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San Diego Chargers

The San Diego Chargers are a professional football team based in San Diego, California.

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San Diego may be a secondary market for the Chargers. It should be noted, however, that i…
Whoop a dee do. He called the Chargers “San Diego”.
I still have the original record of the album, now stored away. *** that the San Di…
Growing up in San Diego, never celebrate a Chargers bet until the clock reads 0:00 and everyone is off the field
Philip Rivers' faith in Christ is strong. .
+800 for the San Diego Super Chargers to win the division!!! I couldn't not take that!!
Hacksaw Mini Poll.NFL-Chargers Fans in San Diego.What are you watching on Sundays?. 41%-Lose interest NFL. 26%…
Thank you very much Philip Rivers for Sean absolute respect by putting your hand over the heart for our flag and ou…
john interesting fact I wanted to bring to your attention, last team to start 0-4 and make playoff…
Might want to let your sports guy know that the Chargers left San Diego at the beginning of the season - he s…
Just to come out to the field. Pregame ceremonies are nothing more than a big recruiting…
Victory means Chargers can laugh about kicking woes
I don't know anyone in San Diego who cares about the Chargers.
When you say San Diego Chargers instead of LA Chargers...
Forgot to take a pic of the Chargers stadium when i was in San Diego
Another thing to be thankful for today, Tony Romo, he keeps saying ‘San Diego Chargers’ and I know Spanos is watching an…
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Chargers rookie Williams leaves stadium on crutches
Several conversations over heard today were regarding San Diego Chargers on TV and why the were called LAC. I mostl…
Chargers defense 'showin' out' in dominating performances
This I am thankful I never have to hear from a San Diego fan ever again
Everyone keeps saying San Diego Chargers... It is going to take a while for everyone to get used to it.
I'm not going to throw shade on the Cowboys as I'm a San Diego Chargers fan. But, dang that win felt great.
Considering the get called San Diego still in every game, just move them back already. Nobody in LA will miss…
It's a little hard for San Diego Chargers fans to believe the when they talk about "football and family" especial…
🚨Growing Hepatitis A Outbreak in San Diego Forces Extreme Measures as San Diegans get infected with Deadly diseases by…
Tijuana raw sewage intentional. spills continue into San Diego as Mexico terrorizes California population with its fece…
I liked a video Dallas Cowboys lose to the San Diego Chargers on Thanksgiving
# Scott Sign Guy needs banner of a milk carton missing have you seen me San Diego Chargers taken hostage by Dean Spanos
The amount of former San Diego Chargers fans who absolutely refuse to be treated as second-class throwaways has been an…
Master of Ceremonies Chris Berman just asked how many San Diego Chargers fans were here. Huge cheer. "I knew that," Berm…
Housing Needed: San Diego Aztecs (Within the past few months, the San Diego Chargers...
After 50 years, I no longer have a team. The took away my San Diego Chargers and I'm still bitter. Politicians…
It doesn't feel like the team I grew up supporting, I've always been a San Diego Chargers fan, not LA
I used to get San Diego Chargers players back in the day.
I will forever be a San Diego Chargers fan! I will NEVER be an LA Chargers fan. Thanks to all of the S…
[NFL Nation: San Diego Chargers] - Does bringing back Vincent Jackson make sense for Chargers?
I follow the San Diego Chargers. been to maybe 8 games. I'm a fan. But it's nothing compared to the…
Wonderful, wonderful column by Nick Canepa today. I could read him writing about the San Diego Chargers everyday. I…
Even though the Chargers are leaving, San Diego still has tacos,...
It's baffling to me to enter downtown San Diego to see the boom in high rise construction and not the chargers stadium
Now that they aren't in San Diego their odds are much better
Chargers_Newz. Anthony Lynn didn’t know Chargers would move after h - Yardbarker
Anthony Lynn didn’t know the Chargers would move, four days after his hiring
Former San Diego Chargers C will headline our 4 Day Football Camp in San Diego, CA from July 20-23!…
Roger Goodell didn't think the Chargers were leaving San Diego either.
[FoxSport] Is Anthony Lynn the right guy for the Chargers?.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Looking back at this snag from ahead of our event with him next week . 🏈:
Its not that bad compared to San Diego Chargers security guard guy relieving himself on the sidelines.
head coach Anthony Lynn did not believe franchise would relocate from San Diego to Los Angeles
Anthony Lynn didn’t think Chargers would leave San Diego
Anthony Lynn didn't think Chargers would leave San Diego
Top san diego chargers influencers (to follow
"Put your hands together Soccer City and Welcome back your San Diego Chargers!" Super Chargers song p…
With the 71st pick the San Diego Chargers select Dan Feeney! Congrats to Sandburg & Alum. We are very excited f…
Congratulations to Dontre Wilson for signing a free-agent deal with the San Diego Chargers!
Time line is sitting here reopening my San Diego Chargers wounds I'm disgusted
[NFL Nation: San Diego Chargers] - Jatavis Brown should thrive in new role on Chargers defense
Who's disloyal to the San Diego Chargers? We should never have let them use our City's name or stolen the Charger nickname.
good luck, glad to see you are not a LA Charger, I would have been sad if it was still San Diego Chargers
All of you former San Diego Chargers like me, don't forget to unfollow the Chargers because your follow is now following the LA Chargers.
. Just another bad move by the Los Angeles Step Children! Formally the San Diego Chargers!
I really feel for San Diego Chargers fans because I was a teenager when stupid Bud Adams ripped the Oilers out of Houston to Tennessee
Team owner: San Diego Chargers moving to Los Angeles this year: via
NFL: San Diego Chargers to join Rams in Los Angeles by
I knew this was the last San Diego Chargers game I would attend. 💔
NFL’s San Diego Chargers are officially moving to Los Angeles; it's a perfect fiasco for the franchise
San Diego Chargers fan Joseph Macrae had this message out here at Chargers Park. "I've... http…
Luke Walton "heartbroken" Chargers are moving to LA. The San Diego native wished the Chargers stayed put
thanks again for signing my San Diego Chargers jersey. Good luck to you and the players in LA. Sor…
Chargers waste no time unveiling their new logo after shocking San Diego with plans to move.
Dean Spanos reaches out to fans in San Diego
the city of San Diego should keep the Chargers name. LA logo dislike.
Yes we now lose the San Diego Super Chargers song! And I thought 2017 was going to be a good year.
The moving to LA will have a massive impact on expansion. San Diego just became a major player in that d…
LA Gear has filed an appeal with the USPTO to block the San Diego Chargers' attempt to trademark term "LA Chargers": http…
LA barely supports the Rams... and now San Diego is moving there?!? . Feel so sorry for Chargers fans.
It's official: The San Diego Chargers are moving to Los Angeles
San Diego powder blue was one of the best colors in sports. It's a shame to lose it.
Elway’s 1st 2 hires had a combined 17 yrs of head coaching exp. How did latest hire Vance Joseph rise so quickly?.
A private Spanos speech to owners last month, foreshadowing a desperate move, both to the Chargers and the NFL. https:…
Dean Spanos could have been a hero, but now he's San Diego's villain
."It is especially painful for fans, & the fans in San Diego have given the strong & loyal su…
Former HC Bobby Ross: I really thought they were going to stay in San Diego. To me it's been a great franchise.
moving from San Diego to LA and how 💩💩 their new logo is.
We're joined now by Chargers LB giving us his reaction on the move from San Diego to Los Angeles
San Diego announce they will lose in Los Angeles.
Chargers will become Los Angeles' second NFL team, leaving San Diego
For crying out loud. San Diego fans. SD has always been a 'burb of Los Angeles anyway.
Cracking up at all the *** practically rioting, burning team flags in San Diego. Get a re…
Extremely sad to see my SAN DIEGO become the Los Angeles My city will never be the same again
Idc if they moved to LA I'm still a San Diego Chargers fan ⚡️🏈
With announcement of leaving San Diego for Los Angeles, all eyes are on Oakland & Las Vegas for the
This is how Bolt Man will be spending Sunday afternoons from now on, probably.
will play for 2 years in StubHub Center for 2 years, then join the There was no last-ditch effort from San D…
The best part about The Chargers was that they were in San Diego.
As a longtime admirer of the City of San Diego, I hail the decision of voters to reject the NFL's blackmail & wish the Charg…
Goodell statement: "Relocation is painful," the Chargers did everything they could to try to stay in San Diego https:/…
Chargers new slogan is "Fight for LA" is pretty much a slap in the face to San Diego fans
the Chargers already have an LA logo? San Diego never stood a chance...
The San Diego Chargers will be moving to LA and taking on a new name, joining the Rams as the city's second NFL team
Goodell: The Chargers “worked tirelessly” on new San Diego stadium, tried to stay
I hate that Measure C was only for ONE COUNTY in San Diego. Not everyones voice was heard and now we lost our team in Sd.
JUST IN: Chargers announce they are relocating from longtime home of San Diego to Los Angeles.
BREAKING: The San Diego Chargers plan to announce as early as Thursday that they are moving to Los Angeles.
Chargers confirm they're leaving San Diego and heading to LA. DON'T NEED ANOTHER BUNCH OF LOSERS IN L.A. RIVERS SUCK
San Diego Padres issue statement on news of Chargers leaving San Diego
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BREAKING: Los Angeles residents have announced they are all moving to San Diego to get away from the Chargers and the…
A San Diego Chargers fan just drove by and dumped his team gear on the street.
BREAKING: The Chargers are moving to Los Angeles after more than five decades in San Diego.
Terrible late game strategy leads to inexplicable loss. How else would the Chargers leave San Diego?
Chargers will play next season in 27,000-seat home of LA Galaxy of MLS
San Diego Chargers announcing they're moving to L.A., reports say
I always wanted the to move to L.A fans didn't show up in San Diego. Just wish we Wouldve got there before rams. Hard knocks 2017
The San Diego Chargers are officially relocating to Los Angeles
Chargers' move from San Diego to Los Angeles makes no sense to anyone but team owners
San Diego Chargers moving to LA is the second most stupid thing happen already this year. First is Donal Trump.
Your daily 6: New homes for Don Draper ... and the San Diego Chargers
but then thankfully, our even sadder San Diego Chargers were on the schedule
Looks like Christmas came early. . The Cleveland Browns snagged their first win of the season against the San Diego Chargers, 20-…
Sometimes, security can be a hands on job.
Is Latavius an essential part of the offense? Time for Carr to go under center?. 5 statements by https:/…
Don't be that team: Chargers look to fend off winless Browns - ESPN (blog)
LMAO! reporting the San Diego Chargers Org. will be re-branded the LA Afterthoughts. Sounds about right.
If you had told me that someone choked the chicken at a Chargers game I would have assumed that a Raiders fan attacked the San Diego Chicken
Are u kidding me!!?? *** This dude has issues, way to many issues.
Here's a great story for the show:.
Wow San Diego Chargers, you couldn't of hired anyone better than this LOL
They fired him. When will the assault on our liberty end? No matter how small that particular 'liberty' is.
Casey Hayward headed to first Pro Bowl for Chargers
NSFW Watch "Elite Security Guard jerks off to San Diego Chargers Cheerleaders on field" on YouTube
That San Diego Chargers security guard was just trying to get a rat outta his pocket. You know those little creatures are sneaky. Lol.
a San Diego win helps BOTH our picks. Chargers are currently tied with eagles at 5-9
Philip Rivers going DEP. He finds for a 47-yard TD!
1/ what are your thoughts on in San Diego? Like with the Chargers I know the stadium situation is a big issue, but a
San Diego Chargers CB Casey Hayward, the NFL interceptions leader with 7, was voted to his first Pro Bowl. QB... https…
*** San Diego chargers never last like my phone chargers
Three and Out is a weekly series that will examine three areas where the Oakland Raiders played well, and three...
Chargers back next year man. They're still gonna be in San Diego and be the Chargers. Super Bowl here we come.. so serious.
Weather may be frightful when Chargers face Browns on Christmas Day - The San Diego Union-Tribune
The San Diego Chargers of the were named after a credit card
The employee engaged in what appears to be "inappropriate actions" at Sunday's Chargers game has been fired.
Hillman looks to build on Chargers debut
Are the winless Browns a threat to the Chargers? - The San Diego Union-Tribune
One man's advice for how San Diego should deal with Dean Spanos and the Chargers: Let's see your cards.
Sideline security masterbator sought by San Diego Chargers...
Hanging with of the after a recent gig at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego​…
I blame the Chargers for their lack of being interesting
Ahead of our Week 15 meeting with the Chargers, three matchups were highlighted. Here's how they played out:
San Diego Chargers Fire Security Guard Caught Beating His Meat On The Sidelines follow and get the late…
sadly this mans activity was probably more exciting then a chargers game. San Diego chargers need to leave!
Chargers CB Casey Hayward finally getting his due
Oakland Raiders-San Diego Chargers post game wrap: Silver and Black going to the playoffs
Congrats to Manti Te'o who is now a member of the San Diego Chargers!
2 AFC west teams will finish the year w the year w 7 losses and neither are the San Diego Chargers
Von Miller. Khalil Mack. Justin Houston. The worst job in the NFL might be right tackle for the San Diego Chargers.
I WENT PERFECT PICKING MY FOOTBALL GAMES!. Thanks so much the the San Diego Chargers, the Tennessee Titans, and my POTW, the Atlanta Falcons.
We have signed Devin Jones, a 6'0, 250 pound linebacker from Southeast Louisiana State and the San Diego Chargers
Former Hurricanes LB Denzel Perryman and Travis Benjamin are inactive for the San Diego Chargers today.
watching Tennessee Titans vs San Diego Chargers at First Baptist Church of Deerfield Beach
After a disappointing sim loss to the Eagles, your San Diego Chargers take on the Cleveland Browns @ Qualcomm Stadium. Let's get
"Hey Broncos Do U Want win in San Diego over the looser Chargers , you're 1st place and ur letting looser chargers push u around ?😡
the only history these announcers could say about the Chargers is that other teams have won Super Bowls in the city of San Diego
If the Chargers/San Diego built a stadium next to the convention center, that would be super dope.
is locked in:. "I keep my eyes focused solely on Jesus.". Read his story in
Lol nothing is more San Diego than the fan who got on national TV with a compelling YES ON C sign wearing a Packers jersey
Rivers surpasses Fouts as Chargers' all-time passing yards leader.. Related Articles:
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Predicting the chargers will lose at the end because they can't get it in the end zone when in the red zone.
Nobody likes the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers don't even like being Chargers. People in San Diego are Raiders fans.
Pushing the SD stadium vote in more in sadness than in anger, "Hard to imagine San Diego without the Chargers". Thanks, Jim, you tool.
I don't live in San Diego but please vote to keep the Chargers in town. Los Angeles does not need 2 teams.
San Diego needs to keep the chargers it's a huge boost in funds for San Diego
Melvin Gordon. Open field. We've seen this before...
Really digging the uniforms tonight in the Broncos at Chargers game. Looking at the score maybe San Diego should wear these every game.
I'm taking Byron to a Chargers game for his birthday and spending a week in San Diego w/ him😍🎉
As a Broncos fan, I don't care for the Chargers, but I hope they stay in San Diego.
That guy doesn't just run, block and pass protect... He can catch, run and elevate, too! htt…
That girl with the keep the Chargers in San Diego sign was wearing a Packers jersey...?
The woman holding the sign to keep the in San Diego was wearing a jersey.
Denver Broncos rebound and win over the San Diego Chargers tonight!! .
"Gorgeous" subject to interpretation all-navy & Packers' all-white next Thurs will look normal via
If the leave San Diego I will have to pick another team =(
.finds the hole and shows off his WHEELS. 🔥 . 📱 📺 CBS/NFLN
up 13 on midway thru 3Q. Watching but will have to DVR 4Q of game to see how San Diego blows it this week.
I really hope the Chargers stay in San Diego.
You know, I really hope that Downtown San Diego Stadium idea goes through. Can expand Downtown, the Chargers and Comic Con!
This might be the biggest hole Melvin Gordon has seen since his college days.
Thursday Night Football, Denver vs San Diego.. # 12 Benjamin Travis for the Chargers Muffled it on the 8 yd line..
Nothing, yet, is the answer as Korey Toomer recovers the fumble and sets up another Lambo field goal. 16-3 San Diego
Derek Watt makes the grab. And does a little... flip?!. 💻📱: 📺:
Chargers Kicker Upset Teammates With Postgame Smiles: The San Diego Chargers are off to a 1-4...
God bless Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers with a Super Bowl 51 ring. Amen.
Congratulations to former Irish LB Manti Te'o on being named a San Diego Chargers team captain.
San Diego Chargers at Minnesota Vikings: Game time, online streaming, TV schedule, announcers and more - Bolts from…
SD headlines ♦ Should the San Diego Chargers sign RB Karlos Williams? - Bolts from the Blue
Don't miss the San Diego Chargers first Preseason Home Game today at 6pm!
SAN DIEGO -- John Pagano, defensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers, has pointed to his tea...
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It is an honor for me to stand between Bobby Ross (former head coach of the San Diego Chargers and Detroit Lions)...
Excited to announce I've signed with the San Diego Chargers today!
Marcel Jones has signed with the San Diego Chargers.
The is still one big issue keeping the San Diego Chargers first-round pick from signing his contract.
"In the 2020 NFL Draft the San Diego Chargers select the Heisman Trophy winner Taiyon Palmer out of the University of F…
Keenan Allen, San Diego Chargers agree to extension via
Family Corey Liuget of the San Diego Chargers got his eat on.
The NFL just set the date of when the San Diego Chargers will take over the Super Bowl.
Spartan Nation: Congratulations to Donavon Clark on being drafted by the San Diego Chargers!
If Leicester City can win the EPL. It gives me hope the San Diego Chargers can one day win the Super Bowl. Go Boltz!
So is my math correct, Trent Green and Terry Crews were teammates with the 1993 San Diego Chargers?
Congrats to former Olentangy Brave Joshua Perry on being drafted to the San Diego Chargers!
With the No. 198 pick, the San Diego Chargers select FB Derek Watt out of Wisconsin. He's JJ Watt's little brother. ht…
Bulls' Matt Weiser Signs a Free Agent Contract with the San Diego Chargers -
With the third overall pick in the 2016 draft, the San Diego Chargers selected Ohio State
Joey Bosa was selected in the 1st round, 3rd overall by the San Diego Chargers
Congratulations to Joey Bosa for being drafted overall by the San Diego Chargers! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
With the 3rd pick in the NFL Draft, the San Diego Chargers select... Jeff Driskel
There, fixed it. News report about backroom deal for union Project Labor Agreement on San Diego Chargers stadium.
People won't be signing the proposed San Diego Chargers stadium Project Labor Agreement. Maybe the press release?.
Why did unions think a big press conference today to tout Project Labor Agreement would help pass San Diego Chargers stadium tax increase?
There's a chance the San Diego Chargers will have to scrap their Convadium plan and start fresh. But believe it...
Manti Te'o / SAN DIEGO -- Competitors on the field, San Diego Chargers linebacker Manti Te'o and Seattle
Chargers, Briggs initiative backers to meet. [from The San Diego Union-Tribune]
We now know when the San Diego Chargers regular season will be set by the NFL.
could take a flyer on German receiver Moritz Boehringer .
What’s a self-respecting San Diego sports fan to do? How about support the
Live at noon: Chat with our Padres reporter
do you think Mark has more interest in moving to Vegas or San Diego if Chargers end up in LA?
4 Tickets San Diego Chargers vs San Francisco 49ers 9TH Row on the 45: ...
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Top san diego chargers articles from last week
The editorial board says hockey is the cure for what ails San Diego sports fans:
Top five picks in 2016 draft: CB Justin Gilbert on last life..
Manti Te'o and Michael Bennett workout partners in Hawaii
[SB Nation: Arrowhead Pride] - 2016 NFL mock draft: San Diego Chargers get the best corner in the draft
For more critical reporting of San Diego Chargers stadium scheming, one must look beyond local media...
Is it time for the San Diego Chargers to replace King Dunlap?
Joey Bosa/Ohio State dining with the San Diego Chargers this evening. A ton more interview/meeting info from Buckeye pro-day tomorrow.
BREAKING: Swagger signs with San Diego Chargers citing inability to come to terms with Cleveland.
San Diego Chargers reportedly open to dealing the third overall pick; will the Cowboys trade up? - Dallas Morning…
Chargers want downtown stadium in San Diego...
Antonio Gates likely to remain with San Diego Chargers
...San Diego Chargers. In 2009, Pape served as a graduate assistant coach to the Central Michigan University football team. Pape...
If moved to Carson City, will they still be the San Diego Chargers? Also stick a logo in the Gas Lamp Quarter.
New post: San Diego Chargers plan for interim training site in Santa Ana, Calif., if they relocate to Inglewood,
Chargers players react to staying in San Diego - A few San Diego Chargers players reacted to the news that they...
I'd take the San Diego Chargers, Minnesota Wild, Chicago Cubs, and probably the Warriors.
The St. Louis Rams and the San Diego Chargers have been green-lit for a move to Los Angeles.
It's official: The Rams are leaving St. Louis and going back to Los Angeles, and there's a chance the San Diego Chargers will be right
The Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers and St. Louis Rams all are ... Davis is the son of NFL Hall of Famer and...
St. Louis Rams are L.A.-bound; San Diego Chargers might be, too.. Related Articles:
NFL owners voted Tuesday to allow the St. Louis Rams to move to a new stadium just outside Los Angeles, and the San Diego Chargers will
"The thing Dean (Spanos) cares most about is his San Diego Chargers and the fans," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said.
San Diego Chargers: Reverse Eric Weddle's $10k fine for watching his daughter's halftime dance via
Portland LumberJax if we lure away the Jacksonville Jags.. Portland Storm = San Diego Chargers. Portland Pirates = RAIDERS
2007 BLHS grad and now wide receiver for San Diego Chargers, Dontrell Inman visited BLMS today. So proud of him! https:…
Ladies and gentlemen, Peyton Manning! Omaha! — watching San Diego Chargers vs Denver Broncos at Stephie Simon...
Broncos President Joe Ellis on L.A. Movement- "First and foremost I think Dean Spanos and San Diego Chargers deserve a new st…
Good morning. Nick Canepa of the San Diego Union-Tribune, who covered the San Diego Chargers for four decades,...
New post: Sebastian Janikowski leads Oakland Raiders to win over San Diego Chargers
Fantasy football analysis of Thursday night’s game between the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders.
Both the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders are out of playoff contention, but the AFC West rivals fought...
Tailgating with family Thursday, before the Oakland Raiders hosted the San Diego Chargers in Charles Woodson's...
SAN DIEGO -- Although his father still roots for the hometown team, San Diego Chargers linebacker Denzel Perry...
The Miami Dolphins (5-8) will be playing for pride Sunday when they travel to face the San Diego Chargers (3-1...
Squadcast: How will San Diego Chargers fans react on Sunday?: Ben Higgins and John Gennaro wonder what the home…
Why are the San Diego Chargers afraid of experience?
Philip Rivers finally convinced me to sign with the San Diego Chargers today! 🏈
Hub Arkush: Chicago Bears at San Diego Chargers could be QB duel
A San Diego Chargers x New Orleans Saints matchup would be a good Super Bowl.
San Diego Chargers have never won a Super Bowl San Diego needs a new, winning team. Chargers, please move to Carson!
San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates was forced to sit out Week 7 with a sprained MCL. Now it looks like he …
The Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers show their pride today!
Please don't move the San Diego Chargers. Knock down Qualcomm and build a new stadium right there.
San Diego Chargers new starting line up: Phillip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Keenan Allen, and Phillip River's eight kids
Pittsburgh Steelers vs. San Diego Chargers analytic breakdown by the numbers - Behind the Steel Curtain
If there are any fans of the San Diego Chargers, Vizio Fandemonium is giving away hats and footballs autographed by…
San Diego Chargers: Melvin Gordon an important success so far - NFL Spin Zone
Playing a show in San Diego, CA at 10:00 AM today at San Diego Chargers (Stadium)
" Giovani Bernard out-touched and out-gained Jeremy Hill in Week 3, and faces a San Diego Chargers defense" what ?
Vegas just gave their latest on the San Diego Chargers.
I'm putting the San Diego Chargers in the same category as the Bermuda Triangle - things I may never understand
Philip Rivers to Stevie Johnson for the touchdown! Rivers now has most Pass TD in San Diego Chargers history (255). http:…
WR Tyrell Williams has been waived by the San Diego Chargers & S Adrian Phillips promoted from the practice squad.
It's San Diego Chargers in Who do you fancy as top team touchdown scorer? >
Squadcast: 2015 San Diego Chargers season preview: Ben Higgins and John Gennaro take a shot at predicting how the…
Final preseason game big opportunity for WR ...
TIX L 2 loge for the San Diego Chargers vs…
TIX 2 loge for the San Diego Chargers vs…
After this 67-yard TD, it's time to put everyone on notice. DO NOT kick if to
Jarryd Hayne shows off his stunning body transformation after San Francisco 49ers victory… (News)
"Because 60-yard FGs are always awesome. Always. Take a bow, sucked on the ravens.
Chargers seem to have the old, good Stevie Johnson - The San Diego Union-Tribune
FACT: If you challenge Bruce Ellington to a race, you will likely lose. . 70 yards. Untouched. SIX.
When you make one defender miss a tackle twice... on the same 63-yard score.
Visual evidence that Tyler Lockett is a beast. A very, very fast beast. .
With hands like these, Richard Crawford might want to flip over to offense. Pick. Six. Stick-em.
Tom Telesco taking steps to improve the San Diego Chargers franchise off the field - Bolts from the..
Seahawks vs. Chargers: Score, Stats & Highlights: The Seattle Seahawks and San Diego Chargers square off in th...
Rookie David Johnson has strong debut, San Diego Chargers win on final FG
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