San Diego & Long Beach

San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the United States and second-largest city in California. Long Beach is a city situated in Los Angeles County in Southern California, on the Pacific Coast of the United States. 5.0/5

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From San Fran, to Yosemite, to Long Beach & ending in San Diego. These past 3 weeks have been amazing together &I'm ha…
I've been able to live in two beautiful cities in Long Beach and San Diego for 3 weeks
Sometimes I regret not going to Cal State Long Beach or San Diego
gets to see NJPW in Long Beach next weekend, and I'll be in San Diego for the Dodgers/Padres series. SMH TBH.
Yeah... I really want to go, but Long Beach is so much more expensive than San Diego.…
Flights to Texas San Diego and Long Beach are booked for summer 😍
Basic at San Diego, E school at Great Lakes and Key West. Mustered out at Long Beach. Never saw blue water but served honorably
So Next Year I'll either be in San Diego, Santa Cruz, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, or T.O. Let's see where I end up.
I want to move to either long beach or San Diego one day
Just in will also be joining the following shows San Fransisco,Long Beach ,Los Angeles ,San Diego & Las Vegas https:/…
I had to in School lol since I live in the same state as Long Beach and San Diego
Really trying to hit San Diego zoo and the Long Beach Aquarium
Watch The Throne reminds me of the summer of 2011, and Drake's Thank Me Later reminds me of San Diego and Long Beach in 2010. lotta emotions
This Saturday we have The Green Machines with San Diego based mod-rockers The Bassics and Long Beach's Thoze Guyz!!! Free Scooter parking!
depending on your major, but I recommend UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UCLA, CSU Fullerton, CSU Long Beach, and USC ☺️
One more time for Tony Gwynn. A legend from Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego and beyond.
SLC at the Urban Lounge tonight: doors at 8, Ugly Valley Boys at 9, Big *** Band at 10. Then we are off to Las Vegas for 2 days, Long Beach on Saturday, San Diego on Sunday, and Phoenix on Monday! Spread the Big *** Word!
How many of you think it's wise to let your 16 year old ride his bike starting at 10 PM from Long Beach to San Diego ?? Please enlighten me. Hunter wants to leave tonight !
So, label this Here is the backstory. Ramiro "Chaps" Villegas came out to our show in San Diego at the San Diego County Fair (Del Mar Fairgrounds) last week and had El Cucuy sign his stomach. Fast forward to this past Friday night at Dipiazzas when Chaps and his wife show up at the Long Beach show. Chaps STILL has El Cucuy's signature on his stomach but it is no longer in sharpie, it is straight up tatooed onto his front side. Needless to say, Metalachi was impressed with this vatos commitment to Metalachi Nation It gets better. At the Dipiazzas show he gets the rest of the band to sharpie him up and, yep, you guessed he has ALL the members of permanently inked all over his torso. That is one dedicated vato, much love and Metalachi!
some people can think how baseball is an easy world 2 be a part of, but it's not. There's always days when things happen where we don't act as rival players or teammates but rather as a big family. Da baseball world tonite mourns for da heartbreaking loss of da beloved Hall Of Famer Mr. Padre Tony Gwynn. Gwynn was truly one of da most popular baseball figures both on and off da diamond, he always played wit da best of consistency and was a favorite son 2 San Diego. A career of astonishment dat included 8 NL Batting titles, seven Silver Slugger Awards, an NL record 19 consecutive years of hitting .300 or better, seven NL hits titles, 15 NL All-Star Team Selections, seven top ten finishes in voting for the NL MVP Award (his highest being 3rd in 1984), an elite member of da 3,000 hit club and two trips 2 da Fall Classic in 1984 and 1998. Though he never got a World Series ring for his dear Padres, he always did things very well for his home being he grew up in neighboring Long Beach. Joined da legendary Cal ...
Can't find too many star players in any of the major sports throughout history as associated with one particular area as Tony Gwynn was with San Diego. (Went to San Diego St., played his entire career with the Padres, coached San Diego St. afterward, grew up not that far away in Long Beach, CA). I'm coming up with Lou Gehrig (grew up in East Harlem, went to Columbia played entire career for the Yankees) and Cal Ripken, Jr. (played entire career for the Orioles, for whom his father worked, but grew up in and lived post-career in the Aberdeen/Havre de Grace area of Maryland, which is probably a bit outside what can be considered metropolitan Batimore ... also he did move around a bit growing up when his father was playing and coaching in the Orioles' minor league system). Ripken and Gwynn were inducted into the Hall of Fame in the same year. I must be missing some, probably old-time Toronto or Montreal hockey players?
It's been busy around here but can't forget to show our love for last week for the events in these cities LA, Coronado, La Puente, Temecula, La Palma, El Monte, Poway, Santa Ana, San Diego, Long Beach, Orange, Valley Center and ending it off on Sunday with an amazing event at Rancho Las Lomas in Silverado Canyon!
Missing the family at San Diego, Chula Vista and Long Beach.see you soon guys!
Hi my name is Brian Darnell and I am one of the many Venture Lieutenants in Southern California. I wanted to take a moment to share all the places available to play in Southern California. If you ever make it out the Southern End of the Golden State, here are a lot of places you can play. VC - Robyn Nixon --Los Angeles County-- VL Jon-Enee Merriex , Preston Poulter, and Nicholas Milasich • The War House in Long Beach, CA - Game Empire in Pasadena, CA - West LA Pathfinders - County-- VL Mark Dorrough Comic Quest in Lake Forest, CA - Hobbies in Garden Grove, CA -Master at the Laguna Hills Mall, Laguna Hills CA - Empire-- VL - Me • Thou Shalt Game in Temecula, CA - is my home store, if you want to game with me, this is where you can find me. • Gameology in Montclair, CA (No Warhorn, call the store at (909) 626-6926) --San Diego County-- VC Eric W. Brittain, VL Joanna Farris Gore, VL Sean Ennis • Sky High Comics in San Marcos, CA - At Ease Games in Poway, CA -Game Empire in San Diego, CA - gaming gro ...
The Mayors of California’s largest cities – Los Angeles, Sacramento, Long Beach, San Francisco, Fresno, San Diego, Bakersfield, Santa Ana, Oakland and San Jose – have signed a letter backing legislation that will enhance California’s film and television production tax credit program. will help bring well-paying, middle class jobs back to California and bolster a program that has already created 51,000 jobs and jump-started $4.5 billion in direct spending in communities across California. You can help by showing your support for bringing these jobs back to California here:
The University of San Diego baseball team (34-19, 16-11 WCC) will close out the regular season this Tuesday with a road game at Long Beach State. This will be the second meeting between the two teams this season, and first USD trip to Blair F`ield since June 1, 2008.
I love that I can feel like I'm in San Diego, Upland, Highland, Redlands, Orlando, FL and Long Beach all at the same time.
tryin to figure out if i should do this Long Beach show or this San Diego show. if you live near either and your down to come to one help me decide please. thx. much luv
We are excited to welcome our colleagues from a dozen LGBT chambers from the US and Canada for the 2014 Western Business Alliance conference! Join us at the Prime Time mixer tonight at the Renaissance Hotel. We have visitors from: INBA - Inland Northwest Business Alliance PABA - Portland Area Business Association Golden Gate Business Association (San Francisco) Long Beach *** & *** Chamber of Commerce Rainbow Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce GSDBA (San Diego) Desert Business Association (Palm Springs) LOUD Business, LOUD Scholarship Foundation (Vancouver BC) Austin *** and *** Chamber of Commerce Lambda Business Association (Las Vegas) Los Angeles *** & *** Chamber of Commerce
Big Salute to Sunny Farrand! At the Department of California Executive Committee meeting in Long Beach, CA this weekend, we were very proud to report all of the Operation Comfort Warriors events that have taken place within San Diego County American Legion District 22 and thankful for all the efforts of the many legionnaires, auxiliary and sons that helped make them all happen, but a common denominator was our own Sunny Farrand who brought many together to help our warriors from Balboa to Camp Pendleton and beyond! Way to go, Sunny!
Where did they go? They were famous throughout the Navy. The Gut in Barcelona; East Main Street in Norfolk; Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn; ( Fulton & Lafayette ), The C ombat Zone in Boston; The Pike in Long Beach; Market Street in San Francisco, Bank Street in New London; Broadway Street in San Diego; Hotel (s**t) Street in Honolulu; The Honcho in Yokosuka, China Town and Sakuragi-cho in Yokohama; Wanchai in Hong Kong; Buggis Street in Singapore; Magsaysay in Olongapo; and all the other places where fleet sailors congregated. People ask, “Where did they go?” Well shipmate, they didn't go anywhere. You are asking the wrong question. You should ask, “Where did all the fleet sailors go?” Long ago, on payday night and in the nights following, these streets were a paradise to the North American Blue Jacket. A person could look down the street and see neon signs advertising beer and bars and a sea of white hats bobbing up and down as sailors made their way from bar to bar. At liberty call these became a sho ...
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Would like to thank sis Pollyanna Seumalo Fanua for getting up 4am to pick me up n drop me off at Greyhound bus station San Diego. Bus was 45mins late but Polly waited til bus got in. Thanks again sis!!! Now heading to Long Beach for a day trip see you San Diego in a few hours hehehe... Wish it could be longer but duty calls got to go back n take care of dad...luv u dad!!! Sit back n relax n watch the view. Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!!
We are looking for experienced mystery shoppers between the ages of 21-50 to visit a popular chain of restaurants in CA(Brea, Costa Mesa, Fresno, Irvine, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, Newport Beach, Northridge, Oxnard, Palmdale, Pasadena, Rancho Cucamonga, Rancho Mirage, Riverside, Roseville, San Diego, San Jose, Temecula) CO(Denver, Lakewood, Lone Tree), FL (Boca Raton, Coral Gables, Hallandale Beach, Palm Beach Gardens) GA (Atlanta) ID (Meridan) IL (Glenview) MA (Boston, Dedham, Lynnfield) NC (Raleigh) NY (W Nyack, Yonkers)TX (Houston) WA (Seattle) . These shops reimburse between $50-$100 depending on the time of day of the shop. We have lunch, happy hour, dinner and Late night shops monthly. If you are interested sign up on our website it is free to sign up. Make sure you list your shopping experience and provide a detailed writing sample. Put my name "Emily" in the referral box. Then send me an email to let me know so I can watch for your application. emily.palmer
Had an amazing weekend down in San Diego and Long Beach, bought Mom (and everyone else) a birthday dinner at L'Opera Saturday night. The zoo with the family was really fun (see previous pic post), and we made it home just in time for the superbowl. I didn't watch much since I had a ton of homework to catch up on from having fun all week, but I caught enough to know I wasn't missing much by not paying attention to the game. Lol. On the downside, I got word from UNLV that I have to return about half of the financial aid they had allotted AND ALREADY SENT me and they won't tell me why! The upside of this is that I already paid for this semester's classes and books, and paid off all of my non-student loan debt, so having to send them back this HUGE chunk of money just messes with my plans for the future, not my present. AND I already got through my expensive Dec-Jan stuff whilst still affording myself one little luxury, a brand new Azurite Playstation 3!!! I love it so much! ;) If any of you are on P ...
On this Day in Weather History.Snow in So. California *In 1949, snow fell in San Diego for the first time since 1882. Snow also fell across parts of Los Angeles. Burbank received 4.7 inches, while Long Beach and Laguna Beach each received 1 inch of snow. *In 1975, a truly legitimate contender for "The Storm of the Century" invaded the Upper Midwest as a severe blizzard moved north across the Dakotas and Minnesota. Lasting for 2 days, the blizzard buried many areas with around 2 feet of vicious wind-driven snow. Sustained speeds of 30 to 50 mph, with gusts of 70-90 mph, produced drifts as high as 20 feet! Some roads were closed for 11 days! In Sioux Falls, visibilities were less than one quarter mile for 24 hours. Just east of Sioux Falls, a 2,000 foot broadcast tower was blown down. In Willmar, Minnesota, 168 people were stranded on a passenger train. Wind chills plunged to around 80 below zero. At Duluth, the barometric pressure plunged to 28.55 inches. The blizzard, which occurred on the 102nd anniversa ...
To all who may know Mark "Doc" Radford, his wife Keli reports that his knee replacement this morning went well! He's at Los Alamitos Hospital, where he spent almost 4 hours in Recovery until a room opened up for him. His goal is to be home to see Denver play the Chargers in their playoff game this Sunday. (Sorry, Doc N Keli Radford, this Long Beach-to-San Diego transplant is gonna be rooting against your Broncos!), and then rehab will begin. It's going to be a long haul, but oh so worth it. As Mark would say, "Roger that!"
Got a lot of show dates coming up! Here goes! Thursday, December 7 - The Boulevard Tavern - Charleston, WV Saturday, December 21 (5-7pm) - Santos Coffee House - San Diego, CA Tuesday, December 31 - The Caliph (w/Blue Velvet) New Year's Eve Extravaganza Saturday, January 4 - The Caliph (w/Blue Velvet) - start of our Saturday shows :) Wednesday, January 8 - Linnaea's - San Luis Obispo, CA Thursday, January 9 - Cinema Bar w/Adam Marsland - Culver City, CA Friday, March 7 - The Athaeneum w/Patric Petrie and True Stories - La Jolla, CA (followed by birthday party) I'm TOURING in the spring... so now's the time to let me know where you want me to come! So far Long Beach, CA and Central Ohio are on the list. If you want me to come to your city, please let me know now. BIG HUGS
Wow! Look at all the turkeys getting in on the 3 Mile festivities at the 1st Big Bear Turkey's Jane Brian from Long Beach, Carl and Katie Shealy from Fort Irwin, Chris and Eileen Pattinson from Encinitas, Rebecca Jackson from Forest Falls, Kevin Lacey from Diamond Bar, Brittany Stilwagner from Aliso Viejo, Kelly Leung from Rancho Cucamonga, Hunter Stephens from San Diego, Andrew Henriquez from Phelan, Cooper, Josheph, and Macy Lobe from Laguna Niguel, Jennifer and Matthew Hannus from Laguna Beach and Nicole and Steve Armstrong from Virginia Beach, VA! See you all on Thanksgiving Day!
This coming weekend is the Long Beach Comic Con. This is, I think, their fifth year and it's a really cool small (compared to San Diego) Comic Con. You can get details at Definitely a fun show worth attending. And if you're going to be at Long Beach, also worth attending are two panels I'm part of: Saturday, 6:00 pm, room 102A Creating an Animated TV Series What does it take to create or develop an animated TV series? Do you have to be a writer? An artist or animator? Both? Neither? What do you have to have to pitch an idea and what are the studios and networks looking for? People who have created and developed series and network/studio executives who buy them talk about it and answer your questions. Craig Miller, Joe Kuhr, Mike Blum, Dean Stefan Sunday, 11:00 am, room 102A Publicizing Your Project You've got a new comic, a new webseries, a new novel, a new TV show. That's great. But pretty meaningless if you and your friends are the only ones who know about. How do you get the word out? Face ...
Esther Tabetho said I get 21󾌤 She said she wants to know me more, followed by a hashtagNoHomo lol 󾌩 So here it goes... 1) Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, moved to Long Beach til I was 4, then grew up in San Diego, CA. 2) My nickname is Weezy. My teachers in high school even called me that bc they didn't want to mispronounce my name! 3) Family nickname is Yaya bc my sister named me that when she was a baby. 4) Here's another family nickname I had when I was little: SNEEZE & FART! Don't know why lmfao! 5) My nephew Timo tricked me & my love into thinking we told him we liked one another, when I didn't! He only liked me! I thought my boyfriend was annoying & cheeky at first lol 󾬒 6) Writing is my passion, which is why it irritates me to see so many typos in people's posts. 7) I don't know how to swim. 8) When I was pregnant, I dreamt I was having a boy before I actually found out. 󾌵󾬕 9) I always had nightmares of tsunamis, & the year I moved to Sāmoa, I witnessed one. 10) I LOVE reading. I'm such . ...
I applied to Cal Poly SLO, Chico, Long Beach, and San Diego. Out of those I was mainly considering LB & Cal Poly.
Best advice: Avoid LAX rest of day AND all weekend. Ask for reroute via including John Wayne, Burbank, Long Beach, Ontario, San Diego
*** bashings in Long Beach, California (several of them in the past month). Maybe I'll be doing San Diego and just cancel my few days in LGB this time... scary stuff... trying to get more info.
I already set up a student account for San Diego State. I just need help for Sb then wait for Northridge & Long Beach .
In the last year and a half Ive raged in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Catalina Islands, San Diego, SLO, Long Beach, and Lake Havasu. My life rules.
Busy week, from San Diego to Columbia Sc then to the Outer Banks of NC and now on my way to Cheyenne followed by Denver to Long Beach.
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I come like at 5 but in San Diego not Long Beach
Long Beach, San Diego, Sac, San Jose, or East Bay.. Ill transfer to any , as long as I end up at one of these places . ...
Fuel for commute from Long Beach to San Diego this morning: coffee, donut & Exile from Main Street
WISHING EVERY ONE A VERY HAPPY 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION. The Sangley "Experience" - [WELCOME ABOARD] Growing up as children of the military, most of us probably never lived in any one place for maybe two or three years at a time, sometimes even less. There was hardly enough time to make friends when you would have to up and leave when Dad got new orders. It was somewhat of a disruptive life, but it was full of adventure. After all, this was the Navy! Destroyers, aircraft carriers, shipyards! Pretty exciting stuff for a kid. And yet, the nearly nomadic life deprived us of some things that were, for other American kids, a normal part of growing up. To this day I find it difficult to answer questions like; Where are you from? What high school did you go to? What's your hometown? Long Beach, San Diego, Albuquerque, Bremerton, Newport News, Jacksonville Beach, Los Angeles? How can you say you're from? There is no simple answer! You end up saying, "My dad was in the Navy." And the response is usually a sympathet ...
Did you know? The Los Angeles District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for 14 harbors along the Southern California coast stretching from San Diego Harbor near the Mexican border to Morro Bay Harbor on California's central coast. Some of our projects include: The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach which together makeup the fifth busiest port complex in the world and account for more than $420 billion in cargo annually, San Diego Harbor which is home to Naval Base Point Loma and the U.S. Third Fleet, Naval Air Station North Island, Naval Amphibious Base Coronado and the Port of San Diego which is a key regional commerce hub and in Los Angeles County, Marina Del Rey Harbor which was constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1965 and is one of the largest recreational harbors in the United States with 5,300 slips.
Another great Monday night at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs for Bingo and Trivia. Lots of guests from around the world, locals and many celebrities and entertainers in the house. We observed PS ShortFest, Father’s Day, Flag Day, Summer, birthday of Barry Manilow, Lionel Richie, Prince William, Paul Mccartney, plus Matthew from Joshua Tree and John from New York, and an anniversary a young couple from San Diego. Special guests were Amanda Micheli, producer of the short film SLOMO, award winning documentary, screens Wednesday, 19th, 2 p.m. at ShortFest at Camelot Theatres; also present Debra Hovel of the world famous group, Caskettes; Eve Holmes, Fleet Easton, Paul Elia, and cast members from “For the Record: Live Music and Moments From The Films of Robert Zemeckis”, which runs Tuesday and Wednesday at the Commune at Ace Hotel. Guests were from Culver City, San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, Long Beach, London, San Francisco, New York, Orange County, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and a huge group of peo ...
Some photos of the coastline on the drive down from Long Beach to San Diego and then Hillcrest House where we are for 2 nights and our room. 󾌸󾌸󾌸
LA’s Frontiers to emerge stronger after bankruptcy protection by Chuck Colbert In a move to restructure its debt and emerge with a stronger balance sheet, Frontiers Media, LLC, has filed for bankruptcy protection from its creditors. Based in Los Angeles, the media company publishes Frontiers Magazine, the oldest and largest circulation LGBT publication serving Southern California. It is distributed free of charge primarily in San Diego, Long Beach, West Hollywood, and Palm Springs. News of the filing came in a March 20 press statement, which said Frontiers Media filed a voluntary petition for Chapter 11 reorganization in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California. Frontiers has liabilities of $3.2 million and assets of $342,000, only $58,000 of which is in cash, according to the filing. If approved by the court, the move means that Frontiers will continue its daily operations and regular publishing schedule as “debtor-in-possession” for the duration of its bankruptcy case. Mean ...
This was one of the most memorable TNT weekends I have had yet! Drove to San Diego on Friday to surprise my bestie Laura Troy as she prepared to run her first half marathon. Got up in SD at 4am to drive to Long Beach to attend thier first practice...then back to SD for a fun day with Chrystal Townsend and Laura and the inspiration dinner with my team! Back up at 3:30am to send Laura off on the shuttle for the start line..and a 2 hour drive to Santa Monica for West Side's first practice...then back to SD to hang with the girls, have lunch (aka beer) with Jonathan Celera, David Tseng, Britany Carlock, Carly Scheuer& Marisa Kempt, hang at the hotel with Virginia Garner, Juan Rivera, Edith Boulton & Matthew Boulton...then off for the night to celebrate the day with so many West Side heroes Matthew Sherwood, Robert Welper, Whitney Brotherton Van Pelt, Rosalie Licht, Christie Gray, Bally Randhawa, ...and SGV Alex Aldana and his lovely wife! IRISH CAR BOMBS were awesome!
I know nobody can tell me exactly how much is car insurance but I want to know the average for full coverage and liability for males and females on this cities: Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Long Beach, Fresno, Sacramento, Oakland, Santa Ana, Anaheim.
There were no hometown parades, purple hearts or Medal of Valor awards for this young soldier when he returned from the Great War. He was just a medic who had done his job in the European theater moving their tent hospitals forward and retreating as necessary just behind the front lines. He treated the wounded with the sometimes scant morphine and sulpha drugs, he sat with the dying young soldiers trying to comfort them seeing the terror in their eyes as their life ebbed out with the sounds of battle in the background. Barely out of his teens, this young man left a pregnant wife as he traveled with 14,000 other soldiers in the gutted Queen Elizabeth as she went across the Atlantic to bring these young men to the war fronts in Europe. He was there when Glen Miller didn’t make it to join his band for the GIs. Once the war was over, he anxiously hitch hiked to San Diego from Long Beach rather than wait for the train to deliver the returning young men. He came home to his beautiful bride with an uncertain f ...
Vera Lee Turner was born on October 8, 1921 to Casper Clarence and Mary A. Coyle at her home in Yukon, OK. She passed away Monday, May 20, 2013 at the Maple Lawn Manor Nursing Home in Hydro, OK at the age of 91. Vera Lee graduated from Yukon High School in 1938, and attended LSU for 2 years in Baton Rouge, LA. Vera Lee Coyle was united in marriage to Martin L. Turner on February 14, 1942 in Kingfisher, OK. During WWII, Vera Lee worked for McDonnell Douglas Defense Plant in Long Beach, CA for four years while Martin was serving in the South Pacific and San Diego, CA in the US Navy. Martin and Vera Lee purchased the Turner Funeral Home in Geary, OK in April 1949. They also owned Vera Lee’s Flower Shop, and operated both until they retired in 1989. Vera Lee was a long time member of the First Baptist Church in Geary, OK. She accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior at the First Baptist Church in Yukon, OK as a teenager. Her mother, Mary A. Coyle was her Sunday School teacher at the time of her being .. ...
The Burning of Rome tour w/ Zero Zero begins next Thurs in Long Beach at Alex's Bar, Fri in San Diego at Casbah San Diego, Sat in Yuma at Strummer's Village Tavern, Sun in Vegas at Double Down Saloon - Las Vegas
Hey gang from Long Beach, San Jose, Los Angeles, New York, West Covina, Vista, San Ysidro, San Diego, Chula Vista, Las Vegas, Manila, Dasmariñas, Provincia de Cavite, this salute is for you, thanks for visiting our page, your comments are welcome and we will post your song requests!!! See you!
Normal day at work consist of 530am chino to Norco to San Diego to Norco to Corona Norco to Garden Grove to Long Beach to Aliso Viejo. ¿¿¿¿What about yours?
2/16: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRIL KULISH Theatre World Award: "Billy Elliot The Musical" (also Tony Award) Birthplace: San Diego, CA Mr. Kulish is an American actor, dancer, and singer. Beginning his ballet training at the age of five, Kulish became a Tony Award winner at the age of fifteen as Best Leading Actor in a Musical for his role as one of the original Billys in the Broadway production of "Billy Elliot The Musical." He grew up speaking Russian and Ukrainian, as well as English. He started studying ballet at the age of five and is also a concert pianist. He was the Junior division Grand Prix winner of the Youth America Grand Prix in 2007, and won the Hope Award in the Pre-Competitive division in 2006. Kiril was the youngest male dancer admitted to the San Diego Academy of Ballet Junior Company. In late 2009, Kulish performed the lead role in the ballet "The Nutcracker." In 2010, he attended the ballroom championship at USA Dance Southwest Regional Championship in Long Beach, CA. He currently resides in Sa ...
Hey fans! How are you? That's good. Here are some updates from our world... -Our ten date tour down to SXSW is all booked. Look for us if you are in SF, Santa Cruz, San Diego, Long Beach, Phoenix, Austin, Las Cruces NM, Tucson, or LA -Our tour van, "Big Russ" is ready to tear up some Texas asphalt -Our brand spankin' new tour shirts are being printed as we speak! -We have been in the studio working on our new album and it sounds amazing so far! - Wrapped up a killer photo shoot with famed photographer RJ Muna and you'll see them any day. -Our Rickshaw show on March 6th is going to be a god damned blowout so get your tickets now!!
Having trouble coming up with ideas to take your special valentines on a unforgettable date? Check this out: 4 Valentine's Date Ideas Date ideas for a Valentine's Day by the beach. Valentine Date Ideas No matter where you live in Southern California, outdoor dates are likely to be enjoyable this time of year. Depending on the couple, outdoor dates can be romantic or adventurous. It's all based on preference! Check out these 4 Valentine Date ideas and you'll know immediately which one is right for you. If your Valentine is the outdoorsy type, then take a walk on the beach or a bike ride along the shore. For a Romantic Valentine Date, share a picnic in the park -- Griffith Park in L.A., Balboa Park in San Diego or Hilltop Park near Long Beach. World-Class Valentine's Date: Pretend you are visiting Venice, that city of love, and ride a Gondola through the waters of Coronado Island, Naples (in Long Beach) or the canals in Venice, California. Sky High Valentine's Date: Watch one of the spectacular sunsets that ...
Let's see... where do I want to visit this year? I go where the invitation is strong, clear, and open. So far, this is what it looks like: Austin, Ashland, Asheville, Albuquerque, Sandia Park, Boulder, Denver, Phoenix, Peoria, San Diego, Long Beach, Banning, San Bernardino, Seattle, Vancouver, Boston, Fort Worth, Plano, Tucson, Dickinson, Hemet, League City, Taos, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Whistler, Llano, Houston, Lady Lake, Rio Rancho, Morelia, Eugene, Bend, Midland, San Antonio, San Angelo, Coffs Harbour. That's a preliminary list. Where else might I want to go to share the gift of music and conversations about what is most important?
the LAPD is the police department for the City of Los Angeles ONLY. They don't police Big Bear or Long Beach or Anaheim or San Diego.
Lots of upcoming contests to win FREE tickets to places like Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Baseball Game, Pump It Up in Rancho Cucamonga, KidpSpace Museum in Pasadena, Boomers, La Habra Kid Museum, San Diego Air & Space Museum, Lake Elsinore Storm Baseball Game, Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, The New Children's Museum in San Diego, Western Science Center in Hemet, Santa Ana Zoo, Orange Empire Railway Museum in Irvine, Splash Kingdom Waterpark in Redlands and more. So keeo checking back weekly to see what FUN stuff we have going on . You don't want to miss it :)
Words from the Mayor of LA --- The money for the $1-million reward for information leading to the capture of ex-LAPD Officer Christopher Jordan Dorner was contributed by 29 donors, according to a list released by Los Angeles Police Department officials. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa confirmed the reward at a Sunday afternoon news conference in which he insisted Dorner will be found. “We will not tolerate a killer targeting our officers and our families, targeting innocent people in this city and this region,” Villaraigosa said. Police officers associations and law enforcement departments in Long Beach, San Diego, Irvine and Riverside are among the donors to the reward. The list also includes USC President Max Nikias, the Dodgers, AEG, the Safer CA Foundation, the Orange County Crimestoppers and six anonymous donors. "This is the largest local award ever offered, to our knowledge," said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. "This is not about capturing a fleeing suspect, this is about preventing a future crime -- like ...
**GYPSY HEART TOUR** **HERE IT IS!** It's finally done! Remember if your city is not listed I may be driving through it! **REPOST** 4/1 - Vegas to LA **START** 4/2 - La to San Diego (via Long Beach with stop) 4/4 - San Diego to Phoenix 4/7 - Phoenix to Albuquerque 4/9 - Albuquerque to Oklahoma City (via Amarillo with stop) 4/11 - Oklahoma City to Dallas/Ft. Worth (Live Here) 4/13 - Dallas/Ft. Worth to Austin (via Granbury (Lived Here) with stop) 4/16 - Austin to New Orleans (via Houston and Baton Rouge with stops) 4/19 - New Orleans to Biloxi 4/20 - Biloxi to Destin (Lived Here) (via Mobile with stop) 4/22 - Destin to Orlando (via Tallahassee with stop) 4/24 - Orlando to Miami (via Tampa (Lived Here) and Ft. Myers/Naples with stops) 4/27 - Miami to Atlanta (via Daytona Beach and Jacksonville with stops) 4/29 - Atlanta to Birmingham 4/30 - Birmingham to Nashville 5/2 - Nashville to Louisville **Kentucky Derby*Bucket List*Attend and Wear AWESOME Hat! 5/5 - Louisville to Columbus (via Cincinnati with stop) 5 ...
Top 10 US States With the Best Weather All Year Round: Whether you're choosing your next vacation spot, looking for the best place to retire, or planning a move to a new state, you'll probably want to think about the weather. To help you decide where to visit or live in the United States, here are the top ten states with the best year round weather in America. US states were evaluated for temperature, rain and sun. The climate rankings don't take into account, though, the frequency of extreme events such as hurricanes. To make the list, each state has places that meet these best weather criteria: Comfortable temperatures, with daily highs averaging between 63 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit for seven or more months of the year Dry weather, at most 60 inches of rain a year Mainly clear skies, with sunshine for at least 60 percent of the time on a yearly average 1. California You can't beat the south and central California coast for pleasant temperatures year round. Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barb ...
Ok so I applied to: UC Berkley, UCLA, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UCR, CSU Long Beach, CSU Fullerton, CSU Northridge, and CSU Cal Poly. It's time for private school applications! U.S.C., Stanford, and Loyola! Anyone know of any other good private schools for Statistics major? I have a 3.6 GPA so I don't know which schools would be good for that GPA. hm
Happy birthday to me: waking up to a beautiful sunrise over San Diego. I could get used to this very quickly... And the phone interview with San Diego State University is on Monday the 15th. Manifest your destiny, right? Kauffman Foundation lunch today to receive Dissertation Fellowship Award. My most excellent friend, Mafu Kobus, is driving down from Long Beach to celebrate. Oh, and, I also woke up to two emails, asking if I was interested in a tenure-track position at 1) Georgia Southern University and 2) University of North Carolina Wilmington. Uhhh, yep. Off we go!
I'll be doing my thing up and down the West Coast all New Years (extended) weekend. Friday - Long Beach @ The Mineshaft Monday (NYE) - San Diego @ MO's Tuesday (NYD) - San Francisco @ LookOut Can't wait to see y'all!!
The USA Rugby Men’s Eagles Sevens program announced that it will launch a new initiative designed to identify, develop and monitor potential Eagles throughout the year. The program will create independent regional academies that will work closely with USA Rugby National Team staff. The Olympic Development Program (ODP) will be the start of a long-term systematic approach to rugby athlete development and will offer year-round training programs delivered at several newly created Olympic Development Academies (ODAs). The Olympic Development Program will be launched in three phases: Phase 1 of the program will include six ODA’s in Seattle, Chicago and San Diego (Serevi), Long Beach & Columbus (Emerging Tigers), and Glendale Raptors and will be run as a pilot program to build best-case practices. Phase 2 will increase the numbers of centers to support the demand across the country. Phase 3 will see the establishment of a National Academy facility and an expansion of the current residency program at the Oly ...
7-night Mexico cruise round trip to Long Beach, CA on Carnival Miracle - starting from $489 7-night roundtrip Alaska cruise from Seattle, WA on ms Oosterdam - starting from $699 7-night Mediterranean Europe cruise roundtrip from Venice, Italy on the Norwegian Jade - starting from $759 9-night Caribbean cruise roundtrip from Cape Liberty Cruise Port, NJ on the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas - starting from $819 14- night Hawaii cruise roundtrip from San Diego, CA on the Holland American ms Zaandam - starting from $1,299 18-night Panama Canal Cruise that leaves from Los Angeles, CA to New York, New York on the Queen Elizabeth - Starting from $2,095
... on a lighter note, I submitted to Cal State Fullerton, Long Beach and San Diego.
Down to four colleges I got my mind set too , Long Beach State , San Diego State , Chico State & Dominican university (:
can't wait to go back to Los realto San Diego hammock Rancho Cucamonga in Ontario Lancaster Apple Valley. Hollywood Compton Pomona in upland in Santa Monica in Long Beach . 14 cities that I being on 24 day basis. man I miss home. oh laugh out loud have more.. what it do San bernidino in Highland... Redlands
Richard W Sowa Harry E. Hubbard returned to San Diego 28 October 1964 for a year of warfare readiness operations along the western seaboard. In October she departed for the coast of South Vietnam. In company with Valley Forge (IiPH-8) In November and December 1965, she provided gunfire support for two Marine amphibious landings. In the following months she acted as escort to Kitty Hawk (CVA-63) and Hancock (CVA-19) during their strike operations in the South China Sea; acted as Harbor Defense ship at Danang and fired more than 1,000 rounds of exploding 5-inch shells into Viet Cong strongholds along the South Vietnamese coast. She returned to Long Beach, Calif., 7 April 1966. The destroyer had drawn nationwide attention 10 March 1966 when the ABC Television Network included scenes of one of her shore bombardments along the South Vietnamese coast. The prowess and accuracy of her gunners was Illustrated by one spotter's comment: "Hubbard is the fastest shooting ship and one of the most accurate I've seen." H ...
just home from vacation late last night. had a great fun time, exhausted now, have to unpack and get back in the groove. I will say though, that we love and appreciate our home and family more now than ever before. California is an awesome place to visit, but visit only,we created memories on our 32nd anniversary that will be with us always, but "There's no place like home" LA, Long Beach, San Diego, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, etc., etc..Queen Mary, Catalina Island, Little Italy, Manchester Grand Hyatt, no wonder we're tired,Mrs. A
nah I didn't go to Santa Monica, I think was out Venice. Oh I was out Long Beach, Seal Beach & San Diego too.
still deciding on the last Cal State i want to apply for. Ive applied to Long Beach, San Bernardino, and San Diego.
Just finished my first college application to CSU- Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, Fullerton, Dominguez Hills, and San Bernardino.Next up after the 1st of November U.S.C. and U.C.L.A.
Just a couple of observations: FDR is the icon of the Left. I would say deservedly so. And, as Americans, although I disagree with the Left, you have every right to hold, and to propagate your positions. But I can't help thinking, what if, instead of FDR being in the White House on December 7, 1941, BHO had been President? How would HIS speech to Congress and the American people the following day have read? How many times would he have apologized to the Japanese for American arrogance in opposing Japanese aggression in China? Or the provocation of moving the Fleet from San Diego and Long Beach to Pearl Harbor? Or the American trade embargo against Japan? How would BHO have spun the news reports? Would he have blamed American racism against Americans of Japanese ancestry? Would he have blamed Herbert Hoover? Would he have bowed down and done obescience to Hirohito, Hitler, and Mussolini? While I am no great fan of FDR, I don't think so! In fact, I know so!!! This is NOT a partisan election in 25 da ...
Chico State, Long Beach, UC Irvine, San Diego, and Fullerton. JC I havnt really thought about
Taking care of biz.lots going on...Playing for the Vets on Saturday for their 2012 Standdown event, Sunday I'm live in the KNAC radio studios at 6pm (PST) to world premier my new single "Inertia" on the Uncharted show with Craig Williams,October 7th playing at the LA Aides walk event at the Mint, Nov 2nd playing Brick by Brick in San Diego , Nov 29th playing at the Gas Lamp Club in Long Beach, Dec 8th playing the Randy Rhoads tribute event at D Argenzios Winery with Kelle Rhoads then on Dec 15th we play another Randy Rhoads tribute show in San Diego with Kelle Rhoads at Brick by Brick . Lots of other stuff coming up too... stay tuned.
Best summer of my life! Vegas, Del Mar, Irvine, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, PB, being 21, and some of the best people I have and will ever meet. Tomorrow is my last day in San Diego. As always, stay classy SD
After leaving Laughlin NV and crossing the Mojave Desert into Cali, I spent my afternoon on Sunset BLVD in West Hollywood.found The House of Blues, The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, and The Body Shop...and had lunch at Pinches Tacos.then took a short cruise through East LA.I'm now in Long Beach beacuse on Saturday morning, I start my drive to San Diego via Pacific Highway.
I live in Valley Center, in San Diego County. I'm moving to Long Beach all last minute because of school stuff, where are you?
Reposting-I am covered in San Fran and Sacramento, but still need help in all other areas. Hey all my West Coast/Southwest Crossfitting friends. Right after Labor Day I'll be on a West Coast swing for work. Need to find a box in each city I visit or drive through to be consistent with my training. Please send box and contact info. I'll be in Las Vegas, San Francisco (airport), Sacramento, Monterey, LAX, Long Beach, San Diego, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Albuquerque (airport), and Santa Fe.
Greatfulness is the language of the heart. How can we thank the Lord for His goodness. As the song goes...give thanks with a greatful heart. We thank you Lord for the safety travel during our wonderful vacation in Los Angeles, California. The excitement is beyond words. Just let us count & share the ways...Long Beach is a refreshing experience with lobsters & seafood treasures. Hollywood & its environs highlight the evening extravanza. The red carpet where the Hollywood stars usually traverse is an awesome sight. In the Universal Studio, we can't discount the scene-stealer location of the Ten Commandments movie where the red sea split down. On the farther side in Nevada, Las Vegas is equally glittering at night. Casino Royale is a dazzling place for entertainment & pastime. Farther south in Mexican border, San Diego is a place for "mi amigo for vino." The winery ambiance is magnificent. Thank you Lord for the marvelous experience. Our vacation is incomplete without thanking our kind & indefatigable ...
Dreading to go back to the heat. Love it here in Long Beach. Belmont Shore reminds me of Little Italy in downtown San Diego.
Finally our 4 day adventure finished! Biked from Playas de Tijuana to Los Angeles, survived Camp Pendleton at 3 am in the morning, slept in the Beach in San Clemente, passed down through Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, and Long Beach, then we continued all the way to UCLA were we slept under a tree, the next day we biked to Beverly hills, Hollywood, and Downtown LA, around 4 am we biked to greyhound station were we took a bus back to San Diego, Best 4 days ever
Trip Head west towards the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Afterwards, travel about 20 minutes to San Diego, visit the zoo. Stay overnight and visit San Diego and the mission that's within the city. Other possibility to make it a longer trip, travel up the Pacific Coast highway towards Long Beach or Malibu and add another day to sit back on the beach. (650-750 miles round trip, depending on detours)
What a day -- even coming back and hearing from someone who claims I added him as a Facebrook friend (WRONG I didn't and there is no record of it) didn't take off the pleasant edge. I stayed over in Long Beach, then took the Catalina Express to the Island for my family show at the Avalon Public library. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and Catalina feels like a separate country or state. I walked around the streets (which remind me of the Florida Keys. It's about 22 miles southwest of LA and used to be the Spring Training ground for the Chicago Cubs. They only allow some 800 cars so the bulk of people ride around in golf carts (they allow one cart per family). The show got a GREAT turnout of parents (including I saw a sheriff and his kids) and kids pre through 6th grade. The librarians loved it and as usual I was told that I managed to connected with kids of all ages and their parents, which I am told is a lost art in much entertainment today. This is my second appearance there (I was I say San Diego ...
Today was a busy, busy day and I have been so excited. I got my business phone number, mailed out nine proposals and topped off the day by getting a new cell phone, a Samsung Captivate Glide. Now I have to learn how to use the darn thing! Tomorrow, we will start off the day with a house assessment, a trip to AT&T, physical therapy and then a trip to Long Beach. Thursday, I will be taking my parents to the DMV to update their ID's and Driver's Licenses - in San Diego. At least I made them appointments so hopefully their won't be a long wait. I like it when I'm busy but.this is ridiculous! :)
Just another great week in the books! Started in San Francisco, then to Long Beach, then to San Diego, finishing up at Laguna Beach! Very Blessed
Had a great weekend in San Diego... Had a lot of fun at Sea World... Hung out in the Gas Lamp District, ate lunch at *** Last Resort where the waiter was a riot then drove over the Coronado bridge... Finished the weekend with dinner at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Long Beach and we are now FINALLY home with our doggies and Mater too.
Happy Sunday! We'll I'm now back living in here in California and I will begin spinning tomorrow night at Ripples Nightclub in Long Beach. I will also begin spinning at Urban Mo's in San Diego beginning on the 24th. So excited to be home. I'm in Palm Springs now but will be moving to Hollywood to work during the day as a television & film editor. GLAD TO BE HOME!
There will be a live webcast of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's public talk entitled "Peace of Mind in Troubled Times" from Long Beach, California, USA. on April 21st, 2012 starting at 1:30pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). Webcast can be viewed at
Went to San Diego for two days now am on the way back home, staying tonight on the Queen Mary in Long Beach!
JODIE HAMRICK, JR., CQM, born at Wynne, AR, June 29, 1923, and was sworn into the USN, Jan. 10, 1940 at Nashville, TN and sent to Norfolk, VA for bootcamp. Upon completion of boot camp was assigned to the USS California for duty. In March 1941 he was transferred to the pre-commissioning detail for the USS Washington (BB-.56) at the naval shipyard Philadelphia and for duty aboard when commissioned May 15. 1941. When Adm. Willis A. Lee commander of battleships Pacific Fleet came aboard in 1942 and was transferred to his staff and remained with him until October 1944. At this time he was given a leave and transfer orders to stateside. Upon completion of leave, returned to the West Coast and served on the following ships or stations during the rest of his naval career: USS Pitt (APA-223) in the invasion of Okinawa; Naval shipyard Philadelphia; fleet training center and underway training units at Long Beach and San Diego, CA, Guam, Subic Bay, Japan, USS Conflict (MSO-426), US Naval Gun Factory as tug master ...
It's all set up tomorrow. Two conference titles on the line! San Diego at Pepperdine for WCC & Fullerton at Long Beach for Big West!!
From HB to Westlake, San Diego, South Bay, Carson, Corona, Long Beach, Pomona... The parties never stopping in...
I applied for Financial aid, and I shall try getting into Cal State Northridge, Dominguez Hills, Long Beach or San Diego. [:
Whats Good its your Girl Cali Cayn. I want to shout out a few cities that are showing us Love.From California: Rialto, San Bernardino, Beaumont, Banning, Moreno Valley, San Diego, Murrieta, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Pasadena, Ontario, Corona, Hawthorne, Orange County,Victorville, Studio City, Van Nuys, Azuza, Oakland. Other states: Las Vegas,NV Phoenix, AZ. Atlanta, GA, Brooklyn, NY Bronx, NY Queens, NY.Also want to show love to Puerto Rico and the UK Also Australia. I thank all of you for your Support. Yes we are getting Talent from all these Places. So lets keep it coming.
Incredible! Thank you so very much, Ridgecrest, Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach, Murrieta, Bay Area, Hemet, Boston, and everyone else around and in between who came out to see us or supported us online in every way shape or form. You mean the world to us because without you we are not theatre.
SCI Hazardous Operations Area Schedule for 07-May-12 Area Start Date Stop Date Altitude SHOBA/WBX 07-MAY-12 07:00 07-MAY-12 23:00 0-40K So glad we live near here that way we never know if it's an earthquake since its always like residing in a war torn area?? Seriously it's ridiculously funny ~ I thought the window was going to shattered more than once.. Gee Whiz... San Clemente Island (SCI) is the southernmost of the eight California Channel Islands. It lies 55 nautical miles (nm) south of Long Beach and 68 nm west of San Diego. The island is approximately 21 nm long and is 4-1/2 nm across at its widest point. Since 1934, the island has been owned and operated by various naval commands. More than a dozen range and operational areas are clustered within a 60 mile radius of the island. The Commander Pacific Fleet (COMPACFLT) is the major claimant for the island, and Naval Air Station, North Island (NASNI) is responsible for its administration.
Busy couple of days. Spent yesterday in Santa Monica with Gary, Denise, Codey, Casey, Katie and Jamie. Had lunch at La Sandia and then headed to the Santa Monica Pier. Lots of mexican beer and card playing later at their hotel. Met for breakfast and they went back to San Diego. Jamie and I drove down the coast (beautiful). Went through Marina Del Ray, Manhatten Beach, Redondo Beach, ended up in Long Beach. Beautiful weather, lots of walking and sightseeing.
Our deepest thanks to my cousins Lito & Tata Cabrera, Edwin & Deza Salvador for sponsoring & hosting our Chicago vacation; to cousin/ niece Ronald and Rhere Del Mar Aquino & Amy Del Mar for hosting our Sacramento/ Napa Valley vacation; for cousin Mario & Jinglie Del Mar for the San Francisco tour, of course my beloved wife Estela & Gigi for the LA, San Diego, Las Vegas/Grand Canyon tour. For GI Ignacio & Fr. Arbel Cabasagan & ex-TMXians in LA for the get-together in Long Beach. Enjoy gyud bisan cold weather. We didn't expect these but GOD is so kind and loving to make them happen. Gimingaw na sa ugtang kamongay ug manok bisaya ug singot sa ka init.
Attention!! We need more people to join our choir for 2012-2013! If you are enrolled, or enrolling, at Johansen, you should put choir as your elective! Come on, even the people in One Direction, PINK, Jason Mraz and Idina Menzel have been in choir. -Definitely, NO EXPERIENCE is required and you meet alot of new friends! Our director is amazing at teaching this class and she's super funny :D And it's not all about singing in this class! It's learning how to read music, doing percussions (beatboxing...drumming...), etc! For those looking for a visual/performing arts, it is also an "easy A" (if you pay attention [=) -We always do fun games, fun games before our concerts, and go on a 3-4 day trip! (This year we went to L.A., Long Beach, and San Diego...doesn't get any better than that..oh, did I mention we got 1st place?) That pretty much sums it up. -Any more questions, message/text me. Oh, and if you do plan on joining, make sure to get a handout from me to sign up! Join. NOW! Hope to see some of you guys n ...
on Los Angeles times. i only read online papers pdf version or from I am a Korean. 1st generation immigrant. immigrated when I was 13 to use with parents, who wanted jobs. I wanted nothing at the time. I learned to speak English after Spanish in our latino centric neighborhood. I had Spanish speaking girlfriend at 13. I went to Los Alamitos High School, because Artesia High School's Korean gang in school asked me to join their gang culture. I refused and parents moved me there. I went through Orange County School of Art (OCHSA) when it was at Los Al. I went to UCI and dropped out after a year and went through DeVry in Long Beach for 3 years to 4 year degree at evening and weekends while working 60 hours week driving my Acura Integra 4-dr leather sedan, sometimes, driving too fast on high way at 3am from LA to San Diego at 150 mph, metallic blue paint shimmering under street lights on the freeway were my memories. After 9/11 and being US Citizen, I signed up for Navy OCS for active duty, before I ...
Anybody flying somewhere on Jet Blue? Larry & I have $685.00 worth of Jet Blue credit to sell at a discount. We have 3 months to redeem the credit but travel can take place at anytime in the future as long as Jet Blue has flights loaded in their system. In CA Jet Blue flies out of Long Beach, Los Angeles, Burbank, San Diego, San Francisco & Oakland. They fly mostly to West of the Rockies, Anchorage Alaska & most of the East Coast. Let me know if it might work for you.thanks!
There is cultural madness going on in San Diego and Long Beach, which I avoid at all costs. I consider this Guru worship a form of mass hypnosis, which program the society to worship His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama. It is like the Pope to the Catholics very anti Buddhist. From the scientist he goes to Long Beach my birth place and does a Yamataka initiation, the most wrathful of the Dharmpalas. Sometimes Tibetan dharma is quite manipulative and a bit crazy. I had the initiation and the practice years ago, and it is one I avoid doing at the last moment to solve a difficult solution for an event. To be in a crowd of inexperienced dharma persons is not okay for me. The effect can be quite malefic. Yamataka's energy field can be difficult for those who still have heavy negative karma. It shows no mercy. Good Luck to those who have had no background in Tibetan Shamanistic rituals. One has to take a vow to do it everyday and no other practice for a long time. Sorry I can not do that when I have others t ...
From Andrew Erwin, director of October Baby: Hey friends. October Baby is doing great. We are getting a good bit of attention. Front page of the NY Times yesterday, I couldn't believe it. We opened to solid numbers at number 8 in the country on 390 screens. We are expanding to 200 more screens next week end April 13 and I'm happy to announce that several of those screens are around California. They may not be close in proximity to you but as friends in the area I'd appreciate any help you could give getting the word out. God bless you for your support and more importantly thanks for your friendship. Below are the list of theaters we are expanding to. CINMRK Cinemark at the Pike 14 Long Beach, CA FREED Regency Janss Thousand Oaks, CA CINMRK Century Stadium 16 Theatre Ventura, CA CITY California Oaks 17 Murrieta, CA CINMRK Century Stadium 25 Theatrer Orange, CA CINMRK Century 20 - Bella Terra Huntington Beach, CA REGAL San Marcos Stadium 18 Cinemas San Marcos, CA CITY Carmel Mountain 12 San Diego, CA CITY T ...
Donald Trump Chelsea Manning President Trump Saturday Night Live White House Bill Murray Steve Bannon Mark Wahlberg Meghan Markle Martin Luther King Jr Premier League True Lies Manchester City Sam Rockwell North Korea Liam Neeson Las Vegas Pegasus Airlines Mario Testino Black Sea Bruce Weber Oval Office Pep Guardiola Everything You Need Morning Joe Jason Roy Middle East Black Panther Michael Wolff Grand Slam New Year Anthony Joshua Taylor Swift Six Nations South Africa Super Bowl Keith Jackson Kim Jong Un Gary Oldman William Still New England Patriots General Motors New Zealand Ed Sheeran Harry Potter Mutual Fund Manchester United Philippe Coutinho Northern California Electric Dreams Harvey Weinstein Reese Witherspoon Henry Bolton Blue Monday Korean Peninsula Arsene Wenger Martin Luther King Prince Harry Cecily Strong Alexis Sanchez New Jersey Joe Arpaio Australian Open Michael Bond Girl Scouts Catherine Deneuve Puerto Rico Hurricane Harvey Tom Cruise Woody Allen Feminist Movement Pippa Middleton Sammy Sosa President Donald Trump Johnny Cash Long Island Northern Ireland Marilyn Monroe Nicola Sturgeon Joseph Parker Nigel Farage West Ham West Brom European Union World Cup Folsom Prison Katie Couric Abu Dhabi Tom Brady Little Village Missouri Gov El Salvador James Franco False Alarm Oprah Winfrey Instant Pot Federal Election Commission Santa Barbara San Diego Sunday Telegraph
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