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San Diego State University (SDSU), founded in 1897 as San Diego Normal School, is the largest and oldest higher education facility in the greater San Diego area (generally the City and County of San Diego), and is part of the California State University system. The Big East Conference is a collegiate athletics conference consisting of sixteen universities in the eastern half of the United States. 5.0/5

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The field of 68 has been cut to 32! And the third round of the NCAA Tournament gets started today! Eight great Round of 32 games start today, and here's the schedule: At 12:15 on CBS (9) Pittsburgh takes on (1) Florida. at 2:45 on CBS (5) St. Louis battles (4) Louisville. at 5:15 on CBS (7) Texas fights with (2) Michigan. At 6:10 on TNT (12) North Dakota State challenges San Diego State. The night session gets started at 7:10 on TBS when (11) Dayton battles (6) Syracuse. At 7:45 on CBS (7) Oregon squares off against (2) Wisconsin. On TNT at 8:40 (12) Harvard plays (4) Michigan State and finally at 9:40 on TBS (7) Connecticut and (2) Villanova rekindle an old Big East rivalry.
Seton Hall stuns No. 3 Villanova in Big East quarterfinal: Louisville, San Diego State win conference games in...
There's no one at Qualcomm for Boise-San Diego State, For a minute I thought they were in the Big East ...
Speaking if which, how da fuq did Memphis end up in the Western Conference. It's like when San Diego State went to the Big East
San Diego State just drove the final nail in the Big East coffin
Wait, is San Diego State now in the Big East? East of what!?
Conference Realignment for the 2013 football season. The SEC, Pac 12, Big 10, and Big 12 will stay in tact. However, Syracuse and Pittsburg will join the ACC, giving them 14 teams. Memphis, SMU, UCF, and Houston are leaving Conference USA to join the Big East. The Big East will have 10 teams instead of 8. La Tech, North Texas, Texas-San Antonio, MTSU, Florida Atlantic, and FIU are going to join Conference USA. Conference USA will now have 14 teams instead of 12. Mountain West Conference was originally going to lose Boise State and San Diego State, but they are both staying in the MWC, and the MWC is picking up San Jose State and Utah State. That will give the MWC 12 teams and they will now have a conference championship game. U Mass is going to join the Mid American Conference (MAC) giving them 13 teams. The Western Athletic Conference (WAC) to my understanding, has folded.
Boise State and San Diego State staying in the Mountain West over the Big East. Shows how much the Big East has fallen football wise.
I'm shocked San Diego State turned down joining the Big East, seemed like a perfect match.
San Diego State has announced that it will remain a member of the Mountain West Conference & will not join the Big East for football in fall
HUGE sports story yesterday, I mean *** I can't believe San Diego State University will not be joining the Big East after all.
San Diego State rejoins MWC...Aresco said it was "unlikely" ECU or Tulane would join the Big East in 2013. ECU,...
Source: Big East might soon send TU invitation: After it became official on Wednesday that San Diego State will ...
What is it about the Big East? No MWC team wants to stay! First TCU, then Boise, now SDSU. All without playing a...
The Mountain West continues to grow. Less than a month after Boise State ditched the Big East to stay with the MW, San Diego State has done the same. The Mounta
San Diego State is officially back with the Mountain West. How many black eyes does the Big East have now?
San Diego State decides not to join the Big East. Geography students nationwide rejoice.
San Diego State will stay in Mountain West Conference rather than bolt for Big East after Board of Governors voted to reinstate the school.
An updated blog post on San Diego State to the Mountain West, what Big East looks like and UCF scheduling:
San Diego State and Boise State staying in the Mountain West makes the MWC a better conference than the Big East.
This is real: San Diego State remains in MWC, will not join Big East
San Diego State is out of the Big East without paying an exit fee... That is the best news the Aztec basketball team has heard all year.
Doesn't sound like Big East is make any bigger push to keep San Diego State. Aztecs value was as sidekick to Boise St.
Calkins article. At halftime, Bowen admitted that he should have done a better job of communicating with Pastner after the two had agreed, in a November meeting, that the Tennessee series would end. Subsequently, the Catholic schools left the Big East, Boise State decided not to join the conference and San Diego State might also stay away. That's why Bowen resumed negotiations with Tennessee AD Dave Hart. "But I should have called Josh earlier," he said. "It's my fault." Which is true. But it was big of him to say. So peace and happiness returns to Tiger Nation. At least, until the next game.
This "Big East" nonsense is getting even sillier. Fresno State is farther from "east" than even San Diego State.
The B1G (Big Ten) had 12 (soon to be 14) teams. The Big 12 has 10. The Big "East" is going to have teams in Kentucky (Louisville), Texas (SMU), Idaho (Boise St.) and California (San Diego State) making out look more like Conf. USA. How started this? SEC: Allure of the Conf. Title game. ACC: Stole Miami, Va. Tech and Boston Coll. from Big East causing the first chain reaction. Big Ten: Remember back when we got Penn St.
WCC teams have combined for a .666 win percentage so far this season. That puts the WCC 7th out of the 32 conferences. The top ten conferences are: 1:Mountain West (.800) 2: Big East (.798) 3: Big Ten (.791) 4: Atlantic Coast (.728) 5: Big12 (.710) 6: Pac-12 (.699) 7: West Coast (.666) 8: Missouri Valley (.654) 9: Conference-USA (.653) 10: Southeastern Conference (.651) Next season the top of the list will look much different as the Mountain West will lose San Diego State which is currently 7-1 and 17th in the polls. The Big East will lose Syracuse which is 9-0 and 4th in the polls and Pittsburgh which is 8-1. The following season they will lose Louisville which is 8-1 and 6th in the polls, Notre Dame which is 8-1 and 22nd in the polls and Rutgers which is 6-2. Those two conferences will take a hit to their win% with these departures. The WCC will add Pacific which is 5-4. The WCC will improve it's win% with this addition. The WCC is one of the best conferences in the country and quietly continues to impr ...
Big East announces 2013 football schedule: The University of Memphis will play Cincinnati, San Diego State, SMU and Temple at home an...
New Jersey Institute of Technology is in the Great West & San Diego State in Big East. 21st century civilization!
With all of the conference realignments I think it is time to start at least getting the names straight. The Atlantic Coast Conference will have Notre Dame (sorry Lake Michigan is not the Atlantic Ocean). The Big 10 will have 14 teams and the Big 12 will have 10?. The PAC12 has Utah and Colorado which don't even border states that border the Pacific Ocean. But the name that really needs to change is the Big East. After realignment it will have San Diego State, Boise State, Southern Methodist and Tulane. Counting Connecticut they will pretty much have a giant oval around the country so I think we should just change it to the Big Oval.
"Because of all the defections, the Big East is scheduled to add nine schools between 2013 and 2015 -- Boise State, San Diego State, SMU, Houston, UCF, Memphis, Tulane, East Carolina and Navy." (ESPN) Shouldn't it be called "The Big North, South, East and West" now?
So, did anyone else notice that after today, Kent State may be ranked 16th? And that the Big East champion won't be ranked, meaning that Kent State will be in position to be in a BCS Bowl? O, and BSU will probably be ranked 15th, but won't make it because San Diego State *** ..
San Diego State into the Big East. Yeah, that makes sense!
The Big 10 has 12 teams. the Big 12 has 10 teams. Next year San Diego State will play in the Big East. Somebody teach these universities some math and geography soon.
Boise, San Diego State still committed to Big East move: After the Big Ten shook up the con...
What do you mean the NCAA re-alignments are messed up? San Diego State playing in the Big East makes perfect sense to me.
The most random thing in sports... San Diego State joining the Big East for football.. Like what?
And why is San Diego State in the Big East?
San Diego State to the Big East. Anybody else see anything wrong with that picture??
San Diego State athletic director Jim Sterk said Tuesday the Aztecs are committed to a future in the Big East in 2013 despite Rutgers' jump to the Big Ten.
Why is San Diego State moving to the Big East Conference for sports? Someone get these schools a map of the US please.
Boise State and now San Diego State joining Big EAST?! Give me a break, there's nothing east about that city...
San Diego State is still planning to leave the Mountain West for the Big EAST. The school's geography department has apparently been cut from the budget.
Enough about Maryland and the ACC. Time to watch my Hoyas - which as of today, have resisted the urge to join the Pac 12 or do something equally stupid - face Indiana from Brooklyn. Long live Georgetown and the Big East Conference - even of it does include San Diego State and Houston (sigh).
San Diego State n the Big East obviously doesn't make sense geographically.smh
Can someone explain to me how San Diego State being in the Big East makes sense?
Order Miche Bag Online!
San Diego State athletic director in favor of BYU joining Big East
San Diego State is about to join the Big East? How does that even work?
Forgot San Diego state and Boise State joined the Big East. Key word east!
the same reason that San Diego State is moving to the Big East
Maryland going to the Big 10 and San Diego State going to the Big East is like Howard Cosell singing at the Metropolitan Opera! NCAA Suqs!
Ok, Big 10, Big 12, and SEC give the Big East: Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky and Kansas State. Big East give the SEC: Louisville and the Big 12: Boise State and San Diego State. ACC, PAC-12 you get NOTHING! Then that's it! NO MORE COLLEGE SCHOOLS RELOCATING! It's done!
The parties are on in South Bend, Palo Alto and Waco. What a big night on the gridiron. It's going to be ND and probably Alabama 1 and 2. That'll be a good game for the title if they both survive next weekend. The other big news of the day regarding football, the possibility of Maryland and Rutgers joining the Big Ten plus two. The " Big 14 " , we'll see. I hope all this conference jumping doesn't get out of hand. Who says the dollar isn't worth a dollar anymore. What's next San Diego State joining the Big East ?
Let me get this straight. The Big East Conference includes Boise State and San Diego State. They'll be in the West Division - which is fine, but Philadelphia's Temple University will be in the West, too? Of course, the Big East also includes the University of South Florida - which is in Tampa, nowhere near South Florida. I suppose it's fair to say that one shouldn't attend a Big East university and major in geography.
If you're a Big East fan, save your frequent flier miles. Next year the conference West Div will incl teams as distant as San Diego State and Temple (Philadelphia). And I thought it was a long trip from Happy Valley to Lincoln.
Temple is in the Big East division with Boise State, Houston, Memphis, SMU and San Diego State, huh?
Next year the Big East Confrence will have 12 teams. They will split them into 2 divisons the east and west. In the east will be Rutgers Connecicut Louisville Cinncinati Central Florida and South Florida. Here is where geogrphy becomes a joke. In the west will be Memphis Temple Houston SMU Boise State and San Diego State. The real problem is Temple that college is in Philadelphia yet they are in the west divison *** Tho SDSU Boise State Houston and SMU are nowhere near the east coast lol.
Love that Temple will be in the West Division of the Big East partnered with neighboring San Diego State
Boise, Houston, SMU, San Diego State, Memphis and Temple are in Big East West. UCF, Cin, UConn, Louisville, Rutgers, USF in Big East..East
Lets call this a conference call. There is something very strange going on with collegiate athletic conferences. The Big Ten now has 12 members and the Big Twelve now has 10. Just wait till next year when San Diego State joins the Big East , can't wait to see the Aztec's travel schedule. How ironic that the one conference that is disappearing in all this madness is the WAC.
San Diego State's latest offer, Chicago (IL.) Simeon DE Devante Lee, says going to school in Cali would not be a problem (Big East effect).
I have always enjoyed the Big East and think it would be a fun conference to be a part of. Well, until it added San Diego State.
Missouri is as SEC as San Diego State is so Big East. Gamecocks telling the Tigers they don't belong today.
Was reading some articles about Notre Dame joining the ACC when I was at work. Many columnists & fans were irked about Notre Dame's insistence to retain the football tradition by keeping its football independent even when they are joining the Atlantic Coast Conference rather than to join the ACC in *all* sports. Many said that the main reason why Notre Dame is abandoning the Big East Conference is due to the fact that Big East is expanding to include schools in 4 time zones (San Diego State, Boise State, Houston, Southern Methodist & Memphis among few others), Notre Dame did not want to do that, they wanted to stay in 1 or 2 time zones as well as to make profits in revenues, going for 4 time zones are not going to make $$. In fact, one columnist said that UConn Women's Basketball Head Coach Geno Auriemma was the one who predicted that Notre Dame will jump the ship and go to the ACC. He said that at Hartford's XL Center ... last year. However, it was reported that the ACC has approved the inclusion of Notr ...
Boise State will join the conference in most sports except football beginning in the 2013-14 season, which prevents dominoes from falling that might have knocked San Diego State out of the Big East in football.
Brent Sobleski looks at how Boise State, Houston, Memphis, SMU, San Diego State and UCF will have to improve when they join the Big East next season.
Congrats to the seed. I am proud to say he will be playing football in the Big East soon. Committed to San Diego State yesterday! Feeling so blessed as always!
Did you guys know that SMU and San Diego State are in the Big East now?
Brian Murphy, of the Idaho Statesman, broke down the estimated travel costs for the Big East and how they compare to current budget.
Hopefully, Boise State can join the Big West along with its Big East western partner, San Diego State. Hawaii is also part of the conf.
Will be shocked if Boise and Big West don't get deal done so that yes San Diego State and Boise will be in Big East and Big West.
Announced today that there will be a 4 team playoff to determine the college football National Championship starting in 2014. About *** time! It is a step in the right direction. Also, the Big East is no longer a BCS conference. They lost their status and Mountain West didn't qualify to pick it up. Good news for most of the nation, really bad news for Boise State and San Diego State.guess they shouldn't have been so quick to sign up for having half of their conference games on the east coast.
the collegiate conferences have Boise St & San Diego State in the Big East.
Is the Big East Conference high on crack!? How do Boise State and San Diego State fit into the Big East?
Abrowsing MWC boards San Diego State fans are quite possibly the most annoying fan base in history. Big East fans are going to hate them
so the Big East added Boise State, Houston, Memphis, Navy, San Diego State, Southern Methodist, Temple, and Central they think they're better off now?
Man, they want San Diego State playing football in the Big East Conference. How does that make any sense
San Diego State is joining the Big East Conference.
Big East interim commissioner Joe Bailey addressed the media on Wednesday to discuss the future, including Boise State and San Diego State.
I don't know what's stupider: Iowa Cubs in the Pacific Coast League, San Diego State in the Big East or my chemist buddy who keeps confusing ionic and covalent bonds and refers to the periodic chart as a "recipe".
Big East took another shot to the chin today with Marianoto resigning. So maybe dissole to this:The East Coast Conference (BB and olympic sports only) the Catholic schools of Big East and A-10 Louisville, and Cincinnati to the Big XII, also try to get BYU, so ***Boise would get in with them. San Diego State, Houston, SMU and Boise State to the MWC.**If BYU to B12 BSU with them and New Mexico States to replace them. Rutgers, USF, Memphis(If Maryland leaves), and UConn to the ACC. Maryland and Notre Dame to the Big Ten, low shot but maybe to secure scheduling or to be in playoff if its Conf Champs only. Temple and UCF go to C-USA.
Big East commish quits amid shifting landscape: Meanwhile, Boise State and San Diego State had also been added a...
SDSU moving 'full steam' to Big East: Rumors have circulated for months that San Diego State might not go throug...
Heh: “Source: San Diego State talking to MWC about reserving spot in revamped league in case Big East doesn't work out.”
San Diego State, the Detroit Shock and your dad just joined the Big East.
San Diego State in no hurry to join Big East sources tell BYU never had offer from Big 12
San Diego State has begun negotiations about joining Big East in football only, sources tell
San Diego State discussions with Big East have heated up
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