San Diego & New England

San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the United States and second-largest city in California. New England is a region in the northeastern corner of the United States consisting of the six states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. 5.0/5

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I miss the autumn's I have had in Oregon & in New England. Being in San Diego we don't see many chan…
"New England? Nope. Temecula (just north of San Diego). Record summer and winter. Uh oh Uh oh...
In the simplest terms, the only way the Bills make the playoffs is if they win their last two games at Oakland and New England, and only two of the other five teams in contention for the three remaining available berths reach 10 wins. AFC North rivals Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore are all at nine wins, while AFC West rivals Kansas City and San Diego are at eight. If one of the teams from the North loses twice, and both the Chargers and Chiefs lose at least once, two wins by the Bills gets them in. The Bengals host Denver, and close at Pittsburgh. It's very possible they could lose both and finish 9-6-1. The Steelers host the Chiefs and Bengals. It seems likely they win at least one, and get to 10 wins. The Ravens are at Houston and host Cleveland. It's not asking much for Baltimore to split, or win both, so it would be at 10 or 11 victories. The Chiefs are at Pittsburgh and host San Diego. A split is likely and that knocks them out, but if they sweep, they'd be at 10. And San Diego is at San Franc ...
During last nights New England vs San Diego game they played a Being As An Ocean song before the commercial break. Check it!
Watching the New England Patriots and the San Diego Chargers. Getting tired. I think I'm going to bed. Big day ahead. Signing off from buye beach. Good night everyone.
Week 13! Kansas State vs. Baylor Florida State vs. Georgia Tech Wisconsin vs. Ohio State Baltimore at Miami Seattle at Philadelphia New England at San Diego *Tied records for finishing places will be determined by this week's record as a tiebreaker. If records are the same, the fastest post places higher. This only applies to any place below 1st. If there's a 1st place tie, we will have a playoff.
Let's go Denver Aaron Rodgers handed us the AFC by destroying Tom Brady's dreams let's take care of KC and take care of the rest of the season if San Diego beats New England we get home field advantage are home are house the road to the Super Bowl will come through Denver
Just a mild set-back. We're still very much in the hunt for the division championship and also for one of the two Wild Cards. We are only 1/2 game out of first and have not lost two games in a row all year. So this should be redemption week. We all must hang in there and support our beloved Brownies in still what is their best season in 20 years. And we get Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron back this year. And an end to the RB carousel. The teams we want to win this week are: Oakland to beat the Chiefs, Houston to beat Cincitucky, Denver to Beat Miami, New Orleans to beat the Rat Birds, Detroit to beat New England, Jacksonville to beat the Colts, The Jets to beat Buffalo (better draft choice next year) if that game is played and the Rams to beat San Diego. Let's keep the faith. See you Sunday!!! NEXT UP CLEVELAND BROWNS VS. BADLANTA PARAKEETS SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd Beef 'O' Brady's - Clarion Inn (On Adamo [south side] between Falkenberg & 301, attached to the Clarion Hotel) KICKOFF AT 1:00 P.M. Dr ...
Indianapolis. Arizona. San Francisco. San Diego 6-1. Next week at New England. What does Denver have to do to prove to you sorry haters ?-AJ
I still haven't figured this leage out for this year. Every time you think a team has figured out how to play, they turn in a dead performance. Every time you think a team has lost all hope, they pull off the big upset (Well, except Oakland and Jacksonville, anyway). The biggest surprises of the year are Dallas and Arizona, each with one loss. I'd list San Diego as well, but no one who knows the game is really surprised by them - they've just been playing behind a cloud of anonymity. The Eagles were the preseason favorite to win the NFC East, there's no surprise in their 1-loss status. New England, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis were preseason picks for division leads, as were Carolina and Green Bay, though Detroit's strong showing may have surprised a few.    Dallas' road win against Seattle has to be the big surprise from Week 6, though there were plenty of people who picked them for that upset. My other upset picks for last week, Miami over Green Bay and Jacksonville over Tennessee both fell short on l ...
NFL Pick Five Contest - Week 3 Lineup: Ok, we all had a lousy week last week, so let's try this again. Here are your picks for week 3, good luck! Thursday Night: Tampa Bay @ Atlanta (ATL favored by 6.5) Sunday: San Diego @ Buffalo (BUF favored by 1.5) Dallas @ St. Louis (DAL favored by 1.5) Washington @ Philadelphia (Pick 'Em) Houston @ NY Giants (HOU favored by 2.0) Minnesota @ New Orleans (NO favored by 9.5) Tennessee @ Cincinnati (CIN favored by 6.5) Baltimore @ Cleveland (Pick 'Em) Green Bay @ Detroit (DET favored by 1.5) Indianapolis @ Jacksonville (IND favored by 7.0) Oakland @ New England (NE favored by 15.0) San Francisco @ Arizona (SF Favored by 2.0) Denver @ Seattle (SEA favored by 4.5) Kansas City @ Miami (MIA favored by 4.5) Pittsburgh @ Carolina (CAR favored by 3.0) Monday Night: Chicago @ NY Jets (NYJ favored by 1.5) Reminder of the rules: $1000 each week to bet. Balances do not carry over week to week. You must have your bet in before the game starts. No max bet, however, $50 minimum bet .. ...
NFL PICKS AFC PLAYOFFS: Pitt over Tenn and San Diego over New England...Indy over San Diego and Pitt over Denver
I have an idea for a league using the 75-76 NHL/ WHA teams off the download given with the two leagues' 6 - team sets: East: Toronto Maple Leafs, Pittsburgh, New England, Toronto Toros, Washington and NY Rangers; Central: Atlanta, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit and Kansas City; West: Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Diego, California, Edmonton and Minnesota North Stars. 4 games x each divisional foe and 2 games vs each other team...44 games. Just a thought.
I have lived in Fort Worth, Texas and Lansing, Michigan, which are both seven hundred miles as the crow flies from where I live in now in Columbus, Georgia, which is two thousand two hundred miles from where I was born in Portland, Oregon. I also lived in Seattle, Washington and Miami, Florida, which are just over two thousand seven hundred miles apart, as well as in San Diego, California and Jacksonville, North Carolina, which are two thousand three hundred miles apart. Some day I want to live in Boston, Massachusetts. I have lived in every region of the United States except where my first first ancestors arrived in New England almost four hundred years ago.
Realizing today, that many friends are literally in all parts of the globe.doing wonderful things, exploring, celebrating, praying, relaxing, working, helping, sharing compassion, and making a difference. May the songs in their heart stimulates and moves them.keep them all safe and healthy.Italy, DC, Central America, South American, San Diego, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico, Hawaii, Oregon, northern Wisconsin and northern MN, Mpls, New England states, Florida, Germany, Norway, Sweden, eastern Europe, the Holy Land, Palestine, Japan, East Timor, and ALL the Tribal Homelands of the USA.which come to mind quickly.
NFL NEWS: New England the favorite to get Steve Smith. Tampa Bay and San Diego also in the mix. Via
**Events - March 2 1866 - The Excelsior Needle Company of Wolcottville, Connecticut began making sewing machine needles. 1903 - The Martha Washington Hotel opened for business in New York City. The hotel featured 416 rooms and was the first hotel exclusively for women. 1925 - State and federal highway officials developed a nationwide route-numbering system and adopted the familiar U.S. shield-shaped numbered marker. For instance, in the east, there is U.S. 1 that runs from New England to Florida and in the west, the corresponding highway, U.S. 101, from Tacoma, WA to San Diego, CA. 1927 - Babe Ruth signed a 3-year contract with the New York Yankees for a guarantee of $70,000 a year, thus becoming baseball’s highest paid player. 1940 - The first televised intercollegiate track meet was seen by TV viewers in New York City as W2XBS presented the action live from Madison Square Garden. New York University won the meet. 1944 - The 16th Academy Awards celebration moved from a banquet hall to Grauman’s Chine ...
Super Bowl Week: After a record breaking season for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, they had to East Rutherford, New Jersey- MetLife Stadium to take on Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks who have only lost to 3 opponents (Indianapolis Week 5, San Francisco Week 14 and Arizona Week 16). Denver also only lost to 3 opponents this season as well (Indianapolis Week 7, New England Week 12 and San Diego Week 15). Both teams are playing at an extremely high level with solid wins throughout the season against power Football teams including: San Francisco, Kansas City and New England. They both had a difficult schedule in the regular season and the Post Season (in order): Carolina , San Francisco, Jacksonville, Houston, Indianapolis, Tennessee, Arizona, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Minnesota, New Orleans, San Francisco, the New York Giants, Arizona and St. Louis. Whereas the Broncos took on: Baltimore, New York Giants, Oakland, Philadelphia, Dallas, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Washington, San Diego, K ...
So the legal pot shop across from Mile High Stadium reports that New England fans are buying a lot more dope than the San Diego fans did. No Tom Brady sighting yet.
The NFL on CBS’ broadcast of the AFC Divisional Playoff game featuring the Denver Broncos victory over the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, Jan. 12 was seen by 41.1 million viewers from 4:45-8:00 p.m. ET, which was an increase of nine percent from last year’s 37.7 million (Houston-New England). Comparably, this was the third most-watched Sunday AFC Divisional Playoff game in 27 years (as far back as CBS goes, which is the 1987-88 season). The average viewership peaked 46.0 million viewers from 7:30-7:59 p.m. Source: Nielsen Media Research
The weekend of football is done with Denver winning 24 to 17 against San Diego...Denver, San Francisco, New England and Seattle are left...Who would You like to see take it all? Want to guess at the final of the Big Game You could win $10,000! at the link
The Patriots are heading to Denver! The Broncos beat San Diego, 24-17 to advance to the AFC Championship Game. Denver will host New England next Sunday. The game can be seen on CBS 13!
The New England are back in the AFC Championship Game for the third straight season, after their 43-22 win over the in the Divisional Playoffs. The Patriots ran for six TDs and LeGarrette Blount rushed for 166 yards and four TDs, falling one short of Ricky Watters' 5 TDs in the 1993 season. Andrew Luck of the threw an INT on the first drive to setup New England for their first TD and threw three more (two to Alfonzo Dennard) to aid the home team's victory. New England would host the AFC Championship if San Diego defeats Denver and if the win, then the go to Denver next Sunday. Luck (IND): 20/41, 331 yds, 2 TDs, 4 INTs Brazill (IND): 2 rec., 73 yds, 2 TDs Hilton (IND): 4 rec., 103 yds Brady (NE): 13/25, 198 Blount (NE): 24 rush, 166 yds, 4 TDs Ridley (NE): 14 rush, 52 yds, 2 TDs Edelman (NE): 6 rec., 84 yds
“I got Seattle, New England, Carolina, and my risky pick San Diego”ehhh you dumbo
My predictions:. Seahawks over Saints. Colts over New England. 49ers over Carolina. Broncos over San Diego!
New Orleans over Seattle, Indianapolis over New England, Carolina over 49ers, San Diego over Denver
Mr. O's Weekend Picks Jan. 11 to Jan. 12 Last week: 48-27-1 Remember, we're starting the running total fresh as of last weekend for 2014. Due to a busy journalism schedule and family time, Mr. O's weekend picks is being limited to two days and only NFL, NHL and NBA. Thank you for understanding. NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Outlook: The Saints will trouble the Seahawks but Seattle's vaunted 12th man should do enough to upset the rhythm of Drew Brees et al. I think a little Luck goes a long way (sorry, needed to through the weak pun in there) and Indy pulls the upset over New England. On Sunday, I'm all over the home teams as something about this Carolina team just makes me think they'll get the job done. Also, after hearing all week about how San Diego could upset Denver, give me Manning and I'll even take all 9 or 10 or even 11 points I'm seeing out there. Saturday, Jan. 11 New Orleans at Seattle (-8), 4:35 p.m. Indianapolis at New England (-7), 8:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 12 San Francisco (-2.5) at Carolina, ...
AFC Divisional Playoff Weekend on WDBJ7: Today, Indianapolis @ New England at 8pm. Tomorrow, San Diego @ Denver at 4:30pm.
Which NFL Playoffs game are you most excited to watch this weekend? - New Orleans vs Seattle - Indianapolis vs New England - San Francisco vs Carolina - San Diego vs Denver
Okay Sports fans here is what you've been waiting for all week, the Greek's football picks for the playoffs. This is the weekend of the DOGS. I like all four dogs and think 2 of them, most likely Carolina and Indianapolis, will win outright. The game between New England and Indianapolis will be compared to the 1982 Dallas-San Francisco game when the torch of greatness was passed to Joe Montana. Stick a fork in Marsha Brady this weekend as Luck takes center stage. My sentimental favorite is San Diego and my man Manti. It's just a shame his girlfriend didn't live to see it.
ALL I KNOW ABOUT THE 'CHEFS' Since 1970 (when they last won a Super Bowl), the CHEFS are a dreadful 3-13 in the playoffs. Two of those wins came in the 1993 campaign, making them an astonishing 1-13 in all other years. And THAT lone remaining win was against the RAIDERS in 1991. Meaning that all three victories took place under Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer. You know, the one who couldn’t win the big games. Nothing here to be proud of, really… An astounding fact: since 1970, EVERY SINGLE TEAM in the old AFC West has been to at least one Super Bowl. Except for the CHEFS, naturally. *** Denver has been to SIX, winning two! And Oakland/Los Angeles has been to three, winning two. (San Diego and Seattle made one appearance apiece; neither won.) Another astounding fact: Pittsburgh has won SIX Super Bowls since 1970; San Francisco has won five; Dallas has won four; New England has won three. *** the expansion CAROLINA PANTHERS went to one (they lost). And I’m not even counting the Tennesse ...
From Elias Sports Bureau: Three of this weekend's four NFL Wild Card games were decided by three points or less. There was only one other playoff weekend in league history in which three teams won by a margin that slim. That was in the Divisional Round following the 2006 season, when New England (24-21 over San Diego), New Orleans (27-24 over Philadelphia), and Chicago (27-24 over Seattle in overtime) all posted close victories.
Denver's three losses this season - to San Diego, New England and Indianapolis - were to the three other teams left in AF…
I can see it already. AFC Championship Game will be San Diego vs New England. Everything is setting up perfect
The NFL Divisional Playoffs are set! It'll be New Orleans at Seattle and San Francisco at Carolina in the NFC, San Diego at Denver and Indianapolis at New England in the AFC. Who do you think will be in the Super Bowl?
Which playoff game are you looking forward to next weekend? San Fran/Carolina, San Diego/Denver, New Orleans/Seattle or Indianapolis/New England?
A little perspective for Cowboy fans who want to fire everyone. IRVING, Texas - No one is happy. Not you for sure. Not Jerry or Stephen. Not Jason Garrett, nor the assistant of your choice. And certainly not the players. Kind of reminds me of this poem's final verse: Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright; The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light, And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout; But there is no joy in Mudville - mighty Casey has struck out. Yeah, the Cowboys, too. For the fourth consecutive season the Cowboys must sit home to watch them others play this weekend: Philadelphia and New Orleans, Green Bay and San Francisco, then Kansas City and Indianapolis, Cincinnati and San Diego. Then next week Seattle and Carolina, Denver and New England join the NFL postseason party. But no Cowboys, experiencing their longest absence from the playoffs since the five-season span from 1986 to 1990, but not quite as devastating as those six years to s ...
Good morning! Well once again we have no Cowboys to route for in the playoffs, so what's new? Let's make early predictions though, of the teams left, Jim & Lisa want to know who you think will win Super Bowl 48? (Just in case you're not sure who's left: Denver, Seattle, Kansas City, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Philadelphia, San Diego, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Green Bay, New England, Carolina.)
The Steelers still in the playoff picture? Yes. In control of their own destiny? Not so much. What must happen: •Steelers beat Green Bay and Cleveland •Baltimore loses to New England and Cincinnati •Miami loses to Buffalo and the Jets •Jets beat Cleveland and Miami •San Diego loses either game against Oakland or Kansas City Seems reasonable, right?
What is the biggest surprise in the NFL this week? San Diego over Denver? St. Louis over New Orleans? Miami over New England? Or the Green Bay comeback over Dallas? What a weird week!
It was a lousy weekend for my sports teams. The Colts were terrible, the Lions lost a game that they never should have and the Broncos let New England beat them in the second half. But for that screw up on the punt in OT, they might have gotten at least a tie out of the game. The good news is the Bears lost so the Lions still have a slight advantage. The bad news, they play Green Bay on Thanksgiving. I can only hope they wake up in time to help themselves this year. Then the Broncos get Kansas City on Sunday. Thanks to the KC loss to San Diego, they still have a shot at first in their division. And so it goes. 5 weeks to go and anything can happen. Who wants it the most? PS Can Washington beat San Francisco?
Wasn't it "The Monkeys" who sang "I'm a Believer"? Swinging from the trees. Well, tomorrow the San Diego Superchargers arrive in KC with first place on the line for our beloved boys in red. And sure, the city of San Diego is nice enough.but who could use the term "beloved" to describe the fellows on their team? Phillip (cry me a) Rivers, Antonio (rusty old) Gates, Danny (used to be a Smurf) Woodhead, and Seyi Ajiratutu (no joke necessary). Let us all say a blessing for the boys in New England.may the gale force cold winds always blow from their backs.and may Peyton Manning fear the Pats frozen tundra. I 10:00 tomorrow evening, our Chiefs will be sole possessors of first place the football gods have granted.
Here's my pro football predictions for this weekend: Philadelphia over Oakland 41-38, Baltimore over Cleveland 28-27, New England over Pittsburgh 45-14, San Diego over Washington 35-20, and Dallas over Minnesota 41-27. Other games of interest, I am predicting Kansas City to remain unbeaten with a 35-14 win over Buffalo. I also predict Carolina over Atlanta 28-21, New Orleans over the NY Jets 38-20, Indianapolis over Houston 35-14, Green Bay over Chicago 31-30, and Seattle will keep Tampa Bay winless with a 45-7 thrashing.
For Friday, November 1, 2013 1861 - A hurricane near Cape Hatteras, NC, battered a Union fleet of ships attacking Carolina ports, and produced high tides and high winds in New York State and New England. (David Ludlum) 1966 - Santa Anna winds fanned fires, and brought record November heat to parts of coastal California. November records included 86 degrees at San Francisco, 97 degrees at San Diego, and 101 degrees at the International airport in Los Angeles. Fires claimed the lives of at least sixteen firefighters. (The Weather Channel) 1968 - A tornado touched down west of Winslow, AZ, but did little damage in an uninhabited area. (The Weather Channel) 1987 - Early morning thunderstorms in central Arizona produced hail an inch in diameter at Williams and Gila Bend, and drenched Payson with 1.86 inches of rain. Hannagan Meadows AZ, meanwhile, was blanketed with three inches of snow. Unseasonably warm weather prevailed across the Ohio Valley. Afternoon highs of 76 degrees at Beckley WV, 77 degrees at Bluef ...
I need Atlanta, Cincinnati, Miami, Philadelphia, New England, Washington, San Diego, & St. Louis to win and I'll be lookin pretty good! $$$
Alright, let's see how bad I suck at this. Here are this week's winners in the NFL: Atlanta, Detroit, Miami, New England, Dallas, Chicago, Carolina, San Diego, San Francisco, Green Bay, Kansas City, Baltimore, Denver, Seattle, and Minnesota.
NFL Picks: Kansas City (-3), Denver (-8), San Diego (-3), Green Bay (-7), New England (-1). Riding the coattails of the favorites this week.
Full injury recap (TX) ** Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor (concussion) made it through the week without a setback and is probable for Sunday night’s game against the Chargers. He’s a viable bye-week option in a plus matchup. No team has allowed more fantasy points to QBs than San Diego. ** Titans QB Jake Locker (hip) is expected to miss 4-6 weeks. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick takes over as Tennessee’s starter but isn’t a fantasy option against a stingy Chiefs defense on Sunday. ** Falcons RB Steven Jackson (hamstring) won’t play against the Jets on Monday night. He’s targeting a return after Atlanta’s Week 6 bye. Jacquizz Rodgers and Jason Snelling will share backfield duties again this week. Both guys are just RB3/flex options against a tough Jets defense. ** Patriots RB Stevan Ridley (knee/thigh) has been ruled out for Sunday's game against the Bengals. Nice of the Pats not to leave us with a questionable/game-time decision tag. LeGarrette Blount will step in as New England's lead back but should ...
*** I liked standing on the bridge wing at sunrise with salt spray in my face and clean ocean winds whipping in from the four quarters of the globe - - the ship beneath me feeling like a living thing as her engines drove her swiftly through the sea. *** I liked the sounds of the Navy - the piercing trill of the boatswains pipe, the syncopated clangor ...of the ship's bell on the quarterdeck, the harsh squawk of the 1MC, and the strong language and laughter of sailors at work. *** I liked Navy vessels -- nervous darting destroyers, plodding fleet auxiliaries and amphibs, sleek submarines and steady solid aircraft carriers. *** I liked the proud names of Navy ships: Midway, Lexington , Saratoga , Coral Sea, Antietam, Valley Forge - - memorials of great battles won and tribulations overcome. *** I liked the lean angular names of Navy "tin-cans" and escorts - - Barney, Dahlgren, Mullinix, McCloy, Damato, Leftwich, Mills - - mementos of heroes who went before us. And the others - - San Jose , San Diego , Los A ...
No Wake, No Soliai & No Patterson as the Phins go on the road to play in the Dome vs Brees & the high powered Saints on Monday Night Football. I don't see how Miami can win this one. But I also did not see Cleveland beating Cincy, San Diego beating Dallas or Atlanta beating New England so anything's possible. Just unlikely.
They already talking about the Broncos going undefeated. I don't know, we still got the Cowboys, the Chargers and Chiefs twice, and lets not forget the Patriots and the Texans on the road. You look at the schedule and you tell me who we might lose to. wk5@ Dallas wk6 Jacksonville wk7@ Indianapolis wk8 Washington wk9 bye wk10@ San Diego wk11 Kansas City wk12@ New England wk13@ Kansas City wk14 Tennessee wk15 San Diego wk16@ Houston wk17@ Oakland Honestly I don't see us losing any division games that includes the Chiefs. I don't care how good they look. We have the number 1 run defense without Von Miller and Champ Bailey just imagine when they get back. We're already scary and if we're still undefeated when we get to full strength on defense then going unbeaten sounds real good bit I don't want to though. I don't want us to be another New England, we all know what happened, but no need to talk about the past the present time is what matters. Holla at me.
Tuesday Night Talk (We're discussing wide receivers) -Josh Gordon makes those who drafted him with the patience to wait the necessary 2 game suspension he served look brilliant in week 3. The general rule of thumb is never buy on a guy after a career stat line always wait till after a down week, however I just can't help myself but tell you to move the chips in this week on Josh Gordon. Rumors have been circling since late this past week that the Browns have interest in moving Gordon before the October trade deadline. The 19 targets he received in week 3 would lead us all to think there is some real truth the the rumors as he was clearly being featured on Sunday. There are several potential landing spots where Gordon would appear awfully sexy such as Detroit, New England, or San Diego, however I'm not so sure the best possible spot for him is not right where he is in Cleveland. Being the Clear featured wideout on a team forced to throw early and often looks like it could be quit lucrative. As I discussed ...
Week 3 of the NFL season is almost in the books, Denver and Oakland play tonight, but I think we know who has that game in the bag. Here is what we know: The Giants, Steelers, Vikings, Buccaneers and Redskins have to hit the panic button. The Redskins know what it is like to not start off a season very well, but RG3 looks like the average ghost of himself. The New England Patriots got their first solid win today over the Buccaneers, or did they? The Bucs offense was atrocious and the Patriots only scored 23 points with their running game still in trouble. Tom Brady looked better, but not that great. They are 3-0 against mediocre/bad teams, the real test comes against Atlanta. The Houston Texans proved to be a fraud. Last year, everyone thought they were a Super Bowl contender, until they played New England twice, and were crushed both times. Barely beating San Diego, Tennessee and getting destroyed by the Ravens doesn't help your cause this year, and I think we can all agree that Matt Schaub is an average ...
Here's my picks for today: Green Bay, Dallas, San Diego, Minnesota, New England, Arizona, Detroit, Carolina, Houston, Miami, New York Jets, San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle. And for tomorrow night: Denver I was 10-6 again last week. Go Cowboys!!
Today's Picks HOU 34 vs BAL 27 It's going to be an offensive battle for the most part but from what I've seen from Baltimore's defense i cant see them beating a team like Houston. NYG 21 vs CAR 24 This one is going to come down to the wire, the only way Carolina doesn't win is if the G men can hold onto the ball. GB 38 vs CIN 25 This one wont be very close in the end with the way Rodgers has been playing its impossible to see GB not running up the scoreboard. Packers take this one. STL 17 vs DAL 14 This one will be a close game with not as much scoring as the others, Tavon Austin is going to have a big week. CLE 13 vs MIN 24 Expect a big week from Adrian Peterson as the Vikings cruise by the browns. TB 14 vs NE 17 With the way New England has been scoring lately and how the Bucs have lost both games by a field goal i have the Pats winning by a field goal today. ARI 20 vs NO 28 With Fitzgerald still dealing with a hamstring injury i don't see him dealing the damage like he usually does, New Orleans takes t ...
Here is my Week NFL fearless picks! Last week: 11-4 record... Houston defeats Baltimore (Texans win for Ed Reed's homecoming), NY Giants defeat Carolina (neither one can afford to go 0-3 so Giants season on the line), Washington defeats Detroit (RG3 unloads today and runs the field), Tennessee defeats San Diego (Chargers worn down by another long trip across country), New Orleans knocks off Arizona, New England defeats Tampa, Green Bay knocks off Cincinnati (big game for the Pack on the road), St. Louis surprises Dallas at home (still not confident in Cowboys), MINNESOTA defeats Cleveland (or else a new Coach and QB will will be brought in next week), Atlanta defeats Miami (big game for the beat-up Falcons if they are thinking playoffs), Buffalo defeats NY Jets (I like EJ over Geno in the rookie QB showdown), San Francisco over Indianapolis (bad week for the Colts to get an upset Niners team), Seattle to crush Jacksonville (Jags' franchise needs to relocate and get new identity), Pittsburgh in a surprise ...
Your boy only hit for 20k last week. Aint enough for dude. Putting a quarter mill on the line in week 3.   San Diego v. Tennessee (-3) Just cause San Diego had 500 yards against the Eagles don't mean they have a legit offense. Phi Rivers first name is still Phil bo. Pick: Tennessee (-3) for 20k.   Cleveland v. Minnesota (-6.5) Cleveland trades their biggest gun to Indianapolis.  Aint good for morale. Pick: Minnesota (-6.5) for 15k.   Tampa Bay v. New England (-7) Half of Tampa Bay's squad is about to get red tagged after this game with a loss. Same goes for that buck-toothed coach. Squad's gonna be playing for their lives. Pick: Tampa Bay (+7) for 10k.   Houston (-2) v. Baltimore Houston is lucky as *** to be 2-0 right now. Got to go with the home dogs. Pick: Baltimore (+2)  for 10k.   St. Louis v. Dallas (-3.5) Dallas drops to 1-2 and Jason Garrett better be calling Sotheby's. Unless my man doesn't live in a legit enough house to even justify calling Sotheby's. Pick: Dallas (-3.5) for 10k.   Ari ...
San Diego at Tennessee (-3) TEN 20 SD 17 - San Diego's injuries are starting to pile up, and Tennessee should be able to make the Chargers one dimensional and cause Rivers to turn the ball over.  I expect an ugly game with defense turning into points on both sides.    Cleveland at Minnesota (-7.5) MIN 24 CLE 10 - Congrats Minnesota on earning a 2nd bye week of the season.  Cleveland will start a 3rd string QB and a RB who was sitting on his couch 3 days ago, for an offense that couldn’t move the ball with a top 10 RB before.  Josh Gordon's return and the emergence of Jordan Cameron would have been a nice boost for Browns fans until they decided to give away the franchise with the trade. BOLD PREDICTION - Peterson rushes for 160 yards   Tampa Bay at New England (-8.5) NE 27 TB 17 - New England's offense has really struggled with the lack of a running game and the loss of all of Tom's receivers, but giving Coach Bill 10 days to prepare for a team that is also struggling just isn't fair.  And if Gro ...
I'm heading down to New Jersey tomorrow to spend time with family and then catch the Eagles-Chiefs game in Philadelphia, so here are my picks for Week 3. Philadelphia over Kansas City. Houston over Baltimore. NY Giants over Carolina. Green Bay over Cincinnati. Dallas over St. Louis. Minnesota over Cleveland. New England over Tampa Bay. New Orleans over Arizona. San Diego over Tennessee. Detroit over Washington. Atlanta over Miami. Buffalo over NY Jets. San Francisco over Indianapolis. Seattle over Jacksonville. Chicago over Pittsburgh. Denver over Oakland. 43-5 for my picks so far this season. I need to start placing bets.
Record: 5-7-2, third, AFL West Points scored/allowed: 303/350 Coach: Al Davis Summary: Getting back to our theme of fair-to-middling teams, we travel a year backward from yesterday’s report on the ’65 Raiders to APBA’s first AFL season. With three fewer wins, Oakland earned two more offensive points (and one or two fewer on defense, depending in your choice of LBs). For this report, I’ve got a reproduction 1964 Raiders media guide and a secondary website to finalize the lineup in lieu of APBA’s original roster and PFR. The blog The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit also offers a nice pictorial retrospective on the AFL of a different nature than does Tales from the American Football League. Oakland rallied from an 0-5-1 start to post W’s against Denver, Houston, New York, Buffalo and San Diego; they tied with New England (43-43) and Denver (20-20). Offense: 30 Offensive line: 14. Old reliable Jim Otto earns his first APBA 4 in a Pro Bowl season. Guard Wayne Hawkins and tackle Frank Youso are 3 ...
One thing I confirmed this weekend during the New England Relay is that New England is an awesome place... and even Ron Burgundy would agree, its better than San Diego.
New England loses another weapon in Danny Woodhead to San Diego. Rex Burkhead sure is going to look good in a Patriots jersey.
QB by number No.1 Warren Moon 1. Warren Moon -- The best CFL quarterback ever to cross the border, Moon did everything but win a championship in his Hall of Fame career. 2 -- Yeah, not really anyone else of note. Good thing Moon was really good. He did jersey No. 1 proud. No.2 Doug Flutie 1. Doug Flutie -- Heisman winner wore No. 22 at Boston College and did some good things wearing the deuce in New England and Chicago. But it was while wearing No. 7 in Buffalo and San Diego that Flutie truly starred in the NFL. But we'll take what we can get with this number. 2. Aaron Brooks -- Great game one week, pathetic the next. That's the story of a roller-coaster career. 3. Tim Couch -- Could've, should've, would've been a NFL superstar as well as Cleveland's savior. Too bad close counts only in horseshoes and hand grenades. No.3 Daryle Lamonica 1. Daryle Lamonica -- The Raiders' Mad Bomber earned the AFL the reputation as the "Throw Deep, Ask Questions Later" league. 2. Bobby Hebert -- Before Drew Brees came to t ...
Vol.2, No. 39 The Rooney Report “All the News That Fits on One Page” Friday, Feb. 8, 2013 Deep Trouble: Much of Eastern Pennsylvania, New York and New England are under blizzard watch today as two major storms collide in the Northeast. As many as 3,000 flights have been cancelled. Some news outlets are hyping a storm of “historic” proportions, but don’t judge until you can put a yardstick in it. Two feet of snow are expected. National: SWAT teams in Southern California are still searching for a former Los Angeles cop wanted in three killings. In the early hours of Thursday a Riverside officer died in a shootout and his partner was wounded. Another police officer was wounded in a separate shooting. Police also mistakenly shot at two pickup trucks, in one case wounding two women delivering newspapers. At mid- day officers surrounded a motel in San Diego thinking 33-year-old Christopher Dorner was there, but later found his burned out pickup truck in the mountains near Big Bear Lake. Dorner was or ...
Where is Dan Fouts on your list for San Diego? And, where is Steve Grogan on New England's list?
It's that time. Blakey's Week 17 predictions. Tampa Bay over Atlanta. Falcons got that one spot locked up. No need to really try. Buffalo over Jets. SANCHEZ IS BACK! lol Cincinnati over B-more. I like the ravens after that W against NY but i like the bengals more. Bears over Lions. Lovie Smith better get it straight. or he could be gone. Houston over Indy Colts D can't stop Houston Carolina over Saints. Don't know why. this game just jumps out at me. Giants over Philly. I think Vick will actually put together a pretty decent game. but Giants are playing for their lives Steelers over Browns Browns down to 3rd string QB? thats comedy at its best! Tennessee over Jacksonville Jaguars.more like Bag-guars Denver over Chiefs. Manning. Green Bay over Vikings. Vikings aren't that good. Offense is too one dimensional. Not hating on your team. just don't really think they deserve to be in the playoffs. New England over Miami. Bad team vs. Good. San Diego over Oakland. Bad team vs bad Team. Seattle over Rams Seahawks ...
Vikings dominate the Texans. 23-6 beat down. Redskins beat the Eagles 27-20 Carolina beats the Raiders 17-6 New England hangs on to beat the Jaguars 23-16 Colts beat the Chiefs 20-13 St.Louis over the Bucs 28-13 Green Bay humiliates the Titans 55-7 Miami Dolphins beat the Bills 24-10 San Diego over the Jets 27-17 The Bengals clinch the final wild spot by beating the Steelers 13-10.
Time to finish the season strong...week 16 NFL picks: Atlanta takes down Detroit this Saturday, then I've got the Raiders sliding by Carolina, Saints go marching out of Dallas with a win, Green Bay over Tennessee, AP & the Vikings run over Houston, New England takes down Jacksonville, Indy over Kansas City, Buffalo on the road in Miami, Washington plucks the Eagles, Pittsburgh in a tough one over Cincy, Tampa Bay drops St. Louis, the Jets fly over San Diego in Norv's last game as a head coach, Denver easily over Cleveland, Baltimore bounces back over the Giants, Chicago over Arizona and in the game of the week Seattle surprises San Francisco. Who you got?
Week 15 NFL picks: Thursday Night Football I have Cincy flying over Philly, Atlanta at home over the Giants, Baltimore surprises Denver, Green Bay takes down Chicago, Washington over Cleveland, Houston bounces back over Indy, Jacksonville sneaks by Miami, Tampa Bay surprises New Orleans, Minnesota over St. Louis, Detriot easily over Arizona, Seattle gets by Buffalo, Carolina over San Diego, Pittsburgh on the road in Dallas, Oakland takes Kansas City at home, New England in the game of the week over the Niners and the Jets represent on Monday Night over Tennessee. What you got?!?
A.J. Smith should have been fired after San Diego choked vs. New England when Marty Schottenheimer was there.
Putting week 13 behind me and moving on to week 14 picks: the Thursday Night match up is a tough one for me, but I have to go with the Broncos over my beloved Raiders. Then I've got Buffalo at home over St. Louis, Atlanta on the road in Carolina, Cincy upsets the Cowboys, Cleveland in a toss up over Kansas City, Indy at home over Tennessee, Jacksonville upsets the lowly Jets, Minnesota in a stunner over Chicago, Pittsburgh over San Diego, Tampa Bay hurts Philly, Washington over Baltimore (only because they're at home), the 49ers hook the Dolphins, the Giants rebound at home over the Saints, Seattle over Arizona, Green Bay drops Detroit and on Monday, a tough one, but I see Houston over New England. Talk to me!
I'm feeling a San Diego "Beat-down" today. They have embarrassed the *** out of us the past few times in San Diego. We have never been to Cali before with only 2 losses and since we can control our own destiny by continuing to win (I hope John Harbaugh is preaching this), we can get home-field advantage if we take it one game at a time starting today with The Chargers. HOUSTON dodged a bullet in Detroit & New England is kicking some serious *** They are in our immediate future, no doubt. I hope Joe Flacco is up to the task; he'll need to be for us to make it to The Super Bowl!!! GO RAVENS...
NFL picks for Week 11 (last week 10-3-1, hope for no ties this week) Sunday Green Bay at Detroit- Packers. Rodgers overcomes injuries to his defense Arizona at Atlanta- Falcons rebound from 1st loss Philadelphia at Washington- Redskins take advantage of Nick Foles 1st NFL start for Eagles Tampa Bay at Carolina- Panthers in upset, Tampa Bay isn't that good Cleveland at Dallas- Cowboys, but it's closer than they like NY Jets at St Louis- Rams Cincinnati at Kansas City- Chiefs in 2nd upset of week Jacksonville at Houston- Texans big, will be resting starters in 4th qtr New Orleans at Oakland- Saints. Drew Brees has big day, Raiders have no defense Indianapolis at New England- Patriots. Andrew Luck gets 1st taste of rivlary, but too much Tom Brady at home San Diego at Denver- Broncos basically wrap up AFC West Baltimore at Pittsburgh- Steelers do enough at home with Byron Leftwich Monday Chicago at San Francisco- 49ers. I'm not a big Jay Cutler fan, but Bears have no offense without him
It's NFL Week 10-Byes this week include-Arizona, Cleveland, Green Bay and Washington. The team I am calling out this week is the Super Bowl Champion NY Giants-Hopefully they bounce back this week and beat Cincinnati. My Saddest Game of the Week is Dallas at Philadelphia. Basura Game of the Week is Kansas City at Pittsburgh. Game of the Week is Houston at Chicago. Here are my picks this week-Jacksonville over Indianapolis, New England over Buffalo, Tennessee over Miami, Seattle over NY Jets, Baltimore over Oakland, NY Giants over Cincinnati, Denver over Carolina, Tampa Bay over San Diego, Philadelphia over Dallas, New Orleans to shock Atlanta, Detroit over Minnesota, San Francisco over St. Louis, Da Bears over Houston and Pittsburgh destroys Kansas City!!!
The Broncos may be more fearsome than they appear. If there's a favorite team to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this season, it probably would be the Houston Texans. They have the best record in the conference at 6-1, they just waxed the next-best team (Baltimore) 43-13, and their only loss came at the hands of an NFC squad (Green Bay). Is there any reason to think they won't be hoisting the Lamar Hunt Trophy in January? Actually, yes. The Texans are not the highest-ranked AFC team in Football Outsiders' latest rankings. That honor goes to the Denver Broncos, perhaps the league's most underrated team. The Broncos are only 3-3, but that mediocre record is not an accurate reflection of this team's performance this year. Their three losses have come against three division leaders (Houston, Atlanta and New England) with a combined record of 16-4. And it's not as if the teams Denver has beaten are pushovers, either. Pittsburgh, San Diego and Oakland have a combined record of 8-10. All in all, Denver's opp ...
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After a 21-7 NFL run with 8-1 NFL run LW, I totally failed you yesterday. I take full responsibility and offer up my 2* MNF winner and opinion in the MLB Free today with my apologies. Joe Gavazzi 44-19 All Sport Run CFB 17-4 NFL 21-13 6-2 run MLB 31-9 run Postseason 2011 ! Denver at San Diego (-1) 8:35 ET ESPN 5* Monday Night Delight! Denver (+1) I’m still not buying the Chargers act. Wins have come against Oakland (1-4), Tennessee (2-4), KC (1-5). Last week’s loss on SNF to formerly winless New Orleans was hardly impressive. Far more impressed with the weekly improvement of QB Manning and the Denver offense. Their losses against Atlanta, Houston and New England are forgivable. Real key to the Bronco resurgence is a vastly improved defense under DC Del Rio who has returned to his Peter Principle after his failure as head man in Jacksonville. Key figure is a 5.1 defensive yards per play. A figure bettered by only 5 other teams entering this week’s play. Trailing in the divisional race by a game ...
Cris Carter please. Patriots messing with Welker's money? He is earning 9.5M this year. Take a look at what welker did in Miami and San Diego respectively vs. what he is doing in New England. There is no comparison. Maybe when they're is another lockout the players will ask for guaranteed salaries.
Fearless Football Forecast Week 12 & 2 last week but still only 61.8% for the season. Starting this week out 0 & 1. The Vikings are in Washington where the DEADSKINS are 0 & 8 in their last 8 home games and where Percy Harvin cauaght 12 balls for 150 yrds. and a T.D. last year. Griffin will play but you gotta wonder if he will be a little gun shy after getting his bell rung last week. I'll go with Minnesota. Monday night The Broncosare at San Diego. Mcgahee could have a good night against The Chargers and should help Denver FINALLY complete a late game comeback. The rest of this weeks winners will be The Ravens, Bengals, Miami, Indy, Atlanta, Philadelphia, The Bucs, Arizona, New England, The 49ers and Houston.
Here's my fearless NFL Picks after a 2nd straight 10-5 week. Arizona d Buffalo; New England d Seattle (Brady & offense too good despite West Coast travel for Pats); San Francisco d NY Giants (Niners at home and revenge from last year's playoff loss); Minnesota d Washington (if RG3 healthier, I would actually pick the Skins!); Houston d Green Bay (we'll see if Houston is worthy of Super Bowl talk!); Denver d San Diego (winner could control AFC West - Money on Peyton!); Tampa Bay d Kansas City; Indianapolis d NY Jets (LUCK says Indy wins! He is a remarkable QB!); Cincinnati d Cleveland; Philadelphia d Detroit (loser out of playoffs); Atlanta d Oakland; Miami d St. Louis (tight one to call! Miami QB & Reggie Bush playing well and at home); Baltimore d Dallas (same for Ravens - to be in Super Bowl talk, they must knock out Jerry's Cowboys!) ... 5-Week Record: 43-35.
Finished 7-6 last week. Bad week. But I'm now at 57% My week 6 picks. 1. Pittsburgh over Tennessee. 2. Tampa Bay over Kansas City. 3. NY Jets over Indy Colts. 4. Cincy over Cleveland. 5. Philadelphia over Detroit. 6. Atlanta over Oakland 7. St Louis over Miami. 8. Mighty Dallas Cowboys at Baltimore??? OUCH! Confounded! 9. Zona over Buffalo. 10. San Francisco over NY Giants. 11. Washington over Minnesota. 12. New England over Seattle. 13. Green Bay over Houston. 14. San Diego over Denver. The Mighty Dallas Cowboys may have a little chance if Kyle Orton plays QB. Romo is one big Cluster Fudge. Seattle may surprise me against New England. University of Washington Huskies-35 University of Southern California-31.
We just got back from a week in LA & Hollywood, Cal. Here's a summary: - a woman farted on the street - It was scorching hot almost every day - we were interviewed on the street for the Jeff Probst show - that's where the woman farted on the street - the traffic *** twice as much as Boston - the fart was a full trombone like sound - no one waves hello while jogging like in New England - we watched both Leno & Kimmel Live - Saw cars from the Bing Bang cast - drove to San Diego & back same day and somehow survived - Venice Beach is way crazy - bottom line: nice area to visit, not to live
This Broncos game mirrored the other losses. Too big a hole for Manning to lead them back from, even with him playing spectacularly 31-44 345 yds, 3TDs, 0 INTs. Fox was totally outcoached. Early 2nd half, run a draw on 3rd and 4 then punt, despite being gifted with one of the best QBs ever. Then another run down 2 scores late. Slow to adjust to the no huddle Need to bench Dumervil if he can't stop the run for the first time ever. New England ran a draw on 3rd and 17 right at him, and he failed to make a play. Never seen a defense praised more for doing less. On offense, all they have to do is have Thomas and McGahee hang on to the ball. Thomas had the worst 180 yard day I've ever seen from a receiver. Von Miller was the only defender who did anything. Must win at San Diego next week. Chargers aren't even favored tonight against an 0-4 team.
Notable NFL games tomorrow: Philadelphia at Pittsburgh, 1PM, Fox. Can Michael Vick and the Eagles solve the Steelers' suffocating defense at unfriendly Heinz Field? Denver at New England, 4:15, CBS. Peyton Manning faces off against Tom Brady for the 14th time in his career (Brady and the Patriots lead 8-5). San Diego at New Orleans, 8:20, NBC. Suspended Saint coach Sean Payton received special permission to see QB Drew Brees after the game, which Brees will probably break Johnny Unitas' record of throwing a TD pass in 47 straight games.
For all you Romo haters out there. Not that im all over his nuts but just something for you to see PASSER RATING Highest Passer Rating, Career (1,500 attempts) 104.1 Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay, 2005-2011 96.9 Tony Romo, Dallas, 2004-2011 96.8 Steve Young, Tampa Bay, 1985-86; San Francisco, 1987-1999 96.4 Tom Brady, New England, 2000-2011 95.5 Philip Rivers, San Diego, 2004-2011
Who you starting at flex? Eric Decker @ New England or Darren Sproles vs. San Diego?
At the conclusion of the Week 4 NFL slate of games, not much is changing at the top of the charts. As for the bottom, the rest of the season will probably be a coin flip for those anyway as teams go through hot and cold streaks plus injuries. One thing for sure is I won't have to make room for the Browns or the Saints this year. So here it is.Jaybee's AFC/NFC Power 6. Jaybee's AFC Power 6 1. Houston 2. Baltimore 3. San Diego 4. New England 5. Cincinnati 6. Denver I didn't want to put Denver back on the list but the three teams I considered was Denver, Pittsburgh and Oakland. Since the Broncos beat them both, this seemed like a no-brainer. Jaybee's NFC Power 6 1. Atlanta 2. San Francisco 3. Chicago 4. Green Bay 5. Arizona 6. Minnesota As for the previous 3 weeks, I feel very strongly about my top 3 and am not even completely sure that a list of 6 is even necessary. If I had to bet the farm tomorrow, I would bank on the Super Bowl winner coming from one of the top three on the NFC list.
Ok so my Yay's and Boo's of Sunday NFL, the Boo's, Atlanta, New England ( huge boo) washington ( just cause Tampa is my team) And the Yay's San Diego ( of course) San Francisco ( screw the jets and i love watching Frank Gore) Denver ( yay manning ) Green Bay ( my grandpas home town) Phillies ( again, screw New York) And thats it. see you for a monday update
Nfl picks Atlanta over Carolina, Buffalo over New England, Minnesota over Detroit, Houston over Tennessee, San Diego over Kansas City, New York Jets over San Francisco, Seattle over St Louis, Arizona over Miami, Denver over Oakland, Cincinnati over Jacksonville, Green Bay over New Orleans, Tampa Bay over Washington, New York Giants over Philadelphia and Chicago over Dallas
Now, the Anti-Survivor breakdown. Before the games, there were 183 left out of 560 participants. 124 had KC and Minnesota losing. I picked the Rams, so still in it. Anti-Survivor - 183 entries remaining Kansas City - 71 Minnesota - 43 St. Louis - 21 Tampa Bay - 18 Seattle - 8 Oakland - 5 Atlanta - 3 New England - 3 Tennessee - 3 Arizona - 2 Cincinnati - 2 Jacksonville - 2 New York Giants - 1 San Diego - 1 Wowsa, all I can say.
If I was a betting man, here are the picks where I'd go against the Vegas line this week: Miami over the Jets and Atlanta over San Diego. I would also take Kansas City plus the points (New Orleans will not win by 9). Games to totally stay the *** away from: Cincinnati at Washington, Philadelphia at Arizona, New England at Baltimore, and Green Bay at Seattle. Anything else: bet the favorite. ; )
Little Giant Ladders
As I said, you can win a lot or lose a lot, yesterday we did the latter. but learned a lot for the future upcoming conference schedule, Tenneesse can not defend the pass, they have no secondary, period, Michigan St has big time quarterback issues and offense line issues. Florida will tank in conference play, this will be the only gane they will win away from the swamp, we will be patient and wait. So for today we will do the following. On the moneyline we will take the New York Giants, Cincinnati, New England and Houston, we will take the following parlay on a 6 1/2 point teaser, going up of course on Kansas City + 10 down on the New York Giants - 1/2 down on Houston - 1/2 down on Cincinnati - 1/2 San Diego at even, this gives us a 5 teamer, for a Wild Card dog parlay we will take St. Louis + 3 New York Jets + 6 1/2 and Kansas City + 3 for a 3 teamer, on way to book, HBG call
Matthew "Nastradamus" Lindsley's picks for NFL week over Green Bay, Buffalo over Kansas City, Cincinatti over Cleveland, Minnesota over Indianapolis, Houston over Jacksonville, Miami over Oakland, Arizona over New England, Tampa Bay over New York Giants, Philadelphia over Baltimore, Seattle over Dallas, Washington over St. Louis, Pittsburgh over New York Jets, San Diego over Tennesse, Detroit over San Francisco, Atlanta over Denver.
Here are my predicted winners for Week of the NFL Schedule. Chicago (over Green Bay ... yes, again I am rolling the dice!), Indianapolis (a LUCKy guess? Indy at home, should beat the Vikes), Oakland, NY Giants, Carolina (upset New Orleans), New England, Baltimore, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Houston, Dallas, Washington, San Diego, Pittsburgh, San Francisco (in NFL!) and Atlanta (yes, over Peyton's Broncos). 1ST WEEK'S PICK RECORD: 10-6.
here are my picks not that anyone is keeping up. Green Bay, New England, N.Y. Giants, Oakland, Carolina, Minnesota, Houston, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Kansas City, Dallas, Washington, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Detroit, Denver.
My NFL predictions for the 2012 season. The most important player in the NFL this year is.Marshall Newhouse, LT for the Green Bay Packers. He must protect the blindside of Aaron Rodgers. Remember the 2008 season? Tom Brady when down in the first game and Matt Casell took over for the Patriots and nearly lead them to the playoffs. Well Graham Harrell is no Matt Cassell and without a solid running game the Packers will sink like a rock if Rodgers goes down, which, sadly, I think will happen this season. Keeping that in mind, here are my predictions. AFC Division winners: New England... easy schedule. Baltimore... Joe Flacco is in a contract season. Houston... see New England above. San Diego... Norv Turner must produce and so will the defense this year. Wild Cards... Kansas City and thier improved running game and Buffalo because Mario Williams plays on the left side. NFC Division winners: Dallas... Tony Romo shuts up his critics and Rob Ryan's defense becomes a force with shutdown corners. Detroit... Matt ...
I read an amazingly cool article in the RI Monthly magazine that I want to share but for first a little back history: I am going to introduce you to: Jon "Blazeman" Blais Born and raised in southern New England, Jonathan S. Blais had always been an elite athlete and multi-sport competitor. Given a death sentence in the form of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease) in May of 2005, at the age of 33, Jon accepted his diagnosis and decided to do incredible things with it. He began waging a War on ALS from the beginning. This was his way of dealing with it; this is how he lived out his days... fighting for research and raising awareness. A decade prior to his diagnosis, Jon decided to move from his home in Seekonk, Massachusetts to San Diego to finish school and eventually get his Master's degree in teaching. Focusing his energy on helping kids who were emotionally challenged and learning-disabled, Jon became a teacher at the Aseltine School. This is also where he became b ...
I don't really have a good feel for this NFL season, so I'll play it kind of safe and say New England over Philly in the Super Bowl. Biggest surprises - Carolina and Buffalo. Biggest busts - Denver and NY Giants. Playoff teams, AFC: NE, Pittsburgh, Houston, San Diego, Baltimore, and Buffalo. NFC: Green Bay, Philly, New Orleans, San Fran, Chicago, and Carolina.
talking football with a retarded coworker can be tougher than being constipated. Calling my picks right now though. Division Winners are as follows: NFC East - Cowboys, West - San Fransisco, South - Atlanta, North - Green Bay, Wild Cards - Giants and Saints. AFC East - New England, North - Cinncinatti, South - Houston, West - San Diego, Wild Cards - Broncos and Ravens.
My SUPER EARLY NFL Playoff Seeds [Version 2.0]: AFC_NFC 1.) Houston.1.) Green Bay 2.) New England.2.) San Francisco 3.) Baltimore.3.) Atlanta 4.) San Diego.4.) Dallas 5.) Cincinnati.5.) Chicago 6.) Buffalo.6.) Detroit Super Bowl: Baltimore 17 v Detroit 14 I got a lot of complaints about Pittsburgh not making the playoffs. Big Ben with a new offense, torn rotator cuff, and a disgruntled Mike's not happening people. I've moved New England to the two seed by proxy of their easy schedule. The AFC is clearly the weaker conference. I think with solid QB play the Bills are a sleeper team, I also think that Peyton is going to get injured with the Broncos this season. Even without Suggs the Ravens are still my current favorite. The NFC has a lot of quality teams that will be fighting for playoff spots. The Bears were a Super Bowl caliber team before Cutler got hurt, and they've only gotten better. Only one team will make it out alive in the NFC east, and I think it will be Dallas. I don't particula ...
Next, Jaroslav Halak stops 26 of 27 shots for the Whalers as they get the win at home - New England 3 San Diego 1.
On Kerley's role for this season. He can do a lot of things for us and last year he was learning and he came on almost midseason, that's when he really started playing. He caught a touchdown early against New England, but other than that he didn't get a lot of touches. Then the San Diego game right before the bye he had a couple of great catches, clutch catches on third down and that kind of became his role. So I think it's a chance for him to expand as a player and then you add guys like Stephen Hill and Chaz Schilens and Santonio [Holmes] is obviously ready to come back and have a great year, I think all those guys help each other and they can all expand their roles if they're doing the right thing. Via Mark Sanchez
Today my thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends and anyone whose life was touched by longtime NFL football great Junior Seau. Who was found shot to death. How could you not acknowledge his career as line backer. 13 years with San Diego, 3 yrs with Miami, 4 yrs with New England. My hats off to you Junior. You will be missed.
*** !! Junior Seau.. RIP. Much respect. Was my favorite player while at San Diego and New England.
Today the football world and family and friends lost a great football player and man, Junior Seau. I followed Junior from his career at USC, to San Diego, to New England. He was a terror on the field and a gentleman and example to kids off the field. My heart goes out to his family and friends. I look forward to the day when his name is immortalized in Canton, Ohio, The Football Hall of Fame. Junior, I don't know what your problems or demons were, but I hope you are at peace now. God bless brother.
A sad day in New England and San Diego. RIP Junior Seau
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San Diego, the NFL, and the world lost a football legend and icon today RIP Junior Seau! Wish he coulda won a Super Bowl for San Diego, or *** even New England. Its ok tho he won so much more than a rimg, he has left his mark, will be remembered forever, and missed deeply!
R.I.P. Junior Seau-you were a great part of New England and San Diego. Tragic death of another sport superstar.
I'm at a complete loss for words about the death of former Dolphins, Patriots and San Diego linebacker Junior Seau as he is now in a better place. As a Former Patriots fan I watched Junior play vs New England in a Dolphins Uniform as he would always make huge tackles against my former team the Patriots. He will forever be part of the 2007 Patriots team that went 16-0 I will never forget his signature sack where he gets amped up and swings his hands in triumph. My thoughts and prayers goes out to his mother and family and to all NFL fans affected by this tragedy.
Reports: Ex-Patriot Seau dead at 43 Former Patriots linebacker Junior Seau was found dead of an apparent suicide in his San Diego-area home Wednesday, according to multiple reports. Seau, a 10-time All-Pro and 12-time Pro Bowl selection, played for his hometown Chargers from 1990-2002 before joining the Dolphins for three seasons. He signed with the Patriots in 2006 and played four seasons in New England, although he signed well into the season in 2008 and '09. Seau, 43, was involved in an incident in 2010 when his Cadillac Escalade drove off a highway in Carlsbad, Calif., and down a 30-foot coastal bluff shortly after he was arrested on suspicion of assaulting his girlfriend at his home (although he was never charged). Police said Seau had fallen asleep at the wheel. Visit for more on this developing story.
Sad News to a Great Football star. Junior Seau died. He was 43 years young. Played with San Diego, New England & Miami. Played in 2 Super Bowls. Police believe he shot himself. Prayers go out to his 3 children.
Liked what Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Minnesota, New England, St. Louis, San Diego and Tampa Bay did with the 1st round of the NFL Draft. Hated what Kansas City, NY Jets and Seattle did with their picks. Either reaches or busts.
From the Plain Dealer: Jaguars want Blackmon? The Jaguars at No. 7 would "love to find a way'' to trade up to draft Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported today. Would the Jags climb all the way to No. 3 to get him? The Vikings are also considering Blackmon. Other teams that have made calls about trading up include Buffalo (No. 10), Philadelphia (No. 15), San Diego (No. 18), New England (No. 27) and Green Bay (No. 28).
Sick photos from VibeSquad/Bassnectar last night by Ryan Viveros aka TigaMoff. SACK magazine is at Bassnectar again tonight in Boston (AJRphotography killin for Sack as always), and Ashleigh Smith at Levitate Festival in Colorado tomorrow on 4/20 w/ Paper Diamond, Rusko, DJ Shadow, more shows being added for the spectacular summer ahead... San Diego/San Fran, Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins, NY, New England, Boston, Phili.
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