Samantha Ponder & Erin Andrews

Samantha Ponder (born Samantha Steele on December 11, 1985) is an American sportscaster from Phoenix, Arizona who is currently a reporter/host for ESPN college football and basketball sideline reporter. Erin Jill Andrews (born May 4, 1978) is an American sportscaster, journalist, and television personality. 5.0/5

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I love being an accountant, but some days I wish I was Samantha Ponder or Erin Andrews
Samantha Ponder makes Erin Andrews look like a piece of old beef jerky
Things Samantha Ponder is better at than Erin Andrews:. 1) Life. 2) Everything else
My God she looks hideous! She obviously doesn't aspire 2 be the next Erin Andrews or Samantha Ponder. Kris Budden cld kick her ***
Rachel Nichols, Lisa Salters, Samantha Ponder do great to me. Erin Andrews used to be good.
Yep and she sounds like a man. I hate female commentators, Erin Andrews and Samantha ponder are exceptions though
Samantha Ponder is the new Erin Andrews...ugh 😍
I hope Santa brings me Samantha Ponder or Erin Andrews
Erin Andrews is just not as hot since the emergence of Samantha Ponder
Samantha Ponder is 10xs better than Erin Andrews. She's also extremely good looking.
Rachel Nichols, Erin Andrews and Samantha Ponder are the hottest sports reporters.
I'm gonna go ahead and say Rachel Nichols is hotter than either Erin Andrews or Samantha Ponder.
Samantha Ponder is not as good as Erin Andrews is not as good as Alex Flanagan is not as good as Pam Oliver
Why is it that football has Erin Andrews, Samantha Ponder, Charissa Thompson, etc and basketball has Doris Burke
I would take Samantha Ponder over Erin Andrews any day.
we got Erin Andrews on the sideline!!! Thank God we didn't get Pam Oliver only thing better would be Samantha Ponder
Watching the Saints Vs Eagles game with Kate Upton, Erin Andrews, Samantha Ponder and Julie Again.
Samantha Ponder the new ESPN woman might be hotter than Erin Andrews
I guess Samantha Ponder is okay but Erin Andrews will always be my favorite sideline reporter.
Cut her some slack. Compared to Erin Andrews, Samantha Ponder is on par with Edward R. Murrow.
Samantha Ponder...newer younger version of Erin Andrews.
Bet Erin Andrews hates Samantha Ponder. Straight up stole all her limelight
Samantha Ponder is incredibly hot. She's an on field reporter for ABC. Better than Erin Andrews.
I think I like Samantha ponder better than Erin Andrews
Jameis I know you didn't talk about the allegations but let me ask you about it on national tv. This is why I hate women sports reporters.except for Samantha Ponder and Erin Andrews
Samantha Ponder is sooo hot. She may take over Erin Andrews as hottest sports reporter.
Samantha Ponder is hotter than Erin Andrews. I said it.
Am I the only one that thinks Samantha Ponder looks better than Erin Andrews?
Random, relevant question: who's better looking: Samantha Ponder or Erin Andrews?
ESPN let Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson go and now they both work for Fox Sports 1...but I'll tell you what...I think Sage Steele and Lyndsey Czarniack are both super hot...almost forgot Samantha Ponder...and can't forget Hannah Storm!!! She might be 50 but she's still smokin hot
In addition to the NFL Cheerleaders, you have the commentators.I love american football..Erin Andrews, Samantha Ponder, etc. etc.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Samantha Ponder is 100x better then Erin Andrews. Smooth, great info and doesn't have the voice of a valley girl.
Starting to like Samantha Ponder more than Erin Andrews
Samantha Ponder definitely has been a great replacement for Erin Andrews... 👌
Samantha Ponder is basically Erin Andrews' replacement. But I think I like Samantha better!
Is it me or has Erin Andrews lost her touch (interview wise). I think it's time for Samantha Ponder to take over
Erin Andrews is no where near as hot as Samantha Ponder or Susie Colbert.
My love for Erin Andrews is slowly being taken over by my love for Samantha Ponder 😍😍😍😍
Watching College Gameday on ESPN... When did Samantha Ponder become Erin Andrews? I guess when your husband becomes third string on a losing team, you better turn on the glamour.
Is it possible Samantha Ponder has replaced Erin Andrews as my favorite Gameday chick? How long before some perv videotapes her in a hotel room?
Move over Erin Andrews , Samantha Ponder is on ESPN now, not bad at all
Could definitely say the same about Erin Andrews, Samantha Ponder, Charissa Thompson, etc.
No more Erin Andrews reporting on Thursday night football.hopefully Samantha Ponder will be doe
Samantha Ponder from ESPN might be hotter than Erin Andrews...
Couldn't imagine being a college and getting interviewed by Erin Andrews or Samantha Ponder. I'd Crumble.
I love how espn manages to find one sexy reporter after another. Erin Andrews, Michelle Beadle, Charissa Thompson, and now Samantha Ponder
Rank your order of hottest: Charissa Thompson, Samantha Ponder, Jenn Brown, Erin Andrews, and Melanie Collins?
I just had a conversation with my GF about this, Samantha Ponder, Charissa Thompson or Erin Andrews.
"The question of the century: Samantha Ponder or Erin Andrews?" Charissa Thompson
Samantha Ponder is so sexy. she is better looking than Erin Andrews
already forgotten Erin Andrews. Samantha Ponder has already replaced her in my heart 😍
I feel a little bit like Erin Andrews or Samantha Ponder covering this event tonight.
K really I just wanna grow up and become the next Erin Andrews or Samantha Ponder. 🏈🏀😂💙
Girls don't know sports... So don't try and talk sports.. Leave it to Erin Andrews and Samantha Ponder...
Erin Andrews who? Samantha Ponder who? Allie LaForce is more entertaining to watch than any game on right now.
is easily the only girl besides Erin Andrews and Samantha ponder that I can stand to listen to when it comes to sports.
people tell you that your hair can't be long? Erin Andrews, Samantha Ponder..
Samantha Ponder is cute.but she is no Erin Andrews.
Samantha Ponder is no Erin Andrews but she'll do
Samantha Ponder ESPNs new analyst is up there with the Erin Andrews
Samantha Ponder is way better looking than Erin Andrews
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And let me add on a different note that I would do some terrible things to Samantha ponder.she's got Erin Andrews beat
Samantha Ponder is a much better sideline reporter than Erin Andrews
I'll take Samantha Ponder over Erin Andrews any day of the week
Samantha Ponder got nothing on Erin Andrews tho..
best part of this game so far, Samantha Ponder! the new Erin Andrews? 😍
Ill say it Samantha Ponder is hotter than Erin Andrews
watching Duke vs. Carolina on ESPN. Samantha Ponder, the cute blonde girl reminds me a lot of Erin Andrews... Anyone else notice that too?
unless that woman is Erin Andrews or Samantha Ponder.
I would die a happy man if Samantha Ponder and Erin Andrews ever did a game together
If I was Samantha Ponder I would send Erin Andrews a "thank you for going to Fox" card weekly.
Had a great class today debating the issues. The students were nowhere near a consensus on things like paying student athletes, steroid users in the HOF, and the all important Erin Andrews vs Samantha Ponder question.
So recommended I add "Samantha Ponder vs Erin Andrews" to the sports debates for tomorrow. Why not?
Move aside Erin Andrews, Samantha Ponder is about to steal the show
Samantha Ponder is getting a lot of TV time. ESPN making viewers forget all about Erin Andrews and Michelle Beadle.
Samantha Ponder might be the second hottest Espn analyst. Behind Erin Andrews of course
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Erin Andrews has some competition in Samantha ponder
God *** Samantha ponder gives Erin Andrews a run for her money
Samantha Ponder is giving Erin Andrews a run for her money 😍
Since always says I only approve of Erin Andrews as a sideline reporter, I now have another acceptable candidate: Samantha Ponder
Ill take Samantha Ponder over Erin Andrews any day...
Samantha Ponder is the best thing about this big ten basketball game. Who is Erin Andrews?
It's crazy how fast Samantha Ponder has replaced Erin Andrews.
In my own opinion, this Samantha Ponder could give Erin Andrews a run for her money. She's sexy
Samantha Ponder might just be hotter than Erin Andrews. Whoa!
Things I learned in last hour: I can do the Harlem shake, My first born son will be named Nerlens Noel, MSU played a junior college on national tv, and that Samantha Ponder is hot however but it seems like she was hired because of he resemblance to Erin Andrews. It was a good hour!
Samantha Ponder or Erin Andrews Idk anymore I just know they have my heart 😍
Samantha Ponder of ESPN is overrated. She is not Erin Andrews who is overrated also. I'll take . She is solid reporter.
Sports fans, who you got: Erin Andrews, Charissa Thompson, Samantha Ponder or Jenn Brown?
I'm going to go ahead and admit that I have a huge girl crush on Samantha Ponder. almost as much as Erin Andrews. Yep, I went there...
Samantha Ponder you are cute, but you have nothing on Erin Andrews
They gotta stop trying to make Samantha Ponder the next Erin Andrews
Samantha Ponder makes me miss Erin Andrews a little less, great hire by ESPN
Samantha Ponder is so much more tolerable then Erin Andrews.
Argument over. Samantha Ponder (Steele) is hotter than Erin Andrews. There's no contest.
CBS hello? I'm sure Solomon Wilcots is a good reporter but he's no Samantha Ponder or Erin Andrews! Come on Man
Samantha Ponder and Erin Andrews need to have a show.
Samantha Ponder you now have surpassed Erin Andrews
Rachel Nichols leaving ESPN?!?! say it ain't so!!! :( eh.. oh well we still got Erin Andrews, Samantha Ponder and Lindsey Czarniak :)
Samantha ponder is hotter then Erin Andrews
they both are awesome!! Girl sports reports are always stunning! Erin Andrews, Samantha Ponder, Charissa Thompson 😳
Alright sports fans... Hard poll question I got for y'all. ESPN's Samantha Ponder or FOX SPORTS' Erin Andrews? Tough and unfair, I know.
call me crazy but I think I prefer Samantha Ponder to Erin Andrews. I have been wrong before.
*** whoever Jaime Maggio is, who just interviewed Ray Lewis, she is competing with Erin Andrews and Samantha Ponder if you know what I mean
Having to deal with "Samantha Ponder" for a season has really made me appreciate Erin Andrews. Erin, I'm sorry for former comments.
Wonder if Erin Andrews will put those Digital Underground glasses on today.
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Erin Andrews looks like the lead singer of Digital Underground with those glasses and nose. Do the Humpty Hump
Christian Ponder is a lucky mother.ahem.. Let's see, got to play QB at FSU (Go 'Noles!), Vikings took a chance on him in the first round, now he's starting for them in the playoffs, and he's got Adrian Peterson shouldering the real load on that team. AND NOW he's married to Samantha Ponder, formerly Samantha Steele...u know, that hot blonde sideline reporter on ESPN that makes Erin Andrews look like an amateur.
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