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Samuel L Jackson

Samuel Leroy Jackson (born December 21, 1948) is an American film and television actor and film producer.

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lol right. Samuel L Jackson would be a funny *** Uncle Ruckus too 😂jaden smith would be a solid Huey though.
That's what I was thinking. Morgan Freeman hella dry and they should have Samuel L Jackson play Uncle Ruckus
So Tom Daley is *** . In other news Samuel L Jackson is black.
Samuel L Jackson giving a motivational speech to Michael Phelps before the race starts
.dismisses Samuel L Jackson's movie casting claims
Ruth Negga responds to Samuel L Jackson's comments about black British actors being 'cheaper'…
'There's no huge conspiracy': Ruth Negga on why Samuel L Jackson was wrong British actors - interview
Samuel L Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones, John Witherspoon, And Morgan Freeman all having a contest for who can look the same age the longest.
We got into it over the Samuel L Jackson thing. Before then it was chalking up SH fandom o…
"I was a square for so long and it totally amazes me that people think I am cool.". Samuel L Jackson
Ultimate Choc Ice, he makes Samuel L Jackson's character in Django look sound
Samuel L Jackson's character is perfect for him LOL . If only they made a live-action version of the Boondocks and cast him as Uncle Ruckus 😂
If it were Luther Campbell instead of Samuel L Jackson in Star Wars, Campbell would've asked they change his character's name to Bass Windu.
Jamie Foxx, Leo Di Caprio, Samuel L Jackson and Christoph Waltz all put in All Star performances.
Jay-Z is a Sagittarius . The Game is a Sagittarius . Trey Songz is a Sagittarius . Samuel L Jackson is Sagittarius . La…
This sounds like that riddle on Diehard 3 w Samuel L Jackson & Jeremy Irons
This is Jocko The first American child hero, in the movie Shaft. With Samuel L Jackson and Richard Roundtree.…
to my first acting gig with Samuel L Jackson as Jules Winnfield the Hockey Coach lol…
*** why is Samuel L Jackson so obsessed with this couple on Lakeview Terrace
Awesome movie! Can't wait till part 3 Mr. Glass! Going to be epic with Bruce Wills, Samuel L Jackson, and James McAvoy in part 3
And I'm talking about big names like Christopher Lee and Samuel L Jackson aka people who have acted well before.
Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson and James McAvoy will star in GLASS, a joint sequel to UNBREAKABLE and SPLIT
Samuel L Jackson without a doubt but I need Morgan Freeman for my wedding & kid's birth but James can get my childh…
If Samuel L Jackson is still a viable action star then why hasn't given us a solo Nick Fury jawn?
I liked a video Go the f**k to sleep, read by Samuel L Jackson
This one is easy. The Spirit (2008). Though admittedly I did laugh at some of Samuel L Jackson's more ludicrous lin…
Samuel L. Jackson evokes ‘Pulp Fiction’ in radio ad for Georgia election that has GOP on edge
Are you guys gonna react to the red band trailer for The Hitman's Bodyguard? Ryan Reynolds/Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L Jackson and the sea of monsters
The Hitman's Bodyguard spoof poster is hilarious via
Lakeview Terrace was decent Samuel L. Jackson is tough in all movies 🎥
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson win the internet by parodying The Bodyguard
"Remember what happened last time people stayed home? We got stuck with Trump.". —Samuel L. Jackson backing Jon Ossoff in…
Samuel L Jackson backs Democrats in new radio ad for Georgia special election
Samuel L. Jackson tapes radio ad for Democrats in Georgia special election
Samuel L. Jackson thinks Democrats will win in a deep red state like Georgia? Ok, good luck with that
6/ CW is going to lure Tarzan back from London in exchange for diamonds! Jim Broadbent is there as PRIME MINISTER… Samuel L Jackson! *** !
Earlier today, Barry Manilow came out as *** in a related story, Samuel L Jackson has also announced he's black.
About to watch The Negotiator starring Samuel L Jackson, Kevin Spacey, and David Morse. I'm shaking.
Samuel L Jackson: "I'm not knocking the British rapper Giggs, but, imagine what an African American rapper could have done o…
Gackt and Samuel L Jackson as Spoke Strofe and Barret in the Crisis Core 2 live action adaptation confirmed.
Okay, so this has been bothering me all day since I saw KONG today. Samuel L Jackson's character carries a Colt 190…
Hugh Jackman to quit doing Wolverine roles after Logan. Someone call Samuel L Jackson to carry the torch...…
Here go Samuel L Jackson's black *** saying the Get Out star isn't black enough. Like Sam u play the same person in all your movies
if u havin a bad day I just imagine Samuel L Jackson has John Travolta by his side and the movie is actually just Pulp Fi…
BBC News - Get Out star says Samuel L Jackson 'entitled to his opinion'
I actually think Samuel L Jackson had legit complaints but don't let this discussion be an excuse to air out your r…
If you say "what" 3 times into a mirror, Samuel L Jackson shows up and makes you sign up for a Capital One credit card.
"My dad calls Samuel L Jackson: Sam Jackson, like he thinks their friends or something"
Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L Jackson take us behind the scenes of - to Hawaii, Oz and Vietnam.
is great fun. Has a cool platoon vibe with Samuel L Jackson doing an excellent Tom Berenger.
Samuel L Jackson is in favor of AMERICA FIRST!!
Samuel L Jackson clarifies comments about black British actors being 'cheaper' to hire than ...
3. Samuel L Jackson saying that we've "been interracial dating for a hundred years" makes it sound as if the UK is an int…
and Samuel L Jackson has just joined the d*ckhead list. What a disappointment 🙁
the thing Samuel L Jackson said about British actors
Samuel L Jackson doesn't want black Brits taking African American roles but is OK with black Americans taking black Africa…
Samuel L Jackson is mad because black British actors are playing African Americans. What if I told you...
Apparently JK Simmons was originally set down to play the Samuel L Jackson role in Kong: Skull Island. Iinteresting.
Samuel L Jackson hit out at black British actors in Hollywood. Was he right? | Gary Younge and Joseph Harker
Samuel L Jackson has clarified comments he made about British black actors earlier this week.
Samuel L Jackson and Allison Williams are about to be on
I want someone to love me just as much as Samuel L Jackson loves Donnie Yen
*pitching a movie to Samuel L Jackson*. Producer: "ok so---". Jackson: "I'm in"
Samuel L Jackson condemns casting black British actors in US roles they can't understand via
I wonder what an actual Jedi would have brought to Samuel L Jackson's Star Wars role? Shame we'll never know.
i figure for Samuel L Jackson its worth a viewing.
MC: People have asked the internet about Samuel L. Jackson. He answers all those questions now ==>…
Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson talk about -
You have plenty of time! . Here's when these notable names got their starts. . Samuel L. Jackson - 43. Betty White…
Samuel L Jackson: Don't cast British actors in films about US race relations
the Rapper donates $1 million to Chicago Public Schools; Samuel L. Jackson, Ava DuVernay, more react to Ben Carson
Samuel L. Jackson is the hero we need. Watch the full thing here:
"I don't see anything wrong with what Samuel L. Jackson said"- a person who has never been to the U.K. and doesn't know…
Samuel L Jackson seems to have a bizarrely sunny notion of the history of interracial dating in UK. Notting Hill ri…
Y'all hate Samuel L. Jackson because he wanted Black American actors to play historical Black American figures instead of Blac…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Samuel L. Jackson criticizes casting of actors in films...
Samuel L Jackson Has Much to Say About Depictions of Black Women on Screen, Black British Actors in Hollywood & More http…
Samuel L Jackson already gave us the plot via his Hot 97 interview!
Samuel L Jackson criticises casting of black British actors in American films
Samuel L Jackson is the best actor ever. 😂💯
Samuel L Jackson criticises black British actors who take African-American roles
there are no good guys in Jurassic Park except maybe Samuel L Jackson but even then his excessive secondhand smoke is wor…
Wonder who is the worst Uncle Tom between Samuel L Jackson 's character on Django,Uncle Ruckus or Ben Carson
Apropos of nothing I still really like Samuel L Jackson's take on SHAFT. I also really like the Jesse Stone films.
Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L Jackson, John C Reilly and Brie Larson attend the European premiere of in Lon…
Hollywood start Samuel L Jackson invited by to opening of his new hotel near Exeter.
Chef Michael Caines is hoping Samuel L Jackson will join him for hotel opening near Exeter.
Thumbs up if you think Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson and Laurence Fishbourne are all the same magical black man. https:/…
Chris Pratt, Denzel Washington, and Samuel L Jackson are my favorite actors tbh
When Paul Nuttall is in his rented house in Stoke, he wears his flat cap back-to-front and talks like Samuel L Jackson
Paul Giamatti, Nic Cage, Cillian Murphy, Samuel L Jackson, Breckin Meyer, maybe one or two more
Oscars: Halle Berry, Samuel L Jackson and Scarlett Johansson added as presenters
Oscars 2017: Samuel L Jackson, Kate McKinnon and more to present awards at probably Trump-centric ceremony - The…
Every Samuel L Jackson or Kurt Russell role from a tarintino movie is perfect. And I mean that lol . Django is the best movie imo
I just remembered that Martin Landau won Best Supporting Actor in Ed Wood over Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction and I'm infuriated again.
don't forget about the corpse of Martin Landau winning Best Supporting Actor over Samuel L Jackson was outrageous.
Samuel L Jackson has been in 3 movies where animals are the main focus: deep blue sea, snakes on a plane and King Kong.
I call on Oprah, Denzel, Morgan Freeman, Tyler Perry, Samuel L Jackson, Halle Berry to rise up, use your voice in suppor…
Samuel L Jackson after the Falcons picked off Russell Wilson there:
Quentin Tarantino and Samuel L Jackson need to make two more movies together
ask Samuel L Jackson or Keenan Thompson, Snakes are no fun to have on your plane.
Decided to change my profile pic to Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson narrates James Baldwin-inspired documentary on race in the U.S.
Kingsman: The Secret Service is a weird movie. Samuel L. Jackson has an annoying lisp.
Lol like when we saw avengers 2 in destin and we both fell asleep and were like *** did Samuel l. Jackson get here.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
150 years of Morehouse College soon to be. Feb 14 1867-Feb 14 2017. I gotta make that gala weekend. Party w Samuel L Jac…
So I don't like giving too much info about where I live but can confirm this is how we do it here in Texas
A much more sensible but ultimately less entertaining outcome to a Samuel L Jackson movie of the same name!
An flight was cancelled after a snake was spotted in the cargo hold and it's Samuel L. Jackson's fault.
Should've called Samuel L Jackson if ya ask me
The fact that Samuel L. Jackson said Willy burger was Willy Willy good, just made my day
Within the first half hour of my writing class my professor had sworn more than Samuel L. Jackson...this semesters gonna be sweet
Emirates flight halted after snake spotted in plane's cargo hold: Once Samuel L. Jackson appeared in the Mideast…
When you realize Fetty Wap stole his whole look from Samuel L. Jackson in "Menace II Society."
so much better than the actual movie with Samuel L. Jackson
Just saw this stuck up on a notice board in the department. Excellent work. . (source…
I feel like I watch alot of Samuel L. Jackson movies.
and poor Samuel l Jackson has family who needs obamacate he surly makes enough 2 take care of em crazy 💘💝
HEECHUL IS SO FUNNY they're never letting her live for the samuel l jackson thing bye
Tried to record my short film monologue yesterday, but Samuel L Jackson kept showing up! You don't have to be in everything!!!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I'm surprised Samuel L. Jackson hasn't shown up yet, if there's a camera that dudes in front of it.
watching Tarzan last night I said look at this Samuel L Jackson wannabe..Ron says..that is Samuel L Jackson... 😩😩😩
My 5 year-old niece said that Forest Whitaker looked like Samuel L. Jackson and I didn't have the heart to tell her she'…
Robert Carlyle and Samuel L Jackson filming 51st State in Liverpool
Samuel L. Jackson father was an elevator operator, just like his character in this film
This looks to be a powerful documentary hosted by Samuel L Jackson,...
Samuel L Jackson claims that O care helps his relatives who can't afford health care? Get out your wallet Sam!
A clip from this morning's movie... . What is it with Samuel L. Jackson (re: Pulp Fiction) and diners? .
Where's Samuel L Jackson when you need him.
somebody need to call Samuel l Jackson
Samuel L Jackson has family members that cannot afford health insurance to him I say Y? Lib. Dem.view 4him to open his wallet. What's in it?
Snake on a plane: Emirates flight halted in serpent spotting: Once Samuel L. Jackson…
Tune in to tonight @ 11pm to see Jodie Foster, Felicity Jones, Samuel L Jackson & more honoured the Britan…
It was great to see some of my favourite actors/actresses receiving awards: Felicity Jones, Samuel L Jackson, Ewan…
Finally watched the Hateful Eight over break (twice) and I absolutely love that movie. Samuel L Jackson was incredible
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
why is Samuel L Jackson working for you if he's moving to south Africa or is he just talk
the version I would want would be Idris Elba as god or Samuel L Jackson but hey that's me .
PBH!!(it's Welsh, you'll have to guess or google) (Kiefer Sutherland,Samuel L Jackson&Jane Fonda also..lots of cool..)
John Travolta, Phil LaMarr and Samuel L Jackson on the set of Pulp Fiction (1994)
So I just saw the trailer. Anthony Hopkins is the white man's Samuel L Jackson nowadays it seems.
Nick Saban bout to cuss like Samuel L Jackson
Why was Samuel L Jackson on a plane with Taylor Swift anyway
Ward sounded like he had Samuel L Jackson in his corner 😂
Whoopi Goldberg Madonna Lady Gaga Jay-Z Samuel L Jackson everybody the color colorful face and say they love black people
Excited South African fans waiting for Samuel L Jackson at OR Tambo airport. . We have insider info that his...
"Samuel L Jackson" metro police are waiting for their cold drink and borstol is waiting to do the next ad with u
Dave Chappelle to host first SNL post election. Grab yourself some Samuel L Jackson beer and enjoy!
.are honouring Samuel L Jackson, Felicity Jones, Ang Lee, Ewan McGregor, Ricky Gervais & Jodie Foster at the
Dreamt that Samuel L Jackson, Natalie Portman and John Hurt all came over to my parent's house. Weird.
Real life Samuel L Jackson from Django unchained here. Watch Hillary's America & Clinton Cash if you aren't voting!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I get Sam-I-Am, Samwise, and occasionally Samuel L Jackson, which I don't mind at all.
Noel Fielding , Greg Davies, Bill Bailey, Josh , Kevin James and he's not a comedian a such but Samuel L Jackson 😂, you?
3rd. I'm going to the Canadian border with some flowers for Cher, Whoopie, Rosie, Samuel L Jackson, & the *** Jon Stewart.
Khloe Kardashian's box might be whatever Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta was looking at when they opened the briefca…
Mark looks like Samuel L Jackson in that hat.
I would have expected a Samuel L Jackson response to his scarfing the Big Kahuna burger if it were that good
When people ask what my cats name is I say "Sam, short for Samuel L Jackson"
Lots of names has been thrown on the table... . Samuel L Jackson. Robert Downey Jr. . Arnold Schwarzenegger . Victor Asemota. Morgan Freeman
I didn't know Samuel L Jackson was at the debate
So I'm going to see Samuel L Jackson and Hugh Jackman play golf on Saturday and just.??? What is my life?
Which has been hidden in a time loop since 1943. There's an impressive cast including Eva Green, Samuel L Jackson, and Judi Dench
Samuel L. Jackson once again becomes the villain. He looks a bit riddiculous in Miss Peregrin's, but I guess the children think he's scary.
yas! Samuel L Jackson, is is that one with Dustin Hoffman?
I think Samuel L. Jackson playing the top slave in "Django" was the bigger surprise and bigger role. Samuel L. was masterful
Samuel L. Jackson his first first? I'm sure that's Billy Dee Williams in '89 Batman as Harvey Dent, a usually white character.
We love Samuel L. Jackson but he's Hollywood's black friend.
Even Samuel L Jackson said Tim Burton isn't racist. And that man says a lot of people are racist sooo
I liked a video from Samuel L. Jackson loves his googly-eyes glasses - with Scott Carty
People know about the Klan and the overt racism, but the killing of one's soul little by li
There are. That's why Samuel L. Jackson is in it. Quit crying
Samuel L. Jackson wore his Tim Burton monster teeth from around 'The Hateful Eight' set to "mess wit…
Meek got more L's then Samuel L Jackson & LL Cool J combined!
This aint cutler.this is Samuel. L Jackson best qb to ever play college football when hes thru-as of right now he is lol
I keep saying this but It's not going to be a real debate until we have Samuel L Jackson as moderator
Samuel L. Jackson telling kittens to watch the Raid 2 (funny moment)
Ini Gokil!! ghuwevans with repostapp. ・・・. Woke up to Samuel L. Jackson shouting at a box…
Also, please no one expect diversity advocacy from Samuel L. Jackson. Like, don’t look for it and don’t expect it. He’s ceased to be black.
the only thing that was good in that movie was Samuel L Jackson 😗
Samuel L Jackson's slur in the Kingsman gets me every time...idk how he does it the whole movie...
Why does Samuel L Jackson look like jumba from lilo and stitch
The only way I'll watch Disney's coming 'The Lion King' remake is if Mufasa is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson.
When Samuel L. Jackson talks about how TV is getting better than Hollywood and first thing he mentions is Mr Robot…
Tim Burton & Samuel L Jackson react to the social media backlash over the lack of diversity in Burton's film…
Samuel L Jackson interview: 'Movies need to be better'
Samuel L. Jackson revealed he was racially profiled by police while filming Pulp Fiction
Samuel l.jackson would be an awesome guest for the show
that would be cool but more of a Samuel l Jackson or Idris Alba
Samuel L Jackson interview: 'Movies need to be better’
I want the Samuel L. Jackson character from Pulp Fiction to moderate the next Presidential debate. Maybe will get answers to the questions.
the way Samuel L Jackson takes selfies makes me want to stay alive
Quentin Tarantino and Tim Burton aren't all that different, according to Samuel L. Jackson
BBC to launch Bake Off rival with Samuel L Jackson called Cakes on a Plain
I can't think of an actor who could do that "What does Marsellus Wallace look like?" scene better than Samuel L Jackson
I know, your kind likes to eat Samuel L Jackson
So I think Oomf is going to have Cliton Eastwood and Samuel L Jackson on his show.
Nothing says Murica like Samuel L Jackson mowin down some Brits with a pair of Colts 😏
"Why is Samuel L Jackson always yelling he stresses me out" -
Def thought this was Samuel L Jackson and def read this in his voice 💀
Now that I think about it, I never seen Samuel L Jackson with either
I hate when girls get box braids and only get 6 braids 😭. Samuel L Jackson didn't prep for these snakes
If Samuel L Jackson had played the title character from the movie "Action Jackson" that nickname would be OK. But he did not and it is not.
"look at the brains on Brad!", kata Samuel L Jackson sambil makan cheeseburger.
( 👓 ) Ryan Reynolds & Samuel L Jackson on the Amsterdam set of The Hitman’s Bodyguard (July 12, 2016)
Sharks playing a bit dumb. But not sure God, chuck Norris and Samuel L Jackson could stop the raiders today
Georgia Bulldogs. Oldest state university in country, Samuel L Jackson is a fan, Uga the dog, Athens,
Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Samuel L Jackson, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Johnny many great actors who haven't won an Oscar 🤔
come on y'all Samuel L Jackson wasn't Marcellus Wallace! Marcellus Wallace was Ving Rhames
Every time I see Samuel L Jackson, I always imagine Christopher Walken in same role.
is it just me or does Samuel L Jackson look just like the dude from snakes on a plane
You cannot tell me that Samuel L Jackson didn't play Russell Simmons' evil twin from an alternate universe in Kingsman.
Samuel L Jackson and Robert Dinero IMDB proves they about that check and will do any role
Is Jon Voight the white Samuel L Jackson, or is Samuel L. Jackson the black Jon Voight? These are the things that keep me up at night.
Dawg Samuel L Jackson unintentionally funny in his movies even the serious ones
I enjoy movies Samuel L Jackson is in
Here is an old photo myself and Samuel L Jackson back in 1993.
What's with all the weird news stories about celebs moving to nearby towns? Nic Cage in Kansas, Samuel L Jackson in Fort Wayne? What?
Ballots mother fcount them *Samuel L Jackson's voice*. How am I supposed to sleep with JHB looking like this. 😔
because I wanna do my best Samuel L Jackson while giving instructions
Must Samuel L Jackson be in every blockbuster there is !
thought you were writing a synopsis to Samuel L Jackson movie sequel
Just now realizing this is Samuel L Jackson 😳 he the goat
Remember when Samuel L Jackson from Cleveland walked into my work .. same...
Pulp Fiction Samuel L Jackson and Scarface hello to my little friend scenes were better
When you see Samuel L Jackson, to me that's already a lit movie...
Opinion based and same could be said for any actor I can respect it I'm a huge Samuel L Jackson fan trust me
Update your maps at Navteq
Quintin tarantino and Samuel L Jackson love each other.
If Jon Stewart and Samuel L Jackson are moving here then no!
Surprisingly, I am drunk on a plane for the first time. *** I wish Samuel L Jackson was here.
Some light relief Ryan Reynolds & Samuel L Jackson mobbed by nuns on set
Samuel L Jackson hasn't cameoed, so not yet.
This is the best photo you will see all week. Samuel L Jackson meets some adorable nuns.
Samuel L Jackson summing up Game of Thrones so far is one of the best videos I've ever watched
Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson being mobbed by a group of nuns in Amsterdam is as incredible as you'd expect.
We don't live in a police state, we just have PSAs where Samuel L Jackson tells us that Robocop will get us if we ever dri…
I go to sleep mad and wake up mad everyday just like my mentor Samuel L Jackson
Game of Thrones recap narrated by Samuel L Jackson. Epic, hilarious.
Just thought of Samuel L Jackson while watching this
I'm def playing this for my future children, from grampa Samuel L Jackson.
Denzel Washington over Samuel L Jackson in acting don't @ me
Cool. Lets keep this going. Next time don’t cast Helen Mirren as the Queen. I think it should be Samuel L Jackson!!
My heart flutters every time Samuel L Jackson posts a new Instagram pic ngl
Samuel L Jackson is a top 5 actor of all time
Still cracks me up that Samuel L Jackson had the only purple lightsabor in Star Wars
Samuel L Jackson is playing this role in an alluring fashion ...WOW! — watching Resurrecting the Champ
Samuel L Jackson wants to appear in at least 200 films. After already starring in 165 to date, just another 35 to go htt…
★Imagine Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Robert Downey Jr, Samuel L Jackson,all of these multiplied by 20.That’s what
there are worse fates than being in a movie with Samuel L Jackson
Tbh I feel like the one black guy in any movie is either Samuel L Jackson or Laurence Fishburne.
Samuel L Jackson trying to explain 69 to John Malkovich while Graham Norton tries to sh them is my favourite thing to happen in TV history
Samuel L Jackson says that in his mind, Mace Windu survived vs Darth Sidious. George Lucas also says it is possible https…
Samuel L Jackson trying to get in formation at the 😂
Shaft is one of Samuel L Jackson's best movies
Sorry Samuel L Jackson, no one wants Mace Windu in the new Star Wars films -
Watching BET awards 2016 and Samuel L Jackson on. Recording it for my millennials. Waiting to see boet tho might be late
Seeing Ray on the bet365 adverts instead of Samuel L Jackson will take some getting used to again, bet inplay now
Get your iPhone insurance today!
lmao did Samuel L Jackson really just added that quick "but im not dead tho" in the Dan Patrick show for Star Wars?! BRING HIM BACK
But on a serious note, Samuel L Jackson just told me I need to go see Tarzan
Samuel L Jackson is the GOAT tho. His consistency in the biggest movie releases is unrivaled. Multiple characters and h…
Someone give Samuel L Jackson and Colin Farrell a bell and tell them to get their SWAT team to France quick.
Samuel L Jackson was about to risk it all
Samuel L Jackson is the smart mouth uncle you have to always get together at the family reunions.
Ah! J-Lo? No - that's THE CELL - this is (just) CELL. Adaptation of the Stephen King novel - John Cusak, Samuel L Jackson
Had the most surreal evening of all evenings watching Samuel L Jackson + Dylan Jones fail at karaoke.
Playing with and the men themselves - Samuel L Jackson and Dylan Jones (GQ)
The Sunset Limited with Samuel L Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones is one of the best, The Godfather and A Few Good Men
How does Samuel L Jackson look like the most ridiculous thing in a movie about a Scandinavian "king of the jungle"?
People from New York sound like the East coast version of Samuel L Jackson.
Why do all the black custom faces I'm phantom pain look like famous people;Samuel L Jackson, Terry Crews, Chris Kamara, Craig Charles.
"Thats Samuel L Jackson !" *looking at a photo of Randy Jackson*
Reminds me of Samuel L Jackson's characters mentality in Jango unchained
Update your maps at Navteq
you know what they say about he who pays the Piper.Reminds me of the Samuel L Jackson dance in Jungle Fever
I liked a video Samuel L Jackson and Tom Hiddleston Lose it Over Their Fan Art - The Graham Norton
Between Two Ferns Happy Holidays Edition is up now w/ Samuel L Jackson, Tobey Ma... -
Jason Bourne, Sarah Conner, and every character Samuel L Jackson has played
Watching Samuel L Jackson trying to explain a 69 to John Malkovich on the graham Norton show is the funniest thing I've ever seen😂😂
I want a movie w/ Samuel L Jackson, Michael Keaton, Angelina Jolie, & Keanu Reeves. Someone get on that
The writers of have explained why there's no this time:
Watching on catch-up... Interesting guests for today including Samuel L Jackson and John Malkovich... Dialogue...
My brother just pointed at Morgan Freeman and asked me if that was Samuel L. Jackson
You'll never commit to anything the way Samuel L. Jackson commits to his role in SNAKES ON A PLANE.
Ffs got terrified of sound of gunfire and then I realised they're filming a Samuel L Jackson action movie in Birmingham
Samuel L Jackson is one of favorites
Samuel L Jackson just has that one famous curse word that he is known for but he can play the *** out of some characters
I want my Siri to talk to me in the voice of Samuel L. Jackson
Wish LVG would disappear like Samuel L Jackson in deep blue sea.mid speech 🌊✨🌊
Looks like the sequel to the Samuel L. Jackson action film doesn't have much of a budget
had I written it, Samuel L Jackson would have been a good guy who was horrified that he'd found/created a supervillain, Bruce Willis.
Samuel l jackson film being shot outside my work place lmao i wonder if he's about today 🤔
Theory: Black people who talk "white" have the innner voice of Samuel L. Jackson, while Sam Jackson has the inner voice of Queen Elizabeth.
Cant believe i never knew Officer Tenpenny from GTA San Andreas was voiced by Samuel L Jackson 😕
Last night I dreamt that I went to a party at Samuel L. Jackson's crib and he was wearing his Mace Windu outfit and he called me his son
They're making a Tetris movie & I really hope they cast Samuel L. Jackson as the voice of the piece that never fits.
Samuel L. Jackson and Quentin Tarantino helped make each other icons
Yet we are hounding Yasiin Bey. What makes Samuel L Jackson more desirable than Bey?
Yeah, this filter makes me look like Samuel L. Jackson but you don't see me complaining
I added a video to a playlist Samuel L Jackson Challenge met, and we raised you two verses.
Samuel L. Jackson is a national treasure
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