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San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the United States and second-largest city in California. Costa Rica is a country in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. 5.0/5

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1. Graduated from SDSU 🎓. 2. Studied abroad in Costa Rica 🇨🇷. 3. Started my adult life in San Diego 🌴
I get home from Costa Rica, the next day work, the following school starts and then San Diego for the weekend. Next week shouldn't be bad.
San Diego. Headed to Costa Rica for a few months starting this August. Where you at Mike?
So there is so many great things about my new job. Yesterday I was in SFO and today San Diego, I do have to say It's hard when I work several trips straight but the benifits of blocking weeks off is great. On NOPD I never really had a day off and now I'm usually off over half the month. I am already missing home knowing I have over a week of work left... The Positive side is all the traveling we have done in the short time I have been flying! Seems like I just got back from a cruise with Hannah and now going on a second one with the whole Family. Then there is Vegas for Brooke Gianelloni Weiss upcoming Birthday and Costa Rica for Spring Break. Absolutely LUVing Life!!
Friends coming in from Costa Rica and San Diego tomorrow. Which should I take them to.. Hmm
If you had the freedom to travel the world, where would you go? Bali? Fiji? Hawaii? Australia? Costa Rica? Somewhere else? ... Or, would you travel the entire world? That's what Rhonda, Brian and Hanalei, their daughter decided to do November 25th, 2008. Leaving behind their home in San Diego they decided to travel the world and live life on their terms. Despite the life they live today, things weren't always this good... In fact, far from it... Prior to November 25th, 2008 they fell victim to the corporate lifestyle where they were miserable and unhappy... Circumstances only began to worsen when their plan to escape the rat race back fired... Life through them a curve ball. A pretty big one. ... And it was in their greatest moments of despair that things began to change. It was the decisions and actions they made during those times of despair that has allowed them to: - Break free of the corporate grind once and for all... - Travel the world - Continuously place within the top 10 on Empower Network leade ...
São Paulo vibes traveled all the way to San Diego as Brazil was beating Croatia 3 to 1. Samba, cheering and excitement filled the streets of the Gaslamp Quarter... Come and stay at The Keating Hotel this weekend to watch the upcoming games: Friday: Mexico - Camerun 9AM Spain - Netherlands 12PM Chile - Australia 3PM Saturday: Colombia - Greece 9PM Uruguay - Costa Rica 12PM England - Italy 3PM Côte d'Ivoire - Japan 6PM Sunday: Switzerland - Ecuador 9PM France - Honduras 12PM Argentina - Bosnia And Herzegovina 3PM Don't drink and drive ;) A friendly reminder of The Keating Hotel.
Thanks to the World Affairs Council of NH for hosting this beautiful group of from Latin America yesterday. The Granite State is part of a three-week tour for them that includes Washington, DC, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and San Diego - all for the purpose of sharing tips, strategies, information, and inspiration that they can bring back to their own businesses, organizations, and communities. Among the countries represented: Paraguay, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Chile, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and even Cuba. (!) Truly amazing. Special thanks to Women Inspiring Women's Leslie Sturgeon for inviting me to be part of the Entrepreneur Panel. It was positively fascinating to hear about the hopes, challenges, and opportunities stirring in these women's lives. The diversity of women themselves was astounding, and included a mix of community leaders, jewelry makers, artisans, farmers, marketers, a baker, a Social Worker, a coffee biz owner, a Funding Manager of R&D for a technology co ...
Well my FB friends are everywhere this vacation week! Thailand, Italy,Scotland,San Diego, Florida, Costa Rica, New Orleans, Mexico, and Australia- to name a few. Just wanted to let you know day 2 of my vacation - and ill be going to the dump, so there! Happy Travels Everyone :-)
Do you dream of cruising down the historic Panama Canal? Join us as we travel to San Diego, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica,...
stop over from Costa Rica. Holiday there this past week. Work anniv celebrations in San Diego before that.
Rise and shine, San Diego! We have a delicious Tarrazu Peaberry from Costa Rica we would love to wake you up with. Not quite ready to hop to it? Visit us after 10:30am today and get 1/2 off a home baked pastry! Offer good at both locations.
Slightly Stoopid, the Ocean Beach/San Diego, CA group will be joined by special guest reggae superstar Don Carlos at Jungle Jam IV January 16-19, 2014 in Jaco, Costa Rica.
Let the new year begin.already starting work today heading to the Austin Airport bound for California...In 2013 I flew over 150 thousand miles on American with over 130 flights plus throw in a few on other airlines and some private jet flights and I spent to much time in planes.A few years back I did over 200 thousand miles on American Air which included 5 trips to Australia, 2 to Japan, 4 to Europe plus some other odd spots thrown in and I never want to do that again..SO this years New Years Resolution is.I am gonna try to fly just over 100k so I will be saying no to a lot of work BUT as of now I fly to San Diego today, Home Sat. Fly to LA on the 10th then to Costa Rica the 15th to Seattle the 20th LA the 22nd then Hawaii Jan 30th...and that's just Jan 2014.So much for New Years Resolutions
Today our partners Lucidity Festivals embark on a transformational journey through the Carribbean to San Diego via the Panama Canal.. with a stop in Costa Rica next Thursday the 26th. We're hosting our guests via a collaborative effort we're calling: Dreams Into Reality (An Envision Festival, Lucidity Festivals and Enrichment Voyages presents Lucidity at Sea Collaboration) Join community creator Edward Zeydelman on a journey to visit several models of sustainable community in the Costa Rican rainforest. Our day starts early when Ed scoops Lucidity at Sea participants up at the port of Puntarenas on December 26th and we travel just 20 minutes to Ed's baby, Puerta La Vida. Puerta La Vida is a 90 lot community with breathtaking views over the Pacific Ocean and the Nicoya Peninsula and is focused on physical and spiritual wellness. Ed will tell you about the creation of his dream and will share his triumphs and obstacles in making his sustainable community a reality. Then we will travel 45 minutes to San Mate ...
I was referring to Kathia Rodriguez. From Costa Rica to San Diego. Heaven back to heaven.
Mexico’s Growing Muslims TIJUANA, Mexico — Gathering from different countries at the sleepy beach of Tijuana, a growing number of the city’s population are becoming Muslims, finding Islamic values close to the country’s Catholic traditions. “The Catholic emphasis on family and family values meshes a lot with Islam,” Dr. Khaleel Mohammed, a professor of Islamic and religious studies at San Diego State University, told KPBS network on Thursday, March 28. “The difference, however, is that whereas many Catholics see the Roman Catholic values being eroded in the United States in particular, a lot of them are seeing in Islam a difference in that there are more Muslims trying to stick to the traditional Islamic values than leave them aside," Mohammed added. Enjoying a welcoming atmosphere from Tijuana people, the Muslim population was growing steadily in the small city, with people coming from India, Costa Rica, the Middle East, Mexico and the United States. At the city, Muslims have established a ...
I staff conventions every once in a while..going to Costa Rica next year and other places..went to San Diego and Kauai this year
I'm going to Argentina and Costa Rica for a year and then I'm probably guna stay in San Diego or LA lol so this the lass time sac !
U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has selected the 23 players that will represent the United States in the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup. Competing in the tournament for the 12th time, the U.S. seeks its fifth confederation championship title. Houston Dynamo forward Will Bruin was part of the 23 individuals named to the U.S. men’s National Team roster. He will report to a training camp in San Diego, Calif. on Monday. The CONCACAF Gold Cup is the regional championship for North America, Central America and the Caribbean. This is the first time Bruin has been named to U.S. roster for the Gold Cup. The biennial competition will run July 7-28. The United States will face Belize on July 9 in Portland, Ore. before playing Cuba on July 13 in Sandy, Utah. The Americans will finish group play against Costa Rica on July 16 in Hartford, Conn. Ashe and Bruin could miss up to three Dynamo games and will be available to return no later than Aug. 3, when the Dynamo host the Columbus Crew at BBVA Compass ...
I'm writing to explain my recent silence and to let you know that I am home safe, sound and well. Two weeks ago I was boarding the Empire Builder in Chicago, ticketed for Glacier National Park, beginning a tour that I'd signed up for somewhat impulsive-ly, that visited Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, with several other highlights along the way. There was so much good, so much that went well, about this tour, that I would say, if this is the last tour I ever take, my "touring life" will have ended on a truly high note (and those of you who have been keeping track know that I have enjoyed a number of tours [self planned or organized] from Asia [Hong Kong, Thailand, China and Tibet], to Europe [Norway, England, France, Greece and Turkey], to Central America [Mexico, Costa Rica, and Cuba], Pacific Islands [New Zealand, Hawaii, the French Polynesians], along with visits to various places in this country from San Diego to Seattle to Boston, to Orlando and Tucson f ...
Hello, friends! Me and Shane Wilson planning several live Liberation Unleashed meetings and intensives in Arizona and California in August. Thank you, Luke Metz and Rick Tillotson for helping with this! On the way back from Ca to AZ we can go to San Diego and do LU meeting/intensive there. I am writing if anyone lives in SD and would like to help to organize this, please contact Shane or me, better Shane, because I am going to do many live LU meetings now in Costa Rica and will be focused on that. If you would love more people wake up, your friends, your community, this will be great opportunity for us to work with them. I do direct pointing. Shane preparing now multi-sensory music/LU slides (posters) experience and EEG brain waves demonstration. This should be very cool, entertaining and awakening experience...We have a great rate of people wake up on live meetings. I am absolutely humbled and thrilled at the same time about this work. Can't wait for Sedona retreat Aug 16-18 (Thank you, Luke!♥) and Pis ...
My Last night in Costa Rica. I'm coming home San Diego, with a much better grasp of the Spanish language, a pretty good sunburn and a place in my heart for the people of Costa Rica (Ticos). Pura Vida!!
We have a crisp morning warming up to another awesome day here in Southern Calif. Yesterday got near 80 degrees in San Diego. This morning I see a low cloud bank with possible fog lingering just offshore here in Oceanside , other beaches list partly cloudy. The swell has come in a tad this morning at a few places. In south San Diego the surf is 4 ft, north to Del Mar it's 3 ft , Oceanside is 1-2 ft, OC is 2 ft, Huntington Pier is near 3 ft, the South Bay 1-3 ft, 1 ft in Redondo , 3 ft in El Porto, Ventura is 3 ft, Rincon 1 ft and up north is 7 ft so far. Expect these numbers to rise tonight. And for my friends in Costa Rica , the surf is 3-5 ft at Pavones , expect a drop in size over the next few days. The winds at present are mixed , onshore , sideshore and offshore , so pick your beach carefully. As mentioned last night , the winds need to be watched carefully this week. I'm getting mixed signals as to the surf later this week , it's a one day at a time affair. I don't want to confuse anyone with the d ...
RIP Al Jackson I received this sad news from Susie Schaffer: (Susie, Al Jackson and I worked and thrived together at Fireman's Fund for many many years) With great sadness I have to let you know Al Jackson passed away this morning after a valiant battle with pulmonary fibrosis. We saw him yesterday where he was comfortable at home in Palm Springs with Darlene, Shawn and Jessica at his side. Since Al and Darlene and Doug and I moved south several years ago, the four of us got together frequently testing as many golf courses as we could. Last year we moved on to the Big Island to further the humiliation (and thrill). They sailed with us on our sail boat through the Panama Canal and up to Costa Rica. Al did the passage from Costa Rica to the Galapagos then across the Pacific to French Polynesia. Darlene joined the 3 of us for a 2 week sail throughout the islands of Tahiti. Last August Al told Doug he had one more sail on his bucket list: San Diego - Catalina - San Diego. Oxygen bottles abound they did ...
NORCECA Beach Circuit will have 17 stops in 2013 The NORCECA Beach Volleyball Commission decided to increase the 2013 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Circuit to a total of 17 stops, including seven in Mexico, during the second day of meetings at the organisation’s headquarters in Santo Domingo on Saturday. The season will start in the Cayman Islands (March 20-25), continuing in the Dominican Republic (March 21-April 1) and then Guatemala (April 17-22). The circuit will then move to Mexico for stops in the cities of Tampico (May 1-6), Chiapas (May 8-13), Morelia (May 15-20), Toluca (June 5-10) and Acapulco (June 12-17). Puerto Rico will host the next stop (August 14-19), then Cuba (August 21-26) and San Diego, USA (September 25-30), before the circuit turns back to Mexico for tournaments in Mazatlan (October 2-7) and Colima (October 9-14). The season will conclude with events in Saint Lucia (October 23-28), Costa Rica (October 30-November 4), Trinidad & Tobago (November 13-18) and Aruba (November 27-December 2) ...
Will you be going home for Spring Break OR will you be... making your own chocolate at a cocoa farm in Belize, living in the rain forests of Costa Rica, hiking in the countryside of Ecuador, visiting ancient Inca ruins in Peru, exploring indigenous cultures in Guatemala, leaning about immigration in San Diego, CA or visiting the historic city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic? We have a few spots still available! Be the first to the ACT Outreach Center (next to McAlister's Deli) with your $500 deposit and copy of your driver's license or passport - and YOU CAN sign-up for the experience of a lifetime! You can also come learn more and sign-up on Tuesday, November 27 at 6:30PM and Wednesday, November 28th at 6:00PM in Whitewater, PSU! Choose the alternative. Choose International Alternative Service Experience: Spring Break 2012. Don't wait - spots will fill fast!
We got home late last night from a 15 day cruise throw the Panama Canal. What a great trip. We were at Cartagena Colombia, Colon Panama next day we cruised the Canal. It took the whole day. It was so interesting. Than we went to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Puerto Vallarta, and Cobo back to San Diego. What a great time. I feel so lucky to be able to see all of these thing's God sure has been good to us. I Got to spend Thanksgiving with My Daughter,Husband and Grandson's We had Hamburger's and Hot dog's. Ha It was a great day,
October 27th - Yet another man with strong ties to Harper's regime found to be a criminal, this time for money laundering, fraud, and dispensing controlled substances. Mr Jacobson was photographed in March with Steven Harper and Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu in Ottawa. "Fugitive Nathan Jacobson, whose ties to the federal Conservatives made him the subject of recent Question Period queries from opposition benches, was arrested at his home in Toronto Thursday afternoon. U.S. Justice authorities in San Diego had told CBC they were upset that no Canadian law enforcement agencies had responded to their July 30 warrant for his arrest when Jacobson failed to attend court after pleading guilty to money laundering. With others, Jacobson had set up an online pharmacy known as Affpower, based in Costa Rica, that sold drugs to Americans without prescriptions from 2004 to 2006. The 58-year-old was originally charged with several counts of fraud, money laundering and the distribution and dispensing of controlled su ...
Gary's mom has just booked us on a 15 day cruise thru the Panama Canal in Sept. as a "belated honeymoon" gift. I am a bit excited as this is a trip I have always wanted to take. We leave from San Diego, with a few stops in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta, Cabo etc.), then to Guatamala and Costa Rica, all on the Pacific side, thru the Canal to Panama and Columbia, SA ending in Miami. Sounds good to me! Thanks, Marion...
Surf Camps and lessons for all levels, Surfing and Stand-up Paddle boarding in La Jolla, San Diego, Los Angeles and Costa Rica.
On the way to Palm Springs, then San Diego this weekend.. then Costa Rica! Let the vacations begin!!
Hello FB family & friends, We left PDX on April 27 Nick, Holly & I ,arrived Ft Lauderdale & sailed on the ms Amsterdam 4/28 to Aruba, Panama Canal, Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica,Nicaragua, Guatemala,Ixtapa Mexico,PuertoVallarta, Cabo, San Diego, where Janet flew down to pick up Holly (she only missed two weeks school) NIck & I stayed on ship went to Victoria BC, Vancouver BC, Seattle, Dan & Christine picked us on 5/18 wonderful time, beautiful, rested and relaxed. We would love to share our trip with you, thanks for the prayers. Nick did great. Hugs
The Panama Canal Cruise was relaxing - so many at sea days. Enjoyed Cartegena (even tho I didn't get a photo in front of the infamous hotel), The Panama Canal, Costa Rica, Puerta Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, San Diego and Seattle...then a flight home. Fly back to Seattle on Saturday to catch the Alaskan Cruise and train ride up to Denali National Park and then up to Fairbanks. These are the days we have dreamed of and never knew they would come true.
Pat and I just got back from a months vacation, 2 weeks with my daughter Susan in Florida plus a 16 day cruise to the Panama Canal with many friends. We left from San Diego, California, making stops at Cabo San Lucas in Baha, Mexico; the second port was Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, then Puerto Quetzel in GUatenala where we seen the colonial Antiqua; the forth port was Puntarenas, Costa Rica, visiting the coffee and sugar plantations; then a day thru the Panama Canal; the last stop was Cartagena, Columbia. Returned to Fort Lauderdale where we met Millie, a friend from our days at Rartian Arsenal. It was a great trip.
Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday! We have returned from our trip. Cruising is great. 18 days on a ship. First, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on to Cartagena, Panama Canal, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, San Diego, Vancouver, then home. Loved it all...we agreed that we could have just stayed on the ship and headed to Alaska. Retirement is fantastic!
Returned today from a wonderful 17 day cruise through the incredible Panama Canal. Stops included Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, San Diego and Vancouver BC (well sort of - we arrived about 8 hours late due to some rockin' n rollin' we encountered in the Pacific). Glad to be home~~~
In Miami going to Cartagna, Colombia..Costa Rica, Panama Canal making are way to Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, San Diego and all the up to Alaska..What a Cruise!!
Going cruising on Celebrity this week. We are leaving from Fort Lauderdale and ending up in Seattle. In between we're going to Columbia, through the Panama Canal and stopping in Costa Rica, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and San Diego
House sitter ready to sit! Reservations made, bags packed! We are off on a 19 day cruise from Ft Lauderdale to San Diego thru the Panama Canal. Will be visiting Grand Turk, Curacao, Aruba and various ports in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico. Not wine country but the cerveza and margaritas should be plentiful. Will be in Puerto Vallarta for Cinco de Mayo! Should be a great trip! DW
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