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San Bruno

San Bruno is a city in San Mateo County, California, United States. The population was 41,114 at the 2010 census.

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In route to San Diego via Gila bend...we made a friend and named him Bruno
Started from the bottom now we here 👟🗻 @ San Bruno Mountain State Park
Bruno Mars "Show Me/Our First Time" Live in San Jose: via I want to be Brunos clothes
Had to copy and repost the share didn't work! San Bruno, Parkside 8th grade Pawprint!
Live local news coverage of a huge gas-line explosion in a residential neighborhood in San Bruno, California. Thursday, September, 9, 2010, 6:38PM.
PG&E was indicted on criminal charges on Tuesday by a federal grand jury in connection with the fatal natural gas explosion in San Bruno and the utility's violations of federal pipeline regulations.
I watched the 2 minute version of the video and I have not yet mailed my eyes to San Bruno so
The new train station in San Bruno is finished and beautiful. On our way to the ballpark.
Making a pit stop at Rollin Pin Donuts in San Bruno before I head back home to the 707. Best donuts ever
I'm at Century at Tanforan and XD - for Captain America: The Winter Soldier (San Bruno, CA)
Howard Johnson hotel in San Bruno is conveniently located next to the San Francisco Airport (SFO) and offers guests free WiFi and airport shuttle.
San makabiling hooligans shirt sheez obsess I love you bruno
My father was again transferred but to an office Bechtel has in London. This was from mid 1964 (?) to 1966 when we returned to good old San Bruno, Calif.
I know! They live in San Bruno, so I'm sure they know cheaper places. They like it here cuz it's nice, I guess. Whatevs. =)
not right now. I go to school in San Bruno but live in SL and no job. My social life is a *** near impossibility lol
Check the latest car hire dues in San Bruno California
Update your maps at Navteq
Love my boys!! 2-0 for the ELKS in San Bruno. Just made the talk in our city baseball league fundraiser tonight. Come support us tomorrow at 11:00am San Bruno Park D3 against the Mudcats!!
San Francisco, LA, Santa Monica,San Diego, Bruno Mars and Summer Jam this summer will definitely be the best 👌😘
I love it when my San Bruno *** hit me up telling me they miss me 😊
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Aye, San Bruno heramanos are here. (': missed them and atea c: lmao
The official website for El Crystal Elementary in San Bruno, California.
New start here at San Mateo County Community College District in San Bruno, CA.
-- My dollar bill was just found in San Bruno,CA
YouTube is a video-sharing website, created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005 and owned by Google since late 2006, on which users can upload, view and share videos.[4] The company is based in San Bruno, California, and uses Adobe Flash Video and HTML5 technology to display a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media video content, including video clips, TV clips, and music videos, and amateur content such as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos. Most of the content on YouTube has been uploaded by individuals, but media corporations including CBS, the BBC, Vevo, Hulu, and other organizations offer some of their material via YouTube, as part of the YouTube partnership program.[5] Unregistered users can watch videos, and registered users can upload an unlimited number of videos. Videos considered to contain potentially offensive content are available only to registered users affirming themselves to be at least 18 years old. YouTube, LLC was bought by Google f ...
Pedestal Sink -cast-iron (san bruno) $75: Heavy cast-iron sink out of 1909 home. Has a slight chip on right s...
My uncle got assigned to be a probation officer for San Bruno kids😳🔫
Ali and Rocio were able to make San Bruno's tournament team and we would love any help that you are able to offer.We are trying to raise money so that our girls can enjoy this amazing experience throughout the summer.Money raised will go toward registration fees and additional team fees. We have...
Spare 5 minutes? Offer your skills free to network San Bruno
Southern Pacific Commute rolls across San Bruno Ave. in 1983. San Bruno Lumber in background. Its all changed here now!
lol my favorite part was when the refs were wearing San Bruno hats
You know you grew up in San Bruno if you remember the guy that would walk his dog along El Camino Real. The dog had the sign that said, "Have a nice day." What a great guy and dog too.
My ride canceled if anyone can swoop my friend and I up from San Bruno please hit me up I'll give gas money :)
April 12- at home cooking ginataang laing, sopas, vegetable lumpia, & ginataang halo2 w/ bilo2 for the Paquiao - Bradley fight tonight here in San Bruno. My landlady's niece, Medley. cooked pancit, menudo, tinolang manok, grounded beefw/ carrots & potatoes. Praying that Pacman will win this fight for the country.
FREE document shredding TODAY in San Bruno! My office, Prudential California Realty, is hosting our 8th annual "Shredding Party" today. Please feel free to bring all of the documents that you want to have shredded, and watch them be destroyed on site. Our company pays to have big commercial grade shredding trucks come out, and offer this as a FREE service to the community. There's even hot dogs, popcorn, & drinks. It's a really fun event, and a great way to dispose of any confidential documents you may want to get rid of. Here are the details: WHEN: Today, Saturday, April 12th 10am - 2pm WHERE: Prudential California Realty (parking lot) 180 El Camino Real, San Bruno x-street is San Luis Please feel free to stop by, or let me now if you have any questions!
Just got back from cruising San Bruno, on my Harley now time to do laundry and prepare for the revenge of Pacman
Good morning!! I didn't set my alarm last night & I slept in till 9AM?? What the heck?? LOL!! So I decided to skip the gym till tomorrow. I guess I was tired & needed the sleep. Pat & I are out having breakfast & it's a nice relaxing morning so far. Going to open the winery at noon for business as usual, hopefully we'll see friends who said they'll be by to visit! Also, looking forward to dinner tonight with the cousins (O'Neills) in San Bruno! I always love driving to the Bay Area! I hope your having a relaxing morning & I wish you all a wonderful evening full of loved ones & good times! Good luck out there!! MUAH!! CIAO!!
Really excited for today's last minute weekend plans! On the way to go hiking with some friends in San Bruno, really ecstatic and looking forward to a wonderful time, being able to spend it with friends. So glad this is happening the last weekend before I go out of town for spring break. Hope everyone is having a great day, I sure will:)
Hi! I just moved up to San Bruno with my corgi, Cody, and I would love some recommendations for a great vet in the area. Thanks! P.S. Cody is a Faerie glen corgi! He will be 4 later this month.
This afternoon, we are going to my daughter / son in law ( Joanne & Jadon) in San Bruno have BBQ and meet my cousin Leticia Rebugio-Yu Esguerra,Geolette Esguerra, Geo & wife Brenda. In d evening watch d Pacquiao fight!
Too close to home. I thought Millbrae/ San Bruno officers were a little more sophisticated and educated. This is my friends son and my friend too Malik (maleek) Griffin he just turned 20. I have known him for 2 years. He was thrown to the ground on an El Camino sidewalk in Millbrae on April 4th at 11am by a very over zealous officer who thought the black male description that was called in from an older woman seeing suspicious behavior earlier was him Malik lives in San Bruno. He was on his way to a urine analysis test as he just got hired by Vincent the manager of Office Depot in Millbrae. The police realized that he was not the "perp" however they booked him on a felony charge for resisting arrest and hurting the officer…the officers injuries are a fractured toe and a hurt elbow. Malik was so shocked at the sudden force he hit the ground as fast as he could because the officer kept pushing his shoulders back screaming "stop resisting arrest" and hitting Malik's head- he was also pepper sprayed M ...
~Darko / Ryan There is a video on YouTube named Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv. If you search this, you will find nothing. The few times you find something, all you will see is a 20 second video of a man staring intently at you, expressionless, then grinning for the last 2 seconds. The background is undefined. This is only part of the actual video. The full video lasts 2 minutes, and was removed by YouTube after 153 people who viewed the video gouged out their eyes and mailed them to YouTube’s main office in San Bruno. Said people had also committed suicide in various ways. It is not yet known how they managed to mail their eyes after gouging them out. The cryptic inscription they carve on their forearms has not yet been deciphered. YouTube will periodically put up the first 20 seconds of the video to quell suspicions, so that people will not go look for the real thing and upload it. The video itself was only viewed by one YouTube staff member, who started screaming after 45 seconds. This man is now under . ...
Praising, worshipping God led by our son, Aaron, and fellowship in San Bruno Parish with our CFC brothers and sisters. Feeling blessed, so blessed...
Anybody know a good Chinese Restaurant in San Bruno or South City? I really don't want to drive to San Mateo
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Wal-Mart Stores Inc. planted more seeds in Silicon Valley recently by opening a technology center in Sunnyvale, Calif., that is dedicated to growing the retailer’s digital sales. Located about 30 miles from its San Bruno base for the new technology branch employs about 500 with plans t...
Federal grand jury charges Pacific Gas and Electric with felonies in San Bruno, Calif. gas pipeline explosion.
PG&E indicted on criminal charges by federal grand jury over San Bruno
A federal grand jury has indicted PG&E on charges related to the 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion that killed 8.
As per San Bruno parks and recreation department, Diamond 2, Diamond 3 and Greenberg are closed today, 3/30.
San Bruno accused of trying to broker secret deal with CA Public Utilities Commission, in effort to avoid $2.5 billion penalty.
I keep reading the charges (120 + pages) on Yee who made bail this evening. It's quite challenging to think a State Senator could cross over into Arms Sales. My gut feeling this will thread over to the Pipeline Fires in Walnut Creek and San Bruno then down to persons in Danville that connect to Benny Chetcuti Jr who connects to other Chetcuti's who are cops on the Peninsula. This is the Long and Winding Road - interesting how I post about Public corruption, police officers and State Police Investigators who were investigating my case had to take off to investigate Lee who was receiving deaths threats. They give the Senator alll the attention he needs and leave me to nearly get run down in Walnut Creek months later. ►Keith Jackson: I am pretty sure I've met him at one of the protests we held back in 2003 in SF. I'll keep digging on his history with me but in 2010 I lost my servers when I ran from the SF Cop who by the way worked Chinatown. Oberhoffer was a SFPD cop that was on this Murder Suicide of ...
Does this file load up? More Meanderings Down Memory Lane :~) :: Arod Taylor, Lee's nephew: I lived and worked in Silicon Valley for 12 years before moving here to Indiana. In all of that time, I knew that Lee had kin folk in California but, I could never locate them through research. I began to get discouraged and, eventually, gave up even trying. Then, when we began to organize the Lee Morse Homecoming event in Kooskia, somebody at the Chamber of Commerce there mentioned to me that they "knew a guy who knew a guy who may have the contact info for Arod Taylor." I sort of brushed it off as being a pipe dream ... but then, shortly thereafter, I received an email. Yup! We have his address!!! It's in San Bruno, California. SAN BRUNO? That was just a 10 minute drive away from my home in Foster City! What luck!!! The GREAT news: I finally located one of Lee's relatives, and within easy driving distance ... The BAD news: It was only 2 weeks before I was set to leave CA on my trip to Indiana :~( Anyway, I scram ...
Anyone looking for a place in San Francisco? 2 rooms available in 5 br house! $700/mo - 2507 San Bruno Ave. Message me for details.
Back on the grind Monday. First stop will be in San Bruno at Bayhill gym with the one and only
8th Annual Showcase of Business Expo at Tanforan - Your source for local - Shopping events in San Bruno, CA
I was given age: 8 Where I lived: I believe it was Redwood City, California What I drove: nothing ha What I did: play with my brothers Who had my heart: my dad ha My age now: 15 Where I live: San Bruno, California What I drive: nothing What I do: hang out with friends, listen to music Who has my heart: yeah no I'm not going to say his name! ~like for a number~
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By the time the NB trains reach San Bruno the schedule is meaningless anyway...
What ever happened to that huge round rock that looked like it was going to roll down the hill at any time on San Bruno mountain in Colma
Check the latest flight dues to San Bruno California
Had the pleasure of demonstrating in San Bruno. PBO was visiting. Awesome people!!
I checked in at Todam Tofu House on
San Bruno dry like yb coockie cuh.. EPA out here rouge.. like wassp.? Lmfaooo
March 26 at Parkside Intermediate School at Nile Ave. San Bruno, CA for my school work from 8am to 1pm. It was just walking distance from home. I handled today grade 8 students. It was a wonderful experience with them.
Content Manager at Walmart Military (San Bruno, CA): content strategy for ongoing Food- and Home-related conte...
I need to keep track of myself way more that was vital ride to San Bruno and back😔😞😣
Your 9 or 9L San Bruno New Hybrid Bus broke down yesterday did you guys hear?
Pondering biking up San Bruno Mountain this afternoon. Or maybe just stick with going up to the Twin Peaks by way of Mount Sutro.
At 2010 San Bruno blast, hard to forget first official who showed up, wearing a jacket w/ his name on it: Leland Yee .
Six more days before the new San Bruno station located at 833 San Mateo Ave. is open. Mark your calendar for April 1!
► FBI RAIDING STATE SENATOR YEE who has been arrested! State Sen. Leland Yee indicted for public corruption in major FBI operation His district includes the San Bruno where the deadly gas pipeline fire killed eight in 2010. Up the road is 455 Hickey Boulevard Daly City, CA where SSF Police told me that they were investigating the investor fraud case. The detective said he was on the case - my friend and her family lost 100,000 plus their houses. Years later I discover a guy named Benny Chetcuti Jr. who grew up in San Bruno that lived next my ex for 10 years before we met. Now Benny's sister is married to Chris Butler. This year I discover that a Chetcuti is SSF PD Detective. The east bay fraud case that should have been taken down in 2003 is linked to the Peninsular case as I was astounded that the Detectives couldn't do anything. We have pipeline in both areas where the fraud investigations occurred. If you read my former posting - I was covered by FBI agents nearly all weekend - now I know why. I ...
I'm leaving 75 sunny Tempe and going home to 55 showers in San Bruno. Like why
For August 7th: 2 events happened in my life on this date. One was 40 years ago I landed a position as a bicycle messenger for "U.S. Messenger & Delivery" in San Franicsco. The other was 50 years ago when my family and I left 164 Woodrow St. in the older section of Daly City for 280 San Fernando Way in the St. Francis Heights district also in Daly City south west of the former. My family would live there for the next 44 years until Ocotber of 2007 (the house was not sold until the following spring in 2008). I lived there from 1963 to 1982 and again from 1988 to 1992. It is hard to believe how cheap things were compared to today, though it was harder to earn those days. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was president. Serramonte did not exist. 280 had not been built. There were still remnants of farms and gulleys in the area. Junipero Serra wa the major throughfare with Mission St.-El Camino Real paralleling on the east and Skyoline Blvd. paralleling on the west. Mary's Help Hospital (later renamed Seton Medical Cen ...
did you use to work at Old Navy in San Bruno?
Anyone interested in taking boxing classes 2 mornings a week in San Bruno with me?
ATTENTION JOB SEEKERS! The San Bruno Recreation Services Division is looking for a motivated and upbeat person to assist customers at the Recreation Center during the evening (4:30-9:30pm, Monday-Thursday) and weekend hours. This is a part-time job, applicants must be available at least three to four evenings a week and one weekend day per week. Job duties include but are not limited to registering customers for classes, renting facilities, setting up and breaking down the facility for various activities, answering phones, monitoring youth and adult open gym basketball hours, and customer service. Only serious applicants please. Interested parties must fill out an application at the San Bruno Recreation Center located in San Bruno City Park. We are open from 8am-9pm Monday-Thursday to pick up an application. No online applications will be accepted. PLEASE do not send resume-thank you! Position closes April 9th.
How about when San Bruno mountain was just a mountain. NOW it's a park and they have houses up there!
Emergency Preparedness Tip: What if your home was completely destroyed by fire, and you survived with just what you had in your pockets, and the shirt on your back?? Could you prove that you even owned the home? Im from San Bruno California, and guess what? This stuff actually happened in my own backyard when the PG&E gas main explosion destroyed many of my neighbors homes just a few years ago. Things you can do to be safe: 1. Take Photographs of all your legal Documents i.e. Passports, Drivers License, Home and Car Insurance policies ( along with vehicle VIN numbers, and License Plate information, and a picture or video of the car that clearly identifies it.) and save them on your phone. They can be enlarged so you can easily see them if you need to access them "On The Go" 2. As a added redundancy, upload those docs to your "Cloud" just to make sure, if you feel comfortable doing that! Keep a flashlight, medications, and a multitool on your key chain at all times! 3. Have a go bag in your car that ...
CALI on 3.5 stars for this filipino shop that has taken over the Tribu building. Went with some folks from w…
Quick rant... Beethoven died today in 1827 (just a few years ago), happy bday James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins) and people are complaining about Pg&e cutting down trees to make it easier to keep GAS pipelines safe/inspections and I agree with them But what happens when another pipeline blows up and it was due to a tree and people die and want to sue PG&E again? If the trees are not torn out because of people opposing them, will that make the people that opposed the tearing them out responsible? Or will they still want to sue PG&E? Personally I want to avoid another San Bruno. We can't have our cake and eat it too. Thoughts?
I got to leave at 3pm, a friend invited me for a tour of YouTube San Bruno.
will it adopt scheduled stops from current San Bruno station, or will the schedule change?
Save the trees! See the letter from Walnut Creek's mayor asking for your help by signing the petition and calling PG&E. I think I am like many of the residents of Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasant Hill, and other cities. The plan will remove almost every tree along Ygnacio Valley Road and Locust Street and prevent future planting in those areas, without following city approval processes. Hundreds more coming down all over town. No more aesthetics, shade, or visual and sound barriers to traffic. We believe in safety measures, but need to be included in the decision process when there are major exchanges to be made. My biggest question concerns the belief that cutting down mature trees and re-planting similar trees 5' farther from the pipelines is safer or somehow protects the lines. Trees generally have roots that grow in all directions 2x the width of the tree -- they don't care if a pipeline is in the way. They will grow all around it again. If there is currently no sign of a threat to the pipelines, why . ...
Woke up on Karen's floor wicked witch of San Bruno style
I parked in it. Once. Had to walk nearly a mile. San Bruno is my daily, but I use Millbrae maybe twice a month.
We will be at 1100 Grundy Ln, San Bruno for lunch today!
Woodhaven Lanes in Woodland, CA closed about two years ago. This was a small 16 lane house. It has just re-opened after a new owner did a complete remodel with new equipment and lanes as San Bruno Bowling Center. Nice to see a place come back again and be re-born.
Thx to for spotlighting the San Bruno & East Harlem Connection
As planners who worked on San Bruno's response efforts, we appreciate coverage of
Looks like we missed out AGAIN on possibly the last chance for thunder here in San Bruno. Oh well, that's just life here I guess. It ***
NAFEO Internship Program Application deadline is April 1, 2014. The internship program available through the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (NAFEO) is designed to give HBCU students an opportunity to compliment their formal education with career-¬related experiences. NAFEO's Internship Program provides students with unique learning experiences outside the classroom. Students are able to apply classroom theory to "real-world" situations with a federal agency or a NAFEO corporate sponsor. NAFEO has tailored these internships to allow students the opportunity to enhance their academic and career goals, skills and abilities, with relevant work experiences. If you have a focus in: Public Affairs – Program Management – Communications – Graphic Design - Pre-law, MBA/MPA and law students would gain the most from the internship, Biomedical Engineering Technology – Information Technology – Business - Business Administration – Economics – Human Resources – Business D ...
Mattaeus has shared a video with you on YouTube You can respond to Mattaeus by visiting your inbox. JOKER in Real Life by Public Prank Complition Help centre • Email options • Report spam • Unsubscribe ©2014 YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066
Nothing heavy yet in San Bruno; we have been skipped by all the perky cells so far. I'm still hoping, though! =)
Voyage Solutions is looking for: Rn L&d Needed In San Bruno, Ca.
Poisonous gas at Lagos school, again THE learning environment in Lagos State is harsh enough, but exposing school pupils to dangerous gas emissions is simply unacceptable. Such carelessness led to 13 pupils of Ogba Junior Grammar School collapsing early this month after inhaling a poisonous gaseous substance from an unidentified source on their school premises. The victims were luckily revived after being treated, while the school was temporarily shut down by the authorities to allow for an investigation. A security guard at the school said, “The wind blew the gas in the direction of the school and the students who were close began to choke.” How painful. The authorities also closed down a mall sharing a border with the school over the incident for allegedly harbouring one of the facilities suspected to be the source of the dangerous emission. But about three weeks after the investigation started, the ministries of Environment and Education in the state, which are in charge of the matter, have not bee ...
Everyone who lived on "The Avenues" in San Bruno cannot forget the trains, the planes (airport) and automobiles (freeway). Now let's share what are our fondest memories of what made "The Avenues" THE PLACE TO LIVE IN SAN BRUNO!!
so does Mission. But San Bruno is cool
I checked in at Paradise Hookah Lounge on
Good evening SSC Performance Club, support us at Bayanihan League this coming friday at MLK middle school at san bruno ave, 350 girard st San Francisco ca. Also this basketball league have free entrance, bring every friends you have and support Sorry Ser Crew thia coming friday. league Performance club
Got your note. I am in Alameda but my office is in San Bruno.
Order more orange juice with pulps for the 89 fl oz size especially for San Bruno ca
Not doing all you can eat wings tonight while watching game 70 of 82: NY @ LAL along with SJ @ EDM thru 2 periods: SJ 3, EDM 1, here @ Hooters San Bruno
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I'm looking to sell my one bedroom condo in San Bruno. If anybody is interested before I put it on the market message me for info.
Hello everyone! I'm very happy to announce that we will also have the opportunity to hear from Steve and Kelly Rozmus' son, Amuleni. As a five year old, Amuleni used to live on the streets of Jinja, Uganda and now at the age of 10 is living right here in the San Bruno. He's excited to come share some bits and pieces of his story and what life was like for him on the streets. Get stoked to meet this kid! He's super awesome!
I have a client in San Bruno in need of an Administrative Assistant. They want someone who is light in experience. You would be supporting the Sales Manager of an innovative and upcoming company who is based out of the UK. This position offers great benefits! This would be great for a recent college grad! Hit me up for more info, share post and referrals are welcome! Thanks! =)
Other members who were part of this great rock band: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan (Ex - vocalist, guitarist, organist, keyboardist, pianist, harmonica player and one of the founders of the band) Born September 8, 1945, in San Bruno, in the state of California, USA and died on 8 March 1973 in San Francisco, in California, at 27 years old, the victim of a biliary cirrhosis, caused by a gastrointestinal hemorrhage due to alcohol abuse, and also suffered from a disease called familial disease Crohn's something you inherited from your ancestors. His real name was Ronald C. "Pigpen" McKernan. Arrived to join bands and projects such as Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions and The Warlocks.
Looking at weather stats for san bruno. Record low for today was in 1929 at 34 degrees Record high for today was in 1930 At 84 degrees Found that intresting.
Newly released surveillance video of last Thursday's gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, California reveals the frightening moments those nearby experienced...
We're getting closer to one of our big San Bruno Relay For Life events to help raise cancer awareness and our committee wants everyone to know and spread the word! For the past few weeks you’ve been hearing "They're Coming"! With San Francisco’s “Bat Kid” in mind, we now have information that San Bruno’s own Batman, Harry Potter, and the villain, "Bruno the Bandit" will be coming to town on March 22nd! Come out and cheer on our special superheroes as they battle the notorious "Bandit" who is plotting a series of diabolical mischief in our fabled City of San Bruno. You won’t want to miss out! Here’s the schedule for March 22nd: 10:15 am - Senior Center 10:30 am - Capuchino baseball field 11:00 am - Tanforan Mall Police Plaza (outside food courts /Bart) 11:45 am - San Bruno Park (San Bruno Park BBQ to honor our Superheroes, other cancer survivors, caregivers.) All are invited!
Field Sales Manager- San Bruno - Paychex - San Francisco, CA: in Rochester, NY, Paychex, Inc. has more than 1...
Full Stack Ruby Engineer - Demand Generation team at WalmartLabs (San Bruno, CA) (allows remote)
Big Data Engineer - Customer Promise team at WalmartLabs (San Bruno, CA) (allows remote)
I got some cyber Grape kush hmu got zips all day mobile to epa and san bruno
Full Stack Java Developer: San Bruno Job description do you like big data? like really big d...
Principal Software Engineer - Marketplace team: San Bruno Job description if you were given ...
Big Data Systems Engineer - Demand Generation: San Bruno Job description do you like big dat...
on San Bruno ave! It's called image and I got it done for 65 lol featured in NBC s Science of Love
Gorgeous week means gorgeous sunrises. Tomorrow we catch the sunrise en route to San Bruno Mtn. 6:40am at Ritual and Valencia. Saddle up!
San Bruno mountain will be the death of me.
nobody ever does San Diego just man, we don't catch a break
Taqueria San Bruno on I come here for the tacos and maybe some rice. They have an assortment of other option…
This was during the at last week at in San Bruno via…
Getting serious with San Bruno Firefighters' 2014 Rebuilding Together project. Today is our first site visit.
Job: Quality Engineer. Are you a fit? in San Bruno, CA
Heavy rain WHERE in CA? LoL. Show me ONE report of "heavy rain" since midnight. We picked up a couple hundreths in San Bruno.
Who remembers when the San Francisco Warriors used to practice at San Bruno Park gym And when Willie McCovey came down to Engvall and talk to the students and sign autographs and photographs of himself
Used tires san Bruno Find our used tires at Redwood City, San Bruno, South City, and the rest of the Bay Area. When it comes to saving in terms of vehicle maintenance, choosing a used tire in reusable condition is the smartest decision.
someone added me to this page and I have been enjoying reading memories from others that grew up in San Bruno like I did...was Debbie Saroff back then, Crestmoor Graduating Class of 1970...also just found Posey Parade page...cannot believe that still goes on. I was in it back early sixties...have old photos somewhere
Search Web Developer at Walmart Military (San Bruno, CA): The Opportunity. - Work with great...
A 1998 Lincoln Town Car was just scanned near San Bruno, CA 94066
Can you actually believe there are only 3 black guys in this course, I'm the only black SAn guy :")
*** Vishal Murgai joined our Rotary club! He is our 39th member. Warm welcome and cheers!!! PLEASE NOTE LOCATION FOR OUR MEETINGS YMCA, EPA at 550 Bell Street, East Palo Alto, CA 94303 at University and Bell St. Mar 11: Driving jobs! PE Christie West from Rotary club of Los Altos Sunset: There's $ to be earned if you can just drive a car - UBER and other opportunities!!! *** Mar 5 Summary 1. We started with God Bless America and the pledge. 2. We had visiting Rotarians Jon Anacker from San Jose North, Jayne Ishii from Peninsula Sunrise, Eli Angote from San Bruno; and guests Ron Peterson, Nicole Ramsey, Pedro Benitez and David Tschang. 3. Vishal Murgai joined our club - Born in India, Vishal has a Master's degree in Computer Science from Hopkins, and works as a Senior Engineer in Cavium, a semi-conductor company. He volunteers his time at local cultural organizations. He has a loving and caring family - his wife and two delightful kids. Warm welcome! Cheers! 4. Ramesh explored the idea of moving our regu . ...
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I was thinking of an old friend from 7th grade, Debbie Potter. Her dad lived in an apartment down by San Felipe and her mom lived right next door to 1st Baptist Church on Crystal Springs, next door to San Bruno park. I remember some good times with her and have always wondered what happened. She was good friends with Stephanie Mennini. Did any of you know her?
Holy crap! Earthquake in my home town if humboldt 6.9! Felt it here in San Bruno. Hope everyone is ok !!
im here at st Regis til Thurs am leaving for San bruno and will stay at my friend's
Bruno Mars "Moonshine" Live in San Jose via I wanna go to MJT so bad! 😫
it wasn't in san Bruno,, but is that giant MR. Peanut statue on top of that building next to highway going into San Francisco from san Bruno still there?
We are Blessed to the Brim @ First FilAm UCC San Bruno. We are so blessed to be stressed. Happy Sunday
I remember me and Blanca got on the wrong bus in San Bruno 😳😳we were def lost for a little 😭😭
Does anybody remember Crystal Roy who lived on First Avenue in San Bruno?
Dumping-North side Olmsted at San Bruno two bags of trash
So, the place I found in San Bruno isn’t the best. Fortunately I have a month-to-month lease. The hunt is on for an April 1 move-in!
Not going to lie. Im just became single and super excited to go to Club Ko in San Bruno! ohh and So sick of m pictures getting reported on here. If you want more just come to my other profile
My Bay Area friends and families! Please feel free to check out Crossroads Christian Center in San Bruno, Ca. My pastor and friend Pastor Kathy Cannon is awesome is their newest Senior Pastor at that church from my home church Real Life Church here in Sacramento.Doe a favor and tell her how we are related when you visit! Oh boy! This will be interesting LOL 👍 church physical address : 270 San Bruno Ave. W, San Bruno Ca. 94066 (650) 583-0205
Ran into Barry at a restaurant in, of all places, San Bruno a few days ago. He couldn't have been any nicer.
I am so proud of this girl. She is the new Senior Pastor at Crossroads Christian Center in San Bruno,…
Absolutely! Found a place in San Bruno but looking to be nearer downtown next month or sooner. Baby steps. :)
To swim or not to swim for Lil Noah (@ La Petite Baleen Swim School) on
Literally I just kept driving and I've now found myself in San Bruno
The picture little mix posted of the meet and greet in san bruno on instagram were the people that went after me and my sister, I was so mad
I got it done on San Bruno ave for like 65! And I have HELLA hair, I thought it would be super expensive
I wanna hangout but all my friends are in Daly City and I don't wanna go all the way there. I really need to make friends in San Bruno.
I got it from the Target in San Bruno, which is maybe the same thing?
Feel ingenious. How to be ingenious. Learn to be helpful. San Bruno California. wom Mobile Deals wanted. Free Offer.
Mia Bella Salon - San Bruno, CA. Salon Mia Bella is a family owned hair salon specializing in TONI & GUY. Being considered as one o.
Why did lead litigator resigned from California utilities commission? San Bruno.
Retail Sales Consultant Opportunity CALIFORNIA (Permanent, Full-Time + Benefits) We are looking for some talented people who are interested in starting an exciting career with our client in Northern California. Store Locations so far are: Palo Alto, San Bruno, Daly City, Belmont, and San Jose, CA. Basically, this position interacts with the customers to sell all of the products and services offered by our client. If hired, they will provide you with formal training on their products and services. To be qualified, you must have the desire to sell, an enthusiastic personality, and an "I Can Help Attitude". One to three years of retail, customer-facing, or sales experience is preferred. Our client offers a competitive base pay and commissions. The average sales associate is making about $47,000 per year and the high-performers, up to $55,000. If hired, you will have access to a full benefits package, including medical, dental, vision, (matching) 401(k), tuition reimbursement, paid time off, work/life resourc ...
We're excited to announce that we are expanding our delivery range to 8 South Bay Cities! South Bay Sundays Every Sunday, starting on March 9th, we will deliver orders to the following cities; Brisbane, Daly City, South San Francisco, Colma, San Bruno, Burlingame, Millbrae and Pacifica. Call, message or email us for more details! Get your reserved orders in early throughout the week.
A "PIG" IN A PIPE By KTVU Consumer Editor Tom Vacar Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) showed off it's latest natural gas pipeline inspection tool, the newest iteration of so-called "Smart PIGs." PIG means Pipe Inspection Gauge. It travels through natural gas pipelines looking for and precisely recording the location of corrosion, dents, cracks and other potentially disastrous signs of defects or wear and tear. This newest one, meant for the biggest and potentially most dangerous gas transmission pipelines, can expand or contract. "The line that we're testing ranges from 30 to 36 inches in diameter and does have some sharp bends, In the past we're didn't have any Smart PIGs that could have inspected that., Says PG&E Spokesman Jason King. Ever since San Bruno, PG&E has and continues to install more and more 'Smart PIG' portals. The pigs can operate in many more places over much longer distances. Even if the diameter of the pipe changes somewhere down the line, the 'Smart PIG' can handle that and tell the t ...
A place for ALL Crestmoor High School in San Bruno, CA Alumni to re-connect. Teachers and staff, too! Crestmoor High School opened in San Bruno, California in September 1962. The school was closed in 1980 due to declining enrollment. The beautiful view from the school site takes in the East Bay and South San Francisco to San Mateo. The high school was officially dedicated in the boys' gym during Sunday afternoon ceremonies in early October 1962. The school's first music teacher, Dr. Randolph Hunt, led the school band and a girl's vocal ensemble, including the first performance of the school hymn, Hail to Crestmoor, which Dr. Hunt had composed. The school's student newspaper was The Crest, initially published every two weeks by the Millbrae Sun. The student yearbook was Wingspread. Crestmoor's school mascot was the Falcon. The official colors were blue and gold. The school hymn was regularly sung at the end of varsity football and varsity basketball games, as well as at the graduation ceremonies. Declin .. ...
I lived in South City but never kicked it out there jus Daly City San Bruno n the city
Happy San Valentine's day to all that are in love, i celebrate it having dinner with some friends, how are you celebrati…
It actually RAINED for 5mins @ 3:30am in San Bruno! What a nice surprise. Came down pretty good but didn't last long.
we just had a little downpour in the San Bruno heart district!
It's done! Free for the taking as a Librarian's Report, please credit Wendy Eisenberg PHQ Bethel No. 68 San Bruno CA as the author. THE STORY OF JOB With Apologies to Dr. Seuss Here is a story you should know About a man long, long ago His name was Job, his life was sw...
We had some heavy drizzle in San Bruno between 11:30pm-1:00am, enough to wet the streets. Just a bit of mist right now.
Rolling Pin Donuts on Great late night stop. Parking area is a tad sketchy but the delicious treats just migh…
I hate being home. Home is where the heart is, San Bruno and Pacifica
Our new and second location is located at 1001 Bayhill Drive, 2nd floor in San Bruno, CA. Courses for San Mateo county are now posted. Classes will begin at March 5, 2014 every Wednesdays 8am-12pm. Enroll all 5 classes scheduled for March and earn 24 CEUs. You can now register to reserve your seat.
One day I'll sign up for that UFC Gym in San Bruno
Check it out, our Boost Kids program in San Bruno, Ca. Danielle, Kevin & Dominique were among the many helper of Boost Kids Literacy Program last summer.
Jerry H.'s Review of L&L Hawaiian Barbecue - San Bruno (2/5) on Yelp: Two star review is based on their garlic...
The City of San Bruno, Calif. is sponsoring this petition as part of its fight to ensure that PG&E shareholders are held accountable and company executives fulfill their obligation to public safety so that what happened in our city does not happen again, anywhere.
30th Birthday Gifts Ideas in San Bruno CA – Presents Ideas for 30th Birthday
Going to rely on Yelp reviews to check this place out...looks great! (@ Amami Sushi) on
If Bruno San Martino's a living legend, *** did he got inducted to the HOF class so late?
San Bruno condominium for sale at 4350 Shelter Creek Lane, San Bruno, CA. Great top floor studio in sunny San Bruno. Call agents John Woodruff at (415) 999-9...
10.25 I think .. And I work in San Bruno I get paid $11 + commission ..
I weld pipe,live 5 miles from San Bruno,PG&E welders talk to me privately told me what the gov didnt find,its a murder case
Daly City/San Bruno got the weakest drivers period! Ya'll suck..
There's a city in California named "San Bruno". That's it, I need to print a California map and put it up somewhere. Too much fun.
my point was: South San Francisco, San Bruno, millbrae are pretty cheap, easy Bart/Caltrain, close to major airport, no bridge.
Why did Portal 2 have to go on sale today?! I has no money. My suicide starts at 12, I'm gonna do a back flip off San Bruno mountain
All I can think about is San Francisco and Bruno Mars in May.
I checked in at Fat Wong's Kitchen on
Contemplating to change from Direct Tv back to San Bruno cable
I don't know. San Bruno and SSF still struggle in the 3s.
The City of San Bruno Thanks You! Thank you for pledging your support! Click on the social media sharing buttons above to show your support for our community’s cause with friends and family. Every signature counts! Return to homepage
Demand PG&E take full responsibility for the San Bruno pipeline explosion. View petition.
I want to gouge my eyes out and send them to the youtube main office in san bruno
Hello Everyone Today I made my first 3 deliveries to lunardis markets . 1.san Bruno 2801 san Bruno ave 2.burlingame market 1825 El Camino Real 3.belmont 1085 alameda de las pulgas 5 more stores to be delivered to soon,in addition to the other markets my sauce is at now trags market,oakgrove market ,mamas market and buyers best friend markets in San Francisco. Thanks for your continued support Isaac.
Bad accident on 280 NB by San Bruno! Traffics backed up, looks like a parking lot
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Beautiful, mild 80 degree weather with light wind. Just perfect! Rigo is working on a small painting project. Gary accomplishing many tasks. He is about to go out once again to try and get permission for an outreach at Rancho Piloto, near Vizcaino. Please pray for favor and opportunity to share Jesus there. Other churches from the area already hold weekly Bible studies there. A family that was here from Nativity Island for the conference last month came out on their way to a doctor's appointment in Guerrero *** and dropped off some fish. Yum! Pictures soon. Putting our heads together to make a special treat with the strawberries Gary went to get. Unfortunately the ranchos only sell at certain hours on certain days, so people line up and wait for hours to buy flats of strawberries. Hermano Moi had compassion on Gary and sold him one of his 18 flats while waiting for the order to be filled. Thankful. The group returns tonight after an outreach and time in San Bruno Bcs. Keep them in prayer. God bless you!
Let me know when you find some of that Classic San Bruno Rams footage. Lol
BSB: Murray comes from presitgious athletic HS Junipero Serra in San Bruno, Calif. Same HS as Barry Bonds, Tom Brady and Lynn Swann
For other opportunities to volunteer in the El Dorado Park Neighborhood, stop by the Wesley Resource Center. The address is 1396 E. San Bruno Apt. A at the corner of San Bruno and 6th Street.
The worse thing is that they sent their eyes to Youtube's main office in San Bruno. O.O
Driving in San Bruno in the rape van for work
Thank you Rita Frolova for re-inspiring paleo yesterday and our lovely walk/hike on the San Bruno park trail :)
Thanks all. Starting out to be a wonderful day. Gonna make a drive to San Bruno to visit friends and son Doug and family. Morning started out wonderful with a call from my great grands Alexia and RJ and their mama.
Muss u Steve. What a blessing u have been to me personally n my men at Highlands Christian Church in San Bruno Ca.
Thank you Bruno San for the super duper cutesy Mickey Mouse snack bought from your HongKong trip heh i…
3. Youtube company is based in San Bruno, California.
I am going to San Bruno in April what place are still good to eat at there?
Hello! Quick reminder that conditioning/tryouts start tomorrow! All the information is on the post below. Address is 300 Piedmont Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066. See y'all tomorrow!
3 things I will never be in my town: cold, scared, hungry. San Bruno/South City
Great Weekend! Went with a friend up to San Bruno to meet my new niece :)
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Cleo's Brazilian Steakhouse on Ever since I got married Brazilian food is my favorite and this is my favorite…
Vietnam Village on if you like RUDE, SLOW and TERRIBLE service and food this IS the place for you! If not, RU…
omg that's the thing that *** that it's that near. I'm like 10-15 mins away since South City and san bruno are neighbors💁
The part of where the train stops working between Airport and San Bruno
i never met a guy directioner lol this makes me happy :) I live by San Jose. A city called San Bruno idk if u know that city
checked in at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse in CA - San Bruno and earned points on their BJ's Premier Rewards card.
Bellla at the movies century plaza san bruno watching a movie the wolf of wall street i recommend it Is funny romantic suspense
Feel intuitive. Learn to be joyful. How to be positive. San Bruno California. Join the wom Mobile Deals team. Start Free..
Tomorrow, we ride to San Bruno mountain! Meet at 6:40am at Ritual Coffee on Valencia. Warriors, come out and play!
SB Rec Center Dance-February 21, 2014 The San Bruno Rec Center has another teen dance coming up, 'Cupid Shuffle' on Fri., Feb 21. from 7-9:30pm for 7th and 8th graders only. Tickets will go on sale next week - $7 in advance & $10 at the door. Rec Center staff will be on campus on Feb 19-21 to sell tickets during the lunch hour.
Thanks once again to Reem Baba Nasrah for keeping us hooked up, especially about our local school events. Please support Alta Loma 8th Grade Class!! Just print out flyer & present it when you go to Chili's in San Bruno on February 25, Tuesday ALL DAY!! Although flyer states particular time - it is all day!!
Beautiful day... working San Bruno PD units today.
Join us in endorsing the San Bruno Gas Pipeline Safety Initiative. PG&E has 42,141 miles of natural gas distribution pipelines in the Western part of the United States and much of it continues to be at risk. We’re standing up against to PG&E and demanding that they take full responsibility for the...
Elderly caregiver to work in a state licensed care home for elderly with 3 male clients, 2 ambulatory, 1 non ambulatory in San Bruno CA, 94066. Applicant must have experience working with elderly. Live-Inn 5 days a week including room& f [...]
At BJ's Brewhouse at the Tanforan Mall in San Bruno have a nice dinner with a coworker. Which is well deserved after a brutal sales week in the worst market in the Bay Area. But after this week it is off to the land of milk and honey.. Silicon Valley where people at Costco buy, buy and buy. YES!
Order Miche Bag Online!
I looking at san bruno mountain behind my street,I see a flashing light, or steady light. Could it be someone up their, not sure if I should call police department about that?
San Bruno Lowen 83 Aftershocks U-13 girls ends its journey today with a win 7-0 against De Anza Force Pre ECNL team. It was a great 5 year run , lots of wins but most importantly a lot of great memories ! Good luck to all the girls and thank you to all of you who has been part of this amazing journey !
looking forward to seeing our brothers and sisters in Christ here sometime tonight! ready to welcome them with fish tacos and prepare delicious birria de res for breakfast then off to Loreto and San Bruno for a few days. Glory to God! Vic and Sonia are coming too!
The City of San Bruno is seeking an order from the Superior Court to force the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to comply with the Public Records Act and fulfill four separate public record requests dating back more than 10 months, relating to the ongoing process of determining Pacific…
need prayer, my son in jail, is being messed with greatly, he was not granted a bus ride back to his reg. housing in san Bruno, and instead, being held in san fran jail, all his letters and books of 6 months,andpersonnel items are in other fac . there was no reason for this on the jails part other than messing with him, and its meaness.praying for his peace and the stress of all this..
Hey Toni I just finished a book on the history of San Bruno. I was going thru list of names for contributions o credit for and Greg's father is listed for contributing 6 photo's, George Thanos . Pretty cool! Thought you might like to know
Belmont Pitching Clinic, San Bruno Skills and Private Lessons today! Going to be a busy and exciting Softball Sunday!
wow, almost 6am and stuck roadside in San Bruno. Car stalled. saying my prayers. I'm thinking alternator. Watching the Sunrise this morning and not in Vegas this time. :-)
I had a best friend named Lana when I was growing up as a child in San Bruno California. She was always there for me. She taught me sign language. We played at each others houses often. I have searched for her for years with no results. Tonight I Googled her name once again and found her obituary. She passed last year. R.I.P. Lana Anguiano Avery May 22 1967-March 5, 2013. You were a great person and friend. I wish we would have never lost contact
What is considered the Molloy's of San Bruno? Millbrae? Burlingame? San Mateo? San Carlos?
Eew i know wherr to rent.access property management..$1100 for 407 kearney street or somehwere there..then in 2015... ill get my condo in san bruno lolololz..ew im gonna be an admin. Asst. At the ghetto immigration law office in the world...fragomen...i hope it wont go bust
Great opportunity in San Bruno 2/1 850 SF, Kitchen has been nicely updated with Maple Cabinets & solid counters. Skylights bring natural light in to the home. Hardwood floors throughout the 1st floor, storage shed and low maintenance yards. Master suite with bath built over garage not included in sq...
I'm sitting at the BART station in San Bruno and just traded candy with an Egyptian lady. I handed her some gummy bears and a bag full of peach/cherry rings she turned to me and handed me a chewy granola bar. the smile that was put on her face was priceless. I'm very glad that i missed the bart bc of her smile i will gladly wait for the next one
Check out this Condo: $248,000 1 ba 490 sqft in San Bruno. Awesome first floor studio in great condition! Vacant and ready for you to move in! Conveniently located close to parking, clubhouse, indoor and outdoor pools, and transportation. Unit boasts brand new paint, carpet, and remodeled bathroom.…
Woke up early for a conference call w/new relocation clients flying in next weekend to help find their new home in SF. Thank goodness for the huge slice of GF German Choco Cake & coffee to start my day running to the next to do-OPEN HOUSE Shelter Creek, San Bruno @ 2pm!
In san Bruno having breakfast, then to Montara beach, video to come.
My highlights of the night. !!! No one can bust the move like Ftumc San Bruno! Fiefia ma'u pe I he Eiki !!
EMP: Acquires more assets in Spain Emperador acquires Bodega Las Copas. Emperador announced that is has reached an agreement with Gonzales Byass S.A. for it to invest Php3.7 Bil for a 50% stake in Bodega Las Copas S.L., a company owned by Gonzales Byass. Bodega Las Copas is a fully integrated brandy production company with a vineyard near Toledo, a distillery plant in Tomelloso, Ciudad Real, and its Las Copas brandy production premises in Jerez. The Php3.7 Bil is part of the Php5.8 Bil that Emperador has budgeted for its acquisitions in Spain. It has enough cash from its share placement last year wherein it raised Php11.2 Bil to fund this acquisition. This acquisition will complement its previous acquisition which was San Bruno S.A., a brandy company based in Jerez, Spain. The acquisition of San Bruno S.A. included the San Bruno trademark, vineyards in Spain, and a sizeable inventory of well-matured brandy. Emperador's stake in Bodega Las Copas S.L. will give it a distillery and production facility that w ...
Yo what's up my nigglet hit me up im in San Bruno
A night away.. Awesome dinner from Celia's in San Bruno... Horror movies.. Time to ourselves... But I'm still checking in on my babiez every hour or so...
thugs are hitting san bruno. it use to be a safe place to live not the robbers are hitting there. this shopping center next to 280 freeway. lots of people alway in that center. I guess people just do not pay attention. so stupid. you alway need to watch out for thing that do not look right out of place. call police if you think someone is suspicious looking they will come and check out. the get away car had to be parked in back where there is a little parking area and a getaway to the freeway. not in front of store. I know that store well I use to live down the road.
Police are searching for a man they say robbed a San Bruno Radio Shack at gunpoint Thursday and made off with an armful of iPhones.
ARMED AND DANGEROUS Transit cop repeatedly tazes 'harmless' passenger Witnesses heard on video saying man had done nothing wrong Published: 1 day ago (KPIX-TV) Video has been obtained by KPIX 5 showing a BART police officer who repeatedly used a stun gun to subdue a passenger in front of other riders. A woman who witnessed the incident, who did not want to go on camera, told KPIX 5 the man was harmless and that the officer used the stun gun for no reason. The video, which was taken on the evening of January 29th, begins with the BART officer giving the man a stern warning on a train at the San Bruno station. Read more at
By Bay City News Service:    Police in San Bruno are investigating a burglary at a home Thursday afternoon.  Officers responded to a report of a
Visited the Garden Project in San Bruno today. All big hearted people on rich soiled land. Catherine Sneed et al has built an beautifully uplifting program.
A big thank you to the 2nd graders from SF school!!! Helping San Bruno kick start our clean up weekend :)
ON ROOF RX: SHOULD BE CALLED ROOF RO (RIP OFF) AND DO NOT COUNT ON YELP FOR THE TRUTH. ALL GREEDY MONEY GRUBBING PIGS. My review was the *1st Review* for Roof Rx but Yelp deleted it. It was a legitimate review which did not violate any Yelp Guidelines. It's unethical that a 5-Star review posted immediately the next day and was labeled as *1st Review*.that is FALSE. In the news yesterday, Yelp is being investigated for extortion of businesses in relation to removing bad reviews for money. I wonder if my review became part of the Yelp scam? This is very disappointing to me and my friends as we thought Yelp was a legitimate forum for consumers to voice our honest experiences. And no, seeing my review under my own profile, when no one else can view it is pointless, and insulting! There is no Yelp phone number to express my comments. I'll try to repost the review sometime later. In the meantime I've attached it so you can tell me if it violates the Yelp Guidelines. ROOF RX I had a cracked gutter which nee ...
On Sept. 9, 2010, a PG&E gas pipeline exploded in the City of San Bruno, killing eight residents, injuring 66, destroying scores of homes and ripping...
Walking the Crystal Springs trail today at 10 am to anyone who wants to join. Meet me at 10 at the parking lot on 35 and San Bruno ave. Walking to Millbrae exit and back. It's a 4.7 mile walk I believe.
A home on the 2300 block of Whitecliff Way in San Bruno was burglarized Thursday afternoon according to San Bruno police At approximately 312 pm a woman reported she had left her house at abou
Wow the moon over SFO in San Bruno @ 5:45P.M. Awesome!!! God is so Awesome He knows what puts a smile on my face:)
I've been trying to get the new players forms and pictures for your IDs... Without it you can't play!!! They only open their office on Mondays, Fridays and some Saturdays. So please turn them in ASAP!!! Or if you rather do it yourself, their office is located at silver ave. close to San Bruno ave.
We will be serving lunch at 1100 Grundy blvd in San Bruno by bayhill shopping center till 130!
I need a referral for my cousin in need of a FT nanny for his 2 kids in San Bruno, please let me know if you have any referrals
.Corp. has announced it will purchase San Bruno, Calif.-based
We are an exciting and fast growing internet company in San Bruno. We need an android developer for a 3 month project with an option to permanent position. Here are the details: * Demonstrated ability to take existing complex web app, and convert [...]
by Sue Dremann A former San Bruno police chief who has assisted numerous Peninsula cities while they searched for new chiefs will step into the interim-chief role in East Palo Alto, City Manager Magda González announced today.
East Palo Alto has hired former San Bruno police chief Lee Violett to temporarily head its police department while it conducts a search for a permanent police chief.
Look at Redwood City/ San Carlos/ San Bruno/ San Mateo & Mountain View.. Then look at San Lo/Hayward & San Leandro. U Tell me where the $ is
Working to protect the San Bruno mountain, Fred Smith has been a community organizer, a member of the Brisbane City Council and an Assistant to the City Manager of Brisbane, California.
Suzanne Somers is an American actress born on October 16, 1946 in San Bruno, California. She gained fame and pin-up status for her role as a bubbly blond in ...
If this were any more transparent, it would be a window. ITEM A: At the most recent Public Utilities Commission meeting, they levied a $14.4 million fine on PG&E for failing to disclose info about inaccurate records concerning a natural gas explosion to officials. A PUC spokespersonage said, "This penalty is designed to serve as a deterrent to similar behavior in the future." Recall the 2010 natural gas pipeline blast in San Bruno that leveled an entire neighborhood and for which PG&E still faces fines of up to $4 billion. Now read... ITEM B: At that same PUC meeting, PG&E requested a 13% rate increase for its residential natural gas customers to “help finance upgrades of its pipeline system.” 'Nuff said
Everyone come meet 49ers left tackle Joe Staley today at my dads store in San Bruno. He will be signing autographs from 4:30-6pm.
Jackie Selby here... Please come see me today at The Shops at Tanforan in San Bruno for the Typhoon Haiyan Charity Drive. We'll be collecting items on the El Camino Real side of the mall from 8am-5pm. It's all benefiting West Bay Philipino Multi-Services. For more info about the charity drive, click here: YOU.
Man arrested for allegedly stealing package: San MateoSan Mateo police arrested a San Bruno man this week...
Little Giant Ladders
Holy Smokes!!! Its FLAVOR FRIDAY!!! Happy Friday Made Out of Dough followers. This weeks scone flavors are... *drum roll please* Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip, Apple Cherry Cranberry, Pumpkin with a Glaze, and Cinnamon Raisin. Our other baked goods we will be bringing are our PB&J Boysenberry Oatmeal Crunch, Apple Oatmeal Crunch, and possibly one more sweet treat. Just as an update to you folks. Made Out of Dough will not be in Millbrae on November 23, 2013. But we will be back for San Bruno's last day on November 24, 2013. Just mark those future dates in your calendar!!! :) We hope to see you all out there this weekend~! Have a great FLAVOR FRIDAY!
FIRST FDA-APPROVED STEM CELL TRIAL TO TREAT HEARING LOSS BEGINS Source - Stem cells portal A new stem cell study may offer hope for patients suffering from one of the most common causes of childhood deafness. Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) occurs when there is damage to the cochlea or the nerve pathways from the inner ear to the brain. The causes of SNHL can range from genetics and head trauma to drugs, illnesses and more. While most SNHL in children is congenital or acquired after birth, it may present at any age. Until recently, SNHL was generally considered a permanent condition. But a new stem cell trial, which launched in January in the United States, could change that thinking. Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas, and the privately owned stem cell bank Cord Blood Registry® (CBR), San Bruno, California, are collaborating on this first FDA-approved, Phase I safety study on the use of cord blood stem cells to treat children with SNHL. The year long trial is led by Samer Fakhri, M ...
I feel like I'm the only straight up paisa here in San Bruno. -___- I need to move down at least to San Mateo.
Editorial: Energy investors' eyes on California If regulators severely punish utilities, project money could dry up. ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER The California Public Utilities Commission has devoted this week to five days of public hearings on the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Plant, which could go a long way to determining whether the state regulatory agency allows plant owners Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric to at least partially recover from ratepayers the up-to-$4 billion cost of shuttering the plant. Meanwhile, in Northern California, Pacific Gas & Electric is facing a potential fine proposed by PUC staff of as much as $4 billion stemming from a 2010 natural gas explosion of its San Bruno pipeline. That’s on top of the $565 million in legal settlements and other claims to which the utility agreed last month. MCT ILLUSTRATION The financial travails of SCE, SDG&E and PG&E elicit little sympathy among much of the public, including their ratepayers, who are primarily concerned that ...
YouTube August 11, 2013 Founded on February 14, 2005 by three former employees in the company paypal are Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, in the city of San Bruno, San Mateo, California, United States of America, and uses Adobe Flash technology to display animated sections. Site Content varies Binmqata of movies, TV, music, video produced by amateurs, and others. He is currently a provider with 67 employees ...
Watching 'Moonrise Kingdom' on a cold and windy day in San Bruno. This movie felt like a classic the first time I saw it.
California utility Pacific Gas & Electric expects to pay a total of $565 million in third-party settlements for the deadly 2010 gas line explosion that killed eight people and injured dozens in San Bruno, Calif., the utility said Tuesday.
San Bruno father Arvind Tandel charged with manslaughter for Hwy 101 crash that killed 2 daughters
Check out our job opening for a Senior Director/ VP Product Management in San Bruno, CA! OneTenTech
I definitely gotta visit Kingdom Hall in San Bruno.
Yes, we're off of 101 S, take 380 West, exit El Camino Real. The mall is on the right. Or take BART & exit at San Bruno.
Official video for "El Keeper" by The Faith Keepers, from the album "Leap Of Faith" released in October 2012. Directed by Rubén San Bruno. You can listen to ...
The infighting within the California Public Utilities Commission over how to punish Pacific Gas and Electric Co. for the 2010 San Bruno disaster culminated Wednesday in a shakeup that left the agency's top lawyer - a former PG&E attorney - off the high-profile case. The commission's general coun...
Update posted on group page 'Cherishing our Little Prince Nephi Selu'. Just an update on Nephi's Thursday night services: Services have moved from Menlo Park to San Bruno Sneath Lane. Memorial Services/Apo Date:Thursday, 6/27/2013 Time: Family viewing will be from 5- 6:45pm and services commence 7pm to 9pm. Where: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 975 Sneath Lane, San Bruno, CA. Please visit the group page for the latest info. If you are not a member please request to be added and you will promptly be added to the group. Love you! Families are forever!
More lies from the CPUC re San Bruno explosion: Attorneys didn't quit PG&E case - San Jose Mercury News
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
A San Bruno, CA, woman applied for a loan mod at BofA after her disability caused her to miss several months of work. During her extended leave of absence, the woman used her savings to pay her mortgage. In responding to her request a BofA rep asked her to provide documentation relating to her medical condition. The woman provided BofA with a letter from her physician, a current medical bill, and a letter from her employer certifying her approved leave of absence due to her disability. Still, BofA denied her application, allegedly telling her that she had not provided sufficient information about the nature of her disability. The woman provided another letter from her physician and insurance records showing her medical treatment between 2007 and 2011. Again, BofA reportedly denied her modification application and Fannie Mae allegedly stated that her doctor’s letters and other documentation were insufficient to show that she was permanently disabled. HUD was alerted and sued BofA and Fannie Mae. BofA ...
Red Lobster in San Bruno with my mom and my Bahama Mama. Yum
Gov Brown's Crooked Corrupt CPUC Bosses Do Damage Control For Private Utilities PG&E penalty unlawful, PUC lawyer says Van Derbeken Updated 10:51 pm, Thursday, June 6, 2013 A state lawyer who worked for more than two years building a case against Pacific Gas and Electric Co. over the San Bruno natural gas explosion said Thursday that the Public Utilities Commission's suggested penalty for the utility - which would include no fines - is "unlawful." Robert Cagen was one of four members of the state legal team who refused to sign the commission's final brief to a pair of administrative law judges considering potential penalties against PG&E. All the attorneys were reassigned to other legal duties. The final brief, signed by the head of the utilities commission's safety division, urged that PG&E be penalized $2.25 billion for the San Bruno explosion - but that the money that the company is spending to fix up its natural gas system constitute the penalty. Levying a fine against PG&E that would go into the stat ...
Woman hands over purse in armed robberyA woman was approached by a man with a gun in the San Bruno Target parking lot Thursday night before giving him her purse, as demanded, according to police. At about 6:20 p.m., San Bruno police resp
No disrespect is intended by this, but in reading all these posts on FB it's become clear that most people/companies have no idea what the point of Memorial Day is. It is not merely a day to "thank those who've served" (though we should do that everyday) as I keep reading in my news feed. It is a day to reflect on and honor the sacrifice made by those who've lost their lives on behalf of our nation. They paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and we owe it to them to remember these heroes today. For me, I'll make it a priority to think of those who've fallen and thank them for their sacrifice. Growing up in San Bruno, i passed the Golden Gate National Cemetery almost daily, without ever knowing the stories of the men beneath those white stones. Now that I'm older, and a little wiser, I realize that each of those tombstones represent a hero that is no longer with us and deserve our gratitude. Among them, I specifically want to thank four men who, though I never knew them or their story till now, ar .. ...
Doyle and I went to Golden Gate Cemetary in San Bruno, Ca. to help put American Flags on the graves. Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts , Brownies, and Girl Scouts and their families . We took Bob Larson, Doyle, myself, Stacy, Timmy and Robert were they to represent troop 51 and our ward. We all received badges from the event. It was windy and cold but it was the spirit of honoring our veterans for their selfless sacrifice for us. 󾓬󾓦
Discovered the best route to take down to SFO instead of getting intangled in all those stupid Bay Area freeway interchanges. Go down to Vallejo, take the 37 across to Marin and then down the 101, over the Golden Gate and take off down the back way on 19th Ave. to San Bruno and VIOLA!.You're dropped right off at SFO. The traffic driving down 19th Ave. is NOTHING in comparison to the pile ups you encounter on the stupid freeways going through Berkeley, Richmond and Oakland. Then when you arrive at the Airport you can never park where you should and they send you over to Lot D, another roundy round the stupid airport complex. Who designs these airport terminals?!!! So I try to attempt finding the best routes in and out of places to avoid frustration. Dealing with TSA is enough when you have to fly.
Senior Project Manager for Mobile Team - Walmart - San Bruno, CA: Mobile Commerce Daily, one of the leading m...
Oakland Tribune editorial on proposed $2.25 billion penalty for PG&E over San Bruno
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