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San Bernadino

San Bernardino is a city located in the Riverside-San Bernardino metropolitan area (sometimes called the Inland Empire), and serves as the county seat of San Bernardino County, California, United States.

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In the cases where the shooter is killed (San Bernadino, Orlando) these details won't come out without FOIA. But if there's a
No he did not! Ask the people in San Bernadino, Florida and other terriorist hit places. Worst President ever...
Tell that to ppl in Florida, Tennessee, San Bernadino, etc. etc. MORONS !
Tell that to the people of Florida, Tennessee, San Bernadino,etc, etc
Returning to the NOS Events Center in San Bernadino, California on the 24th and 25th March is…
Didn't stop San Bernadino, Orlando night club,now the FT Lauderdale Airport shooting? Tell me again why they're spy…
I believe you are mistaken. Orlando, Ft Hood, San Bernadino, and now Ft Lauderdale.
The FBI still isn't revealing who it hired to hack into iPhone used by one of the San Bernadino shooters.
False Flag analysis of San Bernadino shooting with Dr. Jim Fetzer, Scott Bennett, and Michael Jay .
Apparently, they've learned nothing from the San Bernadino incident, and the unnecessary death of Kate Steinle
How about attacks of Isis in San Bernadino, Florida , Minnesota,etc. those don't count, Mr Obama?
: FBI "knew" of San Bernadino, Boston, Orlando and FLL. Who paid them? Stinks to high heavens
The San Bernadino, Orlando *** club and Fort Lauderdale shootings have something in common and it's not White Hispanic.
San Bernadino mountains over the wing... beautiful moment
People like you are the reason why Orlando and San Bernadino happened. The blood is on your hands.
So, how do you clarify San Bernadino? They didn't get everything they wanted on their Babies r Us registry?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I don't see u gun nuts crying over the victims of San Bernadino and Sandy Hook. Only Benghazi.
Exciting road win for over Cal State Monterey Bay 80-73. With 5 Cavs scoring over 10 pts. Next up CS San Bernadino on Sat @ 3PM
Russ Hagan at San Bernadino $un has crush on Laura Thoma, Max Walker says Steve Irvin never really was in the picture!
Trump called San Bernadino killer "scum" . Leaked emails reveal Clinton team wished he was a white guy killing Muslims. Can…
"Islamic radicalization no doubt contributed to Syed Farook (American of Pakistani descent) San Bernadino attack." Asst Chief Eric McBride
speech on TERROR but CHARLESTON and Sandy Hook will not be mentioned, Orlando and San Bernadino will though
Bataclan, Orlando, Brussels, Boston, San Bernadino, Charlie Hebdo. you realize these are all related
Wake up you dumb liberal; Orlando was a hoax same as Sandy Hook, San Bernadino, Boston etc. Go and get yourself educated!
The AR 15 used in Orlando is the same gun used at Sandy Hook and San Bernadino. It is a weapon of mass destruction. https…
LAPD hacks iPhone 5s, but how?: The iPhone 5c belonging to San Bernadino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook is not th...
The brother of San Bernadino, Calif., shooter Syed Rizwan Farook and two Russian women pleaded not guilty on ...
Well Obama says our Daughters are safe just like He said we were safe B4 San Bernadino
All the cool people live in la county. Orange, Riverside, and San Bernadino is for the birds.
Nice man: Mr. Trump, How would you protect religious minorities?. Trump: The muslims in San Bernadino were all in on it tog…
How many will it take. Love,. Boston, NYC, Lahore, Brussels, Paris, San Bernadino, Chattanooga
Depends on your denominator, Lessee--there's Fort Hood (by a naturalized American), Boston marathon, and San Bernadino
If you missed us in Anaheim, come see us at the U.S. Cannabis Cup in San Bernadino, CA April 15-17
too many Muslims who had KNOWN histories with FBI allowed in. San Bernadino should have been caught!
that is not gonna happen just like hillary says! San Bernadino was Obama's fault! And Boston!
San Bernadino, Fort Hood, Chattanooga. The USS Cole. The barracks in Lebanon, and many more. You forgot about those.
I enjoyed myself out here in San Bernadino .
.Google "Brussels" "San Bernadino" "Paris" etc. your answer is written in the blood of innocents.
so you support people who support terrorist actions. San bernadino terrorist was a us citizen the women wasn't.
📷 mpdrolet: Workman handling ice in the storage room at the ice plant, San Bernadino, 1943 Jack Delano
Ask the dead in San Bernadino...or Paris, Brussels, or some crime ridden cities what they would do different.
Where do they do this? Not here. Not in Public. San Bernadino was peaceful why would his coworkers toss him a baby shower?
U don't care that US citizens r killed in San Bernadino. You don't care we were killed in Brussels. It's all about only you.
Add that to the totals of 9/11, San Bernadino, Paris, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, et al. Its time for open war!
Like the one in San Bernadino and Bin Laden.
Too much taxes, we go to war. Pearl harbor bombing, we go to war. 9/11, we go to war... San bernadino, brussels, paris.. We stat at home👎👎👎
There is one orphan in San Bernadino her Mom and Dad died killing Americans!
San Bernadino, Paris, Brussels, Pakistan today, the chopping off of heads,
: San Bernadino winter view by jcone
San Bernadino winter view check this out (
San Bernadino winter view Many thanks for your visit, your comments and likes !
Horrible. Terrorism anywhere is attack on freedom everywhere. Brussels. Lahore. Paris. San Bernadino. Lagos.
San Bernadino winter view by jcone via
San Bernadino winter view by jcone -
San Bernadino winter view by Popular on
Awesome! San Bernadino winter view by jcone
I'm covering a shift in San Bernadino and I'm groaning that the stores aren't set up the same way. 😭 Wish me luck!
We're Read about our latest opening here: Musculoskeletal Specialty Manager, San Bernadino, CA -
Cute,after San Bernadino,& the many,many that have been kept out of the news,his best play would be 2 do as he always did,STFU
So Kerry. The Paris attacks, muslim killings in San Bernadino, muslim murders of our military in Chatanooga, 9/11 etc are 1 act?
An old law could force the FBI to tell Apple how it broke into iPhones via
San bernadino Belgium horrific of course wrong but so is cops killing innocent people.
They preach it to you but what about everyone else? Where are the Major denouncements? San Bernadino bombers were "peaceful" too!
This so Called Pope's weapon of Love didn't work too well for the people of San Bernadino! This Pope is Dangerous!
Fort Hood, San many more Americans you willing to have slaughtered by Islamic Extremists? No refugees here!
The FBI still can't crack into San Bernadino shooter's iPhone, but remains "hopeful"
The FBI said it still doesn't know how to hack into San Bernadino shooter's iPhone:
John McAffee offers to decrypt the San Bernadino iPhone, says we're behind in cyberwar b/c of hiring practices
DA Cyrus Vance shows why the gov't won't stop with the San Bernadino iPhone. It'll want all of them:
I don't think that San Bernadino terrorist is worth the danger to all of our privacy.
Jeb Bush saying San Bernadino was terrorism so we should address mental health is like saying Sandy Hook was terrorism so cut taxes
Tim Cook/Apple come out swinging vs FBI/US Govt, in open letter re San Bernadino crypto case
Worse, news anywhere is news everywhere. Muslims shoot up an office in San Bernadino, voters in NH freak out about the Gr…
killers in San Bernadino, all over the news now who radicalized Dylan Roof
Funny how you glossed over San Bernadino, Fort Hood, Marathon, Philly last week. ALL IN U.S.
Mmm Hmm. We've done so well with them so far. Fort Hood, Marathon, San Bernadino, Philly...
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14 Dead innocent civilians in San Bernadino. Google Vetting Failures...clear your calendar for a few hours
Where are the tears for Brian Terry, Christopher Stephens, Saeed Abedini, 14 San Bernadino souls.
they killin black folks in Chicago, they killin black folks in San Bernadino, in Fort Hood, in Chattanooga, in Sandy Hook
How do we celebrate the Prince of Peace after Paris & San Bernadino? Evelyne Reisacher on Christmas and terrorism:
On charge of San Bernadino shooters' ex-neighbor of providing material support to terrorists , see 197 ALRFed 1 ($)
Dr. David Duke exposes the real reasons for the mass shooting horror in San Bernadino!
For nearly 3 hrs, the Obamas met with relatives of the nine men and five women killed in San Bernadino / BostonGlobe
Seriously. Take the day off and make sure my kids are safe. Overreaction my *** San Bernadino was just a few weeks ago.
The BBC on San Bernadino: “Just another day in the United States of America..”
Workplace discrimination in the wake of San Bernadino massacres. Don't bring hatred to nation's offices, plants, etc https:…
allegedly some of San Bernadino guns came from "Annie's Get Your Gun - the family friendly gun store". GAH.
Unable to find Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, CNN & MSNBC shift their "American Pickers" focus to the Farook home in San Bernadino.
The key now is for us to be as outraged by San Bernadino massacre as we would be if Muslim extremists were doing the kil…
VIDEO: San Bernardino shooting: Police statement: Watch: Police news conference from San Bernadino after the m...
Is prayer a meaningless response to the massacre in San Bernadino? Today on
WaPo: Hours before San Bernadino mass shooting, doctors pressed Congress to lift ban on gun violence research
There was another mass shooting today. It happened in Savannah before the one that took place in San Bernadino.
Gov. Brown cancelled the Christmas tree ceremony after gun murders in San Bernadino. Ironically, the family lights the tree.
💋 Multiple victims reported in shooting in San Bernadino, California - Kitsap Sun 💋
Slowly Coming Into Focus: The very latest on the San Bernadino rampage, including new details ...
Billy Mac says there will be a moment of silence in DC before the Lakers game for the San Bernadino shooting.
We grieve/pray for San Bernadino. As we pray for our nation, pray not only for changed hearts but for the courage & will to …
As reports come out, keep these points in mind re: shooting in San Bernadino.
Is the San Bernadino shooter white ? Is that why we're not counting this as an act of terror ? Shame on the media.
Ignoring the target of the terrorist attack in San Bernadino: A social services center for disabled people.
They went to the Taste of Chaos show in San Bernadino. They saw Finch, Thrice, Glassjaw, Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional & more.
Looking for a time SLP opportunity near San Bernadino, CA
Looking for a Language Pathology job opening in San Bernadino, California
Remember the San Bernadino County fire? Those conditions exist in all sorts of places.
I'm in San bernadino rn Ima fasho gonna hit you up this weekend and let's TU!
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You should both work Chalice in San Bernadino, you have 11 months. You can judge the goods too!
This is evil to have children in san bernadino, Los Angeles grow up in motels with crack addicts "America you failed
One of those things barley missed me when we were in San Bernadino.
i would go for Issues but they wont be in San Bernadino 😭
BREAKING - A brush fire in San Bernadino County, Cali just jumped onto the south bound 15 and set cars on fire... http:/…
I have no idea it's like WAY out here though like near San Bernadino
he's a concert in San Bernadino in September
it’s no longer around. They had parties in the 90s up in he San Bernadino mountains. I heard a car drove off the mountain
Having a sit after a long day and listening to Live at San Bernadino: 1983. A rollicking, beautiful show.
San Bernadino and counties helps find transportation.
Making moves to San Bernadino to get these shoes
We really drove all the way out to San Bernadino for sushi lol 😩
San Bernadino Shelter, CA: This sweet pup is afraid of the shelter environment and needs rescue. Please read for...
MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST needed for Local and... - Accountable Healthcare Staffing: (CA)
The Church of Bones in Milan: San Bernadino alle ossa on
ALERT! Heartbreak and terror for dog, Katie, dumped by family at busy animal control San...
Literally hitting every obstacle trying to get to San bernadino lol
The LA market is a large area, Peter. Where all did your reporter go? Orange County, Riverside, LA proper, San Bernadino?
Exodus outside of the Los Angeles Riverside San Bernadino County areas will b difficult w the 10 being closd indefinitely
US San Bernadino.her thread is dead, and she will be soon too.please share (Carolyn)
Almost everything I know about the LA area is from Frank Zappa records : Canoga Park, San Bernadino,Irwindale, Inland Empire, Reseda,Downey
That's great! Encinitas 12s last year went to San Bernadino before finally being eliminated.
The mere thought of San Bernadino made me start sweating 🔥🔥🔥
NOS center is where my favorite festival ever has taken place so maybe San Bernadino is just the place for me. 😂
he works for San Bernadino County. He's a captain at fort Irwin out in Barstow. Where does your dad work?
I live in San Bernadino County in California. I don't want to say my home town just to be safe
We're Click to apply: MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST needed for Local and Travel Contract positions in San... -
Slow speed pursuit lol this dude in San Bernadino
growing up being called Maegann San Bernadino
Dang. Between the I-15 fire & the I-10 bridge collapse, not a good weekend for San Bernadino County interstates.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I think I'd stand out pretty hard at San Bernadino. Transfer to A&F and I'll see you hehe
Looking for a (formerly Director of Environmental Services) - Healthcare - San Bernadino
it's absolutely not in LA county. You're from San Bernadino. Get out.
Searching for a place that has twentynine palms voting data. I don't want San Bernadino County because it...
Check out Kaito Haruta of Japan, now in San Bernadino, California. ~ Please Make sure ... 2 Support your Local...
c.1940 First Mcdonald's Restaurant -San Bernadino, California (14th and East Street) -Still there today
Angela Marie Jordan needs a ride to San Bernardino juvenile court tomorrow she lives in twentynine Palms if someone can help her please reach out to her or me so I can let her know but she needs to know today and please share this post Angela Marie Jordan California November 15 at 3:52pm · Is there anyone from the Twentynine Palms area that would be willing to drive me to court on the 19th of this month. I know its a bit last min. I can pay gas and a quick bite to eat and water. If there are any takers let me know what it would take your car to get to San Bernadino. This court date is for my daughter who is in foster care.
I had a sermon planned for the International Living Word Church in San Bernadino. I found that many of the people there were young people. I also felt my heart telling me to change my message. So I testified about how the Lord saved me as a boy and called me to full-time ministry in my late teens, how he led me into missions; I felt like the Lord wanted them to hear the heart of a long-time servant of the Lord, hair well stained with grey, but young-at-heart. I pray that God used this and Scriptures to help them with the challenges they face as they work out their own walk with God.
Here's a notion, presented with neither evidence nor conviction nor disrespect nor malice: Could the bad actors in San Bernadino have dropped that lady in the lake to get another grab at Excalibur? Or is that not how their sicko sympathetic sorcery plays out?
San Bernadino Rodeo supporting bro bro! 🐴 Sam wanna be a cowboy now lol
I called my mom and shes in san bernadino like DID YOU FORGET YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER
Dumped in San Bernadino...doesn't even have a name, let alone food in her belly :(
Making use of the remaining days of summer. Hiked around the San Bernadino mountains after catching the
which is why you should totally come! It's in San Bernadino 😊
Never forget what Jerry said during camp in San Bernadino... "People always mistake me for a water polo player." Not anymo…
But they cuddnt be the coyotes lol we gotta be like the "cal state San bernadino Thots"
I really want cal poly Pomona but if I went to cal state San bernadino it would help more with my social worker occupation
at 8.2% SAN Bernadino did people quit looking for jobs? .
Just a few more days I'll be out in San Bernadino.
No Angels in Anaheim? It could happen. Look for San Bernadino or Riverside to make a push for the team.
At the Redlands on 9/11, the day began with Max and Jim speaking to classes at the San Bernadino County Public...
All San Bernadino old ladies got hustle ...
Driving all the way to San bernadino w/o my phone working right..fml
so I shut down the economy to san bernadino to take over the rare earth mineral ownership of the
ok dead man I am opening up front line micro processing mines in San Bernadino
ok boys so berny is open for more jobs I just opened the minerals I own as I bought the san Bernadino whole county
Just saw a whole convoy of San Bernadino firefighters headed home! Thinkin'that's a good sign.
you're a no-reply blogger so I can't respond to your comment via e-mail! :( I'm moving to the San Bernadino area.
she's from the San Bernadino church 😂
Any of my followers live in the Inland Empire or in San Bernadino?
You gave up the show in San Bernadino to make money off an iHeart radio show. Get your priorities straight.
Casper's family left him at the San Bernadino shelter today, he is blind and 8 years old. He is an owner turn in...
I am, Im headed to San Bernadino to stay with my sister for a while
Navia is in San Bernadino, CA- She has to leave shelter by the 27th~~!! Two days she can die! PLEASE SHARE-...
I'm moving to my sister's San Bernadino 😢
"A book may seem like a simple gift, but it is significant." . Glad for support to get in San Bernadino-
yeah. You can see part of his or her ear. I pulled up to the driver and he blew me a kiss. Freaked me out. San Bernadino tow truck
All black in San bernadino was a horrible call
San Bernadino I'll see you tonight. Come cop something.
will uber provide the rides at wonderland event this weekend and San Bernadino Ca ?
Leaving San Clemente soon, then to Corona, and then San Bernadino.
no I'm going to San Bernadino for an event :) soon though!
LA last weekend, SD this, 1 night in SJ, 9 days in San Bernadino Co, 4 days in Cabo. More time spent out of my apt than in this month.
oh well ima go with rosa to San Bernadino then police station to be messy lol and then pacsun and I wanna TU @ night !
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If you're in san bernadino for noc, please come save me
Very nice, is that how many years he's been gone from San Bernadino?
Still waiting for the day the UTSA RoadRunners play the San Bernadino Coyotes.
Moving to San Bernadino is probobly the best thing to do 😌
Cabo, to Utah, to San Bernadino tomorrow with my main chick 👯
Mary Star of the Sea High School football opens their season tomorrow night against Aquinas of San Bernadino at...
Looking for an affordable photographer in the Los Angeles and San Bernadino County areas, .. ---
Tickets for performance in San Bernadino, CA are now on sale at
San Bernadino: the city where you can see dumpster diving, prostitues, and wannabe cowboys taking home cholas
friday! Nocturnal at san bernadino will you be there???
California Indian Education Conference at San Bernadino SU Oct 9th to 11th
But my heart stays in San Bernadino❤️ no matter how many gangs and homeless people live there😂
Is it pacific high school from San Bernadino? Because if so I think I might cheer for them😕😂 THATS MY HOOD HOMIE❤️😭
That's it from the Diamond in Lake Elsinore. Final score: 4, 2. Game 2 tomorrow in San Bernadino.
San Bernadino AS CAL killed 14 adoptable cats & kittens today, some beautiful families Fire Director who loves to kill as public outcry
Update your maps at Navteq
Only thing on my mind is San Bernadino Valley this Saturday.
I know I'm a sap because every time I hear the song "San Bernadino" I blubber uncontrollably... Even in the middle of Barnes & Noble.
oh dang! I def thought you went to San bernadino
San Bernadino (closest festival near us😂) I can't go because I turn 18 in December 😒
the one in San bernadino on the 19th?
sweet little kitten needs out of San Bernadino shelter NOW!
UCLA fall camp just wrapped from San Bernadino. Probably no one more eager to get back to Westwood than Mora. Probably.
Utah lost to Hawaii 17 to 0. So we are still in the game in San Bernadino.
GREAT LLASA APSO MIX overdue will die tonight if not rescued/adopted by 4:30pm SAN BERNADINO AS CAL
Selling a ticket to CTE for August 30 in Anaheim and a ticket for day 1 in San bernadino!!
San Bernadino Ca. Just a baby...please share to get her out.
Oh no! Just send that rain to Ventura County. Not San Bernadino County--they had floods, I read.
Distances between San Bernadino and Santa Monica are greater than those between Wirral and Wetherby and coastal range higher than Pennines.
This episode of snapped is in San Bernadino 😳
So Arctic Moon has a gig in San Bernadino on October 31st 🙌😭
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Once again the officiating in San Bernadino has me wondering what game they are watching. Safe but called out.
I'm down, it's in San Bernadino so we don't need to camp or anything!
Mora hopes San Bernadino gets more "uncomfortable". It was around 88 today.
Child abduction alert for Orange, Riverside, and San Bernadino. I think the car was a black Ford. Didn't get the model.
We're talking UCLA football - Live from San Bernadino and day 1 of the Bruins training camp
Flash floods in Mt Baldy kills a man in his car and causes mud slides. San Bernadino, California.: via
BOTH OF THESE CHI MUTTS are overdue lived thru wkend but will die if not rescued/adopted Tues SAN BERNADINO AS CAL
Out here at Cal State San Bernadino for Day 1 of Fall Camp. Practice gets under way at 3
workers comp San Bernadino i will Expose this
It's like somebody threw a huge mud ball on the town and it's just sitting there. - San Bernadino County firefighter
I love You!!! You guys should come to San Bernadino please!!!😍
Horrific abuse of brand icon as San Bernadino residents bury "Pillsbury Doughboy" in mud, for deranged WWI memorial.
I'm in San Bernadino right now. Send help! (But at least I'm just passing through)
Taking in a full day of Little League World Series Regional Championships in San Bernadino.
Had to make a pit stop on my way back to San Bernadino
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
This is the San Bernadino Animal Shelter in CA. Unacceptable conditions at this shelter...just deplorable!!
do you kno what day your playing knot fest in San Bernadino ??
its one if my favorite drops. I will always relate San Bernadino to that interview
you gonna do knotfest in San Bernadino in Oct?
Check out our review and photos from the opening day of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2014 at San...
Idyllwild adventure today with twinklynnyoureye @ Idyllwild - San Bernadino National Park
The 5th homi in San Bernadino in the past 4 days 😳
I'm in San bernadino and my grandma whispering as loud as she could told me about 95% of these people were probably on welfare
I just picked up an amazing globe at the San Bernadino Flea Market! $18 and I'm in love 😃
3 CUTIE small blk Terrier and Chi pups NEED ADOPTION;/rescue @ SAN BERNADINO AS CAL before they r killed
"Death doesn't discriminate." Check out a preview of appearance on A&E's "Scared Straight" ton. -
tonight on A&E featuring Juvenile Intervention Program. Watch the preview on A&E here
Please come to the San Bernadino area, IE
San Bernadino trying to be the Chicago of Cali
"San Bernadino just won't stop huh smh"them *** losing they mind
San Bernadino just won't stop huh smh
San bernadino is a horrible place. *** gettin killed back to back. Right down the street from my house
Go there and if You wish to visit Joe he is deep up in the canyons of San Bernadino, California. The only
SAN BERNADINO, CA *SUPER URGENT* WAY PAST KILL DATE!! This poor sweet girl was supposed to be euthan... -
it was a blast. Now I have to drive to San Bernadino.. I made the all star team. So we play tomorrow
No we go to Cal state san bernadino
SAN BERNADINO AS CAL gave this dog ONE DAY and killed him ON THAT DAY before rescue
wife missing from Palms CA. If you have info call San Bernadino Co. Sheriff's Dept. Please RT!
Playing this weekend in San Bernadino at CHALICE with & Hyroglyphics!! Its a Huge Line-up!!.
18 small dogs will die tonight if not rescued/adopted TODAY BY 4:30PM San Bernadino AS California see album
There will be a dog & cat slaughter TONIGHT @ SAN BERNADINO AS Cal right now 40 kitties & 18 dogs will b killed if not rescued by 4:30 !!
Close Call for Calif. Firefighter at Smoky Fire: The San Bernadino firefighter missed a hole that would have d...
San Bernadino County is the largest in the continental US and is larger than all but 9 continental states!
SLO is Central Coast and Kern County would be Central Valley, IMO. San Bernadino's SoCal.
This weekend it's all about STAGECOACH! But there are some other things happening if you're interested. Like Urban Yoga Center has a Tai Chi Yoga Fusion. Plus there are a number of great activities happening in SoCal and surrounding areas - the Kids 4 Kids Walk in Los Angeles; The Mud Factor in San Bernadino - 20+ obstacles in just 3 miles! Rogue Running in Temecula - more obstacles more miles! Walk MS in Las Vegas; the La Jolla Half Marathon. For my Pedal Pushers you've got the Alpine Challenge or a Surf & Turf ride from Julian to Solana Beach. Check them all out on FitbyNic Newsletters! Have a great weekend!
Music History on this day - April 15 1688 - Composer Johann Friedrich Fasch was born. 1927 - Serge Koussevitsky directed the Boston Symphony in the first performance of Frederick Converse’s symphony, "Flivver Ten Million." 1958 - Buddy Holly's Fender Stratocaster guitar was stolen at a St. Louis concert. 1966 - Buffalo Springfield performed for the first time as the opening act for The Byrds in San Bernadino, CA. 1966 - In England, Jimi Hendrix, The Walker Brothers, Cat Stevens and Engelbert Humberdink appeared at The Odeon. 1967 - The Nancy and Frank Sinatra duet "Somethin' Stupid" was on the U.S. singles chart. It was the first father and daughter act to hit 1968 - Aretha Franklin recorded "Think." 1969 - Archie Bell of the Drells was released from military service after a tour of Vietnam. 1982 - Billy Joel was seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident on Long Island, New York. He went to the hospital and stayed for over a month undergoing therapy on his injured hand. 1996 - In Los Angeles, CA, Rob Pila ...
Hey everybody. Starting at the first of January I was automatically enrolled in MediCal, as I had previously been enrolled in Arrow care (San Bernadino County health program). Just a few days ago, I was informed about the MediCal Estate Recovery Program, which essentially would force my "estate" to be sold to recover these MediCal costs that are supposed to be such a burden to tax payers. What a disgrace this state & country is!
Ah'right FB Villagers.y'all came through (& strong) for my dear friend who took custody of 3 children from her sister who is struggling with addiction. Thank you for that first off! Here is my plea today. A friend of a friend’s house burned down (San Bernadino County) yesterday, and she lost everything. Mom has a 9 year old daughter who wears a size 9/10 and shoe size... 2.she needs everything. The mother wears a 5/6. She is a caregiver and in need of scrubs for work as well as boulder holders aka bras, panty drawers etc.The family lost everything; pots, pans, dishes, toiletries, etc... anything to make a home again is needed. If anyone has anything to donate, it will be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to share. It takes a village and dammit, we are a mighty one!
At San Manuel Casino in San Bernadino. Ready to go to sleep. Still in GA time. Lol. Only 20 mins to my b-day. Yay me.
Looking for the following: Spanish speaking psychologist or social workers for working in Charter High Schools in the Los Angeles area Spanish speaking Psychologists or social workers for the Inland Empire including San Bernadino and Riverside and surrounding cities like Indio. Please send me a private message. Thanks!!
San Bernadino to Barstow - End of Journey / Santa Barbara to Los Angeles on the Southern Pacific
San Bernadino tonight for the High Times Cannibus Cup this weekend. Bash Cherry Pie will b available. Lol Hittin Big Bear tmmro morning first for some Snow.
Tony .V. Today in KISSTORY: February 3rd 1943 – Neil Bogart is born. He later became the president of Casablanca Records which was the first record label where KISS was signed. 1976 - Mixing sessions of the Destroyer album take place at the Record Plant in New York City, New York. 1977 - KISS Rock And Roll Over in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 1978 - KISS plays the second of two nights in Providence, Rhode Island at the Civic Center; to close out the Alive II tour in the USA. 1979 - KISS appears on the cover of the current issue of Sounds magazine. 1983 - KISS is in West Palm Beach, Florida for a concert on their 10th Anniversary tour at the West Palm Beach Auditorium. 1984 - KISS performs a show in San Bernadino, California at the Orange Pavillion on the Lick it Up tour. 1985 - Gene appears in a Bloome County comic strip. 1985 - KISS performs in Odessa, Texas at the Ector County Coliseum on the Animalize tour. 1987 - PETER SELLS HIS SHARE OF THE KISS COMPANY BACK TO GENE AND PAUL, THIS INCLUDED GIVING UP HIS R ...
On this Day in Weather History. *In 1987, an Arctic airmass invaded the north central United States. By evening, strong northwest winds, combined with temperatures near zero, resulted in wind chills near 50 below zero at Grand Forks, North Dakota. *In 1999, it was widely reported that Allagash, Maine set the state's all time record low temperature at 55 below zero. However, no record was set since the thermometer was found to be in error! *In 1934, Fairbanks, Alaska set their all-time record low temperature of 66 below zero. The day before, on the 13th, their low was 65 below while on the 15th, their low was 64 below. *In 1882, Southern California's greatest snow occurred on this date, when San Bernadino was buried under 15 inches. Even San Diego received a trace of snow.
Meet the newest addition to the WGSR family...Eli! Thanks to some very vigilant FB networkers, we learned of this incredibly handsome young boy being labeled as "Rescue Only" at one of the CA shelters. Eli is still a youngster - only a year old - and you can see how happy he is to have been rescued. A big shout out to our friends at Coastal German Shepherd Rescue, who helped us get this boy, and to Jamie and Russell who transported him all the way from San Bernadino to our rescue in downtown L.A.. Eli is much more ill, with a nasty case of kennel cough, than we realized from his original photos online, so WGSR is putting him on antibiotics right away. We know this handsome youngster will be a favorite soon enough with our fans, so we can't wait until he's healthy and ready for his furever home. Here's Eli's original thread: We appreciate all who pledged on behalf of Eli, and hope you will follow through on your pledges by making a donation to Westside at LM 1/5 12:00 PM
5 Famous Late Bloomers Who Didn't Get Their Dream Job Until After 40 By: Jen Hubley Luckwaldt, PayScale We live in a culture that's obsessed with youth, even though experience only comes with age. If you're feeling a little blue about leaving the wunderkind years, keep this in mind: many of the world's most talented and famous folks didn't find their calling until later in life. 1. Raymond Chandler After losing his job as an oil executive, Chandler decided to become an author of detective fiction -- at age 44. He published short stories in pulp magazines like Black Mask, before writing The Big Sleep. The book came out when he was 51. 2. Ray Kroc The founder of McDonald's was 52 when he met Maurice and Richard McDonald, whose San Bernadino drive-in featured a unique focus on speed. Prior to that, Kroc was an ambulance driver in World War I, a DJ, and a paper cup salesman. 3. Grandma Moses Sometimes, career inspiration comes from making lemonade out of lemons. For example, Grandma Moses, who started painti ...
killed with 20 empty cat cages at San Bernadino AS CAL - they just like to kill there no oversight
Dumped by rescue at general in San Bernadino. CODE RED! Needs rescue NOW. PLEASE SHARE LIKE CRAZY
they killed this highly adoptable cat w/20 empty cages-when is San Bernadino AS going to be held accountable?
Interview as a property manager in San bernadino today 😁
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Gauchos 10-0 in men's basketball headed into RCC quarters today against San Bernadino. Last time they started 11-0 was 1979-80.
Ugh San Bernadino is such an unfortunate place I would love this drive if it had a view of the ocean 😒😒😒🔫
Joseph is a staff favorite in San Bernadino! He is dog and people friendly, very well-mannered and LOVES to give hugs and kisses. Joseph is a Rottweiler/Lab mix. He is a year old. WOW!! This is a beautiful pup!! He needs a foster, rescue, adopter! ID - here is his original thread:
San Bernadino, CA - URGENT on E list. Labled pit but might be Dogo or dogo mix. Is anyone in california able to help?? If a rescue steps up she has pledges! SHARE SHARE SHARE!
OMG I have been waiting for fabric to come in since last week! My package is stuck in San Bernadino, CA and I am in Phoenix. It's not like I'm across the pond but it sure feels like it. Hopefully it will get here today.
Who Owns the Children? Who owns your children? Who determines your child’s fate? Who decides what your child will wear, eat and what they will believe? It costs hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars to raise a child. Parents make unbelievable financial sacrifices to raise a child as they plan for their future. Parents go through unbelievable heartache in their role as a parent as we rise and fall with our children’s accomplishments and setbacks. Parents rejoice when their child takes their first step or speaks their first word. Parents are forced to forsake the follies of their young adulthood in order to provide for their child. Parents agonize when their child is sad. And God forbid, a parent’s life effectively ends when they lose a child. With all the tribulations it takes to raise a child, there should be no question that the final authority to raise a child rests with the parents. The ultimate authority over a child, resides with the parents. The Bible clearly tells the children tha ...
“missing work?”no our main office is in San Bernadino we got a meeting today down there
I am quick to believe but I did read most of this. I liked Amanda and considered her to be the less greedy and deceitful than most if the rescues. Hmmm. But this is the reality of these people "new age rescues" = puppy peddlers. If anybody needs pledges to save a dog SAVE YOUR MONEY. Ronald Pierzowski has been arrested three times this year on charges including check fraud and theft. He and his wife Amanda run an online money raising operation, soliciting donations to rescue dogs. (Photo Courtesy Cook Co. IL Sheriff’s Dept.) The Pierzowskis “rescued” these two dogs as a bonded pair from the San Bernadino Animal Shelter. The adorable Chihuahua was kept for sale while Snoop, a pit bull, was dumped in a Colorado dog pound and will likely be killed. The Pierzowskis made hundreds on the deal. Amanda and Ronald Pierzowski are now soliciting funds to help them gain 501c charitable tax-exempt status. They are currently unlicensed to rescue dogs in their home state of Illinois, and concentrate on animals ...
San Bernadino, Ca . Look at these 2... Can they be any cuter?
my moms in san bernadino my brother has the nightshift till 3am and idk where my stepdad is so I called gabby
A fun night at the Calguns Inland Empire monthly shoot held at the Magnum Range in San Bernadino for Ian… who completely blew the competition at the end of the evening. He claims that it's just not natural to shoot at a Christmas Tree.
On my way to SAN MANUEL CASINO in s San Bernadino to finish celebrating my birthday i hope i win big big
If anyone needs a top notch private caregiver in the Yucaipa San bernadino, or Redlands area, I have stellar recomendations and years of experiace, please private message me. Thanks
Not sure if this little one will be there tomorrow. Please share for a foster! San Bernadino City shelter, CA
I honestly still wonder how my life would be like rn if I never moved from Pennsylvania to ratchet *** fake *** San bernadino
IMPORTANT! San bernadino, ca. Big hearted jillian needed to be out december 10th(today). She'll be KILLED! Save her!
San Bernadino shelter needs fosters for these babies or they die!
Telephonic Case Mgr RN(WC)-Patterson, CA or San Bernadino at Aetna (San... Find this Job&More:
San Bernadino Cty Shelter! URGENT! Momma and her 7 newborn pups. HAVE to get them out of there and somewhere safe!
Mama and just born 7 puppies at kill shelter in San Bernadino, CA * Please share to save!!
Look at this poor baby. San Bernadino CA shelter. She needs attention. Too bad the officer Bianca recognizes cannot keep her. Please share Gabe to the Rescue Passion for Pitties Rescue group
Adopt/rescue this CHOCOLATE POINT SIAMESE must exit SAN BERNADINO AS Cal today WED or dies
San Bernadino will begin more agressively utilizing social media to make their agency more "community friendly" and …
If anyone is looking for a cute little dog or can foster one.she needs your help. She is at a shelter and will be put down anytime! Located in San Bernadino. Needs picked up today.
Last call for this gorgeous young SIAMESE @ San Bernadino AS CAL PetHarborPet
San Bernadino, CA dog and puppies need help.
San Bernadino CA. New momma with 7 pups needs out of shelter. Please share with any fosters /rescues who could help her and her babies. Guardian Pit Bull Rescue Guardians of Rescue Villalobos Rescue Center Mayday Pit Bull Rescue & Advocacy America's Dog Pit Bull Rescue
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