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San Antonio Spur

The San Antonio Spurs are an American professional basketball team based in San Antonio, Texas. They are part of the Southwest Division of the Western Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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She is a student at the San Antonio Spur School of Emoting :) A prized pupil of Master Duncan
Jonathan Simmons of Waltrip won 1 of the HABCA skollies . No, not the San Antonio Spur!
Flew out to San Antonio in the spur of the moment
I was so salty when LA left Portland, but if he was to go anywhere, San Antonio was it. Becoming a Spur was a great choice for his career
Kawhi, Spurs take control with Game 3 win: . Kawhi Leonard scored 31 points as the San Antonio Spur...
Kawhi is a monster forged in the depths of San Antonio. He's the perfect Spur.
I want to be a san antonio spur so bad all your pals are from different continents and you dunk basketballs together what else could ya want
Question. Will Durant still wear the as a San Antonio Spur?
I would love to see CP3 become a San Antonio Spur
stop messing with us Spur fans talking about KD coming to San Antonio 😒
Kevin Durant will be a San Antonio Spur next year. Wait and see!
I got "San Antonio Spur!" on "Which NBA culture fits you?" If I got Houston, I would need to reevaluate myself.
"Skip bayless the San Antonio spur fan wishing for people to get hurt or kidnapped or something so his team could win" LOL
If you didn't get a chance to hear my interview with former UWGB star and current San Antonio Spur, Kiefer Sykes,...
Finally made it to San Antonio! And now I'm about to get a spur of the moment badge for SanJapan. . I'M SO EXCITED!
If you somehow established pro-rel right this second, you'd probably spur (some) MLS interest in places like NC, Indy, San Antonio
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A San Antonio Spur saw this belt and wants one according to a friend. I wonder who that would be?
Former San Antonio Spur out here living the post-NBA dream. Starting pitcher for a coed softball…
Spur jesus takes down criminal trying to rob his house...only in san Antonio would you have a super jesus...
Happy 38th birthday to my favorite San Antonio Spur, Manu Ginobili.…
The last hero has fallen. . Andy Lee is a Cleveland Brown, Ray McCallum is a San Antonio Spur, & Joaquin Arias has been DFA'd. .
"I'm happy to say I'm going home to Texas and will be a Spur!" -- LaMarcus Aldridge.
A word from our newest Spur, Jimmer Fredette! Welcome to San Antonio!
My argument for why the timeless Manu Ginobili is the most underappreciated San Antonio Spur this season...
Today's top headlines include a U.S. general being killed in an attack in Afghanistan, the San Antonio Spurs hiring the NBA's first full-time female coach, and a meeting of African leaders at the White House.
When San Antonio Spurs announced the hiring of the WNBA star as an assistant coach this week—making her the first full time, paid woman to
Another very positive step in the sports world... Smith: How Becky Hammon became a Spur
How Becky Hammon became the first female NBA assistant:
Becky Hammon has been named the assistant coach to the San Antonio Spur, and the NBA's first...
Imagine a world in which women being put on the sidelines was a good thing.
I'm still just so excited about this! . Smith: How Becky Hammon became a Spur.
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I've always found it funny that the San Antonio Spurs' logo is just a boot spur.
Came out to San Antonio Spur nation to hang out with Homie & Hamburger. Fixing eat seafood!!!Big…
Our professor said she felt bad for her facing questions with different intentions.
NBA champion San Antonio Spurs hire Becky Hammon as an assistant coach
How Becky Hammon became a Spur. She fits right in a mix, great tribute to one of the basketball great player
How did go from peeking in at Spurs practices to becoming a Spurs assistant coach?
From The Brilliant Marketing of the Spurs' Becky Hammon Hire: It's great that the NBA's San Antonio Spur...
San Antonio hires Becky Hammon as NBA's first female coach. Team logo will not change from spur to the high heel says club spokesman.
Tony Parker Wants to be a San Antonio Spur for Life:   Over the weekend, San Antonio Spurs PG ...
Me: Spurs hire woman as assistant coach: In what many sports fans view as a historic move, the reigning NBA champion San Antonio Spur...
The NBA welcomes six-time WNBA all-star Becky Hammon, as the San Antonio Spur's...
Learn how FOX 29 in San Antonio got over 1200 shares for a personality assessment in this 'Of The Week':
Proud to be a Spurs fan more than ever. Congrats on making history! San Antonio loves you as a Star & now even more as a Spur!
May have to reconsider Spur dislike MT have hired the first female assistant coach in league history:
.helps spur hope in East Side, a San Antonio neighborhood w/ high pop. known for its
She can San Antonio my Spur anytime.Am I right?
Game 4: San Antonio Spur at Oklahoma City Thunder start time, betting odds and tv info
Getting ready to watch Game 1 against my Beloved San Antonio Spurs against them Portland Trailblazers. Go Spurs Go!!!
Gonna be a late night in the Miles In The Morning household! San Antonio Spurs are on in 15 and this girl wants to watch the game!
Looks like Miami win again! Waiting on that Portland Trail Blazers and San Antonio Spurs game! Should be a good one! Lord knows im not a Spurs fan! Ijs come on Portland.
Roll call !! Who is ready to watch The San Antonio Spurs ??? If you are , give me a Go Spurs Go !!
After dismantling a Dallas Mavericks in a 119-96 Game 7 feat on Sunday, a San Antonio Spurs will continue their query to repeat as Western Conference Champions opposite a Portland Trail Blazers. The Blazers took 6 games to hit off a Houston Rockets in their possess first-round conflict behind an...
It's almost that time let's go San Antonio Spurs let's get Nasty!
***Official San Antonio Spurs Track*** For all my Spurs Fans! Share with all Spurs Fans! Its time to wreck the playoffs and get that ring!
Well now we have a conundrum. I like the Portland Trailblazers because that's where I'm from and I like the San Antonio Spurs because they are a bunch of wily old guys. I'm a wily old guy. Lenie says it's a win-win and I should relax. What to do, what to do? Cause you know who I root for determines the final outcome, my cheering wields that kind of power. (I'm being facetious of course)
I know the Heat and Nets are playing game 1 of the second round of the NBA playoffs ( Yawn😴), but I'm watching the NHL playoffs. Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens.. Sure miss hockey here in Laredo.. Waiting for my San Antonio Spurs game to start!!! Go Spurs Go!!!
Am I right to assume (I know I shouldn't) but am I right to assume that all of Texas will be rooting for the San Antonio Spurs in the semi-finals?
Let's go San Antonio Spurs! Get this win today! Dleon Faith, who do you think is going to take Game 1. Portland or Spurs? It's going to be a good series. Thomas Vega
Can't wait to see that San Antonio Spurs game! NBA-THE GOOD LIFE
Waiting on this good San Antonio Spurs game & then its NBA & tacos for my night. Sipping on my left over Jose Cuevo & Margarita mix &/or Earl Stevens Selection MangoMascato & chill like I do. Solo Bolo for the moment.
Getting ready to go see the San Antonio Spurs beat the Portland Trailblazers .
The San Antonio Spurs -6.5 are hosting the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 1 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals. Who you got?
It's Rip City time! Game against the San Antonio Spurs is tonight! We'll have the game going on the big screen, as well as food and drink specials!! Game time 6:30, Go Blazers!!!
Dear San Antonio Spurs fans.i hope y'all get swept by Portland lol Sincerely Mavs Fans! ~TINY~
oh my god Miami is playing the easiest team in the NBA come on please! hurry up and lose so I can watch my San Antonio Spurs
1st. We have Pony League MV Panther Baseball! Go Panthers and swing for the fences Cody Brashear! Then we have our San Antonio Spurs!! If I had to choose, I sure do love my Spurs, but I'll take a Panther win over any other any day of the week! Go Panthers Go and Go Spurs Go!
Best of luck to San Antonio Spurs general manager R.C. Buford (Oklahoma State) and Miami Heat team president Pat Riley (Kentucky) as their teams begin the second round of NBA playoffs tonight!
Will be pulling for the Portland Trail Blazers before long going up against the San Antonio Spurs with the best record in the NBA during the regular season, in Texas no less. GO BLAZERS!
To all my San Antonio Spurs friends.I am denouncing our friendship until the Blazer/Spurs series is over.
As the Official TV Station of the San Antonio Spurs, KENS 5 loves giving away tickets to see the Silver and Black in the playoffs. Click to watch our latest winner, Valerie of San Antonio who will be going to tonight's Game 1 against the Blazers.
Swing by and grab B&D bbq to-go for tonights San Antonio Spurs game! We're eaten' good in Southtown
San Antonio Spurs live at Fralo's on the GIANT screen for Semifinals game Tonight at 8:30pm
Catch happy hour from 4-7 and Game 1 Brooklynn Nets vs. Miami Heat Of course local favorite, Game 1 for San Antonio Spurs vs. Portland Trail Blazers Twisted Tuesday! Come in and have some dinner, drinks, and watch the playoffs with us (:
San Antonio Spurs lets get that W tonight.
BDL's second-round previews wrap up with a look at the Western Conference tilt between the top-seeded San Antonio Spurs and the No. 5 Portland Trail Blazers, which ought to be a high-scoring and thrilling series.
The San Antonio Spurs just finished going toe-to-toe with a transformational power forward whose mid-range game stretched their defense to the max, needing seven games to oust Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks.
It's official, I am now a full time San Antonio Spurs fan. No Warriors Gear for me.
Yeah, baby! It's mommy and Handsome Man - along with our beloved San Antonio Spurs! - time tonight! We'll be rocking the AT&T center. Go Spurs GO!!!
What!! The San Antonio Spurs game is at. 230 in the morning. F that go spurs I'll dream of the game
Babies LOVE the San Antonio Spurs! Share YOUR Spurs photos with us here:
San Antonio SpursPortland Trail Blazers / T.Parker over 19.5 Tony Parker is the main player of San Antonio and the takes plenty of responsibility in the game. He averaged 19.8 points in the 7 matches against Dallas and played almost 35 minutes every game. Today it is expected plenty of points in this game, Parker should play around 37-38 minutes and take around 20 shots. With a good scoring percentage and some free throws we expect him over this margin today. Odds : 1.85 Stake : 5/10
Show us your San Antonio Spurs Spirit! Share your Spurs Spirit pics with us as the good guys square off against the Portland Trail Blazers starting TONIGHT!
Your San Antonio Spurs continue the drive for 5 with game 1 in the 2nd round against the Portland Trailblazers!!! We are inviting everyone out to come and root for the Spurs with our game day specials!! We will be having specials starting an hour before tipoff for every Spurs playoff game!! 50 cent wings, $1 onion rings, $3 chili cheese dogs, 2.50 burritos w/chili&cheese, 2.75 16oz Budwieser & Budlight aluminum bottles so come on in and catch all the action all in high definition!!
I really want to go to a San Antonio Spurs play off game who wants to buy me a ticket
Montell Jordan sings a San Antonio Spurs version of his '95 hit "This is How We Do It".
All i want is to watch the San Antonio Spurs beat the *** out of Portland and to eat a Bacon Cheeseburger w/ fried egg on it ...w/ steak fries and some Sol beers!!! Thats all .. heeheehee!
The San Antonio Spurs are also gifting a $1000 donation to the nonprofit that can raise the most money between 1pm and 2pm.
Anyone who needs a reason to root for the San Antonio Spurs, I give you coach Gregg Popovich. He's been having WNBA star Becky Hammon, who wants to coach someday, attend practices. And Popovich says about a female NBA coach someday - "I don't see why not. There shouldn't be any limitations. It's about talent and the ability to do things. It's not about what your sex is or your race is or anything else."
Chicago Blackhawks and San Antonio Spurs playing tonight dang it. Well good thing I can watch both games one on TV the other on my IPAD. Multitasking QUEEN...Only when necessary :)
ROUND 2 BABY! FOOD TRUCKS and PLAYOFFS! San Antonio Spurs on all the screens, including the 20ft projector, at The Block SA tonight! OPEN at 5:00PM. SPURS are on at 8:30PM! Come see us! FOOD TRUCK LINE UP: Sir-Wacha Rick's Hunger Buster
Come join us at the Sports Park tonight as we cheer on the Blazers in game 1 @ San Antonio Spurs at 6:30pm! Rip City!!!
The San Antonio Spurs have been the most successful NBA team of the 21st century. With plenty of championship trophies under their belt, the Spurs have amassed a great collection of fans around the world. Here are a few of…
Free San Antonio Spurs tickets today at Academy Sports and outdoors on Loop 410 and Vance Jackson!!!
Everyone have a great day. Let's hear it for the San Antonio Spurs .GO SPURS GO.
- Come see me and the other lovely ladies of Mariachi Mujer Internacional on court tonight at the San Antonio Spurs Game! We will be playing during a timeout, so hopefully y'all can sheck us out on the big screen!
Superior Stripe proud sponsors of your San Antonio Spurs!!!
The last time San Antonio Spurs and Portland Trail Blazers play a playoffs series it was 15 years ago...who can forget that year and that historicallly series, Sean Elliott's Memorial Day Miracle and my boys advanced to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history and won their very first NBA Championship :)
Hey it's Jeff Miles and my little Spur is ready for tonight's game!. San Antonio Spurs tickets will...
God Morning SA!!! If you want FREE tickets to the San Antonio Spurs for tonight's game against Portland watch this video!!!
Hey welcome back folks, had a little absence there.did somebody say San Antonio Spurs?
New : Random spur to San Antonio: Safari & shopping fun with lovie by cherylmpham
So excited to be headed out and about again today to giveaway FREE San Antonio Spurs tickets at the Sports + Outdoors on 410 and Vance Jackson today from 11-Noon! See you all there!
Will strike again? The San Antonio Spurs battle it out tonight against the Dallas Mavericks at 9:30pm/et.
I got $100 on San Antonio. Any Blazer fans or Spur haters Wanna take me up on that bet?
San Antonio Spurs and Portland Trailblazers, best match-up ever!
I have to own up to the friendly bet with Shelby Levins - KMID. During the 10PM show, I wore a San Antonio Spurs shirt. All in good fun! Go Mavs! We'll be back next year!
George Hill (ex San Antonio Spur) is the only pacer playing. None of his teammates seem to have it.
San Antonio Spurs live on the GIANT screen at Fralo's Tuesday night 8:30pm
(Caruso) Well Jay, let's see if Damian Lillard can Spur the Blazers past San Antonio.
Win San Antonio Spurs tickets, Six Six Flags Fiesta Texas , cash and more this week on KONO 1011 !
Bring on the San Antonio Spurs! Since the playoffs are all about matchups, here’s a quick breakdown of Rip City vs. the Alamo City: Point Guard: Damian Lillard vs. Tony Parker Parker, a former NBA Finals MVP who is persistently overlooked, is still a better player than Lillard. His uncanny ability to use his insane quickness to carve up opposing defenses simply cannot be replicated by any other player in the game. But believe it or not, Lillard has been the more productive lead guard throughout this postseason. I feel like both guards are going to have a difficult time guarding each other and this is going to lead to big performances from both of them. Round 1 series averages: Lillard: 25.5 points (on 47% shooting), 6.7 assists, 6.3 rebounds, 1.3 steals, and 2.3 turnovers in 44.7 minutes per game. Parker: 19.9 points (on 47% shooting), 4.7 assists, 2.6 rebounds, and 3.0 turnovers in 33.0 minutes per game. Edge: Draw Shooting Guard: Wesley Matthews vs. Danny Green These two players’ roles are pretty si ...
I like how ESPN shows nothing of the best team in the NBA our San Antonio Spurs
Western Conference Semifinals: (1) San Antonio Spurs vs. (5) Portland Trailblazers. Predictions, x-factors, and key to victory? go.
Come see us!!! Watch and find out how to get your San Antonio Spurs tickets!!
Share YOUR San Antonio Spurs photos with us here:
Spurs run away with Game 7 win over Mavs: Tony Parker scored 32 points and the San Antonio Spur...
What famous people were born in your city? — Sean Elliot former San Antonio Spur and Arizona Wildcat
Nobody breathe too hard - A San Antonio Spur might fall over ...
Tbh, one spur dragged me to the other. San Antonio to Tottenham
An extra San Antonio Spur was missed by the officials in the chaos of the final seconds of Game 6 against the...
Apparently not even a 6-on-5 advantage was enough to beat the in Game 6.
If Blair played with half the enthusiasm he does for Dallas when he was a Spur he would be the first big off the bench for San Antonio.
I hope San Antonio can... Spur up some buckets
As much as I respect Gregg Popovich, I will 4ever hate every single San Antonio Spur until the day I die. . .
whenever man, we waiting we gonna San Antonio Spur that ***
Register today for NAAF's 29th Annual Patient Conference, SPUR THE CURE, in San Antonio, Texas! Go to .
. Well Jay, Dallas always seems 2 have San Antonio on their heels but at the Spur of the moment they lose
San Antonio Spur beat the Mavericks to take 3-2 series lead.
Tough question: which San Antonio Spur do I hate the most?
Timeout and Our San Antonio Spurs are leading the Dallas Mavericks in the third quarter The score is 73-66 spur
only spur fan on my feed I see talking about the game never even been to san antonio, where you locals at? stop hiding until the game over
Duckworth! One of those guys you forget was a San Antonio Spur.
Spur of the moment trip to San Antonio for the spurs/mavs game! 🙌🏀
The greatest San Antonio spur of all time.
I liked him ever since his early days in Phoenix, so glad & honored he's a San antonio spur.
Tony Parker is the only San Antonio Spur that i like. I love watching him play.
Idk why all these Spur fans are in Dallas. If you love the Spurs so much move to *** to San Antonio! Dallas=MAVS nuff said.
San Antonio's Player of the Game goes to DeJuan Blair. Traded to another team but clearly is still a Spur at heart b/c he gave em the game
you don't deserve to even say you were a San Antonio Spur.
My sister met former San Antonio Spur and Kentucky Colonel Artis Gilmore today in Jacksonville. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous
There's never been a San Antonio Spur like Manu Ginobili. Throughout the years his insane passing has delighted fans and bewildered teammates.
Andre Iguodala will be a San Antonio Spur by Friday!
Just had a great chat with the newest San Antonio Spur - Bishop Luers grad Deshaun Thomas. Hear from him tonight at 6 only on WANE-TV Newschannel 15
DeShaun Thomas is now a San Antonio Spur. Great move for him, going to a winner. Now, he's got to make the team.
After playing basketball and working out for 4 hours with 2 Memphis Grizzlies players, 1 San Antonio Spur player, 4 Professional basketball players from Greece, and 11 other overseas Pros, I can say I've never been so exhausted in my life. Such a blessing to have the opportunity to workout with those guys. Heading back tomorrow to work out with them as well as a few guys from the Oakland Raiders. Opportunity of a lifetime!
That's just wrong!!! I had a box meal from Taco Bell of which it is an NBA Western Conference box. Had photos of a Dallas Maverick, OKC Thunder, Denver Nugget, LA Laker, LA Clipper, Minnesota Timberwolves & Memphis Grizzly player. Not a single San Antonio Spur who by the way is the Western Conference Champion! WTH
Thanks Timmy! It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have you as a San Antonio Spur and we hope you have another year or two in you to bring another championship. You are definitely one-of-a-kind in today's standard of professional athletes.
Game 7 tonite!! Ryan McDonald & I will be behind tha bar slingin drinks at Palombos! Come in & watch the game on tha projection screen & get ur groove on with drink specials! Starting at game time, we'll have $1.50 bud & bud lite drafts plus ahow your support with team drinks. We'll be making "San Antonio Spur shot" with Black Margaritas & "Miami Heat-tinis" & "Lebron shot" Get your butts there!!
Ive been a San Antonio Spur for over fifteen years and as a dedicated fan I feel we will win this CHAMPIONSHIP TONIGHT!!! Just recieved word that the Texas nuns prayed for the u know this is a serious matter.GO SPURS GO!
This is game 7 day, the Spurs must behave and play as if it is Armagedeon. If I were a San Antonio Spur today and got a phone call that a loved was transitioning and requested to see me before they expire, they would have to wait or make that transition without seeing me. My entire focus would be about winning game 7 today.
*** yeah spurs allday bby:p San Antonio Spur: 114 Miami Heat: 104 One more game spurs letz do it nd its over One game One team One champions *San Antonio Spurs*
San Antonio Spur. We can do it guys! Go for the WIN!!! Beat the Heat make it Cool.
PODS now scheduled to arrive and be unpacked on MONDAY! Ugh. John and Thomas are leaving tomorrow for a week long summer camp with new Scout Troop (how convenient!). We did just have lunch with San Antonio Spur point guard Cory Joseph, so that's a plus! Well, he was near us in the restaurant anyway. 󾌩
LeBron James leads Miami Heat to 109-93 win over San Antonio Spur to even NBA Finals
Bummer was hoping to sleep like a baby...sleeping like a San Antonio Spur.
Win or loss San Antonio Spur fan no matter wat
What a NBA game on channel 13 right now! Hit it San Antonio Spur s ! Whoop Whoop... My daughter's team Jessica Nichole. .. :-D
I have to say it. For the first and hopefully ONLY time in my life. I am a San Antonio Spur fan!
It sure was good to see San Antonio Spur the heat. Man they rode roughshod. That was worth sitting up late for.
And we close out with a 36 points lead beat down by the San Antonio Spur. What a great night.
During this entire *** whooping, I have not seen a single San Antonio Spur thump their chest - much less in the middle of a play. As many threes as Danny Green has hit tonight, not once has he shown off or acted like an *** THAT is why the Spurs are my team.
Were those T-Macs first points as a San Antonio Spur?
San Antonio Spur 's court is raining 3 points. Miami cannot stop them,
Great game one in the NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spur vs Miami Heat last night! Tony Parker is the man! I'm excited for game two on Sunday!
Win or Lose is a part of a Game.. I will stay with S.A.Spur..this is the Second time Duncan & James met in NBA final..Six Years ago, San Antonio Spur is the CHAMPION:).. but you don't know the best sidekick of Tim Duncan.. Tony Parker is more Dangerous than James..;) DUNCAN, BRYANT'S are the Greatest After MICHAEL JORDAN...:)
San Antonio Spur lead Miami Heat, 92-88 in d final of NBA play off game 1.
San Antonio Spur in 5! I want to say the Spurs will sweep, but I think Miami will win a game.
Funny how many "San Antonio Spur" fans there are now they in the championship!!! Lol stay asleep apur fans next San Antonio Championship u gon get is off a bullridin redneck boot not happenin this yr!!! Good game
S/o's to all the fake *** San Antonio Spur fans. This playoffs is rigged so my bro LBJ is gonna win hands down so smdwamfc.
San Antonio Spur cold water and cool the HEAT.
Well I guess everybody on that San Antonio Spur band wagon now...
Believe or not Miami win the white hat Eastern conference champion 2013 ready to beat San Antonio Spur to capture the NBA championship 2013 Go Heat Go Heat Go Heat
Where are all the San Antonio Spur fans
the NBA is just like the WWE it' all set up its set up to be the San Antonio Spur s & the Miami Heat let's go Spurs
To all u so call Flame fans,most of u all were Kobe fans,but I understand whoever winning,better be Tony Parker,Tim Duncan,Manu Ginobli,and San Antonio Spur fans that's who is going 2 win it all! Spurs will have 5 rings like Kobe.
For all you San Antonio Spur fans channel 6 weather is predicting a massive Heat wave.
Shout out to my my boy Adam Gavin the realest n true San Antonio Spur fan I know. Yo 40 I think yo boys got another championship.
Yay for all the San Antonio Spur haters well guess what they did it! :)
ROBBEN!! thx u no nid see.for extra time~ 9am wake up for San Antonio Spur vs Memphis!! Nite~
I think I be a San Antonio Spur no mater position (bench, guard, center) you have to be able to hit threes. Also the little French man can drive the key.
Kawhi Leonard for the San Antonio Spur is the next Scottie Pippin take notice.TRUTH
Those who don't know basketball shut up! Some people said the Spurs had no chance. I know it's game one but what happened. To my co-worker friend and San Antonio Spur fan Jarvis roll tide Keely you are right. We will not worry. The Spurs this year is a different team. The bench is deeper. We have better shooters from the outside this year.
San Antonio Spur are a true Fundamental Basketball team they just play the game the way it's suppose to be played !
Just saw and spoke to Mario Ellie former San Antonio Spur, talk about GRUMPY smh
it was worth staying up late go San Antonio Spur$!
OAKLAND, Calif. -- It seems like the most common conversation about Tony Parker is the conversation about how he isn't in the conversation. The career-long San Antonio Spur has talked about it many a time, and it even came up twice in the same interview session after Friday night's game. His name is...
San Antonio Spur, De Juan Blair might be gone this time next week as he wanted prior the beginning of this season. He complained of not getting enough playing time. Well, his wish has come, either Detroit, Miami or Boston will pick up this Big
With those numbers, Al Jefferson should be great trade bait; can you say Al Jefferson the San Antonio Spur?
Our top 3 athletes you watched knowing there was a good chance they might do something crazy! Metta World Peace aka (Ron Artest) Some may question his game. Others say he's overrated but most will agree that Mr. Peace has a look in his eyes that makes you wonder where's his mind at. From the brawl with players and fans in Detroit to his confrontation with Kobe as a Houston Rocket and even his on court interview after winning the NBA title with the Lakers, this man is much watch TV! Dennis Rodman. There wasn't much to double take about Rodman while he was a "Bad Boy" in Detroit. He played hard, won and for the most part was a simple guy but for some reason this man decided to switch things up! We noticed once he became a San Antonio Spur. The hair colors, the attitude and downright disrespect for his opponents and fans. Things stayed the same as he became a Chicago Bull, running with the likes of MJ and Pippen. Many wondered could the tattoo having, pierced party animals career survive with the Bulls. The ...
The GREATEST “Power Forward” in NBA History and my Favorite player – Tim Duncan made the “All-Star Game” for the 14th time. He has the championships and 2 MVPs to back it up and goes off the glass better than anybody does who ever touched a basketball. No doubt the best San Antonio Spur with no disrespect to David Robinson or the “Ice Man” George Gervin, respectfully. Duncan, in his prime, had all the necessary ingredients to be the BEST. He makes his teammates better & he’s breaking records like the Beatles. Enjoy him now because he only has a few years left and at his older age still proves to be amongst the VERY best in the NBA!
San Antonio Spur vs. Memphis Grizzlies tonight will be going tonight it's going to be good night tonite
Why in the blue *** can't i just randomly run into a San Antonio Spur!
Win Austin Toros tickets! Tomorrow, Saturday, December 22nd is Sean Elliott night (retired San Antonio Spur) with the Toros and we have 20 tickets! 5 winners will receive 4 tickets each and a photo opp with The Toros mascot. Sean's speech starts at 5:30, game following. Answer the following question: A Christmas Story or The Grinch (the animated version)?! Post your choice, then Email your favorite to lisaby 2:00pm today to be entered in the drawing. Please include your phone number in your entry. The winners will be contacted by 6 pm today and can pick up their tickets at Will Call tomorrow before the game.
After 16 years i always wondered where my college basketball coach went, and it was confirmed last night on TNT he has season tickets with the San Antonio Spur's and still sits behind the Spur's coaching staff? It couldnt get much more perfect than that. (Que emocion!)
Who is your favorite? Texas Rangers or Houston Astros Dallas Mavs, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spur s Dallas Cowboys or Houston Texans
So ready for basketball season... Duke Blue Devil and San Antonio Spur's all day every day Baby .
A Patty Mills montage of 2012 as a San Antonio Spur. Good Luck in London leading the Boomers Patty!
A San Antonio Spur great who is a Texan fan. It don't get any better than that. :-)
San Antonio Spur playing for France :) love the Spurs..
Retired San Antonio Spur forward Bruce Bowen is among the crowd at Obama's first fundraiser in Texas, wearing his trademark bowtie.
"Tim Duncan has established himself as one of the best players in NBA history," coach Gregg Popovich said. "He is an unselfish superstar who loves to compete and has only one goal when he steps on the court — to do whatever it takes to help his team win. We are all thrilled that he'll spend his entire career as a San Antonio Spur."
Air AlamoSpur for life: Tim Duncan contract negotiation updateAir AlamoTim Duncan will be a San Antonio Spur nex...
Why do people have to add an "s" its Miami Heat not heats Thunder not thunders. Its like saying Boston Celtic or San Antonio Spur. Learn!
Andre Iguodala posing after becoming a San Antonio Spur! Iggy had this to say after the decision, "To play for...
I hope will stay a San Antonio Spur.
Tim Duncan says he'll retire a San Antonio Spur, eventually: Mario Gutierrez rode to second place on I'll Have A...
For anyone that is interested, I have a San Antonio Spur legend David Robinson card from 2008 that is FULL CHROME on the front. What was worth nearly 60$ last (2011) December, I may sell to you. I am willing to negotiate any deal. I also have a big card variety of players and contact me if you have any players you would be interested in acquiring.
San Antonio Spur Matt Bonner is a class act.his response to the drama with the Woodland Hills Middle School...
Born today...Bill Paxton-Alien and Titanic actor,America's Funniest Videos and Full House-Bob Sagat,San Antonio Spur guard Tony Parker,Dennis Hopper-played in Speed and Apocalypse Now(my favorite war movie),and Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor.
When all is said and done, I’ll always remember Vinny Del *** as the terrible-haired coach of some mediocre Chicago Bulls teams that probably should have been better than .500. But that’s because I’m a Bulls fan. For all you other peeps, it’s quite likely VDN will always be a San Antonio Spur in y...
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Dammm Vinny Del *** don't you wish you were still a San Antonio Spur.
The first playoff series David Robinson lost as a San Antonio Spur was against which team?
ASCEND is what's happening right now! Mike Hayes Bishop David Copeland Retired San Antonio Spur, Sean Elliott...
Up for sale is an Autographed Basketball signed by San Antonio Spur Manu Ginobili. This come with an COA from Global Authentics.
History has been made: I like a San Antonio Spur Player (Stephen Jackson)
Saw former San Antonio Spur David Robinson today at the Nike Camp
Tune in at 6pm ET and don't miss our conversation with 76ers color commentator and former San Antonio Spur/New...
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