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Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note is an Android smartphone/tablet computer hybrid that was introduced in October 2011. It has attracted attention because of its 5.3-inch screen size – between that of conventional smartphones and tablets – and because of its included stylus.

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I added a video to a playlist Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Unboxing and First Impressions
Who won the Samsung S8 Galaxy Note Competition? Or the winner has not yet been announced?
Introducing the Work smarter with this new device made for your
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is a cautious return for the world’s best phablet.
Our Galaxy Note 8 video review gives you the lowdown on Samsung's top phone ✔.
Samsung redefines premium with the new Galaxy Note8, the best Note yet. Find out more:
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might be unveiled on September 12 in India
here’s my review of the Galaxy Note 8, which is a v good phone if you’re a diehard Note stan https:/…
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review: A superb smartphone that feels too familiar to be exciting
In case you missed it - Samsung launches Galaxy Note 8 hoping to extinguish Note 7 memories – The Guardian
SAMSUNG Galaxy Note Edge is now available at ₹29950
FREESHIPPING Hello Kitty Soft Silicone case with mirror for samsu ...
Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is one for the fans
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Feature, Specs, Size, Camera and Review | Thing to Know for Note 8 Users: via
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Phone review: Galaxy Note 8 is pricey, powerful and does it all
Just pressed the data reset on my Galaxy Note 4. I guess this is goodbye, Samsung. 😶
His Lewis luv ur channel, I need to get me one of them Samsung galaxy note s7 lol hint hint.. Take care Bro!
will this count go to hundred,. samsung galaxy S NOte iPhone. when will company change the things.
I'm in love with the new Galaxy Note 8 but it's way out of…
Dual camera of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 sets new standards for mobile photography
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 the best to offer from Samsung till now
T-Mobile special offer on the Galaxy Note 8 “buy one, get one free”
Glad to have got MA brand new Samsung Galaxy note 3 from
& to the new Samsung from Android Central!
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 India: Launch date and price -
Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 over the LG V30??
We asked you if you preferred the Galaxy S8+ or Galaxy Note 8. The result is actually pretty close!…
Poll results: Would you buy the Note 8 or Galaxy S8+?
Introducing the All new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with double the blast radius from the previous version!
13 days until the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8! Stop by and pre-order yours TODAY!
Samsung's missed opportunity gives Apple a big opportunity
Samsung undecided on local pricing of Galaxy Note 8.
Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Galaxy 8 vs look Samsung’s smartphone range has grown larger, in more ways than one
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or S8. Class Phone. If you say iPhone, you have no knowledge in tech what so ever. Cba.
Galaxy Note 8 gives Samsung a chance to smother its battery debacle
Update: The best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deals in the US are available today, as the new phone is up for pre-order w……
Galaxy Note 8 v Galaxy S8 - Which Samsung smartphone is the best and which should you buy? -
. Galaxy Note 8 gets an A+ rating in DisplayMate's test, recognised as best smartphone display.
More Samsung info and a color comparison between Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 .
You might want to upgrade to the new Samsung galaxy note but this kid would just like to upgrade to a penny
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price: how much does it cost? -
People on my Note 8 video saying I'm an Apple shill... In THAT video I recommend buying a Galaxy S8 made by Samsung.
Note 8 v S8 @ Which smartphone is the best and which should you @ E..
. Galaxy Note 8 gets an A+ rating in test, recognised as the best smartphone display
6 reasons Samsung is dead sure you’ll buy the Galaxy Note 8 at more than Ksh 100,000
win the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Android Central!
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 up for pre-order in Kenya starting September 15th https:/…
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is getting a 256GB storage variant, but you might never get to see it http…
New post (The best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 pre-order deals in the US) has been published on Sweating Treatment -…
Galaxy Note: Samsung eyes reset with new device
Galaxy Note 8 is here. Check out what features will help you the most in being more productive!
The NEW Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is soon coming to our stores. Pre-order yours today to get the Samsung DeX...
Galaxy Note 8 release: Samsung refuses to say if Note 7 discount applies in UK
My one-stop guide to buying the in the UK:.
Powerball, Spain, Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Your Thursday Briefing Here’s what you need to know to start your day.
Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Note 8 device. I've seen it and it's beautiful. Here it is, in my hand plus the spec
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will launch in SA on 22 September at a recommended retail price of R18,499
Preorder the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the UK: Price, release d... via | 🚀 by…
Love to connect with you & Use the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for Fashion week!
Watch our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 hands-on preview video!
Check out these Galaxy Note 8 camera samples from
2/2 We do have a great Trade in Promotion for those who qualify through Verizon. Check it out here:…
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Think of all you could do with a screen like that. Order
One thing makes the camera better than the iPhone 7 Plus
Today on Snapchat: How Samsung's recall shaped its new Galaxy Note 8
Yesterday, the was revealed. Here's what you need to know:
You can now come in and pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and receive a free bundle! Come in to the store to learn more and get started!
i got forced into a stupid S7... i want my note phone back, im upgrading! | Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Impressions!
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users will get up to $425 off on the new Galaxy Note 8.
10 reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is best for business
The stakes are high for Samsung's new Galaxy Note 8. Here's a look at the phone's features
Congrats to Samsung. Their nearly year-newer camera is better than the iPhone 7's. Now where's my sarcasm button...
- Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cameras: Everything you need to know! -> - -…
The Note 8 has two cameras and plenty of ways to use them together. Here's what you need to know! 📸.
Samsung doesn't have a bunch of retail stores for support. So Note 8 buyers are getting free visits from HelloTech https:/…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Before the $1,000 iPhone, the $1,000 Galaxy. I try to answer why flagship phone prices are creeping up.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 colors: all the shades confirmed
Samsung 8 said to come with 12 and 13 MP lenses, LG may not be th
From stardom to lessons learned, a look back at the Samsung Galaxy Note ...
Samsung leaks the Galaxy Note 8 on its own website
Samsung officially confirms the Galaxy Note 8 will be huge:
Check out "Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 kickoff: What to expect" on the CNET App!
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 batteries are being recalled for overheating risk
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 September 15 release date all but confirmed; pre-orders from August 24
iPhone 6 6S Plus case, Samsung Galaxy S7 case, Edge case Note 5 4 3 2 PU leather flip
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 might be available on September 15th via
U.S. unlocked Galaxy Note 8 shows up on Samsung's online store
Looks like the Note 8 popped up on the official Samsung website... Clicking on the device gives an error. .
galaxy note 8 is 4 more days away and it showed up on Samsung website
Images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 accidentally posted on the Samsung website last night 👀
👍 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 spotted on official store, pre-orders from August 24...
How to Make US$5oo A Day Click Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might be out as soon as September 1... ht…
9to5Google : Galaxy Note 8: Samsung leaks handset on its website.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8: News and rumors - The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a PR nightmare, but that doesn't mean Sa...
Rumor claims Samsung may reveal new wearable, Gear Fit 2 Pro, at same press event for its Galaxy N…
.on why Samsung should offer Galaxy Note 7 buyers a Note 8 discount
All the latest rumours and information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Here are the official wallpapers of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
Samsung aim to counter Apple with upcoming release of the Galaxy Note 8
The Gear Fit 2 Pro may be announced alongside the Galaxy Note 8
teases “big things” coming from the Galaxy Note 8 in new video
Galaxy Note 8 camera said to come with 12 MP and 13 MP lenses, 2x optical zoom
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have a dual-camera with 12 and 13 MP and 2x optical zoom. https:/…
So where does that leave you? Opera shuts down its Canada fund, Samsung's latest Galaxy Note 8 with it.
Yeahhh. Now I wonder wat its going to retail for ???
I liked a video Samsung Galaxy Note 8 teaser, LG V30 new UX & more - Pocketnow Daily
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rumored to have 12MP and 13MP cameras on back with OIS and 2X… |
3 things Samsung can do to help former Galaxy Note 7 owners with a Note 8 upgrade
Is Samsung sneakily snorting at Apple again?
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 specs leaked: This benchmark result has many details to offer
KGI: Samsung to stick with rear-fingerprint sensor in Galaxy S9, adopt under-display sensor with Galaxy Note 9…
Here’s the 8 in The upcoming Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most anticipa
Amidst the rumors and leaks regarding the Galaxy Note 8, the details about the next generation model slated to be...
Lets see how samsung gonna ditch the "explosive" backlash from the society in promoting the new galaxy note.
KGI's Kuo sees in-screen embedded fingerprint scanner debuting on the 2018 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 -
Here’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in Midnight Black (Update: and in gold too)
Galaxy Note 8 release date set for September 15?
Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 launches soon, but two carriers have some bad news for you...
You should check the galaxy s7, not just the note. There's something seriously wrong with my phone and it burns me. I dont make 7/9
Samsung will reportedly introduce an in-display fingerprint reader with the Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Otter Box. Keeps your phone safe! in Knoxville, TN | $14
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 final official specs price color - will you buy it... via
Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Leaked By Two Carriers - Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 will be announced soon, but...
It's almost time for a new Samsung Galaxy Note! As you may remember, things didn't go so well for the Note 7 last …
Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 will have one big feature the iPhone 8 won't
Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is rising from the ashes Via
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. Samsung salvages Galaxy Note 7 parts for new phone -
Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 will feature the best smartphone camera ever: .
Pre-orders now being accepted for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (FE); device goes on sale July 7th - ht…
The Galaxy Note 8 will be the first Samsung flagship to feature a dual lens camera on ...
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could have the S8's worst feature – its fingerprint scanner
Reuters claims Samsung Galaxy Note 8 lunched will be on August.
The worst thing about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 shown again in new leak
We�ll all win when the next-gen Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 cameras go to war. Read more:
Y'all on a good note, I got Samsung galaxy S8+ few days ago.
I just sold my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Verizon) via and saved a bunch avoiding eBay fees:
Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Watch the launch event -
Does anyone have a functional Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or a Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phone that they're not using...
I liked a video from Samsung Galaxy Note 8: What's the story so far?
Photo taken: September 25, 2016 with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 "To know nothing of what happen…
Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Size comparison with Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.
Samsung will not ditch the Note brand, despite the negative publicity garnered by the Note7
I liked a video Samsung explains why the Galaxy Note 7 exploded
Why Samsung is sticking with the Galaxy Note 8 - CNET
Samsung said that battery manufacturing problems and design flaws had caused its Galaxy Note 7 phones to overheat
UPDATE: Samsung states official cause of Note 7 fires
If Samsung is bringing a Galaxy Note 8 to market in 2017, it had better butter up its customers
Samsung states official cause of Note 7 fires
Samsung execs confirm the Galaxy Note 8 is still happening
Not surprising. Consumers often are quick to forgive and have buckets filled with willingness to forget
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[Update: Infographic] Samsung confirms: bad batteries brought about the end of the Galaxy Note 7! - SamMobile
New post: A BATTERY MOOCH POST: Samsung has posted the results of its Galaxy Note 7 battery fires investigation.
Samsung's next Note model needs to be stellar to erase the explodey associations to the last one
the FAA & DOT ended the need to make the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 warning a week ago why still say it onboard?
After months of investigation, Samsung finally explained why some of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones caught fire
LineageOS is now available for Samsung Note 3 SM-N900. Download it here:.
So many alternatives to Samsung so no need to hold your breath
This is Samsung's plan to end its exploding smartphone problem
will keep using the Galaxy Note brand
Samsung's Note 7 apology was full, humble, and nerdy - The Verge
Samsung blames Galaxy Note 7 fires on poorly designed and manufactured batteries
3 ways the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fire may change the Galaxy S8
Samsung will keep using the Galaxy Note brand
Samsung will keep using the Galaxy Note brand: Now that Samsung has pinpointed the suspected…
The Note name has been tarnished since the But Samsung will stick with it. Here's why:
Samsung still planning to release Galaxy Note 8 •
Samsung has revealed why Note 7 kept exploding: Here's more on the chemistry w
This is a nice analysis by Samsung of the Note 7 batteries. Glad they took the problem seriously.
A flight was late because someone named their Wi-Fi hotspot "Galaxy Note 7"
Updated: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall: what you need to know
Meet the hardware hackers rebelling against Samsung - Mashable
Open my laptop on the plane and notice a Galaxy Note 7 wifi hotspot
don't make it a Samsung Galaxy Note again 😂
first the galaxy note, now washing machines? any competitors of samsung should use "we make electronics that WON'T kill you" as a tagline
because then you'd have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 & it might blow you up?
unfortunate PR lately for the Samsung Galaxy 7s !! They're banned from airports too
.reviews the phone that should get the attention of disgruntled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 buyers:
First the Galaxy Note 7 and now washing machines? y'all trippin
'Samsung will block Galaxy Note7s from connecting to cellular networks'
Samsung will block Galaxy Note7s from connecting to cellular networks
Lenovo wants you to takes shots at Apple and Samsung
Still refuse to return your Note7? Samsung's about to make it a useless brick of metal
Just announced at airport: Galaxy note 7 now banned on American Airlines... poor Samsung just can't catch a break
DigitalTrends Mob: After killing the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is now looking to reduce its...
There are enough users with the that they are being blacklisted by carriers
Yes from exploding Galaxy Note 7 to Samsung washing machine,
No more mobile networks on the Note 7
Samsung recalls exploding washing machines, the product meant for North Korea was wrongly shipped to usa.
Looks like the Galaxy Note 7 was just the beginning of Samsung's woes.
Greenpeace urges Samsung to recycle 4.3M recalled Galaxy Note 7 phones to keep hazardous materials out of landfills.
Small market share but all the money! Apple Takes 104% of All Smartphone Profits Following Galaxy Note 7 Recall
In conclusion: it turns out is the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of the 2016 el…
Now Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users can’t even wash the soot and smoke from their clothes after their phones explode. THANKS…
beware! Most airlines are not allowing the Galaxy Note 7 on their flights anymore.
In a last ditch effort to bring it down, has now lined the Broadway Bridge with hundreds of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s.
German carrier Lufthansa is the latest airline to impose a total ban on passengers taking the Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note's are banned on United flights now. 😂
CNN: Warren blasts Wells Fargo CEO: "You will kill you," Florida governor warns Samsung Galaxy Note 7s in the course I've seen my father's .
So are owners of previous Samsung Galaxy Note models (I have a Note 4) going to be hassled by airline staff thinking it's a Note 7?
Samsung's losses from Note 7 disaster keep mounting
Samsung warns of $3 billion hit to profit from Galaxy Note 7 debacle
Samsung will 'dispose of' recalled Note 7 phones, won't repair or refurbish them
joined me EXCLUSIVELY to discuss the latest on Samsung's Galaxy Note 7, the iPhone 7 and Google's Pixel: https:/…
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 fail is bigger than we thought
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners in Canada can start returning the phones
Over a million still on after recalls
Amazon is issuing refunds for some Galaxy Note 7 accessories
Samsung offers $100 credit to swap your Note 7 for another Galaxy phone
Samsung looks to head off long-term brand damage as it scraps Galaxy Note 7 | Marketing Week
Seriously, just turn it off: There are still over a million out there in use
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Samsung will pay you $100 to switch your Note 7 to another Galaxy
Samsung mobile chief apologizes for Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco, vows to 'restore trust of ...
Samsung’s mobile division chief to investigate problems in Galaxy Note 7; vows to rebuild trust…
commentary was lit on "OMG he killed kenny!" "this crowd is hotter than a Samsung Galaxy Note 7!" 1/2
If you want to murder your wife, don't do it yourself. You'll go to jail. Buy her a Galaxy Note 7 instead. Let Samsung do th…
Hey you got featured in a Swiss Newspaper
How to make perfect Samsung Galaxy Note 7 tutorial:
How did botch the Galaxy Note 7 crisis? It's a failure of leadership
.Malaysia to offer RM300 cashback for exchange; overseas units eligible for return too:…
Samsung warns of a further $3 billion hit from the debacle, brining total profit hit to over $5 bllion
Samsung sending out explosion-proof return packages for Galaxy Note 7.
Donald Trump is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of politics.
Samsung has stopped all sales and production of Galaxy Note 7.
Wondering how you’re supposed to safely return your phone by post anway? Unsurprisingly, carefully:
That financial hole Samsung dug with the Note 7 debacle is getting deeper
Samsung needs to face reality: The Galaxy Note 7 is done for.
Samsung is ‘pausing’ shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 to Telstra, says internal memo -
A second replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device, deemed safe by the company, has caught…
AT&T and T-Mobile stop replacing Samsung Galaxy Note 7s after more fire reports.
Samsung reportedly halts Galaxy Note 7 production . After more reports of replacement Galax…
Samsung knew for days its replacement Galaxy Note 7s were catching fire
Samsung Halts Production of Galaxy Note 7: Report . Citing an unnamed official at a Samsung…
Samsung halts production of the Galaxy Note 7 - CNET
T-Mobile suspends sales of the new, "safe" Samsung Galaxy Note 7 . Mere hours after AT&T a…
halts Galaxy Note 7 production after fire reports
Samsung to suspend production of Galaxy Note 7
BREAKING: Samsung Electronics has temporarily suspended production of the Galaxy Note7 phone - Yonhap
Samsung temporarily halts production of Galaxy Note 7
Sources tell CNN in attached post that Samsung is halting production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
Samsung will suspend production of the Galaxy Note 7 as replacement phones continue to explode…
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employee in Korea tells me widespread censorship in company as AT&T halts Galaxy Note 7 replacements
Samsung is reportedly temporarily halting production of the Galaxy Note 7
BREAKING: Yonhap says Samsung has temporarily halted production of Galaxy Note 7 after replacement devices catch fire.
JUST IN: Samsung has halted production of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone due to fears of replacements catching fire
Samsung reportedly halts Galaxy Note 7 production because of all those pesky fires
Samsung's decision to temporarily halt Galaxy Note 7 production was done in cooperation with authorities in China and the United States.
Guy caught by airport customs for smuggling many Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones turns out to be a suicide bomber. 😀😀
Samsung temporarily halts production of Galaxy Note7, report says
Samsung has reportedly stopped production on the Galaxy Note 7. Yes, again.
US regulators open investigation into replacement Note 7 that caught fire
In USA Today, Samsung doubted it was a replacement. But got a photo of the box. It’s a replacement.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7s are so hot right now
"Replacement Note 7 starts smoking on Southwest flight (updated)"
A safe, replacement caught fire on a US flight. The phone was switched off at the time.
Galaxy Note 7 phone replacements are still catching on fire. via
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Wow. A *replacement* Galaxy Note exploded on a plane. Samsung’s problems just got so much worse.
is still in a deep soup. Beware of your replaced one
Smoking, popping Samsung Galaxy Note 7 prompts Southwest evacuation: It is the kind of cellphone that ha... https:/…
If true, this is bad! Wouldn't want to be on quality or engineering teams right now. #
The takeoff announcement included a "no Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to be used in flight" in German and English.🔥
Wow!! Not even the replacement resolved the battery issue. At least the owner is safe from harm, but my oh my. 😑
How can i root my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running on 5.0 lollipop?. I've tried Kingroot and Towelroot, they don't work.
Samsung obtains hazardous materials permit to ship faulty Galaxy Note 7 units back
Replacement catches fire on a flight today. is screwed... and not just with Note. . -Guy w/ an S6, S7, Galaxy Tab, etc
Ouch, Samsung forced to recall its latest flagship phone. Gives new meaning to having a red hot product 🔥
Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is a literal bomb in this GTA 5 mod
The Note 7 that caught fire on a Southwest flight was a REPLACEMENT. This is bad.
In all seriousness, we cannot allow the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to fall into the hands of ISIS.
Replacement Note 7 starts smoking on Southwest flight (brand value efffect)
How to put the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 into Airplane Mode:
Samsungs on a plane? Another PR disaster for the firm. 'Fixed Samsung Galaxy Note 7' causes fire on plane
Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catches fire on airplane
Airplane evacuated after replacement Galaxy Note 7 catches fire in cabin via
Worthy of note, his Galaxy Note 7 caught fire after he turned if off. They had to evacuate the plane. This was a REPLACEMENT from Samsung!
India should just air-drop a couple of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s into the Pakistani terrorist camps and get it done with.
Over 60 percent of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s have been recovered in South Korea, U.S.
Watch "Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review!" on YouTube - at last... You finally dropped the review!
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 First Impressions Review - Even after the recall and the iPhone 7, still one of the best
Life is like a box of Samsung Galaxy Note never know what you're gonna git...
Years of being an iPhone wanker I've decided to become an android wanker. New Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Hope it doesn't blow up in my pocket 😬👍🏼
A global Galaxy Note 7 recall began in earnest amid questions whether Samsung can meet demand for replacements. 🔓
Samsung's replacement Galaxy Note 7s will be in stores tomorrow
Who certified the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 safe? Samsung did
Samsung kicked off its Galaxy Note 7 exchange program on Monday, giving smartphone owners in its home market of South Korea the chance to
After recall, new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 back in stores: If your phone is among those…
Samsung will keep bugging you to turn in your faulty Galaxy Note 7
Galaxy Note 7 explodes in pocket, man sues Samsung via News9 : Latest News
Samsung says replacement Galaxy Note 7s will be available Wednesday via
iPhone 7 ‘laps’ Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in real-life speed test, as display gets thumbs-up [Video]
A quick video on how to spot a safe - non exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
[Poll] What do you think about way of indicating 'safe' Galaxy Note 7s?. Read more: $005930
Samsung will have 500,000 Galaxy Note 7 replacements in stores Wednesday - CNET
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially back on sale
Key guys would get fired for this Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blunder. Depleting intangible assets.
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