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San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the United States and second-largest city in California. Nathan Fletcher (born December 31, 1976) is a member of the California State Assembly representing the 75th Assembly District He was elected as a Republican, but changed his affiliation to Independent in March 2012. 5.0/5

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Note, is the wife of Nathan Fletcher, who's run in San Diego as a Republican, an indie and finally a Dem. Home at last.
A nonpartisan group of civic and business leaders who supported Nathan Fletcher in the Nov. 19 special election for San Diego Mayor said Tuesday that they're endorsing Councilman Kevin Faulconer in the Feb. 11 runoff.
Nathan Fletcher’s most prominent supporters hold news conference today to endorse Kevin Faulconer for Mayor of San Diego at Balboa Park.
Dear Officers, Regional Directors, Caucus Chairs and County Chairs: Voters in San Diego will elect a new Mayor on February 11th. Through hard work, resilience and a commitment to progressive Democratic values, San Diego Democrats are within a hair’s breadth of electing the first Latino Mayor of San Diego. Mayoral candidate David Alvarez is a current City Council member, first generation college graduate and a lifelong Democrat who has been an environmental leader in the Barrio Logan district he now represents. David, the clear progressive choice, emerged from a hard-fought contested primary and now stands against a Republican candidate who threatens to roll back recent Democratic gains in what was until recently considered a Republican stronghold. According to a local conservative newspaper the race is neck and neck. That’s why San Diego Democrats are calling in for reinforcements. Use the California Democratic Party’s online phone bank to help propel David Alvarez over the finish line. Available .. ...
Nathan Fletcher, revised: "I was the first one in my family to go to college on a scholarship."
Nathan Fletcher. An empty suit, a pretty face. A handsome young lad, war veteran. Does not know what party he is in. Should he be San Diego Mayor? If so, we have no idea what we get. David Alvarez, a councilman, good I am sure for the hispanic community. I don't know a thing about him.But we don't know who he is, either. The remaining candidate is a safe bet, but a republican, Faulconer. I shall not vote for a Republican. But one must have some knowledge of how to adminstrate, how to say no, at times. Who should be our new mayor?My guess is Faulconer will win. Easily.
Fletcher and his mother sit down for a personal interview about the San Diego Mayoral hopeful's abusive childhood:
Here's the latest on "flip-flop" Fletcher -- a mind boggling revelation so damaging as to make me wonder if it is an elaborate fraud. Assuming it's not (it would be a remarkable effort), you've simply GOT to read how "independent" San Diego Mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher has COMPLETELY sold out to the labor unions -- apparently in a desperate effort to win labor's multi-million dollar funding that might well go to true-blue Progressive David Alvarez. Fletcher did not sell out on just one or three issues -- he now supports the most radical union positions -- EVERY SINGLE ISSUE. Among other things, he opposes any sort of managed competition or outsourcing -- something he supposedly supported a couple years ago. Apparently his labor union mayoral candidate questionnaire was leaked. It is posted online, along with SD County GOP Chair Tony Krvaric's devastating comments. If you are from the San Diego region, you simply MUST read this.-Richard Rider.
Views of on San Diego City Council 5-4 vote for prevailing wage & Nathan Fletcher op-ed for it
If Filner does resign in disgrace then Nathan Fletcher would be a solid choice as mayor of San Diego. Just no Carl Demaio or Jan Goldsmith.
From my friend Martha Sullivan-- Jacobs Folly trashes another San Diego tradition: FREE Earth Fair every spring in Balboa Park. SD EarthFair organizers recently announced that the permit for 2013 EarthFair has been denied by the SD Mayor's ofc -- From 11/29/12 Reader blog: "Besides reviewing job slots, Jones was also called upon to field a request from Balboa Park’s Earth Day maven Carolyn Chase, who endorsed Republican-turned-independent Nathan Fletcher against Filner in the spring primary, saying "I've watched the polarization of Big Labor vs Big Business (along with Big Legal) downtown while the rest of us are left at the sidelines working to pay the bills. The environment takes a back seat to everything else, instead of being considered as part of everything else." "Hi Allen, Carolyn Chase here," the November 14 email begins. "I understand you are working on transition for Bob. "I have an issue I need to put on the ‘Urgent and Short’ list, which is to say an item that 1) requires early action du ...
Sanders' Second Choice: Nathan Fletcher: ... San Diego reporters embedded at all the major election night campai...
SAN DIEGO -- Not long after Nathan Fletcher broke away from the Republican Party and decided to run for San Diego’s mayor as an independent, a group of San Diego business and civic leaders decided to move away from their party affiliations.
The most recent campaign disclosure report for San Diegans for Nathan Fletcher - Mayor 2012, posted online earlier today by the San Diego city clerk's office, reveals a virtual Blue Book of La Jolla contributors to the cause of the ex-GOP Assemblyman, who split from his party earlier in the campaign...
For the record, can someone confirm how many of the four leading candidates for mayor of San Diego were present at yesterday's historic event marking the first time ever a city has named a street in honor of Harvey Milk? I was there, and I recall the following being introduced from the podium: Bonnie Dumanis, Bob Filner, and Nathan Fletcher. Was any other leading mayoral candidate there? Just curious. Thanks!
La Jolla, May 21, 2012 To secure San Diego's future as a global leader in innovation as well as entrepreneurship, we issued a petition that challenged the candidates for Mayor of San Diego to present a clear plan to stimulate our city's new businesses should they become the next Mayor of San Diego. In signing this petition, members of the community established that they would reserve their support in the upcoming San Diego Mayoral elections for the candidate whose plan most convincingly addressed the issues laid forth in the petition. As of today, only two Mayoral candidates have given this undertaking the consideration it deserves: Bonnie Dumanis and Nathan Fletcher. We note that Bonnie Dumanis has been a strong advocate of this issue and contacted us early in this process, visited us in person, signed the petition weeks ago and maintained constant contact with us since. We also note that Nathan Fletcher has maintained telephonic contact with us and we are very pleased that he signed the petition today. ...
San Diego Mayor'S RACE -- DEMAIO AND fILNER FANS, ALL THREE OF THEM, ARE ATTACKING NATHAN FLETCHER BECAUSE THE SAN DIEGO COP'S UNION HAS ENDORSED HIM. FILNER'S ATTACKS ACCUSE FLETCHER OF BEING ANTI-UNION. Yes sir, Nathan Fletcher is so anti-union the two largest law enforcement unions, the San Diego cops and the Deputy Sheriffs are supporting Nathan Fletcher. Perhaps, your candidate Bob Filner can show us his work history -- he has none as a young man because his daddy paid for everything --see if there is anything that compares to Fletcher's working in lumber yards moving tons of building materials around, by driving fork lifts, wheel barrows, trucks and using hands and arms.
Roger Hedgecock: How do you know? Nathan Fletcher wants to be the full-time mayor of San Diego. How do you know?
John Dadian has defriended me. Boo hoo. He called me "pompous, arrogant" and every other adjective he could because I challenged his erroneous take on TV commericals being used in themayor's race. He compalined that I labeled Carl Demaio a "girlie man" because of his hysterical TV spots against Nathan Fletcher that basically call Fletcher a "backroom dealer" who stole money from schools. That is a lie and Dadian knows it. For whatever reason, this transplant from San Francisco thinks he knows better than I do on the subject of San Diego. He doesn't. Nor can he recount what it felt like to be called "baby killer" and other epithets during the Vietnam War because he served after that era ended. Despite Dadian's taking offense at my calling Carl Demaio a girlie man, DeMaio is one. His public hysteria abotu nathan Fletcher proves it.
The San Diego Union Tribune editor Jeff Light informed mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher that the paper can’t endorse him in 2012 because he’d been bad-mouthing the Republican Party amid his high-profile decision to leave the GOP and become independent.
This is the official website for Nathan Fletcher for Mayor 2012. Nathan Fletcher currently serves as a California State Assemblyman, representing the 75th Assembly District, which includes the City of San Diego communities of La Jolla, University City, Mira Mesa, Scripps Ranch, Rancho Bernardo, Ran...
SAN DIEGO -- Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher was endorsed Wednesday in his San Diego Mayoral b
Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson today announced his endorsement of Nathan Fletcher for mayor of San Diego, citing his commitment to being an independent voice for the people of San Diego and his track record of getting things done.
Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher received oodles of media attention when he left the Republican Party and re-registered as an independent amidst his campaign for mayor of San Diego. And it may...
Steven Greenhut: A new poll shows that Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher has surged in his race to become San Diego's next mayor after he dropped his Republican
On March 29, New York Times columnist David Brooks lamented that a telegenic young veteran and would-be rising Republican star Nathan Fletcher felt compelled to quit the California GOP and run as an independent moderate after failing to gain support from the party in his run for San Diego Mayor: [A]...
Here's a comment I made on the New York Times David Brooks' ode to Nathan Fletcher -- a slobbering piece praising San Diego Mayoral candidate Fletcher to the skies for his opportunistic departure from the GOP. NOTE: This piece is likely of interest only to San Diego region readers.
Hardball in 2 hours. Isikoff with latest on Trayvon Martin. 2012 polls re women. Nathan Fletcher from San Diego. My Romney dog commentary.
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