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Sammy Sosa

Samuel Peralta Sammy Sosa (born November 12, 1968) is a Dominican former professional baseball right fielder.

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Sammy Sosa: I don't think I look like Michael Jackson. Me: No, you do not. Not hardly. lol.
I hope y’all don’t believe Micheal Jackson or Sammy Sosa had a skin disease ...
Is Eli better than Montana?. Frank Gore > Earl Campbell?. Sammy Sosa > Dave Parker?. Their numbers say yes. I like this formul…
Sammy Sosa looks like an italian sammich shop owner
Sammy Sosa is trying to turn his selfies into a swatch book.
Sammy Sosa is turning in Mr Bentley from The Jeffersons
Sammy Sosa outchea looking whiter than vanilla ice cream, white Bunny Bread, Jesus in Catholic churches, Post Malon…
This is what happened to Sammy Sosa.
I showed my mom that picture of Sammy Sosa assuming she knew he was bleaching his skin. She had no idea before I showed it to her. 🙃
Lighter skin Dominicans are considered to be of higher regard in the country. Sammy Sos…
This dude SAMMY SOSA really out here looking like Dan Aykroy in the face!! *** look like he been swimmin in baking soda…
*** happened to Sammy Sosa??OMG he looked much better when he was black!!
Hey we need a 30 for 30 explaining how Sammy Sosa ended up here.
“Dark past, bright future like Michael’s complexion, or Sammy Sosa...” 😂
Can I just say that the stuff where people make fun of Sammy Sosa's lighter-skinned appearance makes me deeply uncomfor…
Sammy Sosa now looks like a white guy who dresses up as Sammy Sosa for Halloween.
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Why Sammy Sosa looking like this little jigga?
Sammy Sosa outchea looking like Flabber from Beetleborgs.
Sammy Sosa's transition from baseball superstar to "creepy white uncle who dabs at family outings" is nearly complete. ht…
Sammy Sosa forgot to apply the cake soap to his hands too, he looks like a greeter at Magic Kingdom.
Every year since 09 I go to see the Mavs when they come to DC and I ain’t seen a loss yet
Sammy Sosa outchea looking like Arnold Rothstein from Boardwalk Empire
Vampire Sammy Sosa dabbing is easily one of the weirdest images of 2017
Colorism drove Sammy Sosa to evolve into John Candy 😕
Gotta lightskin friend look like Sammy Sosa Gotta darkskin friend look like Sammy Sosa
Sammy Sosa look like he tryna cast to be in white chicks..
How do you have two friends who look like Sammy Sosa and I have zero friends who look like Sammy Sosa
Sammy Sosa a full blown white man now
There's a chance, and hear me out on this, that demonizing, blackballing and publicly shaming Sammy Sosa for taking…
Sammy Sosa looking like ever guy in freshman dorm passing out unwanted foot rubs to his drunk lady friends
Sammy Sosa doesn’t hate himself, he’s just living his best life. Stop saying he’s mentally ill
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Seeing Sammy Sosa with bleached skin is one of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed..
A Sammy Sosa 30 For 30 has a lot to explain.
I refuse to believe that’s Sammy Sosa just like I used too refuse to believe that human was Michael Jackson.
This dude Sammy Sosa man. He looking like the lost member of the Adams family 🤦🏻
THIS JUST IN: white Sammy Sosa said tell black Sammy Sosa he said, hi. 👋
Dave Warner is to a solid offensive game plan, what Sammy Sosa is to skin care. With all these weapon…
Papi says he looks like Sammy Sosa when they put his head on the white body 🙈
Brooks was 0-1, struck out 18 and served five homers. Austin Kearns, Sammy Sosa, Neifi Perez, Keith Ginter and Barry Larkin went deep.
Willson Contreras hit the longest home run in Cubs postseason history since Sammy Sosa in 2003:
Sammy Sosa shares the first time he played Magic:The Gathering with long-time friend Alex. Listen here:
Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Roger Maris and Babe Ruth.are the others who reached 59 or more.
Giancarlo Stanton is the first player with at least 59 HR in a season since Barry Bonds (73) and Sammy Sosa (64) did so…
Salt is dripping from your *** bro. Go wear your Sammy Sosa jersey and get lost
Sammy Sosa did this in the Cubs first home game following September 11th. Chills 🇺🇸⚾️
Sammy Sosa during the Cubs first home game after September 11th
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Giancarlo Stanton: 18th HR in August, tied with Rudy York (Aug. 1937) for 2nd-most in a month all-time. Sammy Sosa hit 2…
Giancarlo Stanton has 23 HR in last 35 games; from only Sammy Sosa (1998) and Barry Bonds (2001) had more…
7/29/89 . The trade Harold Baines to the for Scott Fletcher, Sammy Sosa and Wilson Alvarez.
On this day in 1989 The Rangers traded Wilson Alvarez, Scott Fletcher and Sammy Sosa to the White Sox for Harold Baines and Fred Manrique.
So Bruce Jenner is a hero, but Sammy Sosa should be ashamed for not loving the way he was born?
I don't think it gets any worse than Sammy Sosa and Wilson Alvarez for Harold Baines, Fred Manrique
Wow...whatever Sammy Sosa's got going on...hope he figures it out 😶
Sammy Sosa look like his swimming pool is full of dolled general brand bleach and he swim daily
The internet is abuzz with the latest look from Sammy Sosa by
Apparently this is a picture of Sammy Sosa.
Sammy Sosa out here lookin like Dominican Frankenberry
Sammy Sosa then, and Sammy Sosa now, don't look like the same human being. They don't even look related to each other. ht…
What if Sammy Sosa was just ashy this whole time ?
From now on if you a Dominican tryna tell me you're not black. Ima just call you Sammy Sosa.
Sammy Sosa has gone to uncommon lengths to be treated humanely by the police.
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Sammy Sosa looks like the aftermath of a Gender Reveal Party
Sammy Sosa really on his way to becoming the first invisible man
This is what self-hate looks like: Sammy Sosa before and after
My man Sammy Sosa looking like Snagglepuss smh
Sammy Sosa look like the milk at the bottom of a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.
Sammy Sosa look like a jawbreaker when all the sugar gon off the top
Say hello to Sammy Sosa. This is what self hatred looks like. This is a result of not knowing God is black.
yall need to come get Sammy Sosa. I can't cause im tired lol
Sammy Sosa looks like he machine washed himself with a red sock. I can't believe he hates being Black that *** much
ayo Sammy Sosa look like a unbrushed tongue
Sammy Sosa out here lookin like Pepto Bismal.
Sammy Sosa is out here looking like the ghost of baseball's past.
Sammy Sosa look like a bottle of calamine lotion and it's sad
Sammy Sosa looks like a Super villain on a cheap SyFy movie that plays at 2:00am.
Sammy Sosa lightening himself is a result of a perverted system of white supremacy that causes ppl to take extreme measur…
Got a dark skin friend look like Sammy Sosa. got a light skin friend look like Sammy Sosa
Does Sammy Sosa have a physical ailment or is this more of "Latino" people who despise any blackness in them so much as t…
They need to do a on Sammy Sosa and not even talk about baseball. . "What if I told you that this guy...was als…
I don't know what Sammy Sosa is going through, but the most important lesson I've learned in life is to love yourself for…
Sammy Sosa really living his life as a one man Neapolitan Ice Cream
Sammy Sosa's Cesar Romero/Joker cosplay is hall of fame worthy.
Sammy Sosa legit look like Cesar Romero as The Joker.
Why is Sammy Sosa a poorly concealed mustache away from looking like Cesar Romero's Joker? :/
People need to lay off Sammy Sosa. The guy has been like a brother to us. Yours, Edgar and Johnny Winter.
OF Sammy Sosa. Like Reggie Jackson, people forget he was an Oriole because of his success with other teams. And the…
Watching Corey Seager & Cody Bellinger is like watching the Mark Maguire/Sammy Sosa home run chase. But on the same team!
Jeff Sessions answering these questions like Sammy Sosa an Rafael Palmeiro...
Well in fairness, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire got away with it.
Honored, as a Latino, to have now called both 600 HR's for the 2 players born outside the U.S...Sammy Sosa & Albert Pujols…
Sammy Sosa must just stop with the Zuma tendencies and pay back the money,this is all just unnecessary drama
are we talking about my Sammy sosa here 😳
Dear oh how you did not reply to my DM and email when I asked you to help me with Sammy Sosa, because sh…
Imagine if Sammy Sosa was a guy who had conned a woman out of 20k... I'm sure we all know what would be trending rn 😩
Sammy Sosa probably spent that 20k with Deetoy. As much as Dimakatso spent the 10k with Odi.
Sammy Sosa blocked me before I even knew her. 😂💀
Still love Sammy Sosa though, that tattoo sleeve 🔥
Sammy Sosa better pay back that 20K. She is not above the law!
These people want to get Sammy Sosa fired then say she is unstable 😂
y'all keep asking for Sammy Sosa side of story, she has no side story. They interviewed her last year
Mara Sammy Sosa though so kele slums vele vele?
Sammy Sosa looks so beautiful in a way you would think the is lying, she is a con artist and deserves
Here r all Proof of payments Sammy Sosa stole my R20 000.00 she scammed me help…
You'd think after all that happened on here last year, Sammy Sosa would've paid that gent his money by now.
Kana Sammy Sosa also didn't pay up for her Lesotho gig. . But Sisi
Lol if the dude wants to find Sammy Sosa and ask her in person for his money back he must just camp & wait for her @ Rivonia on Deck.
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People are ouchea saying how is looking for attention and all...La itsi 20k mara hee 😫 "Sammy Sosa" Such a…
Sammy Sosa is Trash. Hiding behind her pretty wig and smile. It's the people we praise that use and destroy us. Be carefu…
Inno Matijane VS Sammy Sosa, guys is it me or this is what a beautiful and handsome fight
You guys need to start minding your own business on this Sammy Sosa issue. Seriously it's not your business
Ey this Sammy Sosa thing makes me sad. I like her generally as a human being.
Asking Sammy Sosa to pay back the R20k is becoming an annual event.
Guys how did Sammy Sosa get away in 2015 when this story (and other stories) first blew up? 🤔
Been blocked by Sammy Sosa ever since I asked for my R20 000.00 all I want is to b unblocked to give m…
ahhh the summer of 98. While Big Mac and Sammy Sosa were. Chasing the HR record , vince Russo was knee deep in classic WWE
Changing the name of Comiskey Park. Runner up George Bell for Sammy Sosa!
Only run came on Sammy Sosa's 56th homer of that season (off ex Yankee Sterling Hitchcock), Glenallen Hill had Cubs…
Ur "zaddy" look like Obama & the white Sammy Sosa had a love child
Man the way these people hit homeruns on me in you would think Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire still played. Jesus Christ...
I have always said... And will always say..Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa belong in the hall of fame... What u think?
Barry Bonds*. Sammy Sosa* . Alex Rodriguez*. Ryan Braun*. UNC BASKETBALL*. Congrats to the team on already passing finals
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I would include Phat Joe instead of Sammy Sosa
Love the Sammy Sosa photos where he looks like Jude Law in AI.
Cutler on Chicago's Mt. Rushmore of polarizing athletes right? Him, D.Rose, Sammy Sosa and Chris Sale? Is that the group?
Cubs, White Sox Thursday spring training report: Where would Sammy Sosa be today if the Cubs hadn't melted down in……
This Sammy Sosa quote is funny: "When nobody knew who Chicago was, I put Chicago on the map.". Story:
nah I already took an L after Sammy Sosa retired in a vat of skin bleach. I'm not taking this one too. 😭😭
Cubs fans, what are your feelings towards Sammy Sosa?
BN: Must-Read Sammy Sosa Interview: “If I could have done it again, I would have done it differently.”
that's a picture of Desi Arnez. Sammy Sosa played for the Cubs not at the Copacabana.
Sammy Sosa would gladly return to Cubs, but he won't beg - Yahoo Sports
Until offers Cubs transparency, he will keep deluding himself
After reading the interview Sammy Sosa did with what best describes your feelings
Should the Cubs invite Sammy Sosa back to Wrigley Field?
Sammy Sosa says he'd be happy to return to Wrigley Field ... but he needs an invitation from the Chicago Cubs first. http…
*This makes him look worse, especially his Jesus comparison.* Exiled Sosa won't beg for Cubs' forgiveness
Sammy Sosa: Cubs baseball was on the map 100 years before you. You never brought us a trophy. Just ego, cheating and drama. FU
Sammy, we still ❤️️ u BUT is not YOUR house. U didn't put on the map it was a guy named Michael.
Where are they now? Sammy Sosa answers that question in a great interview
Um, my question is: Sammy, are YOU kidding ME?.
Sammy Sosa is a Joke. If the weren't the hottest franchise in sports he wouldnt be talking. Thanks for a couple of fun summers Sammy!
Sammy Sosa compares himself to Jesus Christ and denies PED use in the same interview:
Sammy Sosa is the only man alive with multiple 150+ RBI seasons. . Prior to Sosa, Joe DiMaggio (died in 1999) was the most rec…
Sammy Sosa's sad fight with Cubs has no end in sight via
I regret the efforts I made to have my kids meet Sammy Sosa via
No apparent thaw for Cubs on Sosa after recent Sammy comments | Chicago Sun-Times
Sammy Sosa always thought he walked on water; now we know why. My column on his bizarre comments:
Sammy Sosa real deal bleached his skin 👀
Mike Piazza (2000) & Sammy Sosa (1998) are the only players in MLB history to hit homeruns in 18 different stadiums in…
Sammy Sosa compares PED accusations with the trials Jesus faced
. I want to know what Kanye has to say about this?!
Sammy Sosa expresses 'regret' for his ugly exit from adds 'they know where to find me' for a reunion
Sammy Sosa reportedly claims to have put Chicago on the map. And that's not the most ridiculous thing he said. Wow.
Sammy Sosa denied PED use by comparing himself to Jesus
Sammy Sosa doesn't come off looking great in this Chicago Tribune interview:
when Sammy Sosa says he put on the map
Sammy Sosa actually compared himself to Jesus, eh?
There has been more talk by about honoring Bartman at Wrigley than honoring Sammy Sosa. Seems out of whack.
Until Sammy Sosa offers Cubs transparency, he will keep deluding himself, writes ht…
Sammy Sosa look like a half cooked pancake. Dont ever compare yourself to the Son of God again flap jack
"We elected the *** who traded Sammy Sosa?!" - imaginary coma patient who wakes up in 2004, Robin Williams
That look when Steve Bartman and Sammy Sosa show up at the .
What are your thoughts on Vlad Guerrero over Sammy Sosa? Sammy has better numbers.
My Hall of Fame ballot would be Lee Smith, Sammy Sosa, Fred McGriff, Derrek Lee & Matt Stairs.
Lil Kim and that Sammy Sosa cream though..
For what it's worth (nothing!) this would be my ballot, if you swap out Sammy Sosa for Lee Smith. Sorry Sammy.
Lil Kim and Sammy Sosa got the same skin bleaching kit
*** b she Sammy sosa'd that joint God bless
Happy birthday sammy Sosa ❤️ love you best friend, can't wait to see youuu👭💞 (thought adding some of our…
Queen B Lil Kim unlocked the Sammy Sosa filter on Instagram
How confused would a child by Lil Kim and Sammy Sosa be
ATTENTION: The Varsity Boys game will start at 7:30. Let's fill the stands before the game start!
I get those goosebumps every time, yeah, when you not around when you throw that too the side yeahh 🔥😏
It's about winning championships, not pleasing the away fans. I missed Sammy Sosa in a game as a kid and it didn't…
I'm not keeping track, but the record is there for someone to break.
The lowest of keys. Russell Wilson almost look like Sammy Sosa lol
serious question. Why Barry Bonds but not Sammy Sosa?
the HoF should just be Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, and Mark McGwire mashing dingers forever. Larry Walker can be there too.
Sammy Sosa was never proven to have used steroids he should be in the hall
I'm done lmao why is this so perfectly synced 😭😭😭💀
Given what you said about PEDs in your article, what's the hold out on Sammy Sosa? I'm clearly biased, but 600 home runs!
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It sounds like you're talking Michael Jackson, or Sammy Sosa.
And Sosa. Seeing lots of Bond/Clemens voters leaving off Sammy and his 608 HRs.
Dare I ask: why not Sammy Sosa? (Not saying he's necessarily more deserving than your 10...just that he's HoF worthy to me)
If just the presence of someone brings you happiness don't let go of them.
Don't compare me to Babe Ruth. God gave me the opportunity and the a...
how can you vote for Barry Bonds, Clements, Ramirez, and not vote for Sammy Sosa. I don't think any of those bums deserve honor
Sammy Sosa had a 0.000 batting average with 0 WAR in 2016.
. I luvd it at a couple of places...Quattro n Sammy sosa
Everyone show out to the HUGE rivalry game at 7 Vs. Westpo home on Friday. Theme: 🎉Holiday 🎉
Lmaoo boy Sammy Sosa bleached his skin you can't be serious right now and vitiligo doesn't make you wear weave and…
no that's a black man with a skin disorder called Vitiligo. Go look at Sammy Sosa he has the same thing
Best header of 2k16 goes to Stephanie
what are your thoughts on Sammy Sosa? If you're going to induct the steroid users, his stats seem deserving.
Sammy Sosa? Everybody knew who Sammy was, paid attention to Sammy. I...
Don't @ me. IDC IDC IDC. Debate your uncle who bleached his skin and looks like Sammy Sosa.
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.Sammy Sosa later today.. if you want a ticket, holler back
WestPo bouta get J'd worse than pat
I'd argue Sammy Sosa has as good or better of a case than Vladimir as well.
So Houston recruits Lane Kiffin to pair with Kelvin Sampson. Who's next, Sammy Sosa or Roger Clemens to coach baseball?
A Sammy Sosa vote over Jeff Bagwell should automatically get voting privileges rescinded. SMH.
Did you know, Jeff Bagwell would have to go 0 for 1,725 to drop his OBP to Sammy Sosa's .344. I thought you should know that
Kris Bryant wins Cubs' first MVP since Sammy Sosa in 1998 - Chicago Sun-Times
Kris Bryant wins first MVP since Sammy Sosa in 1998 via
what ever happened to Carlos Zambrano, Alfonso Soriano, Derek Lee or Sammy Sosa...
Thank you Sammy Sosa. Thank you Kerry wood. Thanks you Alfonso Soriano. Thank you starlin Castro. Thank you world champion
The black Sammy Sosa smiling down from heaven.
Just read an article on baseball weight lifting programs and they used Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa as references. 🤔💉💊
Teko Modise and Sammy Sosa in one picture. 👌 👌 Game changers.
some of the others: Sammy Sosa, George Lopez, Gloria Estefan. (They're all fine, but I'd love for the kids to study someone fresher.)
Somebody called me Sammy Sosa yesterday in Chipotle and I was honestly to scared to look over my shoulder and see who it was.
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So Barbs rates was wrong in exposing Sammy Sosa? Peeps like Sosa make the rest of us women look bad,well done Leeyonce
Blue "You can't get away with it, just because you Sammy Sosa..."...
quite possibly the police will not help him since his close connection with Sammy Sosa may make it difficult to prove fraud😕.
is it true Inno is releasing a diss tack for Sammy Sosa he announced that!!
I sympathize with Inno with this Sammy Sosa saga. Not only is his money gone, his heart broken and time wasted too.
thank you lil miss trumpsters. Jesus save me from these *** smh
Sammy sosa 4 thando till day one luv day chick
This Sammy Sosa story by Thickleeyonce should've been shorter but interesting nonetheless...
I'm gonna move to Barcelona and bleach my skin like Sammy Sosa.
Hi.. I'm Sammy Sosa and I smoke weed. Hi.. I'm Sammy Sosa and ohh can I do a line
On this day in 2002 Slammin Sammy Sosa hit 3 HRs (Hat Trick) in consecutive at bats. He had 9 RBIs tying club record ht…
With the way love they should just have a song titled Sammy Sosa in the album lol
My name is Sosa you can call me Sammy ⛽️
We wont invite Sammy Sosa anywhere. But we'll invite STEVE BARTMAN?
I missed the Sammy Sosa drama now the Mabala Noise one mxm featured in NBC s Science of Love
Sammy Sosa won't share her side of the story cause she got no story 😂😂😂 she must just
I bet V-entertainment won't talk about this in their news because Sammy Sosa was their employee
Sammy Sosa must payback the money... beautiful or not khokha imali. You can't play with money like that
Imagine comparing Sammy Sosa to Anatii and thinking it makes sense.
LOL! This is so much for a Friday... Thick Lee spills milk on Sammy Sosa, all the while.
Sammy Sosa shud come nd expose people she sang for!! She can't b a great vocalist and we haven't heard her sing but Lee and Inno!!
Waiting for Timeslive and Drum to write articles about this Thick Lee thread involving Sammy Sosa
Why would you even pay Sammy Sosa 20K for a feature
George W. Bush danced during the Dallas memorial service. Let's not forget he traded Sammy Sosa. The man's always been a f…
Six players have had 50 HR and 100 XBH in a season. Three did it in 2001: Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Luis Gonzalez.
If Carlos Beltran still plays baseball, well, so does Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr., and Nomar Garciaparra.
Sammy Sosa is back to looking extra white again
Had to forgive a handful of people in my life, but i'll never forgive Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, or Barry Bonds for saving baseball.
It's impossible not to think of Sammy Sosa & Mark McGwire whenever the Cubs play the Cardinals. ⚾️
But when Ripken retired, and Angelos fired Davey Johnson, and Sammy Sosa's bat cracked open, and the PED scandal, and Kerry Wood, and, and..
That's the moon right next to neighborhood Sammy Sosa's apartment
Bish my name is Sosa you can call me Sammy 😠
"Beef with the dark, no Klux Klan/ Pacman, I caught THAT Ghost, shout outs to that Sammy Sosa..."
That was Sammy Sosa... A radio presenter, since I sampled radio 1st. Hence it's on air already...
Sammy Sosa was by far my favorite player growing up
I hate that when the Cubs actually become good I'm looked at as a band wagoner they've been a second to the Mariners since Sammy Sosa played
Hittin' homeruns, just like sammy sosa,. Im smoking dope you smoking Canteloupe.
happy birthday to the one and only Sammy Sosa 🍻🎈
Joey-- like MJ & Sammy Sosa, I'm a white dude. who is this Dave Chappelle? LOL
This game only featured a casual 14Ks from Randy Johnson and a Sammy Sosa longball. 😎
In my world mistakes turn to blessings
Thankful we found you outside our home 17 years ago as a kitten ❤️ RIP Sammy (Sosa) 😿😿😿
they end up scoring 3 more and yea ik bro was even cursed when Sammy Sosa was there
From Ryan Sandberg, Sammy Sosa and Mark Grace, to and So Proud to be a fan!
Confession:I was a Cubs fan as a kid bc I liked their uniforms & Sammy Sosa. Since I've only been to White Sox games I guess I'm a Sox fan.
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Prior and Wood were pretty dominant. A guy named Sammy Sosa did his thing too (with the help of various stuff).
Sammy Sosa was an awful thing to be called in Naperville, Illinois in 2005 -
Happy birthday to the ultimate lifeguard
if I snapchat and text u at the same time, ur important
And i need to see my favorite favorite favorite little sister 😘
I really need to see the people i miss the most 😩
In 1998 I beat Sammy Sosa for the most home runs in one season, during a time which is known as the steroid era of baseball.
"Kush to face dats da antidote, cops pull us over don't panic *** Aye hittin home runs just like Sammy Sosa"
Someone needs to bring back the Sammy Sosa hops when they know they hit a home run ⚾️
Who is behind this local trap song about saza Sammy sosa I think. O bogale
This was awesome. I rushed home to catch it. Remember him striking out Sammy Sosa in the first inning
That Seal training where they sandpaper their skin off shows that it's time we give Sammy Sosa credit for his service
They were one Sammy Sosa short of being my favorite team. Vlad Guerrero might be my favorite player of all time.
Bottom of the 9th Down 1 Run, Sammy Sosa HR to Tie, Next At Bat Moises Alou Walkoff
This is what it sound like when you open your soul. Tell the realest story that was ever told. I gotta go to work.
Hitting home runs, just like Sammy Sosa🤘🏽
Yall Remember when Sammy Sosa was no cream and sugar? . Not anymore!
Alou, Frenchy, manny rameriez, and Sammy Sosa. All had legit guns. Would've been cool to get an exit velo on those guys.
Eish''' leme get ready for the day... Hopefully that girl who looks like sammy sosa will sign the contract today :)
Mark Grace was indicted for 4 felony accounts of DUI and served jail time. Sammy Sosa tested positive for PED in 03.
Sammy Sosa looking like he's fed up about Lucy Ricardo trying to get into his show will always hurt my soul.
. I knew Sammy Sosa as a player in the minors. Weird that in the majors he was hitting home runs. Sure enough
Bauer can come off as a *** but he's not in same category as Manziel.Shawn Kemp...Sammy Sosa = MAJOR head - cases
Sammy Sosa before and after he voted for Bernie Sanders:
Cliff Lee hitting Sammy Sosa in the head during the first inning on Dominican Night at Texas remains a career highlight.
Hello everyone, welcome to the drop with myself, Sammy Sosa...
Arrieta, Strop, and Fowler are pretty much karma the Orioles got for only giving the Cubs Jerry Hairston and Mike Fontenot for Sammy Sosa.
February 2, 2005. trade Sammy Sosa to the Orioles for Dave Crouthers, Mike Fontenot & Jerry Hairston Jr.
On this day in 2005, traded Sammy Sosa and cash to the Orioles for David Crouthers, Mike Fontenot and Jerry Hairston Jr.
Keanu Reeves and Sammy Sosa ruined the best movie ever.
is Sammy Sosa available for the part?
81 HoF votes have gone to Lee Smith and Mark McGwire so far, but Jim Edmonds, Sammy Sosa and Billy Wagner might fall off the ballot. Ugh.
Brian Urlacher with hair is the craziest thing I've seen since Sammy Sosa turned white
Brian Urlacher with hair is the most disturbing sports image that I've seen since Sammy Sosa became a white vampire. http…
Struck out Barry Larkin, Larry Walker, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, & Jeff Bagwell all in the first 2 innings. LEGENDARY.
Bases loaded Sammy Sosa, David Ortiz you know the game is over.🎧🔥-SD
John Olerud had 7.6 WAR in 1998. Besting both Mark McGwire (7.5) and Sammy Sosa (6.4) during their chase for 61.
I'm thankful for Vanessa, Sammy sosa, and lil Lynds. they were my only friends when I was new to Bowie and didn't know anyone.
Why didn't I fly to Durban on my broom so I can photobomb this, Sammy Sosa so bae😍
Guys give me Sammy Sosa's handle so I can DM her before I see her on Saturday😍 I want her
I'd like to see Sammy Sosa's outfit for the Durban even. I'm sure she was flaming😍
You'll never believe it, but I was a big Sammy Sosa fan
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