, Los Angeles & San Diego everyday!
Friends of the IDF (FIDF) or Friends of the IDF (FIDF) San Diego & Orange County is an awesome way to help Israel Defense Forces~!
via those in the "know": "Proposition 1 spends 2.7 billion to dam more rivers, increase the height of the Lake Shasta dam, and another 2 billion to construct Gov. Jerry Brown's pet project of building two tunnels to bring Northern California water to Southern California. The only areas in the state that have increased water usage rather than conserve are Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. Why should we give them more water when our lawns and forests are dying or dead? VOTE NO ON PROPOSITION 1.
From Jhade Caoile: "Hi, Top Gear! I'm from Orange County, California. I saw this on the freeway. How cool is that?! It was going to San Diego. Enjoy the video."
Foster needed for Pepe- his 91 yr. old mom entered assisted living on Mon. and needs somewhere to go ASAP! We're looking for a foster in the San Diego County or south Orange County area to foster 15 year old Pepe the poodle. He will likely be a furever foster due to his age. We're looking for a family who is committed to caring for Pepe while Lionel's Legacy provides necessary food, supplies, and vetting. Please fill out a foster application at
Yeah. I live just south of LA in Orange County. So, I get to hit up the LA and San Diego events without much trouble.
I know is going to Orange County but I really wish he was going to be in San Diego 😢
We are back from Texas!Doing work with Palm Springs, Orange County and San Diego FDs
As much as I enjoy living in the Bay Area time to take a getaway trips soon. Looks like possibly back to Orange County soon and San Diego next month. Time to enjoy seeing the state of California.
Director of Food Services (Military Veterans Welcome to apply) - San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles, California
In the last six days, I have been in San Diego, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Orange County, Danville, Modesto, Ceres, & Riverbank. Busy times, but I'm having fun traveling the state to help our Assembly candidates win elections and bring more balance to the State Legislature. Priorities: good jobs & economic growth, great schools, individual opportunity, & a more transparent government!
Well...what a day! This was my first long training ride for OCRA, The Orange County Ride for AIDS. It was an exhausting and truly fulfilling experience. The ride was from The OC to San Diego, about 63 miles. There were lots of riders and I was spirited along by my buds Mike Fuhr and Lon Johnson. I had one fall (um, you're supposed to unclip BEFORE you stop), one gear (derailleurs are so temperamental when you've fallen on top of them), and one *** of a great day and uplifting experience. The OCRA ride is on October 25th, here in the OC, and benefits those living with HIV/AIDS in Orange County. If you'd like to make a donation, here's my page: you!!! Here's some pics from the ride today.
Orange County is so nice bc we're right in between LA and San Diego
Coming to the streets where you live! Thanks a lot ALCU and a Federal Judge in Oregon! "I want to be respectful of the most recent federal court case decision while simultaneously being sensitive to public safety concerns of Orange County residents," says Sheriff Sandra Hutchens in the statement. "I am actively working towards a solution and modification to the policy that addresses the concerns of our stakeholders," Hutches added. Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and about a dozen other counties had previously ended the holds, no doubt spooked by a letter the ACLU sent to every sheriff in California warning they had better stop the immigration holds or else face the legal consequences. That advice was also passed along by the California State Sheriffs' Association. This is driving the anti-immigrant crowd nuts, and they have issued a warning of their own: violent illegal aliens are coming to your street.
Red Day... North & Southern California LFC Family .. San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles , Ventura , Pasadena.. I can only say it was brilliant to see such a massive support from everyone . Such an amazing experience to see everyone , come together , we are one big family. To all you fellow reds you guys are amazing , looking forward to seeing you soon. We can all proudly say that no matter where we are ... We Never Walk Alone.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
You crewed flights to San Diego, El Paso, Philly, and Orange County around Indy. Your service desk said Philly was the priority
You cant get to Orange County from there unless you go south to San Diego, then north. Or north to Riverside, then south. Or fly.
I grew up supporting Orange County and LA sports teams with no sense of community. Seeing how much Tony meant to San Diego is special.
We have satellite office in Las Vegas, San Diego, Orange County and Ventury County - Contact us with your needs!
Okay, just made all my reservations for Las Vegas book signing. And then Lady Jane Salon reading in Orange County on Monday. Then to San Diego to put my body in the hands of Mike for some much-needed frogprints. Tomorrow is going to be a big day, but got some yummy audio to listen to before I got to bed, thanks to J.D. JD Hart and his lovely voice. Take care all my peeps, and don't forget to tell everyone (invite your friends) to the big party tomorrow. I'm excited and whomever shows up, is supposed to be there. We'll have a great time. I know you guys will be nice to the guests I've invited. I've asked others to unofficially stop by and post their covers. Posting pictures in the morning of all the things we're giving away tomorrow. Sleep well and know that I love you all. ttfn.
Due to ongoing wildfires in San Diego, while smoke has accumulated in Orange County, John Wayne Airport is open and operational and expects no impacts.
Drive down the Southern California coast, and visit the best beaches in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.
Update from my daughter Heather: Precious friends and family, Wow! It looks like we might be transferring down to Southern California this week! Jason was in Palm Springs over the weekend for a work conference, and stayed through today to look into children's hospitals with good recovery programs. This next leg of our journey will probably be two to three weeks of very painful and intensive physical therapy to help Joshy regain full use of his muscles and full range of motion. We have gently discussed with Josh that the first part of his recovery was to passively suffer pain, poking and prodding, but the next phase he will have to become an active participant in the painful fight for mobility. We are hoping that children's hospital in Loma Linda will have a great recovery program with excellent physical therapists. This would be the closest to home, and most convenient. We are also looking into Sharps Children's in San Diego and a children's hospital in Orange County. If anyone is familiar with any of the ...
A ground stop is in effect at LAX and is impacting some flights at SJC to/from LAX, Burbank, Ontario, Orange County, San Diego, Las Vegas and Phoenix. SJC is also receiving some flight diversions from other airports. Passengers should check their airline website and confirm flight departure time before heading out to the airport. There is no time estimate for when this situation will be resolved. #
Family, Friends, and Vemma Team Just had an amazing weekend in Las Vegas with over 10,000 people for my companies Annual Convention. Im excited to launch some new things for my current business that include weekly conference calls, video blogs, and several other enhancements. Also, be sure to follow me on social media for updates, training, and a little motivation. Below I posted my travel schedule for next month. If you are in the area I would love to connect!! Have a beautiful week. God bless! Follow me on Social Media Instagram: Travel Schedule: 1st-2nd Tempe, AZ 3rd-5th Denver, CO 6th-7th Los Angeles/Orange County, CA 8th San Diego, CA 9th-10th Denver, CO 11th-18th Portland, OR 19th-20th Denver, CO 21st-22nd Tempe, AZ 23rd-25th Indianapolis, IN 26th-31st Denver, CO
No, Dana Point's more than a hour's drive north, in Orange County. I'm in San Diego.
As you make your plans to join us for our Summer Season Kickoff Party this weekend, we want to make your trip as hassle free as possible! Here's some tips: All Bike Park Season Pass Holders & Day Ticket Guests must fill out the EZWaiver before you can hit the Bike Park, so why not save time by filling out the EZWaiver in advance online?! Here's the link: to visitors coming from the San Diego & Orange County areas Caltrans will be having a ROAD CLOSURE on the I-215 this weekend until 11:30am both Saturday & Sunday morning, so we'd recommend you look into alternative routes like the I-15.
Heading out to Borrego Springs this Friday evening from Orange County, any advice on which route to take across north San Diego County? I'm thinking of CA-78 across San Marcos and Escondido but Google Maps says to take the CA-76 through Bonsall and past Lake Henshaw before dropping down to Santa Ysabel.
More potential for growth! We are conducting an AM/SS review panel for San Diego. This is an opportunity to sit with your senior leadership team and discuss your goals and future with the company. Assistant managers and Shift Supervisors are eligible if; they are in good standing with the GM, have been in their position 3 months, and have their learning path and two AMSP books completed (one for SS). If interested, email Meghan Gates and CC Josh Thompson by April 6th. Panel will be April 11th at the Clairemont office. We are also seeking a General Manager for the Woodbury bakery café in Orange County.
Deals in Orange County Orange County is a county in the state of California. It is the smallest county in terms of land mass but it has the third largest population, after Los Angeles and San Diego counties. It is a very popular place for tourists because of the beaches and places like Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and Wild Rivers. Aside from being a tourist destination, Orange County has a vibrant economy with affluent residents. It is the headquarters of some of America’s largest companies. They include well-known companies like Ignam Micro, First American Corporation, Western Digital, Pacific Life, Gateway Inc. (computer manufacturer), Linksys (router manufacturer), and Blizzard Entertainment (computer/video game creator). International companies also have a big presence here. International giants like Toshiba, Mazda, Samsung, Toyota, Kia Motors, Mitsubishi and Hyundai have their headquarters in Orange County. With its affluence, it is not surprising that many fashion companies got their start her ...
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What woe! There was a 5.1 earthquake when I was at work tonight, followed by some 3.2 aftershocks. It traveled from Orange County to San Diego. This was considered a mild one by the people who measure them, but no one who felt it thought it was moderate. They just reported that we may experience a few more in the next couple of days. Not cool!
Earthquake! Up in orange county...means San Diego... will have one wihtin the week...
Bosco Legal Services provides important document services throughout the Inland Empire, including Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. Some of our document services include court document filing, service of process and authorization, skip tracing, photocopy and recor...
BARR has health coaches in San Diego, LA, Santa Clarita, San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange County. Let us know...
Cox Communications San Diego. Cox Communications said Wednesday it is closing a call center in San Diego, eliminating 500 jobs. The move comes as part of a company-wide consolidation of call center operations for Atlanta-based Cox Communications, which is trimming its current 19 call centers nationwide into seven large sites. Company spokesman Dennis Morgigno said the expanded call centers will be located in Las Vegas; Phoenix; Omaha, Neb.; Oklahoma City; Wichita, Kan.; Hampton Roads, Va.; and Baton Rouge. California wasn’t chosen as a call center site because the company lacked real estate to expand here, Morgigno said. It had space available in the other cities. Besides 500 jobs in San Diego, about 150 jobs will be cut in Orange County, where Cox Communications also has a cable system. Cox is the largest cable provider in San Diego County, with roughly 500,000 subscribers. It will have 2,000 employees in California after the call center closures. Morgigno said most of the jobs cuts in San Diego won’ ...
What does anyone know about morning traffic from Orange County to San Diego on a week day?
The Grocery Manufactures Association, a group of transnational corporations ( Monsanto, Kraft Foods, Nabisco, General Mills, Coca Cola,) will be hosting a conference put on by high powered attorneys solely on: introducing a watered down GMO labeling bill on the federal level laws to thwart States from implementing GMO labeling, bring law suits against communities and/or states that have implemented GMO label laws or created GMO Free zones how to thwart laws and class action suits pertaining to food safety which includes laws regarding food dyes, nano technology and the new controversial "green" in plant agent orange pesticides 2-4D to name a few. Why be involved? It is our duty for Orange County to carry the torch as this event is taking place in out back yard. The main goal is to tie together the various TPP groups in OC, LA San Diego, Inland Empire and consolidate for a grand day of action. March Against Monsanto LB, Southern Cal, Food and Water Watch, Moms Across America, Americans Organi ...
are you thinking of opening in Southern California? Yummy🍔! Los Angeles, Orange County, or San Diego?
I've been checking the status of the various concealed carry lawsuits to see what effect the Peruta decision has had upon them. Those suits which pretty much cloned the Peruta arguments have been stayed by the 9th CCA "...pending this court’s mandate in Peruta v. County of San Diego...or further order of the court." If Sheriff Gore files an en banc petition then that stay could last a long time. These stays affect the County of Los Angeles, the City of Los Angeles, and the City of Torrance. The NRA CCW case out of Orange County was essentially a clone of the SAF/CalGuns.nuts CCW case out of Yolo County. It had already been stayed prior to the release of the Peruta decision and, like the appeal of my preliminary injunction, is stayed until the Yolo County case and a CCW case out of Hawaii is decided. At the district court level, a CCW case against the Sheriff of Ventura County has been continued to March 11, in light of the Peruta decision. There is an interesting case involving the County of Santa Clar ...
Baseball season officially starts tomorrow. Meeting family in San Diego to cheer on Neil's first start as a college pitcher. True it is just a practice game before preseason away games in LA and Orange County next week but looking forward to It just the same. Grossmont College will soon be invaded by the Carson clan.
A HIGH SURF ADVISORY has been issued for Orange County & San Diego County beaches. Use caution near the coastline, as 7-10 foot waves, with sets to 12 are expected. Swimming may be dangerous. Mostly cloudy today, but warm. Beaches: 73 Inland: 75 Mountains: 55 Deserts: 72 Would you like a SHOUT OUT live on air this morning? Tell us what your plans are this weekend, then tune in to NBC 7 to see if I wish you a special good morning. Jodi Kodesh
I've listened to the radio in LA, Orange County, and San Diego and it is by far the worst here
GCT will be in So Cal 1/10-1/15! Join us in San Diego, Orange County, and LA. Click here to RSVP -
I've really only been to Orange County and LA. Still have yet to go to San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and all of Northern CA.
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Cable TV Installer/Technician About the Position Video Voice Data Communications (VVD) have offices in Orange County, Inland Empire, and San Diego. We are a Time Warner contractor performing residential installation for Time Warner's ever growing customer base. As a fast growing, highly respected contractor for Time Warner, you will be joining a successful organization that prides itself in providing our technicians a climate of fairness and respect, and will work hard to gain your respect and trust. We are hiring all levels of skilled TV cable technicians (Triple-Play, Double-Play, Cable Only), disconnect techs and drop-bury techs, individuals with similar skill sets (satellite techs, alarm installers, electricians, etc) and are willing to train unskilled people with a positive attitude and good work ethics. We pride ourselves in our fairness to our technicians. We are an hourly base plus commission company. The average WEEKLY earnings is $800+ with Top Performers making up to $1200/wk. If you are experi ...
I've been to a place in San Diego, Orange County, and a place in victorville! anywhere I went my real ones got ripped out
Thanks for a great time Orange County! Next stop - San Diego! :)
The interchange between the 5 and the 91 is my favorite thing about late night drives to Orange County/San Diego
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Just got home from work on a a cold and windy afternoon. I turned on my TV set for the weather news on Channel 2 and 7. Jeez! all I watched were live corruption charges aired simultanouesly on a Bell City officer - Angela Spaccia for conspiracy, conspiracy and misappropriation of funds and the other was a 71 yr -old( dirty old man), a former city mayor of San Diego, faced with felony and dismeanor charges. I'm so glad that there is still a rule of law in the U.S. that "No one is above the law". As to the weather out there, we are experiencing a Big Chill in L.A. especially Orange County. Temperature in other areas as Oxnard, Lancaster, could be as low as 33 degrees. It's the wind that makes it worst - has seen trucks overturned on TV, garbage cans tossed around - as the weatherman's advice - "Be extremely cautious". As of now, I'm in my warm bed,bundled up,sipping my cup of hot tea as I watched Vin Diesel as my favorite star in XXX. Stay safe and warm, everyone!
*** Orange County is too far from San Diego to show the Chargers on TV? I get if they want to show LA SEAvsSF but Chargers R OC's team
As of 2010 there are 1.6 million Salvadoran Americans in the United States, thefourth-largest Hispanic community by nation of ancestry.They are also known as the nicknamed Salvi people in the USA, "Guanaco", "Wanako", or "Guanako" in Central America, and Cuzcatleco in El Salvador.[1] Many Salvadoran Americans reside in the Greater Los Angeles area, including Orange County, California, the Inland Empire and San Diego; Miami-Dade or South Florida as well in Central Florida; and the Washington Metropolitan Area: Washington, D.C.,Maryland and Northern Virginia. There is also a large number in Texas esp. in Houston,Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas; increasingly New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005; and in other California regions outside of Los Angeles such as the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, there is a significant number of Salvadoran Americans in the New York City area such as Northern New Jersey, Flushing, Queens and Long Island. Recent census data shows that for the first time and are no ...
I will be in all areas collecting !! Chino Hills, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Fontana, Ontario, San Diego, Fullerton, Orange County
Not looking forward to my 4:30 am wake-up call in order to drive from Orange County to San Diego for an 18 mile Komen training walk. But looking on the bright side, very much looking forward to spending the night in SD and celebrating Denise Ross's birthday, along with Isabel Dutra afterward... AND -- thanks to Daylights Saving Time, getting an extra hour of sleep before taking on another 14 miles with my team on Sunday ... G'nite :)
Fall Celebrations in Orange County and San Diego area. via
Federal Parks, Monuments, etc. Easy Distance to Central Orange County, CA (My husband & I pledge to visit at least 1 of these sites this week while the federal govt is "shut down" & the American people are "shut out" of such places. Who will join us?)   Cabrillo National Monument (San Diego) Rosa & San Jacinto Mountains National Monument (Mostly E & some S of Orange County) Tree National Park (NE of OC, off I-15 toward Las Vegas, N of Cajon Pass & Victorville) Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (N of OC – Immediately W of LA) Reagan Federal Building (Santa Ana, OC, CA) Soledad National Military Memorial Park (S of OC along the coast in La Jolla, just N of San Diego) Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail (beginning in AZ, moving up the coast from San Diego to central CA) Listing of all Federal Parks, Preserves, Monuments, etc.
Our ladies are busy getting ready for our annual 600 Club Friendship Tournament. It is being held at the Vista Entertainment Center this Sunday! Come on down (if you can't participate) and check it out. 600 Clubs from across San Diego and Orange County will be participating. Guaranteed to see a lot of great bowling out of these women!
We look forward to seeing you TODAY! . San Diego – 9:30am-12:00pm. Orange County – 5:30pm-8:30pm . Still Time to sign up >>...
From Pennsylvania you can make it to New York in two hours, in California you can make it from Orange County to San Diego.
oh no, I hate the LA area, and I hate Venice beach more!I'm talking about orange county, south Orange County, San Diego
San Diego is a big city with a small town mentality. Orange County too. They don't call it "behind the Orange Curtain" for nuthin
I don't know why this employee at the airport keeps saying Orange County. It's San Diego!!! Read a book!
Spent last few days in San Diego area watching son's 18-u team play some impressive tournament baseball. Next up _ Orange County.
Welcome! You came to the right place to see all the homes for sale near Dana Point Harbor! Welcome To Dana Point Harbor and Beach! Aaah.Dana Point Harbor! Dana Point Harbor is located about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego on the southern Orange County coast. Dana Point Harbor is,
Justin played with Alaina today at the Cricket Ampitheatre here in San Diego (Chula Vista). Tomorrow, he is playing with Courtney Jenae at the Del Mar Fairgrounds at the San Diego County Fair. Then, this Saturday night and Sunday morning, he will be playing at the Saddleback Church in Orange County. Lots of drumming!
Another great Monday night at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs for Bingo and Trivia. Lots of guests from around the world, locals and many celebrities and entertainers in the house. We observed PS ShortFest, Father’s Day, Flag Day, Summer, birthday of Barry Manilow, Lionel Richie, Prince William, Paul Mccartney, plus Matthew from Joshua Tree and John from New York, and an anniversary a young couple from San Diego. Special guests were Amanda Micheli, producer of the short film SLOMO, award winning documentary, screens Wednesday, 19th, 2 p.m. at ShortFest at Camelot Theatres; also present Debra Hovel of the world famous group, Caskettes; Eve Holmes, Fleet Easton, Paul Elia, and cast members from “For the Record: Live Music and Moments From The Films of Robert Zemeckis”, which runs Tuesday and Wednesday at the Commune at Ace Hotel. Guests were from Culver City, San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, Long Beach, London, San Francisco, New York, Orange County, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and a huge group of peo ...
Happy June! Happy Marilyn Monroe birthday. Happy Restaurant Week. Happy ShortFest coming soon. Welcome arrival of the President and First Lady (were they seated in the back booth?). All sorts of things to celebrate at the weekly Monday Bingo and Trivia Night at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Guests partied with us from Australia, Claremont, Palm Springs, Japan, Santa Monica, Alaska, Dallas, Orange County, Los Angeles, England, San Francisco, Ireland, Vancouver, Chicago, Toronto, Oakland, Mexico, Michigan, San Diego, Portland, New York. We even had some of the royal Royle family from London with us! Trivia contestants knew about Paris and the World Cup, 21 Grams, Welcome Back Kotter, the Greek national anthem (no one know about that!), Mae West. Ronald Reagan and smoking, Two Gentlemen of Verona, Cheers, Lola from Copacabana, croquet balls, Oprah, Frankenstein, and more!
Last year, Darrel Issa skated to reelection, winning back his seat (CA-49) 139-127 (59%) to 97,454 (41%). There are parts of two counties in the district: Orange County, where he won 66% and, San Diego, where he won 56%. There's more than twice as much San Diego in CA-49 as Orange County. Does that seem too hopeless to tackle? Let's look a little closer.
Once again, a six-lane toll road threatens to devastate the coastline at San Onofre State Beach in southern Orange County. Five years ago, the California Coastal Commission shut down these plans after hearing thousands of activists condemn the road.
SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY FACTS: In 1769, Gaspar de Portola led a 62-man expedition exploring the lands between San Diego and San Francisco looking for places to build forts (presidios), towns (pueblos) and churches (missions). They wanted to build a mission at a place they called San Juan Capistrano. Portola became the first Spanish military governor of California, and he and his men were the first Europeans to see the land that would become Orange County. The PORTOLA PARKWAY in Irvine and Lake Forest are named for him.
San Diego's Medical Marijuana Proposal Ready A draft law regulating medical marijuana establishments in the city of San Diego is now in the hands of Mayor Bob Filner and members of the City Council, a spokesman for the City Attorney said Tuesday. The proposal builds on an ordinance passed two years ago. Medical marijuana advocates considered the zoning law component too restrictive, and collected enough petition signatures to get it rescinded. The consequence was that dispensaries became illegal again, and more than 100 were closed. Allowing some to open legally has been one of Filner's top priorities, and municipal enforcement actions have all but ceased since he became mayor in December. The state Supreme Court recently ruled that municipal governments -- cities and counties -- can ban pot shops outright, if they conform to state law regarding medical marijuana or not. In response, the Orange County city of Garden Grove ordered all medical marijuana dispensaries to close by noon Tuesday. After Filner's ...
Hot Dog on a Stick(TM), the iconic California chain, is hitting the streets in style with new company branded custom-made catering vehicles that deliver Hot Dog on a Stick's fast, quality all-American cuisine and friendly service to more customers in regions of San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles,...
Customer: I used to live in San Diego. Me: Oh cool, I'm from Orange County. Customer: Nice! I lived in Laguna Niguel.
AP: An earthquake has shaken a wide swath of Southern California but there's no word of any damage. The USGS says the quake struck at 9:55 a.m. Monday about 100 miles southeast of L.A. and was initially estimated at magnitude 5.1 but that was quickly downgraded to 4.7 It was felt sharply in the local area and also rolled through downtown Los Angeles, San Diego and in Orange County.
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We have all seen recent media coverage of huge public school Bond debt in which the eventual cost to the taxpayers is out of sight. Case in points is the Poway Unified School District in S.D. where the initial $105 million debt will ultimately cost San Diego taxpayers nearly $1 billion dollars. I'm very pleased to see Register reporter Melody Peterson's coverage of similar school Bond measures in Orange County. The OC Register recently issued an investigative piece titled "Schools in bondage," an appropriate title for what is happening. Too often voters approve Ballot Measures without taking the time to fully *** the eventual financial impact for them or those who follow, be it their children or future homeowners. In their Jan 15th meeting the OC Board of Supervisors (BOS) was asked by the Treasurer/ Tax collector to give their stamp of approval for a 38-40 year $21 million General Obligation Bond (GOB) that was approved by Westminster School District voters on Nov 4, 2008. To confirm the content of m ...
16 February 2013 Not much to do in Downtown LA, so we leave right away (breakfast in the hotel) and head towards Newport Beach in Orange County.  We go to a remote beach and it is really beautiful, in quaint town.  I attempt to go in the ocean, but the water is freezing, (this coming from a 2x polar bear), I am too cold and don't go in.  We leave eager to get to San Diego and on the way home I can't believe I didn't jump in.  We illegally park in someone's driveway and I run, through about a quarter mile of beach and plunge in... ah finally, doing what I came here to do.     Reborn and ready for a new path we head to San Diego, the drive is about 90 minutes, and we have no hotel room yet.  Jon gets working on finding a hotel when we learn almost everything is sold out, apparently it is a big weekend (Valentines Day).  We scrouge and find a hotel on "Hotel Mile" about a 5 mnute drive from the neighborhood we want to be in.  Apparently this is the only place with rooms because it takes about 40 min ...
So... first day full time back in the mix of work/on the road, several new striping/ Solution Finish customers in Orange County, then a quick trip to north San Diego County as a shakedown run for the new ride... I like cars that are old enough to vote, was fortunate to land a primo little black Honda Prelude from one of my customers. Car drives better than new, so thats a win. Had dinner with my great friend and mentor, Jim Wangers, walking automotive marketing encyclopedia and something of a tour guide for life in general. Picked up a new commercial account at Carlsbad's Bob Baker Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Fiat that will start next week. After a rough coupla years maybe the turnaround has begun...
Sorry for a late and short report today but ... Todays surf varied from 2-4 most everywhere . The forecast for tomorrow may be for little change in the South Bay and the Orange County , south San Diego and Ventura may notice some decline in their surf , North Co SD should stay about the same as well. There is a ridge of high pressure building over the Pacific Ocean, this may lead to a drop in surf in our near future. Knowing that I suggest taking full advantage of any surf we have over the next few days. Extreme high tides are slowly declining but are still high/low enough to still mess with the surf. I was told the South Bay shut down about 7:30 am. It was lapping high tide-ish here in Oceanside at 9 am. Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are getting 12-15 ft surf now. That is it for high surf advisories.
This Sunday in Hollywood, Penn Staters from Phoenix, San Diego, and Orange County are joining PSU Los Angeles for a great cause and a great time! Please join us at the Avalon on 1/27/13!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Part 1/1 January 24, 2013 Yuma Desert Rats Withdraw from American West Baseball League YUMA, ARIZONA - Tim Ferguson, owner of the Yuma Desert Rats announced today that the team has elected to immediately remove themselves from the American West Baseball league. The Desert Rats were set to be part of the inaugural season of the AWBL a four-team independent minor league with teams in Fullerton, San Diego, Orange County, and Yuma. Desert Rats Owner and President Tim Ferguson said, “It is with a heavy heart that we announce the Yuma Desert Rats will not be playing in the AWBL this season. We believe it is in the best interest of our fans, the City of Yuma, our corporate partners and sponsors to take some time to explore the best way that we can add value to the Yuma community through the game of baseball.” While minor league baseball is at an all time high in attendance across the nation, hopes are high that the team will be able to continue to grow its fan base, build its corporat . ...
Pre-Announcing the STUCK Tour to our Supporters and Friends The STUCK Tour itinerary is set! Mark your calendar for the tour kick-off party in Washington, D.C., on February 27, followed by a press conference on February 28 before taking off cross-country. Our award-winning documentary, STUCK, graphically depicts the struggles of children breaking through the red tape to be placed in loving families and how love grows kids. In partnership with Samuel Goldwyn Films, we will be touring the country, premiering the film in 60 cities in 78 days on the STUCK tour bus. That’s more than 17,000 miles promoting a child’s human right to belong in a family! COMING TO YOUR CITY SOON! Mar 01 Richmond, VA Mar 22 Phoenix, AZ Apr 15 Birmingham, AL May 02 Cleveland, OH Mar 02 Raleigh, NC Mar 24 Las Vegas, NV Apr 16 Atlanta, GA May 03 Pittsburgh, PA Mar 03 Charlotte, NC Mar 26 San Diego, CA Apr 17 Nashville, TN May 05 Rochester, NY Mar 04 Charleston, SC Mar 27 Orange County, CA Apr 19 St. Louis, MO May 06 Albany, NY Mar ...
We service many areas, all LA County, all Orange County, San Gabriel Valley, Rancho Cucamonga and parts of San Bernardino & San Diego.
HFL played a plethora of shows in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Riverside Counties, and toured the west coast with China White in 1995. As HFL gained popularity in Southern California, they would go on to play with a host of bands including 311, Offspring, Korn, Pennywise, Face to Face,...
If you are in the San Diego, Orange County or LA area, come join us for a an afternoon and evening to experiencing the sacred sound journey being offered by Ashki this coming Saturday afternoon! During the summer equinox Ashki, as a representative of the Divine Masculine, captivated the heart of the Goddess with his gold crystal bowl offering. Also, check out the invitation for "Dark Moon: An Intimate Evening with Lovers & Friends" happening that same evening from 6:00 - 9:00 PM. I look forward to our time together! Joy!
I've spent at least fifty hours in a car the last two weeks, been to Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Castro Valley, Orange County, Santa Barbara and more. Loved seeing everyone, everywhere, now back to reality... first thing at work: build my own desk chair
The following is the written view of Bass Player Bruce Grogan and does not represent the opinions of The Albert Miranda Projkt... (well, kinda does,,,) took over 2 months to structure a regular music gig at Beef O'Brady's in Hesperia. We played ONE gig for half price to prove to the owner it would be good. The Bar alone made GREAT $$$.more $$ than they have since they first opened(according to several managers). Now the owner says no more music!! Is there any business in the High Desert that has VISION and can provide a decent venue for Live Music?? Why do the owners of nice, family style businesses in Orange County, L.A. area, San Diego area, Vegas...etc. etc., get it and our hometown area is a wasteland? I guess we will just have to keep splitting our performance money with the gas
Hamilton Collection
SURFING CALIFORNIA: THE freeway was dark. Wisps of sea mist obscured the moon. At 2 a.m. there wasn’t another car on Highway 101, the southern extension of the Pacific Coast Highway that traces the edge of the continent from Orange County in California almost to the Oregon border. On the left side of the road as I drove south, miles of tract housing reached into the hills. Somewhere on the right, between the guardrail and the great void of the Pacific, was the entrance to the San Elijo campground. I’d already missed the turn three times. The lights on my 1977 Volkswagen Westfalia camper van were so dim they barely illuminated the exit signs. Bill and Diane Staggs, the owners of Vintage Surfari Wagons in Costa Mesa, Calif., where I rented the van, grew up in Southern California and have squatted at many of the 80-odd state parks between San Diego and San Francisco. “If you can’t find a campsite,” Bill told me as he handed me the keys to my van, “Diane and I usually park in a nice suburb and pul ...
Nestled between Oceanside, Fallbrook and San Clemente, the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is home to the Hard Corps Race Series®. This popular series is set conveniently to San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and Riverside County participants. Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) has hosted a ...
Program Coordinator FOR LV OFFICE Program Coordinator – Events/Destination Management Company Program Coordinator ACCESS Destination Services (www.accessdmc. com) provides the most comprehensive destination management and event planning services available in Las Vegas and across the US. As one of ACCESS' offices (San Diego, Orange County, Palm Springs, Northern California, Chicago, Phoenix, Texas, Orlando and South Florida) we operate as a destination management company, working with clients who recognize and require the most creative program development and flawless execution. Our services include special event creation & implementation, transportation management, themed events & décor, tours, entertainment, teambuilding activities, and creative services. We are looking for an exceptional individual to add to our team who matches our passion, work ethic and team player attitude. Our ideal candidate will never be tempted to take short cuts, will assume personal responsibility for everything they touch ...
(Thursday 12-13-12 at 1 PM) The latest estimates from the California Department of Finance show Ventura County's population as of July 1, 2012 stood at 834,109. That makes Ventura County the 12th most populous county in the state, ahead of San Francisco County (820,349). Ventura County represents 2.21% of the state's population which now stands at 37,826,160. Still, most of the .47% increase (3894) in population in Ventura County came from births (5554). If it wasn't for new babies, the county would have actually lost population during the fiscal year ending July 1, 2012. The largest county in California is, of course, Los Angeles with more than 9.9 million people. San Diego is second (3.1 million), Orange County third (3 million), Riverside fourth (2.2 million), and San Bernardino fifth (2 million). Santa Clara (1.8 million), Alameda (1.5 million), Sacramento (1.4 million), Contra Costa (1 million), Fresno (946,823), Kern (855,522), and Ventura County (834,109), round out the top 12.
(Wednesday 12-12-12 at 11 AM) Home sales and prices continue to rise in Ventura County. According to DataQuick, sales in the county last month were more than 31% higher than in the same month last year. Every county in Southern California, except for San Bernardino, showed sales increases. The region as a whole showed a sales increase of more than 14%, the highest in six years. Meanwhile, the median price of all types of homes in Ventura County rose by almost 6% in November compared to November of last year. The median price was $370,000. Ventura County's median price increase was actually the smallest of the six Southern California counties with Riverside and San Bernardino showing the largest increases of more than 17 percent. LA and San Diego showed median price increases of more than 13 percent, and, Orange County's median price rose by 12.5% during the past 12 months.
My upcoming trip: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Philadelphia, Toms River, and maybe NYC. Logan is going to be soo confused. LOL
Hello friends! We hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for all the support thus far. It has been absolutely unreal!!! Big thanks to our friends in Hey *** Let's Go, Total Distortion and Smack This for a killer show Thursday night 11/15 at 4th & B. All of those in attendance made it feel like one big party!!! On Friday, the 710 Club was rocking as Arizona Bay kicked off the show for us and then Slaves Against the Machine (who made the trip all the way from LA) did what they do best...Rage and "wow" the crowd with the music of Rage Against the Machine. Thank you for supporting local music and please take the time to "like" these band pages if you haven't already done so. We hope to see all our Orange County friends (in addition to our San Diego friends) this Friday 11/23 as we return to Lago (formerly Tortilla Flats) in Mission Viejo for a very special Black Friday rock and roll party. If you are tough enough to brave the crowds Friday, stop by Lago afterwards for some great drink specials, great food ...
Upcoming locations for the STM32F3 Seminar Series in Orange County, Santa Clara, San Diego & Indianapolis.
I feel really blessed and honored to have projects in the San Diego, Orange County & Los Angles areas... I think I need to expand to Northern Cali soon, perhaps this can be one of my main goals in 2013.
For those who, no matter the outcome tomorrow, complain about the Electoral College and urge its abolition, here's a better idea: If you want the election decided by a handful of big cities, ignore what follows. If you don't, consider that the electorate in the average Congressional District today exceeds by at least an order of magnitude the electorate of any state at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, I propose the following amendment to that inspired document: 1. The winner of the popular vote in each Congressional District shall receive one electoral vote. 2. The winner of the total popular vote in each state shall receive two additional electoral votes from that state. (This is the plan followed in Maine and Nebraska already. My proposed amendment would mandate it for all states.) This would open up the contest. Gov. Romney would have campaigned in Eastern Washington, Orange County and San Diego, CA. suburban Chicago and downstate Illinois, upper New York State, etc., etc. President Obama ...
What are some of the best UX organizations located around San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara?
Burlesque Los Angeles is a comprehensive guide to burlesque shows, nightclubs, events, and burlesque classes in LA. Extended coverage of Orange County, Inland Empire, Ventura County, The Central Coast, and San Diego as well as belly dance, cabaret, and cirque performances.
Theodore Griffin The state of California was named after the mythical Black Queen Califia. It is well documented that of the 44 people who founded the City of Los Angeles, 26 were of Afrikan descent. What is amazing and not taught in California schools is that the majority of the founders of San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego were of Afrikan descent, or that Orange County, Beverly Hills and Malibu were once owned by people of Afrikan descent. According to the story, California was an island where only Black women lived, gold was the only metal and pearls were as common as rocks. The women were the most powerful women in the world. When Cortez arrived in California, searching for this mythical queen, her influence on him was so sever, he paid tribute to this powerful Black Woman Queen Califia by naming the state after her. California literally means, “the land where Black women live.
Wedding Videography by Amari Productions. We Specialize in High Definition, Vintage films with a cinematic flare. San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and available to shoot worldwide!
Who is Firestarter Independent?! How do you know US?! We are everywhere and we are more visible everday. We are QUICK DO's: The PREMIER Mobil Braiding Hair Service. We not only service San Diego County, but also Orange County and Los Angeles County as well. We are now national with a Quick Do's New York @ Binghamton...and International with a Quick Do's U.K. We are hair technicians with a specialty in braiding! We are BREATHE: The FIRST Women's Cologne. We have been all around San Diego with our Breathe Peace and Passion and we are gearing up for the release of our cologne! You probably got a whiff of our giveaway Breathe Body Whip, or smelled the Essence of Breathe Body Spray...hold on your complete package is coming soon. We are ALL ABOUT THE BEATS: Writing lyrics, coaching rappers, producing's really All About the Beats. We work with everyone from D.J.'s to singers, rappers to people that just play instruments. With our first artist D.JaiT. on the label we are soon to make a big splash. Chec ...
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Yes friends, I invited you to two events on October 13th. 1st one is United we had such a great time in Lake Elsinore the first time and decided to do it again. Starts at 11am and goes til the evening. Then afterwards to LA for Eternal by Next Step. Also there may be a third in LA, an after LA Decom event (TBA). This will be our last things to do while we live in San Diego. If you do not know, we will be moving back to Orange County due to work transfer as of November 1st. However, we will still support SD and continue doing all SD things. Plus we will still be part of the North County Awsum Kids.
Hey lady, how about adding a show to the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. On your tour for all of the Orange County and San Diego fans???
On This Date In California Weather History (September 14): 1997: Large swell produced by Hurricane Linda slammed into Orange County. Five people were swept off a jetty at the Wedge in Newport Beach and were carried 300 yards out to sea before they were rescued by a passing boat. 1971: Inyokern reached 110° for a high while San Luis Obispo topped out at 112° establishing an all-time record high temperature. 1953: The high temperature at Lovelock, NV was 98°. 1929: The high temperature at Portola was 101°. Source: NWS Hanford, Reno, & San Diego and KCOY Weather Almanac
Miztah Lex One of the masterminds behind Elemental Compounds, Miztah Lex's track record goes on for miles. Not only has he played every major Drum & Bass night in the cities of Boston and LA (a huge accomplishment) but is one of the few BostonDnB DJ's who is frequently playing raves and clubs, & hip-hop, reggae, dnb, jungle & ragga events all over the country. He has been making a huge impact on audiences nation wide since 1998 starting in Boston, (graduating the school of Hard Knocks) then navigating through-out New-England, onto New York City and since then it's been history. Playing in places like Chicago, The Bay Area, San Diego, Florida, Utah, Los Angeles, Upstate NY, LBC, Maine, CT, NH, RI, MA, Orange County, Washington DC, Baltimore, Miami and beyond!! Armed with a crate full of all the hottest Jungle/DnB/DubStep tunes & sets that include hard to find jams and Hip-Hop classics, his Hip-Hop background comes through in his rugged mixing style. 2004-08 saw the rise of C&E RECORDS & ETC Recs which merg ...
We just got back from playing two of the largest shows of my life - and two of the most career significant I might add. Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks were two of the most gracious people that we have ever met. They were gracious and took the time to offer big hugs before and after the sets The first person I ran into when getting off stage was Derek Trucks and he shook my hand telling me that he was impressed. Susan Tedeschi was even warmer and kinder with hugs and appreciation. I will travel with those guys anytime. Special Thanks to Billy Cohen and Colleen Kennedy from Labyrynth management for lining these once in a lifetime shows up for us. Look out for us to be play soon with Steve Kimmock again from Zero very soon and a round of gigs in the San Francisco - Los Angeles - Orange County and even San Diego areas. Thanks for all the support everyone and keep looking for the weekly video as wee are going to start posting excerpts from these shows every week.
We are the trusted VIP service and luxury travel group offering coverage in teh Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Orange County, and San Diego area...
California earthquake swarm felt in Arizona, Mexico, USGS says. Los Angeles, CA - The series of moderate earthquakes -- including several magnitude 5.0 and above -- were felt as far north as Orange County, east into Arizona and south into Mexico, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The USGS recorded more than two dozen earthquakes in Imperial County, many of them near Brawley. Officials said people reported feeling the quake in Yuma, Ariz., Lake Havasu as well as in Baja California. The USGS's “Do You Feel It” system shows the quakes were felt as far away as San Diego, Temecula and San Clemente. The 5.4 quake was also felt in Moreno Valley, Indio, National City and Palm Desert. The quakes could be felt in the press box at the Del Mar Race Track in neighboring San Diego County, where the $1-million Pacific Classic is scheduled later Sunday. Between 10 a.m. and 12:50 p.m., the same area was shaken by quakes ranging in magnitude from 2.0 to 5.4, the USGS reported. The burst of quakes took place roug ...
Carol and I go all the way back to preschool together. I saw her last month at our 35-year high school reunion and she told me about this program Here is the official information for the program in Downtown San Diego's Gaslamp District. She is doing similar programs in Phoenix on September 10 and Orange County on September 11. Please share this with anyone who might be interested.
Why are tickets to Green Bay $800.00 + looking to book now leaving on or about the 19th of August, returning on or about September 1st? Are you kidding me? I checked San Diego, Long Beach, Los Angeles and Orange County. Any body have and idea where I can get a flight for less.What the *** is going on? Help.
Type: Mesoscale Discussion Code: MD Location: San Diego / Orange County ... Southern LA County ... Link: DISCUSSION: A mesoscale convective complex over the Inland Empire will continue moving westward. Instability stretches all the way offshore of San Diego/Orange/Los Angeles County. This means this system's dynamics will make it westward and over into Orange County. Overall expectations remain low with good thunder potential with it, however a weakening trend on numbers suggests the lower levels would be enough to have some rain make it to the ground. Additional outflow will spark showers/thunderstorms through San Diego County through the evening as well. The cutoff for this will be Palos Verde Peninsula. Do not expect much thunder with this as this will NOT be a Thunderstorm Watch box. This should be a beautiful sunset as it moves offshore.
Hey California! We’re launching the Big Ten Network on 8/15. It will be available on the Sports & Information pak on the following channels: • Orange County – CH 318/1318 HD • Palos Verdes – CH 265/1265 HD • San Diego – CH 313/1313 in HD • Santa Barbara – CH 285/1285 HD Cox customers will also have access to BTN2Go, the 24/7 mobile simulcast that delivers live programming.
On Wed, Cox will launch Big Ten in Orange County, Palos Verdes, San Diego & Santa Barbara, CA. It’ll be on the MSO’s Sports & Info package.
Only in California: Borrow $100 Million to Owe $1 Billion By Mike Shedlock 8/8/2012 Poway California, population 47,811 as of 2010, has placed an enormous bet on rising home prices and tax revenues. Poway borrowed $105 million but will not start to pay that amount back until 2033 at which time they will owe $877 million in interest. Clearly this would be fiscal insanity anywhere, but it is especially true in California given Proposition 13 that caps property taxes. The Voice of San Diego reports Where Borrowing $105 Million Will Cost $1 Billion: Poway Schools Last year the Poway Unified School District made a deal: It borrowed $105 million from investors to fund a final push in its decade-long effort to revamp aging schools. Without increasing taxes, the district couldn’t afford to borrow money in the conventional way. So, instead of borrowing from investors over 20 or 30 years and paying the debt down each year, like a mortgage, the district got creative. With advice from an Orange County financial con ...
will add Big Ten Net in Orange County, Palos Verdes, San Diego and Santa Barbara next week.
4.1 aftershock at 9:33 am on Whittier fault in Santa Ana area (from last nights 4.4)..about 40 miles away in Orange Felt a nice little rumble here in Studio City...exciting! Ruth and I Off to San Diego today to see the Cubs and the Padres- and Eric! A battle of the Titans! But San Diego is beautiful as is Petco Park!(and then there is the traditional Tilted Kilt stop at Petco's main entrance that ERIC insists on!)
San Diego , La Jolla, Laguna Beach, Orange County, Huntington Beach all with the momma and sister. . Ah i do not want to leave them or this place.
Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal, is a documentary-style hit series on the Oprah Winfrey Network. This series explores the psychology of infidelity. This is NOT a Talk Show; it is a documentary series and takes an impartial approach to the content. The show uses first person interviews with couples and therapists to educate the viewers on the deep internal issues involved with having an affair. They are currently looking for couples in the Orange County, LA or San Diego area who are married or divorced that have dealt with infidelity and are interested in retelling their story on the show. I would be the therapist on the show helping them and educating the audience. The couple would be helping others in their position and would receive free therapy from me. (both during and after the show!) Let me know if you know of anyone by private messaging me or emailing me at toddor calling me at (714) 319-0801. Thanks!
Interesting gig tomorrow. I've done this same one now for at least fix years. I use my BIG (and I mean big) cast of characters to walk around at a corporate picnic at the Del Mar Racetrack. I always have trouble with parking so I'll get there really early (like 3 hours early) with my trusty Kindle, have lunch, read, then do the two hour event (which IS booked by the one San Diego agent who really does regularly book me..other than that it's very cliquish here so the agents I work with are in LA, Orange County, Texas and Nebraska. Otherwise I book -- and rebook -- myself into San Dievo venues. Which is nice: no commission paid for most of my local gigs).
Hello MM's We're looking for a couple of contractors in the following areas and would appreciate any name you could supply. 1. San Fernando Valley area of LA 2. Central LA area 3. Orange County area 4. San Diego area 5. Fresno area 6. South Bay area of San Francisco - Mountain View, Sunnyvale, San Jose 7. East Bay Area of San Francisco south of Oakland We're OK in the Imperial Valley area but don't have any contacts in the above areas. We have real estate agents looking as well so hopefully we'll come up with some reliable and cost effective names. Thanks for the help.
Great hangover remedy: 12 hours of travel from San Diego to Orange County to Phoenix to PHL to Northeast Philly to Blue Bell to Sleepytown.
Orange County / San Diego is wide open for a new Account Manager - Up to $80K base + commission + quarterly bonus +...:
In case you forgot that I am a nerd (Um... Let me introduce myself, I'm Margo, clearly we haven't met) I just watched a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises and squeaked when I clearly saw Bruce Wayne using a cane! No more hiding it. LOL. In other (completely unrelated) news... Next week is Comic-Con! So excited! Yay Batman! Yay Comic-Con! Yay Margo! :D P.S. The Bat Signal is on the Honda Center. Anaheim is trying to out-awesome you, San Diego! Or perhaps there is a villian terrorizing the citizens of Orange County?! LOL
The first 2 stories in Los Angeles Daily email today were about Orange County and San Diego.
We have a busy weekend coming up. We're in Orange County at the Observatory Saturday night. Sunday night we'll be at Saint Rock. Monday we'll be at the Satellite and Tuesday back to San Diego at Seven Grand in North Park. Better yet, most of the shows will be with Terraplane Sun and Strange Vine!
I'm going to be in Newport Beach this weekend. If you live in Orange County or San Diego area and want to get your Botox or Juvederm treatment this weekend, let me know.
Rockin weekend in Orange County and San Diego, tearing it up in Vegas this Thursday and Lake Elsinore this Saturdayyy!!
yeah, plus we've DONE San Diego. I was thinking Ventura County or Orange County.
worse traffic ever from San Diego to Orange County!! 2.5 hours to get to Costa Mesa! Gr
Sweet Baby Photo by Erin Palos. Specializing in maternity, newborn, baby and children's photography. Located in Southern California and serving Orange County, Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, and San Diego.
to all my Property Management Associates: If you are searching for that next great employee..Service Techs, Leasing Consultants, Porters or more look no further! We cover San Diego, Inland Empire, Orange County, Los Angeles and the San Jose territory!! APT Companies specializes in Property Management Staffing, Training and HD Video Commercials..Call, email me or you can reach our team at (855) TEAMAPT.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
wow - had to pickup my son from LAX at 10am today. The drive up was great, actually found I left way to early so diverted off the 405 and jumped on Pacific Coast Hwy in Huntington Beach. Simply a beautiful ride - However, the drive back down south to San Diego was another story. All Orange County and LA peeps making their way to San Diego for the weekend - round trip became a 7 hour adventure to say the least. Welcome home Matt and Kelcie. LOL the sad part is I do all over again on Monday for my daughter - OMG The traffic at that hour on a Monday.
This day 20 years ago... Laguna Beach - Orange County - Los Angeles - San Francisco (McDonalds Chinatown) - Los Angeles - San Diego (Ice cream next to Star of India) - Atlanta (the magnifient sound of the L1011 TriStar). Must have been the busiest day in my life...
Ms. Johns' offices are located in San Diego, Orange County, and Woodland Hills. Please don't hesitate to call or email if her offices can be of any assistance to you.
Member USGBC-Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego. I have access to all the member directories for Southern California; every architect, building owner, building department from PB to Santa Barbara. I teach LEED AP EBOM. I can talk to everyone who has anything to do with Green Movement. Get the hint! *** off and get out of my life forever.
Californian authorities found 3.6 tons of marijuana floating in the sea on Sunday, around 20km off the coast of Orange County, south of Los Angeles, according to reports on Monday. Jerry Conlin, a spokesman for the San Diego sector of the US Border Patrol said, echoing Captain Obvious, “This is unusual, you don't usually find a large quantity of marijuana like that.” The coast of Southern California is a trafficking route for drugs and people coming to the US via northern Mexico.
Great day in Orange County and San Diego. Very impressed with Petco Park too.
Whats Good its your Girl Cali Cayn. I want to shout out a few cities that are showing us Love.From California: Rialto, San Bernardino, Beaumont, Banning, Moreno Valley, San Diego, Murrieta, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Pasadena, Ontario, Corona, Hawthorne, Orange County,Victorville, Studio City, Van Nuys, Azuza, Oakland. Other states: Las Vegas,NV Phoenix, AZ. Atlanta, GA, Brooklyn, NY Bronx, NY Queens, NY.Also want to show love to Puerto Rico and the UK Also Australia. I thank all of you for your Support. Yes we are getting Talent from all these Places. So lets keep it coming.
Welcome to Yorba Linda Situated in the Southern California coastal region, the City of Yorba Linda is located 25 miles southeast of Los Angeles and 95 miles north of San Diego. Yorba Linda is the Birthplace of Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States, and the Richard Nixon Library is located in the City. Bordered by Anaheim to the south, Placentia to the west, Brea to the north, and by unincorporated portions of Orange County, Yorba Linda is 8 miles from Angel Stadium (home of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), 10 miles from Disneyland, and 12 miles from Knott's Berry Farm. The San Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountains are a one-hour drive, providing countless opportunities for skiing, hiking, fishing and camping.
If you are in San Diego, Orange County, Riverside County, or Los Angeles County, you MUST come to this: Oddwood's CD Release Show—Raiding the Ruby Room! It's June 2nd, and The Dread Crew of Oddwood is going to rock the *** out.
Last day at USC. Good bye South Central, with your polluted air, ghetto *** population, broken streets, and terrible city planning, I will forever hate you. On a lighter note, Good bye Santa Monica, Culver City, Westwood, Riverside, San Diego and Orange County... The past 2 years were way too much fun, and I'm forever thankful to all the people I met and all the experiences I've shared with you all. Peace OUT!
Hiring new club VIP Host in the San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas, Atlantic City vicinity, contact me. Viphost
still need Casa Grande, Tucson, San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento, and Reno areas for late June
I had the privilege of participating in the 2012 National College Fair (California) for 10 days last week. I traveled to Orange County (Anaheim), Inland Empire (Ontario), San Diego and the Greater Los Angeles (Pasadena) California. From Oceanside to Watts California, I met students from various cultural, social and economical backgrounds. This event was a great opportunity of mentoring and inspiring young people towards higher education and selfless service.
Youth Soccer, Club Soccer, Soccer Training, Soccer News for San Diego, Orange County, Soccer News for youth,...
Unique Tan has five tanning boutiques in Orange County and San Diego, including California’s largest tanning boutique in Mission Viejo. This innovative company is turning the tide with revolutionary solutions to tanning that are beneficial to skin and wellness. Unique Tan has raised the bar with its...
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Happy Easter, everyone!! On this happy day I would like to make an announcement. That was an April's Fool joke when I said I will be moving to Orange County :) Man, my phone was rining like there is no tomorrow. Only one of my Sis known about the joke. I like it up there but San Diego is my hometown and I got so much to do here!! Nothing but love :))
In case she doesn't answer you, John Wayne Airport is the airport for Orange County, CA - between L.A. and San Diego.
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