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San Bernardino

San Bernardino is a city located in the Riverside-San Bernardino metropolitan area (sometimes called the Inland Empire), and serves as the county seat of San Bernardino County, California, United States.

Jonathan Martinez San Bernardino County Ft Hood Boston Marathon Syed Farook Fort Hood Loma Linda United States

Justice for Diamond and Sophia, two defenceless dogs tied to moving vehicles, beaten, and poisoned!…
Westbound 210 Freeway in San Bernardino shutdown for hours following fatal crash
People are dieing everyday in San Bernardino. But the community stays silent. More focused on other places that don't affect our lives.
REMINDER:the SoCal terrorist attack was in sanctuary city district. Plus she wants 20k more refugees in San Berna…
Lawsuit blames for San Bernardino terror attack
SAN BERNARDINO:. Join us to outside the building where 14 people were murdered at a baby shower. h…
Everytime I come to the functions in San Bernardino it's a movie lol
San Bernardino has opened a job for a crime intervention manager to lead its Ceasefire anti-crime program
San Bernardino produces nothing but faithful black men lmao Facts
Family members of San Bernardino victims accuse social media giants of aiding and abetting terrorism in lawsuit. https…
DA Ramos' national work is good for San Bernardino residents. By Michael Freeman & Bill Fitzpatrick
The Inland Empire Global Awards recognize companies in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties
District Attorney office San Bernardino : Diamond and Sophia deserve justice - Sign the Petition! via
The AMBER Alert for LA, Orange, Riverside, Ventura and San Bernardino counties was cancelled. Suspect in custody & child was safely located.
GoFundMe account created for Jonathan Martinez, the 8-year-old killed in yesterday's San Bernardino school shooting
I made a similar joke back after San Bernardino and I had 2 liberals "like" it because they have bad reading comprehension.
Student killed in San Bernardino shooting endured great deal in short life
Certainly not more special than 8 y/o Jonathan Martinez, killed in San Bernardino earlier this…
Family of student killed in San Bernardino shooting wants world to know about their son's rare genetic condition:
~Chef KAZ prepares Jasmine rice during a cooking competition at the annual High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino on Saturday,…
A father who has experienced the grief of losing a child speaks about the San Bernardino shooting:
Rosary held for Jonathan Martinez, student killed in San Bernardino shooting.
So do the Boston Marathon bombing victims, Fort Hood victims, San Bernardino victims, Orlando…
he Minnesota insurance bill was introduced by Rep. Joe Hoppe, R-Chaska, in response to Syed Farook’s jihadist rampage in San Bernardino, Ca
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This is a "religious" fanatic. Much like Syed Farook in San Bernardino, Like Dykman Roof in SC, Jared Lee Lough…
Members of Westboro Baptist Church have been killed in a San Bernardino elementary school shooting.
Trust deed investment in San Bernardino, California closed.
L.A. Unified’s Board President Steve Zimmer’s Statement on the Tragedy in San Bernardino. "Our thoughts, our...
Nolan Brandy, 9-year-old shot at San Bernardino school, released from hospital
Please support Nolan and his family as he recovers from this tragedy.
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Yesterday's tragic shooting at a San Bernardino school is getting attention, but we mustnt forget that children die from…
Former county attorney testifies in Colonies trial about erratic actions by former supervisor: SAN BERNARDINO >>...
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San Bernardino shooting has faded from headlines. Would it be different if shooter was ISIS inspired? This violence kills…
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I was driving to San Bernardino this morning and just wanted to say I enjoyed this morning. Sorry so late. Was driving
8-year-old student has died from injuries after classroom shooting in San Bernardino
Keep everyone in my Prayers Palestine,Syria, Afghanistan,San Bernardino,Yemen,London & others suffering out there. Hope u have a good eve!✳
thank you for the San Bernardino article! So important.
Boy was winning his battle against a rare genetic condition before he was killed in his San Bernardino classroom
It seems that gun free zones have killed more people than they have saved. These zones invite violence! . "San Bernardino"…
Another shooting in San Bernardino... Aren't strict gun laws supposed to stop these kind of attacks California?
Firefighters at San Bernardino school shooting donned body armor
911 caller in San school shooting: Im scared featured in NBC s Science of Love
The 8-year-old boy who was killed in the San Bernardino school shooting was overcoming Williams syndrome.
San Bernardino school shooting 911 audio: 'One of our teachers was shot'
Aide says San Bernardino shooter was "out for blood".
The San Bernardino shooting exposes the daily threat posed to women by violent, abusive partners
Domestic Abuse is often a precursor to other violent acts via
will finish up their tour with a big show in San Bernardino, get ticket info here
Two reported dead in the San Bernardino Elementary School shooting:
San Bernardino school shooting 911 audio: ‘One of our teachers was shot’
San Bernardino classroom, which had only a curtain/no locking door, won't be used for students after killings
Motorcycle rider beheaded in San Bernardino freak accident
'One of our teachers got shot': 911 tapes released of San Bernardino school shooting
San Bernardino school shooting: Aide says gunman was 'out for blood'
Aide says San Bernardino shooter was 'out for blood' | |
Would've been nice to see this acknowledged by the media... guess it's 🙄.
Each side of San Bernardino has its different vibes. From the Westside to the east. Downtown & north end. All different
8-year-old Jonathan Martinez was the boy killed in the San Bernardino elementary school shooting, his family says. http…
Jonathan Martinez, 8, was boy killed in San Bernardino elementary school shooting. reports now on
8-year-old Jonathan Martinez was standing near his teacher when both were fatally shot in San Bernardino school
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Loma Linda hospital hotline says as of 8:55a, surviving child in San Bernardino shooting has been upgraded fr critical to serious condition
What happened in San Bernardino today is why women are afraid to leave abusive partners. She was at work. In an elementa…
Last note on San Bernardino tonight: 9-year-old at Loma Linda remains in critical condition, but his vitals are stable, hospital tells me.
Community members gather for a vigil after the deadly shooting at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino
Thoughts and prayers for 😢San Bernardino.Strict gun laws DO NOT WORK. If you're going to post signs GUN FREE ZONE it's an…
SAN BERNARDINO UPDATE: Photo of Karen Smith who was the victim in school shooting has been released by
Prayers go out to San Bernardino, CA, the Elementary School and those injured from today's shooting.
CNN now calculating its expected coverage of San Bernardino shooting. If Muslim or immigrant guilty, 2 hrs. If white Republ…
Another domestic abuser with easy access to a gun decided it was time for his wife and an 8-year-old to die. San Bernar…
San Bernardino police welcome its newest member -- Sherlock, the community affairs dog
8yo Jonathan Martinez was shot & killed today when a domestic abuser came into classroom & shot 3 ppl
This guy had Domestic Violence charges on his record and was still allowed a gun. Now he's killed a woman + 8yo
San Bernardino police identifies Cedric Anderson as suspect in fatal shooting. Read more:
here is Violent thug San Bernardino shooter.
Heartbroken to hear about shooting at San Bernardino elementary school. Even more tragic for community as it comes on he…
8-year-old dies after being shot in San Bernardino classroom
Have you noticed that liberals never call for gun control when Muslims attack? Only when they think it's white people.…
1) Today's school shooting at North Park Elementary in San Bernardino is the 12th nationwide in 2017.
How could there be a shooting in San Bernardino? California has the strictest gun laws in the country. Unless...gun laws…
Karen Elaine Smith was shot & killed after her husband opened fire in her classroom as she taught
Praying for all those affected by the shooting at the Elementary school in San Bernardino, CA. Two dead, two students…
BREAKING: Multiple people down in shooting at elementary school in San Bernardino
Children die in Syria, Trump pretends to blow up the air base. Children die in San Bernardino, Trump pretends we don't ne…
Dear You are very silent about the shooting at San Bernardino school. Did the NRA take your phone?. via…
If more guns and fewer gun laws made us safer, we'd be the safest nation in the world. . San Bernardino
The criminal who killed his wife at a San Bernardino school was a prohibited possessor, barred from legal purchase:.
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My thoughts and condolences go out to the parents in San Bernardino ❤
Really, America? "'Mommy, I still have blood on my sweater': Girl recounts shooting in classroom"
Hey Why so silent about the San Bernardino elementary school murders? cash got your tongue?…
BREAKING: Police chief: 8-year-old student shot in San Bernardino classroom in murder-suicide has died.
An 8-year-old student has died after he was shot during a shooting at an elementary school in San Bernardino
Wow, San Bernardino shooting falling off the trending list fast 💨 now that the shooter has turned out to be black.
One student shot at North Park Elementary in San Bernardino has died, police say. His name was Jonathan Martinez, and he…
"Why don't women just LEAVE if it's so bad?". Cause violent men follow. .
A teacher and an 8-year-old were fatally shot inside an elementary school classroom in San Bernardino. Not a great day f…
Thug violent criminal here is San Bernardino shooter.
I don't even have words for that San Bernardino story. My heart is just heavy for all the victims and their families. Those p…
San Bernardino has been through unimaginable devastation in recent years. It was also the site of a terrorist attack in Decem…
Three killed in school shooting, including one child
A deranged man walked into a San Bernardino school and killed a teacher and an 8 year old child. Trump wants to get r…
When will Congress stand up to the gun lobby so educators, students and first responders don't have to stand up to gunme…
Don't tell us not to "politicize" this San Bernardino shooting. There is nothing MORE political than kids going to school…
This is Karen Smith, shot dead in her San Bernardino class, in front of special needs students. Her estranged husband kill…
BREAKING: 8-year-old Jonathan Martinez was killed in husband-wife murder-suicide at San Bernardino elementary school
WOW⚡️ “Three dead, one wounded after San Bernardino elementary school shooting”.
JUST IN: 8-year-old student Jonathan Martinez has died from his wounds in the San Bernardino shooting — Daily Mai…
My heart goes out to the parents in the San Bernardino shooting the community has had to much innocence lost.
2 adults dead, 2 students critical in shooting at San Bernardino school
San Bernardino update: Loma Linda hospital says they're treating one patient. No press conferences scheduled
“I just want to hold him.” Parent anxiously awaits news about her son after shooting at San Bernardino school. https:/…
Do not use this to push your agenda . ⚡️ “Two dead, two wounded after San Bernardino elementary school shooting”.
DEVELOPING: Fire dept. says has responded to reports of shooting at school in San Bernardino, Calif.
Shooting reported at elementary school in San Bernardino:
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Good vibes only. 2 weeks until the SoCal in San Bernardino. Don't miss perform! Info @ https…
Muslims killed 3,000 INNOCENT American lives on 9/11 and. San Bernardino . P…
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Beyond Wonderland returns to the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA on Friday, March 24 & Saturday, March 25!
Boston from Russia, Orlando born in New York, San Bernardino the guy was born in Arizona.
Happy Here's where to get $3.14 pizzas and pies in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties
tell that to the family of the 9/11 victims and Boston Marathon and San Bernardino massacre.
San Bernardino is working to break agency silos to combat obesity, traffic fatalities in a car-centric county.…
TGIF, it's been a LONG week! I'll be in the mix tonight inside of Pharaoh Hookah Lounge (1650 S. E. St., San Bernardino)!
San Bernardino, Cali. - Man Stabbed in chest to death - Started on the 2600 block of Shadow Hills Road -…
From the refugee and immigrant mass. With my seminary classmate, Fr Ceja Rodriguez José Miguel from San Bernardino.
I am offended by the Boston bombers, the 9/11 scumbag pigs, Ft. Hood murderer, San Bernardino slime.
First Congregational United Church of Christ honored for its 150th anniversary in San Bernardino.
Hello From the San Bernardino National Forest! I work for KVCR/FNX in San Bernardino, CA. First Natio…
Man pleads guilty to buying rifles in the San Bernardino attack
Man admits buying rifles used in San Bernardino attack; faces up to 25 years in prison
BREAKING: California man pleads guilty to providing rifles used in deadly San Bernardino terror attack.
California man pleads guilty to providing San Bernardino attack rifles: A…
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Man pleads guilty to buying rifles in San Bernardino attack
LACO is so illicit it drills under the county systems of San Bernardino for MORE power. Drain Swamp.
Have you forgotten about San Bernardino, Orlando, Boston, Nice, 9/11, Paris, Germany?I want a safe county! Nothing wrong with that
County of San Bernardino to Offer Online High School Diploma Program to Parents of Children. Learn more:…
Come out and meet County of San Bernardino today!
Man pleads guilty to supplying weapons to San Bernardino terrorists
Friend of Syed Farook pleads guilty to aiding in San Bernardino terror attack:
Reminder: A friend of the San Bernardino attackers: "There’s so many sleeper cells, so many people just waiting." https…
just an average American Citizen, oh, I'm sorry, not an illegal, nor from those 7 countries in the list
Man admits buying weapons for massacre.
Man to plead guilty to aiding Calif. attack: Accused of buying rifles used in the San Bernardino massacre, Enrique…
JUST IN: DOJ: Enrique Marquez Jr. agrees to plead guilty to plotting violent attacks and buying firearms for San Bernardino shoote…
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Friend of San Bernardino shooter pleads guilty to conspiracy
A California man accused of buying assault-style rifles used by a married couple to massacre 14 people at a govern…
Good evening, San Bernardino! Mostly Sunny tomorrow, with a high of 76° and a low of 51°.
Report: Man charged with buying two weapons used in San Bernardino agrees to plead guilty - USA TODAY
Vegas is really growing on me. But I really wanna move to San Bernardino
Friend of San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook to plead guilty
Man to plead guilty to aiding Calif. attack via
Friend who supplied guns to San Bernardino terrorists will plead guilty to aiding in the attack h…
Great day yesterday sharing rail safety with the students at Richardson Prep in San Bernardino!
Friend who supplied rifles to San Bernardino terrorists agrees to plead ...
Man agrees to plead guilty to aiding San Bernardino attackers, according to court documents.
BREAKING: Friend of San Bernardino shooter will plead guilty to providing him guns, explosives - prosecutors
Man accused of aiding San Bernardino attack to plead guilty: report
Friend of San Bernardino shooter to plead guilty in aiding terror attack:
PSHS Girls Water Polo wins 17-4 over San Bernardino to win the first round of CIF.
Friend to plead guilty to aiding San Bernardino gunman: prosecutors
Friend of San Bernardino killers agrees to plead guilty via
Another moderate Muzzie arrested in San Bernardino terrorist attack
Reports: Man to plead guilty to aiding San Bernardino shooting
‼️ VERY IMPORTANT ‼️ if you have undocumented relatives/friends in Downey, San Bernardino and the other listed citi…
0 of these countries have any documents from these ppl yet they come here!San Bernardino woman
Sister-in-law of San Bernardino terror attack shooter pleads guilty in marriage fraud case
doubt that. San Bernardino, LAX, Idaho, just saying.
Multiple reports of ICE raids in 5 California cities today.
Wish those that agree with 9th Circuit decision remember these San Bernardino victims
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Do you really think that there is no proof of insufficient vetting? Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston, Garland...just…
San Bernardino attack couple's sister-in-law pleads guilty in marriage-fraud case
Protests erupt in L.A. following reports of immigration raids at homes in L.A., San Bernardino and Ventura counties
San Bernardino shooting victims ask Trump to help them get medical care they say has been delayed or denied…
If White House didn't know how to spell San Bernardino they should've read one of thousands of heartbreaking articles re…
"Trump, stop cynically exploiting tragedy" we of Center for Study of Hate & Extremism, Cal State, San Bernardino say.
Trump just named 9/11, Boston, Orlando and San Bernardino to justify his travel ban. None of those attackers were from coun…
Law Talk w/Yoo & Senik, from San Bernardino, with instructive diffs on Trump EOs, & both strong for Gorsuch.
Big Bear Lake, CA - "We urge the city of Big Bear Lake, the County of San Bernardino, Big...
won is first game of the season 9-6 today against cal state San Bernardino.
Cal state San Bernardino would catch on fire today 🙄
Remember when Chuck Schumer cried over the attacks in San Bernardino, and Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale, and at Fort Hood?…
More than 3 feet of snow predicted for San Bernardino mountains: A series of three Pacific storms is slated to…
For every pulse and San Bernardino there are 5 or 6 columbines Sandy hooks and South Carolina. That's sad.
Boston Marathon bombers were born in Kyrgyzstan, 2015 San Bernardino attackers were from Pakistan & the United States.
The media is stoking the flames. We were attacked her in the United States. Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston ...
San Bernardino massacre yields 2nd immigration fraud conviction . The Russian-born wife of the California man accu…
LOS ANGELES (AP) — The wife of a man accused of aiding the shooters in the San Bernardino terror attack pleaded ...
There is an ICE protest and counter-protest playing out in front of the San Bernardino immigration office.
Yes we saw how well they are vetted in San Bernardino.
San Bernardino massacre: Russian wife of man who supplied the guns pleads guilty to immigration fraud…
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We're talking about veils, not guns... When Muslims shot up San Bernardino and Orlando, did we ban veils?
Wife of man linked to attack admits to sham marriage |
You would think after *** killed in nightclub,co-workers killed in San Bernardino, libs would change.
San Bernardino is just a pothole paradise isn't it 😤😤
and Who wants to take a road trip to San Bernardino with me?
No such thing as Sudden Jihad Syndrome! The first to know are the family. See Something, Say Something!…
Found a homeless man bathing under warm water runoff while out with on the homeless count in San Bernardino…
Any update on the San Bernardino FBI iPhone FOIA request? I would really like to know how they ended up getting in.
Woman linked to the San Bernardino terror attack pleads guilty to charges of immigration fraud
Some like the San Bernardino Jihadi have acted on those bad intentions.
POTUS "We cannot gamble" with the protection of our citizens. 9/11 San Bernardino, Orlando, Boston others prove his point.
We do need a better ”vetting process” so the refugees we do take in don't do things like this! Or San B…
Russian immigrant who pretended to wed close friend of San Bernardino terrorist pleaded guilty slew of charges
San Bernardino is also full of people that Trump conned via Trump University.
Wife of man linked to San Bernardino attack admits to sham marriage via the App
Oh Yeah, immigrants are already so well vetted. They always tell the truth & never try to deceive people! BO lied! . https:…
Trump is jeopardizing the funding of San Bernardino terrorist victims, this is never okay. Mourning families shouldn't have to suffer more
San Bernardino man held in roommate's stabbing - San Bernardino County Sun
By Jihad:14 dead in San Bernardino, 49 dead in Orlando, 12 dead in Fort Hood, 5 dead in Ft. Lauderdale.
already forgot about the 7 or more Muslim Jihadist attacks, Alicia? San Bernardino, Orlando, Ft. Hood, Boston, Chattanooga
be you a county worker in San Bernardino, a *** in Orlando in Marathon in Boston or a soldier at Fort Hood / Muslim Terrorist
Crash on rain-slicked San Bernardino street kills at least one - San Bernardino County Sun
So then who was behind the Boston Marathon, Pulse Shooting, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Ft Hood, and Dallas
so was Chattanooga,Boston Marathon,dallas,San Bernardino,new York new Jersey Obama's america
Say that to the victims of Fort Hood, Boston Marathon, Pulse Orlando, San Bernardino, Dallas PD, Chattanooga Recrui…
Meins was in San Bernardino attack. His family wants you to hea - Jan 2 @ 12:38 PM ET
Did you know that San Bernardino County is the largest county in the US? Totaling 20,105 sq mi, its actually larger than 9 States.
Oakland is the dirtiest city in Cali next to San Bernardino.
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The of this San Bernardino terror is telling his story to anyone who will listen…
Obama response to San Bernardino shooting delayed.
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Alberto Gudino Macias in San Bernardino, CA was just found at on 02nd Jan 11am
you label yourself as a "moderate" right? Just ask NY, Boston, Orlando, San Bernardino, Paris, Nice, Berlin, London, Brussels,
San Bernardino wife came in just weeks before the attack. We're u sleeping then?
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Every American whether liberal or conservative was sad after Ft Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando etc...except one, Barack Hussein Obama
ur wrong. 9/11 was not white ppl nor San Bernardino Ft Hood Boston bombing all Muslims
RARE? Ohio Berlin Baghdad Paris San Bernardino Brussels. How many CLAIMS will make it not Rare?…
i.e., could he stop one of the many lawsuits against him by declaring SoE? And what emergency? San Bernardino-type attack?
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Had to be San Bernardino of course 😂
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And Fort Hood and San Bernardino were workplace violence.
San Bernardino County sheriff's deputy arrested for alleged sex with teen Explorer Scout
from tragedies to solutions please if you could share to help the youth in the city of San Bernradino https:…
east of LA .. San Bernardino area ? .. my weeti satellite tells me MOL
Damian Meins was killed in the terrorist attack in San Bernardino. His family wants you to listen to his story.
How have they hurt us?...WTC 1/2, Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, Orlando, Paris, Berlin, etc.
Updated: Wind Advisory in effect from 10 PM for Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties in CA
For chain control info in the counties of San Bernardino and Riverside please use this link: or call…
San Bernardino is pretty bad too. A lot of Mexican Mafia and Ms 13. You knw Bloods, Crips. The usual fun stuff.
Whether it's a plane, truck, or gun is irrelevant. Whether it's 9/11, San Bernardino, Orlando, Nice, or Berlin. The probl…
A Year after San Bernardino, the Number of Women Jihadis Is Growing: When Tashfeen Malik, along with her…
Actually, I am from “Inland Empire” of SoCal — Redlands, in San Bernardino County.
JOB: Real Property Agent II - Property Management and Leasing and/or Acquisition (County of San Bernardino) San...
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Yeah, because "smart gun laws" worked so well in San Bernardino... Is this guy for real?
Here's a shot of the Monday night Moon over San Bernardino!!
Illuminated Arrowhead landmark above San Bernardino fills residents with hope and pride https:…
Not sure who this pup is... . ID Available on December . San Bernardino City Shelter , CA doesn't have many...
San Bernardino, showing signs of hope, nears exit from bankruptcy
San Bernardino survivors speak out on the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attack
Okay WOW! This is he 5th burger spot in San Bernardino that we've tried and there all DISGUSTING !!!
What a heartbreaking story about how terrorism destroys families — read on the San Bernardino orphan
This article is over a year old, published before Orlando and San Bernardino. Otherwise, great job.
One year ago today these Americans were murdered by a Jihadi couple in San Bernardino. . The war is here. . The war is real. h…
TRAFFIC STOP: 7th St & Waterman on a 1996 Nissan out of San Bernardino
I see we're still using several year old statistics that start after 9/11 and end before San Bernardino and Pulse
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"Just another normal day here in San Bernardino with a nude man walking down the street" lmao
How many were killed at Ft Hood and San Bernardino?
Lesson: even if you pretend attacks like Orlando and San Bernardino aren't jihad, Muslims still have sky high rates of terro…
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One year after San Bernardino jihad massacre, city aims to prevent anti-Muslim hate crimes
San Bernardino County supervisors sworn in for new terms in office
Just counting up Chattanooga, San Bernardino and Orlando, you get nearly 70 killed by Islamic terror
San Bernardino County DA wants Lady Gaga to perform at victims memorial event
Wake up. It's obvious. . We may never know why the San Bernardino terrorists targeted a Christmas party.
San Bernardino couple had to look up al-Baghdadi's name day of attack before claiming loyalty to him.
.honors the San Bernardino terrorist attack victims with tree planting this Saturday
+San Bernardino terror attacker pictured moments before ...
Wait until they have to bake cakes for *** . Holiday party may have motivated San Bernardino terrorists
Police say San Bernardino shooters were angry at having to attend a Christmas party
praying that CSU Long Beach , CSU San Bernardino, CSULA, or San Diego State choose to deal with me for the next 4 years 🙃
San Bernardino shooter pictured at X-Mas party moments before massacre. via
San Bernardino terror attacker pictured moments before opening fire with his wife. .
San Bernardino shooter pictured at holiday party moments before massacre
Our thoughts are with the victims & survivors of during this difficult time. You are not forgotten.
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